Bolton Preview: Not So Nice To See You Again So Soon

Having disposed of Bolton Wanderers in an entirely professional manner on Sunday, the same opponents provide the latest barrier to Arsenal returning to the pinnacle of English football. Bolton venture to The Emirates on the back of Sunday’s defeat, seeking their first league victory at Arsenal since January 1962. Disconcertingly for the visitors, they have never won a fixture against Arsenal that was played on the 20th of any month.

Arsene has been focussing on injuries, not surprising really with a mixed few days. Losing Nasri and Ramsey until around the time of the visit to Stamford Bridge was not the start to the weekend, adding Merida into that mix with a minor knock on Sunday would have soured his mood further. That was offset by the returns of Denilson and Theo Walcott.

With any other opponent, there would be less of a sense of trepidation on the part of those coming back. Bolton though are going to take a while under Owen Coyle to shed the physicality of their game, a trait which showed a niggardly streak with hair pulling and a number of off-the-ball incidents on Sunday.

Given the manager’s complimentary comments about Arsenal, if he has enough time, we may even start liking Bolton. Actually, probably not but perhaps despising them less.

The injury list is quite lengthy at the moment with eight players noted as missing although Bendtner is close to a return, Merida and Wilshere peripheries at the moment although in times of need, no-one can be described as such. However, four games in ten days requires everyone to be fit.

This point was acknowledged by Wenger who praised the squad for responding to the adversity caused by the situation:

it gives a lot of credit to the players that despite all that has happened we are still there.

However, he needs people to stay fit, something which has been a particular issue this season with returnees often picking up strains and pulls soon after their comeback. Does this mean they are not ready or to use a Wengerism, “rushed back“? In some cases, I suspect there is an element of that but the lengthy nature of Eduardo’s injury and the mystery of Rosicky’s ailments render this hardly surprising.

The team itself will show few changes from Sunday. Denilson will return in midfield, Clichy at left back giving Traore a breather before resuming his post at Stoke in a much changed back four from tonight. Elsewhere, you would not expect much tinkering with the lack of choice apparent.

It is too soon for Walcott to start but he can give Eduardo a bit of a breather whilst getting a chance to run at a tiring Bolton defence late on. It might be that Vela starts instead of the Croat but that seems unlikely given the runaround he gave the visitors at the weekend, a performance that showed he may not be at his best but his performance level is still above a huge swathe of other strikers.

I would expect the starting line-up to be:

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy; Denilson, Fabregas, Diaby; Rosicky, Arshavin, Eduardo

There would be a temptation to treat the match with some complacency on the part of the players, no matter how unintentional and I suspect that is something that Arsene and the coaching staff have been looking out for. To counter that, the inspiration would be going top of the league, something Arsene spoke of following Sunday’s victory; “a psychological blow” is the phrase he used if Arsenal go top.

To some extent it is, re-affirming to the top two that this is a three horse race and not the procession they have become too used to in recent seasons. Is it something that could work in reverse if the required victory is not achieved? Absolutely. Yet Wenger gave the reason why this should not be the case:

We have won nothing yet. But we have won some credibility. However, that is not enough.

We want more but at least we are in a position to fight for it and have a go. I have the confidence that my team will give absolutely everything.

I trust their hunger, I trust their appetite and I trust their spirit, knowing of course that there is a long way to go

And that is the reason, combined with the technique, that Arsenal can win the title this season.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I think Vela should get a chance to start tonight and try and prove he’s got what it takes. It will hopefully be a goal fest but I have a feeling this will be tougher than Sunday even if it is at the Emirates. They’re definitely not going to give Fabregas a minute to breathe tonight.

  2. 1st?

  3. Hey Guys!!! Does any1 knows when `ll SONG be back from ACN. If Cameroon enters the Finals, when is the earliest he could join the Team. I hope it is before the 31st of Jan , the game against ManU. We all know how weak the midfield is without him . So im sure while playing against Chelase ,ManU our midfield wouldn`t cope physically without him. And for God`s sake please sign a strong Striker Up-front.. The Midgets are doing fine.. but again , hw `ve we been tested against the top quality teams… Thats the big Q. If Arsene`s strategy is to win games against the weaker teams and `ve mediocre perfomance against the stronger one`s then fine, we might win the league still…We saw ManU did tat last season.. be we want to see Arsenal dominate against those Big Teams too, and not just Compete… Have Arsene already given up on Champions league , then!!!!

  4. Spot on with the team Yogi, maybe Arshavin will get the rest for Vela to sharpen up before Saturday’s match.

    Looks like the defence will be much changed indeed. The official site hints Campbell will start. Possibly:

    Fabianski, Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Traore, Denilson, Eastmond, Merida, Walcott, Vela, Wilshere

    Old heads at the back to weather the ariel assault and young ones up front to give Stoke a chasing just like at our place.

  5. If Owen Coyle bigs us up any more you would think he was after a job!

    Still his teams play good football and he clearly loves the way Wenger’s team plays football. Maybe if he does well at Bolton he may be worth a look when Wenger moves upstairs?

    The two could most likely work well together given their mutual respect!

    What do you guys think?

  6. a great post YW..i love reading your stuff!!!

  7. We need to keep a clean sheet. A clean sheet is not assured judging from Sunday’s performance. I venture a prediction: 4-1

  8. Drew10

    Owen Coyle is after Wilshere.

  9. Luke, only on loan mate! Everyone knows Arsene isn’t going to sell him!

  10. We need a win with 2 goals to go top and that should motivate the players to score golas, I hope. These Bolton games might feel like having porridge for breakfast and dinner.

  11. Maybe I am getting the names all mixed up but isnt Coyle one of those that dismissed us at the beginning of the season. I seem to remember him saying it was ManU’s and a smaller margin that they could lose it to Chelsea.

    Beware Arsenal..All these praises by managers before they play us dont always end up well.. Anyone remember Sunderland?

  12. Blessings of warm gratitude go to the Cesc on this sunny morning, and hello to all worldwide Arsenal family!
    When Wenger spit on the Bolton defence with his starting XI I was very happy. It seems to me that they did not miss the squashy face because of the baby faced midfield ninja Eastmond. I like him, he is a good player and will learn from Song Bilong and boyo Ramsey like a lioncub learns from his mother. Song Bilong is true Lion of Judah and will not spit on the youngers because he was a younger too. He will help them be blessed.
    Today I think we will eat Bolton for supper but probably spit out Kevin Davies because he tastes so bad (like a diseased ostrich). His place is in the championship like his diseased twin Nolan.
    Spit on the Bolton, spit on Tottenham and Chelsea but don’t spit on Phil Brown because he get very upset and cries. Rejoice Gooners for today we reclaim our rightful place in history. Mbezemba!

  13. Niggardly?

    What century are you living in, Yogi?

  14. 8.18 hmmmm the poet or simpson, the later I think.

  15. It would appear from the origins and use of the word that you have at least seven centuries to choose from, YW. In Scandinavia there is a word ‘nig’ which means ‘miserl’y which dates back to at least the 13 hundreds.

  16. Wow. Blessed be he in all his glorious stature. I just remembered when the super suede Limpar scored from his own half against Liverpool. I think it was 1992 at Highbury. I have been having these thoughts all week, like the one where Ian Wrighty score against Norwich in the last minute or when he score against the (spit) Tottenham and invite a big fat fan on the pitch to give him cuddles. Or when Merson swear at the Oldham pigdogs after he score.
    I expect Robin to preside over our blessings and give the youngers advice on how to win the league and make new history to be proud of. Like when Smithy scored in Copenhagen

  17. My line up for the Bolton Game.

    Sagna Gallas Verm Clichy

    Diaby Cesc

    Rosicky Traore

    Walcott off the bench.

  18. ..or even latter.

  19. My all time Arsenal team of 90 – 2010


    Sagna Adams Vermaelen Cole


    Pires Cesc Limpar

    Bergkamp Henry

    Subs : Lehmann, Keown, Wright, Overmars, Anelka, Clichy, Parlour.

  20. Not much room to mess around with the team so clichy in for traore and denilson on for the injured merida. If we play that team I think we could put 4 past them at the emirates.

    I would like to see vela come in for arsh who apart from his damaged foot has looked tired at times. But then I expect vela to start against stoke so likely that arsh will start against bolton.

    Would be great if theo could get at least a half an hour to prepare him for stoke, will be great to have him and nik back fingers crossed for no more injuries over the next month.

  21. Does noone think Traore should be given a chance on the left flank?? I think his pace and crossing ability can be quite an asset. He’s also been well versed defensively on occasion and that would give us a more balanced first team. Clichy might need some help after coming back from injury. Arshavin deserves a rest, we cant expect him to be at his best without a breather.

  22. I think it would be an idea to rest Arshavin and 1 of galas or vermaelen, as they are complaining of niggles.

    And it would be nice to have those guys with fresh legs for the forthcoming EPL fixtures, villa Manu, Chelsea and then Champs League.

    Yes it would be nice to throw it all at bolton to guarantee, but you have to think long term, and anyway i’m sure wenger and must of us here have confidence in the possible replacements for the above mentioned players.

  23. Yes Pires, it does have merit, but it’s also leaving out Rosicky and Vela who could play there and arguably deserve the place more. But I do think showing traore a bit of faith will do him no end of good, it was a nice touch putting Clichy on with Traore at the weekend.

  24. @Pires,

    Arshavin and Eduardo interchanges positions a lot to confuse the opponents .
    Dont think Traore will be able to do that.

  25. But i do think Arshavin needs to rest up before man poo.

  26. Bolton players should be hauled in front of the magistrate at the court Highbury & Islington way.

    If the FA are going to sanction violence in the name of association football, then the criminal justice system must take over as Arsenal players are victims of actual and greivous bodily harm.

  27. nig⋅gard⋅ly  [nig-erd-lee]
    1. reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
    2. meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.

  28. I don’t know what’s happening to the world. I woke up this morning to the news that GOP wingnuts have taken Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. I visited ACLF to find that former bastion of PC thinking had begun to use language deemed offensive by some. Whatever next? Perhaps I’ll wake up tomorrow to find the Bushitler has seized power in America, reopened Guantanamo Bay, and begun once more to wreak havoc on the peace-loving nations of the earth.

  29. I’m surprised that you of all people should give credence to this prejudice. I have known countless African-Americans who were always very generous with their tips.

  30. @ Poliziano.

    Someone just said ‘niggles’.

    Deal with them.

    Burn them!

    (spit on Adebayor)

  31. Dunno about Vela deserving a place. Apart from his West Ham performance I haven’t seen anyhting from Vela that suggests he would be sharper than Traore on the left flank. Even Rosicky hasn’t been that convincing but his experience alone is an asset that can’t be left of on the bench. Whats nice is that we surprisingly have a few options on the flanks. I’d be surprised if Arshavin plays the full game to be honest. If we take a comfortable lead I expect a few changes. I reallly hope Cesc doesn’t pick up a knock either. He is absolutely crucial to the run in. Come to think of it with the next game (after Bolton) being an FA cup tie and Wenger most likely fielding a B team he’ll mostly definitely play a full strength team against Bolton. Cesc, Eduardo and Arshavin on the scoresheet which will take us to the summit. God willing if we take first place, would that be the first time we take the #1 spot this season? Quite an achievement considering what we’ve been through. It will definitely give the boys a great amount of confidence at a crucial stage of the season. COYG

  32. Niggles? What in God’s name is wrong with saying niggles?

  33. We must have been top after the first game against Everton.

  34. About the same as is wrong with saying niggardly.

    The English language is a rich tapestry of history and culture (some good, some bad..) and as a black African I can honestly say that niggardly, although very rarely used, has no negative connotations in my eyes. Besides, only God will judge us all. Like Wenger judged Bentley and spit.

  35. The point is that ‘niggardly’ precedes any other similar word and has its root in Scandinavian language. It means miserly. It is not in any way related to ‘negro’ which I believe is Portuguese in origin.

  36. Exactly Frank McClintock. May Jesus bless your wisdom. Also, I think that colour means nothing in The Arsenal family. We have always been a multicultural club from top to bottom. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

  37. Now about this Jesus fellow, Tunday…

  38. …and whilst you are at it this God chap….

  39. Yes, praise him in all his glory.

  40. That’s all very well, but I don’t think we should go round suggesting that particular races are miserly.

  41. The word has no racial connotations. It is merely phonetics which confuse you like a hyena/

  42. No such thing as race.

  43. One race – The Human race.

    Eboue told me that when I meet him.

  44. I agree with drew 10 @8:47.

    Owen has this very UNAFFECTED and unpretentious personality that I really like. There is also no doubt that he is a good manager as we see from what he did with such limited resources at burnley.

    Of course he still has A LOT to prove but its a very interesting thought nonetheless and historically the Scots have something about them when it comes to football managers. Sir matt busby, bill shankly, sir alex and even our GG, perhaps the next great scottish manager is due… arsenals owen coyle?

    Very interesting indeed!

    I am expecting a tough game tonight, could go either way but a win would be massive. Fingers crossed, 2-1 to the arsenal!

    Cheers all!!

  45. Yes, yes, I completely understand what you are saying, and I realise there are various opinions about this. I’m just saying that I’m not comfortable with people of colour being described as stingy.

  46. ‘People of colour’?

  47. Jellyfish get a raw deal on this stinginess nonsense too

  48. @Nagagunner
    Would winning 2-1 put us on top.
    Personally i think it gonna be 3-0 .

  49. …and wasps..oh and bees…fucking outrage that bees should be lumped in with jellyfish and wasps when you consider all the good they do.

  50. Coyle as the next manager eh? Never really thought about it but would be a good shout. Would also love Guardiola but let’s face it, no-one will really compare to AW. After he goes (hopefully not for another 10 years :-)) it’ll be a huge void to fill…

    I’m reckon we’ll knock at least 3 past them today. Hopefully Arsh will get back on scoring form and would be nice to see Edu score one of his trademark slots. Welcome back theo too! Let’s hope his shoulders don’t give way to some clogger hammering him…

  51. …and people talk of god? It is a fucking disgrace.

  52. ‘People of colour’ = Tony Hart? I used to watch him on tv when I was a kid living in London. Why would people call him stingy. He teach a generation of kids how to make birthday presents out of a cornflakes box. I made a paper mache gunnersauras rex for my young brother. He loves it but not as much as he loves Vic Akers (I dont know why)

  53. haha

  54. Tunday you crack me up!

  55. Thankyou and blessings Mr Shavin. I hope you score today and do the quietlips to Kevin Davies.

  56. @ Frank

    ‘God’ is a concept for me.. a divine energy running through all our veins. Jesus is but a name. It has nothing to do with religion, I just believe in nature over science. I believe we are all connected .. apart from Tottenham. They are like a sub human force of darkness.

  57. Martin Luther King Jr used the term citizens of colour in 1963, but it was made popular by Franz Fanon in the form people of colour. The intention was to include all people who have been oppressed by the wicked white man. It now seems, however, that they were not as inclusive as they thought. Jellyfish have undoubtedly been oppressed by white imperialists who found them guarding the paths to the foreign lands they intended to conquer, but jellyfish of course are without colour, and so cannot be included in the term people of colour.

  58. You work your arse off all night trying to bring a bit of light into people’s lives with your bioluminescence and all you get is…no good. They are not in the slightest bit interested because you are not coloured. Well this stops right now. Our scientists are working on injecting some zoophytes, you know the sort that add a bit a colour to your…er …vitals. And if you don’t start calling us coloured after that you can fucking shove it.

  59. So this Lucina Traore has been dubbed the “new Adebayor”. Is that supposed to be a good thing then.

  60. @ Frank…

    Really. When I speak of God I speak essentially of Mother Nature.. Jesus is a metaphor for the holy spirit that belongs to us all, regardless of religion. Ok, so years of living in a country full of missionaries and catholic principles of guilt may have warped me a bit, but not enough to know what I believe in.

  61. Spit SPit SPIT!


    Do not speak of him in my presence.

  62. Any news on Ramsey? is he back?

  63. Adebaypigdogsonofwhorefish…

  64. @ Arse Shavin….Last i heard…hes out for 3 weeks…

  65. I know quite a few people on here are pro-almunia but i dont think he can have too many more games at the standard he has shown before Fabianski is given a proper chance. If Mannone can have a go, why can’t the fabster? Maybe it’s best not to change it before the mega run-in but depending on how Manuel does, i think it needs serious consideration from le boss. What do you guys think?

  66. Cheers Arseman – gutted, hoping for him to get some consistency… will have to have his change after the big guns have been beaten!

  67. Im gonna clear the air about this once and for all with the help of wikipedia…lol….and i quote….

    “In the United States, there have been several controversies concerning the word “niggardly,” an adjective meaning “stingy” or “miserly,” due to its phonetic similarity to the racial slur “nigger.”

    The two words are etymologically unrelated.”


    The two words are etymologically unrelated.”

  68. I look forward to Ramsey returning. He is an incredible young player, he is still growing so little niggling injuries are par for the course. Not like Theo who is out for 6 months every time he gets tackled. Or squashy face who is not technically good enough to play in this team . One thing I do know, whoever wears the red and white , I will cheer for them regardless. Like Ian Selley.

  69. I think squashy face has earnt his place in the team now. Not necessarily as a starter as i think Diaby has surpassed him this year but great squad player, still with bags of peotential…

  70. Did you not read the previous posts at all, Arseman?

  71. @ Mr Shavin

    I completely agree about Almunia. I posted here a few weeks ago that we would need a miracle to win anything with him in goal. Praise be Fabianski who is a monster keeper and gives William G happy feelings in his head. I am told that Wojech is the best of the lot though… just a bit too young for now.

  72. Haven’t seen Chezny play at all… i’ve heard similar opinions though and am quite interested to see him in action – will have to check out some reserve/youth games i think

  73. How are you on the Green Man then, Tunday? Now there is a man of colour if ever there was one.

  74. Fabianski is not better then Almunia, get real.

  75. Ho Ho Ho – oh yeah, that’s Green Giant…

  76. I agree Shavin, although hes not my favourite, if you captain Brazil at any level you must have a good players ability. I like his squashy smile but not when he loses the ball. He often plays unprotected by others like Nasri who are more interested in going forward. Song can do this on his own but I dont think Squashy has the raw power yet. Great squad player

  77. If he was , Wenger would make him our No1 wouldnt he.

  78. Not necessarily better, but i think he deserves a chance. Mannone was far better then i expected, once given the confidence and game time any keeper needs…

  79. But you’re right, at the end of the day AW knows best!

  80. @ Frank

    The green man is a legend where I come from. He got upset when Sol won the double and turned green because he had been unsuccessful since 1961. He became so green that he look like a big field of grass, but when you look closely he was just covered in flies.

    @ Duke

    Where I come from we have a saying ‘ If the goalkeeper have a moustache his hands cannot catch’
    Fabianski IS better, an so is my son Jimmy (4 years old)

  81. Song definitely has the power and tenacity now, something that Den will hopefully grow into. He’s hugely underrated in my opinion

  82. @ frank….sorry…..i dint refresh the page before i replied…my bad

  83. I think Al gets too much stick, Did he not save a penalty against Hull then a one on one againt Everton…dont bother saying he was at fault for the everton 2nd goal becauase he did everything right, stayed on his feet till last moment then tried blocking to the left and right which is normally where the shot would be placed, it was a great finish by Pienaar.

  84. The Green Man is a myth and so is Mother Nature, Tunday. Interestingly they both represent birth. Bit old-fashioned though.

  85. I am unniggled, Arseman.

  86. But Duke, to win the leagues you need a goliath. Arsenal have a history of great keepers in my life.. Jennings, Lukic, Seaman, Lehmann. I always liked Manninger too even if he is a ginger one.

    Look at great teams of the past.. it all starts with the keeper. I will always support Almunia but I think he is a bit of a girl and we could do much better. It would be a travesty if all our good work was undone by an Almunia mistake in the latter stages.

  87. Bahahaha mother nature a myth??!

    Look around you brother.

  88. Better to have a squashy face than a squashy brain. That’s what I always say. Although I suppose tunday would disagree.

  89. Right, I off to make a sacrifice to Old Father Time.

  90. Oh dear

  91. Fair enough Duke, he has been better in the last few games but there are times where there’s obvious confusion between him and the CBs, which is mainly the keeper’s job to sort out. Come screaming for the ball and a lot of these moments will be reduced.

  92. Perry, I like your commitment in the tackle but this saying emanated from my region in the early 2004. Unfortunately Seaman and Grobbelar played before this. Thanks for playing.

  93. ‘Better to have a squashy face than a squashy brain’

    What a strange saying. Where do the roots lie Poliziano?

  94. I wish I could get commitment from my tackle.

  95. hahahaha perrygroves

  96. tunday probably at 12.58

  97. Whilst i agree Al isnt world class i cant see many stoppers in this league better then him,only Given is for sure better. Cech is glanging all over the place and is a whimp in a gimp headgear now. Edwin van da sar?? maybe a bit better but he is getting on a bit now. Pepsi Reina??? cant say he is any better.

  98. What about little Jimmy, you havent seen him play but trust me, he is a bit (not much) better than Almunia.

  99. “What a strange saying. Where do the roots lie Poliziano?”

    Why, tunday, in mother earth of course.

  100. That again is a good point. Van der sar is better but surely only has a year or 2 left and regarding cech, i think i would still prefer him to Al, but i must admit i have a bit of a soft spot for the gimpy headgear-wearing chav… dont know why!

    The prem used to be filled with great GKs but not so much any more…

  101. Righteous!

    You are like a better version of Confucious.

  102. Given’s a given

  103. Goalkeepers better than Almunia.

    Shay Given
    Joe Hart
    Peter Cech
    Edwin Van De Sar
    Brad Friedel
    Pepe Reina
    Ben Foster
    Carlo Cudicini
    Robert Green
    Jussi Jaskelainen
    Little Jimmy

  104. Apparantly Cech loves that headgear so much he has even been seen wearing it out clubbing.

  105. Ben fukin foster do me a favour.

  106. That is to keep his face clean of the seal blood.

  107. Manuel Fuckin Almunia – do me a bigger favour. I went to Paris in 2006. Had we had a good keeper that day we would have won the Champions League. Silly Jens. Shitty face Almunia.

  108. Alot of them keepers you have put down would suffer from big club syndrome. Yes you know that syndrome.

  109. tunday
    “I will always support Almunia but I think he is a bit of a girl and we could do much better. It would be a travesty if all our good work was undone by an Almunia mistake in the latter stages.”

    and then…

    “Goalkeepers better than Almunia.

    Shay Given
    Joe Hart
    Peter Cech
    Edwin Van De Sar
    Brad Friedel
    Pepe Reina
    Ben Foster
    Carlo Cudicini
    Robert Green
    Jussi Jaskelainen
    Little Jimmy”

    not the kind of support we need around here.

  110. On what basis do you judge who is a better ‘keeper? I ask this because different ‘keepers have different attributes.

  111. tunday,

    If that final happened today Al would save them shots.

  112. Els, you seem slightly underdeveloped in the mind. I will always support any player wearing the red and white while they are in the team. I also want what is best for Arsenal. I think the keepers I listed are all preferable to Almunia.. its a game of opinion after all. Its nice that you speak for the entire Arsenal family when you say you don’t need my support, but I was probably going home and away with the gooners before you were born my friend. I think you are jealous of Little Jimmy.

  113. Henry missed a crucial chance in the final. It doesn’t make him shit.

  114. @ Duke.. I think I agree. Please dont misunderstand, I think he is a solid keeper, but also think his greatest attribute is his shot stopping. He doesnt command his area and gives Willy and Thomas nightmares with his positioning. We are close to having a perfect balance in the team and in my humble opinion he is the weak link.

  115. @ Matty .. I agree. Henry could have sealed it, not once but twice..both at 1-0 and 1-1.

    I think Pires should have stayed on the field regard;ess aswell.

    Anyway, we do not cry over spilled milk. We are on our way to a huge bowl of cream

  116. Yes. Let us embrace the cream and devour it mercilessly. Hopefully we will win a trophy or two as well.

  117. Yeah lets not talk about that night. Well i would have been pleased had we signed Given but we didnt so f*ck it. I feel though that Al is a good keeper and like against Everton and Hull can save/win us points. our weak link now is our covering cb’s. can Campbell still do a job, well i’d still rather him then Ponderous mind you i’d rather maybe have little jimmy then senderos.

  118. It seem to me that some are advocating that were I a stellar shot-stopper but unfortunately lacking a voicebox, the chances are I wouldn’t be a good goalkeeper.

    Tunday, I like your character but at least three quatres of those keepers on the list aren’t better than big Al. The only one who I rate higher than Almunia is Friedel, but to be honest, I wouldn’t trade Al at all. He’s improving with every game and gets too much in the way unwarranted criticism.

  119. Duke and Gadget!..

    I am of hard mind but you are starting to convince me otherwise. I would love to be proved wrong in all Arsenals glory. I would love to see Almunia turn in a game winning display in a match of huge magnitude. I do not think I know better than Wenger and I will leave this issue to rest now.

    And Duke.. Little Jimmy is not really a CB but yes, he is better than Senderos.

    Goodbye Gooners and good luck tonight. It has been a privilege to talk to you all.

  120. I still see Al as our number one for the foreseeable future. I do worry sometimes about his distribution and the way he comes for crosses and creates confusion but this is a simple communication problem and can be easily rectified. He has made crucial saves and kept us in games so personally i wouldn’t swap him for anyone in the Prem at the moment.

  121. What makes agood goalkeeper is an argument which I’ve seen no Almunia disregarder make strongly.

    That list tunday produced above lists a myriad of different style keepers and not many having the same sort of pressure as what Almunia deals with 9i.e. high line, sweeping etc. Joe Hart’s defence just defend deep, are commanding headers of the ball so all he has to do is save.

    Others such as Green cock up time and again but are hailed because they make one great save.

    I like Foster but is he no way better than Almunia. Why Capello picks him is because he is confident despite making a couple of mistakes.

  122. The only keeper I can think of that single handed kept a team in the game this season has probably be Myhill in that recent scum showdown in the Spud’s toilet.

    I’m sure there’s a few more who have had point saving displays, but I can’t readily think of more.

    Last season though big Al was utterly magnificient at the Old Trafford in the CL. But that’s in the past, and given our team is much better, he’s should really have too many point saving experiences this year

  123. …um that last sentence should have a “shouldn’t” in there


    fak u tunday u retard

  125. The biggest myth in sports is that players are rushed back by management. In reality it is the players who push hard to come back. This is huge part of a players make up. Hit the training room. Work hard at rehab. Comeback and play. It is hard for a player to sit and watch his mates play. For they know deep in their heart they should be out there playing. Four games in ten days begins with the first game. Managers and players take it one game at a time. Bolton is the sole focus. This is it. Arsenal will take care of business and win. Thanks Spam bobby

  126. In the EPL, the only keepers I’d say are actually better than Almunia are Reina, EVDS & Cech in that order.

    Of the ones Tunday mentioned, I’d say Given & Friedel are Almunia’s equal, while the rest are well inferior.

    The one who’s so overrated is Shay Given who is the flavour of the month.

  127. Boy, they do hate us dont they? the “vital football” sites of most clubs are decent and dont resort to mudslinging but this has really hit a new low and unsurprisingly its “vital bolton”.

    I laughed and laughed reading this piece. Sour grapes comes to mind, and there are a few gooners, defending the club and trading insults with those thugs in the response section. Its HILARIOUS.

    By the way, our guys are winning… 🙂

    Cheers all!

  128. Tunday, tunday, tunday, oh dear, oh dear me!

    I seriously doubt that you were “probably going home and away with the gooners before you were born my friend.” Give your head a shake, I was obviously pointing out the fact that if you call your posts supporting Almunia, then I would imagine he would rather go without that kind of support. Perhaps you are a fan, but you don’t support.

    Let’s hope you haven’t offered any word’s of encouragement to your good friend Eboue.

    You Prick, if you suggest I am lacking intelligence then I’m seriously in trouble.

  129. Fair shout Gadget & Brain…
    I think though, over the years Cech has been one of the best in the world (not so much now) and van der sar is still one of the best in the world and they have both been winning titles for the last 5 years. I’m not blaming almunia, i’m just saying that a truly world class keeper would be such a boost to arsenal as we haven’t really had one since Lord Dave. Remember we can think outside of the prem…

  130. I thought Given always looked good and then he went to City where he has put behind some not bad CB’s and ok fullbacks and he still seemed to be making shed loads of saves.
    I always assumed the defence must work as a unit and I am beginning to think Given is not helping his defence out well enough to stop some of these shots coming in.
    Any thought anyone?

  131. I hadn’t really noticed to be honest as Daiminedave but communication is the key, starting from the GK. Hopefully Almunia can sort out these issues in his game as Matty Boy said… I think Almunia is getting the brunt of criticism from gooners (me included) because the rest of the team are doing so well relatively speaking. There’s always going to be one or 2 players that stand out to be below par.

  132. Anyone know how the youth boys did last night against ipswich?

  133. i’m sneakily typing while at work and is not the most subtle of websites…

  134. I think that could be a good point, DD. Shay Given played a role in one of the Premier League’s most inept defences up at Newcastle. And now he’s moved to Man City his workload is just as high. Maybe there’s something in that, I dunno.

    Perhaps a clue: They’re both still good for a mistake or two, but Titus Bramble and Jean-Alain Boumsong (before injury) look far better players since parting ways with Given.

  135. nasirjonesnasri

    Tunday is James. He’s not trolling as hard and he’s trying to sound a bit smarter. I’ll go out on a limb and say there’s a strong chance he’s on some form of anti depressant.

  136. Is it really James? He can’t leave us alone can he? Always gets plenty of reaction though so i guess he leaves quite satisfied…

  137. I figure defending has a lot to do with percentages: as a defender you force the opponent to play on thier weaker foot, push them out to useless attacking areas or just try to minimise their chances of doing anything worthwhile with their shots.

    I’m not entirely sure with City but it could have been that they’re defence is overrated, allowing too many high percentage shots, or it’s that Given is overrated.

    Perhaps the same could be levelled at Arsenal, but other than the Everton game, it seems that we’ve not conceded too much of late. Other than the Everton game, our defence has handle Decemeber and January superbly and may it continue for eons to come.

  138. I agree Gadget, i think both their defence and their keeper are overrated. We have become much more of a battling team this year and i think testament has to go to Vermaelen and Song. They have both lead by example – particularly TV’s committed style in the tackle and in the air.

  139. On a side issue, does any one listen to the Up for grabs podcast? While I think they’re funny wen not talking about anything Arsenal related, those dudes don’t seem to have as much je ne sais pas, the reason as YW. It got me thinking, why don’t you do a podcast with some of the regulars YW?

  140. arse shaving the arsenal youth lost 2-0 against Ipswich check YoungGun website about anyting Youth team

  141. Cheers man

  142. Yes Arse, we certainly do seem more battling. Between Tackling Thomas, & Wild eye willy (heh – iWilly, Apple’s got nothing on me), you can see this team believe in themselves and have the desire and abilty to win things this year. We didn’t have it last year, and to be honest, we’re one of if not the best team in the league, and this team will become Arsene’s finest

  143. nasirjonesnasri

    Doubt he leaves satisfied, Arse Shavin. He probably ran out of material. That, or his bacon buddy is ready and his mum made him go sit at the table and eat it.

  144. Gadget, i’ve only listened to Arsecast which is pretty funny, it has Holic and a couple of others on there… Might have to check that out. I’m fairly new to this new fangled internet malarky as you may have noticed, moved to the dark depths of the westcountry… yarp.

  145. hahaha! i wouldnt be surprised

  146. I am an arsenal supporter who would like to see players of other clubs to play for us. Exceptions include Fabregas and Arshavin.

  147. Anyone know what station the game’s on? Sky’s showing the kops and robbers game

  148. The Apple iWilly? Is that the name of their new joystick?

  149. Not on telly mate, gonna have to stream… MyP2P is great – only good one i know of anyway

  150. Tiny totts and pool live on sky

  151. Maybe not Apple’s but certainly Eve’s.

    Curse my laptop motherboard seems to have become a nun far too early

  152. Predictions for the game?

    3-0 i reckon, if Taylor’s playing anyway…

  153. My dream starting X1 for Arsenal


    Dani Alves –Vidic—Terry—Evra



  154. Arse Shavin + Gadget: write about arsenal’s defensive system. just click on my name and read. thanks

  155. No Kaka? No Julio Cesar?

  156. Atteb, I’m struggling to detect sarcasm

  157. Mascherabo is shite ateeb. Evra is shite as well. I’d choose sagna over alves anyday. Vidic and terry???? wtf the matter with u today ateeb? lay of the heroin and morphin son

  158. Try harder Gadget.

    Hint: Only one arsenal player with a bunch of c**** who one shouldn’t give a f**k about since they don’t wear the Arsenal shirt.

  159. nasirjonesnasri

    Hah, Ateeb. No Essien? And Moaninho’s managing right?

  160. Ateeb, that is a cracking lineup…as in cracking me up 🙂

    G4E, great new pic…but it took me a minute to recognize you as it’s not a headshot.

    I don’t think Bolton could kick Cesc around any more today than they did on the weekend. How can you fill an already full cup? This is a mouthwatering clash for the obvious reasons…I can’t wait!

    Come on you Reds! We are The Arsenal!

  161. The far lesser Ronaldo is shit too. And Rosicky/Arshavin/Nasri over Ribery every f**** day. RVP over Messi and Benzema combined. The CBs can just fuck off, for the way they look.

  162. Cheers for that Brain – an excellent article. It really does spell out the way the system has worked in our favour both defensively and offensively this season.

    The main point is that about the quality of the chances i think. We do not give many chances away but when we do, they are generally one on ones (everton for example) or similar opportunities where our defence are rushing back. My previous criticism of almunia may be slightly harsh and if he can sort out the communication issues, we would be pretty rock solid at the back. I’ll be checking out your pages in the future Brain, cheers

  163. No mourinhio, only SAF would be dumb enough to buy those players, and get away with it. Its not even funny how the media is covering SAF’s a**, over the state of the ManU team.

  164. I’m surprised there’s not a place for Kompany in your dream line up.

  165. They always will Ateeb, SAF’s a saint in their eyes. He’s a red faced, puffy-eyed, scotch-drinking scumbag in my eyes

  166. Ateeb, I’ve re-tuned my sarcometer and it should work perfectly in future. Brilliant! And utterly agree.

    Also Brain, that was a good read, and like Arse, I’ve added your blog to my reading list

    Mantra for the day/week/month/year/decade/century/life: I believe in this team.

  167. I guess I missed tunday with my snappy reply after his insults. Damn my slow brain to hell!

  168. Ateed isn’t another fan of Kompany is he?

  169. nasirjonesnasri

    The bench for Ateeb’s team:

    Felipe Melo. Edin Dzeko. Robert Green. Jermaine Defoe. Matty Flamini.

  170. I did read a piece a few days ago acknowledging Ferguson’s role in the Mancruptcy. It could have been a blog but I’m certain it was a new article. Still, it’s astonishing that they’re closing in on £1 billion worth of debt. – ok so that was a little hyperbolic but in a few years, perhaps not so

  171. It’s insane that any business model can survive like that. If it wasn’t for their reputation, they’d be buggered.

  172. What were they saying about Ferguson’s role?

  173. I think their rep can only keep them afloat for only so long. They need a coka sweet sugar papa real soon, cause they’re probably not gonna win the League or CL, getting sweet FA from the FA cup, and look like they’re not gonna make the final of the CC.

    Last year they won the league and had to sell Ronaldo at a hyper inflated price to make a profit. This year there’s a real chance they’re not gonna win anything, and there’s little prospect of selling Rooney at a hyper price, so they’re gonna operate at a loss and quite a hefty one at that

  174. Who the fuck is James. I am Tunday and the sites administartors will be happy to confirm this via my IP address. ( I just send them an email.. and my lawyer)


  175. Ultimately, he wanted the Glazers in, he could have managed the financial situ better by focusing on their youth squad rather than splashing out on £30 mill players. It concluded by suggesting Fergy probably cares little for his predecessor but is more concern with his personal glories.

    It probably was a blog!

    But christ is it me or does their youth squad positiviely malnourished compared to our? our garden has rich pickings in every corner, whereas the Manc’s have withered fruits of no value

  176. According to this website were preparing to bid £7mill for Chris Smalling of Fulham!

  177. True true… Another reason to have faith in the arsenal way. Admittedly we have sold players to help our profit margins but we would have been fine anyway.

    Not sure how it would go if silent stan decides to take the helm, hopefully we’ll stay where we are in the boardroom negotiations

  178. he probably doesn’t care about his predecesors, because he’s scum. I’m sure when all this shit hits the fan, the fans at man u will see the shit for what it really is…

  179. nasirjonesnasri

    In honor of Pavement reuniting:

  180. To be fair to the Man U fans they didn’t want the Glazers in from day one. They even set up their own football club, something like FC United of Manchester. As much as I detest them, they do stick up for themselves which can only be admired.

  181. Erm Piglicker, Tunday, James what are you??

    If you are Tunday, read my earlier comment, then shit off.

  182. A lot of people on here were all for statistics when discussing Denilson. They showed him to be the best defensive midfielder in the league last year, if you needed confirmation.

    Strangely, no one has any interest in them when discussing a goalkeeper.

    5 teams have conceded fewer goals than Arsenal in the league. Aside from maybe chelsea, we have the best back 4 in the country and all but the left back have been fit and on form all season.

    Another 4 teams are within 3 goals of Arsenal total, all are inferior teams with worse defenders.

    According to the Castrol rankings, Almunia is the 8th best keeper in the country.

    In 3 of our losses, he scored 3.24 out of 10 on the castrol index.

    One can support and hope the guy is amazing until the end of the season, but still say he hasn’t been yet and you have doubts based on that.

    The stats need answering, if they are good for one then also another.

    Personally, I wouldn’t swap Almunia for any other striker in the league, none look much better when I have seen them play. I would give Fabianski a chance though if he plays well in the cups.

    It was well documented that Almunia had family issues that led to him being given time off. That is understandable. He hasn’t got back to top form yet, not consistently. He was a wreck against Everton, but flawless against Bolton – lets hope the latter continues.

  183. Strap up men, tonight is the night!

  184. swap for a goalie of course

  185. I was just imagining the ‘Arsenal swap Almunia for Kevin Davies’ headlines 🙂

  186. Strap up, and wrap up, its going to be a cold one tonight. Hopefully an early goal will warm the cockles.

  187. Right well i’m off on my journey to the promised land, suitably scarfed and gloved up.

  188. Arsenehollis, I personally don’t think you need stats to tell you that A) Deni is a fantastic player who will only get better and B) AL is actually not bad at all he has his ups and downs but mostly I’d rather just stick with him.

    Also I think those castrol stats are flawed as if a player hasn’t played for whatever reason the results are no longer acurate.

  189. Good luck tonight eh!

    Come on you gunners!

  190. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

  191. I don’t really favour Almunia as our no1 but he wears our shirt so he becomes no1 in the world!!!


  192. Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Arshavin, Eduardo

    What an excellent side.

    With JET on the bench.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  193. Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Arshavin, Eduardo.
    Subs: Fabianski, Vela, Walcott, Silvestre, Traore, Eastmond, Emmanuel-Thomas.
    Bolton: Jaaskelainen, Steinsson, Cahill, Knight, Robinson, Lee, Mark Davies, Muamba, Cohen, Taylor, Kevin Davies.
    Subs: Al Habsi, Samuel, Elmander, Klasnic, Ricketts, McCann, Andrew O’Brien.

  194. It is hard to see a better team selection than this one Limpar. Where will those returning players fit?

    More to the point where would any new signing be deployed. I think that is fascinating as a question wether arsene signs someone or not. There will be a new signing at some time.

  195. Exactly right. I think that’s the situation that AW is alluding to when he says, credit needs to go to the whole squad (for keeping us at the top throughout our injury troubles) – which is ‘very interesting for our club’.

  196. Bang on with the team selection, YW!

    A propos of Eduardo, his assist for Cesc’s goal v Bolton was on a par with RvP’s silky layoff for Cesc in the match v… ooh, can’t remember, but you know which one I mean.

  197. Wolves away?

  198. Could be… Robin just killed all the pace and changed the angle in one smooth movement.

  199. I’d like to see Traore play on the left flank infront of Clichy. It would be like when Arsene plays Eboue and Sagna on the same flank. I think this duo would give us the defensive cover we need to put pessure on Bolton and win comfortably.

    That list of goalkeepers, who are supposedly better than Almunia, is absurd. The only keeper I consider better than Almunia is Van der Sar. And that’s because he’s the most complete keeper in every category.

  200. I don’t think we need to protect Gael so much. He’s been coping without proper defensive cover since Rosicky’s hamstring went halfway through the 2007/08 season.

  201. This game makes me nervous. My head tells me it’s a straightforward win. My heart says, ‘Yeah, we’ll murder the bums’.

    A draw then.

  202. Just kidding.

  203. I know what you mean, consolsbob. It will be a very tough game – even tougher than Sunday. But if we roll our sleeves up, only one winner.

    I thought I heard AW say Senderos might play on Sunday. On ATVO – anyone else listening can confirm that?

  204. Stop kidding around, Bob.

  205. Consols.

    I do hope you’re joking.

    I just hope the ATVO commentary team don’t start reading those ridiculous emails

  206. Fucking Shit man fr fucks sake

  207. what the hell?

  208. At least we’ve got 88 minutes to correct this nonsense.

  209. 80 ya mean…

    Come On The Arsenal..This is what the season is all abt COME ON!!!!

  210. Did someone pass the memo to the Arsenal players to tell them that the game has started? Come boys…time to play.

  211. Well, the last game I was not nervous about was in 1971 when I knew not very much but had no doubt and no fear..

    However, experience also brings benefits. We have been one down before. We will come back and win.

  212. Relax for FFS. haha. This way is always more fun. We will win.

  213. Everyone gettin fucking hyped up abt going top we have to win the bloody game first.

    Stop this shit,

    oh ffs we almost scored

  214. Dan Roebuck and Winterburn are already pissing me off with reading emails instead of commentating

  215. 1 goal at least b4 half time

  216. darius- y don’t u try myp2pfootball type it in on google

  217. That’s more like it Eduardo.

  218. looks like it’s 11 vs 12 again then…

  219. Fun my a**. I feel sick. Again.

  220. oh fuck off ref

  221. lol @ ateeb

  222. play fair steinsonn u miserable dunce

  223. Maria. How many times have we been here before? You feeling sick I mean? It’s only a game. Get a grip.

  224. Who is this idiot ref?

  225. cops one up againt spuds something to cheer

  226. nasirjonesnasri

    My goodness.

  227. It’s more than a game me sadly.

    OMG A PEN?????

  228. I really am going to vomit now.

  229. Jesus Christ. We’ll need a big performance now. Come on Arsenal!

  230. any stream please

  231. WOW! Time to show we’re made of something.

  232. I can’t watch anymore.

  233. Standard Liege all over again. With the same result, let’s hope.

  234. oh for fucks sake.

  235. Delayed new manager syndrome. But we need to pull it together! Come on!

  236. COME ON!




  237. guys this just means that this we are all going to be elated the final whistle

  238. good stream here, although this is pretty difficult to watch so far.

  239. FFS FFS FFS

  240. can we score 4….of course we can

  241. thanks gunnerinla

  242. How is Denilson doing?

  243. Of all the bloody teams. These elbowers.

  244. Gave the ‘pen’ away Spike,

  245. Arsenal need to increase the pace of play. We’re too slow.

  246. was the pen justified?

  247. Of course it is Maria. I was just trying to cheer you up. Chose the wrong time I’m afraid.

  248. he gave away the pen spike otherwise average. the whole team’s been average this is fcking shit man

  249. Let’s hope it’s 6-2 by the end of the game and we teach these thugs a lesson on football.

  250. who gives a fuck notlager we’re 2-0 down mate

  251. LOL! I can hear the conversations fans are having around the commentary box that ATVO is using.

    It’s that boring for them and I guess they’re saying to the team “wel. come on then – entertain us”.

  252. I’m getting the gist that we aren’t playing well at all…

  253. nasirjonesnasri

    The old Eduardo would have buried that.

  254. oh no…rosicky

  255. Abid. We’re really playing without rhythm and conviction. It could be much better.

  256. he definitely would have nasir.

    oh well…come on…the night can’t get much worse

  257. well it could but anyway. come on. stop this shit and score arsenal….

  258. Thanks giys, I’m going for a walk. I may be some time. Well, about an hour or so.

  259. wat hapnd to tr7

  260. Robinson should be in a puvb watching this not palying here

  261. …and it hits the bar

  262. We need some luck to come our away tonight.

    Own goal. Deflection.Pen.

  263. Anything.

  264. This grit on commentary is getting on my last nerve.



  267. Tommy Gun!!!!!!!

  268. “oh well…come on…the night can’t get much worse”

    hahah – that’s our Arsenal. Crashes our expectations, tests our faith and then rewards us.

    just kidding – my big concern is our play…maybe its because Bolton have flooded the midfield? I don’t understand us sometimes. There’s no reason for that team to be 2-0, but there you have it

  269. nasirjonesnasri

    TR7 with a cracker!! Get in!

  270. You Little Mozart!

  271. GET IN

  272. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss



  275. hahaha
    what did I say 😛

  276. What can we chance for the second half.


  277. Come on, another one in injury time…

  278. What a great time to score.

  279. OHHHH!!

  280. oh yes rosicky!

  281. What a cracker!!!!

  282. fellas w should be 4-2 up

  283. What happened vs liege? Bedntner b4 half-time pulled 1 back

  284. This stream is pissing me off!!!

  285. can’t believe the crowd r booing. f*ckers

  286. Back in it come on, we are coming out gunners blazing now!!!!

  287. Two questions:
    1. When is the ref actually going to book a Bolton player?
    2. Someone in the US please tell me who the f**cking halfwit commentator is who is right up Bolton’s arse on Fox?

  288. is the crowd really booing zap

  289. we want to win it by 2 goals or more….but we must win it.

  290. i hav to put up with some polish commentatprs or some european language. I think they’re arsenal fans though coz they sounded really pissed off when they made it 2-0….

    tak tak tak rosicky, yallah arsenal…go go go….2 more goals, 3 would be nice..

  291. We’re playing well and making lots of chances…they had a quick start and Denilson muffed that tackle but otherwise we’re well in. Frankly I think it woke the sleeping lion…We’re after them and 45 min is a long time.

  292. MD im hearing him too….total cockfoster he is…hear him trying to entirley dis-credit rosickys goal?

  293. nasirjonesnasri

    This is the stuff legends are made of. Don’t fret, we will regroup and come back to win this.

  294. this is 3-2 no us come right back into this


  296. i dont care wether we’re 1st or 2nd who gives a shit. top spot might put off the players anyway…we will fight ’till the end, come on arsenal this isn’t over. It’s only half time come on 45 mins come on cesc and co.

  297. Denilson’s fresh back from injury, Sol. He’s been in and out the treatment room all season. Clichy’s kinda in the same boat. It will come good.

  298. oh shut up solgooner we aint in the mood for ur shit man- go to le grove i’m sure they’re talking like u over there.

  299. imagine the confidence the lads would be injected with if we turn this around..comeon ya gooners!!!

  300. You can’t expect someone to come off the injury table and be right back to their pre-injury form. You lose all sense of the pace of the game when you’re out and Bolton are a tough group to just jump back in against because they kick lumps out of everything.

    What one team can do in the first half the other can do in the second half. Hopefully Rosicky effort has re-focussed the lads and they come storming out of the gates. I’m sure Le Boss is having a good go at them too.

  301. Deano
    Yes a real cockaneese twat and did you not know that TR’s goal was all the goalies fault. I wish Fox had a phone in at half time.

  302. ok – that booing thing better not be true. Even if we lost 3-0 or what have you, we have no right to boo them.
    What does that prove? That we’re a bunch of pathetic idiots? That had better have been a very tiny minority.

  303. nasirjonesnasri

    Did you USA guys hear him say something like let’s see if he (Kevin Davies) can go up there and win a header for us. Absolutely ridiculous. It’s like the word biased doesn’t even exist to these guys.

  304. we did it at anfield…we’re gonna do it again

  305. sad to hear we are booing the team. childish chav behaviour.

  306. Got to carry this momentum out with us second half.

    If there’s any team that knows what to do with momentum, it’s Arsenal.

    Big team talk from Arsene and bang, out the traps and back all over this ragtag bunch…


  307. And I bet half of the booers couldn’t be bothered to get to their seats on time for the start of the match.

  308. nasirjonesnasri

    How could you boo after seeing how that half ended? That was some intense stuff. You’ve got to be extremely thick to boo a team that just created like 5 chances in the span of about a minute and a half.

  309. Three goals this half.

  310. Is Theo on the bench coming on do you think anytime soon.

  311. I think the last 20 mins will be Theo time, Maria.

  312. If God meant games to be decided in the first 45 minutes, he wouldn’t have invented the second half.

    Come On!

  313. Captain Fabtastic

  314. HAHA! YESS!!

  315. nasirjonesnasri

    Yessssss!!! FAB04!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  316. Ha ha! That they had a player down makes it all the sweeter.

  317. Great goal!!

  318. fucking yesssssssssssssss,even if i`m not watching.come onnnnnnnn

  319. Serves them right for the foul on Sagna in the first half that wasn’t given.

  320. Definitely, PZ!

  321. These idiot commentators are making it seem like Gallas wanted to injure the guy!

  322. Oh you beauty!!!

  323. That foul makes Gallas man of the match for me.

  324. what goes around

  325. COME ON GALLAS!!!!!!!!

  326. This commentary is a fucking joke.

  327. according to ssn there was a foul b4 the goal,who fucking cares

  328. At least it was a tackle, rather than an assault on a prone man.

  329. One Davies down one to go.

  330. Karma is a bitch.

  331. who is this idiot commentator?

  332. Are we meant to feel bad for them?


  334. The Bolton players are screaming like girls.

  335. erm.. the ref played on.

  336. I’m honestly asking, as I can’t actually see the game.

  337. i want to kill this commentator

  338. Nice one Poli!


  339. This idiot is saying Arsenal are the first to complain! is he serious?

  340. Willy did that goatfucker nice and well. Praise our captain Cescinho/ Time for Eduardo to step up now. Bad game again from the squashy faced one.

  341. He is a fucking idiot.

    come on 2 more!

  342. Next up Taylor.

    How come when it’s one of ours it’s a bad, bad foul but when it’s Terry or Ferdinand it’s down to English grit?

  343. hypocritical c*nts!! unbelievable!!!


    rinse mouth afterwards

  344. California Gooner

    not intentional by Gallas, but that one really went our way. i’m happy to have the breaks.

  345. It’s just a matter of time.

    I can’t see the game, what do you make of this from the BBC?

    “…William Gallas is lucky not to be shown a red card for a terrible tackle on Mark Davies, referee Alan Wiley waves play on and eventually the ball falls to Cesc Fabregas, …?

  346. Scorpion Kick, oh he meant it!

  347. GET IN!!!!!!

  348. just f*ck off james or tunday or whatever you call yourself, you tosser.

  349. was it a foul, the commontater has been a bit sketchy on that.

  350. Cesc was close

  351. Ted, there was a possible foul on Mark Davies by William Gallas before the ball got through to Fabregas who went on to score. Mark Davies was lying on the ground and the Bolton players wanted Arsenal to kick the ball out, but they played to the whistle. Bolton had opportunities to clear as Fabregas approached goal, but didn’t.

  352. that was frikkin close

  353. Eduardo is so eager to score.

  354. im sorry but eddie has to go off- walcott on plz

  355. Thanks, FunGunner. I don’t actually feel bad for them, really. 🙂

  356. Me neither, Ted.
    Soft Southern pansies 1, tough northerners 0.

  357. i know duke i just cant figure out where he stands

  358. We’re on top of them now.

  359. There you go!!!


  361. nasirjonesnasri

    Get in TV05 with a cracking volley!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

  362. Verminator!!!!!!!!!!!

  363. Eduardo gets a goal in this game and he’ll get back into form. Leave him on.


  364. come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  365. Work just got better.

  366. YESSSS!!!!

  367. The Muscles from Kapellen!

  368. ok its still2-2 one,two more

  369. the verminator

  370. Look at fecking Arshavin tackling like a maniac.

  371. oh……my…..god

  372. Come on! Let’s smash these losers.

  373. Between this match and the Villa-Blackburn match, I think the BBC fellow is going to overheat.

  374. i was praying- was it a good goal??

  375. Have we scored?????

  376. can it get any better the wife has just brought me bolognaise!

  377. This commentator needs a blasted kick!

  378. Tell you what, I’m more nervous now than I was when we were losing by two. Maybe it’s because I’m just guzzling coffee like a maniac now.

  379. yes 3-2 now m

  380. Who the f*ck is this commentator?

  381. Vermaelen is a monster.


    Let’s keep it tight in the back now.

  383. Commentator’s really got a hard on for Bolton’s “style” of play. Can you call that a style?

  384. Anyone got a phone number for Fox Soccer channel?

  385. Once that commentator removes my boot from his arse, he’ll never be able to keep it tight at the back again.

  386. i feel a little hate campaign coming on.

  387. Diaby has knock.

  388. Diaby injured. FFS

  389. I think Owen Coyle is his boyfriend

  390. Oh no, Diaby injured.

  391. oh no. diaby has been gr8 2night. Hope it’s not bad i

  392. crap…
    please tell me this isn’t true

  393. Eastmond coming on.

  394. Did he walk off, or was he stretchered off?

  395. He walked off. It looks like his calf is acting up.

  396. It doesn’t matter MD. Their words cannot alter the reality.

    We really are the best team in the Prem.

    Eventually they just look like the twats that they are

  397. Eastmond on….diaby off…Come On Arsenal….

  398. Lol Paul. Long time.

  399. eastmond was the 1 who made the throughball to diaby to set up cesc on sunday

  400. Who says Vermaelem doesn’t have the ball keeping ability to play at DM?

  401. Hey Maria!! ha ha!!

  402. LOL, this is what my text feed just spit out as game action. Can someone please explain?

    Offside, Arsenal. Manuel Almunia tries a through ball, but Eduardo is caught offside.

  403. Can’t complain about Manu Almunia today.

  404. Another pen.

    This is a joke.

  405. cesc’s touch evades him! The world is comin to an end!!

  406. What the Fox guy said fab should have had a penalty……revelation.
    But we still never got

  407. Eduardo embrago still in place.

  408. penalty to bolton??

  409. this list of non pens is getting kinda big.

  410. nasirjonesnasri

    Top of the table!!!

  411. Andre the Giant!!!!!!!!!

  412. WOOOOO

  413. Take Eduardo out huh Zap? No one plays a one-two in the box like he can.

  414. arshavinnnnnnnnnnnnnn yes we are top the league i say we are top the league

  415. Top of the league!

    For now…

  416. i almost pissed myself maria u had me bloody scared

  417. yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeessssssss

  418. I could just cry.

  419. “Never in doubt.”



  421. was it a penalty? I’m confused.

  422. we are something very very special

  423. Clichy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  424. Ted 🙂




  426. Hail hail!!!

    Up the Gunners!

  427. Can this guy stop talking about the stupid foul?

  428. @FunGunner: I think that might be my favorite quote related to Arsenal ever.

  429. How is this disgraceful man still on about Bolton’s tremendous performance? Yeah, absolutely tremendous they’ve been. Fucking idiot.

    Let’s get him, Pz. How can we find out who it is? Duke and I can hold him down while you bury your boot somewhere deep inside his vacuous being.

  430. The commentator said that Coyle’s ambition is to get Bolton playing like Arsenal. Yeah, start by getting rid of forty percent of your team and establish a proper footballing culture up there.

    Vela so close.

  431. Come on Theo, score one and ice the cake.

  432. Damn Eduardo is playing some damn good link play.

  433. 40%, Gainsbourg? Too kind, too kind.

    Did Neves just win the ball with a backheeled nutmeg? I think he did…

  434. Walcott was wide open

  435. that was a bit greedy!

  436. Arshavin’s selfishness is forgivable after that move.

  437. How much time left?

  438. And sp*rs losing at the moment… what’s this warm, fuzzy feeling I’ve got all over?

  439. Robinson got ruined!

  440. “…the Russian takes control before slamming a right-foot shot past Jussi Jaaskelainen, who does not deserve to concede four goals.”

    So says the BBC.

  441. taern whats the score? liverpool 1-0 spurs?

  442. Gainsbourg69, 5-2 is prettier that 4-2

  443. Yeah, Zap, and looks like staying that way.

    Anyone watch the Villa-Blackburn game? What a cracker that was!

  444. 2-2 taeern?

  445. Three goals in the second half. Called it.

    Good night folks.

  446. Resilience


  448. what did coyle say there?

  449. Never in doubt.

  450. I hope all them c*nts who booed feel guilty now, this result was never in doubt even when we losing 2-0… shame on you.

  451. Absolutely amazing performance!!


  453. FG, I can bet the rest of the PL must be in shock, “how did that happen?”


  454. Yes we are number 1 all others are 2 or below!

  455. Take that, you tossers at vital bolton.

  456. HAHAHA els how was that lasagne

  457. Fools, Paul N – every single one of them.

  458. A R S E N A L top top Arsenal.

  459. well well well, top of the pile….and the best team in the league……every goal was a work of art.

  460. Fuck you Chelsea, fuck you Bolton fuck you Howard and AIC. This is what the rest of us have believed in. It has been coming.

  461. It tasted GOOOOOOOOOOD Zap. haha.

  462. toooooooooooooooooold yaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    we are the greatest faaaaaaaaaackin teaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!

    the comeback kinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngsssssss!!!

  463. What I like best about the whole match is that THEY never looked like they doubted the outcome. Rosicky put his in and looked like he was pissed he had to wait so long…lol. Love it. So much belief in our squad.

  464. Damn, but this feels good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These lads make me so happy I support them.

    HOORAY! 🙂

  465. Top ….with half a team out.

  466. So, did we lose then???


  468. The BBC seem adamant that Gallas’ challenge before the second goal was a bad one. I didn’t think it looked too bad.

  469. California Gooner

    great game and great entertainment and great result. my only, only complaint was Arshivin not passing the ball to make it 5-2. If you had to bet, you would bet on him scoring that one, but still he should have passed. Fabregas looks so physically strong it is incredible. As for Eduardo, I don’t think his problem is ‘form’. I think he may just need an extra bit of strength/explosiveness that is eluding him — and then the confidence will be there as well. I’m not a fitness guru, so I don’t know where that comes from.

  470. Come on, BBC Sport, update your EPL table to show us TOP OF THE LEAGUE.

  471. And we still have not even come close to the potential that Arsene speaks of and so many laughed about.

    What a team, I feel so proud!!!

  472. nasirjonesnasri

    By far the greatest team the world has ever seen.

  473. Spike ha ha ha

  474. California Gooner

    Ted, it was definitely a foul. We have had so many of those go against us I’m not too concerned by it, and we still had to score the goal. But it was a foul and could have broke Davis’ ankle from the look of it. I even think Gallas apologized after the goal.

  475. @Darius 9:39pm

    We’re used to seeing him score goals. So many slating him I’d thought everyone had failed to notice just how much his play has opened the door for Fab and Arshavin…different style but the same effect as RvP…assists – the key that unlocks the opposition defense.

  476. SomeRandomGunner

    Was Denilson bad tonight ?

  477. I somehow doubt that Wenger yelled too much at halftime. I think the players only had to remember Anfield for his mere presence to wake them up, to remind them what they’re about and what they’re meant to be doing.

  478. I hope Passenal gave any c*nt who booed next to her what for.

  479. Ted

    Nigel Winterburn says it was a 50-50 and probably was a foul but that it was a normal challenge.

    I say, fook ’em.

  480. There was no intent to harm in the foul, its just one of those things you get in football, unlike that idiots that try to mame our boys.

  481. @California Gunner: Well, hopefully it won’t come back to haunt us. You’re right; it’s not like it’s not happened to us a bunch.


    dukegoonem- it was not all the fans- alot of them were gr8, even when we went 2-0 down.

    Liverpool 2-0 Spurs

  483. the body language of the team was so reassuring…seriously almost everyone here was sure we’re gonna be back in this one..just look at the posts after half it!!!

    no team in the whole of premiership could have done that and we did it with half the team on the treatment table…we have to be the greatest!!

  484. Another trail by media awaits but we don’t are….


  485. The thing about the Gallas tackle, it may not have been too bad, but how would you feel if some lump came in like that on Fabegras or Arshavin? Not saying it’s a sending off, but I can definitely see where Coyle and Bolton can feel aggrieved.


    Aston Villa 6-4 Blackburn.

    yes, 6-4 you r not seeing things!!

  487. I agree with axis regarding Eduardo, his nifty touches unlocks defenses. His quickness and scoring touch will come in a minute.

  488. My heart bleeds purple piss for Bolton – fucking karma is what it was. So hard to play with players in vital positions coming back from injury and so many out, but play they did and how!

  489. liverpool 2 Spuds 0

  490. Maria at 9.30-

    you frikkin scared me there!!!!

  491. SomeRandomGunner

    I am off to le-grove. Want to see what they are talking, they were telling we only 2 good players and others (Eduardo,Denilson,Diaby etc) are passengers

  492. I love Nigel Winterburn. Always says things with a smirk on his face.

  493. What the hell Blackburn scoring 4? Fat Sam must be mad….looool…..

  494. @ taeryn

    What do you mean “if”? We get fouled like that all the time.

  495. Fuck em random – you just as well go to a Spurs blog.,

  496. football was the victor over these two games.

  497. that’s y i aint wenger innit!! The Arsenal.

    i’m gonna print screen the EPL current table and have it as my screensaver i think…

    i bet that pasta was good els..

  498. Well sorry Zap I meant for us. Cesc should have had yet another penatly and wasn’t given it.

    Do see how it made you pee your y fronts though.

  499. Exactly FG! all the blinkin time so I dont see why we should be concerned, though I am sorry that the guy is injured but such is life in football.

  500. @Maria

    I’m with you, screw them…live by the sword die by it…they play the harsh game and then get mad because the boys wouldn’t lie down for them…no, no, no…get what you give.

    The boys have learned that when they are together, nothing can stop them unless they allow it…very proud tonight.

    Very proud.

  501. @FunGunner – yeah, you’re right, and we complain about it too 😉

    Not like Bolton didn’t have that coming, really. I appreciate that Coyle plays a better brand of football than his predecessors but those gigantic huns he’s got as players only know how to turf the ball a mile in the air and kick the opponent senseless.

  502. noiiiicley said duke.

    We played some breathtaking stuff.

    The build up for the 4th was vintage.

  503. Bolton are a bunch of poofs. They fouled us like that all game, but we just got up and carried on playing. As soon as it happens to a Bolton player, though, they all start crying in unison. What a joke!

  504. One very cool thing. I was just checking out the “match action” tab on ESPN Soccernet and they have this cool deal where you can replay every shot in the game with build-up passes noted. Going through the entire match I don’t think Bolton had a single shot that had more than three passes in the build-up… Vela’s shot at the end of the match had 17 (if I counted correctly) passes in the build-up and went from the right side of the pitch to the left, to the right, center, and then shot. Most Arsenal shots had 4-7 passes in the build-up. Amazing!

  505. I tell you what, I’m not a fan of the dark arts, but one thing about the Gallas foul is that it does send a message to other teams, doesn’t it? Not a message that we will resort to such tactics on the regular, but more that a team cannot expect to know what we’re capable of. In other words, they will not be able to plan for us and bully us around. It’s the unpredictability of it.

  506. ..and our night gets better!

  507. Tunday,

    You can take Jaaskaleinen off your list mate.

  508. How are we on injuries? No fresh ones, I hope….

  509. Was Diaby injured by a badly timed Bolton challenge?

    If so, WTF?!!!!!

  510. @Duke, I thought Jaaskaleinen was pretty good, considering. But yeah, this undermining of Almunia will never do.

  511. When was the last time we were #1? September 2009?

    They did us very proud tonight!

  512. The only white spot tonight was the injury to Abou.

  513. August, abid.

  514. August 28th.

  515. So happy Rosicky scored that beautiful goal and a very important one to put us back in the game just before half time.

    Nice to have you back Rosicky

  516. My stomach has calmed down all of a sudden.

    12 points from the next 4 games. Ray really has been a true red has kept the faith!!!

  517. I agree G4E. I hope Eduardo does the same very soon.

  518. Maria, dont worry Eduardo is gonna get em!

  519. @taeryn:

    When Robinson maliciously gouged at the back of Cesc’s ankle last week-end, it could’ve lead to a bad injury. The worst part about it is that it came right after Taylor put his knee on the back of Cesc’s head and kicked him about a bit. The only reason they couldn’t get retribution on Gallas is because we weren’t at the Reebok. I feel bad for that Davies bloke but we’ve been on the receiving end of so many bad fouls for so long that the faux outrage, which will surely spew out of many a pundits mouth, is hypocritcal at best. Like I said before. If it’s Gallas then he’s a criminal, but if it’s Gerrard going in studs up, or John Terry lunging at someone then it gets blown off simply because they’re english and they are passionate.

  520. I know Paul but it would help his confidence no-end.

  521. hes nearly there you can tell and his overall contribution is very strong indeed…..great player is eduardo.

    Its only a matter of time before hes bangin em in for fun.

  522. Do i care about the injury to Davis? Hell No!!! Gallas showed “Grits” as the commentators like to talk trash. We simply “Got in their face”. Watch them slate us for the foul. Bloody hypocrites!!!! I though it was a man’s game??? Bolton reaped what they sowed simple

  523. Even that a** of commentator was impressed by EDS movement.

  524. My man of the match is Vermaelen. He was everywhere and even nicked himself a goal.

  525. I’ll bet Davies (or whatever his name is) has shared many a joke with his Bolton buddies about some poor fellow they’ve fouled out of a match. Will I pity him now he is injured? No.

  526. While I think Gallas and Vermealen were great I do think they need to recognise that Song isn’t on the pitch and they shouldn’t be so gun-ho about joining the attack. Especially so early on in the game when our DM is still coming back from injury. That’s why I think we have seen some massive holes through the team since the Everton game.

  527. Davies was having a okay match as well. Good choice by Gallas he probably though it was the other Davies how was giving him a torrid time.

  528. The Guardian seems to think the behavior of the crowd as Davies was stretchered off was “disgraceful.” How come when it happens to us, it’s not?

  529. Let’s hope Hull hold manu on sunday but u know what who gives a shit we’ll enjoy 1st while it lasts…Chelsea have tough games comin up..

    next 5 weeks will define our season.

    Bring on Stoke!!!!

  530. “Unfortunately you don’t find players on the M25.”

    An another Arsene classic.

  531. Ted Harwood.

    It’s life innit. hha.

    We are arsenal
    we r the best
    We are arsenal
    better than the rest.
    and while ur at it.
    you can f*ck the rest
    then spit on them.



  532. what a game!!! i’m almost feeling equanimous even though i have a sore throat from all that shouting…when vermi scored , i think i mus’ve woken up about 30 people if not more!!

    and the media will have a field day regarding the gallas tackle…..i loved it!! hahahahahaha..serves them thugs right!

  533. Well, I had a very enjoyable walk, very interesting it was.

    Just seen the Sky highlights and I am delighted with the lads reactions to going 2 down. Brilliant result and I thought Rosicky could well be back to his best!

    Disapointed with the anti-Arsenal dirge and the inevitable gallas with hunt that is sure to follow his mistimed tackle.

  534. right on, Zap.

  535. Fantastic character shown tonight to come back from 2-0 down. Its great to be top of the league.

    Cue the Gallas witchhunt to deflect from our achievement and to give the media an invented excuse to give us no credit whatsoever. Bolton’s dirty history will be conveniently ignored.

    Its great credit to the team to keep on winning with so many injuries.

  536. It would be great if Song came back against Aston Villa along with Bendtner.

  537. I wonder who will play vs stoke.

    what do u guys think??

  538. ***************WARNING******************


    …………………..AIC IS A PARASITE…………………

  539. what’s wrong with aicream?

  540. Denilson commited a foul for the penalty why no mention AIC going rouge are we??

  541. Just got back from the game and having read through a few comments above I can catagorically confirm that the crowd were not booing the team, we were in fact booing the ref, BOlton keeper for the constant time wasting from the 2nd minute!

  542. Zap;

    Team for Stoke?

    I really have not got a clue? I would like the likes of gallas, Vermealen, Cesc, Arshavin and Diaby rested though. (Is Diaby injured?) While Denilson and Theo need games and eastmond, Vela and Hopefully JET can come in too.

  543. clichydoubledeuce

    any updates on the diaby knock?

  544. abou is injured Spike.

  545. No, not rouge. It was a clear foul by Denilson.

    We need to keep the momentum going but we are in a great position.

  546. No CDD, Arsene just confirmed the injury in his interview.

  547. AIC,

    Question: Do you think we’ll win the league?

  548. Coyle: “I think it was closer to an assault than a tackle and for it not to be given, having watched it as I felt at the time, I felt it was over the ball and he’s certainly not touched any of the ball and my lad’s in with suspected serious ankle damage and there’s no doubt it was a free-kick for us.

    “I would suggest it’s probably closer to a sending-off as far as I’m concerned and it went against us.”

    And what how would Coyle describe what Taylor did to Cesc just three days ago? Gallas tackle was midtimed but totally unintenional. That cannot be said of Taylor’s attempt to break Cesc’s neck.

    Prepare yourself Gooners for tomorrow.

  549. Still obsessing over typos…..can just imagine you Beale like smirk right now….shame Denny isn’t about to b**** slap it off you.

  550. @ Zap, Spike

    Wouldn’t surprise me if almost every player who played tonight is rested/on the bench for Stoke.

  551. What a rush of a game. Me and my friend were watching it on a stream at university. We were jumping around like madmen!!! Everyone was like WTF. Brilliant. Words really can’t describe my feelings. Anyone that complains about us not stopping play can go fuck themselves. After the incident Coen went down and Chung played on. If they don’t stop for their own players why should we??? When Denilson went down against Everton did they stop, NO. It wasn’t like we caught them off guard their whole defense tried to stop our play and we still scored. NO EXCUSES!!!!!

    OUR SPIRIT AND DETERMINATION SHONE THROUGH TODAY. I think we played one of our best games today.

  552. this is ridiculous!

    Taylor pulled Cesc’s hair and tried to tread on his neck! on pupose!

    If Coyle’s crying out for justice maybe he should also throw in the fact that we should’ve had three penalties, Taylor should’ve been carded in the previous game and Gallas simply did what Birmingham and Bolton consider their specialty – to rough up other players and hope for the off-chance that they’ll get away with it.

    Pathetic…why can’t we enjoy our victory in peace without all these crazies bleeting about? If we’d won this match cleanly, they’d all have been complaining how Bolton were an easy opponent.

  553. Well, well, well….just as predicted

  554. Thanks for the update maria.

    See you all later. Just off to laminate a copy of the league table

  555. @ abid

    We’re happy, the team’s happy and Arsene is happy. That is all that counts. After all the events of the last 12 months, I don’t care what others think of us – in fact I revel in their complaints now. It shows they fear us.

    I wouldn’t take the mick in your shoes, AIC. This is essentially the same bunch of players whom you dismissed as spineless last season, remember? You might have the grace to concede that you have underestimated them.
    This season should be a lesson to you – players can improve. Young players can improve hugely. It wasn’t talent that the squad lacked last year, it was maturity and self-confidence.

  556. Who the fucking hell claimed that we were booing the team. That is a downright fucking lie. No-one…noone…booed the team tonight in fact no-one left the ground until extra time which is something of a record.

  557. Did anyone catch AW post match interview?

    I didn’t see it, but from a poster on Vital Arsenal: “AW was asked about the tackle and asked if the interviewer wanted to see the multitude of bruises cuts and scrapes his players have endured over these two games.”

    I f*cking love AW.

  558. Enjoyed the game, Not the first 40 min. Wenger was asked whether Arsenal should have stopped the game when Davis was down. Wenger said he did not complain about Cahill picking the ball when Denilson went down aginst Everton and could’ve been 3 up. So what’s the big deal? How about the 2 clear penalties that Cesc should’ve got. Honestly that score line flattered Bolton it should’ve been 7 at least. What is this bullshit about unfortunate Bolton, That was class against crap, they couldn’t string 2 passes together.
    However I think Kevin Davis should play for England instead of Heskey as a target man. he is underrated. He did well on his own but Gallas and Vermanator read every ball that bounced of his head and that was clever piece of defending

  559. so I’m in moderation…. ok another try:

    Did anyone catch AW post match interview?

    I didn’t see it, but from a poster on Vital Arsenal: “AW was asked about the tackle and asked if the interviewer wanted to see the multitude of bruises cuts and scrapes his players have endured over these two games.”

    I love AW.

  560. Country mile


    I don’t care how.

    Rest the lot of them on Saturday!

  562. I’m just back from the game and I concur with jimmyd, the crowd were not booing our team and don’t let anyone convince you they were. It was all aimed at the crap referee and jaskerwhathisface who started time wasting the minute they scored the first goal.

    I didn’t see the tackle in question as I was following the ball in play and I suspect most of the crowd didn’t either. We just assumed it was more Bolton time wasting. The referee did not blow the whistle and I seem to recall Everton taking advantage when we had a man down recently.

    I don’t wish harm on any player, but Bolton would be the first to call our players southern softies and harp on about how it’s a man’s game, so they can hardly complain when they get some of their own medicine. A mistimed tackle in the heat of the game is very different from deliberately kneeling on someone’s neck. They can bitch all the like, the points are ours.

  563. OK, I take back my remarks about the booers.

    Good night, all. Now begins the interminable wait till the next match…

  564. Passenal- Enjoy it mate, don’t give a shit about all the suckers on TV and radio. We are top, and the players will get a huge boost from this victory.
    Eastmond is a no nonsense player, he keeps things simple and tidy no fancy stuff I like him already.

  565. I was impressed by the crowd too Frank. When I looked around with a couple of minutes to go and the place was packed I was amazed. Although one guy a couple of rows in front left well before half-time when we were two goals down. How’s that for support? But on the whole they were loud and backing the team even when we were down, although I do wonder where they were last season when the team were struggling and really needed them.

  566. Thats fantastic to hear about the crowd!

  567. i don’t know what the fuss is with our second goal.

    didnt they always say play to the whistle? the ref was just a few metres away, he didn’t blow, so play on.

    the reason why people are making such a big fuss over it is because the injury looked serious.

    but who would have known that he wasnt faking it at that time?

    it was unintentional, clumsy from gallas you can say, but unintentional.

    oh another reason why they are making such a big fuss is because they see it as the turning point, and they are not amused that arsenal is not sticking to the script of getting ourselves out of the top 4.

  568. You just know there’s going to be uproar about the Gallas thing. To me it was a foul, but nothing more. They can feel a bit aggrieved that play was allowed to carry on, but that’s not Arsenal’s lookout.

    Looking at the challenge again, it was two committed players at absolute full-stretch going in for a 50-50 ball. Gallas’ foot 0:57 isn’t high at all; he’s just an millisecond too late and Davis gets underneath him.

    I can empathise with the player, but not the team or the fans. It’s a miracle that our players have avoided serious injury at the hands (or elbows) of Kevin Davies’ and Co in recent years.

  569. 13 seconds elapsed from the challenge to the ball ending up in the net.

    about the same amount of time a player will spend on the floor hoping to get a free kick and then get up when he realises he isnt getting one.

    it just turned out that he was really injured.


    who cares.

  570. Our second goal wasn’t a turning point. There was no turning point. When the match started, Arsenal were going to win. At half time, Arsenal were going to win. At full time, Arsenal had won.


  572. poliziano:

    i am saying, from the perspective of pundits and critics. they see that as the turning point. they need something to talk about, so they will talk about this.

  573. And I don’t care how controversial the equaliser was. 😀

  574. The ref got that one wrong and he also got 2 clear cut penalties when Cesc was fouled by the goalie so we should’ve 2-2 first half and 5-2 second half.

  575. Any news on how severe Diaby’s injury is? I’d hate it if we lost him with so many important games on the horizon.

  576. I agree with you, Passenal. Actually the press and media can say what they like about the crowd but at the minutes silence for the victims of the Haiti earthquake there was not a whisper and a huge amount was raised too. We might spend a little of that on shirts for the poor Bolton geezers who had to spend the whole game showing off their man-boobs. Fucking revolting sight actually.

    Most of the booing around the time of Taylor’s accident …interesting to see the extent of that injury….was for Jaskathingy who was show-boating like crazy. Takes a special player to take the opportunity to promote yourself when your mate is lying on the floor injured…maybe.

    Interesting also that when the Arsenal players stood up to the Bolton players they went down like a bunch of wimps.

    There is a real assurance about this squad now. Even when we were 0-2 down there was never any doubt about who would win the game. They have the aura of champions about them.

  577. Oh sorry…wishful thinking…I should say Davies’ accident. Sadly the wrong Davies.

  578. Diaby calf strain. Not sure how long that is usually.

  579. Left work half asleep this evening thinking when the F**K am i ever gonna see a gunners game at the Emerates or ever for the matter. So i thought let me taste some of the atmsophere on my way home as the missus is away for a few days and its on my way home. I got into the buzz leading upto the stadium and though might be worth seeing if there might be someone touting a ticket or something.This was an outside unrealstic laugh more than anything else. but 5 minutes before kick off I bumped into a desperate dad that wanted to recoup some funds from his sons ticket (way after bedtime for school kids) and there i was at costcutters drawing £50 quid for my first Gunner game ever. All done and dusted in the space of three minutes!!!! i couldnt believe my luck! Anyway i couldn’t have chosen a better game to gamble on and was richly rewarded. My one and only gripe is those mumbling arm chair F**Ks i was sitting next to who pay all this money for a formidable game but take great joy in slagging off every missed pass or missed tackle, don’t clap a pass or get stuck into the songs, leave 5 mins before half time and full time. I was ashamed to be amongst them. you tits. They deserved Chelsea scarfs. Maybe i’m a sinic but i’ll think twice between choosing cheaper satisfaction from sitting with working class lads biting my nails in a working mans pub with heart soul in the game rather than upper middle class mumbings of not good enough. what more do you want that coming back from 0-2 down to end up top of the league. Cummon ARSENAL do it beautifully, do it your way do it the ARSENAL way.

  580. vermaelen has a better technique than some attackers in the premiership.

  581. 7-10 days for a mild one, Big Al, though perhaps sooner with the Arsenal medical facilities. He looked to be OK walking when he went off which is a good sign. Probaly stuck ice on it straight away. 4-6 weeks for a more difficult strain. The worst type, unable to even walk, isn’t worth thinking about becuase he is obviously not in that category. My guess is he will miss Stoke but will be available after that. But we have to wait and see.

  582. can anyone verify this?

    i think we committed more fouls than bolton.


  583. Not true. The referee may have ajudged it that way but he missed an awful lot.

  584. true that frank.

    but it was nice to see the bolton players whining like wussies over davies.

  585. Coyle being an ‘honest Englishman’ will get a lot of attention for a few days, but the fuss will die down and we’ll move on. Hopefully the ‘Arsenal don’t like it up ’em, so get in their faces’ mantra will finally die a death too.

  586. Just got back from the game – and boy what a game it was. Great come-back by the lads, Cesc absolutely drove us on when we were 2-0 down. My only fear is that all the talk will be about us scoring whilst their player was down injured. Having said that, who cares maybe its better that way.

  587. too bad we have such a long injury list.

    otherwise arsene could tell coyle: oh shut up, i will let you take wilshere on loan.

  588. Bolton are the arsehole of the premier league. Owen Coyle kissed our arses before the game thinking he could play mind games, now he has egg on his face. They tried to bully us out of the game and got a taste of their own medicine. Matt Taylor celebrating in front of the Arsenal fans as if the game was won. He underestimated us a bit. Peaked a little too early me thinks 🙂

  589. 50-50 ball. The reaction is an absolute joke.

  590. what a performance. The hacks will be working overtime to discredit this victory but those neanderthals at Bolton got exactly what they deserved…a right kicking…whos crying now b*tches!!!. We are officially Top Gunz always have been. The passion shown by every player was plain to see. We wont be beaten.

  591. Taylor and Robinson were anonymous in the second half. They got steam rolled. That’ll teach Taylor a lesson. Maybe he shouldn’t taunt our players by celebrating infront of our supporters.

  592. 82.9% passing success for us. wow.

  593. Movement around their box by Eduardo, Fabregas and Arshavin was top top drawer last night. It really bamboozled the Bolton defence.

  594. What irked me most was the tv commentary by this Kevin Davies fan masquerading as a commentator. He was going gaga every time Kevin Davies won a header.

  595. Post match quotes from Arsene:,19528,11661_5874541,00.html

    “Listen, if you look at the tackles that we have got in the last two games you can get in our dressing room and see our legs. We got clattered absolutely from everywhere and if they can complain…”

    “I could show you some tackles if you want – you put them all together in the two games, their tackles and our tackles, and then we can compare.”

    How about his very coy response regarding Chris Smalling. Seems like we’re looking at him?

  596. When he made that coment someone sniggered in the background and Arsene gave a little half smile.

  597. Had a look at the UK newspapers online – the Independent was the worst for content (75% about the tackle) but the Sun’s headline was the worst “Assault”.
    Fans comments very mixed though


    Information on the commentator Pz wanted to take a hit out on!!!loool

  599. A few observations:

    1. That biased commentator was Tony Gale. Outrageous comments even if he did correctly call the missed penalty foul on Cesc

    2. Anyone on this board celebrating the Gallas foul should be ashamed of themselves. A player was seriously injured and it’s no cause for celebration. It was definitely not an intentional, ‘assault’ challenge, but anytime we cheer an injury to an opponent we lower ourselves to their fans’ standards.

    3. Arshavin really stepped up his workrate-great attitude coming after a less than inspired game on Sunday.

    4. Another solid game from Almunia. Unlucky on the penalty and no chance with the opener.

    5. Let’s savour the beauty of Arshavin, Rosicky, Eduardo and Fabregas all in the line-up together at the same time. Add RVP to the mix and that’s a breathtaking quintet.

    6. Owen Coyle might have wanted to have kept his mouth shut when he shook hands with Arsene after the game. Arsene’s dismissive wave was priceless, and I would be shocked if Wilshere ends up on loan at Bolton now. Much rather see him on loan at West Ham under Zola.

    The schedule is going to get clogged but Liverpool will be without Torres and Chelsea should be without Essien, so that at least cancels out RVP’s absence in those games, if not the other 6-10 players that will probably be out. Not celebrating their injuries of course, only pointing out that it will offset our own key loss!

  600. Great timing for TV to score after a barren spell.

  601. Let me qualify #6.

    I would rather him stay at Arsenal, but if he goes on loan, better at West Ham than Bolton.

  602. Maria-beat me to it on Tony Gale!

  603. I know both TV and Gallas have been over scored by the strikers lately. Tut tut…..

  604. That guy has commentatored on quite a number of Arsenal games hasn’t he la?

  605. Yes…that was a 50-50 ball. No need for the media to over-analyze the foul by Gallas.
    Maybe this is because of our reputation for playing clean football.

  606. yes Maria-can’t stand him. I never thought I would say this, but I’m actually relieved when I hear it’s Robbie Earle on the TV these days!

  607. Thanks NZGooner.

  608. by the way, what a stupid comment from Coyle:

    “Arsenal being full of fair play as we keep hearing, carried on playing and scored on the break.”

    As we keep hearing? All he has to do is go to the Premier League’s Fair Play table and see us at the top…

    I think moving to Bolton had the same effect on him as it did Matty Taylor. Although I did like the embrace Taylor and Cesc gave each other during the introductions. Something tells me Taylor sought out Cesc after Sunday’s game and apologized.

  609. last one from me this evening…

    A lot has been made of Chelsea’s 11 point lead disappearing, but Arsenal still had a game in hand. Now Chelsea have a game in hand. Assuming they win that game, they will have gone from essentially an 8 point lead to a likely 3 point lead. Not really that massive a swing over a 9 game period.

    Still, it’s a very nice feeling to be back at the top.

  610. Surprise surprise, the BBC lead this morning with Aston Villa in some fourth rate irrelevant cup match and follow with William Gallas commits x-rated foul.
    You could not make it up.

  611. California Gooner

    Maria, what most stands out for me in the film is the moment where Diaby makes a poor pass, chases all the way back to our box to make the tackle, and then instantly starts a counter-attack. Tremendous attitude!


    Match highlights for those without access to ArsenalOnline.

  613. No but it was predicted by most here last night.

  614. California Gooner

    lagooner, cheer up. I too don’t think it means much to be top of the table if we’ve played an extra game, but still, we are right there — and that after pretty much everyone wrote us off. Apparently Wenger was just being a sore loser when he said that Chelsea would drop points. Now we just have to keep winning our games.

  615. Well said CG. If you can’t be happy after a win like that and going top without the need for caveats you really are following the wrong sport.
    Every other team would swap for what we had last night.

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