Promised You A Miracle

Is It A Dream

Andrei Arshavin spoke earlier this week: 

My greatest dream is to win a title with my club. Naturally, it would be better if we won the Premier League or the Champions League. But to do this we need a miracle – which is to start playing finally with our optimal line up. I do not think we have had it once so far this season.”

It is clear that Arshavin’s remarks are more out of frustration at the club’s injury list rather than not being able to compete with Chelsea or reigning champions United.

I left the last sentence in, the journalists interpretation of how the Russian more accurate than numerous online proclamations that Arshavin does not believe that the Arsenal squad is good enough. Indeed, the Russian appears more to be praising the squad for remaining in contention in difficult circumstances, surely a recommendation rather than condemnation.

As opposed to boosting rampaging negativity, Arshavin further burst the balloon by playing down any signings coming in – presumably he does not count Campbell – during the current transfer window:

I have a feeling that Arsenal are not going to buy any new players in the winter transfer window. Or if we do, it will be at the very last moment

That seems to be the Arsenal MO in recent seasons; expect a media storm when the transfer window is extended with paperwork faxed through to the FA at the last possible moment. Whether Wenger needs anyone or not is another matter, one that he is best placed to decide on. Personally, I would have thought a striker is needed, even with Bendtner’s return, to have sufficient cover through to May. History will tell us if that is the right decision. Or more likely, leave arguments raging if no signing is made and Arsenal end up without a pot to…

Oh Yes, I Was A Great Defender

Apologies to Elvis for that one but if the club can use a song by The King entirely inappropriately, then I’m sure he will forgive me as well. Either that or I will buy him a cheeseburger should our paths ever cross.

Sol Campbell reportedly is once more an Arsenal player, covering for injuries should they arise in the centre of defence. What difference between this and Patrick Vieira is a good question. Quite a lot as it happens, especially since the Frenchman was widely wanted to play first team football on a regular basis to further his own international desires. Campbell is under no such illusions, fully aware that he may get games but not on a regular basis as long as Vermaelen and Gallas remain fit.

And that is how it should be; the pair have been outstanding for Arsenal this season and unless there is a severe injury or monumental loss of form, neither should be replaced. Whilst, as the new boy, Vermaelen has garnered most of the adulation, Gallas’ turnaround is no less spectacular considering his fall from grace. Those who talk consistently of a winning mentality and question whether this exists at Arsenal, need look no further at the recovery of his form for evidence.

The signature of Campbell on a short-term contract signals that Wenger will not be pursuing any other central defenders. That in itself is a boost for Johan Djourou. Currently out injured, had the manager not been confident in the Swiss international recovering fully and more importantly, believed that Djourou had a long-term future at the club, the short-term solution of Campbell would not have been considered.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. testing

  2. i guess everyone feels arsenal need a striker .

  3. I was only joking about TV for midfield.

    Vermaelen is of course a great tackler, hard as nails, mad as a dog and a good passer – but passing well out of defence is a world apart from the intricate, quick, one-touch passing that’s required further up the field, playing for the Arsenal. You suddenly have triple the options, constantly moving, and half the time to pick and make your pass. This isn’t to mention the whole raft of other skills required, like working your way out of tiny areas, ball-shielding, turning in tight spaces, and breaking up play with subtle interceptions rather than smash-and-grab sliding tackles. It’s a specialist position. Just look at the many masterly aspects to Alex Song’s game! TV is a specialist too – but a specialist centrehalf.

    Denilson will fill in while Song’s away; another specialist midfielder, and one of the most underrated players in the premiership.

  4. Good post, glad your back YW.

    There are no comparisons between the situations of Sol and Patrick. And as you pointed out it is a great show of faith in johan. I also hope that we can retain Pip, with the comments of Arsene today suggesting his priority is to keep the current crop together. It’s unlikely though now more than ever.

  5. we still do…paul dickov anyone??

  6. YOGI you mention a loss of form wee surely thats whats happened to Almunia he cannot handle set pieces or corners, surely Fabianski should be given a chance. If he makes one os two clumsy mistakes in the next four games it could cost us the title.

    At least if SOL comes on for 30 minutes we willll have good aerial cover

  7. There was I wondering what would become of us all if you were to have fallen into a snowdrift, Yogi. A pack of strays we would be.

  8. Sol`s return is a strange one. The last time I saw him play he looked like he had wooden legs.

  9. We have good aerial cover with TV.

    Almunia is having a DIP in form, he has also made some great saves, take the 1 on 1 he had against Everton. He will come through his slight lack of confidence. Thats all it is.

    How about Henry in a simililar deal to Sol’s, comes in to tie us over until RvP, NB are back and coaches the youngsters. I’m sure we could play him in enough games to get into the world cup squad.

  10. and finally for the first time its nice to see no first second third bullsh*t

  11. This is the same Sol Campbell who struggled at 2nd division level 3 months ago.Lets all be honest this signing is a joke

  12. Fuck off Owen, I’ll risk moderation for that.

  13. YW

    You say both CH’s have been outstanding.But the goals against column is no better than last season and the goals conceded from set pieces is still the same

    The lack of a top class keeper will cost us in the end

    The Sol signing smacks of desperation though

  14. Sorry if I’ve been repeating myself of late. I think I went a little mad for a while there. Repetition is a symptom of insanity, isn’t it? Oh dear me.

  15. Sol signs for Arsenal.Is today April 1st?

  16. Ice on my fire that you are yogi, ohh i mean you have just cooled me down. some bloggers cant help but take to the doom.

    smart balanced blogging indeed.

  17. Vermaelen & Gallas have been outstanding. Gallas especially has hardly made a mistake all season. He looked tired against Everton though! That worries me.

  18. My next hope to buying a striker is to turn Yogi a curvy chick with big bums. 😛

    No offence, right!?

  19. Wenger has finally lost the plot.I am amazed we have signed Sol again at 35 it makes no sense at all.Sol is finished full stop.Have we learned nothing from the Tweety signing..Yet Arsene refused to give Bobby Pires a 2 year deal when he was 32.

    Surely Senderos could do a job as cover till the summer then we could flog him

    If this is Wengers last signing in the window i will be angry

  20. IN THE AIR!

    I really dont know what to make of sol being back at the club. First of all I admit that the news did make me well up a bit in the eyes and I got a bit carried away by a feeling of nostalgia. He did so much with us and he is the one that struck OUR BLOW in that historic yet heart crushing night in paris against barcelona after all.

    But looking at it in the cold light of day, I do think we should be looking at a YOUNGER version of sol for our long term future.

    In the circumstances I do think wenger has taken a SENSIBLE GAMBLE, because even if his legs have gone, he will still be better than both gallas and thomas in the air thats for sure, so we can be assured that he has atleast something to offer to the team.

    This is still our long running problem and atleast sol I believe can give a semblance of aerial security to our defence when he plays.

    This move could backfire badly but atleast sol is OUR MAN and this is an infinitely better move than the ridiculous signing of the washed up Man united 3RD choice* (*when o shea and wes brown were injured), mikel silvestre.

    And another positive is that this means senderos will finally leave the club (finally!). Lets hope this is not the end of the signings this month. Fingers crossed!

    Welcome back sol, and all the very best!

  21. great post yogi..this is exactly what i’ve been trying to say on many other blogs….the gutter press that passes for journalism these days gets to my nerves…and those two chumps who run le-grump can learn something from this blog too

  22. YOGI if we dont sign a striker, from Ecuador, Cuba, or Estonia as these are the only type places we can get players within our budget it will be Wengers fault if we falter at the run in to the EPL. Nikki has great posibilities but it takes weeks to reach peak form and injuries do tend to repeat even if they are only trivial.

    if SOL IS FIT he is a far better bet than Sylvestre whos also slow but doesnt have Sols strength.

  23. What do you mean Senderos will ‘finally’ leave the club? Senderos has been, and still is, a great Arsenal servant, which is more than we can say for you, nagger. Helping us win the FA Cup, defending heroically against Utd, helping us get to the Champions League final? He’s a good player, and still young. I’d love it if we could tempt him to stay, and go out on loan again. He’s still a great prospect, and an all-round good egg.


  24. Yes Limpar well said.

    Check this out, I know we shouldn’t look back but…

    You can see this teams rise towards these standards.

  25. ‘You never know, Sol could be getting another title medal of his long career when they are handed out in May.’

    Ringing endorsement… albeit from Harry Redknapp.

  26. Hear, hear, LimparAssist!

    @ YW

    I think another big difference is in their physical condition and durability.

    @ Passenal

    The lack of confidence in Denilson defies logic. My best guess is that it is largely due to the fact that he does not look like the classic “midfield monster”. Fixed ideas again.


    This may be a bonkers idea, but could JET be part of the temporary solution to the striker problem in some games? He’s not a CF, but he can hold the ball up, he heads well and has an eye for a pass. What do people think?

  27. The hear hear was an endorsement of your response to NagaGunner,, btw, LA.

  28. Terry Jones – We can flog Senderos now, but in the summer he walks for Free.

    Sol to wear No.6 with Senderos going in a swap deal for another gamble Saha

    Would still like to see another signing – Veloso or Matuidi, both can play DM FB CH But i reckon last night Wenger fielded 4 players who can play DM Randall, Frimpong, Coquelin, Eastmond and even JET, with Nordveit playing that role in Germany and Denilson and Diaby able to cover Song for 3 more weeks, i cannot see Wenger filling that gap, otherwise he would have gone for PV

  29. Very happy Sol came back.

    The idea of getting Henry seems brilliant.

    I think Flamini, despite him being a twunt, would be a good addition.

  30. Denilson has bulked up recently.

  31. Campbell, like Silvestre, will be one of those squad members we hope never to see play. Nevertheless, it is better to have them available than to be in the situation man utd have faced this season, where they have had to play Evans and Brown, or even Fletcher and Carrick, at centre back. Since Gallas and Vermaelen are going to be our first choice centre backs until at least the end of next season, and since we will want Djourou and our other young defenders to gain experience whenever injury to our first choice players provides an opportunity, I feel Wenger has chosen the only sensible option.

  32. There is a huge difference between signing an attacking player at 35 and a defensive one… defense has a lot more to do with positional play and strength as attacking has more to do with speed. (not that speed is not necessary in defense to be sure).. to me this is a signing out of convienence… Sol is already training with us and has been for months.. being as ruthless as AW is… I can accept that he thinks Sol can do a job of back up for the remainder of the season and know his place in the squad as well… an astute signing for me and a cheap one as well.. hopefully which leaves funds for what we truly need up front. (and a GK but I am not holding my breath on that one)

  33. What a disappointment, Ole.

  34. If we bring back Flamini, how about Adebaywhore?

  35. arsenehollis

    Why not go the whole hog and bring back the Invincible team.

    Its a joke.Henry,Vieira and Sol are all well past there best

    Have some Gooners had their brains removed over the last 24 hrs

    God help us if TV or Gallas are out of the Chelsea game

  36. “Reports that Kaba Diawara is anxiously checking his mobile remain unconfirmed.”

  37. Terry Jones if by having brains removed you are suggesting that showing support in former legends, and continued admiration in players that you genuinely think can do a job both on and off the pitch is evidence of that, then yes, I’ve had my brain removed.

    I think Vieira was probably best left alone as of the reasons aogfc stated. But I don’t think Henry is at that stage yet he is still doing it for barca and could play a role here. It’s obviously just a thought, not something i’m expecting.

    And no we couldn’t flog Senderos at the end of the season, he’ll be off on a free. Knob.

  38. First off let me say I am not a fan of Sol’s return.

    However, it is important to remember that Arsene Wenger is best placed to judge the merits of signing Campbell. It’s not a case of scouting a player from afar as per usual.

    Everyone knows what Sol can give on the field so the only question is what is his state of his physical fitness and mental condition.

    On the fitness aspect, I firmly believe that Sol is in absolute tip-top condition, he has been training with the squad for 2 months so Wenger can’t have any doubts about his physical fitness.

    Mentally, who knows? …and that’s where my worry lies.

  39. @ aogfc

    Good points about signing an older defender as opposed to an older attacker.

  40. I agree with Poliziano at 11.46. What good is spending big money on a peak condition, top class centre half, only for him to sit on the bench?

  41. Lucas Neill wanted by Galatasary. Big Phil previously linked, could replace him. Why don’t we swap Big Phil for Saha? He could do a job for us til Persie gets back, he’s desperate to get a WC place and he’s available in the summer so would be cheap.

  42. Sol Campbell is an excelelnt signing, he is free, experienced, and won’t be around after the summer when we can sign someone better and younger. Now we need someone who is ready to play in the PL and we got that.

    Henry is similar. We have a ton of good young attackers, but would you want walcott or vela playing as the lone striker for a month in a tight title race? Personally I think for right now Henry woudl be preferable.

    For some people a signing is only good if you spend big money, that is stupid.

    We have 5 months to try and win 3 trophies. Experience, squad depth, all help. If we can get players just for this stretch run, improve without any long-term commitment, then good.

  43. “Pascal Cygan was seen arriving at Heathrow last night, BBC Sports UNDERSTANDS”

  44. Wenger has had 3 months to see how good Campbell is, he thinks he is good enough. He is pretty good at judging generally. No one here has watched him, accept maybe 45 mins in the reserves. With the information and experience the boss has, he probably should get the benefit fo teh doubt here.

  45. I for would like to see Campbell actually play, as…

    1. If Wenger has seen him in training for 2 months then he’s able, it’s that simple.

    2. It will give either Gallas, or Tommy a well earned rest, that has no doubt been a long time coming, but never the less not happend as the other options where not fit or up to scratch, for the particular games.

    I do agree with Poliziano’s thoughts about spending big on a 3rd choice defender, why bother and also the fact that it is a world cup year only lessens your options further. That is the reason we will probably loose Senderos.

  46. Anyone seen that interview with Adebayor where he is wearing an Arsenal shirt? Two points:

    1. Why slag off Arsenal and our fans and then wear an Arsenal shirt in an interview? Maybe he realise he looks like a twat in a Man City shirt? (Have they heard of Man City in Africa?) This man is full of contradictions.
    2. If I was a Man City fan I wouldn’t be happy about seeing that.

    Its good to see Sol back, and obviously Arsene will know exactly what he is getting having seen him in training for months. Very much doubt he will be getting EPL or CL appearances whilst TV and Gallas remain fit, but is probably our 3rd choice CB now. I don’t see much of a down side to this signing, can’t be the most expensive deal ever.

  47. For me, the sources of Adebayor’s behaviour are not hard to find. The fact is, he loved Arsenal, and those who suggested he was forced out by certain fans were absolutely right. His subsequent unpleasant actions are the entirely understandable consequence of the treatment he had received.

  48. Also, I’m not sure about this Henry chat. I’m pretty sure Barca have him on a decent contract and are playing him regularly. There is no way they’d let him go for free and no way Arsene would pay the sort of transfer fee Barca would want.

  49. Poliziano, if I loved the club I was playing for I would not let my agent go around talking about AC Milan and Barcelona, and I would frimly deny any links if stories came up.

    Fabregas is linked to big clubs all the time, but the fans don’t turn on him because he really does love Arsenal. Even when Henry did leave the fans didn’t turn on him because he did it the classy way, Adebayor obviously failed to learn from these two examples.

  50. Flint McCullough

    You get it absolutely right, YW.

    Your last para sums up the Sol situation perfectly.

    AW has seen Sol training for the last 2 months to see his fitness & proficiency levels. He is vastly experienced, knows the PL as well as anyone & has something to prove again. Who else are we likely to find like that, who will not demand 1st team football straight away?

    I think this may also have been prompted by the fact that both Billy Boy & TV needed lengthy treatment on Saturday.

    Senderos needs & apparently wants out. Sol & Sylvestre provide a more balanced back up (right sided/left sided) than before.

    We have to hope that Djourou can come back to fulfill his great potential, so as YW says, this is an ideal solution for that too.

    The may be some sorting out of the CB situation in the summer but for now this looks good.

    If Sol looks good & gets a further season then we will be approaching the time for Bartley & Nordveld to come into consideration.

    PV4 to Man City is a different matter. If he had come back here then we would expect the old box to box dominating Paddy. He can do a job for them patrolling in front of the back 4 but we don’t play like that. It will be interesting to see how fit & efficient he is now.

  51. What i find funny is that not long ago some people were saying that we dont need any new signings, that we should support what we have, i was and am one of those, now all of a sudden people are clammering for new/old signings, make your minds up

  52. At the time that Campbell went missing at half time, I was rather willing to have him walk the plank! “The scoundrel”, I thought. Come here and be payed a good wage with a ton of understanding and then walk out on the club at half time. Never, I say never, grace our stadium again!

    Some time has passed since that great debacle and my vitriol has been diluted considerably by a number of events in my personal life. Some would say that I am more tolerant. However, I notice about myself that my anger still flares up but it is a more tolerant anger if that is possible.

    The fact that Sol has been on the practice field for a period of three months before the very eyes of a man that I hold in very high esteem and who is probably a better psychologist than I have ever been, is more than satisfactory to my hard to please sense of form. Wenger would have evaluated many things including his fitness and willingness to play. Campbell has my stamp of approval and forgiveness! Now, let’s get on with winning the Premiership!

  53. Vieira has hardly played any good football since he left Juve. I struggle to remember one single brilliant game I’ve seen him play.

  54. I for one was saying that we didn’t NEED any, but they would help as long as it dosn’t inhibit the growth of our youngsters. That’s why this Sol move is perfect. And also why a move for Henry in my eyes would be similarly inspired.

    However I say again the Henry suggestion is not exactly serious, I couldn’t see it happening, but would love it. As then Sol and Henry are back in our camp to coach eventually, and 6 – 18 months the players in each position will be given a little extra time to develop into the roles, while learning from two old masters.

    After that I couldn’t see the team NEEDING any signings for a few seasons, departures permitting.

  55. boomer,

    I doubt there’s ever been anyone saying we don’t need new signings.

  56. that was a response for Boomer.

  57. What abut J Simpson back from loan as striker?

    I would love to see Senderos stay and regain his confidence.

  58. Yes and Yes willo

  59. No disrespect to Sol, Its not a signing which gets me particularly excited but simply suits our circumstances at this moment; back up for our two first choice CB’s. For people who are saying he can’t cut it anymore – lets not judge him before he has kicked a ball! I think the best people to make that judgement are the people who have been watching him train for the last month or so.

  60. I still think Arsenal will win the title. Why? sure there was a hiccup in the road this past weekend against Everton. Man U is slipping bad. Chelsea is playing poorly. The Blues have been very lucky to win the matches they have. Chelsea has been outplayed in most of their matches. A big play has saved their hides. You depend on big plays. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles against dallas the past two weeks. The balance of power is shifting in the EPL.
    Transfers may not always be the answer. Spam Bobby

  61. @ Poliziano 1.09pm – I agree in some respects but I am not sure he was ‘forced out’ as you state – more like we chose to sell him and he wanted to leave for money reasons a la Ashley Cole.

  62. Willo… The club will be doing the best thing for Senderos by letting him go on a free. This lad needs to develop his technique and as this improves his sense of well being will also improve. We may regret letting him go as Senderos is a hard worker.

  63. I wonder if the doomers wailing about Sol, did the same over Keone, Bouldy and Adams, when they were winning us silverware in their vintage years,

  64. PZ,

    Ade loves Arsenal so much that he allowed his agent to offer his services to any club in Europe willing to pay him more. He then held the club to ransom after 1 good season knowing that we could not afford to lose him after losing Hleb and Flamini.

    The on-off saga of whether he would leave destabilised the squad – AW admitted this.

    Some love.

  65. Can you explain his wearing an Arsenal shirt then?

    Best explanation I heard so far; “maybe it’s the only clean shirt he had”.


  66. @ Matty Boy/AIC

    Wenger has explicitly acquitted Adebayor of having money as his main motivation. The Milan stuff was the summer before, he made his decision to stay, persuaded by Arsene. Subsequently, his level dropped, fans got on his case (remember the brochure?) and he became disenchanted and felt that he couldn’t get a break with some of the fans however hard he tried. At some point, AW decided Adebayor was surplus to requirements and sold him for the good of the team, but Adebayor himself still wanted to stay. He may have been hacked off that he wasn’t sold the year before to Milan with more kudos and for more money, which would be understandable. You are free to dislike anybody as you please, but be fair to the man. Yes, he was offside a lot, and perhaps he lacked the necessary character to try and win back the fans’ affections, but he’s not a pure and simple mercenary. That would be Flamini.

    Anyway why do you care if Adebayor loved Arsenal or not if you’re so glad to see the back of him? His reluctance to leave explains a lot of his behaviour since.

  67. Fun,

    You make a good argument (which you usually do to be fair) but why did Ade have to be talked into staying? Was the 80k a week part of the persuasion. If he loved the club so much he would not have needed to be persuaded to stay. If he loved the club so much why offer his services to the highest bidder?

    This was a player who no one else in Europe was interested in who rewards AW for making him a star by wanting to leave after 1 good season – for money or other reasons.

    Even if he was “driven out by fans” (which I dispute) he showed a lack of character to deal with this. Many players have endured far, far worse and come through it.

  68. senderos is a fine lad. In terms of team spirit and effort I agree that he has been impeccable. But then the sad truth is that he is just not good enough and will always have a clanger in him, he should have been released 4 years ago as I have been saying from then.

    He has dropped numerous clangers throughout his arsenal career and since he is likely to leave, I dont want to be too hard on the boy by recounting the numerous occasions he has cost the team, so let me just put it this way to emphasize my point discreetly…

    Only Didier drogba will miss senderos.

    I wish him all the very best though.

    Cheers all!!!

  69. I do still think fans made it untenable for him to remain at the club, but realise that Arsene seems to have wanted to cash in.

  70. Ole,

    If you are right then you can add spinelessness to Ade’s other qualities which include greed, lazyness, disloyalty and the inability to stay onside.

  71. Ole that is hilarious.

  72. Fungunner I take your point. For the record I never said I disliked Adebayor and supported him 100% as I do with anyone wearing the shirt unless they do something exeptionall bad. I was a bit disapointed when he kicked Van Persie in the face but thats all history now. I do however wish he didn’t let what I think was minority of fans ‘drive him out’ as you say and would have preferred him to instead tough it out like Eboue after he was appaulingly boo’d by sections of our own crowd. In my opinion no Eboue has become something of a cult figure and has even won back the respect of those idiots who boo’d him in the first place.

  73. One thing I remember from my recent trip to Africa is that the majority of people haven’t even heard of Man city forget offering any support. Arsenal is also VERY well liked in west Africa and he was always said to ne worried of the reaction back home when he switched clubs.All his teammtes are wearing simple black tops but not Ade…..can’t believe his media whoring even now!!!

  74. We play our match in hand next Wednesday. So its back to back games with Bolton.

  75. Hmm…

    Who is the bigger C**T – Myles Palmer or Geoff from LeTwat?

    Just something i have been thinking about.

  76. definitely myles palmer

  77. People in Africa know about mancity, only they arent fans tho of late i have seen afew. I guess when you have over 100mil to throw around you get some power and afew thrown in fans.

  78. On a Ade return I doubt Cesc and RVP will welcome him back.Also that Beyonce comment still ticks me off till this day.

  79. Matt I’d say the latter.

  80. Maria I bet Bendtner wouldnt want him as well.

  81. While we’re discussing players who’ve moved on, I would love to see Hleb back in the current team. A player of his dribbling ability must be a bit wasted at Stuttgart, and though he wasn’t much of a potent goal threat himself he had great composure on the ball and kept passing moves going through the tiniest spaces. I’d love to see him in a side with Arsh, Nasri, Tomas & Fab.

  82. Tough call really.

    1-1 so far.

  83. Get real, Ade was never “forced” out, just plain false.

    He took no worse than Eboue, who stayed and worked hard and has a career at the club. I thought what happened to Eboue was a disgrace, it was, but he got through it.

    If, as Polizano suggests, his move and reaction in the game earlier in the season were a reaction to the very slight stick he received (lets assume he doesn’t read the net, it isn’t likely any players give a toss about what we think), then he is stupid and self-absorbed beyond comprehension.

    The majority of fans were behind him, or at least gave him no stick. There is no obligation to sing his song.

    A bit rich after the debate yesterday to start saying a small group fans were to blame for his being an utter c$$nt to his former team-mates and supporters, or his leaving. He should take personal responsibility.

  84. Anyone knows why ATVO has stopped playing reserve team games live?

    Almost 24hrs later it’s still not available.

  85. OLE – I signed up for the Castrol ranking news letter, but you need to help me figure it out dude.

    How can there be any worth in a system that figures cesc is the 33rd ranked player in Europe, 20 places behind Arshavin and one behind Diaby?

    There are some very strange players ahead of him: Robben, Joe Hart, Defoe.

    Cesc could go for 25 goals and 25 assists this season, his club are flying, and made the last 4 in every competition last year.

  86. Who is the bigger C**T – Myles Palmer or Geoff from LeTwat?

    I get the feeling that Geoff goes with the controversial angle to build his following and differentiate his site to get a rise out of people, but deep down is a fan and wants Arsenal to succeed (maybe not more than he wants his blog to succeed).

    Whereas Myles is a failed journo who really believes in the stuff he writes and thinks he is an authority on Arsenal. To compound matters whatever access he used to have at Arsenal is now restricted, so he is bitter towards the club and especially Wenger.

  87. Matt,

    Myles Palmer. Only because people take him serious, incredible as it is.

    Le Grove is a tabloid wannabe joke site. Don’t visit the site but their headlines alone shows how callow they are.

  88. @ Matt
    Can I vote for both?

    @ Maria

    Trust me, nobody wants Adebayor back. Someone who could do right now what he did two seasons ago would be a nice option to have. That player, plus the ability to pick out passes, is clearly going to be Bendtner in the fullness of time, just not quite yet.

    @ Matty Boy

    Fair enough! Although I didn’t go so far as to say he was driven out by the fans. I was talking about the “he was only interested in money” argument.

    @ AIC

    Just on the “greed” issue..
    why did Ade have to be talked into staying? Was the 80k a week part of the persuasion. If he loved the club so much he would not have needed to be persuaded to stay. If he loved the club so much why offer his services to the highest bidder?

    What 80k a week? That sum was made up by a newspaper and taken as fact by the haters. An insider on ATVO rubbished the idea that he was getting that much.

    It’s a job. The point surely is, as Wenger says, that Adebayor accepted LESS money to stay with Arsenal. A greedy man would have gone to Italy. Even Wenger tested his market value before re-signing for us and if anybody is wedded to the club body and soul, it’s Arsene.

    Anyway, the way I see it, Adebayor’s neither a legend nor a villain. He’s just an ex-player.

  89. nasirjonesnasri

    Nagger Gunner, Sol Campbell in his prime couldn’t out jump TV05. Let alone the 35 year old version who’s almost finished and hasn’t played in ages. Stop searching for things to whinge about. We’re damn near top of the table and these Le Groan mongs can’t help but f*cking whinge about aerial security and DM’s. Twats.

  90. Those rankings Ole also have Almunia as 20th best keeper in Europe, which makes him 8th ranked in the Premier League. For what it is worth, according to them, he is not at the sort of level that the team is.

  91. Let me suggest an analogy of a kind that is usually appreciated by the lusty spirits of ACLF. Suppose you had a mistress. Let’s call her Emmanuelle. You had known her since she was little more than a girl. You would lay with her now and then, but she had no chance of supplanting your wife in your affections. At the same time, you of course demanded complete fidelity from her, and got it. As the months went by, your wife, whose personality had developed a flirtatious streak, became more seriously involved with another man, and decided to leave you. She went away with your blessing, which you gave to honour the many happy years you had spent together. Meanwhile, young Emmanuelle had developed into a beautiful, charming woman. Only with the departure of your wife were you able to see her as she truly was. She soon became your favourite, and your constant night-time companion. Before then, Emmanuelle had been little known to the wider world; but now, by regularly appearing in public with such a famous man as yourself, she soon became famous in her own right. Inevitably she began to attract the attention of other men; and one evening you saw her approached at a bar by a wealthy foreign gentleman. You knew him to be a man of good family, and it obviously gave her pleasure to receive his advances. She looked him over closely, but eventually sent him on his way. This brief meeting was enough to sow in your heart the mustard seed of jealousy. That night, you subjected her to a torrent of bitter insults that brought her to tears; and though your anger soon cooled into icy toleration, your affection never returned. You continued to summon her regularly to your bed; but your encounters, reduced to the level of pure physicality, scarcely afforded any sensation at all, and left you feeling empty and disgusted. As soon as it became advantageous for you to do so, you told her you no longer wished for her company. You watched cheerfully as she looked for solace in the arms of a recent lottery winner, rich but coarse.

    Less than two months later, you saw her in a bar with her new man – an absurd-looking fellow with expensive but repulsive clothes and an excess of jewellery. You decided to speak to her, and when she saw you approach she kissed her man hard on the mouth, all the while peering through the corners of her eyes to see your response. You turned about, and from that time on described her to anyone who would listen as a whore.

    Although you cursed her name whenever it was mentioned, you rarely thought about her of your own accord. Your attention had been taken by other women. Such was the case for several months, until one day you saw her on television. One of her friends had been killed in a terrorist attack, and she was being interviewed about what had happened. During the interview, she dropped her small, new-looking handbag on the floor, and its contents spilled out: makeup, some money – and a photograph of you. What could this mean? Of a sudden, many events appeared to you in a new light. You sighed for the mistakes you had made. Perhaps you would not be able to welcome her back with open arms – trust, once killed, can never be resurrected; such is the nature of the human heart – but surely the time for hatred and insults was at an end.

  92. Arseneholis,

    The problem with the Castrol Ranking is that it’s based on 1 full year of scores. Remember Cesc was out early last year. Also, they weigh the games, rating an EPL game higher lower than CL group stage game, and a CL knockout stage game higher. So if other players did very well in “big” games, their ranking will be higher.

    The Castrol Ranking is flawed, perhaps even meaningless. What is very useful is the Castrol Index:

    It’s a stat rating of what players successfully did on the pitch, whatever those might have been.

    If you took an average of Cesc’s Castrol Index scores it reveals he’s been in superb form.

    This season here’s the average Castrol Index for Arsenal players this season ranked in descending order.

    Gallas 7.93
    Vermaelen 7.66
    RVP 7.64
    Fabregas 7.39
    Song 7.33
    Diaby 7.02
    Traore 7.00 (in 6 games)
    Sagna 6.87
    Arshavin 6.84
    Clichy 6.79
    Denilson 6.73
    Nasri 6.62
    Almunia 6.11

    Note that stats are up till the Portsmouth (A) game.

  93. Good lord

  94. @ Fungunner. Appologies if I put words in your mouth but I can’t believe anyone would go from Arsenal to Man City for any other reason than money. Its hardly a step up from is it? A career progression? A chance to win trophies? Not for me. Flamini on the other hand put in a good shift and went to a club of similar stature to Arsenal in another country so I don’t think one is any more of a mercinary than the other.

    ‘Anyway, the way I see it, Adebayor’s neither a legend nor a villain. He’s just an ex-player’. – I agree, maybe i just need to let it go now 🙂

  95. Cheers Ole.

    Pz – there are many people who chose not to insult Ade, so had no need to stop. It remains the case that he was never forced out of the club, at least not by the fans, unless he is truly fickle and weak.

    “That night, you subjected her to a torrent of bitter insults that brought her to tears”

    I think you need to get off the internet a bit if you think Ade’s stick amounts to that. Do you go to the games?

  96. Needs a shag, or at least an Emmanuel movie and a tug.

  97. matt , definitely that le grump cunt

  98. matt , definitely that le-grump c**t

  99. Lovely that Poliziano but we are trying to discuss adebayor, OFF TOPIC!

  100. All this kissing people and looking to see if any Arsenal supporters are watching…no wonder people have gone off him a bit. And a handbag. Does he have a handbag? Fucking hell he can’t play for Arsenal if he has a handbag. That is just not on. Shame about the terrorism that was terrible. But a handbag…I can’t get over it. It certainly explains a thing or two. Thanks, PZ.

  101. arsenehollis,
    You must have a very guilty conscience to lose your temper so badly over a story.

  102. You missed after she shunned the attentions of the gentleman, that although things were never the same again, you did however shower her with gift’s and expensive jewel’s.

    That she threw back in your face by playing like a lazy shit in the CL semi final against Man Utd, fook knows how she got on the pitch.

    Besides before all this she’d often been spotted in bars with her tit’s out trying to attract the attentions of said ‘wealthy foreign gentlemen’.

  103. Brilliant, Poliziano.

  104. cameroon down 1-0 ..hell yeah!!!!!!

  105. So why the grumpy face Emperor?

  106. Can we get red hair into the story some how? I like red hair…and maybe some stockings and suspenders. Oh and rub…no maybe not ..forget that bit it is private.

  107. FURIOUS !!!!!

    signing a schoolboy and an old man…..

    why have we spent more in the freakin youth team than the 1st team…

    do I see the name David Villa on the teamsheet ? – NO

    do I see the name Frank Ribery on the teamsheet ? – NO

    do I see the name Messi on the teamsheet ? – NO

    I SEE galindo – f*cking WHO ? f*cking JOKE

    PLEASE ARSENE…. get the chequebook out….!!!!!

  108. wengerball – fat geoff over on le grove is even derided by his own little puppy pedro.

    i am in possesion of an email pedro sent an agrieved grover… totally destroying fatso.

    it can never be successful as its universally hated by real gooners, they have the lowest form of pondlife on daily to suck geoff’s cock and massage his ego.

    the way he lays into puppy dog pedro at times is hillarious, he must a total pleb to let him publicly abuse him so vicously.

  109. bossoms, I like heaving bossoms!

  110. i got the same one at goonertalk!! talk about luck..or the lack of it!!

  111. aptly named. Also Wellington De-silva

    And the reason is they cost nothing but in time will become £30-40m players. Did you say the same when cesc arrived?

  112. That’s bad luck Emperor 🙂

  113. Song playing a blinder (as usual!)

  114. Mine surprisingly is an actual photograph of my face. So there’s a lack of luck for you.

  115. Pz – I see why you think Ade got such rough treatment, you must be a very gentle soul to think I lost my temper. It still seems fair to ask if you were even there for the ‘abuse’ you think he got, or just made that part up?

    Good news on the injury front, 6 points a must in the next two games, absolutely essential.

    Ole – I checked your rankings, they are interesting. Our keeper scored 3.24 in 3 of our league losses. Apparently they account for unsavable shots and poor defending when they work that out.

  116. we need proper players not 17year olds..

  117. Can we have her kicking Robin Van Persie in the face in the story also. And stocking, YES.

  118. nasirjonesnasri


    Because only people that went to games are aware of how Ade was being treated huh?

    Wrong. As was pointed out in the comments above, you don’t need to buy a ticket to go see Arseflogger’s ridiculous brochure.

  119. ha els!! any idea if and how this can be changed?? i’m technically challenged

  120. arseneholis,

    The stats do show that Almunia has been less than stellar. But he has improved since he came back. Don’t forget he had family issues early on.

  121. were you there when they crucified my lord…



    sometimes it causes me to tremble… tremble… tremble..

  122. Poor, poor ManU fans. It’s really sad that they’re now forced to really see the mess their beloved club are in.


    It puts Wenger’s transfer tendencies into the right perspective for more Arsenal supporters, I hope.

    Agree with Arshavin, we need our players back and it would be nice if we’re granted a miracle so that Van Persie’s back in two weeks. It’s really unfortunate that we have so many injuries.

  123. I liked your story Poli.. every person knows how to love, yet it is the ultimate stage of love which we struggle to achieve..

    this is called compassion…

    we fear to much, to love completely..

  124. the only reason we didn’t win anything last season was injuries..i’ve always maintained that..and god forbid , if its that way this season , then injuries are to blame again..niether chelsea nor united would be able to finish in top 3 if they had as many key players out as we normally do!! a full sqaud is good enough to do a treble , i have no doubt!!

  125. Apparently the Castrol ‘Who’s the biggest C**T’ ratings have just been released.

    Joint top were Myles Palmer and Geoff from Le Twat.

    Who would of thought it – a dead heat.

  126. Cameroon will walk away with it in the second half. They have the superior players and just need to stick to their game. Alex is looking excellent.

  127. nasirjonesnasri

    True gunner that muppet is.

    I agree. If we dont sign someone whos at least as good as Arshavin I’m going to scream and Arsene should fire his whole scouting network cuz they’re shit. Everyone but us is looking to buy players. The papers don’t have f*ck all when it comes to Arsenal signing anyone. Why Arsene? Why don’t you let the world know who youre after? Are you scared of getting ur bid hijacked by real clubs who are actually trying to win things? Or are you just trying to make Arsenal lose. We dont want stupid teenagers like myself. we want big strong players who we have heard of before who can jump high and look like UFC fighters. Get it Wenger? Sack Wenger and hire Mourinho, I hear he’s been wanting to come back to the Prem.

  128. reading a le-grump article by that t*** geoff after a 4-0 , 3-0 etc win is one of the most hilarious experiences ever!!

  129. Craig Eastmond has signed a new contract!

    Photo doesn’t suit a nervous disposition though – Eastmond’s being chased by the weird creature that plays for Liverpool.

  130. I would have given that to Stan Collymore I think, Matt.

  131. @ Pz and Muppet
    ha ha ha ha – each a classic in its own way. There’s something very Paris fin de siecle about you, Poliziano.

    @ Matty Boy

    Appologies if I put words in your mouth but I can’t believe anyone would go from Arsenal to Man City for any other reason than money. Its hardly a step up from is it? A career progression? A chance to win trophies? Not for me.
    Exactly. If he CHOSE to go. He says Arsene booted him out. And I believe it. We are a better team without him.

    Flamini on the other hand put in a good shift and went to a club of similar stature to Arsenal in another country so I don’t think one is any more of a mercinary than the other.
    Ah, but he DID go for more money. He kept AW dangling for months, insisting that he wanted to stay, but (according to AW) he wanted as much as Milan were prepared to pay him before he would stay. Adebayor in that exact same situation opted to stay at Arsenal.

  132. Hilarious is one way of describing it.

  133. what’s the other?? nauseous

    That’s all that’s needed.

    It’s not that AW knows, it’s that he’s not playing monopoly, but real life. Things like psychology, influence on young players and attitude come in, be it Ade or Sol, or those not invited back.

    AW believes Sol adds value currently, simple as that.

    Keep it real.

  135. I agree with ZimPaul…oh second half has started.

  136. gabon to win 2-0 i have no doubt..our boy’s coming back!!

  137. @ arsenhollis

    A bit rich after the debate yesterday to start saying a small group fans were to blame for his being an utter c$$nt to his former team-mates and supporters, or his leaving. He should take personal responsibility.

    Right, you’ve just pressed one of my buttons. Let me put the argument another way.

    You’re a big fan of Thierry Henry, as am I. Who takes credit for Henry’s 225 goals? Henry. Is it denigrating Henry’s achievement to say that Wenger deserves credit, not for the goals, but for his talent-spotting ability? Or to pay tribute to the sublime passing of Pires and Bergkamp?

    Another one. There has been a trial and conviction in the case of Baby P. Do you think that the inquiry into the role the social services, police and healthcare professionals played in his death is misconceived, because none of those people actually killed him?

  138. How are people watching Song? What channel, I mean?

  139. Eurosport

  140. this game’s the perfect example of that butterfly innocent looking game which has got to nothing to do with england actually holds the power to determine who’ll win a league being played thousands of miles away

  141. Aha. Thanks, my serpentine friend.

  142. Okay, arsenehollis. The story was just intended to give a couple of minutes entertainment. In his first game for Arsenal after the shenanigans with A.C. Milan (or whoever it was), Adebayor was booed by his own fans. That is represented in the story by the “torrent of bitter insults.” I couldn’t very well have had the man boo Emmanuelle, which would have been ridiculous.

  143. Pz – fair play dude. It was entertaining. Far better things on the horizon to be dwelling on that, so no need for me to keep raving.

    Fun gunner – I have no idea what your point is with the henry analogy. I don’t know who baby p is, but from what is up there I don’t want to and I certainly don’t want to debate it here. I’m more interested in the football.

  144. “Song playing a blinder (as usual!)”

    No he’s not, in fact the whole Cameroon team are very under par and I don’t see where a goal is coming from.

  145. nasirjonesnasri

    Craig Eastmond has just pen to paper on a new long term deal, reports.

  146. Ole – I think goalkeeping situation at the club is strong. The two Poles look very good when I have seen them. Fabianski made a few errors last season, but he has the sort of talent that, I think, he could be one of the best. World class. What is scary is that the younger one looks even better.

    We have such a big opportunity now though, that we need the manager to get it right. I am sure he will. I honestly think we win the league and at least play the CL final.

    We are getting healthy at the right time. We can up our game for the big occasion – when we press the ball, it is too much for other teams to deal with. Chelsea aside, we have been the better side in all our games. Most of all, you can see our players improve game to game. Diaby, Bendtner, Traore, Denilson, even Cesc has gone up a level.

    Our sole problem is conceding goals, really dumb ones at times, but there is little in defence to alter. The back 4, left back aside, picks itself. Song is a must. So, Almunia gets the brunt of the frustration, because the only solution from a fans perspective is a change in goal. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Fabianski play a blinder in the cup then keep the place.

  147. Stop the slander.. Chop the hand of a thief
    And cut the mouth off of who ever comes out they teeth…

  148. Is Le Guen really a good manager? It seems he’s failing everywhere he goes.

  149. ahh AA23… he sure is brutally honest with the press, but sometimes I just wish he would phrase his statements better so that there is not even a question as to whether ot not he’s calling out the team or whatever the media would have us believe he is saying.. gotta love the honesty though and he’s right..

    I’m intrigued by Sol Campbell’s signing, but its silly to debate if he’s quality enough or whatever. we know AW is not one to extend these kinds of favors to ex-players so surely he has a very specific role in mind!

    Cant wait for Sunday!! and Cesc’s return??!!??!?!

  150. Arseneholis,

    I think we can win the league. I think we have the momentum that other clubs don’t have, and if we get through the next 7 games with decent results, we have a run of some relatively winnable games in the run in.

    The league table doesn’t tell the full story this season. We have played most of the tough away games except Stamford Bridge & Villa Park. Chelsea have had relatively easier fixtures, and not had a lot of injuries all season. Our defence is better than the goals conceded column shows.

    We do have something to worry about.

    we’re an attacking team with 2 strikers missing of a certain mould. If we had one more offensive injury it could be a blow.

    I am worried about the Gallas-Vermaelen partnership since they’ve played virtually all games so far.

    The players still seem to have a block and issues in the big games which we need them to overcome.

    Also some players haven’t hit full stride yet (e.g. Rosicky, Nasri, Denilson), and we need that to change soon.

  151. ????????
    Here’s a question for you ACLFers… if you could pick one Gunner that would guaranteed be injury free the rest of the season.. who would it be?

    I’m thinking either Cesc, Song, TV, or Gallas

    what do you think????

  152. yeah 4 goals this season but Denilson really has to get his act together..

  153. Well Cameroon were bloody awful. Didn’t look interested. Shocking defence. No cohesion in midfield and the forwards including Samuel Etoo didn’t have a clue. I hope Gabon are not going to play like this through the competition though, their tactics made the game all but unwatchable.

  154. Do they have snakes in Finland?

  155. furry ones..

  156. kyykäärme

  157. Hey, what exactly is the comment Adebayor made regarding Beyonce?

    And is Gabon another Chelsea, I don’t have a channel that shows the ACN?

  158. Agree Frank @ 6.01 pm. Maybe they thought they just had to turn up to win given that they beat Gabon home and away in the qualifiers.

  159. Yes I think you are right, Passenal. Samuel Etoo is a mystery isn’t he? He is a superb player but if he doesn’t feel like playing you may as well play with ten men.

  160. Vipera Berus. Same adder as we find in the rest of Europe. Everywhere except Ireland that is…the Irish drove them out with their cloying sentimentality. Adders hate that sort of behaviour…makes them sick.

  161. Frank can you tell me something interesting or innovative you have gathered from your recent inquiry into snakes?

  162. He said that she said that she would sort him out whenever he wore an Arsenal polo shirt, Aaditya

  163. Really? Thanks

  164. Adders hate Guinness although they are fond of milk stout. Reptile behaviourists believe that this selective revulsion trait is born of an aversion to rampant commercialism in their early evolution.

  165. From the crane we learn grace and self control..

    the snake teaches us suppleness and rhythmic endurance__

    the praying mantis teaches us speed and patience..

    and from the tiger we learn tenacity and power..

  166. NJGooner,

    Hard question. I’ll say Gallas.

  167. Lol @ Franky….. He also told her he coul do with a maid with her looks.

  168. Well there was a crane near us dropped a load of steel girders through the roof of a house, so no grace or self control or display there.

  169. Flamini scored for Milan today, cant believe it. he actually played.

  170. all creatures, the low and the high are one with nature..

    If we have the wisdom to learn, all may teach us they’re virtues..

  171. Look to the hedgehog to teach us to cross the road…that sort of thing, Kitchen Sink?

  172. Ole, I agree that we have some good momentum built up, more so than our title rivals – but let’s take it one game at a time, Bolton away, them busting a gut to prove their place under a new manager, us without Song and without Denilson – could prove a bit sticky.

    Also, Nasri has been playing brilliantly lately, as good as he has played in an Arsenal shirt, and the same can be said of Denilson at the beginning of the season, and now he’s easing back in amid a few injury glitches. Rosicky is on the verge of putting a little run together, he’s the only one that’s not at full tilt yet, and it’s about to happen.

  173. when we perceive the ways of nature Frank, we remove conflict with in ourselves.. and discover a harmony of body and mind in accord with the universe..

    It may take half a life time to master 1 system..

  174. Nature is a human construct.

  175. nature is a construct of nature..

  176. Presumably the Irish lack suppleness and rhythmic endurance. I can’t think of any good Irish gymnasts.

    Are there a lot of snakes in Russia?

  177. @ arsenhollis

    I thought you were based in the UK. What is your answer to the questions about Henry? Those are football questions.

  178. There were but they have eaten them all

  179. I mean snakes in Russia, not gymnasts in Ireland.

  180. The Russian gymnasts ate the snakes? Was it a nightclub act or their version of River Cottage?

  181. I have no idea what you were asking about Henry Fun Gunner.

    Henry was a great. Along with Bergkamp, Adams, Vieira, Pires the best I have ever seen.

    I never saw anyone who looked so much better than the opposition as Henry in his prime, unplayable, everyone else looked like they were in slow motion. We always used to sit in row 1 at Highbury, so had a good view of him floating past full-backs as if they weren’t really there.

    Cesc is doing that now, soon people will realise that he is a transcendent talent as well. I watched the DVD of Henry’s goals stoned a few years back, it was remarkable how long he was doing unbelievable things, but the commentators spoke as if it was luck, or random. It takes a while for it to be taken for granted.

  182. That IS good news, clichydoubledeuce.

  183. @ arsenhollis

    I agree with all that, but that wasn’t what I asked.

    I asked if giving Wenger credit for spotting Henry’s talent, or giving Pires and Bergkamp credit for supplying the assists for many of his goals was equivalent to downplaying Henry’s achievement.

  184. Of course not. Spotting talent just identifies it. Passing to him just puts him in a position to succeed, he can’t without the team, but he finishes it. What is the point of that anyway?

  185. OR giving David Dein credit for acquiring Arsene Wenger, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires and of course Dennis Bergkamp.

  186. That is great news, Clichy. But Denilson is a big doubt.

    How do people think we might cope with that… perhaps;

    Ramsey – Diaby
    – – Fabregas

    …in the middle; Ramsey and Diaby doubling up to fulfill the defensive side of things, taking it in turn to push up and help the forwards. It will take discipline and great communication for them not to both push on and have us caught short at the back on the break.

  187. I think Ramsey or Eastmond will play, almost certainly Ramsey. Diaby played pretty deep against Everton to.

  188. @ arsenhollis

    In the same say that the culpability of the Togo authorities for apparently knowingly and unnecessarily putting their players in harm’s way, against the advice of the Angolan authorities does not in any way lessen the culpability of the FLEC terrorists for murder. And vice versa.

    And you were the one who first brought up the debate of yesterday, incidentally.

    @ Frank

    I will surprise you by agreeing with you. My problem with DD is what he has done leading up to, and since his dismissal.

  189. they are a depressing shower of c**ts over at le grove…

  190. They are a depressing shower of c**ts over at le grove…

    So what’s new, stigooner? 🙂

  191. i heard about them before..had to go on today and see for myself…i dont know how anyone listens to there shite…

  192. We have no idea what he did leading up to his dismissal, FG. I do know that the whole sorry episode started when DF started to sell his shares. I suspect that DD was right royally shafted and that has always disturbed me because I don’t believe it was for the good of the club.

  193. ……………….

  194. Fun gunner, I only mentioned yesterdays debate in relation to Pz’s stance in favour of personal responsibility then his seeming to absolve adebeyor.

    I steered well clear of offering an opinion yesterday and won’t today, it doesn’t interest me. You went a really tedious way about making that comment.

  195. i am a bit disappointed by his recent performance though…

  196. i also went there they are like the people who post on youtube

  197. @ arsenhollis

    You did offer an opinion today. Sorry if you found my analogy tedious, but you said at first you didn’t understand, so I felt I had to explain. I’m still not sure that you have understood, but we may as well move on.


    @ Frank,
    Oh, yes we do.
    The kindest thing I can say about DD is that he acted out of love of the club, but he fell into the trap many governing politicians fall into, which is to become unable to distinguish between their own and the country’s (or in this case, club’s) interests. Therefore they feel they must retain power at all costs, and that anything they do must be good and right because they are doing it out of love.

    DD was a big miss for the club, but I feel they have more than replaced him in Gazidis. I personally feel very confident that the club is in safe hands for now.

  198. Excellent googling on the kyykäärme, Frank. I’ve seen one a few times out there. They are poisonous but usually stay away from people.

    We also have a few rantakäärme in here, or natrix natrix, in English its European Grass Snake or Ringed Snake. They are harmless but also very rare, both in England and Finland. I remember once sitting on a rock in a lake and watching two of them swim around and by us.

    Then there is a weird creature called vaskitsa, which looks exactly like a snake but is actually a lizard without legs (or ‘limbless reptile’).

    It’s latin name is Anguis fragilis and slowworm or blindworm in English. Also a very rare species in both Finland and UK. Even though it resembles a snake, it was already regocnized as a species by Carl Linnaeus (or Carl von Linné), the father of modern taxonomy, in 1758.

    There is one other species, but it is only found in Åland and is most likely an introduced species. It’s called kangaskäärme, Coronella austriaca (smooth snake in English), and is in fact so rare that the Finnish Museum of Natural History wishes that people would report every sighting to them.

    So, that’s all snakes (and snakelike) we have. Easy to remember them since there are so few.

  199. No, I did not fun gunner. I only pointed out what I thought was an inconsistency in two positions offered by someone else. At least we agree about leaving that behind.

  200. Kitchen Sink,

    Denilson has played 10 games all season, and he’s been in and out of the side.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear hence you and LimparAssist misunderstanding what I’m saying.

    We have players like Walcott, Denilson, Rosicky who’ve been in and out of the side. When you’re in and out in terms of fitness you’re not at your best. That’s all I was saying.

    It was by no means a criticism or a judgement on their performances.

  201. arsenehollis,

    I’m afraid Fungunner is right brother, you are dumb.

    We need a keeper who can catch, do you agree brother?

  202. NJ@5.59

    AA23 the best player in the premiership.Irreplacable

  203. Red Don, except for Ronaldo, messi and Rooney, you know this dont you partner

  204. I beg to differ Red Don – Cesc Fabregas is the best player in the premiership – his goals and assists tell you that.

  205. We can talk about the outfield players all we like,but the biggest problem is Almunia.Wengers blind faith in him is puzzling to say the least.A quality keeper signed now and we walk the league keep Almunia and we wont.

  206. @ arsenhollis

    “A bit rich after the debate yesterday to start saying a small group fans were to blame for his being an utter c$$nt to his former team-mates and supporters, or his leaving. He should take personal responsibility.”

    You were talking about Adebayor but you thought the same PRINCIPLE was involved, and you came down on the same side as Pz had.
    OK, I promise that really is my last word.

  207. Andrei Arshavin would be an asset for any team; however, the Arshavin brand cardboard cutout that we’re using at the moment is less effective.

  208. and all round performances on a consistent basis.

  209. Is that really you at 7:58pm, Frank?

  210. Wenger’s blind faith in AA is somewhat puzzling.

  211. Dilemma – what’s the best result for us – that Liverpool are knocked out of the Cup? Or that their resources continue to be stretched? I don’t know who to support in the replay.

  212. Oneofus, Arshavin is the bomb brother, he would get in any team now he’s proved he can produce in a top league, and you know this dog

  213. Denilson has played 10 games all season, and he’s been in and out of the side. 4 goals this season but Denilson really has to get his act together..

    he’s been out for 2 months <<so what

    Thanks for the input Anaconda, you are true to your name..

  214. The kind of performances AA has turned in recently would be enough to get Denilson or Diaby crucified. The difference is that we paid a lot of money for Arshavin. God knows exactly why that makes a difference, but it does.

  215. Oneofus, Arshavin in exciting and fans crave that dog

  216. Principles don’t exist in isolation, they compete. Either way, everyone must take personal responsibility for their actions. This remains deeply boring.

  217. You’ve probably put your finger on it there, OOU. But I think we shouldn’t judge his “centre forward” performances too harshly. And he has been playing with an injured foot.

  218. AbsolutelyOneOfUs, Arshavin can do no wrong and when he’s pretty vocal on the sidelines, the Groaners love him. Well, I’ve got a pretty dim view of all of that, don’t know about you. If he is supposed to be better than Bergkamp, according to Pyles, then these cretins better start changing the record. Of course, they can’t do that, because it would mean a huge amount of eggs on their faces. Disowning Arshavin would mean embracing Denilson and co. Something they just can’t do.

  219. nasirjonesnasri

    Arshavin has been a massive disappoint this season, outside of that little bit of magic he mustered up against Liverpool.

    Just another reason for us to laugh in the face of all the doomers who christened him prematurely for the sake of their own misguided agenda.

  220. @ arsenhollis

    That sense of the word “principle” is different to the sense in which I was using the word.
    If the debate is so boring, stop carrying it on.

  221. nasirjonesnasri

    Injured foot, schminjured foot. He needs to let Vela shine if he’s injured. He doesn’t get any tough guy points for playing through injury. He’s just hurting himself and the team with his selfish excuses.

  222. It’s interesting how fans react to favoured and unfavoured players. If Arshavin scores a goal, that is considered enough to justify him having done nothing else for the whole match. If Denilson scores, it is not even counted as part of his contribution to the match. People will say Arshavin has to play because he can always do something special; yet nobody would say the same about Denilson, despite that he has an identical strike-rate to Arshavin this season, and that three of his goals certainly have been special.

  223. Why all this hating of Arshavin? Whats he done to deserve this god dammit? The boy is class not glass like certain other players and you know this dogs

  224. arsenhollis, stop carrying it on now brother, i will not ask you again

  225. They have different roles in the team Pz.

    If that is true, that Arshavin has the same strike rate as Denilson, it gives a fair impression of just how peripheral he has been.

  226. arsenehollis, its boring stop carrying it on partner

  227. I think the D&G’s have to convince themselves that Arshavin is fantastic even when he is having an off day or how can they justify their position that spending a lot of money on big name players is the way to go?

    He’s a good player but he does not deserve to be put up on a pedestal and some of our less celebrated players deserve credit for their efforts too.

  228. Seriously though muppet, why all the hating of arshavin partner?

  229. Don’t like Arshavin getting stick, William? Now you know what it’s like for us when you lay into our team day after day.

    I agree with pretty much everything that you guys say. And it’s true: He is playing in a slightly unfamiliar role, and one of the reasons he was so quiet on Saturday is that the conditions were appalling for passing football.

    For AA to succeed there you have to have quick interchanges, slide-rule passes – all of which was impossible. It’s also true that Cesc and AA have formed some kind of understanding, which is rare for our team given the changes forced onto our line-up by injury.

    For a guy who’s been relatively healthy this season – and considering his undoubted ability – I’d still expect a lot more.

  230. Stop dooming dogs, you should support any player in an arsenal shirt you hearing me? Otherwise your are a low down dirty doomer like Matty Bwoy and Nasir-p-diddy-Nasri, and you know this

  231. nasirjonesnasri

    Ohh, James. It’s quite simple. It’s not about what he’s done, it’s about what he hasn’t done, Jamesy boy. You mong. Now back to the underpass, k?

  232. Nasri-john-terry-nasir,

    Go and support chelsea doomer

  233. nasirjonesnasri

    Bwahahah! They have a little saying for your type, James. It goes:

    Practice what you preach.

    Simple, yet extremely blunt at the same time. Kinda like you, when you think about it.

  234. i like arsenal i do.

    I rekon that they are a very good football team.

    I like abou diaby because i think he is exciting.

    I think that

  235. Nasri-lampard-nasir,

    I think its time you supported chelsea dog, ok. I will not ask you again


    If anyone hasn’t watched ‘Inglorious Basterds’, watch it, its fricken brilliant.


  237. “Flamini scored for Milan today, cant believe it. he actually played.”

    Looks like he is losing his hair too – must be worried about ending up at the spuds!

  238. No it was not me at 7.58pm, FG.

    On the other matter. I beg to differ. I will explain fully another time but I do not believe that we know the real story at all.

  239. Some men can carry off baldness. I don’t think Flamini is one of their number.

    Perhaps it’s “second season syndrome” with AA. I think AA was favoured from the start because he was our record signing, he was a “name”, and because he hit the ground running last year. And now people like him just because they do.

  240. I didn’t think it sounded like you, Frank.

    Re the other stuff, like I said before, whenever you’re ready, I’m all ears.

  241. “Some men can carry off baldness. I don’t think Flamini is one of their number.”

    I don’t think I am either. That’s why I’m so proud of the few wispy strands that remain to disguise my shining pate.

  242. Poliziano, oh no, you being a Barber must make that well depressing

  243. I wish you hadn’t said that, Poliziano. I always imagine you with a full head of silvery hair, clad in a smoking jacket and sitting in a library with shards of sunlight piercing the gloom through the shutters.

    Cah. Now I will have to construct a completely different image of you. And the first one took me AGES. So I hope you’re pleased with yourself!

  244. poor fecking liverpool fans… they deserve better.

  245. are Liverpool in the entertainment business ?

  246. Full head of silvery hair done up in a bun. Stockings and suspenders under the smoking jacket. Shards of mirrorball light piercing the shutters in the toliet cubicle.

  247. A toliet is a sort of pink fluffy toilet for writers to sit and wait for their muse.

  248. Fungunner,

    I imagine him bald as an eagle, clad in primark, sitting in ladbrokes drinking aTennants Super

  249. Eagles are not bald.

  250. The bald Eagle is


  252. This has got to be the worst Liverpool team I have ever seen.

  253. No the bald eagle is not bald. It has a full head of white feathers in contrast to the rest of its plumage which is dark brown.

  254. @ Muppet

    And there I was, thinking that it was because Arsenal is not involved that I was finding the Liverpool v Reading match so crashingly dull. I gave up halfway through the first half.

  255. The bit about the library is right. Just add in a toothless mouth chewing on nothing in particular, and replace the smoking jacket with a tweed sports jacket (with leather elbow patches, of course), and you’ll posses a rather accurate image. If you would make it perfect, place a blanket on my lap (one loses a lot of heat from one’s thighs).

  256. Did they lose Muppet?

  257. nothing about that comeback from reading surprises me.. i just hope they get to penalties.

  258. Does the blanket hide the chinos?

  259. …and the stains?

  260. benitez is such a woeful manager, the guy has spent over 200m and this is the squad he has built?

  261. Is Maxi Rodriguez dgoing to be any good?

  262. Fungunner,

    Reading hve been good. Liverpool have been dire. God help them.

  263. California Gooner

    Sad piece about Adebayor’s response to Togo. He is one of our chief villains now after his Man City antics, but it is pretty clear to me that he is just a very emotional guy with a somewhat poorly developed ego — he lacks confidence and then swings towards arrogance; he needs to be loved and lashes out when he doesn’t feel it. He definitely seems to be taking this tremendously hard — for obvious reasons, of course.

  264. It’s extra time Passenal. 1-1.

  265. Not as good as David Villa obviously.

  266. Stop it, Pz. I’m sticking with the smoking jacket. And the trousers are silk, by the way, not corduroy, so make sure you get a pair. Genuine silk, please, not polyester.


    Extra time. Dearie me. I may switch the telly on again.

  267. I haven’t see him Frank. Obviously an indelible impression.

  268. @ Muppet

    I hope Reading get through, then.

  269. How about winceyette trousers? Not cords, not chinos, alas not silk either. But washable and warm.

  270. @ Frank

    ha ha ha ha

    But then Pz would go up in smoke if so much as dropped a piece of ash on himself! Or he’d absentmindedly stroke his leg and his hair(s) would stand on end. That isn’t a good look either, is it?

  271. They’re made of wool. Pure wool. I don’t wear chinos or cords.

  272. All pin striped with the bullet proof vest.


  274. Reading lead!

  275. I wonder if they’ll choke?

  276. Great goal

  277. Benitez –




    oh shit.. we’re losing 2-1

    “ATTACK” !!

  278. Is Torres off?

  279. Is that guy Insua actually ahead of Denilson in the brazil squad !? – jesus !

  280. terrible, torres for arsenal 🙂

  281. Yes – No Torres or Gerrard.

  282. @ Muppet

    ha ha ha

  283. Both off at half time.

  284. That’s was my take on Adebayor, CaliforniaGooner. But he’s not our business any more, I guess.

    @ Muppet
    Poor Liverpool.
    No Torres + no Gerrard = no hope

  285. Yeah – it’s funny – the togo team bus get machine gunned for 20 minutes, but the real story is the arsenal shirt donned by Adebayor in the post match interview.

  286. Says it all about the priorities of the press…

  287. Frank, the bald eagles feathers are a wig, anyone can see that. There bald as fuck

  288. post match interview?

  289. sorry… post trauma interview.

  290. You guys are out of order making fun of that situation

  291. William the Troll. How old are you William – let me guess – 14 ? FHM under the bed ?

  292. “the togo team bus get machine gunned for 20 minutes, but the real story is the arsenal shirt donned by Adebayor in the post match interview.”

    It’s not surprising, though, is it? It’s not sport, so the sports journalists don’t want to write about it; and a few unknown men being shot in the middle of Africa isn’t important enough for the proper journalists.

  293. they were just playing this over the tannoy at anfield 😆

  294. Liverpool out of the FA Cup, hahahaha.

    3rd time in six seasons Liverpool dropped by a Championship side…

  295. Moment of the day on ACLF: Poliziano’s Anais Nin imitation.

  296. I’m old enough to know better muppet, and so are you. I’m terribly disappointed in you

  297. Hmm. Isn’t she a kind of middle-brow pornographer?

  298. Hmm. Isn’t she a kind of middle-brow p0rnographer?

  299. Rafa is lucky, the owners don’t have the money to sack him, That was so bad, Laughable. To top it all of,f Torres is injured again. They will be in the bottom 4.

  300. Oh I see Bill… FHM no good ? Playboy then is it ?

  301. Yes muppet, yes. I love it.

    You are not the person I thought you were

  302. It’s a shame for Liverpool, but they deserved to go out. When they conceded in extra time, they completely lost whatever composure they had. Launching the ball into the box is necessary in the last minute or two, but it can’t be the most effective method with twenty minutes remaining.

  303. Poliziano, your football/hairdressing brain is amazing

  304. No, I agree PZ.

    Have we signed a striker yet ?

  305. No Muppet, we haven’t signed a striker yet

  306. Pz hats off for that incredibly long metaphor earlier in the day.. i couldnt even finish it.. i feel obliged to tell you either to get a job or start paying more attention when you’re there!!

  307. Thanks for the advice, NJGooner. I actually retired quite a while ago, although I do now work part-time.

  308. Sol has been thoroughly checked he said “Wenger had been watching me train with the coaches and all the stats guys had a massive dossier on me — the stats are good.”
    Lets hope he gives us that nudge towards the title

  309. couldn’t even finish it….I couldn’t even start it.

  310. You should read if chaps, it was like a mills and boon. Metaphor??? what was it a metaphor for? I missed that, just thought it was a nice light hearted interlude.

  311. Just watched the reserve game yesterday that Sol was playing in and I never realised how much I missed Campell’s thick thighs crunching into tackles. What a sight for sore eyes.

  312. It gets worse. First Anais Nin, then Mills and Boon.

  313. Whose tackle was he crunching?

  314. Some young boy.

    They say he plays for the hammers.

  315. Re: Adebayor. Give the guy a break. Who cares what shirt he was wearing after what the people on that bus went through? Get over it. Your speculation is despicable.

  316. clichydoubledeuce

    @ muppet 10:02 pm

    insua is an argentine

  317. Sweet memory deano 11.24.

    Surely Fabrigas’ goal against Spurs should make the goal of the season.

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