Spend, Spend, Spend And An Everton Preview. Maybe.

Ahead of this afternoon’s potential clash with Everton, Arsene and Ivan Gazidis have been putting some firm opinions into the public arena regarding any additions or departures to the squad. The strongest hint about movement has been in central defence with Wenger confirming interest in bringing Sol Campbell back to the club if Philippe Senderos leaves this month.

His comments leave little doubt that the Swiss international has played his last game for the club unless the injury situation requires him. Given his own problems on that front, it is a little surprising that Campbell is not being re-signed in any case.

The money available to Wenger this winter has been the subject of considerable speculation, no doubt influencing the media activity of Gazidis and Arsene over the past couple of days. Both have been at pains to point out that panic spending is not going to happen. Prior to the window opening, a striker was believed to be the manager’s priority. Pressure eased there with the news that Nicklas Bendtner is two weeks away from being fit for action. The Dane will give Wenger options yet that would still leave room for an additional forward for the remaining 4 months of the season.

Therein is Wenger’s quandry. He has to ensure Arsenal stay in contention throughout that time and then go on to win. Yet once everyone is fit again, he is faced with the dilemma of who will be his first choice. Transient factors such as injuries and form come into the equation but any incoming players must be better than those already available to him.

Wenger spoke of big name players, defining them as individuals who can perform at Arsenal on a regular basis, observing that he has youngsters available who can fulfil that function. Both manager and CEO were at pains to point out, big money signings do not automatically mean success and that a number of his targets are financially out of his reach, Gignac one mentioned specifically, Dzeko presumably another.

Chamakh was targetted but his Mr20% has been talking up his client, Liverpool amongst the numerous English suitors for the player who will be available free this summer. No contact apparently from Arsenal and you wonder if the Moroccan’s recent outburst about being pressurised by Arsenal has raised question marks about his mentality. Indeed, the only definite contact Arsenal has made was to send Barcelona and Real a letter telling them to desist from trying to sign Fabregas as he is not for sale. Not one jot of notice will be taken as rampaging egos storm the parapets of their respective boardrooms, the former particularly in light of the upcoming Presidential elections, the latter has a leader who possesses the only ego that matters in his own eyes.

So to this afternoon. The fixture is one of only three to survive today and changes the game in hand from Bolton at home to Everton at home. The outcome remains the same; three points cuts the deficit to one behind Chelsea. If Birmingham obtain anything from their encounter with Manchester United, so much the better.

Team news is scarce other than the return to fitness of Tomas Rosicky. The Czech is back and ready to enter the fray, providing some prompting in the continued absence of the captain. It would be a surprise if he started though, his fitness needs to be more established and there is no immediate necessity for his return, others in the squad capable of playmaking.

The pressure falls on Aaron Ramsey after two outstanding performances on the road. The youngster is proving that Wenger was right to go the extra mile in signing him, rather than being contemptuous as Manchester United were. At this moment, talk of him replacing the captain is premature since (a) Fabregas has not left and (b) Ramsey is still aiming for consistency of performance. A regular starting place will enhance the chances of the latter and compliment the Spaniard on his return to the team.

Everton has a point to prove following the drubbing handed out at Goodison Park on the opening day of the season, a torment further added to by Denilson’s return to fitness. His is one of the few changes expected today with the line-up likely to be:

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore; Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey; Arshavin, Eduardo, Nasri

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. If it goes ahead that is. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I sincerely hope the game goes ahead. I need a fix of Arsenal badly. This cold spell could be worse than the International breaks.

    I like the snow, unlike my chickens but there comes a point..

    The tranfer business is intrigueing, isn’t it? Buy now for possible short term gain at long term expense. Or, perhaps look to actually replace one of our injured players permanently with, presumably, that player moving on.

    The only real space in the squad is at centre back. A new body there rocks no boats.

  2. Second, wooo. go Gunners.

  3. come on bob are you bored of the snow already.

  4. Buy now, give yourself the chance of winning something…and potential gains ahead as well.

  5. No, not really Duke. I like being iced in. Managed to walk to the pub yesterday. Otherwise it’s just been walks in the woods, no chance of driving anywhere.

    I just want some football. Especially now the cricket’s finished for a few days.

  6. Why all the despair we will get a c.b and it aint campbell

  7. Nice thought Stranger but who would that be?

  8. Likely, the Ghost of CBs past?

  9. Do you remember me Arsene. I was the one you let go after I refused to come out in the second half.

  10. I was depressed and not responding to my seratonin reuptake inhibitors.

  11. I don’t need the tablets anymore. I have taken up step dancing in my spare time.


  13. As you suggest, Fab has already been there, done that (think San Siro). Ramsey has shown he’s got a terrific shot (I mean, wow), but let’s see him become a Fabregas and not a Reyes.



  15. It’s going to be another piece of astute business from Le Boss. Let Senderos go for approx 6mil, get Sol in for peanuts for the experience and backup and get that Ivorian kid as back up.

  16. I think you have the team for today 100 % correct Yogi.

    Arsene said signings would be early in the window , so expect one this week.

    A CB or striker ? Haven`t a clue

  17. This team we are playing has an American player we all know on loan from Becham’s American haunts, the L. A. Galaxy.

  18. Cesc is off to Barcelona in the summer. La porta asked for some signed Arsenal merchandise and our generous captain will oblige.

  19. Wenger has now said that a striker is not a guarantee like it would have been with Bendtner unavailable. I suspect that Sol might be the only signing, and even that seems to hinge on Senderos leaving. You have to admit that 3rd and 4th CB’s don’t get much game time, especially now that CC is finished and Wenger is going for the FAC.

  20. We repeatedly hear about Everton’s injury crisis. But looking at the BBC, it looks like we have more players unavailable.


    Suspended: None Doubtful: None

    Injured/unavailable: Bendtner (groin), Clichy (back), Djourou (knee), Eboue & Song (both Africa Cup of Nations), Fabregas & Wilshere (both hamstring), Gibbs (foot), Van Persie (ankle), Walcott (side strain)


    Suspended: None Doubtful: Saha (hamstring)

    Injured/unavailable: Anichebe (knee), Arteta (knee), Distin & Gosling (both hamstring), Jagielka (knee), Rodwell (hamstring), Jo (club suspension), Yakubu & Yobo (both Africa Cup of Nations)

  21. Wenger must buy… we have a gr8 chance to win this season… pls Mr. Wenger dont dissapoint fans… pls buy a CF and a Defender…

  22. I’m sorry kids there is no going into the candy store until the summer.

  23. Nirmit, I agree. Wenger is messing this whole thing up. Myles Palmer and The Daily Mail have worked so hard to get us so close to the top so far.

    Wenger out! Who agrees with me?

  24. no i belive in wenger… i dont want wenger out…. i jus want him to buy

  25. Does anyone know when our match vs Bolton will be rearranged??

  26. Anybody who might know wat was contained in Wengers Letter to Real n Barca some hair from Cesc and i Quote “thats all your going to get”

  27. Nirmit, do you think that Wenger would know he needs to buy or not?

  28. We should play the Bolton game straight after the Everton game, winner stays on.

  29. We are in the half-way rest point in the market.We have the choice to bring more water (sign new players) or try our luck with what we have.The real dilemma will be if we have too much water,we will burden ourselves.Too little,we risk dying of thirst.

  30. Horrible news from Angola isn’t it. I caught the ACLF exchange yesterday, and wanted to say – no – in Africa this is not acceptable, and is not accepted, no matter the circumstances – in this case a separatist group fighting, ostensibly, to obtain some benefit for their community from the oil in their own territory, that otherwise benefits the corrupted elite. It won’t help their cause.

    On another tack, I was thrilled by the England draw in South Africa. A classic. Whenever Australia or South Africa do not win it is a happy moment in my overtly prejudiced cricket book.

    I must say I really like this Collingwood fellow; he’s underestimated and Broad is going to be fantastic. Swann has beautifully devious drift and Prior is a very good keeper/batter. Most all I like the coach, who is a hero in Zimbabwe, the only Zimbabwean batter to be ranked #1 in test rankings, if only for a few months months, and the holder of two world records – most number of consecutive test 50s (7, jointly), and highest test partnership by any brothers (with his brother Grant), that was 276 v. Pakistan in 1995 or so.

    He was the best keeper/batter in the world over many years and rated somewhat higher as batter than aussie Adam Gilchrist as the stats show.

    Come on ARSENAL!

    Hope it’s not too c-c-c-c-old out there.

    Isn’t Clichy back yet? But soon, hey?

  31. is the match off ??

  32. i’m loving our coverage on FFS

  33. it’s 100% on, .abc

  34. zap can you spare a while to answer my one question. whats the criteria to be a arsenal according to the birthplace. i mean how can someone born in north london be a supporter of spuds. please take the pains to explain

  35. i kind of like this comment

    I bet Ade didn’t run the the length of the bus to celebrate in front of those gunners.

  36. we will play this game IN ORDER TO CATCH UP AND GO SECOND

  37. Horrible news from Angola isn’t it. I caught the ACLF exchange yesterday, and wanted to say – no – in Africa this is not acceptable, and is not accepted, no matter the circumstances – in this case a separatist group fighting, ostensibly, to obtain some benefit for their community from the oil in their own territory, that otherwise benefits the corrupted elite. It won’t help their cause.

    Cricket. I was thrilled by the England draw in South Africa. A classic. Whenever Australia or South Africa do not win it is a happy moment in my overtly prejudiced cricket book.

    I really like this Collingwood fellow; he’s underestimated and Broad is going to be fantastic. Swann has beautifully devious drift and Prior is a very good keeper/batter. Most all I like the coach, who is a hero in Zimbabwe, the only Zimbabwean batter to be ranked #1 in test rankings, if only for a few months months, and the holder of two world records – most number of consecutive test 50s (7, jointly), and highest test partnership by any brothers (with his brother Grant), that was 276 v. Pakistan in 1995 or so.

    He was the best keeper/batter in the world over many years and rated somewhat higher as batter than aussie Adam Gilchrist as the stats show.

    Let’s go ARSENAL!

    Hope it’s not too c-c-c-c-old out there.

    Isn’t Clichy back yet? But soon, hey? We will not buy like the other idiots.

  38. I personally wish that d winter transfer will be scrapped.
    Teams should make all transfers in the summer and be prepared to use only what they’ve got till the end of the season.
    Heavy spenders could go out and get the players necessary to salvage their season.
    Having only one transfer window will also help develop the youth systems at various clubs as clubs would have to look inward to solve some of their problems

  39. Santino, that comment is not called for at this time.

    we are talking of people attacking and killing persons…

    you cant even wish that on your enemies.

    those people should not be even jokingly called any name that sound like arsenal fans please!


    i love arsenal


    Ade got his arse burnt ha ha. Why didnt he bribe those gunmen? A week’s wages would do.


    bang bang rat tat tatatattat ! Hahha adebayor adebayoor his arse got burnt, but he’s still a whooore!!


    Wished they blew his brains out the money grabbing judas! That’d make my year!

  44. @Santino. It almost works. Does it mean i’m not a true Arsenal fan if i find such things funny. No. It just means i have a sense of humor and not much compassion for people i don’t care much about.

  45. Jesus you are a fool, be silent now moron

  46. @Jesus

    Would that really make you year? As much as I dislike Ade what happened yesterday is nothing to be making crass jokes about.

    Considering the use of Jesus in your user name I’d think you would be a little more compassionate to your fellowman.

  47. Clearly JESUS GUNNER GET U
    you live in video-game land!!!!!!!

    What Adebayor & his Togolese teamates just went thru is NO JOKING MATTER! Someone died for God’s sake!

    Keep your stupid & childish comments to yourself and away from ACLF!

  48. i think Cameroon should follow the decision of togo to quit acn so we can get our song back.But ivorycost should stay there and i hope they reach the final for chelses sake.

  49. Sky are saying we’re the only match on.

  50. Aman you need a woman

  51. Steww dont steww

  52. Excellent article as always YW.

    Totally agree about the Ramsey replacing Cesc buisness, consistency is def his main goal… Can’t wait until he manages that, prob won’t be for at least a year but by then he will still be below 20 with 10 yrs + of improvement – exciting stuff.

    Can anyone think of any realistic CB signings? From what i’ve seen, Sakho would be great back up for a couple of years… Hangeland maybe?

    Come on Arsenal, let spank these scousers again!

  53. George, how about upson? I know he was shit but now he’s only half shit, still better then big bald billy gallas and thomas vermaspunk, wouldnt you say rude boy?

  54. I don’t think he’s better than baldy or spunky but i agree he would be a worthwhile signing, great back up (doubt he’d want to keep our icy bench warm though)…

    Good shout though CharlieG (great name btw)

  55. oooppsss

  56. Ignore CharlieG (aka J@mes, William, Blog Head) he is just a spud fan on a wind up.

  57. Charlie Geeee

  58. Dupsffokcuf
    Don’t worry – recognised the feeble minded little troll straight off.

  59. hmmm, if that’s true, there’s got to be something wrong (other than being a sp*ds fan) with someone trawling your fierce rivals’ websites posing as Gonners…

  60. cheers for the heads up though, i feel dirty now interacting with one of ‘them’

  61. Arsenal Starting XI: Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore, Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo

    Arsenal Bench: Fabianski, Silvestre, Eastmond, Merida, Emmanuel-Thomas, Rosicky, Vela

  62. There is something very wrong with trying to infiltrate your rivals blog sites with pointless, humorless drivel. Unfortunately class doesn’t rub off through the blogosphere.

    @ George – “posing as Gonners”. Freudian slip? heh.

  63. I like it MB, hadn’t noticed!

  64. Arsenal : Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore, Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo

    Arsenal Bench: Fabianski, Silvestre, Eastmond, Merida, Emmanuel-Thomas, Rosicky, Vela

  65. OMG……………

    Not Thomas.

  66. Bloody Saha.

  67. MS warming up.

  68. ‘So, about this pickle……….that we find ourselves in, Well, it appears there’s only one thing left for you to do’

    ‘And what might that be?’


    ‘Say Auf Wiederzehn to your Nazi balls’


  69. Link for game please

  70. Stewwwwwwww !!!

    How the devil are you?

  71. offside, offside. No panic……………

  72. any links for live streaming please

  73. Just go on myp2p and chose one which works on your computer.

  74. Everyone chillax, its going to be fine

  75. bollocks. 1-0 down. Started so poorly.

  76. Wheres the Queen of Sub? I need to speak to her urgently, its terribly important

  77. WTF are Everton playing at???

  78. Stewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,

    How was your christmas?


  80. Maria maria !!!!!!

    She remind me of the west side story !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Believe it Zap you big donut, only joking Zap, I can tell your actually a nice chap

  82. consolation.

  83. my money on repeat of blackburn thing

  84. We need to equalize before half time

  85. Zap, yeah, scoring is always good in a game of football

  86. We like making things difficult for ourselves. Keep the faith.

  87. Do you think we’re in the mood for your Bullshit James you cunt

  88. Do you think we’re in the mood for your Bullshit James

  89. Come On The Arsenal!!!!

  90. Glory to God !!!! Glory to God !!!! Glory in the highnest !!!

  91. Nasri is an animal. I like.

  92. nasirjonesnasri

    Oh great. Gallas comes up hobbling.

  93. Now GALLAS why oh why???

  94. it doesn’t look good. Fucking hell.

  95. wait- he’s come back on

  96. Denilson!!

  97. woo hoo!!!

  98. nasirjonesnasri

    Denilson!!!!! Scores against Everton again! A FranK Lampard special!

  99. A Lampard goal for Denilson.


  101. oh yeah baby

  102. COYG

  103. wenger oo wenger

  104. “Lampardesque.”
    New adjective. I love it.

  105. Lou Macari you bull-shitter, thats a penalty.

  106. Who are these commentators?
    if i was Everton, I would worry how easy they are being opened up.

  107. Everton will be bombarding the box with long throws and long balls. We need to defend high up the pitch

  108. So who said that Denilson is shit yesterday? Eat your words, c*nt.

  109. Way things are looking Everton will be scored on again and again.

  110. nasirjonesnasri

    Almunia nearly got Sagna killed right there.

  111. nasirjonesnasri

    any links?

  112. Phew, tough game.

    Come on Arsenal.

  113. Extra2 got english commentator but it’s halftime now

  114. Lets check around the ground for the other half time scores……….feels a bit strange not being able to.

  115. Bloody difficult first half, Everton are pressing us like mad all over the pitch. The FA Cup game and then the missed Bolton game has put a stop to our fluid rhythm. Hopefully the boys will find it again in the second half.

  116. Everton are f-ing pigs. Kicking, pushing and kicking again. Fellaini is a horrible Screechy cunt. Hate them all and the ref

  117. Hope these annoying northern fools get tried early on in the second half. As Diaby needs to be on the ball more. Do love how Nasri is working hard for the team.

  118. Right, we need a good team talk. I reckon Rosicky will come on for Ramsey sometime in the 2nd half, not sure who else could come on and make a difference to be honest

  119. The commentators are a joke as usual – arsenal had literally 70% possession, yet it’s “Everton unlucky not to be ahead”.

  120. SO FAR…

    denilson/traore dreadful…

    samri our best


    he must improve, he is our key with no cesc…

  121. James, William and CharlieG are all the same person.

  122. Everton are working hard. We just need to make our passing game a little sharper and take the chances when they come. They will come.

  123. denilson is having a mare, but he got the goal so fair play. Diaby needs to stop giving the ball away. But were level and will improve second half I’m sure. Everton can’t keep up this work rate

  124. Blazon what game are you watching?

  125. A small change needed. Ramsey is not yet skilled in the art of ball keeping as Fabregas so switch Nasri and him round. The Gunners look better when the calmness of Nasri and Denilson on ball. Movement of Eduardo has been particularly pleasing but Everton are on red bull at the moment.

    Bobby Gee- Thanks for reading!!!!

  126. The same one as jer, it would seem, but a different one from everyone else.

  127. Denilson is not having a ‘mare. He has been plucky so far and certainly not bad.

  128. @the brain – ramsay can still get into the game, evertons midfield are all over him when he gets it, but there will be more space later in second half

  129. Blazon, perfect analysis but you have left out the Keeper who is not much better than Traore and Denilson.

  130. same one as you…

    we can still win this game comfortably…if Ramsey tunes in

  131. Everton will be tired after 60 minutes and that’s when we will score two more.

  132. Everton will get tired

  133. yep fair play to denilson. he may be shit he may be playin shit but he does score some goals for us and is a good passer and is quite combatitive. but apart from that he is shit and he is playin shit even though he has got us level.

  134. “””” OFF TWO OWLS & JER.

  135. I predict some special things to come from Eduardo in the 2nd half. His sexy touch has returned. Some excellent flicks so far and a nice little lay-off assist for Denilson. C’mon Arsenal.

  136. oh……we said the same thing

  137. Sylvestre to left back please.

  138. dont say sexy with women around, we dont want to start them off again.

  139. Maria, would it make you happy if we considered signing Sgt. Preston of the Yukon and his trusted Huskey King? Arsenal will win this game!

  140. denilson was caught in possession too much, but he got better as game went on. We haven’t been playin that well as a whole, but like I said, were still in it and will improve I’m sure. Songs absence is very apparant

  141. According to the twats calling the game we can’t win the league because we dont have an adequate goalkeeper and lack a tall striker.

  142. Almunia’s kicking and throwing is scaring me

  143. His decision making today leaves a lot to be considered.

  144. We need more from Arshavin

  145. What kind of strategy is that? We haul the ball forward and hope that the referee doesn’t see the offside??

  146. Finsburyparker

    How the **** was that not a foul by Fellani on Diaby when the same ref gave that foul agaisnt Gallas in the first half?

    Maybe the ref thinks Everton are the home team?

  147. High foot? That’s a fuckin joke. Go on Gallas, give em hell.

  148. nasirjonesnasri

    That’s a crap call on Gallas.

  149. And that’s a bigger fucken joke. It’s all a fucking joke.

  150. You can’t raise your foot above pitch height or else it’s a high foot?

  151. Finsburyparker

    I know I’m biased, but am I’m just seeing things?

  152. I feel sick.

  153. who’s the ref?

  154. Wow, David Moys, why don’t you make that gesture when the ref is giving your team an unfair advantage?

  155. nasirjonesnasri

    That was a cracking challenge from Diaby.

  156. Rosciky on for Ramsey

  157. C’mon Dom-uhz, weave a little magic…

  158. nasirjonesnasri

    Little Mozart for Ramsey.

  159. These conditions don’t help us much.

  160. Finsburyparker

    So close!

    Sagna get his cross in.
    TR7 linking up with AA, so simple, yet brilliant.

  161. Ill avatar, NJN.

  162. its like the players were all expecting the game to get called off.

  163. nasirjonesnasri

    What a ball from Traore. Wow.

  164. nasirjonesnasri

    That’s a penalty! WTF!

  165. Finsburyparker

    A dash of Vela to come on?

    Diaby looks in charge of the midfield now.

  166. Erm thats a pen. And GBH right there

  167. I f*cking hate that ref…

  168. How is that not a penalty on Denilson?!!

  169. Finsburyparker

    Forget the penalty, this ref can’t even get the orange ball on the pitch!

  170. nasirjonesnasri

    If Gallas got called for coming high, I don’t see how Pienaar didn’t. Robbed again.

  171. FFS!!!!!! That was a clear pen!

  172. Really tough conditions to play good football in. We need to grind one out here. Come on Boys.

  173. fuckoff moyes and neville you ugly bastads

  174. lou macari is wrecking my head. His bias against arsenal knows no bounds

  175. nasirjonesnasri

    Vela for Dudu.

  176. Those commentators are even bigger c*nts. Saying that Eduardo’s challenge was high but what about the challenge by Neville just a minute ago?

  177. Finsburyparker

    Really tough conditions indeed.

    11 vs 12 yet again.

  178. come on jer we all know that that drunk scottish manc midget is anti- arsenal, if he is on the airways i turn the sound off.

  179. Finsburyparker

    Everton look exhausted.


  180. nasirjonesnasri

    The ref has been an absolute disgrace today.

  181. These commentators really like Everton…

  182. Could see that coming.

  183. what’s his name? the ref I mean.

  184. Oh my fucking days.

  185. I really hate football on days like this.

  186. Why did this match go ahead?

  187. ouch

  188. Why or why OneofUS??

  189. from bad to worse. We have to take it on the chin and fight back.

  190. wow, commentator talks about real sportsmanship…what a c*nt

  191. oh FFFFFFS

  192. Finsburyparker

    Whoops, maybe they weren’t that tired.

  193. nasirjonesnasri

    Wow, wtf did I miss when my stream went down? What a sham.

  194. Bloody Everton.

    We need a draw atleast!!!!

  195. we need to sign gary lewin back

  196. A goal Nasri by Pienaar. All my himself he was….running though like he was Cesc himself!!!

  197. Bullshit happens.
    One of those things.
    Goal when we are attacking.
    Then Denilson goes down in a heap.
    Nothing is predictable in football.
    Out comes the moaners

  198. the wife is in for a good night tonight.

  199. You really are sick DG.

  200. Life is not so good in Midfield after Song.

  201. This weather is giving these fools energy.

  202. whats wrong with that!

  203. all im saying is im gunner be bad company for the misses today, how is that sick.

  204. I know G4E. I miss him.

    Wasting time now.

    Traore getting mad. He needs to keep calm and learn how to deal with big Al.

  205. is that all… its a fukin disgrace

  206. YEAHHHHH!!!!



  209. Goal!

  210. YESSS!!!!

  211. get fucking in. Classic.


  213. COME ON

  214. nasirjonesnasri

    Fuck yes!!1 We deserved that !!!!

  215. mozzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart

  216. Finsburyparker



    I love this team!

  217. Rosicky ❤ F*ck doomers saying we should give him some pay as you play contract.

  218. Settle down, settle down

  219. Finsburyparker

    Denilson on Fellaini

    See that Howard?

  220. What a finish!

  221. nasirjonesnasri


  222. Some fans leave……disgust of the highest order.

  223. was it an assist from dianby?

  224. Well…nobody’s left the stadium.

  225. Crazy game. Not a bad result, all things considered.

  226. settle for that………..

  227. come on birmingham

  228. Yup. Take that. Phew!

  229. Excellent game.

    Only the scoreline sucks.

    Another year we would have lost that. Well done boys.

  230. this is a point gained

  231. still has there been a match played in this much snow

  232. what a freaking great macth.f*ck the draw this was what football all about

  233. Well fought Arsenal. A win would have been better but Everton played well.

    It is very good indeed to see us come back from a goal down twice in the same match. So many of our first choice players missing. It did not matter. They would not give up. That is real spirit. Priceless in a Championship assault.

    We are The Arsenal.

  234. So true Chamakh and Hull. Two loses for those fools please.

  235. In your face Matt Le Tit you are!!! That is the stuff of Champions deflections or not.

  236. great point, we were dead and buried at 2-1 – great fightback

  237. All is not lost but once again a midfield anchor goes down in injury. The run-in is just difficult for us.

  238. Song was missing very badly today . lets hope we adapt soon

  239. pray for denilson

  240. Who is injured??

  241. Is it just me or is Almunia horrible in this game?

    The collision between Traore and him with Cahill near the end of the match is so stupid. Why didn’t Almunia call Traore to get out of the way if he was going to come out for the ball?

  242. Finsburyparker

    Whoops, sorry my stream went down and I missed Denilson go off, that tackle above must’ve been by Merida.

  243. great spirit, it’s results/comebacks like this that give even more belief. cant see Viera playing like Diaby now, i know who i’d rather have.

  244. When did Merida come on?

  245. nasirjonesnasri

    Dead and buried at 2-1?

    Were we dead and buried at 1-0, too?

    Ridiculous comment.

  246. These bloody streams!!

  247. considering how dodgy our defence looked at times, draw good result though I thought we might nick it right at the end. Hope song is back soon

  248. Thank f-word for that.

    Rosicky!!!! Oh yes.

    So, if we win our game in hand, we’re 3 points behind. Chelsea will drop more points.

    The fact is, wether we won or drew will not affect the outcome of the EPL table, because i believe the winning margin won’t be just a matter of points.

    We will either run away with it from here with a strong run against Man U avilla liverpool and Chelsea.

    Or we will fade away in February.

    The latter is less likely as players return to fitness and confidence. This game felt like a win

    ….The Arsenal….

  249. And yes Everton were a oood team.Typical Soccer Saturday analysis, Arsenal were toothless, lucky and at sixes and sevens…

  250. How many times did Diaby make goal saving clearances – he was immense, and great work for the equaliser.

  251. oh shit i forgot about Denilson- that looked bad and if it’s a stress fracture it could be a few months.

    Wasn’t he holding his ribs or below that area on his stomach????

  252. For a team that plays with the ball on the ground, those were fuck-awful conditions. Couple that with the fact that our most feared players are missing, and you have a good result.

    Please, please, please let our injury problems ease up just a little bit. I mean, how unlucky can we get?!

  253. SomeRandomGunner

    Guys, any news abt Denilson injury in Arsene post match interview?

  254. @nasirjones – I meant dead and buried in that there were only 8 minutes left and it was a sucker punch.

  255. Finsburyparker

    I think Merida came on just before Rosicky’s goal.
    That’s what it syas on the beeb.

  256. Just want to echo what some of you are all saying..

    i think stealing that point is what EPL winning sides do. grab a point in the final minutes when there looking at nothing..

    im very worried about denilson though… it was eerie watching him go done like that kinda scary i really hope he’s alright

  257. Traore should’ve been taken off at half time or as soon as Donovan came off. He had a bad game all around. I feel for the lad.

    A draw is not that bad. We’re caught up with everyone, as far as games are concerned, and we’re only three points off Chelsea and one point off Man U.

    I don’t even want to see the injury list after this game.

  258. they’re**

  259. The one against Osman sticks out arshenal that were sooooo many others though. Both he and Nasri got ‘stuck in’ when their superior football wasn’t working.

    And can someone please take a drugs those Everton players were seriously on something.

  260. Merida came on in the 84th minute.

  261. Traore didn’t have a bad game.

  262. No wonder Shitanta has gone belly up. Their pundits, just like the execs and owners, believe that spending money solves every problem. Arsenal must spend, Everton must spend.
    No wonder they lost everything except Setanta-Ireland.

  263. Denilson looked in real trouble. Clutching his side as well. Scary stuff.

  264. Any chance the ACN will be cancelled??

  265. gb69 traore had a bad game then who in defence had better and who would have replaced traore

  266. Let’s hope the ACN is called off (not really).

  267. here is the injury list.

    most of the fukin team.

    get Lewin(the original one not that this lewin isnt good)back.

  268. fuck it i dont know wether to be excited or feel sad gb69 as you were saying who would have replaced traore

  269. I just feel really sorry for Trevor Francis, poor man must be in tears

  270. SomeRandomGunner

    Traore had a real bad game. Thats is why he lost his cool argued with Gallas and made that horrible clearance………

  271. the announcers on Setanta were belligerently anti-Arsenal it was pathetic.. so sick and tired of that. some pathetic passive aggressive nationalistic rhetoric that is so obvious to see through. embarrassing really in the 21st century

  272. gackt13 – don’t be like the Shitanta pundits; focus on Almunia’s wobbles but forget how he bailed us out with that save 1 vs 1 with Vaughn. Then we would have been dead and buried.

  273. SomeRandomGunner

    Now poor fellow Denilson will get all blames for this result 😦

  274. Everton were obviously trying to make up for the 6-1 hammering they took off us.

  275. NJ gooner

    yeah i agree- last season we definitely would have lost that match aswell- obviously coz we didnt have rosicky but also because we had so much fight….Those players want the EPL.

    As i said at 5.08 at the end of the season the margin between the two teams won’t be 1 or 2 points, more like 5-8 points.

    There is no doubt that this is a point gained.

    Come On The Arsenal!!

    Come on Birmingham!!

    Come on Hull when the game is rearranged!!

    Come on Arsenal!!

  276. “the announcers on Setanta were belligerently anti-Arsenal it was pathetic.” Precisely NJ Gooner; they were fawning all over Ramsey even when he was making mistake after mistake but poor Traore couldn’t get a break. Then they turned on Amunia who didn’t have a great game but who did.
    Their xenophobia and nationalism could barely be contained.

  277. Traore is our 3rd choice left back. He played ok, get off his back will ya. Stop looking to blame someone for fuck sake.

  278. nasirjonesnasri

    How does Denilson get blamed for this result, SomeRandomGunner? If anything he gets commended for getting us back into it with his equalizer.

  279. Finsburyparker

    Absolutely SG.

    It really is embarressing.
    Until you realise the ref had exactly the same mentality.

  280. I blame some random gunner for dragging this site down.

  281. Finsburyparker

    Maybe he didn’t, I’m just joking, but it did look that way.

  282. SomeRandomGunner

    I am not blaming, already people are blaming him in thegunninghawk chat room. I feel sorry for him.

  283. Zap, I’ve been clattered into like that and it was a hip muscle injury. It is an injury which neutralizes you but it’s not that serious. It hurts like a bitch but it goes away in a few days. Let’s hope it’s just that and not a broken rib or something bad like that.

  284. SomeRandomGunner

    >I blame some random gunner for dragging this site down.
    Hmm what did i do ??

  285. nothing i just felt like blaming you.

  286. Arshavin didn’t have a good game. This central role isn’t quite working to his and our liking.

  287. SomeRandomGunner

    Hmm random talks, i like it 😀

  288. Same here, those kind of injuries in the side of the body can hurt like sh*t don’t they? I’ve had quite a few knocks like that in the hip

  289. Denilson did as much as anyone to save us a point. It was a strange injury. He seemed to be holding his left side, just above the waist.

  290. One other good thing about today is that Fran Merida got some game time. It is pretty clear where he stands in the pecking order. He is in the 1st team squad and must wait his term. But if he wats to go to that bankrupt mad-house called Athletico Madrid then he must live with the consequences.

  291. Matty, I’m not blaming anyone. I’m just saying that Traore had a nightmare of a game and perhaps Sylvestre should’ve been put in left back.

  292. but i guess some one has to take the blame i will blame ref and injuries and almunia although his mistakes didnt cost us a goal but he was anonymous

    also what difference does the roach made awesome

  293. SomeRandomGunner

    Arsene’s post match interview over ?

  294. gb69 and then what if gallas had got injured in place of denilson

  295. I don’t think traore was that bad to be honest- some of his crosses were superb and he has shown what pace he has…. he does need to work on his positioning, what happens quite a lot is he covers a player Vermaelen is also marking on the left side of the defense, allowing someone to make a run down the wing. It happened a lot today, but he will learn.

  296. @69

    Do you really think that Mikeal would have done better against Donovan that Armand who has amazing pace but was still getting beaten by that Don guy.

  297. Shotta, The Setanta sports commentators were dreadful. The fat man, who is usually very anti arsenal, at least gave Arsenal some slack.

  298. SomeRandomGunner

    Who will play in place of Denilson ? Diaby ?

  299. SomeRandomGunner

    Rosicky is looking great if only he can stay fit for few games

  300. @Gainsbourg69 – fair point but i disagree, i don’t see how doing that would have won us the game today. Traore is the future so we need to show faith in him until Clichy comes back. He played ok today imo

  301. its amazing how every match report has missed the 10 minutes before evertons second goal

  302. I really hope the ACN gets called off now. There isn’t a player who can do song’s role except for denilson, who still isn’t quite used to having to be more of a sweeper further back and going against his goal-orientated instincts, which is why Diaby can’t play in that position.

    He’s been very consistent, diaby!!

  303. i don’t think Rosicky played that well apart from the goal, it was visible that he hadn’t been playing for a while and he needs to re-adapt to the EPL again for as long as possible

  304. Yes Maria. I think that Sylvestre would’ve given us a lot more defensive security and better presence on the wing. Donovan’s pace wasn’t an issue today as he didn’t look faster than anyone else. Something we lacked today was any type of threat from out wide. That’s why I wanted Sylvestre in at half time.

  305. SomeRandomGunner

    Dont you guys feel Diaby is playing very wide rather than a central play maker ?

  306. If Gallas would’ve gone down Sagna could’ve slotted in at CB. But that’s not the point. I believe that Sylvestre should be played against teams who field one striker and a five man midfield.

  307. “denilson…still isn’t quite used to…going against his goal-orientated instincts”

    A strange comment considering he did exactly that for most of last season.

    Traore didn’t have a nightmare. On the other hand, I don’t think any of our players were excellent today. They lacked that little bit sharpness, I expect Wenger will say.

  308. Matty, how do you reconcile the fact that Traore is the future only to have him there until Clichy comes back? I like Traore but I think he shouldn’t play against the likes of Everton. To prove my point, look at how well he did against Villa. Traore did well against Villa because he’s a good defender. But when it comes to attacking he’s still a bit off the pace. Sylvestre on the other hand, gives us a bit more experience and cunning on the wing.

  309. While Traore’s positioning wasn’t the best there is no way that Mikeal in my opioin would have had a better game. The reason why we didn’t have any wing play is that it usually comes from our full-back and both Sagna while trying to provide assisstance were having to work hard in their own half of the pitch due to the Everton pressing and dominace of the midflield.

  310. I mean this season.

  311. and by the way Poliziano that was because we played 4-4-2 throughout last season

  312. his role has changed since

  313. Gainsbourgh, youre right dude, Traore cant attack for shit.

    So dissapointed, we cracked under the pressure again.

    Diaby, Traore, Almunia =
    Tosh, Tosh and double Tosh.

    So disappointed in the lads

  314. 69 Both Arsene and Traore have both conceded that the reason why he was pushed forward into MF is that while his attacking game has always been good his defending especially his positioning is where he has had problems.

    Traore’s crossing is also superb.

  315. So Denilson can go against his “goal-orientated instincts” in a 4-4-2, but not in a 4-3-3?

  316. Back to Diaby are we?

    Like he didn’t set up the goal.


  317. Maria, we beat teams because of the way we move the ball around. When a team presses us it’s usually because our options on the wings are limited. Today, Everton was able to cause us problems because we were incredibly narrow and that played to their strengths.

  318. WIlliam you don’t know what you’re talking about you donut.

    PZ because his role in the 4-4-2 last season was much more defensive than this season, it is more difficult for him to go back to his role last season from the 4-3-3 which he is obviously enjoying more.

  319. Fuck you William. Just because I think Sylvestre would’ve been better suited for this game doesn’t mean I’m a doomer. Besides, have you seen me talking bad about anyone else?

  320. Great save from Joe Hart.

    still Birmingham 0-0 ManU. Birmingham are just about surviving, how long will it last? THey must catch manu on the break it is their only chance

  321. in my opinion,there is one reason why we didnt play well today and thats because our best player didnt play,we look a different team without him.

  322. Than how do you explain the impact of Cesc in the middle against Aston Villa?

  323. i agree chamakh. I am certain he wouldve sliced through that defence at some point

  324. Plus was it on not on the more seasoned Nasri and Eduardo to switch the ball to the wings??

  325. Denilson has a rib and maybe fit for next week.

  326. Well Maria, when one’s a defender and struggles at it, it means that you won’t get up the pitch too often due to the extra effort needed in order to keep safe at the back.

  327. I really can’t find one player to blame for the 50/50 result and performance today, but the most important thing is we didn’t lay down, we played till the last minute and we didn’t lose all three points.

    What I take on the team is that Everton were much better in getting the 50/50 balls and tackles and we were not. We gave them too much room and time on the ball and they did not.

    It’s not a bad result, the performance can be better, so is the weather. We also have to find the balance because believe it or not (Song Haters) we will miss him. He got his position down to the T and every one around him was confident he is there to get the ball back or break down the opposition counter attack.

    No need to panic, but if Denilson is long term injured we will have to reshuffle again.

    The final conclusion for the day is:
    F*ck off Howard (if you’re still around).

  328. Will not bother to carry on with you 69 nothing seems to be getting through but just so you know that I think that attempting to blame the draw on our 3 choice full-back is just evidence of your poor form not his.

  329. Good stuff. What is wrong with his rib? Bruise?

  330. So Denilson cannot go back to playing the role he filled for a whole season because he has played 13 matches in a slightly different role?

  331. That Denilson update was from an interview with Arsene after the match.

  332. I’m not blaming the draw on him Maria. We could’ve won with Armand or without him. I just think we could’ve had a better game with Sylvestre that’s all.

  333. Not too sure.

  334. Birmingham 1-0

  335. WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  336. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!

  337. Finsburyparker

    Denilson probably picked up his injury during that kung-fu kick incident.

    Two Bruce Lee impersonations against Arsenal players in two games. No foul in either case.

    I get what 69 is saying, but I think Donovan would’ve been able to have a picnic on the RW in that case. Silvio would definately have enjoyed getting ‘stuck in’ however, he’s become an angry young an in his old age.

    Birmingham scored!
    I guess Manure don’t like the physical English game.

  338. Look at my first post on this thread. It was at half time when we were 1-1. All I was asking for was Sylvestre. I would’ve been singing the same tune had we beat them 3-1.

  339. Are we in second place?

  340. Finsburyparker

    he’s become an angry young man in his old age

  341. Thanks Finn.

  342. I thought that as well, Finsburyparker, but I think Neville kicked him on the other side.

  343. Chucho just spurned a wonderful break away for Birmingham.

  344. It’s unfortunate that Aaron Ramsey looks so much like Phil Neville.

  345. Gallas sulky having an argument with Traore did I miss something.

    Bloody streams.

  346. Jo Hart made a great save 1v1 v Rooney earlier.

  347. Neville caught him with his hip. The Kung Fu kick was what made Denilson turn to his side and catch the brunt of the challenge.

  348. Birmingham 1-0 Man U

  349. since you are adamant on being right, poliziano i will say you are right, poliziano

  350. Or bloody SSN and Le Tissier.


  352. Not at all, Zap. I’m sure you are right. I’m just trying to understand all the implications of your correct opinion. I often struggle with some of the more paradoxical aspects of football, but you seem to take them in your stride.

  353. Is Everton now our game in hand I wonder against Chavski…….

    Just looking at the table and if the Mancs lose they will stay on 43 having played 21 games. While we would still be 3 points behind Chavski having played the same amount of games which is a shame.

  354. Finsburyparker

    Hopefully Denilson’s injury wasn’t a result of that ‘challenge’.
    Last time an Arsenal player got such a ‘reducer’ as opposed to the can can dance moves Jimenez attempted with Diaby, it was Walcott. Still waiting for his full recovery.

    I don’t get outraged at such tackles, these things happen in football, but how come they’re not even given as fouls?

    It’s Bizzare.

  355. it’s ok maria. We will either win by 5-8 points or will fade away in these upcoming weeks…hopefully the former, it will depend on how we stand at the end of February….

  356. I’m worried about Denilson and his injury.

    Was just interested to see Wenger saying that if you consider our game plan, it was 2 points lost today, but if you watch the match, it was 1 point gained in the title race.

    Here’s my 2 cents about Arsenal’s fight back for a draw.

  357. Arsenal:




  358. I think what you can obtain from that is when Chelski lose, they aren’t much good at bouncing back and their form dips, whereas we are inconsistent but if we do lose or draw we don’t lose form at all, so it evens itself out and if we can just be consistent the title is ours, but it’s a big if and the if is increased considerably now we may have lost Denilson for a while on top of our season-ticket waiting list-esque injury list

  359. We were lucky today

    C’mon Wenger get the cheque book out and sign a striker.

    As for Almunia if Fabianski is not better than him he might as well give up

    Traore had a shocker today

    And today showed how much we will miss song

    How can the crowd be over 60.000 with so many empty seats 55.000 more like

  360. Liked the fact we got Fergie time @ the grove.

  361. Traore DID NOT have a ‘shocker’.

    You people are really sick. I suggest you get your shots @ Le moan!!!!

  362. we will not win the title as long as average Al is between the sticks-FACT

  363. Maria

    Traore was poor today as was Eduardo

  364. F OFF JAMES!!!

  365. Why does Wenger persist in playing Almunia.He is hopeless.Give Fab a chance or buy someone

  366. “…is it a broken rib or a deeper problem with his lungs? We don’t know.” That’s worrying.

    Eduardo played nicely, especially in the first half. He got an assist, worked hard, his touch is looking much sharper than a few games ago and he threw himself in where it hurts a number of times.

    I was just saying the other day that Dom-uhz would reward AW’s faith by gaining us valuable points, and he’s done just that today.

  367. Where does Song play for Cameroon? Let’s hope it’s not defence, or he might be unable to revert to playing in midfield when he returns to Arsenal.

  368. Birmingham 1-1 Man U

  369. It’s lucky Gallas didn’t have to go off today. With the time he’s spent a left-back, Silvestre might have forgotten how to play in central defence.

  370. Last African Cup of Nations he was playing in midfield, Poliziano. I assume that’s his usual position.

  371. Birmingham should be ahead.


    Why did I go and check the score!!!!!!

  373. That’s lucky, LimparAssist.

  374. Lol…..Stop it Pz.

  375. what is the score 2-1??

  376. Oh. You were joking. A simple lampoon.

  377. rooney injured…:)

  378. fletcher sent off

  379. Just back from the game and waiting for my feet to defrost. I’m a little disappointed that we couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity to take 3 points and move up to within a point of chelski. But Everton are no pushovers and they were really motivated to make up for the opening game of the season. Fighting back for a draw when we were minutes away from defeat is still good for the team morale and we live to fight another day if we still have any players left. I’m really concerned for Denilson, but I hope he will be okay in time.

    Good turn out and pretty good support under the circumstances. But I am glad I’m not a season ticket holder because if I was stuck sitting next to moany moanerson every week, I’d scream. When he wasn’t coaching and criticizing every move the players made, he was whinging about how that was the worst performance he has ever seen. Some people need to start living in the real world and appreciate that there are 2 teams on the pitch as well as a blind referee who can’t tell the time. The weather conditions were atrocious and we’ve barely got enough players to make a team and a substitutes bench. I thought it was very well done under the circumstances.

  380. I agree with Pass.

  381. What happen with their second goal Pass??

    I didn’t see that coming.


  383. fair enough pasenal but still these arse asumed to be the easy fixtures before the plethora of so called tough fixtures

  384. I’ve sat next to Moany Moanerson before (name sounds like a saffa cricketer). In fact, at times it seems that probability wise, you are more likely to be sat next to him than not. Strange.

  385. Final score?

  386. Mancs were lucky to get a draw.

  387. MANCS DRAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now for Hunt to get to work on Cech.

  388. Everton are in form at the moment. They should qualify as just one more tough fixture before the avalanche of even tougher fixtures we’ll face in the next month.

  389. And Terry he is due his mid season injury.

  390. when are all this weekend’s matches gonna be played? Inbetween Bolton away next week and the F.a cup? Or this midweek?

  391. soe how i feel our matches again chelsea and manutd will decide the league…. if we loose them again i dont thnk we deserve to win this…

  392. Ferguson shouldn’t be on camera until he trims those fvcking nose hairs. Disgusting old man.

  393. Who knows zap, who knows you donut.

    We were very sloppy today, we were like sloppy builders at work at wembley stadium.

    If we are to challenge we need to cut out the sloppiness and sack that fool Almunia, he’s a fricken liability and you know this zap you donut

  394. The Kitchen sink knows what i’m saying, he always knows what im saying

  395. if i was a donut i would be a crispy kreme one, whilst you would be in the food discount bin all you can eat donuts at a gas station.


  396. From where I was sitting for whoever asked, their second goal was due to us pressing for the winner and taking our eye off the defensive ball as it were by not leaving enough players back.

    Whilst Traore did not have his best game for us today, he is our 3rd choice left-back and is still on a learning curve. It seems very churlish to pick him out for criticism today. We did not have our best performance as a team, but we fought for the point and that bodes well for the future.

  397. Almunia is more afraid of crosses than Count Dracula.

    Traore is what he is a 3rd choice left back.Its not his fault but thats the truth.

    The lack of Cesc and Song hurt us badly.Everton outbattled us in midfield

  398. Why is everyone negative? Imagine if we had lost 2-1 how demoralised we would all be including the players.
    This was 1 precious point gained

  399. Zap I would say you’re more of a Diddy Donut.

    Paaenaal you’re letting favouritism cloud your judgement as always.

    Gordon you are correct, Almunia flaps more then a flapping flapman buying a cat-flap at flappington market

  400. I’m very proud of the boys. They battled, never gave up and got a result in very difficult circumstances. I never expected a walk in the park. Everton are a good side, and they were more than motivated to get a result against the side that damned their season from the start.

  401. I thought there was a penalty on Vermaelen by Neville. Neville pushed Thomas to stop him heading the ball. It’s a penalty.

  402. yes i thought it was aswell

  403. William what’s wrong with you? Who do you actually support?

  404. In that episode Vermaelen was tugged down, and neville did well to make it look innocent. In another episode Eduardo according to everton commited a foul on some other guy in the box but he was given the benefit of the doubt

  405. Arsène sums up my thoughts on the ACN as well.

    I don’t like the way some managers, chairmen and fans have exploited this tragedy to try to get their players back early – pretty cynical if you ask me. .

    No surprise to see Phil Brown leading the pack on this one either.


  407. Go back to where you come from, William:

  408. stop it zap ffs

  409. shut up .abc you backwards cunt. What is your problem with me, when people like william are slating the team after scoring 3 mins into added time to salvage a point in a tough match.

    Do you think i am joking with the pictures? You must be mad

  410. shut up .abc you backwards c*nt. What is your problem with me, when people like william are slating the team after scoring 3 mins into added time to salvage a point in a tough match.

    Do you think i am joking with the pictures? You must be mad

  411. You’re right OOU. It’s part of that attitude towards the African cup that is prevalent over here. No one would suggest pulling players back from the European championships if there were to be a terrorist attack there. And it’s not like Europe is immune from terrorism either.

  412. Zap just ignore William he is that idiotic spud fan with the numerous id’s.

  413. Completely agree, Big Al. If some little f*ck murders some unarmed men on a bus, you don’t then give him whatever he wants.

  414. And what is that PZ?

  415. What is what?

  416. I wonder if Fletcher will blame Arsene again for this sending off.


  417. Yeah shut up .abc, me and zap are homeboys you donut.

    We were too sloppy, far too sloppy.

  418. @ Pz,

    What is it that the killers want?

  419. Maria they want the tournament to be ruined. Or to kill every single player in every team except for Angola so that they automatically win.

  420. F*cking stupid idea to host a tournament in a country in a civil war.

  421. Wonder why there’s so much support here for the African Cup. It was dismal organisation to take a team bus through rebel territory. Something was botched, and I think the Togolese seem most to blame.

  422. 1 loose cannon

    Zap-Not only that, a tournament followed up by the world cup in a crime ridden country. South africa ranked 2 nd most dangerous country in the world

  423. I really enjoy the ANC because it transports into another world of football. I especially enjoyed the ACN last year where Alex took the aging Cameroon team and the tournament by storm. Also love watching quality players that I may before then have never heard of and the media in Europe hasn’t been telling us about since they were in pampers.

    Also LOVE the fans.

  424. 1 loose cannon,

    I just came back from South Africa and I felt has safe and comfortable as I do in the UK.

  425. Which actucally may not be saying much.

    But hey you get my drift.

  426. Ole

    you hit the nail on the head.Good post

  427. I hope this attack isn’t used as a drum to bash African football which I have taken a liking to even the South African league.

  428. maybe you were in the right places at the right times…

    Thanks 1loose cannon, quite interesting. They should’ve flown in, yes, but it should not be held in a country with a civil war going on!! It’s a disgrace.

  429. Zap- You are well aware of what happened to the Algerian team in Egypt and yet Fifa did not get the message about the safety of players .
    I love the African football it has progressed a lot but the players are getting a rough deal while the dictators are happily amassing all the wealth. they are treated very badly.

  430. yeah i know- it really is a shame, especially as this year is the biggest ever for african football…….what will it take for Fifa to wake up?

  431. Is there a civil war in Angola, or is there just the pathetic remnant of a separatist movement that has spotted the opportunity to cause trouble?

  432. whatever the hell it is, it should not be held in a country with any sort of political unrest

  433. And you f*ckers making jokes about adebayor, f*king burn in hell. You brush football aside when it comes to things like this. Sport is insignificant compared to life. 3 people died, u should feel ashamed of yourselves

  434. Well if this latest incident does not wake them up nothing will. They have to get their act together and get those dictators off their backsides and provide some safety for their national teams they can’t keep treating them like sheeps.

    I heard some sick Arsenal fan on the radio who said he will drive Wenger to France if he wants to go, I just couldn’t beleive what I was hearing. We are 3 points off Chelsea and yet some idiots can’t help having a dig at the manager

  435. zap-I wouldn’t wish anyone to burn in hell but you are right this is not a laughing matter, I just hope that some sick Arsenal fans don’t make a chant about this incident when Adebayor comes to the Emirates. We leave this type of things aside

  436. yes i agree. However unfortunately not everyone is decent like me and you and a lot of others.
    On a lighter note why the hell is Man U’s game first on match of the day??

  437. Maria,

    i’m in South Africa for work purposes and I too like the local matched here.. Have been to few matches and love the way the fans support the club… The best part is the vuvuzelas.. This creates a more hostile ground!!!

    Moreover, South Africa is as safe as any country in this world..

  438. Anyone would think we lost. I watched the game on a dodgy stream so only saw the game in pockets. What beats me is why when Arsenal showed never say die spirit in fighting to salvage a point all we can do is scapegoat. When Man U or Chelski get battered and salvage a point you bet your life they will be heralding the performance like it was the best performance ever. That they can win when they are playing badly.

    Its obvious what happened here the shape of the team adjusts to changes in key personnel. Like the chelsea game where we missed the decisiveness of RVP we missed the magic of Cesc and the solidity of Song and Everton exploted this. These were big boots for Ramsey and Traore to fill who are only young and inexperienced. I think the balance will be re-established in the next game.

    Someone made the understatement of the year on this blog ‘We need players who are consistent’. No its fans who need to be f*@ckin consistent.

  439. So some of our fans are no better than Chelsea’s huh? The best way to shut up a person that wants Wenger gone is by asking them who they’d bring in to replace him.

  440. nasirjonesnasri

    Bang on, G4L. Take Le Grove for example. Is there anyone as inconsistent as Geoff and Pedro when it comes to supporting Arsenal? In fact…Geoff’s picture even pops up next to “wishy washy” in the Urban Dictionary. Ugg Boots and all.

  441. nasri-jones-punch-judy-ant-dec-nasir,

    You look good in ugg boots though dude, you look cool

  442. nasirjonesnasri

    Trolling at 11 pm on a Saturday night, are we William? You f*cking dunce. Get some friends.

  443. nasri-templeton-peck-nasri,

    But you’re my friend?, what are you talking about you silly billy?

  444. To all the c**ts who walked out before the end carry on walking down Seven Sisters road to WHL because thats where you belong.Because you are not Arsenal supporters

  445. Zar, dont talk rubbish, they better high tail it down to the bridge with Frank and Consolsbob. only true fans up here and you know dis zar, billy billy bosh oh my gosh

    Zar you are a Zar

  446. u playin fifa 10 william?

  447. No civil war in Angola….

    good point by the team today….at 2-2 I said “lads, hold on to that 1 point, run away with it as fast as you can….

    We live to fight another day indeed….what with this subzero temperatures, whatever England did to deserve such amount of snow.

  448. Zap i am unbeatable at fifa10, dont go there dude

  449. Well, after watching the MOTD analysis you would come to the conclusion that Everton had just won the world cup, Arsenal need a new squad and will be relegated. Everton won every 50-50 despite arsenal having 60% possession, and arsenal are “lightweight”.

    Amazing eh, how arsenal’s 6-1 win over Everton merited a grunt from Shearer, but Everton’s performance today was totally superior in all respects.

    Did my eyes deceive me, or did we actually camp in Everton’s half for most of the 2nd half, have about 2 or 3 very near misses, and some desperate clearances, including taking out the man by Everton. Moreover, did we actually score 2 goals ?

    And finally, what a f*cking disgrace by Hansan to single out Traore for criticism. He is our 3rd choice left back ffs. What does the guy want ? Blood ? He would be much better off highlighting his own players at Liverpool, where he will find a lot more deficiencies.

  450. Pes is much better in my opinion

  451. MOTD Pigs, no mention of the penalty incidents, and Everton’s unfair play after Denilson went down injured while in possession of the ball.” Man.u to thier credit are still in the title race even with all their injuries” Alan Hansen is a mug!!!. We are 3 points off the top and He still rules us out of the title. Highlights actually showed we had chances to win the game and Everton sat back to catch us on a break and set plays.

  452. i agree hansen shouldn’t be allowed on tv. but what can you do about it? Nothing, unfortnately. At least mark lawrensen didn’t follow suit and he had something reasonable to say (for his standards)

  453. Zap, I used to think that dude, but you need to turn to fifa nowadays, i know it feels wrong like your being treachorous to pes, but believe me when I say it must be done for the true football game experience.

    Muppet, traore was dogshite dude, wake up and smell the mango juice

  454. Gallas- blame global warming :). We better stop smoking otherwise it will be warmer than today

  455. Fuck off Howard you tosser.

  456. I am sooo glad that I dont have to watch those Muppets spewing their “informed” garbage on MOTD. I can barely stand any commentary done by an English speaking commentator except sometimes on ESPN. it is either me wearing tined glasses or they all get their trash from one anti arsenal hidden monster that works tirelessly behind the scenes

  457. tinted glasses

  458. William you know nothing. I’d like to see how you would handle the pressure traore is under, and that’s not in fifa10. Maybe u r so addicted to games you think the real players have to be perfect. Go and change ur team from barca to arsenal on your season mate

  459. True that Zap….you mean stop smoking pot? some people on these boards smoke too much pot me thinks…how can you not be happy with a point given the weather condition and the state of the game at the 90th minute…Not that I wouldnt have been happier if we had won but I just think it is a good point as many level headed individuals here have pointed out

  460. Zap traore aint worth a wank, trust me on this partner

  461. Gallas lay off the crack

  462. Its as if the whole Journo(” experts”) world is so pissed with us that we haven’t allowed their dooms day prophesies come to pass. We just don’t provide them with an upset they so desperately crave. Could have sworn they were salivating when we were down against WHU, and same today. Fuck off all y’all pea brained jornos!!!!

  463. William- ok, plz don’t call me partner

  464. secondly Gallas is right.

    William you are a disgrace to Arsenal please, Please support the team won’t you? What about Traore’s diagonal ball to walcott to set up cesc vs villa?

  465. Zap, listen up partner, when Traore made that pass he was trying to find Arshavin you donut

  466. William are you 10 years old or something? Do you still attend primary school

  467. Sounds like your upagainst it tonight zap. What you think of the game mate, I cant get my head round the general concensus of they deserved it??? We had 60% possession are owned them. If a team can contain us at all, then they deserve 3 points. I think we should take that as a compliment.

    William, ABC fuck off!

  468. that was AND owned them.

  469. haha. thanks. Yeah i mean we dominated but it feels like a point gained for me, i think 3 points off the pace is incredible.

  470. zap do i look 10 years old to you?

  471. oh and William, after losing 4-2 to citeh would you believe by this time we would be breathing down the neck of 1st place??

  472. can’t really tell can I, will

  473. And now, for your reading pleasure, here’s my movie scene of the week :-

    ‘So, about this pickle……….that we find ourselves in, Well, it appears there’s only one thing left for you to do’

    ‘And what might that be?’


    ‘Say Auf Wiederzehn to your Nazi balls’


  474. u sure sound like it..

    els wat do u think of the game?

  475. With 10 mins to go I would have took a draw, but overall, I disagree that everton deserved 3 points.

    I am really not worried about Chelsea NOT dropping points either, it’s a close 1.

    Anybody watch NFL, go Jets looks like my boys going through to next round.

  476. i rest my case re: you being 10 years old

  477. hello chaps its been a while, not that i’d miss me.

    Very entertaining match today and a point gained especialy considering the hefty injury list of 9 players that highlight just how lightweight our squad is.

    I feel like I know nothing about football and that I watched a completley diferent game to others?

    Did we not have 3 attempts cleared off the line?

    did we not dominate posession?

    Did we not come back to snatch a point at the death?

    Fuck Alan Hansen, what an embittered abortion of a man he is.

  478. you’re american? I don’t watch NFL sorry. I watched this film called longest yard and thought it was cool then i lost interest

  479. Deano dont be so meano

  480. Plus points Diaby’s continued rise to footballing god. Love Nasri’s bite. Eddy looked sharp.

    Negatives, while I wasn’t worried about Traore’s performance as it was a bizzare game, his petulance concerned me, can you imagine gallas being to chuffed with that. As we have seen he’s not one for suffering fools.

    Denilson and Gallas’s side clutching’s was very strange. Hope nothing serious with Gallas.

    Also it was nice to see Arshavin really sticking it out and in the last 10 getting a bit of action, after they did a good job keeping him quiet, showed a good commitment.

    With the potential injuries it’s going to be a real show of depth for us, especially if fab dosn’t make next game back.

  481. William, what have you been saying since 2pm?
    Seems more like verbal diarrhea to me.

  482. BTW has everyone forgotten about Djourou?

  483. Zap, No i aint forgoton about that waste of space, he’s on my list zap, dont you worry partner

  484. Some nice observations deano!

    No Zap mate i’m English just getting into NFL this season, i’m loving it but find it hard to catch any footage though. It’s all the stats, I LOVE STATS. It’s an exciting sport to watch.

  485. Gallas, one mans verbal diohrea is another mans bum talking, you hearing me dog?

  486. No way Zap johan is the future. Hope he can put in a nice long stretch next season.

  487. William please don’t say that about our players, please! Are you dreading the day arsenal wins a trophy??

    Oh right, els….Isn’t there a programme on channel 4 or sometimes on NFL?

  488. yep, let’s hope so….

    william out of curiosity, how old are you??

  489. Chanel 5 now. Sunday night’s but. It’s the dead of night. And with 2 young kids I struggle to sit and watch the 3 hours of it.

    So what did you think of the performance?

  490. Hansen just can’t get over 1989 he was captain and shitted himself badly I guess the name Thomas bring it all back for him “Thomas,its up for grabs now, Thomaaaaas, right at the end “.
    If you let him, he would actually spend the entire MoTD telling you how to beat Arsenal, the usual bullshit “get in their faces, stop them play bal bla bla,” unfortunately some dim players think its true and they start hacking our players.

  491. I thought 1st half was terrible. 2nd was more like it but credit to them, they played very well. I’m very happy with a point, it might turn out to be crucial.

    I think points won’t be the eventual winning margin at the end, these upcoming 4 weeks will define our season

  492. sorry- that must have sounded stupid, i meant a matter of a few points

  493. I’d have been happy of you told me AFC would get 4 points from Everton at the beginning of the season.

    Just have to make sure that The Gunners get all three points against chelsea? It may come to that. Might not. But it would be grand to beat them.

    One things for sure, it’ll be an excting second half of the season. I’m a little weary of the refs for some reason though.

    Rosicky and Eduardo coming back to the boil,

    David Villa?

    I can’t wait.


  494. That was a Not serious by the way, the reference to the player from Valencia…would be fun though.


    adebawhore adebawhooore, his arse got burnt in a bus, but he’s still a judaaas!

  496. so motd had two games in an hour and big ears opens up with the line”we have even more in depth analysis for you”. bolloks. so man utd are still great because they are still up there with all the injuries they have whilst we might be lucky to have a chance because man utd and chelsea are playing poorly. no mention of how well we are doing considering the injuries we have. im not even going to comment on alan bitter as a pint of john smiths hansen’s “analysis ” of the game.

  497. Angola, whoaoao,
    Angola, whoaoao,
    We’ll love you forever more,
    Cos you shot at Adebayor.
    Angola, whoaoao…..

  498. Ridiculous reactions from some of you supposed Arsenal fans. Arsenal aren’t going to win every game, not do we have a divine right to. Regardless of Everton’s season up to now they’re still a tough team to play and this is one point gained in the circumstances.

    Even in 03/04 we drew 12 games so stop over-reacting when we don’t beat every team by 5 goals.

    Jesus gunner get u, some things aren’t to be sung about, Arsenal fans are supposed to have some class.

  499. Everton were the better side yesterday even Wenger said that.So why cant some on here except it

    Troare had a mare

  500. This hatred of Adebayor goes too far, in my opinion. He hasn’t really done that much to us, has he?

    Now if someone put a bullet in the lesser Ronaldo, that would be enough to raise a chuckle in even the soberest of sobersides.

  501. Zap – this is a public service announcement. William is not an Arsenal supporter. He is a spud troll using a different alias. As long as you respond to him he will continue to come here with his pathetic attempts to wind people up. Trolls need the oxygen of attention or they die. Please try using a little will power and scroll past his posts so you will not be tempted to engage him.

    I decided not to watch MOTD and judging by the comments here, I made the right decision. I knew exactly what they would say and they didn’t disappoint. At the end of the day, their opinions mean nothing because they are not objective, balanced or fair. They hate Arsenal and the fact that we have 9 players missing is irrelevant. It only matters if you are the media darlings man u. I’d rather focus on supporting my team so that they have the belief and confidence to win this title and ram the comments back down the throats of the doomers and plundits.

  502. Poliziano

    Greedy did nothing to hurt us??? really

    He had one good season held the club over a barrel for 80k a week then didnt turn up the following season then fucked off.What an Angel he is

  503. And yes i hate Greedy more than any other Arsenal player yes even more than Cashley.
    I hope one of our players breaks both his legs at the Grove later this season.thats if he turns up

  504. Get a life Zar.

    The same goes for any lowlife who thinks there’s anything remotely funny about the Togo incident.

  505. I mever said anything about the Togo incident that was disgracful i was explaining what a c^^t he was to us Gooners

  506. Holding people over barrels is what human life is all about. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t mighty proud of having done so.

    Adebayor was slightly naughty, but we don’t miss him, and we got plenty of money for him. I stopped thinking about him long ago.

  507. I agree Poliziano. Adebayor’s ‘crimes’ were nothing in the great scheme of things. He is a footnote in Arsenal history meanwhile the club made a lot of money from his departure and the team has gained in spirit and a more efficient game plan. If people are truly glad to see the back of him, he should not even register in their thoughts. But this unhealthy obsession implies that maybe they miss him and he means more to them than they want to admit?

  508. A home draw seems to have brought out the usual suspects.

    Given the conditions & Everton`s appetite & discipline I see it as very much a point gained.

    There`s no other team I know of who could have played their way through in the third minute of stoppage time like we did. Everyone else would have been lumping it forward.

    I quite like the fact that the pundits don`t fancy us. Bring it on

  509. I concur with OOU. i’m up for a joke as much as the next man but joking about a terrorist attack in which men have died is a bit tasteless to be honest.

  510. Apologies to those of you with offended sensibilities. Black humour is usually pretty tasteless. It was sung in The Gunners pub yesterday and although people thought they shouldn’t laugh, they still did.

  511. Too many people feel the need to hate. Players come and players go, some do well, some we like, some don’t do their best for us.

    It has always been so. We have always given stick to some players, some with good reason, some not.

    This need to hate players though, I mean to actually manifest all the behaviour of spitting hatred, that is new.

    Very worrying behaviour.

  512. consolsbob, it seems to go with the modern disease of extremism. There is no middle ground, no balance in life. It’s a very unhealthy state of affairs.

  513. I don’t think people do feel the need to hate some players.

    Especially Adebayor, who has become just an object of ridicule.

    p.s. if he was doing really well with City as he was for the first half dozen or so games, then I might agree…….

  514. http://www.furd.org/default.asp?intPageID=22&intResourceID=33

    Quite an interesting article which, perhaps, suggests that extremism is by no means, a modern disease.

  515. Consols: The strange thing is the same people who spew this hateful garbage about Adebayor are often the same ones who after the loss to Chelsea declared Arsene shouldn’t have sold him because we need a big man etc.

    On another note: Was it you who brought to our attention the garbage written by one Kevin Whitcher?
    Jeez this guy is truly a prick. “An undeserved point.” Coming from a so-called gooner. Unbelievable.

  516. I’m referring more to a tendency amongst people in general to be ‘extreme’ in every day life perrygroves. People who try to be balanced and reasonable are seen as ‘boring’.

  517. Jokes on Adebayour regarding Togo incident are tasteless, classless and heartless.

    It’s funny if he slips on a wet floor and hurt his arse. It’s still funny if he breaks his arm while doing somersault in a goal celebration (ouch). It’s not when some crazy men with machine guns shoot at their bus for many minutes and get some people in the bus injured/killed. It’s not a subject of debate really.

    That’s how I see it anyway. Damn it I hope Song and Eboue will be fine there. It’s easy to see the strong reasons behind no-negotiation no-compromise no-acknowledgment policy towards terrorism, but if we happen to be the victims then I reckon we’ll think it’s bollocks.

    Talking about our match. It was one of the harder matches to watch, we seemed to be in less control of the ball than we usually do this season (though I won’t be surprised if stats say otherwise, it’s just an observation from a non-expert, very nervous fan), some noticeable mistakes by our players and Everton played with strong determination as they passed the ball quite well. But we were determined as well.

    Their goals felt like punches in the gut the way they were conceded, especially the second one. I was scared the boys would drop their heads after the goal, especially after Denilson crumbled. It was like a stuff of nightmare. No players, especially not our players, would let go of a possession in such a way unless they absolutely can’t help it, which means they’re feeling immense pain they simply can’t cope with. That’s why I will give the referee the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t see the incident clearly, because otherwise how could he not blow his bloody whistle?! I thought that would really affect the players very negatively. But oh boy did they fight back!

    It is correct that in the bigger scheme of things we lost two points, but I also agree that we won a point instead (very cliche but true). I take that as a good result. Great spirit. However our injury situation MUST get better, soon. Please.

    Looking forward to reading today’s blog.

  518. Having finally just seen MOTD, I’m totally stunned by how Neville got away with that challenge in the box on Denilson. No matter how you look at it it’s dangerous play and anywhere else on the pitch it’s not just a foul but a yellow card. Also I genuinely like Almunia and he’s definitely won us games in the past, but something’s not right with him this term. While it could be argued that his decision making’s always lacked something he’s been worse since his extended absence earlier in the season. I really think Fabi deserves a run in goal, while it’s totally hypothetical I’m convinced he wouldn’t have let in the second Everton goal. Finally to reiterate what other people have already said, Hansen picking on Traore made me a little bit sick in my mouth.


    i hate adebayor for that goal celebration. The dumb judas just had to do it didnt he? Well those gunmen just had to have a pop or few didnt they? Adebayor can rot in hell. He cost us the league two seasons ago.

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