Snow Joke & Transfer Gossip

Last night’s postponement means that nothing changes at the top, weather forecasts for the coming weekend suggest more adverse conditions outside of the ground are possible. Criticism of the club is misplaced since they are part of the decision making process, police and local officials driving the process once the areas surrounding the ground become affected and potential impact on trains out of the capital.

Amazing though that Arsenal can get their hands on a whole pile of grit yet local authorities in the United Kingdom cannot. Still, who would have thought that we would ever get snow here, eh?

Arsene would have preferred the game to go ahead, concerned that the congestion in fixtures may be detrimental later on. That is true, we all remember 1980 and the ludicrous schedule imposed on the club at the tale end of that season. No repeat should be countenanced with Fifa being prepared to tell national associations that clubs have first call on the players since there are only friendlies played internationally once the ACN has completed its course. That won’t happen but it would be nice if it did, showing Fifa actually considers club football as more than fodder for internationals.

Such concerns are for the minute premature as there are enough free midweek dates to accommodate three or four postponed Premier League fixtures. A bigger issue may be the loss of momentum which Arsenal has been gathering. The first match following international breaks invariably has a poor performance – by Arsenal standards – and this will be a nagging doubt in Wenger’s mind if the Everton match is postponed.

Away from the lack of action, Arsene is reported to be interested in spending £3.6m of the used tenners from the carrier bag under Ivan Gazidis desk on Lacina Traore from the Romanian club, Cluj. No, I’ve not seen him play either so cannot offer any opinion.

Reportedly, he is the ‘next Adebayor‘ which given the problems with the first one suggest that this is no recommendation whatsoever. Indeed, one could quite reasonably put forward that paying £3m for the player is spending irresponsibly were Arsene inclined to follow that course of action.

Much of the speculation is to relieve the boredom in newsrooms around the globe as any hint of searching out the truth. Clubs have resorted to denying claims that players are on trial at Arsenal or just not even responding to fantastic stories that a squad player who happens to be scoring will be makeweights to take Cesc back to Spain. Still, perhaps there is a nugget of truth in Manchester United’s £20m interest in Benzema which may have caused Le Boss‘ ears to prick up.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 1st with a vaguely football related joke:

    A blonde gets a job as a teacher
    She notices a boy in the field standing alone, while all the other kids are running around having fun.

    She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him.

    ‘You ok?’ she says.

    ‘Yes.’ he says.

    ‘You can go and play with the other kids you know’ she says.

    ‘It’s best I stay here.’ he says.

    ‘Why?’ says the blonde.

    “Because I’m the goal keeper”


  2. I guess Hull vs Chelsea will be called off aswell as Birmingham vs Man U, so if we beat Everton we will be 2nd place 1 point behind Chelsea which will pile more pressure on them. When was the last time we were in the thick of the title race at Xmas? 2004/05??

  3. Adebayor was hardly bad business from Arsenal’s point of view was it? Supposing this Traore fellow could be bought for £3m, spends a few season scoring some goals for us before getting sold on for £20m plus…well I wouldn’t be too upset, personally.

  4. The joke would be better if he introduced himself as Jens, whipped his codger out and took a slash on her leg

  5. The key to the season, and the tricky Jan/Feb fixtures, as AW keeps reminding us, is Bendtner.

    It seems Cesc comes back in 10 days, as does Clichy, who is said to be in training from Monday. Denilson is back. Song and Eboue, I suppose, get back late Feb is it? Perhaps Walcott is back in early-February.

    It is possible, but unlikely given Arsenal, that we face the run in with all players fit and available except RvP, Djourou and Gibbs.

    I doubt we need a striker. I prefer a defender with midfield attributes if we purchase at all.

    Come on The Arsenal.

  6. I think you mean ‘todger’, don’t you?

  7. It has to be said that Kevin Witcher is one of the biggest arseholes ever to grace the Arsenal Stadium.

  8. wait zimPaul….isn’t it until the end of Jan? Or does it depend on how far the teams go…

  9. Zap–Two years ago we were leading the leaue until early Feb. So that’d be your answer.

  10. I do apologise….I mean that Kevin Whitcher is an arsehole.

    …we will win the EPL by a country mile and will be ahead by end of January beginning of February.

  11. That’s interesting Frank..I actually stopped buying The Gooner for a while because I could not stand the negativity…well we could win the title against city at home or at shite hart lane again….anybody up for that?!!….

  12. It has become apparent to many of us that the Met Office have become incapable of forecasting local weather conditions in England even within an hour or two. That said the game yesterday should have gone ahead and there was little reason for transport services to be reduced.

  13. I assume that Mrs Yogi’s Warrior is not a blond.

    I agree about the Met Office, Frank. They are past being a joke. As you know, I live in Devon and they are based in exeter only 40 or so miles away. Every day I check their website for an hourly forecast for my postcode. I’d be better off hanging a piece of seaweed up outside or just looking out of the window.

    The Police are no better.

  14. It’s funny how anyone who follows the club and tries to make a living from being an Arsenal fan eventually turns negative.

    There just isn’t enough material to sustain a career. I mean, if you’re under pressure to say something new then eventually you’ll start to diverge from the accepted line, and look for stories that aren’t there.

    Blogs and fanzines need readers, who want to see new content. There are only so many ways you can say, “Arsenal is great. Arsène Wenger is a genius.”

    Then there are other conflicts. You may well have Arsenal’s best interests at heart, but your employers won’t. The money inevitably forces a compromise.

    Being an Arsenal fan should be a passion, a way of life a raison d’être, but never a career.

  15. oh of course, i completely forgot abt that season!!

    i agree One Of Us

  16. Don’t get me started on plod, ConsolsBob. I would not be surprised if their inability to provide sufficient hobby bobbies to block the roads around the ground after the game was the deciding factor in postponing the game. That and a fear by the local ‘authority’ safety maniacs that some supporters might take a tumble on the steps.

  17. Whitcher went bad a long time ago. Writing a shit book full of rubbish with a Spud is evidence enough.

  18. I assume that it was called off in case anyone slipped in the stadium and wrecked themselves, creating all sorts of problems…F~ck off snow!

  19. In other words, thanks for all the great work, Arseblog, but it’s time to retire.

    F*ck Kevin Whitcher!
    F*ck Myles Palmer!

    Er, please stop covering Arsenal, Amy Lawrence.

    And there’s one Arsenal blog that has to be getting support from someone dodgy. This person probably pays by the post.

    This isn’t conspiracy stuff. Not at all. It’s just the way things are done on the internet. Just look at freelance sites to see what people are after. Blog writers can get a lot of money these days if they toe a certain line.

  20. Traore is better dan adebayor and also bendtner… cz he scores unlike d other 2…. also hez fast, strong and young… so can be used in d area where walcott plays… and 3.5m is not a bad deal… i think arsene shud get him…..

    other options are
    1) Detinho or Neymar or hazard (strikers or wingers)
    2) Arda Turan or Hamsik or Banega (central midfield)
    3) Agbonlahor or Balotelli or dzeko (target man)

    the 3rd option i wud personally go against… cz de wud cost around 20 – 25m which i dont think wenger wud spend… and 2ndly wat happens to dem next season wen van persie is fit… yeah but if wenger goes ahead and sell bendtner or eboue den i wud consider the 3rd option.

  21. Aah, I see you are suffering from de syndrome, sen. A strange condition which affects the part of the brain responsible for forming small words but intriguingly leaves the bits responsible for complex words, such as foreign names, in tact.

  22. I am afraid that Amy Lawrence has been exhibiting dark side symptoms for some time now, Big Al.

  23. Yeah, for one, her hair went dark a little while ago.

  24. You know a lot about Amy. You fancy her?

  25. …cz ..hez….shud….den i wud . Brain freeze frank

  26. Well, she is an Arsenal fan, Frank…but I’m not sure she likes boys. Just a hunch.

    Anyway, good Amy:

  27. melcfromfinsburypark

    I stopped buying the Gooner a couple of seasons ago. Critiscism of Arsenal and of Wenger is all well and good but it has to be balanced with respect and plaudits when and where they are due. The Gooner was 75% negative when realistically it should be 75% positive.

    Is the club well run? On the whole yes. Better than almost every other club in the league if we are honest. Much better than the other “big” clubs for certain.

    Is Wenger still doing a good job? YES! Without a doubt he is. Most of the people who lay into him completely ignore the fact that:

    1. When it comes to transfers and player selection they are NEVER in possesion of all the facts
    2. Wenger is manager of a top European club and he has been for more than a decade because he knows MUCH MUCH MUCH more than every single fan out their.
    3. His track record is absolutely superb especially when finances are taken into consideration

    Its the old chestnut of the fans of the “big” clubs not knowing how lucky they are. To criticise is often far easier than intelligent comment.

    To those who want to pile in with critical crap I always say “ok, so what do you suggest?”. The answer one gets is invariably feeble

  28. Evil Amy, post darkside switch (mwahahaha etc):

  29. One of us.

    As a blogger myself, I must say I’ve been dismayed in recent times by the negativity out there about Arsenal, especially from blogs that I used to follow for a while. ,

    You either get the extreme Le Moan type of venomous blogs, or those that command authority in the Arsenal blogosphere arena, yet they are finding it harder and harder to string an independent opinion that will generate good healthy debate.

    There’s a lot of ‘copy and paste’ blogology where authors just lift bullshit from wherever and front it as a blog post. Even more disapointing, they go with the flow of negativity just to turn in the articles. Frankly speaking, such blogs have become mind numbing to read and I’ve kept well clear of them.

    I truly hope that readers sometimes appreciate the quality of ACLF and the hard work that YW puts in. It’s not only that YW writes witty and entertaining posts, but more importantly, there’s a balanced positivity and passion for Arsenal here that is heart warming. It’s one of the reasons I’m happy to write a weekly column for YW because I also know how hard it is to provide such quality every single day and it’s sometimes taken for granted.

    I guess it’s desperate times for the traditional print media as very few people buy papers any more – so the battle for readers has moved onto the blogosphere. I know for a fact that journalists research their material on blogs and message boards – but the flip side of it is that their employers have to pay salaries. They have to sell advertising to pay salaries, and advertisers will only spend money where there is traffic. Guess what, sensationalism brings traffic to websites and sells advertising.

    I suppose you can have a different take on things and see the anti-Arsenalism out there as self preservation by folks who just want to keep a roof over their heads.

  30. Have you got any of her with red hair, Big Al. Must say red hair has always..well.. you know.

  31. I’d agree with you there, Darius.

    Tellme though, why aren’t there journos making money out of slagging off the mancs or chavs. To be fair, they tend to jump on the scousers pretty quickly.

    As for you Big Al, you clearly have an unhealthy interest in La Lawrence.

  32. I have always thought of Passenal as having red hair. Several of my wives have had red hair, though the one that tried to murder me was more ginger I think. The woman had a shocking temper, which I found dangerously arousing.

  33. OOU @12.18

    Which explains why I lead an impoverished existence.


  34. i hope wenger puts out a strong team against stoke, if we lost although it would cause minimal damage you never know what affect it could have on the 1st team players….

  35. I’d go along with all that, Darius. It’s what makes sites like this and yours all the more important.

    “As for you Big Al, you clearly have an unhealthy interest in La Lawrence.”

    Shh. You’ll get me kicked back another few hundred metres.

    “Which explains why I lead an impoverished existence.”

    Don’t worry, if anything happens, it would be like the final scene in It’s a Wonderful life. For Myles Palmer I imagine more of a Scarface kind of ending…just kidding!

  36. Dangerous ladies is my subject and it can get messy, I assure you.
    I hope you did have fun but are now safe, Frank.

  37. @zap our cc team is better than stokes first team

  38. india loosing to bangladesh
    england drawing to saffa 🙂

  39. .abc, they’ll have the backing of their home fans, so it won’t be easy at all, the atmosphere will be incredible i’m sure, the f.a cup is all they’re fighting for. I would be happy with a draw and a consequent replay, though where the hell we would play a replay is beyond me with the conjested fixture list.

    ….The Arsenal….

  40. Did anyone notice Cesc Fabregas’ fantastic goal wasn’t in the running for goal of the month that month? No doubt if that was Rooney, they’ll be all over it like Ashley Cole on……………

    Just goes to enforce that view Arsenal are treated unfairly. Unless of course your Aaron Ramsey who can do nothing wrong (even though Diaby and Song have been just as good if not better) and Song’s just being sung praise half a season later when he has to go.

  41. not even a country mile as you say if we trail after half or 0-0 then introduce big players

  42. Matches already postponed:

    Coca-Cola Championship

    Preston V Doncaster
    Sheffield Wednesday v Peterborough

    League One

    Brighton v Brentford
    Bristol Rovers v Stockport
    Charlton v Hartlepool
    Gillingham v Tranmere
    Milton Keynes Dons v Swindon
    Oldham v Leyton Orient
    Southampton v Huddersfield
    Yeovil v Colchester

    League Two

    Aldershot v Rochdale
    Cheltenham v Hereford
    Rotherham v Bournemouth
    Torquay v Dagenham & Redbridge

    I guess we should expect much more postponements. How is the weather now there? Up here we had a nice crispy -30C in the morning. I walked to a nearby shop to get some stuff, had to put pretty much all my clothes on. Which makes one quite hot when inside the shop.

  43. I’ve wanted a dangerous lady ever since I saw Michelle Pfieffer play Catwoman – Meow indeed!

  44. abc…

    hmm true but last time we played them with our first team….well i don’t like to think about that.

    I just don’t underestimate any team.

    I HATE these Arsenal fans who expect us to win, don’t you agree .abc, everyone? I don’t like their attitude saying we will win, we will beat you because at the end of the day, it’s two sets of 11 players playing football, anything can happen and there’s no script, hopefully that lesson was learned many times last season in particular

  45. well said zap. There are so many factors and no pushovers.

  46. you should not hate anyone son

  47. The media never gets it right anyway. Maybe this was a good thing Now Fabregas can healed up and ready to play. At least it was sunny and 75 here in LA. What the FIFA doesn’t get is that club football makes the world go round. Without club futebol FIFA doesn’t make any money.

  48. thanks els. abc, what is your problem with me. You see, i don’t want you to be- a c*nt who calls me son- have u earned the right to do so? I think not- not that you need one so i don’t really care.

  49. wait- abc, what is your problem with me, you see i don’t want you to be- oh hey bobbygee

  50. “Up here we had a nice crispy -30C in the morning.”
    Anaconda where the hell are you, in Siberia or something?

  51. Thank God for the cricket at times of internationals or snow. Something to take my mind of the long Arsenal free days. A game where a draw after 5 days is genuinely thrilling. And Jimmy Anderson is an Arsenal fan too. Joy.

  52. Not Siberia, but close 😉

    I’m from Finland. The forecasts say we can expect about ten days of quite cold weather, but probably not this cold. -30C is actually quite rare here in the southern parts, must’ve been six years since it’s been like this.

    Up north, in the Arctic Circle and above it happens every year, for a few days at least. Once about ten years ago I was up there and one night it was -46C.

  53. I’m surprised you have the ability to type, anaconda, your central heating must be very good!!

  54. And the insulation, naturally.

    I think it’s called distributed heating actually. Which means that the nearby powerplant produces electricity and heated water which is piped to apartment buildings.

    I went outside for a smoke and right now typing is not easy 😀

    Maybe I’ll heat up my sauna. It feels great to go for a walk outside in the cold and then into the sauna (around 60-80C depending how you like it).

  55. Interesting quote from Merida’s agent found on Arseblog:

    “We haven’t signed anything with Atletico because, simply, the only club with whom we are negotiating is Arsenal. The absolute priority of the lad is to renew with them. I repeat: There has been no agreement with anybody. Arsenal have the priority. Moreover, as always, they are acting like gentlemen”.

    If so, that’s good news.

  56. melcfromfinsburypark


    It is very interesting reading the papers and being able to pick out the bits and bobs that are lifting straight from blogs. As far as Arsenal go the funny thing for me is that the likes of Cas*****o get paid to write and they don;t even have the sense to see what fans think about the teams they are writing about. If they did then why has it taken so so long for the media to realise that Song has been one of Arsenal’s most consistent players since Jan 09? Some of the media are hilariously still saying he is our weak link. Quite incredible how they can be SO wrong yet still get paid to say so.


    Jimmy Anderson is a Gooner?!?!? Surely he should be a Burnley fan?? tsk tsk

  57. lagooner, does it really still surprise you that these “news” seem again to be taken out of thin air? No sources in the original stories anyway.

    Which may still mean that the agent is hyping the player up, hoping to attract offers.

  58. How the Hell are Napoli in 4th place?!!

  59. If you are around Duke, England are playing proper cricket to save the match in Cape Town.

    I can’t remember the last time that I saw English batsmen playing to save a game and doing it. Tailenders, yes, but batsmen, no.

    It’s like watching Tavare and Boycott together!

    Great stuff.

  60. At least the EPL is more organised than the women’s premier league!!!! Take a look at the current table-

    Sunderland, pld 19
    Arsenal, pld 9
    Doncaster, pld 14
    Chelsea, pld 11
    Everton, pld 7

    quite handy having 10 games in hand don’t ya think?!!!!

  61. melc, I remember Jimmy Anderson was at the game at Turf Moor when the kids got kicked out of the beer cup last year. He was sat with his Burnley supporting family, allegiences torn.

    Steww, 34 runs off of 170 balls from Colly! The ginger twins of destiny are seeing us through heroically. Pure obduracy!

  62. lagooner, that Merida story sounded like full bollocks to me from the off.

  63. bin laden was also a gooner!

  64. Anyone still yet to discover the thrills of a cricket here’s your chance to do so. Granted it’s a dead rubber now with a couple of “bowls” left.

    Or listen to the coverage which is just so fascinating. (Basically old men conversing about the game).

  65. Anyone still yet to discover the thrills of a cricket here’s your chance to do so. Granted it’s a dead rubber now with a couple of “bowls” left.

    Or listen to the coverage which is just so fascinating. (Basically old men conversing about the game).

  66. Limpar/Anaconda

    The only reason it didn’t sound like ‘full bollocks’ (thanks Limpar, I miss phrases like this in LA) was that 1) he hasn’t signed a new contract yet, 2) he’s not featured as much as players like Ramsey and Vela have and 3) Atletico are his boyhood team and are interested.

    I don’t think his agent is stirring this up (yes, I can be naive) as this seems like more a newspaper/interested club hatchet job. The agent is surprisingly emphatic in his denial of a deal being signed.

    With all that being said, we’ve heard before that a player has every intention of signing a new deal again (hello, Mr.Flamini) befoe buggering off.

    By the way .abc, good point about Bin Laden being a gooner. As Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (yes I copied and pasted that), the Nigerian plane bomber was also a gooner, how long before we see stories in the papers about the mysterious link between AFC and terrorism (not to mention the Emirates relationship).

  67. Anyone can confirm that this Soccernet quote attributed to Arsene on Merida is accurate. If so, the Merida story may only be half bollocks.

    “I fear the worst but I don’t know,” said Wenger. “We made him an offer but he could never finalise it for different reasons. He is at the stage where he wants to play and he needs to play. I don’t know if he has signed somewhere else. I am a bit disappointed if he has.”

  68. i once had a dream back in 05/06 that bin laden dropped a bomb on the head of jose mourinho 🙂

  69. Zap, the situation in the women’s league is due the Women’s European Championships which were held quite late at fall when the league was already running. Teams with enough players in there were allowed to postpone games.

  70. Ohhh cheers anaconda- not exactly something i was scanning the net for but still interesting.

    Have u seen the madrid 2010 final logo, it’s very cool

  71. Agreed, Zap, that is a nice logo. The Moscow final of 2008 had a nice poster too. Too bac wiki did not have a bigger image.

  72. Finsburyparker

    Careful .abc you could get done for incitement, just like Howard. Except Howard probably works for the Met.

  73. yes it was good-

    BTW does anyone have info on the Emirates stadium tour?? Are they going on now or in the next few weeks or what?

  74. Finsburyparker

    The Moscow poster was really nice.

  75. maybe Birmingham can kill Man U’s tradition of coming strong in the new year? Tthat would totally demoralise them

  76. What about Tresor Mputu, who had a trial last year – Arsene was impressed with him and he should be available

  77. Hi Anon 1. Like you, I stopped buying the Gooner when Kevin Whitcher became editor, as I thought there were already plenty of fanzines peddling negativity and I didn’t need another. It’s sad really, as the Gooner before that time was very creative, entertaining and informative; it also seemed to be able to find a different perspective on all things Arsenal, which was very refreshing. I have tried buying it a couple of times since but it hasn’t improved at all.

  78. i Just want to say respect Yogi and massive thanks that i can come onto this blog after reading the bile and venomous lack of perspective, narrow minded, chavi and bordering xenophobic, prejudiced ramblings of other blogs (le grove) supposedly supporting arsenal, that i can come to this blog and be over taken by sense and sensibility and positive hope and not hype, hysteria and doom and gloom.


  79. That was a great Test Match.

    Proper cricket.

  80. Brilliant, wasn’t it, Cb? L’onions digging out 90mph yorkers like a good ‘un! I almost died listening to all those Saffa appeals on TMS. Boycs was p*ssing himself, winding Gerald de Kock right up.

    Steve, stop Mputting words into Arsene’s mouth.

  81. I for 1 will be sad to see Vieira in a Man City shirt, not looking forward to him against us.

    Still hope he plays well for them, gets his place in the world cup squad, but fails against our boys after receiving an enourmous reception that makes him cry and plays shite on purpous.

  82. Consolbob –

    Hear! Hear!

    Truly thrilling stuff. About time from Bell – hopefully the wee man has turned the corner now.

    BIG match at Jo’burg.

    20 – 20 can go and get stuffed once again.

  83. hahahaha els

  84. The most sensible reason i’ve heard about the postponement of yesterdays game was the apparent killer icicles that would have fell on supporters from the roof of the stadium. LOL Lawsuit waiting to happen if you ask me. I’m just glad the fixture build up will also affect Utd as they also had their carling cup tie postponed.

    So its Everton first eh?? Lets show em the 6-1 wasnt a fluke. As for the transfer rumours this is actually the first time in a long while where there is no real suspect. All the names being thrown around in the papers have no grain of truth behind them. Atleast the Arshavin rumour came through last time. Don’t see that happening again simply because the mentioned players are not of the quality of our little Russian shot glass.

    That run in at the end of January is the stuff champions are made of. If we come through unscathed i’m confident that we will push on for honours this season.

  85. A couple of ‘accidental’ OGs from patrick would do nicely.

  86. Rosicky will be back for Everton!! Hope he lasts for at least a month

  87. Atleast a month Zap, fingers crossed.

    When do the ACN games start??? Looking forward to seeing Song and Eboue play.

  88. 11th i think


    do you have a preffered team from the UFL?

  90. Finsburyparker

    Consolbob I see you’re leaving Ateeb to lick his wounds after the calamity that befall Pakistan at the SCG. They had the Aussies 67-7, 127 all out and still managed to loose.
    Cricket fans the world over must’ve been tearing their hair out at this lost opportunity to humiliate the Aussies (in the best of spirit of course).

    Bell has always had the best technique in that team, I’m glad he’s been given chances, and had more confidence shown in him by the management then Ramps did, hopefully they learnt their lesson.

  91. United Football League?? Nope not a fan of American Football to be honest. Only sports you can say i’m really into are footie (soccer) and the UFC hehe. Other than that I tolerate basketball (Lakers fan, I know haha) and tennis. What about you??

  92. any dhoni fans here?

  93. Still a big test to come, but you have to admire the resilience of Strauss and his team.

    My boss wants me to go in and shovel snow tomorrow. Everyone else is off as the place is closed.


  94. Paulie Walnuts

    Good new on the returning (soon) injured. Lasts nights postponements may turn out a blessing in disguise as Arsene said some lads were struggling after the holiday program.

    At 6ft 8in Lacina Traore would look great stood next to Arshavin & he`d be handy for putting the nets up. Actually, he could lift Andre onto his shoulders to nod in corners.

  95. PIresaholic i mean the UAE Football league…isn’t that what it’s called??

  96. Indeed it is. I’m a Wahdawi through n through. Local team. Al Jazeera if for posh C*nts LOLLLL Plus I hate all those ppl on the Al Ain bandwagon especially if their from Abu Dhabi. What about u?

  97. LOL @ Paulie

  98. hehehe i’m al ahli

  99. First things first – great comments, Darius (again!) and I echo what you say about YW.

    YW, rest assured that we do NOT take for granted your ability to write something sensible and interesting 365 days of the year!


    You’ve probably all moved on, but anyway… Regarding the postponement of the Bolton game,
    I see the point about lost momentum, and the fans’ disappointment, but overall I am pleased. Relieved, almost. It gives our players a rest, and particularly gives Denilson another couple of days of training, and means he doesn’t have to play two matches in 4 days straight after coming back into the squad. It also means that for three whole weeks, we only have one game a week, right up until the Stoke FA Cup tie. And also it dampens down expectations and takes some of the pressure off. And who knows, by the time we play the home game against Bolton, we could be ahead of, or level with, Chelsea in any case AND have more of players back from inury. I think we might come to see this as a blessing in disguise.


    And Vieira to Man City feels a bit…weird. Passenal? Your hero, what do you think?

  100. You got red hair, FG?

  101. Hehe Zap not looking too good for you guys this season. Let me ask you this since when have you been a fan???

    On Viera it looks like its definitely going through. I recently saw a game for him v.s Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia. He was still that physical presence but was off the pace for sure. Not the player he once was but I wish him nothing but the best against every team but us LOL N oh i’ve wanted to ask you guys this. Give me your predicted top 6 for this season. Mine is:

    1) Arsenal (I really have a feeling were going to snatch it)
    2) Chelsea
    3) Man United
    4) Man City
    5) Aston Villa
    6) Tottenham

    Notice no Liverpool?? Can’t wait!!!!!

  102. Absolutely, you can stick your 20-20. A complete bore. Bell did play very well, as did Collingwood and Onions looked surprisingly cool. I was hiding behind the armchair.

    It reminded me of all those games of football when you are hanging on to a vital win with 5 minutes to go and you are being hammered and you know that the ref will add another 7 mionutes, the cheating scumbag.

    As for the Pakistanis, they are so brittle aren’t they? I was sure that the Aussies were going to get stuffed. As Botham once said, when you have the aussies down, kick ’em in the goolies and then kick ’em again. It’s the only way to beat them.

    I am sure that Ateeb wil pretend that he is not a cricket fan.

  103. I must say that Arsene suits a turtleneck. Generally speaking a don’t like the sort of bloke who wears a turtleneck. I make an exception in AW’s case. But chaps sporting moustaches are terrible. On no account must AW grow a moustache.

  104. Many years ago I knew a fellow who liked to wear a white turtleneck under a well-fitted, tan, leather jacket. What a tosser. Another one wore a red turtle-neck under a black velvet jacket….and a droopy moustache to boot. He could empty a pub in two seconds flat.

  105. I am not one of those that becomes upset at intelligent criticisim. However, there are a few in the print media that aim their guns at Arsenal all to often and Myles Palmer might be one of those. But, even Miles Palmer has had moments of praising Arsenal.

    On the other hand, does Andy Grey ever have anything good to say about Arsenal? There have been occasions that I was close to heaving when I heard that Sky Football Team say anything positive about Arsenal.

    At times, it is almost as if Arsenal are not counted as a duly constituted football team because of the number of foreign players in the squad which I think fuels the resentment of Arsenal.

    There is also the criticism of Arsenal because they don’t give English players a chance. Ultimately, they claim, this is what’s wrong with the National Team. Far too many foreigners!

  106. Hehe way off the pace mate. Need a miracle.

  107. haha. I can’t say I’m avid about them, in fact i hate their best player faisal khaleel, what a donut

  108. This foreigner debate is just lame. Really it is, if were such a crap team then why are they even trying to argue. Its just classic hypocrisy in which they are trying to find any reason to criticize Arsenal and Wenger. As for not bringing through English talent I think we’ve put that argument to bed really. Ca$hley, Sidwell, Bentley, Muamba and soon Wilshere , Lansbury Etc. Wenger has said time and time again he doesnt look at the passport he looks at the quality which is the most logical thing to look at. It isn’t his fault there’s no bright english talent coming through is it?? Blame the youth set up around the country and not our top of the line set up. I just hate these tired arguments really. Can’t they see Arsene is working wonders?? Can’t they see all the mid table clubs model themselves to Arsenal on the pitch and off it?? Can’t they see were charging towards the title?? In the land of the blind the one eyed man is KING.

  109. Hahah thats hilarious cuz i hate him too. I hate how he’s made to look like the UAE’s Drogba when the boy is clearly shite. Like isn’t there enough talent in the world?? I’m sure the kids on the 7ara’s an be better than this guy.

  110. Gadget @ 11:06…top comment! I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    Lagooner, if that comment is really from Merida’s agent then I am feeling much better. However, it would be an incredible statement for an agent to make because it neither inflates the attributes of his charge nor attempts to start a bidding war. If so Fran Merida’s agent must be one of the only ones out there with the capacity to sound intelligent and honest for at least the duration of a few sentences.

    As for weather, I should be careful what I wish for. The low tonight in Denver will be -20C and the high on Sunday will be 10C. That’s an amazing swing in 2 1/2 days.

  111. And oh I was just watching a certain video on youtube and looking at the comments and saw a dude named ZapZA1 mouthing off. I read the message before the name and was like damn noway then saw the msg and was like f*ck offfffff Such a small world the internet can be sometimes. F*CK DEM GLORY HUNTERS!!! LOLLL

  112. He is really useless, what a frikkin showoff…

    He’s more like UAE’s Adebayor

  113. Then saw the name*

  114. HAHAHA i can’t access that account now, i forgot the damn password!! What video was that??

  115. Hahah u had to put me on the spot??? It was a certain final v.s a certain Barcelona (tears) Haven’t seen the goals in years!!

  116. oh crap was that you?

  117. That you replied to?? Nope I just replied to you mentioning that it was me haha

  118. oh right…ohh i thought that was you, a bit worried there…..

  119. Piresaholic, they don’t want to see. They are tired and old arguments but they don’t easily go away.

  120. Oh bloody hell! I’ve just thrown out all my polo-necks and chinos, and now I’ve got to get rid of my turtle-necks as well. At least I don’t have blond hair.

  121. Clothes have always interested me.

  122. I have never, ever been able to get on with chaps who wear green velvet jumpsuits either. God knows I have tried.

  123. I think that story is absolute bollocks, Maria. He has never played for his country and would not get a work permit. Arsene might be eyeing him up for the future but he woul be no use to us now.

  124. Seems these Lacina Traore rumours are picking up momentum eh?? Typical Arsene buy to be honest.

    @ Zap Yeah mate don’t worry I most assuredly aren’t a glory hunter. We haven’t won anything in years!!! LOL I for one dont care too much for instant success aslong as we succeed the right way, the Arsenal way. With attractive ATTACKING football and a solid financial base for the future. Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success because I for one would like my children and my grandchildren to support a team that still exists by that time!!! And not a team resigned to the oblivion of history. As much as I have been frustrated in the past with regards to results I don’t want titles for me or us per say but rather for Wenger. He really deserves to prove the doubters wrong and win it with a team he built from scratch. It is this legacy that i’m mostly looking forward to.

  125. I think I have been scarred psychologically by the woman who I should have married, the one who got away as it were, running off with a bloke who wore a green velvet jumpsuit. I spotted them both going into a pub off Marylebone Road wearing matching green velvet. I thought I would confront them and was amused by two people wearing matching jumpsuits in a pub trying to pretend they did not know each other.

  126. Paulie Walnuts

    All my `family` have velvet jumpsuits, Frank. With vests worn underneath.

  127. “And Vieira to Man City feels a bit…weird. Passenal? Your hero, what do you think?”

    I’m trying not to think about it FG because everytime I do, I feel physically sick! Maybe I’ll adjust to the idea in time.

  128. You gotta have stugots to try a combo like that, Paulie.

    Was that a golden monogram I saw on the aforementioned turtleneck, by the way? He could pass as a very suave cat burglar wearing that.

  129. You may have cured me, Paulie. I could never take umbrage at an entire family who went out together in green velvet jumpsuits. Vests or no vests.

  130. I see I’m not the only one who is sceptical about the LT rumours Consolsbob. Arsenal look at a lot of players, but they don’t always follow up that initial interest.

  131. Well hallo, Passenal, and how are you today?

  132. California Gooner

    Hey, I know we are all too high-minded to discuss super long-shot rumors, but the Benzema thing seems interesting. Not at all a typical Wenger buy at all. B ut he is French and looks all the world like becoming one of the greats of his generation. Could Wenger believe that this is one super-star worth going in for? He has really failed to impress at Real Madrid and it looks like he just may not fit in Ronaldo and Kaka and co. Would he be a good signing or simply a big wet ego draped over a team that really fights for one-another?

  133. Cesc is being linked to every bloody team on the planet. The media just loves poking us with a stick dont they. You dont see Rooney or Torres being linked to anyone as much as Cesc has. What a piss off and what a waste of a headline!!

  134. I suspect a chaiman of a small club eyeing a payday or, at least, some publicity, Passenal. Our press are only too pleased to oblige.

    Let’s face it, if you are a journo looking ‘outside the box’ for a typical Wenger signing, then you might wet yourself over this one. Plus he is very tall.


  135. Higuain in exchange for fabregas Pshhht Shameful

  136. Carlton Cole 23 goals in 88 app.

    Nicklas Bendtner 15 goals in 65 app.

    Dunno bout you but I’d rather have Bendy as he’s younger and has a scoring record that isn’t really that inferior to Cole’s and plus hes fully integrated to the way we play. If were buying a striker he ought to be world class already. Someone like sayyy David Villaaaaa (Homer Drooling Voice)

  137. Ah well. Another time perhaps.

  138. Hi Frank, I’m fine and dandy! Good to see you around, you’ve been a bit scarce lately.

    Piresaholic – I agree, unless a super, super talent is available I don’t see Arsene spending money on an also-ran.

  139. Frank has been stuffing trolls.

  140. Cutting, very cutting.

  141. Oh seems the media has read my post. We’re now being linked to Mauro Zarate for 40 Mill!!!! Funny to think that this lad was in Birmingham a few seasons back with the commentators saying he’s a talent for the future! Can’t see this happening as we would’ve been linked to him back then but then again we had enough quality upfront back then hmmmmm

  142. 40 mill is quite steep though 25 mill maxxxxx

  143. My case is plain, for all to see. I give you David Villa, and I propose that this Arsenal, this very squad, will this season secure the English Premier league and the European thingy. My case rests. I am not known for running off at the mouth or indulging in tittle tattle. Economy has always been my watch word in conversation. By the end of the first cycle of the moon in the year of our lord two thousand and ten even the lowliest of football followers will come to believe that we are going to stuff the fuckers.

  144. ………………………….BABEL………………………………………………………BABEL…………………………..



  145. ………………………….BABEL…………………………..

  146. I WANT BABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. ………………………….BABEL…………………………..

  148. That smile says it all.

  149. You’d think they would airbrush the electrodes out.

    Too right!
    Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success

    And it’s not even for “instant success”, either? It’s the hope of instant success. That type of fan never seems to entertain the possibility of the gamble not paying off!


    @ Passenal
    I guess at times like this it’s borne in on us fans that being a footballer is a career, as opposed to the religion which fan-dom is…


    Frank has been stuffing trolls.
    With something pointy and scratchy, I hope?

    Maria ha ha ha.
    OK, Babel’s cute, but IF Arsene buys, I reckon he’ll buy some unknown Bulgarian who can play CB and CF and the accordion.

    Too right!
    Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success

    And it’s not even for “instant success”, either? It’s the hope of instant success. That type of fan never seems to entertain the possibility of the gamble not paying off!


    @ Passenal
    I guess at times like this it’s borne in on us fans that being a footballer is a career, as opposed to the religion which fan-dom is…


    Frank has been stuffing trolls.
    With something pointy and scratchy, I hope?

    IF Arsene buys, I reckon he’ll buy some unknown Bulgarian who can play CB and CF and the accordion.

  152. I’m having one of those days when my posts don’t appear.

  153. They only don’t appear to you, FG.

  154. sorry if this appears three times…

    Too right!
    Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success

    And it’s not even for “instant success”, either? It’s the hope of instant success. That type of fan never seems to entertain the possibility of the gamble not paying off!


    @ Passenal
    I guess at times like this it’s borne in on us fans that being a footballer is a career, as opposed to the religion which fan-dom is…


    Frank has been stuffing trolls.
    With something pointy and scratchy, I hope?

    Maria – ha ha ha
    OK, so Babel is cute.
    But if Arsene buys, I reckon he’ll buy some unknown Bulgarian who can play CB and CF and the accordion.

  155. Weird.

  156. It is a new feature only very advanced blogs have it.

  157. Is that true, or are you pulling my leg? Can you see a longer one that starts with a reply to Piresaholic?

  158. OK, I see you ARE pulling my leg!

  159. Remarkable! Someone has produced a photograph of Babel not looking ugly. Instead, they’ve produced a photograph of Babel looking like John Barnes. I wonder why he decided to put cufflinks in his ears.

  160. Sorry, FG, I was pulling your leg. It is not a new feature. No actually you are suffering from dysblogia, a condition characterised by being able to read other people’s post but strangely, not our own. You can catch it from doomer faeces.

  161. I am determined to get this to appear.

    Too right!
    Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success

    And it’s not even for “instant success”, either? It’s the hope of instant success. That type of fan never seems to entertain the possibility of the gamble not paying off!

  162. I do love your positivity Frank. It’s interesting that David Villa’s name has not come up at all so far in this transfer window!

    Maria, I don’t see Liverpool selling him to us, they wouldn’t sell Alonso when we were interested in him. Arsene passed on the opportunity to buy him before he went to Liverpool, he’s not much of a goal scorer and would need time to rebuild his confidence after going backwards under Rafa. I don’t see him as a realistic option myself.

  163. “You catch it from doomer faeces”?

    Just what are you implying?

  164. …when I say ‘our’ own I am revealing the fact that I have been unable to read any of my own comments for nearly a year now.

  165. Well, you hang around Arsenal blogsites long enough….. you are surrounded by the stuff, FG.

  166. Of course I am not sure whether you read that comment as I can’t see it myself.

  167. …no thats not right…even if I could see my own comments I would not know if you had read it. Well whats the fucking point then I ask myself?

  168. Fifth time lucky? Please tell me if you’ve seen this comment appear already.

    @ Piresaholic

    Too right!
    Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success

    And it’s not even for “instant success”, either. It’s the hope of instant success. That type of fan never seems to entertain the possibility of the gamble not paying off!


    @ Passenal
    About Vieira, I guess at times like this it’s borne in on us fans that being a footballer is a career, as opposed to the religion which fan-dom is…

    @ Maria
    Babel is definitely a cutie, I’ll give you that.

    But IF Arsene buys, I reckon he’ll buy some unknown Bulgarian who can play CB and CF and the accordion.

  169. Think I might go away for while.

  170. I don’t think my a works.

  171. But how can I fucking tell

  172. This is like some sort of living hell

  173. “Arsenal have agreed to stump up the travel cost of Bolton Wanderers’ fans who made the trip south for the postponed Premier League fixture at the Emirates Stadium last night. The supporters were unhappy that, after repeated assurances that the game would survive the severe weather, it was called off less than five hours before kick-off.

    As with the Carling Cup semi-finals at Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City earlier this week, the problem was nothing to do with the state of the pitch. In each instance, local police were concerned about the safety of supporters getting to and from the stadiums and also about problems which might have been encountered in surrounding areas, many of which were badly affected by snow.

    Arsenal believe they acted responsibly but as a gesture to Bolton have agreed to pay the travel costs of supporters who were inconvenienced.”

  174. I give up. For some reason, I can’t post replies to Piresaholic’s, Passenal’s or Maria’s comments.

    Frank, I always step over faeces, whatever its origin.
    “even if I could see my own comments I would not know if you had read it”

    You could if you were a mind reader, or a really tiny man hiding in the webcam of my laptop recording my eye movements and scanning the language recognition parts of my brain.

  175. @ Passenal on January 7, 2010
    at 8:25 pm

    Class. In a word.

  176. And I’m sure we can get some new chant out of it to taunt the away fans, along the lines of “you’re only here because we paid for you” or some such…

  177. How’s that for class. Too bad for them that their going to come witness their team be destroyed at our expense hahah

    Curious to see what you had to say FG.

    Anyone think Rosicky will start the game against Everton????

  178. n oh yeah Zarate anyone??? Hahahhah

  179. Yes bob it was a great draw today in the cricket. similar to the last man stand against the aussies in the summer. great stuff.

  180. @ Piresaholic
    I’ll try again.
    In response to…

    Its funny how some football fans would sacrifice their clubs future for instant success

    I said:
    It’s not even sacrificing the club’s future for “instant success” – it’s sacrificing the club’s future in the hope of instant success – those fans never imagine that the gamble could fail, that they could end up with no club AND no trophies either.

  181. And that one appeared. Maybe it was all the asterisks I had in the original.

  182. Exactly my sentiments FG

  183. “You could if you were a mind reader, or a really tiny man hiding in the webcam of my laptop recording my eye movements and scanning the language recognition parts of my brain.”

    Or perhaps if he is friends with a man utd chairman.

  184. Bob,

    I really am not a cricket fan. Haha. And I really don’t know why people torture themselves by watching a match that last 5 days. Seriously. I’m all up for 20-20. I’d even like a 10-10 match, so one could watch it in 1.5 hours. That is how cricket should evolve in the next decade.

    And frankly speaking, most of us knew we were going to lose that match. And offer my sincere apologies for not stuffing those Aussies _____ on behalf of cricket following fans.

  185. Cricket needs some va-va voom.

  186. As an Englishman I fully endorse Test Match Cricket and warm pints of bitter!

    However i would like to say that Morris Dancing is just plain stupid, and quite frankly anyone who indulges in a bout of ‘hey noni noni’ should have their knuckles rapped!

  187. hehehe maria

  188. This Traore guy is 6’8″. Holy crap that is tall. Does Arsenal run a basketball club too?

  189. Maria your talking codswallop, you’re starting to sound like zap who is a complete donut.

    We should buy Peterboroughs keeper, he’s the bomb

  190. William you don’t know what you’re talking about you donut

  191. That FG woman is completely insane.

  192. Btw, doughnut please.

  193. Which is not pronounced duffnut either.

  194. Donut Doughnut Tomato Tomatoe

  195. ….Nando….

  196. Damn we needed some football yesterday to distract us from all this media nonsense.

  197. Doe-nut (Doughnut)
    Ter-mar-toe (Tomato)

  198. I rest my case.

  199. …your case is therefore awaiting conclusion, which of course we all anticipate with beating heart and bated breath.

  200. Does have pretty nuts, does they not?

  201. Does have no nuts by definition, unless of course the doe is a squirrel.

  202. Heads, I mean. I doubt the other kind of nuts are pretty on any animal.

  203. ..not tails then

  204. ”The Gunners play on January 6th. If the Gunners win, they will leap frog into second place.

    You gotta love it.

    For you all Arsenal fans, I do have a very warm spot in my heart the Gunners. I am a fan of Man U too. So, deal with it.”


  205. Pretty can mean large I believe. In which case there is a boar, next to Lady Neena’s and Peter’s paddock, with pretty nuts. His name is Ali. Since it is unlikely that he is an arabic pig his name might be short for Allerdyce, might be short for Alisher…or it might not.

  206. Arabic pig. Quite an oxymoron.

  207. Who are you quoting there Zap? Really hope u arent a Man Poo fan.

  208. haha no that’s from bobbygee’s blog-

    …The Arsenal…

  209. look at the comment at 2.00 Pm…

  210. @ FG

    “But IF Arsene buys, I reckon he’ll buy some unknown Bulgarian who can play CB and CF and the accordion.”

    Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WANT BABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  211. Why do you want a John Barnes look-alike who puts his cufflinks in his ears?

  212. Babel isn’t what were looking for Maria let the boy go play somewhere he won’t be on the bench. A player of his calibre deserves games. Silvestre gets more games than him!!!

  213. “But IF Arsene buys, I reckon he’ll buy some unknown Bulgarian who can play CB and CF and the accordion.” ….Right On.

    I’m now so in peace with myself during the transfer window times of silliness.

    People say we have scoring problem, yet we are the highest scoring club in the league even when we have no strikers available. I trust Wenger will do the right thing…whatever that may be.

  214. That Champions League Final video was really depressing wasn’t it PIRESAHOLIC

  215. I am really upset with you guys. Babel deserves a chance at a top class team. And the rough edges are due to the new Liverpool location. A couple of weeks down here have him looking as good as his Ajax days when he was suppose to come to The Arsenal.

  216. F*ck Ryan Babel

  217. Surely not women talking about how sexy a player is!! now im not going to stereotype but isnt that just typical bloody women.

  218. But Babel in place of who Maria? I thought he’s more of a winger than a striker

  219. I’ll never forget when he dived that night in the C/L- that made me bloody depressed coz of frikkin ryan babel.

    He wouldn’t suit us and as Gunner 4 ever said he’s a winger- there’s barely room for him

  220. Not you too G4E??

    He is a striker turned into a winger like Dirk Kuryt they new right-back.

    And not to replace anyone we haven’t brought a new striker after Ade.

    In the 4-3-3 I think he would work well in this system up front.

    @ Pz

    Stop wth all the jealousy.

  221. Blame those diving scousers….or the ref not spotting our pen in the first leg.

    Eduardo scored against before he come to us. Is that a reason to dislike him is it???

  222. my team for Everton:


  223. 🙂 I’m not saying I don’t like him, just wanted to know where you envision him to play with us.

  224. people say eduardo’s injury was the reason we went on that horror run in march/april 2008 but the liverpool defeat demoralised the team….thanks to that dive from babel.

    Still let’s not look back on that, Babel wouldn’t be terrible and i can see y u want him maria- not in that way…..

  225. @ Maria

    Ha ha ha yes Babel is cute and Pz is just being bitter…

    But seriously, is Ryan Babel really what we need right now?

    @ DukeGoonem
    Hear hear. After all, blokes never EVER talk about how sexy women athletes are, and especially not about Maria Sharapova.

  226. @ Zap
    I reckon Rosicky might be a sub. AW will ease him in, don’t you think?

  227. actually yep i agree fungunner i would replace him on my list with arshavin (if he’s fit) or vela, who had a good game against west ham setting up both goals

  228. I like a few from the Arsenal Ladies team myself…couple that with the sexy football they play, and you can’t keep up with the drooling 🙂

    Hehe….just kidding about the drooling part

  229. Hey, drool away, G4E – at least it shows you’ve got good taste!

  230. Diaby will play midfield npt in the front three. Arshavin is first name on the teamsheet. Nasri will start not Rosicky, and will play wide right

  231. Thanks FunGunner…that, I do.
    Good taste that is.

  232. Yeah Zap especially that it was the last 15 mins just compounded the hurt. Hated Lehmann ever since and noone can change my mind really. As for Babel I think he’s a great talent but he’s not what we need right now. His presence would just take up space and stunt the growth of our wingers.

  233. ———-almunia—-

    4 me

  234. New post, written by Darius. Good night, Arsenalists.

  235. Maria, you continue to refer to Babel and his ” new Liverpool location.” It’s a tad on the old and worn side now ain’t it?

    I wonder if he has been ruined now for life at that new Liverpool location. He ain’t fresh anymore with all that scouse juice down his gullet.

  236. @ Two Owls


    The only problem with Babel is that he doesn’t speak French.

  237. @ FG

    Well he is awfully strong. (O

  238. (Or looks it from afar).

    @ G4E

    Lovin’ your picks too.lool

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