Rosicky Risk With Diaby For DM

The news that Tomas Rosicky has signed a new contract with the club is significant for both parties. For the player, it is re-affirmation of his manager’s faith in his abilities. For Arsenal, it represents a huge risk. With the Czech international dogged by injury following his substantial lay-off, repeated failures to recover fully leave the possibility that he could be an expensive medical patient to have. That is the extreme scenario and one that a player of his gifted talent should not be exposed to.

Rosicky is a match-winner, exquisite touch complimenting outstanding vision, allied to an ability to score as well as create. If the squad is to win silverware this season, Rosicky could turn out to be the difference between finishing as an also-ran or winner.

William Gallas is the only other experienced player out of contract this summer whom Wenger should retain. The Frenchman, like Rosicky, is an experienced international who has won medals. His rehabilitation in the eyes of Arsenal supporters following the unpleasantness last season is almost complete, most recognising that his form this season suggests that he was not the weak link in central defence last time around. The club are apparently in negotiations with the player and his representatives, signing this off will be as useful as a new acquisition in the summer.

Ahead of tomorrow’s clash with Bolton, the injury news was mixed. Denilson seems to be on course for a return to the side, more tests today on his injured back, whilst Rosicky is apparently back in training following a minor groin problem. Should the Brazilian recover, it will stop the speculation for 90 minutes about which of the midfield is going to replace Alex Song in his absence.

Whether there is a direct replacement is open to question. Wenger observed last week that finding a ‘new balance‘ will be required in Song’s absence. Abou Diaby put the team ahead of his natural game, willing to curb his natural attacking instincts if his manager requires.

Had the ACN been last season, Samir Nasri may have been the one to drop back but like Diaby, he is essentially an attacking player. Denilson seems to be the one that is mentioned to play deeper and this was the position he originally played. However, it seems more reasonable that two of the midfield trio will have to replace Song, allowing Cesc or currently Ramsey, to prompt and probe whilst they rotate the defensive duties.

Cesc, it seems, will not make the Everton match in ten days time. The original return date was mentioned by Wenger as the optimistic option; the realistic one is now the return fixture at The Reebok, possibly it will come at Stoke in the FA Cup. Wenger is apparently unhappy that ITV want to show the match live and have moved the tie to the Sunday, Champions League resumption being on the Wednesday following that.

On this occasion, I do not see why the manager is complaining since he would have pretty much been sure of the switch the minute the draw was made given the paucity of ‘attractive’ ties for the TV companies to choose from. English football pushes players hard and the logical solution is to cut the Premier League to 18 clubs. Bolton suggested that this could be done through the creation of a Premier League Division 2, sixteen Championship sides benefitting from the strugglers not willing to be the turkeys that voted for Christmas.

The squad system is there for this reason. Arsene has assembled a group of players who can carry the club through the current injury ‘crisis’, a situation which seems to be heading towards a conclusion, with Nicklas Bendtner returning to training. It might be that Wenger’s ambiguity when talking of the transfer window switches to affirmative action if he is genuinely concerned of the strains being placed on the players. If he chooses not to, I think this can be put down to him needed to have a moan about something!

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Glad Tomas has signed on, obviously his fitness and health would have been checked out!

    But according to AS Spanish paper, Merida has signed a 5 year deal for Atletico Madrid.

  2. Another nice one, YW.

    I recall Arsene not sounding too confident about Merida signing a new contract, but it might also indicate Arsene is not 100% confident that he will rise to the very top or he would have tried to extend him with an attractive offer earlier. Of the key group of young players coming through (Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey and Gibbs being the others), I think Merida is the player we would miss the least.

    Gallas staying on will be huge. Here’s hoping his his partnership with TV will mean we’ll be able to keep him for at least another two years.

  3. champz lge only starts next month. We play villa the wednesday after the game. Sucks its been moved to Sunday, if we get a reply it would be in the middle of playing the other 3 big teams an villa.

  4. Well I hope the Merida rumour is untrue. I feel it’s still too early to see if we’ll miss him. I recall many players that took time to get going (e.g. Pires, Henry, etc.) but once they did, we loved them to bits. He has shown too much potential for us to write him off this easy.

    Anyway, I do think it’s great news about Rosicky. He’s amazing on the ball and his passing and movement is, I feel, unmatched in the Arsenal squad currently. Damn those injuries though. When I watch him play with Arshavin and van Persie, I just drool at their interplay…it’s magical……..

  5. f4phantomphreak

    Rosicky is an excellent attacking option, but like RVP is prone to injuries like none other I’ve ever seen….. Anyhoo I just hope we’re not throwing cashola down the drain on him if he keeps up his injury schedule..??…

  6. Forget Merida, the boy is a waste of space anyway

  7. greetings from angola. i will break eto’o’s leg in training and we will be out of CAN in one week

  8. This Rosicky situation is not good, the man is not class, he’s glass. His body is weak and lets his team mates down by shattering every week. We need strong players to push forward, not weak players holding us back, you feeling me brothers?

  9. Perhaps a little harsh on the boy, but I don’t think Merida is going to live up to the extremely high expectations put on him.

    Since he joined it was widely expected he was going to mirror Cesc’s involvement in the team, but it has just not happened.

    No doubt he has some class, but his performances have been seen to be lacking in when these opportunities arrive.

    With the abundance of young midfield talent in front of him, why would he want to sign a new contract only to remain a bit part squad player, rolled out for the occasional cup game, it is a shame, but it simply has not worked out for either him or the team and I can’t see him staying very much longer.

  10. Yogi you are early today. Good for a change.

    CharlieG you havent said a kind word about our players since you started posting yesterday. This is getting alittle tiresome, I am sure you can find some perfect blog where they will appreciate your slugging off of players. What’s with brother’ ing everyone, did you just learn the new vocabulary or what?

  11. CharkieG;

    I have no idea what teamk you support, as it doesnt appear to be Arsenal.

    Fuck off slating Arsenal players. Rosicky is a top class player and it is brilliant news he has come throughn hism injury nightmare.

  12. Re-signing Rosicky is absolutely the right decision for several reasons. First and foremost he still has much to give and his touch and skill are unquestioned. Wenger apparently has seen enough to think that he still has something to contribute and is a player that brings quality, experience, and a winning mentality to the team.
    Rosicky is an experienced international, captain for his country and a winner everywhere he has played, winning titles with all his prior teams. A great point is that he is great mates with Cesc, so locking up his best friend on the team is always a good idea if you want to keep your captain and best player happy. A very good point made earlier in the comments referring to bobby and paddy for our friend Henry. Another thing above his experience is that he is a consummate professional and a great example for the young players, as well as a calming influence in the dressing room. It is always said that a team needs the right blend of youth and experience to achieve things. I am a firm believer in the concept that class can not be learned, nor can vision. Some players are gifted with these talents and they are special for this reason, and Tomas is one of the few in the squad(and world) capable of this kind of vision.
    I remember the only good thing I could take from the world cup mach in 2006 where my united states were beat by the czechs was that their architect, little mozart, had just signed for arsenal, and he single handedly dismantled my team.
    I believe he will still contribute and be very useful later this season, and as long as we can afford to still pay his salary he should stay. If we decide he is no longer worth it at least recoup some money for him instead of letting him walk on a free. Up the Arse!

  13. CharlieG-there’s a home for you at Le Grove.

  14. @CharlieG

    def we want to feel you. just where, mate?

  15. Charlie G. U shld jst shut up abt R7. U knw notin abt football. Arsewipe

  16. Rosicky signing is a calculated gamble. He IS a great player – his assists and goalthreat from midfield are second only to Fabregas and he brings much experience to dressing room and the pitch (and a phenomenal amount to the treatment table).

    One thing that springs to mind, is that if he proves to be the kind of player who cannot play every game but is okay if handled with care, then in a strange way, that could prove advantageous.

    It could help ensure that the players coming through get MORE game time and do not end up like Fran, frustrated at the lack of opportunity.

    If we ever see a time when all of our squad is fit simultaneously (for ANY length of time), we will see what the words ‘selection’ and ‘headache’ truly mean.

    What is key, is that Rosicky & the medical team have an understanding of his limitations and that he is used strategically and, if necessary, sparingly.

    The real worry is that he has another long term injury but, given that the first one was something of a freak occurrence, this should prove unlikely. In any case is not something one can plan for.

    I’m disappointed about Merida – tying him down to a new contract sooner should have been a priority. We could then have loaned him out and if we then sold him we would surely have gained enough in transfer fees to cover the costs of developing him and maybe more. Not great business then – though I suppose we can hardly complain on that front overall!

  17. 1 loose cannon

    Our old boy Pat going to Man citeh.I’m glad he turned down the Spuds. Common sense prevailed in the end.

  18. 1 loose cannon

    Why people begrudging Rosicky’s contract? because he was injured we should just dump him, ridiculous. Good luck to the man he is a good player and a good person and deserves it.The club have shown loyalty to people who deserve it.

  19. If Merida goes, he follows a loooong list of those who departed… like Adebayoy, Tour, Reyes, Hleb, Flamoney…whats new there?

    Its always to the players detriment if they leave, as Arsenal is the Biggest club on Earth, and they will be going down in club status wherever they go..

  20. Well said 1LC. Most players faced with a career threatning lay off of 18 months would have just sat there, taken the dough and then packed it all in and headed off to the beach.

    Tomas had the balls to believe and fought back through extreme adversity. Wenger is a master of judging character and see’s these qualities in Rosicky and has rewarded him accordingly.

  21. 1 loose cannon

    Merida is not a bad player. But let be honest he wasn’t going to push Fabregas, Nasri, Denilson or Ramsey out. Its sad to see him go, its not always about money Wenger is not like that it is what is best for the player. I’m sure if Wenger wanted him to sign a new contract he would’ve given him a false promise of first team football. But I think Wenger was honest with him and the player himself knows he will not be a Fabregas so good luck to him. Atleast he will join a team he supported all his life.

  22. Fran didn’t want to go on loan again, and wanted to stay and fight for his place. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the build to play in the PL at a young age.

    I guess he found the lack of opportunities frustrating, and wanted a long-term future at a team for whom he can play immediately.

    Anyway, since he’s under 21 (or was it 23?) and we did offer him a contract, Athletico will have to pay us compensation for developing him (I’m assuming the salary we offered at least matches his last contract).

  23. 1 loose cannon

    Kingsalami- You are right going through a long injury and show commitment after, is a test of character and deserves a reward

  24. Yes, 1LC and Kingsalami. Coupled with rewarding his loyalty, the man is an absolute GENIUS and even if plays in just 10 games or so this season, the difference he can make to those games will repay this show of faith – in priceless PL points.

    Mozart is one of our very best players, along with Fab and VP. As an example on the training pitches alone, his input is a fantastic asset. Players like Ramsey and Merida and Denilson and Nasri will all learn trivela off of him! If for no other reason than that, his resigning is an absolute coup.

  25. Let’s look at the Rosicky situation another way.

    If he had been with another team for the last 3-4 years and had suffered constant injuries but also showed signs of returning to brilliance in recent months, I don’t think there would be many questioning Wenger’s decision to snap him up on a free transfer.

    Just as Wenger and Rosicky have done, we should all forget about the bad luck of the past, and wish him full health and great performances for the next few years.

  26. SomeRandomGunner

    good one lagooner. I love Rosicky, for some reason his game attracts me more than our captain’s. He just makes our play faster. Good luck rosicky………

  27. Rosicky has hardly played and you all talk about him like he’s Bergkamp. He’s done nowt except cost us money, my brothers. I do like him as a man but as a footballer he is too weak. I’m afraid the boy is glass, not class. You hearing me brothers?

  28. We have an embarasment of riches in midfield so somebody always was going to loose out. I still think that another player out of Diaby, Denilson, Song, Ramsey, Wilshire, Nasri and Tomas may leave in the not to distant future, I would be very sad if that was the case. However with Cesc being top dog, it leaves 2 slots in midfield. Obviously certain players just signing contracts suggests they are happy for the time being. But I just cannot see all these fantastic players being content with bit part roles.

    It was inevitable that a player Merida’s age and the fact that his progress although good has not been great or fast, would leave. It’s a shame we didn’t get any cash for him.

    Hopefully i’m wrong on all accounts, but history suggests we loose players that have been nurtured and developed into fantastic talents, as they tend to come in waves and come to flourish at around about the same time. Wengers change in tactics to play 3 central midfielders was obviously to fit his personel, lets hope those three slots can keep our squad content.

  29. If we are to push forward my bredwins, we need players we can rely on. We cannot accept no more of this ‘rosicky out with a knee porblem’, ‘rosicky out with a calf problem’, ‘rosicky out with rabies’. We need a strong squad that will fight for us and not shatter every time they are tickled. You feeling dis?

  30. els, forget about merida, he was wank anyway and you know dis

  31. f*ck off james.

  32. Oh charlie boy….when will u realize that ur on an arsenal blog…Our club is slightly different from the rest….we take care of our players…..we dont treat them like objects and throw them away at the sight of an injury or slump in form….it seems like ur wasting ur time…

  33. At arsenal we don’t have the stupid cash to attract players, we have a thing called loyalty, and a great deal of thought goes into each signature and contract extension. Do you not think that the fact we treat players right helps us secure the services of the worlds greatest youth like Cesc and more recently Ramsey, who chose us over Manure.

  34. If Merida has signed elsewhere, well good luck and don’t bad mouth the entity. If it’s all rumour as I hope, Fran sign on the line. Arsene will develop your career like no other.

    And once again allow me to gush my joy with Rosicky re-signing. Here’s hoping Gallas will soon follow suit.

    I can’t wait for the Bolton game. It’ll give everyone yet another chance to see that Arsenal has such quality and depth that we have no need to rely on one or two players, but that we play as a single unit.

  35. People, trolls are like the Flood. The only way to defeat them is to starve them.

  36. No doubt rosicky is a good player but I do think his injuries need to be taken into account. Lets hope he can stay injury free from now on.

    Best of luck to abou diaby trying to fill in the DM role, I hope he does it sufficiently well enough to get us through this phase.

    We do need a better class NATURAL DM for song to compete with in the future, sooner or later we will have to start searching for it along with an aerially dominant defender in the future.

    Diaby is improving but he is never going to be the partner for cesc but I believe he can be good back up behind our skipper. His physical presence is a great bonus and he needs to learn to use it well. He has shown great attitude and commitment and deserves PRAISE, so full marks to him for that. Ramsey must be ahead of both him and denilson though, as I have always said.

    The injury to denilson is a BOON to the team as it has given ramsey a superb platform to display what we already knew he was capable of.

    We go into the most crucial 2 months of the campaign. The team must not let up. Lets hope for the very best…

    Cheers all!!

  37. Gadget, I’m glad Meridas signed somewhere else, he’ll make dem weaker and you know dis brother, he’s cow manure

  38. So true Naga my bredwin. Ramsey is class, denilson is my arse, much better without him brother

  39. @els couldnt agree with u more

  40. Maybe Coquelin will get a chance in the squad hes far better than Merida.
    I hope Rosicky is on a basic plus pay per play as hes not worth a 50k a week gamble

  41. Since Inter Milan have got pandev, where does that leave Baletelli. I think baletelli will be a fantastic option for arsenal and wenger has already expressed his admiration of the player. And dont forget the constant racist attacks that he gets allover italy that seem. Go wenger, snap up mario balleteli

  42. Merida is class – or he could be in the future. He can’t be compared to Coquelin; they have totally different roles. I’d be disappointed to see him leave, but there’s no way we’d be able to give him game time without one or two first-teamers moving on. Rosicky is probably his nearest equivalent, and it looks like he’ll be at the club for years to come.

    As for Rosicky: ‘Pay as you play’?

    F*ck right off with that sh*t. That’s no way for a top premier league club to treat its best players. How do you think we got our reputation for being that little bit classier than the rest? Not by treating our stars like livestock.

    CharlieG = Arse21

    “The injury to denilson is a BOON to the team as it has given ramsey a superb platform to display what we already knew he was capable of.”

    Naga, that’s a pathetic comment.

  43. Why people keep going on about money. What Rosicky is getting is peanuts compared to todays wages. Some people are just happy to see him work in their local Tesco’s, Stop it guys. Wish the guy good luck for the future.

  44. One thing that’s been bugging me is this myth that should Vermaelen or Gallas get injured we’re screwed. Perhaps Yogi or Mean Lean could blog about it offering their views, but I feel it’s a little – wait, on second thought – very baseless.

    Sure with Phil recovering from this foot injury we are currently short. On the other hand Silvestre – the very experienced and astute Silvestre – has been solid every time he’s played and Senderos – good young big Phil Senderos – is a very good defender who if given the support and his confidence nutured will get better and better.

    I can’t think of a team with better CB reserves than us. In fact I can’t think of a team with a better bench than our at all, but then too many seem won’t know happiness until we have West Ham’s first team on our bench.

  45. Naga, to be fair, if that’s what you’ve always said then I should imagine you generally offer as much insight as a blind man would a pilot.

    Denilson, Ramsey, and Diaby all have different qualities, that make them great and fantastic young talents

  46. c*nt of the week.

    One of them from talk sport, hawksbee and jacobs, dont know which one but the one that supports the chavs who apparantly said that if Arsenal win the league this year it will be the worst team ever to win the prem.

  47. I think that we need to look for players who are part Cyborg, with Titanium joints and body parts, that only need a squirt of WD40 every now and then to keep em running….

    Its 2010 people!!! Why are we even STILL bothering with players made out of flesh and bone???

    It is ridiculous! And yet another stubborn obsession of Monsewer Wengerbot’s!

  48. Duke;

    The chav c*nt is just getting worried. He wouldnt have even entertained the idea of us winning the league a few weeks ago…. Yep, they is worried alright, and rightly so.

  49. Duke,

    if he means being able to win it with the list of injuries we’ll have and not being able to play our ideal first team for most of the season, well one would have to agree. Afterall, we’d have won it with more kids than Ferguson, clawed our way back from an 11 point deficit, and out-witted two sugar-rich teams on our way.

    So if we win it, what would that say about about the rest of the league? What would that say about the prospects of the first team? What would that say about his beloved Chavs?

    It would say that Arsenal is the future of football is what, and if that wouldn’t cement Arsene as the greatest manager in the history of the game, I don’t know what would.

    On the real though, if Man U win the league, that would be the weakest team to win it out of those who I think could.

  50. naga gunner @ 11:33

    confused why you think we need someone to “compete” with song, he’s been absolutely fantastic this year, maybe our most consistent player. ive enjoyed watching him improve his confidence especially on the ball

    and its clear you just have a bias against diaby! ramsey has been playing extremely well, but diaby brings something different to the squad.. did you notice how much things changed against west ham when he came on??

    TIRED of some gooners with biases against some of our players especially when it shows through in a pathetic attempt to analyze their performances objectively

  51. gadget do you really believe that Silvestre has been “solid every time” he’s played??

    i think there is a bit of “dooming” in the logic that if either TV or Gallas go down we’ll be in deep shit, but you have to admit, Senderos hasnt played in the 1st team outside of the CC this season, and Silvestre makes me more nervous than any other of our players.. he was at fault for the goal Sunday and that was far from his first significant screw up.

    I think he adds experience and thats a valuable asset, especially in our squad.. but i wonder if he is still good enough in the eyes of the manager.

    Pires and I were discussing this on Sunday.. What are your thoughts on Silvestre ACLF??!??!?!?

  52. Rosicky is top top class!! Personally, I feel if there is one player in the team who can match RVP’s touch its Rosicky.. To find a 26 year old in 2006 who could come in and play the Arsenal brand of football was a miracle.. Miracles dont always happen, when it does you’d expect a man of intelligence like Le Boss to appreciate it.. Hats off to the boss to have given the magical no.7 a new contract.. To the ones who are slating Rosicky: What do you expect? Wenger ditch Rosicky and sign a new player? The EPL is physically the toughest league in world footbal.. You bring in a player from another ;eague and there is as much chance he’ll go to the treatment room as much as Rosicky.. So even in the most pragmatic light this was a sensible move by Wenger.. Keep the quality you already know about in the club and save atleast 20 mil quid in the transfer market.. cos trust me, a player with Rosicky’s class is hard to come by and even if they do they are gonna blow a giant hole in the Club’s pocket..

  53. NJ I think Silvestre is more than adequate cover for both LB and CB.

    He also seems quite team oriented in that if the handbags start he’s first in to help out the younger players.

    Diamanti soon backed off Vela when Slyvestre stepped in.

  54. Exactly, 0.9. Enjoyed your use of a well-worn Wengerism there too, “top top class”; as comfortable a phrase as a trusty old pair of leather boots, slipped off to reveal bright red Arsenal home socks, ready to be warmed by an open fire.

  55. Spike, your idea about needing Cyborgs is silly my brother, we dont need Cyborgs, we just need players who are not weaklings. RVP is amazing but again he is glass/class.

    I have also just realised that Rosicky is 29 years old, arsene will ship him off to Espanyol in a year anyway. The lad has done well in the five games he’s played this past five years but it is time for him to admit his body is not up to it and to maybe take a nice desk job, preferbly on the ground floor of an office.

  56. Queen of Sub you make some valid points, lets go and have some dinner together.

  57. i’m a bit sad that Merida might be leave because of limited chance at this point in time, this kid will be super when he his fully develop,
    just like Song, Diaby ect.. too a while to fulfil there potential.

  58. jahpercy, brother dont worry about merida, he is dog shite and arsene knows dis

  59. NJ,

    Our primary CB pairing has been utterly magnificent and I would be reluctant to interrupt their rhythm and understanding in much the same way as Wenger. Granted there are some teams I wouldn’t want our reserve pairing to face, but that’s only a handful compared to the rest in which I’d be entirely comfortable.

    With that said: I stand by my words.

    Silvestre’s not had that many frell ups this season that spring to mind. If you can list them I would be entirely grateful, as it may reduce the rose tints I may have on.

    Sunday was a calculated gamble that seasoned players generally take. I don’t seek to attribute any blame, but were Sagna in line with the other three, Silvestre’s gamble would have worked. Had the goal still stood at that point, it would have been an unfairly awarded one. It was just one of those times where the offside trap didn’t work in our favour, but it doesn’t happen too often.

    Looking at Senderos’ last season with us, Liverpool and Chelsea aside, he had a very very good showing. People like to criticise Phil for his performances against Drogba and Torres, but please have some perspective. Those two strikers terrorised 90% of the defenders they came up against. However, I think given a few more years, a wiser and assured Senderos could be a different proposition entirely.

    It’s true that Silvestre and Senderos haven’t had much first team experience, but that surely is a very unfair criticism to make, one which would have to be attributed to anybody plying their trade behind Gallas and Vermaelen, and so whomever we had, people would have to be clamouring for another CB – and that is nothing more than grass is greener thinking

  60. NJ I think Sly is an ideal back-up defender, he has recently stated he is fine waiting to break into the team, a guy with that much experience and medals, in the squad is a great thing. As QoS said he gets stuck in and seems to be a team player and that goes a long way with me.

    Senderos if we can keep him is also a candidate for best reserve defender once he gets some games under his belt. Don’t forget we have the amazing johan hopefully back from injury next season. Why make a signing for the short term. Wenger has the scope to see 3 or 4 seasons ahead. He will know who has a good chance of making it and if we need another player in this pos.

    In Wenger we trust eh.

  61. els, I want you to listen tyo me brother, and I want you to listen good, sylvestre is crap. OK. I would rather have Senderos as cover and that is saying something you feeling me?

    Big Bad Billy Gallas and Thomas ‘trumpy’ Vermaelen are fantastic defenders who will billy billy bosh oh my gosh us all the way to the top, you hearing me sister? You know dis makes sense gwan wit chu !!!!!

  62. James, shhhh, Press conference starting…

  63. Fuck off Howard.

  64. James your a funny little fellah.

    Being a club without unlimited resources we cant afford to have a big name central defender on the bench.

    In other positions it’s no problem as we will make our own, vela, ramsey, diaby, merida, gilbert, gibbs, wilshire, JET the list is endless.

    However as Central Defence is a job you learn from playing against the biggest and best players and a role you grow into, the youth policy is less successful here. Dont get me wrong Nordtveit, Ayling all look to be potentially of the same class as the above mentioned players, it will take time for them to flourish.

    That is where Djourou and Senderos come in, these lads Wenger has nurtured and seen in them quality of an Arsenal standard. Lets hope we can keep them until the age they are ready to take centre stage from gallas.

    Senderos if he had better luck and support I honestly believe would be playing instead of us signing Tommy. It’s obviously no bad thing.

    Give Djourou those extra 2 years and keep your fingers crossed he can get some games, we will see that our defensive prospects are as fantastic as more attacking positions. The only problem is that due to the nature of the role it takes longer for them to be ready. And with time many are picked off my impatience and the general shite support from many of us gunners.

  65. *by impatience

  66. This was a must to sign Rosicky. Next uo Gallas sign him as well. Don”t push Fabregas too hard. Hammies are very delicate. They take time to heal. Wenger needs to sign another striker. The EPL season is long and hard. Fa Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League and all of that is hard on the body. Weight training may be the answer. In the NFL and MLB players use it all the time. Just a thought. A must win against Bolton. Spam bobby

  67. Trolls should be dealt with much the way of Jehovah’s witnesses: you stay silent and pretend you’re not in. It more fun than attempting to chatise them!

  68. The unique playing technique of the Mozart is innocent and light, rich and warm. .

    The Mozart’s style transports us and immerses us in a different state (trance-like), which is in fact our original state—a state in which this prodigious being lives in permanence..

    nice pass at 2:48

  69. Now now Spam Bobby (brilliant dude!), I’m an avid fan of the NFL and a sworn life long thick and thin (malnourished thin) supporter of the Lions of Detroit…

    The NFL is a whole different kettle of fish, and so your comparison is a goddamn awful one for so many reasons. Longer off season, much shorter season; the strains are different as (arguably) are the areas at risk. The only position that could have some similarity to football is that of wide receiver and those guys aren’t exactly linebacker beef. Awful dude!!

  70. Merida joins Bentley,Jeffers,Pennant and Aliadiare as players who havent lived up to the hype.He wont be missed

    As for the FA cup it is not a priority. Once the CL kicks in Wenger will treat it like the CC and rightly so.We have bigger fish to fry

  71. As long as every member of the midfield 3 understand what their roles are and are disciplined about it, I’m confident that Diaby can be an excellent relief defensive midfielder while Song is out to play for the Cameroon.

    For me, the question isn’t about his ability to do the job, but more about the dicipline of every person in that 3 man midfield to play a part in complimenting each other.

    When we played Wolves away (the game where Song had to come on because of Diaby’s injury), many people jumped the gun and started slating Diaby for not being as good as Song was as a DM, but very few of them took the time to realise that it was Ramsey who was actually playing the defensive midfield role and not Diaby, and Song and Ramsey then swapped places.

    With Rosicky coming back, the options are greater in the middle of the park. Rosicky didn’t get the nickname Little Mozart for nothing – the Czech superstar can conduct that midfield like a Philemonic Orchestra and is not averse to playing as a DM. He’s done it for his country when he needed to and did a professional and ruthless job without flinching. Denilson is also very much in the frame and I would suspect that as January settles, Denilson, Diaby and Cesc will take charge of the middle of the park.

    I’m glad Rosicky has signed a new contract – like someone said earlier, he is the sort of visionary and talented player that can make a difference for us in the home stretch. I actually believe that in the 2007-08 season, our performance in the second half of the season was affected more by Rosicky’s absence than Eduardos.

  72. As I understand, Rosicky was a Arsenal fan as a youngster as well. At least thats what he said in an interview he gave to the Times a couple of years ago anyhow.

  73. ” – which is in fact our original state – “, brilliant, KS.

    And Denilson is fit and in the squad! Which I am taking to mean, he starts, in the Song role. With Diaby and Ramsey in front of him. Nasri, Eds and Arsh in front of them.

    To slake your thirst for samba football until tomorrow, this guy is fun to watch…

  74. Speaking of American teams, I’m confused. Every professional franchise over here insures its player wages against injury. So either everyone who says signing Rosicky is a “huge risk” doesn’t understand how clubs manage wages, or the EPL (and UEFA?) somehow functions differently.

  75. When is Rosicky back ?

  76. Moderation? Seriously? I’m trying to figure out which word triggered that.

  77. Is Merida definitely leaving? The departure of a young player is always a festive occasion on ACLF, providing opportunity for crocodile tears and condescending laments about how he just wasn’t quite good enough. Human nature at its best!

  78. Finsburyparker

    Cool video KS. I agree with Jonny @ 9:20, & I also feel Nasri has something of the Duh-Maz about him, and will benefit as much as anyone from him staying.

    One of the few times I’ve heard (I’m sure there are many more) AW publicaly praising one of his players in particular was reference to TR7,

    “He’s a player I like to have in my team.”

    Can’t believe some who might not be ugly, smelly & bitter Chav Trolls are saying Merida is rubbish.

    Comparing the recent crop marked for export, we can see that the quality is much higher then ten years ago, and that’s no slight on players who’ve had good careers like Boa Morte. Muamba, Larsson etc… are better players.
    Conversely, has there been a player who’s had more success then John Hartson after being released by AW, almost the first player to be let go?
    Unlike certain other ex-players, I’ve never heard him talk bitterly about AFC.

  79. Never heard Gilberto, Parlour, Winterburn, Henry, Pires, Stephen Hughes (he just looks happy to play) bad mouth arsenal.

  80. Finsburyparker

    Agree els, I meant Wrighty, Merson, who were from the same team as Hartson.
    I don’t think my above post sounded right. Merida is a bit of a special talent, have been looking forward to seeing him get a run in the first team for a few seasons, and would be very sad to see him go.

  81. SomeRandomGunner

    Any indians here ? Wednesday’s coming live on india ?

  82. so, i guess our strongest available team is:


    some bad news- cesc is out for everton, but the in-form ramsey will provide a good replacement for the cesc role

  83. nasirjonesnasri

    You’re a vile c*nt, CharlieG. I’d start looking into a lobotomy if I was you.

    Naga Gunner, and his hatred of all things Denilson, Song, and Diaby is getting boring. F*ck off back to Le Groan already, you backwards c*nt. Maybe Arsene will read your post, since we all know he reads LG.

    Because we all know there’s nothing more insightful than a blog run by communists, who’s commenters are Championship Manager playing mongs that hate everything Arsenal, except Ramsey and Arshavin.

  84. Paulie Walnuts

    Team for tomorrow

    Mr Freeze

    Cold Front Snow Drift

    Ice Ice Baby

    Little Jack Frost Wellington English Grit

  85. nasirjonesnasri

    Funny stuff, Pz. Haha.

  86. nasirjonesnasri

    Good to hear Denilson and Arshavin are fit for Bolton.

  87. Wenger was absolutely right when saying the reason Wilshere looked quite poor on sunday was because he doesn’t get many oppurtunities, so when he does he feels he must do something special- it is very hard being in his position because everyone expects him to do what he promises in the carling cup, reserves etc…

    Footballers aren’t robots

  88. Finsbury Merida leaving would be a hell of a shame, I think of the current crop he’s always looked the most likely to leave from the outside looking in. So lets hope that it’s just paper tittle tattle.

  89. let’s hope so els- By the way just a quick question.
    Would you rather win the EPL, the champions League or the FA Cup??

  90. It’s gonna snow in London tonight or tomorrow. Let me look outside…nope not started yet so the game – fingers cross it won’t – may be called off.

    We got under soil heating and what have you but the conditions outside will determine the go ahead status.

  91. What happens if Cesc, Song, Diaby, Ramsey and Denilson are all fit?

    Those to go out are Ramsey and Denilson. Diaby has earned a regular role due to his overall ability, height and physical presence. So it will be Song, Cesc and Diaby.

    Eventually, the vulnerable of the lot is Denilson because Cesc, Song, Diaby and now Ramsey are all better than Denilson. Denilson’s role is also under threat from Coquelin, Eastmond and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas.

  92. Barbados, you clearly know absolutely nothing about football let alone arsenal

  93. Motzart yes and probably a hell of a lot of Duke Ellington! He is exquisite in the manner he plays football. In fact, his play is so sumptuous, I will live with his trips to the treatment table.

    Bobby Gee, you can be sure that ‘The Duke’ does a lot of work in the wieght room among other training methods. Unfortunately, Major League Soccer in North America will not compete for anything other than mediocrity for a long time to come. Having said that my city will have an MLS franchise next year but their soccer/football is so incredibly boring!

  94. Oh dear Paulie, are you implying what The Brain is prophesizing?

    Brain, surely it’ll only hamper the piemunchers? We should get the Bolton team bus down here pronto, give them a night at Claridge’s and let them have some time in the spa so they’re all massaged, plucked and ripened for a thrashing come tomorrow night.

    Bolton fans mostly drive stolen Range Rovers and foklifts don’t they? So they shouldn’t have any trouble with a bit of ice on the motorway. Keep calm and carry on, I say

  95. Oh dear Paulie, are you implying what The Brain is prophesizing?

    Brain, surely it’ll only hamper the piem0nchers? We should get the Bolton team bus down here pronto, give them a night at Claridge’s and let them have some time in the spa so they’re all massaged, plucked and ripened for a thrashing come tomorrow night.

    Bolton fans mostly drive stolen Range Rovers and foklifts don’t they? So they shouldn’t have any trouble with a bit of ice on the motorway. Keep calm and carry on, I say

  96. nasirjonesnasri

    What a load of shit, Barbados. Trying to divide our team with some hypothetical gibberish are we? Get a life, you bored c*nt.

  97. Zap’s 100% correct. I’m not sure what more Denilson has to do to prove himself anymore, some people are just moronic.

  98. lent a ‘Mate’ my membership card so he could go to the villa game, he has now cleared off on holiday with it leaving me, well fucked basically…

    Can I get into the Bolton and Everton games with just my booking confermation??
    Help anyone, cheers?

  99. Zap if I could only pick one (which is unlikely that our trophy haul will be that small this season) i’d have to go for the EPL. How about you?

  100. To be honest the Champions League i don’t know why i value it more than the EPL but there you go…. but.. no, yeah i’ll say the Champions League.

  101. Limpar, my friend is a Bolton fan and to be honest most of the fans are pretty decent-

    Also let’s not get too cocky i mean for years Bolton were our unlucky team or whatever you call it, until we supposedly ”killed” the tradition with a 3-2 win at the reebok, but since then wins against Bolton have been fairly narrow, mostly ’cause they come here and all they do is defend.

  102. My experience of Bolton fans is that they’ve barely a shred of decency between them actually, Zap – but I’m sure your friend bucks the trend by being just lovely.

    Not being cocky, but I do rather fancy us tomorrow. This team are incredibly hungry now, and a juicy home game against struggling Bolton is just the ticket for them to leapfrog Utd and set the title chase alight. I fully expect the boys to grasp this opportunity with both hands. It might be cold, but Arsenal are HOT. Oh dear.

  103. @ barbados

    zap answered you

    and what about wednesday srg?

  104. Fa-wat?

  105. Oh, by the way Poliziano if you read this when bobbygee said all that stuff you quoted, it was because i commented on his blog asking him why the hell he says he’s a man u supporter whilst being an arsenal fan aswell.

    His buddy ‘Alan Parkins’ who is his best friend aswell wasn’t too happy with this, thus bobbygee was directing the ‘deal with it’ comment at me.

  106. Nice Cautinho vid L.A an exciting talent, have you seen Douglas Costa?

    These kinds of players expose the gulf in class amongst youngsters which only seems to be increasing, I am however confident Wilshere can emulate this kind of composure and movement and translate it to the bigger stage for the starved English to enjoy..

  107. No shout, no insult. Who should get dropped in a midfield vacancy for three. The applicants are Cesc, Song , Diaby, Denilson and Ramsey. Simply put, Denilson and Ramsey will be axed by Arsene.

    Based on current form, physicality, aerial ability, raw talent and pace , who’s better? Denilson and Ramsey. I’ll pick Ramsey any day.

  108. ”For you all Arsenal fans, I do have a very warm spot in my heart the Gunners. I am a fan of Man U too. So, deal with it.

    I have been saying this since the very beginning. You really need to start listening to me. I know this game. I may not all the X’s and O’s but I have a very good working knowledge of the game. Trust me when I say this. God gave me this ability to analyze futebol, football, hoops, and baseball.

    The basic principles are all the same.

    The only difference is the way the sport is played.

    I drive coaches nuts. I know what questions to ask to get them to tell me exactly what is going on.

    My old sportswriter friends said,” There’s Bobby Gee asking seventeen part questions.”

    I can get to the heart of an issue very fast.

    Games are won or lost on one or two key plays. These key plays separate the winners from the losers.

    I call these matcher changers or game changers.

    This has always been this way.

    I like to study the game.

    In my old days, I used to coach high school football and basketball.

    I used to drive UNM football and basketball coaches nuts.

    God also gave me this gift to crawl inside people’s heads to see the world through their eyes.

    All gifts come from God.

    I love the beautiful game. My old PE teacher Mister Maloof taught us to play futebol when I was in the sixth grade. That was 1962.

    So here’s the truth.

    I am both a fan of Man U and Arsenal. Why Arsenal? I saw the movie Fever Pitch starring Colin Firth. I identified with him.

  109. PLEASE read that it’s very funny bobbygee wrote that a few days ago, when i left a comment on his blog asking him who he actually supports.

    Those are the best bits

  110. The age of Aquarius is upon us:

  111. I just saw this on the Times Online comments section:

    “Man U fans – don’t be bitter. Don’t blame Vidic. Be honest with yourselves. Who, given a choice, would want to live and work in Manchester. Most United fans don’t come from Manchester. Many have never even been to Manchester so they wouldn’t understand. It is grim up North.”


  112. According to when diaby starts we average 2.93 points per game . Frightening if true.

  113. haha.

    I wish all the london-based man u fans could spend one day in that shithole to see what it’s like up there.

  114. I’m a player from afar and don’t know how I got into this difficult league called the Premier League.

    I can’t describe myself as an attacking midfielder because I lack pace, trickery and incisive passing for the position. My physicality also don’t help me in the defensive midfield role either however, I’m often played in the middle and get bullied because of my physique. I fall over many times in most games and as a result have developed a recurring backache.

    Who am I?

  115. I couldn’t believe the penetration that we had suddenly had when Diaby came on against West Ham. He opened those long legs of his and showed his class.

  116. You are a f*cking non-arsenal related pr*ck. In fact, you should not exist in the Arsenal world. In essence i am talking to nothing, rendering my comment meaningless

  117. Finsburyparker

    It’s might not be grim up north, but it is cold.

    Depends on what definition of grim is used.

    Did anyone see a mythical Grim lurking in the shadows of Manchester, before a giant debt free club was sold to a bunch of vulture-financiers, pushing through a deal that would have been illegal under US law? (I think).

    Martin Edwards, didn’t/doesn’t seem to fear any sorcery. He must have a lucky rabbits foot.

  118. Wright Gunner @5.14 pm, I don’t know for sure, but if you contact the box office with your confirmation details and advise them you have ‘mislaid’ your membership card, they might re-issue a paper ticket. It’s certainly worth a try.

  119. The last line of Muppet’s last comment should have been moderated. Vulgarity of this sort is not acceptable.

    I have to take Pz’s side when it comes to judging Heskey’s talent. For I am certain Pz is talking in a purely footballing sense, when it comes to class. And Hesky is devoid of one.

  120. Call +44 (0) 207 619 5000 tomorrow, Wright Gunner.

  121. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Manchester Uniteds debt stands at £700 million. The interest repayment in 2008 was £68 million. The club are trying to raise a bond issue to help the situation. One portion of the debt, £175 million is reported to cost 14.25% in interest repayments, with the hedge fund investors having the right to appoint directors on the board.

    What a shambles. If the jammy so and sos do manage to issue a bond, then that’s their get out of jail card. On the other hand, it will be great to watch them squirm. As they don’t have the purchasing power to compete anymore. Surely.

  122. those under soil heaters better do they’re job we’re told to expect 16 inches..

  123. I seem to have a problem with my speakers. When watching the video of Denilson that Kitchen Sink posted, there is a strange, repetitive thumping noise accompanied by a woman saying her specs are on fire again and again. Has anyone else heard this?

  124. what in London KS?! Bloody hell….

  125. 16 inches, huh? Diaby really does have class!

  126. yes he does

  127. I thought you were having a barbecue winter.

  128. PZ those extracts you extracted from bobbygee’s blog were hilarious, so i just got the whole thing for another read further up

    His blog is very funny

  129. I don’t know how under-soil heating will help. A cold shower would be a better idea, or someone could do himself a mischief.

  130. @ Frank & Passenal thanks 4 ur posts.

    defiantly see what box office can do.

    Bring on Bolton hopefully..

  131. stop it poli..

  132. Finsburyparker

    Holy crapping cubicles,

    I’d never heard this.
    I think he was also the person responsible for selling the club?

  133. Wright Gunner you must be really pissed off.

    sorry that’s not really helping… this is long but go on, e-mail lasagnechef and ask him, he knows a lot about the tickets and stuff.

  134. Muppet.

    So long as Manure continue to generate revenue from the stadium and from merchandise and TV rights money, the Hedge fund managers and corporate loan sharks who financed the Glazers to buy Manure will remain happy. No one wants to kill a cash cow.

    But the thing is this, the club will remain in limbo while the financial masters collect their interest until 2017 when the capital is due for the original loan. During this time, Man Utd won’t even be able to buy toilet paper without the Hedge funds saying “go ahead”. This of course after they collect their interest payments.

    Either way you look at it, the wolves are at the door of Old Trafford and they ain’t going anywhere soon. The saving grace of course (which was the original plan for the Glazers) is for some really stupid billionaire with the ego the size of West Bromwich to do something crazy like buy Manure on top of settling the current debts. Essentially, they’re looking for someone with a spare £2 billion. In the current economic climate, it’s like looking for a 32 year old virgin in Sodom and Gomora.

  135. ”That’s the hockey announcer in me.”


  136. …or a 16 year old virgin in Paris.

  137. It is not a problem, Wright Gunner, it happens all the time. They will sort you out.

  138. Good lord

  139. KS, I hope you are wrong about the 16 inches of snow because the game will be cancelled if that is the case. It is not so much about the pitch as the safety of the supporters. The authorities would not want to encourage non-essential travel and all the risks that go with that. Hence why our game against Cardiff in the FAC was cancelled the last time it snowed in February.

  140. I think you mean Gomorrah…though since the very existence of the city is in doubt it probably doesn’t matter.

  141. I take my words back. The whole post is a bit weird, from the penetration to class. One just needs to remove the word “against” in that post, and one can figure out why Muppet has been coming less to this blog, and possible surfing elsewhere.

    “I couldn’t believe the penetration that we had suddenly had when Diaby came on against West Ham. He opened those long legs of his and showed his class.”

  142. It seems Mister Edwards was cautioned in 2002 for peeking under a cubicle in a sports centre. Plans to make him a peer of the realm were subsequently abolished.

  143. if that’s the case then I hope the news are wrong also enal..

  144. Darius Stone

    I like that.

    ‘Its like looking for a 32 year old virgin in Sodom and Gomorrah’.

    The Edwards destroyed United. That is how far greed can go a la David Dein selling us to Usmonov.

    I’m scared that Kroenke may be planning the same leverage buyout strategy on us.

    We need to pray hard.

  145. Poliziano

    Really? Did it happen? Edwards peeking under a cubicle in a Sports Centre?

  146. It happened at Mottram Hall Hotel in Prestbury.

  147. Passively watching the Stoke – Fulham game while I finish up work… my goodness was ugly stuff they are playing.

  148. David Dein was essential to AFC. We would be nowhere now without him. If you believe otherwise you are an arsehole.

  149. Zap;

    I just read that BoobyGee reply to you!!!

    Oh my gawd! The fella is completely crackers. Or a master of satirical comedy?

    Hilarious! Nice work there Zap!

  150. Or nice work, BobbyGee

  151. Definitely not looking forward to playing these louts in the FA Cup… they clearly have no intention of playing football, rather, just kicking as many shades of crap as they can out of the opponent.

  152. Nice work Zap, for brining it up Frank!

    BobbyGee knows he is the man, so my praise aint needed!

  153. Watching the Stoke second goal – obvious where their threat lies. Let’s hope Fulham get back into it. They at least play football and Hodgson has always been respectful of Wenger which I like.

  154. I have no issue with Stoke City as a football club. One of the great clubs in footballing history. Stoke gave us Stanley Matthews. My problem is with the city, along with Burnley the good people of Stoke form the twin towers of the BNP. But worse, they gave us Robbie Williams.

  155. 3 – 0 fuck a doodle do.

  156. Yeah I’ve got a lot of respect for Fulham, I think they play pretty good stuff for the most part. Watching Stoke is like digging your eyes out with a spoon. They are definitely dangerous on the set pieces though.

    I just flipped over the Porto vs. Leixoes instead, far more interesting.

  157. Quite disappointing to here countless English coaches release youngsters who have great technical ability but lack pace or size for their age..

    I guess they should only blame themselves for their lack of insight..

  158. How can Porto vs Leixoes be more interesting, taeryn?

  159. To be beating Fulham 3-0 is a phenomenal position for Stoke. Fulham are a form side.

  160. The football is more attractive (well, so far). I couldn’t give two shakes about either side, which is nice because I can watch it not caring who wins, and just enjoy the sport.

  161. Fulham is a club which works very well under single ownership.

  162. Sorry Frank – soft spot for Stoke or not they are horrible to watch. I too have turned over.

  163. Now we’ve got Barcelona on, even less reason to watch the Stoke game…

  164. Frank

    David Dein did great for us, bringing in Arsene and so forth but the truth is, he also let in Usmonov. Fact.

    He made 70 million out of that deal and since then the club has known no peace, always under takeover threat. Dein opened the slug gate for the vultures. Dein is decent but as a businessman he’s no different from Edwards.

    His son also engineered Henry’s move to Barca and may yet instigate Fabregas to Barca. Its all about the money for themselves, same people, same style.

  165. Ateeb – I haven’t been on any dodgy sites (today) !

    In any case, I’ve been posting. It’s just not been apparent through all this doomer fog.

  166. FRANK great response Dein was the one who brought in Kroenke to buy the Granada shares and is still best buddies with Wenger. The Usmanov deal only happened because DF fell out with him. Hes done a great deal for AFC

  167. Darius,

    I guess if Manchester United failed to make the top 4 one season, then they would be in the same nightmare scenario as Liverpool potentially will be. Top players not wanting to come to the club, lack of interested investors, and less revenue. But I can’t see that happening unless red nose retires and an idiot takes his place.

  168. BARABADOS THATS STUPID DD sold shares so did DF all at the current market price DF got his shares from DD for peanuts. and still hes made more than him.
    AW knew TH was over the hill and thats why he sold him .

  169. BARABADOS have you read the conditions of the two Arsenal loans and the safeguards in them to prevent a MANU scenario

  170. I think you mean, “…unless red nose retires and another idiot takes his place.”

  171. PZ,

    Exactly. Did you see red nose turning into blue nose when only 5 minutes was revealed of red nose time. It’s about time somebody in the FA drew a line in the stand with this constant intimidation and through the book at him. But they won’t – because they are pathetic wimps.

  172. sorry – threw the book


    The club announced that it has secured a month’s extension to the current loan which will see Wojciech remain at Griffin Park until the Carlisle match on January 17th (at least).

    Close friend* of Arsene Wenger, Andy Scott said “We are extremely grateful to Arsenal who themselves must recognise the positive aspects of Wojciech continuing his development here with us. Their confidence in the way we approach the game allows us the luxury of continuing with this loan arrangement and hopefully Wojciech will continue his magnificent form which will help us as we look to continue our climb up the league.”

  174. Yes.. thank you Solgooner. I mentioned Woljciech the other day. It will be interesting to see how long his loan spell will last and how quickly he will be introduced into the big time.

  175. Stoke 3-2 Fulham

  176. Simpletons

  177. MUPPET I saw video from a friend of his game against LEEDS he was tremendous. hes a chip off the old block his dad was a star GK for Poland.

    I think Fabianski and him are the future in fact I think Fabainsks is ready to take Almunias place now but AW never changes unless we lose


    Wukash is a good keeper, as it Sznszenzny, but i don’t see them taking Almunia’s place. Let’s not forget about Mannone either….

  179. And what about The Beverley Sisters? When do they change?

  180. Do you have a link of that video Solgooner ?

  181. Joy was a few years younger than my dad. Born just round the the corner in Bethnall Green. The Krays were born in the same year as the twins, a couple of streets away. The bedrock of Arsenal support.

  182. Jews, Gypsies and Irish lived cheek by jowl in those days.

  183. Of course Richard Bryce is another story.

  184. Thank you, Muppet. I’m sure Wenger will bend the rules to keep Gallas.

  185. I think so also Poli.. Gallas is a brilliant and lovable lunatic..

    the heavens have opened..

  186. I hope Gallas signs an extension. He’s been absolutely fantastic since he lost the captaincy. I had my doubts about whether he would still be here after everything that had happened but he has been an incredible pro. Whatever deal is put in front of him he has earnt. Really hope he stays for a couple of years yet.

    Just wish that Merida had signed. A part of me is still hoping that all the reports today have been a load of rubbish, but I think that he may have already signed for Atletico. People who have said he wasn’t that good don’t entirely realise the potential of the kid. Many people didn’t realise the true talent of Iniesta until he was well into his twenties. In fact I thought he was very reminiscent of him. He’s going to be a fantastic player where ever he ends up at. Good luck to the young man in whatever he does.

  187. Anyone know if the Bolton game is on tv tomorrow and which channel? Doesn’t seem to be on sky.

  188. Tee hee. Gallas’s lunacy is just on the surface, like the chrome-plating on his Mercedes. He has a steady heart. The way he reacted to losing the captaincy astonished me, and earned my lasting admiration. I think he had one nervous game, then he settled down, not just to his previous level (which might have been expected), but to the best he has ever been at Arsenal.

  189. I agree Poliziano. I really thought Gallas would leave after the loss of the captaincy, but he has astonished me with his professionalism. I noticed in the game against Villa, just how much he wanted to score a goal as he kept talking to the free kick takers beforehand to tell them where he was going to make his run and where to place the ball. You can see the way he celebrates that he loves being part of the team now.

    Serk, Arsene fears the worst and so do I. Once Merida delayed signing his contract the writing was on the wall. I can understand why he has made that decision, but I think it’s premature. Arsene could have helped him to develop a bit more as I don’t think he’s quite there yet. Still, he’s going home to Spain, he supposedly supported Atletico as a child and they are not a bad team. I wish him luck unless he is playing against us in the future.

  190. it’s snowing heavily at moment I hope the game is still on tomorrow.

  191. I know what you mean Serk, It seems Merida who is technically astute and probably a better passer than Ramsey, decided against waiting for his physical game to develop at arsenal (agents love to cash in)..

    if only there was enough patience from the public to allow Wilshere to grow steadily like the example of Iniesta..

    my sentiments precisely Pz (I’m sure he makes that car look good)and make that the best he’s ever been at this level..

  192. That’s kind close to my own thinking Passenal. When I read the article about Merida leaving my thoughts immediately went to Wenger’s comments on needing a new midfielder in the transfer window. I have to agree with your assessment of how Wenger could have helped him to develop. Alas, what’s done is done. The only thing left for us to do is to be our usual graceful selves and wish the young man luck in Spain.

  193. In a way Kitchen Sink I think he went for the easier option. His level of physical development (or lack there of) would not be a hindrance in the Spanish league. The way that he ran at players, and tried to dribble through the defence, his vision and ability to shoot; I really thought he could take the mantle from Arshavin, just as Andrei was getting on a bit. Admittedly he wasn’t usually successful when doing those things, but we saw Diaby struggle to turn his intentions in to reality until very recently. In time that would have changed for Merida as well. It’s a real shame.

  194. agreed.

  195. If Merida leaves so be it. I like him. I see in him a lot of potential and raw talent. But if he wants to go, there’s nothing the club can do to stop him. I will not be surprised if he ends up at a much bigger club by the time he turns twenty four years old.

  196. Just read on Gunnerblog that Clichy could start training soon. Anybody else hear of this?

  197. What the hell is up with friday football??

    It’s not been avaliable for the last 2 games?????

  198. Hi

    How likely is a postponement of the Bolton game due to the weather over in London? Any update?


  199. Merida will be little missed. At present he ranks near the bottom of of the depth chart at his position, with Cesc and Ramsey well ahead of him, as well as at other midfield positions. Other than meaningless Cup competition games Merida never stood a chance meaningful first team minutes, let alone a run of games. At any other top team be might not get more playing time at his age but eventually he would because at any other top club the competition wouldn’t be as talented and competitive as Arsenal is.

    They should try and get something for him, though. Economically, they just can’t let Merida walk away from the team on a free. Perhaps Wenger could bundle Merida in a trade or loan deal, and adding another player in return during the January transfer window. Otherwise Arsenal take a 4 million loss without any return on investment. I just can’t see Wenger letting that happen.

    Gallas, what an iron man! He plays much younger than his age and appears to be in excellent shape. His return next season is essential to the team. Arsenal won’t easily find a replacement of Gallas’ caliber of play and consistency. If Wenger is grooming Gallas’ replacement in the youth academy then it is also vital that young player gets to watch and learn from a great player like Gallas. Give Gallas a two year contract with the understanding that playing time for the player to take over at centre half position be phased into the first team during Gallas’ last contract year, assuring defensive continuity during that transition year.

  200. I want us to be the first london club to win the UCL. That title I would hold with great esteem as i’m sure all of you would.

    On Rosicky. To all those pay as you play mutherf*ckas you should be thankful we have a talent such as his playing in our club. If he didnt get injured when he did and continued his form we most probably would’ve won the league in the 07/08 season. Its no coincidence that we lost form around that time. Alot of people look to the Birmingham game (GallasGate) and the Eduardo injury as the instance where the wheels came off our season. I somewhat disagree as I think Rosicky’s injury was one of the main contributors to that if not the primary contributor. Furthermore, if he stayed fit for these past few years we would have struggled to keep all the major clubs from knocking on our door trying to snatch him away from us whilst the ungrateful ‘pay as you play’ fans would have been on their knees begging him to stay. Be thankful he’s even donning the Arsenal jersey b*tches!! He’s truly a once in a lifetime talent as the video above clearly demonstrates.

    As for Merida I don’t doubt his talent but his patience. If he’s half the player I think he is he’ll stick it out and prove himself just like many of the other players have. We should sign him and maybe just maybe he can be next season’s Song, a revelation.

    I’m happy with our squad. If all fit we and firing on all cylinders are easily in the top 5 teams in the world. We can only get better as all our boys truly become men (Don’t even bother hassling me on that men v.s boys statement. Seriously F*ck off. My love for this team is unparalleled). We need to keep them together aslong as possible and I assure you we will be the next dynasty. Forget the ‘Invincibles’ our squad are going to be legends in their own right and won’t be compared to any other generation because there will be no comparison. This is Arsene’s legacy.

    As for our play I feel as though we still haven’t clicked as a team this season, maybe only in sublime instances. Thats a pretty scary thought considering what we have achieved so far this season. When I say ‘clicked’ I mean being capable to perform and execute plays of the highest calibre. Anyone remember that one touch passing move v.s AZ?? Where RVP shot wide at the end?? We are capable of doing moves like that at will but our passing has been amazing but still not on that consistent level where all the players know where each player is positioned without even looking. In layman’s terms, a telepathic understanding of each other’s positioning and movements. The reason being obvious. As we all know we haven’t played the same team on a consistent basis for a long while due to injuries. Our players are also either just coming back from injury or are just starting to find their feet. Basically, everyone is on a diff gear and playing with a diff set of players on a weekly basis. This lack of continuity hasn’t helped in enabling us to reach our true potential or peak performance levels. I know what I stated probably has been said before but I just liked to mention it again at this stage of the season.

    To NJGunner- Bout Sylvestre hehe I’m just gna restate what I told you. He’s doing JUST enough lol. And all you guys that say he F’d up on that offside trap, it was Sagna fault!!!

    Is it just me or are the FA f*cking around with us with the fixtures??? Unbelievably shameful. But it just makes the light at the end of the tunnel all the much sweeter. No matter what the end of the season bring’s i’m sure our boys will do us and Wenger proud.

    I’ll go with Zap’s team for the Bolton game as I feel Vela has alot to offer us on the wings especially against a team that is in such disarray as Bolton is at the moment. I see Eduardo notching up a few more goals.

    THE END haha

  201. To Dwf- I agree. Gallas is irreplaceable at the moment. It’s going to hard to find someone to take the baton after his time is up. Call me negative but I don’t see a direct replacement from our ranks. Atleast not someone that can slot right in and be an instant hit. As someone mentioned earlier the CB positions are the hardest to fill as it takes time for a defender to get to the top of his game. You can’t possibly believe that Bartley, Nordveit or even Djourou can come in and make the position their on instantly, it just doesn’t work that way. We need to find a proven shot stopper during this transitionary period. Just my thoughts.

  202. their own*

  203. What’s with these Carlton Cole rumours??? I’m kind of skeptical on whether we should sign him. I don’t think he’s up to our standards to be honest. But I still think he can come in and do a job. Any half decent striker can become prolific with the service our team provides for our strikers. Case in point, Adebayor that ungrateful twat haha. What do you guys think? I honestly think if he’s fairly priced we should get him. 9mill max?? But with the way english players are priced these days I wouldn’t be surprised if it were more. In any case Arsene is the best judge on the fairness of the pricing. I will trust any decision he makes as we all know he’s the best at estimating value in a player. I have a feeling were not going to get anyone during the transfer window and you know what for the first time in a longtime I could really care less!!! Let the rumour mills go on!!!!

  204. dwf, apparently, because of his age Merida is classed as a youth player so we will get compensation for our development costs. It’s not likely to be much, but better than nothing.

  205. MUPPET Amazingly my friend is a Brentford supporter and he showed me the video when I was in London he took it himself but didnt give me a copy

  206. PASSENAL Two million is owed to Barcelona for the judgement they got for AFC getting Merida. it was awarded agsinst Meridas family but the understanding was AFC would pay it.

  207. PIRESAHOLIC. Your knowledge is underwhelming despite press reports many EPL players are on a basic salary plus incentives that is what Pay per play is, and though they can earn 60K plus weekly there are many with 30K basic and the rest on results and appearances.

  208. Thx for the clarification SOL. All I know is that i’m not the only idiot with a misconception towards pay per play. I was just trying to make a point that Rosicky is deserving of a more than standard type of contract due to his quality. A point I wanted to stress to the fans that are not appreciative of the fact that he’s tied in to our squad on a long-term basis. I’ll make sure to sharpen up on my contractual knowledge for any upcoming debates 🙂

  209. Lacina Traore is the latest being linked!

  210. Rosicky is a terriffic player, if only we can get him and keep him long term fit!! A vital component for us in winning the much needed silverware. Its been well documented that Rosicky and Cesc are best buddies, do you think this was a factor in Arsene keeping hold of him as a leaverage in keeping hold of our talismanic captain bearing in mind Rosickys injury record?!?

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