Portsmouth Preview: Keep The Pressure On

The last league fixture of 2009 for Arsenal arrives in the shape of a visit to Fratton Park. Portsmouth currently prop up the Premier League and if the first half of the season is anything to go by, the mismanagement of the club will see them start next season in the Championship.

As is always the case, injury news dominates pre-match. The luscious passing of Fabregas and Denilson will be missing this evening as Arsene will be seeking to utilise his squad in the midst of a run of two games per week. Replacing the pair will no doubt be one reason for Wenger to content with Alex Song remaining until the finish of the FA Cup tie at Upton Park this weekend; Abou Diaby’s rich vein of form another.

Responsibility is resting on his shoulders as one of the more experienced, fit midfielders in the squad. It is not often that we have been able to use that phrase during his time at the club but his form this season, on a consistent basis, shows that Wenger’s perserverance with him has not been misplaced. Alex Song is in the same boat and we must hope that he does not suffer adversely following his international exertions, in a similar fashion to the loss of form and injury which afflicted Kolo Toure two seasons ago.

Brighter news is that Tomas Rosicky is going to be fit and raring to go either tonight or on Sunday. If there is any doubt, it should be the latter when he returns to the fold given the previous false starts we have had with players returning too quickly after absences. Nicklas Bendtner, meanwhile, will continue to occupy the minds of the medical staff for the best part of January, his hernia cleared but a groin problem grounding him.

Portsmouth have enjoyed a mini-reversal in their form on the pitch, not being defeated at home since Manchester United trounced them 4-1 at Fratton Park in November. Indeed it is the only time they have not emerged with at least a point since Tottenham walked away with all three in October. There is a theme here; top four sides should win this fixture.

Arsenal tend to enjoy their visits to this part of the south coast, not tasting defeat since March 1958 in 5-4 defeat. Of the eight matches since then, 5 have been drawn with Arsenal winning the others. At this time of the year, Arsenal have never lost either, winning twice and drawing three. Last season saw a much changed Arsenal trounce the hosts 3-0, a scoreline which was not at all flattering. A repeat of that performance would go down very nicely in these parts.

With the injuries, I would expect Arsene to rotate one or two with Sunday in mind. Defensively, no change is necessary but with Eboue going post match, I wonder if Wenger will give Sagna one more rest before a busy January kicks in. In midfield I hope Ramsey is given the time to shine, him being the most logical replacement, adding guile to the directness of Diaby. Up front though, I would be inclined to ring the changes, Walcott coming in on the right and Vela on the left to support Arshavin. This would allow Eduardo to play centrally in upcoming FA Cup tie. Nasri likewise could do with a rest, having played pretty much full-on since his return from injury. Absentees tonight are a chilling reminder of what can wrong with overplaying.

Those changes would leave the line-up:

Almunia; Eboue, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore; Ramsey, Song, Diaby; Walcott, Arshavin, Vela

Whichever side Arsene fields, they should be good enough to win this match. They have to be in order that the pressure placed on the top two can be maintained. Next week, the game in hand disappears so the squad need to be in a position to take full advantage of that.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Sooth for the win!

    Now to actually read the article. πŸ˜‰

  2. shit………2nd

  3. Eboue has gone to the african nations, so Sagna should start.

  4. Still no news on Denilson and Cesc then?

    From what I’ve seen of Pompey, I expect a tough game. They were decent against MU and Pool, but were poor against some run of the mill team. Not sure which one will turn up, but I don’t expect a walk in the (Fratton) park. Oh yeah, also expect the pitch to be a total disgrace to stop our passing game.

    Still, we’ll win this and overtake the mancs.

    I was also thinking that we’ll start Walcott and Vela for this, and probably also the WHU game.

  5. hasnt eboue already left for the anc.
    i feel this te more important game than sundays trip to upton park

  6. I didn’t think he had – the Ivorians have called everyone up fourteen days beforehand as opposed to the Cameroon FAs decision to have them all ten days before. That would mean Eboue leaves either tomorrow or Friday.


  7. This will be a tough game. Not a place for experimenting. Unless he needs a rest nasri has to play, he gives us control and energy, links play very well. Back 5 the same with…
    ramsey, song, diaby
    nasri, arshavin, eduardo

    We need eddy to find his scoring boots asap, he should play every game from now on to get his game to click. If we have the game in the bag bring on some of vela, merida or theo and rest some players.

  8. Eduardo will start, WY because he needs to play as many games as possible in these poor times for him. He will rediscover his form, and i’m telling you it will take 1 good goal for him to rediscover it (his form)

  9. ——-almunia—

  10. I rarely comment, but I read your blog avidly, Yogi.As you I have every confidence for tonight but the pitch is a concern,fratton Park is one of the worst grounds in the PL. Is snow forecast for tonight ?.

    I would like to see Ramsey play for Cesc tonight,and personally I would stick with Eduardo.

    One game at a time,but I hope we field a strong a team as possible at West Ham, not a CC team,though i agree that rosicky may be held back for that game.

    A happy new year to you,and yours and all your regular bloggers.

  11. On another point, I noticed Old Red Nose Fergie has claimed that the title will be a two horse race, as it always is.

    He is correct…..except his assessment that Man Utd will be involved

  12. This is going to be a much harder game than most of us are expecting.
    I’ve liked what I’ve seen of Pompey when I got the chance to see them.
    Their crowd never shut up and if they get the first goal we are in for an extremely difficult night.
    But I’m also expecting a no nonsense focused performance from our boys.
    It’s obvious that we have the more creative individuals but it’s our steel that’s going to be tested tonight.

  13. I see Megson has gone from Bolton!

    I hope this means that when we play them next week their new manager doesn’t inspire them to play any better than they have been playing….

    Come on you Rip Roaring Reds!!!!

  14. fratton park is a disgrace to football stadiums……….i hope that doesnt stop us, we need this 3 points badly, more than a fat kid nneds cake..

  15. Zap,

    On the whole Im liking your line up…..

    Although Diaby will have a lot of ground to cover as you have him in Centre Mid as well as out on the left ! πŸ˜‰

  16. haha, that’s meant to be nasri by the way remi…

    so, they don’t have O’Hara or some other players, so they’ve got injury problems of their own

  17. I predict Vela will start in the fa cup. I think it will be a front three of

    Theo,Andrei,Eddy. again.

  18. O’Hara will be a big miss for them…..

    The chap they have in midfield Dindane is pretty useful from what Ive seen and I like Kaboul as well!

    Tonight is going to be a bit of a scap methinks, especiallywith Michael Brown kicking us at every opportunity!

    I predict a scappy 2-1 victory with a winner from Theo in the last ten minutes!

  19. I’d like to see Eduardo play every single game until he regains his form. His link play and contribution is much better folowing the recent run of games, but he needs to chase the demons that haunt his finishing. I don’t think benching him will help. This is one case of having to stick it with him until it changes. I would think Vela and/or Theo can come in as an impact sub for him.

    Otherwise, there’s no need to change the line up save for Rambo coming in for Cesc/Denislon in the midfield.

    The key for us today is the backbone provided by Vermaelen, Gallas and Song. A good game from the 3 centurions and the rest should have a platform to work with.

    I have to also say that in particularly the last 2 games against Hull and Villa, Almunia has thoroughly impressed me and I hope he continues with that form. If giving him the captain’s arm band was all he took, then Wenger is a genius in motivation. Not that he has the chance to relieve his Spanish compatriot off his skipper duties, but while Fab is away, let Almunia play.

    ON a side note, sad to see Denilson out because I really thought he can get a run of games that would make Dunga rethink the folly of playing Melo alongside Gilberto for the Brazilian world cup squad as opposed to Denilson alongside Gilberto. Denilson has so much more to offer Brazil than Melo has.

    …And is it true that Avram was the brothel visiting Gaffa? I was hoping it was Phil Brown.

  20. Yogi…I don’t know but I think it is 10 or 14 days before the team’s first game. Are you assuming Ivory Coast & Cameroon’s first games are both on the same day?

    Fairly sure Eboue has gone already, let’s hope Sagna is ready for a long old slog throughout January.

  21. My local palmist predicts a 1-1 draw tonight. Well i say local , her buisness shut down due to unforseen events.

  22. Wait, but what if say cameroon were knocked out in the groups? WOuld Song come back? They probz won’t though not with Song and Eto’o in the same team

  23. What chance that Wenger surprises us all and following the likely departure of Senderos, signs Sol Campbell for the rest of the season.

    He could do worse, we have players who will be ready for next season, but not yet

  24. Speaking of palmists, where’s Howard?

  25. Here’s my team :


    Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Traore;

    Diaby Song Nasri

    Walcott Arshavin Eduardo

    I think Ramsey will be in the FA cup team so, he might not start.

  26. Palmist… Is that what you call a follower of Myles Palmer’s blog?

    Hope that they don’t appoint Hughes as manager of Bolton. They’ll set up to kick us out of the title race if they can. Try to injure as many of our players as possible.

  27. Afternoon.

    Here’s some Arsenal porn to get you all in the mood for tonight’s roll in the hay



    Who cares about Merida if we can get Melo, Cana, Veloso, Matuidi, Dzeko, and Subotic. These guys won’t kill Song, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, or Ramsey will they Arsene? And they are a thousand times better, and if you don’t know this Wenger and don’t buy early in the window then you’re just making the same excuses and need to be sacked for Mourinho or Hiddink. Bring in Florentino Perez, or the Sheikh at City or Abramovich, too instead of that cowboy yank Silent Stan. I hate when Arsene and the board don’t tell us what’s going on and I’m tired of him not letting us know ahead of time who we’re gonna buy. We need to take back OUR club.

  29. I go exactly for same as bawatski @ 12:04 pm

  30. ArsenalArseneArshavin


    did your mother not give you milk this morning??

  31. jonesnasri be more sensible when posting

  32. nasrijonesnasri – they’ll love your extra special single brain cell type of idiocy over at Le Grove.

    Why don’t you just mouth off over there?


    It’s like someone gave plankton a platform.

  33. Ooops did I say ‘mouth’?

    I meant ‘fuck’.

  34. YW, You seem to be implying that Totteringham are a top 4 side.
    Surely not.

  35. It worked! Hahahahaha! Sorry guys but I’m up extra early today and thought I’d get some people wound up. Twas a joke, Jonny.

  36. Am I the only one who can’t see Solgooner’s post?

    I agree with Nasri, leave him alone, you one minded people on this blog. There can be a difference of opinion, you can’t have uniformity of thinking in thousands of fans. That’s why we get to debate with each other. Without hurling abuse would be ideal. It is clear that we need a striker, 2 midfielders, one to replace SOng and Denilson, and the other for rosicky, since playing 3 games a season isn’t good enough. We need a cover for Gallas and Vermalean as well. Hoping Arsene goes on to buy world class players, this season. This is our only chance, next year, the English Galacticos of Man City, would win the league as 300M will be spent to buy all the players of Madrid and Barca.

  37. Ahhhh, I see.

    Sadly it was all too believable but so long as you are at least amusing yourself!

  38. Oh f*** off Nasri.

  39. The club is being tight lipped on the injury of Cesc and Denilson.

    Maybe its to do avoid being in a week position to negotiate new signings.

  40. It’s the last comment from the previous thread. I just thought it was extremely funny for a doomer to say they hoped we didn’t sell Merida, when they usually set their sights on the more expensive, bigger names in football. Plus, he’s a midget who’s not physical enough and would get bossed around by the likes of Anderson, Huddlestone, Carrick Bullard, Barry, Milner and Cattermole all day.

    ; )

  41. that cracked me up NjN when jonny told you to f*ck off.

  42. but i do agree with what you said NJ and N, Jonny’s a total diackhead, how dare he speak of le grove in a lower light that ACLF. Maybe we should go on le grove to see how much class there is on there, teach us all a lesson.

  43. Wow, I sincerely regret making that comment.

  44. well nasrijones has a point we need two experienced midfielders and a powerful cf and a strong cd to compliment what we already have and all the trophies will be ours for the taking.

  45. i’m kidding

    albansosa ka miundi nasrijonesn nasri was joking

  46. Guardian ticker tape says Portsmouth been given winding up petition by HM Revenue and Customs

  47. Good comment, Ateeb. I’m actually feeling quite optimistic about this season. We just need to add one or two world-class players in each position and we’re ready to roll.

  48. Yogi..

    i thought eboue had already joined up with ivory coast???

    im hoping wenger signs a couple of players now in january…i thought we had enough to cope but the injuries are stacking up and the league is there for the taking this season…

    i think we lost the league a few seasons ago because wenger didnt use the januray transfer window and then injuries to dudu and rosicky stopped us in our tracks…im hoping lessons have been learned from that season and wenger reinforces…and i hope he gets a box to box midfielder…we could use some energy in the middle….

  49. Thanks Pz, I knew you’d understand the extent of the crisis we find ourself in, with so many injuries, and our personal dislike of Denilson and Song.

  50. jonjon have u forgotten about diaby

  51. This is must win. Chelsea is beatable. Attack and score. Arshavin and Eduardo are the key. The “D” will be fine. Keep the pressure on Portsmouth. Take em out early. Force the tempo and pace of the match. Ties are not needed. Play to win not lose. Three points will cut the lead to four points. One match at a time. Go get em. Watch out for the Dogs (underdogs) are dangerous this year. I want to see a win. Spam bobby http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  52. I think the injuries to dudu and Rosicky happened after the end of january window. But hey, whose looking for a rational debate with JonJon?

  53. i know ateeb..thats what exactley what my comment pointed out…

    zap..diabys not box to box…attack wise hes a threat…when he sees the goal he goes for it but defensively hes lathergic..switches off and makes alot of errors…

    wenger has already said diaby is a different player from vieira and vieira was box to box…diaby just likes to attack..hes more of a striker than anything

  54. An excellent write up dude.

    I hope your team selection is right and we get to see some of the squad players show just how deep the talent is at the club. Even with the injuries.

    This is our moment and we need to start adding real form to our play and show that whoever steps in we can still play and beat anyone. I don’t think we have had that since our last title. Soon this squad will be as decorated as that lot.

  55. 6 points from our next 2 league games will make that twat Ferguson retch.

    Come on you reds.

  56. i think it’ll be whites tonight, in 2007 we played them and wore our white kit, last season was an exception bcoz their kit was all blue, but i do feel less confident when we wear that white kit

  57. Phemmit from Lagos

    Dont feel regret nasri, i like ur comment.

  58. Don’t forget Rosicky will be back for west ham and will probz come on tonight as a sub

  59. Why does this stuff always happen to other teams just before they play Arsenal?? Pompey about to be declared bankrupt, Bolton will have a new manager. Both will come out fighting against us with points to prove, when they should be shaking in a corner and begging our boys to show them mercy.

    Hopefully we put them both back in their places, but it makes me more nervous than I should be.

    Portsmouth will be losing a bunch of Africans too I believe, any of theirs left already?

  60. rosickys not the same player…hes not fit long enough to find his feet…some of his performances this season have been dire..and then hes injured again…
    as time goes on i find it harder and harder to believe he’ll be an arsenal player next season…which is a shame becuase this team really needs a fully firing tomas…what a magical player…

    if wenger moves in the window for a midfeilder..it wont be killing song,denilson or diaby…it will be rosicky…

  61. Zap, are u superstitious?Who cares what we wear? Just go beat them! We need to be up for this physically though as Grant will seekk to rough up our players.With Song and Diaby playing well, we may not have much problems at the back and middle but its breaking them down that is vital.Three points for sure.

  62. lol…NJN. Guess they don’t know you…

  63. YW – nice post.

    However, Eboue is definitely Ivorian, and I am pretty sure he’s already gone off.

  64. Looking forward to seeing Ramsey and Traore particularly.

  65. dsqd,
    i can tell you both yebda and belhadj were allowed by the algerian manager to play against arsenal,i dont know about kanu,dindane and utaka.

  66. isn’t coyg a bit half blasphemy ?

  67. Eboue is away.

  68. Isn’t Santino that illiterate Le Groan troll who can barely spell?

  69. Oh well cheers chamakh, Belhadj is the only one of those five worth a damn anyway, and then only for his pace. It’ll be nice to see old giraffe-features Kanu again though if he’s about.

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  71. younes kaboul is also a monster, he climbed over almunia remember when we slapped them 4-1 earlier in the season

  72. And hates Theo Walcott for absolutely no reason?

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  74. -a-r-s-e-n-a-l-

  75. “illiterate Le Groan troll”

    isnt that oxymoron you unimoron ??

  76. Ohh so he’s not as thick as his comments suggest after all. Or is he? A round of applause for Mr half blasphemy himself… Santino!

  77. Well then Poliziano what about the Winter Olimpics. Who will dominate the slopes and the ice?

  78. Or should I try Olympics.

  79. nasirjonesnasri
    fuck off to you and to your coys inc

  80. ateeb, you can’t say barca are like real madrid. What arsenal will hopefully achieve is what Barcelona are achieving right now, and we will. I don’t remember very well but barca weren’t exactly the driving force of the la liga for a long time. The thing is it’s easier for them because there is only Madrid, whereas we have had 3 other teams fighting for dominance in recent times.

  81. Fabianski
    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Cliche
    Song Fabregas Denilson
    Walcott v.Persie Nasri

    that is the near future for Arsenal Football club- I’m saying this will be our team in 5 years time, but i can see some new signings included in Wenger’s grand plan for Arsenal- If his masterplan was a lifetime, it is still in it’s youth and still very early

  82. “What arsenal will hopefully achieve is what Barcelona are achieving right now”

    it is the other way around mate.

  83. Is there anyone else in the footballing world who’s reached the levels of treachery that Harry Redknapp has and still has a job in said world?

  84. Right back at ya, Santino. You gossipy, roller coaster riding, plastic, piece of sh*t.

  85. “We are the pride of North London the kings of the south, we hate the Tottenham ‘cos they are all mouth. The cannon ball fire, the cockerel will fall, we are the Arsenal the greatest of all………naaaaa naaaa naaa na na na na na na na na na oooh”

  86. Santino you don’t know what you’re talking about mate

  87. what Barcelona are doing now, we want to do, we can aswell and we will, it’s a tougher job for us. Face facts instead of talking shit

  88. thanks for your comment about one of your legend Harry Redknapp .Now enlight us with more you infiltrating cunt.

  89. “what Barcelona are doing now we want to do”

    what exactly is that ? diving ? or there constant bsing with our captain ?

    We are far better than barca .They are a shit club with no class and respect .

  90. That’s a bit rich coming from your mouth, Santino.

  91. i cant stand these people wetting there pants dreaming of barca and beyonce.

    emulating barca ? what about emulating our great neighbors ?

  92. fuck off santino, i don’t give a shit about Barcelona, but i like them because they play like us, the way football should be played. yes, that is what arsenal is Santino, it’s a football club don’t you know you brainless twat. Piss off allready

  93. for the newbie supporters of football.

    best club in London -arsenal not spuds as you believe
    best club in england -arsenal f.c
    best club in Europe – arsenal (beating the likes of real ,milans and your barcafuckinglona by a country fucking mile)


  95. Any chance of peace on earth ?

  96. peace on earth and spuds for cl

  97. I think it’s going to be 1-0 to the Arsenal tonight matchwinner Arshavin

  98. is santino a sentient being?

  99. santino since you’re so keen on expressing your views on spurs, piss off to a spurs blog it won’t take long mate, just a quick tap on ”favourites” on your screen

  100. peace on earth and santino a true arsenal fan.


    unfortunately this is going on.

    Have some respect for others santino, i’m just returning the favour

  101. nice way to welcome to your well mannered club .

  102. i have no respect for anyone who compare our mighty club to the likes of classless barca chelsea and of course spurs.

  103. you really are brainless aren’t you.

  104. 2 hours till K.O.

    I have a feeling sagna and arshavin will be rested for sunday, however without sagna eboue isn’t there so i think the former will make the starting line up.


  105. only two things came out from that shit hole worth mentioning

    Cesc Fabregas and Merida

  106. Never fear, Muppet. World peace is on President Obama’s to-do list. The American president, however, is, as I’m sure you understand, a very busy man, and he has to prioritise. The first priority of his government is to bring the earth’s climate under presidential control. Otherwise, as Professor Al Gore tells us, the ice caps will have completely melted within 5 years, flooding most of the world’s major cities. Once the scientific consensus is that global warming is at an end, and that the majority of climate research centres can be shut down, then the president will turn to the relatively unimportant task of securing world peace.

  107. Obama’s to do list was to remove soldiers out of afghanistan, has that worked? No it did f*ck all even if he does it will coz they’ll all be interfering in other’s business under the illusion it helps

  108. I see Myles Palmer has had another rant at Wenger, poor Myles it must be terrible, to be that consumed by jealousy.
    So many good journos are on the scrap heap now, what chance has a second rate hack like Myles of earning a living he must be really hurting.

  109. confirmed team:

    Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore, Ramsey, Song, Diaby, Nasri, Eduardo, Arshavin

  110. ——–almunia———

  111. ——–almunia———

  112. ——–almunia———

  113. Glad Ramsey is in, hope Theo and Jack are on the bench

  114. No Theo on the bench – don’t know why yet.

  115. Just Rambo in for Denilson then. I like it.


  116. Come on Arsenal!


  117. THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    http://www.myp2pfootball.com for a stream guys…

    Come On

  118. by the way, google myp2pfootball, don’t click on the link

  119. Someone arrange to have Merson put down, please.

    It would be a blessing.

  120. tee-hee.

    Cesc out for 10 days, apparently. Could have been worse.

  121. when the hell r we playing 7.45 or 8????

  122. Did you see that hilarious exchange:

    Merson: We desperately need a striker, otherwise we won’t win anything.

    Keys: But, Arsenal, more than any other team except from Spurs have been scoring goals throughout the team (13).

    Merson: Well…..

  123. 7:45 for us, 8pm for ManUre.

  124. Here we go!!

  125. thanks fungunner

  126. ..cut to commentator who tells us that we are the team that has lost fewest games in 2009 and scored the most goals.

    Oh, and”'”space for two english teenagers on the bench”.

    Cynical and ignorant

  127. What is the point of Paul Merson as a pundit on Sky Sports if he is just going to keep banging on about the same cr@p. Isn’t there anyone out there with a different opinion. Worse still Alan Smith in Commentary. This is going to be a long nite. Mute button ready! Even Keyes the perenial doomer asked Merson why does Arsenal need an orthodox clodhopper if they have scored the most goals and described him as being like Ian Wright. in the opinion stakes. That says it all really. Well done for once Keyes. Only one Arsenal. 3-0 to the gunners again.

  128. A R S E N A L

    Let’s go Gunners! Strong lineup!

  129. Most pundits simply don’t have sufficient in-depth knowledge of individual clubs to make sensible observations. Compared to them, we are experts on Arsenal. In addition, a lot of them are just thick.

  130. Second place awaits.

    COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  132. Walcott is not even on the bench, any body know why?

  133. Ramsey only 19, how fukin good will he be when he is 25??

  134. Injured ribs for Walcott.


  136. Eduardo!!

  137. Oh, and Steww’s show was really good, btw.

  138. Deserved the luck. Keep it going.



  140. Damn it…missed it

  141. BTW thanks Muppet it’s working well.

  142. I was thinking that myself, Duke.

  143. I suppose the Micheal Duberry goals commitee will give that as an OG.

    Dont trust them dubious basterds.

  144. Dubious goals panel ? How about a great goals panel to salivate over Arsenal goals ?


  146. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  147. Samir!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Yes!!!!

    What a finish!!!

  149. That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  150. woooballoooookadoooo!!!

  151. Great strike!



  154. Come on- What a goal by Samir

  155. The vessel is on show now.


  157. Paul Merson must be eating his shoes in the pundits box. Arsenal are absolutely slaughtering Portsmouth without a clodhopper centre forward. 2 – O. How good have we been. According to Smith Portsmouth have been well off it. Yeah they are being battered and Arsenal have been absolutely ruthless. Classic cat and mouse stuff. I am looking forward to the Man U game at the Emirates. They will have nowhere to hide and Rooney will be sent of for diving following a foul.

  158. Good half. Playing well, great passing. Portsmouth chasing shadows.

  159. If only we could score goals.

  160. Portsmouth doing a Villa and playing shite!!!

    Its just papering over the cracks,we still need three strikers! Ruud v Nistleroooooy, Bellamy and Saha!!!

  161. I am having serious problems with my streams any working well for you guys?

  162. @ Muppet

    ha ha ha

  163. It’s 3.45 am here but all good πŸ˜€

  164. You know what’s hilarious? The United fans on BBC live text orgasming over how “well” they’re playing today. It’s Wigan, for christ’s sake.

  165. sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/69850

  166. How are the boys playing? I can’t watch the match and they’re discussing something about Parthia on the MBM *sigh*

    I saw that comment from the United fan as well re: how well they’re playing. It’s a joke. It’s Wigan they’re up against for god’s sake.

  167. I have the Untd match with english commentary and indeed the commentators are on Cloud 7.

    I am watching the Arsenal one with french commentary and the french commentators are going enthusiastic with Diaby and French WC plans.

    I dont think we would have cruised through this match last year. Its a boring opposition on an average pitch and a small stadium. Everything to be dis-interested. But, we are being committed.

  168. Song and Diaby are bossing them.

  169. How are we doing second half? Any danger of doing a West Ham?

  170. Can’t believe Anthony Van den Borre is playing at Pompey of all places. Him and Vincent Kompany never really came to fruition after leaving Anderlecht.

  171. Arsenal possession must be around 70%… Pompey have threatened once or twice, but been easy stuff for Almunia.

  172. No disrepect to Wigan, but it’s not as if united has scored 4 against, say, Barcelona, or something. But to hear the commentators beside themselves with joy, you’d think Man U was thumping someone who didn’t let 9 in against Tottenham.

  173. What a Goal!!!!

  174. Wow, what a goal.

  175. Ramseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

    Quite a good shot with his left.

  176. ….um….wow.


  178. what a strike!

  179. Bring on the subs now

  180. Yes, great strike by the “19 year old”!

  181. Ngkankwo Kanu and TR

  182. Little Mozart in the house.

  183. Goal for Belhadj after some decent play.

  184. Typical, we can’t keep the clean sheet.

  185. Need to keep concentrating!

  186. Looked kinda loose at the back… no one picked up Vanden Borre so he set up Belhadj pretty easily. Still, well-worked goal, though would have to think it’s too little too late for Portsmouth.

  187. Kanu is still good. Amazing.

  188. Go on, Super Tom! I’d love him to get a goal tonight.

  189. We can’t keep a clean sheet? What the fvck did we do against Villa? If anything the players dropped their concentration and have started to celebrate before the final whistle. Now this otherwise easy game has become a bit more intersting. That is it.

  190. Well done Song!

  191. HAhahahahahhaa….SONG~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

  192. Song!!! What a way to say au revoir!

  193. PREFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. smoking

  195. Goalllll!!! Nice header from Song!

  196. “We’ve only got one song…”

  197. Gainsbourg, remember back to the Portsmouth game at the Emirates. That’s what I’m referring to. We got complacent both times, I think.

    Is that Song’s first of the season?

  198. Vela coming on!

  199. Absolutely great to see Rosicky back, and it’s good that Eduardo is getting more match time.

  200. Songggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. Craig Eastmond for Nasri.

  202. I’ve just realised – our goal difference is the best in the league now.

  203. Who has Eastmond come on for?

  204. Thanks SD. I see NJN posted it just before I asked!

  205. Taeryn,

    No mate. You have indegestion and you farted out a moan for no reason at all. We’ve dominated the entire game and a momentary lapse of concentration cost us a goal. Nothing more.

  206. They are praising Wenger something awful on this broadcast…did they not get the memo?

  207. On mine too axis it’s quite refreshing.

  208. Abou Diaby with his third man of the match worthy performance in a row.

  209. G69
    So glad to hear Abou is keeping up his excellent recent form.

  210. Diaby excellent again tonight, especially in the 1st half. Ramsey has also done well.

  211. Chelsea – 45
    Man U – 43
    AFC – 41 with a game in hand.

  212. The whole team did well. My stand outs are Diaby, Nasri, Ramsey and Traore.

  213. AAAAAAAArsenal!

  214. Also – Song played well.

  215. A R S E N A L


  217. ………………………ARSENAL…………………………..

  218. Portsmouth 1-4 Arsenal!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah

  219. FG, Diaby has confidence. This is the big difference in his game. People who doubted his talent didn’t really factor in all of his injuries and the effect it had on his mental state. Can you imagine what he will be like next season when he’s got his form and confidence up and running?

  220. Another fantastic team effort. Diaby is blossoming into a world class player right before our very eyes.

  221. Song MOTM for me. Diaby a close second.

  222. my freakin stream cut out as soon as they scored and i had to restart the laptop, and it was 4-1 by the time i got back the stream. Very, very nervy moments but the sense of relief when i saw the score was probz even better than if i had watched it!

  223. Good team performance. It’s on to Upton Park at the wend for the FA Cup! Should be interesting to see what team AW picks.

  224. The most important thing for me was that they looked relaxed and confident in this line-up…Eduardo looks more comfortable every game. Really glad to see him making hard tackles. Diaby, well i don’t even really know what to say. Together with Song the middle of this Arsenal team is simply a brick wall. They can control the middle third of the pitch however they like. Most of all I like the way they seem to just expect to score. Not even big celebrations…even Pompey expected to get whipped…[as it should be]…love it.

  225. Didn’t see most of the game, but another nice 3 points in the bag…four goals…onwards and upwards Arsenal

  226. Man U 5-0 Wigan


  227. I agree, Muppet. Consistently rock solid all over the pitch with a perfectly placed header for a goal to provide the icing on the cake.

  228. nJn do you think it was the icing? I was relieved, if they got 1 goal they were right back in it

  229. I am pissedd. dis result means arsene shut the shop and buy no one. he justify we scoring without strikers, so why get new one. stupid eduardo goal he cant shoot. and we need someone to DM if you know what i mean. we conceded a goal. no clean shit like man’s 5-0. please beg u arsenal buy now. dont let results fool u and us.

  230. Still leaking goals. If we hadn’t scored, we’d have lost the match.

  231. The most improved performance was from Eduardo and Diaby continued on his previous MOTM displays.

  232. Zap – even after the goal, Portsmouth were never in it… We could have scored a few more than we did.

  233. Ramsey’s goal was something really, truly special. What a proposition he is.

    Not sure it was Diaby at his best, but far from his worst.

    Song was man of the match though, surely? We will miss him but, hey, we’re getting used to missing players at the moment. The bandwagon is rolling on nicely.

  234. @ Zap,
    ManU were always going to roll Wigan over at home. The point is that if we win our game in hand, we go above them in the table – it’s in our hands. Best goal difference as well so far.

  235. Trust in Arsene!

  236. Watch out Poliziano, Gainsbourg’s pretty rabid this evening, don’t go criticizing anything about the game!

  237. Zap, Wigan don’t park the bus which leaves them open to results like these. MU beating Wigan 5-0 at home is to be expected.

  238. I agree. I think Song was motm. He was everywhere.

  239. @ Poliziano on December 30, 2009
    at 9:55 pm

    ha ha ha

  240. MOTM Song….well deserved. What a monster….absolutely priceless. He didnt put a foot wrong. He doesnt even need to chop players down like fletcher and carrick…intelligent interceptions..roll…pass…and go…it was like he was skating on ice. Good Luck to Song and Eboue in the Africa Cup of Nations.

    Sorry Merson but great teams make other teams look poor. Pompey were only poor because they were outplayed…simplez.

  241. Poliziano is actually making fun of comments like yours.

  242. It looks like it’s back to the whoring broad for Avram Grant.

  243. That’s so true Pz. Without any goals we would have lost 1-0. Scary times.

  244. drawing board

  245. I think that puts us at 51 league goals, through half the season now. Still might make 100.

  246. We love you Arsenal we do, we love you Arsenal we do, we love you Arsenal we do, oh Arsenal we love you!

  247. That’s true Pz…lots of people don’t know this but the team that scores the most goals by the end wins the match…without goals, we’re done for.

  248. The people at espnsoccernet are extremely lazy. It said something like David James unable to stop Samir Nasri’s shot. Umm, David James wasn’t in goal idiots.

  249. It’s not even as if Begovic looks anything like David James :-\

  250. @ Pz, Maria

    And if Arsene had sent on my cat Cleo instead of the team, we’d have forfeited the game. I can’t believe no-one else can see this.

  251. Stop this 100 goals business people it just media rubbish. Let’s start talking about 100 points end of season instead.

  252. Though technically, as he wasn’t in goal, he was indeed fairly unable to stop Nasri’s shot…

  253. Exactly, Maria. 100 goals is only interesting if it’s a gloss on the Premier League trophy.

  254. Wasn’t that fun?

  255. PaulMerson&ian wright

    Ok Ok everyone lets not get all fukin high and mightley carried away, it was only bottom of the table pompey, dont forget we struggled in the first half against Villa, erm….oops just dropped these straws…hold on……think negative now…manu td out scored us tonight so they will win the league surely.

  256. By far the greatest team the world has ever seen.

  257. What was great about tonight’s match was that we managed to successfully manouvre the ball in such a fashion that it crossed the white line inbetween the two posts more times than the opposition, them moving the ball into the back of the net and us making contact with the net a total amount of 4 times. This means we won the match. This also means we are going strong in the title race. What if we didn’t score, you may ask. Or you may not ask. But Poliziano asked, as did many follow-up comments. What would’ve happened if we didn’t score the score would have been 1-1. Thanks for reading this really boring and pointless comment. If you just read the last bit and went on well….ok

  258. The number of goals we score this season may be completely irrelevant if we take the title, but it’d still be a nice slap in the face of all the naysayers who claimed we’d struggle to score with losing Adebayor and not having a “strong, physical” forward.

  259. bloody hell everyone i just said man u 5-0 wigan, damn. FFS some of you are like the media, pick up any insignificant thing and turn it into mountain Everest

  260. glad to hear d result. this means AW & Diaby or cesc or song for manager & player of d month of dec!

  261. Yes, steww, that was great fun!

  262. Even the dog stayed in the room – normally she gets scared when I watch football.

  263. ^
    ha ha ha

  264. It was fantastic steww…great fun indeed!

    I’m off. Cheers all.

  265. next up, Bolton at home, in the vital game in hand. I’ll miss mentally imagining 3 more points every time i look at the league, but it won’t be that easy now all the players will look to impress their new manager if they have one by then.

  266. LOL – Stew

  267. Right, time for bed and dreams of Ramsay’s goal.

  268. That’s funny Steww.

    Wait and see all the media will be drooling over the Manc’s win and saying Arsenal will need depth in strength to win 5-0 and we need to by an 8’6″ Sasquatch…etc., etc.

  269. – by
    + Buy

  270. Listen to a great English ex player Bob Wilson put those fools at Talksport straight here is the clip I think.


  271. Here is a glimpse of idiocy

    A quote from the times:

    “but the best chance fell to Eduardo, who directed a limp header across goal when he really should have scored. The Croatia striker is a pale imitation of the player who terrorised England at Wembley two years ago and Wenger may regret giving him a new five-year contract last month.”

  272. A true legend Maria

  273. Bob Wilson is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He always has time for the fans and is a true fan of The Arsenal himself.

  274. Thanks for that Maria…Bob Wilson sounds like a wise-man.

  275. We need a monster dm in jan.we also need a big cb who can deal with all the fast strikers in da legue.

    If Wenger doz not see dis then he shod juz go

  276. Bob would fit in well on ACLF – he’s an AKB too!

  277. He sure is Passenal.
    Bob said anyone who questions Arsene’s management is an idiot. How right he is.

  278. Who wrote that article in The Times, G4E? What a c***! He’d get on well with Clive Tiddly. The pair can f*** one another.

  279. Your welcome ACLFs. His an example of what Merson and Smith could do with their role in the media. Emphasis the positives and describe any short comings as a working process sighting the clear economic inequalities in the league. Is it really that hard??

  280. Just watched the highlights of the match…what a fantastic goal by Ramsey and Song’s was even better. He really showed great presence to get into space and his header was spot on. Both were things of beauty!

    Eduardo seems to be getting the goals too, they all count no matter how ugly, his form and confidence should follow.

    A great win, the team could have been down after their great win against Villa and with more key members injured.

  281. Just wanted to congrats to Vic Akers on his OBE for his work with ladies footbll and his true team of the decade the Arsenal ladies team.

  282. eduardo’s assist for Nasri was back to his old self – standing 100% still in the pen area for 2 seconds – ace…

  283. Missing: Cesc, Van Persie, Walcott, Denilson and Bendtner.

    We still strolled to victory. Those pundits who keep saying that we do not have strength in depth need to go suck.

    The likes of Arshavin and Eduardo are not bad players all of a sudden, they are just not at their best. I think it bodes well that we have scored 10 goals in our last 3 games and our strikers aren’t erm striking.

    I would like a quality center forward brought in but if Wenger cannot find the right one then I do not think it spells the end for our season.

    Eduardo could click back into gear and score 15 goals from now until the end of season or Bendtner could come back on fire, boosted by the chance to play as the lead forward instead of out on the right. Arshavin could be adapting to the center forwards position as Van Persie had to.

    Lets not forget that many people ruled him out as a shit target man in the beginning.

    We are in good form without important players and I think that is going to be vital for this race.

    Let the games..begin!

  284. What a load of rubbish Mean Lean, everyone knows Man U have all these players out.

    E Van Der Sar
    J O’Shea
    J Evans
    R Ferdinand
    O Hargreaves

    When we only have these players out

    C Fabregas
    K Gibbs
    R Van Persie
    G Clichy
    N Bendtner
    J Djourou

    As you can see Man U are much worse of than us than us.

  285. If you’re not an AKB you’re just a c*nt, in my opinion. Simple as.

  286. “The final round of Premier League fixtures of the year also contained a first for the top division – neither side fielded an Englishman in their starting XI at Fratton Park.”

    From the BBC – can’t they get over it?

    HNY to all Gunners BTW

  287. Monkey AsS face Fergie should be hitting himself on the head with his own shoes for losing out on Ramsey. He couldn’t get off his big fat ass to meet the young guy…idiot.

  288. Howard the Unwanted

    Great game but we still need a striker. Eduardo and Bendtner can not play through February where we’ll be seriously challenged. 2007/8 should be a reminder, when Arsene refused to strengthen and eventually cost us the title.

    Eduardo still has some way to go because of his injuries and is not physically up to play upfront. Bendtner is only 21 and improving and shouldn’t rely too much on him to deliver the holy grail and push us to the top of the CL.

    If we get Pierre Gignac in, we stand a good chance of winning the title and running to the finishing line in the CL.

  289. maria,the great english man bob wilson is a SCOT.

  290. Ramsey dances on the pitch. The Royal Ballet should pick up this lad. A truly outstanding talent. Ferguson missed a good one.

  291. Bob Wilson a Scot! This country is truly going to rack and ruin. Fortunately, we have Scotland to pull our Queens and Football out of the blues.

  292. How beautiful to see Rosicky back and looking like an enthusistic kid on the pitch.

    I’m beginning to think Eduardo is the key to the season, and why AW kept the faith. He’s neither a captain marvellous type, nor even a goal-poacher type (as le groans would have it) but an under-stated and hard working player, and 3, 4, 5 times in any match produces a very clever move.

    Recalling his goal attempt against, oh I’ve forgotten, anyway 2 games back, on the edge of the box, right hand side, he finds a yard of space, looks up and attempts to curl one inside the post to the keepers right; it’s inches away. It’s a brave and clever shot, a striker’s shot, and it’s not going to be long before he gets the mojo and those start going in. 2 goals in 2 games now, plus 2 assists in 2 games, never mind one was a walk in and the other a deflection, this looks more and more like positioning, guts and vision – Eduardo’s real attributes. I like him very much.

    This Gallas-Vermaelen thing is also one of the unsung class acts of the EPL this season, and surely no central defence to match it.

    A slight worry about the central midfield, we will miss Song tremendously. Now how about Gilberto back as a temporary signing?

    Hapy New Year to Arsenal, 51 goals this season, and the best team in EPL in the 2009 calendar year – if this year was a season, we would be celebrating the EPL trophy. Put that one down your pants groaners, and light it; yes it’ll hurt, but you hardy (english grit) types can take it can’t you, and it’ll be such fun for the rest of us?

    Title contenders? You betcha. It’s on now.

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