You’ve Never Had It So Good?

Arsene believes that the last four years has been the best period of his reign at Arsenal. Freely acknowledging that, in terms of silverware, it has been a barren spell, Wenger put a perspective onto this time, giving an insight into the expectations of the club. If he were not performing to the board’s expectations, the confidence that they so obviously have in him would not be there. Indeed, neither would the manager in that scenario, either through not being given a new contract extension a few years back or not signing one that was put in front of him.

Unsurprisingly, it has been a time when a lack of appreciation of the working environment has shone through. Wenger observed in his webchat:

In some ways [these changes are] for good, in some ways for a little bit more negative because it’s less relaxed. Everybody is a bit more tense and life is, as well, about enjoyment. I felt that 13 years ago a defeat was less dramatic than it is now. It is all about Champions League now and being in the top four.

He omitted to add that winning is the only thing that matters in some supporters eyes. Fail to sign a big name player and you are a loser. Finishing in the top four with little or no money to spend? Loser. Patience in the Premier League generation of fans is almost non-existent. When this was vocalised last season, Wenger noted that football was simply a reflection of the society in which we find ourselves living today: a ‘now‘ generation, brought up on the shallowness of being called a celebrity for no apparent reason other than having five minutes of fame on odious reality television programmes.

The world of football has been skewed and distorted by an influx of money, some borrowed, some of equally dubious sources. English football has commercialised itself into a global business. No problem there at all until the wretches who control the game spew forth notions about 39th games around the world, maximising their revenues whilst devaluing the very competition that has become so watchable to the masses. In this morass, Wenger has been able to fashion top four finishes, cup finals and semi-finals from a team which in monetary terms had no right to be consistently finishing in the coveted Champions League places.

Winning silverware is of course important but so is the future of the club. Investment in clubs from outside is no sure thing. Manchester City has taken the poisoned pound from a morally bankrupt politician to find itself swimming in cash, spending freely and achieving little in return thus far. Liverpool are sinking into the riverbed of the Mersey, unable to rid themselves of their American fighting cousins. Only one club which has been taken over can vaguely claim to be run sensibly, Aston Villa, reaping the rewards of a sustained policy of growth by challenging for Champions League places last season and this.

Wenger’s biggest demon has been his own track record. Domestic doubles, titles, cups littered the first nine years of his reign, culminating in The Invincibles. The last trophy was the turgid 2005 FA Cup but when you are winning, the manner of victory does not get remembered by the history books. Even Wenger admits to breaking up his undefeated team too quickly but a side of a similar age is going to disappear around the same time. Paris 2006 would have been a fitting swansong but would not have changed one thing about the move to The Emirates; financially the club was always going to have a tough time.

In moving to The Emirates, Wenger knew he would have to rebuild the club on the playing side. Planning for this had happened several years beforehand, the Youth Academy did not suddenly have an influx of talent overnight. The rewards are beginning to shine through. A taster came two seasons ago, derailed by a series of events, collapsing under the weight of pressure in the end. In whichever industry you work, progress by a young team of people will be in stages, plateaus misinterpreted as backward steps. The inexperience of the players last season shone through as they struggled for consistency in the summer and autumn months. Post Christmas, the malaise was shaken free and a run put together which cemented a top four finish.

The conveyor belt of youth is Wenger’s legacy. Manchester United harp on about their golden generation but no-one has come through since to be bracketed as a World Class Player, save for the vapid rhetoric of their manager, complimenting individuals in a uxorious manner. Little wonder that Wenger takes greater pride in this squad. It may be the best he ever has; it may not. History will pass judgement when they are gone.

Right now though, they are challenging for trophies on three fronts – a little disingenuous, I know, since the FA Cup has not yet begun for Arsenal but we have yet to be eliminated. It is a time of promise; a time of hope. Little wonder that this mix of youth and purchased experience, Wenger believes it to be a period of potential. Perhaps those who chastise and berate will be changing their tune. That will require patience.

Merry Christmas to all who have passed through the ACLF doors, thanks for your time and contributions. I will be popping in and out over the next couple of days, inbetween watching the kids enjoy and inadvertantly destroy their presents whilst I consume copious quantities of alcohol to retain some sense of sanity. And with a bit of luck, finding enough time to read Football Ambassador by Eddie Hapgood, the latest reprint from GCR Books, which arrived on the ACLF doormat this week. A review of will be up after the Villa match. Next post will be on December 26th.

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  1. These 4 years have been as wonderful as the first 9 years under Wenger. We have been very competitive even when our funds were restricted due to the new stadium, injury curse in the past couple of seasons and our luck. IF we had that little bit of luck, we could have easily had the one(or two?) cup that is missing from our cabinet..

    Hopefully, Arsene will have a trophy or 2 at the end of this season or next to prove He was right from the beginning!!

  2. C’mon Arsenal… In Wenger we trust….

  3. 2nd….

  4. lovely blog, this. have enjoyed it all year. thanks very much, and have a spanking xmas.

  5. Happy Christmas Yogi – it’s been a real pleasure. Thank you.

    For me it’s about football first, trophies second (though I still want to win really badly).

    There is another kind of winning on offer too though for the thinking Arsenal fan – that of bucking the system and proving that ‘this’ way can work and, in it’s own way what is being attempted is far more fascinating and extraordinary. I sense the other big clubs very much want us to fail – scared perhaps of the embarrassment of being usurped by a club making a profit.

    As for ‘patience’ lets just hope the IKBs learn a little but I for one won’t be holding my breath and I wouldn’t be too sad if they stopped holding theirs altogether.


    Seriously though, peace brethren and c’mon you beautiful reds.


  6. God! I love this blog and i love ARSENAL

  7. A very good write up Yogi.

  8. Great work YW. You continue to speak for many of us with a sense of perspective. Let all the Championship Manager types go hang.
    All the best for Christmas to all gooners and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.

  9. Thanks Yogi. That was a great post to round off before the Christmas break. I hope you and the family have an enjoyable time.

    It’s a sad fact of the society we live in, fuelled by the ravenous 24 hour media hype. My Christmas wish is that Santa brings the moaners and whingers some patience and perspective for Christmas. But since they are on the naughty list that probably won’t happen, so like Jonny, I will not hold my breath!

  10. The past four years have been good indeed. We have stayed competitive at a fraction of the going market rate, we have a great squad looking good to break the trophy drought this season and emerge stronger next season. Looking back at the last 4 seasons, the one blemish in Wenger’s record has been his handling of the Flamini Diarra situation. The fact that we started season 2008-2009 without either of them was probably the most important reason why that season did not turn out to be as good as the one earlier and this one.

  11. A good post on the big picture.

    A very happy Christmas to all.

  12. ok, this blind faith in wenger when will it eventually yield, is there a time frame 4dis experiment? are trophies important or not? is top four our target perpetually? if i cud get answers to dez questions maybe i cud say sooner whether its gunners 4life or until i get bored ehm that should be now

  13. I’m sure Father Winterval (as I suppose Santa is called these days) is not bothered about whether children have been naughty or nice.

  14. uk – the sooner you get bored the better i reckon.

    if you aren’t gunners 4 life, you ain’t a gunner at all.

  15. Gunner From Nigeria

    Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Title Lifting New year 2010 to all Gunners.

  16. I’m spending far too much time on Arsenal blogs. Time spent here, however, is never wasted. A Cultured Left Foot is the best Arsenal blog -balanced, knowledgeable, well-written, funny and wise. Thank you.

  17. I was going to suggest that Father Winterval would share his work with Mother Winterval, who would of course enjoy equal pay for equal work. That, however, sounds rather 20th century. A 21st century Father Winterval would undoubtedly have a civil partner. Let’s call him Studmuffin Winterval. Father Winterval has replaced the old-fashioned red great-coat with a stylish green version made from recycled wool and with a faux fur trim. He’s worried about the environment, and he wants everyone to know it. During the arctic summer, he runs a sanctuary for polar bears that have been left homeless by the melting ice caps. He’s emancipated his reindeer, and now delivers his gifts by Toyota Prius.

  18. My happiest holiday message so far is the latest official email from Wenger (hopefully most of you are recipients) where he states:

    ” We have now taken ten points out of 12 since we lost to Chelsea at the end of November. That defeat hurt. When you look on TV and see people saying that it was men against boys that day then it does hurt. But they have kept going, kept fighting and that’s good. It makes me proud that after this game we didn’t give up.

    “We’ll be going for the title in the New Year”


    Happy Holidays to Yogi and all ACLFers. You have remained a rock, an unshakable bastion of support ranged against the enemies of the greatest football manger and the greatest football project I have seen in my lifetime. I Love It.

  19. Flint McCullough

    Saving one of your best for us at Christmas!!

    When did AW say he broke up the Invincibles too early. If he did I don’t agree with him apart from maybe Le Bob. Injuries & age caught up with them & sadly it really happened by natural causes & greed.

    The fact, that we have remained so competitive ( albeit without silverware yet) & entertaining in a period when by all precedent we may have had to accept quite a few more places down the table is a testament to AW’s unequalled management, particularly when you consider that this was the time when Abromavic, also changed the landscape of the game.

    Thank YW & most commenters for excellent reading throughout the year.

    Merry Christmas to all !!!

  20. @ Pz

    Another great post, YW. Merry Christmas to you, Mrs YW and all the little Warriors. See you on Sunday.

    Loved your comments, Jonny!

    @ consolsbob
    “football manger”?
    Christmas-themed typo there!

  21. happy bloody christmas all

  22. Thanks again. Wonderful as ever. I’d probably pay to read this blog.

    Have a great Christmas!

  23. It will be interesting to see if Villa change the team that has been doing so well to combat us.

    If they play 4 in midfield with petrov and milner in the middle Cesc will have a field day. If they drop Heskey and add a man to deal with this, they lose a big advantage on set plays and leave us with only one striker to watch.

    We could really do with cesc back, but especially traore. We will need his pace against young or milner.

    Their defence, whilst on a good run, is not the quickest. I think Theo will start, he has murdered that LB a few times before, amazing he manages to keep playing afterwards really.

    My guess for Sunday:


    Sagna Gallas TV Traore

    —–Denilson — Song

    Walcott —Cesc —–Diaby


  24. Without a doubt this is the best blog. What is most impressive is that the chat is almost always football oriented and always interesting. The very best of the New Year to all of you and may our Arsenal Football Team continue to play and produce players through the academy that produce a brand of football unknown in the rest of Britain.

  25. Again, a clear perspective of our club, player, manager, fans, and media. Many thanks for your time and insight.

    There is something very special occurring at Arsenal – right before our eyes.

    As we move through this season and those to come, Arsenal fans will reflect on these last 4 years with deeper understanding of Arsene.

    Much of ‘life’ is about our relationships with those you come in contact with: trust, compassion, respect, understanding, and patience.

    Happiest of holidays to all.

  26. It has been a good 4 years minus silverware, and we all know we want that. AW is the man for this club, there is no one else out there I would want. I have a quick question for the old heads on here, i was on “You Tube” checking out old Arsenal vids, I watched the 1984 Milk Cup Arsenal v. Oxford Utd. What is the “Milk Cup???” Can someone that was around then let me know, the Milk Cup?????

  27. “It is a time of promise; a time of hope.”

    Thanks Yogi, there was me thinking you’d slack off today. What a brilliant piece.

    I can’t believe Arsene first met David Dein in 1988!

    Arsenehollis, great team – the only temptation for me would be to let the little Marseille menace go out and celebrate his freedom in style, with Theo to come on and pull them apart later on.

    I think Heskey is out injured. So it’d be Carew, or just Agbonlahor up front.

  28. The Milk Cup is the League Cup, before it was Rumbelows, Coca-Cola, Worthless etc. We won it when it was the Littlewoods Cup (?). Just before my time.

  29. Flint McCullough


    The “Milk Cup” is the League Cup, presently known as the Carling Cup.

    Previous other names include:
    Coca Cola
    & some furniture shop, who’s name escapes me.

  30. Thanks LimparAssist for letting me know what the “Milk Cup” was, the league cup huh, well I now know what it is, again thanks and Merry Christmas!

  31. “Marseille menace”

    LOL, nice, I bet Nasri won’t mind.

    I think Villa will try to break with Young and Agbonlahor. Having Traore back is vital.

    I am going with.


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore

    Fabregas Diaby

    Nasri Arshavin Eduardo

  32. Love it Warrior, perfectly put!

    Have wonderful Christmas mate.

  33. looks like you lot will have to wait forever for another trophy under this sort of ”development”mind you it probably wouldn’t hurt you as much as the real fans….

  34. have u guys watched the lad caled eden hazard play….the boy is good…i would love to see arsene go for him in summer from lille;

  35. What have you come as, spit yo game? Ebeneezer Scrooge? Or… the Grinch?

  36. Aw cheers Fun Gunner,

    it’s so noticeable, as it is with Tony’s blog over at Untold, that the comments section is full of much better, more thoughtful and nicer people than the rabble the majority of other blogs attract.

    It’s encouraging to think that intelligent comments attract intelligent responses and that, by and large, more thoughtful people are seemingly genuinely more ‘thoughtful’ – if you catch my dualistic meaning.

    There is more than enough negativity in this world and enough to dislike about the modern day football landscape without also being negative about the team we love and a manager who has given his life, soul and many sleepless nights for this club (his wife must be a chuffing saint).

    I’m nervous about the Villa game – it’s undoubtedly a watershed game for the season. A chance to lay a marker of intent but, nervous though I may be, you’d have to be a fool to think we do not have it in us to give them a real lesson. Time to step up.

    Can Diaby shock the world by having two great games in a row?? I just KNOW he’s got it in him and there were some real glimpses of it last time out. I would just love to see him blossom and flourish.

    This is the kind of knife edge stuff that makes this club so exciting.

    You’re all aces.

    Apart from uk but I don’t think he is very bright, so I’ll let him off.


  37. A great way to leave us at Christmas Yogi. One of your best, I think.

    A very Merry Christmas to all our readers wherever they may be.

    This is a proper Christmas here. We are ice bound. Yesterday I sledged the turkey down form the main road and today acted as postman when the sad excuse for our real one would not leave the warmth of his van to deliver. Had to collect our coal via wheelbarrow and am now settling down for a cooking marathom with consolslel before wrapping a few presents and starting on the festive cider.

    God Bless You Arsene!

    A great football manger if ever there was one.

    Thanks Fun for spotting my brilliant, and seasonal, witticism.

    When did I say that?

  38. All we want for christmas is a new Keeper a new striker and back up CH but sadly santa will not be visiting the Emirates.Ba Humbug

  39. You are so right. Winning at all costs. The future is now-George Allen Washington Redskins. Still Arsenal is in great shape to win the title. Three wins are a must. Hope for Chelsea and Man U to stub their toes and presto bingo the gap is closed. Nine points are a must.
    Spashing cash doesn’t buy championships. Just ask Man City and the Dallas Cowboys.
    The Gunners do need to sign a striker. With RVP out this could hurt. Eduardo and Vela haven’t proved they can handle the load.
    Merry Christmas. Off church with my wife later today for Christmas Eve services Spam Bobby

  40. Splendid piece Yogi….

  41. thanks for the blog yogi.
    i love this blog. an avid reader of yours.
    have a great holiday to you and to all you gunnerz.

  42. I’ve had the same thoughts myself regarding AW rebuilding the team since the Invincibles. In fact, I think that Wenger almost performed a miracle a couple of years ago when the we finished third on 83 points. From the Invincibles of 2004 and Champions League finalists of 2006, the 2008 team was essentially a completely new set of players brought in over the previous four years. Factors outside of AW’s control prevented that team from pushing on and becoming a championship caliber team.

    We had a strike force of Adebayor, van Persie, and Eduardo. Say what you want about his attitude, but scoring 29 goals in the EPL and Champions League means Ade is a hugely talented forward. Who knew he would turn into a massive cunt? Eduardo’s long term injurry? Not a lot Wenger could’ve done to prevent that. That’s up to FA. Three of our first choice midfielders, Flamini, Hleb, and Rosicky were lost through departure or long term injury. One could argue that perhaps with better man management, Arsene could’ve prevented the departures. I don’t know, in a world where players can be corrupted by greed, unscrupulous agents and rampant narcissism, what can a manager really do? I do know that not many teams can lose five key midfielders and forwards in one season and expect to be better the next year. And yes, I know that Adeba-whore technically stayed but his head was already gone last year. Some say we just should have bought ready made replacements. Unless your Chelski or Shitty, what team can afford to bring in five players of that caliber in a single season.

    Essentially, that 2008 team was on the cusp of being a championship caliber team. Imagine if those players had stayed (and maintained a good attitude!) and those injuries hadn’t occurred. Add in the addition of Arshavin, Vermalean and Nasri and where could the team be now? Wenger has essentially rebuilt the team TWICE since the Invincibles. That he’s done so despite the fiscal constraints, maintained our position in the top four along the way and is on the verge of competing for top honors in the near future IS quite an achievement. Because these players have grown and developed together, I will take extra satisfaction when this team does win major silverware as I’m sure Arsene will. And I do believe, it’s a matter of when, not if.

  43. great post. have always enjoyed the blog. keep up the good work. from Chicago, with love.

  44. I have been reliably informed that Santa has been seen over the Canadian Arctic practicing landings with his reindeer on a northern air stip which is not much known other than by Yukon and Northern Territory Bush Pilots.

    Reindeer are known to be a stubborn animal. Likely, Santa will also get in some auto rotations just in case he has a loss of control of these beasts. Very unreliable and hard to handle. Just try landing this outfit on a few billion roof tops with his sliegh loaded beyond air regulations.

  45. Happy Holidays to YW, and the rest of the Arsenal faithful.

    Up the Gunners

  46. This time last year G4E we had an evening long chat with Ponyboy. Consolslel was ill in bed and Ponyboy was, of course, forcibly detained. You, I think, was working.

    There were few others about if I recall.

  47. Oh, AIC was.

  48. Hey CBob…Merry Christmas dear friend. Time fly, I can’t believe it’s Christmas again already.

    Of course AIC was there whining as usual…another year, another whine.

  49. I know G4E. Another year older and, hopefully, wiser

    Where is Ponyboy these days?

    Another whine? The same one surely!

  50. a claasic from Arshavin…

    Arshavin was also full of praise for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

    “He gave me freedom, he requires of me to play as I see on the pitch,” he said, while also paying tribute to the Gunners faithful, adding: “I am happy, I sometimes think they like me more than my wife.”

  51. I hope so too CBob. Not sure where PBoy is, he shows up from time to time, maybe he found a better stable? 🙂 Or maybe he is now a Thoroughbred and we are not good enough for him?

    I should say: Different year, same whine.

  52. Well, Arshavin better not go home for Christmas cause his wife is probably going to give him a boot up his butt for a gift.

  53. Late to the party as usual

    Merry Christmas Yogi to you & all your caring regulars from the Walnuts household

    Great blog

  54. Top, top post yogi, possibly the best one of the year. Have a great Christmas and the same to all you true fans – success will be all the sweeter for those of us who never lost the faith.

  55. Thanks YW. Great Blog all year!

    Happy Christmas & here’s to Arsenal in 2010

  56. Great post, great blog. Really glad I found it. Have a great christmas everyone. Can’t believe it’s santa’s birthday again!!!

  57. Yeah Happy Christmas Yogi, this blog’s one hell of an achievement. Sometimes I feel like it’s my only link with the rest of the sane Arsenal fans out there.

  58. Merry Christmas ACLFers and YW hats off for a great piece. You really do have a way with words and that is quite apparen bc it’s not only football and the arsenal you can speak eloquently about. So here here to the finest arsenal blog there is. Was glad to see others sharing those sentiments bc I truly believe that to be the case.

    With that said, hoping diaby gets the start denilson has looked good since coming back but I think diaby has really played well in recent weeks, really making efforts to hustle and improve defensively. Would like to see nasri and Walcott wide with the Russian magician leading the charge. Maybe eboue to start wide??

    Once again merry Xmas all and as some one very rightly put it earlier.. I would pay to read this blog!

  59. Happy Christmas Yogi, and keep up the great work.

  60. Even in my absence you guys still talk about me and whining. You are in fact doing the same – except about me and not football.

    I am not going to whine so sorry to disappoint you.

    All I want for xmas is some wins – especially against Villa and a new signing or two in January.

    Even though people have become less patient, winning has always been important. Yes to some it is the only thing that matters but this has always been the case and is not a recent phenomenon. It is not limited to fans either; manager and players also define their careers by their medals only some more than others.

    I am not one of those that believes that winning is everything but I am not content with a team that looks good but wins nothing, or worse, one that does not compete. We have competed for the most part but not to the extent that we used to under AW. We have had a few lean years (although historically 4 years is hardly lean) while players were replaced and the stadium built but now is the time to realise the effort that has been put in since 2004.

    It would be a tragedy if AW does not win the CL as this will always count against him and I think, more importantly, it will leave a certain part of him unfulfilled. It particularly rankles with me that inferior managers like Mourinho and Benitez have won it with inferior teams who play inferior football.

    Patience is all well and good but when players and managers are retired they look at their medals as well as remembering the good times and the quality of the football played.

    I would like nothing more than for AW to win the CL and at least another Premiership not only as the ultimate validation of his methods but also to stick 2 fingers up to the money brigade of City, Chelsea and United et al. Ferguson is a great manager but I doubt he would have won as much if he had AW´s transfer budgets.

    AW believes that success can come without spending mega millions, its now time to prove it.

    Happy Xmas to all Gooners.

  61. Nice one AIC…but you’re still whining, even after Arsene & YW explained to you why it’s not been so bad…except for the “Want It NOW Whiners”. (WINWs)

    To counter your point, there were many more worse times in our history….7 years or more without winning titles. The difference is understanding what the cause of not winning is as Wenger explained and Yogi’s W “eloquently” simplified it for the “Slow” amongst us. Building with no money takes time, spending irrationally does not guarantee winning trophies and can be detrimental to your financial health. Yet we still hear the same whining?!

    Anyways, you’re entitled to dream about Santa bringing you signings and of course the more the merrier for you….Happy Christmas AIC.

  62. Well said, G4E. Perfect. Good Night, my friend.

    Happy New Year AIC.

  63. Evening all. how about A.I.c having a new year;s resolution to be more up beat about the team?? right gotta go the misses has another mission for me. peeling spuds probably.

    Christmas cracker joke.

    how many country and western singers does it take to change a light bulb….5…. 1 to change it and 4 to sing about how good the old one was.

    happy christmas aclf’ters.

  64. Anyone who has experienced an energy saving lightbulb might not appreciate the humour of that joke, such as it is.

  65. It’s like a well worn glove on here sometimes.

  66. Merry Xmas and a great new year all !!

    Thanks Yogi for the blog and the sane voice.

  67. Do you have energy saving lightbulbs in the countryside, Consolsbob?

  68. Howard the Unwanted Fan

    I wish all of you a Merry Christmas even though you don’t want to hear my name.

  69. We do, Pz, and so much more.

    Personally, I only chose to burn the trees that I grow.

    Carbon neutral.

    Cheer up, Howard. Merry Christmas.

  70. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

    May you experience the reason for the season!

    Arsenal for the treble

  71. Merry Christmas Yogi and all the ACLF posters.

    Now where did I leave that glass.


    happy christmas for christfuck sake


    hic hic fine red wine this hic hic for christfuck sake

  74. Well Written piece as per usual YW… you are consistent!

  75. [audio=]


    Christfuck sake! Wheres everyone hic hic this yuletide? For christfuck sake! Where the christfuck are u uuuu!

  77. Great post yogi. Many thanks for continuous entertainment and reasoned insights throughout another year!
    I may not always agree with what you say – but I do appreciate the openess you provide on this forum for the exchange of opinions. I do think winning is important though for two primary reasons:
    1. Winning the European cup will elevate wenger to the status he, more than anyone else, so richly deserves. People take him for granted but y’know he’s 13yrs in the job and one day we will have to do without him. It’s only then people will realize his importance to not just afc but football in general.
    2. Winning a major trophy substantiates his long held belief about the youth policy – that it’s not all about money! Intelligent lads like cesc and arshavin will be even more convenced to finish their careers at the club. Success in this context breeds success!
    Have a good Xmas day yogi and happy new year to all!

  78. Merry Xmas to all the ACLF faithful…keep the intelligent posts and debate coming…squash all the doomers , you know who they are…and greatest thanks to Yogi for your tireless commitment and quality reviews and for providing this great forum for Arsenal fans throughout the year….in the words of Tiny Tim ‘God bless you!’

  79. Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  80. Merry Christmas Ateeb. Merry Christmas everyone. Merry Christmas Prince of Suburbia, who I believe is celebrating his first Christmas. Thank you for all your work, Yogi. You’re still the best.


    christfuck sake

  82. I don’t think I’m carbon neutral, Consolsbob. My 100Kw patio heater sees to that, although I have bought a Christmas tree. Nevertheless, I’ve got a long way to go before I can compete with the carbon output of Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the IPCC, who has clocked up almost half a million air miles in the last 18 months.


  84. Obviously we cannot hope to be as effective in preventing global warming as a politician, Pz. We can only do as much as we can.

    I understand, for instance, that to reduce both the amount of rubbish created and the hot air spouted, that they are all going to spend only half as much time actually working.

    Of course, this may be only a target not enforceable in law.

  85. Good article Yogi. You wrote pretty much how I feel about the glory hunting, doomer faction of the Arsenal Football Club support. Well done. Thank you for your work and Merry Christmas to all of you AFC supporters. Fvck you doomers. I hope you got a lump of coal in your stocking for being ungrateful.

  86. For anyone using windows 7/vista I just found a nice Arsenal desktop clock
    at sevenforums by the poster Generator.

    Just extract the files to your Gadget folder and you have a beautiful Arsenal clock
    on your desktop.

    Merry Christmas to all Gooners.

  87. Merry Christmas every1… Have gr8 time n hope the Arsenal world gets an awesome gift on sunday.. Thanx for the fantastic blog Yogi..


  88. Great end of year post Yogi. Thanks for a another great year. Happy holidays everyone.

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