Forward, Arsene

Arsene moved to quash speculation about Robin van Persie‘s career was in any way threatened by the injury suffered in a pointless international friendly. Wenger observed:

If you are very positive you would say [he’ll be back in] April. If you’re a bit cautious you say May. It is virtually the rest of the season. Personally I thought let’s put in my head that he will not play again this season and hope that I will have a good surprise.

That he will be back before the end of the season should not be doubted. The player will be desperate to go to South Africa, the Dutch FA equally intent on taking him. However, scant regard for van Persie’s fitness will do more damage than good, something that the player and his national coach would do well to remember.

van Persie’s continued absence has forced Wenger‘s hand, the manager admitting that he will be looking to strengthen the front line in the January transfer window:

if the right player turns up then we will do it.

As to whether or not this would preclude anyone who is unavailable for the Champions League, Wenger was unequivocal in stating that it would not:

We are going for the domestic title and the FA Cup aswell and doing that allows you to rest a player for the Champions League or play another player in the Premier League. Of course I would prefer the player who can play in both competitions and so it would mean the player has the quality to play in the long-term for Arsenal Football Club.

Speculation is rife that any number of players will be joining, recent additions to the list have included Luca Toni and bizarrely, Louis Saha. The Frenchman ticks the stereotypical box for nationality and would be a perfect fit having been injury-prone for a number of seasons. However, talk of players being cup-tied for UEFA competitions suggests that someone currently plying their trade in the Premier League is highly unlikely, albeit not entirely out of the question. That said, it is hard to see that anyone of the required abilities would be allowed to leave by a domestic rival.

Long-term target Chamakh of Bordeaux appears equally doubtful as an arrival with the French club still in the Champions League without a hefty fee being involved, something Arsene baulked at paying last summer. Perhaps if the situation became desperate, he may reconsider but if the Moroccan is to join, a freebie after the World Cup commentating commitments of the manager are over seems more likely. Edwin Dzeko is similarly doubtful with Wolfburg’s continued Europa League jaunt next year.

Wenger though has to act. Eduardo and Arshavin are his experienced front men with Vela the other option. Were either of the former to be injured, it would leave him truly short. Bendtner is expected to return next month but history shows us that he is likely to be back for a game or two before picking up a niggle or two on his return, making a full return probable in February. Either way, progress in the FA Cup will put pressure on the squad, the trip to Upton Park a tougher draw than in recent third round clashes and one requiring a stronger line-up than those occasions.

Whatever the case, it would be nice if it were all dealt with by the end of the first week of the transfer window. Last summer showed that not every deal has to be left to the last minute and it would quell speculation that Arsenal has little or no money, leaving that cliche to be applied to Liverpool.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. It certainly isn’t going to be easy to find the right player to play in the role that Wenger wants as it requires so many ticked boxes.

    If he does dip into the transfer market, the one thing I hope is included in that criteria list is pace.

    I love pace. What would Van Persie be like with real natural pace? Wow, frightening stuff. I suppose you could ask, what would Henry be like without pace, still fantastic but not the same player.

    It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

  2. Good write up, ACLF. Only, Dzeko plays for Wolfsburg, not Werder. 🙂

  3. I for one will not be concerned if we don’t buy and i certainly will not read any of the media speculation. Transfer gossip is tedious. Our squad has already proved itself, look at the horrendous injury list yet again this season and see how we still keep going. Compare how manure cope with far less – they lose 3 – 0 to Fulham.

  4. Queen of Suburbia

    RVP with Theoesque pace would have developed in a different manner and probably by adding pace, he’d have lost something elsewhere.

  5. I’m glad that in the webchat, Wenger clarified the attributes he was looking for in a striker – tecnical ability, intelligence and commitment.

    Glad we can now forget this stereotypical nonsense that you won’t succeed without a huge fucker up front built like a brick shit house.

  6. Morning Yogi. As ever we are being linked to the whole football world and his dog.
    The press working on the principle that if they guess often enough they will one day be right.
    Wenger will keep his council and hopefully pull a rabbit from his hat during January.
    The only problems being perhaps the large amount of money available to Chelsea and the need for city to re establish some kind of credibility following their week of the long knives.
    Both of these will create problems for Wenger, should he seek established players that are also likely to be on chelsea/city radar. Given his sensible need for value any deal could be hijacked financially unless the player concerned has other priorities, given that he will be well paid at Arsenal, just not as well as elsewhere perhaps.
    More thought provoking in my eyes is the eventual ownership scenario for the club as it evolves and probably unfolds at seasons end. My view is that there are no good guys in this just instability and increased debt, at a time when the world economic outlook cries out for the kind of collective housekeeping that has served the club so well in recent times.
    so we approach the next decade with uncertainties surrounding the club, hopefully our misgiving’s will prove groundless and the good ship Arsene will sail blissfully on unaffected by the stormy waters of these uncertain times. Oh yes and Joy of Joys placate the moaners with a little silver ware.

  7. Believe it or not, a recent speed test poll had RVP in the top 5, along with Ronaldo, Theo and Rooney….over 100 metres…the lad is pretty fast! Even i was shocked by the results, because he doesnt appear fast on the pitch! 🙂

    Dzeko only wants to play for Milan, so i cant imagine us signing him, if we did, it would be another shock….but also a worry, because he grew up supporting Milan, so the slightest interest from them would turn his head, similar to a Togo player i remember! Mmm, not sure who to go for….but i think the Prof should spend big….Aguero fits the bill….young…fast….and full of talent….who says we need a target man? Just someone to strike fear into the defenders! Or Sign Torres….Liverfool need the cash! lol

  8. Weird. Anyone hear the Wenger webchat yesterday? He said Vela and Traore where faster than Arshavin, Clichy, Gibbs, Gallas…. I never noticed that with Vela, who is quick, but that fast?

  9. Dandan, maybe interest from Chelsea and Middle Eastlands is a blessing in disguise.

    If a player wants to play for us then they’ll turn the Chavs and Shitty money men away. We don’t exactly pay peanuts anyway so a good player won’t be out of pocket.

    If they’re more interested in the pay cheque instead of the team ethic and vision of the Arsenal then maybe they really shouldn’t come anywhere near the Arsenal. We don’t need any egos in our dressing room right now.

  10. Haho.

    Walcott, Vela and Traore have always been the fastest sprinters at Arsenal. The lanky fella who went up north was also among the fastest but it’s a good thing he sprinted to the blue moon.

  11. Chamakh would cost around 2m, hardly hefty.

    IMO Chamakh is a possibilty, but only if Bendtner/Eduardo suffers an injury. Wenger won’t if all our players our fit.

    Which makes perfect sense.

    Supposing we buy Chamakh, we’ll have:


    Who can all play in the central position if needed.

  12. Demba Ba…a striker from HOFFENHEIM…he’ll be that secret striker that wenger unleashes in premier league this jan…. 🙂

  13. Demba Ba!!!! Good Shout….he is a HOT PROSPECT for sure!!!

  14. How about Ronaldo or Adriano?
    Both of them have never won the UEFA CL, neither have we. Not cup-tied. Pace (ok not sure about this), power, and Brazilian flair. They might be interested to come here in hopes of making the WC squad, and to win the PL and CL.

  15. Bobby Zamora. Job done.

  16. And both would probably be cheap, short-term solutions. RvP would be back next season, Bendtner would have less pressure on him this season, and we would have more time to get the player we want in over the summer.

  17. Aaaaargh. What is this obsession with players from other teams?? We have such a wealth of talent at the club lets talk about them instead. Please.

  18. Joleon Lescott can finish, gets himself in the box, looks like a Klingon – and at a cool 22 million, as Mark H will testify, he’s an absolute snip. Get your chequebook out, Arsene!

    He will also never, ever be cup-tied, for anything. And he’s chock full of grit, which is perfect, this time of year.

  19. Howard the Unwanted Fan

    Carlton Cole for me. EPL experience. Big and able to hold the ball. Pacy and technically good and will only improve. He’s also English.

  20. Holding the ball is often seen as a bookable offence, Howard the Unwanted Fan.

  21. Cole is the new Heskey.

  22. After the game on saturday we were talking about the obvious solution to our forwards problem.
    Step forward Abou Diaby.
    Seriously, he’s strong, has good control and dribbling, he can hold the ball up and he can score. Plus playing him up front will keep him out of the mid-field, so if bad diaby turns up his lazy playwill do less damage.

  23. Carlton Cole is English. i think that’s almost good enough reason not to get him. An Englishman with technical ability is about as easy to find as Amelia Earheart.

    If anyone, we should see if we can get Simpson back from QPR, or Krkic (although that just might be impossible)

  24. @ Sam,

    Now that is a brilliant idea. Diaby has some serious ability to play up-front. The only problem is that when Song goes for the ANC, we would need Diaby all the more in midfield.

  25. With all due respect, what’s all this rubbish about ticking boxes? All I ever hear people in England talk about is ticking all the boxes – well, that and the FGM parties they are planning for the Christmas holiday.

  26. Perhaps it hasn’t reached the countryside, but apparently it’s all the rage this festive season. Christmas cutters are being flown in from abroad to cope with demand.

  27. Nice Article Minti. Thx.

  28. We are a little behind the metropolii, I think that has a latin root, do you know Pz?

    So, FGM?

  29. Metropolis means something like mother state in Greek.

    You’ll have to look up FGM for yourself.

  30. Chamack won’t come as Bordeaux would not sell it. He is their first choice striker especially now that they play with one up front and the Champions league money they will earn from their two game against olympiakos will exceed what we would offer them.

    As for Gignac it’s true Wenger likes him. Arsene is a commentator for the French team’s match and I recall him saying that he was a very interesting player, the other commentator even joked about it saying he was doing his shopping list. And he is not cup-tied having played the Europa league.

    I know it seems a long shot but Villa for me would be great. He is not cup-tied, he is world class, would want to play Champions league football, his club is cash strapped. Arsene should ask cesc to tempt him before going over Valencia offering big money up front. Chelsea and Man Shitty don’t seem to be looking at him and he said today he wants to make a move to England after seeing his move to either Real or Barca avorted.

    Anyway Wenger knows and whoever he brings in would be great! Go Gunners!

  31. Well, well! I am shocked.

    Obviously I should have known the Greek ‘polis’.

    The fact that they have such parties in the Cities though just goes to confirm what I had always thought.

  32. Carlton Cole, Dzeko, Huntelaar in that order. Maybe even Saha.

    Adriano doesn’t seem a great idea to me. He’s just finished a long season in Summer in Brazil. Do you think he’s going to come to England in the middle of winter without a breather and just settle immediately? Extremely unlikely to say the least.

  33. It’s certainly not the gift I would choose for a daughter; but I too am more or less a country bumpkin, and would never presume to understand the ways of city folks.

    I hope Carlton Cole will never play for Arsenal. I like the idea of this Gignac. David Villa is undoubtedly an excellent player, but such a big name somehow doesn’t excite me.

  34. I just googled FGM. That is really unpleasant.

  35. alas my fellow goons-the prof will buy no one-trust me-absolutely no one-bugger all -zilch-we’ll get the same spiel as usual-killing the kids,injured players coming back like new signings LOL..etc etc-blah!blah!blah!why dislillusion yourselves-especially at chrismas-however,hope springs eternal as they say!!

  36. We are not really short. Bendtner can fill that role. And I like the person who suggested diaby.

    One thing I’ve learned from wenger is he never ever buys after saying he needs someone. When was the last time he bot someone you had ever heard of or were expecting?

  37. Villa is an interesting guy. But while he might be better than Eduardo, he’s an Eduardo type.
    He’s Cesc’s buddy though so that can count for a lot.

  38. nice price tag too..

  39. Exactly Nando. In the end it will be some unknown from a remote Island in the Pacific who Arsene can fashion into a Premiership striker.

  40. My shilling is on Gignac. I have seen him play – he’s powerful, physical, aggressive and is technically good too. He has a great attitude and works for the team. Plus there’s a nasty little streak to him – which will make him even more suitable to the premiership. He’s not cup tied and can also take free kicks. And at 23 – he’d be a good fit.

  41. A very hefty tag comes with Villa and with the money sitting uncounted at Citeh, we would all most certainly be outbid for this player.

  42. On the article in the Daily Mirror by John Cross – did anyone actually notice him confessing to the fact that under pressure from editors, journalists are fforced to fabricate transfer targets.

    In John Cross’s case, his editor told him to come up with 5 targets after Wenger denied on Sky Sports that he’s after Arshavin.

  43. When Robin van Persie’s is injured its clear we need a replacement of him but we will miss him untill he is back in the team.

  44. That’s common knowledge with all tabloid press, thanks in part to greedy Mr Murdoch.

  45. Jimmy Briand anyone? Jimmy who? Exactly the type of player wenger would bring in, a player noones even heard of. From what I saw on youtube he’s class and has the characteristics to become an arsenal player but I have no idea what he would be like in reality.

  46. Amaury. Nice of him to confess though….

    Rupert Murdoch has a lot to answer for to explain some of the ills of this world. He should be taken out back and shot just for conceiving the idea of Fox news.

  47. I once bought Jimmy Briand on some version of Championship Manager…French midfielder as far as I remember, is he?

  48. Briand is good he is fast and technical and can play both on the wing or in a more centered position but he just came back from a big injury so I don’t know if he would be fit straight away.

  49. Well, checked out on wikipedia. He is a forward with 25 goals from 137 appearances for rennes. Wikipedia also says –

    “He will miss the rest of the 2008–09 season, as well as the beginning of the 2009–10 season after rupturing his ACL while training with the French national team”

    Does not sound right, but if Wenger signs him, he will know more.

  50. I feel if he goes for someone in January it could be a loan move like Larsson for Manchester United, or someone like nistelroy (not him, but someone like him) who can do a short term job and then sit on the bench, or someone who is really much better than the options we have at present. Otherwise he will have a problem when van perie and bendtner are both fit, and he plays the current system with one up. That should cross out players like Dzeko, Gignac, Carlton Cole and Chamakh. I honestly don’t think he will go for anyone of the above four.

  51. Didn’t know about that injury part. Yeah with the way things are going it would be ludicrous for wenger to sign him. Even though I have to say the videos were impressive.

  52. Yes Darius i thought that was particularly revealing, also he hints that certain managers have favourites among press journalists – who may then be loathe to criticize them too much, cough *alex ferguson

  53. the prof will buy no one-trust me-absolutely no one-bugger all -zilch-we’ll get the same spiel as usual-killing the kids,injured players coming back like new signings LOL..etc etc-blah!blah!blah!why dislillusion yourselves-especially at chrismas-however,hope springs eternal as they say!!

    Actually I don’t wish for a buy, as it is in most certainty will hurt the chance of at least one ‘kid’ in the not so long run, ‘kids’ in whom I have confidence in and hope for. Why are you listing perfectly logical reasons against buying as if they’re insane? Don’t answer that.

    Still there’s something fun about figuring which player we might buy. If Wenger buys this time, think it will not necessarily be a free player Champion League-wise despite contrary news.

  54. damn i miss RVP. I think if he gets fit for the WC that would be beneficial for us as he’d be sharp coming back for our preseason camp. Id rather him play over the summer rather than sit on his arse.

  55. @Piresaholic

    From a selfish point of view i’d rather he didn’t play and risk getting injured again!

    But i’d never want to deny any of our players WC/ACN games. they deserve to play on the world stage.

  56. I think Wenger will go out and buy a proven name in Jan. Maybe shareholders (Usmanov/DD) will put pressure on him to do that as they went public on that in the past.

    ….and at the end of the season, he will sell Vela cause we will have too many stickers… (Wenger publicly declared the time for Vela to prove himself has come. Its no use nurturing a player and when you need him, he cannot deliver)

  57. Wenger does need to get another striker. Saha has a history of injuries. Can Louis Saha last the season is the big question. He was signed by Man U and spent most of his time their injuried.
    Signing another striker is a must for the Gunners.
    I know athletes. They will push hard to get back from an injury. This part of our nature. We hate sitting on the sidelines and not playing and being a constructive member of the team. This kills us.
    How is RVP’s progress been so far?
    Spam Bobby

  58. @Minti Thanks for the link, interesting read. That part about the bad wine was the best.

  59. Bobbygee

    Have you been at the sauce already? You’re a mass of contradictions…well, two in one comment is good going.


  60. Queen of Suburbia

    Great point Ritesh – other than the minor detail that Vela has just signed a new long term contract, that is.

  61. The same Vela that is just coming off of injury also.

  62. Vela isn’t going anywhere. You’d have to be a complete numpty to think Wenger would sell Vela right now or anytime soon. But thanks for outing yourself as a Vela hater, Ritesh. Impatient bastard.

  63. hmm. did not consider that Queen. Your right, it is a factor although there are instances of players signing contracts and being sold in the year after like Adebayor..

  64. “….and at the end of the season, he will sell Vela cause we will have too many stickers…”

    Are you a Merlin or a Panini man, Ritesh? If you have the Arsenal crest shiney, I’d swapsie just about anything for it…

  65. Don’t forget that Ritesh is actually a Le Groan Poster.

    Anyway: If we buy someone it will be nice, if we don’t but I won’t be sad either. I’d rather see one of the kids succeed in the first team instead of Arsenal spending 10, 20 mil on some new player.

  66. Nasir

    I am not a Vela hater, far from it.

    What I implied is that, we would have an excess of stickers if we bought and RVP returns next year. We always sell a couple of players at the break. Like this year, I would not be surprised if Cesc was sold. (which again does not mean I hate him)

  67. Darius Stone,

    I started writing a comment about that John Cross article 2 days ago and then deleted it.

    I was going to note what you noted, but I thought it’s afterall something we already know.

  68. You are entitled to your views Evil.

    I think that a proven sticker with experience would not harm the team. Lets not forget RVP is a top top sticker in the prime of his career before his injury.

    I would not mind an Arshavin (Bis) come January.

  69. Top Top Sticker would be really adhesive

  70. The guy I’d like to see join us (if David Villa money isn’t available) is a Man Utd reject that’s unavailable to play in Jan (@ the ANC). He is a handful, 6ft 2″, strong, deadly and would give us something quite different from what we have now. He presently plies his trade @ Real Valladolid and I can’t imagine he’d cost too much .

    Must confess I’m not really sure how well he’s doing but boy, if he got some Wenger in him I do believe he would be world class in a few years! He would have a lot to prove in England (and to Fergie) & at 26 he could be more lethal than Drogba in a year…


  71. Arsene said his best years were these last 4. He did not win a trophy so many would say they’re his worst.

    Yet, what’s been achieved on the availabe resources is convincing and very profound.

    AW is an intelligent men, and nd he naturally knows what he’s achieved. He won’t let dwarves define s define him.

  72. As host country, he just might be on a mission at the Nation’s Cup!

  73. dixit Wenger

  74. I had lunch with Arsene a few days ago, and we chatted about the persistent rumours that Fabregas is going to Barcelona. “Do you know the funny thing?” he said. “Cesc doesn’t even like Barcelona. He refers to the people of Barcelona as ‘the stuffed-shirts,’ and he finds Gaudi’s ridiculous architecture repulsive.”

  75. Wait and see… I think its an english saying

  76. shoot..AW could go for Goran Pandev! Lazio just lost in court he’s a free agent!

    What do we know about his game ACLFers ???

  77. I dreamt about Ray Parlour last night (not like that). He was bossing the midfield under the floodlights at Highbury. We were playing Billericay Town FC, or Blythe Spartans (someone shit, beginning with ‘B’, green shirts, blacks shorts), in the FA Cup. Ray was decimating these pasty faceless whelps, almost single-handedly. We were three points clear at the top of the league – to give you some background – cruising in Europe, and we’d drawn this rabble in the Cup! It was party time.

    It must’ve been some alternate reality though because David Hillier and Denilson were both on the pitch.

    Our passing game was incredible (despite Hiller’s presence), but the real showboat of it all was Parlour’s get-up. He was dressed in a long, flowing pink dressing gown, and some rather louche, flannel pyjamas. He floated between Billericay’s two dubious banks of four like an ethereal Kate Bush sort of character, at times holding what looked to be a gin cocktail to his lips.
    The atmosphere in the stands was not one of suprise, rather a happy sort of pride. Most were as nonchalant as Ray. Much laughter was enjoyed by all. One man read a paper.

  78. Your post implies he is being coddled and doesn’t have the goods to step up when called upon, Ritesh.

    Which is so amazingly ridiculous and backwards that it’s no wonder you post on Le Groan.

  79. Agree Ole. Although we did not win anything, the financial strength of the club increased adding weight to its objective of being the best club in Europe.

    There was a question on the webchat yesterday about where Wenger sees the club in 5 years time. He said something along the lines that the club would be dominating Europe

  80. Oh dear, seems i hit the wrong cord here.

    Nasir, in all honesty I have not been impressed by Vela when he plays for Arsenal. He is great when he plays for Mexico, we all saw that. But I would not mind to have a player of Arshavin’s caliber. Again, I am not questioning his quality as a player. Forlan is a top player in Spain, but was crap for Manure.

  81. Ritesh, If you think Fab will be sold its not based on you thinking we have excess midfielders. In that the Vela and Fab comparsion fails.

    You would have to be nuts to sell Vela. This guy will be one of the worlds best.

  82. Well its highly probable, Paul. And I hope sincerely that we do not have to sell him or another striker if we buy another player in Jan.

    But I am looking at how we are going to wing the Championship this year

  83. Carlos Vela
    The new David Villa?!

    you Betcha!!!

    Give him time

  84. Interesting dream LA, do you happen to remember if those were Arsenal pyjamas he wore..

  85. I cannot see Arsene selling such a young immense talent.

    As far as the title this year, I believe that we will bring someone is, I also believe that Vela will be important for us this season.

  86. I agree with Amaury!

  87. Lets hope so, Paul. We may just get ahead and grab that title this year.

    I am however pretty much sure we will sell big names at the end of the year as we always do every year. Players like Ramsey are knocking at the door and need playing time.

  88. I would bet 100$ we are not going to sell Ramsey anytime soon.

  89. Ritesh I suggest you back down……………….

  90. No way we are selling Ramsey…. He will be at Arsenal for the next 5-10 years at least as will Wilshere and Nasri.

  91. yeah Maria..ur right. I have to take back my words about Vela.

  92. Limpar…no more curries before bed.

  93. Dear Yogi’s Warrior and Arsenal fans on this great blog:

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    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪…And A Happy New Year!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥


  94. I have not known curries to have that effect.

  95. He’s saying Fabregas is getting sold at the end of the year because Ramsey is ready and knocking on the door, EvilFiek.

  96. Which is a load of bollocks, imo.

  97. Ritesh,

    I was talking also about the footballing side. The footballing results achieved, giving the competition spent close to £1B on players, and we couldnt match them in spending, is very remarkable.

  98. California Gooner

    1. No way I see Fab being sold at the end of this year. Ramsey is not yet ready. Give him (and Merida) another year. At least. Personally I’d be happy if Cesc was never sold, but we seem to accept that it will happen at some point.

    2. The striker speculation is interesting. I think a stop-gap solution, a veteran, could be good. Wenger seems to want Chamakh, took a gamble that he could do without for a year, and lost. So, a short-term solution until he comes free in the summer could work. But i have no idea whom. Thierry Henry, lol? I guess that will happen when Patrick Viera comes as well.

  99. I tipped Eduardo for the golden boot this let’s hope the second half of the season sees him wipe the floor with the likes of Defoe.


    Just saw this AFC are now being charged by the FA.

  101. California Gooner

    Silly stuff, those FA charges. It doesn’t look nice and really should be cut out of the game, but no one was ever likely to get hurt. I wish the FA would focus much more on dangerous tackles and dangerous plays, and less on simple handbags.

  102. First Time Poster…

    I don’t understand the constant calls for buying a new striker in January. It is obvious to me that the real problem with the strikers has been that they need a little time to integrate into the role RVP was occupying.

    It took RVP a little while to start scoring goals in the beginning of the season because he was getting comfortable with his role. Eduardo and Arshavin are settling in their positions and will do the job fine.

    No new striker in January would come straight in and acclimate before Eduardo, Arshavin or Vela will.

  103. If found guilty do we recieve a fine or does something else happen?

  104. We get a fine Maria. Overall not a bad conclusion to this incident considering Nasri will be available during a crucial period.

    Nasir Jones, you passion is commendable.

  105. It’s worse than that, I’m afraid. The whole squad will be forced to listen to Christmas pop songs for 12 hours non-stop.

  106. maybe dance french cancan also

  107. I’ve posted this opinion on a number of favourite sites this evening; not as an exercise in viral marketing but just to see if it has legs. There may be an obvious reason, eg. once mugged Arsene Wenger (or was once mugged by Arsene Wenger) as to why Craig Bellamy hasn’t surfaced as a surprise candidate. Okay, his relatively diminutive stature is perhaps one reason but surely his strength on the ball is a match for most (more than a match for most of our players). Is he not an affordable and available and non-cup-tied player who really will HIT the ground RUNNING given half a chance?

  108. Because he’s a massive twat?

  109. I don’t think Bellamy would be happy sitting on the bench next season with RVP back.

  110. Massive twat, i like it.

    “Adebayor, a snip at 25 million” hahaha

  111. Bellamy´s ability to play on the wings and his pace, tenacity and mentality are great plusses. I hate him, but would love him in our team. But that is just me.

    ´I will believe anything, provided it is quite incredible´

    Think about it.

  112. Is he not a MASSIVE twat?

    Is viral marketing what Bellamy’s agent does?

  113. He really is a MASSIVE TWAT.

    If I were Craig Bellamy’s agent, he’d be my least favourite client. Even if El Hadj Diouf numbered amongst the others.

  114. This scenario would easily enable me to set an ambush. Like leading them into Robbie Keane’s caravan with a bit of rotten meat and an old sock, sliding a bar across the door and pushing it into the Thames. Or firing it back Up North in an Arsenal canon. Or beating it with golf clubs. Or burying it. Next to Stephen Hunt.

  115. I thought Hunt lived on the same caravan site as Keane. Maybe even in the same caravan.

  116. Perfect. They probably top-to-tail in an old hammock made from fishing net or stolen pairs of tights. I can simply twizzle the ends of their rudimentary love shack up, like a black pudding, drag it outside and either pitch it into something dangerous or slap it against a big tree.

  117. So I am going to be in Vienna for the next couple of weeks. Does anybody know a nice pub there that shows our games and where I can expect to see some Gooners?

  118. What is Ritesh smoking?

    Vela to be sold? Cesc to be sold?

    Son, you spend too much time at Le Moan. Its bad for your health.

  119. We don’t like no grovellers in these parts.

  120. “Theo Walcott shatters Thierry Henry’s Arsenal record” in sprinting!

    We would like him to shatter his record in goal scoring…

  121. So RVp is out for the season…Well we definatly need a striker now if we didnt already, I’ll settle for either Dzeko or Huuntelaar. altough i think Dzeko would play better with Rvp. But if i was a beting man, id put me pound on Wenger getting Chamakh

  122. Wenger interviewed on ESPN yesterday was open friendly. He said 3 things of note. 1. We can win EPL this season despite our injuries 2. Every team is inconsistent, remarkably no team has been able to put a spell together yet and 3. We have more than sufficient funds for a striker, but honestly cannot find any non cup-tied, available and mainly of reasonable quality for Arsenal … so far. We are in fact looking, he says.

    Translation: we are in a good position already, be patient, hold firm; I ain’t buying no crap nor taking ‘interim’ decisions. Good ol’ Arsene.

  123. Or it could mean, I already know who I want, we are close, stop bugging me.

  124. Personally, I would opt for Tevez, an Arsenal type space-maker if ever there was. Which only goes to show how little I know. Wenger will not buy a striker. He may have to buy a defender however.

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