A Chat With A Liverpool Blogger

Ahead of tomorrow’s visit to Anfield, a quick chat with Red Floyd from Have You Ever Been To Liverpool, a Liverpool blog.

A disappointing season so far, very much a mixture of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. What has gone wrong compared to last season?

Sadly it’s been more “bad” and “ugly” than “good”. I know it sounds like an excuse but the injuries we’ve had have been horrendous. No squad, no matter what their strength in depth, would be able to cope with that – at one point we have eleven players out.

Because of that continuity and consistency has suffered, especially in defence. Although things have picked up a little in this part of the pitch we’ve let in some really poor goals and the old problem, of not being able to deal with set pieces, remains.

I am at a loss as why we continually fall foul of this. Even when players have come back from injury they’ve taken time to find their feet. Clearly that happens when you come back from injury but it doesn’t help if the rest of the side is patched up!

How much of a loss was Alonso? Has it been the key difference?

People also hark on about the selling of Alonso and although one player doesn’t make a team Aquilani’s longer than expected spell in the treatment room hasn’t helped make up for his loss. Babel continues to misfire and although Ngog has done well, we don’t have a recognized top class striker to complement/replace Torres.

I guess one also has to bear in mind that our rivals are also stronger compared to last season Chelsea are more settled under Ancelloti; I thought you had improved until recently and the Mancs well, they are the Mancs –  Spurs, City and Villa have began well.

Each season Arsenal fans face a transfer window barrage of stories about Cesc Fabregas’ future. How long before the big two Spanish clubs come knocking, through the press, for Fernando Torres or Pepe Reina?

If you’ve decent foreign player it goes with the territory. Both our players seem happy with us and life in the North West. Torres has signed a new contract and Reina is about to.

Inevitably both will move on at some stage, probably when Rafa does. However, I’m confident they will be with us for a few more years yet. The major condition is that we need to keep improving the squad, keep qualifying for the Champions League and win some silver or it won’t be just Reina and Torres who want out

The media tell us that the owners of Liverpool are hawking the club around or at the very least, seeking to sever their partnership. Would the Americans selling be a good thing for the club?

No doubt the Americans will point to locking down key players with new contracts, a shiny new shirt sponsorship deal and the signing of players such as Torres, Mascherano etc as evidence that they are improving the club.

However, most Liverpool fans, including me, would be very, very glad to see the back of them. I can understand the delay with the stadium given the current economic climate but they are clearly floundering. Ultimately no one is fooled, Hicks and Gillett bought the club by placing it into debt and will probably sell as soon as they can realise a decent profit. That won’t be done until the new ground is built and other leveraging, mainly on the commercial side, is done.

Is there any illusion about why they bought Liverpool in the first place?

In short we are nothing but an investment opportunity, they are shafting us big style? Buying into an English football club isn’t the same as ice hockey or “rounders” teams in the US and I certainly don’t think they anticipated the depth of feeling there is at the club and how precious to is to the fans.

Hicks in particularly came up with some nauseating, ill judged nonsense when he first joined which rubbed everyone’s back up. I suspect it’s been an eye opener for them. Although they had little idea about what they are taking on, both are hardened businessman and I’m sure they will not let this, and the resulting unpopularity, distract them from their main financial goal.

With Everton failing to get planning permission for their new ground in Kirby, is there any merit in the two clubs sharing a new stadium? Is there any will at Liverpool to make this work?

I can’t see it happening however, if it did we’d have a great stadium that the whole city could be proud of, who knows everyone in time might get used to it? Financially a joint building project would make sense but I guess the owners want their own stadium to maximize revenue and the fans and club will feel a slight loss of identity if they have to share? 

How long do you think Rafa Benitez has left should this season end trophyless, especially if the league title looks nothing but a distant dream come next May?

On the practical side it would cost the owners too much to sack Rafa, in terms of paying off his contract and then recruiting a successor. More importantly I don’t think we should follow the knee jerk reactions of other clubs and ditch mangers at the first sign of things going wrong.

Rafa’s been unlucky this season and, as a result, I would be prepared to give him more time. Partly because some of things that have happened this season are been clearly out of his control and because quite simply I like him even though he’s cantankerous, bloody minded old get at times!

The more flack he receives the more I want him to stay and prove them wrong. Overall there is still a great deal of goodwill towards him, as result of the Champions League win and because of the way he was treated by the owners a few years back when they talked to Klinsmann behind his back. I suspect all the recent media flack strengthens these ties.

In short Rafa will remain in post as long as the fans want him there.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. great post yogi as per.

    Its a fickle fickle game is football.

  2. “at one point we have eleven players out.”

    Now that sounds very familiar. It shows that Frank was correct in his earlier comments on injuries.

  3. The first few paragraphs really sound as if you were interviewing an Arsenal fan. Many players injured, defensive instability, unability to deal with set pieces, people coming back from injury out of form…


    Arsene was quoted as saying:

    “At the moment, we have four centre-backs and we will always have four.

    “If one would go, then I would consider it, but at the moment we are four, so I have no need to sign anybody else.”

    Will Campbell be the exception to Arsene’s rule about not re-signing a player, or is Arsene just being supportive as he was with Vieira? Senderos is definitely out of sight right now, so I could definitely see it happening. Mixed feelings about it if it happens, but no question he’s an Arsenal legend.

  5. lagooner

    Remote, but a nice bit in reading between Wenger’s lines 🙂

  6. Back to Liverpool for a second…

    Lest the doomers forget, what a great reminder of how lucky we are….


  7. Idiotic Arsenal fans want Wenger gone. Idiotttss. Are Liverpool’s fans who want Rafa gone stupid fools as well? Don’t know and don’t care tbh, but obviously to me Wenger’s done (and is doing) a LOT more for Arsenal than Rafa for Liverpool.

    Can’t wait for the Liverpool match tmrw. Hopefully we’ll have a great game and win!

  8. That was interesting Yogi. Red Floyd sounds like a scouse version of you i.e. sensible and balanced. Shame some of our supporters can’t follow your example!

  9. Darius, the crowd at Highbury in the 70’s was very capable of letting the players know when they were unhappy. Unfortunately, for much if that decade which had promised so much, that was the case.

    Boos did ring out.

    As regards Bob, he certainly received criticism for his near post error but mainly in a well natured way, people took the piss basically. However, we did go on and win the game which peobably stopped too much ire being concentrated on him.

    Of course, as already noted, there was far less of a focus on individual’s mistakes then anyway. He was also a very popular player who had a blinder of a season in the first, Double year. A great season, which in my youthful innocence and enthusiasm, I have to say I enjoyed more than any subsequently. You will remember that we had flatterred to decieve for most of the late sixties. It was an amazing relief to actually win a domestic trophy, never mind two.

    There, you see, you got me going. These young fans will just see the old fool going on about the past. Flint, you will notice, was wise enough to keep quiet. Mind you, he’s been aroung even longer than me, so is even wiser.

  10. Unfortunately Red Floyd fails to realise that a peak of eleven players out is not a particularly impressive number to Arsenal fans. Physioroom says Arsenal have 14 injuries at this moment.

  11. There`s no chance of a return for Campbell. His legs have gone.

    I`d much rather see Kyle Bartley given a chance than Sol brought back

  12. Am I the only person who thinks Diaby should play in the striker role with Arshavin playing just off him? To me, Diaby is tall, strong and is the most underrated finisher at Arsenal…

    Come on Arsene, you know it makes sense…!!!

  13. I was just thinking that TOP4SURE but its just too experimental in a big game like this.

  14. Huge game tomorrow and a win will put us right back up there with Chelsea and United. Essien’s out for Chelsea who will suffer in the ACN. Its also a good chance to pile more pressure onto Liverpool. We don’t have a great record against them but tomorrow would be a good time to change that.

    We haven’t beaten any of Lpool, ManU or Chelsea since Stamford Bridge a year ago so this needs to change.

  15. Gunner From Nigeria

    I hear a voice… from a desire there shall be a delivery.

  16. with their full team fit i don’t expect this to be an easy game.

  17. Yow! Mean-Lean: I am getting a DNS message to your blog. Whats going on? Post a message here or post your email account and I will give you the details.

  18. It won’t be an easy game; but we don’t need it to be easy. We just need to win.

  19. i would like a last minute winner

  20. good post, different, but quality nonetheless

    i think the main difference between us and liverpool is that even with all the injuries we still have a squad capable of securing CL football every season..whereas liverpool are the total opposite…

    both are quality teams when both field a full strength side..

    it will be interesting to see if liverpool finish outside the top 4 how their fans will react then to rafa…he only got away with it last time because they won the CL..no chance of that happening this season..

  21. top44sure –
    agree about Diaby upfront with Arshavin tucked behind – as an option for Pool.

    From our healthy players, I don’t believe we have the players for a 4-3-3 formation.

  22. We have to tame Torres to have any chance. We must close him down and not give him any sort of space. He’s just come back from injury so as time progresses expect his stamina to diminish. We just need to be strong and keep the ball. This will frustrate them to no ends. Regardless of the result I hope we show spirit and determination throughout the game. We have to make a statement that we are title contenders and what better way to do that than in Anfield. Arshavin man to watch.

  23. TV and gallas need to kick torres to bits..i still dont think hes fit, but rafa needs him to play…

    a couple of ankle taps and he might have to go off after 15 minutes…

  24. arsenal do not do too well against pool

  25. no we dont do very well..

    but liverpool are rocking, there will never be a better opportuntiy to beat them..and we have to beat them to stay in the race…

    in all our games against the ‘title contenders’ so far weve lost…citeh,utd and chelsea..we need to turn that round against pool..

  26. Consolsbob, please never stop talking about the past. Not only is it always an enjoyable read – it also grounds silly, fickle new fish who started following Arsenal in 2004 and who have no appreciation of patience, humility, loyalty or the passage of time – with a little contextual reality.

    After all, “There is no present or future, only the past, happening over and over again, now.” Eugene O’Neill.

  27. Flint McCullough

    Nice to read a conversation with a rival without all the hatred that seems necessary to some.

    Darius & consb

    My impression was that Bob Wilson was far harder on himself, for being beaten at the near post, than anyone else was. Maybe the players took the piss but everyone knew that Bob was a big reason for us winning that double.

    My recollection would be that the Arsenal fans that turned up were generally very supportive but the measure was a fall in attendances & the volume from the crowd, when things got bad.

    Getting onto players would be an individual thing that probably hasn’t changed all that much. Some overall moaning & groaning certainly.

    Jon Sammels had a tough time from the crowd as did Paul Davis, in his early years. I really don’t believe it was a racist thing, with the latter, but more to do with his languid thoughtful style of play, which was way ahead of those times. He became an all time favourite, so maybe that is a message in itself.

    Those not interested in our old duffer meanderings can easily skip over, cb. I know I would be fascinated by tales of Arsenal from before my time.

    There are many lessons in history.

  28. OK. Limpar, you’ve talked me into it. It’s all your fault from now on.

    Love the quote, by the way.

  29. Flint McCullough

    We’re not going to have a session are we, cb?

    2 of the grandkids are coming in 5 minutes, so I will be chased off the keyboard.

  30. Ok, it’ll be the two of us then Flint.

    I agree about older timers though. Are there any out there in ACLF land?

    Let’s hear your stories of Arsenal old.

  31. Alex Ice Cream, please never stop talking about the past. Not only is it always an enjoyable read – it also grounds silly, fickle new fish who started following Arsenal in 2004 and who have no appreciation of patience, humility, loyalty or the passage of time – with a little contextual reality.

  32. We all deep down know we are not gonna get a result,every time wenger has used his rallying call over the last 4 seasons they have come up with spectacular failure and i certainly dont see any big differnce in our team,physically and mentally weak unfortunately……….3-0 pool.PROVE ME WRONG,FOR ONCE !!!!!

  33. Paul Davis could have played for us now such was his cultured left foot.

    The stick he got early on was partly becuase as a left footed midfielder fans thought he would replace Liam Brady who was a massive favourite.

    I recall a home game when he was having a stinker & we were awarded a penalty. Davis had the guts to step forward – & balloon it onto the North Bank !

  34. Tevez scored

  35. bolton are rampant

  36. Chelsea are leaking goals like mad. 3:3 right now. Cech can’t deal with crosses, he can’t stop any shot…do we really want HIM instead of Big Al?

  37. Also: Everton’s away kit is dreadful.

  38. And: Drogba’s dives are getting more and more ridiculous.

  39. Loving the scores so far lets hope it stays that way

    Bolton3-2Man City



  40. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bolton are crap.

  41. It looks like Chelsea are going to continue their unbeaten run.

  42. I feel sick I wish I hadn’t checked the results….both Chelski and the Spuds losing…….loolala

  43. and Man city drawing

  44. 5 o’clock can not come sooner in m book

  45. 6 minutes for the spuds ridiculous

  46. cechs a load of rubbish…hes worse than almunia..his defence has saved him time and again but he really is rubbish now…

  47. hang on everton

    tiny tots lost city drew

  48. Chelsea draw!

  49. spuds beaten by wolves at white shite lane.chavs dropped 2 points. brilliant

  50. good results….now come on villa

  51. COME ON EVERTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Great results this Saturday but the ball is in our court now. We have the opportunity to shorten the gap to Chelsea tomorrow and I hope we can take it!

    Just a bit of dreaming but if we win tomorrow and our game in hand we are just 3 points away from the Chavs!

  53. Gunner From Nigeria

    We have to do something tommorrow or these results would count for nothing. Even ‘Pool are still in the race with these results.

  54. sp*ds, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  55. An almost perfect day in Arsenal land

  56. Fantasic results, irrespective of what happens to ManU.

    We must take advantage tomorrow and I have a sneaky feeling that we might edge a tight game.

    I particularly liked the look of the Spuds’ faces at the end of their loss to Wolves.

  57. we must beat pool and i genuinley think we will.

    Do you rekon Arshavin is gona be CF again?

    If so I can see him becoming a legendarily loathed demon in merseyside tomorow.

  58. Look at 0:24

    Is tomorrow the time for 5 goals – 1 game?

  59. The way Chelsea are playing, I just can’t see them dropping points.

  60. Wenger beleives we can win the title this year with 78 points and it looks like its heading that way. its up to us now to destroy liverpool and embark on unbeaten run


  62. todays results mean nothing if we dont win tomorrow..

    AA has to be given a central role…we need to go after pool and take the points…..

  63. Poli- Yeah stuff of champions

  64. Hoping for a Villa win. Then for our boys to do the job tomorrow. Media writing us off as usual and bigging up ‘Pool. Let’s give them a good one and shove it down their throats.

  65. Paulie,

    Good shout about Paul Davis who was terribly underrated. He was denied a well-deserved England cap after the Glen Cockerill incident.

    Paul was a great all-round midfielderer who could tackle, pass really well and worked hard.

    Paul didn’t score that many but I remember him chipping it up for himself to volley past David Platt (yes the same one) in the Villa goal in front of the North Bank in 1991.

  66. Jon Jon- this result is good whatever happens tomorrow. No pressure on the players they just need to play their football and we shall get the result.

  67. 1lc
    its not a good weekend if we lose tomorrow…
    makes it all pointless doesnt it…no point getting excited about our rivals for the title dropping points is there if we drop points too??

  68. F*** OFF JON JON


  70. that was uncalled for maria…
    oh dear oh dear..

  71. Chelski are too tall and muscular to win the EPL.

  72. manures defence is weak..

    villa have a perfect opportuntity to put one over on them

    then we beat a dodgy pool side tomorrow and looking at our fixtures we’ll be top of the league by january…

    then nikkis back…who says we need a new striker..

  73. Good post. I like it. When a player comes back from an injury it always takes him time to get his eas legs back. This is always the case. The player will always be nervous that when they get hit for the first time.They are thinking oh God I will I get injured again. This is always the case. But when the entire team is injured LOL. Sacking Rafa will cost big bucks but remember Hicks and Gillette have done this the teams they own in the state. Yes buying Liverpool was for investment purposes.
    SPAM Bobby Thanks for reading. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  74. we are probably actualy going to play the strongest pool side in a while. Torres, Gerrard, Johnson,Benayoun and Aquillini all starting most likeley which hasnt ever happened.

    But we should still get something out of the game.

  75. Wenger is the greatest. Didn’t he predict that all these media favorites (Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd) will drop points. It is all in the hands of our boys. Mental strength, consistency and quality.

    PS: Lets all laugh at the Spuds. Top four team my foot.

    HA, HA HA, HA, HA, HA, HA , HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!



  78. here we go

  79. Agbonlahor!!!!


  81. G-O-A-L! Villa

    Getting better and better.

  82. I know SG!!!!

  83. I heard that Deano and Maria.

    Where are the rest?

    What a great week-end this may be for the Gunners.

  84. haha that agbonlahor chant cracks me up to the tune of karma chameleon.

    Come on villa keep it going humble the overrated.

    Did I ever mention that i Fucking hate darren fletcher.

    Rooney is a diving stool.

  85. Rooney, finally booked for an elaborate dive.

    At last, Mr Atkinson.

  86. Color commentator just said, in all seriousness, “I don’t think you need to show a yellow whenever a player goes down without contact.”

  87. I cannot believe, well, I can, but I cannot believe he’s said that. What Rooney just did is worse than Edu’s.

  88. if the result stays lke this its fantastic…
    but we do need the points tomorrow…cos it puts us down to fourth…

    if we win the two games in hand we go second in the table..3 points behind chelsea…

    about time rooney got booked for diving..at OT too…suprised he didnt get the pen…

  89. commentry is pathetic. honestly, i dont know why the comentators bother? They should make it easy on themselves and go on a full 90 minutes of Manure arse kissing?

    Rooney’s a good player though, no doubt about that but the diving thing is pathetic. Made even worse by the way the commentators brush it aside.

  90. F*** JON JON

  91. I don’t know why I let the commentators get to me like that; they are almost all silly people.

  92. hah and they find it necessary to repeat at least every other minute how English Villa are.

  93. i cant watch fletchers face. It seems that it has been sculpted by a higher force to aggrevate me to the maximum. It coaxes unhealthy negative feelings. Primal feelings. I want him destroyed.

    Does that mean im a bad person?

  94. Ted Harwood,

    I’m happy they outrage you. Frankly, a lot of it is outrageous. The commentators for the Chelski game were shocking with one of them remarking as Jo was taken off wounded that “these foreign players go down too easily”.

  95. the commentators have their favorites…its to be expected…but they have no bearing on the game, its the ref that counts and he made the right choice…

    i think im missunderstanding you maria but im under the impression by you telling me expletives that you want us to lose tomorrow and you wanted rooney to get a pen for that dive?????

  96. OG,

    Agreed. The whole Eduardo crusade was really aggravating. Sometimes it’s hard to see how it can be about anything else but blatant jingoism.

  97. Deano – don’t worry about Mr Fletcher. He will be found out very soon.

    PS: I am having great fun lurking in the Spuds blogs and observing the post moterm. What an autopsy? It is as if they suffered a train wreck. They were so cock-sure about taking 3 pts from Wolves. Case of suffering from hubris after battering Wigan. Serves them right. LOL!

  98. Commentators might have no bearing on the game, but they have a bearing on how people think about the game, before and after the game.

    It’s naive to think someone expressing an opinion to tens of millions of people has no ‘bearing’.

  99. Pleeze Jon-Jon. It is up to the refs? Really. Then Man- USA would win the title on a procession. We have one-penalty in 11 good shouts. Can you imagine that ratio for Man-USA?

  100. Commentators for example created the widely held but wrong notion that if a tackler gets some of the ball, it’s necessarily not a foul.

  101. where did this mythical english honesty come from??

    Gerrard and rooney are persistant divers, and it looks even worse on them because they look like people that you’d avoid making eye contact with in the pub ot of fear of being twatted. With Gerrard the fear would be very much warranted, especialy if you took Maria Carey of the duke box.

  102. Absolutely right O/G (6:11 pm). The commentators on my FSC broadcast made it sound as if Atkinson committed a howler. Most fans, without the replay, would have agreed. With replays they immediately back-tracked. It was so outrageous a dive!

  103. ……Last week Stevie-ME this week Shrek………Sunday papers tomorrow it never happened……..

  104. They sort of back-tracked, anyway, shotta…

  105. shotta..of course its up to the refs..if the ref would have given manure that penalty it would have changed the game..but he didnt…he made the right choice…so i dont get your point one bit..in fact its quite a contradiction in itself….

    ole…ppl have a choice to either make up their own mind or listen to mindless dribble…the majority of commentators in the country are english..rooney is english…and hes the countries best striker…the reason england will win the world cup…he will get all the praise..its obvious…

    from our point of view we hate him…but thats obvious too…if any of us were commentators we’d be biased as hell…

    its niave to think that someone washed up like joe royle can have any bearing on anyones mind…unless the are 4 years old…

  106. It’s by the way, shotta-gunna, the same trick he played on Almunia, and at Pompey 2 weeks ago. Kick the ball into touch to ensure the defender (or keeper) can’t get it. Then make contact with the defender, and crumble.

    Unfortunately for him, the defender saw it coming this time and pulled well out, and the ref was well positioned.

  107. F*** OFF JON JON!!!!

  108. shocking bit of commentry back in the CL quater finals 2008, Cant remember who it was and nor should i. But he suggested that aurelio should have taken a yellow and fowled theo in order to prevent the goal. what a tool.

  109. fuck off jonjon

  110. come on now jon jon.

    England arnt winning anything.

    There a bunch of cod pieces.

    Holland will win it.

  111. Totally agree with you Maria.

    What a bore this J*nJ+n is.

  112. i know deano i was being sarcastic..i hope england go out in the group stages…and im english…

  113. And now the FSC commentator has fully recanted.

  114. manure really are weak…

  115. Week after week we get evidence of the deeply held bias by English referees towards their own kith and kin. No wonder Walter of Untold Arsenal advocates a pool of European refs to do top flight games throughout the continent. Plus take refs from under the direction and control of the various FAs. Now that would revolutionize the English game.
    Then Jon-Jon, old boy (trying to sound patronizing) we could leave it in the hands of the refs.

  116. shotta..

    we all know that the refs give utd decisions..especially at OT…ive already said in my 5.59 comment i was suprised he didnt get it…

    but shotta old boy…they didnt get it that time…the ref made the right choice…so why change the goal posts???? you totally contradicted yourself..

    did manure get a pen? no!! does it matter what the commentator says? no, utd still didnt get the pen…

    so open a tinnie, lighten up and enjoy the fact rooney just looked like a mug on TV…

    todays been a great day…why you wanna cause a fight with your own???

  117. Gunner From Nigeria

    At times, you wonder how we lost to this Manu side. They look so poor.

  118. Wow, I am so happy our number 2 is Fabianski and not Kuszczak. His goalkeeping doesn’t look very secure.

  119. kuszaks rubbish…like most of the manure team..
    they get by on reputation..but a loss here at home will give other teams the nudge to attack them and to sit back and be afraid of them anymore…

    berbatoss 30mil..hahahaha

    manure are shit..

  120. its just the fact that is wont be reported on by ‘objective’ journalists. And that eduardo was vilified for a long time.

  121. I agree jon jon.

    They scare other teams through reputation alone. I remember bolton a couple of weeks back, if theyd of gone for it theyd have had em.

    We choked against them when we were in control.

    But it wont last. They are getting found out injuries or not.

  122. i thought we were unlucky when we played them deano..i dont think we choked…

    we limited the champions to no shots on goal and we still went 2-1 down to a dodgy rooney dive and an own goal…i dont think they let a shot off until we started throwing the kitchen sink at them…

    how do you go 2-1 down without letting the other team have a shot…we did well…it was a freak result…

    the kind that only happens at OT…

    your right..they cant play as badly as they do and stay in the race..they will drop off…

  123. What a save by Friedel.

  124. how much time left??

  125. It’s the 88th minute, Maria, so knowing Old Trafford, probably another half hour.

  126. Fergie yelling at 4th official about added time amount…

  127. How much extra time?

  128. 3mins lol

    and fergies lost i again..another ban anyone? lol

  129. Feggerson’s giving a bollocking to the 4th official for not giving old Trafford time.

  130. What’s the score?

  131. Tomorrow’s game will be massive now. Champions would go and win it. Let’s see if our boys can step up now.

  132. Villa! And we’ve got two games in hand on them. Amazing.

  133. W000000000000p what a fucking day

  134. COME YOU VILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Win are next two games and we are level on points with the Mancs.

  136. Poor Sralex, not getting his customary nine minutes of extra time.


    Man-USA 0, Villa 1


  138. NOW…………COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. now we win tomorrow and this weekend has been the best for a long long while

    what a day…

    come on lads take advantage tomorrow…were back in this

  140. what a fucking wonderfull day,come on arsenal


  142. I have to say I was really glad when I saw Milner go to the corner flag. Usually I hate dirty play like that but against ManUre who had luck and dodgy decisions in their favour so many times this season I can’t help but appreciate it.

    But now we have to win tomorrow or else all the results of today won’t matter. We can make up ground now and we just have to take this opportunity. GO ARSENAL!

  143. Can’t wait for MOTD today……

  144. If we win at Anfield, the momentum is back with us.

    Man poo aren’t good enough to win it this season. Chelski are having their traditional mid-season meltdown, and will have a few poor results from now till the end of January.

    If we get our attacking strength back, we could in a few weeks be the best side in the country.

    We aren’t now….still adjusting to post-RVP. But win at Anfield and the force is with us.

  145. You know what, I wouldn’t begrudge Villa Liverpool’s spot in the top four… 🙂

  146. WOW. Come this time tomorrow we could be in a great position. Yes AW, you are so right. None of these teams are dominant.

    Ma-USA has lost its get-out-of-jail card, Christiano Ronaldo, and they are shite.

    Chelsea is ageing every day and its not even January when 3 key players go to the ACN.

    Liverpool Insolvent looks doomed, but we must apply a killer blow. They are still dangerous. They are desperate. I am afraid of that death kick.


  147. I throught taking the ball to the corner flag when your 1-0 was just smart football.

  148. So if we win tomorrow, we’re in second!

  149. we’ll win tomorrow ole..

    liverpool are in trouble and although they have a few of there players back match fitness is still an issue…

    we can take them…definatley

  150. ———————ALMUNIA——————–


    ——————– –SONG————————-


    ——————- ARSHAVIN ———————-

  151. Of course it is smart, but at the same time it’s not really fair play. I wouldn’t want to see Arsenal do something like that…

  152. Evil Fiek – Are you crazy? Going to the corner flag is essential when you are holding on in the death.
    I love it, unless it is done to my team 🙂

  153. no were back into third with a game in hand that will take us to second…but we need to win…

    our next 5 fixtures our favorable we just need to get pool out of the way…

    i bet we’ll be top of the league by jan 1st

  154. good team deano but id swap denilson for nasri..

  155. No Aaditya but we will if we win are group in hand.

  156. I like your team Deano 10 players should be enough to do’em..

  157. now for Chelsea and the Mancs, who refuse to let in goals.. If only we had such solid defenses..

    anyone no when Clichy’s back?

  158. haha fancy that….

    Im going to bury my head now

  159. i wanted it to be a lucky dip for the other player….that was it

  160. Yesterday Stevie G dived and nothing in the press, no booking from the ref

    Today Rooney dived and was shown the red.. But commentators on tv brushed it aside.

    This xenophbic rubbish must stop…. It had a bearing in the way Arsenal faltered in 2006. The English press are rubbish.

    I have advocated since last week that as an affirmative action, we take on board a few English players so that this attitude against us stops..it is costing us in points and it is costing us in growing our fan base and revenue.

    We would be a less attractive team but more successful… the commentators would have thier piss poor beer and sing our praises

  161. You will have read yellow for Rooney.

  162. One week Sorensen is saving penalties, the next week…he’s letting in 60 yard free kicks.

  163. you know what i predict?

    That Arsene Wenger will have had a haircut tomorow.

    Ive just got a feeling.

  164. Well with a couple of Englishmen ITV even repeated our game the next day.

  165. Ritesh- its nothing new they’ve been diving for a long time but no one says anything , they are english and don’t play for Arsenal so they get treated differently from the the rest , that’s the way it is I’m afraid.

  166. Wrighty did his bit this week. We must all do our bit.

    I am not jumping with joy at the thought that Howard Webb is the ref tomorrow.

  167. Not only that Chelsea haven’t won in the last 4 games, they droped 5 points in the league in 2 games.I don’t hear any so called expert talking of crisis at chelsea, When we lose a game they start their usual taunts of our players calling them too short, kids , soft bellies, you name it. the reason for that is because we don’t have many English internationals in our team. this is the reason we get treated diferently.

  168. Oh by the way… Manchester United were “understrength” today according to Alan Green on 5 Live. Our equivalent term when we have some injuries is “weak” or “lack of strength in depth.”.

  169. Green is a Mancs loving clown. I can’t stand him.

  170. What is this reactionary nonsense that we must get some English players to get the refs on our side? Give in to the symptoms rather than address the cause. Give way to some overpaid English prima-donna(s) who cannot play the passing game simply to please a corrupt bent English FA?
    Become another club that gives away its principles of building on youth, living within our means and playing “football.” What nonsense am I reading?

  171. What great results today, just checked, couldn’t have been better. Draw for City and Chelsea. And a loss for Manu!!

    Hahahaha. Arsene will have the last laugh this season. Was spot on about chelsea dropping points.

  172. alan green is a man turd.

  173. California Gooner

    1 loose cannon, just to point out the obvious, Chelsea are still in first place. Perhaps that is why there isn’t a crisis. Yet. Keeping my finger’s crossed. But, more than crisis at Chelsea, I keep my finger’s crossed that we fully pull out of our own mini-crisis and go on a ten-game winning streak starting tomorrow. I feel we can do it, but then we are just as capable of tying or losing some of those games.

  174. Pyles palmer’s chelsea is falling. He’s going to get angrier at Arsene now. M

  175. C/G – Crisis is an over-blown word reserved for politicians and hacks who want to exploit the emotions of the uninformed. “Mini-crisis” at Arsenal? What about Chelsea whose last four games read two losses and 2 draws. I agree with you on one point; it is our responsibility to take advantage of those who drop points.

  176. Fans on Talkshite on about the Rooney dive while the presentors are trying to brush in under the turf.

  177. You guys should listen….one after backtracking claims Rooney deserves a red….

    N now we are back to Eduardo.

  178. you know the one absoloute difference between the 2 incidents?

    Rooney appealed for the penalty.

    Eduardo didnt.

  179. I realy think totenham will win the league.

    The Quality.

    The Quality Street.

  180. California Gooner

    Agreed Shotta.

  181. What a perfect day.

    Spurs loves at home to Wolves
    Man U lose at home to Villa
    Chelsea held at home by Everton
    Man City draw again

    Tomorrow is the biggest game of the season. We’ve been given a lifeline. We just have to seize it.

  182. “Spurs loves at home to Wolves.”

    Oh really……on the Stevie ME Alonso scale?

  183. Maria good find.
    That cannot be said of this article.


    What a load of crap.

  184. Just read it. Crap cannot fairly describe it. Pure and utter nonsense more like.

  185. AFC the Greatest

    He says he has money and that he hasn’t found any striker good enough to buy. Wengerspeak, his crap foreign bottlers are better than the rest in the EPL.

    Seriously, the protector of crap foreign players has lost it. He lost it long ago.

  186. AFC the Greatest

    shotta gunna

    If our players are better than all the English players why are they not good enough to win anything for us?

    Some of us are tired of the so-called ball-playing foreign craps who bottles it anytime they are faced with a challenge. They only play to convince Arsene Wenger to give them contract extensions.

    How come a crock like Rosicky, who hasn’t played 50 league games for all the years he’s been here and at 30 get an improved contract?

    Arsene knows. Wait until they bottle it at Anfield before you finally believe that Almunia and co have nothing to offer the club but waste of money.

  187. Fuck Off Howard

  188. Howard you are nothing but a coward. If you believe what you state why do you change your ID so much. You are no supporter of The Arsenal just a miserable little whining excuse for a human being.

    P.S. and possibly one of the most xenophobic idiots to post here.



  190. Fuck off Howard you tosser.

  191. rooney dive, Aston Villa ask for a rematch 😉 dream headline for MU

  192. “Rooney, who moments before was booked for a clear dive in the area”

    That is the total response from the Beeb to a blatant cheat.

  193. Rooney & Gerrard (Howard’s Favourites) both cheats.

  194. Maria-how unforgiving you are. Just one letter off and you pile on!!

  195. this weekends results couldn’t have been better, except that Chelsea could’ve lost. Let’s capitalize!


  196. Wishful thinking there lagooner.
    Might be better to rephrase that sentence.

  197. Don’t worry, Muppet. The BBC contacted an expert on Wayne Rooney, and he assured them that the video footage that appears to show Rooney diving has no significance at all. The editor of http://www.waynerooney.com also explained that anyone would look bad if every moment of his life was recorded and then subject to public scrutiny. These leaked videos do not change the consensus among 95% of football pundits that Wayne Rooney is an honest player, and plans to give him a prize in recognition of his honesty will not be affected. It’s absurd to think that hundreds of football experts could be proved wrong by one video clip.

  198. PZ, humour aside, it’s an absolute disgrace, total hypocrisy and a total embarrassment when considering this so called view of english players being whiter than white and foreign players being cheats etc etc. If any non english high profile arsenal players had dived it would be back page headline news and the airwaves would be blocked with self righteous jingolistic condemnation.

  199. I thought the pundits wanted a 10 match ban for diving. At least that is what they said should happen to Eduardo.

  200. of course they want that Dupsffokcuf but only the dirty foreigner who cheat ,the english like rooney was trying something clever to win a penalty

  201. Didn’t mean anything my it just made me chuckle.

  202. I’m absolutely degusted, I watched MOTD and there wasn’t one mention of Rooney hilarious dive, not even one. And despite Chelsea’s poor run of results they called it a blip, If it was Arsenal they will be ridiculing our players all day long, honestly it just makes you sick the hypocrisy. But lets prove them all wrong. I would absolutely love more than ever if we win it this year. Wrighty and all should eat some humble pie.

  203. I wonder what the outcome would have been if Rooney’s dive had been against Celtic in the CL?

  204. lol !! Hanover96 score 6 goal but loose 5-3 against Moechenglabach …..score 3 own goal

  205. I will listen to talkshite (for once) over the next couple of days to see if rooney;s blatant dive attracts anwhere near as much as eddy’s, and if not, I am seriously tempted to phone them myself and take them to task on why there is no anti-diving campaign. Would love to hear what that w*nker collymore has to say on it

  206. Ben, Collymore is to unintelligent to even understand the seriousness of his outbursts. He is an irrelevance in today’s football.

  207. Ben- You can try but I doubt they will bring it up at all. At Talkshite we had one gooner who sold out to the media and gave up too easily on Arsenal so there is no one to bring this matter to task. Its all anti- Wenger, Anti- Arsenal. and as I said they hate Arsenal because we have foreign players and all the pundits they are either Liverpool Manure or spuds fans. But who cares If we win the title it will feel even better.

  208. Arsenal is set to sue Holland over RVP injury to claim compensation. Seems we can get as much as 20M.

    I think that Wenger has made up his mind to buy in Jan. Looks like he’s really determined to land the title this time.

    Given Ancelloti is in his first season here, I think Chelsea will not last the distance. It should be between Manure and us depending on their January activity as well.

  209. Damned by faint praise?


    Unfortunately for you Mr Telegraph hack, Arsenal will have the last laugh as Man U and Chelsea implode under an unsustainable financial model. The groans from Old Trafford are loud and audible, despite the best attempts of most of the hacks in the press to play a deaf ear.

  210. no offense taken…

    Let’s not forget that for the Liverpool game, our team will be stronger compared with last season’s game against them.

    Almunia for Fabianski
    Traore for Gibbs
    Gallas for Toure
    Vermaelen for Silvestre
    Diaby for Bendtner

    Their team will be stronger too.

    Johnson for Arbeloa
    Insua/Aurelio for Aurelio
    Agger/Skirtel for Skirtel
    Aquilani for Alonso
    Gerrard for Riera

    Main difference is that Torres might not be at 100% yet and Aquilani doesn’t yet have chemistry with his teammates.

    Vermaelen/Gallas are a vast improvement on Toure/Silvestre

    Either 1-1 or Arsenal steal it 1-2. Nasri will be the key player tomorrow for us.

  211. Shotta, after what Souness said about liverpool being “close to meltdown”, some people in the media are finally waking up to the possibility of a top club on the slippery slope.

  212. Shotta- I read that article its a bit of praise but yet disrespectful by describing the game tomorrow as a “play-off, a clash between the two potential drop-outs of the Big Four mini-league” despite us sitting 4th with 2 games in hand they still think we will drop out of the top 4. They said that at the start of the season and they will keep saying just to convince everyone that they are right. Lets hope we prove them wrong come the end of the season

  213. Loose cannon – My point exactly. There is grudging acceptance that the Arsenal way is the only model that is self-sustaining yet we must believe that Man-USA is not feeling the debt burden. Why would the Glazer family just snaggle away the 60 million from the Ronaldo sale? Why would Sir Alex be shopping for bargain basement deals like Valencia and Michael Owen when in the old days he only shopped at Waitrose, paying top dollar? Why has he gone on record and said no shopping this January even though he has some big holes in his XI such as a quality striker and a top-top quality creative mid-fielder?
    But then we are all dumb lemmings who the press can simply lead around until disaster strikes and we are all down the cliff.

  214. you know whats still fresh in my mind,

    When that dirty foreigner ronaldo got uber honest wayne rooney sent off when all he did was stamp on carvalhos babymaker a little bit ferociously.


  215. shame on ronaldo trying to get a man sent off for crushing his teammates testicles.


  216. What is wrong with you Deano. Rooney is a good English pro, he would not cheat any more than Stevie -Me would.

  217. I apologise dupsffokcuf

    It was wrong of me to question the undeniably inherent honesty of all us englishmen. Wayne Rooney would never cheat knowingly…in a game of football or with a 62 year old prostitute. Hypothetical that last one.

  218. It surely must have been the groundsman’s fault for cutting the grass at the wrong angle. The poor boy Rooney trapped his foot in a wrongly cut blade of grass and tripped.

  219. I bet the groundsman was some foreigner!

  220. Beware of the ref tonight. Heard that he is paid 250k quid to fix the arsenal-liverpool match. English refs are easily bought.

  221. What a great day to be a Gooner. Wenger was right the Chavs would drop points. And how the mighty have fallen. Chelsea concede the highest percentage of set piece goals in the league… 8 goals in 3 games.. Manure lose and Rooney gets booked for a dive …Fergies goes mental because only 3 minutes of extra time are added…Man Citeh draw again…the Spuds loose to Wolves…you couldnt make it up. Where are those hacks now? Choking on humble pie hopefully. Arshavin to score 4 again. Arsenal all the way.

  222. Seems Essien was not qualified to play against Wolves and us cause he did not turn up for Ghana’s friendly.

    If Arsenal protest, Chelsea could be deducted points. Unless the FA are biased, which is probably the case.

  223. Arsene’s quotes on how the RVP injury could cost us the season sends the wrong message to the team.

  224. It’s either the players read this blog or a sign that I should become a betting man. Whatever the case i’m proud of the 2nd half showing and for Wenger setting the record straight at half time. CMON YOU GUNNERSSSS


    We have to tame Torres to have any chance. We must close him down and not give him any sort of space. He’s just come back from injury so as time progresses expect his stamina to diminish. We just need to be strong and keep the ball. This will frustrate them to no ends. Regardless of the result I hope we show spirit and determination throughout the game. We have to make a statement that we are title contenders and what better way to do that than in Anfield. Arshavin man to watch.

    By: PIRESAHOLIC on December 12, 2009 
at 1:49 pm
    Liverpool dont know whats going to hit them. I can feel it.

    By: PIRESAHOLIC on December 13, 2009 
at 3:11 pm

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