Olympiakos Preview: Kids Take Centre Stage

A meaningless match from Arsenal’s point of view, not so from anyone else’s. Standard Liege may well complain that Arsene has taken the kids out of school early but that is their own fault for not putting together a string of consistent results, leaving them waiting on others.

Tonight is being seen as the chance for redemption following the Carling Cup exit at Eastlands last week. Defensively, the team is more inexperienced than that which took the field for that match with a rare outing for Gilbert at right back and a new left back on the block, with headline writers around the globe hoping that he has an outstanding game so that tired and lethargic ‘Top Guns‘ can be used in tomorrow’s chip wrappings.

Whatever the case, and whichever line-up he chooses, Wenger is going to gain tonight irrespective of the result. UEFA cannot do anything about the squad sent to Greece since these were all players registered by the club before the commencement of the group phase. Qualification assured, it was always likely that the last fixture would involve some younger players, another step on their development ladders, especially with the visit to Anfield looming.

Theo Walcott is included but I hope Wenger learns the lesson of Tomas Rosicky. Tonight’s performance will require some hard work on the players part and it would be more sensible for Walcott to be introduced as a substitute, limiting the chances of him aggravating the hamstring which delayed his return to first team action. Mikael Silvestre will captain the team tonight, partnering Kyle Bartley. The back four will be predominantly English, something for Wenger to observe surely, a testament to the Arsenal Academy and a slap in the face for his critics.

For Kerrea Gilbert it represents the chance to put himself ahead of Gavin Hoyte in the pecking order for right back whilst giving himself a chance of earning a new contract. That he has been loaned out frequently suggests Wenger is unconvinced of his future at the club, a good performance in difficult surroundings will be a chance to put a case forward that he can be considered a suitable replacement when required on the right hand side of defence.

The spine of the side will be reasonably experienced. Song and Silvestre are the obvious candidates but Fabianksi, Ramsey and Vela are all regular choices for their respective countries. The remainder are for the most part capped at the junior international levels.

Olympiacos face an interesting evening. They require a point to qualify for the knockout phase and will be conscious of not conceding. Yet it is an opportunity for them to win facing opponents who lack experience in this competition. That may work in the youngsters favour but they need to get their passing game working from the kick-off and be more aggressive in front of goal.

I would expect a line-up along the lines of:

Fabianski; Gilbert, Bartley, Silvestre, Cruise; Song, Coquelin; Wilshere, Ramsey, Merida; Vela

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. David Villa

  2. YW, the youngsters could do well here. Olympiacos might just go for the win and allow them to play.


  3. What fantastic night for them though. Playing for Arsenal in the ECL in Greece.

  4. Can’t wait for this game. Always a pleasure to see our young guns in action.

  5. nice blog. It was fun reading thruough. I like this blog. but there is a problem, do u wanna put 3 left footers in front?

  6. Watching the tiny reserves last night really whet the appetite for the real reserves.

    The tie is poised perfectly for some fast-flowing wengerball. The Greeks will go for it and will be made to pay on the break, in spectacular style.

  7. Would you have a problem with three right footers in front, napoleon?

  8. Do Olympiakos ever go for the win? Seriously, do they even know how?

    I can see the kids battering for 90 minutes against a well organised defence, while they try to hit us occasionally on the break. Hopefully a Vela or a Wilshere can produce a bit of magic to break them down.

  9. Euro football suits us to a T. Referees are unlike the premiership referees who are lenient in penalising foul play. We’ll do well and get a result with our kids.

  10. Right-handed people are such fascists. Every time they see a left-footed player it looks odd so you get the ‘oh he is too left-footed’ syndrome. The fact that the player is no more or less left-footed than any right-footed player is right-footed seems an irrelevance to such people.

  11. Pavlyachenko? please tell me this is a sick joke

  12. I think that Olympiacos will fail tonight just because they are tempted to go for the win.

  13. Oh is Roman Pavlyuchenko posting on here?

  14. We aint buying that fucking idiot

  15. Who says we are?

  16. looking foward to see da young guns tonight

  17. i think d profs wil b 2nit 2 rst sm key players 2day ahead of wkend clash wit liverpool.

  18. i think poly wil be a good buy b”cos of is xplot at the russian team,i believe assasin will make the best com out o him 2gether with the prof

  19. We are going to get linked with every striker from now until january, I’d take pav with a pinch of salt.

    Any body see the baby reserves last night, anyone stand out?

    Frank are you Villa’s agent?

  20. Fabianski
    Gilbert Song Silvestre Cruise
    Ramsey Wilshere
    Walcott Merida

    Thats what I think Le Boss is conjuring up in his brilliant mind. Should be interesting to watch. I would like to see senderos in defence and song pushed up to DM but I guess he’s so out of favour that the prof would rather put Song in defence. I fully support the idea that the two CB’s should be Song and Silvestre as we need experience at the back to remain solid (Never thought i’d say experience and Song in the same sentence haha). This platform will allow the midfield and attack to settle better as they probably wont be versed in the art of helping the defence. Hell even our first teamers aren’t versed in that 😛 Wenger please dont play any of the kids at CB it’ll only pile pressure and potentially damage their confidence as mistakes at the back cannot be recovered from easily. This drop in confidence can stunt the growth of younger players. I’m actually excited to see this match as olympiakos definately isn’t man city and will enable us to see the true potential of the youngsters. Dont get me wrong Olympiakos will be up for it (qualification up for grabs) but since they have to attack tis could leave them vunerable on the counter and they don’t have Toure, Lescott, Bridge and Richards in their back four. I’m confident the lads can punish olympiakos as they’ll be out to make up for the carling cup exit. Want to see wilshere show us glimpses of all that promise during the emirates cup. Walcott will be one to watch as his pace his going to create alot of space for our attack. Ramsey in for a long distance goal. Silvestre in for an injury, I just feel it. Here’s to the lads. Cheers

  21. Piresaholic so when would you players such as bartley? Sorry son you cant play until your….. 24 as it’ll knock your confidence, you can’t be trusted. That dosn’t work does it. As that will knock him also. All players in all positions need match practice, come on man lets show some faith.

    Other than that good post.

  22. Frank so can you get him a contract here maybe 250 quid a week a company can AND phone.

  23. What is this alternating between OlympiaCos and OlympiaKos, YW? Years ago I always thought they were OlympiaKos (in English). And then, when we played the reverse fixture a month or so ago, they had become OlympiaCos – in your preview, and maybe even on the tele. I reconciled myself with this new spelling. And now, just like that, we’re back to OlympiaKos, are we?! Will it never end?! Why must you toy with me so…

  24. Yeah you know what I noticed that.

    Also more importantly i’m sure Yogurt used to have an H in it.

  25. “Any body see the baby reserves last night, anyone stand out?”

    Considering the opposition, I thought everyone played really well, but Freeman stood out on the left, as did Aneke in the middle.

    Luke Freeman is super quick, has an incredible work-rate, low centre of gravity, and, by the looks of his stats this season, a good eye for goal. He’s like a good Paul Dickov.

    In one move last night he helped win the ball at left-back, moved it on, and made it all the way to the other end of the pitch to finish the counter-attack. It was crazy.

    Chuks Aneke is only 16, but, like JET, has the build of a seasoned pro. He was so calm on the ball; his control and vision look immaculate already. I can’t wait to see more of him in the future.

    Watt led the line well, Hajrovic looked steady at right-back, Frimpong strong in central midfield and Miquel, the young CB, has a great touch.

    There were 5 internationals in the Fulham team, and it was easy to forget just how young some of our guys are. I’m glad I got a glimpse of the next wave, but I guess patience is probably needed.

  26. Taking into account the homage to left-footedness carefully hidden in this blog’s name, alluding as it does to a love of the left-footed, I should think you might practice a little more tolerance of our own lefties, napoleon.

    As with a fine left-handed batsman I personally think there is something magical to be offered from a lefty – in terms of grace, style and verve – that’s a cut above what’s on offer from the average righty.

    Not to be confused with Wrighty. Who was an anomoly.

  27. Yes, Els, I am working on it. I am even prepared to reduce my commission on the deal from 90% to 87.5%.

  28. “Frank so can you get him a contract here maybe 250 quid a week a company can AND phone.”

    I’m sure all Arsenal players are allowed to use the can at London Colney.

  29. Are left handed, left footed?

  30. Frank you are a saint really taking one for the team there.

    One of us thanks for that run down mate.

    Seems like there are a few of us lefties on here.

  31. Im left handed but right footed….

  32. Firstlady, no.

    I have a friend who writes right-handed, plays football exclusively with a, by-no-means cultured and in fact rather agricultural left foot, and can throw a good dart with either hand. He is a mystery to us all.

  33. y not start eastmond instead of coquelin?

  34. Oh dear I ment company car but you know if you could get that in the deal, it would save a few bob.

    First lady i’m left handed and right footed. But you could argue im no handed as you should see my writing, jees louise, I have my own Hieroglyphics interpreter.

  35. I get your point Els but the way I see it is that this is the champions league, I know we’ve already qualified, nevertheless I think we should field a team that has a realistic chance of getting something out of the game and that starts with a solid backline. The jump up in level can be too much to handle for some. I have faith in playing youngsters but I don’t want to put any of our upcoming stars in the position Gibbs was in during that illfated semi with Manure. I think the reserve CB’s should remain there until they master it at that level. But what do I know one of these kids can genuinely be our Davide Santon or Mario Balotelli. One never knows these days as talent has seems to burst out at younger ages these days. All I know is that irrespective of the result I expect our players to show what their capable of. I want to see shots on target, pace, movement, passing, heart, confidence, skill and determination. I want our players to make OlympiaKos (Looks more Greek :-P) wish they were playing our half crocked first team!!! Lastly, I want them to come out of this game without any regrets win, lose or draw. You never know when one of these youngsters is going to have to fill in in the near future and by the looks of our injury list that seems pretty damn soon. I know this might sound weird and random but does anyone miss Clichy?? Seems with all the injuries he’s one of the last to be mentioned or discussed, the forgotten one. I love that guy haha GO GUNNERSSSSS

  36. Arseman

    As is my youngest son although he is equally at home kicking with both feet.


  37. Only in Arsenal do a hoard of youngsters get such an opportunity. There will be many young promising and yet envious players all over Europe tonight!

  38. Arseman I agree on both accounts!!

  39. Interesting most left-handed people who use their right foot claim to be able to use both feet. The reason is that though hard-wired to be left-sided, there are enormous environmental pressures to use the other hand or foot. People in this position usually end up with a degree of ambidexterity. Add my mother and also my son to that list, though my mother was not good with either foot.

  40. Piresaholic, yeah your wright I suppose, but as Kenyan gunner has just pointed out our team is the envy of all young players around the world, just in playing a youngster in the cl you increase chances of signing future talent. Also Gibbs probably came through all the manure business stronger than when he went into it. You learn some hard lessons, thats true experience.

  41. There is a lot more to dexterity than meets the eye. Jimi Hendrix was notoriously a left-handed guitarist. But anyone who plays guitar will know that the work of the ‘left-hand’ is as complex and intricate as that of the ‘right-hand’. Hendrix taught himself to play the guitar the other way round…unnecessarily. He was probably subconsciously reversing the cues he received in everyday life.

  42. I’m sure that the reason i’m not running out against OlympiaKos tonight is becasue I was pressured into using my left foot for years as I was left handed. And I can barely stand on that useless chunk of gristle.

  43. Gunner From Nigeria

    A hear a voice saying…

  44. Jimi’s situation was further complicated by the fact he learnt to play left-handed, on a right-handed guitar. With only three strings.

    He also feigned homosexuality in order to get out of the army (which is besides the point).

    Another famous Seattle based musician, Kurt Cobain, was also a lefty. He had a mint green stratacaster made-up left-handed as soon as he had the money to. It was based on one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars.

    Neither guitarist was much celebrated for their football. Bob Marley however…

  45. Great…game on. Footballing guitarists anyone? Dave Gilmour I believe is one.

  46. I think it was Slade who first referred to Olympiacos and Olympiakos.

  47. I think Joe Strummer had some game. Though as we’ve already established, he was blue.

  48. Harry R is a ****

    Manure’s 3rd team won in Germany so can ours. 6-0 to the gunners

  49. Ray Davies used to play football and he is Arsenal through and through

  50. Damon Albarn and Liam Gallagher have both postured as footballers in their time. Neither of whom can play guitar to any great standard.

    I’m guessing Noel is pretty handy. And Alex James of blur (bassist) is an Arsenal man. I think Graham Coxon is more of a badminton man.

  51. Gilberto Silva on the mandolin!

  52. The reason i asked is coz am left handed but i don’t know if am leftfooted or right-footed as there isn’t much difference either way (and not in a good way) Thanks guys for all the insight.

  53. Lonnie Donnegan

  54. Slightly off the tpoic considering, but has anyone seen Michael Schumacher play football? The man is frigging impressive. Not sure if he’s left or right footed though

  55. That’s true Frank, a friend of mine went to a barbaric school, where his junior grade teacher wouldn’t allow him to right with his natural left hand, so he is able to right neatly with both hands..

    “there is something magical to be offered from a lefty”

    that’s also true Limpar Assist apparently only 10% of the world are left sided, in football marking a left footed player can be trickier as there is a larger chance that the attacker will go the opposite way, lefties break the mold in a lot of sports..

  56. His time will come again..

  57. Pete Doherty, a Stan Bowles worshipping QPR fan and ex-Libertines frontman, used to write for a QPR fanzine. He can be seen playing footie on a playground in the video to his Last of the English Roses ditty. I think he’s even got a song called Stan Bowles.

    The sad thing is, these days he gets a torrent of abuse from his own lot when he tries to go and watch his beloved Rs. Along the lines of, ‘F*ck off you druggy scummy waster’.

  58. Gilberto Silva on the mandolin! What a terrific shout, els.

    I think The Beast played Spanish guitar too didn’t he?

  59. Mark E. Smith has a strong connection with football-uh, having written the two best football-related songs of all time…and he did Final Score a couple of years back. If he played I’d picture him as a Savage-style aggro-merchant.

  60. Jimmy Page played for Dundee United in the 80s. But alas it was a different Jimmy Page.

  61. What are the two best football-related songs, OneOfUs? Is this The Fall, and does that make him a brummy?

  62. Kitchen Sink hard to think that is from only 2 games. He’ll back before we know it. He is a true talent.

  63. Rod Stewart and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) still play in Los Angeles over 35 leagues.

  64. Possibly the most rock and roll footballer ever, Robin Friday, could well have been a guitarist. But perhaps only in the same loose sense that Johnny Rotten was a bassist.


  65. Theanks limpar they used to do duelling banjos supposedly didn’t they.

  66. Yep, the Fall, LA. MES is Salfordian and supports Citeh.

    As for the two best football songs, well, it’s really just my opinion. And there isn’t much competition…

    Anyway, the songs are Theme from Sparta FC and Kicker Conspiracy.

  67. Rod Stewart wasn’t a guitarist though.

  68. Rod Stewart was in the Sex Pistols????? Woah that’s a shocker.

  69. Chris Rea, Noel Gallagher, Billy Duffy (for you Cult fans)

  70. So what music do people listen to? Just for fun.

    You can tell a lot from that I think.

    Santino need not answer we know he loves vengaboys and scooter.

  71. Harry R is a ****

    Bob Marley could have played for Jamacia

  72. Anything electronic i’m a slave to synths, beeps and glitches.

  73. We could use a Bob Marley in the dressing room. Do you think he was injury prone? Even if he was we’d lose him because he wouldnt go through surgery anyways.

  74. I think the best example of a footballing guitarist is Bob Marley. While he didn’t set the world alight with his guitar playing, he was a fantastic footballer. He could’ve turned pro, as an all action midfielder with bags of skill – a bit like Aaron Ramsey. Once he’d made a bit of umph from the first few Wailers records – he set up shop in a big old government building, presumably complete with government yard, in Trenchtown.

    He had all the Wailers round allday everyday, along with a huge entourage of friends and family. They would play great long games of football in the morning. Then they would all cook together, smoke together, eat together and then it was back out to the lush sunkissed Jamaican lawns for another epic game of football.

    At the end of the day they’d hit the recording studio, which was an annex of this great big house, and lay down some tracks about what an excellent day they’d all had.

    A life of football, punctuated with food, friends and making music. Bob Marley had it right.

  75. I don’t think that it was peaceful as that in reality was it, LimparAssist?

  76. Yogi’s Warrior, frank…it gets even weirder…..
    I bat (as in cricket) right handed, Bowl left handed…play tennis left handed…seems like my brain doesn’t like to pick sides and uh….i play guitar right handed…lol

  77. No. There were lot’s of guns about the place as well, and Bob owned a few of them. But while they were playing football, which was a lot of the time, it was very peacful – I like to imagine.

  78. By the way…getting a little off topic. Steve Nash who’s an awesome professional basket ball player(for those who dont follow basketball) has some crazy football skills as well!

  79. Well that is interesting, Arseman. I suspect that left and right ‘brainedness’ is more complicated than some would have us believe and is a very simplistic model of neural development and expression.

  80. I’m trying to perfect a way of talking about music taste without sounding like a t*sser. What I will say is that there are fewer brownie points for listening to “obscure” music these days. The days of the snobby record store guy are over.

    With the internet absolutely nothing is obscure. If you know what you like you can find almost anything with little or no effort.


    Psychedelic music from any era, especially 66-69, except when it goes cod Eastern.

    I fell in love with Krautrock on my erasmus year and haven’t looked back since.

    Without wanting to sound like a psycho, I love noise – not cathartic screaming and thrashing – but pure, high-pitched feedback. Ahh. I love it. I can get through Metal Machine Music happily enough. Musique Concrète is good when you’re by yourself.

    With friends it’s different. I have pretty broad taste and can tolerate almost anything.

  81. question guys does adriano of flamengo ex inter fit the bill for the striker wenger is looking for?

    surely will come semi cheap and he’s proven hes world class and not cl tied what do you guys think??

    if he is even on arsene’s radar that is…

  82. Music is evil. It’s a scandal that children are prevented from drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking “drugs” whilst being permitted – even force fed – the worst drug of them all.

  83. OneOfUs, do you like the Ozric Tentacles?

  84. Piresaholic I have limited knowledge in that, but a digital artist I like Scott Hansen has a side project called Tycho had a listen to that and thought it was cool. Check it out, but I may be on the whole wrong vibe.

    One of us, I know what you meen being a muso is so tosserific, It’s good to have your own little thing though. Krautrock eh thats the stuff right there. Like you I find it hard to listen to a lead guitar withou any distortion or feedback. When I was a kid I loved the pumpkins. I’m loving John Frusciante now, like stuff like Midlake and Fleet Foxes, to the Eels and Phoenix.

  85. Ozric Tentacles sounds like he would be a good goalkeeper.

  86. haha to Poliziano @ 12.44

    Poliziano, hope this dosn’t offend but is that your real view on music?

  87. Mheydo regarding Adriano as far as I can see he’s very talented, when he’s on form, and not off the rails. Apparently he’s a bad egg though. Also rumour has it that he’s in bother with some very dodgy people too.

    Think he’s like a Brazilian Collymore.

    Still if Wenger thinks he culd get the best out of him…

  88. Els, yeah, Gish and Siamese Dream are great albums. If you like Phoenix check out Junior Boys.

    Piresaholic, Fourtet is my favourite for beeps and glitches.

    OOU, haven’t heard of musique concrete and I never quite know what krautrock is, though I’m assuming it isn’t Rammstein. I agree that the days of snobby elitist obscurism in music, are long gone.

  89. Uh-oh, that’s just the kind of psi-trancey stuff that I’m less keen on, LA. A couple of years ago I met someone who liked that kind of stuff, and went to raves as well. The person was trying to convince me to go along, had been out for 20 hours in a row before going to lectures at 8 a.m Monday morning. Stupidly I said, “Wow, you must have loads of energy to keep that schedule up”.

    “There are ways” was the answer.

    It’s like another world to me!

    Yeah, Els, kind of like a secret thing. Sometimes it’s better to keep these things private, because there’s no right way to tell someone you like certain music. You get blank looks if the person hasn’t heard of it, or if they have, then they might depise it and trample on your taste, which really sucks. The likelihood of making a connection is so low!

    Some people have a gift for turning people on to music, which I envy and certainly do not have.

    By the way, YW has it, I think!

  90. I like Midlake, only own one album though, from 2006. Fleet Foxes, I’ve been meaning to check out for ages.

    For me, Krautrock starts with CAN, Neu!, Faust. I like repetition, which is a must for this kind of stuff. This is a great starting point:

  91. LimparAssist used to be obsessed with the pumpkins, couple of great albums though, however I love Pisces Iscariot thats defo checking out if you havn’t.

    Junior boys eh? I’ll have a listen thanks man.

    One of Us yeah your always on a hiding to nothing, I like having my own thing but will never be the sort of fellah that dislikes something cos others start to like it.

  92. In my opinion, music with words should not be played in public or on the television or radio when persons under 18 are likely to be listening. The rules for music without words should be somewhat more liberal, but there should still be restrictions. Persons under 18 should not be allowed to buy any music. Music with words should only be permitted in schools if it has an explicit educational purpose.

  93. @ Arseman

    Batting right-handed is the same as being left-handed in tennis. In cricket, the top-hand is the power hand, whereas in tennis, the bottom one is. I’m left-handed, and I do the exact same things. I think its easier to play a guitar right handed for us because of the precision required to hold down the frets.

  94. OOU Can oh my god that brings back memories. Tago Mago is AWESOME!! I’m digging that out.

    Sounds like you have Van Occupanther by midlake the previous albums a quite different from that Fleetwood mac feel (do you agree??) still good but not a patch on van occupanther.

    Fleet foxes is a real grower wasn’t to fussed to begin with. But blue ridge mountains is beautiful.

    While i’m on anyone who likes awesome guitar check out John Frusciante’s ‘Look on’.

  95. “….You get blank looks if the person hasn’t heard of it,” I am giving plenty of these at the moment.

  96. How do I post a link to Vitamin C by CAN OneofUs.

    Whoever the drummer was in CAN is Awesome. Was he one of the Japaneese guys.

  97. Firstlady haha, I can feel them.

    Who you into then???

  98. Limpar I respect your taste then as I think Four Tet is very talented even though he’s more on the experimental side. Here’s a link to a recent track of his http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/88783683/file.html

    If anyone is interested in electronic music feel free to join a group i’ve created on facebook called Isotonic Sessions.


    To Els- Just checked out that tycho project and let me say im very impressed. Funny how somethings u like you find in the strangest of manners.


  99. The Japanese guy was the singer


  101. I think the Ozric Tentacles are very niche indeed – and completely insane. I saw their psy-trance side project, Eat Static at Glastonbury. There was a whole cross-section of age-groups and nationalities going off to this one guy at a sounddesk – all completely off their nut. It was great!

    This Can song is lovely. Something kind of Pavementy about the sleepy DIY-ness of it. I really like it.

    If you like repetition, there’s some interesting music to be found in minimal tech and house. Check out Ricardo Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer for a fine example. The version on youtube is split into 4 bits though as it’s quite a long piece of music.

    I’m just waiting for someone to shout STAY ON TOPIC PEOPLE! or something…

  102. Speaking of rock anyone heard of Kasabian? They have a track called where has all the love gone. Love it

  103. My rules would mean that some of the worst music would never be produced, as it is only listened to by children. I believe Ashley Cole’s woman is some kind of singer. I’ve never heard any of her music, but I suspect it’s just the kind of trash that would no longer be profitable if sensible precautions against music were introduced.

  104. Aaditya, ‘In cricket, the top-hand is the power hand’.

    I know this is traditionally the case, but aren’t batsmen with their increasingly wider reptoire of shots, changing this a bit? Kevin Pieterson for example, playing so wristily, surely relies more on the power frm his bottom hand.

  105. Damo Suzuki is my ACLF Fantasy League nickname!

    Jaki Liebezeit was the drummer. I have the classic-era albums, but don’t have much time for anything later than the mid-seventies.

    Can I post it Els, before I skulk away?

  106. You guys are dropping names i have never heard, I guess am not into music as i had deluded myself into believing. What i like is neither here nor there.

    Can we go back to discussing Football. that’s a common ground.

  107. VITAMIN C accessible can.

    OneofUs I am into the Tago Mago, Ege bamyasi, Future Days stuff, which is typicaly not your era of interest I guess. You’ll have to show me one of those looks haha!

    Frank I thought there where a few Japanees guys, oh well.

    Pixies and Sonic Youth anyone.


  108. Well done, Firstlady, you trumped the lot of us with that Melvins reference.

  109. im right handed, right footed, but amazingly i eat on the left, sleep on the left, i play guitar right handed but play the irish whistle with my lips (left side) my wife is right handed but not during our love making. I alweays wanted to be left handed as a kid and would make a mess at the dinner table, my dad was right handed and so was my mum but getting home late as a kid i would always raise the right arm for protection as my mums left hand came crashing down, attatched to a left handed saucepan.

  110. Not too much pressure on the kids tonight, less than CC, hope they enjoy.

  111. Football it is First Lady.

    Ok hypothetically speaking if you were wenger’s wife and for some odd reason it turns out that he makes buying decisions based on your expertise, who would you buy or sell in the january transfer window (or even in the summer) to make you say ahhh we have a complete squad with adequate cover in all positions and will effectively win the treble as a result? Lets be realistic here so say you have 40 million transfer kitty, which i’m sure arsenal definately has to splash if necessary. Don’t give your RvN’s your patrick viera’s or even your bloody David Villa’s. Something realistic, plausible and quite damn possible, who would it be? where would it be (positions)? and why would you think it would work?

  112. first Lady, dropping names that no one has heard of is an Arsenal thing

  113. ….David Villa

  114. Haha very good frank Neither here Nor There.

    Wanted to like the Melvins but hmmm

  115. boomer @1.46 I dont know wether to laugh or cry.

  116. cry of laughter els cry of laughter

  117. Wenger’s theme song.

  118. PIRESAHOLIC I could see Villa happening.

    Dunno though don’t like to speculate usually.


    I’d let Senderos leave as I think he’s come to an end here. No one else can go EVER!!

    Signings i’d like would be…
    A utility man with experience Vincent Kompany someone told me he is available for 500k!!!

    Maybe a few promising players i.e. Habib Bellaïd, Ricardo Faty, Jacques Faty (the Fatty Bros)

    A couple of youngsters only Wenger has heard of.

    Jeremy Toullalan would be super.

    And David Villa, Edin Dzeko or James Beattie

    Thing is would only want 1 player to come in expecting first team action, don’t want any stars that would demand action and therefore take away football from one of stars.

  119. Let the kids play. What does Arsenal need another injury to a top performer? Tell the Lige to coach their own team. They didn’t win so who’s fault is it. Surely not Arsenal’s.
    This is good for the kids. They get a chance at redemption. Experience is hard teacher. It gives you the task first and the lesson later. I hope Walcott does not re injury his hammie. Stretch. Lots of heat and ice. Ultra sound and all of that. If he feels the twinge get out. Don’t push it. Hammie injures are the hardest to get over. I know.
    The passing game is right. In hoops terms take it to the rack.
    How much weight training doe the guys get during the off season as well as the season. This will cut down on injuries.

  120. Just to confirm Cashley Cole’s wife can neither sing nor dance. Just like her husband while she may act and look the part she isn’t actucally any good at her chosen profession……

    Case in point…..

  121. What is all this David Villa talk?

    Has he mentioned that he would love to play for us again??

  122. Its not Frank exactly, who touches people.. It’s the possibility that dreams from long ago may still come true, even if they look lost forever..

  123. More words of wisdom for CC….

  124. Hope not!!

    Not good enough for Spurs…..does NOT make you Arsenal quality……!!!!!

  125. OneOfUs

    Just had to say – spot-on summary of the reserves match last night! Such a shame about the penalty conceded, but I guess it’s all experience, isn’t it?

    I like Burt Bacharach.

  126. here here to Arsenal Quality..

  127. FunGunner thats you up to date.

  128. For me i’d be Simon Kjaer, Marek Hamsik, Mahamadou Diarra(surplus at RM), Dzedko would be amazing. Eden Hazard for the future. Mario Balotelli would be amazing I think wenger would tame him and harness his potential. Didnt Man city buy kompany for 20 mill!!! or was that de jong? dunno

    I would love for Villa to come but I just dont see it happening due to various factors like price and age. Wenger just wont splash 25 or 30 mill on one player. He spent 16 mill on arshavin and drove a hard bargain until Zenit relented. I doubt a club of valencia’s stature would let El Guaje leave from anything less than their evaluation. He might request a transfer but would go as far as setting his own price. I think he’d be loyal enough to get valencia as much as possible given their current financial situation. If benzema was valued at 30 valencia have every right to value Villa at 40 up to 50 mill. Hes been more consistent and played at a higher level than Karim and hes spains top scorer. Ok hes reaching his peak but his experience cannot be underestimated.

    Ok so a round up Kjaer for 17 mill M. Diarra for 14 mill and finally 9 Mill for Gignac. Am I crazy? Or wouldn’t this fix our problems?

  129. Gunner From Nigeria

    I hear a voice saying… by the prophetic declaration of FRANK… by a country mile

  130. Dirty Diarra back??? eewwwww we got rid of that dolphin face once already…..rather mikel…lool

  131. PIRES I don’t think it would be that easy. I also think that if Wenger thought that Villa was a solution he would spend what was necessary.

    Some good suggestions there Gignac looks good dosn’t he.

  132. Gunner From Nigeria

    Timothy Agba of Heartland FC would fit the bill for an unknown player.
    He is the Drogba of the African Champions League.

  133. It’s a different Diarra Maria, Real a trying to buy them ALL save money on shirt printing.

  134. To Maria – I was talking about Mahamadou Diarra and not his namesake Lassana ‘the dolphin that slipped away’ Diarra 😉

  135. 14 Mill your having a lauf……I missed that bit orginally…..

  136. Gunner from Nigeria that would be nice will have to take your word for that, never heard of him.

  137. ………Oh my bad……….

  138. PIRESAHOLIC It pains me to reveal that you are devoid of all craziness..

  139. Like i’ve always maintained that the spine of the team needs to be fixed. A CB DM & CF have to be brought in. Gallas isn’t getting any younger. Song wont stay fit 4ever and our striker ohh our strikers. RVP stepped up this season as I always knew he would but as we all know he likes milking his health insurance for every penny. Kjaer(eased in as Gallas gets older) M.Diarra to give us some options and steel at the middle of the park and Gignac offering us speed power and height upfront
    3 straightforward signings. I know our wage bill will be inflated at this stage but considering this perpetual injury crisis everyones going to get playing time. We should have no reason to make excuses, were fookin arsenal, teams should fear us and no longer thrive off the misperception that were weak little brittle boys. Time to splash the cash and show the world we mean business before we actually start believing what all these bollocks spewers are saying

  140. JET is huge isn’t he. I should think he’ll scare the living daylights out ze Greeks. Hope he starts.

    I can see what YW means when he recommends exercising a bit of caution with Theo, but still, I really want him to start!

  141. els

    The beauty of a classic is that it’s always up to date.

  142. I’d love JET to play as well. He can show off what he’s learnt in Blackpool.

  143. lets buy villa and torres …treble season awaits ..and may be the worldcup too..

  144. Pires if it is a myth that we are a week team then why are you peddling it, with the need of steel in midfield?

  145. You have to keep in mind that at the end of the season we can sell off all the surplus and probably at a profit too. Why am I having a laugh Maria? If arshavin was for 16 and this is the arshavin that scored 4 goals at anfield, ah lets call him 4rshavin from now on so we don’t 4get then i’m pretty damn sure M diarrra isn’t more than 14 mill. We have to threaten now we can’t wait season after season being has been’s or runners up we have to prove that our football can win things and can dominate european football. Wenger’s legacy must be completed it just has to.

  146. JET a aaaaaa aaa aaaaa aaaaaaa JET!

  147. els- we need this steel to guarantee dominance in the midfield no matter how long the injury list is. I’m not saying replace what we have i’m saying reinforce what we have.

  148. 14m for L.Diarra

  149. Just like chelsea can call on Mikel when essien is out or vice versa

  150. M diarrra ??? arsenal quality bullshitters and is he worth it bullshitters gonna have a field day with him.

  151. simple santino.. (don’t listen to all they say)

  152. Btw I think song is going to better than both Diarras he just needs more time. He’s really impressed me this season. Denilson has come leaps and bound since fulham last season.

  153. PIRESAHOLIC we play 3 in the centre, obviously one will be cesc or a creative player. The other 2 could be Song, Denilson, Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey all those lads can put themselves about a bit with song being easily as strong tough hard as Mikel. Don’t be fooled that we are weak.

  154. Inter would be daft to let him go i’ll tell u that much

  155. Sorry Pires I wrote that before reading your last comment. But you want to reward progress by signing somebody to take a place from of the above mentioned players.

    Song allready IS better than Diarras and Mikel

  156. els- All these recommendations are coming from our track record with injury’s I KNOW WERE NOT WEAK sky is the limit 4 our squad.

  157. Hell we don’t even need Kjaer once Djourou’s back

  158. “Song allready IS better than Diarras and Mikel”

    I agree!!

  159. Song’s vision is way better tahn both Diarra’s he’s been pulling off some outstanding passes for a player thats supposed to be doing the ‘dirty’ work. I cant believe how people (doomers) wanted to get Melo in the squad. Cant believe he actually turned down our offer and is now sulking in the Europa cup. Wenger knows best.

  160. “Song allready IS better than Diarras and Mike”

    and now some will say walcott is better than david villa and torres .

  161. Doesn’t seem youve seen Mikels assist for APOEL’S equalizer santino. For some reason I just can’t fathom Song replicating Mikel unique feat. Diaby?? Not so sure haha


    so chelsea conceded 2 goals so mikel should be shit right ?

  163. Thing is with the Diarras is they just are NOT Arsenal quality, thats why we had to ship one out.

  164. here they come …

  165. Would you sanction a transfer swap then santino?

  166. I’m liking this Arsenal quality tosh has a nice ring to it. It’s not just any quality its Arsenal Quality.

  167. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Big fan of everything 90’s pretty much. Big fan of New York based Hip Hop circa 91-97 A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pete Rock, MF Doom, Gangstarr, Organized Konfusion, Big L, Large Professor, OC, Nas, anything produced by J-Dilla.

    I’m also heavy into indie dream pop and shoegaze (Best sub genre ever created by the Brits). New Order/Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, The Pixies, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Lilys, Sonic Youth, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Ride, Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, Pavement of course.

    I’m also into some garage/psych stuff from the 60’s as well. The Seeds, Syd Barrett, Todd Rundgren, Iron Butterfly, The Human Expression, Mothers of Invention, The Dovers, Love, The Third Bardo, Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Tommy James and the Shondells, After Glow, The Association, The Millenium, 13th Floor Elevators.

    New stuff could take ages but No Age, Crystal Antlers (shout outs to my boy Jonny Bell), Animal Collective, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mogwai…

  168. mikel is chelsea bench quality ,why we need someone from their bench?

  169. Great minds think alike Santino.

  170. back tracking there pires?

  171. but arsene wanted to keep your not arsenal quality diarra .

  172. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    My four paragraph essay on what music I’m into is in moderation! Boo!

    90’s NY based hip hop, shoegaze/dream pop, and some 60’s garage/psych stuff should sum it up.

  173. Isn’t there another Diaata one that played alongside ‘Lass’ against Ireland or am I wrong?

  174. I see people are back to discussing football. PIRES if i had 40m at my disposal i’d Get a Defending midfielder. Song is doing a great job so far and I think Denilson will cope during Africa cup of nations but getting an extra player in that position will do us some good. Look what happened to the left back position. I know you guys are talking about Kompany but I dont rate him.I have been highly impressed by De jong’s

    As for M diara his counterpart (L) turned me off Diaras. We also need another centreback. I was optimistic we would get Hangeland until he signed his new contract.Getting an out and out CF will also be a plus but thats one position i am not worried about. We have enough players there whom i think will come good.(Huntelaar anyone? I know, I know most of you think he is overrated but still)

    Frank have you been drinking something called David Villa lately?? It’s been your mantra for the last coupla days.

    How extensive is Essein’s injury? I hope he is crocked for atleast 2months.(I am only saying what most of you are thinking) that should level the ground just fine. See how Chelsea like it, after giving us all that crap and thinking they had the trophy in the bag already!! Lampard missing the PK last sart was the highlight of my wknd. check that 2nd highlight ofcourse the first being us bagging the 3 points and keeping a clean sheet.

    Will be interesting to see how our kids perform tonight. So looking forward to the game.

  175. Alou Diarra

  176. Maria there is and they both play for R.M.

  177. Thats past tense mate we pocketed a couple mill’s whats done is done. As I said before L Diarra was one that got away but thats what us mere mortals think. People like wenger think about how he’s going to turn players like Song into players that are better, faster and stronger until there is no comparison.

  178. Yeah Shebby I noticed that you changing your story now PIRES.

    I think it’s obvious that when people say Arsenal Quality they mean that the player needs to be quick with their feet an intelligent passer and good with off the ball running to be able to play at the pace that Wenger needs. You can still be a great player without these traits. But you wont neccesarily be able to fit into Wengers preferred style of play.

  179. No not that one Firstlady another one…that is a French not Malian international…..

  180. WOW Santino your actucally right for once that is the one I was thinking off.

  181. So there are three top qualit Diarras.

  182. Just you imagine denilson, song, diaby, bendner, vermaelen, theo in 5 years time, since they are all similar ages and mature together. We will be unstoppable, and let’s say we dont buy any players or sell most i think our strongest team will be: (by the way i’m afraid cesc isn’t in it to prove my point that even without him what a team it would be)

    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Cliche
    Song Diaby Denilson Nasri
    Walcott Bentdner

  183. that WILL be a team to fear

  184. ladies and football

  185. I must’ve misunderstood as my initial understanding of arsenal quality is a player that can come in and positively add to the team. So would you consider Toulalan arsenal quality?

  186. Just you imagine Rhema Obed ,Daniel Boateng ,George Brislen-Hall ,Sead Hajrovic , Nicholas Yennaris in 7 years time, since they are all similar ages and mature together. We will be unstoppable.

  187. Zap I cant imagine arsenal in 5 years time as I cant imagine arsenal without RvP.

  188. PIRES yeah Toulalan is a pass master he may not have the desired pace but all round I think he’d be good enough. And before you start i’m not against English players there are a few players in the prem I think could make it.

    Theres a new 1 prem or british players that you DO think could make it in the Arsenal squad.


  189. RvP will be with the team in five years time….probably with 3-4 years to go…having won the Ballon d’Or twice.

  190. Nope, none, Els

  191. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    Are you into stuff like The Seeds and Strawberry Alarm Clock?

  192. Who among the big names is going out tonight. Inter anyone?

  193. Thanks an interesting question els i’ll have to dwell on that for abit. I actually think the best prospect are already in our squad and reserves. But prospects from other clubs not so much even though i’m sure there someone I haven’t thought of. What are your thoughts on Prince Boateng (I know he’s not british) of Portsmouth? I think he’s definitely arsenal quality. As soon as I saw him play he caught my attention. Bags of skill, pace, vision, quick feet, and physical. Ticks all the boxes for me.

  194. Hey all,

    Interesting stuff today…music was definately interesting. Certainly some new stuff for me.

    Sorry I missed the game earlier Frank…Dave Matthews has been known to kick a ball yes?

    As to a new striker…well I think it has to be more than just quality right? He’s going to need to fit with the culture of the team…we’ve got a great dressing room right now and we all know the impact that one spoilt brat can have on a team…um…

    David Villa?

  195. frank
    i thought you lost your faith in rvp after your recent chanting of a foreign player.

  196. I think Inter and Barca will both make it through. If not then a possible road to the final can be significantly easier. Everyones going to be watching the Europa League if that actually happens. Platini would wet his pants!

  197. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    If Inter go out Galliani might blow a gasket. I see he’s already blaming Juve for Italian footy being crap.

  198. Frank no apparantly not one. hah.

    I think Kompany (i’m his agent), Milner, Obertan, Bullard, Babel, Agbonlahor would be able to play arsenal football. To name a few to keep Santino at bay.

  199. Fuck off santino you FUCKING dipshit

  200. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bullard would give Tomas Rosicky a buddy to rehabilitate with.

  201. i kind of like inter to progress , we do have some unfinished business with the poor mans clough dont we ?

  202. Lose my faith in RvP? No chance. Best all-round centre forward in Europe and will be for a long time to come. If we have to add to our squad and I do not think that we will….I would only add David Villa.

  203. We should kidnap the little bastard and force him to sign a contract at gun point, show him we werent fucking around about being gunners.

  204. Oh forgot to say I like Burt Bacharach too, FG, especially when Dusty is singing.

  205. NJN seeing Mourinho form at the mouth would be worth it.

    That’s me done for the day leftfooters. See you in Greece in about 4hrs. Bye.

  206. Is Cesc not left handed?

  207. Any word on how our team is shaping up for the liverpool game?

  208. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m always up for a Mourinho whine session. I hate that man so much. It kills me when I read Arsenal fans saying we should go after that scumbag.

  209. i think cesc is left handed , i saw him signing autographs with the left.

  210. if Mourinho takes over at arsenal (oh my god) the arsenal quality bullshitters will be jobless.

  211. Sol Campbell says he “would love to play for Manchester United”

  212. owen ,cambell …things dont look that good at manure .

  213. Nasri did your essay get sanctioned yet?

  214. Citeh have been struck down by Swine Flu. Or was it Foot and Mouth? Nope, definitely Swine Flu.

  215. Really looking forward to the game tonight. This really is the best Arsenal squad that I have ever seen.

  216. have many players are down frank?

  217. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Looks like it’s there, els.

  218. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh and I don’t know how I forgot to add Caribou to my list of newer bands. Those guys are amazing.

    I’d also like to say Poliziano is on to something with regards to his ideas on music and how it should be distributed. I’m backing you, Pz.

  219. her ideas

  220. no no his ideas

  221. Niobe is epic

  222. who are these fellas anyway ?

    david bowie and david villa

  223. Yes NJN. Someone who’s into both DOOM! and Dinosaur Jr gets my vote all day long. Two of my favourites.

  224. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Just saw Dinosaur Jr. a few months ago at the Troubadour. My friends Crystal Antlers opened. Only disappointment was no “Little Fury Things”. Dinosaur Jr. played pretty much everything else. Snatched Lou Barlow’s set list and pick, too.

  225. Cool, I saw them at KOKO in Camden a few months ago. We missed the support act. They played little fury things though. Incredible sound. Great night. Niceone on nabbing some keepsakes.

  226. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lucky bastard. That song got me into them way back when and I just can’t get enough of it.

  227. So many great songs. Sang my heart out to Freak Scene. Start Choppin’ is probably my current favourite, very poppy and completely addictive.

  228. What happened to The Raiders of the Lost Sage that you lot always used to go on about? Have they gone out of fashion?

  229. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Next time I’m in London we need to link up, LA. Go catch a show or something.

  230. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yep. I love the earlier angrier J Mascis stuff like “Raisins”, too. That song is so good.

  231. Gunner From Nigeria

    How things change in football.
    In the summer, some were clamouring for Felipe Melo saying is the best thing to come out of Italy since Taribo West played for both Milan clubs. But, surprise, surprise; he is struggling for form in a slow pace league.
    We should learn to appreciate what we have. Sometimes the best food could be in your kitchen while, you are salivating our an aroma from a neighbour’s kitchen.
    We should support all our players.

  232. Gunner From Nigeria

    salivating over…

  233. Have you heard niobe by caribou NJN?

  234. Yeah man. Maybe DOOM will tour! We could catch a game and all.

    Absolutely GFN. I’ve never once been impressed by Melo. Denilson will have him out of the national side, if not by this summer, then in time for the next world cup. I definitely don’t think his aroma is worth salivating over either.

  235. The boys will do well tonight!!!

  236. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    LA, that would be amazing. It’s been long enough. The world needs more MF Doom. As of right now, I’m not due back over there until August, so the game nazi says no game for me. ; ( I’m hoping to get out there for my birthday in May, though. So there’s a chance.

    Cheers, PIRESAHOLIC. I hadn’t heard that song before. Interesting. I saw those guys a couple years back at Manchester Academy, and they KILLED it.

  237. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    early August it should have said.

  238. NJN

    MFD is apparently land locked if he leaves his shores they won’t let him back he’s working on a loop whole..

    His shows could be interesting..

  239. Hi NJN,

    yeah, that’s the kind of thing, although I’ve only heard a few Seeds tracks and maybe two or three by Strawberry Alarm Clock…but all that Nuggets, Pebbles, garagey stuff is right down my alley.

    This hasn’t been updated in ages, but it’s along the right lines still:


    Did you know that Ride were spuds fans?

  240. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Really? For what? I had heard some time back that he was sick.

    His shows are definitely interesting. His wit is unmatched in Hip Hop circles. The guy is a genius.

  241. Denilson will never play for the Brazilian national team. He’s not good enough, even Anderson and Lucas are called occasionally. My information is that they see him as too slow and weak to play for the national side.

    Denilson is in the same position as Almunia; only Arsene Wenger sees how great they are. If everyone is fit, Diaby plays not Denilson.

  242. Fuck off Barbados you donkey

  243. The only thing Anderson and Lucas are called occasionally is shit.

    Denilson is both quicker and stronger than both.

  244. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Did not know Ride were Spuds! NOOOOOO!!!

    I highly recommend Wake Up…It’s Tomorrow and The World In A Seashell by Strawberry Alarm Clock. Sky Saxon from The Seeds lived at my friend’s house for like 3 weeks, too. Interesting character to say the least.

  245. He wasn’t born in the U.S and he’s had some run ins.. But I think he was working on marrying Jean Gray’s cousin to attain citizenship..

    DOOM’s great..

  246. My information is that Barbados is Howard.

  247. F*ck Off Howard Patrick Barbados

  248. DOOM was born in LDN wasn’t he KS. Maybe he’s Arsenal.

    Jean Gray from the X-men?

  249. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    We are definitely on the same page as far as music and Arsenal, OneOfUs.

    Interesting, Kitchen Sink. Thanks for clearing that up. That explains his hiatus.

  250. X-Men? yeah their having fun with it, she is pretty popular in other circles..

    I so impatient about todays game..


  251. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Jean Grae, the female MC. That stuff she did with 9th Wonder is mad fresh.

  252. start the game.. why won’t it start the game..

  253. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Denilson could score a 30 yard cracker every game and he’d still get razzed.

    Holding eternal grudges and whining excessively about the same crap does nothing but prove you’re a twat.

  254. Jean Grae is bomb…did you catch any of the tracks she did with Mr. Complex? Insane.

  255. axis

    no I haven’t but its nice because its so vast.. its such a feeder music..

  256. Hell yes…

    If you like her and are up for a slightly different vibe – get your hands on Brother Ali, Psalm One and Atmosphere.

  257. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Brother Ali is really good. Early Atmosphere is great, too. The stuff after God Loves Ugly gets a bit boring, imo.

    Any of you guys fans of Edan? He’s been in heavy rotation lately, too.

  258. Gunner From Nigeria

    Hey Barbados@6.18,

    Whats up? You seem not to see anything good in our players.
    I suggest you should settle down and support your team which are made up by the players including Denilson.
    So, take it easy.
    Makalele is smaller than Denilson. But, he is/was great at his position.

  259. I like a few of his tracks but he overdoes it sometimes…I’m liking the music discussion since it’s so off of our normal.

    Today’s menu so far has been:

    Sonic Youth
    The Jam
    The English Beat

  260. Barbados is just Howard trying a different name, but a turd by any other name still stinks.

  261. Pz is right, music is just a method of humbling the devil..

  262. Gunner From Nigeria

    Fabianski, Gilbert, Bartley, Silvestre, Cruise, Merida, Ramsey, Song, Wilshere, Vela, Walcott
    Subs, Mannone, Eastmond, Ayling, Sunu, Coquelin, Randall

  263. Team tonight:
    Fabianski, Gilbert, Bartley, Silvestre, Cruise,
    Ramsey, Song, Merida,
    Walcott, Wilshere, Vela
    SUBS: Mannone, Coquelin, Eastmond, Ayling, Randall, Sunu
    No JET, sob, sob.

    I hope they just go out and enjoy themselves. It’s a win-win situation, really.

    I can’t believe we’re actually on terrestrial TV for once. I’m so excited –
    # I just don’t know what to do with myself
    # I don’t know just what to do with myself… #

  264. Gunner From Nigeria

    Fabianski, Gilbert, Bartley, Silvestre, Cruise, Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, Walcott, Merida, Vela
    Subs; Mannone, Sunu, Randall, Eastmond, Coquelin, Ayling

  265. Little tip, Howard – next time you adopt a new moniker, try expressing a different opinion, or at least using slightly different words.

  266. guys. How much longer for the game to start??

  267. You’ve got 10 minutes to meditate on the evils of music.

  268. Gunner From Nigeria

    Starts in about 15minutes

  269. First Lady @ 3.40 pm Essien out for a month then he goes to ACN.

    I’m definitely not at all hip and cool as I’ve never heard of most of these band you’re all talking about! But, I do agree Burt Bacharach is a great song writer, even though Poliziano would probably have him shot for putting words to music!

    L. Diarra seems to have earned undue legendary status since his departure. He was okay, had a couple of good games, but he was mentally weak and would have undermined squad unity with his b*tching. He is no loss compared to Song and Denilson.

  270. Gunner From Nigeria

    How come every injured player of our opponent that are key to to them always returns before we face them.
    I was hoping Torres would stay injured but, apparently he is now fit.

  271. I’ve just got in afater a long afternoon at the school panto of no. 1 Grandson so apologies if I have skipped responses to this but I have no TIME!!

    There is no ‘C’ in Greek. It should always be a ‘K’.


  272. A R S E N A L

  273. And the search for a stream begins

  274. any one with a link guys/girls

  275. Any one translate Greek? (ATDHE commentary) Still better than some of the BS spoken on MOTD. Lads look bright and eager.

  276. Good start from our youngsters

  277. Great start from Arsenal.

  278. Thanks NJN

  279. Defensively we look a little disorganised though, so we need to make our possession pay off soon.

  280. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Good move by Merida.

  281. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  282. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Stop cheating Mellberg.

  283. Yes Nasir, and the ref fell for it

  284. Is that Jim Furnell, MDGunner?

    Interesting choice for an avatar if it is.

    Greek commentaries are OK, interesting use of some English words usually. ‘Out’ usually figures frequently when eve the ball goes for a goal kick for instance.

  285. I doubt Jim Furnell would be in colour. Playing for the Arse, anyway.

  286. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  287. How’d we concede can’t catch the game?

  288. We should be beating this team…

  289. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Leonardo got released, and put it past an on rushing Fabianski. May have nutmegged him. I believe Gilbert got caught out. The defending wasn’t exactly the best. Vela should have equalized after Wilshere slid a nice ball across the face, but his right footed shot was saved.

  290. there are so many times you just want them to hit it. playing so well.

  291. …out of synch…natural since they don’t really play together

  292. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a ball by Ramsey. Wow.

  293. …just a little though…

  294. Lovely ball from Ramsey…wow.
    Fabianski is just a little too eager to come out…

  295. Vela?!?!?!?!

  296. Great work from Fabianski

  297. great game for songs confidence – hes been running the heart of midfield

  298. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a pass from Merida to Vela. Reminiscent of his countryman Fab04.

  299. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ouch. No doubt about that one. Sylvestre’s knee hit him square on the forehead.

  300. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Wilshere off. Sunu on.

  301. aaaagh

    we love you Arsenal.


    10 mins to go

  302. mellberg grows a beard on his elbows the cheating bastard

  303. Walcott injured?

  304. Lots of good performances tonight. It’s a shame they didn’t get what they deserved.

  305. Walcott’s okay. Thank God.

  306. Excellent stuff despite the result. I thought the youngsters did really well, just a little lack of experience to make more chances and take the ones that came their way.

  307. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The future is indeed bright, fellow Gunners.

  308. 1-0 is not bad away from home against a team who is more experienced. Good run out for the young.

    Thanks Poliziano

  309. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Liverpool with their lowest ever points total in the Group stage. We need to pounce on them early come this weekend.

  310. Good show. Our strikers do lack confidence, it seems. Vela could have scored a couple tonight. I think he would put away one of those chances eight times out of ten. He’ll come good.

  311. Liverpool lost again?

  312. Ha! unbelievable.

    Liverpool 1-2 Fiorentina

  313. G4E, yes they did lose again, at the very last minute. Standard Liège also equalized at about 95th minute and got the EL spot. Their goalscorer was Sinan Bolat, their goalkeeper!

  314. great match tonight, i havent relaxed so much since the friendlies. Shame we couldn’t have at least got a point, but oh well.

    bring on Liverpool!

  315. was the last minute though..Pool will be dangerous as Torres is back

  316. It was great to see Theo last 90 mins. I hope his little knock at the end was just minor. More match fitness and his first touch and sharpness will improve. It was also good to see Carlos get into positions to score, a goal would do his confidence the world of good. Some great passing from Ramsey and Merida and good learning experience for the defenders. All in all a good nights’ work.

  317. great experience for everyone and it was really just down to the sharpness of theo and vela that we didn’t grab it. all they need is playing time and this is the perfect kind of game for them to get minutes.

    must have been great for the youngsters to travel abroad like that and feed off the atmosphere. everyone will learn a lot from this. lots of positives and who gives a fuck what the papers say about 4 defeats in 6. 2 were reserve matches and 2 were against billion dollar teams.

  318. Some excellent individual efforts. Fabianski, Song, Ramsey and Merida really stood out for me. They showed high work rate, technical quality, vision, determination, everything you want from midfielders. The back line gelled, too – some great work from Silvestre and Gilbert. The team just seemed to get on with it, as if they were playing a normal reserve game and 1-1 would have been a fairer reflection of the performance.

    Consolsbob, I agree about Vela’s confidence. Wilshere and Walcott seem rusty, but both Vela and Eduardo just need to score a goal – any kind of goal to get their confidence up.

  319. Wake up Arsene and smell the coffee.

  320. Ron Jeremy is God

    Ramsey magnificent

    Walcott piss poor

    We dominated possession but the lack of a cutting edge and you are just banging you head against a brick wall.You have got to take our chances.

    Fab to start in goal on sunday

  321. looks like essien will be out until february

  322. at last we aren’t the only 1 of the big 4 with major injuries

  323. Listening to ATVO, I’m disgusted with some of these so called supporters suggesting that we should have Fletcher in our team? WTF!

  324. “C’est incroyable!” I love the commentary on the clip anaconda

  325. You should be used to it by now, Passenal.

    Iron pyrites.

  326. Ramsey and Fabianski stood out as players who could walk into the team on saturday.Merida had a good 2nd half
    But Theo and Vela were just awful.

  327. May I be the first to say F*ck off Muppet.

  328. Passenal, you also gotta love Bolat’s celebration, he went totally nuts 😀

  329. sorry not saturday,its sunday

  330. F. Frederick Skitty

    Is it just me or is Clive Tyldesley (it was him wasn’t it?!)) the most snide, odious, poisonous commentator around?I firmly believe he hates Arsenal and it seems to me that every single chance he gets he sticks the boot in, with negative stats and unflattering comparisons.

    Apart from that I was really pleased with the performance.

    It’s a real shame that Vela, Walcott, Eduardo etc. have not been able to hit the ground running since RVP’s injury.

    The last couple of weeks presented a great opportunity for them to show their strength of will as well as talent.

    Hopefully Anfield will bring out the best in them.

    Just how good is Alex Song and for how many matches in a row has he been a candidate for our man of the match?

    Not bad for someone who was never going to be Arsenal quality…..

  331. Clive Tyldesley has issues.

  332. Agree, Passenal. The ATVO presenters should challenge people who chat pure b*llshit. That last guy may have sounded amiable enough, but his message was pretty nasty – and misguided.

  333. F. Frederick Skitty, I watched ITV and listened to ATVO, which was a strange experience as ATVO was always a couple of minutes behind. But I will not listen to their commentators after the hatchet job they did on Eduardo. Although saying that, some of the morons ringing in and emailing in on ATVO are even more vitriolic than the anti-Arsenal gang on ITV!

  334. OneOfUs, I was quite surprised at how Adrian Clarke was going along with most of that nonsensical bullsh*t. Our youngsters just played a really good game, yet there was hardly any commentary about that, just the usual pointless whinging.

  335. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    He was being sarcastic, Axis.

  336. The match commentary was quite positive on ITV – barring the odd snide comment. They were disposed to “be nice” from the start simply because we had six British players in the line-up. That is how they think.

    @ Muppet
    ha ha ha.

  337. I don’t like Adrian Clarke as a commentator on ATVO. Give me Nigel Winterburn any day.

  338. The commentator was more interested in whether Theo would be fit for the WC than what his performance was like in the game.

  339. Theo was fucking shite tonight.He was against a left back Bravo who is crap yet Walcott couldnt get the better of him.World cup,on this form he wont get near the plane

    But what a fantastic performance by Rambo.He played the pass of the season tonight

  340. If that’s true then I retract…

  341. axis, it’s almost impossible for Muppet to be serious. He’s the best ‘faux doomer’ on the site!

  342. Adam, your criticism of Theo is really unfair. He has barely played this season. He had some good moments, but his lack of match fitness showed in that his first touch was a little off and he snatched at his best opportunity. That does not make him ‘shite’.

  343. I have to agree with you fungunner. The ITV commentary was suprisingly positive and glowing about the team. Well now for the real stuff and as usual Keys and Sky sports are not giving us a chance…Yawn. Personally I think we will give any team a stuffing…it will be good to shut up them all up for good.

  344. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love how ESPNsoccernet goes out of their way to make the Arsenal article the only bold one on the entire home page. Guess what it says… Carter: Kids lack cutting edge. Guess who it’s about…Theo Walcott. Why the f*ck is that the only thing emboldened on the entire page? Don’t even bother reading it either. I couldn’t get past the first paragraph after the writer’s ridiculously lazy comparison between Michael Owen and Theo. Great job disguising the bias, ESPN. Stupid United loving tossers.

  345. Walcott is so fucking crap now, he’s only in the team because he’s english. Time to get rid of the little pretender

  346. I cannot believe the amount of dooming going on around the blogs. It is seriously depressing when our own supporters cannot appreciate the youngest CL side outplay the opposition away from home.

    It is my own fault, I should just read the comments here, they keep me feeling sane.

  347. The only one who’s crap is you, Christian. Now piss off.

    I missed the game tonight. Any highlights somewhere?

  348. Not all the comments mind you.

  349. Mean Lean, they play too many computer games and start to lose perspective between what is real and what it make believe. We were already qualified as group leaders so this game was completely meaningless. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for the young players. They would have gained so much more than they could from playing reserve or youth football. They did us proud and anyone who cannot see that is a moron and their opinion has no value whatsoever.

  350. That was the youngest team in CL history. We deserve to win the game, we played really well. Once Vela scores there will be no stopping him, it will come. Very impressed with Ramsey he bossed the midfield. What’s the news on Walcott?
    Liverpool are next and they looked a shamble tonight losing at Anfield.

  351. Mean Lean and Passenal,

    here’s a nice Times article about Arsenal’s performance of tonight.


    An ancient capital witnessed a very modern Arsenal last night, as the youngest starting line-up in Champions League history played with a maturity far beyond their years, but were undone by a single lapse that should not obscure the invention and elegance of much of their play.

    This, essentially, was a Carling Cup line-up, though with the accent even more on youth and inexperience than usual, but it was impossible not to admire the skill of Arsenal’s greenhorns and predict a shining future for them. Especially going forward, where the movement and speed from midfield stretched their opponents.

    Ramsey, 18, and Jack Wilshere, the youngest at 17, showed preternatural maturity to pull the strings. Fran Mérida, too, unpicked the Greek defence with a delicate wit. Walcott was bright and busy. Yet while Arsenal were quick, they were also patient, rarely wasting the ball.

    Mikaël Silvestre must have felt decrepit yesterday at the ripe old age of 32. The thirtysomething inflated an already eye-catching number: Arsenal’s starting XI had an average age of 21 years and 215 days, beating Ajax’s record, set six years ago against Club Bruges, of 21 years and 355 days.

    it was a successful learning experience despite the outcome.

  352. So as you predicted, some people are moaning, Mean Lean! I despair. I’m disappointed that we didn’t win, or at least get the draw we deserved. But some of those kids have never played in the Premiere League, let alone the Champions League. The moaning totally misses the point of the game, which was to get experience.

    On the virtual reality v reality issue, computer games give people the sense that all variables are within their control. That’s why they think that if we don’t win, Arsene must have done something wrong – made the wrong team selection, or used the wrong tactics etc. The AA/FA Cup argument is based on that misconception. In a real match you can set up perfectly and lose, or set up imperfectly and win. Basically, anything can happen!

  353. It was a great performance from the even-younger guns. Only their finishing let them down. They created at least four excellent chances. One would have expected them to have scored from at least two of them. At no time in the match did they look second best, which is incredible for such a young side.

  354. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Is Walcott becoming this years Ade already? What a joke.

  355. Bradys right foot

    F. Frederick Skitty on December 9, 2009
    at 10:05 pm

    Great spot about Tysley he hates Arsenal but probably not as much as some of our ow. Had a look at le grove tonight that place is as fickle as it is insane.

    Disappointed with the result but their was enough in that performance to be hopeful that a few of those on show could have big futures.

  356. I thought Walcott had a good game. I was surprised to see him taking a few free kicks. He seemed to go quite close with one of them.

  357. I would go as far as to say that fans these days are almost competing with Arsene Wenger. It is almost as if being a fan involves being a virtual manager. This is why some spend so long talking about transfers that obviously will not happen.

    They start telling the world that they will sell Eboue for [insert random price], Senderos [insert random price] and Eduardo [insert random price] (the new scapegoat) this is to make them feel as if they are balancing the books before they go on to say bring in David Villa for £25 million a price that they picked out of thin air or that has been made up by a hack.

    They go to such lengths to pretend like they have an involvement with the running of the club so Arsene Wenger is not someone to look up to, he is the competition, he is the one who is doing things not as they are (in their heads)

    This is why moaners will continue to moan even when we are winning because their job is being done by someone else.

    I haven’t quite expressed myself properly but this is basically the conclusion that I have come to.

  358. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Cmon Arsene you bastard buy Edin Dzeko you know you’re reading the blogs and use them as a scouting network. We all know you signed Arshavin after Geoff at Le Grove said he was quality when he saw him before everyone and we all know you signed him cos you read Le Grove. And stop being tight I know how much we have to spend cos I’ve got a mate who’s uncle in law’s colleague has been to the shareholders meeting.

  359. walcoott had a super game , yes his touch wasnt “arsenal quality” , his decison making too .But he is coming back from injury so give him a run of games .He is the england savior isnt he? The way he took the free kicks, the throw ins etc made me think he is exited about his return , Arsene looks exited too .Hope he dont sell him in all these excitement.Atleast wait till summer , the boy deserves it.

  360. Santino, serious question. How do you support?

  361. i think we should put walcott in to we love english quota to prevent him from getting the boot.I seriously think the frenchman had enough with him the birminghams and the tottenhams or the sunderlands will be intrested or a top championship team . And i present you our new scapegoat or ade of this year or pennant without his attitude .

  362. YES CB @ 8.41

    JF indeed, [and in colour] and you win the cash prize. Where do I send it to please?

  363. Wow, doomers are slow today. Why is nobody telling us that the youth policy has obviously failed when our kids can’t even muster a win against some greek team?

    Anyway, great performance and too bad our boys didn’t score. A draw would’ve been a much fairer result.

  364. one sub,what a lost chance to give lads a run out,i thought that was the whole point off this project,well done Wenger.

  365. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I totally missed that goal line clearance around the 85th minute. My stream went bonkers. Ramsey was terribly unlucky not to have a gotten an equalizer. The luck will start breaking our way soon. Arsene was bang on when he said he thought we deserved more and that they weren’t the better side. The future is indeed bright.

  366. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    james mcdaid,

    You are extremely thick.

  367. Missed the game but looks like the boys made everyone proud.

    We are the Arsenal!

  368. nasir,coming from you thats a compliment,thanks.

  369. That idiot commentator, last night, stated that we had already lost 3 games in the NW this season. Have they moved Sunderland to the west now?

  370. Wenger said:

    ‘I am very proud of the young players, there are a lot of positives.

    ‘From Barnet to Athens is a big jump, but they did very well. Nobody was disappointing, and it is difficult to single out individual performances, although Ramsey had a good presence, gave good balls and produced a good work-rate.

    ‘They all looked like they played every week in this competition.

    ‘I had the performance I expected, but not the result we could have got.

    ‘These youngsters play exactly like the first team, and they represented Arsenal well tonight, despite the fact that they are the youngest team to have played in the Champions League.’

  371. Great fun. Fanatstic performance I really enjoyed it….could have won but for one mistake and several chances which went close. Look out Cesc, Aaron Ramsey is coming. His passing was superb last night. The old man Alex Song was excellent too.

  372. Great game dispite the obvious, felt for bartley, made a good challenge just didn’t get the rub of the green. Hope it isn’t seen as a negative. Fabianski was also awesome. Vela needs to just get one goal and the flood gates will open.

  373. Dupsffokcuf I noticed that what a moron, he went on to point out that we had 6 english and 1 welshman. I thought hey ho bit of a pat on the back here from the pundits. But nooo he went back to 96 when Wenger first picked a chams league team and he supposedly named 75 english men. What a crock they will always find a way to show Arsenal info in a negative way.

  374. I watched Jim Furnell play many, many times while he was at Plymouth, MDGunner. Thought he was an excellent keeper.

    Why him as your avatar?

    You can send the prize to ‘consolsbob, Near the Chicken Run, Deepest Devon’. I’m sure it will reach me.

  375. Lionel Messi crocked himself last night. I wonder if Barcelona’s equivalent of Alice’s Icecream is asking questions of their medical staff and calling for Messi’s next contract to be a pay as you play one. How ridiculous. Rosicky is one of our very best players, and even if he wasn’t – you stick by your players.

  376. That one stuck with you to LimparAssist?

    What a fool he should be directed to the video above and made to watch until cured.

    What you think about last night mate?

  377. Can’t stop watching Ramsey. He’s got a great future ahead. With God’s will all will come. On this performance I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the starting line up against liverpool. Any word on Gallas’s injury? Torres is back and were gna need Billy.

  378. Ramsey is definately regarded as a full first teamer now surely. My heart was in my mouth when Walcott went down last night.

  379. Which video, els, Cheryl Cole? I wouldn’t wish that even on a doomer.

    I only caught the second half unfortunately. Tom Cruise and Kerrea Gilbert both impressed, Ramsey was fantastic and really took to his responsibility well and flourished as a focal point. Merida, Wilshere and Ramsey is such an exciting creative trio. Song was excellent, Fabianski represented himself brilliantly, and Vela was very unlucky not to get a goal. He’s such an instinctive finisher, he can’t think twice, he just goes for it. Once he gets his radar tuned he will be prolific.

    Theo was lively if a little rusty. I love the team photo on arse.com, a very proud group indeed, and rightly so. ITV pissed me off with their belittling of our achievement and pronouncing Gilles Sunu comically, rolling it around their mouths as if it were the name of an exotic fruit they’d never come across. W*nkers. That’s only the joint top scorer from last year’s double-winning youth side you’re mispronouncing. Idiots.

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