Can Rosicky Meet The Demands Of Club & Country?

So the injuries have struck, some short term, one long term. Tomas Rosicky must be wondering who cursed him, returning from 18 months out to find himself out once more. For his absence, Wenger has held his hands up, admitting that he was in two minds about whether or not to include him having played the Czech on Wednesday.

There is no guarantee that Rosicky would not have been struck down had he not played on Saturday but perhaps the chances would have been lessened had he been omitted. It is not as if Arsene doesn’t have options although his selection was understandable in that he desperately wanted to beat Stoke to get the season back on track. Perhaps he felt that Walcott being out for a short spell limited him, natural width missing, especially since Arshavin had to move inside to accommodate the late withdrawal of Eduardo.

Both Rosicky and Eduardo find their fitness questioned, whether or not they will be able to cope with the rigours of the Premier and Champions Leagues, in addition to international demands. It is perhaps more directed at Rosicky since Eduardo’s long term injury was as a result of a broken bone rather than being muscular. I can understand why Rosicky wants to represent his country and in returning from the lengthy spell on the sidelines, playing internationally helped bring along his match fitness.

However, he is fast approaching the wrong side of 30 years of age. English football is becoming more demanding, particularly since Arsenal has evolved its formation to 4-3-3, requiring harder work from midfielders and attackers, chasing back as well as springing forwards on counter-attacks. Perhaps the summer, missing the World Cup will give Tomas time to reflect that his international career might be better sacrificed in order to extend the time at his club.

The silly season is soon to be upon us, January approaches and a media frenzy over the transfer window. Dzeko is apparently too expensive one morning, only £15m the next. The truth? No-one knows, probably not even his current employers, until the waters are tested. Perhaps Arsenal has already dipped their toes in that pond, finding it too hot to contemplate diving in completely. No doubt the hardy perennials of Toure, Henry and Vieira will arrive and be dismissed by Wenger as not interested and / or too old. Shout out if you Cana or leave your Chamakh here.

Still there is the small matter of Olympiacos and Liverpool this coming weekend to focus our minds on. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Maybe questions need to be asked of our medical staff

  2. Not sure about Chamakh, one minute he looks like Ronaldo, the next minute he looks like James Beatie

  3. RedTrev

    When you are qualified to ask those questions, let us know…


  4. the next minute he looks like James Beatie.

    What beating up his manager ?

  5. Good points Yogi, very true that there is a vast difference between Eduardo’s and Rosicky’s injuries. Wenger blaming himself over tomas playing does not hide the fact that sadly tomas is now very weakend in the injury department.

  6. Yogi’s Warrior, the question asks itself.

  7. Did Arshavin not completely destroy his own argument about the fact that we need height to score goals with his excellent performance.

    Also RedTrev I think a cross between Ronaldo and James Beattie would be awesome, I personally think beattie is underrated. So lets snap up Chamakh I say.

  8. ive heard a theory that the amount of injuries we get right now is linked with the youthfulness of our squad. muscles, bones and frame still developing so more prone to strain. – i dont think its as simple as that – but compared to previous squads it seems like we have become more injury prone over the last few yrs. the news we got 9 injured now didnt even make me blink im so used to it.

  9. why the moderation YW?

  10. I’m pretty sure it cant be down to our medical staff, because by now, surely one of the directors would of called them into his office and politely asked them what the fucks going on

  11. I just think that Wengerball in it’s very nature pushes the human body to it’s limit. There are unfortunately drawbacks to such equisite football.

  12. els, on the contrary, the way we play lets the ball do most of the work. Were either extremely unlucky, or our medical staff dont know what there doing

  13. YOGI it is well known that when we bought Rosicky it was quite a cheap price because of his injury record in Germany. He is unfortunately injury prone and his new contract should. only be on a pay per play basis

    Most of our players who suffer major injuries tend to be injury prone once they are back, EDS. Diably, RVP, for example.

  14. We need to start buying players we can rely on 24/7

  15. SOLGOONER: Dortmund were also inseriously financial befuddlement and thus had to sell their star man who had been also hogging the treatment table in the last years.

    There is the urgency in which we play football that is different to Barcelona. The players need sudden changes of movement to be unpredictable. Maybe they need to learn to be more efficient. Fabregas has.

  16. If the medical staff were to blame Arsene would have changed them, simple as that.

    I agree with Els, in as much as our style of play makes injuries more likely. One touch play very often means a stretch , not only for our players but also the opposition & very often brings on a foul or a mistimed challenge.

    The manager`s patience with Rosicky must be at breaking point right now. I`d like to know the stats on how many games he`s played / missed since he joined.

    Although we seem to suffer more than others there`s a glut of injuries this season throughout the EPL

  17. Player (making return to fitness from long layoff) gets only 2-1/2 days rest: this is manager’s poor decision. Stoke is definitely no excuse.

    Playing style of Eduardo and Rosicky are 180 degrees out. Tomas has no half speed. Throwing himself into tackles when the moment calls for it, no hesitation.

    From what I’ve read the current injury is not related to the long layoff. Lets wait.

    Age and durability are usual yardsticks used by clubs for speculating players longevity.

    A clubs system of play is determined by the players available – does their style fit the system? If the players that make that system effective are out injured, you must reevaluate remaining players and devise options for a new system that will make them most effective.

    Thanks for your time & wonderful observations.

  18. Yeah I do genuinely think it’s our style of play, just cos your not running with a ball all the time or hoofing it don’t meen that you aren’t putting the body throught it’s paces. I think there is a bit of the fact that many of our squad are in that age period where the body still grows and therefore causes problems.

    One thing to consider is that our players in that time of there career are constantly asked to perform. Where as other teams players at this age would be inclined to play a 30 year old in that place. That’s not to say that Wenger is extra cautious and dosn’t chance his players with knocks, as we all know he never rushes back an injured player. But the rigours of our style on a young athlete maybe are a little much?

    Who knows? Probably Frank.

  19. Allow me to postulate this: we always have the ball. People want the ball. We tend to be smallish. Opponents tend to be biggish. We tend to be quickish. Opponents tend to be slowish.

    That is a recipe for injuries. Good thing we are deepish. And Chelsea oldish. And manure crapish.

    And spurs just plain shit

  20. Arsesession so are you saying that Wenger just purchases good players then decides on the tactic once he has his 11 picked.

    No obviously not he will pick a tactic and assemble a squad to suit. We have just gone to a 433 but there is so much thought behind that, that your tiny mind couldn’t comprehend.

  21. Best comment I’ve read all day Nando!

  22. Nando I like the lack of ish on tottenhams shit.

    A great post. Haha

  23. Who is our medical staff and how long have they been with the club? Does anyone know?

  24. Whats with all the moderation, I have never had this before???????

    There’s some question marks for you there.

  25. Interesting post YW, i’ve been wondering the same things since hearing TR picked up a pretty serious injury.. Its sad hes picked up another injury bc ive felt that we are still to see the best of him as he trys to regain form after SO long out, dont think its fair to expect him to be contributing his absolute best at this moment and this next injury will only negate some of that progress back even further.

    on another note, i’ve been reading ACLF faithfully for the past 4-5 months and as this is the first time i’ve commented feel it necessary to heap praise on you YW for this tremendous blog. I cant tell you how much I not only to reading it each day, but also to reading what some of the more consistent contributors to the comments section have to say. I used to jump around in the Arsenal blogs I read, but that did not last long after realizing the true quality that was produced here, day in, day out.

    So from a Yank in desperate need of constant Arsenal stimulation due to a sheer lack of its legit discussion in my daily life, THANK YOU YW. I hope to try and contribute to the comments more frequently because i really feel like this blog and its supporters if you will share similar sentiments and a general disposition to my own feelings on Arsenal, and its been exciting for me to find such a great forum. I’ll stop now.. thanks again YW

    cheers ACLFers

  26. Nando,

    Nice one – summed up to a tee

  27. I agree with Nando.

  28. It’s fairly straight-forward as to why we have more injuries than anyone else. Kicking our players is deemed fair play. No other team gets as little protection from being kicked as we do. Muscle strains and pulls are always going to happen, I feel they’re more likely if you’re being booted all over the place but the serious injuries stem from poor tackles / dangerous tackles and the yhappen to frequently to be chance. Remeber Kevin nolan’s choice words from a season or so back ‘Let’s kick them and see how they like it’ or something to that effect. It’s common knowledge and until refs start protecting our players, it will continue. We need a Paddy or two to kick back but then again, the first time a player of ours kicks an opponent, they get carded.

  29. Where’s the outrage over Gerrard’s blatant dive against Blackburn?

    “Gerrard never dives. he is a consumate professional. he is a shining example of civility, honesty and decorum. his integrity is matched only by his righteous struggle for purity. he fights for the dissolution of corruption in the modern game”
    —Gerrard: My Autobiography

  30. William my good man, dont be such a pansy. If we get kicked we must learn to kick back. Our great teams of the past were extremely physical, we could use some of that now.

  31. Injury season sucks! Yet it raises strange opportunities . Like Arshavin getting a free role. Rosicky’s injury gives the likes of Merida their chance!

  32. There’s no basic reason for our glut of injuries.

    Rosicky, Eduardo, van Persie, Diaby all had horrible injuries suffered at the hands or feet of other players.

    we get our fair share of dodgy tackles, but some of these could be “growing pains” lot’s of players are at that age where the demands on their body is probably too much.

    At about 25 and up they will have a reduction in those injuries.

  33. I have to admit I would like to see us with a bit more aggression, not to be relied on to win a game but to give opponents something to think about. I absolutely respect the way that denilson plays with quiet efficiency, and songs solidness, however I miss the spectacle of a Keown, Vieira, Adams, Petit or even Parlour or Flamini getting stuck in.

    That said I would prefer it not to detract from what we are doing already. So all we need is a fella who can pass balls through the eye of a needle, run the show, be quick intelligent but kick the flip out of anyone who dares to stick is neck out.

  34. Quite a few of our injuries seem to happen in training, it makes no sense. I know Diaby is responsible for being a little over excited in training, but RVP and Rosickys bodys just seem to break down constantly. I think maybe RVP, Rosicky and Diaby are just extremely weak boned. We need to look at this seriously, we need players we can rely on so we have a settled team which can move forward.

  35. What a lot of uninformed nonsense RedTrev.

    els, we already have 12 players out through injury. If we start kicking people the rest will be out through suspension. One mistimed tackle by an Arsenal player = a yellow card, whilst others can kick and kick and injure our players and nothing. Until the rules are fairly and evenly administered there is not a lot we can do other than continue to play our game and be too quick and too clever for them to catch us.

  36. Aaaah but Passenal if we had that aggressive player what’s to say we may not have all these injuries?

  37. “The first impression is that it will not be long term. It is a groin problem and we have to see with the scan whether it is grade one, grade two or grade three. If it is grade one it is 10 days, if it is grade three it is three weeks at least. At the moment I cannot tell you.”

    So until the scan comes back – nobody knows. Let’s hope it’s nothing more than your bog standard, garden variety, ‘grade one’ groin problem.

  38. I think it’s a great compliment to Arsenal’s quality of play that the only option opposing teams have of matching us is to literally kick our players.

    It’s bloody costly to us and inconvenient – but a huge compliment nevertheless.

  39. Funnily enough the same way I intend on complimenting the mother in-law after christmas lunchl.

    Hah mother in-law jokes are the bestest.

  40. ELS…when you say mother in law, I conjure up this image of Marie Barone, Raymond’s mother in Everybody loves Raymond.

    She’s the outlaw from hell.

  41. Nice one Nando!

  42. That remark, RedTrev, is so stupid that the last vestige of credibility you may have had has sadly seeped away.

  43. We have had this injury debate before. Someone, Ole I think, produced stats to show that we work harder and cover more ground than other teams.

    Hence, ‘Wengerball’ is more demanding on players who have to operate at a high tempo constantly. Hence the greater number of injuries.

    Plus, we get kicked a lot.

  44. Passenal,Case in point being the Mancity V our B team. Those yellows sure came out quick towards our players while the opposite happened to the “Scumoneybags”.

  45. Plus several of our players including Abou and Robin are full on and never shirk an opportunity to win the ball. They are two of our most physical and competitive players.

  46. ohhhhooo Darius if only it was that simple, conjure up Atilla the Hun crossed with Debohrah Meaden. PURE EVIL!

  47. @ els

    “No obviously not he will pick a tactic and assemble a squad to suit”

    this statement is backwards to every system’s philosophy

    You look at your players available, then based on their their attributes, you select the tactic that best fits them.

  48. A very good win but these injuries are killers. I just hope Wenger plays the subs in the final group play of the Champions League. Live the first team at home. no more injuries. Still the Gunners have a good shot at winning the title.
    January transfer window pick up a stricker, midfielder and a defender.

  49. hard to apply the “growing pains” theory of all this to Ro and RVP though, and seeing as how the latter has had some of the most consistent injury problems in the squad, id say the most likely theory has to be due to the demands of wengerball

  50. This is an interesting enough article, but notice the scars on RvPs leg…

  51. SSN just ran a bit about the missed penalties from the weekend. They commented on the most consistently successful penalty kick takers over the last 5 years. Topping the list was Mikel Arteta, 100%, 7 out of 7. Lampard had taken more than twice that but had one saved on Saturday (haha!). Their other honourable mentions were Danny Murphy (missed one recently), Darren Bent and Benny McCarthy. I was suprised not to see Our-VP up there – being, as he is, the single best penalty taker in the world.

    Anybody know how to get a stat like that? Where’s Ole when you need him.

  52. Maybe it would not go hand in hand with the development of a new squad, however seeing as though Wenger has been at the helm of this club for over 13 years I would be worried if he hadn’t gotten a feel for the way he want’s the club to play.

    I perhaps should have been clearer, I meant that the squad he would assemble would be from his existing pot of players he has. In that he will have only purchesd players that can play his tactic, therefore doing away with the need to change the tactic everytime a player is injured causing mass confusion.

    Do you think a new tactic should be used every time the 11 men picked differs???

  53. my last post was for arsesession

  54. Really difficult to buy the Wengerball argument. You’ve got Barca who play quite similarly to us, but don’t have our sort of injury problems. The only difference then is that we’re playing Wengerball in England, and they’re in Spain. Different league dynamics perhaps.

  55. NJgooner, do you think the growing pains could still be applied to RvP and Co as they have played through this period of there career consistently at a high pace, that has eventually taken it’s toll. Where as another club would rest this age group more often.

  56. And we’d win the league with too much ease if we didn’t have the sort of injury problems that we have. 10-15 point gaps between us and the runner ups.No fun in that. It would have been totally unfair to other teams in the EPL. This way it’s a bit exciting and frustrating.

  57. Great to see Andrey’s short back-lift in effect again on Saturday. Watch it again, it’s pretty unbelievable. He really is a special player and I fully expect him to score again at Anfield.

    Imagine Arshavin’s short back-lift combined somehow with Denilson’s infamous short ankles. Whap! Unstoppable.

  58. @ els at 2:25pm

    I think perhaps you’re confounding two things – one of which we might call “style of play” and the other is tactics. Playing an attacking game, or a short passing game or a 4-3-3 formation are our style of play, but asking Eboue to make diagonal runs into the box or putting Bendtner on the RH side against a small LB are tactics. They are both in the right-sided forward role, but playing it in different ways. So AW can ask different players to do different things (tactics), which contribute in different ways to his overall plan – which stays the same.
    That’s how I understand it at least. I defer of course to more knowledgeable football minds.

  59. hmm interesting els.. i guess you could as RvP has “bloomed” at Arsenal in his mid-20s whereas some of our other guys picking knocks (bendtner, diaby, nasri, denilson, etc etc etc unfortunately) are getting a run in teh first time at a side like Arsenal when tehy are a bit younger. still frustrating though, but if there is an answer, i think this lot can come to a rational consensus…

    that was an interesting article from arsenalisation… pretty much echoed some of what we’ve been discussing and begs an excellent question for us to debate, can we find a common denominator to explain this frequent injury problem?

  60. I think the medical staff should be hauled in for questioning

  61. Ljungberg is back!!

  62. Oops. Apparently he just passed by on Saturday.


    Its a good month to be a gooner. Be a gooner, be a giver. Any wishes from aclf? Tis the season to be jolly! Get ur wishes out lads

  64. I knew Father Christmas was a gooner – but I didn’t know he blogged. I thought we had to keep our wishes a secret, Father Christmas, in order for them to come true?

  65. Santa, can I please have a shit load of horse placenta, as much as you can spare, many thanks

  66. Just compare Rosicky’s comeback to the younger, supposedly stronger Hargreaves, another player affected by a similar injury.

    AW & staff have done very well to get Rosicky back to this level, it must be so annoying to loose such a quality player for this month, but not unexpected. A gamble to play him on Saturday after Wednesday? Some would say so, & probably did at the relevant time, but anyway, Nasri looked like he meant buisness & we get to see more of Vela, so that will please some out there!

  67. Regarding Rosicky and injury. One has to consider that they are one and the same. His body was not meant for the rigors of the Premier League in any country. It is now time to cut our losses. Rosicky is a drag on the team and finances. He is an injury prone talented player that Arsenal cannot afford to carry! That is what’s wrong with the team and Wenger need not look any deeper. The next player who I would place in the same category as Rosicky is Walcott. Lovely lad with great pace but he breaks down everytime he looks at a football. The third player who is also injury prone is Diaby. All kinds of talent but is generally unavailable. We need players who are resilient and not breaking down all the time. But, these three players have cost the club an absolute fortune through their proneness to injury. I doubt that they are on one quarter of their salary because they are lying on the treatment table and often times for injuries sustained because of playing for their country. I would also add to this trio of players our Dutch Stiker, Van Persie. There has never been a season that he has not spent at least half of it on the treatment table. Get rid of them all full stop! The facts of the matter are that all four of these players are rarely seen anyhow by the paying public. Yet we continue to pay their salaries. They are all a bloody curse to Arsenal!

  68. Father chrismas, I have been a good person this season, I want atleast one cup for Chrismass.. keep it until the close of the season, I’ll wait as long as it comes.

  69. I am not a gooner so you can fuck off, Father Christmas. …and take two owls with you.

  70. These neighsayers & manure merchants are pissing me off.

    Can I have a big torch please Farther Christmas, so I can burn all these trolls crawling out from under Stamford Bridge.

  71. Players from other sides are out more frequently and for longer than you think.

  72. Nando @12:50pm


  73. Talking of injuries YW, I was watching the Man City match and wondered if Citeh players were licensed to rough up our young gunners while we werent allowed to respond in kind? I saw again and again, how Tevez, Ade, DeJong, SWP and especially Bellamy deliebartely carried out MH’s instructions that his thugs should have a go at our young guns and at some point wondered if the ref was either blind, blindfolded(by oil money) or folded(under pressure of home support).

    Perhaps due to inexperience and the Wengerball they have been taught, must of these young guns timidly accepted the situation without even a complaint(which encouraged the Citeh players to continue). It was odd too, that whenever they tried to return the favours like JW did to Bellamy, the ref went for his card!

    The most annoying was Eboue’s ‘sportmanship’ that saw him put through on goal only for Bellamy to chase him down and execute a Tayloresque tackle on the edge of the box.Rather than show some spine and stand up to that aggression, the Arsenal ‘senior’ player offered a handshake! That is nothing but docile if you ask me. Imagine the reaction of Bellamy himself if he was on the end of such a tackle and they were a gaol or two down! He would raise hell!

    My point here is that the Wengerball has been misconcrued as docility and timidity my most Arsenal players.Even championship sides come to the Emirates to try and rough us up!No suprise that we have loads of injuries per game! How can anyone fail to notice that Bellamy’s tackle sent Eboue, His Royal Docileship to the treatment table?

    No team with a soft underbelly can win any league anywhere be it EPL or not.

    We need to add a little aggression to our play and stop trying to be more gentlemenly than the Englishman himself.The irony of the whole thing is that only Jack stood up to the physicality and he is English! I dont like losing but to lose because of being physically outmuscled like Chelsea did us at home is not a show of class at all. To have refs allow others the leeway and caution us when we try it means everyone now sees Arsenal as having a stereotyped way of playing and while Bolton, Stoke and even Citeh can get away with it, we cant!

    Our invincibles went to away matches and rather than be dominated by the opposition, stood up to it and still played their game, stuck in the necessary tackles and won or drew the game to emerge champs unbeaten. Time for this current crop to start learning that you dont have to be big to be aggressive and a degree of aggression is needed to win anything today from Carling Cup to CL!

  74. Other clubs have injuries but not always to the same players as is the case with Arsenal. The four I have mentioned are not football players in the fullest sense of the word. Lets get rid of these malingers!

  75. Spot on Frank @ 3.33

  76. “So all we need is a fella who can…kick the flip out of anyone who dares to stick his neck out.”

    I agree with els about this to some extent, although I concede that now, when we are already missing so many players through injury, is not the time to risk suspensions. I would never want Arsenal to become an aggressive team; but if the opposition decides to become the aggressor, and if the referee does not provide justice, we should enforce justice for ourselves. The ideal would be for vengeance to be swift and somewhat in excess of the initial offense. I’m especially keen on the disproportionate response. In some cases, however, I recognise that expediency would require that vengeance be delayed until the end of a match, at which time and bookings will be less costly.

  77. Fungunner @ 2.40 My comment was a response to the following from Arsesession at 12.47? i think

    “A clubs system of play is determined by the players available – does their style fit the system? If the players that make that system effective are out injured, you must reevaluate remaining players and devise options for a new system that will make them most effective.”

    I disagree with this wholeheartedly, what say you?

  78. I want some of what Two Owls is smoking…

  79. Kevin Campbell being the nice man that he grew up to be, used to mug fellow kids in Finsbury Park once upon a time, bless him. It was a popular past time for many. Er, allegedly, I heard once, from someone.

    It seems all we need now is to get some muggers & sociopaths to play for Arsenal!


  80. Poliziano, that was passanel’s response also, what I suggest is that if we did have that “hardman” we wouldn’t have as many injuries as the likes of bellamy… would think twice as they used to do.

    I 100% agree that this should be second to what we are doing right now. So it would meen that a cesc player would have to go nuts. Last thing we want is to become thugs like chelsea with no finesse.

  81. Phwoar according to Sky Sports the young guns are getting a run out midweek! Get in!

    That will gain experience.

  82. Hendrix, Cobain, Layne Stayley, Eddie Vedder, and now our very own rock star, Freddie Ljungberg – all from Seattle.

  83. Two Owls does have a point.

    We need a settled team. Rosicky and Diaby’s bodys are too weak for top flight sport, unfortunately. RVP is special so should be helped, but for god sake, we need players we can rely on week in, week out. Its sad but true

  84. I think people are getting carried away a little. Rosicky is the only worringly over injured player.

  85. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    F*ck off already you prick. We need supporters we can rely on week in week out.

  86. Fans always want players to be loyal to their club. RVP is one of the most loyal players and you get idiots wanting to sell him.

  87. nando…




  88. I agree with nasir, redtrev u are a donkey. Diaby hasn’t got strength??? Give me one situation in which he was incapable of holding off other players regardless of their size, the majority of players in the epl inferior physically anyway, or when he has lacked the strength to win a tackle…..or Rosicky, he goes into tackles like a madman!

  89. Rosicky is out for a month, big deal. Liverpool, Burnley, Hull, Aston Villa and Portsmouth. We’ll be fine guys

  90. Injuries, pah. We do get a lot, but the why at this stage is nothing more than speculation. The important thing is that we can overcome these periods. I think Arsene’s been grooming the teams to overcome adversity. The Carl Cup Squad is a chance for Arsene to see which of the young’uns can deputise when really needed. If worse comes to worse Arsene will dip into that squad to ensure we can still challenge at the very least.

  91. Calm down Nasir-jones-nasri, easy on the abuse, I dont want to have to spank you in front of your freinds.

    Zap, we cannot rely on these players, there injuries are beyond a joke now. We must think of the club when renewing there contracts. It sounds harsh but the players must be replaced with quality if we are to push forward. We just cannot rely on Rosicky, Diaby and Djourou. I dont get pleasure from saying this

  92. Els. If you thinik that Rosicky is “the only player that is worringly over injured” then I cannot help but ask you what teams have you been watching?

    Wenger must go out into the transfer market and recruit players that have some height and strength and are not willing to be bullied in games like what happened when we played Citeh. Tevez and many of their players know full well that Arsenal can be kicked out of a game. We were booked because Arsenal was in the unfortunate position of reacting all the time in that game. The refs seemingly never get the original sin but always pick up on the reaction.

    Resilient players who are strong and not willing to be bullied!

  93. “nando…




    WTF is that all about?

  94. Two Owl, do you think that the ref will just let those harder players away with an offence then.

    Get real.

  95. 2Owls,

    You blow the whole thing out of proportion. Did you even see how Rosicky got himself injured? It was sliding in for a challenge. Noone kicked him.

  96. RedTrev, Zap, that is your opinion, you are entitled too. However if you continue to take joy from further footballing ventures from any of the aforementioned players you will be prosecuted on the grounds of being a couple of negative anti-supporting twats.

  97. Two Owls eduardo’s was a broken leg, that could happen to anybody, he is recovering (touch wood) rather well considering. As for RvP he is troublesome but what he brings far out weighs all. He will come through it, and you will not be allowed to take any part in any joy that comes with his recovery. And Diabya and Walcott will develop. countless players have done so. Look at the silver lining at leaset Ramsey, Eboue, Merida, Vela……… all get a run out.

  98. Ridiculous comments…your logic’s all backward. You say this trash as if somehow “getting kicked off the pitch” ONLY works against Arsenal. You kick any team and their players will get injured. Our team gets kicked because that’s the gameplan teams are FORCED to resort to when they play us.

    Do you realize what you are saying?

    Our team is exceptional…so much so that teams have to resort to barely legal tactics in order to contain us. Therefore we should go out and get players who are capable of the same barely legal tactics because that’s the way to play football. Or more simply…let’s suck as much as them!

  99. Hey els, did u mix my name up with 2owls? I don’t recall saying anything bad abt the players………..

  100. els that’s 2 owls not me mate

  101. Following the Citeh game, I would wager that if any of you chaps went into the Arsenal dressing room after the game and examined the shins of the arsenal players you would have found a lot of Citeh cleat marks. The way to put Arsenal off their game is to kick them! That, unfortunately, has been a long established fact. I have never seen Arsenal receive so many yellow cards in a game for a very very long time. They were sinned against first and our players were reacting which the ref always seems to see.

  102. Move over Colin Lewin. RedTrev, armchair medic, specialist in sports medicine, sub-specialization in football injuries, is coming over to replace you. First you will have a visit by a director of the club, who has as much knowledge as RedTrev, to scout your facilities and read you the riot act for your failure to practice preventative medicine.

    Trust me Colin, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  103. axis, our winning teams of the past were extremely physical. Football is and will always be a physical game. Look at Barca’s defence & midfield, they know how to put there foot in.

  104. now where did i put that injuryprone-a-romiter?

  105. Ssshhhh…Colin Lewin you are going to get your pink slip.

    RedTrev, armchair medic, specialist in sport medicine and sub-specialization in football injuries is coming for your job. Before the,n you are going to get a visit from a director of the club, scouting your medical practices and who will read you the riot act for having 12 of our players injured. They think its all your fault.
    RedTrev’s gonna get you.

    Colin, remember to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  106. They sure do know how to put their foot into the media don’t they the barcelona players

  107. Hell…I am in moderation.

  108. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    You talk a ridiculous amount of crap. Put a sock in it already, you mong.

  109. Aaaaargh sorry Zap mate. Should have known really. Sorry again

  110. I have used the term injury prone but as I think about the players that I have previously mentioned it actually seems worse than unjury prone. I want the bloody four of them off the team and let some other poor sods put up with their bloody weaknesses.

    For the Arsenal fan it is like paying to see a football match but not seeing the players! I am fed up with these rather weak knees, shoulders, ankles, and what nots. Strong players who can be relied upon to play at least 70 percent of the season. These bums rarely play 40 percent of the season. Do you not see what a bloody tragedy this is to a football team!

  111. I say we invest in bionic knees for rosicky.
    cant cost much more than new player can it??

  112. Don’t worry mate

  113. Nasir-jones-nasri, calm yourself down, I dont know what your insecurities are, but there is no need for this kind of personal abuse, we are talking about injuries, beleive it or not, there are actually more important things in the world.

  114. Two Owls, RedTrev ! ? ! words fail me.

  115. I really do think with all this current technology, they should be creating an ankle guard, you know like a shin guard but created in a way players can wear it around the ankles and so it’s comfortable- It must be possible, I mean if they’re working on aircraft capable of turning hydrogen fuel cells into power, they should be able to create something to protect player’s ankles

  116. RedTrev,

    I don’t see what Barcelona has to do with anything, but seeing as you’ve brought them up; Carlos Puyol is a tousled haired old maid who throws himself to ground at the first sniff of a tackle, whereas Gallas is tough as old boots and currently looks like Sonny Liston circa ’74. Meanwhile Gerard Pique is a mincing manc queen who Tommy Vermaelen would eat for breakfast and happily ask for seconds.

  117. We won, so why are people like Two Owls and RedTrev here? Please go back to your holes until our next loss with your doom mongering.

  118. I apologise, when Yogi’s Warrior put up his post, I assumed he wanted people to discuss it. Silly me.

  119. Obviously, you do not know that there is a small difference between discussion and “Our players s*ck, they are not physical enough, even when we win we still s*ck, we need new players, our players are not reliable enough, look at Barca!!!11 blahblahblah”.

  120. EvilFiek, you and nasir-jones clearly have some inferiority issues that you need to sort out. Please, from now on, do not address me untill you have learnt some manners, thank you.

  121. I love Myles Palmer. All his warnings for years are becoming obvious. A manager who’s only purpose is to create a farm of cheap foreign average players. They don’t win anything but get contract extension at expense of long suffering Arsenal fans.

    Its really strange that players like Almunia, Eboue, Senderos, Sylvestre, Denilson, Diaby, can all claim to be regular Arsenal players.

    The great Arsenal is sinking.

  122. Anyone who read Myles Palmer is an idiot. Any one who believes Palmer is a worse idiot.

  123. I prefer ‘bigger’ idiot. Of course I will defer to any professors of English who might be posting here. Failing that, shotta or Pz.

  124. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  125. I wish you had been an Arsenal supporter in the 70s and 80s, Barbados. If you had you would not be here now. You have not got what it takes.

    …Country mile…Country mile…..

  126. give the 2Owls logic, we shouldve gotten rid of Cesc during the summer bc of his “injury prone” season during the last campaign. HA

    its funny to see so many comments from 2owls and redtrev focusing so much on the basic media criticism that we are “too small adn too weak” how predictable… its interesting that this logic also eventually turns to “we need more english players, hard noses who will blah blah blah” nothing mroe than tired nationalistic criticism of the Arsenal under AW

  127. 12 players injured and Stoke were made to look like rank amateurs.

    ….Country mile … mile….

  128. I’m with Frank

    the sheer fact that we can suffer such numerous injuries to our squad and still have the quality and team unity to dominate a decent side like Stoke is a testament to AW’s policies adn to the sheer quality of our squad

    i guess the phrase is country mile?

  129. ..and some of our ‘fans’ are proclaiming their love for a man who has openly stated that his team was QPR, and that he has a sneaking passion for Chelski….and that he does not like Arsenal….

    …oh dear oh dear oh dear….

    …country mile…country mile…country mile….country mile…country mile….country my al….

  130. We will win the EPL by a country mile…and I think we will win the ECL….

  131. Has anyone read dear old Myles recently? He has been writing about how his wife reacts when he prances around in his underpants. It’s truly riveting stuff.

  132. some of the leaps in his logic are jsut too much for me to stomach

  133. Some of our supporters seem to think that we need the quality that players like Robbie Keane or Assou-Ekotto can provide: c*ntishness

  134. I love Myles he’s bold enough to tell it as it is. The team is just not good enough to win anything. I’m sure Arsene is now practising what to tell us at the end of another empty season. It will be the fifth in a row.

    Well, with players like Almunia, Eboue, Sylvestre and the great Denilson what do we expect? Win nothing but get your contracts improved season after season even playing crap.

    Eduardo and Rosicky can’t be on top anymore but expect a new mouthwatering contracts for all of them while they spend more time on the bench next season as well.

  135. Eboue could score a hattrick and people would still bash him, simply because he is Eboue.

  136. We will win the EPL by a country mile this season

  137. Eboue was superb on Saturday

  138. Very very impressed with Denilson

  139. good post YW..

    on the injury debate;

    i find it interesting that when players like henry, pires,cole,vieira and bergy all played wengerball they never picked up injury after injury after injury…

    the simple matter of it all is that we have alot of injury prone players in the team…

    its funny how the same players get injured all the time…

    it has absolutley nothing to do with training, colin lewin, with the way we play or the fact we have small players…cesc and AA are two of our smallest players and they seem to get by fine…diaby and robin are big and physical and they are two of the worst candidates…

    and when we got beat by chelsea i didnt see them kicking us off the pitch…they did the basics better…they defended better and attacked better so all this talk of bullyboys is bollox…

    the majority of the squad are very talented but the majority of them are injury prone…and have been for years…doesnt take a rocket scientist….

  140. Cesc was out for more than half of last season

  141. AA has been out on several occasions particularly with groin strain

  142. To cheer us all up, a match tomorrow between wolfsburg and defender-less manure should prove to be an entertaining game

  143. Gunner From Nigeria

    ” this one would not go except through prayer and fasting.” Jesus Christ to his disciples in the Bible about a difficult situation.
    I suggest that prayer sessions be held at Arsenal with the Medical staffs seeking the divine help of our Lord so that they can take their rest.
    “come all ye that are heavy laden and, i will give you rest” Jesus Christ
    We are heavy with injuries at the moment. The good Lord in His mercy will give us that rest. Amen.

  144. No-one really notices the injuries suffered by other teams.

  145. I think the worst injuries we could have (top 5) are as follows:

    1. TV or Gallas
    2. Cesc
    3. RVP
    4. Arshavin

    WHo didn’t we have for the majority of last season? (wether they weren’t playing for us or were injured) out of my list


  146. good point about cesc frank..but that was a freak injury…hes racked up more than 200 games for us so i wouldnt sy he was injury prone…he just picked up that one injury…

    and i would say AA wasnt a crock either..hes probably racked up more games in the time hes been with us that what theo and diaby have in the past 2 years…

  147. What if not all the players are christian(which they aren’t)

  148. Jonjon

    The fact is players like Almunia, Denilson, Eboue, Song, Diaby and their likes are not great and are pulling the rest down.

    For 12+, Ashley Young, direct with pace and good in dead balls would have been better than Nasri.

  149. zap..

    good list..

    totally agree…

  150. ashley youngs a one season wonder and is dogshite..just another over hyped english man…

    nasris worth three youngs..

  151. Hi Howard, how’s your Bajan slang coming along?

  152. Cheers Jon.

    I agree aswell that A.Young is overrated considerably

  153. disagree about song too…think hes been awsome this this season…

    denilson and eboue arent our best options but they try hard…cant knock that..

    diabys always injured and played out of position when he is fit…

    almunia i would agree with you on…

  154. Barbados, you’d make me want to spit if I didn’t think you were so full of sh*t.

    You are either actually blind (if that’s the case, apologies), or you’re on a wind up.

    Sorry if I misjudge you but you just don’t sound like a real football fan, let alone a real Arsenal fan.

  155. Barbados you are a dickhead go back to watching your 2008/2009 champions DVD

  156. Injury prone? I don’t believe in that. Rosicky got injured because he is a committed player and slid in for a tackle to try to help his team. After being out for so long, it was a risk to play him twice in a week, but with all our other injuries Arsene was forced to take a chance. It didn’t pay off, but these things happen. Now, after taking one for the team, some people are slagging him off and suggesting we would be better off without him? I would say we would be better off without fans who don’t know when to shut their yap and just support the team. If you don’t like what you see p*ss off.

  157. Nasri dribbles aimlessly and has no pace and direct play to succeed here.

    One advantage. He’s French so untouchable.

  158. passenal..was your comment directed at me??
    i love rosicky and always have..think hes a fantastic little player and crucial to our chances of silverware…but even i conceed he is injury prone..always has been…even before he joined us…

  159. f*ck off Howard!

    you too, J*nJ*n.

  160. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You obviously didn’t watch the Chelsea game, Jon Jon or are just conveniently ignoring Obi Mikel’s performance for the sake of you’re argument.

  161. dont know what nasri your wacthing mate…
    nasris an exceptional player…very direct..and very skillful…

  162. I agree with Passenal

    …..P*ss Off or F*ck Off….we give you the choice.

  163. Samir Nasri does not dribble aimlessly and is one of our very best and most direct players. He is however, French.

    I think you dribble aimlessly, Barbados.

  164. What a bunch of wankers?
    Starting with the mighty RedTrev himself.
    The good name of my neighboring Caribbean island is defiled by poster Barbados.
    To top it all we have the return of Jon-Jon, Mr Ying-Yang himself.
    Incredible. Did anybody at Arsenal die? Why have so many leeches popped up from nowhere?

  165. what do you mean NJN?

  166. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    F*ck off, Barbados. Get a life you miserable cretin.

  167. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Exactly what I said Jon Jon. Obi Mikel was getting away with murder.

  168. oh i get you now NJN..

    so your blaming the fact we lost 3-0 to chelsea on Obi mikel being a big bully…

    dont agree..we didnt get beat in the midfield..we held our own…we got beat becuase we couldnt break down their back line and they could break down ours without trying

    for 30-40mins we totally passed them off the park…just couldnt score…then they went up the other end and showed us how its done..

  169. i didnt see any players getting stretchered off because of mikels challenges…

    but i did sagna let cole cross time and time again to one of the best finishers in the world…

  170. David Gill’s son, Oliver, has been called up for the ManU squad to play Wolfsburg (Come on ze Germans!)

    What’s that word… nepotism? Or would that only apply if he were being groomed to become the next chief executive…

  171. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Did I blame the fact we lost on Obi Mikel? No. Essentially, I said your analysis of the match was crap. Which I’m standing by. I recall a nasty challenge by Joe Cole, too, that was wholly unnecessary. They capitalized on a couple of harsh mistakes. Simple as.

  172. its interesting to see how manure cope without any CB’s to chose from…

  173. Have you noticed how many of the Man U kids are getting their 1st call in to the team. So much for Purple nose playing his kids in the lager cup.

  174. Not one for wild transfer speculation but….
    What bout Saha??


    skill and speed would suit arsenal.
    would add age and physicality.
    French connection means Wenger bound to get best out of him.
    accustomed to premier league which means no adjustment period, vital in a short term Van.P replacement

    injury prone
    played for dirty united

  175. how can my analysis be crap..??

    i originally said that we got beat because chelsea defended better and attacked better…the 3-0 scoreline reflects this…nothing to do with being bullied

    i reckon you should watch the game again mate…

    we havent been bullied all season…cesc is no angel, songs given away more free kicks than anyone, and diabys a tough nut who cant tackle to save his life..hes always injuring players..even his own…those three have been pretty solid in the middle of the park when it comes to the physical teams…we dont get bullied anymore..its a myth..a pittyful excuse…

    we lost to chelsea and sunderland for that matter becuase we couldnt score…if you dont score-you dont win…quite simple…

  176. wright gunner..good call…

  177. Wright Gunner, not completely wild speculation, but I would say unlikely because of his injury record. The Bojan Krkic speculation seems the most plausible as Arsene has been after him for some time and coming from Barcelona he should be able to fit our system, except I can’t see them selling him to us. Perhaps we should offer them first refusal on Cesc (in 10 years time!).

  178. California Gooner

    Passenal, I read the Spanish papers and saw that Bojan story as well. To me it seems rather implausible. Clever movement? Definitely. Killer instinct in front of goal? Yes. Physical presence? Are we having a laugh? In other words, why would we need him we have Eduardo, Arshivin and Vela?

  179. nikkis the answer..if he gets fit in time for january then i reckon he’ll fill the void just fine…

    we all know what wengers like with transfers…he says he’ll but someone but he never does…then he says he is not going to spend silly money on players…which he already has done…so it wouldnt be a suprise if he bought nobody…

    which is not something i disagree with…we essentially are looking for a tall striker who can hold the ball up and lead the line while rvp’s out…

    nikki fits that description…its his time to shine…

    play nikki up two of AA, nasri,vela, dudu, theo, rosicky around him…and we’ll be just fine

  180. I’m just as gutted about the injuries as anyone but how great will it be to see what is essentially the youth setup playing in Greece! What a bag of experience for those kids. This will only help their development. I think some will be in for a bit of a shock, even those who are internationals, as this in the UCL and Olympiakos is playing for a spot in the knockout round. The game means a lot for all involved. This will be quite cool to see.

    I just don’t see Barca selling Bojan for any amount. Henry will retire soon, Bojan slots in and off they go again. As for whoever it was who suggested Saha…quit having a laugh.

  181. So Rosicky is injury prone and Saha is not?

  182. saha is injury prone..but its still a good call…doesnt mean i want wenger to sign him…

    he wouldnt get in the team anyway when nikki and rvp are fit…so it wouldnt matter if he got injured now and then…

    but for a stop gap he wouldnt be bad…

    we pay theo 60k a week to only play for england and sit on our physio table…saha would be much worse would he???

  183. You wonder what the press are going to invent next NJ after the stoke hammer Delap failed to capitalise on his purported magical long throw and the shorteset man on the pitch scored between the two tallest centrebacks. Absolute joke.

    Ever the paranoid android I have been comparing the publicity Citeh has been getting following their victory against Chelsea in comparison to our defeat. It is unashamedly Partisan and clearly proChelsea. In typical Stephen Howard fashion he over eggs Cechs culpability in goal’over the desperate defending of JT and Carvalho and the fact Citeh havent beaten a ‘small team’ yet.

    What did we expect you might say. ..a lot better from supposed learned men.. Well at least thats kept us out of the press headlines for another week. Unfinished business with Liverpool next. Are we finally going to be victorious against the scousers after 4 EPL draws in a row?

  184. sad to see criticism of nasri.. thats just crap

    same for denilson, I thought in the few matches since he’s returnd from that injury (back was it?) that he is showing improvement even from last season.. but again he falls in the same camp as eboue, could play the game of his life and he’ll still be written off.

    btw i thought eboue provided a nice push up the right wing that we were missing, as much as it sometimes pains me to seem his starting wide right as we have a bounty of more technical options available.

  185. CG, I only say that because I know Arsene is a long time admirer, but I agree that it is highly unlikely. However, Arsene has said nothing about looking for a physically imposing striker, after all it’s not RVP’s physical attributes that are the greatest loss to the team, it’s his technical qualities that make him so important.

  186. Still a Theo hater J*n J*n I see.

    How can a player, taken out by an opponent, be injury prone?
    Did you watch the Birmingham game?

    You can take your football ‘knowledge’ and stuff it up your Arshenal.

  187. NJGooner, I agree with most of your post @ 8.57 pm, but Eboue is actually quite a technically gifted player. He fails to keep a cool head most of the time in front of goal, so he does not bring much of a goal scoring threat, but he has the ability to run at pace with the ball, take on the opposition by going inside or outside the full back and some of his passing and crossing can be excellent. In fact he was one of the players Arsene singled out for his technical quality, which was so important in supporting Arshavin on Saturday.

  188. your right passenal…i shouldve been more specific

    we have more technical “finishers” in teh final 3rd

    that should not be taken as a knock on eboue, if anything im happy thats there is a bit more diversity up front. your spot on to say hes great at making runs inside and outside fullbacks thats what his biggest asset is out on that wing

  189. I see Chiellini is injured

  190. David Villa

  191. G4L

    i agree its really pathetic.. now as a Yank i can only speculate on this so much, but imo it has most to do with the fact that arsenal arent the typical english team, fewer english players than other EPL squads, adn so the press just singles them out. but honestly it baffles me!! the bias is absolutely stunning? is there some sort of anti-arsenal conspiracy im missing out on?!?! it seems crazy to me

  192. I see Stephen Davis is out for 7 months. Tough man. Injury-prone?

  193. Bullards gone again

  194. i dont hate theo….i just think hes taking the piss..

    and is injury record suggests he is rather injury prone..he breaks down in training more than what he does in actuall competetive footy,so i wouldnt pin the blame on the bullies either…

    footballs a contact sport after all…

  195. Torres might be back but is suffering setbacks from his long-term injury.

  196. how long is bullard out for?

  197. Cronaldo….serious lay-off. Should be available consistently now, but concerns about his ability to maintain fitness after injury.

  198. JON JON do you think theo wants to be injured?!


  199. cmon Frank you should know that Villa isnt “strong” enough or “tall” enough or “powerful” enough or whatever it is we’re being accused of not having enough of…

  200. Steven Gerrard shoild be available for the Arsenal game but has had many months lay-off over the last two seasons….so coaching staff are being cautious.

  201. Solution=Bentdner

  202. Gary Neville after many months in many seasons layoff…has gone again

  203. Paul Scholes is looking stronger after long-term injuries in several seasons

  204. i think some of what jon-jon is feeling, but having trouble expressing is the frustration over theo’s lack of a consistent run in team. now im not agreeing with what he’s saying, by any means, but i feel there is an immense amount to come from him however, only if he can stay fit and get a consistent run of games in and really become a unique footballer

  205. Chelski fans are happy to see Ashley Cole in the side again after many niggling injuries over tha last two seasons….and Joe Cole is just about beginning to be able to play EPL football again after a long layoff.

  206. Now interestingly of all the top players in Europe…and RvP is virtually right at the top….David Villa is still fit.

  207. pretty much gives full support to theory that we are not tuned in to the injury plight of other squads… the grass is always greener

  208. Strangely all the very top players in Europe…bar the odd one or two…sustain long-term injuries. Probably to do with their commitment which makes them more likely to be injured and top players at the same time. Of course opponents tend to focus their injurious intentions upon them.

  209. Real Madrid’s La Ligue campaign was on its knees last season becuase of injuries….at one point Huntelaar was in the frame for long-term injured Van Nistelroy but sustained a long-term ankle injury during the discussions.

  210. Huntelaar having missed significant parts of the Eredivisie seasons with Ajax…through injury

  211. The real Ronaldo…career plagued with injury

  212. Who was that Silva guy who played alongside David Villa. He had a lengthy lay off last season as well. Aquiallani? Totti? Rio? Essien? Gerrard? Owen?

    We’re unlucky in the sense that injuries have happened to players in the same positions, strikers and Left back. Unlucky, no vodoo s***. And with all these injuries we’re still 3rd, trailing the chavs by 8 points and a game in hand. Great depth in our squad. Surely, a country mile.

  213. David Beckham…may long-term injuries at key points in his career for RM, Mancs and England

  214. ..that will be many…

  215. frank to be honest your being rather ridiculous and childish…

    of course all players get injuries, niggles and layoffs…

    but we have alot of players who miss half the season…season after season and its the same players…

    like ive already said…there was nobody better than henry et al at wenger ball, they used to be on the end of some pretty rough stuff and of course they all picked up injuries…but i dont seem to remember any of them missing half the season…season after season…

    diaby rosicky robin clichy theo are injury prone…always have been….they take one little kick or they turn too fast and they are out for months at a time…come back, play a handful of games and break down again for months at a time…

    how long have robin, diaby, rosiky and theo played for us??? and when was the last time we got a full season out of any of them…if you think they are not injury prone your having a bubble mate…

  216. Exactly, Ateeb…people see what they want to see. We are no more injury prone than any other team. At the moment we are suffering, but in another month it will be another team. We will still win the EPL by a country mile though.

  217. “diaby rosicky robin clichy theo are injury prone…always have been….they take one little kick or they turn too fast and they are out for months at a time…come back, play a handful of games and break down again for months at a time… ”

    now JJ cant you see how those gross over generalizations leave some serious holes in your logic? and what would you define as a “full season”?? not missing a single match?

  218. You use the word ‘analyse’, JonJon. But you don’t do you!

  219. Nasri had a lengthy lay off the season before he joined us, as well.

    I doubt Eduardo had any serious injury concerns before his foot injury. He will come good.

    A fit Rosicky is worth 10 Joe Coles in my opinion. And Joe cole is supposedly the best play maker at Chelsea. No comparison, at all. You gamble for players like Rosicky because it’s worth it. A couple of good seasons and they return more to the club then they’re salaries (for people with monetary issues regarding him). Captain of Czech Republic FFS. People with a footballing brain know what’s that worth.

  220. ….David Villa

  221. when frank??? when have i used that word??

    ok we are not injury prone…

    instead lets blame it on lewin, wengerball, the tooth fairy and humpty dumpty…

  222. I think we’ll win the ECL

    this is our time

  223. blame what on the tooth fairy and humpty dumpty? I dont really think he was into football

  224. Joe Coles injuries are mainly caused by his habit of walking and running with his backside pushed out. This awkward gait puts a great strain on the joints in his legs.

  225. Correct, JonJon. I apologise you used the word ‘analysis’, not ‘analyse’.

  226. “I see Chiellini is injured” – A touch of karma?

    My only wonder about David Villa is why he has never been tempted away from Spain before now? Would he be a Reyes type, who cannot cope away from home?

  227. Now Humpty Dumpty is a man who knows a thing or two about injuries. Lets’s hope none of our players experence the kind of fall that he suffered.

  228. Don’t foget the gusset, PZ.

  229. Very nice scientific explanation Polixiano

  230. Good lord, is foget American?

  231. It would only be a touch of karma if he was out for 5 months passenal

  232. Keep punching Frank, keep punching.
    MJon-Jon (aka Ying-Yang is on the ropes, down on his kees, knocked down by his own circular logic.
    How foolish can one get!
    Keep punching Frank, keep punching.

  233. Why do we need to blame anyone? It’s football, certain things happen, and will continue to happen, despite whatever the f*** amount you spend in trying to prevent them. You can buy which ever player, who you think would play a whole season, and he could still have his leg broken in the first game.

    I doubt it has to do anything with our medical staff as well. We could spend millions on players, surely we could spend some more to get the best medical staff our there. But injuries would continue on regardless. Personally, getting Eduardo and Rosicky back on field is a great achievement of our medical staff.

  234. Naaah, he is class. He would fit in brilliantly with Cesc, AA, RvP, Nic, Eduardo et al. He is not a boy and has lived through rough times. Valencia is not where he was born and bred, Passenal. Wife and kids too. Besides we could look after him couldn’t we?

  235. i really dont see how saying we have injury prone players can get such a reaction…

    when i read comments blaming our injuries on wengerball, the training methods, lewin, wenger, bullies and broken mirrors and then i see the reaction from my comment it makes me laugh…

    very immature…when really,it sounds the most logical…

  236. don’t dream guys, we aint getting david villa.

  237. Humpty Dumpty was born in Valencia?

  238. Humpty Dumpty was born in Bilbao.

  239. ……….everyone knows it- and also i cant wait for betnder to come back

  240. Sorry. I should have read more carefully.

  241. still wrong frank.. NJN used it..8.06..

    my comment was in response…

  242. FC100

    nikkis the reason i dont think we need to spend money on rvp replcement..weve already got one right there..

  243. “Cronaldo….serious lay-off. Should be available consistently now, but concerns about his ability to maintain fitness after injury.”

    Funny that, because he was lauded as never being injured when he was with the mancs. Everyone has their turn on the injury table, so it’s a myth about ‘injury prone’ players. Someone was even quoting the invincibles earlier, but I seem to recall PV4 and TH14 missing some important games through injury. And didn’t Gael Clichy get his chance when cashley decided to fake injury for a practically a year because he wanted a pay rise? Sol Campbell was also injured for a long time during our run to the CL final in 2006 and he was tall, strong, mature and full of English grit!

  244. Ronaldhino….several long-term injuries. Ankle, thigh, knee, ankle, knee, ankle, thigh,ankle.

  245. As much as I hate the Lesser Ronaldo, I’m sorry to hear he has a serious injury.

  246. Only joking.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………..

  247. Poor old Kaka ,his recurrent knee and ankle injuries have caused him to never be available for a full season. Might need surgery in ligaments at some stage. Must be horrible having a player like that in the side…you just can’t rely on players like Kaka can you?

  248. Frank @ 9.52 pm, maybe he is a bit more mature than young Reyes and won’t need his mummy to accompany him. He and Cesc already have a good understanding and he would certainly fit right in with our style, plus Valencia desperately need the cash. I wouldn’t say no to him that’s for sure. It’s fun to speculate that’s for sure!

  249. ha ha. He didn’t use to get that injured, but after his stay at the hilton, it’s been a different story.

  250. Sorry, too many “that’s for sures”, for sure!

  251. I wish I had someone like wenger to look up to, take every word he says as a given.

    must be fantastic to wait and see what he has said before I make an opinion, it’s the safe way!!!

    I have never seen this frank person ever have any decent arsenal talk.


    “Overall, I saw a Chelsea team that was normal but a team that has probably the best striker in the world, and that makes such a difference”

    Quote attributed to Fabregas in above article.
    Best striker in the world?

    Sounds like David Villa?

    This is going to be a fun month.

  253. Dear Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Great player, but blow me if his start to Barcelona’s campaign was not marred by an ankle injury. This follows extensive layoffs with Juventus and Ajax.

  254. passenal..all the invincibles you mentioned started to break down at the end of their careers…wenger had got years of service out of them before the constant niggles kicked in..then he sold its the complete role reversal..wenger has to put up with years of niggles before he gets any service…

    heres a fact…vieiras arsenal career was cut short because he was constantly injured for about 3 years…his knees were knackered from his all action displays game after game but wenger kept him fit by injections and he played on until his legs could take no more…then wenger sold him…if wenger would have give him 6 months off like he does to theo ,vieira would have probably made it to about 31-32..and not 29…

  255. aaaah so you are left with little Theo are you, JonJon!

    David Villa

  256. ok frank you win…i’ll change it to all players are injury prone…

    we just seem to have more than others in the same squad at the same time….

    probably something to do with wengerball…or the clubs professional physios

  257. Finsburyparker, they’ve misquoted Cesc’s captain’s notes from the match day programme. He also said an average team with a good striker can always do something.

  258. Poor old Didier, living on borrowed time. After mamy injuries in his career he could not start for Chelski for the first three months of lasy years campaign. Had severl recurrent injuries through the campaign….and bugger me if it has not started again this year with a three week layoff after playing for the Ivory Coast.

  259. Injuries Injuries Injuries.

    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore
    Song Fabregas Denilson
    Walcott Arshavin Nasri

    what a team. Enough said

  260. Thanks for that Passenal. A typical hack job then, no suprises there.

    I should join ATVO.

  261. Our players are no weaker or more injury-prone than others. However they do stand out for three reasons. They tend to be more technically able, they are more intelligent than most…and they are ours.

  262. We will get AC Milan, inter, Juventus or Porto in the champions league

    and beat them easily, I think we can win the C/L

  263. But no Valencia. Know why? Because they were not in the ECL. Know what that means? That a certain player is not cup-tied. Know who that is?……

  264. Good evening all.

    Fuck off JonJon, Barbados and Howard.

  265. If you really push me I might tell you who the next Arsenal Chairperson will be as well.

  266. who’s that frank

  267. You see any one can be a hack dwarf

  268. …and I don’t wear pants

  269. You know, Zap…

  270. muppet your a prick, how can anyone take you seriously with name like that you yid. stop pretending your dads a yid and your a yid…

  271. Need advice on drugs? Talk to FRANK

    Need Arsenal knowledge? Talk to Frank

  272. Please don’t speak to my friend Moopay that way john, otherwise you will walk away from this site with your head jammed up your arse, son.

    Which reminds me, I see that Blazon was here earlier…or at least most of him anyway.

  273. heres a question.. if anyone would care to answer sensibly..

    if we dont get a run of games out of theo but he still gets picked and goes to the world would it make you feel???

    hypothetical question..his injury record isnt the best for us and we all know capello loves him…it could happen…

  274. JonJon,

    I’ll answer sensibly my friend,

    why do you hate theo? Do you think he wants to be injured?!

  275. and to be honest i would feel great JOnJon, because he would have by then scored 10 EPL Goals, and sent us to the champions league final

  276. don’t be stupid frank!! I don’t respect you or your opinion i’m embarressed by fans like you!!

  277. nando…




    What the hell does that mean??

  278. i dont hate him zap…

    ive already said that…and no i dont think he wants to be injured..but he always is..until an england game pops up…

    but you havent answered sensibly, the question was if we dont get a run of how can he score 10 goals…he cant even score when he plays,he cant even control a ball…but thats neither here or there…

  279. Massive debts and the Mancs sell Ronaldo.
    Valencia also have massive debts..hmmm..I wonder if we might buy………

  280. where were those hisses?


  281. Hissing: there were only two of us and we did it! Only to be told that we were being childish by ticketmaster visitors and then someone reported us to the Stewrats!

  282. Hedwiges Maduro and Cesar Sanchez?

  283. jonjon what would your response to that statement be?

  284. I want to buy Amr Zaki, but only for half a season- oh wait- what a coincidence- January is midway through….

    I’m kidding i dont want to buy him, but it would be kinda cool having a shirt saying Zaki because it’s my name aswell

  285. Zap Zaki!
    You just have to be cool

  286. Hedwiges, of course has been scooled in the Academy!

  287. JonJon, I’d feel proud.

    If Theo were picked by Capello for the World Cup squad then it would be based on his confidence in his ability to make a difference at any given moment of a big game.

    I was proud when he came back from injury to score against Blackburn and I was proud when I saw him at home tormenting Birmingham for all of fifteen minutes before that c*nt Ridgewell got to him.

    He’ll be back. Maybe on Wednesday night.

  288. Which means he can probably spell school!

  289. i wouldnt be happy…id think he was taking the piss…jeopordising his club career for the sake of his country…which he already has done at the start of the season when he went to the U21 tourney as well as being picked for the full team…

    what about you NJgunner? what do you think?

  290. hahaha 1 Number 10, you keep working on that and the 60 percent of the crowd who stay till the end will all be hissing.

    We have a dream my friend

  291. limparassist..

    id feel proud too if we could get 10 goals out of him and some sterling performances like zap suggests..i just dont think we will…

    i remember a few week back when wenger was asked the same question in an interveiw and something told me wenger wasnt happy with theo…the interveiwer hit a nerve with the question..

    dont think wenger was happy then, at the start of the season or will be at the end of the season with theo if that scenario cropped up…

    just wanted some thoughts from some of you guys on the matter…

  292. right guys im off…

    cheers zap,limpar NJ..

    been a pleasure as always frank…

  293. cheers man.

    Just u wait for Walcott’s return

  294. —————fabianski————————-

  295. —————fabianski————————-

  296. My ideal England starting line-up is:

    – – – – – – – – James – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Johnson – Ferdinand – Terry – Gibbs
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – -Hargreaves- – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – Bullard – – – Shrek- – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Theo – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Gerard
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – Defoe – – – – – – – – – –

    Problem is, all the best players there are injured.

    I suppose you could have Lamps in for Jimmy B, but he’s just such a big fat disappointment isn’t he? And he’s starting to look like a background character from a Dostoyevsky novel – the way his face is all scrunched up and his hair’s falling out, wandering about the place stricken with the tragic duality of a hyper-inflated sense of self-importance and an underlying knowledge of his own worthlessness.

    Other than that, replace Hargreaves with Barry, or even Carrick?! Ha! Not a chance.

  297. Did mentioning Russian literature get me moderated? This is an outrage!

  298. It’s hardly a surprise that Wenger is annoyed at having one of the best young players in the world in his squad but unable to play. That doesn’t mean he is annoyed with Walcott. It should not be left to Walcott to decide which national teams he should play for. If he is selected to play, he is bound to want to do so. The onus is on the managers of the various national teams to take into account the interests of their players. In the case of Walcott, as in so many others, they have failed in this duty.

  299. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Don’t forget Kaka, Frank. He’s in the same boat as Rosicky with a crocked groin and facing a month in the treatment room. What a wimp.

  300. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Doh. I see you had all angles covered as usual, Frank.

  301. What a star you are, NJN.

    …David Villa…

  302. Just imagine if Arsenal finished the season, ECL and FA Cup with RvP, DV, E, NB, AA, CV, TW up front as first team options for the last 9 games.


  303. Carlton Cole would be a much better choice than chamakh.. he is bigger and stronger and arsenal has enough leightweight players as it is

  304. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Further proof Le Grove is a massive joke:

    After a poster speculates we should go after Tuncay, whom he described as a battering ram and having physical presence (Laughable). Old pal, and resident moron Franchise goes on to say Tuncay is a willing runner and could become our Park Ji Sung. But definitely better.

    What a hilarious lot they are.

  305. This really is the best Arsenal squad I have ever seen.

  306. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    F*ck me, I’m in moderation for calling out Franchise for saying Tuncay could be our Ji Sung Park but definitely better. Wow.

    Just as hilarious, Pedro at Le Groan claims Arshavin is the 5th best player in the world, and that AA23 and TV05 were massive bargains. Bargain compared to who, Kolo Toure? Adebayor? Why weren’t all the other teams in the world looking to snap up the fifth best player in the world for 12 million? How delirious.

  307. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Boo moderation.

  308. Mad Myles was at it again yesterday I see. If, as according to him, small mindedness is the cause of stubborness then he must surely have the smallest mind in the business.
    Will miss tonight’s match have to go to the airport Damn. Man U on the radio I expect, ain’t I the lucky one.

  309. DanDan, we play tomorrow

  310. Cesc seems to be asking for players with more physical presence as well.

    “Perhaps we had the same kind of problem against Chelsea as the boys had at Manchester City, not really having someone whose game is to go beyond defenders, and we were a little small to fight against them on crosses, too.”

    Now f**ck off to Barcelona you cretin.

  311. Well since our tallest players are RvP and Nic, Cesc is correct is he not?

  312. Keysersoze- I’m sure if you see Cesc walking down your high street you would ask him for an autograph and tell he is the best . Don’t insult the man like that. I’m sure you would not dare say it to his face.

  313. I agree with 1lc

  314. Anyone else see Arsenal fans like John described as “ingrates” on Sunday Supplement this week?

  315. Ok, the abuse was not called for, but what does Cesc think he isdoing by feeding soundbytes to a media already on an “Arsenal is lightweight campaign”? He should just say that Chelsea was an off day when we could not do the things that we are capable of doing. Will this interview mean that Drogba will put on an Arsnal shirt against Liverpool? If he wants the situation to be addressed he can have a word with the manager about it, not the media. What does this do to the confidence of a Vela and a Walcott when they take the field against Liverpool knowing that the captain does not have confidence in their “size”? How is Cesc’s behaviour different from theother bunch of cretins who boo the Arsenal players during games?

  316. Started reading over lastnights offerings on here, had to skip it as there were a whole load of shits posting from what I saw.

    Frank, I get your Silva prediction, in a way it seems very arsene. However I think that we my go for a taller player. Especially after both Arsh and cesc have sounded off with similar worries.

    Edin Dzeko anybody? He supposedly scores 0.6 goals a game, how the **** does he do that, it must be a bugger to work out goal difference in the bundesleige.

  317. If you’ll allow me indulge in a little wanton transfer speculation on this shiny Tuesday morning; Oscar Cardoza…

    26 years old, 6 ft 4, scored 44 goals in 65 appearances and check out his season so far… he’s on fire!

    2009–10 season
    Cardozo had a positive 2009–10 pre-season, scoring eight goals in ten games. On 31 August 2009, he scored a hat trick, helping Benfica to a fantastic 8–1 win over Vitória de Setúbal. During a Europa League Group Stage match against Everton on 22 October 2009, Cardozo scored two goals in two minutes, helping Benfica to a 5–0 thrashing at the Estádio da Luz. Cardozo scored another hat trick against Nacional in which Benfica won 6–1. Cardozo managed to get yet another hat trick on 6 December when Benfica hammered Académica de Coimbra 4–0. He currently has a league-leading 14 domestic goals on the season, six goals more than the second highest scorer, Falcao of FC Porto with 8.

    And Falcao is supposed to be the bees bollocks.

    Failing this, I think we should airlift Pav out from Shite Hart Lane. Because it would be f*cken hilarious.

  318. It’s hardly a surprise that Wenger is annoyed at having one of the best young players in the world in his squad but unable to play.So said poliziano at 11.42.

    Can you kindly substantiate that statement, as for me I have seen no real improvement in him,on close on 4 years at the club, bar the odd game for club and country.

  319. I don’t think we need a new striker with Bendtner coming back. Even if we do, surely there will not be space for RVP, Bendtner, new striker, Eduardo and Vela in the same team, along with Walcott and Arshavin who can also play as strikers. So whose turn will it be to go out the door? My money would be on Dudu,unless he had signed the shiny new contract.

    Still think all the striker talk is an eyewash, and we will get a defender and a tough tackling midfielder come January, and a few promising youngsters.

  320. Fabregas isn’t going to Barcelona. He said only a few days ago that he could see himself spending his whole career at Arsenal.

  321. Limparassist what nationality is that guy? Sounds good.

    For possible signings, I always look at Clairefontaine academy graduates.

    Glad somebody else said Pav, I have thought that.

    I always say this I know, but talking of airlifting can we not snaffle Kompany from ManC.

  322. I gather that Pav and Arshavin are not the best of mates (from the media and blogs of course), so that may be a non starter.

  323. Kompany is on sale for £500k, but nobody wants him.

  324. Walcot will be ok, he’ll never be Arshavin but he’ll be a usefull player none the less, he was ridiculously over-hyped from the age of 15

  325. Keysersoze, I think you’re right, we dont need a striker as much as we need two strong defenders

  326. I remember reading that Pavlyuchenko was very quick to come and greet Andrey when he arrived at his London hotel last January – and Guus Hiddink doesn’t seem to have a problem starting them together for the national team.

  327. I feel Walcott’s long term role in the club will be as a striker in the Inzaghi mode, playing off the shoulder of the opposition defence. With the lack of decision making he has displayed so far, I don’t see him shining in a creative role. He may end up more of a finisher.

  328. Donno about the rest of what you say Kaiser-Soze, but I agree that there is a considerably less chance of Wenger buying a striker than there is him getting another defender, (it makes sense as to why he would shout out he’s buying this summer, from the highest hill)..

    Anybody got news on whats going on with Senderos?

  329. “I have seen no real improvement in him,on close on 4 years at the club, bar the odd game for club and country.”

    I agree, Kelsey. That’s the tragedy, isn’t it? Despite the great progress Walcott has made during his years at Arsenal – during which time other much-trumpeted stars have faded – injuries mean we rarely get to see him.

  330. Limparassist

    I remember Arshavin saying he was going to go see Pav because their comrades of the national team, but he also said in a very Russian kind of way “he’s no friend of mine”

  331. I have never heard of friction between Arsh and pav. Thout sounded wrong.

    Kompany for sale poliziano really?
    Wenger monitored him for 4 years and said he wanted him but didn’t have space. He would be a cracking utility man, all over def and in central midfield. I thought he would have gone for him.

  332. Maybe friction is reduced by arshavin.

  333. Ha. OK, KS. That does sound like our boy.

    I do hope Eds can get back quickly so he can start proving himself.

  334. haha or a liberal application of pavylechencho

  335. All this talk of lacking a target man is a little disrespectful to NB I think, yeah he’s injured, but he isn’t always.

    RvP can play with his back to goal also.

  336. Walcott is the new Jeffers always injured and over-hyped.

  337. Woah give walcott time to get some games under his belt, to RE-prove himself.

  338. Polizano 10.18

    Thats what Henry said in 2006 after he signed a 4 year contract.He left the following year.Cesc is not going to come out and say he wants to go to Barcelona is he?.Get real

  339. Harry R is a ****

    Theo has been a huge disappointment.His body just hasnt developed in the 4 years he has been at the club.I always thought Arsene made a mistake by not loaning him out for a year to a championship club when he first joined like he did with Cashley and Traore,because as others have said he needs to be starting games every week.I think i am right in saying in 4 years at the club he has never played a full 90 mins

  340. I am also afraid that if we dont win anything Fabrigas might leave but I am comforted by his recent words he isn ‘t affected by what media say (in this case barcelona players through the media). If we get to have him 2 to 4 more season at the grove I wont begrudge him his move then.

  341. I don’t think that we need another striker at all. However if we are going to play games….David Villa.

  342. the size thing is just another excuse for the media to grab hold of, anything to show that only tems prepared to spend big can win anything. I think there is some truth in it as there is with everything, against stoke i think we proved that size is important but also good football skill, cause they couldnt get the ball in the first half. Does this mean that a blend of different abilities is needed or can we get by on skill pace and movement alone , what is the perfect team ? all i know is, is that no one/thing is perfect all the time.

  343. bit of an obsession there Frank..

  344. Cesc was referring to the size of the players against Chelski and Stoke. Not the squad as a whole. If RvP and Nic were available the conversation would not have happened. He was also taking the opportunity to undermine Chelski….average team with a very effective striker. Striker gets injured and/or goes to ACN…average team.

  345. What do you mean?

    David Villa

  346. Cesc has been quoted out of context as his captains notes from the match programme have been taken and twisted to fit the media’s agenda. But it’s good to see his loyal fans so quick to jump on him and start insulting him. As for the Barca situation, he means what he says just as Henry did at the time, but circumstances change and sometimes people find themselves doing things they did not expect to be doing. Cesc is not looking for a move at present, he wants to succeed with Arsenal, let’s just back him and the rest of the team in order to help make that happen.

  347. is he your hero?

  348. Its not the players’ in question fault but we have spent and continue to sepnd millions every year on players who are constantly injured for whatever reason.

    RvP – has yet to complete 1 full season in 5
    Rosicky – yet to complete 1 full season in 4. I read somewhere that he has played fewer that 40 games for us since he joined which is barely 1 season.
    Eddy – terrible, terrible injury but has basically been unavailable on and off since that injury.
    Diaby – similar to Eddy and has had niggly injuries ever since.
    Theo – huge transfer fee and new contract and has barely played this season. Was out for 4 months last season and has done little in his 4 years at Arsenal to justify the fee ans wages that we pay him.

    Its no the players’ fault but we are paying them millions for not playing while at the same time charging fans more and more to attend matches.

    Arsenal simply cannot afford to pay millions to players who do cannot play. RvP, Tom and Theo are injury-prone. Diaby and Eddy are still suffering from being assaulted on the field and have become susceptible to niggles as a result.

  349. ….and your point is, AIC?

  350. yogi,why am i not allowed to post?

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