Arsh-enal Back To Winning Ways

Arsenal 2 – 0 Stoke City

1 – 0 Arshavin (26)
2 – 0 Ramsey (80)

By Arsene’s own admission, failure to defeat Stoke City yesterday may well have seen Arsenal’s season founder on the rocks of diminishing confidence. Injury to the last recognised first team centre forward, a missed penalty, good goalkeeping, sterling defensive work with some luck thrown in, all tried to conspire to make that happen; an inspired performance by Andrey Arshavin leading the line lifted Arsenal out of the rut into which they were falling.

Stoke’s recent run of results suggested that they might be obdurate opponents. They proved not to be as the point which had to be made was done emphatically, despite the scoreline. With Chelsea losing at Eastlands, it was a case of ‘as you were‘, the gap back to eight points and one game in hand. A win was vital for confidence ahead of the visit to Anfield. With qualification assured, it would be no surprise to see Arsene send an extremely young team to Athens, especially with more injuries mounting, reminscent of the victorious trip to Panathinaikos a decade ago.

Arsenal were bright yesterday without being spellbinding. Accusations grow of bullying, flattening teams of lesser technical ability, struggling with those who are not so pliable. Yet it is results such as yesterday upon which title challenges are built; winning against the rest of the top six counts for little if you founder elsewhere.

Two identikit goals, one-two’s sending the scorers free to finish with aplomb, sealed a performance built on defensive solidity. Stoke has built a reputation for being direct in their approach but such was the dominance of Arsenal, this threat was neutered, forcing the visitors onto the back foot for the whole of the 90 minutes, even if the second half performance by Arsenal was somewhat subdued.

The absence of Eduardo, joining van Persie in the medical room, suggested a tough afternoon for a team that had not scored in three of their previous four matches. Within five minutes of kick-off, that run seemed destined to end. Arshavin, not for the first time yesterday, out-thought and outfought the Stoke defence, his first touch too heavy allowing Sorensen to intercede. Moments later, a more assured effort as Arshavin fed Nasri whose fierce drive was saved by the custodian.

The visitors hinted that they were there to take something from the game as high balls entered the Arsenal area. The responses may not have been entirely convincing but cleared the ball was on each occasion, breathing confidence throughout the back four and in Almunia. The game swang entirely in Arsenal’s favour as the first quarter of the match approached. Diao nibbled at Arshavin outside the area, Delap took a chunk inside. On a day when Hreidarsson produced a tumble equal to that of Hoelzenbein in the 1974 World Cup Final, there was no doubt about this penalty.

Fabregas strode forward, assuming the responsibility of the captain. Sorensen, in keeping with the Goalkeeper’s Union took one step toward the ball before it was struck, diving to his left to produce a save from a shot struck at a comfortable height. Five minutes later the miss became almost irrelevant. Arshavin laid the ball off to Fabregas and span into space behind Huth, received the return pass and under pressure, buried the ball past Sorensen.

Less than a minute later, the woodwork intervened to prevent Diao doubling the advantage, his glanced touch on Traore’s cross striking the far post with Sorensen beaten. As the half came to a close, it was apparent that Stoke were in danger of feeling a full backlash for recent results to the extent that Eboue took sympathy, cunningly disguising his block on Fabregas’ goalbound effort as an attempt to get out of the way. How they would have laughed in the dressing room at the interval.

The second half brought Stoke little respite, even though Arsenal seemed to be conserving energy or deflated. Rosicky’s departure may have impacted the performance, his groin injury believed to be keeping him out for some weeks. It was surprising that the Czech started having played in midweek and still on the comeback road from long and short-term injury.

Vermaelen headed wide and Lady Luck smiled on the prone Faye as his flailing boot lifted Arshavin’s shot over Sorensen onto the crossbar. One goal seemed scant reward for the Arsenal attack and with ten minutes remaining, Ramsey picked the ball up midway in, received the return pass from the mercurial Russian, striking the ball comfortably past Sorensen with the outside of his boot.

Whilst Arshavin is rightly garnering plaudits for a display that showed the rest of the Arsenal forwards how to deal with larger opponents, dropping into space frequently, it was a true team performance that shone through. When the Russian pulled his markers out of position, the midfield were not reticent to push into the centre of the box, even if at times their interventions were inadvertant. It was support play that can sometimes be absent. Likewise, defensively, Gallas and Vermaelen intercepted and tackled their opponents, relying on timing to dispossess when chances threatened.

A win, three points on the board and a chance for Arsene to rest a few players ahead of the visit to Anfield next weekend. More importantly, a solid foundation upon which an unbeaten run can be built.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First again! Two days in a row. I must be bringing good luck to the gunners

  2. Now to the serious business. Arshavin isn’t a natural striker and it showed. But he is a great player. Make’s me wonder if he’s kind of play isn’t suited to the 4-3-3 formation. The question is how do we get the best out of him.

  3. shit, i wanted 2 be first

  4. i hope arshavin palys centrally against liverpool, cuz even if dudu is fit, i doubt he would be sharp enuf…………..dudu needs a run of games 2 get back n i dont think we shuld experiment with him against the scouseres, maybe he could play champs league but NOT against pool

    frankly i still have hope in the EPL, i think alot of teams would looose points

  5. “swang”? Have you invented a new word Yogi?

    The second goal was not due to a return pass from Arshavin. The Stoke defender got to the ball first but luckily it bounced back to Ramsey who kept going and scored.

  6. For me the outstanding performance was that of Samir Nasri…..he tackled superbly, passed with precision and ran his socks off to stop Stoke’s attacks….. a great midfield display. I am also impressed with Traore… no more than our third choice LB but he plays with assurance, attacks well and is extremely fast. He is still inexperienced but we are now blessed with three excellent LBs …. and Traore may even be better as a midfielder.
    Arshavin was great to watch… not everything came off but he was a thorn in the side of Stoke’s defence and very effective. Quick minded and not easily shaken off a run he should be played more often as a CF even when Bendtner or van Persie are fit as he unsettles defenders and creates opportunities for other attackers.

  7. Surely arshavin is working fine but we need to give him a run of games

  8. It’s a shame that the extravagant claims of Fellati-Joe and others have almost turned Arshavin into an object of suspicion.

  9. arshavin is our best player, best attacker, and the team needs to be built around him.

    wenger would normally never do it, but without van persie he may have to.

    he can bring team mates into the game, but also be the point of the attack. on several occasions yesterday he would drop a bit deeper to collect the ball and then command players to make runs before feeding the ball – like an old fashioned number 10.

    eduardo is absolutly NOT good enough to lead the line as he has no strength, height or speed.

  10. Arsenal had so many shots at goal and the final margin shd have been at least 4-0. In contrast ,Chelsea had four shots and three goals. For all Arsenal’s attacking prowess,they are still not clinical enough and could haunt them come the end of the season.

  11. Nasri and denilson were great yesterday. Traore is also putin on a good shift

  12. Placing Arshavin in the middle of atack was a no-brainer for me .. He skills on the ball and his eye for a pass resembled Rvp the most so im not the least surprised it worked. Once Diaby is back I beleive he should get the center spot.. u clumsy as he can be he is physically very strong and is also a very good dribbler.. It could prove a masterstroke as we could hold up the ball and also recover it higher up on the pitch … or not.
    Lets keep going .. hopefully once the ACN is over weve clawed back 3-4 points on chelsea and have won our game in hand. Who knows Drogba may even return injured.. so were all in iy now.. But first lets put a couple more spikes in Liverpools coffin.

  13. Special praise needs to be given to Traore lets hope his injury is minor.. Traoere has gone from a liability to a rel asset at leftbak in just three games. Well done lad.

  14. tl @ 11:24- fellating with Joe I noticed. RVP is our best offensive player, hands down. World class, no question.

    samy @ 11:32 am – drinking from the same kool-aid as the media hacks. Last time I checked we were the highest scoring team in the League. Although our forwards are dropping like flies we will outscore most teams.

  15. The most gratifying thing about yesterday is, if it wasn’t for rotten luck, we easily should have been at least 3-0 at half-time but the boys never stopped playing football. Full credit to Arshavin for playing the RVP role very well and the rest of the team for never losing confidence and never backing down.

    Hopefully next week we can drive another nail into Liverpool’s coffin. They are the ones now paying the price for the general financial profligacy in English football that Arsene has spared us.

  16. Eduardo will be fine. He`s struggling with fitness & form but class doesn`t disappear.

    Arsene must be tempted to leave the likes of Gallas , Cesc & Arshavin behind this week bearing in mind the Anfield match.

  17. I am delighted to see the Russian magician has come off his depression and is keen on playing again. Lets face it, when Arsharvin wants to, he is one of the best players in the world.

  18. What I think should be noted that despite the absence of Song we played well defensively. So he can be replaced and I believe the midfield we saw yesterday can do the job during the ACN weeks.

  19. Just as I thought – All the schizophrenic Arsenal blogs are having an Arshavin orgy today. Of course the rest of the team were just passengers. So predictable.

  20. Evil Fiek – Agreed 100%. Denilson in particular was a calm, solid presence. Unlike Song, he doesn’t rely on sheer physical strength to hassle and harass. He has the uncanny ability to read the game, anticipate the pass, tackle when necessary, and best of all, when in possession make the right pass to restart our offense. With both Song and Denilson we are blessed in this position.

  21. no shotta-gunna, we apreciate the whole teams efforts especially nasri n traore……..but we are just happy 2 see arshavin playing football again n the team looked to click with him in the RVP role

  22. Passenal

    Much as I would like to claim credit, alas no:

    1. imp. of Swing.



  23. Gunner From Nigeria

    We are good to go now. Any victory at Anfield would be built on the defence because as we know we are going to create chances.
    Squad for Olympiakos
    fabianski, Gilbert, Senderos, Song Silvestre,
    Ramsey, Wilshere, Eastmond, Merida, Coquelin, Watts
    Subs: Mannone, Frimpong, Randall, Nasri, Vela, Bartley, Eboue(if fit)

  24. What impressed me the most yesterday was the defensive discipline. Clearly, some drilling had taken place at London Colney during the week. More than Arshavin’s performance up front, the brighter spark for me by far was the performance of Denilson and Nasri in the middle of the park.

    The fact that the two of them quietly went about their business was great considering they are likely to be one of the options Wenger employs while Song is away.

    ….And FFS – Enough with folks out here bitching about everything they can find yet the team did a professional job and bagged the 3 points emphatically. What the fuck do some doomers and gloomers want – blood???

    Even yesterday on the radio – Chelsea die harders were telling Arsenal whingers to stop whinging and support their team. It seems like no win unless it’s a 9 nil win with the opposition roling over and dying in embarrassment is good enough for these punks.

  25. Gunner From Nigeria


    Please, let them know that Arshavin has been a passenger in the last few games. While i appreciate what he did yesterday, we need a more consistent performance from him as we all know his qualities.
    Some might say its because he hasn’t been featured more at the centre that why he has underperformed.
    But, a player plays for the team not where he likes to play afterall, Flecther was a right back for Manu yesterday.

  26. Gunner From Nigeria


  27. The surprising thing was how deep Nasri played as I was expecting him to be required more high up due to Stoke’s defensiveness. He had a good game supporting Denilson behind him and Cesc in front.

  28. i dont think UEFA will allow us to play a wk team on wednesday…since olympiacos n standard are fighting 4 da remaining qualification spot

  29. GFNigeria – I prefer relying on the boss’ opinion y about Arshavin playing center forward (I call it the RVP role):

    “I am convinced that Arshavin has good body power, movement and technique,” he added. “It worked today. When it works they like it. He could have had two or three goals. Overall he did very well. I don’t know if he is the answer to Van Persie’s absence. I have to try it away from home.”

  30. Highlight of the game for me were the shouts of approval around the ground for Eboue as he closed down three Stoke players one after the other towards the end of the first half. Summed up the teams performance. Brilliant.

  31. shotta-gunna: We’re playing Liverpool next who have weaknesses against quick, technical players. I’m convinced we can outdo them in the middle if the support is right but on the counter we will have to watch out. But defensively we do look more solid despite letting in those three goals in the last two matches before.

  32. ———–alm———-

  33. that’s my team for liverpool. Come on Everton beat the spuds so we can retain 3rd place, it’ll be better psychologically to be 3rd rather than 4th going into sunday

  34. Finsbury @ 1:21pm – Spot on. I was going to say something separate about Eboue but you beat me to it. I am so happy the fans now see in Eboue what we at ACLF, a vocal minority, were the 1st to recognize, contrary to the Le Moaners, Arsebloggers and others who mercilessly slated him. Wenger specifically identified him, as part of the quote above, as among the technical players that surrounded Arshavin which allowed him to excel.

    It was astounding how those big lumbering oafs from Stoke had to back-off Eboue when he was in possession because they know he can beat them going either inside or out. IMO, Ramsay is lucky to have come on at the time he did, because Eboue had already done the dirty work to put the Stoke midfielders and defenders on their heels. He may not be a goal-scoring threat or the best right-back in the world, but he is a hell of a footballer to have in your squad. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read some of his former critics advocating that he play left-back instead of Traore or Sylvestre. That was the same side of the field he was asked to play when he was booed and substituted last year vs Wigan. Amazing, isn’t it? As the injuries pile up Eboue is going to be the most important player in our squad during this grueling December schedule

    Thank god Arsene does not look at passports when selecting his team. Thanks Emmanuel Eboue for being a 1000 times stronger than some of our vile supporters, not to mention the media hacks

  35. Guys – the missus is not happy with my time online with the holidays coming up. Plus I must see the Spuds later.

    PS: The spuddies are in la-la land drooling with joy at our recent losses and being above us in points until yesterday. I must see them when they implode and turn on Happy-Harry, the club-buster.

  36. Stoke City’s Andy Wilkinson is an accident waiting to happen. Our left-sided players were lucky to escape with a few bruises.

    Great to see Cesc, Sami and Ramsey playing together. Three of the most creative young players in the league.

  37. Birmingham are 8th.

    I want eddie to play in the reverse fixture and score, that would be one of the highlights of the season, or even for him to play well….

    Fulham 1-0 Sunderland by the way

  38. A good three points. A grind out win for the Gunners. This win was a must.

  39. how is this a “grind out win” ?

  40. we didnt grind it out bobby gee, we were on top the whole match bar abt 5 mins of pressure in the 1st half. Comfortable win

  41. First game at Emirates this season due to having to give up season ticket last year! I had hoped the fans in J block might have changed but sadly no.An insult to the club they claim to “support”.Moan,moan,moan.These fans do not actually deserve Arsenal.I leave Yeovil at 7.30 and get home at 11pm,its a long day just to listen to these morons commenting on a game when they clearly have no idea what they are watching.I love this site by the way,i have no idea who people are but think i would get on well with Frank!

  42. Yeovil gunner, shouldn’t you be supporting Yeovil?

  43. If Defoe is the best finisher around, according to rednapp, why coulnd’t he bury that????

  44. Zap,I live in Yeovil,im not from here (thank god!)

  45. it’s a fantastic game between everton and the spudingtons at goodison, end to end

  46. Phemmit from Lagos

    I love d team work.

  47. Assou-Ekotto is such a massive c*nt.

  48. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    By your standard Zap, shouldn’t you be supporting some Algerian team? Come on man.

  49. And of course Crouch can be added to that list with his diving.

  50. I was born here, and actually i do support a team from algeria. What are you a yank, shouldn’t you be supporting a team over there?

  51. actually a team from morocco

  52. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a solid young lad that Aaron Ramsey is. Not that he’s saying anything groundbreaking, but it must pain some people (I’m thinking of you Chavski loving mongs at Le Grove) to read Aaron Ramsey showering Arsene Wenger with such praise.

  53. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    There’s a major flaw in your way of thinking, Zap. If you’d like to know my girlfriend’s Dad hails from Islington, and is a proper die hard Arsenal supporter. As for your claims I shouldn’t support Arsenal because I’m a Yank, well frankly that’s the type of dross one usually finds at Le Grove. This blog is better than that. And you’re better than that. Football is the worlds game and I can choose to support whomever I’d like, as can you.

  54. Gunner From Nigeria


    Talking of support Union Setif of Algeria lost to my fellow West African Stade Malien of Mali in yesterday’s Confed Cup Final in the 2nd leg in Bamako. Africa’s equivalent of the Europa league.
    Just thought you should know if you haven’t .
    Go Everton. Yakubu to score as a sub.

  55. Oh Zap – leave the winding up to the doomers and trolls. Welcome Yeovil Gunner.

    Don’t bite NJN.

  56. shotta-gunner,thankyou! Obviously a man of class!

  57. Nasir me old mate. Interesting to see your thoughts on Hugo ‘Rodders’ Rodellega, a few days ago. I forgot to comment but yeah, I’m a big fan of his too. Always plays with a smile on his face, really good fun to watch, very direct, very strong and pretty quick. As for him in an Arsenal shirt, I don’t know. He can play either wing, and we have an abundance of players who can do that. I’m not convinced he could play the ‘RVP role’. The closest thing we have to him right now is Nick B I guess, and Nick is already the more complete player of the two, I think. He’d certainly look cool in an Arsenal shirt though and he plays the game in the right way.

    Did our scouts reccommend him to Bruce a few seasons ago? I might just be imagining that.

  58. good to see the little russian back with a bang. he’s been missing all season long or was the expectation slightly high after his wonderful debut last season

  59. Gunner From Nigeria

    The supporters of Arsenal transends boundaries.
    There are millions of them in Nigeria. In my city, you get to see depressed and sadden individuals when Arsenal are not doing well.
    A case in point: a guy in my neighbourhood was in tears when we lost to Chelsea last week.
    So, it can be that passionate.

  60. damn, spurs score.

  61. Gunner From Nigeria

    Is Defoe on drugs?
    He should be tested.

  62. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Good afternoon, LimparAssist. I’m not sure if there is an Arsenal connection similar to that of Palacios, but from the 3 or 4 games I’ve seen him play for Colombia and Wigan I’ve become a fan of “Rodagol”. Good size to go with decent pace, and very good technically as you pointed out. Probably wouldn’t cost too much if Wigan were to sell. Experience playing our style and in our league makes it seem like a no brainer, but life as with football isn’t always so black and white is it?

  63. speaking or the ever spud game, rodwełl is as comfortable on either foot as any that i’ve ever seen

  64. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bang on, GFNigeria. I am aware of the strong support Arsenal receives in Africa. I have a mate I play with out here who comes from Niger and is a massive Arsenal supporter. Plays just like PV04, too. He played for a Uni out here, but sadly injuries derailed his career.

  65. Yeah, NJN. I’m thinking, if anything he could be considered *too* direct to fit in to the Wenger masterplan.

  66. 2-0. Effen Spurs are back on top of us.

    No fear. We are The Arsenal.

  67. Gunner From Nigeria

    Everton are all over the place.
    I hope Merseyside brings us good fortune at this time next week.

  68. Have you seen Coleman’s wikipedi page????!!

    ‘He made his premier league debut on 6th December 2009 when Joseph Yobo went off injured’

    WHat the hell! It’s more up to date than the guardian MBM

  69. Zap,

    Who should i support??, I was born in Islington, moved to south London then out to Epsom before going down to the south coast near Brighton.

  70. Big game coming up, Man Citeh vs Spu in a few weeks or so.


  71. Gunner From Nigeria

    Yes, go Everton


  73. Great assist by Coleman, too. He is Everton’s best player today!

  74. If you look at Coleman’s wikipedia page now, it should say- First assist, Dec 6th vs Spurs

  75. It does, Zap! ” and later set up a goal for Louis Saha.”

  76. Wonder who we’ll get in the C/L draw.

    Does anyone know what day it is?

  77. Yeovil Gunner, I hear you man. When i go to games it is an all dayer aswell, i have to leave at about 9am and get back at about 9pm. And i bet like me you dont even think about leaving the game early.

  78. Yeovil Gunner, you would get on with bob i think.



    WERE STILL 3rd!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Gunner From Nigeria

    Yes, yes, yes, Saha, Yakubu changed it

  82. now hold on everton….

  83. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Come on Everton!

  84. what with you both being west country bumpkins.

  85. Gunner From Nigeria


  86. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Did Everton get a penalty?

  87. damnit damn damn bloody shit

  88. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh dear.

  89. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Come on Tim.

  90. had to happen,

    we’re arsenal, results never go our way

  91. if hibbert bloody left him alone his header was going wide




  94. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Get in… my fellow countryman Timmy Howard!!!!

  95. Gunner From Nigeria

    YES, YES, YES, YES. thank Howard

  96. are we gonna see 100 minutes on the clock?!

  97. Saved by Howard

  98. incredible match

  99. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Whoohoooo Spuds choked! Happy days.

  100. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!
    Take that Spuds.
    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

  101. Gunner From Nigeria

    What a weekend.

  102. ‘arry won’t be ‘appy!

  103. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

  104. What’s happening now when is full-time?

  105. There was alot of missed penalties this weekend

  106. Wow Maria, new avatar?

    And it’s full time..

  107. Fabregas, lampard, dindane…….now defoe

  108. Yes, a bad week for penalty takers.

  109. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    James, William and all his other multiple personalities must be very bitter right now.

  110. Yeovil? South Midlands to me, Duke.

    Five points gained on our main rivals this weekend. First positive gain in two weeks.

  111. So it ended 2-2??

  112. Yes! Which means we stay 3rd!

  113. yep it was a desmond tu-tu.

    Good job Rosicky isnt a horse!!

  114. Excellent weekend, Consols, the best I have had since the international week.

    I still have a grin on my face as the Spuds imploded. Their fans are inveighing against almost every player on their team. Its hilarious.

  115. I agree best week by far…..with hull losing again and all …..

  116. Without Jimmy Bullard, Hull aint as good, nowhere near as good as they are with him. Hopefully we can exacerbate their downfall by avenging the defeat to them last season at the Emirates in 2 weeks

  117. Can’t wait hope we get tango face the sack aswell along with the three points…..

  118. We were linked with Bullard. and i thought he would have settled nicely into our treatment room.

  119. fantastic weekend….both chavs n spuds drop points….not a good week 4 penalty takers….dindane,lampard,ronaldo.defoe n francesc all missed penalties….newaiz i reckon francesc will be feeling much better now

  120. Gunner From Nigeria

    Looking at the league table, next weekend is a key one.
    Next week matches;
    Manu v. Villa
    Spurs v. ManCity
    L’pool v. Arsenal
    Chelsea v. Everton

  121. One game at a time lads and lasses!

  122. Don’t forget we have a tough away game at Burnley

  123. Have Spurs got a soft underbelly, are they arrogant or do they just lack that killer instinct ?

    It`s just that when we let a lead slip (not just a 2 goal lead either) we`re accused of all these things.

  124. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Just saw Stevie Me’s dive against Blackburn. Hilarious. What a hypocrite.

  125. I think playing Burnley away is a more daunting prospect that Liverpool away!

  126. zap you are a disgrace to your country(algeria) thats if you are really algerian,you are full of yourself and your attitude stinks.

  127. Fuck off you prick.

    Have you met me? No you fucking haven’t so don’t jump to your deluded conclusions

  128. Gunner From Nigeria

    It would be interesting to see how Wengers handles and selects the midfield when Diaby returns.
    Before the African Cup Of Nations, it could be
    Nasri, Song, Diaby, Fabregas, Arshavin,
    Denilson, Diaby, Song, Fabregas, Arshavin, Vela
    During the African Cup,
    it could be Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin
    Denilson, Nasri, Fabregas, Ramsey, Arshavin.

  129. dukegoonem,wouldnt miss a second mate,its a day trip for us not 90 mins entertainment!

  130. I think diaby is very, very good at being one of the front 3 in the 4-3-3 configuration because he can drop back and act as a 4th man in midfield, as well as being an attacker, which is why it will be very useful when he returns

  131. there is only one prick and thats you,aboud

  132. Gunner From Nigeria


    I think you have a point.


    Take it easy.

  133. who do the fuck do you think you are telling people who they should support,if you are from algeria why do you support arsenal,algeria is thousand miles away from highbury,spoilt brat

  134. is it really u donkey.

    I never want to insult anyone and don’t like to cause any problems, just express my opinions on Arsenal, and everything surrounding it. I only respond to donuts like you when you say something to me so if you shut the fuck up it’s cool.

  135. I’m not telling anyone who they should support, 1stly i said it’s cool abt the yeovil i was just wondering that’s all. Nasri(a bit ironic since he’s algerian) said something to me initially, so i replied.

    Second of all we play at the emirates stadium not highbury anymore, and I live in London, I’m not in Algeria

  136. it will be cooler if you stop being arrogant,got it

  137. Gunner From Nigeria


    Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Allow sleeping dogs to lie.
    This is not Manny Pacquio and Ricky Hatton here.

  138. Gunner From Nigeria


    I think you should register your hilarious but interesting daily first post as a trademark.
    And mind you, i like it. It makes me smile.

  139. flying dutchman

    Am I the only one whose premiership hopes are not confined to just the title? Wouldn’t 2nd place also be a great achievement, getting a foot in between the big 2? Or even 3rd, meaning direct entry into CL next year! Of course winning it would top it all but noone has a godgiven right and you need some luck as well to break (into) the Chelsea/Manu monopoly. So far the season’s been a hell of a ride regardless of the outcome (although I’m really confident about a top 3 finish)

  140. Yes, while winning the title would be great, any top 3 finish will make me happy.

  141. Second and fourth doesn’t have much difference unless the side remains competitive. If the side is out of the race but gets fourth, don’t want that.

    It won’t make me happy at all either way; just contempt come the start of next season that we can compete again.

  142. best chance of winning a trophy=fa cup.

  143. Tim Howard waved his arms around half a second b4 defoe hit it, making him nervous……………………….very, very good goalkeeping

  144. why why why why why are we so doomed with injuries?????

  145. Wenger is apparantly “devastated” to have lost Rosicky for a month..

  146. What a great weekend to be a gooner.Looking forward to Arshavin scoring 4 more goals at Anfield. You can be sure that Torres and Gerrard will drafted in for this one. We will have to play a blinder.But we will still silence the Kop.

    Unsurprisingly on Sky Sports The last Word the fat unbiased Andy Gray thinks Man City were lucky and Chelsea let them off the hook. He went to great lengths to try to prove that Micah Richards handled the ball henry like and passed it to the feet of Adebayor…yeah what game was he watching…. and that if JT had done that a penalty would have been given to the opposition. And pigs can fly.

    Isnt it funny how when sChelsea fail to score a goal and looses 2 games in a row , conceding their first 6 goals in umpteen games…..its a blip…

  147. Nice post, YW.

    Exactly right about results against the Top 5.

    Right now, we could have lost to Man U, Man C and Chelsea and still be 3 points back from Chelsea wth a game in hand if we had handled West Ham and Sunderland. It only goes to show the slim margins that are in play this season.

    With Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U having relatively easy schedules for the next 9/10 games (average opponent’s position between 11th and 13th in the table), Liverpool could be the most important game of the season for us. Torres might be back and they’ll be fired up, but if we can win that game we’ll be in close contention up until the Chelsea game and hopefully even longer.

  148. Jack Staniforth

    Nobody will read this anyway. Arsenal won and won well but let`s not drink the bar dry just yet.
    The Gunners are still a lottery and, until we get a stable and regular eleven on the paddock ,nothing will change

  149. Jack, I don’t see anyone drinking the bar dry, most are just happy that we won to get ourselves back on track, which is an achievement given our current injuries. If you want doom and gloom there’s plenty of it elsewhere.

  150. Hello everyone. Very happy that we won on Saturday. I only watched the last 10mins of the game as I was attending my country’s game against Ethiopia in the regional annual tournament which we are lucky to be hosting this year. We didnt start off well but we picked ourselves up and qualified to the knockout stages which is today. Hope we do well.

    I was getting min by min updates of our performance thru txt. From most comments I take it Arshavin, Denilson and Nasri had blinders while the rest of the squad played their part to ensure we won and kept a clean sheet. Good times.

    Chelsea losing and Spurs drawing was the icing on the cake. Looking forward to Sunday, not forgetting the away trip to Greece. Hope the kids hold their own and draw that game.

    Damn!!Whats with us and injuries? Any other team with as many injuries would be fighting out of relegation by now. Hope those injured recover soon and that we don’t get any more injuries.

    Gunner from Nigeria I understand where your friend is coming from, Everytime we lose a game i usually sleep fitfully if at all.

    We are the Arsenal and we are great!!!I love this team.

  151. You can do what you sweet well fucking like, Jack.

  152. Jack Staniforth does have a point, we should be beating stoke at home, was good to stop the rot though. In my opinion we still need a defender and a striker

  153. Ur not a fan, jack. Who cares if we dont have a ”settled” team. Now pizz off.

  154. A lot of people made quite a few quid during the spud everton match. Was it fixed by the ref? Late penalty and all to give a spud win?

  155. Shebby,

    ‘who cares if we dont have a settled team’

    Just a guess, but maybe us Arsenal fans care

  156. redtrev, its hard to recognise ur a fan with all that constant moaning comin out of ur mouth.

  157. Shebby, are you insane?

  158. Two whingeing moaners (you both know who I am talking). We won a hard fought game – could have easily been 4-0, without exaggeration. Chelsea drop points and the Spuds drop points. Yet you are not happy. What the f*ck?

  159. shotta-gunna, I was happy yesterday, today i’m looking forward to the next game, you obviously have a losers mentality

  160. Who the cap fit, let them wear it?

  161. Two moaning whingers or two whinging moaners? Al the same to me.

    By the way Shotta, are you sure about the ‘e’ in ‘whingeing’?

  162. Consols – So longst as they get the point. e?

  163. Sharpe as a pin, shotta.

  164. After the Man City-Chelsea game, I think our young guns can take even more heart from their performance in the CC last week. City’s win shows just how strong they are at home. And, against our injury-hit reserves, they needed two wonder goals to put a close game beyond reach.

    I hope we get to see a similar team against Olympiakos, squad rules permitting of course.

  165. Manuel hasn’t been getting his calls out confidently enough since he’s been back. Too often we’ve been indulging in these, “Yours, William”, “No-no, Manuel, yours”, “No, I really do insist William old thing, it’s yours” – moments.

    For some reason Manuel has become overly hesitant. He seems very reluctant to leave his line to come and collect anything at all – even when the responsibility seems clearly to be his. Poor Armand Traore bemusedly hacked away under pressure on Saturday after carefully ushering a ball in for Manuel, who flatly refused to come out and take care of it. Willy Gallas has taken to gesticulating with his entire body and shouting loudly and repeatedly at his goalkeeper in an attempt to bring clarity to these situations – and coax the sheepish Spaniard off his line.

    It’s all very ungainly and not a little bit wince inducing. Our keeper seems somehow to have contracted ‘the fear’.

    I’m not sure what the best course of action is. I guess it is to just keep sending him out there and hope that with each safely collected ball, each save and each clean sheet – he regains his confidence. Fabianski gets a game on Wednesday and a chance to ask a question of AW – though it’ll surely be to the more mature gloveman that he turns come Sunday, and Anfield.

    Chin up, Manuel. You’re a giant squid of a keeper on your day. Believe.

  166. Limpar, he’s lost his confidence and is shitting his pants on corners. I think TV would like to take control but feels like the new boy and doesn’t want to upset someone as fiery as Gallas. We definitely need someone to take charge at the back. TV, Gallas or Almunia, one of them needs to have final say or we’ll drop more silly points.

  167. Hear Hear Limpar, he does seem a little lacking in the old confidence department. I imagine it’s us fans that are having a negative effect. I have to admit I have thought looking at shots on target to goals that we may have a problem in the sticks. But isn’t it Arsene’s way to give plenty of time and backing to all players. It’s just a slight ‘Blip’ he’ll be back to his best, he just needs one good game.

  168. Let’s either have William Gallas or just Gallas. Willy Gallas makes him sound like a penis.

  169. Willy Gallas that’s what I went to the docs with last week, got some serious ointment for it too.

  170. I call him King Billy

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