Arsenal Out But Are They Down?

Carling Cup Quarter-Final
Manchester City 3 – 0 Arsenal

1 – 0 Tevez (50)
2 – 0 Wright-Phillips (66)
3 – 0 Weiss (89)

This morning’s news that hardware stores around the globe have been reporting a run on the sales of rope to people wearing red tops is of great concern. There is a concerted attempt by Arsenal supporters to prove that Disney’s fiction about Lemmings jumping off a cliff is indeed now fact; an unseemly rush to usurp the position of the manager is in full flight, disenchantment, disillusionment and general dissing is occurring.

Unsurprisingly, Manchester City progressed last night at the expense of a mixture of youth and experience. The match undertook a predictable pattern with City having the better of the opening twenty five minutes, culminating in Tevez bringing out a good save from Fabianski. Prior to that, Bellamy skewed wide of the near post with Adebayor having a free header as Song and Eboue struggled to co-ordinate their attempts to marshall the defence.

Thereafter, the youngsters gave as good as they got for the remainder of the first half and in that they will draw confidence. The second though was a different matter, City energised by Tevez’s opener five minutes into the half. Like a high percentage of goals, it was avoidable. Rosicky lost possession too cheaply, blocked from recovering the situation, unfairly some might say but based on the officiating last night a freekick was never going to be awarded because it was City gaining an advantage. Eboue and Song committed enough sins in defending from there, that a whole host of Hail Mary’s would not be able to save their footballing souls. The finish was, however, quite emphatic.

The second joined that list of goals. Wright-Phillips had been reasonably well chaperoned by Traore throughout the evening but when Silvestre had those duties, the City winger had a field day, forcing the Frenchman backwards and not allowing him the opportunity to dive in. Or rather, capitalising on Silvestre’s desire not to do so. A hattrick of avoidable goals came with Song and Wilshere not handling Bellamy at all well, the Welshman skipping through to cross for Weiss to finish. Merida’s effort against the bar as the whistle loomed was the closest to breaking the zero against Arsenal’s name.

The post-match brouhaha about whether or not Wenger wanted to shake Mark Hughes hand is a media diversion, distracting from the City manager’s own obnoxious behaviour throughout the match. Equally bellicose was Bellamy, unable to seemingly handle an hour of stalemate mixed with City holding a slender lead. The ill-feeling of the Premier League fixture is a hangover that has yet to be shaken. More so, Arsenal were deemed to be the ones that City would replace in the top four, unlikely to happen even at this stage of the season.

Alex Song picked up a booking and misses the Stoke fixture this weekend. If he was going to miss a match, this would probably be one that would be high on a list of choices. For Arsenal, three defeats out of four is not good form yet there is no reason to necessarily include this one in any run such was the changed nature of the side and the fact that even though there was a chance of winning given the hosts form, defeat was imaginable.

I am astonished by the gloom, a legacy of Sunderland and Sunday no doubt. Wenger has made it clear that the Carling Cup is the lowest priority and will be used as a breeding ground for the youngsters. Given the vitriol directed at him last season by those who know better how to manage a team yet sit in the stands, this morning’s reactions are unsurprising.

Were Saturday to end in defeat then there may be some rationale in the anguish, three Premier League defeats on the spin constitutes a run that has to be broken. A Carling Cup defeat is not something I will lose sleep over.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. So right. Not one to lose sleep over.

  2. Last night will be forgotten pretty quickly, like Burnley at the same stage last year.

    Interesting how Sky Sports manipulated the post-match agenda to focus on the non-handshake. A definite agenda that they were seeking to peddle. Petty by Wenger, but hardly important.

    A definite theme is starting to be run post Henry handball and it has nothing to do with football.

  3. I like your lemmings jumping off a cliff. That sad fact is this. Arsenal put up a good fight in the first half. The second half is where the Gunners stunk the joint out. Tevez goal was a good one. Wright Phillips made Silvestre look stupid. The BBC 5 Five announcers had it right. They said Bellamy was an idiot for his antics.
    You are right on saying a Carling Cup loss is nothing to lose sleep over but for me this is bad trend.
    As a former coach I worry about trends. Arsenal is not performing well. This bugs me greatly. Van Persie out may have effected the team chemistry.
    Another trend is that when the Gunners get down they don’t have the attitude we can come back and win.
    Chelsea has this as well as Man U.
    In America we call it this dog has a lot fight in it.
    This needs to be corrected.

  4. Thought we did well in patches yesterday. we gave the ball away afew times which was infuriating but overall a learning curve.

    Wenger only has to sneeze without covering his mouth for all the hateful anti wenger nonsense comes from all quarters including our own fans.
    really is disappointing that our own fans follow media opinions like gospel.

    Fook Em!!! I hope this team really show the faith put in them by the manager and majority of fans to be worthwhile in the end. This buy a trophy lark is not really as fun as actually getting one in the rightway.

    winning everything in sight and the prize money doesnt even cover your interest payments must be a worry for some!

  5. We saw last night how lucky we have been that Gallas and TV havent got injured this season.The back up CH’s were awful.Song had a shocker

    Both Merida and Wilshire showed they are a long way from making that huge step up in class

  6. “Another trend is that when the Gunners get down they don’t have the attitude we can come back and win.” – agreed i said the same last season as well

    i dont know if it is backed up by stats but ive had this feeling that if we go a goal down esp against the top sides we have not been able to come back.

    From other arsenal teams of the past i would never give up our chance of getting something from the game even if we was 3 nil down with 10 mins to go. last 2-3 seasons it seems we come back from a goal down less and less. maybe just me being negative but i would like to find out if anyone has stats if its correct.

  7. Gunner From Nigeria

    Arsenal Down But Are They Out?
    Too early to say.
    Failure is an orphan. Success is a friend to all.
    When things change the bang wagon would follow suit.
    However, we would rise again.

  8. Arsenal need a worldclass goalkeeper desperately!!

  9. I’m not sure Alex Song misses the weekend game. I heard suspensions come in place 1 week after the booking, hence why Merida was available yesterday for example.

  10. for those who want 2 knock wenger f..k o.f plently other teams out there u can support off u goe

  11. What is going on? The spite and vituperation pouring out of the mouths of the media is over the top. Self righteous or what. Just because Arsene chose not to shake hands with Mark Hughes. Do the media have it in for The Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. Or am i getting paranoid?

  12. Told you it would be fun. Just mention buying a striker and the very conceited AIC comes grizzling out of his lair.

    The reason he did not buy in the summer is because he did not need to buy in the summer. Eduardo had not suffered the combined wrath of the football establishment unleashed by the whinging Scots at that stage and Nic Bendtner was in rude health.

    Let me see now……Huntelaar

  13. This buy buy buy mentality to fix every little problem. What happened to coaching, working on things at the training ground, trying to build team spirit, adjusting tactics etc.

    Seems everyones answer to any particular problem is to get credit somewhere somehow and splash the cash.

    I wonder what led to that massive credit crunch thingy everyone was crying about?

  14. Come on, Cb. This is a rare moment to join the idiots for a few days. I’ve done Villa and Huntelaar. Give it your best shot.

  15. Traore got third yellow in as many matches.
    Does it mean he misses the next match?

  16. I think we should sign this Joey Blogger.

    Superstar striker, 100% DNA of Stanley Matthew combined with the fashion sense of Dizee Rascal, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Championship Manager stats, what more could you ask for?

    Do clones have an ethnicity? Sir Stanley II would qualify for England I think, depends who owns the copyright I guess. All our problems will be solved!

    No need to worry about weak players who can’t take a tackle. If he gets too badly injured, say someone form UEFA guns him down with a Tommy gun, just pull another one out of the closet. Easy!

  17. The main thing I got from last night is that an injury to Gallas or Vermaelen would be catastrophic. Silvestre is a major liability.

  18. Hey Frank…Will they say that David Villa is too short to be an effective striker?

  19. A world class keeper wouldn’t have saved any of the three goals last night Shed, so what’s your point? I thought Fabi had a pretty decent outing in myself.

    Almunia’s struggling for confidence so how about we get behind him and give his our full support and see if he can’t turn things around eh?

    What’s that, you’d rather continue deriding him, further eroding his confidence, and tell Arsene what he should do despite the fact your opinions are drilled into you by the likes of Stan Collymore?

  20. Oh thats a good point, axis. I really screwed that up. Fancy thinking that David Villa is a great striker. Must do more research in future.

  21. Stan Collymore must be one of the most odious human beings on the planet.

  22. There’s nothing wrong with knocking Wenger.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Increasingly people are frustrated at seeing the same issues rear their heads season after season. To brand everyone who expressses their frustration is as blinkered as those who say don’t worry it will all come right.

    5,000 supporters went to the game last night and although they had no right to expect victory was such an un-competitive performance worth the money. Does the experience of being out-played actually help young players or set them back.

    Wenger ultimately picks the team and chooses the squad. He is responsible for their performance.

    As for Hughes, the guy is about to lose his job which explains a little his behaviour. If his expensive team had lost to our 2nd stream he might have been sacked that night. Wenger can lose to anybody and not get sacked.

    Chelsea’s defeat demonstrates that their squad might not be as deep as the press would have you believe. A win over Stoke and Chelsea draw with Man City and the gap is down to 6 points (assuming 3 points for the game in hand), not unbridgeable but we need to recapture the urgency in our play from the start of the season and scoring touch. The defensive frailties are exposed because the team is failing to cut out crosses/balls into the box.

  23. Knock Wenger all you want then.

  24. Go one better, rape an effigy of Wenger while shedding hot tears and saying “trophies….trophies”….

  25. It is my opinion that people should not knock Arsene Wenger….

    Edin Dzeko…trouble is he is cup-tied in the ECL. But he used to be a midfield player so he probably has the ability to pass the ball and fit in with our method of playing.

  26. I hope we get Shaq…he should be tall enough, and you can’t knock him off the ball.

    Shaquille…that’s French right?

    He’s what we need!

  27. Dzeko is a fantastic player….

    The problem with transfer speculations, Frank, is that Arsene has a compendium of players, and knows the best player for how much he has to spend, and that will fit in very well with the squad on and off the pitch.

    Our speculations are often completely useless.

  28. If I had the time I would cheerfully have gone up to Eastlands to watch the babies play. I thought that the gamesmanship displayed by the Man City oldies, especially Bellamy, was hilarious. Anyway I would have gone and the result would not have had me wishing that I hadn’t gone. I love going to Arsenal games whoever is playing. I suspect most of the 5000 are the same…and after all they knew that AW would play the youngsters before they bought their tickets. So all in all I think you are wrong, Vivb.

  29. Oh I know I will be completely wrong, OG. I am rubbish at this I know.

    Ruud Van Nistelroy

  30. Thierry Henry

  31. Out is not down. This is headache. “Carling not premier”. wait you will be happy sutarday and forthwith.

  32. My hovercraft is full of eels

  33. Thank god for some sober perspective!

    I do think Wenger has got some things wrong but last night is no great disaster or shame. Look at the players City had at their disposal – almost any first team in the prem would have struggled against that line-up last night (especially with MC at home). The fact is we played well in parts and would have been much better with some fresher players and a clear treatment table.

    YES, there are some issues that need attention but last night told us nothing new, we certainly don’t need the vicious histrionics of the d&g brigade.

    Keep up being the sober voice of reason ACLF, there are too few to cling on to in this raging torrent of pub bores.

  34. Wenger was clever. Media is not as they lead with the handshake story.

    Overall the kids did alright.
    However, the seniors (except song) ought to reflect on their dismal outing.

    Agree above, with a chavs loss on sat and the game in hand we are in the title picture. Not given up ye but jan will be our toughest run in we have villa, manure, chanvs and pool.

  35. Not a major disaster. City put out a full-strength team so no major discrace.
    However, is any one else worried that Sylvester is our third-choice centre-back? Senderos surely merits a place ahead of him, but is mysteriously “injured” ahead of the game and will probably be sold in January.
    I’m not convinced by Song at centre-back at all, where are all our other alternatives.
    I thought Fabianski looked good and I expect him to replace Aluminia soon. He looks as though his confidence is shot and for me his days are numbered.

  36. Prinz Poldi!

    He’s been dreadful for his club this season, but is still scoring goals for Germany.

  37. What are the details of Jay Simpson’s loan deal? Can’t we just recall him for a bit of back-up?

    I’m sure the QPR staff and players would pin him down en masse, lock him in the boot room and slash his tyres etc. just to stop him leaving – but we could always airlift him out of there… Tommy Vermaelen and Alex Song could abseil in with balaclavas on, camo paint and blackened blades.

    Arshavin laughing maniacally, hanging out the chopper door, head stapled together, machine guns rattling away… “Eat lead, you White City scum! We’ve come for our boy Jay!”

  38. Wenger should be replaced. Just my opinion.

  39. With who JimmyGunshot? And why should he be replaced?

  40. Relying on RvP to stay fit for a whole season or even if fit to play in every game was always a gamble and now it has backfired.

    This is especially so as Eddy, the next most senior striker is returning from a horrific injury himself.

    This is not conceit but simply many people’s opinion.

  41. Guus Hiddink or Mourihno…some top manager who has proven himself.

    Need to bring some steel back into the Arsenal team. Physically the players are lightweights. Back in the day, we had strong players like Viera and Petit. We are missing these qualities.

    Wenger’s policy of developing youth in the hope of winning major trophies has failed. lets face it.

  42. Does anyone think that AW announcing he’s in the market for a striker means he’s going to “spend big”?

  43. I totaly agree with the post, i can only think that some genuinly believed that our young players were going to win last night, i didnt, i hoped we would. The only thing for me that indicated a win would have been the luck needed to get something out of a game like this, and it didnt happen. Yet still there are cries of sack the manager, this ones crap, that ones crap, hes too small hes too young. I really wonder what the expectations are of some supporters. Is it the end of the world for chelsea cause they went out to imo lesser team than full strength manc., no its not. I heard more than one last night speak on behalf of at least all Arsenal fans attending the game, that they had spent loads and should be respected by use of a 1st team, bollocks. I tuned in to watch how the young players got on, not to see a guaranteed victory, so if your listening alan smith, speak for yourself. Ian wright on an advert this morning saying, if you dont think england can win the world cup why bother going ?. Its to support the team, wrighty. Do you go and watch your kid at sports day only because you think he can win, i hope not. Sadly some of our fans do, and thats their choice, but if you do then dont be surprised when it doesnt happen

  44. oh just f*ck off AIC, you tw*t.

  45. Ok, so let me get you right.

    Arsenal will get, say Guus Hiddink. Then he comes in, and injects steel, (with a huge syringe) into the players’ bodies?

    Or does he sell some of them? If so, who will you propose for sale?

    And what do we do if the new manager wins nothing in say, 3 years?

    Just asking.

    Or let’s even say the new manager wins the Carling Cup for 3 years, but not the league or EPL?

  46. AIC,

    It’s far from being as simple as that. If he bought a new striker in the Summer, would the new striker have settled immediately?

    If not, and had RVP not been injured, will spending that money have been justified?

    I do think we shouldn’t have sold Adebayor, but you guys hounded him out of the club, despite all his severe personality deficiencies.

  47. I am going to Greece to see a young side play the Greek champions. If they get trashed 5-0, I would be disgusted to see Arsenal lose, but I doubt I’d gnash teeth about my expenses.

    It’s my fucking choice to go.


  49. Get rid of the dross and buy some quality midfielders. Ones who can rough up the opposition abit.

    If the manager fails to win a trophy in 3 years get rid of him. get a new one.

  50. YW If folks don’t get Arsenal, understand Wenger, can’t see the adventures and drama unfolding, the joys in watching this extraordinary assembly of players, it’s their fault. Allow them to simmer slowly in the juices of misery in their pot of sadness. They bore me, an assembly line of factory-produced cardboard characters. All I can say is I’m enjoying myself immensely in the unfolding real-life Arsenal story; there IS nothing to compare. This story is exactly why I joined up to the ranks of Arsenal. The joy, as always, is in the journey – like life itself. I can’t lose. Neither can Arsenal if one even begins to appreciate what is being attempted, and how, and why. I love it.

    I love that the media and pundits generally fear this. I love that Dave from Chelsea takes the time to post, that Gooner 1 writhes in ignorance, AIC in self-importance. If you get my drift it is very funny, let’s say like a spotty teenage pop-idol fan trying to explain Miles Davis to his pals.

    Frank, what about … um … oh lord … ahh … you know … thingy … does the 100m in 9 seconds … yes, him. I say Bolt for centre forward. He used to play cricket. He’s 6’5″. He’s damn cool.

  51. The thing about knocking Wenger is this:

    Football is a game like many where not only two teams pit their skills and abilities against one another, but also where two managers pit their strategies against one another.

    Lord Wenger is not guaranteed to outfox his opponents 100% of the time. This season we have won more games than we’ve drawn or lost. Outplayed our opponents more than we’ve been outplayed. We’ve never played negative boring football. He’s doing a stella job, and knocking someone like Wenger for, with the benefit of hindsight, the occassions were things don’t go right seems incredibly churlish to me.

    There also the issue of laymanship. Let’s face it, until any of us become premier league managers, we’re all laymen and to hrashly round upon Wenger for the way he put forwards his footballing strategies is akin to the church rubbishing Darwin for his work on evolution. Let genius work, support it, and marvel in the beauty of the produce.

  52. Well, if it is the opinion of many, AIC, then it must be right.

    History tells us that.

  53. notlager,

    Why should I?

    Too much truth hurts you does it?

    You are just a Frank-clone who doesn’t like people to have thir own opinions. At least Frank’s opinions are his.

  54. AIC, relying on you to stay fit for five minutes has also proved a gamble that back fired

  55. Who would you sell, JimmyGunshot?

  56. I’m happy you’re not on our board JimmyGunshot.

  57. Gadget, nice one

  58. ZimPaul: that’s the best, most concise statement of Arsenal fandom I’ve seen. Love it.

  59. AIC, yes it hurts that we have a coward and a person with no backbone like you who only posts after a defeat to follow Arsenal. It’s sad.

  60. Luis Fabiano, Huntelaar-

    Who cares if they’re cup-tied??

  61. Ole,

    Its not as simple as that either. Another striker gives you an insurance policy and more options. There is no guarantee of success for any player.

    The idea that Ade was hounded out of the club is laughable. Wenger got rid of him as he wanted to go, was a bad influence in the dressing-room and £25m was a good price.

  62. ZimPaul,

    You really speak to me brother! I’m listening to some old school house from ’91 and was just imagining your excellent statement belted out over the top of it. Rousing stuff.

  63. Any news on team news for this wekend anyone

  64. AIC,

    Well, since it’s not that simple, then there’s no value in gratuitious criticisms.

    Fact still remains that we started the season with more strike options than any other side.

    We had 5 strikers. Sure we could have had one more.

    Fact still remains that whoever we’d bought RVP would still have been first choice. If that other striker had been injured same time as RVP, then we’d in any case have to rely on Eduardo.

    Eduardo just happens to be class….he’s out of form, he needs to do better, but that’s the reality of it.

  65. lets buy a dozen of evry position, then maybe some will be happy,

  66. Song played in this game probably because he was not going to play in the Stoke game anyways. If Wenger was planning on playing him in the Stoke game, he would not play him in a CC game.

    He needs the rest and getting that one game ban out of the way.

    Losing to the Oil Citizens may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe the tw*ts will have some courage to do something against Chel$ki in the league and at least draw with them. Or, will Hughes bend over to his old club? I would like to see him snatching the ball from Ancelotti’s hands on the touch line like a bitch in heat just like he acted yesterday.

  67. No way Zim, Bolt’s too skinny and lightweight. Get Dwain Chambers in. You seen the size of him. he’ll terroise Vidic and Terry all day long

  68. let’s buy players who will never loose a football match.

  69. boomer,

    I know that Ryan Shawcross is a doubt – if that’s of any interest. So it’ll be Huth and Faye at centreback I guess.

    Not that that really changes anything.

    OG, any conf on your 1 game match ban delay thought, for Alex Song?

  70. We should buy Luca Toni

  71. Usain Bolt, ZimPaul…thats it…score on the break.

  72. LimparAssist, says he’s suspended. My info was wrong.

  73. “The idea that Ade was hounded out of the club is laughable.”

    laughable but true!

    he got criticism for scoring over 30 goals one season and failing not to score 30 the next season.

    He has got attitude problems but some of the fans esp the ‘vocal’ blog crowd were openly against him from the start.
    just like eboue

  74. …oh alright Dwain Chambers then, Gadget

  75. Both of em…one on each wing

  76. Nah let’s get Ibrahimovic. He’s big and talk and he’s got a well good professional attitude too. He always turns up for games and never sulks. He wants to come to the club so Arsene should make it happen. He loves the british weather and the british women and the british food and he wants to be taxed at a rate of 50% too.

  77. “The idea that Ade was hounded out of the club is laughable. Wenger got rid of him as he wanted to go, was a bad influence in the dressing-room and £25m was a good price.”

    AIC, Wenger is capable of handling any player but when the fans create a negative atmosphere around the whole team because of one player, he had to move him on. Some of the idiot fans had a big hand in what happened with Adebayor indirectly.
    If you remember Eric Cantona was a f*cking bitch and an arrogant bastard but Fergie kept him and their fans supported him because he scored the goals. Adebayor scored goals even in his worse jack-ass moments/days.

    And now you want someone else, how do we know you and fans like won’t drive the new one away? Why should we listen to anything you say?

  78. back to winning ways this week .

  79. It would seem that Theo is now injured. No wonder AW is utterly pissed off.

  80. Luca Toni is proper shithouse.

    Let’s get Darren Bent.

  81. And in defence guys let’s get Shaq (like someone suggested earlier) and Yao Ming.

    They’re both big and massive and good in the air, and we’d get a shed load of loot in the Asian market for Ming shirts alone.

  82. RvP surgery went well so it is possible that he could return sooner. Assuming they operated on the right leg of course…I mean the correct leg. Not entirely confident in the Dutch medical system at the moment. If his leg was really made of chocolate it would have been fixed in no time. Quick visit to Nestle’s and away we go.

  83. I think we should buy Yao Ming for the name alone.

  84. yep, theo is back to normal….injured..

  85. where does this idea that arsenal are big spenders with the rest of them.

    we have always been a prudent club (which is a good thing) when it came to wages and transfers.

    We had a strict wage policy from the grapham days.

    ive never seen this club go beyond its means since i started supporing them in 87. It can be fustrating at times but when we win seems all the more sweeter.

    wenger has just carried on that tradition but gave us massive success while sticking to these priniciples. Now the ‘new’ fans want us to abandon our princibles and adopt the principles of the crassly rich and just spend our future away on the promise of a better tomorrow.

    Thats not really the arsenal way!

  86. Don’t you know Gee, Wenger the tight bar steward has had the cash all along. He could buy all of Chelsea and Dubai 50 times over. Instead he’s looking at signing some kid called Sun Dae Mao Ning. Apparrently he’s makes great saves look far too easy.

  87. Theo is always fucking injured.How can we miss him when he never plays?

  88. Spend dammitt! Look at the top clubs in Europe, they all spend big!!! We are never going to be recognised as a big club because we don’t attract the top players. Our wage structure is crap. We pay peanuts.

    Thats why we won’t win anything. Each season is the same old story.

  89. Its funny how things change so fast. Yesterday game aside, d last 2 prem matches just kept me wondering where a goal would come from. Arshavin is d best bet right now as fab has to do all the creating, van persie was an outlet wen the pasing game wud not do it, bendtner can also but eduardo can’t because of his height,now walcot is out also. I used 2 think we can’t stop scoring now am doing the opposite. if there is one person i wud give this team to, it is wenger lets hope nasri, arshavin and fab wud do the job. Better still that eduardo gets back to form, wat happened to the time i used to think he wud always score wants he starts?

  90. George is a legend!

    Graham stressed that calls for Wenger to be replaced were outrageously wide of the mark:

    “Does anyone really, in their right mind, think we should get a new manager,” he asks increduosly. “Surely not. What absolute nonsense.

    “I can not give him enough plaudits. The way he has got Arsenal playing – and the way the club is now internationally respected – is down to his skills as a manager.

    “Arsenal have had rough times in the past and got through it and we will this time. We’re still in a great position and will, at the very least, finish in the top four. We’re also in the Last 16 of the Champions League.

    “I expect us to respond in a positive manner when we play Stoke this weekend.

    “And let me just say this: if Arsene were ever allowed to go – which he won’t – there would be a very, very long queue of very big clubs waiting to snap him up.

    “That doesn’t sound like a manager who should go…”

    Ahem…. Someone who knows what he is talking about.

  91. The need for centre-back cover is the most urgent requirement considering that Senderos has been frozen out and Song is going to the ACN.
    God help us if Gallas or TV get injured.

  92. Everyone apart apparently from Wenger knew that we would lose last night.It,s one thing for the youngsters to beat a Championship team or a below strength Premier League team at home but surely Wenger cannot be so stupid to think we can beat a full strength Man City team away.This has been going on for years and i,m not sure that any of the so called wonderful young players ever actually come through and make it.
    As for refusing to shake hands with Saliva Sam I think Wenger was wrong even though Hughes is a horrible little shit.To hear him afterwards you would have thought they had beaten a combination of Barcelona and Brazil not our second team.Terrible situation now because I dislike him so much I think I want Chelsea to beat them on Saturday.

  93. Get a defender, a striker and a new goal keeper.

    Come on Wenger, sort it out!

  94. You know what happens, the young players get recognition and then they will f**k off to a bigger club that will pay them more money.

    Stop being tight!

  95. Don’t make ridiculous suggestions. Ibrohimovic, after half a season at barcelona, one of the highest scorers in la liga?? What the hell? Be realistic.

  96. Predict Arshavin will leave us soon…especially after his comments following the chelsea game. Fabregas will leave soon, once he has reached his potential and realises that Arsenal ain’t gonna win shit!

  97. JimmyGunshot – you sound about 15 – like i said from george grapham days we have never spent big.

    read what George Grapham has to say above and try and gain some perspective.

    At least he sound like he cares and supports the Arsenal.

    you really sound like a glory boy

  98. Cesc fabregas aint a fucking dummy mate. He has realised the situation, and he wants to lift a trophy with the gunners as the heart of the team

    Arshavin isn’t leaving either. He obviously loves arsenal, but he speaks what he thinks.

  99. geeGunner, you sound like a loser!

  100. Pipe down, Gunshot, you silly prat.

  101. zap, i think you are wrong. Arshavin ain’t stupid, Arsenal is a stepping stone to bigger things for him. He wants to play in Spain for Barcelona or Real Madrid.

  102. For Saturday: Walcott out, Song Out, Bendtner still out, Arshavin mouthing off to the press every day; facing Stoke, an underdog opponent with lots of size. I think I see where this is going.

  103. Zap was that aimed at moi?

    If it was I thought it’d be clear that my comment was utterly tongue-in-cheek! “He always turns up for games and never sulks” ha!

  104. JimmyGunshot. You are the stereotype of the new breed of Arsenal ”fan” Your kind wasn’t around in 03/04, was it? If we win something, you won’t be part of it.

    Please have faith my friend

  105. Someone’s brain cells are arguing.

  106. whateva jimmygunshot –

    you’ve proved in previous posts exactly what you are!

    keep on bitching if it makes you feel better

  107. sorry Gadget i didnt read it properly- I just saw Ibrohimovic, and went on.

    Sorry mate.

    haha, always turns up for games

  108. Jimmy gun is a zombie

  109. if we do buy it needs to be a jewel in the crown signing, a real TH14 match winner. its not the time to be looking for potential they have to be at least 90% proven successes.

    I know wenger looks at the personallities behind the footballers as much as anything else but he needs a balls out player and if they aren’t wide eyed sweet hearts then so be it. More aggression is needed im afraid – like it or not.

    A good player will fit into any team with out this bull shit 6 month grace period. cup tied is not important if we win the league. finding a player who is free for transfer will be very tough however as it looks like chelsea and manure will be picking up sergio aguero and dzeko. Forget the hype – these are the type of players we need.

    its Villa all the way for me and if we have to finance 30m to get him then why not. We are so close to being the complete team we must just push the boat out and go for it. – I’m assuming wenger must be thinking about selling edu or theo in the next few years to make this happen as the queue becomes way too long otherwise.

    If Im right it means wenger has changed his mind about something which (without sounding too much like a doomer) could be a positive thing in the long run because he is unarguably a very stubbon man and that is often his blind spot.

  110. WI Gunner, what the hell.

    Are you and jimmygunshot the same person

  111. The first two Man City goals were caused by low-percentage passes out of defence to a midfileder in a tight spot. Fast-moving passing is the Arsenal way and when it works, nobody complains. Unfortunately, this style also runs the risk of leaving the defenders exposed.

    Chelsea and Man City are vastly experienced teams who know that right now Arsenal only has one way to play. Without any direct outlets like Adebayor (still glad he’s gone) and now Bentner or Van Persie, our style is easier to defend against. Cesc can’t drop the ball over the defenders and so our only choice right now is to hope our intricate patterns can create an opening. Easier said than done against top-quality sides.

    The only inescapable fact is that we are yet again horribly unlucky with injuries. To lose both primary options as the centre forward in a new formation that was paying huge dividends is just bad, bad luck. Take Drogba and Anelka out or put Bendtner and Van Persie in, and that game is completely up for grabs.

    Keep the faith.

  112. I agree with word, finally someone talking sense!

  113. Jason Scotland, for me.

  114. And Lee Cattermole.

  115. Jason Scotland!?

  116. Ian Wright

  117. there were several positives last night Abudabi city back four will never get them into a top four spot. our whole team cost less than Tevez,
    Vela showed he should get more first team experience

  118. eduardo is fit guys – he is our second choice stiker.

    we have 2 more waiting that have prevented extra transfers already.

    so why exactly is wenger saying he is in the market for a striker in jan of all times? what EXACTLY does that tell you when bendtner is due back in jan anyway??

  119. sorry 3 more including vela who i rate very highly

  120. It tells you that he needs to replace RvP.

  121. ——————–almunia————————————sagna—gallas—-vermaelen—–traore—————-rosicky—fabregas——denilson———————-nasri—–eduardo——arshavin———–

  122. ——————– almunia ——————————- sagna— gallas —- vermaelen —–traore —————- rosicky — fabregas —— denilson —————– nasri —– eduardo —— arshavin ———–


  124. Betdner is out for how long?

  125. what for 5 months? when we have edu NB theo and vela who can play up front? really??

  126. Goons_with_Guns

    Wenger should go back to France if he doesn’t want to abide by our customs of the game (handshake). I’m completely embarrassed for all fans, staff and players of The Arsenal for his whiny petulance: he is no role model when he behaves like this. Pathetic.

  127. Fuck off you deluded prat

  128. i dont give a fuck. Don’t say that about him

  129. You mean quaint customs like strutting around scratching your cock and glaring at the manager you are supposed to be hosting. Like marching across his technical area and then calling him a fucking wanker. You mean those sort of customs, moron.

  130. In fact he is the perfect role model. He taught the kids last night that even though Mark Hughes deserved a kick in the balls or even his lights punched out, Arsene walked away. Exactly the right action.

  131. hahaha quite right mate

  132. @Goons_with_Guns,

    I do not want you to feel sorry for me about last night. I agree with Wenger not shaking the hand of that miserable little scroat.

  133. That hand shake is the most hypocritical act in English football.

    It’s like: Hey, I hate your guts…but here is a hand shake on it.

    What a fucking ridiculous pretense to be civil when you know deep down that Hughes is a sleazy pretentious bastard with a big head full of sh*t?

  134. The last time AW was goaded like that was by Brian Whoreson against Hull in the FA cup last season. We won that game, but Wenger refused to hang around to shake anyone’s hand. The bad sportsman thing isn’t really true; Wenger’s just a man of principle.

  135. Wow, do we really have the shittiest fanbase in the whole world?

  136. A nicely written piece that said all I wanted to say…

  137. That was directed at people like goon_with_guns that think they have the right to tell our manager to go to France.

  138. “What a fucking ridiculous pretense to be civil when you know deep down that Hughes is a sleazy pretentious bastard with a big head full of sh*t?”

    I could not have said it better myself. I hated him as a player and I loathe and despise him now.

    goon_with_guns – you should go to hell

  139. Citeh will finish 6th. They’re defence is shit, manager’s shit, adebayor will stop trying- Santa Cruz will be sold, And Bellamy will retire.

    And Abu Dhabi is in Turmoil, investment will not be made so much now the country is struggling thanks to over-investment.

    Then they will do a Blackburn at the turn of the century, and become an average club again

  140. I love arsenal!

  141. Hughes is fucking Idiot and although I am sure there are some that love him such as his father and particularly his mother, this man offends me to the core. How is it that Hughes can spend the game being discourteous to Wenger on the sidelines in the extreme and then complain after the game that his hand was not shaken. Fortunately, we will have this team on our home turf at which time the lads can address all of their grievances. Wenger will be polite and I hope offer his hand to Hughes as a gesture of hypocracy.

  142. …………….almunia

  143. Hughes had a choice: he could either shake his own cock or Wenger’s hand. He chose the cock.

  144. Don’t forget we’ll all kinda be supporting citeh on sat!!!!


  146. zap, I won’t be supporting either. I will be wishing for a tornado to wipe out the lot of them otherwise I couldn’t care less. A pox on all their houses I say!

  147. DO YOU MAKE NOISE S?? No,

    I’m kidding. Supposters in the stadium sometimes are a fucking disgrace.

    I think the fans should be closer to the pitch like at highburt, what the hell is all the empty space between the goal and the concrete surroundings?

  148. There are also rumours that Hughes was scratching his arse during the match. Very probable. When Adebayor arrived in Manchester, Hughes immediately made him arse-scratcher-in-chief. His long, slender arms could scratch even those hard-to-reach areas. With Adebayor on the pitch, however, Hughes had to fend for himself.

  149. A draw would be handy at Eastlands with three players on each side getting straight reds for brawling and four players from each side hospitalised for several weeks. The FA dock 10 points from each team for appalling behaviour. Meanwhile at the end just as Ancellotti reaches out to shake Mark Hughes hand, Hughes is rendered completely unconscious by a flying B&O home cinema, flung by an Arsenal supporter who hid in the ground after the Wednesday game. Mark Hughes sustains such horrible injuries that he can only be saved by the surgical removal of his cock.

  150. Ha!!! Adebayor’s next club will be JML

  151. Gunner From Nigeria

    I know it may sound strange, but i think our injuries to key players around this time of the year is more than meets the eye.
    It could be spiritual you know. Something out of the ordinary.
    Those that constructed the Emirates Stadium, where they Spurs fans? because i cannot comprehend this injury situation every season.
    Now Walcott has joined the list.
    I think we need prayer sessions at the pitches of the Emirates and London Colney.

  152. That would be good frank.

    But in all honesty, Chelsea will slap them 4-1

  153. Don’t forget that ATVO is free tonight from 7pm.

  154. I really don’t blame Arsene for not shaking Mark Ooze hand. I mean c’mon…..would you shake the hand of a man who was seen scratching his cock earlier. Ugh.

  155. I met a hughes family member the other day and apparently 95% of the close and extended family members think hes an arrogant dick.

    apparently he went to a family funeral with 6 body guards and wouldn’t let anyone approach him. he left without saying a word to anyone.

    the handshake thing was staged to make him look superior but arsene isn’t the kind of guy to repeat what horid little mutterings that hughes curled out of his shit stained mouth.

  156. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Jimmy Gunshot,

    Just go on and buy yourself that Ashley Cole jersey you’ve been wanting. Why do Chelsea fans post here?

  157. You are right, GfN. That does sound strange.

  158. Does the Emirates goal disapear on the edge of the box?….Maybe there is education on the other side of North London….a different kind…And why does the goal make that ppshhh sound? It’s sooooo annoying, unless we score!!! ARsenAL.

    100th game don’t forget, we have to win for that reason among many others.

  159. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    Just goes to show that the vast majority of Arsenal fans are extremely thick.

    Top man that George Graham.

  160. I’m planning to sacrifice a bull in honour of the high-thunderer himself.



    All this talk about Spurs building the Emirates- creeps me out- Then I turn on sticky keys accidentally and it makes a weird wepasdhw sound that scared me.

  162. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You know who I think is class and may be a bit under the radar and might fit at Arsenal: Hugo Rodallega of Wigan.

    Good size, excellent finisher. Premiership experience. May be available for a decent price. Anyone else?

  163. Hughes had H1N1 symptoms… he was talking like he had fever…well done wenger

  164. The same people whinging about our `sub standard` team last night would be screaming blue murder had a Gallas / TV / Cesc played & picked up an injury.

    With the importance of CL qualification the Stoke game has priority.

    As for Yooos-eh he`s right up there alongside Allardyce & Brown in the prem league of obnoxious managers but he`ll be back at a more suitable club (in the Championship) next August.

    The match itself was predictable but Wilshire, Merida etc will all benefit from the experience of playing away to a big club which is something they`re unlikely to do for a year or so in the league.

  165. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Frank’s comment at 6:33 was hilarious, btw.

  166. Guess what I’ve seen this week? Tony Adams in the team, but Southampton score from a free header. Fancy that? I thought it was only our current defence that ever did that.

  167. Gunner From Nigeria

    This is nice article by Amy Lawrence on the handshake issue.

  168. Actually they’re just moaning because we lost. They’d have been moaning more if we’d played our strongest team possible and lost.

  169. Rodallega wouldn’t be too bad would he?

  170. i agree nasir

  171. And Martin Keown, Passenal.

  172. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Rodallega also has a bit of experience playing our style under Martinez. I thought it was an intriguing idea.

  173. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    How dare you accuse Mr. Arsenal of losing a free header? I reckon it’s coz Arsene is crap at buying keepers and Arsenal have never had a world class keeper and we need Iker Casillas right now if we are ever going to win anything.

  174. Guess what else? 2 goals up and Southampton get 2 back just before half-time.

  175. Gunner From Nigeria


    Is typing a URL link subject to moderation? Because i am under moderation after i typed one.

  176. Gunner From Nigeria


    I am with you. Sometimes when i rewatched some clips of old is not as if those teams had no weakness as does the present one. But, some makes it look as if they were all perfect not taking anything away from the invincibles and the GG teams.

  177. Are you all watching ATVO? It’s free for 3 days for non-subscribers. I recommend watching the player interviews in the archives.

  178. I love ATVO

    Highly recommend it, really makes you feel closer to all the players- Watch Alex Song’s perfect match on Talk, always makes me laugh

  179. I think that Arsene Wenger should acquire one of those electric shock hand shaker devices. Supporters would stay behind until the game was over at the Arsenal Stadium just to watch the opposing managers hair stand on end.

  180. Even the bald ones would be worth waiting for because they would all have a rictus grin during the shake. Of course with managers like Mark Hughes he would just grab the balls. Every manager in the league could be censured by the FA for not wanting to shake Arsene’s hand.

  181. Let me clarify to those who may care. I made a jokey comment yesterday about the ‘cult of Wenger’ yesterday. I replied back saying it was a joke; I was just emulating what other doom-mongers would say in hyperbole language.

  182. The Brain. I’m sure you have a brain, because some people don’t have a brain

  183. I have a solution to our problems

    Almunia Fabianski Mannone
    sagna gallas vermaelen traore
    rosicky fabregas denilson

  184. Almunia – Fabianski – Mannone ????

    we would leak them in

  185. I think it is Bendtner in goal

  186. Gunner From Nigeria


    Nice team, they are all 6ft 3′ Almunia, Fabianski and Mannone. No long ball would beat us.
    I would also add Szcenzcy as a defensive midfielder. He is 6ft 4′. We need height around the pitch.
    Sagna, Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Traore, Fabregas, Szcenzcy, Arshavin, Song, Nasri, Diaby(in attack) we need height up front.

  187. You know how blackburn’s Samba scored one day, and they used him ever since occasionaly upfront. How about Vermaelen as a lone striker??

  188. I seriously think that could work in the current absence of height

  189. we should bring Kanu back…he can play in the holding role

  190. What are your predictions for the line-up on saturday guys?

  191. when we used to win things, our team had height..

    one thing which was surprising when we faced other teams was our physical height and strength as compared to them..

  192. Fulham 1-0 CSKA Sofia

  193. None of our players can defend.

    Maybe play TV up front, he can score but he cant defend for shit

  194. Most of our supporters can’t support. Get rid of them, the team will be better off.

  195. William please.

    What is the point in slating your own players. What’s the point? Tell me. TV is shit, Ramsey is shit, Fabregas is shit, The unbeaten run was shit, our stadium is shit.

    William you are shit you donut

  196. The team would be better off if we had a defender who could actually defend. Wouldn’t that be amazing, a defender who can actually defend. I know it sounds crazy but it just might work

  197. Zap you donut

  198. Hey William.

    See you haven’t forgotten

  199. you’re a total dickhead mate. Are you even an Arsenal fan?

  200. Zap why wouldI be on a rsenal blog if I wasnt an Arsenal fan you donut.

    Were so shit at defending its depressing. Our players stand off people like there scared to make a tackle. TV has gone to shit. I’d rather buy two defenders then a striker in Jan. Untill we learn to defend we wont win shit again. So depressing yet so obvious

  201. I agree with Passenal. Supporters “support”. It seems most Arsenal fans are not supporters just whining tossers.

  202. All our nancy pancy football is stupid. There trying to be like the invincibles but there embarrasing themselves. Lets go back to basics, get some balance and start winning again.

    Zap you must know what im saying, you donut

  203. Look.

    TV has been great this season, the 2 need time. Djourou and Vermaelen will be our future defensive line.

  204. Come on Arsenal

  205. Dupsffzzggeerrjjjuffssaa,

    Why not talk about our defence?, why talk bullshit

  206. Will

    Stop calling me a donut, you donut

  207. What the hell Will? He just said we shouldnt have unsupportive supporters. Ahem ahem, Will u donut

  208. Zap dont be a donut all your life, Djourou is shit. If he was good he’s of made a bigger impact by now. He’s injured half the time anyway. Half our team are made of glass

  209. William you are a bit of a moron aren’t you. Have you not seen Dave (the chav man u) fan or J*ames or Bentley (spud fans) on here. So you being on here does not necessarily mean you are an Arsenal supporter.

  210. As you only come on here and whine why do you bother. No one gives a f*ck about your moaning anyway.

  211. Can you call me anything other than a donut mate?

    Dups, do u know the date when they do the draw is for the last 16?

  212. Djourou make an impact?! From watching at home, still being treated?

  213. You two are just like Gallas and TV, a right couple of donuts

  214. hahaha

    will my friend.

    c’mon mate, we’re both Arsenal fans.

    Stop calling me a donut


  215. Damn it man, I feel like a donut. Having one I mean

  216. I may be a donut(sic) but at least I support the team I love, unlike you. All you do is whine and moan. What a boring old twat you are.

  217. hey dups u didnt answer the question, is the draw after the olimpiacos game?

  218. Zap the draw should be Thursday or Friday. I think they do the Europa cup draw as well,

  219. cheers.

    Wonder who we’ll get….

  220. William.

    Are you a ‘donut’

  221. Will, who’s your favourite player. Is there anyone you think isn’t shit in our squad??

  222. Could we have a moratorium on the use of the word “donut?”

  223. Frank @ 4.39 “If his leg was really made of chocolate it would have been fixed in no time. Quick visit to Nestle’s and away we go”

    I wish Frank has said Cadbury’s, a good tall Britsh player rather than short Swiss Nestle’s one. Both, however, are better than Hershy’s shit.

    All this talk of donuts is making me hungry, scuse me while I pop out to Dunkin Donuts..

  224. “All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself”

    F**k off doomers.

    These rum donuts are tastey.

  225. After looking through the comments on, I’m feeling very disillusioned about what passes for an Arsenal supporter these days.

    I politely posted under a different user name that if ‘Geoff’ wants his club back, then we should re-hire Rioch and see how that works out, adding that he has a short memory. Not only did he refuse to post my comment, but he replied to the comment on the blog criticizing my post which didn’t officially exist. I replied back, and he did the same thing.

    What a tragic little Hitler he must be to refuse to post a comment that in any way questions his opinion. The saddest thing is that it’s these idiots and le-grove followers who will end up driving Arsene out of the club he is largely responsible for resurrecting.

    For all those doomers posting on this site, go over to Le Grovel-you’ll have much more fun over there..

  226. I’d prefer a muffin to a donut.

  227. With sausgae patty, egg and cheese of course?

  228. c’mon the Arsenal….

  229. Does anyone else think Wenger saying he’ll get a striker in January is a deflection so we’ll buy a CB? If Senderos leaves, that’s the biggest concern.

  230. Confession: I’m having a little footballing supporting crisis. The other day on this site, i asked a zombie why they support Arsenal, but I found myself asking that very same question.

    When I was a kid I supported Arsenal simply because my dad did and still does. My passion has grown and grown with age to the point where it utterly zenithed (I like to evolve languages) after the champions league final where athough we lost, we played like warriors.

    On a basic level, I support Arsenal because of family ties, a choice made by someone before I was born. My father was this, so i’ll become this. That’s no reason to become and remain empassioned about anything for such a sustained period. As I said though my passion has grown with age… but is that down to age or down to Wenger and the philosophy he’s has brought to the club? Is it coincidence that my coming of age began around the time Wenger arrived?

    The beautiful stlye of play, the technical abilty of the players, the youth programme, the ability to witness the development of the players right before our very eyes, the way how he loves to win with different types of teams. These thing sit very well with me – pleasantly well. This team will earn it’s glories whereas a team like Chelsea, like Man City, – little disrespect inteded to these teams – but no matter what they win, underlying all their glory will be the footnote of the team’s price tag. That does matter to the fans of those teams and in truth it probably wouldn’t bother mey. But tales of rags to riches are always better with the absence of a winning lottery ticket.

    Ultimately my problem is this: do I support Arsenal or do I support Arsene?

    At the moment the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Arsene’s success will be Arsenal’s success. He has been the guiding hand behind most of the club’s memorable achievements. The one responsible for Arsenal being synonymous with beautiful football, and he and the philosophy and policy he has instilled will least us to long term success and domination.

    However, with the zombies constantly groaning and unthinkingly moaning that Arsene is in danger (if not starting ) to destroy the club, I find myself questioning what happens if he leaves? What happens if his successor abandons all of his philosophies in favour of a heavy spending, youth sacrificing policy? Yes it’s a possible worst case scenario but do I, or rather can I happily fall back to my indoctrinated reasons for suppporting Arsenal?

    My considered self find it easily to be loyal to an ideal, a philosophy, but difficult to be loyal to a location or a flag. But on the other hand my core is associated with Arsenal.

    I don’t know what my stance will be should the aforementioned scenario occur, and I’ve opened myself up for a ton of criticism, but it’s an interetsing question for me that may at somepoint need to be answers. For now I don’t need to worry about it. We have Arsene and I am intensely grateful for it. I support Arsene, I support the players, I support the Arsenal. End of really. Crisis delayed

  231. great post Gadget.

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