Arsene And Arshavin Want To Spend Ahead Of City Clash

The visit to Eastlands this evening presents the opportunity to forget, albeit for 24 hours, the result at the weekend and look to the future. A bright one it is and this Carling Cup fixture offers the sternest test that the youngsters have faced in this competition since the debacle at White Hart Lane.

City’s form offers a guide to the result, expect a penalty shootout. They are, it seems, genetically incapable of losing a game but equally incapable of defending a lead hence their run of draws which puts our malaise last February to shame. The common factors are Adebayor and Toure, neither of which has done anything since leaving The Emirates last summer, to suggest that Arsene was wrong to cash in.

Would either have made a difference to the current run of dim results in the Premier League? Certainly not the latter whilst the former, well it depends on which version turned up.

Having played on Sunday and with Stoke’s visit on Saturday looming, it would be a major surprise to see Eduardo take part at all this evening. Arsene has dropped the biggest hint yet that injuries suffered by van Persie and Bendtner have forced him to think of a winter signing. The manager was surprisingly open in his comments, eschewing the usual caginess and vague responses:

I didn’t feel we needed to buy anybody but we will be in the market, that is for sure, but will only make a decision if it suits us

It should not be interpreted that he does not believe that Vela or Eduardo is good enough. They certainly are with the former perhaps more suited to the withdrawn role inhabited by Arshavin than the leader of the line. He is probably more ready than Theo Walcott but still needs time to adjust.

The manager’s view was supported by Andrey Arshavin. The Russian who seemingly has an opinion on everything which is no bad thing in today’s age of identikit footballers, wants Wenger to spend ‘big’. I would disagree. I want him to spend right if that is the belief he has. Football’s history is littered with big signings, more abundant than the detritus on the average London street, who fail to make the grade. Those failures have escaped the view of the Russian:

Arsene Wenger needs to buy new players – and expensive ones too. Why? Because all the talented and inexpensive players are already with us at Arsenal.  

Including himself presumably? A curious link, one that hints that Arshavin does not completely understand the problems encountered at the moment, especially if he thinks that only expensive signings are the answer.

He hinted at a more plausible cause:

I feel bitter about that we lose all the big matches. That is disturbing and also lets certain doubts creep into my mind.

Psychologically, there is no doubt about the impact that the defeat against Chelsea would have, perhaps lasting a matter of days, especially in the absence of training. It has been a disappointing fortnight for the Russian, in light of his country’s failure to qualify for South Africa, such defeats taking their collective toll as they mount up in quick succession. Equally, this has been the mantra espoused on a regular basis from Arshavin and one has to assume that it is a fundamental belief that he holds.

Back to this evening. City are not the most formidable side left in the tournament despite the money that they have spent. In light of recent results, it is tempting to think that Hughes P45 would be inked were they to lose tonight such is the impatience shown by club owners in the present day, even more desperate for success than their deservedly maligned predecessors.

Defensively, the line-up will be in good shape with the likelihood of Senderos, Silvestre and Eboue all in the mix. They will bolster the precocious talents who will be further up the pitch. A win would be a massive boost to the confidence of the players and the club in general, providing not just a glimmer of light but a beacon for an alternative to a free spending future.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Mannone;
    Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre, Traore;
    Ramsey, Eastmond, Rosicky;
    Walcott, Vela, Wilshere

  2. Mannone
    Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre, Traore
    Ramsey, Eastmond, Rosicky
    Walcott, Vela, Wilshere

  3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. I do not see this squad doing anything.I know wenger will take excuses that they were kids playing against men…for how long will we wait to win a trophy? where is Giles Sunu?Midfield ok but attack very weak,No force to bully Lescott and Toure.

  5. Arshavin is an idiot

  6. RedTrev

    He learnt everything from you.


  7. Perhaps Arshavin means we need to spend on big players rather than spend big on players – at least that would make more sense.

    My one fear for the next few weeks is our vulnerability at set pieces, which in turn erodes confidence. It’s a shame that all our tall players are out at the same time.

  8. Gunner From Nigeria

    Oh taste and see…

  9. I think the squad announcement now confirms bye bye Senderos

  10. Arshavin is the odd man out in our squad or the Kansas City Shuffle.

  11. Suddenly the importance of size is being wildly overstated by many Arsenal fans.

    Tonight’s is a squad that can and will win. Height and bulk are important, but they’re no match for pace, guile and stamina. Our team will have those qualities in abundance.

    Anyway, Song at the back tonight, then?

  12. Song at CH, and No Walcott

  13. Song’s in the squad. Meaning he was not subbed on Sunday due to injury. The substitution of Walcott for Song was tactical then.

  14. I’m sick of Arshavin’s moaning….

  15. As manager shd know the problems affecting Arsenal and not turn a blind eye.I wonder what he would sy if the gunners were to lose.As for Senderos and Silvertre they are slow and cumbersome.
    in a one to one with a Man c striker they must have back up.
    This is a another crucial game and the kid gunners better turn up.

  16. So what, Luke?

    So what?

    Tactical, injured, whatever reason. What does it change?

  17. That’s quite a blow for Senderos. Not sure if he’s picked up a niggle but presumably Alex Song is playing as he was subbed last week to get more game time. And his mobility and recovery makes him a good player to come up against Adebayor. But even so, Senderos should have been on the bench…..

  18. OG

    you may be sick of arshavin moaning but to ignore what he says is burying your head in the sand.Its a fact we dont win the big games.

    Interesting no walcott tonight.He was awful on sunday and needs playing time yet doesnt make the team.Senderos will go in january

  19. santino are you happy about his comments? He’s undermined our manager one time too many in my opinion, especially considering his forms been so shit this season

  20. Senderos is injured.

  21. I think arshavin is like that all the time .His comments about women drivers shows what a rare species he is.His unpredictability will help us on the football pitch though .

  22. Ashavin is only repeating the same words Gallas said this time last year.And Gallas was proved right.
    The Chelsea game on sunday was no different to the game last may.Men against boys

  23. “…a beacon for an alternative to a free spending future”

    Tonight’s game has taken on a whole new significance in light of these spending comments.

    I was looking forward to the match 24 hours ago. Now I feel as though I’m hesitantly making my way through the deserted town centre to the OK corall, obsessively checking and rechecking the workings of my old .45.

    Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to it even more now. Big game. Aaaaarghh!

  24. so gallas and arshavin don’t consider them selfs world class ,we need a motivation class for those two .

  25. Why does Arsharvin moan so much? It is not like he has been a good player himself this year. He was bought to lead the way for our young team , yet alot of the younger players has performed equally good if not better than Arsharvin in most games pluss, and this is important, they dont moan. They work. Its ok to be honest but please if you got nothing constructive and positive to say then shut up! Arsharvins rant is surly not helping anyone. It does not help to lift anyones spirit. This is not the way to show leadership. Look at him compared to Sanga and Vermaleen? its a discrace! Who caers if him and Russia is out of WC. hes not the only one not going to wc and russia is not the only up and coming team not going to wc. Hes not uniqe in that situiation. Get a grip Arsharving and prove that you were worht the money we payed for you!

  26. I posted this earlier in response to something by Consols but I am interested in general feedback:

    I suspect that the announcement by Wenger that he will buy is based on two calculations:
    1) It is clear after three games (2 BPL, 1 CL) that without RVP we have suffered a serious blow to our goal-scoring that will damage our position in the Leagues. Instead of breaking goal-scoring records as some speculated prior to the intl’break, we are now struggling to get shots on target. That he will be out for virtually the rest of the season and not 6-weeks require a 180 degree reversal in strategy. (PS – When I said the same thing 10 days ago, many posters treated me as too much of a pessimist. When I dared to suggest prior to the int’l break that Eduardo is not the same player today that he was prior to the leg break, it was like sacrilege.)

    2) IMO, Wenger and the management had to make this announcement because of our fans. Our fans think they are different but they are just as fickle as any other, with may be the exception of Liverpool’s. Note how they simply walked out on the team on Sunday. Think for a moment if this would have ever happened at Anfield. Ours had had lost faith. Read all the Arsenal blogs; in general turned on almost every member of the team whom two weeks earlier they were greeting as if they were soldiers returning like Romans from the battlefield. Look at our own posters how suddenly, contrary to the data, they concluded we were outplayed in midfield and had become a team of midgets. In the final analysis this is a business and AW knows he has to concede, to compromise or else the stadium will be filled with disgruntled patrons which would imperil the entire project and ultimately him as the manager. (Ps- My favorite of the moment is the failure of the blogs to help Wenger redress the biased refereeing)

    Consols – I won’t be joining the player speculation because it is simply tactical and has changed AW’s general strategy. I look forward to your response.

  27. Correction – last paragraph:
    “I won’t be joining the player speculation because it is simply tactical and has NOT changed AW’s general strategy.”

  28. Santino

    Gallas and Arshavin are not world class.Cesc and Diaby are our only world class players

  29. With that squad I would guess:


    Eboue Song Silvestre Traore

    Ramsey Eastmond Rosicky

    Wilshere Vela Merida

    That is a truly quality team. Maybe this is the begining of Song playing CB and in Jan we will look to add another midfielder? He and Vermaalen at the back would be brilliant and only add to our harlem attacking power.

    Good to see the boss going to win the game. Surprised Walcott wasn’t included though.

    I can’t wait, this should be a brilliant match and a win woudl do wonders for the mood. Whatever competition, a semi-final is a treat to look forward to and it looks certain to be a tasty tie. Maybe some revenge from Sunday????

  30. Wow, there’s some real sanctimony going down on yesterday’s post.

    I think it’s OK to speculate on signings, as long you’re constructive and don’t disrespect the team, manager, or the way Arsenal does business.

    Unfortunately this is rarely the case during the transfer windows…but with AW apparently declaring his intentions for next month, it’s quite interesting to hear sensible ideas on who might be coming in.

    Of course, fans should keep their sense of humour, and be discriminating when it comes to news stories.

    Right now AW seems to think there’s a gap; a similar scenario to last December when AW made it clear that he wanted a creative boost, and fans were entitled to wonder who it was going to be.

    Just as they are now.

  31. That was a bit scrambled, but I hope the main point’s clear enough.

  32. arshavin is stupid……you must br a real idiot,arshavin is saying what he sees,do you prefer arsene that states that drogba had luck and it is the refs fault????he is just saying the truth,we aint goin anywhere with eduardo as basic striker (not this season),arsenal is a big f…. team and we need a striker in the likes of villa,i’m tired of looser fans like you thinking wenger is right bout everything.he has won us some titles but have lost some too,he aint perfect and i’m getting tired to wait for the upcommin young stars to shine

  33. yemi,

    what makes you think that diaby is world class and arshavin & gallas are not .This is getting stranger than motd.

  34. shtta-gunna

    Excelent post
    you are so right about Eduardo he is not the player he was before the injury and he never will be.He may do a job as an impact sub but as a 3 game a week 90 min player no way
    So with RVPs previous injury history we our putting our faith in two strikers who cannot deliver a full season.Wenger has to think long and hard who he brings in january as this signing wont be a stop gap

  35. We are not generally out-muscled in games anymore. That is too lazy an opinion these days. In the middle of the park on Sunday we held our own. The difference was up front. We got into their last third as often as they did ours but lacked a powerful direct player who can attack the ball in the box. People talk of Eduardo as a fox in the box but he is not really powerful or quick enough to race into the box, shoulder to shoulder with a big defender and hold him off so that he latches onto the ball first. AW likes to play with 2 wing forwards, (for want of a better description), with another striker. I feel we only have RVP and Bendtner who can go shoulder to shoulder with defenders at full speed and will attack the box, particularly from wide balls. Arshavin, Vela, Eduardo, Walcott, Nasri and Rosicky are all too similar for me. Lighter smaller offensive players who like to operate outside the box more. That is 2 powerful strikers to 6 smaller strikers. That leaves our squad imbalanced. Even the emerging attacking players of Wilshere, Merida, Sanchez Watt e.t.c are not big powerful players. Great prospects that they are this will again give us more of an imbalanced strike force. We cannot keep stockpiling so many similar offensive players and I regrettably feel some will have to be sacrificed to balance things up. The need for a powerful forward may be less required in Spain but up against the likes of Terry in the EPL you need a striker of quality who will get physical and try and win that battle. This also takes up Terry’s concentration and lets players like Arshavin have more space. In essence if you swapped Drogba with one of our strikers on Sunday we would have had that much more power, directness and menace in the final third that the result could have been different. we don’t need to buy loads of big players but we need to get a Drogba, and they aren’t that common. Maybe Dzeko is one of the only ones I can think of who is currently right at the top of his game.

  36. Shotta, once more I agree with you.

    There can be little doubt that the right signings can improve our squad – any squad. Arsene has always said this. He has never said before that we will definitely be active in the transfer market without some caveat attached. Many of our more, shall we say, ‘Champ. Manager’ oriented ‘friends’ on this site have been taken in by this in the past and told us so in no uncertain terms! perhaps, just perhaps, this is no different.

    Eddy doesn’t look the same player since the Celtic episode. Before that, he loked fine. I still remember the ‘beachball’ goal that almost had me running out and staking the hen’s feed money on him being top scorer this season. Whether this is a confidence thing or something more worrying, I don’t know.

    If this is about pleasing the ‘fans’ then I would be concerned. Don’t feed the beast, let it starve would be a better strategy. Who decided that such a strategy should be followed? It just doesn’t sound right.

    Having said that, a nice shiny new signing always looks good to me. I like presents. What I was querying more than anything else was the speed with which we were turning the club upside down. New signings, DD, Kroenke definitely taking over.

    Now, Frank has always been a fan of DD. I don’t know. I never liked his actions taken behind the Boards’ back. However, anything that makes us stronger I could support! I don’t like the idea of a single owner though, never have, never will.

    Maybe DAVELOL, who, by the way I suspect of being BentleytheUselessTwat, will have the last laugh.

  37. go for torres ,50 mil in jan and sell him for 100 mil to real or city in summer . That will suit arsens business side too.

  38. Eduardo has just been given a five year contract, which means Wenger is certain he is as good as before his injury. The game on Sunday means nothing. Song had a couple of similarly sluggish games last season, which resulted in him being dismissed by supporters for half a year. Journalists are still dismissing him. The same thing is now happening to Eduardo. Don’t worry, though, because in a year’s time we will be hearing that an injury to Eduardo will make it impossible for us to score at all. Bendtner’s injury has of course resulted in a progressive denigration of his ability, to the extent that there is now little expectation that he can make any contribution to the team. As so often, however, the opinion of the fans is completely at odds with Wenger’s opinion, who gave Bendtner a new contract only a few months ago.

    We need a new player in January purely because the loss of RvP for the whole season is too much for the team to absorb with seriously reducing its effectiveness.

  39. Arshavin is like Gary Neville not afraid to tell it like it is..Not the normal crap you her from most footballers it.We can all see with our own eyes what he is talking about.Some of our fans would prefer him to come out and say we dont need any signings and we will win the treble for the next 5 years

    I am pleased Walcott is not playing tonight.

  40. I hope Wilshire starts and has a good gave tonight.Because i believe he has more ability than Theo will ever have,Jack knows what to do with a ball Theo is just pace and running down blind alleys.

  41. Arshavin is like gary neville ??????????????

    yogi ,

    moderation is not working

  42. I think we will see how our options currently pan out before actually pressing ahead and signing someone. Bendtner I feel has great potential to emulate RVP’s role and I can’t wait to see how he develops mentally.

    There seems to be some scepticism around Eduardo by Wenger. He took him off early and judging by the way he’s discarded players, has a ruthlessness about him. I remember, even if he never meant it literally, that Eboue can’t defend in reference to putting him at right back (07/08) season.

    It seems like half a ploy to satisfy fans, a mixture of motivation for current players and his concerns if anyone can play like RVP or indeed the striker, forbid, doesn’t recover properly.

    Maybe a loan signing could be on the cards? If Mourinho becomes more disillusioned by Balotelli, he may ship him out on loan as he will be reluctant to sell him or if the go out of Champs league.

  43. Flint McCullough

    I think tonight could be anything from a WHL mauling to an amazing win, YW.

    Always good fun with the pressure off a bit but there are places up for grabs for particularly impressive performances.

    Good thoughtful posts from Shotta & browny but I am not sure I entirely agree with you.

    The last 2 games have not been ideal to test Eduardo in the position, so it is a bit early to write him off.

    Chelsea cried out for a reversion to the dreaded 4-5-1 but with RVP, Bentner & the other possibility Diaby out we didn’t have the 1. So yes maybe we need another physical body in there for this circumstance but would that hinder Bentner, who if we didn’t already have him, would be the sort of target we are looking for.

    It is a difficult situation but on balance someone, in that position, as well as a CB to replace Swiss T in the squad, will need to be brought in.

    Maybe if AA gets his reported wish then he could be used in part exchange. He has been little more than a luxury all season. When we needed a big performance from him it just wasn’t there.

  44. Can’t wait for January as we’re short in a few areas ( no pun intended). For me it’s a simple fix…. Vieira is the perfect short term loan as cover for Song while at the ANC. Can you imagine the lift it would give to the whole club to have Paddy back. He may not be the presence he once was but sit him front of the back four and in the six yard box for setpieces and the presence we’ve been crying out for is there. Secondly i’d go for Carlton Cole. He was a real handful when we played the Hammers earlier in the season, he holds the ball up well, Drogbaesq in build, is youung with potential but can do a job now. As a plan ‘B’, go 4-4-2 with him & Bendtner and fire in some crosses and give shitkickers like Stoke, Blackburn et al something to think about. The CB we’re desperate for can wait until the summer when there may be actually someone available…Cheilini anyone ?

  45. A nice measured post, YW, what a star you are.

  46. Everyone can stop plugging Carlton bloody Cole for starters, he’s out injured for as long as RVP and he wasn’t good enough before he got injured.

  47. I agree with LimparAssist

  48. We dont need little men leading the attack, atleast not in the premiership where the game is extremely physical. Eduardo is an average player who cannot lead Birmingham’s attack. I loathe those who consider Arshavin’s comments as unnecessary ranting. The guy has little time to play at this level and has better priorities than simply “competing” as it now seem to be Arsene’s objective. If the team is not ready to do the necessary things to win trophies, i assure you arshavin and Fabregas will all walk away after the season. Lets be realistic; atleast the Manager has for once admitted this reality.

  49. Tom,

    He doesn’t usually make sense. That’s the problem I have.

    I’m not for players talking about squad and club policy in the media. Irrespective of what he says.

  50. Huntelaar.He needs regular football in the next 6 months because of the world cup.Also Carlton Cole,
    But i have this recurring nightmare that on february 1st Wenger will intoduce our now signing as………………Emile Heskey Noooooooooooo

  51. And what special knowledge and insight do you have that leads you to the impression that you can give us those assurances, Isaac Sampson? I suspect that you have no knowledge of AA and/or Cesc’s intentions or indeed of what AA actually said, since after all context is everything in human discourse and none of us is party to the context of that particular conversation. I demand answers, sir. Unless you wish to brave the scorn and disdain of the upstanding people…oh dear I didn’t mean..well…you know I meant brave and stout-hearted etcetc…of this blog. So come on then…give it.

  52. Didn’t know Cole was that badly injured. That’s a shame.
    Bring back Gus Caesar to shore up defence and Kevin Campbell for attack…Sorted!

  53. Frank ….. you’re really ….. out there. Aren’t you!!!

  54. LimparAssist,

    His scoring record is actually quite good this season, Carlton Cole.

    Also the latest news is that he’s not out that long, and the injury is not as serious as feared so he’ll be back in 5,6 weeks.

    He’s a PL striker, and international, still young, who’s already had a taste of what football in a bigger club is about. Now he can finally move to a big club.

  55. Shotta, if AW signs a replacement for RVP, long term or short term – it certainly won’t have changed any general strategy.

    I agree with OneOfUs, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit excited over the possibility of a new signing when AW has come out and said that he’s interested in making one. It might just be tactical -lighting a fire under Eds and Vela – but it sounds pretty bona fide and straight forward to me. We’ve lost our first striker, one of our finest players and a genuine talisman – for a prolonged period of time. We can’t replace in terms of talismanic presence – but we can look to fill the inevitable gaps on the scoresheet.

    One new signing does not compromise an entire first team squad, second team squad and youth system full of burgeoning young talent.

  56. In my opinion, talismans have no place in a modern society.

  57. It is surprising news from wenger indeed. Its an honest statement but partially intended to comfort the fans I feel. Personally it leaves me a bit cold seeing a passionate mans beliefs being questioned – not only by the media but clearly by himself. You can’t help but feel he is backtracking a bit on his youth policy as theo, vela, edu and bendtner can potentially play in the central position.

    pushing walcott and bendtner further down the pecking order is a bold move and he knows it will limit their progression in the long run. Either he has decided that we cannot afford to wait for them to get good enough or I can only assume he sees their future roles out on the wings. I would be shocked if he has decided they never will be good enough!

    Maybe we are seeing a more hardline approach from wenger, maybe he will actually do the nasty and offload someone? I can’t see where eduardo fits in otherwise…

    There are positives of course – I think arsene has gone down this road because he has chosen to stick with the attacking 433 system and knows that you need a top clinical player to lead the line. We need a real match winner up front and cannot rely on just one person for a whole season so its entirely logical to have 2 top strikers in the team. We have some amazing support players in rosicky nasri and diaby etc and these guys can play in most of the remaining 5 midfield positions around the central striker.

    This is a good thing as long as we get someone with some real cutting edge up front. He will probably go for someone who can play on the wings also so he has options when RVP returns. The question is – who?

  58. Gunner From Nigeria

    I like the make up of today’s squad. Pace, height and power. Song (6’1) Silvestre (6’1) Eastmond (6’1) Watts (6’1)
    Rosicky (Captain)
    I believe these players with Eboue, Fabianki, Traore, Ramsey, Wilshere and Vela can put off a major result today.
    I remember two years ago at Ewood Park when we won 3-2 with the real Eduardo scoring two, Song was man of match so, i believe he would be vital in today’s match in defence if he plays there.

  59. There’s a young Dutch player who could make a great addition to our team in January. He’s very intelligent, skillful, tall, and deceptively strong. Goes by the name of Nacer, Nacer Barazite.

  60. Perhaps it is talismen…and what about taliswomen? Are they going to be ostracized too?

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  62. I don’t think that AW has changed his mind at all and certainly not compromised his principles. The first team has been decimated up front and one more injury on Saturday could leave us in real trouble. Of course Sanchez Watt and Nacer Barazite will get their chance and may even get games in the new year, but he has make sure that he has the resources needed to win the EPL and ECL and we can still do that. I don’t see any of that being counter to his youth policy…..because I doubt that he will buy a mid-career player…it will be an old-stager or two. Of course he may not buy at all. Interesting though and I think he will, but no idea who….

  63. What a breath of fresh air! Great to hear wenger realise that he needs to spend and buy a new striker!

    The balance between developing youth and winning trophies is finally shifting the right way!

  64. You OK there, Kitchen Sink?

  65. I somehow don’t think that you and AW are on the same wavelength, Gooner1.

  66. That’s our puff of cosmic smoke gang! Yes there’s nothing old fashioned about this gun. Say remember how this gun got the commander out of a jam..

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  67. Seriously, Kitchen Sink, everything OK?

  68. Frank, why ever not? We both want Arsenal to win trophies and play entertaining football.

    Wenger realises a new striker is required, since RVP is now injured and Eduardo is still to regain his true form. Bendtner and Vela aren’t good enough yet.

    Arsenal have funds from the sale of Ade and Toure. Spend the bloody money and stop being so damn tight!!!!

    Now is the time to act!

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  70. Will

    Dont think Wenger will sign anyone from the prem.He wanted Chamakh in the summer but wouldnt pay £7m.So he will get him now but 6 mths too late All for saving a couple of million quid.But i heard a couple of fans say Heskey after the Chelsea game.They should be shot

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    Your gun comes to you loaded…

  72. Without RVP we really do look threadbare up front.Bendtner is still a long way short of being the real deal.Eddy looks a shadow of the pre injury player.And i just dont see nothing in Vela.The january signing has to be a main striker who can take over the main striker role immediatly and not be a bit part player.And that player is Klass Jan Huntelaar.A big pwerful striker like Huntelaar with AA as the 2nd striker then watch us move on.But please Arsene dont sign anyone on the cheap

  73. I think Song asked to play this game. I’m sure he’s dying to shut out Adebayor and continue their feud.

  74. Just heard Andy Jacobs on Talkshite say Heskey for Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Donkey’s not even good enough for Aston Villa.

    Donkey wasn’t good enough even for Wigan.

    Donkey last scored a goal in he last century.

    I’ll rather play Gunnersaurus than Donkey.

    Donkey’s not a footballer.

  76. Well you shouldn’t listen to Talkshite then….and kindy refrain from bringing that fucking crap here.

  77. I think that it unusual for AW to make the pronouncement he has about buying players. He is very angry….it is possible that the message is directed at RvP and Holland rather than Eduardo, Vela etc. It is also possible that RvPs injury prognosis is in doubt. The former is most likely I think. He will not be up for spending Arsenal resources to get RvP fit…only to see him play a few games for the club and ship up at WC2010 to play for Holland. Frankly, if that is the case I agree with him.

  78. If I was RvP I would get myself over to London Colney as soon as possible and make it right with the manager.

  79. Capello one of the great mangers of our time rates Heskey

  80. In fact that makes some sense. It is possible that AW will buy in January to replace RvP. It is then up to Robin to compete if he gets fit. What a crying shame. Oranje have let us down big time.

  81. You do see the flaw in your logic there do you, Paddy?

  82. Paddy,

    Unjustifiably seeing as Donkey last scored before Twitter was formed.

    Capello plays Heskey because his mates, Rooney, gerrard & Lampard have an understanding with him, which they dont have with the likes of Defoe & Crouch.

  83. If we sign Heskey, I’m a Dutchman. Not that I’d want to be you understand, not in the current climate.

  84. Heskey will not happen. He is worse then Wiltord.

  85. I agree with Bob Van Consols

  86. England manager Sven Goran Eriksson spots a turd on the England training pitch with which he replies
    “Who’s sh*t on the pitch?”
    Heskey replies
    “I am Boss, but I’m good in the air”

  87. Heskey’s not good in the air! He’s good at nothing.

    Heskeyìs why England’s not a contender for the WC.

    No other top team has a striker than bad.

  88. On that, can we draw the curtain on poor Emile.

  89. Wenger needs to sign another striker. Get the best player (athlete). Spend wisely.
    Spending a ton of bucks doesn’t turn a team into a championship contender. Just ask City. I think Arsenal will win 2-1/3-1. I think The guys will come out with fire in their eyes. Eduardo and Vela will have break out performances. This is just my hunch.

  90. ‘Poor’ is a very apt adjective with which to describe Heskey.

  91. When Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard have a good game, everyone says its because Heskeys playing.

  92. On the subject of Club ownership, Cb.

    The air of confusion at the club is almost palpable. When you go there on matchdays it is almost as though the club is on hold. I understand that joint ownership is preferable because it reduces the possibility of exploitation, but this is not working at the moment. Thank goodness for AW, the squad, the training facilties nd coaching staff. The business side and the link between supporters and club is in state of suspended animation.

    I think the problem is that the current board are focusing on moving to single ownership under Kroenke, but this is time consuming. Meanwhile Kroenke is now more powerful than any other Board member and is keeping his cards close to his chest.

    If Kroenke runs the club as a self-sustaining business and does not plunder it….and everything in his history indicates that he wants success on the football side first and foremost. Then I think that we should move to that model quickly rather than linger.

    The problem with the joint ownership situation we have is that it is not there by design only by negotiation. This is not the intended strategic model.

    Problem is that achieving single ownership is taking a lot of time. I suspect there is a game of poker going on with very high stakes indeed. It is possible that DD is back around because he also holds the key to those negotiations between current big share-holders.

  93. Apparently the placenta treatment used on Robin van Persie was subject to intense scientific scrutiny before being used on humans, fully in accordance with the strict guidelines for peer review established by Phil Jones of CRU and Michael Mann of Penn State University. “Placenta treatment definitely works,” one scientist has said. “All our models prove that.” It is being suggested that the treatment was in fact successful, but that Robin van Persie suffered an identical injury during the journey home without realising it.

  94. Ah. The identical injury on the way home would certainly let the Dutch authorities off the hook, Pz. Amazing the first time it was excruciatingly painful as anyone who has suffered a sprained ankle well knows. But he then did the same thing again and did not notice….no pain no nothing.

  95. arshavin isnt trying to say that buying expensive is the only way, hes saying thats all there is available cause we have all the tallented and un-exspensive, sence of humour any one. One defeat by the chavs and its the end of the world, ffs, come on you reds

  96. The Climate Research Unit cooking the books again.

  97. Rick,

    If the pecking order is to change, then the one way in which it won’t, is the way which you suggest it will. Does that make sense? Look…

    A month ago the ‘pecking order’ of attackers looked a bit like this…

    1. RVP
    2. Arsh/Bendtner/Eduardo
    3. Vela/Theo
    4. Watt/Simpson

    That’s all open to debate and a massive over simplification but it went something like that, right? I mean, the inclusion of; Nacer, JET, Giles, Sami and Abou would complicate things but it wouldn’t change the fact that…

    …right now; with RVP missing-presumed-crocked for a (pains me to say it) very long time, and were we to buy a new player in the transfer window, the pecking order might then look like this:

    1. Random Nextman
    2. Arsh/Bendtner/Eduardo
    3. Vela/Theo
    4. Watt/Simpson

    But then again, it might look like this…

    1. Arsh/Bendtner/Eduardo
    2. Random Nextman
    3. Vela/Theo
    4. Watt/Simpson

    Either way, the only way in which a new signing would effect this idea of a pecking order is promotion for some – who, depends on how good Random Nextman is.

    Does that make sense? I’ve rather confused myself here… it’s this numbering of human beings that’s done it…. oh dear.

  98. I think that AW is keeping his options open and so hypothesis 1 or 2 depends upon who is available, LimparAssist. The youngsters in the system do not suffer…..RvP does. That is where AWs ruthlessness comes in. Very disappointing for me because Robin is my favourite player…..but you need to blame yourself and the Dutch authorities for this Robin I am afraid.

  99. Robin has gone from being the most important player in the team to an also ran in one stupid fucking international friendly supported by a lying bastard quack medical team.

  100. That’s right, the youngsters do not suffer.

    I also agree with boomer.

  101. LimparAssist,

    It might not be that at all.

    I think you have to take the 3 front places separately.

    Lone/Main centre forward:

    1. RVP
    2. Bendtner
    3. Eduardo
    4. Vela
    5. Walcott
    6. Simpson
    7. Watt
    8. Sunu

    Left forward

    1. Arshavin
    2. Eduardo
    3. Vela
    4. Nasri
    5. Rosicky
    6. Bendtner

    Right forward:

    1. Bendtner
    2. Walcott
    3. Nasri
    4. Rosicky
    5. etc etc

    I think that’s probably how the pecking order works.

    A new man would probably only shake the pecking order for the Top striker position.

  102. “Eddy doesn’t look the same player since the Celtic episode. Before that, he looked fine.”

    That’s why Eddy scoring that beachball goal is my avatar!
    He will get his Mojo back.

    If he’s treated well and looked after. And doesn’t do a Michael Owen, rush back every six months proclaiming his ‘match fitness’, so he can be taken by callous managers, unfit and lacking in match time & strength to intensive tournaments only to then predictably break down with further serious injuries never to recover.

    Patience is required, but AW has made many statements over the last few years that say that through trial and error he has learnt to be more gentle when managing players recovering from injuries, that 20 years ago would have ended their careers. Eduardo, like RVP, Edu & Rosicky before him, is in very capable hands. I believe, that Bendtner was always going to be given more responsibility this season from the manager then Eddy.
    It’s not just that RVP has suffered an unlucky injury that could have happened to any striker who can kick footballs and opponents’ boots as hard as RVP, in terrible circumstances. The actions of the Dutch FA, towards their own player, are inexcusable, possibly disastrous? Also that Bendtner suffered quite a serious crash, his injuries are surely related to that, and his confidence will have been deeply affected too. So we have both senior strikers out. That’s the problem. Ade had to go it seems, & it was always a loss to the squad, just in terms of numbers and variety.
    Sanchez Watt looked superb against Liverpool, definitely not a cowboy, but I don’t think it would be fair to ask him, Vela or Walcott to fill Ade’s boots just yet.

  103. I dislike this notion of “pecking orders,” but I agree with Ole that Arshavin could not play effectively as the main centre forward, not on the evidence of the performances he has given so far for Arsenal. With RvP out (as it seems) for more or less the rest of the season, and Bendtner also currently injured, we have Eduardo as the only established player to adopt that position. If he is underperforming, we have to turn to players like Vela and Walcott who have not proved themselves for Arsenal as a main striker.

  104. I hope there will be some kind of effort to establish whether the Dutch F.A. were culpable in their treatment of RvP. Some conflict of interests between club and country is inevitable, but each should be expected to look after their players.

  105. I agree with Finsburyparker

  106. Flint @ 12:11 pm
    – I hope I am wrong about Eduardo. I really do. Mainly because he has overcome tremendous odds, even before the leg break, to become the feared striker he once was and needs to be. Admittedly, there has only played 2 games since I expressed my doubts but they have not been calmed just heightened.

    The Brain @ 12:05 pm
    – Bendtner is not the short-term answer to replacing RVP. I think it will take at least one year, more likely two, for him to get to that level. Afterall it took 5 years at Arsenal for RVP to become a dominant player until felled once again by injury. Bendtner, as Wenger said, needs to improve his striking; he misses too many sitters, by simply snatching at balls passed to his feet. He has the potential, staturewise and talent, to become another Ibrahimovic, but it takes time.

    Consols @ 11:46 pm
    -Pleasing the fans: it is the oldest tactic in the book. Neither good nor bad. Has its time and place. Just note how euphoric the blogs and posters are about a new signing. All this talk about models of ownership and board shennanigans should remind us that for the powers that be this a business, the entertainment business is the category, right. If it is any comfort to you Consols, the “splash-the-cash” crowd will never be satisfied like those of us who cherish the growth and development of young players into a super-stars, into a superstar steam. They treat the players as disposable, buuy this one and he turns out to be no good, dispose of him and buy another. Adebayor last window, Arshavin this window, who is next? 50 million here, 50 million there; its only money.

  107. Oh yes….I agree with boomer too.

    Time to get down to the business of winning the EPL by a country mile and the ECL too.

    Nice little diversion this evening. I think the lads can do it. I like the fact that there are so many players in the side tonight who really know each others game. Master stroke, Arsene, master stroke.

  108. Poliziano, what i find annoying is that as a club we (AW) dont have the right to say no, Robin isnt coming, hes staying in cause he always (more often than not) comes back worse for ware or even where. I think RVP is good enough to miss a friendly and not be concirned about getting dropped. We could do a chelsea as with fat frank lamps but i dont want The Arsenal drooping to them depths. There needs to be some policy in place for who is responsable for injuries while away and if there should be compensation of a high amount, maybe then international managers would be more carefull about who they picked, especially if it c ame out of their wages,

  109. Maybe we’re too honest.

    Invent injuries to key players before a spurious international friendly.

  110. its good to be agreeing, are we in agreement that we will kick ass, legs, whatever it takes, and put big fat smiles back on our big fat faces, no disrespect intended.

  111. Yeah, OG, you’re right. That’s a better, clearer way of looking at it.

    Any way you look at it though, if we understand RVP to be the ‘number 1’ striker, any replacement – even if he scores hatfuls right from the word go and comes to be regarded as the new ‘number 1’ – will not push anyone down any ‘pecking order’. Robin, upon his return (Godspeed), is the only man that would suffer in this respect.

    To say that there’s a pecking order at all is an over simplification anyway. It’s a much more fluid, transitory thing than that. Just like our front line.

  112. If RVP’s injury is so serious, he shouldn’t have been walking, flying, or doing much of anything in the first few days after the injury.

    Possibly a local (Arsenal) physio who he wouldn’t need to fly to see could have given him a soothing, pain relieving rub, but until surgery, he should have been on crutches doing not a lot.

  113. i will sign off with a prediction of 3-2.

  114. Looking forward to tonight’s game,


  115. How there is the African nations coming up to which he should be called up too.

  116. I agree Finsburyparker. Said as much at the time. He should have had his leg raised and his ankle packed with ice from the second he came off the pitch….sooner if possible. Antinflammatories for the swelling. Scan, diagnosis. Then operate as soon as the swelling has gone down…..within 24 hours. He would at least have been two weeks quicker in recovery….and indeed would stand a much better chance of full recovery.

  117. I’m sorry to read that about Arshavin. I don’t think it’s true that he gets blamed when we lose, but he obviously feels that at the moment. I hope he starts to get pleasure from playing football again soon.

  118. “If it is any comfort to you Consols, the “splash-the-cash” crowd will never be satisfied like those of us who cherish the growth and development of young players into a super-stars, into a superstar team.”

    You should know that I agree with the principle, but there are nauseating levels of smugitude in statements like this.

    Well-informed fans with a passion for the club would do a hell of a lot more for their cause, and win many more fans over, if they were just a little less po-faced and preachy.

  119. well arshavin is right. he said we need to spend in big players coze we just have talented and unexperiences players, so where is the problem here, we all have just seen that we really have vela a talented player but not a world class player or maybe not yet, we have eduardo a good player but not a world class striker, we have walcott well i dont know what to think about him. so we need one class player one class striker the one who can make that difference in games such as that one against cheski. look at the other big 4 clubs. liverpool have torres, one of the best striker in the world. cheski- drogba anelka well the names tell u u- roonay berbatov, so i think arshavin is right we need a world class striker.

  120. This is clearly a difficult time for the team at the moment. Perhaps a dozen or so fans could agree to stay till the final whistle at the next home game, give the players some encouragement.

  121. I think he may have meant more for the Russian national team where he was the captain again.

    He should know that our ‘fans’ still regard him as lord and master of all things Arsenal and that all the blame has been laid towards AW, Denilson and now Sagna.

  122. OOU,
    The splash the cash people value spending money almost as much as success.

  123. Blooming heck, Big Al, you’ve really got your big stick out today.

  124. Frank,

    The Dutch FA’s criminal behaviour, the loss of Theo, Vela at the beginning of the season and now Diaby, all through International FA’s upsets us fans just a little.
    You’ve always been a big admirer of RVP, imagine how proud AW must be of this amazing talent, no matter how ruthless he might have to be later on.
    I imagine AW is more then just a little angry, and for me your thoughts on DD resonate because of that.

    In this kind of Game, one needs all the allies one can get. AW is no fool.
    Although, I would argue, for DD to play with Jabba can be a dangerous game, as Han Solo found out.

    Usmanov has his friends in Whitehall, but the revelation yesterday/today that AFC had investigated his background through a PI could spell the beginning of the end of his sojourn in North London.

    Anyway, enjoy the game later on Gunners.

  125. I don’t think advocating a dip into the transfer market to replace one of your star players constitutes being part of a “splash the cash” crowd.

    Man City-esque indiscrimante spendthriftery is one thing, considered use of your resouces to bring in somebody to fulfill a role recently left vacant – is quite another.

    Acknowledging the need to replace one of your main players, at a pivotal point in a season, due to a terribly unfortunate and long-term injury, does not diminish in any way, ones ability to “…cherish the growth and development of young players into a super-stars, into a superstar team”.

    In a one-off case like this, why should the two things be mutually exclusive? Wenger’s principles of sustainability are not some black and white, hardlined scripture – if they were, why then did he buy Arshavin this time last year?

  126. Flu and chest infections before international matches can do wonders……

  127. Our team needs players who have character… And our team needs a plyer who is a real leader of men

    Cesc is a bright passer of the ball..but not a great captain.. our players let their heads down in the face of adversity…

    we are too lightweight

  128. I would not claim that DD has not made his mistakes, Finsburyparker. Haven’t we all. But no-one can fault his dedication to the club and to Arsene Wenger and the players. He has transformed this club in his time. Besides if he is the poker player and business man I think he is, he will be the person to despatch Usmanov. If at the end of the day we end up with Kroenke owning the club and we have DD weaving his magic with Ivan at the helm I will not complain. My preference was that the club should be in Trust for the supporters but lets face it …do we deserve it? If AW and his squad are fully supported and the club can get down to building a loyal fanbase again….we will all be better off.

  129. Well said LimparAssist

  130. You’re too lightweight, Rob.

  131. Rob is very lightweight.

  132. Thanks OOU – “po-faced”, “preachy”. H’mmm.
    I am a big boy.

  133. The simple reason that Wenger got Arshavin in January was that Zenit didn’t want to sell him, but agreed to let him go at the end of the Russian season! Zenit made t quite clear they didn’t want Arshavin to leave in the summer.

    For the same reason, it wil be hard to buy any seriously good players in January (unless they are Russian!) because no manager wants to lose a top player halfway through a season, no matter how much money they will lose (i.e.Chamakh)

  134. Shava is right… the only thing which is annoying now is that the top players do not sign for us as they think we are crap..

    Melo and others pissed on us last time…

    we are reduced to thinking of Gignac, a player who playes for an average french team with no high level experience, or Balotelli, a player criticised by his manager as not good enough in a league lower than ours…

    These players wont bring us the league… we need more players like Arshavin… knock him down and he wont wave his arms to the refs like the Cesc and Co do.. he grabs the ball and blasts it in the back of the net

    that is the type of character we need

  135. Judging by your pic, forget about lightweight, u dont even look straight Ole

  136. Ask Drog Limpar

  137. I had a horrific nightmare last night, Arshavin moved to chelsea and scored in the reverse fixture, in which they repeated sunday’s scoreline.


  138. Rob,

    I’m a bit bent over the Arsenal. That’s for sure.

    But mate, you’re lightweight.


  140. Frank @ 4:04

    Can’t disagree with any of that post!
    I’m not sure if Kronke is so terrible either.
    He has a better record in professional sport (he has one!) then any other current ‘foreign’ or unknown investors in English/British football.
    My only concerns would be the Americanisation/Arsenalisaton process turning the Grove into an English Bernabeu (Madrid fans are awful, always booing their own players) but DD does have a good track record and understanding of AFC, it’s history, and fans, so maybe he is the best person to stop that happening.

    Have to go, enjoy the game later.

  141. Sorry, SG. I shouldn’t have sent that comment! Or at least I could have modified it with “I think”. LA’s 3:56 said it better.

    I reckon the “splash-the-cash crowd” value their own opinions more than Arsenal’s success – guys like Kevin Whitcher, and a few of the joke blogs around. There are too many big personalities.

  142. Well Frank, we did not win anthing since DD left…it was he who insisted we had one big name signing every year..

    after he left, we went with youth policy which Wenger started at Monaco. Guess what, wenger was sacked from Monaco after his youth policy failed. wenger need someone to tell him we need to add players who have been there, who have made it to the squad

    This is a squad of studious university graduates with no character..I would rather have Carlton cort leading the line that Vela or Dudu

    Another thing is why we have so many injuries??? well, not enough rugged english players might be the answer

  143. We know what you think now, Big Al. I doubt any of us will want to get on the wrong side of you henceforth.

  144. Hahaha…rugged English players, thanks man…you made me laugh.

    Is there any other nations with the blessing of “rugged” bestowed upon them?

  145. My mate saw Alex Song in the westfield shopping mall, said he looked like a gangsta, wearin a hoodie and tracksuit.


    Someone tell me when Nicklas B is back? We miss him.

  146. “Another thing is why we have so many injuries??? well, not enough rugged english players might be the answer”

    Like a rugged Michael Owen perhaps.

  147. would have to look at ur value addition to compare weight Ole

    sure ur bending dude…unfortunately, we need the arsenal to stick out their chest like PV, TA

  148. I’m excited with this side, young and what’s more they’ve got something to prove. They wanna be in the 1st team, and they will fight their hearts out. Then you’ve got Eboue, Walcott and the experience of Rosicky.

    Come on!!!

    They want to end their streak, but more importantly to prove to Sheikh mansour Bin Zayed Al Nayhan that investment should continue, although the aforementioned Sheikh will be watching this by the side of a road what with the Financial disaster in Dubai. That could effect the big time, haha!!!

    Oh shit, Emirates Airline…

  149. Dups…

    why is it that we have so many players injured as soon as it starts to rain.. Cause they are not used to playing here.. they are not used to the tackles, the refeering, the physical side of the game…artists wont win you the league…there will always be that 1% missing

  150. Poor Rob.

    Wenger’s youth policy at Monaco produced three of the best players of the last 2 decades; Thierry Henry, George Weah & Lilian Thuram.

    I see you’ve been learning stupidity from the master, Myles Palmer.

  151. Rob;

    Fabregas, RVP Clichy have spent years playing here.

  152. Dennis, Freddie, Robert, Patrick, TA, Emmanuel Petit…all had long-term and niggling injuries in their time. Luck of the draw. One thing is for sure you get injured by being committed. RvP, Abou Diaby, Nic, Eduardo…these guys have bottle.

  153. I wish I could get up to Manchester to support the youngsters tonight. Really looking forward to the game.


  154. Rob,

    In terms of weight…you’re in class with such lightweights as John Terry.

    Though it’s not fair to ridicule you for being a bit slow.

    I’d apologise if I could be arsed.

  155. Diaby and Eduardo’s careers have been slowed by awful tackles (not the rain)

  156. Tony Adams had rather too much bottle.

  157. Dups, no complaints on Clichy…he grew up in the slums of France, he has character and rarely plays badly except when injured, which is not so frequent

  158. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a delirious bastard you are Rob.

  159. Ole, ur talking shit…I follow have been an admirer of Wenger since he was a coach at Monaco battling it out against Aime Jacquet of Bordeaux and Raymond Goetals at Marseilles..

    He earned a lot of credit for producing those players… but Monaco never won the European cup in spite of that.. only those who have been there, who have done it have what it takes to make the extra step each time..see what Laurent Blanc is doing at Bordeaux, what Deschamps is doing at Marseilles which half our budget

    Remember Wenger was sacked from Monaco.. Because he asked the club to go for young African players and it backfired..only there, they took a decision!

    I have a lot of regard for Wenger..But I cannot accept the fact that he does not realise that a couple of additions would make us world class..

    We live everyday if we want to stay at the top.. we do no live in the past

  160. Fuck off Nasir..u guys deserve the shit of losing against the Chavs and the Mancs each year

    no self respect

  161. The problem is we have too many english players like Walcott, Gibbs and Gilbert, who spread the disease of uncreative play through the side. Look at Walcott, he can’t make any sensible, creative runs anymore. Gibbs, who plays left-back at Arsenal gets the most creative role of central midfield in England U-21. Gilbert has lost all talent playing in “well ‘ard” teams in League One.

    Just thought I’d take the other extreme of the matter for a laugh.

  162. Aaditya.

    that was fucking stupid.

    Walcott doesn’t make creative runs?

  163. Rob, piss the f*ck off

  164. sorry rob, wrong person

  165. Nowadays he keeps running into dead ends and opposing team’s left-backs. Being with the English team is destroying him.

  166. Aaditya,

    I dont agree..u need a mix…having too many players who pass the ball and have no directness is not productive…Theo might no be the best out there but he stopped Cole going forward as soon as he was on…

    Just consider that Walcott, Denilson and Ramsey costs 17 million… Could we not buy a decent player with this money… y go for youth always when your spending so much money

  167. And where is Monaco since Wenger was sacked by them?

  168. Rob,

    Nothing more pitiful than someone who buys the stupid rantings of a bitter ex-hack, and tries to pretend actual knowledge.

    The young African talent you’re talking about is the likes of Victor Ikpeba (African footballer of the year), George Weah….

    And they should have been winning the league if not for Bernard Tapie’s Marseille and their hanky panky.

    Anyway, about living in today and all that. Wenger knows what the squad needs much better than you do. And it’s not just an act of faith. It’s just fact.

    Unfortunately, he also knows better than you what his constraints are.

    The only area where you know better is how to moan and make nonsensical criticisms you’ve read off some half-arsed blog somewhere.

  169. Ole Gunner. The international manager can still call up an injured player so that they can assess for themselves. This is what happened with Diaby who was injured during the Wolves game, called up by France and kept even after they knew he would not be fit to play in either of their matches. That was completely pointless and prevented him getting on with his recovery.

    I think Arsenal are too honest for their own good. Everyone knows that when chelski, manure and liverpool claim their players are injured before internationals, that they could actually play, but the international managers seem to fear certain teams and collude with the pretence. Arsene is treated disrespectfully all the time because after all his protests about Theo over the summer he was ignored and now the people who pay his wages are the ones to suffer.

    I hope Arsene really has had enough now and does not let his anger cool. He needs to tell them where to stick it next time they come calling and the first test will be this Catalonia match at Christmas for which Cruyff needs to be told no in no uncertain terms. Whilst La Liga are on a winter break and can spare their players, Christmas is a key period in the PL and we cannot afford to be without our captain during that period, no matter how patriotic he might be.

  170. 17 million for one player or 17 million for three players? Hmmm, this one is so difficult to figure out, any help guys?

  171. This new nonsense of having a squad full of intricate players.

    Arshavin, Walcott, Eboue, Diaby, RVP (who’s both)?

  172. Rob if you have followed Wenger from those early days you will also know about the fixed matches in French football. It is hard to win against crooked sides.

  173. Ole, Marseille was the first French team to win the European cup..

    and they did it against the great Milan

    Tapie did not go shopping in Africa..he bought Waddle, he bought Papin, he bought Abedi Pele, he bought Mozer a rock in defence, he bought Deschamps..he had a team of stars with character..u cant compare

    and yes, no one could fuss with his team…not even Berlusconi

  174. Dups, ur talking about 4 matches only.

    the four matches were against crap teams like Valenciennes which Marseilles would have torn apart anyway. To think that Monaco would have won the league against that Marseilles team is totally unrealistic.

    Only Bordeaux resisted for some time because they had Aime Jacquet and two guys called Dugarry and Zidane

  175. Walcott and Ramsey alone cost 16.5 mil, perfect example that players from the British Isles are overrated.

    Compare to Cesc, Vieira, Clichy, Sagna, Toure, Song, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, who all together cost less.

    @ Gunner4Ever – I think he means something like Henry + Bergkamp, who together cost about 17.5 mil

  176. You’re very confused aren’t you Rob? Myles isn’t giving you the correct answers.

    Stick around. People tend to make sense around here. But while you stick around. Stop fucking whinging.

  177. I think we got Vela + Van Persie for far less though, and they are the next Henry and Bergkamp for sure

  178. About 3m for Vela + RVP

  179. Aaditya
    How much did Rooney cost ???
    How many times is he injured?
    How many times does he wave his hand around when he is on the deck?

    Do you know that by combining the salary of Denilson, Eduardo and Vela, we could pay a guy like Lampard

    Many local guys are overrated yes..but many are also not…. its just like cricket… Dhoni was massively overrated when he was a newcomer…and all the rest as well

  180. Clearly proves the already known truth that Arsene Wenger has over the years, managed to evolve into God Himself

  181. Cuz Dhoni is awesome. But I’m Indian, so I’m gonna be biased there.

    Rooney cost 27mil. Thats the Arsenal team minus Arshavin. And doesn’t everyone want Wilshere, also a left-winger, to play more anyway?

  182. Van Persie is a great player dude..but injured always

    I would rather have a less talented player who lasts the distance…
    Vela may be the future… but he cant lead our line

    Ole, ur shit…u know nothing about football…go help ur mom in the kitchen

  183. Players are most overrated where the media is most crazy about the sport. English footballers, and Indian cricketers are always slightly overrated. And the local press is always incredibly biased.

  184. Thats what Myles said about Henry, can’t lead the line. Maybe mortals can’t do that, Arsene Wenger, well thats a different story.

  185. At least I don’t come here claiming Bordeaux were Marseille’s main competitors for the title when Wenger was there.

    9 out of 10 people here would identify that as false.

    That’s because 9 out of 10 people here know their football, and recognise Myles Palmer talks out his arse.

  186. Rob, the fixing of the matches was so he could rest his top players in league games.

  187. Myles Palmer is a cunt Ole…but ur a cunt too

    U clearly know nothing about Marseilles, Bordeaux and Monaco.

  188. Myles P doesn’t know his as$hole from a donut…any one quotes him in agreement is in the same category

  189. Do you know that by selling our entire squad, we could buy and pay a guy like Christiano Ronaldo

  190. It doesn’t have to be Ronaldo. It’s about spending big, right?

    So we could just pay £300M for Lampard. That’d make so much sense. By the logic of Rob, and a thousand of other gits.

  191. HAHAHAHAHA at Ole Gunner.

  192. Agree Aaditya

    But why is it that the Indian team were not losing on home ground even against the great world champion Auzzie side. its because of character

    Can you imagine a cricket team there with no Indians?

  193. Currently it’s not allowed in the IPL, but if it were, I would expect the smart owners to go to places like New Zealand, Bangladesh or West Indies (where cricketers aren’t payed near half as well) and bringing their talent with only the odd Indian player in the team. Not too different to Arsenal now.

  194. Ole, ur talking shit again!

    How much would Carlton Cort cost?

    We got 40M from the togo cunt and Toure and put the money in the bank…why to buy more promising youngsters from Africa and Brasil?

    Viera wanted to come…y we did not take him…Anelka wanted to come back..y we did not take him… Henry wanted to come back..why we did not take him…

  195. Let’s see what wilshere and co can do

    Senderos not in the squad?! Interesting, song will probably play in cb pos, who knows though, maybe bartley.

  196. “Myles P doesn’t know his as$hole from a donut.”

    I”ve seen some ring doughnuts that look remarkably like an arsehole.

  197. I’ve also seen some people who spoke remarkably like arseholes. Rob is one of them.

    What are you actually arguing for, Rob? I can’t see the shit for the flies.

  198. When is bentdner comin back?

  199. Really difficult to believe how two defeats turn the support of the fans upside down. Keep the faith, cut Eduardo some slack. He’s just has 2 games, so far. RVP took 6-7 before he finally scored. He will come good, but obviously, additions will be welcome for his fitness is still in doubt.

    Losing RVP was the biggest loss imaginable. He would have taken the PL by storm this season, with the way he was playing. Big loss, for us. But we can’t even imagine what he would be feeling right now, he actually wanted to try that horse medicine so he could return a week or two earlier. He really was determined to get back soon. Feel bad for him, thought this really would be his year. Damn these injuries. We would have been winning the EPL for the last 3 years if we weren’t getting our core players injured, Rosicky, Eduardo, RVP, Cesc, Gallas…….Bad luck. WE’re better prepared this year, for sure.

    Keep the faith!!

  200. Yogi…what was that?

  201. And comparing and IPL team to Arsenal won’t work for the simple reason that Indian cricket is now at a peak where most cricketers coming through a youth system would make the cut, unlike many of the English players through Arsenal a la Sidwell, Bothroyd, and now probably Gilbert.

  202. I’m assuming you’re talking about Chocolate covered donuts Poliziano…which is Myles favorite, they say he always eats it in his bathroom while writing?

  203. Rob, you can switch your avatar with me if you want to continue this rant. Will suit you more.

  204. Poli, does not surprise me.

    lets talk about that come May..

    was great talking guys..(ya, even to you Ole) Gonna get beers for tonight…

  205. How do you change your avatar?

  206. How can people continue supporting a club when they are completely against the manager and the players that make the club? Strange.

  207. Rob,+

    The pleasure is all yours.

  208. The Gods of World wide web assign you one, judging from how they think you are in real life. They screwed up Rob’s. Should have been that donut for an avatar.

  209. hahaha….good one Ateeb 🙂

  210. Got to Aaditya

  211. Go to not Got to

  212. I’m looking forward to the midweek trip to Olympiakos. Never been in a Greek stadium. I hear the atmosphere there is cracking…

  213. Greek atmosheres are incredible.

    Next to Turkish, probably one of the best, let’s see how the young side will handle it, it would be great to have gone through unbeaten

  214. ” Just consider that Walcott, Denilson and Ramsey costs 17 million… Could we not buy a decent player with this money… y go for youth always when your sending so much money.” – Rob @ 4:58pm

    Dammit, I couldn’t make that up myself. Just “splash-the-cash” on one player.

    ur po-faced, preacher.

  215. I`ve deliberately stuck to reading just Yogi since Saturday in an effort to stick to reasoned opinion rather than the hysterical whining which we get on here after a defeat (& sometimes after a victory)

    Come on the kids

  216. OFFS!

    I only posted this morning because of the surreal immediate response to Arsene saying he would be in the market in January. If I’d known that would lead to Big Al starting to call some of us names I wouldn’t have bothered.

    I certainly enjoy transfer speculation as much as the next fan but, please, we have hammered people on here for such behaviour in the past.

    There have been plenty of twats to pick on recently.

    Thanks for your views re DD and ownership, Frank. That is what I was trying to draw out. Was it not the concensus that any such takeover would not take place before the summer?

    Incidentally, Supporters Trusts are not, based on any analysis of human behaviour in general and the experience of Notts Co. are probably not a good idea.

  217. By the way, Greek stadia can be very scary places.

  218. What are you talking about old man? 🙂

  219. I don’t know Bob, some of the fans have been really working their a** off to compile a list of players that would fit into the Arsenal team quickly. Just like they suggested Vermalean to Arsene. And you know how good he is. Let the fans do their share of work. They’ll surely come up with a striker.

  220. G4E, Too much to drink at that age leads you to scary places.

  221. If said it before and I will say it again…Heskey to Arsenal, even if he costs 27 million, why not? he is English, he is rugged, he has loads of grit (The English kind not that flimsy one from other places), he’s big, he’s tall, and sometime he looks scary other times he looks like a lamb which will confuse referees and opponents alike.

  222. It’s that Cider Ateeb….not sure what he puts init? 🙂

  223. @ aditya please no t20 , its a joke although some say t20 will overtake football on popularity ( considering the population %age of india and pak).

    On another point I would like to discuss about pace in general of our players.In the game against chelsea who was the fastest player in the starting XI.

    L I N K S P L Z

  224. Jamie Redknapp has gone past irritating and is now merely embarassing. Sitting next to Alan Smith, telling us about the Arsenal development system.

    Absolutely shocking. Tired old bollox repeated ad nauseum.

  225. Whats the final team?

  226. Im not in a laughing mood today G4E, we’re just about to lose the title and everyone here is so optimistic. Pisses me off. Why can’t they see we need 4 more big expensive players. I am going to get me some beers and watch the invincibles era, again. I might weep a bit later on.

  227. Eduardo is not the same player he was….No shit. The bloke nearly lost half his leg at St Andrews. Its a bloody miracle he can still even walk. Now everyone wants to consign him to the scrap heap. Poor guy was hardly going to score up there on his own vs Chelsea was he. He has played his best football with another striker nexr to him and picking up the scraps. What a player he was then but no complaints by the fans then. Whats to say after weve bought a 60million striker he is not going to get crocked at Stoke
    And then what.

    Good luck to the kids tonight.

  228. You cheeky young pups!

    Apples, apples and more apples. Plus, is there anywhere more scary than working in a bank at the moment?

    A debt counsellor and a banker. Seems to me that you might have some customers in common.

  229. Drinking Ateeb? Are you not a good Muslim? From my time in India, I never strayed into Pakistan, is there not only one hotel in the country where you can buy a beer?

    Maybe things have changed.


  230. Are you sure it’s not Apples-Vodka-Apples and more Vodka? 🙂

  231. A R S E N A L

  232. theonlyredsteve

    21 Fabianski
    18 Silvestre
    27 Eboue
    30 Traore
    37 Eastmond
    07 Rosicky
    16 Ramsey
    17 Song Billong
    19 Wilshere
    32 Merida
    12 Vela

  233. Any streams any one?

  234. Any links???????????

  235. My body is a temple, G4E.

  236. SOMEONE HELP!!!

  237. Nice one Wise-man 🙂

  238. I hate Shetanta…whenever they air a game we can’t find any streams

  239. Lets do it!

  240. Game started? I am at work, keep me posted.

  241. G4E

    This is working fine for me (at the moment)

  242. we are bit on the back foot, trying too many long passes presently but we are defending well.

  243. Thanks guys for all the links, I really appreciate it.

  244. Bob,

    Haha. No, not a muslim. Religions really aren’t my thing. As for getting the alcohol, you can get them delivered at your place with one phone call. Don’t know how things were when you visited, but I doubt only one hotel would be selling alcohol. It’s pretty common. More then you lot are made to believe.

  245. getting into the groove.

  246. COME ON!!!!

  247. nervy….bloody hell that was close from bellamy..very lucky to get away with that…


  249. Ade looks really silly

  250. Come on the Gunners! Blackburn up 1-0 on Chelski too!

  251. Traore gets booked but Tevez does not. Are we surprised??

  252. here we go again we are getting all the bookings…yet Oil City should have had at least two as well.

  253. Playing some lovley stuff

    Just wish we’d fucking shoot once in a while

  254. Not a Muslim, Ateeb? Well, blow me down.

    Where is your beer brewed then? Imported from India? Home brew?

  255. Henry’s handball against Ireland is to be investigated by FIFA, and he could be banned for the first match. These ad hoc investigations and punishments are a disgrace.

  256. Bruce must be feeling the pressure – did you see him walk out of the ‘box’ across in front of Wenger to pick the ball up for a City throw? Then he gets all niggly when Arsene points this out to the 4th official.

    Should have been a card :-0

  257. What is up with up with that retarded headgear Ade???

    A born again fool.

  258. Imported from Dubai, I assume. People here drink whatever you guys drink. A bit more expensive for us though. have the home brewed one as well, never tried that though.

    Tevez should have been fouled there. Need to find calm, we’re trying to make play with too much haste. City’s been doing a good job, closing us down, but they would tire by the 60th minute. Sylvestre and Rosicky have been doing a really good job.

  259. Poli – Henri is just the fall-guy, the sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered as a fig leaf to Ireland, simply to cover up FIFA’s corruption.
    * Last minute seeding of favoured European teams prior to the playoffs
    * No goal line technology
    * Blatter caught guffawing publicly at the comic request by the FAI to be the 33rd team :-))

    Henri has not been helped by the mealy-mouth response of the French Football Federation. It is tragic that a great footballer may have his legacy tarnished by this gang of buffons.

  260. Maria,

    As I have no video feed I can access from work I can only surmise that Ade has brought out an avant garde hairdo so that everyone may see how “special” he is. What’s it look like?

  261. Tevez should be in the book as well.

    If I was a City fan, watching my team of ‘All Stars’ play our kids, I would be very worried.

    1-0 to the Arsenal, I reckon.

    I hear that FIFA are investigating Hunt for claiming a ‘goal’ by Hurst in some game in 1966, Pz. He could be facing a life ban.

  262. Or is he wearing those braces on his teeth with the wire bit hooked up to a helmet-like thingy?

  263. And we don’t deal with the Indians. The only trade we have with them involves gunfire across each other’s border.

  264. I reealllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want Vela to score!!!

    A ShefflUtd style hatrick would be nice too.

  265. Not possible, Shotta.

    TH14 or the Irish FA and Eufa. Hmm, which one(s) of those are pathetic excuses for high standards in football?

    Tough one.

  266. @ Gris…….looool…….

    It’s something that you would be glad Terev would were premeantly.

  267. ….or in Bombay hotels.

  268. Now that City are not doing well the little cry baby’s feeling are hurt. That early season fire is gone!

  269. Never knew Alan was such a kiss ass…

  270. kids playing well. Silvestre and Song defending well. The usual halftime crap from Jamie Redknapp. Mark Hughes and Arsene handbags on the touchline …priceless.

  271. He is Maria. To be fair, I know you have been away, he is actually better tonight. He looks very uncomfortable having to listen to Redknapp’s ignorance knowing that he is one of the Sky annointed ones.

    To just call him a stupid twat would cost him his job. Worth it in my opinion.

    I suppose you learnt ‘kiss ass’ while you were in foreign parts?


  273. Kitchen Sink @1:01pm


  274. Damn it. tevez 1-0 citeh. shit.

  275. Another goal off the bloody bar.

  276. why do we seem so tentative to put a tackle in?

  277. just what i thought oou.

    Off the underside same fucking place exactly.

  278. it’s gonna take a hell of a 35 minutes to equalize.

    We can do it


  279. My bad. Just got a glimpse. It was in that cursed left corner.


  281. Watt on for someone. We need pace

  282. Who’s shot was it?

  283. No I was talking about the Man City goal – It was in the same place as both the Chelsea goals.

  284. well done Wukash

    corner. COME ON

  285. We wouldve been better off taking a yellow Maria, that type of defending killed us on Sunday, we have to learn!

  286. Suddenly i’ve forgotten how we used to score so much

  287. Traore doing very, very well.

  288. Stupid iraqgoals is about 5 minutes behind in time – the Guardian had 1-0 up and I thought “I never saw that – they must be wrong”.
    But no – bollocks. Rosicky was body blocked so Tevez could steal arounf him, no yellow card though.

  289. Can’t wukash learn how to clear?!!

  290. To be fair, the minute before the goal, Vela was clean through and given offside. He was not.

  291. Traore is the truth for real!

  292. Unlucky

  293. Chelski score

  294. More of this.

    Come on, 1 goal, and dont concede

  295. Mr. Bob, that defending was shocking again though, its annoying!

  296. Come on Wukash, dont concede and keep it 1-0. We’ll sting them eventually, I don’t believe it will end 1-0

  297. Who the hell can come on and score? Watt? Randall?

  298. It’s great that we’re carving out chances with this team against Man City.

    It’s no shame to lose this one, but it would be so, so sweet to win.

  299. Watt’s coming on for Eastmond

  300. Watt is coming on……

  301. Watt’s got pace.


  302. Wukash is Lukasz, It’s how you pronounce it in Polish you see….

  303. We are by far the better side!

  304. damn it!

  305. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  306. damn and shit

  307. Shambolic defending. desperate stuff at moment Silvestre really struggling.

  308. maybe we need to learn how to just sit back? this is how teams play, sit back and wait for a chance.

  309. I bloody knew it was inevitable. At the beginning. What a depressing week this could be if we go on and lose.

  310. Nope, it wont finish 1 – 0, 2 – nil now.

  311. we’ll score 2 it will go to extra time

  312. Ramsey has been dissapointing.

  313. We will…….I wonder why we bother putting the kids out away from home while the other side brings the first team on it never seems to go well….

  314. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    One or two half chances against us and you’re most likely going to score.

  315. we can see that klon


  317. We can score in 10 mins…then 1 more to go in 85 to 90 mins

  318. Who cares? its a Mickey mouse cup.If we wamted to win it we would play a strong team,

  319. carry on like this, and we’ll be fined. 2 yellows

  320. it’s just the fact it’s citeh. If it was burnley i wouldnt give two shits

  321. I agree Zap..

  322. We’re getting booked left right and centre.

  323. Come on guys, City is playing almost with their whole first team…what did you expect?

    It’s a good experience for our 18 year old boys to play against Teves, Adebayor, Bellamy and the rest. They’re doing well, I was hoping they win but for that to happen City would have to have a stinker of a day…and that may not be even enough.

  324. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    My oh my. Stephen Ireland ran into Song!

    And what a c*nt that Craig Bellamy is.

  325. What’s Up Bellamy’s ass? What is his problem?

  326. Song out for Stoke game.

  327. Fifth yellow card.

    Great just fucking great!!

  328. Song has looked poor at CH. Silvestre has kept Greedy in his pocket though

    Its the same old story loads of the ball but no end product

  329. Song keeps steping out don’t know why…

  330. I’m glad I’m not playing I would possibly give him a Kung Fu kick in the face and retire from football, It will be worth it.

  331. Wow, 6 yellows.

  332. At last a booking for citeh. And the Beeb says we have had 54% of the play.

  333. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hope the c*nts career is over.

  334. 6 yellows to 1! Is this ref serious!?

  335. Ramsey


  336. A sane man, G4. Always dissapointing to lose but against this side? City have been struggling. Two good goals but, as i said, Vela was not offside and could have scored before they did.

    Thin Margins.

    Have we ever really cared about this cup antway?

  337. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Why did he make him move the ball?

  338. …or anyway?

  339. Come now people did you expect the carling cup side to beat the full strength City team seriously? Away as well? They have put up a good fight, played well, gotten game time and experience so as far as I am concerned its been a good show.

  340. Can anybody say that our season would be vindicated if we won this cup?


  341. I think that would be another no, from me.

  342. Agree with G4E!! A decent showing bu the boys some good play at times.

  343. It just does not matter.

  344. The thing is even though Chelsea and Man Utd have been winning titles over the last 5 years they still take this trophy seriously.We need to start winning trophies again

  345. The cross-bar hates us!

  346. We never did CBob, we know that we play our kids in this competition even if it was the final. Most clubs play their first team…if they don’t they get beaten.

    But for God sake, I didn’t expect to win today with this young team playing against a forward line of Tevez, Ademanwhore, Bellamy etc etc.

    Obviously it is much much more important to City than us. The only importance of this game to us is experience…that’s all

  347. Feel sorry for the boyz! they were great!

  348. And a 12 year old scores against us!!!!

  349. Dear dear this is sad indeed. We are really thin upfront, where are all the strikers?

  350. Bollox to City.

    Let them celebrate beating our boys. Well done Citeh! Next, the Premiership, eh?


    Good to have you back, Maria.

  351. oh fuck off

  352. Fuck off GGooner. You just don’t get it do you?

  353. fuck this.

    At least adebayor hasn’t scored

  354. They’ve given us loads of entertainment this season. And they were doing really well until that second goal…

    As I said before, there’s absolutely no shame in losing this one.

  355. .. and you, emptygunner.

  356. GGooner, you do realize that it was the youngsters upfront againt seasoned defenders like Toure dont you and Given.

    Get a grip!


  357. I said we’re either gonna win, or get slapped. We’ve been slapped 3 times

  358. Thanks another 3-0 when it rain it really does pour….eeeyaaayeeee

  359. Apparently, this is an historic night for man city.

  360. No miracles then. 150 millions against £50, thats what you get

  361. lookin forward to us scoring at least 4 goals on Saturday!

  362. They will not win it and Hughes will get the sack, no escaping from it.

  363. i hope we havn’t forgotten how to score

  364. “lookin forward to us scoring at least 4 goals on Saturday!”

    We are going to batter stoke on Saturday, Song or no Song.

  365. Platt is a Twat. What is the point of risking your best players and getting them hacked to death for this Micky Mouse cup. Man Citys best 11 must not get carried away by beating our 3rd team. The lads have aquitted themselves well. I feel sad for them that injuries could not have allowed for Bendtner or Walcott to help the kids out. There is no shame in losing this one. Dissapointing that we could not have made our chances count. I feel sorry for Stoke. I think the fury of the last week will be vented out on them. Bring on the weekend…..

  366. Wukash-7

  367. Haha, Bob. First semi final of a big competition in 20 years. Well it’s the smallest competition we aim for. The aims surely speaks about the expectations of the club.

    Good game, would have prefered if we lost by a goal. But heck, the boys wanted to play so let them. Rosicky played the whole 90, that’s priceless.

  368. Stoke has turned into a bloody very important game. We need to get the season back on track

  369. Ateeb_ Which big competition? you are consideering this shitty cup big? or You mean for them its big.

  370. He/she said it’s the smallest comp we aim for GG

  371. @ Zap: Highly, highly lenient ratings. Yes, we’re maybe over expecting from them considering their age but boy have they got more talent than they showed.

    While the senior team needed a change of set-up, the youngsters play the classic Arsenal pass and move way and didn’t need 4-3-3 (brought in to give more dynamism, break down teams and the side prefers to defend from front).

  372. city dominated us sadly they deserved to win easily. The thing that bugs me though is rosicky goes missing instead of taking control and driving us forward. And silv left song exposed to often and his attempt to stop swp for second goal was pathetic.

  373. Song will play on Saturday. The suspension kicks in 1 week after the last booking.

  374. My bad got that from Arsenalonline.

  375. This result was no disgrace. There was competitive play from Arsenal, and very importantly, another run out especially for Wilshere, Fabianski, Rosicky (who needs games), Eastmond, Merida and Vela.

    Those who say that this is a missed opportunity to win a trophy must be absolutely desperate. We need to beat Stoke on Saturday and go from there.

  376. No forward running. No work rate.

    I don’t care about the result. The kids didn’t look too good though.

    Stoke….now that’s the real thing


    “City are not the most formidable side left in the tournament despite the money that they have spent”……….lol.

    Apparently,they’ve just trashed you guys by 3 goals to nothing….just like the other Billionaire club..Chelski.

    God bless Arshavin…U guys now officially have all the inexpensive talented footballers…lol

    Besides…our little boys did show a full strength spurs side a lesson…It seems despite the hype,your boys are not good enough.

  378. Apparently, Ateeb, your sex is in doubt.

    Oh no! Not that as well! Arrgh. We’re doomed.

  379. Don’t respond to above

  380. oh fuck no. Against liverpool??

  381. City didnt break sweat.And Toure and Greedy were City’s worst two players.The kids like the first team lack a cutting edge.None of the kids looked good enough to step into the first team.Song had a shocker he looked as though he didnt want to be there

    Be honest did anyone really think the result would be any different

  382. When is it going to stop fukin raining??

  383. Erm, Dave, weren’t you a Chelsea fan before?

  384. So Dave’s a Man Cunt. Fuck you

  385. I agree Muppet. Stoke on Saturday is our priority. It’s a shame the boys couldn’t do it in the end, but it was always going to be difficult away from home against the mancs first team. It’s all good experience though.

    WTF is up with the referees at the moment? Every tackle by an Arsenal player is now a booking as well as phantom offsides against us and no penalties for us?

  386. I’m not surprised actually. I predicted a slapping


  387. Fuck off you sad manc twat. I watched your ‘kids’ last night and thought that Berbatov was your most promising newcomer.

    At least, he must have been, given what you paid for him. Actually I fell asleep.

    Neverwillbespuds versus neverhavebeenmancs? I’m a football fan, get me outa here.

  388. are the Yogi/Franks of this world happy that we got humiliated again under our beloved leader Arsene?

    any thoughts on the demise of our football club from this erudite website?

  389. I told you not to respond to him!

  390. so dave you are a manure fan

  391. oh yes there was a game today .. who won, who cares, Wenger doesnt and niether do i.

  392. Muppet

    The league cup win in 87 led that team to go on and win the league in 89.Success breds success.If Man Utd can win it why can we? Every competition you enter you must be looking to win it

  393. Alan smith really shouldn’t kowtow to the pathetic rumours of the media. I kinda feel like it’s a bit of joke that other clubs take it so seriously! Our kids played alright. The defendingcould be better but meh, it’s city’s full squad, they’re gonna score.

    Fuck off redknapp you fucking Chav cum guzzling tosser.

  394. Did you actually watch the game, gooner ted?

    Citeh worked very hard. We weren’t as good as we might have been but, hey, it was out third team.

  395. Zap; if you give Rosicky and Trarore top marks you watched a different game to me.

  396. Man city away is harder than spuds at home. You played human representatives of shit, with a semi-strong side, we played a full-strength citeh side with our kids. Not just kids. Kid’s kids. Then the kids below them, so at least we put up a good fight

  397. BB and Terry, you can both fuck off as well.

  398. A predictable result.We never had a chance from the moment our name came out of the hat

  399. It’s still raining here Duke. Saturday, the sun will come out.

  400. what the hell dup? Traore was excellent. He had to mark Wright-Phillips, who is both fast and half his size
    Rosicky was excellent, the final ball did let him down but the positioning of the attackers wasn’t exactly Eduardo-esque was it?

  401. Arsene is an absolute legend! I think sky should have our Frank on as a pundit alongside that twat pinksnooze

  402. Traore was excellent. He had to mark Wright-Phillips, who is both fast and half his size
    Rosicky was excellent, the final ball did let him down but the positioning of the attackers wasn’t exactly Eduardo-esque was it?

  403. The cult of Arsene Wenger is finally unraveling as the falsity that it is. His vision of a wonderful football paradise, the best companions handpicked to develop and nurture together in harmony. The stars was the limits yet at the end of the road, there is just darkness. Nothing.

  404. Passenal,

    Yes. On some occasions I was a bit bemused by the referee. We went into a couple of challenges with some bite and he blew the whistle. On the other hand, it seemed to me that if an arsenal player was outmuscled, that was fair play. I may be dreaming, but there were a couple of decisions that looked very strange.

    Terry – we have a policy. There is no point in watering it down. You either have a policy or you don’t. We paid the price in recent times for playing too many games and overexhausting the 1st team players to our detriment in other competitions.

  405. Rosicky and Traore were very good today. The latter has to mark the fastest man on the pitch, tomas’s final through-ball let him down, but the positioning wasn’t exactly eduardo-esque was it?

  406. Right now it seems like it’s raining Trolls

  407. I dont even know why people are even commenting on this will carling cup game. These are no more important then reserve games to Wenger so fu*k it why do we bother. Funny thing is though we are not even challenging the title now so why the usual stance on it…so we can save the team for our assualt on the top 4.

  408. “The cult of Arsene Wenger is finally unraveling as the falsity that it is. His vision of a wonderful football paradise, the best companions handpicked to develop and nurture together in harmony. The stars was the limits yet at the end of the road, there is just darkness. Nothing.”

    Eh? Our reserves just lost to a team assembled for 200+ million.

  409. You gonna give back the trophies he brought us Brain or will you sit there with your thumb up your arse and play the what-have-you-done-lately game?

  410. Seriously, all joking aside, what is wrong with football fans these days.

    You have manc twats and arsenal ”supporters’ not able to tell the difference betwen a first eleven and a youth team. Just think a bit will you?

    Who the hell cares who wins the Carling Cup? I have no idea, and please don’t bother enlightening me, who won it in the last three years.

    We don’t care. Arsene does not care. Only sad twats care.

  411. Well well well…3-0 again

    Stoke up next…I have a bad feeling about that one as well…seems we start to fall apart as soon as the good weather is gone…

    When is summer back?

  412. OneOfUs,

    LOL – whoever wrote that should receive the booker prize for eloquent idiocy.

  413. Passenal,

    I’m sick of moaning against refs. Let’s just bend over and get done in the bum.

    It’s irritating to lose to Money City. But really, who effin cares?

  414. so are we all in agreement that we should sign R van nistlehorse.

  415. So, Mr Mancesteruntited4u your ” little boys did show a full strength spurs side a lesson”, since whem are Neville, Brown Vidic, Anderson, Park, Berebatov and Carrick your “little boys”.

    I never expected out “little boys” to win, but having played pretty well, 3-0 is by no means a fair score.

    Just like Sunday, not one iota of luck went our way and for the muppets on Skly to suggest that Mancity dominated the game, I suggest that they were either at a different match, or they need new glasses.

    One of these days Alan Smith will say something positive about Arsenal, and we will all have heart attacks.

  416. Summer is back in the Summer, Ritesh

  417. we’re conceding goals from inoccuous situations. It’s really disgusting. It does make me sick.

    Tevez goes past 3 Arsenal players unchallenged. Even I would score with defending like that and I do have my beer belly.

  418. .. and you, emptygunner

    Who was that to CB?

  419. who the fuk would pretend to be a chelsea fan……….oh yes a manc would!!

  420. No Nistelroy for me… too many bad memories of him ending our unbeaten record

  421. Hand shake now, Here we go again the suckers like Collymore are out to slate Wenger. Who gives a shit, He can shake hands with anyone he pleases.
    The Chavs are losing at mo, I hope they lose they were really beleiving their own hype. They will come back down to earth.

  422. What did doggiemore say 1 loose cannon ?

  423. Arsenal FC
    Arsenal FC
    We’re by far the greatest team
    The world has ever seen





  425. Yeah, Muppet. That can’t be the same Brain from Arsenal Column…unless he’s been drowning his sorrows in turpentine recently.

  426. zap i hope your standing on your sofa waiving your scarff about as you sing that.

  427. yeah Zap, yeah.

  428. If you knew me, you’ll know I’m just joking about Mr. Wenger. Love that guy and what he’s done to the club and what he’ll do in the future.

    Chin up! It’s a blow but it’s only the underage drinking cup.

  429. you a chelsea fan again now “dave”.

  430. your fringe players cost more than our first team Dave, so dont bother.

  431. Yet again Arsene has been set-up; usually it is the media. This time it is that sheep shagger (allegedly) Mark Hughes.
    I watched at the whistle and Hughes turned his back on Wenger seeking anyone to shake hands with to delay turning around and seeing Wenger. On seeing this, Wenger walked down the tunnel. Result: Wenger is a bad loser. No Hughes is a sheep-shagging cunt (allegedly)who stage managed this for effect!
    Come on Arsenal
    ps Frank, do you have any MH dolls c/w pins to stick into the sheep-shagging twat (allegedly)that I can buy on Saturday?

  432. Dave-Drogba Malouda , Joe cole ,Ballack, Deco you call that fringe players? Your team has been hyped up so much, reality check

  433. Dave is typical of a modern breed of glory hunting football fans who change teams according to who is winning. I bet he was an Arsenal fan when the invincibles were playing.

  434. DAVE

    i dont give a shit about the carling cup. Now that we’re out of it i dont give 3 shits. You are losing at Blackburn don’t you know

  435. Arsene says we were unlucky with the goals!

    Sweet chocolate Jesus!

    No we weren’t unlucky. It was dopey defending.

    All said, it’s an unimportant game. I couldn’t care less.

    Just better not defend like that in the Champions League!

  436. Passenal

    A shocking amount of people were.

  437. What Fringe players? You call Drgba a fringe player now?

  438. No – he didn’t say that Ole. I heard the interview. He said they were quality and well taken.

  439. Hey, it doesn’t matter does it ? Worthless cup, only our 3rd team (Rosicky, Vela, Song, Ramsey, Eboue ?) AND the opposition spent lots of money on their team AND we got lots of bookings. And there I was thinking it was a poor performance. How silly of me. And didn’t Arsene do us all a favour by not shaking hands ? Great night overall.

  440. Carling cup’s a sham

    Chelsea’s a sham

    We Are The Arsenal

    and we will win the league.
    I like it everyone has forgotten abt us, ruled us out. For 2 reasons.

    Firstly, so there’e less pressure, the team can enjoy themselves out there, and secondly we can quietly win games. Yeah that’s right, we’ll just be climbing up the table, Spuds will tire, next week probably, who the hell cares anyway, manure aren’t good enough, chelsea’s demise will begin with some dropped points at citeh. Or the next game

  441. Muppet,

    Was I dreaming then?


  443. Muppet-Honestly, Stan Collymore really hates Wenger with a vengence and his side kick Danny Kelly the latter is understandable as he is a sad bitter spud.But What is it with Collymore and Arsenal?
    The chavs equalised. Penalties now

  444. Haha…Sham$ki equalized in the overtime overtime overtime…looks like someone is taking the torch from Fergie?

  445. Chelsea will drop points for sure…but we need to score goals.. at the moment, there is a vacuum

  446. Ole,

    I don’t know, but I watched the interview of Sky. If you listen to the whole interview he said that goals from City were well taken, they were incisive in the final third, and we did not have enough power in the final third. He also said that the youngsters tired after 60 minutes, probably because they were not used to playing this phsyical level. He said that on the balance of play he did not feel that Manchester City dominated, when asked, but I didn’t hear him say we were unlucky.

  447. Muppet,

    I heard all you describe. But I also heard him say we were unlucky with the goals.

  448. On top of that, was a foul by Ballack …should not have stood

  449. My comment of 10.29 is awaiting moderation. YW get real!

  450. Ritesh the standards are different according to which team you play for.

  451. Ole,

    Well, all goals were in open play and well taken. It is difficult to see how we were unlucky.

  452. who’s winning the penalties?

  453. Hurrah !!!! Chelsea are out.

  454. Muppet,

    I swear, I heard it. Watch out for the transcripts tomorrow.

  455. Blackburn Win??

  456. Chavs out

  457. Ole,

    I am not doubting you. Your hearing is a lot better than mine !

  458. hahahahaaaa, well it’s at least some sort of consolation for all of us

  459. is there anyone here who thinks we shouldnt buy a striker in jan??

  460. In the meanwhile let me suggest something to all of you lucky enough to have any kind of tickets to the “ground” for the Stoke game………………………….
    I want to start a hissing (h not p YW so don’t moderate me now) campaign…………………………..
    Yes, that is right you lovely ACLF readers and bloggers……………………………………………………….
    When there is 12 mins still on the Ebel clock I am suggesting that everyone hisses as the unfaithful start to leave the stadium and embarrass us all and also disrespect our team

  461. Kakutta missed it…the guy they got the transfer ban for

  462. So the mighty invincible chelski squad are not unbeatable after all?


  464. Muppet,

    I listened to the interview on ATVO.

  465. Can anyone help to distribute the proposed “Hissing Campaign” across othet blog sites to get some real fan action this Saturady pleeeeeease…

  466. are we gonna be fined?

    5-1 against stoke, Come On!!!!

  467. when do you want the hissing to start 1number10????

  468. Yet again Arsene has been set-up; usually it is the media. This time it is that sheep sh***er (allegedly) Mark Hughes.
    I watched at the whistle and Hughes turned his back on Wenger seeking anyone to shake hands with to delay turning around and seeing Wenger. On seeing this, Wenger walked down the tunnel. Result: Wenger is a bad loser. No Hughes is a sheep-sh***ing c**t (allegedly)who stage managed this for effect!
    Come on Arsenal
    ps Frank, do you have any MH dolls c/w pins to stick into the sheep-sh***ing t**t (allegedly)that I can buy on Saturday?
    Edited by me to get it published. YW this is a sad state of affairs

  469. A 0.5-0 victory will do for me on Saturday. Anything that comes with 3 points.

  470. Zap,

    I want to start everywhere as soon a s “they “start leaving.

    You don’t need to look at them; in fact, look away in utter disdain because they are t”yogi”ats.

    It will the happen everywhere and they will eventually get the meaasge that they are in fact YW TW**ts

    Thanks for the response

  471. Just got home. Its only 7:00 pm in my part of the world.
    We lost 3-0 to Man City’s 1st team playing our 2nd XI.
    Disappointing – YES
    Big Deal – NO.

    Onto Stoke this weekend. Arsene will get it right.

  472. Don’t you just love football? last week Chelsea called themselves invincibles and now they shit themselves. There is only one invincibles in the history of English football. Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal

  473. Time to hunker down. Its D&G time!

  474. Chavs lose.

    Hooray. I’ll take any good news I can get. (At least we won’t see Joe around here for the rest of the week at least.)

  475. Consolsbob

    If no one cared if we won.Why the fuck did we play Song in a game when was one booking away from a ban then.?So now he misses the stoke game?
    If now one cared why did 7,000 Gooners travel all the way to Manchester??

  476. Shotta, it’s just a continuation of the same old crap.

  477. I cant agree on the handshake dude…if the guy is turning his back, just give him a pat on the back and congratulate him.

    This is unnecessary adverse publicity around the club

  478. I don’t think it’s true that no one cares. I would have been very pleased to see our youngsters get to the semi-finals. At the same time, defeat is not a big disappointment. With Nacer injured, it was bound to be difficult for them.

  479. Riteshhhhhh
    Fuck right off……………….hisssssssssssssssssssssss

  480. I cant believe these twats on you’re on sky sports making a meal of Wenger not shaking hands with hughes. Wenger as always man of few words ‘I’ll shake hands with who I want’….What a genius. Wenger wanted to take the pressure of the defeat away from the team and all the twats can talk about is the bloody handshake not Citys victory. What a load of dumb f*cks. Also he has boosted citys confidence prior to their game with Chelsea. What a genius. This is taking one for the team at its best.

  481. Top man G4L

  482. I was impressed by the performance of Sylvestre.. He kept know his pocket all night

    On this form, I am more than happy that he steps in the back four of the first team

  483. Who would want to shake hands with Mark Hughes? Wenger is a man of taste.

  484. Childish. Hissing and not shaking hands. What the hell has this club come to ?

  485. OK OK Calm down. calm down.

    Who is in favour of:

    Buying MH “voodo” dolls from Frank’s stall and sticking pins into them as we:
    “hissssssssssssssssssssss” the early leavers on Saturday ?

  486. voodoo is actually the correct spelling…………..although voodo does sound as though it may be interesting?

  487. Tony @ 11:09 pm – Of course we/I care. That is why we are/I am disappointed. But the more important match is vs Stoke.

  488. ok DFB


  489. Hey DFB……….what do you post here as?

  490. Someone who thinks you’re an idiot

  491. Vela is the main positive from the night.

    Ramsey and Merida need to have a better work rate. The quality they have is glaring.

  492. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’d like to second the notion that we never had a chance once there was a possibility of another Manc Derby in the CC. Shotta and Passenal have touched onto something very sinister I’m afraid.

  493. I suppose you are an early leaver and think “I pay my money, I’m entitled to leave when I choose” ?

    Just like the assholes who sit in Motorway outside lanes doing 69/70????

  494. I’ve just heard that FIFA are conducting an investigation into Wenger’s failure to shake hands with Mark Hughes. Sepp Blatter is going to lead the investigation himself.

  495. I really couldnt give a rats ass about any will carling cup game, i didnt even see the score till i came on here an hour after the match finished. Wenger has rendered this cup worhtless, i decided to have a conversation with the wife instead.

  496. I stayed ’till he end of the Chelsea game. Did you ?

  497. President Herman Van Rompuy has expressed dismay at Wenger’s decision not to shake hands with Mark Hughes.

  498. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    And F*ck off, The Brain. Your 10:09 post is an absolute disgrace.

  499. Anyone who read Walter (the ref) on Untold Arsenal will understand what the ref was doing with the bookings for us and not them.

  500. Arsene probably didn’t shake hands because he knew Hughes was putting his up his as$ all night?

  501. Oh Yes and beyond….I waited for the Police State Blockade to be removed at the Cannon roundabout.

    So, if you are indeed a stayer. what do you think we should do about early leavers?

  502. Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama has offered to mediate in the dispute between Wenger and Hughes.


    This is the answer to such disloyalty!

  504. Nothing. It’s their choice. They’re adults. Petition Arsenal to change their conditions for season ticket holders. People have left early for years. It’s more obvious at the Emirates … and not completely inexplicable when 3-0 down.

  505. Come on dukegoonem. I saw you tweeting about the result. You care a lot about the result,

  506. sorry dfb but when we go 3-0 down it seperates the men from the boys. a true fan will stay out of passion and support knowing you cant just be there for the good times. a fairweather will walk out with no regard to the team just a selfish act and like a child not getting his way and doing a runner on the team. there is no excuse.

  507. dfb,

    For 25 years I’ve seen people leave near the end. At Highbury it was only dribs and drabs but at the Emirates it is a disease! And I think it is mainly new/recent ticket holders who are basically fair weather fans. Thay are adults; it is their choice but I don’t want them associated withg my Club!

    So you can still fuck right off you outside lane apologist

  508. I take it “dave ” has got a train back to tottenham!!

  509. DukeGoon Em

    Can you halep with the “hisssssssssss” campaign?

    Lets just write-off dfb

  510. Not sure on that one Duke…I left early when Manure beat us in the CL match…

    I left bcoz the guys were not worth wearing that shirt
    I dont care getting beaten..but I want the players to give it a go, to try…

  511. Halep of course was original woolwich dialect for please sir can I have some more gruel

  512. Well Duke we disagree there. I think many true supporters are so gutted at such an outcome that they just want to get away. Although I concede that many leave early every game as a matter of course, but if that’s not acceptable to the club then they have the power to do something about it.

  513. What can the Club DO?

  514. I thought the support was the “we” in Club. I know how niaive that is but I still believe the Club is the people who support it.
    As a fan both home and away I have seen how other fans behave and by comparison we are poor. OUR AWAY SUPPORT IS TREMENDOUS.
    At Home, I truly believ something went wrong when the Emirates tickets were distributed.

  515. Pretty simple really. Unless the seat is occupied for 90 minutes in x% of matches then they don’t renew the ticket. That’d concentrate the mind somewhat and force people to get their priorities straight. Or even simpler, don’t open the doors until the final whistle. But never happen as that’s not a priority for the club. Pointless debate really.

  516. Hisssssssssssssssssss.

    You and your comments are pointless


  517. Thankyou. Goodnight.

  518. CHAVS OUT!!!!!



  519. For anyone that missed the game try and watch the first minute. Vela passes to Rosicky then 16 passes later (much one and 2 touch stuff) at least 3 take-on dribbles, punctuated by 1 foul by Adebayor and the ball was at Wilshere’s feet inside the 18 yd box. Given’s save was the first that City got anywhere near the ball. That would have been the goal of the season and is why this is the best team/club in the country. Incredible movement and passing.

    Would have been an incredible embarrassment for City if they’d lost that, or only won 1-0, so 3-0 is the minimum expectation for them. But the young-guns did well overall had some good scoring opportunities, just a bit tired late on and some obvious defending errors. No embarrassment for the team averaging under 22 yrs old (and that with Silv 32 and Rosicky 28 in the team). Front 3 were 17, 19 and 20 yr olds. Midfield 28, 19, and 18.

    I think AW was getting agitated at the friendly chat that was constant between Hughes and the 4th official (disgracefully unprofessional) as usual by the officials.

  520. In fact first minute was reminiscent of the opening minute of the 74 WC final and that incredible passage of play by Cruyff and co.

    Unfortunately the bad guys eventually won that game as well….

  521. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    F*ck me, where were all these people when we were thrashing teams left and right?

    Notice how they all come out of the woodwork perfectly when we fail, yet when Van Persie was looking like he was going to be challenging for the Balloon we could barely muster 100 comments. All that adds up to a frightening bunch of supporters.

  522. So true NJN!!!!!!!!

  523. Actually I agree with 1 Number 10. Mark Hughes at one point in the game turned to AW spread his legs and touched his cock. As the host he then later complained that AW did not shake his hand. In the Arab world this is very inhospitable. You see I saw Mark Hughes shove his hand down the back of his trousers to sort out an arse itch. I think that AW and the subs bench saw it too. Not surprisingly AW was unwilling to shake his hand with man with shit on it.

  524. Get used to it we lost our best chance for a trophy this season.But Wenger would rather play pretty passing football than win trophies.Wenger said he wants us to play football like BARCELONA do.The difference is they win trophies.

  525. I think I’ve worked out why the D&G’s turn up here after a defeat. Misery loves company and when they see a place where the majority are trying to stick with the team through thick and thin (you know, like supporters used to do) it upsets them and they think they should show us the error of our ways and try to persuade us to think like them.

    I don’t care what other people think. I know how I feel about this team, which is increasingly swimming against the tide. Something is going down and people can bury their heads in the sand as long as they like, but it is not even subtle any longer.

  526. I saw a game where our kids played very well against a much older and more experienced side. Unfortunately a couple of defending errors made us concede, but overall I am happy with the way the kids performed and I am not too sad about being kicked out of the micky mouse cup. Can’t wait to see Eastmond, Wilshere, etc. in thelast game of the CL group stage!

  527. I agree with Passenal and EvilFiek.

  528. Mark Hughes is a disgraceful host. He should be censured by the FA for his behaviour last night…utterly, utterly disrespectful of a visitor. I suspect his days as manager of Citeh are numbered. As for Sky…..we need more competition in sports broadcasting, their coverage is appalling…it is a shame we cannot watch at least neutral coverage. Last night was so agenda laden it was embarassing.

  529. Cant beleve how many Gooners dont care we lost.Even if it was the kids.We are Arsenal.Citeh have been shit for 2 months and were there for the taking.But we got mullered.Song looked very poor at CH.The only bright spark was Rambo the rest not good

  530. I see that the worst fans in the EPL have hit the blogs with a vengeance this morning. I hate Arsenal supporters.

  531. e.g. the fellow @ 8.57am

  532. What amazes me is the so-called supporters can’t be bothered to stay in the stadium and support the team for a whole match, but they are the first to get onto the phone lines to radio and TV shows to whine. Disgraceful support.

  533. Mark Hughes days are numbered. He’s so stressed out during games setting an uneviable record of 7 consecutive draws that I worry for his health.

  534. We have a policy of giving the youngsters experience. The youngsters are good enough to have beaten Liverpool and any number of other sides over the last few seasons. Citeh put out their strongest side…which is a compliment….and resort to all sorts of tactics to win the game and disrespect our manager and squad. The referee was the worst sort of homer.

    Well done lads and good luck in Greece. Well done Arsene for sticking to your guns….you sir have my undying respect.

  535. Frank

    Mark Hughes wasnt the reason why our senior players like Eboue Silvestre Rosicky and particularly Song couldnt be bothered. The way they played it was like they were saying we shouldnt be here.Their attitude stank.

  536. Btw how did Kolo Toure turn into such a little slime bag? Was he always this way?

  537. Utter fucking rubbish, Bean…utter fucking rubbish.

  538. We should be brave enough to throw the kids in again for the FA Cup tie v West Ham. Screw all who crave for trophies at all cost.

  539. Arsene has more balls than most of his critics.

    They’ve turned him into a pantomime villain but he doesn’t dance to their tune, and they invariably will dance to his.

    He’s promised a trophy this season. Personally, I’d be very disappointed if we don’t win. This season, more than ever we have the squad to win.

    I still think we’re at least the 2nd best team in England.

    It’s amusing to see people shitting themselves with negativity in November.

  540. Hughes was very disrespectful and behaving like a thug on technical area, when Wenger told him to move back to his technical area, I can’t lip read but it looks like he insulted him. And when Shity scored he was gesturing near his genitals. That is not a behaviour of a honourable man who deserves respect. Why would you shake your hand with a man who has insulted you ? unless you are a coward and a hypocrite.

  541. I thought Song was stunning last night, he should play there every week with Vermaalen.

    Strangely this loss seemed to hurt more than Chelsea. maybe because you get another chance in the league, maybe because hughes was such a tart. A semi-final with Utd would have been really sweet to look forward to.

    Oh well. On to Stoke.

    Our luck must change soon. Every mistake get hammered, every shot goes top corner, the refs offer no protection. Fair play to City though, they won that game and deserved to. Nice to see Ade be shit for someone else at least.

    Fabianski looks too good to drop, it should be his spot to lose now. It would be already but for injury.

    Without Robin I think we need Theo to show that he is a top class player who can change games consistently. That or go to 4-4-2.

    The next two league games are crucial and 6 points are a must.

    C’mon the gunners!

  542. We were awful last night! What happened to the senior players? Eboue, Silvestre, Song and Rosicky had a poor game. Defensively weak again. Silvestre is a liability – don’t know why Wenger bought him.

    And whats all the fuss about Wilshere? I didn’t see anything spectacular from him.

    We should have put some senior players onto the pitch when we went 2 goals down.

  543. Bet we’ll lose to stoke…

  544. Ole Gooner

    We are out of the title race.The team that started last night wont be much different from the side that will play West Ham.So that leaves the CL.Do you think our team that hasnt got a striker can win it.Win a trophy this year.The youth cup

  545. Excellent game from the youngsters last night. I was really, really impressed and proud. You see how ManC worked incredibly hard to shut up shop in the middle with a 5-man midfield, and time and again we passed our way through. Vela looked alert and up for it. Wilshere was excellent, mature. Merida a little subdued. Eastmond learned a whole lot about speed of thought. The defence, apart from one or two Sylvestre type incidents was fine, Traore eventually manacled his man, and ManC barely had chances. So it came down to some outstanding individual play by world stars. A great learning curve for the boys. Can you imagine what Hughes had to say to his team at half-time. Jokes aside ManC play very well when they have to, and they had to or we would have won. But they have no heart. We do. I hope people can spot the difference.

    I do love Arsenal. Courage is what we got.

  546. For fucks sake – when did people start getting so worried about the Carling Cup?

    You know what we are going to get, so you should enjoy the ride watching our younger players play without fear, and most importantly learn.

    It would of been a major ask for a cobbled together team of kids to beat a team assembled for £200M +.

    It must be such fun to be you Gooner1 – slagging off a 17 yr old kid based on one game.

    You are an embarressment to all true Arsenal fans.

  547. I thought Silvestre was stunning last night, he should play there every week with Gallas.

  548. The Bean,

    What happens in the season has nothing to do with how you feel about yourself. If you’re feeling negative, or worried that’s your problem. Really.

    In the end, we do have the squad. By continuing to focus on who we have to buy we ignore the need for those we have to play at their best, which, if they do that, they will win a trophy.

  549. Is Song available for Stoke after his yellow card??

  550. Jeez……….

  551. Has Wenger said he will play the youth team in the F.A. Cup? I would expect the F.A. Cup team to be considerably different from the team that played last night.

  552. Sad and rather silly, this describes Bean and Gooner 1. I feel sorry for them. It’s like they are from some other club, not mine. Poor fools.

  553. Thought Vela did more last night than Eduardo in the last two games.His only problem is he doesnt get into the box enough.Is he a winger or a striker?
    Motm was Ramsey

    The CC becomes important when you havent won a trophy for 5 years

  554. ZimPaul, I think you and alot of others enjoy it when we don’t win trophies. its time you and others stopping worshipping everything Wengers says or does and start thinking with your own brains.

    The team needs a change of direction.

  555. If you really want a trophy, Red Gunner, why not go and buy one?

  556. CC is not a priority, no matter how long with or with out trophies, regardless how important the “invisible Govt” convinces you it is, its still not .. isn’t Ramsey always man of the match around here..

  557. Too many Arsenal fans settling for second best….this is what dissapoints me. Sad.

  558. When we lose three-nil, I’m not sure it makes sense to talk about our man of the match – or to talk about one of our centre backs being stunning, for that matter.

  559. don’t cry, dry your eye.. it’s okay .. it really isn’t the end of the world Gooner1

  560. Gooner1 is such a blighted man (or woman).


  562. It’s funny, because to me, Gooner1, you don’t sound like a winner at all. Your posts make me wonder if you’re relying on a football club to get the smallest taste of achievement in your life.

  563. Any critism of the club and you get ridiculed on this site. People are quick to stamp down on anyone who says anything against the club. its pathetic.

  564. You get ridiculed because you say ridiculous things. People criticise the club all the time.

  565. Ole Gunner, no its because I speak the truth. And you can’t handle the truth.

  566. No, it’s because your comments have little value.

  567. Hey, Big Al, you’re turning into a psychological demolition expert. What was the cause of this transformation?

  568. We play kids in the Carling Cup. We add a bit of experience to bolster the team if needed.

    Winning the Carling Cup is much less important than giving young squad players a breakthrough.

    If you don’t play them in the Carling Cup you have to play them in more important competitions.

    Question: If we’d won the Carling Cup every year since 2005, would you have been satisfied that we’re a cup winning trophies?

    I know I wouldn’t have been.

  569. All I’m saying is that we should not be happy with losing 3-0 to Man City. Yet, all i see on this site are people posting about how well Song or Silvestre played and that the defeat doesn’t matter as its the youth team and not the first team. Blah Blah…

    Its like Arsenal fans are now so used to disappointment that it doesn’t matter if we lose. We seem to have this belief that Wenger’s dream of producing a winning team of youngsters will come true. The reality is that, season after season, we are getting beaten in the latter stages of all competitions by better teams with senior, experienced, quality players.

    Frankly, I’m sick of it.

  570. Well, just fuck off elsewhere Gooner 1. There are plenty of sites full of miserable sad twats like you.

  571. You still whining, Gooner 1?

  572. gooner one, i dont think anyone is happy that we lost, im not. However I dont understand why losing a game, as chelsea did by the way with a strong mature team, causes som much anger aginst a team that you must obviously love like your family. We knew he would play the youngsters, we knew it would be a tough game and it was. we wern’t good enough on the night but that isnt going to be the case every game. If you dont believe we will come through then thats your opinion and i respect it, but now is the time for solidarity.

  573. I still think it was unwise of Wenger to play kids against the first team Man City side. They weren’t up to the challenge last night and were beaten badly. Should have played the first team so that they could build some of their confidence up after the defeat to Chelsea.

  574. no song for sat but good opportunity for us to get back on track, ile be interested in the man c chels game and how much playing with first team in extra time or running around trying to close down young ones will take out of more important prem game, all of a sudden the leage cup is the mark of achievment. I love being an Arsenal fan and so does gooner 1, i know it,

  575. I do love it.

    Still gives me a right to criticise or give praise when deserved.

  576. What utter rubbish, Gooner1. AW needed to rest the first team and to get them together for a week at London Colney. The first time he has had a chance to do that since the devastating news about RvP. The youngsters will have gained an enormous amount of experience last night….and they will gain even more in Greece next week.


  578. You seem to be a magnet for the deranged, Gooner 1.

  579. Gooner 1 is a zombie. You sir are a disgrace. I get the impression you want to win for bragging rights moreso that seeing the players grow and realise their potential.

    Why do you “support” Arsenal?

    What is the point in claiming to support the squad when all you do is complain when we lose rather than offering the players support and encouragement to do better?

  580. its seems the doomers have won. yogis done a runner!

  581. Support isn’t helping the team win any trophies. How many more seasons are we going to have to wait for a trophy?

    When is the potential of the team going to be realised?

  582. We will win the EPL this year by a country mile. Of course you will have to wait until 2010, Gooner1. We will win the ECL too.

  583. Frank, I think you need help if you think that!

  584. I do think that and I do not need help. I just enjoy watching this squad. Intriguingly even Didier Drogba sees the quality in this squad. If you don’t then it seems that you have the problem, my friend. You just have to stew in your own misery. Don’t expect me to join you.

  585. Honestly, my disappointment is that we can’t have a good, sensible debate about the direction of the club.

    Some just moan and moan, and gripe at everything without offering any real alternatives or any willingness to face reality.

    But they’re so blighted they think negativity is realism. It’s not.

  586. I see a superb squad playing very well, but desperately needing to regroup after the RvP injury. Hence the two losses. That is exactly what they will be doing this week. Regrouping.

  587. I am going to have a bit of fun with this transfer market stuff. Don’t normally get the chance.

    David Villa

  588. Has it evern occurred to you Gooner1, that everyone wonders when this team will realise its potential?

    That’s why you’re not taken seriously. Obviously you think you’re asking some profound, brave hard-hitting question. But you’re just whinging.

  589. I suggest we spend more money and buy some experienced players rather than relying year after year on youth development. I think we have lost the balance between developing youth and achieving success. We are compromising our ability to win trophies for the sake of developing young stars.

    When we won the premiership we had a squad of quality, experienced players mixed with youth. This is what the current squad is lacking.

  590. Royally pissed that we lost to the moneybags. Hughes is a c*^t and he is lucky he got away with only his hand not being shaken. If i were Wenger i’d slap him so hard his head would reel. Obviously that would get him banned for eternity so it was not an option.

    You know you are at your lowest when your mates start sending these kinda jabs to you

    Judge to child: Do you want to live with your mother?
    Child: No
    Judge: Why?
    Child: She beats me.
    Judge: Okay, so you want to live with dad?
    Child: No
    Judge: Why not?
    Child: He beats me too.
    Judge: So who do you want to live with?
    Child: Arsenal.
    Judge: WHY??
    Child: They never beat anyone!


  591. If we had a squad with experienced players and weren’t winning (like Liverpool or AC Milan) you’ll be moaning about how we have to try youth.

    You’re just a moaner.

  592. But we do have a squad full of quality and experience. That you can’t see that is why you’re ridiculed.

  593. oh dear oh dear oh dear….lot of faithless people on here today.

  594. “Support isn’t helping the team win any trophies.”
    Gooner1 do you think your rant will help them either? Then you are deluded mister.

  595. For anyone in need of cheering up, (looking at you goober1)…

  596. We should be be able to hold on to our best players and have the money to buy the best players in the world. First and foremost, a new striker would be useful.

  597. And if we can’t? You’ll moan us to death?


  599. ‘ello Dave

  600. Buying a striker is not a change of policy. It is a direct replacement for RvP.

  601. I think you’ve got the hang of this transfer speculation, Frank. David Villa!

    Yeah and his mate, wossisname, plays on the wing?


  603. Frank,

    Why was the striker not bought in the summer?

    1 injured player and the whole thing is in danger of falling apart. Its a squad game and the injury to RvP has shown the deficiencies in the squad.

    We do have other strikers but Vela and Walcott do not look ready and Eddy does not look suited to the lone striker role. Nik is the most likely but its obvious we are short in this area.

    AW always says that a player from abroad needs 6 months to settle so unless he buys someone from the Prem which he doesn’t often do then by Wenger’s own logic the new player will have to do something exceptional.

    This could have been avoided if we bought a striker in the summer.

  604. FFS, we don’t need another “I told Wenger so” from you, AIC.


  606. That’s the very comment I would have made First Lady.

  607. Luke,

    I didn’t “tell Wenger so”. Many people had this opinion and once Ade had gone he needed to be replaced.

    Why attack me Luke? I hardly post on here and just asked a simple question. Perhaps your ire should be directed at others. perhaps you have an unhappy life, who knows?

    Don’t you have an opinion?

  608. We are more likely to buy Aston Villa than David Villa.

  609. Alex Ice Cream.

    Buying one striker, even if they were Joey Blogger, the England Superstar cloned from a drop of Stanley Matthews’ blood found on Avnell Road, would not have changed some of the strange things happening around the club this season.

    Vermaelan, Arshavin & Nasri all needed less then 6 months to settle.

    It seems that in his old age AW is getting better at buying players.

    Ps: Still awaiting a reply regarding your incorrect claims on the stadium and the club’s finances.

  610. Finsbury,

    I assume you mean the point I made about the tightening credit conditions would mean that many flats would not be completed on (sold) due to lack of mortgage availability and we would not make money on the development at least not for a good while?

  611. Still waiting a reply.

    You can trawl back through the archives and answer points raised to you. I can’t be bothered to repeat what others have already said.

    Interesting to see that you still can’t admit you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Good Bye.

  612. AIC, two strikers injured not one. And the next three or four in reserve have all just failed to perform to what they are capable of when they’ve come in.

    Was Wenger supposed to predict that course of events and bring in a big money striker in the summer? I’m not having a go, but you suggesting that Wenger should have planned for this scenario is unfair.

    I do think that Wenger needs to moderate his youth policy in games like last night though. Those kids needed some more experienced heads in the mix urging them on when it wasn’t going all their way. As it was we just looked beaten, and deflated after we conceded.

    They can’t just learn from playing against experienced players (and getting well beaten), they need to play alongside great players, and great leaders who can help them.

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