The Past Is Behind Us, The Future Tomorrow & More

The merchants of doom have been out in force over the past twenty four hours, filling the back pages with their smug ‘I told you so‘ comments, as if the result on Sunday has not just knocked Arsenal out of the title race but handed the gongs to Chelsea over everyone else. It makes the remaining 20-odd games largely not worth playing if that is the case.

Losing at home has highlighted the deficiency in that performance, taken in the context of the defeat at Sunderland, a losing run is in progress domestically at least with Stoke offering the opportunity to put that right. They will be well organised but it is too soon to predict that Arsenal will drop away from the title race, especially with reverse fixtures still to take place between the top four sides.

You might recall that last season’s three goal home defeat to Chelsea had been preceded by a 2 – 1 victory at Stamford Bridge. If they can repeat the same winning margin at The Emirates, should we not believe that the same can hold true for the away fixture?

It is all grist to the mill for hacks though, allowing them to resurrect and invent new transfer stories, current favourite is Ruud van Nistelrooy who should be fit for about a week before going missing for the rest of the season. The ideal Arsene signing albeit his age of 129 will count against him. Still, it would the experience that everyone seems to crave that acts in his favour.

Elsewhere, the build up to tomorrow’s visit to Eastlands where Manchester City are indeed undefeated this season. Mark Hughes, who is giving Phil Brown a run for his money in the race to be sacked, has stoked up Emmanuel Adebayor by telling him to repeat his performance of earlier this season. It brings into question Hughes managerial skills since a repeat will end up with the Togolese being banned for about three months rather than three games. Still, when you’ve paid £25m for a striker, you are entitled to expect him to turn up for two games a season.

Arsene has confirmed, unsurprisingly, that the youngsters will continue to play in this competition. Whether or what extent that will extend to the FA Cup is another matter, the draw of an away tie at Upton Park may require a stronger line-up than he would have perhaps put out had it been at the home of a lower league side.

I am not sure why people are fearful of this game. City’s only win since September was a 5-1 drubbing of Scunthorpe and since then the only teams that they have encountered whom they would not have expected to beat are Aston Villa and Liverpool. I have to say that a run of draws against Fulham, Wigan, Birmingham, Burnley and Hull, conceding ten goals in the process holds out hope for even a ‘green’ Arsenal forward line and midfield. The £40m spent on defenders looks to be money well spent. So let’s hope that the youngsters can bring a smile to lift those who need it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Doomers are the zombies of the Arsenal Support. They are the Un-fans. don’t let their memes touch your reason centres or you too might turn into unthinking zealots of media hacks

  2. People are all saying we bottle it against top flight opposition but the Chelsea game is the only game where we were outperformed in some areas of the pitch as well as score sheet. In the away fixture, hopefully we’ll have Diaby and Bendtner back, which will provide another dimension to our play which through untimely injuries were avaible to us on the weekend.

    Arsenal is glorious and will ultimately prevail

  3. I wouldn’t be delighted at having Ruud van Nistelrooy join us, but he does have the merit of hating the lesser Ronaldo. He also used to scare Roy Keane shitless. Ruud was apparently highly amused by Keane’s posturing as a “hard man,” and Keane used to avoid him as far as possible in the dressing room in a vain attempt to uphold his image.

  4. i think we have a better chance of winning away as chelsea would have to come out and play, its harder to score against good teams who defend in numbers. Man City next, cant wait.

  5. I think it is time to lighten up a bit. We are lucky enough to have a huge amount to look forward to. I don’t think that Ruud will come to Arsenal for a number of reasons, but if he did it would be hilarious. The team needs to lighten up too…..we are a fantastic side when we have confidence in ourselves and relax a little. Eduardo is a prime exampe, he is putting too much pressure on himself. He needs to loosen up …the goals will come.

  6. My prediction is that we will bounce back to win the EPL by a country mile.

  7. On the firing lines .. Mark.. one man unloads..

    ready on the right.. ready on the left..

    Ready on the firing lines.. Watch for your targets..

  8. van misty at the grove, god forbid

  9. You might recall that last season’s three goal home defeat to Chelsea had been preceded by a 2 – 1 victory at Stamford Bridge. If they can repeat the same winning margin at The Emirates, should we not believe that the same can hold true for the away fixture?No because they will have drogba and essien playing this time

  10. That is a good impression of plod behaviour on matchdays, Kitchen Sink.

  11. Cant wait for tomorrow’s game.

    Any predictions for line-ups?

    I would like to see:

    Fabianski, Eastmond, Senderos, Silvestre, Traore, Ramsey, Coquellin, Rosicky, Walcott, Merida, Vela

    Subs: Mannonne, Gilbert, Bartley, Wilshere, Watt, Sunu, Randall

  12. yet another blog that have been on the deluded pills

  13. loll that team will be in for another mauling

  14. lets face it we have little set backs in life, its normal. What most people do is accept that life sucks at times but the razor blade stays on the strap. Im still confident, how can i not be with the quality we have. We are still a good team, and i have a feeling about the game tomorrow.

  15. pay attention..

  16. A loan deal would be pretty cool. Ruud or Thierry, I’m not really fussed. I think both could give Bendtner some real good advice that would propel him to World class status at a quicker rate than current.

    Last i heard Ruud was sweetening up the Pool since there would probably be a greater chance of a long term contract and more play time there. I mean if he came to Arsenal, we probably would renew, and if we did he wouldn’t get much play time, but at Pool on the other hand.

    In truth, I can see neither coming. We got more chance of signing Chamakh, and I can’t see us even pursuing him.

    As for the city game, I’m not really fussed. I’d love to see the young’uns beat them, but I watch the CC almost as a neutral, and I don’t know why!

  17. I think people are really talking up Drogba at the moment. Sure he has presence but their first two goals were mistakes between WG and TV, probably exacerbated by WG’s eye problem. In open play I think that Drogba was being dealt with. The line up for the free-kick was half-cock too. If Almunia was marking the far post becuase the wall had the other one covered…why could he not reach the post when he dived? I watched the game again last night. We fluffed it. Chelski are not that good.

  18. Any hindsight as to why Song was taken off? I thought he might have been injured but since there isnt any news and he will be At Amoury the day after tomorrow, I take it he is fine.

  19. Just watch and learn, Spit Your Phlegm.

  20. I thought he was injured too, Firstlady

  21. my team for tomorrow
    Fab 1

    Boo boo sendy silvy easty


    rammy jack

    wally eddy vela

  22. Laugh Out Load .. I didn’t know the Irish F.A had a private meeting with Fifa in which they asked to be the 33rd WC team..

  23. Zombie alert.

  24. Frank, me thinks its time the reins were handed over to Fabianski.

    As for drogba Evans and Brown did a pretty good job making him seem mediocre, so yea he might have it easy against us and he scores alot but he is not great.

  25. i dont think AW will go for 433 but carlos and theo up front as a two partnership, or vela in the hole. best to be a touch carefull, a draw will do for me as it woukld be another chance for the players like theo to get some more games under their belt

  26. I thought Song’s substitution was tactical, nothing negative about it at all. Fabregas moved back taking Song’s position. Walcott moved out to the wing and Nasri took Cesc’s role. It made sense to me at the time.

  27. Boomer if it is a draw doesnt it mean we go for penalties? or does that only happen if there are goals in the draw.

    Kitchen sink that is so last-week news, I hear Blatter will punish Thiery, world cup ban perhaps? hope not.

    Hollis i like that team but i would like to see Wilshire start.

  28. I am really looking forward to the game tomorrow evening.

    I think that this the is the best Arsenal squad I have ever seen.

  29. Oh for fucks sake. I think that this is the best Arsenal squad I have ever seen.

  30. Yeah, it is always brilliant to see wilshere play, but i thought he was carrying an ankle knock

  31. London i would rather he’d taken out Denilson but that’s water under the bridge now. Time to move on.

  32. Firstlady good to hear, I doubt Henry will be banned it will just make him a martyr..

    What I found funny was also the fact that the Irish were laughed out of the meeting and Blatter exposed this in one of his speeches in South Africa..

  33. This is the best Arsenal squad i’ve ever seen, except for the one which had loads of world class players in. That squad was maybe slightly better.

  34. Kitchen Sink, have you been playing paintball?

    I agree with Frank, having also watched the game again – we fluffed it. Chelsea aren’t all that and a bag o chips.

    Everybody bigging up Chelsea cuts both ways. With any luck it’ll go to their heads and they’ll get complacent – however, each side they play while being hailed as this unstoppable (characterless) machine, will have to deal with a certain fear factor that comes with it.

    Fortunately for us, these days, the premiership is full of teams that really don’t give a f*ck what the pundits say and will take great pleasure in hunting a nice Fulham Blue scalp.

  35. RedTrev,

    Objectively we’ve never had a squad this deep. As I said at the start of the season, if we’d kept Toure & Adebayor we’d be best squad in the country today.

  36. at Poliziano

    “I wouldn’t be delighted at having Ruud van Nistelrooy join us, but he does have the merit of hating the lesser Ronaldo. He also used to scare Roy Keane shitless. Ruud was apparently highly amused by Keane’s posturing as a “hard man,” and Keane used to avoid him as far as possible in the dressing room in a vain attempt to uphold his image.”

    Where have you heard these comments? Ruud struck me as a pansie, I remember her shitting herself when Keown practically ate her, after the penalty miss.

  37. Limps I haven’t read any sports pages or Sky since the hiccup .. We all mourn in our own way..

  38. Despite his reputation, Drogba has never been a great goal scorer. He’s had one or two good seasons, but in general he’s surprisingly mediocre. During his time in the premier league, his average strike rate is 0.46. That’s certainly respectable, but well below the achievement of great premier league strikers like Shearer (0.58), Henry (0.61), and van Nistelrooy (0.68). It’s almost enough to put him alongside a player of the second rank like Michael Owen, whose strike rate is 0.49. If you only include the seasons before Owen’s career was ruined by injury, however, Drogba once again falls short. Drogba is one of those players who will be forgotten within a season of his retirement.

  39. Poliziano,

    Are you being serious? Drogba’s a great striker

  40. Poliziano the only people who will remember him fondly will be the chavs and ofcourse the rest of us will remember him but for different reasons. the ECL game comes to mind. I t took me a long time to wipe the memory of him glaring at the ref the way he did.

  41. Poliziano,

    It’s true. T

    he thing is that he’s in the form of his life now. And he scores in the big games. 2 times out of 3 he scores when the chips are down.

    And he plays the role of lone striker better than anyone.

  42. els,
    You always strike me as a pansy.

  43. Just goes to show you can prove anything you like with Stat’s….

  44. I wouldnt want Ruud at the grove. I still remember when he cost Viera a red card which i think was unfair. I am good at holding grudges.

  45. Ole Gunner, I agree. We’d have a stronger squad if we had kept Toure and Ade. But isn’t this typically what happens? We can’t seem to hold on to our quality players. Example: Flamini, Hleb

    What has happened with the money we got for Toure and Ade? Why hasn’t Arsene spent money on a new striker?

  46. Well has Drogba finally scored against the Mancs or is he leaving that to his defenders still….freaking monster………

  47. And has he won the golden boot and if so it can’t ahve been more than once.

  48. Maria now you know what its like for eboue playing for the ivory coast, with a chump like Drogbear..

  49. Poliziano, hmm random anger, why?

  50. Flamini, Hleb

    Where are they now?

  51. Not a doom monger or nay-sayer at all but funny how City’s run of draws are not looked at in the same context when Arsenal went through the same at the start of the yeat.

    The “blip”, if thats the correct term is not as bad as the hacks make it seem as as long as theres touching distance at the top come the new year and through the African Nations – I think we’ll still be in with a chance. What really gets my goat is the notion that Arsenal are still the team in jeopardy of dropping out the Big 4!!!

  52. If we had kept Ade and Toure the whole dynamic of the squad would be different and for the worse surely. Ade is a bad penny, and Arsene has been proven to be right to stick with the gallas over toure.

    We didn’t spend the cash so that some of our younger players arsenal careers wouldn’t be ruined. However we then lost johan and now RvP. Personally I’d stick with what we have past january.

  53. Have pity on Hleb he shows nothing but remorse and gratitude albeit a bit late..

  54. Yeah I feel for Hleb too.

  55. I don’t understand the reluctance amongst fans to spend money. Surely with RVP out for the season, it is essential we replace him with a quality striker to partner Eduardo.

  56. Come on Poliziano, I asked a genuine question, wasn’t having a go. Would still like an answer to it.

    Don’t be a tit eh!

  57. Well Flamini hasn’t and he unlike Hleb doesn’t even make the football pitch.

  58. A poor attempt at being funny methinks…

  59. Gooner 1, another striker would almost definately meen the loss of Vela.


  61. Why would it mean the loss of Vela? And if that is the case, then so be it.

    I feel as though youth development is now more important than winning trophies at Arsenal.

    Surely, there should be a balance between the two objectives.

  62. I think I read it in a review of a biography of Ruud van Nistelrooy. Don’t worry: I didn’t read the book.

  63. Gooner1,

    Strikers never settle immediately. We’ll be better off relying on the 3 we have fit.

    We just need Eduardo to play at his best for the next 4,5 games and we’ll be fine.

    That’s the only worry.

    It’s not that he’s not good. He’s just not confident or out of form.

  64. I’m still a firm believer that ol’ bendy will surpass the drogbear as the meat-monster of choice..

  65. First half he had 3 chances I can remember confident it’s 3-2 half time…….

  66. ole have no fear..

  67. Calm down maria, it’s going to be all right. I’ll wash my mouth out.

    Gooner1 I see your point but as Wenger says you are buying an unknown, bringing them in to do an immediate job, is so risky. Then when RvP, NB, Theo Eddy are all fit, with another striker what will happen to Carlos, not to mention Watt, Simpson…

  68. All those that are saying drogba aint great….GET an EFFIN grip!! Blind love can b just as dangerous as pure hate. I’m stil in bits over sunday but bein dishonest wiv urself is pointless. We did jus about deal wiv drogba in open play bt d chances he gt he tuk…as all world class strikers do. Sumtimes torres dnt do much but da one chance he gets he takes….and I bet all u drog haters kiss torres’ ass! The only problem wiv sunday was that our 3year old problem of nt closing dwn crosses was exploited and eduardo is tense as hell(altho he was cryin out for 1st team football and needs to take his chance). The season is far from over. I can see JET beingg great for us…his strength is ridiculous, couple wiv his class footwrk wud love to see him wiv Song and Fab. Now let’s get behind the team and stop cryin over spilt milk (or blood) n get stuck in!! RED ARMY!!

  69. Poliziano surely he was talking himself up a bit there. I can’t stand the thought of that dirty cheat running out for us at the em.

  70. Better els much better

  71. I agree Swarve, reluctantly.

  72. Sware, JET really that’s your solution to are league stutter……..oh my………

  73. All too predictable D&G reactions all round, pathetic and boring. Too small, out muscled, out thought, men v boys, etc etc. AW made an interesting comment in the press conf post game. In defence of the team and its effort he said “Wait until Tuesday and I will show you the numbers (proving the strength of his team)”

    Its very unlikely that he will bring out the numbers today in the pre ManC press conf so I thought I’d dig them up anyway.

    1. Tackling – Ars put in 70 and won 39 of them. Ch put in 74 and won 44 of them. Best tacklers on the pitch? Also 2 of the smallest players – Cesc (7) and Nasri (6). Given that Arsenal had 58% of the possession you’d expect 60% of the tackles to be by Ch but there was parity. The total tackles 144 tells most about the game. This is more than double the usual number in a PL game. Why? Weather conditions. The constant rain slowed the game massively. The weather was a great leveller making the high tempo Ars game difficult. But there is no way you can say that Ch out muscled Arsenal – parity at best. Interceptions were also equal at 23 each.

    2. Attempts on goal. Ars 12, Ch 10. Not unusual for a tight top of the table clash in appalling weather. The key was that Ch blocked 7 of those shots. Again slow conditions and very committed defending. Essien (3), Carvalho (2), Ivanovic and Terry (1). 6 of those blocks were inside the 18 yd box. Got to give them credit for that. Ars blocked 2 shots. Difficult to blame players just back from injury, new formation and the slow conditions for a few wayward passes but Cesc, Denilson, Song, Sagna, Nasri, Traore all kept high 80’s % passing accuracy. Just not sharp/creative enough in the final third.

    3. The goals. Already thoroughly analysed but Ch took their half chances well and Arsenal didn’t. AW criticized Almunia for not communicating on the 2nd in his post game interview (unusual for AW) and any PL goalkeeper would be disappointed with Almunia’s positioning on the 3rd. The wall did its job but Almunia didn’t. I’d expect Fabianski to start on Saturday if he does well Weds.

    4. Getting stuck in. Fouls 20 each team.

    I’d have no concerns playing Chelsea on a firm pitch in May at the Bernabeau. Even in poor weather Arsenal have nothing to worry about, they need to bring 100% concentration to all key situations.

  74. jbh great post mate, nice reading. How quick peoples minds can change, song and co were winning support then BOOM!

    The only drawback our slick play has is that it is susceptible to adverse weather conditions.

    I’d still rather take a defeat to meat heads and get to see some great football any day.

    Up the Arse!

  75. Maria wen did I omce state that JET was the answer???!!! If u read wat was written ul c I blame the stutter on not closin dwn crosses. Thanx!

  76. Swarve we can dream can’t we? Who was that guy who supposedly put a spell on madrid? I need his no. ASAP.
    Kitchen sink me thinks people dont give Nik enough credit, who remembers Drog in his early 20s? There lies my answer.

  77. When Ruud van Nistelrooy moved to man utd, he had already heard plenty about Keane’s antics from his international team-mate Jaap Stam. During his career, Keane worked hard to develop a “hard man” image to conceal that he is only of average size and by no means strong. He is, for instance, significantly smaller than our own Denilson. He used to spend a lot of time and money on having a top Manchester stylist tend to his designer stubble to give himself a threatening appearance. It is amusing to contrast this with his obsession with football players using hair gel. Although always of a vicious disposition, he knew he would usually come off worst in a direct physical confrontation. He therefore preferred to fight with words through the media, or to attempt to take his adversaries by surprise. “Base and crafty cowards are like the arrow that flieth in the dark.”

  78. The Man has always produced for his club and country.. Whether its a nippy assist, a poached effort or a wonder strike ..

    Have no fear the ninja hear..

  79. Jbh you just made my week abit bearable. Thank you.


  81. Poliziano where is that from??? Did this come from Van Nistlegirl’s autobiography?

    Awesome! I hope it’s all true, I wish that Pat had slapped him so hard.

    Still got to say it dosn’t say that Van Nist thought of himself as the Man U hard man.

    Wasn’t Keane a boxer?

  82. jbh,

    We conceded 3 and scored none.

    They still tackled more than we did. And the 7 blocked shots shows where we were lacking. They defended heroically.

    They were the favourites in the tie, and still defended for their lives.

    The fact that you’re an attacking team doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw your bodies at the ball.

    And I’ve always said we concede too many crosses. It’s annoying because our full backs are very good 1-on-1 defenders.

    How many times were Sagna, Walcott, Nasri’s crosses blocked? They jumped at the ball to prevent the cross going in. And that’s a team that was confident they were better in the air which they are.

    There’s more. Just 2 shots on target is dismal for an attacking team. It say we did not turn up.

    Look, we had every reason to play well and get a result. We did not and got tonked.

    It’s significant.

    No need to minimise it. We just have to react, and ignore the doom maniacs.

  83. Designer stubble??…….you would’nt think someone pay for that look but Keane never faisl to dissapoint….

  84. Anti-football is not welcome at the Emirates.

  85. I don’t believe Ruud van Nistelrooy was the utd hard man. He’s just a big, powerful player who couldn’t be intimidated by some facial hair. Stam is the only hard man I can recall utd having in the recent past.

  86. els,

    Awesome! I hope it’s all true, I wish that Pat had slapped him so hard.


  87. You seem to be a bit tetchy Poliziano.

    Was never my intention to have a go. But your original comment stated that Keane was ‘shit scared’ and ‘avoided’ Ruud. I couldn’t imagine this and asked a question was all.

    I’m impressed in your finding of the excerpt, however I think you elaborated.

  88. I am surprised by your reaction to jbh, OG. Seems to me that the statistics he quoted bore out what I saw. Yes they took their chances and we didn’t…end of. Why? Because we were reeling psychologically from the shocking loss of our talisman…and several players one after the other. Chelski on the other hand had their strongest team out….nicely prepared through gamesmanship….torn thigh muscle trying to have a shit in an aeroplane toilet? Come early Feb it will be the other way round.

    This week the squad will be back in the driving seat and I would not be surprised if their low spirits are turned into an absolute fucking rage. I expect to see Stoke completely blown out of the water on Saturday.

  89. Sorry Maria, that was to poliziano about the fact that van Nist was less than impressed by Keanes stubble hardman-ness. I remembered the bust up where vieira and keane nearly came to blows.

  90. …I wouldn’t be surprised if AW refuses to allow our players to go to the loo on aeroplanes. Complete ban. Too bloody dangerous. You could be out for months just trying to reach for the toilet paper.

  91. Ole, I don’t disagree with your comments. The result was a fair reflection of the game (they defended better and took their chances) I’m merely backing AW’s point that the nonsense about out-muscled, weak, too short, etc etc is misplaced.
    Arsenal needed to use their possession better.

  92. Frank,

    We could have played much better. That’s all.

    I watched the game again, and of course Arsene is right, it wasn’t a 3-0 game.

    On the other hand it’s a horrible horrible result.

  93. Excellent post, jbh.

    OG, to say that Chelsea defended heroically and that Arsenal didn’t turn up, is a contradiction.

  94. Limpar i second that.

  95. On the other hand it’s a horrible horrible result.

    Now that I can agree with…..

  96. Els,

    lool….I see……

  97. LimparAssist,

    I see no contradiction. We didn’t play well. Chelsea didn’t play well either. But they beat us 3-0. That’s the whole point.

  98. If we’d lost 3-2 I’d be more open to arguments that it wasn’t so bad.

  99. OG

    Did Cech make one save?.I cant remember one.And we were the home team

  100. He punched the ball at some point.Or maybe that was my imagination playing tricks on me coz i wanted so badly for us to equalize.

  101. You can put forward as many stats as you like the only stat that counts is the goal stats.

  102. jbh,

    The small squad thing is nonsense.

    We had 3 players out who’d have played all over 6 ft 3.

    Chelsea are not so tall either.

    Terry & Carvalho are 1 inch taller than Gallas & Vermaelen.

    Ivanovic, Drogba & Mikel are their tall players.

    Beyond that they have Fat Frank, Essien, Cashley, Cole who’re not so tall.

    If we had those 3 players fit, there was no difference in height and power.

    Commentators mislead people all the time. I’m not surprised many are mislead.

    I saw one Arsenal blogger who said even with Bendtner, Diaby & RVP we’d have been too short. Not remotely true.

    Our players aren’t short apart from Arshavin. They’re all generally 5’10 to 5’11

  103. Ole they did look kinda short when they came out of the tunnel. the !st thing i told my mate was , “gosh we look so short against them”.

  104. Error in my last comment, 2 of the players are over 6 ft 3, and one’s 6ft or 6 ft 2 depending on who you ask.

  105. Why does it matter?

  106. All of our squad have bigger brains than theirs.

  107. …and higher IQs

  108. Our EQs are higher too which means that we are slightly more vulnerable to emotional upheaval. On the other hand we are better at problem solving.

  109. Our players are more artistic and dexterous…and our players are more skilful. Some even have opposable big toes and so will be able to do what TH did against Ireland (hahahahahahaha), but legally because they can do it with their feet.

  110. The other thing about our players is that none of them cheat and try to con the referee by wearing a stupid hat. If Petr Cech needs a hat to play then he should not be playing.

  111. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    Fact is ur players tend to panic everytime a team scores against them first. And they tend to let the second one in 5 mins later. It reminds me of a perfectionist painter who’s painting a masterpiece and halfway thru, his dog went and pisses on the painting a bit. Instead of getting rid of the piss and cleaning the canvas, the artist went into a blind panic and threw a glass of water on the canvas and thus ruining the painting in an attempt to clean it. Thats what ur players do. They are artists, very talented each one of them. But they have to relax a little and stop being such perfectionists. But we have a much talented bench.

  112. John Terry’s mum is back. What does your son think about you being a Spurs fan?

  113. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    Cech wears that hat cos he needs to keep his ead warm. Yeah and ur players now are a bit clean frank. Take my hat off to u lot if u could win trophies by being clean.

  114. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    I was taking the piss out of Jt mate. Hate that fucking cheating wanker. England captain his shop lifting mum’s arse.Heard DAVE LOL got u lot bad eh? Fucker.

  115. I take it you don’t care much about your son’s opinion. I don’t blame you.

  116. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Your analogy was almost witty enough to garner a chuckle. Actually, it was crap. And I’d venture to guess you know f*ck all about art, as well as football.

    We play our game no matter what. As was pointed by Limpar yesterday, Arsenal set out to captivate the audience with a distinct style that pays homage to the attacking side of the game. If you don’t like it there are plenty of other teams to support.

  117. The reaction to the Chelsea game is reminiscent of the reaction to the F.A. Cup loss against man utd a couple of seasons ago, when our fans turned against the team overnight, costing us the league.

    Still, there are signs that the Matt n Joe thesis, which gained the upper hand for a while, is slowly giving way to reason.

  118. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Dave got us bad? The prick was commenting in circles, wouldn’t acknowledge anyone’s comments, and couldn’t even put together a coherent thought. Not to mention his juvenile usage of LOL and capitals to come across as he was shouting. All that adds up to Dave just being another bored, chavvy prick with no sense of the word class.

  119. I am as optomistic as ever to be honest. Chelsea wont keep this up for long, january will be hard and i just think that once the fixtures list, as increasingly crowded as it is worsens, it will depend on how they handle it.

    I believe simply togetherness within the team can win us something, if not the EPL something else, we are fighting for a lot dont forget, we have 3 other trophies to fight for.


  120. In fact Stoke really is a huge game, because lose it and i will not believe we have what it takes. A Trophy winning team can bounce back, so let’s!

  121. Poliziano,

    Are you saying we have no reason whatsoever to worry?

  122. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    Still panicked though. At 0-0 u always know u have a chance against arsenal. Its just them. When doubt creeps in, then the problem starts. Sort that out and u’ll get that 98 run again. Its all in the head u bastards. As DAVE would shout out LOLLL.

  123. You see Bentley, Arsenal dont give two shits abt the Spuds, We just don’t. Yet you care so much abt what we do

  124. Poliziano,

    Please do not refer to my name in a post, as you have no idea of what i think and clearly no understanding of anything i have said.

    Also – please do not pair me with anyone else, as i do not share the views of Joe, and have not stated anywhere that i do.

    You are clearly a little bit sad.

  125. Correct we don’t have to worry. We just need to get behind the team. We won’t of course, but they learned to do without suporters two seasons ago now….so no need on worry on that score either.

  126. In fact, if you have anything to say about me, then do it to me, not anyone else.

    In fact, I would say feel free to come and say it to my face at a game, but being as you don’t go to any, i appreciate that will be hard.

  127. Actually at 0-0 you can always score against any team. That is what we call a truism.

  128. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    If u lot dont want wenger, we’d take him. Fucking thankful with what u got arseholes. We have to end up with sandra who is a columnist with the sun i might add.

  129. Can you not score against any team no matter the score?

  130. Yep you can

  131. Thought so.

  132. TV is really havin a tough time, and the fans need to get completely behind him. He does need time to gel, it hasn’t already happened, and what the fans need to get is he isn’t gonna score 25 yard screamers week in week out. I thought apart from the own goal he played very well and has been very consistent throughout the start of the season. I can’t blame gallas for anything on sunday, seeing that he only had 1 and a half eyes

  133. A penetrating observation, Matt. Luckily for me, people who are a little bit sad are as welcome here as people like you.

    It is true that you have never explicity claimed to share the opinions of Joe. I merely grouped you together for convenience, on the grounds that your expressed opinions are identical.

  134. True to form, once this squad had a serious wobble the idiotic, weak-kneed, wavering bloggers were immediately shown-up as the most paranoid supporters in the country. prior to the international break, we were going to break all scoring records on a procession to the title. Two losses later, abandon our passing game, sell all the midgets, dump all our defenders, splash the cash, get rid of Wenger etc.

    Painful as it was, I read everyone, from Arseblogger to LeGrove and with a few remarkable exceptions (among them ACLF, The Arsenal Column, Arsenal Vision and Untold Arsenal) the rest were as bad as the hack journalists, cue “I told you so, the team is no better than last year we should have replace Adebayor, blah, blah.” Not even the slightest recognition that Chelsea played with a full strength team while we missed our best offensive players RVP, Bendtner and Diaby, that 4 of the six forwards were having their 2rd or 3rd game after injury etc. Abysmal, all of them. A pox on all their houses.

    PS: Wengerball – I didn’t get to you.

  135. This Joe fellow is an all round bad egg and thats a fact.

  136. People like me?

    Enlighten me with your wisdom Poliziano?

  137. Flying Spur,

    What other talents can your “much talented bench” perform? Is it like one of those Black and Decker numbers with the inbuilt extractor fan that gets rid of bad fumes?

    Which begs the question – how has Fatty Huddlestone avoided coming a cropper sat so close, so often, to this powerful suction device?

  138. Bugger their houses, a pox on their genitals is what I say.

  139. Well said shotta.

    3-0 didnt reflect the score. Diaby would have easily outmuscled the strongest of their midfield. Bendtner could have headed in any 1 of multiple crosses sagna was reluctant to put in due to lack of height, instead opting to play the ball through the defence.

  140. A really nasty pox too that requires them to have red hot wires shoved up and wiggled around and even then it might not cure it. That sort of pox.

  141. I think most people are just saying we need a top class striker now RVP is out, and this latest injury is confirming we will never be able to rely on him for a long period of time.

    I reckon we’ll sign that Chamackh bloke in the summer because the price is right, but is he good enough? Looks a bit hot and cold to me

  142. I don’t recall reading anything by this Joe chap – but i do not view myself as a ‘bad egg’ on this site, so again, maybe you should think about it a little before grouping me with him in your posts Poliziano.

  143. Why will we never be able to rely upon RvP, Redtrev?

  144. i think we should have played 4-4-2. The 3 in the midfield wasnt strong enough, particularly without the physical presence of diaby.

  145. No need to get upset, Matt. I just meant people who aren’t a little bit sad. I don’t know what the word is for that.

  146. Frank, you mean torture the b#######

  147. Frank, Even he cant rely on himself, Its not his fault, just bad luck.

    This is the third season in four where he’s missed more then half the season. Thats not just unreliable, thats well unreliable. Sad but true.

  148. Look at all the goals we have scored recently against chelsea. Last season, both RVP’s goals were assisted by powerful headers, the bednter consolation, a header, sagna’s goal, a header, and gallas’s goal. Look at any goal scored against them this season. Most of them headers.

    The point is, you need height in the box against chelsea

  149. In a way, at least its stopped the rich teams from coming in for him and testing his loyalty

  150. He is out for 4-5 months don’t wish him out for ever. His past and current injuries have nothing to do with future injuries.

  151. RedTrev you can be sure that if Arsene buys him then hes good enough. He don’t splash the cash lightly.

    I’d rather not buy anyone, for the record.

  152. I understand people having a guess at the future of this season but what i dont get is the pessimism of some. Other teams will gat injuries, i really cant wait until tomorrow, get a result and then the glass might be half empty again

  153. We just need Eduardo to step up now, Redtrev…and for Nic to join in shortly. Then we have cover for RvP. Let us see what happens over the next month or so. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

  154. I’m not upset Poliziano – I was just interested in your view on people like me.

    Not sad is very enlightening, thanks.

    Now as i said, if you have an opinion on me in the future, I would appreciate if you would share it with me directly.

  155. I was listening to Zico, the other evening and he gave an abjective account of Arsenal from a footballing point of view, he spoke of us with passion because he respects the vallues which wenger has brought to the club./ im not saying we all have to share wengers vallues re how we play just the vallues of a supporter, ie someone who supports. I think it was Zico,

  156. Hi all, I know it’s a little random but I’m looking for a stream for the Carling Cup game. Any good sites to recommend? Those buggers run the cable tv service over here apparently forgot there is such a thing as the Carling Cup.

  157. Justin.TV

  158. anyone know what happend to goonerchris ???

  159. sorry i meant,

    It gathers alot of streams together so can go through them and choose the best one.

    It aint perfect, but its better then nothing


    click on software and download sopcast 1

    then u can watch absolutely any match. It gives u streams not just from but also iraqgoals and others.

  161. anyone know what happend to goonerchris ??? oh and i meant glass half full

  162. we miss bentdner. I never gave up on him, unlike many ”fans” i’ve always been supportive of him even during the difficult month of november last season for him and Arsenal as a whole. Now he’s winning a lot of fans over, this could be his season to cement a place in the regular 1st team squad. I would start him every match. Just so that when we got a corner there is a point in watching it.

  163. Alright, thanks alot, zap and RedTrev. Can’t wait for the game. Need my weekly fix of Arsenal!

  164. really looking forward to the champion’s league draw

  165. I’m sure you’re very different from Joe, Matt. Things can be grouped together without being identical. A bad egg could be grouped with a bad apple, on the basis that both are bad. They’d both be members of the set of all objects that are bad. A bad egg could be grouped with sulphur, on the basis that both smell of bad eggs. They’d both be members of the set of all objects that smell of bad eggs. Nevertheless, a bad apple is very different from a bad egg, and sulphur is very different from a bad egg (although the egg contains sulphur). In the same way, you could be very different from Joe.

    Not that I’m suggesting you are a bad apple, or that you smell of bad eggs, before I get attacked. Just an example, that’s all. The only thing I know about you is that you are not even a little bit sad – not one bit.

  166. I agree Shotta. These bunch of zombies have the temerity to call themselves arsenal fan & claim to support the team but do nothing of the sort. They are customers at best.

    But frell them. This site and the others you mention remind me why I love my proper brothers (& sisters) in Guns.

  167. Again, very enlightening Poliziano.

    It must be such fun being a friend of yours, all of that stimulating conversation and quick wit.

  168. In fact, so much fun that i am keen to indulge, so please let me know when you are next at a game, it would be jolly good to share a cup of tea and a chat.

    When is that?

  169. Actually bad eggs smell of hydrogen sulfide. Sulphur has no smell.

  170. boomer does that say something about you?? haha

  171. Sulphur does actually smell of bad egg mate. The hydrogen doesnt eliminate the smell completely, so both do.

    I’m probably wrong, just trying to fit in, you know

  172. Better to eat them before they go bad i find.

  173. Bad Eggs smell like shit, simple as that

  174. i think we should be able to create our own faces. I’m afraid a yellow triangle doesn’t bear any resemblance to my facial appearance.

    Sorry I’m really bored I’m talking crap now

  175. hahaha redtrev

  176. You can have a picture of whatever you like Zap – go to WordPress and open an account and you can upload any image you wish.

  177. hey guys why don’t we all just get along?

    Wheres the love at eh? Poliziano did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning. You got your cheeky boots on.

  178. cool. Unfortunately I’m shit at any computer-related task

  179. yeah c’mon guys, we’re all gooners, we’re all brothers, with the exception of some twats who come on here

  180. No, Zap, elemental sulphur is odourless much to the relief of crystal collectors around the world. Sulphur compounds often have an unpleasant smell the most obvious being hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide.

  181. I am not a gooner.

  182. what are you then?

  183. Apart from Untold Arsenal, which blog has supported Arsene as he tries to redress the unjust refereeing since the Eduardo incident? How many blogs are willing to put the referees on the line instead of spreading hysteria? Of course Wenger is an easier target than Wiley, the wanker. 1,170 minutes of Premeir League football – no penalty calls. 360 minutes of Champions League football – no penalty calls. (O/G did a piece identifying 9 clear shouts for penalty – not one adjudged in our favor. Arguably this is 1 or 4 points in our favour. Wenger cannot disparage the refs as he would be charged, fined and banned for bringing the game into disrepute. What about our blogs, our supporters? Deafening silence!

    Tells you all you need to know.

  184. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    If I’m not mistaken Gooner was created by the Spuds.

  185. shotta gunna,

    I was shocked this morning to hear several bloggers and podcasters repeating the myth that we’re dwarves. The funniest one is the one that says Gallas & Vermaelen are both 5 ft 11 which is not true. Vermaelen is, but Gallas is 6 ft.

    In fact, JT & Carvalho are 1 inch taller combined.

    Carvalho is 5 ft 11. Jamie Carragher is 5 ft 10!

    No media BS some of these guys wont buy.

  186. Was it? Arsenal supporters then. I thought the term gooner has turned into a name we don’t mind, what with the chant

  187. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yep, Shotta. The thoughtless bastards would rather write piece after piece slating us. Not sure if rather is the right word, maybe that is all they are able to muster from their weak brain. How many times can one write the same negative bs? You just wonder what they get out the game and Arsenal. Miserable bastards.

  188. We don’t need players. We need players to stay fit. Bentdner and Diaby would have made a difference, and they would have started. It’s as simple as that. I also think the 4-3-3 backfires especially when it comes to having to outmuscle the midfield. The trio did a fantastic job, but i think with diaby dropping back in the middle third, he would have outmuscled them and won the ball back more. We miss those two a lot. I don’t want to talk abt missing RVP, it just makes me depressed

  189. Yes gooner was a Spuds term. I am an Arsenal supporter. Gunner is OK. More recently gooner has been associated with the anti-support by some of the regulars on here or one-time regulars anyway.

  190. …I don’t mean anti-support by some of the regulars…I mean anti-support as perceived by regulars on here

  191. Pure sulphur might be odourless, but it seems to me that it still has a lot to answer for, being implicated in a lot of bad smells. It’s like a child who is well behaved when alone, but causes trouble whenever he’s put in a group.

  192. Shotta @ 4.50

    Perhaps none of us agree with Wenger that the referee got it wrong. Eduardo’s foot was too high, made contact with Cech’s chest which credit to the keeper he ignored and carried on trying to make the save.

    Whichever way you cut the cake, it was rightly ruled out and to be honest, Wiley had a half-decent game which is more than can be said for some of the referees we’ve had this season.


  193. “Hey guys why don’t we all just get along?”

    That of course would be better, els. I’m afraid I get out of the wrong side of bed every day.

  194. Actually me too Poliziano. But we have to try for humanity.

  195. as does everyone pz

  196. Well you could say the same about the hydrogen in hydrogen sulphide, PZ. Why do people have to blame sulphur all the time…this is another example of the institutional elementism that has seeped into modern chemistry.

  197. I thought the referee on Sunday was appalling…he was show-boating throughout the game.

  198. There was hardly a time when he wasn’t chatting to John Terry (his parents really should have called him Terry..what a missed opportunity).

  199. If he had brothers they could have been Kerry, Jerry and Terry Terry.

  200. I’ve never bought into this nonsense idea that the invincibles were great because they were afraid Vieira was going to trap them in a dark alley.

    Arrant nonsense.

    They were great because they could pass like crazy in tight areas. Henry could run 500 yards with the ball stuck to his feet. Pires and Ljungberg scored for fun. And Bergkamp knew the next 3 moves of the other 10 players before they thought it.

    They did anything before other teams could blink.

    They were all big muscular guys, sure. But my memory very correctly reminds me that we were accused of being a soft touch bullied by the likes of Bolton even then.

    It’s monkey poo, this stupid meme, but it’s monkey poo coming out of 100s of mouths.

  201. …oh lord I forgot Perry Terry

  202. i dont blame sulphur, I blame the top of my salt grinder, which has ruined my meal, and unless a miracle is performed tonight at Ewood park my whole evening as a consequence. Damn

  203. We need to use a 4-4-2 against the big teams

  204. The referee was auditioning for the role of a prima donna in an overblown opera. I don’t think he got the major calls wrong though. We could legitimately complain about the bookings, or lack of them. That’s it.

    I do think that we are given the dirty end of the stick by referees generally but that didn’t cause us to lose on Sunday.

    Let’s not give anybody ammunition to call us whingers. We lost, it was horrible but it’s behind us.

    I can’t wait until the game tomorrow to wash the bad taste of the chavs out of my mouth.

  205. I hope that some of the first teamers not playing travel up to game tomorrow night

  206. You cant blame today’s ref’s inability to keep up with the game, what with their bellies

  207. I agree with Shotta-Gunna.

  208. Wenger- ”you will see the likes of Eastmond and Wilshere tomorrow”

    So it’s eastmond and wilshere up against adebayor and barry, which obviously means


  209. When you consider the physical condition of some referees, you have to admire them for keeping up as well as they do.

  210. Gunner From Nigeria

    Its always nice to know that there are people out there who one can turn to by way of reading carefully worded comments to lift up spirits.
    Tell you the truth, it is not easy to get lifted when Arsenal suffers a defeat.
    However, when one uses is two hands to hold on to the past, there would be none to hold the future. So, one has to move on and, hope for a moral boosting result come tommorrow and more importantly on Saturday.
    Arsenal, Arsenal.

  211. If Lampard or any other team scored that goal against us, would Wiley disallow it? I doubt it very much.

    If this challenge was on Almunia, the media and every one would claim Almunia was clumsy, he allowed the ball to squeeze of his grip…etc. etc.

  212. exactly g4e.

  213. The boy had every right to go for the ball.

  214. I’m not saying the goal should have been allowed because it is a dangerous play from Eduardo, but I’m saying if this was against Arsenal, it would have been definitely allowed.

  215. gunner from nigeria,

    that is so true.

    I agree a lot

  216. It wasn’t Wiley it was Marriner.

    It wasn’t a goal. Eduardo did hit Cech.

    However, it’s not different from the goal against Birmingham where Larsson clattered Mannone.

    Not different at all.

  217. And I don’t think Sagna’s was a penalty either. Anelka slipped as he tried to shoot from a weird angle.

    Vela’s was no penalty. He ran into Ivanovic. It’s not a penalty unless it’s Wayne Rooney who does it and then it’s given.

  218. I always happens to us. If we win something this year, a mural should be made of all EPL ref’s who have unjustly denied us goals or/and penalties.

    And burn it down.

    We aint gettin a penalty this season.

    Racist c*nts. I hope they get slapped by an eagle, simultaneously

  219. I agree that the team needs to loosen up a bit now and enjoy their football again. in front of goal especially but I thought we closed down chelsea very well in the first 30 mins in particular so dont want to see much change in aggression there.

    eduardo particularity needs to loosen up a bit as sometimes he seems to put himself under excessive pressure but confidence is a very hard issue to deal with. I honestly think he could do with some new age shit as he is different animal with croatia.

  220. —-mannone——————————————-eboue—silv–senderos–traore————————–eastmond——————————————-nasri—-ramsey—wilshere—————————–walcott—-vela———————————–

  221. either a narrow victory or a slapping remeniscent of sunday is all i can see for tomorrow.

    We can win, we will

    come on arsenal….

  222. “It wasn’t Wiley it was Marriner.”

    Thanks for the correction Ole G….not that it makes any difference 🙂 Wiley, Marriner, ….., ….. fill the spaces with any EPL ref name you like…they would all allow it against Arsenal but not the other way around.

  223. Next week, provided we beat stoke at the Emirates, 1st and 2nd could both drop points at citeh and west ham.

    Chelski drop some points, and suddenly Drogba won’t be releasing ”catch us if you can” statements on sky sports news

  224. Fuck Ray Wilkinson, the fat c*nt

  225. Only an idiot would be confident about the PL at this point of the season.

    Eduardo will get it together, the cream will always rise to the top.

    We will shock the world this year.

    Lets keep the faith!

    NO FEAR!!

  226. PAUL N

    WELL SAID!!!!


    COME ON!!!!

  227. Steady on, Zap. All this f*cking will wear you out.

  228. I have used the obscenic word only twice PZ. Don’t worry, I never swear only when i’m angry.

    Ok I’ll rephrase my previous comment.

    Bother to the media

  229. Gunner From Nigeria

    Just noticed the date for Chelsea and Liverpool matches in January have been changed according to
    Please, can someone tell me the new date.

  230. A*l *f th*s fucking sw*aring *s r*aly br*nging th* s*te d*wn. St*p *t.

  231. Liverpool has moved 1 day forward, and the chelsea one moved to later on in the day according to the moving bar on sky sports news- that thing moves so darn quick it just dashes by

  232. Big surprise Dave hasn’t appeared, or perhaps he’s conjuring up one of his pathetic rants

  233. I wasn’t referring to your swearing, Zap, although I do think it loses its force if indulged in too frequently. I was just thinking that by the time you’ve f*cked Ray Wilkinson and the media you’ll be tired, that’s all.

  234. Gareth Barry’s a doubt for tomorrow

  235. 5Live: ‘Arsene Wenger says he will definitely go into the transfer market when the window reopens – in the light of the RVP injury’.

    Anyone know where that’s from?

  236. Sky sports news just makes me angry sometimes, sorry

  237. oh right. Poliziano, I have no intention of carrying out unspeakable acts on Ray Wilkinson

  238. okay that sounded weird, i’ll leave now- WHats the other Carling Cup tie tonight- I’ll watch that

  239. The only quotes I can find, LimparAssist, have AW saying that he won’t buy becuase we have sufficient quality. But they were certainly before Sunday’s game and may have been before he knew the extent of RvPs injury. Though the latter seems unlikely as RvP would have been back by the time the transfer window closed anyway.

  240. Mm. Mark Pougatch’s (?) football show has just started so maybe he can do some explaining as to where they got that quote from. Seems like a strange thing for him to say. Thanks for having a look.

  241. i like the american guy on 606 quite enjoyable, forgot his name

  242. Interesting to note who the ref was. I thought he was Mark Clattenberg. Same egocentric posing style, same perma tan; who is Marriner?

  243. It was Andre Marriner, I Number10. Looks like Clattenburg. Apparently Marriner joined the Prem list in 2005. Bit of a drama queen, prancing pony, strutting ponce. Fucking puff if you ask me.

  244. Talk To Frank

  245. Great to hear DD on 5Live. The dream ticket is Kroenke and David Dean at the helm backing AW. Get rid of young Mr Grace, Fiszman and Usmanov. Lady Nina stay becuase…well, I’m embarassed to say.

  246. Kroenk owner, David Dein Chairman, Ivan Gazidis CEO…..and the very Arsene Wenger. That floats my boat.

  247. I don’t care what the supporters think about that arrangement. Most Arsenal supporters have not earned the right to comment.

  248. Wan David Dein…theres only wan David Dein…waaan David Deeeeen..theres only wan David dee..eeen.

  249. chelsea lose at man city
    we beat stoke and liverpool in a fortnight.
    We’ll be 8 points off, win the game in hand, and it’s 5.

  250. points off that is.

    You can’t look at it that way though.
    well, you can but still….there are so many games to go. Anything can happen

  251. I finally bought myself to watch the highlights of the Chelsea game.

    The defending for the first two goals was stunningly poor. Just beyond belief.

    For the first they passed from right to left with no attempt at a challenge. Terry was in acres of space in our half. When he passed to Cole pause the video. We are playing with a back 2, neither full back was in position. Arshavin let Cole run. Sagna failed to challenge the cross in any meaningful manner. Drogba and Anelka were 2on 2 with our CB’s who still couldn’t get tight to either.

    The second goal was just as bad. We had 5 players, 5 fucking players, in the corner with Anelka and Cole, yet no one was marking cole. Beyond belief. When the cross comes in there are 3 attackers and 3 defenders in the box. Essentially, half our outfield players were taken out of the game by a 5 yard one-two off a throw in.

    Our problems are nothing to do with size, talent, personnel, transfer strategy, or injuries.

    Until we can play intelligent football we will struggle against the best sides.

    Going gung-ho attack in the vain dream of eventually being all time greats will screw us. It is either arrogance or stupidity form someone.

    This is not an age matter. Arshavin is 29 and couldn’t track his full-back, just cheap and lazy play. Neither Gallas or Almunia could organise the team and they are pushing 30. The whole team is experienced in terms of games at the top level. They are nearly all internationals. This isn’t kids.

    They happily sat back knowing we would let our guard down and hit us with easy sucker punches, but so fucking easy we made it.

    I love Wenger, I am sure we turn this around, but he must take some blame for this and the burden is on him to correct a fault that is threatening to undermine us.

    We have the players, we play the football, but right now it seems we don’t want it enough to be champions.

    That said, I have never seen Sagna so poor, so maybe this was just wrong game at the wrong time.

  252. Aaron Lennon really does mince about doesn’t he?

  253. Zap, when its done we will be on top, we cant allow shortsighted clowns to cause us to doubt even in the least!

    Who wants people around them who only have faith when they see it, well thats not faith is it?

  254. I like Rednose’s young carling cup team.. 30 mill was a steal for that carling cup gem like Berbatov ..

  255. Yeah, those guys are barely out of nappies. I think they might even have a couple of u21s in their team tonight.

  256. Exactly Paul N, these people aren’t true supporters.

    If not the EPL, i reckon the F.A Cup or the champions league. I wonder who we’ll be drawn against

  257. Gunner From Nigeria

    Well said Arsenehollis

  258. Y.W. – Wiley did the Sunderland game. That prick. What the hell does Vela have to do get a call? Dive?
    We didn’t lose on Sunday because of Marinner. But he sure set the tone from early. The physical stuff by Chelsea (Mikel) was tolerated and when Arsenal reacted we immediately got a card. Onefor Traore, nothing for Joe Cole; similar offence.

    My call is for the supporters to help change the balance in our favor. Bloggers have the temerity to describe our players as midgets but are f*cking silent when we are kicked and get no calls.

    Teams hardly get the breaks at Old Trafford and Anfield while we sat on out polite fannies watching our players get kicked and taken down without a call in our favor. e.g. I’ve watched games with ManU chasing the game and could predit with an unerring degree of accuracy that they would be bailed out by a penalty or a free kick just outside the 18-yd box.

    While I don’t condone this, I am aware of countries where riots would break out, football season cancelled if this kind of b.s. went unchanged. (PaulN knows what I am talking about.)

  259. arseneholis,

    The defending was really shocking.

    It’s not about being gung-ho. I don’t know any team that’s as intense and ferocious about winning the ball back as Barcelona.

    That’s why I keep harping on my point about how many of our shots were blocked, and how many of our crosses weren’t allowed to go in.

    Chelsea defended like it was the world cup final, and threw themselves at every ball.

    That’s what these big games are all about.

  260. Even the third goal, a good free-kick, but the goalie was covering that side. He should have to go over the wall, but Almunia has no faith, or no sense of positioning and gets done on his post. Another mental error making it easy for them. 3 times in one game is too much… it isn’t the first time this season either.

    So strange when you consider how focussed we were in the first few games. The forwards covered so much ground, the midfield tackled, and we looked solid at the back.

    This is the time for the manager to get a grip on things and the players to step up and take responsibility.

    this team can win the league, but they need to find the fight again before it is too late.

  261. I agree Ole, I hope they find it quick.

  262. In the big games against the best teams a small drop can make a big difference.

    We beat manure and the chavs last year at this time because our season depended on it. Liverpool did the same to utd this year.

    Manure spanked the chavs last year (3nil?) but got royally turned over by the scousers (4-1?)

    Form and desperation can be big differences at the top.

    Last year Utd won the title on the back of their defence. This year Ferdinand looks finished and Vidic has been abused by several strikers since their purple patch in big games.

    We can get this right with what we have, no doubt.

  263. Yogi I thought the referee was Andrew Marriner? Also, why is a foul on Cech called when a foul on Mannone by Larsson against Birmingham is not called?

  264. 5Live: ‘Arsene Wenger says he will definitely go into the transfer market when the window reopens – in the light of the RVP injury’.

    Anyone know where that’s from?

    Arsene would never say that. It’s an invitation to the selling club to up their price believing that we are desperate.

  265. Arsenehollis @ 8:03 pm – I did a similar exercise on Sunday afternoon (local time) when the scapegoating of Almunia commenced but you have done a better job. The defenders f*cked up big time and must be challenged to a much better job, whether its Almunia or not in goal. Happily, the media and blogger deification of Arshavin has come to an end; he together with all other midfielders and forwards must be challenged to work both sides of the ball. To be great they have to be consistent, not spasmodic.

    It seems to me that when it comes to goalkeepers, rather than being objective many of our fans have decided to take the approch that Napoleon took to his generals; better a lucky goalkeeper than one who is skilled and experienced. My English brothers and sisters should kmow better because Napolen did meet his Waterloo, eventually.

  266. what a boring match!

  267. “I am aware of countries where riots would break out, football season cancelled if this kind of b.s. went unchanged. (PaulN knows what I am talking about.)”

    Ha Ha!

  268. We can laugh eh PaulN – The Junglists (Arnett Gardens), Rema (Boys Town) and Gardens (Tivoli Gardens) massive would not stand for this kind of bogus refereeing. What is good for one is good for all.

    Rant over.

  269. Right that is it. I am throwing in my lot with Kroenke, Dein and Wenger with Gazidis as CEO. I have thought about it long and hard. This is the way forward. Young Mr Grace, Usmanov and Fiszman along with quite a few in-stadium supporters must leave the club as swiftly as possible.

  270. I think that AW did say it, Passenal. Very, very sadly I suspect that RvPs injury is very doubtful and his full recovery is in the balance. I don’t think we will see him back for a very long time, if at all. That explains the mood of the squad.

  271. Frank, c’mon dont say that, if at all?!?

  272. Look on the site!!

  273. Wenger-‘we will be active in transfer window’


    Looks like I was wrong @ 8.32 pm – unless he’s saying it to put pressure on some players.

  275. Frank, I’ve just seen it and posted the link. It is very un-Arsene like. I hope you are wrong about RVP, but I do wonder if the misdiagnosis may have caused even greater damage than necessary. He may even miss the world cup finals now.

  276. That can’t be true, Frank. Come on Robin!

  277. It is very serious. He does not normally come out with these statements. He is looking for a replacement for RvP….now. He is not prepared to wait or gamble on Eduardo, Nic or Carlos Vela. Firstly I don’t think he expects RvP to be back at least for this season. Secondly he has not seen the signs he was looking for in the others. He needs to act very quickly and very incisively.

  278. He needs four forwards…he really only has two proven ones now. An injury to Eduardo now would make life very difficult indeed….as Eduardo came off at a point when we needed a goal I wonder whether he is already injured

    I think he is looking for two forwards and will pay a lot of money for them. Strange times. Going to be a field day, no month, in the press and media.

  279. I just heard Arsene saying that Sagna has an ankle problem from Sunday. I wonder if he was carrying that during the game?

  280. I am going to stick my neck out even further. I think that DD will get involved in finding the right player/s.

  281. He may have been, Passenal. I think he said he will be fine for this weekend. Hope so. Although I am fine with Eboue in there.

  282. I would guess Wenger has a specific player in mind. He was probably wavering over the decision during the summer, but eventually decided to put the move on hold. Circumstances have now made him decide to complete the transfer.

  283. Valencia have some players to sell, but how would they adapt to the PL? I doubt that Bordeaux would sell Chamakh and he’d be playing in the ACN in January as well as cup-tied in the CL.

  284. I can’t explain this but I think that the club is at the crossroads and is on the verge of a monumental change. Happily I think that AW is at the centre of the change. Interesting that Robin’s injury is about to set off a chain reaction. I wonder whether this injury will bring planned business and football changes forward by six months.

  285. I think that Chamakh is a red herring. He will want at least one forward to help with the ECL campaign. For the EPL I was not surprised by the Ruud connection…someone who will fit into the EPL immediately. Maybe even Thierry. This is very, very interesting.

  286. We (us on here I mean) need to look at seasoned EPL forwards…not necessarily still in the EPL….and very good European players with great movement who are not compromised in the ECL At least two players.

  287. In order to get these players he is going to need a real diplomat, someone who can talk turkey with Europe’s shakers and movers, pull in favours. That is why I think that DD will get involved. I am sure he has been talking to AW and Stanley for some time now.

  288. I feel for Robin and I really hope he gets another shot, but it is not about him now. I hope the Dutch FA are very happy with their conduct. I will not be supporting Oranje in the WC unless RvP is playing. If the injury proves to be career threatening then I wll never support Oranje ever again. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  289. The word is out. Arsenal are looking for a couple of players. And they can pay top dollar. This is a rare time indeed.

  290. Fast PAO LING is free as a forward
    and also Don Kee Pen is available as a goal keeper.

  291. I would not be surprised if any transfers to Arsenal are completed by the first week in January.

  292. I agree with Pz. I think that agreements have already been made.

  293. Quite enjoying this. Bit like having your own radio show.

  294. Who can we get in January?

    Anyone know who’ll be free to move?

    Huntelaar? Chamakh? Luis Fabiano? Carlton Cole (I’m strangely a big fan of his).


  295. What makes you say that @ 9.31 pm Frank? I know Arsene said the team would deliver this season or there would be a change of approach. Is this what you are thinking about?

    I think Arsene is sick of being jerked around by the unfair/inconsistent/corrupt/biased/xenophobic (choose your own adjective) officiating, which continues to undermine us. Perhaps it’s time for the gloves to come off, because being good guys is getting us nowhere. Everyone thinks we can be pushed around and then our fans turn their back on the team in the stadium rather than stand up and yell and scream to put pressure on the officials as is commonplace elsewhere (what’s known in popular parlance as the 12th man). It’s maybe time for a change. You could hear it in Arsene’s voice when he spoke about the situation with internationals and the fact that the people who pay the wages are not in control of their employees. He is p*ssed off big time.

  296. I shall be treating you to music from Art Blakey, John Coltrane and Miles Davis this evening. And for the ladies a little Frank Zappa perhaps.

    I shall also be debunking some Arsenal myths, the first of which is that the great Arsene Wenger never buys players.

  297. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Interesting. Looks like Wenger hasn’t been too impressed with our play after the loss of RvP.

  298. Has anyone of us been impressed? El no.

    Arsene will sort this out.

    Mr. Vela, you better step up to the plate….you won’t get a better chance.

  299. I think you have it in one, Passenal. He is so angry that you and I can feel it. Referees, press and media, internationals…I think he feels a deep sense of injustice.

    I think that AW is the centre of the club. None of this can work without him. The club are in the process of moving to single ownership…Stan Kroenke…I was not originally convinced of this…but I now wonder. I have heard DD speaking about Arsenal on the radio three times over the last two or three weeks and I know he is stilll probably Arsene’s best friend in England. DD brought Stan Kroenke to the club and I reckon they know each other very, very well.

    Robin was the centre of the team…the player upon which a huge amount depended. Robin was taken out in an international and the Dutch FA did not even have the courtesy to the player or his club to deal with the injury properly.

    I think that Stan Kroenke will take over shortly. During that process DF and Young Mr Grace will go. Sadly so will Lady Nina but I hope to have her telephone number by then,.DD will come back as Chair.

    Incidentally I don’t think that the club give a fuck what the supporters think about DD….and lets face it why should they. Arsenal supporters failed the club two or three years ago.

    Meanwhile AW is furious, and in the mood to throw his weight around and good luck to him.

    ‘Stop fucking around, my top striker is down. I need to act now and I need the best people on it’.

  300. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Any George Harrison? “Isn’t It a Pity” off the classic All Things Must Pass will do the trick. One of Phil Spector’s finest.

  301. Wenger’s comments are interesting. He must have concluded that the balance of the strikers remaining is not right. Van Persie is the one player capable of playing the link man and as a target man, as he has been demonstrating recently. He has the touch and physical strength to keep the ball in dangerous areas and can score. Against Chelsea, neither Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott or Vela were able to pose much of a threat physically. Bendtner has physical strength, but does he have the touch, acumen and experience yet to operate on such fine margins on the edge of the box. It will be interesting to see who we are linked with.

  302. Oh Nasir, what a good idea. I love All Things Must Pass.

  303. I reckon it will be done and dusted pdq, Moopay.

  304. Lets not make a big deal out of nothing.. and Wenger are quicker with their news recently but are also more susceptible to bending the truth about their dealings in the market to buy them more time, then they have ever been in the past two windows..The man has a plan and has a much clearer look on variables, which he holds close to his chest..

  305. What does that actually mean, Kitchen Sink?

  306. Muppet, that is the thing who is there who could offer even half of what RVP brings and settle quickly? It will certainly be interesting. I’ve just had a quick look around newsnow and Balloteli, Dzeko and the ubiquitous Chamakh are the front runners. I even saw one RVN link and the hack dwarf is laying into the TH rumour. I’m just waiting for the PV link to re-surface, but can you see the special needs one sanctioning such a move?

  307. Let’s hope so Frank. Wenger will have his shortlist, with players and price listed in neat columns. Negotiations will be conducted by the excellent Gazidis and his team. The players will have already been on Wenger’s worldwide radar for the last 2 to 3 years. They will integrate instantly and play fast, effective and devastating football.

  308. ‘Special needs one’..perfect. You ever ridden in a painted wagon on a starlit night, Passenal?

  309. Don’t want to be drawn on the Kroenke/DD stuff hey, Moopay?

  310. Ruud and Thierry. That will do me.

  311. No, you offering Frank? I’d take a ride with Peter and Lady Nina anytime.

  312. well Frank .. The truth is we know nothing.. but we all fear the very same thing..

  313. Passenal,

    I have no idea if an RVP replacement is available. I would frankly be amazed if it is Henry. But if anybody can resurrect Henry, who is being forced to play a very rigid Barcelona system, then it is Wenger. But Wenger doesn’t resign former players. Maybe it would be one of those french players linked recently, like Remy who plays for Nice, dubbed the new ‘Thierry Henry’.

  314. OK. Peter usually drifts along behind. I hitch him to the back. He is not quite big enough to pull the wagon, but he will be able to take over from his mother in a year or so. A summer evening. Bottle of wine and just the creak of the harness….nowhere to go…but who cares.

  315. I have a lot of faith in Bendtner. I think he is an excellent player. Since Eduardo has just been given a new contract, it is clear that Wenger has complete confidence in him. Every player has bad games, and that is what happened to him on Sunday. The problem occurs when one of them is injured, as will inevitably happen. We cannot expect that once Bendtner returns from injury that he and Eduardo will be fit for every game for the rest of the season. Against lesser teams, we would still have enough to stroll to victory; but against the best teams, from England and abroad, we could have problems.

    I thought Wenger had rejected any move for Chamakh. Otherwise, I would see him as a likely target, purely because there seemed to be a lot of interest in him during the summer.

  316. I’ve said it and I will say it again….we need to forget about being the good guys that gets kicked around. I don’t care if a few gets sent off, I don’t care if we lose the title or not win anything….this cycle has to be broken.

    Right now we are the babies who cry when other players break our legs! and the referees won’t give us the decisions even if we deserve them so they can say they’re not falling for us.

    When we be the aggressors and the media attack us as the unruly Arsenal with the worst discipline record things will change.

    When we do what we did in 2003 at Old Trafford again, people will stop kicking us. We let them kick us in 2005 because we were worried about the invincibles record and since then we are free for all to kick around under the referee’s eyes.

    There is no more invincibles and being nice doesn’t always get you somewhere.

  317. Potentially good call there Muppet. I’d forgotten about the Loic Remy link. He also wouldn’t be cup tied in the CL. But isn’t he another young player, when we need more experience?

  318. I welcome Kroenke Frank, I think the very fact that we have such a major player on the world sports stage interested in our project, shows what a class act we are. As for DD, I have no objections. I’ve heard him on the radio and I think he is a smooth operator. As for Fizman, I don’t know much about him, except to say that if he wants to pull his money out and put his feet up in the Swiss Alps, then fine, as long as he has made sure we have the right structure in place on his departure.

  319. Wenger is liable to surprise everyone and buy a defender and keeper, while all the media decide on what striker he will buy.

  320. Personally I would like to see an old stager up there for a few months. Assuming that RvP will be back with a vengeance eventually. I have not yet given up hope that he will be European Player of the Year over the next year or two. If DD comes back he sure as hell will be. I thought that the Mancs signing of Henrik Larrson for a few months a while back was a master stroke. No competition to any rising stars, but massively effective.

  321. I think that’s an interesting point Dupsffokcuf. He may even buy a midfielder and use Song as a central defender.

  322. All this talk of Ruud possibly joining Silvestre in our teamis very disturbing! – Hell lets just go the whole way and sign Gary Neville!

    Gary Neville he’s a red, he’s a red, he’s a red, Gary Neville he’s a red, he hates Man U!

    C’mon you Gunners!

  323. I think the structure is already out of DFs hands, Moopay.

  324. Poliziano, Wenger ruled out a move for Chamakh in January because Bordeaux are still in the CL. With only 6 months left on his contract they would not get much for him and would probably be better off keeping him for now and risk losing him for free at the end of the season. They will make the same amount from doing well in the CL with him in the team instead of risking that for a few million now. He is a key player for them and I think they are hoping that success in France and Europe might cause him to change his mind about staying.

    From what I’ve seen of him though he does look like an Arsenal type player. Very hard working, good link up play, plus he has the height and is good in the air to bring a bit of variety to our forward play. He does not look like a goal hanger, but he could contribute some goals and assists. But I think that ship has sailed as Bordeaux are determined to keep him and we need someone now, not in the summer. Even if he is free.

  325. I for one am feeling very smug about never using that appalling appelation ‘The Emirates Stadium’. Recent events lead one to believe that that bloody fucking moniker will shortly be kicked into the undergrowth. Though as a reference to our supporters ‘Dicks Sporting Goods Stadium’ might be very appropriate. We could call it ‘The Ghost Stadium’. But no…I reckon a resurgence of support will follow shortly after the new management arangements. DD is a supporter.

  326. Btw I think that the future structure of the club is no longer Danny’s problem, Moopay

  327. In that case, what was ruled out before the injury can perhaps be ruled in now.

  328. Your principles are commendable but misguided, Remi.

  329. Arsenal are going to smash the ECL and EPL this year. AW has a plan…and the current squad are right in the middle of it.

  330. Tomas, Eduardo, Abou…you owe us big time. AW is about to give you the help you need to win us some trophies. Don’t fuck it up.

  331. Theo’s time is now. If he doesn’t take it. His problem.

  332. Andrei…if you really are a super star. You had better let everyone see it. Now.

  333. Frank, why are you so convinced DD is coming back into the fold?

  334. Much as it might be a good idea to have DD back at Arsenal I cannot see it happening. Unless he can find a few hundred million down the back of his sofa to buy in.

  335. hey guys what do you think of us signing Pavlychenko..he is itching to leave Totten pop….

    We could unite the Russians..maybe Arshy will feel a lil better and they both will have fire in their bellies to win something to make up for the World cup disappointment..

    I think 12 mil would get him because Redknapp obviously does not want he would not fight….

    Hiddink is a good manager and he seems to rate pavlychenko….so why not….he is already settled down in London anyway..its perfect

  336. I have never felt that he would be away permanently, Passenal.

    He is an Arsenal supporter and stood on the terraces. He bought into the club and the club became his life. He had ambitions for himself which were entirely wrapped up in the club. He had ambitions for the club. He blew the cobwebs away. He wrestled shares from the Hill-Woods who thought the club was worth nothing. He brought in Danny Fiszman. He brought in Dennis Bergkamp. He brought in Arsene Wenger and became one of his best friends. He relates to the players and speaks to them all before a game and often travelled back with them. He created a European hinterland for the club. He had a vision of footballing success for the club. He wanted the club to move quickly to compete with the new money in Chelski, the Mancs and he saw that other clubs would be bankrolled too. When DF and young Mr Grace were intransigent he sought out Stan Kroenke. When they forced hm out into the cold he was desperate to regain a foothold, hence Usmanov. When Kroenke upped his shares I suspect he was being counciled by DD. DD never said anything about the club during his absence even though he was gutted. His best friend AW stayed…why? because he was assured by DD that he would be back. Young Mr Grace and Danny may hate DD becuase he ploughs his own furrow, but Stan Kroenke has no such hangups. DD and Kroenke will stuff Usmanov and the club will be in their hands. I think I have always felt that.

    Now the signs…DD has started to talk in the media. That was always going to be the time for his return. But he cannot return until Kroenke has control. AW is on the verge of real success again with his young squad but disaster in the shape of crippling injuries has struck. AW is asking Kroenke and DD to help him out….and they will.

    Just a feeling.

  337. Had to laugh at this from Collymore.

    “Why Wenger should shock the Premier by landing Amir Zaki”

  338. Usmanov was always a pawn and so were Hill-Wood and Fiszman…and we are now entering the end-game.

  339. David Dein is well known as an excellent poker and chess player. Shortly he will be chairman of the hugely successful club he loves with £78m in the bank….with the finest manager and the best squad in the whole of the footballing world.

  340. While we’re being silly:

    Adriano! Adriano!

    He’s a bit chunky, and kind of a complex character, but he’ll never stop scoring.

    I doesn’t look like he’ll ever leave Brazil again though.

  341. That is not a bad idea, Ja_gunner.

  342. Forgot to say – he’s top scorer in Brazil, and he’s on a one year contract, which expires in May.

    Meanwhile the Brazilian league wraps up this weekend, I think. I don’t know quite how it works there…

    Come to think of it, some team could be getting lucky in January. He’d surely want to be getting game time before the World Cup.

  343. Thanks for the Denilson comments, Passenal. He really is a star. What a fantastic squad….

  344. And that is not a bad idea either, Big Al.

  345. It’s pie in the sky.

    Still, I think everyone’s entitled to get romantic about Brazilian greats.

    And I agree that any player who arrives in January should complement our younger forwards, rather than block their path. So a short term deal for a veteran could do the trick.

  346. So we agree, Big Al

  347. Right now DJ is putting on Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis for all you lovers out there. Musk, bottle of riocha and a good woman…or man….just see what happens.

  348. Dzeko, Luis Fabiano, Huntelaar, Gignac. All good choices.

    Top choice for me will be: Carlton Cole. & then Dzeko.

  349. Oh and by the way; Maicosuel will be a 5 star signing. Another silky player who can play across the front line like Nasri, Rosicky & Arshavin.

  350. Passenal,
    Thank you for posting that link to the Denilson article. It really made me feel proud, both of Denilson and of Wenger. Two heroes.

  351. I have a real problem with this stuff. I just can’t see past Robin. Fucking tricky.

  352. Denilson also had the one genuine moment of inspiration on Sunday. His pass to Eduardo was sublime. Unfortunately, Eduardo didn’t take off fast enough.

    Really beautiful pass.

  353. Messi not a surprise win the “ballon d’or 2009” by the biggest margin ever (240 point with the fake ronaldo second).

  354. AN HONEST GOONER:Arshavin feels the current squad at the Emirates does not measure up to the one at Carlo Ancelotti’s disposal across the capital.

    He said: “What I feel bitter about is that we lose in all the big matches.

    “That is disappointing and lets doubts creep into my mind.

    “Chelsea are now 11 points ahead of us, although we played one game less. At the moment, they look the strongest team.

    “They have attacking players who can make use of opponents’ slightest defensive mistakes.

    “Didier Drogba, for example. If we only take pure strikers, he is the strongest in the world. He and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.”


    He added: “Arsene Wenger needs to buy new players – and expensive ones too.

    “Why? Because all the talented and inexpensive players are already with us at Arsenal.”

    The last line got me laughing….l doubt Arshavin will remain in Arsenal if they continue their barren years without a trophy

    Read more:

  355. It takes a moron to read the Sun. It takes special kind of moron to post comments from the Sun. The above post @4.10 demonstrates why so-called football supporters have no credibility at all with clubs, authorities or other citizens of the world, and their views are never taken into consideration.

  356. I dont know why Arshavins saying this, he’s been the worst player on the pitch this season

  357. OG

    i agree with you about Carlton Cole.I just love the guys attitude.But sadly i cant see Wenger playing the £15m plus he would cost.He will bring in someone for £5m and what quality can you get at that price

  358. Agreed. The quotes attributed to Arshavin in The Sun are moronic.

  359. Pavlychenko on loan is a better idea than buying him outright. I quite like the player, but he has hardly gained playing experience in the premier league with Spurs given the limited games that he started and played in.

  360. It could be Huntelaar. The problem is that none of the players mentioned here are in the same class as RVP. RVP was alot more then a striker, like henry he was a provider as well. To replace him would cost £30 million and I dont even know who we could realistically buy, especially in January. If we bought Huntelaar or Pavlyachenko, the rest of the team would stiull need to up there game a level. RVP would win games on his own.

    I hope i’m wrong but i’ve got a bad feeling his injury is alot worse then we’ve been told. Alot worse.

  361. Either some people know a lot more than is currently public or the loss to Chelsea has led to a mass intake of mind altering drugs on this site.

    All of a sudden we are looking forward to ‘splashing the cash’?

    I thought we had all bought into the Wenger Project? Remember, bringing on the young players, trophies are nice but…, economic viable models of sustainability, etc.

    There have been times on here when even suggesting that we might buy someone would bring out the bludgeons and rapiers depending upon the wit of the wielder.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can get as excited as anyone about a new signing or two. I just don’t understand this seeming volte face based on a defeat, an injury and a rather strange quote from Arsene.

    Is it just me? Have I been left at the bus stop?

  362. consols,

    I’ve never been against spending, nor have I ever insisted only one way or nothing.

    I’ve always been for doing what has to be done. For me, I’m behind the youth project because; 1) I believe football is a game of youth, 2) it was our only viable way of replacing the invincibles and remaining at the top.

    I thought we shouldn’t have sold Adebayor (despite his utter curntyness), and said so at the time. My reasoning being that he is a proven striker, and we couldn’t rely on RVP & Eduardo given their injury travails.

    RVP is out. If Eduardo suffers another bout of muscular problems at a key period, we shouldn’t have to depend on 19 year olds with 5 starts under their belt.

    I feel I am being very consistent in agreeing with Arsene that there might be need for another striker.

    On the other hand, I fully realise that strikers never settle immediately. Torres is the only striker bought by any EPL club that settled immediately….at least in recent memory.

    I don’t think the striker we buy will make or break our season. That will depend on Messrs Bendtner & Eduardo stepping up to the plate.

  363. I am totally behind AW. After RvPs devastating injury I think that he sees the need to bolster the forward line. I don’t think that he will buy a forward with the potential to disrupt the development of progression of the youngsters in the squad. So he is probably looking for an older player and possibly a loan deal. This has not come about because of the result on Sunday rather the news of Robin’s protracted absence. It is unusual for him to make an announcement like this. But then we are in an unusual situation.

  364. I would not be surprised if Eduardo is carrying an injury. Why else would he sub him when we needed goals.

  365. Wow, what an interesting squad. Sly and Alex Song at centre -half? Kyle Bartley at centre -half? Sanchez Watt and Carlos Vela up front? This is going to be an amazing game.

  366. Consolbob

    I agree re your 10.19 post. I had to check that i was still on ACLF. Frank has got to be smoking sumtin’

  367. Consols @ 10:19 am – You voice my inner most feelings exactly. You and I are probably old curmudgeons left behind in a time and space continuum. But we are not wrong in our principles.

    I suspect that the announcement by Wenger that he will buy is based on two calculations:
    1) It is clear after three games (2 BPL, 1 CL) that without RVP we have suffered a serious blow to our goal-scoring that will damage our position in the Leagues. Instead of breaking goal-scoring records as some speculated prior to the intl’break, we are now struggling to get shots on target. That he will be out for virtually the rest of the season and not 6-weeks require a 180 degree reversal in strategy. (PS – When I said the same thing 10 days ago, many posters treated me as too much of a pessimist. When I dared to suggest prior to the int’l break that Eduardo is not the same player today that he was prior to the leg break, it was like sacrilege.)

    2) IMO, Wenger and the management had to make this announcement because of our fans. Our fans think they are different but they are just as fickle as any other, with may be the exception of Liverpool’s. Note how they simply walked out on the team on Sunday. Think for a moment if this would have ever happened at Anfield. Ours had had lost faith. Read all the Arsenal blogs; in general turned on almost every member of the team whom two weeks earlier they were greeting as if they were soldiers returning like Romans from the battlefield. Look at our own posters how suddenly, contrary to the data, they concluded we were outplayed in midfield and had become a team of midgets. In the final analysis this is a business and AW knows he has to concede, to compromise or else the stadium will be filled with disgruntled patrons which would imperil the entire project and ultimately him as the manager. (Ps- My favorite of the moment is the failure of the blogs to help Wenger redress the biased refereeing)

    Consols – I won’t be joining the player speculation because it is simply tactical and has changed AW’s general strategy. I look forward to your response.

  368. Frank

    No Senderos.

  369. I don’t disagree with you at all Ole. I certainly have no problem with buying players when needed.

    I was more referring to the almost messianic mood on here this morning when the topic was breached. Like a gigantic letting out of breath. Felt like a complete mood change to me.

  370. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy as anyone to see a signing this window, but i doubt if that signing will have any impact one way or the other on the rest of the season, except perhaps give the current players a psychological lift

  371. When I first heard the quote I thought – this is for Eduardo Da Silva and Carlos Vela, an alarm bell, signalling – this is the month you win your place, if you can’t, someone else will.

    Frank, thanks for the radio show last night – I’ve just caught up on it, and I must say, it was great fun getting carried away with it all. In fact, I’m still all of a tither.

    I too feel that the cavalry will arrive with David Dein on point – hearing him on the radio last night was a great rallying cry for The Arsenal. He’s our biggest hitter and if any deals are to be done, I’d love him to be involved.

    It’s exciting to think of new signings, esp. shiny new strikers of course (I’m thinking Hugo Rodellaga or nicking Pav off the spuds, or Ballotelli – but that’s dreamland stuff), but it could still all be for Eds and Vels’ benefit – and we certainly aren’t gonna be held over a barrell for anyone.

  372. Honestly I really don’t see that our fans leaving the stadium during the chelsea match is that much of a problem. Some fans always leave early, whether we’re winning or not, because of traffic.

    Liverpool with their co-called better fans, haven’t won much in the last few years have they?

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