RvPs Absence Will Not Stop Arsenal Giving Chelsea The Blues

It seems that Robin van Persie was ill-treated in his jaunt to the doctors recently, the placenta coming from Muffin the Mule rather than the thoroughbred his ankle required. News of his likely absence for the rest of the season places a strain on resources and raises questions as to whether or not Arsene will dip into the transfer kitty in the January sales.

Wenger has time on his side in that respect. Bendtner will return from injury before then with Eduardo looking to fill the central striker role as well. The Croat is in pole position being the natural successor and along with Carlos Vela, one of two fit forwards at the club who would be comfortable playing as the main striker. Until Christmas they have the chance to prove their points. If they fail to do so, Wenger will no doubt seek to bring someone in.

Does the Dutchman’s absence mean that 4-3-3 gets tweaked? I am not sure. The team are now used to the change and aside from the trip to the Stadium of Light, they have adapted well. There were other defeats as well but last weekend’s was the one where they looked out of sorts. Arsene believes that to be a by-product of the internationals; this afternoon we get the answer.

Chelsea are stern opposition. Irrespective of the manner in which they have achieved success – functional, boring, Graham-esque – they have been successful and are not top of the Premier League at the moment by fluke. Ancelotti has continued the move towards expanding their play, helped by the return of Joe Cole and others who were fit, finding form.

Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka both have enjoyed facing Arsenal in the past for their current and previous employers. Anelka, in particular, is showing the consistency of form that he should have done throughout his career since leaving Arsenal.

Whilst not a physical side in the manner of Bolton or Blackburn, they are strong in midfield. Arsenal’s trio will have to work hard to control the centre of the pitch. They have the technique and quality to do so but must remain focussed for the whole of the match not just 90 minutes and then switch off in injury time. Whom that trio will be depends upon William Gallas.

I suspect he will be fit but if not, Song would be the natural successor rather than letting Drogba and Anelka loose on the ponderous Silvestre or Philippe Senderos. The Swiss international’s confidence has been shot to pieces every time he has faced Drogba and coming in from Carling Cup or duty for his country is not preparation for another encounter, even though in those circumstances, Vermaelen would probably be assigned almost man-marking on the Ivorian.

If Song does drop back, a triumverate of Fabregas, Denilson and Nasri should be expected with Rosicky filling in on the right. Wenger observed that some of Walcott’s injuries were inflamed by rushing him back too soon, almost a warning not to expect him in the starting line-up before the trip to Athens. It might be that he is used as a substitute striker this afternoon if required, should the game requiring chasing.

Arsenal enter the match as media underdogs. Chelsea has tried to deflect attention from that, Joe Cole the most recent to proclaim the pressure is all on Arsenal. It is not. Both sides need the win; Chelsea to put a large gap between the two at a relatively early stage of the season, Arsenal to prevent that happening. It is a big afternoon for Armand Traore. Quite possibly, Anelka will be asked to move out to the left to keep the youngster busy, no doubt identified as a potential pressure point in the absence of Gael Clichy.

I would expect the Arsenal side to be:

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore; Denilson, Fabregas, Song; Nasri, Eduardo, Arshavin

With a bench of:

Mannone, Senderos, Eboue, Silvestre, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela

It is not a must-win game for Arsenal, too many remain afterwards, closer perhaps to a must-not-lose. Either way, many believe this to be on the verge of great things. Arsene believes so. Time to prove our faith is not misplaced gentlemen.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Absolutely Fabularse

    According to the club, RVP is out for most, if not all, of the rest of the season….

    Damn and blast!!!!

  2. I blame the big pharmaceutical companies. If they had developed some effective treatments, RvP wouldn’t have been tempted to try bullshit alternative remedies.

  3. Arsenal might not be a young team, but Chelsea is definitely an old team.

  4. Absolutely Fabularse

    Yes. I can see the Serbian placenta lady’s business suffering a bit of a slump now…

    Ach well. At least we’ve got Eduardo!!

  5. How many CL games have the combined Spud’s squad played?

    I imagine that it is less than players like Denilson, Clichy, Song etc have accrued on their own. So why are our players inexperienced yet the Spud’s are ready to not only make a top four slot but progress and do well in the competition?

    My major concern ahead of tomorrow is whom John Terry will chose to commit his regular two footed challenge on, something he never seems to get booked for.

  6. With RVP now looking to effectively miss the rest of the season does anyone else think we will buy a striker in Jan?

  7. It is time for Arsenal to prove that we are no more also rans. This team had enough experience under its belt. The only thing which can stop Arsenal from winning this one is desire to do so. And it is a bigger problem than technique. Technically this side is 2nd to none. This side’s time has come and it is upto then to take the initiative and if they don’t do so then we are in trouble. U can read more on my preview of the same…
    Keep gunning

  8. eduardo will step up

  9. Gunner From Nigeria

    Now RVP is probably out for the season. Sad news. Those that are now stating that AW should get a new Striker should realize that Bendtner would turn out to be an important player this season when he returns from injury with Eduardo and Vela already there.
    We also have strikers in reserve we can call on Watts being one of them.
    While money goes a long way in achieving success, you don’t solve every problem with it. Change of strategy could do it.

  10. Good article, YW.

    I’d say the squad (not the first team) is in fact young, but bar one or two, they are experienced.

    What an absolute bummer about RvP. You are wrong to blame the placenta woman, though – the fault lies squarely with the Dutch medical team for their original misdiagnosis. The massage treatment in itself would not have exacerbated the problem (any doctors reading, feel free to correct me), but the delay in having surgery would – but that is not her fault or Robin’s fault either, because he was acting according to the information he had been given.

  11. We should buy a striker in January. And I believe we will.

  12. “you” meaning earlier comments, not YW.

  13. Grim news on RVP this morning. He`s one of the world`s best so will be greatly missed. Hopefully he`ll be back in time to take his place in the CL final.

    Although I`m confident we have players to step in & step up I`m not confident that those players will remain injury free so I wouldn`t be surprised now if we buy in January.

  14. Gunner From Nigeria

    They always claim we don’t have depth in attack but, the opponent we are facing tomorrow only have two recognised strikers.
    The only assertion i see is that we have depth but, we suffer too many injuries to the core of the team that, it makes a mockery of strength in depth.
    My prayer is that if we go through Sunday and Wednesday matches as victors, then there is no stopping this team.
    Alas! they said we are done. But, we just got started.


    I don’t think he will buy another striker in January. We’ve got three plus Walcott plus Arshavin. And how could you replicate RvP? He’s a one-off.

  16. first and foremost i am devastated for robin.

    The man is world class and is never given the chance of a decent run to prove it to the world.

  17. The RVP news is really shit! And the pointless friendly are really pissing me off!
    Arsenal should ask for compensation from the Netherland FA!
    RVP was being so good in the team, he is just so unlucky every time he gets a good run, a moron injures him!

  18. @ Joe

    Your response on the last thread is not a reply to my post. All you say is a) AA is a great player, about which there is not and has never been any argument, and b) because he is a great player, if Wenger had started with him in the FA Cup semifinal, rather than bringing him on as a sub, we would have won the game.

    I’m not going to get into that argument again – it is old and cannot be resolved because neither of us is Doctor Who and we don’t have the luxury of going back in time or passing through a rent in space-time to an alternate universe. All I will say is that I respect AW’s decisions and his reasons for making them, and so should you.

    The point I made is that if AA starts in this game, it will not be because Wenger has “learnt his lesson”, which is what you were implying. Our options are fewer through injury, so even if Wenger would prefer not to start Arshavin in an ideal world, he will probably have to.

  19. fubar

  20. I watched Petit last night telling the world that the difference between the great Arsenal side that he played in and this one was ‘experience’ and that this side lacked ‘leaders’.

    Does he read the Mail or do they just quote him ad naseum?

    What is it with so many of our ex players. Can anyone think of an ex manc, chav or scouser queing up to slate their present teams? Lets face it, the scousers have plenty to be criticised for.

    Interesting, on this topic, that Benitez was complaing about Redknapp, talking up Spurs by belittleing his team by saying that they are “…a team going nowhere”. More loyal to his Dad thanhis ex team I suppose.

  21. @ FunGunner

    Ever since I read that sneaky attack on Wenger’s judgement, my thought was, if RVP and Diaby were fit, as good as Arshavin is would he have been guaranteed a game tomorrow? It is a nice hypothetical and exposes the fallacy of Joe’s attempt to super elevate Arshavin’s importance.

    Anyways it shows how deep this squad is that we have a player of Arshavin’s quality to call on.

    Bad, bad news about RVP. It is a blow but other players will have to step up. To paraphrase Wenger, they are not kids anymore.

  22. I don’t think we should buy a new striker in January at the cost of the progress made by Bendtner, Vela, Eduardo and Walcott. It’ll be counter productive especially since Van Persie hasn’t declared that he has retired (at least I didn’t read that part if at all it appeared in the statement).

    The media machine is already at fever pitch speculating our next January buy and highlighting the fact that not replacing Adebayor will cost us.

    Sometimes I think that whoever created 24 hour news cycles should be taken out back and shot. They’re responsible for a lot of crap on the airwaves.

    I’m sad for Van Persie though, and if anything good can come out of his injury, I hope that he’ll enjoy his time with his kids and especially the young Dina Layla.

    Eduardo, Vela and Bendtner will have to stand up and be counted and I have faith that they will most definitely deliver.

    Chelsea’s problem tomorrow is not that we have Van Persie out, it’s that their 4 defenders won’t have a clue who they’re marking as our forwards have no fixed position up front.

  23. i cant see past a big win for us tomorow guys.

  24. It’s bleeding obvious lads. Bleeding obvious.

    In May some were trying to make us buy the ridiculous notion that Arshavin was more important to an Arsenal team than RVP.

    As explained in May, the choice came down to Arshavin vs RVP. Wenger went for the taller, more physical player who has a record of winning us games against Chelsea.

    It’s so bleeding obvious. Hindsight makes it ever more so.

  25. Titles are won and lost by injuries.

  26. deano can i have some of what your on please.

  27. This is very bad news.

    As usual the hacks are making some knee jerk assumptions. “Don’t you think you should have replaced Adebayor ?”… err.. we have Eduardo, Walcott, Vela, Bendtner and Arshavin who can all play as strikers.

    Sure, Bendtner is the only big target man we have now, but in the past Wenger has put Diaby in a more advanced role. There are options.

  28. Great post, DS.

    Chelsea’s problem tomorrow is not that we have Van Persie out, it’s that their 4 defenders won’t have a clue who they’re marking as our forwards have no fixed position up front.
    Ha ha! So true.

    I used to think Eduardo was the unluckiest striker we have, but Robin runs him close. It’s the timing as much as anything else, isn’t it? He will be desperately miserable but I know we will find a way to cope.

  29. @ O/G –
    The underlying reason why the Joes of this world bang on about Arshavin not starting the CC semi-final is by doing so AW gave lie to their fast held belief that for the club to succeed it must rely on spending big. Read Joe’s posts and note that every year, actually every transfer window, he wants the club to buy one or two big name players. In essence, people like him are saying the home-grown players will never be good enough.

    In contrast to his thinking, the fact is the young home-grown players are getting better every year and becoming more important to the club. As you point out RVP was our most outstanding player last season (and year-to-date), not Arshavin. In hindsight this explains Wenger’s rationale for selling Adebayor and putting RVP at the focus of our forward line. (Ade’s ego being what it is, he would never have been content playing second fiddle.)

    IMO – Playing “the Arsenal way” means a heavy reliance on bringing up young players through the academy learning to play our system, not relying on buying matured superstars who may or may not fit in the system. Barcelona has established the template. Yes we may buy one or two established players periodically but unlike Chelsea that is not our way.

  30. The person I’m most sorry for is Arsene Wenger. The last thing you need in a transitional period, when you’re building a squad is long-term injuries to key players.

    It’s so unfortunate.

  31. I never hear you taling dirty to Paul these days, Shotta. Cleaned up your act?

  32. How much longer is Bendtner out for?

  33. Nick’s out a couple more weeks.

  34. What happened to RVP? That is a question!

    (He completely tore and didn’t rupture his ankle. Which wasn’t poor old horsey’s fault, but some still seem to need a scapesteed).


    I knew him, a fellow of infinate jest, of most excellent fancy…and excellent skill.

    Get well soon!

  35. RVP’s season looks over, what a real disappointment. Everything was going for him he looked sharp and healthy then this happens, that is just our luck. The Dutch FA is refusing to pay up. It is really ridiculous. Anyway that’s the way it goes. Wenger now must forget about Van persie this season and look for a replacement be it from reserves or in transfer window we definitely need an extra body upfront. Maybe its time to shift Walcott to the middle and see what he can do.

  36. He was having a fantastic season. really really sorry for him. Get well soon!!


  38. It should be the Italian FA paying up. Their player crocked RVP and wasn’t even sorry about it. If karma exists I expect Chellini to be run over a bus any day. Hope the boys win it tomorrow for RvP. Time to show the world what we’ve got! Up Gunners.

  39. Great post again YW, as usual. One glaring error though: It was Gallas’ header that won the game that day, not Gilberto’s… We’ll win tomorrow. We’re best with our backs to the wall. Remember Nasri 2, United 1 at the Emirates last season? We were missing Ade (key player at the time), RvP, Tomas, Eboue and Kolo. 5 guys who would definitely have started. No reason to fear Chelsea. Let’s just play our game, play our football and show the world that we are THE ARSENAL! Victoria Concordia Crescit

  40. Awww, poor RVP. I hope he still has a good recovery and can return at the end of the season to play some more games. Still, I think we can face this challenge. If our other players stay fit, I am very sure that one of them, either Bendtner, Vela or Eduardo will step and prove that they can play that center striker role effectively and grab goals as well as assist our other players in scoring goals.

    Btw. read Cescs latest interview: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1231548/Cesc-Fabregas-In-revealing-interview-Arsenals-genius-reveals-sign-Barcelona-fight-overcome-demons-slur-haunts-him.html?ITO=1490
    I like how he talks about Wilshere and Ramsey…just imagine three players on the same level as Cesc gracing our midfield. Incredible!

  41. thats the spirit larry.

    We have moooooooooore than enough in our locker to give chelsea a good smacking tomorow.

    When were short were always still better than most.

    i think the universe would implode if we had any less than 4 key players injured at any given time.

    Plus i would go as far as to say that the side we field tomorow will be better than wigan? or aston villa?

  42. come on fellas this is one i am realy certain we will win. And i’m usualy a nervous wreck.

  43. Consols – On my best behaviour.
    BTW – With the holidays approaching, the management has put me to work. So I check in every hour or so.

  44. @EvilFiek

    I read that article, incredible. Cesc worried about losing his spot to Ramsey said “If I go to sleep I will wake up and find him in my place”.

  45. PS: Consols – Our favourite team manager, outside of Arsene, is having quite a revival. Hull is on a winning run. Can you believe it?

    We may be forced to eat a lot of crow by end-of-season.

  46. RVP is out, what the hell are we going to do, were fucked

  47. Yay, Larry M! That’s the spirit!

  48. This is just an observation, but no more than two months ago the general tone was that RvP isn’t cut out for the centre forward role and we’d never score enough goals with him leading the line.

    Now, our season is in jeopardy because he’s going to miss most of the season. Kinda funny how thing’s change.

    The reason so many people were brought round the idea of RvP playing alone up front is because AW sees what other people cannot, and knows how to tailor formations around the players at his disposal.

    I’d say it’s worth taking a step back.

    If you’re an armchair manager, you have to think about the qualities RvP brought to the team, and how a number other players can offer these qualities at the same time, instead of looking for one player to step into his boots and carrying on like we did before – because this cannot work. It’s all about the team.

    Really, the shape is likely to change, and the big guys are going to get a bit more game time. Diaby and Bendtner could prove pivotal.

    I’m quite sure Bendter will be on the right-hand side when he returns because he can use his strength and aerial prowess to dominate full-backs, which he did to great effect against Everton.

    I don’t think we to sign anyone – for one, this could upset the squad balance – it’s just a case or rejigging the formation and tinkering with players’ roles a little.

    For instance, the guy in the middle doesn’t have to be a target or a natural finisher; Eduardo could be pushed to the left, and Arshavin or Nasri could be moved central, but both have RvP’s knack of shielding the ball and can bring other players into the game.

    Just a couple of thoughts – don’t read too much into it!

  49. *need to*

  50. Portsmouth equalise. Hilarious penalty award, and the ManU players absolutely lose their sh*t.

  51. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love how after every injury, Le Groan starts talking about how we need this that and we need that.

    There are still posters over there saying we need to buy a CB. And if Arsene doesn’t buy know he’s taking the piss out of all Arsenal fans. What a bunch of materialistic, Chav envying C*unts.

  52. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    now not know. Still a bit early in my neck of the woods.

  53. Hang on – I just it again. The pen was a good call; Vidic had a handful of the Portsmouth player’s shirt and tried to stop him from jumping.

  54. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Come on Pompey!

  55. Sad news about RvP really sad and Fat frank was in Serbia for his Placenta treatment for a lesser injury and was healed in half the time..

  56. I thought man utd and Chelsea defenders were allowed to grab shirts in the penalty area.

  57. I suppose they have Slur Alex to blame for losing that privilege.

    Portsmouth had the better of that first half.

    Also, there was a beautiful moment involving Fletcher; he tried his usual hacking routine against Boateng, who lost his rag, turned around and dumped Fletcher on his backside without seeing so much as a yellow for his efforts.

    It’s great; players can now abuse Fletcher with impunity. Nice one, Arsène!

  58. Lampard’s so-called injury was nothing more than a bad case of indigestion, caused by gluttonous over-eating. The placenta treatment had no effect at all. The true cure was the rather bumpy journey to the clinic in Serbia, which set his intestines back to work again. A couple of lengthy bathroom breaks and he was good as new.

  59. Very good OneOfUs

    “I’m quite sure Bendter will be on the right-hand side”

    Its gone over many heads that Wenger by selling Ade decided to shift the teams design from the cliched MEATMONSTER forward.. He plays Bentner on the right not only because he wants Bentner to improve his link up play..

    He has played him there because it helps the teams fluidity in playing for one another. Big center forwards have become a crutch and inhibit “total football”.

    This is seen in how Capello dislikes using Crouch who has a good international scoring record because the 1st reaction of player’s (especially under pressure) is to hoist the ball up to the big guy, which is a lot less successful than most would like to suggest..

    By not playing the big Center forward Wenger forces his players to find another way of breaching defenses.. This is seen in how all of sagna’s assist crosses have been low quick balls for for the striker or late mid-fielder to finish.. Rather than high headers a lot have been volleys or tap in’s .. One that stands out being a late run from Cesc to the front post tapped in from a bentner low cross..

    This is part of the reason Wenger has mostly played Walcott and Bentner on the right and Eduardo and Vela on the left.. These players can play on either side of a front three but use their natural foot with more frequency and accuracy and so would provide fewer crossing opportunities on their opposite side..

    Wenger likes to use players like Nasri, Arshavin and Rosicky on the left because these players are more balanced and have greater accuracy with their weaker legs.

    As tremendous a loss RvP is to the team our shape remains the same with Eduardo spear heading the Attack as he has done with great success on many occasion for Slaven Bilic.. His arching runs and measured bursting movements will be key to our success

    We have three strikers who can fulfill our requirements with out RvP.. Arsenal will Take trophies at the end of this season to the great surprise of many doubters and Hacks, who will rain another barrage of reasons why the team lacks the quality to win..


  60. No worries, Shotta. Phil can’t keep it up.

    Three manu penalties???

  61. You are so right. Labels are used by media pundits all the time. Tackling is a lost art. it takes practice, practice and more practice to learn how to tackle. Coaches do not spend enough time on this. In my younger days (I am 57) we spent hours learning how to tackle. I played fullback. We spent 45 minutes on two on one drills three on one drills.
    I have a sense that Walcott will come up big. My pet peeve is this. I wish players would learn how to drive through a hard tackle and score instead of flopping to the ground.
    Pele never did that.
    I am old school. Play tough.

  62. Absolutely Fabularse

    Although, as Fungunner rightly points out, RVP’s long-term injury is hardly Serbian Placenta Lady’s fault, I quite like the idea of her business taking a knock and having to diversify.

    What’s the betting she’ll be trying to flog placenta burgers outside Parisan Belgrade’s next home game?

  63. Great teams adapt even with the loss of a great player. Arsenal will adapt and prevail.

    This really is the best Arsenal sqaud I have ever seen.

  64. Interesting points, KS. I like the idea that eschewing the traditional CF forces the team to keep the ball on the ground and play the way we know.

    Jesus, I just read through my long post again; it was riddled with errors (even more than usual). I was rushing like hell though!

    The thrust of it was that there’s no need to crowbar players into roles they’re not built for – it’s best rework the formation, however subtly, to get the best out of the players we have already.

    Come to think of it, that’s quite banal stuff!

    I know it finished 4-1, but Portsmouth deserved more from this game. It was a mixture of bad luck and awful finishing.

  65. Absolutely Fabularse

    Agreed. And if Eduardo can quickly slip back into the run of form he was enjoying just before that Neanderthal did a hatchet job on him, Mr Wenger will have a nice selection problem when RVP comes back and no doubt will be having to deal with ridiculous ‘Barca in for Eduardo’ stories.

  66. I don’t think that Eduardo and Robin are similar players at all. I would not be surprised to see us augment Eduardo’s presence up front by changing system. Of course this matters less for Arsenal than for other teams because all players have excellent technical skills.

  67. For instance I would like to see John ‘show us your studs’ Terry have to deal with Eduardo and Theo running at him….and Cesc, Samir, Tomas, Andrei rolling the ball into them and/or creating alternatives.

  68. They are different players Fran,k RvP has more balanced feet. Eduardo is a sharper runner and finisher..RvP is taller yet Eduardo has better burst/acceleration.. They both have great link up ability and technique and this is most crucial ..

  69. …we really are about to see the results of years of work by AW over the coming weeks and months, KS. There has never been a better time to be an Arsenal supporter.

  70. Never ..

  71. RVP is out for the season.So f**king what.Are we a one man team?? Its a squad game.Its time Eduardo stepped up to the plate.
    If Wigan can beat Chelsea we can

  72. Frank this is not the best Arsenal squad ever.All our keepers are average.The back up CH’s are Swiss Phil and Tweety.

    On tomorrows game Eduardo has to prove he can be the lone striker instead of just a good finisher.He has to hold the ball up for our midfields to get forward.
    Is Gallas fit?

  73. The thinness and paucity of your inaccurate response rather proves my point, Denis.

  74. eddys gonna score first, then walcott

    then song

  75. is merida banned for the carling game on wednesday? he got a red card against villa last week.

  76. thanks ff

  77. “It should be the Italian FA paying up. Their player crocked RVP”

    not the Italian FA’s fault…can we not sue the stupid Dutch medical team? I mean, what the hell?

    Also, I wish RvP would’ve flown to London BEFORE heading off to Romania. That way at least he could’ve had two opinions.

    This is terrible news. I can’t believe I’m reading this really…I was hoping for him to be back in mid-December/early January and now we won’t see him play for the whole season?

    Gloss this over as much as you like but RvP is key to our title success…it’s like United losing Ronaldo last season. It’s so easy to say “oh well, look at us, we have glittering talent and this won’t matter”. It will matter.

    Before some crazies start attacking me, I’ll make it clear that I believe in our team and I do believe that they have what it takes to compete at the top top level (no convincing needed there), and before RvP went off, there was no reason for us not to win the League. None at all. Now there is. That’s the difference. We can still do it but its going to be hard.

  78. Pull yourself together, abid.

  79. I see what your saying abid, RvP is a special, special player and to suggest losing him will have no affect is not only foolhardy, but insulting to the mans talent.

    No other player can do what he does, like he does in the world. Thats why he is such a big player for Arsenal football club and one of the best in the world. He gives us a cutting edge.

    But I do believe that even without him we house enough talent to beat anybody with a cutting edge, just a different kind.

  80. All teams will have injuries to key players over the course of a season, abid. AW though has built a squad that is now not dependent upon individuals. I am sure RvP will be back to add his finesse towards the latter end of the season. RvP is my favourite player but we are where we are….and we are capable of winning the EPL. Just watch it all unfold tomorrow.

  81. yeah when we break chelsea in.


  82. Little Joey Cole is feeling the pressure so much that he felt the need to go to the press to nervously express the view that Arsenal will be under pressure tomorrow. He pulled his shorts up to his armpits giving himself a wedgy, stuck his bum out and minced off doing the funky chicken after his comments.

  83. I’m not sure why but I’ve this feeling growing all day that Wenger’s going to throw a little suprise in tomorrow, not so much in the lineup but where people fit in. Something like Eduardo, Arshavin and Nasri playing up front but with Arshavin playing in the centre. This feeling just keeps building and I’m convinced Wenger is going to outsmart Chelsea with guile and movement, something that John Terry cannot hope to deal with.

  84. We will see what Sunday brings, but I think abid is on point. It’s not just that RvP is pure proven class, but it was the Cesc-RvP axis around which our attack revolves. This is a crushing loss.

    And while it would be nice, Frank, to go along with saying that all teams will have injuries to key players, this is like having Torres, Rooney, or Drogba go out for the season. We have quality to step in, but it’s going to be quite the adjustment, and we cannot afford to drop points while adjusting.

    We are capable of winning the EPL, but our odds of doing so just went down significantly.

    Just ask yourself, if you had heard last week that Drogba (and not RvP) was injured, and this week that he was out for the season, what would you have thought of our title chances?

  85. Am i alone in feeling scared that Chav$ki will beat us, probably 3- 0 ?

    IF we had Robin, Gael/Gibbs…maybe – but some weirdness has happened with those Chavs…Anelka and his brothers, and the Dog..they fill me with fear.

    Man, i hope i’m so very very wrong..

  86. What I find amazing is this accepted wisdom in the hack world that we don’t have any goalscorers other than Van Persie. Van Persie was never recognised in the past as a target front man, he was always a 2nd striker. Now, after 12 games, he is the main factor why we are not going to win anything. I agree that he is a loss, but I cannot fathom the logic. If the hacks are saying that he is the only player that can play in the hole, then this might make sense. But they appear to be saying that it’s his goalscoring ability that will be missed. Eduardo had goalscoring ability, but according to Merson and Nicholas, he has lost half a yard, whilst Bendtner is not as skillful as VP. To me, this seems all a bit knee jerk. They have actually written Eduardo off, without so much as waiting to see what happens in the rest of the season, ffs ! This is just plain stupid. Eduardo has been a bit stop start, but he just needs a run of games. Some of his assists have been superb. If we can’t move forward with Arshavin, Walcott, Vela, Eduardo, Bendtner and even Diaby in an attacking role, then something is seriously wrong.

  87. At least, then, Eduardo had half a yard of pace to lose – which is more than can be said for most of the Chelsea team.

  88. Incidentally, pace is not measured in yards. To speak of half a yard of pace is to speak nonsense.

  89. Some people are suggesting that John Terry has lost a couple of seconds of leap.

  90. And Frank Lampard has lost three inches of weight.

  91. Expect Joe Cole’s shorts to be ten decibels higher tomorrow.

  92. Frank Lampard has lost three inches of weight.

    And that was on his big toe.

  93. just hope we stuff them tomorrow

  94. “just hope we stuff them tomorrow”

    – with a 12-stoner.

  95. Without a doubt Chelsea are a team to be wary of but we mustn’t allow the negativity of the media to undermine us. As Muppet points out earlier at the start of the season we were written off because we hadn’t replaced Adebayor and no longer had a target man. Now we’re written off because RVP (a player whose been at the club for years) is out.

    It’s not going to be easy tomorrow but we must believe.

  96. Just put on Sky text and the headline is “Rampant Rooney sinks Pompey” OK he scored a hat trick but for fucks sake two of them were penalties. God knows what the headline would be if he really dominated a “big game”.

  97. ‘God knows what the headline would be if he really dominated a “big game”.’

    That’s something that only God will ever know.

  98. Anyone would think this is the first time we have been without an important player, and yet it is harder to remember a time when we were not without.

  99. Everyone has written off arsenal “it could be very one sided” etc. They are in for a surprise.

  100. rampant rooney rodgers Ruella the randy relic

  101. arshenal it will be one sided. All red an white.

  102. Mmm.. any other club – and know this is a positive place etc., but we – oh ffs! 2-1 to the Arsenal!!

  103. interesting though, premierleague.com votes put 53 percent to arsenal, 35 to chelsea and 13 to draw.

  104. thats it pony boy.

    yes its true, any other team and we’d be fucked with the injurys we have.

    But we are not any other team, we are the arsenal, the proposed starting line up for tomorow is disgustingly good. Capable of dismanteling the best.

    We are at home.

    And the bench aint half bad either.

  105. Robin Van Persie is a world-class player who we have come to rely upon. However unlike other seasons we have other world-class players to rely upon in his absence. Eduardo is now getting back to form. Andrei needs now to focus on Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal every game….but we also have Tomas returning to form and Samir Nasri too. We have Theo who now needs to push on. There are many more examples involving Abou Diaby, Aaron Ramsey and a plethora of youngsters,not to mention Nic Bendtner, Carlos vela, Jack Wilshere in all sorts of combinations…but the point is that we really do now have a Plan B and a Plan C and possibly even a Plan D to fall back on if Plan A is no longer possible….I am sure we will revert back to Plan A in March 2010 when Robin returns….but by then Plans A to D and more will have been throughly tested. AW now has many, many options. It is precisly the breadth and depth of the squad which will put Arsenal on top for a long, long time….and no-one seems to have noticed. Which is why this is the best Arsenal squad I have ever seen.

    Incidentally the most important players on the pitch tomorrow will be Cesc, Alex and Denilson. They will control our game and cut off Chelski’s supply. Tread on their fucking wind-pipe as it were.


  106. ——————-Almunia———————-


    ————- SONG ———-




  107. I could not stop laughing when I heard a Citeh fan complaining on the radio about Adebayor calling him lazy. He only plays well against Arsenal and when Beyonce is watching.

    I’ve been saying for a while now that Drogba is finally going to meet his match tomorrow.The Vermanator will be out to destroy the drogs. I just hope Gallas is playing to deal with other duties.
    Did anyone see Defoe controling the ball with his arm then score and started celebrating only for the ref to shalk it off then Huddlestone scored a debatable goal doing a similar thing only this time the ball was controled with the upper bit of the arm. According to the media our noble english players always tell the ref not to give the goal when they handle the ball and they never cheat how can they ? they are english.

  108. Correction ” it was Dawson who scored ”
    What the hell they are all spuds.

  109. Good point Deano – we play best when we are crocked, and our Arse is against the wall.
    Still gonna need a few beers though!

  110. RVP has got to be the unluckiest guy ever with injuries..I feel for him and his chocolate leg.Get a bionic one this time RVP!!!That European player of the year award will just have to wait another year.

    And as usual we can always depend on ex gooner Paul Merson ( What is the point of this guy as a pundit) to shoot our title challenge in the foot with his rantings about how much better Chelsea are than us…I have not time for the bloke…I totally agree with you Frank and I believe we will rise to every challenge and prove all these halfwit journos and hacks wrong.

    They seem to forget that once Drogba and Kalou have gone to ACN it will only leave one striker Anelka. And they are worried about us. One would think with the amount of money Chelsea have spent in the past few years and not having won the Prem for the last 3 years they would be suffering the wrath of the press.

  111. I often wonder with ex players like Merson whether they are afraid to put a commentator’s curse on Arsenal. Deep down Merson is a gunner at heart.

    I liked Nutty Boy having a go at that twat Cundy on SSnews on friday.

  112. come on gooners, lets beat those chav scum! 3-1

  113. “Am i alone in feeling scared that Chav$ki will beat us, probably 3- 0 ?”

    uh..yes. why the hell would you say such a thing? or think of something like that? unless you enjoy making yourself miserable or have no faith whatsoever?

    I’m scared that WE might thump them 3-0 which would result in Platini peeing in his pants and going on another rant about how Wenger is the devil for beating a hard-working English team with a very English manager.

    Frank – I do have a grip on myself. Look, RvP and Cesc are my two favourite players. Knowing that Robin won’t be playing this season is a bit hard to take and with all due respect to you optimists, I’ve been under the impression that Arsene was building this squad around Robin and Cesc. His replacement in case RvP got injured was Nicklas but now both are out so we have to adjust and do it very quickly.

    If there’s anyone who can fix this its Arsene. So I’m not saying that we’re done and over with. Far from it. But I’m not expecting Arsenal to continue on a goal-fest’ing romp….if they do, I’ll be extremely happy. But realistically, I’m giving them time to adapt and re-organize.

  114. @ Abid

    This squad is built on :

    Almunia, Diaby, Sagna, Fabrgas, Vermaelen, Senderos, Rosicky, Nasri, Eduardo, Gallas, van Persie, Vela, Walcott, Denilson, Ramsey, Song, Silvestre, Wilshere, Djourou, Fabianski, Clichy, Arshavin, Mannone, Eboue, Gibbs, Traore, Merida, Bendtner, Szczesny

    That’s why we are gonna win.

  115. Here’s to treading on Chelsea’s windpipe.

  116. 3-1. 7 hours till kick off, better get a kip in!

  117. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/nov/29/andrey-arshavin-arsenal-profile

    Yet another gushing article about Andrei Arshavin, by Paul Hayward in the Observer today.

    It’s frustrating the way his performance is exaggerated as a means to disparage other players in the team – and undermine Arsène’s development policy in general.

    This bit is just scornful (and wrong):

    “…Arsenal’s Russian rover is the counterpoint to all those youthful midfield products of the London Colney beauty school. He was not flown from an African village, coaxed by Wenger’s charm from France or enticed from Barcelona’s academy. Gunner No23 is beyond re-programming.”

    One assist in ten league games is all the evidence you need that Arshavin hasn’t hit form this season. There are players who better deserve the praise still being heaped on AA: Diaby, Song, Sagna, Gallas and so on.

    Arshavin’s an Arsenal player, so he gets unswerving support, but I think there’s contempt for Wenger, and our way of doing things, behind this kind of undue reverence.

  118. Arsenal’s playing style is well known.They like to pass the ball around the box and in the absence of RVP would probably try to pass the ball to fee.Against Sunderland this tactic was easily nullified.The Blues are a more water tight defence and God help the gunners if they play this way.
    The gunners have to shoot on sight like Denilson’s goal.The gunners must be able to score from ricochet because Zech is atop,top quality goalie.
    The defence mustn’t go to sleep once having taken the lead.I remember the gunners taking the lead against MU in March/April 2003. Less than one/two minutes the red faced cunt’s team had equalised.It had happened and will happen
    again if the gunners become complacent.
    The Blues are not unbeatable though it will take a brave guy to say the gunners can win by a two goal margin.For this to happen, the gunners must repeat must cut out errors and play as if it were a cup final. The gunners must roll up their socks and fight for every ball.

  119. I think you’re wong, Alan.
    Nice that your memory goes back to us conceding in 2003.
    Cech is shite these days, i remember William Gallas scoring against him at the Emirates after a piece of clownish goalkeeping.

  120. Think it was December 2007.

  121. Fuckin internationals…But I dont care, we have the steel to beat them…this midfield is very experienced now…Our only weak point today is the lack of form of Nasri and Dudu… But I think we can just squeeze past..Our midfield is so good now, the danger can come from any of the three..

    I would be scared to play Arsenal if I was a blues supporter

  122. Arsenal is not built around RvP and Fabregas. We’re built around whichever players are on the pitch at a particular time.

    Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

  123. Not that the king is actually dead. God Forbid.

  124. Cech is not a top quality keeper..he has his Almunia moments too..

  125. Agree Poliziano…It too RVP a few games to score…We need to give Dudu the time to adapt too…The goals will come from midfield or Gallas?Verminator today…

  126. Good blog. I totally agree the pressure is on both teams. I am concerned however that AW will opt for silvestre at left back ove r traore. Am not convinced that would be a good idea. Let’s keep positive

  127. One of Us @ 9.10 am, I thought the same when I read that piece of fluff. It is complete and utter nonsense. Somehow a players’ price tag seems to blind people to the facts. I’ve seen Song described as ‘unconvincing’ in one article, when he has performed consistently well to date. But I suppose he is a French speaking African, so therefore it is irrelevant. In fact that paragraph you quoted demonstrates the deep-seated racism coursing through the whole piece.

  128. Co’on dude..Cultured left foot and Gooner Chris are the only blogs I read..they r straight..true some like Walcott a bit more…but its natural, u hv to accept that

  129. Is there any news on Gallas yet?

  130. He should play

  131. I won’t be able to watch the match cause I have to travel exactly during the time the match is on. Does anybody know a site where I could download the match afterwards? Possibly a site tht does not spoiler the result.

  132. He’s playin I think… He wears contacts and his eyes still swollen

  133. OneofUs @ 9:10am and Passenal @ 11:08am – The various attempts by the media hacks and bloggers to deify Arshavin also pisses me off because it has nothing to do with his performances for Arsenal. He has been great occasionally but has shown a tendency to drift in and out of games and while improving, needs to work harder on the defensive side of his game. If we are to believe the hacks from the Guardian and various bloggers, without him we would be mired in a relegation tussle. To the contrary, the fact is our two most valuable players to date have been RVP and Cesc. But these are “inconvenient truths” because it doesn’t fit into the generally held believe that you must spend big and acquire a big name player if you are to succeed. To the contrary both Cesc and RVP were acquired at a young age for peanuts and schooled by AW into the Arsenal way to the point where they are now world class players.
    Boo to the Guardian hacks and those suffering from Arshavinites.

    PS: I agree with YW, with RVP out for 5-6 months and Bendtner injured, if Eduardo and Vela don’t hack it as the main strikers in the next month or so, AW may go into the market. It is up to them. This is their opportunity starting today.

  134. Really, really looking forward to this game. I’m thinking no pie today.

    Time for a change. Plod has moved me on so I have found a new patch for Christmas. The painted wagon is out of commission so I am having a furniture van done up like a plod horse wagon, I ni..acquired some hobby bobby gear and Lady Neena will be wearing the official plod livery. I could fancy her myself if I was that way inclined. Anyway I have had hundreds of boxes of chocolate RvP legs made all wrapped up in red and white silver paper with a loop for putting on the tree. Packs of 11… I was toying with the idea of having some glass ones done for Christmas decorations..but it seemed a little tasteless.

    Robin Van Persie….clickclickclick….Robin Van persie….clickclickclick…get well soon, Robin

    As Moopay has reappeared I might be reviving the Muppet shirts this season.

    No stall today but my mate sent me some Chelski shorts seconds….er…sorry ladies…but the gusset has been designed to go up the bum. The distance between the waste band and the gusset is two feet and three inches so you can wear them comfortably done up under the arm-pits. Each pair has been signed by Joe Cole…well I wrote an x on each one…I believe that is how he signs stuff. Anyway those pricks will never know will they. Fiver a pair and I have sold seventeen pairs already.


  135. 2-0 to the arsenal!

  136. Waste band? So all Chelsea supporters are incontinent?

  137. It is up to Deni Cesc and our player of the season so far Song to dismantle and bamboozle the Chavs.. Through their chemistry our front three can shift sides pulling the defense apart as they do in practice everyday..

    We will see who has enough to HACK it..

    Enjoy the Game its gonna be fire works..


  138. Yes, PZ, the waste band is attached at the waist band to a sort of knicker arrangement with elasticated leg holes.

  139. Oh I see now where my mate got them from…Chelsea Pensioners outfitters. Crafty old dog.


  141. Fuck off, Dave

  142. Stick it up your Joe Cole, Dave.

  143. dave please do come back in 3 and a half hours..

  144. NO NEED TO SHOUT, DAVE! Your crazy comes through loud and clear at normal volume.

  145. Just hope that they pass it a bit to Shava today..there is not enough chemistry between Cesc and Shava.

    Denilson also can be important today.

  146. and the only thing drogbas ever gonna win is an oscar you prat.

  147. Anybody who shouts LOL repeatedly is obviously a moron, but then we knew that before about chavs.

    Very sad.

  148. It’s strange that Dave claims we will win nothing with kids when Chelsea’s attempt to balance the books has seen them poach kids illegally and get a transfer ban imposed for 2 windows.

  149. deano – Drogba will never win an Oscar his acting is awful, even his own team mates ignore him and carry on playing rather than putting the ball out of play.

  150. yes but marc thats exactly the kind of over bearing anti-subtle tosh the academy loves to reward.

  151. Dave epitomizes what chelski is all about….

    Screaming and shouting will give you helping hands that’s why they ran up to the referee like little bitches everytime a decision went against them.

    Trying to read Dave’s post is like trying to watch chelski play ball – painful and utterly unmanagable.

  152. Gallas starts!

    So does Traore. Eep.

  153. Well put, Diceman.

  154. Here we go! Are we all excited?

  155. I feel strangely calm, Fun.

  156. does anyone have a stream for a poor h1n1 suffering ben ridden gooner?

  157. me too consols

    Im confident. Realy. we will win

  158. bed not ben

  159. deano, try http://atdhe.net/ or one on

    myp2p.eu (there are many)

  160. Fucking Chav lovefest on Sky!

  161. A R S E N A L


  163. COME ON!

  164. jesus some of these comments on Sky ….FUCK OFF SKY COMMENTATOR YOU TWAT

  165. cheers all and enjoy!

    COME on ARSENAL!!!!

  166. chelsea dont stand a chance. JT will be in tears today. Come on Arsenal.

  167. Away to West Ham in the cup.

  168. Oh dear,
    Mea Culpa for [Lol] bringing Dave [LOL] on.
    Muppet, be happy you have Sky.. am getting weary of the Streams cutting out at crucial points.

    [ And no, no pubs in this town, as it’s a squaddie place]. And can anything be worse than having to resort to Alan Green ?

  169. Sorry PonyBoy….some annoying comments about arsenal being up against the hardened professionals from Chelsea.

  170. it realy is remarkable how good song has got

  171. what the fuck is wrong with this referee?

  172. Drogba leads with his elbow. W*NKER!!

  173. COYG! Come On!

  174. Eduardo lacks pace. that was a nice 50:50.

  175. It had to be him….

  176. Goal to the Chavs.

  177. no worries guys

  178. We do miss RVP at the moment, i think we wouldve been ahead with him.

  179. Unbelievable.

  180. oh for god fucking sake fuck fucking shit fuck fuck fuck

  181. come on arsenal

  182. You have to hate that fu’ker..but good goal nonetheless; and for once agree with Sky (found the stream…!!!!)wankers..we ARE toothless and now they can sit back. Oh the fuc#ing PAIN!

    “But it’s a game of two halves, Brian!”

  183. Eduardo is hasnt been up to it thus far, a bit indecisive.

    I do we feel we will come back though.

  184. First things first, we need this p*ssing rain to let off.

  185. I hate to say this but I think they deserve to be in the lead. They just do what they do and they do it well.

    We haven’t done what we do well.

  186. This is shocking. Chelsea are jammy to be 2 up. Clinical finishing – bollocks. The 2nd goal was an o/g, and the Drogba’s could have gone anywhere. That said, I think we stood off them too much for both goals.

  187. Gunner From Nigeria

    I am almost in tears. Let see how the second half goes.

  188. Our front man is not pacy enough for these balls slid through. Not one shot on goal is a telling statistic. We won’t get any joy with crosses. That is meat and potatoes for Chelsea. We have to keep playing our way and wear them down. The only significant tactical change I can see is Vela for Eduardo.

    We can’t cry and make excuses (bad luck, yadda, yadda). This is football. COYG.

    PaulN – Mi tell yuh de truth from long time, mi bredda.

  189. we can get a goal early.

    and if we get that we can get 2.

    And one more for good measure?

  190. I agree Muppet, both crosses came in way too easily.

    From all the play, I think we shouldve had a goal or two but we have to be more aggressive in shooting, last week we did the same thing, one pass too many at times.

  191. Of course we can, deano.

    Walcott on for me. Get in behind them.

  192. this is going to be a hard one to swallow.

    We need a different us the second half.

  193. Their best pass of the game came from Terry and Cashley made two good crosses. Their first goal was the goal that we should have scored.

  194. If we all have given up at half time, imagine how devastating it will be if the team gave up at half time.

    Bring on the second half.

  195. Shotta, Eduardo’s biggest down fall is that he has not played enough in my opinion. He may not be the fastest but he is a fast thinker, which we are not seeing at all.

    However both goals have come from Sagna’s side, he is a bit tentative. Look at the first goal, he seems as if he was going to stick his knee out and then changes his mind.

  196. Possession wise Chelsea are nothing but their attack is too precise for teams to get a grip with. I feel if we had either van persie or bendtner the game would have a different complexion to it. At the moment the lack of height is making our attack very one-dimenisonal.

    Unfortunately we’ve not really done much of anything with the possession we’ve had but we do need to up the tempo

  197. yes we have 50 minutes to get 2 or 3 goals.

    They will be sitting back now so walcott is a must to run at them.

    If we get one early it will shake them up.


  199. DS, I have not given up in the least, I think we will atleast get a draw. We just have to be a bit more vicious at both ends of the field.

    The mid has been dominant!

  200. Walcott on for…Alex Song…

  201. songs off *gulp*

  202. Darius – Not giving up. There is still enough time. We have to keep playing to our strengths.
    Walcott for Song. Right winger to pin back Cole. Less defensive cover in midfield.

  203. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yep. No excuses, Shotta. We passed the ball around neatly and created a few chances but ultimately we were lacking the end product.

    I thought the foul they called Arshavin for in the box against Ivanovic was harsh, too.

  204. For Song? is he injured, he has been brilliant.

  205. Walcott for song?? God I hope that works

  206. we’ll see dave

  207. According to Robbie Earle we are playing more like a 4-4-2.

  208. What was wrong with that?!!!!

  209. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bad call by the refs again.

  210. Why was the whistle blown? i don’t get it after all the replays.

  211. We just look so much more committed to this game; scoreline is unjust.

  212. Well played Traore!

  213. Well played Traore again!

  214. This is how we should have been playing from the start.

  215. Gadget, this is how we WERE playing at the start, just without Walcott.

  216. Eduardo is breaking my heart but Traore has been obsolutely brilliant!

  217. You are right Ted

  218. Unlucky Eduardo. Vela comes on for him.

  219. Vela for Eduardo. Please make Shotta look like a tactical genius.

  220. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Not sure, Shotta. Eduardo had every right to jump up and kick that ball. Can’t even get a break at our own ground.

  221. Young man needs more time, all these damn injuries!

  222. Foul after foul after foul.

  223. just a goal all we need is one goal

  224. Traore’s been playing well but I want to see the team play with a bloodlust and bag 3 goals in the remaining time

  225. We are not going to score from crosses today, I don’t think.

  226. Tomas on for Nasri

  227. Cross after frigging cross goes pointlessly away. We’re better than this. A few shots from outside the area might do too

  228. Gunner From Nigeria

    Why can’t we shoot when we are close to goal ala Denilson.

  229. Finally, a booking for persistent fouling.

  230. The crosses are not good.

  231. We’ve tried everything. Even crossing into the box. That is quite pleasing.

  232. just need to bang it in

  233. They like machines. We’re just bouncing off them.

  234. Arshavin and Eduardo have been woeful. COme on ROSICKYYYY!!!!!!

  235. They’re

  236. Haha Oneofus, It’s the little russian that’s been bouncing off. Pretty funny.

  237. Somebody will probably have to take some responsibility and just shoot one of these sometime soon?

  238. i realy hate chelsea.

  239. Please someone take shot from outside the area!!!

  240. Didnt think we would miss RVP this but its obvious.

  241. this bad, that is

  242. come on arsenal come on arsenal come on arsenal.

  243. Or inside the area, for that matter, Gadget.

  244. Bring on Eboue for Arshavin. I can bet he can do a f**** better job.

  245. Come on Arsenal!

  246. No more subs, Ateeb.

  247. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arshavin has been absolutely terrible for us today. I’ve seen local high schoolers with a better first touch.

  248. You thought wrong Paul N. RVP is the best striker in PL. Any team would miss a player like him. And we will surely miss him. The same way Rooney, Drogba, Torres are missed by their respective teams.

  249. I think on this performance this could well be bendtner’s season to shine. If rvp is out for the season, he’s definately going to be the focal point of our attack.

  250. man oh man. I feel sick. Physicaly sick.

  251. Fucking hell.

  252. Fuck my life

  253. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  254. Blocked final ball. Story of our match.

  255. Guys – Hold up our hands. Well and truly beaten.

  256. Christ I would like to take the week off work.

  257. I don’t think Bendtner is half the player RVP is.

  258. No complaints today really. I despise Chelsea but they won by playing their own game. Power, power and more power. They do it very well.


  260. Agreed, shotta.

  261. what can we do to erase this horrible horrible feeling.

    I just dont understand how.

  262. Camera director trying to humiliate AW there.

    If there was ever a match in which we needed Diaby and Bendtner…

  263. Gunner From Nigeria

    What happened?

  264. I hear you Ateeb. Its a shame because we have played some good stuff today.

    Sagna, has not been so great either.

  265. Got to play some Peter Tosh; “Pick myself up, Dust myself off and Start all over again.”

    Lets not beat up our players too much – they need this message.

  266. Of course, one would’ve hoped that the Sunderland game was all the message they needed, shotta.

  267. The fans have walked out on our team. Disappointing yes but unforgivable.

  268. Yes OOU but what on earth can we do about all these injuries. Its hard to deal with every year.

    Its true we have been soundly beaten though, this is the only match I can say that a team deserved to beat us.

  269. Gunner From Nigeria

    I am in tears. For Heaven sake what happend.

  270. They’ve had these messages all along, when we got beaten by all the bigger teams we’ve faced in whatever manner. Man U, Chelsea, City……..

    The game came to soon for us, with all the injured players returning to relieve the newly injured players. No time to settle down. Really hope Arsene starts playing eboue at RB. Sagna simply can’t cross.


  272. RvP gives us a cutting edge

  273. Not sure that Eboue providing better crosses was the answer today, Ateeb.

    Also, I’m sick and fucking tired of Motson’s bullshit about “pragmatism”. That’s not the word you’re looking for, you old cliched fool.

  274. I still believe in this team, I do wonder if we may have to buy a striker who is a little taller and direct in the transfer market.

    Anyhow, such is life!


  275. i hate chelsea

  276. Gunner From Nigeria IS IN TEARS………..LOL

  277. So just what progress have we made in the last 5 years ????????

  278. It’s no excuse, but even the weather suited Chelsea. The pitch was sodden, and we couldn’t move the ball as fast as we needed to – reiterate that it doesn’t absolve anyone.

  279. Ted – They will be disappointed. The knives will be coming out and the fair weather fans will have a field day.

    Players need to take a good look at themselves – they need to raise their game.

    Our supporters have proven they are just as bad, if not worse. At the end they completely walked out on the team.

  280. Dave – fuck off! Your billionaire scumbag mafia owner bought you that win. No joy in winning when you have a team worth billions ~ but, shame we weren’t better.

  281. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Indeed, Shotta. I thought It could have been a tad closer had a few of the breaks fallen our way. But it wasn’t to be. Hats off to Chelsea.

  282. oh dear oh dear oh fukin deary me.

  283. Gunner From Nigeria

    I never expected that we would miss RVP that much. Our injuries have really cost us.
    We missed Diaby and Bendtner.
    Arshavin should take some rest in the next matches.
    i’m gutted.
    What a bad day.

  284. Hate Chelsea.

    Love Arsenal.

    Love this team but they need to WAKE UP and realise their immense potential.

  285. Steve,

    we have made progress in not being a club like chelsea.

  286. Agreed again, shotta. The players need to step it up. (Also not sure what I said that you’re responding to…?)

  287. Let Dave have his moment. He’ll need to remember days like this when the criminal in charge gets bored and the money runs out.

  288. We won’t win the league with the number of goals we are conceding, it’s been the story for the last 3 years. We might think TV and Gallas are doing a better job, but the stats speak for themselves. However it would be idiotic to assume the season is over, yet. Still a lot to play for. But we surely can’t absolve any more defeats.

  289. Ted, some better crosses would help. What Chelsea did was pile in the box because they didnt fear the crosses from that side. The cross cant come in and the first player gets it.

    I think Ateeb is right though, we have a bunch of players who are just coming back from Injury. Vela, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott, Denilson and Eduardo, thats crazy!

  290. Oh dear. Arent Chelsea just a load of jammy w*#/ers. Missed RVPs decisiveness with the ample chances we created. We should have made them pay. We did not deserve to lose by 3 goals. Chelsea are really not that much better than us.Down but not out.!!!! Arrrrrrrrgh. You can just see the headlines . Wenger Kids muscled out of it.A good day 2 be a doomer youd think. Keys has already rolled out the men against boys line. Though in the grand scheme of things United didnt beat any top 4 teams, and still won it.

  291. We’re all in this together fellas.

  292. Agree with PaulN and Ateeb about the injuries. I suppose that’s a given for Arsenal these days.

  293. Perhaps, Paul; do you think the crosses needed to come in on the ground? I don’t think aerial challenges were going to go our way today.


    That’s all for now.


  296. I didnt see da game but i assume we got out muscled again like at sunderland. and numerous times last year.

  297. Yes, “May the Drog live for”. Wise words, Dave.

  298. No excuse but now we know how much better we are with RVP and Diaby.
    We need to stop bigging up certain players based simply on their price tag and reputation. Today proved – it takes technical ability and it takes physical dominance to grab the chances presented by the game. That is what Drogba and the Chelsea team did to us today.

  299. This is infuriating. They’re not that better than us to have beaten us 3-0. I guess it was another bad day at the office, I guess.

    Attacking wise this was the worst we’ve played all season. Like a blunt knife trying to slice a throat. Crosses were woeful, and considering how good we’ve been from shooting outside the area it’s annoying to have seen little long range attempts.

    Chelsea took their goals well and I don’t think we could have done much to stop any of the 3, but it’s so annoying because unlike united, we didn’t outplay them so I’m feeling sickly disappointed.

    And to make it worse sky have just once again described it as “men against boys”. Rage I feel

  300. Even in victory the chavs fans show their class.

    Step forward Dave. A chav amongst chavs.

    Whichever way you cut it, you might have won today, you might well win the premiership this year but in a couple of years time? No. you will be back competing with the spuds and West Ham. You are not going to get any better.

  301. still believe

  302. It was like seeing steroid-filled wrestlers beating people up just because they could.

  303. Ateeb, what about Sagna? I think we should realize that Chelsea had nothing coming in from the left, Traore was a beast.

  304. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Agreed, Ateeb. We must find a better balance between attack and defense in the future. Arsene gave us a sneak peek of what may be the way forward without RvP with the changing of the formation at the half. We shall soon see. I am 100 percent behind Arsene Wenger to sort it out, too. Arsenal will definitely still have some say in this title race. It’s far too early.

  305. That could be it Ted, maybe lower crosses, since we are presently height challenged without Bendtner, RVP and Diaby.


  306. No, I don’t think we were outmuscled, Duke. We just didn’t manage to play our game. Either Chelsea were too good for us or we had another off day. As it happens, I am afraid it was the former.

  307. Ted, Chelsea scored from a cross from ashley c**t. How can good crosses not help us?

    I really think we can really go on an unbeaten run like last season, with more wins. Nasri, Theo, Vela, Rosicky, Eduardo, Denilson, and Traore, can take the next few games to settle in. If Rosicky, Nasri, and Theo can stay uninjured for a few months, we surely have a great shot. Rosicky to me will be the key, in RVP’s absence. The only player on the same page with Cesc and RVP.

  308. Unfortunately well beaten…

    We somehow manage to mess up the big games and make the first mistake, then the second too.

    The good players are there for the most part, we just don’t need to get caught this way when our main striker gets injured.

    It’s not over yet and there is still long way to go. It just helps sometimes to beat the clubs challenging for the title to let them know you’re there.

    moving on

  309. bob i dont know whats worse. out muscled outplayed or another off day.

  310. I was encouraged by the fact that for large stretches of the game, it seemed that our midfield three were really holding possession well against their MFs. We just couldn’t figure out how to convert that play into chances for the front three, who were largely poor. But I thought Song, Cesc, Denilson, and then Walcott and Rosicky played well today.


  312. I dont see how it was about being outmuscled today, none of Chelsea’s goals came from that type of play. The right side was defended in a weak manner and that was our downfall. We played the better football overall but overpassed when we shouldve had a crack at it.

  313. Well yes Paul, but I bet we are happy when Gerrard is injured and we point to how thin their squad is.

    Don’t blame injuries. Don’t give this team an excuse. They have to respond if they are as good as we think they are.

  314. This is very frustrating, but there is no doubt that there is a lot more to come from this team. Walcott and Vela have very little experience up front. We had no luck today. Chelsea have been luckier with injuries, whilst key players for this fixture, powerful players, Diaby, Van Persie and Bendtner were injured. Don’t underestimate their absence. Don’t underestimate the effects of Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky and Walcott not having played much this season. The scoreline does not reflect a gulf between the 2 sides. That is bullshit. Let’s see in 3 to 4 months time. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Jamie Redknapp just said we were overpowered. That is also bullshit. The goals were all defensive errors. We will pick up from this. Chelsea can only go downhill. They will have injuries, complacency and the ACN to contend with. Forget about this result. Don’t listen to the wankers on Shite sports and Sky. Don’t listen to the doomers. They can fuck off. Watch the team grow and gel and destroy teams. Watch when Bendtner comes back and the other players. By the way, Arshavin was poor today. He will be back.

  315. True enough, Ateeb, but who was on the end of that cross? I agree that our crossing was largely poor today, but I don’t see how one can compare the two teams’ target players in this regard.

  316. Gunner From Nigeria

    Please, this is not the time for name calling.
    We should look closely at this performance.
    Our lack of physical presence upfront cost us.
    Remember our last two victories against Chelsea came through goals from set pieces.
    At times, you can’t underestimate power, it important.
    Arshavin and Eduardo should talk a good look at themselves.
    I am just typing but, i am not myself.
    This further shows that there something about November.

  317. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The OG was also a good cross by Swervy Cole. I agree with Ateeb. The service from the flanks could be far better.

  318. Ted @ 6:01 pm – Re: Sunderland game – I am sure the players learnt and they will be disappointed. But today we simply weren’t good enough. They simply could not impose ourselves themselves on the Chelsea team.

  319. a blunt knife and a chelsea fans throat sounds good.

  320. I think your chav friend fancies you Pb.

    You haven’t been posting pictures of yourself in too small shorts pulled right up tight again have you?

  321. Doomers in to 3… 2… 1…

    Oh wait, I missed steve’s comment

    arsenal I love the arsenal,
    get ne a ticket and I’d stay till long after the final whistle. Even at 5-0 to the spuds

  322. That’s the spirit, Duke!

  323. Thanks, Shotta. Yep, agree completely. I didn’t mean to imply that the players didn’t learn anything from Sunderland. I guess I meant that I literally HOPED that they learned enough.

  324. Paul, Chelsea scored two goals from Sagna’s side.


    They were too good and also outmuscled our forward line. None of our strikers had the power to take on the chelsea players, or to provide any aerial threat. Eduardo of old, would have scored atleast 1 from the chances that were made from him. And Arshavin was an idiot, for taking too long to pull the trigger at the empty goal. That could have turned the match.

  325. Mr. Bob, one injury vs 5,6,7?

    how can anyteam play at a high level if player are constantly injured, that no excuse thats sports.

    When you play the lower teams it one thing but againts the best you usually need your best not to be just playing but in rhythm.

    I think the team we fielded is good enough and more talented that the Chelsea team however but we are not on the same page just yet.

  326. there are simply not enough intelligent runs to get behind defenders. we only have one speed going forward – it is quick but we need to learn a lot from barca about patience and timing your movement off the ball to throw opposition players and make the space.

    A lot of our balls going into the final third was snuffed out frustratingly easily. The look of disbelief on arsene’s face makes me wonder where our solutions are going to come from.

    our crossing was desperate all night. I agree that sagna is predictably disapointing pretty much every time he tries to knock it in with pace. however eboue is just a short term fix – a case of the grass being always greener.

    unfortunately it looks like we need another option and I guess that only comes in the form of a killer central striker with….

    ‘cutting edge’ (- the word of the day….)

  327. Consols @ 6:10pm – I agree with you. Lets make no excuses for the players, They need no pick themselves up by their own bootstraps. The rest of the world will be down on them. In the background as I type are the pundit jackasses at Fox Soccer Channel demanding big spending, big players etc. Only the players can shove all this garbage back down their throats.

    BTW: Traore and Denilson covered themselves in glory today. But they are defensive players and cannot win the game for us.

  328. Paul, Chelsea scored two goals from Sagna’s side.


    They were too good and also outmuscled our forward line. None of our strikers had the power to take on the chelsea players, or to provide any aerial threat. Eduardo of old, would have scored atleast 1 from the chances that were made from him. And Arshavin was an idiot, for taking too long to pull the trigger at the empty goal. That could have turned the match.

  329. This score has masked the fact that Arsenal were the better team for most of the game. They only scored one goal from open play, they didnt boss jack. We need to get angry and vicious and stop with the overpassing.

    Its also seem as if fouling is the way to stop football, maybe we need to incorporate that in our game? it works for everyone who plays us.

  330. we could blame injuries, but we know we will always get them so we cant really can we.

  331. How many more times are we going to lose to the likes of Man UTd and Chelsea????!!!

    For god sake, Arsene, buy some f**king players!!! Stop being so f**king tight with money!!!

    Our players are just not good enough!

    Sick of this shit!

  332. I agree, Paul. I thought we were better at everything except for converting chances.

  333. PaulN , its even worse to know we played better and still lost.

  334. Ateeb, we held the ball too long giving their defenders an opportunity to get the ball.

    We were not quick thinking and i think its due to many players not playing together enough. I saw many passes that went out of play today due to a lack of anticipation.

    This team has the goods, we need a good winning streak against some of the “lesser” teams.

    Points will be dropped and we MUST take advantage.

  335. Just heard the lord wenger speak and I agree with him entirely. This chelsea team is not invincible & jamie redknap Is a frigging idiot.

    This game was like the man city one

  336. Gunner From Nigeria

    Hats up to you Shotta for your comments.
    ala Jimmy Cliff
    “you can get it if you really want” we have to keep on trying. We will get there.
    Even my Manu friend is sad.
    What a sober day.

  337. Hurts me to say it. Judging from today, Chelsea seem better than us.

    Eduardo was shocking.

  338. Song and Denilson v Essien and Mikel was men against boys.

    As for Eduardo he just hasnt got the body strength to be a lone striker

    Wenger has to buy a striker in january

  339. Word @ 6:18 pm – Good point about Barcelona. Our passing game was not good enough to open them up. The players could not create the passing angles to open them up. The two central strikers (Vela and Eduardo) could not receive killer balls in positions to hurt Chelsea. Vela had to go wide to get any passes. Our passing game is our strength and we have to work at it. I don’t think that we can rely on crosses – that is not our game. Of course Chelsea kept Barcelona at bay until the last minute last April.

  340. DG, you cannot play the best without your best, 9 times out of 10 you will lose. Thats sports and nothing will ever change that, even if you say we cannot blame injuries. Fact is Chelsea had all of their best players.

  341. I do agree that we need to get more violent. lets start kicking lumps and getting a few cards. we dont get in the opponents faces enough. i want to see some spilt blood. enough of the pretty football lets get dirty.

  342. Not making any excuses Duke, they were the better team. But the number of returning players who’ve had only a game or two so far, will take time to settle in, and our performances will get better here on in. Really hoping Rosicky has a good season in RVP’s absence. His balls in the final third, are better than any other attacking midfielders we have.

    And it’s about f***** time Theo steps up. FFS.

  343. Denis, thats a load of bull. Song and Denilson, were just as good and even better.

    Move with that!

  344. Eduardo was shocking. He is way off the pace. On the other hand, we are not taking a leaf out of Manure’s book. If we play shit, we still draw. Whatever we say about the lack of sharpness of the attacking players, the lack of balance, the problem is that we conceded 3 goals. That is absolutely shocking. Chelsea had what, 8 or 9 chances, and scored 3. The 2nd and 3rd goals were diabolical to concede.

  345. Bradys right foot

    Devastation would be too weak a word for the feeling in my gut at the moment. It will pass however maybe in time for Wednesday. Anyway as for the game we had a huge amount of the ball in their final third but our play was simply not good enough too many nearly passes.

    Edaurdo really struggled today I think Wenger should play him mid week if he’s going to fill EVPs boot he needs games.

  346. I’m up for violence on the pitch though. Really was hoping one of our player’s take out JT in the dieng moments. Mikel would have been sweeter, f**** thug, how he’s playing and getting away in one of the top teams is beyond me. With any European referee handling the game, he won’t stay on the pitch for more than 30 minutes.

  347. That’s it, I’m calling a jihad on all doomers everywhere. Pick up your blunt knives and aim for the throat gentlemen.

  348. “Song and Denilson v Essien and Mikel was men against boys.”

    I certainly don’t think we lost the battle in midfield. We controlled possession.

    Really, our problem was further up the pitch; we just couldn’t get the final ball in, and this became even more difficult in the second half when Chelsea could afford to sit back and catch us on the break.

    It was a mammoth task after that second goal.

  349. Muppet, I think the first was sickening actually. You gotta throw yourself at the ball and if you miss then so be it, but those two crosses came in in a very casual manner.

  350. Ole

    you are correct we have to hold our hands up.Chelsea are a superior team to us and will walk the league this season
    What we really lacked today was a physical presence on the pitch.Chelsea won every battle that need to be won.We just didnt have a plan B to unsettle Chelsea. team looked woefully lightweight compared to Chelsea,
    We just have to buy in january to compete

  351. Ron,

    We didn’t lack a physical presence on the pitch. That is not why we lost. Don’t fall for the media myth. We lost because of poor defending.

  352. Eduardo is a good finisher but he is clearly lacking confidence at the moment for whatever reason. I hope the club and the supporters can help him find it again.

    Come on Arsenal!

  353. How can you dominate possession if you were outmuscled?

  354. PaulN – I agree we were not overrun, especially in the middle 3rd (looking for positives), and understand your frustration about not shooting often enough. But I don’t think we got enough good looks to let fly. I hate teams that just kick towards goal from difficult angles with a low probability of scoring. You are simply giving the ball away. You have to create good opportunities which we didn’t today.
    PS: of course Arshavin had an an opportunity or two where he took too long to pull the trigger but from my recollection those opportunities were few and far between. I will review the tape to confirm.

  355. Don’t agree that we were outmuscled. Look, we went to sleep after about 35 minutes, where we did not track several runs from Chelsea players going forward. It was a complete lack of concentration. Neither of those 2 goals were down to their panzer division encroaching on our goalline. It was just down to passing and moving, and our lack of concentration in not picking up the cross, the supply that led to the cross or the striker (Drogba.).

  356. Muppet, agree with you on this lack of presence myth, the defense wasnt good enough but you still have to able to score. I believe we had many situations where if we had a sharper striker we wouldve scored, you think?

  357. Rosicky certainly got a little violent that display of angry passion was a thing of beauty. The players who grossly underperformed were sagna eduardo. I don’t think the formation works in eduardo’s favour and sagna had a bit of a shocker in both all departments. Arshavin played ok but not at the level we’re used to. Those three had relative stinkers, but given the rest played well I can’t see why we’d need to buy anyone when you consider who we’ll have coming back from injury

  358. Shotta, thats what I’m talking about , we take too long to pull the trigger. Also how many times have we seen deflections become goals? we gotta shoot more regardless.

  359. gallas watched the ball go by for the first goal. Vermaelen unlucky on the 2nd one, but invariably if you thrust out a foot in the box you’ll get a wicked deviation, so sometimes reactions are too good and need to leave it alone if you can prevent reaction kicking in. 3rd goal too good

  360. no we definately lost because we couldn’t score a goal, pushing up high left our defence door slighty ajar and chelsea took their few chances very professionally. we controlled the ball most of game but the crying shame is that we threatened very little.

    ive had my eye on arshavin for a while now… he is too lazy and spoilt for the big games.

  361. terrible result

    now lets bounce back at citeh

  362. Bang on Big Al. Midfield was not the problem. It was our play at the top. Slow and indecisive. Mind you, the defence did not cover themselves with glory.

    No. Paul. It’s not the number of injuries I was referring to, it was more the paucity of the scousers’ squad compared to ours. We can’t have it both ways, either we have a better squad than others or we don’t. On today’s evidence we are reliant upon RVP and I don’t want to believe that but who stepped up?

    Ateeb. Yes, their defence did impose themselves on our forwards, That surprised me given out strengths in that area in terms of speed and skill. Why?

    No excuses. Where do we go from here. Yes, we will win most of our games. Yes, we are a talented side. Win the Premiership? It takes more than we showed today.

  363. Ray Parlour's Barber

    I dont blame Eduardo he was asked to play the lone striker role which he can never ever play.We sold Ade and went into the season not replacing him.
    With RVP’ and Eduardo’s iniury records that was madness.
    Wenger took off Eduardo and brought on an exact replica in Vela.So Chelsea didnt have to change their game plan at the back
    The truth is we will not win the title again this season.Man Utd havent played well at all this season and our 6 pts clear of us

  364. It was funny to see arshavin and ivanovic kicking and brawling every time and hugging and kissing afterwards.

    Also gallas and drogba were celebrating together at the end.

    And no matter what walcott try to get away from from ball it keep hitting him. He got shokingly bad touch and technique for an arsenal player.

  365. * from the ball

  366. Oh, by the way. Fuck off Gooner 1.

  367. One more thing, we did the same thing against Sunderland last week, so it seems we are sometimes our worst enemy.

    I am dissapointed big time but I believe this team has what it takes.

    Lets murder the lesser teams and get back at City, United and Chelsea when we are on and run and fit. I have no doubt that we are the best team in the PL! I hope the players can see how good they are and fight like crazy to prove it!

  368. This experiment of youth and penny pinching is a failure. It may have worked prior to the billionaire invasion, but not now. I think the pressure and criticism that Arsene will get from the fans in the days and months to come will be too much. He will be gone by next year, with Cesc close behind, I’d imagine.

    You can say that bad luck and injuries hurt Arsenal, but those excuses are tired and, frankly, based on lazy logic. Championship-caliber teams make adjustments and respond. Arsenal did neither today. Third place is about a good as can be expected. Yet again, the season is over before December even begins.

  369. did we look toothless upfront again like at Sunderland?

  370. tarore had a nice game .His inclusion doesn’t really hurt us.so we played with an almost full strength back 5 and still concede 3 goals at home .

  371. PaulN @ 6:43pm – Now I agree with you, there were at least 2 through balls in the 1st half that Eduardo was just not fast enough to latch on to. I think Chelsea then realized they didn’t have to fear us and became more adventurous by letting Ashley Cole join in the attacks.

    PS: Hopefully the myth that Arshavin is that world-class player, who could have been our savior last CC semi-final, that myth has finally been slain. Like many, he did not cover himself in glory.

  372. The notion that we were out-muscled is not valid at all. Our offensive players needed too much time on the ball and they won’t have that luxury in this type of game.

    Many times the final shot was delayed by a few seconds which in these games are the decisive seconds between scoring or the ball being blocked.

    The most important thing now is the bounce back from two defeats to keep the top at close range. Can we do that? I think we can.

  373. Some positives: 1) our midfield played well today and looked better than Essien, Mikel, and Fat Frank. 2) Rosicky looked fired up and made some good passes after he came on. 3) Wenger will learn from today, and the players will know now what they need to aspire to. 4) There are six months of football left.

    Remember, guys, we won at the Bridge last year, so let’s hope that we can reverse this fixture when the time comes.

    I’m out. Later, fellas.

  374. Oh, and it should have been 2-1 after 50 minutes or so. We really needed that call.

  375. MUPPET poor defending is one thing BUT how many shots did we have on goal?

    Lets face it Chelski were the better team

    Lets give Wilshere a chance he cant be worse than Theo

  376. Ok, Mr Bob, we shouldnt lay it all at RVP’s feet. We have the most talented team in the PL and can deal with injuries of one player better than any other team. The players have to get hungry for this thing. We must scratch and claw as if our life depends on it.

    Sagna let in the cross but our defenders were no where! they gotta get vicious, this is what we are lacking.


  377. Got to go. Check back later.

  378. Our midfield lack pace they cant even outrun fat frank. And they are refuse to kick him too .We need a chopper harris and a damien keane.

  379. “Hopefully the myth that Arshavin is that world-class player, who could have been our savior last CC semi-final, that myth has finally been slain. Like many, he did not cover himself in glory.”

    It’s hardly a consolation, but I can’t wait to see what Joe has to say about this match.

  380. Why we lost today is this……….


    They had it and we did not.

    It sucks but it’s life in football

  381. On your last sentiment, we can always agree, Paul.

    We are The Arsenal. We will prevail. The longer the wait, the sweeter the victory

    Sol, why do we only hear from you when we lose?

  382. Anyone who is laying this on the mid must have watched a different game, we were class in the mid.

    Walcott, needs to slow down a little. He knows he is fast and is too anxious to get going. He also needs to push the ball past players and run by them a la Henry. He will come good with time, he just got back Solgooner!

  383. My god i hate ashley cole

  384. It would be very cheap for me to come here and slate the team after such a loss. Nevertheless I will do it. I was extremely supportive of Almunia for the last two years, I even applauded when he displaced Crazy Yens. I must admit though that he has left me totally deflated this season and with chicken shit all over my face. Never have I seen such a gutless goalkeeper! Where is the confidence, where is the command of his defenders? where is the courage? Great teams are founded on solid goalkeepers and we, having supported Arsenal for a long time, know this only too well. Sadly, I cant see any able replacement out there, without perhaps having to break the bank. In my opinion, Almunia is a weak man and the weakest link in our backline!

  385. we got westham in the cup . intresting.

  386. Our midfield was superior to chelsea’s. We were poo in attack but denny & song were awesome. & traore had a good game considering and will no doubt have plenty suitors if he decides to leave arsenal.

    I know it won’t hAppen but until we get over our injuries I’d like to see us go 4-4-2. 2 games, 0 goals & I don’t think it’s coincidence

  387. i think its about time arsene sort our defense out.this season we played with 2 men sitting in front of the defense. If we are conceding like this there is no point in playing dms. Our fullbacks positioning is also questionable .Why they are roaming forward all the time if they cant cross and even if they managed to do so there is nobody in the box to covert it.

  388. I think we played well we had more of the ball we played exactly the same way as we always do Chelsea new exactly what to expect and there was no element of surprise there.
    They were almost like robots they hardly moved from their defensive positions. The score line really did not reflect the quality. Anyone seeing that would think we were hammered footballing wise but that wasn’t the case we had a good goal disallowed, Cech wasn’t fouled at all. At 1-2 I’m certain we would pushed on for an equaliser but it wasn’t to be. I hear its over for us regarding the title, how can anyone say that with 19 games to play. My only criticism is, we did not bully the Chelsea players Drogba in particular he loves it against us. He knows we don’t do dirty. With no aerial threat upfront we just couldn’t change our options. I’m still optimistic Chelsea will drop points, and we will make them pay.

    We nee a bit if this.

  389. First time here, Hubris?

  390. That was bloody painful, I love our team and the players will all get better but today I must say Chelsea were the better side today.

    They have an organisation and professionalism that we just do not have right now.

    Chelsea look like a side that can withstand constant pressure from the opposition and hold firm we do not have that organisation.

    I feel so gutted right now, I hope the boys can pick themselves up.

    We are going to have to do this the hard way.


  391. No colsols I read this Blog dedicatedly, just dont comment that often.

    Loose Cannon, I agree Chelsea know what to expect from Arsenal

    when at the emirates: Defend dedicatedly for the first 20mins and make sure the our dominance doesn’t pay off while trying to create a sucker punch at the other end. If that happens, our team usually slumps down and they can now take them apart. Today’s game was almost a carbon copy of last season’s. Total dominance without end product, a goal at the end and game over

  392. Hubris: How the fcuk did Almunia have anything to do with the 3 goals that scored?

  393. Positive of the day:

    We learned a new word: dedicatedly

  394. Question is Shotta, how the fuck didnt he do anything about them!

  395. You know what, I’ve changed my mind; Almunia is the cause of all our problems this season. He is the reason why we had a perfectly good goal chalked off.

    Good, I hope that makes the fcuking anti-Almunia stooges, coming out of the woodwork, feel better.

    BTW: How many shots at goal did we have?

  396. Ed is not a lone striker he needs someone up with him.at times he was doubled up on and crowded out by both centre halves. I feel arsene decisions where awful why he didn’t he play theo next to ed 2nd half and towards end vela was picking ball up out wide and there was no one even close to there box in support as our only natural striker was off and theo was way out right so we didn’t look like scoring anyway.

  397. Patience! The transition phase is at the end of the beginning

  398. this result today is like the weather…fukin depressing. we now look light weight upfront which is also depressing.

  399. Everyone has been praising TV and Gallas this season but the goals against column is worse than last season.We have conceded only one goal less than Sperz!!!!

    In the last two league games we have looked powerpuff upfront.Eduardo has been like a little boy lost

  400. Attempt on Goal

    Arsenal 3 – Chelsea 5

  401. Hubris – Satisfied you’ve got your cheap scapegoat.

    I was hoping that with a name like yours you were going to cure us of “overweening pride, haughtiness, or arrogance.” Instead it is more of the same b.s.
    Thanks, but no-thanks.

  402. I think We have to be a little considerate about Eds. The guy was out for too long and was the receipient of a horrific injury. It was always going to take a while before he is back to his best. Arshavin is also not doing a lot to support him; It has been a while since I have seen him beat his left back. Nasri is also not up to his best, I mean, he has played less than 5 games(not sure).

  403. There is a fair but very obvious point to be made that Arsenal lack sharpness, strength and pace up front.

    All that being said, we are missing key players whereas surprise, surprise Chelsea had a full-strength team.

    I’m still convinced that on a fast, slick surface with Van Persie and Clichy in the team, we would have prevailed. As disappointed as Arsene must be, we still have the quality to come ahead of Man United, even if Chelsea may be a bridge too far.

    Very disappointing to see some of the fans live down to their reputation by getting on certain players during the second-half and leavingin droves at the end. Still, a great atmosphere at the start, and we just needed Van Persie.

    Provided we can get Bendtner back, we will at least have more options.

    Time to keep our heads up. We’re essentially 3rd in the table based on points average, and we will reel in Man U soon enough.

  404. Shotta, I am not making a scapegoat. I am in fact making an objective analysis of Almunia. To my mind I think Almunia has kept only 1 clean sheet this season against Spurs. Those are not the stats you want to see for your first choice keeper. The last time our Keeper kept us in a game was last season against United at OT. I think he hasnt done enough to as a keeper this season. So, Shotta, you know my opinion of Almunia, what is yours?

    Also, having googled the meaning of Hubris, you should at least try to use it more correctly next time. or maybe you should tell me what you were going to cure us of with a name like yours. Keep your cheap jibes to yourself.

  405. hah…well, we didn’t miss RvP at all today did we? Nope. Not at all. Our forward line was bursting with creativity and we bothered their defence so much that it’s really a miracle we didn’t plug in 10 or so and instead had to settle with 0.

    Depressing game today…very depressing. Would’ve been ok to lose if we’d given them a run for their money but we didn’t. Our attack appeared clueless and Eduardo showed brilliantly why his current role does not suit him. He’s not been at his best since this season started and throwing him up front is too much.

    Also, why the hell does the FA think it appropriate to select an incompetant tit to referee such a high-level game? That ref was awful…especially in the second half. He could’ve kissed John Terry’s arse around the 80th minute and, based on his performance on the night, no one would’ve batted an eyelid.

    I’m sticking with what I said last night…we’re not in cruise control anymore and need to do what Cesc was talking about before – dig in. This is shaping up to be a difficult month and we need to keep the faith and hope that the team can find their fluidity again.

  406. uh…and the goals weren’t Almunia’s fault. Don’t be ridiculous. The first was defensive silliness on our part. And then Drogba took his chance. The second, again, defensive silliness + Vermaelan and for the 3rd, sure, blame Almunia but by that point it looked as if the game had slipped far far away.

  407. L. Diarra just got sent off in El Clásico with Real about to lose. Brought a smile here.

  408. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/eng_prem/8377195.stm

    Wenger interview in this article, the man is so classy!

  409. I watched the game with the commentary off and to come here and read comments about being outmuscled , outplayed and not good enough is depressing coming from supposedly Arsenal fans.

    Here’s what I saw.

    1) We we not sharp, strong, smart enough up front. Chelsea was relatively comfortable in handling our forwards.

    2.) We controlled the midfield completely, not only were we smarter in the middle but we were stronger.

    Chelsea hardly played the ball in the middle their game was counter attack of long ball for Drogs.

    3.) Ashley Cole has become a much better player, he hurt us. Sagna wasn’t up to his expected standard.

    4.) Good delivery in the box is always dangerous, a slight touch from anyone can result in a goal. Chlelsea had that delivery courtesy A.Cole.

    5.) Worries about the our leftback position is unfounded, if Traore keeps playing as he did today then we’ll be fine.

    6.) Need a new keeper!

    So we were better in the middle, but they were stronger at the back and upfront.

    0-3 makes it look much worse than it actually was, can we win the league? It now depends on the ACN, we won’t miss Song as much as Chelsea will miss Essien and Drogba.

  410. All this moaning about the referee, or Van Persie missing being the difference – lets face it, we’re not good enough and we need to stop living in a fantasy world….its time to get the cheque book out and spend money on EXPERIENCED quality players.

  411. f*ck off spud troll!

  412. fuck you! Dumb fucking prick!

  413. must be a spud innit?

  414. Traore wasnt that good tonight, obviously prefer clichy or gibbs

  415. calm down kids. cant expect people not to have a moan up,we have just been given a 3-0 slapping at ome.

  416. Thats right! Its an embarrassment. Time we faced reality and stop dreaming about winning the premiership title.

    We’re the third best team in the country. Only way that is going to change is if we start buying better quality players with more experience.

  417. We were certainly beaten. But I disagree that this had anything to do with Chelseas power and dominace. It was due in no small part to their decisiveness. The defeat is hard to take because we were not outplayed. It would be interesting to see the stats for this game to make the comparisons. Naive defending and not playing to our strengths cost us. We literally had a free run up to the final 3rd and played in Chelsea’s half for most of the game so what anyone is gushing about Essien and Mikels midfield dominence evades me. Traore was awesome and played Anelka out the game and Song, Denilson and Fabregas bossed the midfield. But that alone doesnt make a team. Our delivery, execution and finishing was poor. Chelseas defence in the final 3rd was better organised .As for Drogbas muscle he was writhing on the floor in agony each time he was disposessed of the ball. To his credit Drogba took both his chances well. One following a decent cross from Cole combined with a lapse in our defence.The other from a well taken free kick. .So to say we are outperformed, weak and outmuscled is ridiculuous. We definitely had a go but couldnt produce the final ball. What we need to do is learn from this performance because I am sure we will meet Chelsea again….and this time with a very different oucome.

  418. bloody amazing how a fortnight can change everything. Yes, we can’t win the title but why be so pessimistic? Come on, we are better than chelsea. We play better than them. We are a more beautiful team. I dont give a f*ck what they win, they won’t win it with pride like if we won something. Come on, lets go beat Citeh, beat Stoke at home and look forward for a trip to Anfield. If you were one of those singing ‘We love you Arsenal’ when they made it 3, I respect you and you are true supporters.

    This is how i like it, everyone ruling us out.


  419. Plus 4th place does kinda seem like a sanctuary, it’s like we’ve made it our home in the last few years.

  420. back to the learning board then.

  421. Sick of 4th spot……

    time for some progress.

  422. zap, no one said we cant win the PL on here apart from you and Gooner 1.

    On here we keep the faith, mostly atleast!

  423. PAULN. you are one of the reasonable ones here.on most other sites tonight everyone is up in arms. here I am called a doomer if I say anything critical.but the facts are we dont have a decent goalkeeper amongst our 3 current squad choices.probably our best one is on loan to Brentford. EDS and Arshavin got muscled of the ball.Walcott is fast but thats it. To win the EPL Chelsea have to lose 3 more games than us for the rest of the season, on todays showing does that seem possible?as for ACN Chelsea have got all easier games than us. So lets hope fora good draw in the ECL and a win agisnt the hammers

  424. Paul N, I have a lot of faith, didnt you read my comment in it’s entirety?

  425. I love Arsenal. But I’m also realistic mate


  427. Wasnt suprised about today Chelsea will win the league.But you cannot excuse the Sunderland performance last week.That said more about the team than todays result.In the last two league games we have looked lightweight
    Our play last week and this was just so predictable.
    I have never been a big fan of Bendtner but we are pinning our hopes on him till the end of the season
    Please Arsene buy a quality keeper who can dominate his box in january,Almunia is not good enough

  428. We neeeded Bentdner today badly we really did. Too many times we didnt cross due to lack of height. When is he coming back?

  429. I have to agree with Dean. It’s the Sunderland performance that was really disappointing.

    Eduardo was shocking today. Dire. Poor. Dismal.

  430. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ole Gunner,

    As was Arshavin. We need to turn it around against City come Wednesday.

  431. I don’t believe in blind faith. The fact is that we haven’t won a trophy in years and every year we all get excited about the team and how they are developing and playing wonderful football, only to end up winning nothing.

    Tired of this. Tired of the continuous injuries in our squad.

    Rosicky and Eduardo are not the players they used to be. Thats not their fault, it will take time for them to get back to their best….(if they ever can).

    What pisses me off the most is the lack of spending by Wenger to bring in experienced talent. Now that Van Persie is out for the season, do you think Wenger will buy a replacement in January? I’m not holding my breath.

  432. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I see that fat, pig faced c*unt Geoff has re-started his Sack Arsene Wenger campaign. What a twat.

  433. G1. Do you need trophies to keep living? Be patient my friend and be happy with the fact you are an Arsenal fan. Be proud of them whatever they do, wether they are doing sh*t or well just support them. We’re going to win something, anything. even the carling cup would do. That’s turned into quite a game for our young players.


  434. I think 1 loose cannon has given a good assessment of today’s game. Some people are saying we have to admit this and we have to admit that. Bullshit. We played a lot of good football. The midfield was fine. The attack? Well, we didn’t score, so it’s hard to say it was great. Not much worked out for Eduardo today. If someone wants to claim that is Eduardo’s normal quality of play, then we might give the simpletons verdict: We lost because we didn’t have Robin van Persie. RvP’s normal game would have been better than Eduardo’s game today, so in that sense we would have done better if he was playing. Eduardo’s normal game, however, is also better than Eduardo’s game today; so if we had had the normal Eduardo, we would also have done better. We’ll see a different Eduardo next time. As for Arshavin: when the other attackers are playing well, we can wait for his moments of genius; and if they don’t come we can still win. When the other attackers are underperforming, we would be happy to sacrifice his genius for a consistent contribution. The real problem today was the concession of three goals. I can’t say the defenders played badly over all, but they had their moments. Having said that, Traore did more or less everything we could have asked of him. If he gets a few games now, I believe he’ll surprise a lot of people.

    A bad day, all in all, but not without reasons for hope.

  435. I don’t think there was anything wrong with performance. We lacked that little bit of magic something out of nothing. in the past Thierry or Berkamp used to do and I would say Chelsea have that in Drogba he was the difference today fat Frank nor Anelka even Essien didn’t do much apart from defend it was a case of us playing against 8 or 9 defenders that is why it was hard to penetrate, The solution to that is high balls to a powerful striker who would hold the ball up for others to lash into. bendtner would have done that job for us today ,its a shame injuries came at the wrong time. Yes we nned to correct few things but We shouldn’t dwell on the negatives and spending is not the answer Madrid spent 150 millions on 2 players and lost today.

  436. I do support them, but am still free to criticise them.

    They play amazing football, the best in the premiership…but as proven in this game today, the cutting edge is lacking against the big teams, i.e. Chelsea and Man Utd.

    This is a problem Wenger needs to address. Why has this been a re-occurring problem for the last few seasons.

    WIGunner, LOL.FINALLY A GOONER IS ACCEPTING THAT “This experiment of youth and penny pinching is a failure”…DA DROG FINALLY GAVE U GUYS A BRAIN.







  439. clichydoubledeuce

    one word to describe dave: chav

  440. clichydoubledeuce

    i feel physically sick, lads, but the team needs our support now more than ever….lets not start get on the “wenger’s lost it” bandwagon….i beg you….


  441. clichydoubledeuce

    *lets not jump

  442. LOL LOL My GOd LOL DAve that’s so cool! LOL LOL LOL BETER GO TO BED.

    You’ve got school tomorrow, dipshit

  443. sorry dave I dont understand kiddy txt language. im sure it was a ‘class’ read though.

  444. Just when we weren’t calling you chavs, you come here and show us your full cunty chavvyness.

    You’re as classy as Cashley Cole.

  445. lets not forget that we lost to a fake team here. they are not a real company but one mans human sandpit to play in. 800m down the drain in 4 years or so? thats not real and today the only match winning difference between the 2 side was drogba. (and possibly RVP)

    arsenal are the only team here with a long and bright sustainable future ahead of them

  446. A win at home to Stoke should kickstart a strong and consistent run to glory.

    COME ON!!!!!

  447. West ham in the f.a cup. Away. Damn

  448. zap

    a win v Stoke will just paper over the cracks.Its a game we should win even if we are playing badly.
    Its if the lessons have been learned today that we cant play a lone striker if RVP is out that we will progress.
    Its Drogba’s birthday everytime he plays against us.

  449. Queen of Suburbia

    Smartest thing somebody could have done for our Championship aspirations today was take a three match ban and ended Drogba’s season.

    Without him they are not better than us.

    He’s a diver, a cheat and a chav but one hell of a football player.

  450. Dave- if you win the title you will make it 4 titles in your entire history you still need another 9 to catch up with the mighty Arsenal. We are still the biggest club in London.

  451. Sol, Eduardo got “outmuscled”because he played wrong by trying to beat players instead of striking fisrt time, he was not outmuscled but beat to the ball, very different. He was off, sometimes he was by himself and just seemed confused but as PZ said, this is not his normal self. Give the young man some games and you will see the poacher/predator that we know him to be, quick, alert, direct and accurate.

    We will have the last laugh!

  452. Poliziano

    It’s not all about playing pretty football.but we have to win games aswel.And againts Chelsea we didn’t win the match.or do you still think we did?

    But what I think is that we need to replace wenger.and we need a decent defensive midfielder.cos song,diaby,denilson aren’t good enough for us.And we need a decent goal-keeper as well.Cos almunia is fucking disgrace in goal.

  453. QoS, with RVP that Drogba thing evens out.

  454. Gooner2

    have some faith my friend

  455. We are the Arsenal….

  456. alright zap!

    why is it that Almunia is at fault? i dont get it.

  457. gooner2,
    I’m really not in the mood for your shit. Why don’t you shut up?

  458. Andy Gray summed the game perfectly Chelsea had a cutting edge we didnt.I couldnt remember us testing Cech.We are a top 4 team but not a top 2 Team

    Paul N

    RVP’s problem is his injury record will always stop him being up their with Drogba.This is the 3rd season out of 4 that he will have missed at least half a season.

  459. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bang on, QoS. The great PV04 would no doubt have put him in his place.

  460. I wonder if there’s a Gooner3. If there is, then I hope he or she is getting the required help.

  461. Yogi
    you write such crap mate
    its laughable
    you know zilt about football
    shut this garbage down please
    its a shocker

  462. Eboue Diaby Denilson should all be shown the door at the end of the season.Keeping them will only stop the progress of Merida Ramsey and Wilshire.They are the future

    In the last 7 months we have played Man utd and Chelsea a total of 7 times.We have won none gaining a 0-0 draw at OT.The gap is not closing

  463. fuck off gooner 2.

    What the fuck are you on. Almunia made one very good save from fat frank and could do no more.

    Cech never had to make one, thats where the problem was today.

  464. Poliziano

    None of us are in a mood for anything.So I would suggest for you to keep your mouth shut aswell.

  465. fucking hell dont they come out in their hordes after a loss?

    Each one more clueless than the last.

  466. fu*k off dave you twat. talk about us fickle…hhhmm this from chelsea fans who boo after witnesing a 4-4 draw. or not turning up for years when you was shite and now rely on all the yuppies from fulham to lend a supporting hand.

  467. We have a whole team of players better than Drogba. He’s always lucky against us, but he’s not a great striker and never will be.

  468. Drogba is a disgrace. Most of the chelsea team are. Terry, Mikel, Bosingwa and Ballack are all vile human beings.

    If nothing else we have good dedicated profesionals at Arsenal that uphold the integrity of the game.

  469. Poliziano

    you sad stupid tosser

    where are our better players then?

    Vela? Eduardo? Traore? Denilson? Nasri? Walcott?

  470. how on earth did i forget mr A.HOLE?

  471. BB

    you wouldnt know a good player if he wiped his semen on your moms curtains.

  472. Eduardo and Arshavin were a fucking disgrace

  473. BB returns. Hooray!

    We’ve been in need of a massive fuckwit on here for a while now, and they don’t get any bigger than BB.

    What hole have you been hiding in all this time?

    Do you promise to stick around for Wednesday’s victory over Man City? How about the rest of the season?

    It could be quite funny to see how you react to Arsenal winning games.

  474. We wont be winning games without RVP, especially Arshavin plays as god awfull as he did today.

    Whats up with Eduardo? When did he get so crap? He’s one of my favourite players whats happened to him? so gutted

  475. this is a hard one to take but we will bounce back

  476. How can we bounce back without RVP, without him were average. They battered us. Am so so gutted


  478. Your an idiot dave, we may have played shit yesterday but we will improve if Arshavin pulls his head out of his arse

  479. oi dave i have been to the bridge lately and it;s a sorry site. where have all the proper chelsea fans gone??? it’s full of toffs now eating sushi. i had the misfortune of being in the home end a couple of seasons ago and well it;s different now to a few years ago isnt it.

  480. dave’s never been.

    He’s too busy playing with himself in his shed.

  481. Madness Utter Madness

    When RVP was fit we played one striker upfront on his own but when he gets injured we carry on playing with a lone striker.That means that Eduardo a striker who has not gained full fitness since his terrible injury and who has never played the lone striker in all his career is played upfront on his own against the best defence in the country.Come on Wenger are you taking the piss.No lessons were learnt from the Sunderland game that Eduardo cannot play the lone striker role
    The title dream has died in a week
    Madness utter madness

  482. First of all – we were well beaten today by one of the top two teams in Europe. Now we know what the benchmark is. Chelsea were outstanding. Their tactical set up was perfect. Ancellotti set the midfield up to push us wide onto the wings to play a crossing game when we have no aerial threat with Bendy and Ade out/gone. It suited their defense and its no coincidence that destructively tight players like Mikel and Essien played while Ballack and Deco sat on the bench. We were beaten in midfield because we were pushed wide and we had absolutely no answer to their defense who were physically dominant.

    Up front they were much more incisive, but then again with our defense your blade doesn’t need to be too sharp.

    For their first goal: Sagna was out of position allowing cashly to cross, AA didn’t track back and Gallas pulled out of the tackle.!!

    The Second goal – was a typical Arsenal concession. Kami Kazi defending – with Gallas missing the cross and Manual off his line. Typical of our now five year “blip” in defensive suicide.

    AA played poorly but was still our main goal threat. He had one goal disallowed and put Eduardo and Vela through for the only other chances we made.

    RVP injury making a difference? – Not a jot IMO – Why? We’ve been conceding all season so far despite the fact that he played and its no surprise that he’s injured. Out of 5 seasons now at AFC he’s been injured for 4. So RvP unreliability and our general history of injuries would point to us needing a little depth in the Squad. Eduardo is a super finisher – but just hasn’t been playing regularly enough. Theo has Zero penetration or end result and Vela has only proved that he is not as yet ready for this level. Wonderful talent, great potential – but no substance when it comes to delivering on the big day at this level. Our “home grown” players are wonderful against the evertons and blackburns of this world, but when you have to perform against a team at this level, a team who can really defend – they have fallen short.

    Almunia? – Drogba sidefooted a ball from over 30 yards to the side of the goal that he should have been protecting. Why was he out of position for the second goal? But then again he doesn’t cover himself in glory in any of the big matches – Spuds, CL semi against Utd when Ronaldo scored from over 40 yards. Its at this level against world class sides that not having a proper keeper really tells. Good enough for the blackburns and evertons – but not good enough at this level.

    I was also saddened to hear Wenger’s post match assessment of the disallowed goal. He was 100% wrong. We didn’t hear Ancellotti moaning about Anelka being brought down by Sagna.

    We were utterly spanked today but a much better side. Shipping 3 goals at home and being 11 points behind is no fluke! It’s a wake up call – and a serious reality check if we have aspirations about winning the league or CL.

  483. Walcott is shite.All he does is run into defenders.How much longer are we going to use the word potential when talking about him.Go to the world cup Capello is not Sven

  484. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

  485. Arse N,

    when did RVP learn to play the lone striker role? you mean this season after a couple of games when people said he can’t? So according to this logic Eduardo must fail playing in this position, right?
    God, if after any loss the doomers got what they want we would be playing in the colaship.

  486. Arent their “Kids” in their mid twentys now anyway? Theyve been using the kids excuse for about 6 years now it seems and i just dont buy it. Wenger typically arrogant in defeat, saying “i wasnt impressed with Chelsea” well i dont think anyone was impressed with Arsenal either Arsene.

  487. Dave enjoy it while you can I can’t wait for the day when the Pound supply runs dry. You really think Mr Abramovich will spent another 400 millions when your ageing team finally get their P45. I will remind you again
    Drogba 31
    Fat Frank 31
    Ballack 33
    Anelka 30
    Carvalho 31
    Deco 33
    Malouda 29
    Cashley cole will be 29
    Joe cole 28
    Honestly this is your last chance for a trophy and it will be all over within the next year. We will dominate the league for years to come.

  488. Great post

    We have been making mistakes at the back all season but team havent been good enough to punish us.Chelsea did

    Every team that has ambitions of winning the title needs a quality keeper and Almunia is not quality.The back four have no confidence in him.But keepers have always been a blind spot for Wenger.Only Lehmann can be called a good keeper signing in 13 years at the club

    At the start of the season i said we would finish 4th and i still believe that.The gap between Utd Chelsea and us has not been closed by just one summer signing

    Does anyone know where Jack Wilshire has gone?.Surely he has t be a better option on the bench thab Walcott who continues to flatter to decieve

  489. my thoughts exactly poliziano

  490. Interesting:

    “Arsenal have only allowed an incredibly stingy 41 shots on their goal this season. But they’ve conceded 18 goals.” Reads Almunia you are shite.


    Arsenal have only allowed an incredibly stingy 41 shots on their goal this season. But they’ve conceded 18 goals. Shouldn’t they be looking at a long-term replacement for Manuel Almunia?

  491. Poliziano –
    “We have a whole team of players better than Drogba. He’s always lucky against us, but he’s not a great striker and never will be.”

    Agreed about us having great players but are you serious? Drogba not a great striker? What of his 10 goals in 11 appearances V Arsenal? Is that all a fluke?

    You are either retarded or have your head firmly burried in the sand

  492. Our wide players were really finding it difficult to dribble past the defense. Arshavin simple couldn’t outsmart Ivanovic, and Theo kept running into blind alleys. That’s where Hleb was very useful, he could go past players with ease. Right now we have to rely on passing and movements, which at certain times take too long to construct a good scoring move or delay the counter attack a bit, allowing their players to get into positions. And you’d have 7-8 chelsea players back in the box very quickly. I’d like us to organize as good as they did today when defending. Eboue can take on defenders, but his final ball is lacking. But then again, it’s not like Theo’s setting the world on fire.

    Cesc played his heart out today, a true captain’s performance. The next few teams against us will get spanked.

  493. Wengerball @ 8:04 pm – Among your conclusions:
    “6.) Need a new keeper!”

    You are a good man but I think you may be premature in your conclusion. Let us critique the 3 goals to demonstrate who were culpable. I reran the tape just for this exercise.

    Goal #1: Decent cross from the left – 3 breakdowns defensively:
    Sagna is guilty of not putting enough pressure on Cole before it comes across.
    Gallas misreads the cross at the front post. Vermaelen allows Drogba to ghost in between him and Gallas and steer the ball with his instep high up in the far corner. If you have a keeper who could have claimed the cross or save the shot, I will take him immediately.

    Goal#2:Another decent cross from the left. Defensive sequence:
    Throw by Ashley Cole to Anelka. Denilson and Song get sucked in trying to win the ballfrom Anelka who passes back to Cole who sweeps in the cross under absolutely no pressure. Gallas swings a leg and miss, Vermaelen swings a leg and directs the ball into goal. Almunia is behind both defenders in the middle of the goal positioned to gather the ball. How culpable are the defenders or should Manuel have hurled himself towards the cross before it came in? If there is a keeper who could have done better get him immediately.

    Goal #3: Free kick by Drogba. 4-man covers the right of the goal. Manuel takes that regulation extra step to the left of the middle of the goal to await the frre kick. Kick is high, hard and looping far to the upper left and Manuel dives despairingly. If there is a goalkeeper that could parry out that ball, I say get him immediately.

  494. I was so disappointed with Eduardo today. I think it’s pretty nailed-on now that Vela has moved past him in the pecking order, as he did far more with his time on the field.

  495. shotta-gunna: On goal #3, Drogba has scored that goal before, and more than a few times. Moreover, Ronaldo has scored that goal before AGAINST US. We know that Drogba (and Ronaldo) strike free kicks like that. Isn’t it incumbent on us to find some way to combat it?

  496. DAVE go shit on your head! Prickly little idiot! You have no class SOB. If we slate our team it is non of your Effing business.

  497. CB: Do we give Drogba credit for a good free kick or pile on Almunia because his dive was in despair?

    After rerunning the tape, I have concludde that our central defenders were as, if not more culpable than keeper in the first two goals.

    Note our friend Joe @ 11:35 pm, who is literally dancing on Arsenal’s grave with that long-winded post, has the gall to use his long winded post to elevate reference to his patron saint, Andrei the Great, as our only goal-scoring threat. What a twat?

  498. Correction: Joe @ 11:35 pm. You are not merely a twat, you are an evil twat.
    The sole point of your long winded post was to dance on Arsenal’s grave. You have the nerve, after the collective failure of our front three including your beloved Arshavin, to have only five (5) shots on target, to attempt to single him out as “our main goal threat.” Get over it Joe; Arshavin may be good a player but he is far from great. His price tag didn’t make him suddenly better than the other forwards on this team. All of them had a poor game today. They all have to up their game.

  499. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arshavin didn’t do f*uck all but get put inside Ivanovic’s pocket

  500. Who remenbers this comment that I have posted 2-3 ago?

    This is how the season will End up like:

    Chelsea to win the league.

    manu to finish second

    arsenal to finish Third.

    mancity to finsh Fourh.

    And next week Chelsea will beat us by 3 goals to one.And that will be bye bye premiere league for us.

  501. I meant 2-3 days ago.







  504. I Totally agree with you on fact that we are a selling club.But their is no one else to be Blamed but wenger.And Don’t get ahead over your self cos chelsea are just a team coming up.and arsenal have been there done that.so I would say that we are far bettre Team than your nearly retiring team.

  505. I heard a rumour than Drogba has been reported to the Met Police on TERRORISM charges!!
    Apparently the anonymous caller sounded like a French 60 year old, white male who was once an economics teacher….lol

  506. We missed RvP. EDS was not able on the day to play the same role and Chelsea effectively neutralised our attacking threat. We also missed Clichy, Bendtner.

    I thought the team that started against Standard Liege was fluent and wonder if that team barring injury enforced replacements could have done better against Chelsea (a team much better than Standard Liege). Several players were not up the the level that we know that they’re capable of.

    Terribly gutted by the result. But it is pointless to whine and point fingers at players who could have done better. We all know that they are capable of better.

  507. Arsenal was Aesthetic, Chelsea was pragmatic. Arsenal was style, Chelsea was substance. Arsenal was pace, Chelsea was control. Arsenal are expressive, Chelsea was Impressive. Arsenal was skill, Chelsea was power. Arsenal was tried to play classy football but it was Chelsea who showed class!!!

  508. DAVE

    How long have you been Supporting Chelsea?

  509. Checking in from Toronto, Canada…..

    I watched this game on TV and it was painful!

    I had to agree with the commentator – we play pretty football and the passing is exquisite, but that doesn’t necessarily transfer into goals and victory.

    I can’t recall the number of times i jumped off the couch and shouted, JUST FUCKING SHOOT!

    The young GUNS gotta step up and show that we are not useless just ’cause RVP is out.

  510. 1) Didier Drogba loves playing Arsenal. That’s 10 goals in his last 11 games against them, including two in the 2007 League Cup final and one in the 2009 FA Cup semi-final. Probably none have been better than that blistering free kick for 0-3.

    2) Carlo Ancelotti’s hat – part Benny from Crossroads, part Compo from Last Of The Summer Wine – proves Italians can’t wear just anything and look stylish.

    3) Thomas Vermaelen was far from Arsenal’s worst player, and anyone might have struggled against Didier Drogba in that sort of form. But his edgy performance does reinforce the view long held by Ajax fans… that the stylish Dutchman is out of his comfort zone against big strikers who like to mix it.

    4) A magnificent afternoon for Ashley Cole. After being jeered mercilessly – and, having read his book, I’m not arguing with that – he responded with two assists in probably his best game against his former club. Early substitution ensured he’d be suited, booted and home in time for the X Factor.

    5) The pre-season talk from Arsenal sources about Eduardo – that he was about to have a breakout season which would save the club millions in the transfer market – had quietened before the game and will be virtually silent now. Although the Croatian can’t be blamed for struggling after in juries forced him into a line-leading role he is totally unsuited to, the Gunners did improve greatly after he was substituted.

    6) You didn’t have to watch Arsenal’s disallowed goal five times, like certain obsessive French managers, to realise it should have stood. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe that Petr Cech – who never had the ball under control – tends to get the benefit of the doubt in these situations because of the headgear he has worn for nearly three years now. No-one is doubting Cech has to wear it, but its presence must have some sort of impact, even if it is subconscious, on referees.

    7) Of all the bizarre items thrown onto pitches in recent years, is “fake camera” the oddest? Where does one buy them? Is there a Fake Jessops somewhere?

    8) With the possible exception of goalkeeper Hilario, all seven Chelsea substitutes could have made Arsenal’s first team. The others? Malouda, Zhirkov, Paulo Ferreira, Deco, Kalou – who cost over £50m – and Ballack, who came on a free. Come on Arsene, spend some cash or risk slipping even further behind when Chelsea, Spurs and City all splurge in January.

    9) Arsenal have only allowed an incredibly stingy 41 shots on their goal this season. But they’ve conceded 18 goals. Shouldn’t they be looking at a long-term replacement for Manuel Almunia?

    10) Manchester City fans have been complaining about their string of seven straight draws. Well, help is at hand. City play Chelsea next weekend and they won’t be drawing then…


  511. Given the torment he has subjected them to over the years, it was almost possible to forgive the Arsenal fan who hurled a plastic bottle in the direction of Didier Drogba after his opening goal. Almost, but not quite.

    Drogba’s threat is such that he can make the most level-headed individual take leave of their senses, even Arsène Wenger. The Ivory Coast striker’s bullying of these opponents is utterly relentless, yet Wenger bizarrely claimed he did not do much after a game in which he scored two brilliant goals. It was not his only utterance that was divorced from reality.

    “It’s funny because Drogba doesn’t do a lot, but he’s efficient in what he does,” Wenger said. “You would be surprised by the number of balls he touched today. Drogba is in a period where he kicks the ball and it goes in. You can’t tell me that he meant to put it there for the first goal. At the moment he just goes for it and it goes in.”

    Wenger’s sour grapes may stem from the fact that he turned down the opportunity to sign Drogba for £100,000 when the striker was at Le Mans eight years ago, a decision that has repeatedly returned to haunt him.


  512. DAVE you really are retarded. How old are you? Seven? Ok kiddo, it is good that you are finally learning the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. Oh yeah, and that thing you pressed on the keyboard is called a Caps Lock key. You make us all proud son!

  513. Can it really be that it wasn’t so long ago that Drogba looked depressed, lacking motivation and Chelsea couldn’t get a decent price to ship him out of the Bridge? Can’t be, but it’s true. Now Chelsea wouldn’t sell him for any amount of money, not that they need any!

    Drogba’s first goal was a bit special – a lovely sidefoot volley to hit the top corner – but the free-kick was just as good in its own way.

    The Ivory Coast international cannot stop scoring against Arsenal and his latest goals ended Arsene Wenger’s 100% record at the Emirates this season. It was almost as emphatic as last season’s 4-1 win. Chelsea have now scored in the last 28 games and have not conceded a single goal in their last five Premier League games. It was last February that a team [Fulham] last kept a clean sheet at the Emirates.

    Wenger declared that this was the match that would mark out whether his boys were grown up enough to take on one of the best, but they failed. All 11 Chelsea players looked superior to their opposite numbers.


    just reading the articles ,so u guys don’t have to…lol

  514. Fucking Sunday!!That game was a fu*king nightmare.Damn!! I hate drogba!!

  515. wat was also worryin is that Gallas and Arshavin almost missed dis game… wat would have been the scoreline then?? i hope Wenger just modifies his philosophy a bit. Huntelaar is on odds with Milan, Wenger can bring the best out of him. A solid midfield player, Veloso looked good in his champions league matches. Wenger is the manager, he would know the perfect transfer i trust. As for the defence, i do not like the idea of silvester as a backup. bring Subotic, Tasci, someone!

  516. dave your an idiot

  517. Please fellow Gooners

    No more comments like this is the best squad we have ever had and that we will win the league.We will not win the league we are in a fight for 3rd or 4th place.
    Just one injjury to RVP and the Arsenal ship hits the rocks.No team should rely on one player the way we do
    Last season we finished 18 points off the top yet we only bought one player while we sold a striker.We need to get in a 15 -20 goal a season striker because i dont believe Eduardo will ever get back to his best
    And we better start planning for life without Cesc he is not going to hang around when he should be winning titles
    Yesterday was a massive walk up call we are not good enough to win the league

  518. We could have coped with the loss of RVP if we had Bendtner and Diaby available. Bendtner would have dominated cashley and kept him in his own half so there would be no crosses coming in from there. Diaby would have danced his way through that chelski backline and given them something else to think about with his physicality. We’ve seen it before.

    To win the PL you need all your top players fit and you need the good fortune in the key moments. We did not have either of those yesterday. I disagree that yesterday means we are not good enough. It was a very bad day at the office, but we cannot just give up. The players have to pick themselves up and try harder. Keep practising, keep getting better and it will come right in the end. We have too much talent to throw it all away. The faint hearted who want to give up at the first sign of struggle, there’s the door you are not helping so you might as well start following the team you really want to follow and stop pretending to be an Arsenal supporter.

  519. It took RVP 4 / 5 games to even start looking the part, so give Eduardo a chance… if it wasn’t for the rest of the team scoring so freely we wouldn’t have done half as well so far…

    what’s the point in giving up in December?

  520. @Passenal : Lot of would haves here!

    There is no excuse for this defeat. it is painful to take but that is the truth.

    Wenger is also trying to spin it by saying that Arsh goal should have been allowed, not the right precedence.

    We were mobile, stringing passes and all that but their defence was solid and our was jittery, every time the ball rolled on to the arsenal side, our side was apprehensive and was in tatters. no confidence at all.

    even though everyone see to shower praises for gallas- verm partnership, stats really dont back up their perfomance. as a team we have let in so many goals right from the beginning and now we are in a phase where there are no goals coming from our side but is consistently conceding.

  521. Eduardo is so crap now, am so gutted

  522. I don’t think it is a question of giving up, but a question of response. What went wrong, how do we address the weaknesses exposed for the coming games, do we need strengthening to sustain the challenge on all fronts this season, etc. What we post with our opinions as supporters will have little influence on what Arsene and AFC will do. Let’s hope that they come up with the right response. Sunderland may be a freak result. Chelsea was a test that we did not pass. That’s the reality.

  523. No one is saying give up.But we have to be realistic.We are not good enough to challenge Chelsea and Man Utd.That is a fact.
    For too long some Gooners have been under the illusion that we have a squad good enough to compete we dont.And until Arsene addresses that we are playing for 3rd or 4th
    We need a new keeper,a DM and a 29 plus striker we cannot rely on RVP staying fit every season.We got £45m for Ade and Toure Spend it

  524. Losing three nil at home and being totally outplayed is not acceptable for a team like Arsenal. It pains me to say it but Walcot, Eduardo and Bendter are not enough fire power to win us anything this season. RVP is our jewell but he is gone. We must buy someone to replace Adebeyor, we missed him yesterday so much. And whats up with Arshavin? He suddenly looks not bothered


    was this a joke?

  526. Also, on the physical side we were pathetic. Our players were being nudged off the ball with such ease it was ridiculous. Maybe we should sign Pat V till the end of the season, we need him bad

  527. Transfer window is closed for now. Yell all you want for DM, goalkeeper, 25-goal striker, etc.

  528. Dave- I told you your team is really old and backed it up by giving you facts, they are available all over the net. I gave you their actual age in case you forgot that you have one more season out of them and it will be all over. We’ve been through it when our invisibles retired and left but our time is just beginning now while you have to spent another 400 million Abramovich actually spent 578 million and made huge losses . You pay silly salaries that made Cashley lick his lips at prospect of joining your club. Kalkuta or whatever his name is, a good player but you need another 10 to build a new team. So is Abramovich foolish to spent another 600 millions ? Enjoy it while you can.

    Read this, its very informative

  529. Passenal,

    That’s my only regret from yesterday. It’s sad that we always have to face these teams with their squads fully fit while we have key players out.

    That said, no serious team should lose 3-0 to a title rival at home when they’re still smarting from a 1-4 defeat last time around.

    If they were good enough they wouldn’t have lost 3-0. We have some players in the squad who don’t seem to understand what it means to be playing for a top side.

    Being potentially 8 points behind Chelsea does not mean our title challenge is over. We only need to remain within a few points of them. They still have plenty of crunch matches ahead of them, as do we.

    The problem is, we have nobody to lead the line. Unfortunately, Eduardo has not stepped up to the plate.

  530. Even after yesterdays overwhelming defeat some fans are still making excuses.Even Wenger blamed the disallowed goal on the defeat.
    Yesterday should be a reality check.If we suffer injuries to key players we just dont have have the back up.And stop blaming the RVP injury
    In the summer we needed to sign 3-4 players we signed 1.We never replaced Adebayor.
    The scarey thing about yesterday though was the size of our team.Chelsea had a physical presence we didnt.We have too many midgets in the squad.
    Finally its time for Theo to start living up to all of the hype that surrounds him he is living on borrowed time

  531. If I hear the word potential anymore I think I’m going to scream. Potential dont mean shit unless its fullfilled, we are going backwards. Like someone pointed out earlier we’ve had chances to strengthen are squad over the last four years and weve never done it so the injury crisis is our own fault. We need to sign Pat V to save us this season and also sign a big striker, hopefully with more quality then Bentdner.

  532. “The faint hearted who want to give up at the first sign of struggle, there’s the door you are not helping so you might as well start following the team you really want to follow and stop pretending to be an Arsenal supporter.”

    Agree with this. The match came at the worst possible time for us, but we’ll be stronger down the line.

    Of course, we need a big slip from Chelsea, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t aim for the top, especially with some big names coming back over the next two weeks – as well as the players in yesterday’s squad getting a few more matches behind them.

    Yesterday’s dreadful result – and the frank discussions that will surely follow – could lead to a renewed sense of purpose. I’m still very optimistic. This is a top class squad.

    The problem is that it’s never an even playing-field when you’re up against teams assembled at such vast expense. Chelsea’s time is almost up, but, for now, we just have to compete as best we can.

  533. Anfield 1989, Gooner Tel and Bobby are all the same person btw.

  534. Ole, I think it’s harsh to say that about Eduardo. It took RVP a few games to get into his scoring stride, but he was helped out by goals from elsewhere in the team. Eduardo has played two games up front and I think the support to him has been lacking. We are where we are now. He is our most experienced striker so we just need to find a way of playing to his strengths. Arshavin needs to be benched for a while. His head is not in the game.

  535. Poor Theo’s getting trashed.

    For starters, I can think of more suitable comeback matches for a guy who hasn’t managed a full 90 minutes yet this season. I think it could be worth starting Theo at City on Wednesday.

    Nasri, Rosicky, Vela and Eduardo are all in a similar situation. They just need a little more game-time.

  536. Passenal,

    It did. But.

    Eduardo was dire. 4 or 5 times we were in positions where we could be dangerous. The move broke down completely. He looked like Jeffers.

    He was clean through thrice. Once, I’ll actually give him credit for skinning John Terry. And then he couldn’t get away.

    Another time, he was simply too slow after the ball, and Cech smouldered.

    There were 3 strikers on the pitch yesterday. Guess which one didn’t have a single shot?

    Anyway, I dont want to be down on any one player.

    Sagna and Gallas were poo defending the first goal. Gallas & Vermaelen must have smoked pot for the amateurish second goal. The 3rd goal was unstoppable, but maybe the Captain shouldn’t have conceded a silly free kick in the first place.

    It was a team capitulation.

    But I am worried about our toothlessness in attack. We’re an attacking team. We need a striker who can bring other into play. EDS has the technique to do it. But something’s not right with him.

  537. Eboue could have come in for Sagna and might have done a better job at RB last night in stopping crosses from Cole and going forward.

  538. Does anyone have any news of Alex Song?

  539. Passenal. we are all a bit flat today. No one likes getting turned over 3-0 at home. We were outplayed. We might not like it. We might not think that Chelsea play pretty football, but they were so much better at doing what they do than we were at doing what we do. They looked like winners. It’s hard to disagree with Terry’s assessment and I despise the man, his team and all that they stand for.

    It’s hard to be too critical of fans lashing out a bit at the performance and the players. Several should look hard at their performances yesterday. Injuries are hard to stomach but I still thought that we were going to win yesterday. I can’t turn around today and say that we would have won if so and so hade been fit now.

    I certainly wouldn’t give carte blanche to the usual moaners and doomers but if Arsene isn’t tearing his hair out this morning then I would be astonished. If it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for us. I bet he had a few evil thoughts himself.

  540. A dreadfully disappointing performance, that’s for sure.

    Outfought, outhought and beaten by the better team, of that there is no doubt.

    Whether you like it or not, Chelsea have the ability to do what is necessary to win big games, and we do not.

    They defended very well, and restricted us to very little, and when their chances came, they took them.

    One of the most frustrating aspects was the amount of 50-50 challenges we lost, and how we were outmuscled time and time again, particularly galling to see Joe Cole muscle Denilson off the ball.

    Apart from a 10 minute spell at the beginning of the second half, they were very much in control, and we didn’t ever really look like scoring.

    There isn’t really any point in singling any players out for critiscism, it was a very bad day at the office, and a shocking team performance.

    Unfortunately we have to face facts that we are not as good as them, and it will be difficult to beat them to the title.

  541. I’m in agreement with the sentiments of consolsbob.

  542. Are we expecting news about Song?

    We are still the joint highest scorers in the league, and have the most goals per game. RvP has scored seven of those. Take those away, and we have still scored only one less than man utd. We may have failed to score yesterday, but we are not toothless in attack. Eduardo would have needed to have some game to compensate for the three goals conceded at the other end. That is far too many to let in, especially when one considers the small ability Chelsea showed in attack.

  543. The fact is that Chelsea’s first goal was completely against the run of play. We had failed to score at that point, but we had not been playing badly. After conceding, we were perhaps too eager to equalise, and that led to a moment of weakness. At no point in the game did Chelsea out-think us or outfight us.

  544. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Matt, Joe, and their kind are squeezing every last drop of pleasure from this.

  545. The thing is, Poliziano, we have a chance of winning only if we play to our strengths. If we’re toothless in attack, then we might lose 3-0.

    Make no mistake about it- Losing 3-2 would have been much better.

    But you’re right. Gallas had a terrible game. 2 crucial mistakes where he’s hardly made any all season. Vermaelen was equally at fault as was Sagna.

    Chelsea were better, and they were even luckier than us. Their first 2 goals required mssive luck….

  546. RvP contributed 7 goals plus a high number of assists. We missed both. Many of them were goals by Fabregas, assisted by RvP and vice versa. (I don’t have the stats.)

  547. Against the run of play Pol?

    When in the game did Chelsea not look in control, apart from the 10 mins i mentioned?

    Realistically, you cannot say we looked the better team yesterday.

    And i can’t be bothered to scroll up to what Joe has said, but i see you are quick to pigeon hole me with others again.

    I am 100% behind AW and my team, but sometimes you have to take the rose tinted spec’s off, and say we were beaten by the better team.

  548. Matt,

    To me they didn’t look in control. They didn’t look troubled. Not the same thing as being in control.

    Again, we know they’ve scored 3 from 5 shots on target.

    But I can’t disagree they are a better team. They scored three at ours. They conceded 0. We needed the result more than they did.

    It’s more comforting to accept they are better, than the only reasonable alternative conclusion which would be that we couldn’t rise to the big ocassion.

  549. Perhaps Gallas wasn’t 100% fit?

    For the 2nd goal, perhaps if Gallas was not in front of TV attempting a clearance, TV might have been able to clear the ball cleanly instead of having the ball bounced off his leg into goal?

  550. Luke,

    Both acted like dopeheads. Gallas had no business slashing at it. Vermaelen didn’t concentrate, if he had it was a routine kick.

  551. Arsenal conceded only eight shots on target in the PL in November, yet conceded five goals.

    It’s infuriating.

  552. Ok, maybe in control is too strong a statement, but you are right in saying they were not troubled for the majority of the game.

    My original point is the same though, they do have the ability to do what is necessary to win against us when it matters, be it pretty or not.

    Even the most blindly loyal fan would find it difficult to say that they did not deserve to beat us yesterday, and are currently the better team.

    If that makes me a doomer, so be it.

  553. Ole

    “It’s more comforting to accept they are better, than the only reasonable alternative conclusion which would be that we couldn’t rise to the big ocassion.”

    Yes. They were the better team on the day. We’ll meet them again and we shall see. We have to fight as fighters.

  554. Your exactly right Luke, we have to take this one on the chin, and make sure we dig in and get ourselves in the position to beat them at the Bridge, and for it to count.

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