Give Youth A Chance If It’s Good Enough

Kerrea Gilbert has opined that he will be leaving Arsenal in the New Year, looking for a January move to another Premier League club. Having plied his trade in the lower divisions on various loan deals, it is perhaps hardly surprising that he views his future away from the club.

Such departures are nothing new and with Eboue at the top of the pecking order of reserve right backs, the club is well served by those within and out on loan. There have been murmurings that Gilbert has authority issues, incidents whilst on loan have surfaced to reinforce that perception, rightly or wrongly.

With a young squad, the number of departures in coming seasons will increase. The number of players in the first team is finite and as the average age drops, the previously sought promotion route from the reserves to replace an ageing player diminishes. When competing against players the same, or of similar, age ability becomes king. It is frustrating in the mind of the lesser player, even the most magnanimous will have the belief in their own abilities to the extent that they feel that they are more than adequate for first team duties.

Juggling these resources becomes polarised further with the quota systems envisaged by UEFA and the squad limitations similar to those of the Champions League that the EPL wants to impose. Contract negotiations are increasingly becoming public knowledge as agents seek to pressurise the clubs to compromise, wages closer to those being demanded rather than offered. Such matters are not the entirity of a players decision, first team action is high on their list of priorities as evidenced by Fran Merida.

The cycle of young players coming and going is a by-product of the Academy. Recently, the names of over 100 players who had left the club having come through the youth system was circulated. The majority of those have forged careers elsewhere albeit few in the upper echelons of the game. That suggests that Wenger has by and large shown good judgement in this area. An interesting comparison would be between the big four clubs. Accusations that Wenger does not allow English talent to flourish might just be shown to be wide of the mark.

Tacit admission of that came at the weekend with calls carried in Sunday’s papers for Wenger to become the figurehead of the 2018 World Cup bid, or as it is now described widely doomed 2018 World Cup bid such is the media perception of the impending disaster that is looming. Careful, there is a danger Arsene might be considered an honourary Englishman by various hacks in months or years to come.

The World Cup team could do considerably enhanced by his inclusion. Compared to native managers, Wenger has the advantage of being intelligent and able to string a sentence together without resorting to tired cliches to express football ideas. He has sufficient standing within the world of football to be listened to rather than gladhanding with people who scratch their heads afterwards, wondering who the hell he was. More than anything though, it would give him something to do during the interminably dull international weeks instead of fretting about the state his players will be returned to him in.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Felt the urge to come first for once. 🙂

  2. that’s the problem,giving youth a chance has held us back so much that we no longer win any trophy’s any more

  3. Fair points there Yogi ~ but can’t see AW needing the fuss, and then doubtless becoming the scapegoat when/if the bid fails.

    Re: Fran Merida. Disappointing that he got a Red, but quite like it when an Arsenal player gets physical, or frenzied like Martin Keown. Great stuff. Don’t see anyone squaring up to TV… or William.
    Also, it’s old now, but how tough is AA ? They put a few staples in his head, and back he goes..classic.

  4. “Give youth a chance if its good enough”

    Yogi, they are not good enough.

  5. “Give youth a chance if they are good enough” Thats just tosh. What about Jack Wilshire then,With the exception of the CC he has not been given a chance and he IS good enough

  6. Both Merida and Wilshire are both more talented footballers Eboue.And we will either lose one or both because of their lack of starts while we keep Eboue.Where is the logic in that?

  7. Gooner Ted – You have been seriously deluded by the d&g brigade who spent at least a year slagging Eboue. He is a very talented footballer who can play at least four positions on the pitch. I can’t believe my eyes the very same people are now pleading that he play left-back instead of Traore or Sylvester. Merida and Wilshire’s time is coming.

  8. Doomers pee me right off. All this glass half empty crap blinds them along with the copious amounts of hand to groin action.

    Let’s tally the regular squad players who suffer the ‘doubts’ of some “supporters”:

    Fringe players:

    These are players (and I’m undoubtably missing some) who, on various blogs, have been labelled as ‘not good enough’.

    Doomers forget about who you think is not good enough. In the grand scheme of Arsenal, you do not matter. Kick back, support the team, and enjoy the beauty that is Wengerball

  9. I think they should leave Wenger alone. The jealous xenophobes in the media will slate him even more whether England win the bid or not. Let them hire Del Boy Arry.That’ll cushty.
    Does Kerrea Gilbert play as a left back? I think Craig Eastmond is really good in that position.

  10. Guys, are you forgetting Wilshere is just 17? While I’d like to see him get the odd sub appereance but seriously, he isn’t ready for the first team yet. Give him a year or two and he will be.

    And why do people still keep bashing Eboue? Haven’t they seen our games this year? Eboue has been doing his job well enough and you should never forget, that he is our most versatile player in the squad. We need somebody like Eboue, who can fill in when we have an emergency and who you can trust that he will do the job.

  11. Shotta.

    i agree. eboue is the best utility player Arsenal have and it would be silly to let him go because folks who don’t know him or train with him everyday decide they don’t like him.

    It’s a good thing none of these doomers are the manager.

    The youth are getting their chance more so at Arsenal than at any other club. Arsenal’s youth policy has made the Carling cup fashionable and others are trying to emulate Wenger’s policy of playing his youth team in this tournament. Some will graduate to the first team as Wiltshire, Gibbs and Merida have done – but it takes patience to wait for that opportunity.

    Gibbs got his last season and this season (at least until Mangala ensured he was taken out cold), Vela is getting his, Wiltshire will get his, and so will Merida.

    As for Wenger joining the fight for England 2018, the only benefit I see there is that he’ll have an opportunity to pitch Emirates stadium alongside Wembley and the Olympic stadium as one of the London venues. It’s otherwise cynical to expect a Frenchman to do what the English should be doing themselves.

    I mean, this is the guy the media slated so match after a game with Crystal Palace where no Englishman was fielded for Arsenal – they forced him into an embarrassing apology and explanation. Wenger had to explain that he looks at talent first and not the passport. Now they want him?

  12. Has anyone ever seen Arse&Nose, spit yo game and Stan Simpson in the same room together? I thought not!

  13. What’s with Wilshere and Wiltshire…LOL! I’ll stick to Little Jack Willy.

  14. Yoh Loose Cannon – Is that the Gloved One as your avatar? Didn’t know he was a football fan.

  15. Hey Frank. From the previous post. Yes indeed we have wondrous names and many have both an english ‘given’ name and a local language name. Here are some of the more popular Gift, Lovemore, Lovejoy, Tonic, Shakespeare (Shaky), BigBoy (Biggie), Washington (Washy), Fortune, Respect, Major, Trymore, Happyson, Loveness. One of best friend’s was ‘Chemist’ and I have known one called ‘Killer’ (the meekest soul I have ever met by the way). My bassist called his daughter ‘Funky Rhythm’. We are a happy crowd (most of us anyway, a few nasty politicians and sinister military types aside).

  16. Come on Gunners!!

  17. @ZimPaul

    That’s delightful – Funky Rhythm, what a lucky girl!

  18. I have completely stopped listening to doomers. I just don’t hear. My Arsenal world is very pleasant

  19. I think she’s a bit naughty FunGunner, but very sweet. The most popular girls name is Blessing.

  20. It’s gonna be a cracker this weekend. I think we may see Sagna on the right (to cope with whathisface) and Eboue left.

  21. I think she’s a bit naughty FunGunner, but very sweet.
    Well I should hope she is a bit naughty, otherwise what’s the point of a name like Funky Rhythm!

    The most popular girls name is Blessing.
    Its popularity says such a lot about how Zimbabweans view children, doesn’t it?

  22. What a star you are, ZimPaul

  23. Yes it does. Which leads me to say I am truly blessed and expecting to be a father again in late March. Exciting!!! Wow! It’s all go at home and much still to do (hence my quietness on ACLF).

  24. Congratulations to you and your partner, ZP!

    What with you and Paul N and QoS, we’ll have to start an ACLF “virtual” creche. And an ACLF under 9s team in the future, no doubt…

  25. I am inviting a French guy in town to come and watch the match with us this weekend; he’s new and an utterly confused chelsea supporter (in reality a Marseille supporter where he grew up); he just supports chelsea because of Drogba. Man, the guy didn’t even know Essien was from Ghana. I shall put him right, not to worry. Ballack is from Transylvania, right?

  26. No no. Ballacks from the little known nation of Latveria.

  27. Frimpong is from Ghana

  28. new and an utterly confused chelsea supporter is better than old and terribly deluded chelsea fan. Nothing to say when someone has chopper harris as his legend .

  29. My team for the chavs— bigAL, traore, gallas, tv, sagna, rosicky, song, cesc, dudu, vela, nasri. Dudu on the left, vela middle and sam on the right. Arsenal 1 0 chavs. Dudu will score.

  30. one nil to Arsenal ? those days are gone for sure ,more like 3-2 , 4-3 ,5-4 to me. I will include eboue in to that lineup somehow.

  31. good post yw, of course we will see many young players come and go, and not surprisingly most will have carears in the lower leages/prem teams or move abroad because we get to keep the best ones, like fran and jack, who are still a season or two away fron 1st team imo for regular starts. And of course any english youth players like jack will be of the highest standard, it also means that we wont have to pay fortunes on players, possibly one or two a season, i think this will help keep the team stable andn not have to go through man city syndrome. Finaly the days of us being refered to as young guns is over, are 1st team are no longer made up of kids, and the ones that are youngish have experience and are class.

  32. Does anyone have a link to that list of 100 ex arsenal youth teamers? I did a spot of googling but couldn’t find it and I’d be interested to see it.

  33. I’ll have a crack at being Armchair Wenger.

    I think the team will be similar to Max Gunner’s, but I think Eboue will start at LB, the midfield trinity will be Song, Denilson, and Fab, and the triumvirate of striking will be Arshavin, Rosicky, and Eduardo.

    Likely subs will be Walcott, Nasri, and Vela.

  34. nasri will start ,one of walcott/vela will start , one of eboue/silvestre will start.

  35. Good line up gadget. Arshavin’s head was busted open quite bad so he might be on the bench. Denilson is still getting his match fitness bag. Eboue will get a sniff i think.

  36. @Frank

    Do you watch house?

    I think your character strongly resembles that of the good doctor

  37. ……….Almunia

    Sagna Gallas TV Traore

    Cesc Song Demilson

    .Eboue Dudu Arshavin

    Walcot Sylvestre Rosicky Vela Mannone

  38. Brain has a very thoughtful Chelsea preview at The Arsenal Column

  39. Ponyboy,
    Congratulations on your victory today; and thank you for reminding us once again of the importance of retaining a certain minimum of decorum.

  40. Uncomfortably close, arsenalkabisa

  41. Sam

    Excuse the formatting…


    Ahmed Abdullah ? West Ham
    Kieran Agard ? Everton
    Jeremie Aliadiere ? Middlesbrough


    Shabazz Baidoo ? QPR
    Alex Bailey ? Halifax
    Jason Banton ? Blackburn
    Moses Barnett ? Everton
    Graham Barrett ? Falkirk
    David Bentley ? Tottenham
    Narada Bernard ? Weymouth
    Adam Birchall ? Barnet
    Tommy Black ? Southend
    Jay Bothroyd ? Cardiff
    Stephen Bradley ? Drogheda United (Ireland)
    Leon Britton – Swansea
    Lee Butcher ? Tottenham


    Lee Canoville ? Notts County
    Liam Chilvers ? Preston North End
    Ben Chorley ? Tranmere
    Andy Cole ? Nottm. Forest
    Ashley Cole ? Chelsea
    Matthew Connolly ? QPR
    Billy Coyne ? QPR
    Patrick Cregg ? Hibernian
    Jason Crowe ? Northampton


    Jamie Day ? Grays (Conference)
    Paul Dickov ? Leicester City
    James Dunne ? Nottm. Forest


    Giorgos Efrem ? Glasgow Rangers
    Marc Elston ? Leatherhead (Ryman Premier League)


    Keith Fahey – St. Patrick?s Athletic (Ireland)
    Jordan Fowler ? (released 2005)


    Ryan Garry ?Bournemouth
    Ben Gill ? Cheltenham
    Stefan Gislason ? Br?ndby
    Julian Gray ? Birmingham
    David Grondin ? Excelsior Mouscron (Belgium)


    John Halls – Reading
    James Harper ? Reading
    Lee Harper ? (released by Milton Keynes Dons May 07)
    Matthew Hislop ? (released by QPR Jan 07)
    Justin Hoyte ? Middlesbrough
    Craig Holloway ? (released by Gravesend, May 06)
    Mark Howard ? St. Mirren
    William Huck ? Angers, France
    Richard Hughes ? Portsmouth
    Stephen Hughes ? (released from Walsall July 2009)
    Ingi H?jsted ? (Birmingham??)


    Jeffrey Imudia ? Everton


    Michael Jordan ? Chesterfield
    Juan (Maldonado)? Flamengo (Brazil)


    Alfie Kamara ? Chesham United (Southern League Premier Division)
    Sean Kelly ? Cork City
    Neil Kilkenny ? Birmingham


    Sebastian Larsson ? Birmingham
    Stuart Lewis ? Tottenham
    David Livermore ? Hull
    Peggy Lokando ? Southend
    Arturo Lupoli ? Fiorentina


    Andy Marriott ? Exeter
    Dean McDonald ? Grays
    Brian McGovern ? Shamrock Rovers
    Gavin McGowan ? Hornchurch (Ryman League Division One North) Fabrice Muamba ? Bolton
    Jehad Muntasser ? Treviso
    Mitchell Murphy ? QPR


    Oliver Nicholas ? Manchester City
    Nicky Nicolau ? Barnet
    Matthew Niedzwiecki ? (Birmingham Southern Panthers, US College)
    David Noble ? Bristol City
    Guilliaume Norbert ? Nantes, France


    Greg Oates ? (released by Margate May 07)
    Roy O?Brien ? Weymouth (Conference League)
    Joseph O?Cearuill ? St. Patrick?s (Ireland)
    Stephen O?Donnell ? Falkirk
    Jamie O?Hara ? Portsmouth
    Sam Oji ? Leyton Orient
    Jo Osei-Kuffour ? Bristol Rovers
    Quincy Owusu-Abeiye ? Spartak Moscow


    Paulinho (Paulo Roberto Nagamura) ? Chivas USA, MLS
    Jermaine Pennant ? Real Zaragoza



    Isaiah Rankin ? Crawley
    Rohan Ricketts ? Toronto (MLS)
    Omer Riza ? Trabzonspor, Turkey
    Matthew Rose ? Yeovil


    Aaron Samuel ? (on trial at Wigan Aug 05)
    Ian Selley ? (left Lewes Nov 07)
    Paul Shaw ? Oxford
    Dean Shiels ? Doncaster
    Dominic Shimmin ? (released from QPR Jan 08)
    Steven Sidwell ? Aston Villa
    Frank Simek ? Sheff Wed
    Olafur Ingi Skulason ? Helsingborg
    Dorian Small ? (on trial at Trelleborgs FF Mar 05)
    Ryan Smith ? Millwall
    Danny Spaul ? Ware FC (in 2005)
    John Spicer ? Doncaster
    Graham Stack ? Reading
    Anthony Stokes ? Sunderland
    Hassan Sulaiman ? (released from Aldershot May 06)
    Sebastian Svard ? Borussia M?nchengladbach


    Stuart Taylor ? Man City
    Jerome Thomas ? Portsmouth


    Matthew Upson ? West Ham
    Michael Uwesu ? Fulham


    Paolo Vernazza ? Grays
    Moritz Volz ? (released from Fulham July 2009)


    Luke Webb ? Hereford
    Rhys Weston ? Walsall
    Chris Wright ? Bishop?s St.

    I believe the original list was from Aditya, sometime poster on here.


  42. I’m breathlessly awaiting team news from

    Talking of the official website…I’ve been critical of them in the past but they’ve really upped their game. They’re getting the news out faster, and they’re even improving content.

    They’re trying new technologies…though as a Mac user I hate flash. The idea to have on-demand downloads is good.

    Thumbs up. Now they only have to get rid of the stupid questions to the players and manager. “How important was it to win tonight”? FFS that’s not even a real question.

  43. sam one good link about ex trainees arsenal players thats never play first team .good read

  44. And.finally it’s here:

    Gallas is doubtful with his swollen eye. But he’ll play if you ask me.

  45. Thanks ZimPaul some of those names are just wonderful, and Frank, and OneOfUs for starting it all off with Kermit Erasmus. Great stuff.

    Here are some more cool ones:

    1993 Crescent Dragonwagon
    1992 Excellent Raymond
    1992 Assumption Bulltron (Name of the Decade)

    I always had it in mind to name my first two children; Kolo and Yaya, regardless of sex. It seems I have far more scope now. I’d just be being unimaginative if I left it there. Yapi Yapi Yapo is a nice one, he could have a brother called Happy Happy Harpo in homage to my favourite silent comic.

  46. Plenty of ice on that eye, William, the worst of the swelling should subside after 2-3 days. It would be more of a problem to use contact lenses if he had grazed his eyeball, but as it was head to head contact that is unlikely. Unless of course Mangala jabbed a finger in his eye when no-one was looking. Dirty bastard.

  47. I don’t like quotas I hate them. Developing and signing young players is always a crap shoot. Wenger has a great farm system(Baseball term- a place where teams use to develop talent). Wenger lie Sir Alex have a great eye for talent and develping them.

  48. Question:
    Is Merida suspended in the PL after his red card for the Reserves?

  49. Fucking ‘farm system’? What a fucking horrible term?

    There’s a crap shoot for you, bobbygee, now fuck off.

  50. erm, Wenger has a great eye for talent, Fergie just knows how to spend big on great(ish) talent.

  51. Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, shooting crap. Perhaps crap could be loaded into the trap. The crap trap, it could be called – although that might be confused with Fergie’s mouth.

  52. Isn’t injecting heroin referred to in some quarters as “shooting the shit?”

  53. …and why go to all that trouble of getting your fish into a barrel if all you are going to do is shoot them, incurring the not inconsiderable risk of missing the fish and holing the barrel.

  54. …some people just don’t think, do they?

  55. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    After being called out by his own sheep Geoff all of the sudden claims the DM position isn’t a pressing issue anymore and we need to move on to more important issues.

    What a spineless coward. The prick has been slagging Song for ages. Calling for Arsene to spend every chance the cunt got. What a disingenuous bastard.

  56. “Farm system” can take its place alongside “stepping up to the plate” as an irritating term donated by baseball to football. Hunting has also now donated two terms, “crap shoot” and “blooding,” the latter of which likens the produce of the farm system to a pack of dogs.

  57. The farm system is presumably where young players learn to use the agricultural tackle.

  58. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Whoops. Too many bad words. I see Geoff doesn’t want to talk Alex Song anymore. There are more pressing issues now, he says. ROFLMFAO

  59. This really is an exceptional squad. Best I have ever seen.

  60. i wonder who we’ll face in the k.o…the hardest we could get is Inter or AC Milan, who will both probably come second

  61. Congratulations ZP. What will you call him or her?

  62. why can’t manure f*ck off out of the way so we can be the main title challengers. It’ll be taken care of when they face opposition that gives 2 shits.

  63. ——————– almunia —————————- sagna ——- gallas —– vermaelen —- traore ———– song —— fabregas —– deni ———————- rosicky ———– eduardo —— arsh ———————————————————————————-

  64. oh damn, i never get it right. Obviously sagna won’t be standing on the corner flag but that’s my team for sunday

  65. Shotta-Gonna 12:41 pm. My Avatar Is Vermalaen as the terminator with a machine gun in one hand and a legless robot Drogba grabbed from around the neck. That is what he will do to him on Sunday he is the chosen one to destroy the Drogs.

  66. ha! Lets hope so, since Gallas is now a ‘big question mark’ for sunday.

  67. HAHAHA

    I love alex song, he said in an interview abt nicknames his dad called him Jo Jo haha it was really funny when he said it.

    I always laugh when he does an interview. a.a is funny aswell

  68. Just watching Arsenal v Wimbledon from ’98 and you’ll never guess what, Arsenal gave away some chances to Wimbledon and Seaman made a couple of errors. Fancy that? I thought it was only the current sh*t team and goal keeper that ever did that!

  69. We sang ‘we’ve only got one Song’ twice on Tuesday night. Nigh on perfect.

    When Juan played for us we sang ‘There’s only one Juan’…that was perfect.

    But Jo is a real star…and Juan wasn’t really.

  70. Sarcasm is quite…er…you know….sexy, Passenal. What is more I agree with you.

  71. And now Petit has gone off injured to complete the picture!

  72. Well according to the revisionists, none of those things happened in the olden days!

  73. Bobby Gee: It would be nice if Arsenal had a few teams playing in the Coca Cola league purely for the development of players.

  74. Why is Ramsey so shit now?

  75. Fuck off. There’s no point in saying that anyway because you know in you deluded mind that he isn’t you prick

  76. sorry, that’s in your deluded mind

  77. Zap are you insane? Ramsey has been woefull you donut

  78. I went to Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s last time I was in London, and I had a very tasty supper. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers, William.

  79. woefull? Donut? Are you 5 years old? Give me one game where he has been ‘woefull’ mate

  80. Where do you live Pz? Are you Italian? Moroccan?

  81. zap you are a donut

  82. haha mate, yeah, i’m a donut. Now go away, soft pretzel

  83. Most of the clientele of Claridge’s probably wouldn’t even know what a doughnut is, so I can’t really see how they are relevant. I’ll eat a doughnut now and then, but they’re not a personal favourite. To be honest, the kickshaws at Gordon Ramsay’s aren’t my favourite either.

  84. really? is that so, Poliziano. So what is a personal favourite then?

  85. Full dishes, whole bellyfuls. Yeoman’s fare.

  86. You remind me of someone poliziano. He went to Eton

  87. That’s very rude, zap.

  88. You don’t mean Boris Johnson, do you? We are both buffoons; but I flatter myself that the similarities end there.

  89. I assure you I have never been involved in buggery. I shun everything that is a la francaise.

  90. Was it? I don’t intend hard feelings mate.

    We’ve got a lot of away games (shudder) coming up. I’m not too keen on visits to the likes of Burnley, Liverpool and Citeh in the coming weeks, but i suppose if we want the title we have to win this game. and on sunday. eeevery game

  91. I’m so glad we’ll still be in the title race by december, last season we were completely out of it weren’t we.

  92. Just watched Soccer Africa where they claim that players for Cameroon are being allowed to come to camp later than most other African nations. Bikey will arrive in Angola after FA CUP game on the 4th of something like that. Lets hope the same goes for our boy Song!!

    This great news if true.

  93. hey maria.

    let’s hope so, this is Song’s season and i hope he can win over even more people. i’ve noticed other fans have noticed him as a great player

  94. he’s not had to win me over. nobody has. I love a player if Wenger thinks he’s good enough to wear an Arsenal shirt, I’m not one of the dumb shits that think they know better than Wenger

  95. ………….It really is because while master has returned another has been steadying the ship till he was onbroad again……..

  96. They might do better if they let Bikey arrive after the tournament has ended.

  97. ……..Really well Poliziano is so watch out for that one…….A little annoying I KNOW BETTER THAN ARSENE type………

  98. ……..Bikey is an outstanding African talent………

  99. Yes what message was for you Zap….Gooner to Gooner……

  100. click on my name and you will be ‘zapped’ to a place.

  101. Oh wwoooooooooooowwww thats so cool…………………

  102. it’s an auto-tuning cat.


  103. Pz is not you….so watch out…..

  104. Sorry, I thought you were talking about Andre Bikey.

  105. Why ofcause……….

  106. Andre Bikey? He’s in the Cameroonian first team?? Let’s hope Song eats enough Ndole for the game on sunday

  107. Zap

    I think Song is shit.An if wenegr Doesn’t sign a new Dm in january then we will be Fucked.cos if look at a team like chelsea they have got michael essien.and manu have carrick and anderson.and liverpool have got macherano and lucas.and so I think wenger needs to purchase a new DM cos song,denilson and diaby are not good enough fo us.

  108. Zap

    I think Song Isn’good enough for us.An if wenegr Doesn’t sign a new Dm in january then we will be Fucked.cos if look at a team like chelsea they have got michael essien.and manu have carrick and anderson.and liverpool have got macherano and lucas.and so I think wenger needs to purchase a new DM cos song,denilson and diaby are not good enough fo us.

  109. think Song Isn’good enough for us.An if wenegr Doesn’t sign a new Dm in january then we will be screwed for sure.cos if look at a team like chelsea they have got michael essien.and manu have carrick and anderson.and liverpool have got macherano and lucas.and so I think wenger needs to purchase a new DM cos song,denilson and diaby are not good enough fo us.

  110. I think Song Isn’good enough for us.An if wenegr Doesn’t sign a new Dm in january then we will be screwed for sure.cos if look at a team like chelsea they have got michael essien.and manu have carrick and anderson.and liverpool have got macherano and lucas.and so I think wenger needs to purchase a new DM cos song,denilson and diaby are good but not enough for us.

  111. Zap is a donut

  112. I think Song Isn’good enough for us.An if wenegr Doesn’t sign a new Dm in january then we will be screwed for sure.cos if look at a team like chelsea they have got michael essien.and manu have carrick and anderson.and liverpool have got macherano and lucas.and so I think wenger needs to purchase a new DM cos song,denilson and diaby are good but not good enough for us.

  113. YW

    Why is my other comment awaiting moderation?

  114. Gooner2, are you Gooner2?

  115. william, shut up you cunt

  116. i’m talking to Will by the way. You can come out of your cave, it’s night time mate, the sun out yet. That happens in the daylight.

    Is that clear?

  117. Sorry I meant to say the sun’s not out yet

  118. i’m talking to Will, whose English vocabulary is so limited he can only say ‘Zap’s a donut’

  119. g2, people are calling for you to do a guest post for yogi

  120. is this??

  121. shyittons

  122. damn it i cant get my face back

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