No Sub-Standard Performances Tonight Please

Standard Liege arrive for a Champions League encounter that they believe will keep their slim hopes of reaching the knockout phase alive. Largely that depends on the Arsenal side which emerges from the tunnel; will it be the out of sorts mob who played at the weekend or have the international cobwebs been swept away in the days since Saturday’s defeat?

The squad is unchanged save for the return of Kieran Gibbs. Wenger may decide to hold off reinstating the young England international to the starting line-up to give his injury the chance to truly heal. Traore did not do anything wrong in particular at the weekend and for the most part was reasonably solid. Tonight would be a chance to add to his experience.

The dilemma that Wenger has over left back is repeated in the forward line. Eduardo needs match time to forge an understanding with those around him having had an interrupted return from various niggles. That said, is it more important to wrap him in cotton wool ahead of Sunday’s encounter with Chelsea? Certainly, I do not believe Wenger can afford to go into that clash with Vela as the only recognised central striker who is fit.

Before he lashed out regarding Theo Walcott’s availability for England next summer, Wenger had identified the Mexican as the reason for not replacing Emmanuel Adebayor, comparing Vela to Robbie Fowler. Whilst there is an element of truth in that, Wenger made no secret of his intention to try and buy Chamakh from Bordeaux. His words yesterday were an undisguised attempt to boost the confidence of his young striker.

The position in the Champions League is such that Wenger can once more make changes with half an eye on Sunday. Denilson and Walcott might be considered for starting places with Nasri in central midfield. Rosicky looked as if he could do with some more playing time to focus on his sharpness, enabling Wenger to rest Arshavin once more. The depth of the squad in midfield is coming through with injured personnel returning to the fold.

Whilst there is an element of forward planning going on, too many changes are equally disruptive, be they forced or unforced. For once Arsene barked yesterday, apparently exploding when questioned about Theo Walcott’s long term fitness. Media inquisitions about the player and his international future based on misguided beliefs about the hereditary nature of his injuries brought forth the most direct criticism of international football from the manager.

He is absolutely right to point out who Walcott’s paymaster is. Football, unlike cricket, does not have central contracts with the national associations paying scant regard to players well-being and next to nothing for use of a prize asset.

Comparisons to industry and commerce are futile since football is a sport, even though the clubs are businesses in the modern age. Even so, the protestations of Blatter and his cohorts that they are purely focussed on the health of individuals, concerned about the number of games played whilst still permitting meaningless friendlies to prevade the footballing calendar.

There are seven months to go before the World Cup Finals begin. Too much time to worry about Walcott’s fitness, especially since he has managed around 180 minutes all season thus far. If he returns to the Arsenal fold and remains fit, let the media worry about whether he will be in Capello’s squad nearer the time. It is however, indicative of the lack of depth in the English game that Walcott is almost certain to play on the right hand side of midfield. The concerns shown now would normally be reserved for a media darling, not a young player who suffered the slings and arrows of managerial indiscretion at the last World Cup Finals.

Back to this evening. Predicting a line-up is difficult with Sunday’s match ahead although the extra days to recover are helpful to the manager. Much will depend on the readiness of certain players following injury but I would start with:

Almunia; Eboue, Gallas, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Denilson, Ramsey, Nasri; Walcott, Vela, Rosicky

That would enable Song, Fabregas, Eduardo and Arshavin to be called from the bench if required. Further, if the match is comfortable by the hour mark, I would have no hesitation in bringing Silvestre and Senderos on, giving Vermaelen and Gallas a bit of a breather. Wenger may view that as too many changes.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I am really looking forward to this game.

    Bugger the World Cup.

  2. Dear BRL,

    Thank you for your prompt response

    Are you sure that this product has not been marketed before? Only I have been hearing noises in my head for some time now and I have been saving my pocket money for a new helmet that will keep the aliens from stealing my advanced tactical plans.

    Is there a discount if I buy another for my friend, whom I shall refer to as Little thin Sam, who is also a premier Club manager that sometimes meets with incredulity when he tells people that he could manage any club in the world?

    Yours faithfully


  3. I do hope Eduardo finally shakes the cobwebs off his finishing!

  4. you can’t have van persie out and not play a.a that is suicidal,that was proven on saturday

  5. a.a needs rest. dj vela will come in

  6. As much as the result ans most of the performance was disapointing on Saturday. The usual over the top reaction by hacks and fans alike is no surprise.

    We have that expert in al fresco voyuerism Collymore sayin we need this and others sayin it proves we miss RvP. Which is funny considering most of these saying that, are the same who said RvP was crap in the lead role and he couldnt score the goals!

    After one game, I think its a tad too premature to say Eduardo isnt the answer either.

  7. We are at home tonight & Sunday – with 4 days in between. Sufficient time for players to recover.

    I believe Arsene will start a strong line up, with Eboue for Sagna as the only switch. Arsene will make sure Arsenal secure the 3 points, close out the group, and regain our confidence for Chelski.

    3 or 4 goal lead by half-time, then sub Cesc, Arshavin, and Song.

  8. we have 2 win it 2day. Or deja vu sensation will come back 2 haunt us…
    come on arsenal, this is the season…
    A treble please….

  9. I thought Lansbury was the next best thing ,quite amused by the news that the club is yet to offer an extension to Mr Soon-to-be-out-of-contract-youngester.

  10. it’s a shame diaby’s gonna be out.

  11. why are so many people bloody negative. This time last season weren’t we as depressed as fuck, hoping for a bounce back from a 3-0 loss at eastlands. It’s looking good. COME ON ARSENAAAAL!

  12. Kev the clockender

    Eduardo should not play tonight.If he gets a knock who plays upfront on sunday?.Neither should Cesc,TV or Gallas.Its too much of a risk for the Chelsea game.

  13. Theo needs to bloody learn who pays his 60k a week wasges.If he dont he wont even be going to SA,Beckham and Lennon will

  14. arsene will go with experience and win this game before half time and then play some of the subs when we are comfortable.

    this is my favourite line-up for tonight:





    subs: walcott, vela, silvestre, denilson, ramsey, gibbs, sagna

    prediction : arsenal 3 standard 0


  15. ————-almunia——————————-eboue—silvestre-senderos–gibbs————–ramsey-fabregas–denilson———————-vela—–eduardo—nasri————————-

  16. prediction: Arsenal 2-4 Standard

  17. I really like that line-up YW. It says a lot about Aaron Ramsey’s progress this season that he’s getting so much playing time.

    I think it’s more important that Eduardo get out there and take a chance or two, than hide on the bench. I mean really, we all need to calm down a bit here – when was the last time we got an injury on the emerald gloss Emirates turf, playing at our own pace in a CL game?

    I would like to see Vela, Eds and Theo all get some playing time tonight. I’d also like Cesc to start – he’s going to be playing against Chelsea and it’s as important for him to get an understanding with the new forwards as anything else.

    If Eds does slip on a kipper we can always play;
    Arsh – – Theo – – Ros/Nas or…
    Ros/Nas – – Arsh – – Theo or…
    Arsh – – Vela – – Theo

    Remain calm.

  18. Limpar, what happened to your face?

  19. dross, Aaron Lennon is shit.

  20. Zappa, I don’t know. I seem to have turned into a marshmallow.

    PS, what happened to the Mothers of Invention? Is it just you and Roger now? Like two Octopus-looking one-man band types; hitting, blowing and strumming everything in sight? If so, do call in at White Hart Lane’s Home dressing room some time (the one that smells most like shit) – you might prove very popular there.

  21. are u talking to me limpar assits?

  22. As good a player as Ramsey is Saturday he lead the triangle in the free-er role, which is normally allotted to cesc.. This is what I think Wenger meant when he said we under estimated our opposition, limiting cesc and it was evident in our loss of fluidity as the wider of the front three fell back to support Ramsey rather than attacking the area with incisiveness..

  23. Limpar Assist my friend.

    I agree this is a good opportunity for Rambo in the middle of the park, especially since it’s the last competetive game he’ll have an opportunity to play before the clash with Man City at Eastlands in 10 days time.

    He had some dodgy moments against Sunderland, but that would be expected as he builds his mileage. The only way he’ll improve and unleash his talent is by more game time.

    I also suspect we’ll see more of Theo and Vela especially to apply pace in the flanks. Both Vela and Theo will also play at Eastlands and need to get sharp. They may get appearances on Sunday against Chelsea, but tonight is a better bet.

    Wenger is still barking and has publicly warned the team against complaicency and saying that top spot in the group is the ultimate prize.

    We have in Eduardo and Vela, two of the best natural finishers in world football. Both of them will need game time to sharpen, but woe betide (PHW is growing on me with this saying) anyone who thinks that Dudu and Vela won’t deliver.

  24. Uptight Literary Guy

    I think part of a standard performance tonight, and for the remainder of the season, needs to include as strong a commitment from forward players to defending when the situation calls for it as defenders have made to going forward and contributing. The goal Saturday, and not a few others, could have been avoided with such commitment.

    I notice no discomfort in calls for Eboue substituting for Sagna. As good as Eboue is, I don’t think that there’s been a more consistently solid player in the past two seasons at Arsenal than Sagna. One might notice that at least two memorable dips in results over those seasons have followed Sagna injuries. I wish Eboue was as interchangable on the left.

  25. Limpar Assist

    Lennon might be shit but he is a fit shit.Theo is a walking injury.Unless Theo stops running down blind alleys and failing to get a cross over he is too much a luxury.

  26. Yes this is a the problem. The Gunners need to get ready to play Chelsea. Arsenal cannot afford to get anyone hurt yet at the same time Eduardo and Walcott need the work. With the knockout round in hand use Eduardo and the others for half the match. Play the younger players. This is my best guess.

  27. yep it’s true. We are good at bouncing back though, we did it a lot last season.

  28. Arsenal team is fine. This game is a win, regardless of who is at the pitch. I know all players have the momentum to make it since their style of play is the same.

  29. Focus tonight. Don’t even think of Sunday. Le Boss has spoken. πŸ˜‰

  30. Traore was a tad too flashy with his stepovers last Saturday. I didn’t like it because his stepovers reminded me of a player I once branded as a one-trick pony.

  31. Anyone callin themselves Sender-dross is a cunt and not worth debating with. Particularly when they have done fuck all but slate Arsenal players.

    Piss off you sad spud

  32. i love traore because when going forward he plays exactly like me, he tries all this trickery and has loads of pace, and it looks like he has everything planned in his head (who to give it to, what to do next) but when is confronted with the last man makes his mind up far too quickly. you cant blame him though, he barely has any experience.

    a good player though

    does anyone know where his brother Gavin is?

  33. Oh dear.

    Oh deary me.

    How dreary.

    za parody?

  34. @bobbygee

    yes that is the problem. I totally agree. Eduardo and Walcott need the work. Amen.

    Denilson too needs matches to get ready to run rings around Chelsea…

    Wenger’s Dilema as the midfield is almost at bursting point now…

  35. Most of the time Gallas seemed to be doing all his work as we was cuaght upfield plenty.

    Dont even get me started on the flashy moves.Reminded me or CR7.

  36. does anyone know where his brother Gavin is?

    hehehehe. He is with Santa. Why?

    now traore is related to Gavin… and I thought it was only Jesus and Budha who were related

  37. finsburyparker.

    i cant give my view. i’m not being offensive, am I so fuck you

  38. reminded me of*

  39. hahahaha I got everything mixed up

  40. Zap,

    I was just wondering what your name meant.



    the 1st leg was a good game, hopefully the home tie will make the difference. Bentdner is proving to be a miss at the moment, but hopefully Vela & Walcott have shaken the rust off.

  41. ‘Home tie make the difference’ = a slightly easier game.

  42. how i got my name is a very long story

  43. A long story? Damn. No offence, i just read it as a parody.

    Must dash pips & pipettes,
    have a game to prepare for!

    Bendy’s proving to be a real miss but Walcott has always flourished in the CL group games, and Nasri & others look like they just need the games.

    My Conspiracy-O-Meter(tm) goes off the dial whenever I look at the fixture list, especially at the home games we have after the Interlull’s, or when looking at Chelsea’s ANC fixtures compared to AFC’s. Maybe it’s broken.

  44. A R S E N A L

  45. I think Wenger will go with his strongest team. Locking up a spot for the knockout rounds is important, allowing for full rotation at later games. This match is too important to have the manager or lads looking ahead to the weekend.

  46. Happy now finsbury parker?

  47. Wow, reading my post all it lacked for originality was an advert for that tosser bobbygee at the end.

    sorry all, I’ll try and do better next time.

  48. I’m always happy on match day : )

    Especially with this squad.

  49. Gris, at least you didnt think gavin hoyte was armand traore’s brother

  50. I also thought a few of my posts above (except the last) also sounded a bit like the G-Man.

    Sorry! Will improve.

  51. come on arsenal!!!!!!!!

  52. the same thing to you f parker

  53. Enjoy the game Gunners.

    A R S E N A L

  54. Kazan vs Inter at 5.30. i hope barca fail to qualify- wait, no i want them to so we can beat them in the k.o

  55. Picture No.10 on the Arsenal website pre-Standard game is reason enough why Merida is not ready for the first team!

    It looks like Wenger will play more or less his best side (Eboue right back is a certainty) and if the game is wrapped up, put a few young heads in. It’s good, looking ahead to Chelski game to play a close enough side in terms of attack (Wenger doesn’t like backline changes). Denilson should start but it might not mean with Song, and looks like Walcott or Arshavin, probably not both with one side direct, another with half-winger.

  56. By the way who do you rate, fletcher or denilson?

  57. heh. merida will play at citeh. i hope so anyway

  58. do you support 2 teams tg?

  59. No. Just sprawled my way through a couple of Arsenal links. Quite a good community.

  60. cheers, you aren’t like the majority of man u fans then?

  61. What moron would come here with a bloody (in colour and type) Fletcher shirt expecting to be taken seriously?

  62. Darren Fletcher is a psycho. Obviously he’s managed to forge a career with very limited ability and it’s no surprise that he has deep feelings of inferiority.

  63. I have some Arsenal links which means I’ve seen them in action a few times and almost grown an attachment with them (sniff), especially Wenger. Oh yeah, that kit is coincidentally with Fletchman. It represents the site, 24.

  64. i hope nasri and rosicky start, they need the games

  65. oh, your site uses the same programme as yogi does on here

  66. I see your comments aren’t as lively as on here

  67. See you at the grove @ 7.45 guys.3-0 wont be too bad a result.

  68. wish i was going tonight =(

  69. I just installed a world clock plug in to my Firefox…pretty cool.

  70. haha

    looking forward to kazan vs kyiv, that’s an interesting group

  71. a year ago today we were playing kyiv on the back of one of my most depressing few weeks supporting the gunners. we needed a confidence boost then. we need one now


    Bless lunjberg. fear not man, We are winning it this season. One of Barca or Milan wont make it. Yap by a country mile….

  73. Arrancha Herschel Sanchez Watt Vicario signs Contract Extension!

  74. Darren Fletcher? How queer.

  75. No, both milan and barca will make it, because barca will beat inter tonight, and inter will beat kazan

    but i want a big team in the k.o round

  76. hey, limpar u were insulting me earlier

  77. nice shots of the team Denilson looks refreshed and powered up..

    Denilson Vs Feltcher


  78. arsenalkabisa is that 2/3 including Liverpool..

  79. “Traore did not do anything wrong in particular at the weekend and for the most part was reasonably solid.”

    Please tell me you’re trying to be funny here.

  80. he wasnt diabolical nola, i thought he was ok and will play against citeh

  81. i know you didnt say he was diabolical but im saying that he was quite good

  82. Hey, I didn’t mean hostilities. I watch Arsenal play too and enjoy them, although if the kind of people that watch Arsenal (as well as United) at Emirates, then no wonder the atmosphere’s wooden! Sorry, but a serious note. Hopefully they don’t forget the fans and forget people like me.

    I think I’ve long overdid my stay here…Bye.

  83. To be honest I don’t see what the problem with Traore was? It was a game he played for the first team since ages ago. He’s is the third choice after Clichy & Gibbs.

    Most of the attack was from Sagna’s side, and to be fair, most of Sagna’s crosses in the 2nd half hit the back-side of the opponents.

    Was he good? No, but there was not enough movement in front of him and Sunderland closed the spaces pretty good.

  84. I have to agree the atmosphere at the emirates is shit. We know we can be like we were vs united, last season in the c.l, why cant we do that every match, i know many gooners do, but its the fucking old season ticket holders who are fed up and want trophies. And the kind of people who booed eboue and bendtner last season- heartless


  86. and that goes for any match aswell. No wonder the carling cup matches are better, because the true fans are the ones who cant afford to sit in the seats resided by the fucking posh cunts in their suits

  87. I thought Traore was okay, my only problem was when he was doing his endless step overs..

    Now I don’t have a problem with crazy step overs but everything has its time and place.. If you do them near the half-way you slow down the play and there is a greater risk of losing the ball in an area that can leave the team exposed..

    The original ronaldo was one of the 1st great masters of this skill and he only did it in the final 3rd either on the wings when he was holding up the ball waiting for support to arrive or in the center, when a defender was in the way of his path to goal.. Traore lacked this priority..

  88. We are very good at turning on our own players but not on the referee or the opponents.

    Our opponent fans make our life hell, and every time we touch one of their players they wail like we committed a crime and eventually influence the referee to give decisions against us.

  89. exactly g4e that’s so true, we keep quiet when they have the ball, and only make any kind of noise when we have made a mistake or score. Its as embarrasing as shit and i hate most of our fans

  90. d confirmed lineup * al,eboue,gallas,vermy,gibbs,song,den,cesc,vela,arsha,walcot. vela leading d line

  91. When Ramsey 1st arrived he also liked to use a lot of step overs in his game but as he got used to the style of play that Arsenal use and realized how important tempo was in our game he has reduced them and is now a much improved player..

    A player of ours who does well in using step overs is Eduardo, as his technique allows him hold up the ball in dangerous areas enabling him to play as a target man, although he lacks the cliched physical stature..

  92. the inclusion of a.a is very surprising, thought he would be rested, same as tv and gallas–ok, that’s a good team i guess. 5-0 Arsenal, come on!!!!

  93. Unfortunately we promote “Class” and I really feel sometimes with all the clapping and stuff that I’m watching a Philharmonic Orchestra not a football match…

  94. Good strong team, we need to win the game first, secure qualification, then rest some players.

  95. paul heart has left Portsmouth..

  96. where did you find the confirmed team?

  97. I don’t like to hype the team before games – it always seems to backfire – but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be brutal tonight.

    We’re going to make Boloni out of Standard Liege.

  98. Boloni, Big Al? Never seen that around here.

    By the way, did you see that person using your name in vain a couple of days ago?


  99. really exciting line up, Vela gets a chance to show his class and Denilson gets to make a claim for a place for Sunday..

    The mid-field three which started the League compliment each other wonderfully…

  100. There was a whole load of Boloni this morning. Fun though!

    Yeah, I did notice Big Al, CB.

    its the same person who writes all his posts like spaces in the middle and then no full stop at the end

    He’s probably struggling for new nicknames, since he uses a new one every couple of posts.

    Have to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing Denilson again, KS.

  101. You and a lot of others, Big Al.

  102. I actually rate Traore quite highly, though I think more as a midfielder. But he played like the rookie he is…his positioning was awful, and Malebranque exploited the hell out of it.

  103. It’s snowing in Kazan

  104. Traore’s tackle in that game was ghastly. Just truly ghastly. The opponent ( I think it was the ex manc & spud kid) was very lucky traore missed him.

  105. No Walcott No Eduardo Vela in

  106. Is your cider ready yet, CB?

  107. Vela is starting according to Sky. Walcott on the bench.

  108. really like this blog and you people are funny. been reading for a long time, just thought i should type in cuz im feeling a bit like the sunderland game was a major hiccup we drank some water now its football. ARSENAL

  109. good, i predict vela will latch on to some clever through-balls from cesc and co.

  110. If we get an early goal the romp begins. however they will be keen to pressurize us early and the longer the game goes as 0-0, the more confident they will be of scoring. We’ll open them up somehow though….

  111. @ OOU

    I feel the same! It’s always a better result when I am openly nervous beforehand. So I have decided that from now on, if I have a good feeling about a match, I will just be quietly confident.

  112. And I could do with some cider as well, if you’re doling it out, cbob.

  113. Oo to,
    Oo to be,
    Oo to be a,

  114. Eboue, Denilson and Song starting. Our season is over.

  115. Confirmed squad from

    Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Gibbs
    Song Denilson Fabregas
    Nasri Vela Arshavin

    Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Rosicky, Eduardo, Walcott, Silvestre, Traore

  116. ha ha Muppet


  117. you are joking, right

  118. ha! thats probably the thought of many ”gunners” when they play

  119. How odd.
    I am reposting this because it didn’t appear.

    Confirmed team:
    Eboue, Gallas, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Song, Denilson, Fabregas
    Nasri, Vela, Arshavin

    Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Rosicky, Eduardo, Walcott, Silvestre, Traore

  120. Actually, Big Al and Fun, I am drinking my second pint of the evening as I type this. It could do with a little longer in the barrel perhaps but, heh, I’m a free spirit.

    It will go very nicely with the home made sausages from No 1 son’s pig and a couple of fresh bread rolls and my tomato and chilli sauce.

    Feel free to drop around.

  121. Get with it zap!

  122. Tonight doesn’t matter because we are weak and we’re not as good as Chelsea.

  123. consolbob – on reflection, that sounds like it’s worth the 10 hour round trip to the west country.

    I’ll need your contact details during our next jaunt down that way.


    Everyone here tonight, bar Pz.

    Great line up today, we will surely qualify today. As for Pool and Barca, both of them can f*** off. I hope both of them go out, especially Barca. No class, with the whole tapping up of Cesc. He’s literally come out and said “fu** off Barca” with his latest comments.

  125. Ah! Boloni is the manager of Standard Liege.

    Now it all makes sense. Are you trying to make me look like a fool, Big Al?

    Because I have to say, there are so many in the queue ahead of you to succeed that it’s not worth the candle.

  126. Muppet, you would always be welcome. You know how to get in touch.

    You too Ateeb. A bit further for you though. Still banking? Fuck ’em all.

  127. Any one with streams please?

  128. Liege wearing the worst kit I have ever seen. They are doomed!

  129. Thanks MDGunner

  130. Hello Ateeb !!!!! Glad to see you are still alive !

    Thank you Consolbob ! Very kind.

    Nice to see Denilson back. I think Song and Denilson both in the midfield could give extra solidity.

  131. I read your mind! G4E

  132. Yum, yum, consolsbob. I am there!

  133. I was wondering, now I know…hard to get away with anything around here.

  134. vela has NEVER disappointed me.

    im quietly confident this trend will continue…

  135. Sadly yes Bob, serving time there. Money is good though.

    Denilson, playing for us shows what a depleted squad we have. Barca have Xavi and Iniesta, and we’ve got Song and Denilson. Should have bought Cana……or Melo.

    Muppet, yup still alive. They’re trying though, but 60Kgs of explosives got caught as they were trying to smuggle it in the city.


  136. You stay in your cave on the border Ateeb, you’ll be ok.

  137. lol yeah that is one hell of a beige on the liege kit!

  138. nasri missed the goal….

  139. Ok, no freaking stream is working…

  140. any one know of a live feet, im stuck in the turks and caicos with no telly,,,,

  141. Thnk you Muppet!!

  142. Thanks Muppet…I guess something is wrong with my connection cause still nothing is working.

  143. Borders aren’t safe anymore. We’ve got, the Indian, Afghani, and Iranian border with us. Good Lord, border’s are the most dangerous place. They’re all out to get me. There is though a cave, where HE is hiding for the past 9 years. Still can’t get him, can they?

    How are we playing? They’re showing the Barca Inter game.

  144. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ouch that TV blast got Arshavin square on the head.

  145. Arshavin’s head denies us the lead 😦

  146. We are not playing badly. We could have scored by now. Liege are doing a lot of defending.

    He’s an arsenal fan you know. Imagine, he’s watching this game on live stream in a cave.

  147. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    We’ve started brightly. Perhaps unlucky to not be up 2-0.

  148. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh come on Eboue. That was awful. There was contact, but he was looking to go down.

  149. Oh fuck we will never get a penalty…EVER?

  150. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Eboue would do good to get a few lessons from his national team buddy Drogba.

  151. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Holy crap off the crossbar Almunia beaten with a nice curler.

  152. Something very strange going on.

    Sky have just said that we should have had a penalty! More, that ‘Eboue wouldn’t have gone down unless he was fouled.’ There have been a few more assertions that fouls against us have gone unpunished.

    It’s like the world has turned upside down. Has a new script been written?

  153. Oh dear, Arshavin? All we need is for you to not put your head where it doesn’t belong, and not new players in january. Stay away, when TV shoots, simple. Arshavin reads LG. Anyone wanna bet?

    He sure is, word was that Usmanov was actually a decoy, the real person out to buy the club is the man from the cave. Going to make Arsene, build the most skillful and talented soldiers out there.

  154. Wow, Liege get a free kick because their players foul each other. Wtf is up with this ref?

  155. Moronio has just been ripped a new a*****. Horrible defending.

  156. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Vela looks good up front so far.

  157. Ha ha Ateeb…

    is Henry playing ?

  158. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Questionable free kick given against us there.

  159. i think ive figured out why we never get penalties… its purely down to the speed at which the tackled attacker gets brought down… you see we just dont make it look dramatic enough like the real title contending pros as we are always ‘trying to walk it into the back of the net.’ TM

    we need emergency springs in our heels or we could get a DNA swipe of drogba – combine it with a giraffe (an improvement) and clone it 11 times

  160. Arsene looks depressed. Gallas with a massive headache and Arshavin bleeding..

  161. hmm could do with gallas for sunday really…

    i say sub him now


  163. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ouch poor Arshavin today. Gallas looks knackered.

  164. Nasri!

  165. Samir!!!!!!

  166. Yup Henry playing. Barca without Messi and Ibra.

  167. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    WOw. Sami Nasri!


    Jees!! Gallas is fuct he must Stop

  169. Nasri, YES! We score even though we are down to 9 players!

  170. Woo hoo – Henry leading Mourinho 2-0.

  171. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yeah, honestly. He does not look well, Kitchen Sink.

  172. Barca 2 Inter 0

    What is happening to the “special one” ?

  173. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ohh Arshavin first time attempt just barely wide.

  174. jesus gallas just gave away a peno big time

    get him off now!

  175. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh no that looked like a terrible challenge from Gallas.

    That’s a blatant bang on penalty we just got away with.

  176. pen not given btw…

  177. Well, at least it’s a draw now when it comes to not given penalties.

  178. i cant watch the game…is gallas really that bad? it seems like he’s doing really badly

  179. Galls and Arsh are troopers

  180. Agonizingly close by Fab…

  181. er, i meant hurt badly..

  182. The special one, is finding it difficult to keep up with the way football is evolving. Barca, are running them ragged, while Inter continue to play Mourinhio’s trademark plan of long balls. Which isn’t really working.

  183. gallas looks like the living dead right now. very groggy and massively swollen right eye which he can hardly see from.

    i can only assume that arsene cant see it from distance and he will not start the second. in fact he should be told off for not raising the gaffers awareness!

  184. Denilson!

  185. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Denilson cracker!! Feck off Doomers!!

  186. Goooooooooooooooooal

  187. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That boy is pure quality.

  188. What a goal from Denilson! 2:0!


  190. I can’t see the game….But

    Neves Denilson….Click Click Click

  191. The team are playing ‘all for one and one for all’.

    Great stuff. No stopping us.

  192. Muppet
    ha ha ha

    My boy Denilson! (glows with quiet pride)

  193. Are you serious!?
    What a goal!

  194. It must be my birthday: Ateeb is here, and Denilson has scored a cracker on his first match back from injury.

  195. what the…how is it that our attacking midfielders and strikers can’t score but up comes Denilson and fires it in? Arsenal are a mystery sometimes

  196. Agree with G4E!!!

  197. around 25 yards G4E

  198. Welcome back Denny!

  199. Oh la la what a way to come back from Denilson.

    Love the fact that Nasri & co joined in with his goal celebration. It’s sooooooooooooo cute!!

  200. I’m glad we’ve scored like this – we’ve shown opportunism.

  201. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Pure Brazilian magic. That ball was dipping ferociously.

  202. Fungunner, I thought you got to keep TV.

    haha Pz, if only Barazite had been playing, it truly would have been your birthday then.

  203. Wow…Good thing I’m taping the game at home…Thanks KS, Ateeb…keep the updates going guys…and Girls πŸ™‚

  204. Maria
    I’m listening, not watching – did Nasri do the waggly head dance with Denilson?

  205. Denilson is my boy – TV is my man.

  206. G4E

    Try this one now:

    Sorry the atdhe one froze on me too

  207. BBC description:

    “It’s almost certain that Denilson has never heard of Andrew Flintoff, but that ball swung both ways. The Brazilian hits a sizzler from 35 yards but it goes one way and then very, very late goes in the other direction, completely bamboozling Sinan Bolat. He should still save it, but that was crazy.”

  208. Sorry – my last comment was to Ateeb.

  209. Abid,

    Everyone can score in our team. Nasri is an attacking mid, and he scored first. Arshavin was inches close, and Vela hit the post. Our strikers hardly scored for the first 6-7 games, doesn’t matter.

  210. I was wrong after seeing it again its about 30+ G4E

  211. He did FG and I think he sort of encouraged him a few others may have joined in to but I was still to stunned by the goal to notice.

    Our boy is back.

    Talking of birthdays Arsenal coming back strong after a defeat with my boy Vela leading the line up front well it doesn’t get much better than this.

  212. Denilson is my boy – TV is my man.


    I love that!!

  213. Just to confirm Vela is my man-child.

  214. Fungunner,

    Make sure the boy and the man don’t run into each other. If I was keeping a girl and a woman, I’d keep one in the cave and the other back in the city. That’s how we would roll.

  215. hey show some respect – Vela is my superman!

  216. And to think I just brought myself a Brazilian jersey waiting for Brazil to get rid pof that Melo rubbish and replace him with the boy wonder.

  217. lol…Maria

  218. Brazilliant! Great celebration. Bring on Chelsea.

  219. Yes, but do you prefer a man or a boy, Fun. There are so many here who want to know.

    I mean, boys are, I’m sure, ‘funny’ and ‘energetic’ but men are, well, MEN.

  220. I want to pick a fight with someone. Pz you up for it?

    Am I to wait for Passenal, to pull the hierarchical strings if need be or can Muppet, fill in for passenal?

  221. Thanks MD, this one is working so far πŸ™‚

  222. Silvestre on for Gallas.

  223. lol bob. vodka to get pissed but a fine wine to savour…

    and if that merlot has some unkept stubble, a hairy chest and was at least half brazilian all the better hey πŸ˜‰

  224. Sylvester for Gallas is like replacing Patron with Popov Vodka

  225. @Ateeb, Consolsbob,
    Denilson is my boy as in “my son”. TV is my man as in my “maaaaan”. So no worries, Ateeb. And Cbob, you can see the question doesn’t even arise.

    You’ll get to wear that jersey yet, girl!

  226. That’s boring Fungunner, we should have put forward these questions to Maria, and I bet we would have recieved some interesting answers. So Maria……

  227. Sometimes the truth is dull, Ateeb.

  228. was in agreement with wengers critisism of players not making enough runs in behind defenders. vela has shown what he means in the last 10 mins and i expect theo will show us some more.

    no point playing with 11 quarter backs if you see what i mean

  229. F**K lost all streams

  230. walcott is having a mare

  231. Nasir @ 8:32 – “Denilson cracker!! Feck off Doomers!!”
    -Run Doomers, Run. Nasir is coming.

  232. why has no one mentioned song yet? hes been outstanding

  233. If Stan takes over, will the rules be changed to allow ‘quarterbacks’ to play in a football match?

  234. me too MD πŸ™‚ I guess now I can watch it at home like a live game except for the result.

  235. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That one posted by Muppet at 7 57 seems to be working fine.

  236. I can’t stand Alan Green. I thought it was just me. Thanks, Muppet.

  237. G4E – yeah it’s on Fox SC here at 9.00 pm tonight

  238. Thanks NJN – VIsta probably stopping mine working

  239. TV must be the best footballing center back in the prem at the moment. hes got lightening feet when he goes forward and knows how to cross and shoot like a fucking demon

  240. why has no one mentioned song yet? hes been outstanding

    You just have! πŸ™‚

  241. twas a double edged sword. get me

  242. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fabregas just got headbutted.

  243. That’s what I’m taping MD..FSC it will be 7pm my time

  244. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ohh Song nearly curled one in magnificently.

  245. Song has been our best for two games running now.

  246. Was that a straight red card?

  247. Please let Gibbs be OK . Is he walking, at least?

  248. Clean sheet. Group winners. Carling Cup side in the final fixture v Olympiacos?

  249. The Group is ours.

  250. Sraight Red…yes.

  251. What happened to Gibbs? My stream died right at the 92nd minute, when he was just done tying his laces.

  252. “TV must be the best footballing center back in the prem at the moment”

    Yes. But he needs to work on his marking a bit from corners. We’ve let in two goals which can be partly attributed to this.

    Still, he’s just a brilliant player and hopefully will become a legend with us.

  253. Well at least liverpool can take the Europa cup..

  254. Alexandre Song-Billong: The Iron Wall!

  255. Poor old Merse. He loves us to win but persists that we should never have a chance against us. Mind you, I feel the same way!

    maybe he’s just a fan like us.

  256. Wow, I just got out of a meeting that took the length of the entire match. What a poor use of my time!

    Great to see Denilson back and on the score sheet! Can anyone sum up his performance for us poor fools who couldn’t beg off work?

    Liverpool in the…Europa league! My oh my oh my…

  257. Yes Theo did have a mare.Why does he keep running straight into opponents. Vela failed to take his chance. Hope Gallas doesnt have concussion.MOTM by a country mile Song

  258. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Well slap me silly and call me Susan. There are still people who claim Song is crap. Namely Geoff at Le Groan. That despicable c*nt needs to get a grip.

  259. I say some people like to be controversial, even if they don’t believe what they say is true…they still say it to attract arguments and consequently more hits.

    Geoff would not learn anything about football even if lives “inside the park”.

  260. *if he lives “Inside the Park”


  262. Notice Geoff makes a quick exit once they all point out how well Song played. LMAO.

  263. Totally in control yet the worry is Liege hit the woodwork twice.That should not be happening against such poor opposition

  264. fuck talk shite says gibbs has gone to hospital suspect a broken ankle..

  265. Not another injury… that is bad news.

    Gallas was also taken off injured.

  266. Song really was outstanding and deserved a that goal he seemed to crave.

  267. Gallas should be fine just a tad dazed from that square head of Andrey.

    Fingers crossed on Gibbs.

  268. its ok not to like paul merson right?

    there i said it.

  269. Gibbs broken metatarsal in left foot-Sky Sports News

  270. Gibbs has a broken metatarsal, its a shame really I thought this will be his chance since Clichy is out. Also Gallas is injured but I think he should be Ok for the Chelsea game.I hope. Despite our brilliant play the first goal was roure1 and I thought we missed those type of passes against Sunderland. Song was man of the match for me, he will be crucial to contain Essien. Despite the mounting injuries I think we will do Chelsea this time. We just have to.

  271. Gallas is the big worry.He has to be fit.Silvestre would get eaten alive by Drogba.Remember last years semi final?
    Will he throw Traore in at the deep end or go for Tweety at LB!!!!!!!!!

  272. Are you happy now DukeGoonem?

    You were happy Clichy got injured so Gibbs would get his chance, now Gibbs is crocked too.

  273. WFT!!!!!!!

  274. You know I think Carlton Cole could do a job for us.

  275. Gallas is available for Sunday, its looks like its either Traore or Silvestre on the left.

  276. While RVP is out that is.

  277. Gallas also has an ankle problem. While Gibbs has a hole in his foot and is going for a scan.

    Oh deary me.

  278. Just back from the game. First the good. Denilson is back and it was great to see him score with a fantastic shot. We won and we kept a clean sheet. The not so good – Gallas. I haven’t seen any match reports so I hope his injury was not serious. Our fluency is not quite back, but we’ve got 5 days to get that right on the training ground. Arshavin is struggling. I hope he can get it out of his system quickly. We are seriously missing some height in the team with our 3 tallest players out. Goal kicks launched forward by Almunia were a complete waste as there was no one to aim for. We’re really going to need to keep the ball on the ground and get our speedsters onto to it pronto.

  279. 3 months for Gibbs.

  280. fucking 3 fucking months.

    Christ almighty

  281. Passenal-Wenger confirmed Gallas should be ok for Sunday. Chelsea are useless at defending set pieces we need to deliver some crosses to the Verminator or Gallas they are the best headers of the ball we have.

  282. For Song I mean not the injuries.

  283. when are we going to get a break?

    no pun intended.

  284. Bradys right foot

    Alex Song = Future Arsenal legend

    The guy over at that sess pit of negativity le moan guts must be wretching witnessing his progression into one of our most important players.

    All eyes on Sunday fingers crossed.

  285. Good performance tonight, we should have scored bucket loads but it didn’t quite come off.

    Alex Song? What more can I say about that guy. He will be the best in Europe in a year or two if not by the end of the season.

  286. Song was outstanding tonight. I am at a loss to get my head round yet another injury? And, if I am honest I was kind of worried from the start of the game because of the team line up and the fear of injuries to players who have played a lot of games; Gallas, Vermeallen, Cesc and Arshavin. I would have rested all of them! But that maybe have been too disrespectful to Liege and after Wenger’s comments about the team taking Sunderland too lightly, maybe that was never going to happen.

    But still! Gallas AND vermeallen??? Phewww! Looks like both are OK, which is more than we can say about poor Gibbs.

    Dam our bad luck! Curses!

  287. I’d like to see Traore get a few games. He has a physique to match the biggest Chelsea thugs, and his speed should present a problem for those lumbering oafs. Silvestre played well at left-back during pre-season; but since he is about the same age as Chelsea’s younger players, I fear they will know too well what to expect from him.

  288. So it seems Alex Song is surprising even the most hopefuls…I wonder if he is surprising Wenger himself? Nah, I doubt it. Wenger knew what kind a player he is all along.

    There is always room for the ones who made the mistake of doubting Wenger’s belief in him, to come out and say we were wrong.

    This space saved for Denilson’s apology to follow

  289. I agree Mean Lean Song was great tonight.

    I cannot believe our misfortune with injuries. But there were some well dodgy tackles from the Liege players tonight as they became more and more frustrated towards the end of the match. They just could not get near the ball, Arsenal were just toying with them and they hated it.

  290. Alex Song? What more can I say about that guy. He will be the best in Europe in a year or two if not by the end of the season.

    For me he already is.

  291. It would be hard to disagree with you Maria, thats for sure.

    I have held my hands up countless times, I didn’t think that Song at 17 would be the player he is today and that has taught me a valuable lesson. Never underestimate a young players room for improvement.

  292. G4E;

    Song has been consistently excellent for over a season, at least. before that he showed more than enough to at least allow himself some slack from even the most blinkered, jaundiced doomer. Well, you’d think so wouldnt you?

    He was excellent at Charlton (But the comeback would be; But they got relegated and were shite)

    Leave em to their hate, mate!

  293. Yes, more Armand PLEASE!!

    With Vela up top the grumpy ol’ men of Chelski don’t stand a chance!!

  294. Arsene knows ML he really does….

  295. Passenal;

    Yeah, they were lucky not to injure any of our players, oh wait, they did. They almost “did” Cesc too with a lunging tackle.

  296. All I want now is for the light bulb to appear on top of Walcott’s head….Come on Walcott, turn on the light young man…

  297. ok time to go home and watch the game…Thank God.

  298. Is it not our style of play that is perhaps leaving us prone to such injuries? Very technical passing game with last minute releases, one touch balls, and at times frustrating the opposition into irrational challenges? Is suppose that doesn’t account for all of them but perhaps there’s something there.
    We will be ok at Chelsea these boys know how to turn adversity into a red rag for a bull.

  299. I loved the way the English commentators did defend our boy though. Had that been Diaby well…..

  300. Gallas is a hero!

  301. Didn’t Ole’s stats show Gallas has been our best player this season?

  302. I think Theo needs to realise that he has no god given right to turn into a world-class player nor a place in a star studded Arsenal side.

    He really needs to work hard on his game his decision making at times is shocking.

    With Rosicky and Nasri both battling for the right wing position Walcott needs a wqhole god-damned lighthouse stationed at his place.

  303. Passenal,

    You didn’t mention the injury to KG when you got back from the game; does this mean you left early?

  304. Only joking Passenal btw

  305. Interesting from Wenger on Denilson’s goal…

    “I think he has a typical Brazilian shot. With this floating ball I think they have shorter ankles and it gives a different flight to the ball. It is typical Brazilian technique and I tried to analyse it many times. I could only think maybe they have a bit shorter ankle in front and they can kick the ball high up with the laces. I have never checked it!”

    And I was thinking that the goalie could have done better with a shot that looks saveable.

  306. The stench is terrible. We’ll shut you up on Sunday and keep the air at The Emirates fresh.

  307. Luke

    I think that Beating Chealsea at home will be abit Tough.But I’m confident that we will beat them at our own House.And I Think that if we to get a chance to beat them then we really need to Concentrate and Focus on this match.

  308. Gooner2

    Sunday’s game is at The Emirates.

  309. A bummer Gibbs is injured. The Arsenal Boys made me proud last night. What was with the red carded teenager? Did he think he was the next Zidane or what!

    Roll on Sunday.

  310. 1 number 10 – wash your mouth out with soap and water. I never leave early! Win, lose or draw I always clap the team off to thank them for their effort.

    I didn’t realise KG was seriously injured as the tackle didn’t look that bad at first and without the benefit of instant replay it looked like he was just adjusting his footwear. I didn’t notice that he didn’t come back on either because the game was practically over. I am gutted for him and us that he has such a serious injury.

  311. I’ve seen some people suggesting that Liege should have had a penalty last night, but I was behind that goal and there was nothing in the tackle. The Liege player went down far too easily looking for a penalty. That would have been soft indeed.

  312. Gibbs was very unlucky last night, it was a nasty challange by the Liege player and its shocking that he wasn’t even booked. Anyway does anyone know when Clichy will be back?

  313. Even on TV, I couldn’t tell that KG’s injury was that bad. Initially, he tried to continue, but once he put weight on the foot, he realised that he couldn’t. So he hobbled off and didn’t come back. I don’t believe there was a substitution since it was almost FT and 3 substitutes have been used.

  314. … not sure if a substitution for KG could have been made unless we’re allowed to exceed 3.

  315. … under uefa rules.

  316. My heart was in my mouth when that rangy character called ‘The Mangler’ went right through Cesc with both feet high.

    I didn’t think Standard conducted themselves very gentlemanlylike in the closing 10-15 minutes – to say the least.

    I do hope Chelsea have the good grace to refrain from trying to maim us all when they find themselves a couple of goals down on Sunday.

  317. More examples of nonsense from media. Yahoo has 2 headlines up right now:

    1. Wenger: No pleasure in Reds exit Yahoo! Eurosport

    2. Managers: No sympathy from Wenger

    2 stories by the same news team about the same events spun in 2 completely different ways.

    Isn’t it disgraceful?

  318. Like it wasnt gonna happen.In any case the game was up. I dont even remember the ref stopping the game while Gibbs was down.

  319. I was listening on ATVO last night, so I haven’t seen any of it, yet! Great to hear Nasri was doing his thing, though. Can’t wait to see Denilson’s goal.
    But poor, poor Gibbs. The Injury God must have been hacked off about his thunderbolt missing its target last week and decided to have another go.

    @ LimparAssist
    No chance whatsoever of Chelsea not trying to kick us and generally getting physical. We will just have to keep the ball on the ground and be lightning quick – float like butterflies and sting like bees!

    @ Ole Gunner
    That is shocking, Ole G. The second headline is virtually the opposite of Wenger’s sentiments!

  320. Europa League is degraded as a competition by allowing Champions Lge failures to compete in it as a consolation prize. My view is that Liverpool and co. should not be allowed into the Europa League.

  321. They have to let them in else even less people would watch it.

  322. I meant Luke* not like.

  323. Perrygroves

    Understand the rationale, but don’t quite agree with the principle though. Europa League becomes like a bastardized competition, unlike the previous Cup Winners’ Cup which has a prestige of its own (even if it was in fact a lesser competition than the mainstream league winners competition). Would Liverpool gain any satisfaction if they win this secondary competition? (Not that I care really.)

  324. I don’t believe there was a substitution since it was almost FT and 3 substitutes have been used.

    For the closing Minutes Sylvestre straight away moved to Left, and Song to CB. Defensive formation as we played with 10 Men

  325. The Champions League is a bastardized comp too.
    Should be called ‘The Best Teams in Europe League’.

    When it was only the champions of each country that played, it was much easier to win because you might be playing the champions of Sweden or Finland.
    This is the reason Forest and Villa have won it, which they always conveniently forget.

  326. Much better performance last night compared to last Saturday. I thought the front-five (not six, as Denilson tended to stay back) showed much more desire to get behind their defenders. Vela showed that while new to the role of central striker he is very willing. Compared to Eduardo last Saturday, he was much more mobile and lively. Unlike RVP he is not yet comfortable or as proficient with his back to the goal which this role demands. (No criticism here: There is no other forward in our team as versatile as RVP.) On saturday, we will have to play with the same type of controlled aggression and sustain it for 90 minutes, not just the first 45 as it appeared last night.

  327. Shotta

    Wenger says Dudu is our most versatile striker he says he can play “on either the flanks, as a shadow striker or as a target man”

  328. Just mistimed or malicious?

    That’s how the injury happened. The camera caught it right at the point of impact after Gibbs let fly with a shot on goal. You can imagine the force when the studs hit the foot.

  329. K.S. – I would never argue with the Le Boss’ expert assessment. However Eduardo lacks speed which you can’t teach. Speed is a necessary tool in your locker when you need to go past players.

  330. You’ve got a pretty common understanding of whats required.. Vela is a young striker and burns alot of energy, Eduardo is more experienced in the role and measures his movement he has more than enough speed, which he uses at the right time to get away from defenders..

  331. FG, float like butterflies and sting like bees – indeed! It’s what we do best.

    Shotta, it’s absolutely impossible to retain the pace and intensity that we saw in the first 20 minutes of last night’s game – for a full 90. We did a bloody sterling job trying to do exactly that, but lulls are inevitable.

    There is no team in world football that plays at this pace. We are starting to see some of the fastest football ever played. It’s breathtaking.

  332. Eduardo is very quick. Very very quick. He’s no Walcott, but he’s very quick I repeat.

  333. So, so good to have Denilson back. He was outstanding from start to finish. At the back, and going forward. Denilson and Song will win us the battle at the Emirates on Sunday.

    TV was his usual roving self. His assist was indicative of a defender always looking to release an attack – his direct passing straight out from the back is a deadly asset for us.

    He would also have scored had an unfortunate little Russian not wandered in front of his shot.

  334. Standard’s tempers started to blow over towards the end. They made many rash tackles, some of them intentionally hard, as they felt frustrated in being outplayed. None of them really looked like tacklers and while I’m sure the tackle on Gibbs had blocking the ball in mind, he was also sure of the follow through too.

  335. I think silvestre gonna start against chelsea , Arsene might need some height against them. I dont want us to outplay them and got beaten like the last time.

  336. Most of these tackles are injuring players for 1-3 months and the tacklers dont even get a booking.It’s so unfair.

  337. The return of the statman will free song to go more forward , he looks classy whenever he does that.The chip he gave to arshavin in the sunderland game was so fabrigasique .

  338. Brian they didnt like being jerked around hence the aggression towards our players.

  339. Dear Author !
    It is good idea. I support you.

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