Saturday Is Gone & Review: The Pocket Book Of Arsenal

The morning after the Saturday before brings little relief from gloom and despondency in some quarters. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, one result in November a season does not make. Well, unless you are eternally pessimistic which surely makes following any football club an entirely pointless exercise; the bedrock of support at any level is hope. To give up so soon is beyond me.

That is not to deny that the performance was not good enough on Saturday. Some perspective though may be needed. Sunderland drew with a below par Manchester United at Old Trafford and beat an equally below par Liverpool not long ago. Arsenal will have been aware of those results and should have been at their best, aware of the consequences of failing to meet their own standards.

The media reaction exacerbates moods. Chelsea put four past an inept Wolves and are deemed to be world-beaters on that basis, hacks ignoring Arsenal’s win at Molineux. I am not complaining of media double standards since that is all we expect from them. Or should do. A little more independent thought ought surely to put Saturday in the wider sense of a run of games, rather than isolation. If defeats form that run then there is unquestionably a problem. If it is a blip on an otherwise unbeaten spell, is there real cause for concern? Tomorrow and Sunday will give answers to those points.

Having lambasted the performance, the usual sideshows begin with Lionel Messi believing Cesc will be the best midfielder in the world within three years of joining Barcelona, essentially telling Cesc he is crap but Barca can make him better, an unusual tactic in trying to tempt someone to join your employers. Crazy.

Kolo Toure is doing an Adebayor but in a more understated manner, telling the world that there was one person he did not get on with at the club, failed to have an on-the-pitch relationship with and that player denied him playing time since he had the manager’s ear. Still no names but it is pretty safe to assume that it was Cesc…Perhaps KT ought to look at his own form before pointing the finger at others as a reason for his absences, as well as injuries because as I recall, Toure played pretty much all of the time that he was fit.

Anway onto brighter things and a Christmas item for your ponderance:

The Pocket Book Of Arsenal by Kevin Wicher
Published by Vision Sports Publishing

The trivia market is saturated with Arsenal books, the number increasing each year. It is refreshing to have a small book about Arsenal that is not focussed on the weird and wonderful but instead a mini history of the club. Published in a style that covers just about every football magazine since the 1940s, the book bridges the gap between the youth and adult markets quite nicely, steering clear of twee without being too intellectual. A book for the masses.

The book is nicely sectioned rather than being a straightforward run through of the club’s existence, no-one era getting greater importance in the timelines, 1886-1924 being given as much attention as 1925-65, 1996-95 and 1995-2009. Within each segment, the important events are outlined with depth given where necessary.

Nestling comfortably between these chapters are histories of the club crest, The Invincibles, stadia, important goals in the club’s history, managers, tactics used in winning trophies and memorable matches, including the Battle of Highbury, 1934s encounter between the then World Champions, Italy, and England, who at that time deemed participating in such trivalities as a World Cup as beneath them. Forty years later, such things would be beyond them.

This is the perfect introduction to Arsenal Football Club for young and old, both may enjoy the comic strip reminiscent of Roy of the Rovers magazine. A worthwhile Christmas stocking present and a nice accompaniment to The Official History. You can purchase the book herePocket Book of Arsenal, The

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  1. Et tu Kolo?

  2. Kolo seems to be determined to piss all over his own legacy.

  3. Reply to previous post:

    how many of the top half have we played Santino?

    Ole, I echo your sentiment, Wenger refuses to lower himself by acknowledging the injustices in interview.. our players are well aware of them also but through these trials they will fight for each other and become more unified..

    No ref’s, fickle fans or media can stop this team from achieving its goals..,19528,11661_5714054,00.html


  4. Does any true Arsenal supporter really give a rat’s a** what Toure, Adebayor or any former player says or does? They have made their decision to leave for whatever reason, they have gone, let’s just forget them and move on.

    I am much more concerned by the apparent lack of spark shown by Rosicky and Nasri on Saturday, even if the poor dears were a little bit tired after their mid-week efforts they should remember it’s Arsenal who pay their wages and it’s Arsenal who has stood by them during their long injury lay-offs.

    At least Arshavin is ready to acknowledge his poor performance this season, he admits to playing well in only one game so far.

    It is now time for these three players and the rest of the squad to wake up and smell the coffee if they want to win something this season. Any player not willing to give 100% in all matches should say so now so that they can be shipped out in January.

  5. What has Kolo done wrong?

  6. come on kolo….
    don’t do this to us. after such a dignified careera # Arsenal, this is not what u want to do. Dont be an Adebayor….

  7. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s game. I am seriously thinking of having a pie before the game, though I may wait until after.

    Despite Saturday’s hiccup this really is the best Arsenal squad I have ever seen. I really enjoy watching them.


  8. surely Kolo is referring to his relationship with Gallas.

  9. Kitchen Sink,

    I echo you right back. Some times I think bloggers should say what the manager needs to say but can’t say.

  10. Frank,

    Have your pie before the game, then you will have the hiccups not Arsenal. Lol.

  11. Some sh*t questions from some really sh*t hacks at the Liege Press Conferences.

    Cesc handled them all impeccably. I haven’t heard him in a press conference in a while and he really showed what an intelligent young man he is.

    Good to hear news of Theo and Carlos both looking excellent in training.

  12. YW,

    I hear Cesc himself is fed up with the endless nonsense from Barca.

    I would imagine he’d be. A lot of it is very insulting, patronising at the least.

    In the Summer, Barca announced they would sign Cesc (then, in the Summer) but wouldn’t break the bank.

    It didn’t seem a very convincing thing to say about a player you’re desperate to sign.

    It’s gone on in many forms-all very silly, but the Messi quotes have to be the worst.

    It’s a positive insult to Cesc. Cesc is Captain of a team playing in a better league, challenging for honours, and a player who is world class in his own right.

    For bloody Messi to say Cesc has to come to Barca to sit on the bench and be understudy to Xavi and Iniesta….Thank you Messi, you just did Arsenal a favour.

    He’s shown that Barcelona don’t appreciate the talent that is Cesc Fabregas.

    Fabregas is a better player than Xavi Hernandez. Today.

    Fuck you Lionel Messi.

  13. “Kolo Toure is doing an Adebayor but in a more understated manner, telling the world that there was one person he did not get on with at the club, failed to have an on-the-pitch relationship with and that player denied him playing time since he had the manager’s ear. Still no names but it is pretty safe to assume that it was Cesc…”

    Sorry, can I have a refence or source to this?

    And no one’s pissing over anyone’s legacy. Don’t know why people want to find something to moan about every time.

    John – I was a bit let down by Rosicky as well…mainly because I’ve been all for giving him a new contract but then Saturday happened and out of nowhere a few squeeling voices were calling for Wenger to re-assess the importance of the fellow…honestly. Nasri, I can sort of understand…he still needs to fit back into the team so I can cut him some slack. Still, none of that attitude on Saturday please.

    The thing that’s gets me the most though was that post on with Wenger admitting that he might’ve underestimated Sunderland. I love Arsene but that’s not right. Why would you do that? That’s a bit frustrating to be honest.

  14. Ole G…in fact I view Cesc as a better player than Messi himself.

    I know some will call me crazy, but I think Cesc is more valuable than Messi.

  15. “Cesc is more valuable than Messi.”


  16. I don’t really see anything wrong with Kolo’s comment. It was obvious Galls unsettled him, he first took the captaincy from him, then he displaced him from the RCB position because it’s Gallas’ preferred position.

    Fair enough Kolo, but your form didn’t help either, and you didn’t fight enough for it. Now you play for Oil-City….get on with the game, and keep the draws going please. Thanks

  17. Cesc is my favourite player and I don’t know enough about Messi (other than watching a few games) to comment properly. Still, that seems a bit pre-mature. And why would we care anyway?

    He’s more valuable to us than Messi because he plays for us and he does it well. For me that’s all that’s important.

  18. abid, if anything Cesc plays for Arsenal…he’s more valuable to me just because of that fact.

  19. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That’s our Captain. Eat your hearts out Barca. Gotta love Cesc coming out and saying he’s not going to be a pawn in the elections and he could finish his career with us.

    Take that all you newspaper worshipping doomspuds who said he was leaving after this season.

  20. come on lets lay off Kolo.

    its not his fault, he is just suffering from, p.a.d (post Arsenal disease)its quite a serious ilness, it really f*cks up your head. Even Henry who the doctors thought was immune has started showing symptoms.

  21. G4E,
    Like you I don’t know where Kolo’s gone wrong with his comments. They seem fair enough to me. He hasn’t betrayed anyone, insulted anyone, lied about anyone, or betrayed confidence…all of which Adebayor has done. Why castigate Kolo?

  22. Obviously Cesc is more valuable than Messi. Simply because he is a central midfielder, he is the playmaker and in that position, he is the fulcrum. If the central midfielder plays well, the whole quality of the team rises. If your winger plays well, he might individually show a great performance, but it doesn’t help if the midfield does not click. Cesc is more valuable because he plays in a more important position.

  23. I wouldn’t trade Cesc for Messi. I think Messi is a better player. Unfortunately he’ll struggle big time here. He’ll be kicked off the park in every stadium perhaps.

    Absolutely agree. Cesc is more valuable to us.

  24. John in Norfolk,

    Arshavin should stop moaning about how we need more stars.

    He should focus on playing more than 1 good game in 13.

  25. dont times like these make you realise how fucking lucky we are to be supporting such a principled, honorable club?

    Barcelona have some wonderful players and play some beautiful football.

    But unfortunatley its only skin deep on the grand scheme.

    We have the whole kit and kaboodle at the arsenal.

  26. also its remarkable how over the years arsene has not only developed good players, but also good people. Likeable dedicated proffessionals with respect for the game.

    It is ALL about winning by those standards and never ever comprimising them. Even if it took another 50 years for a trophy.

    It must be done the Arsenal way or its just a bit of tin with big ears.

  27. California Gooner

    I agree with EvilFiek on this one, but with a caveat. Teams need both kinds of players. Cesc organizes the attack and makes our whole team tick. Messi just causes chaos in the opposing defense, either scoring or creating spaces for others to score. But look at how much poorer Messi plays for Argentina and one can see the difference having a great CM makes.

    We have Arshivin, and I’m happy with that although I’d like to see more consistency. Barca have Xavi and should be happy, but apparently aren’t content as they keep pinning after Cesc.

  28. G4E, Gallas didn’t displace Kolo from RCB. Gallas wanted to play there, but whenever he played with Kolo, Gallas was the LCB.

  29. Exactly Crafty…that’s why the both didn’t like each other and eventually Gallas displaced Kolo.

  30. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arshavin has been a big disappointment so far this season. I think a couple of blogs, namely Le Groan, got a little carried away with his performances in the Euros and heaped some ridiculous hyperbole his way for the sake of covering their own paper driven I wanna be like Chelsea and Man City agenda.

  31. I wouldn’t put too much on Arshavin’s form. Most new players have a lesser 2nd season if they performed well in the first season.

    He was put right into the blender in the second and grueling part of last season when he had to come up with the goods before he even unpacked his suitcases….and I think he did.

    Cut the man some slack….

  32. It didn’t take long for the village idiots aka media hacks to show their hand. After banging on for weeks about how great the Gunners are playing, it took one loss for AW to suddenly become a doddering fool who doesn’t know how to select and set up a team to play. Tim Collings of I am looking at you.
    Next in line are our plastic fans who are more concerned about their 15-minute of fame at Murdoch’s To have their letters published they make the most outlandish statements about the team and the manager.

    Jeez, how I wish we sell these leaches to other teams, to Oil City, for instance where as Duke says they can suffer that excruciable disorder, p.a.d (post Arsenal disease)

  33. I’m pretty sure the player Kolo T talks about is Gallas. I can’t be upset with him because the way Gallas was playing last season, I would have had a problem with him too if I played alongside him.

  34. “way Gallas was playing last season”

    Don’t be silly…what are you talking about? Gallas was brilliant for us and our defence missed his presence after he got injured.

  35. Poor David S., repeating dumbass conventional wisdom. Arsene rated Gallas as our most valuable player last year. Kolo was the liability…as he’s lost his catch up speed without improving his positioning.

  36. For the sanest take in the media so far on the argument that ‘dubious’ goals are worse for football than thuggery, I recommend the following article by the sebsible and sane Patrick Barclay

  37. We were just flat and lacking that extra bit of speed needed…I hate internationals, they disrupt everything, nevermind all the injuries.

    Alex Song was the best thing about saturday.

  38. That double 1-2 with Eds was a thing of class, fun and sexiness.

    It would have been a very different story if Fulop hadn’t pulled that miracle save out from Rosicky’s volley in the opening minutes. A very different story indeed.

    A missed opportunity, though under very testing circumstances. Back on track tomorrow. I’m hoping to see Vela and Theo – though I doubt both will start. Anyone care to take a crack at the lineup?

  39. CBob CBob Bob…..Click Click Click

  40. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Who’s not cutting him slack, G4E? I think most reasonable Arsenal fans would say he’s been disappointing thus far. It’s not like I’m on here week in week out slagging his performances. I mean let’s be real, we heard loads of stuff about Arshavin not being 100 percent because of the Russian season when he joined. I’m not sure that expecting a bit more out of one of our best and most experienced players equates deserved such a response. Especially when Arshavin has come out and said it himself.

  41. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Take out the equates in the second to last sentence.

  42. “Cut him some slack” is such a harsh response to you Nasir? πŸ™‚

    The best and most experienced are also humans and are bound to lose form especially after he gave as much as he could taken off the plane to the field last season as I explained above.

    Don’t pick a fight of nothing Nasir Nasri πŸ™‚

  43. Gallas could have thrown his toys out the pram when he was stripped of the captaincy for speaking the truth but what he did was knuckle down and play his best football at the club.When Gallas was injured at the end of last season we saw why he was the best CH at the club and he still is now.

  44. I think it’d be encouraging for everyone if Theo started, therefore…

    – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Eboue – Gallas – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – -Song – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – -Nasri – – Fabregas – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Theo – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Rosicky
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – Eduardo – – – – – – – – – –

    Vela, Arshavin and Ramsey on the bench!

  45. Wenger had to choose between a player who was playing out of his skin(Gallas) and a player whose form had disintergrated over the last 18 months(Toure).And there was no choice.And watching Toure at Citeh his form is still poor.Β£14m Citeh you were mugged

  46. For a wimpy Yank, G4E, you have a hard centre.

    A good Anglo American hybrid methinks.

  47. It’s important theo, nazza and rosicky play, they need as many games as possible. for chelsea, my team will be:

  48. You can always be relied upon to be the voice of reason in the Arsenal blogosphere. I commend you Yogi.

    I have a personal issue with the author of the book in your review, so I think I’ll pass and add someone else to my Christmas wishlist, but thanks nevertheless.

  49. almunia
    sagna gallas vermaelen gibbs
    song fabregas rosicky
    walcott eduardo arshavin.

    looks like a class team to me, i want that front 3 running against me. maybe on set peices, but if/when we get the chance to break, i dont think we can have a much better front 3

  50. shit, umm i meant i wouldn’t

  51. LA

    Chelsea is too important to risk Eduardo tomorrow.If he gets a knock we are left with just Vela.I wouldnt even risk Gallas TV and Cesc.The Chelsea game is so vital we cannot afford to be without our key players.Why take that gamble?

  52. John in Norfolk, I think you are being a bit harsh on Rosicky and Nasri. They are both on the path to returning from varying degrees of serious long term injury against a team, which were on the edge of what is allowed within the rules and a laissez-faire referee who was arbitrary in his application of those rules.

  53. Better watch out CBob….

    (Wondering if I’m on Passenal’s list)

  54. Passenal,

    You have to give some slack to Wiley, he was so tired trying to raise his fitness to meet Fergie’ standards.

  55. look john, put yourself in nasri’s position. if you just broke your leg would you be playing like you did last season? not yet, he needs games b4 he returns to his best, have patience mate.

  56. I agree with Passenal….on all of the above comments. ..and I have a problem with him too.

  57. We all fear Passenal’s list G4E. No, wait, I’m not sure that’s right.

  58. Well said steve
    If Arsenal cant put out a team without Cesc,Gallas,TV or Eduardo to beat Liege then there is something wrong with our squad.The Chelsea game is much more important to risk our best players.
    Why not try Theo as the main striker

  59. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    It wasn’t harsh, but it wasn’t really courteous either. And please shed some more light on how my comment got construed to be fight provoking? There’s no need for the melodramatics, G4E. Your better than that.

  60. Oh man, I didn’t recognise the name. So it’s Kevin Witcher?

    I think he’s worse that Palmer.

  61. Damn, that’s Kevin Whitcher!

    Haha. Another parasite.

  62. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re. Ughh.

  63. Limpar Assist , I would be tempted to play Rosicky in midfield and start with Vela or Theo to add a bit of pace to the attack.

  64. I know I am and I’m definitely in a good mode today, so the melodramatics are not coming from this side.

    Thanks for the chat anyways Nasir and have a good day man…let’s leave it at that. πŸ™‚

  65. No Cbob, being on my list is a good thing!

  66. Kevin Witcher…the guy who was passing around extreme doom about affairs relating to the Highbury flats, and how Arsenal was doomed. When the financial results came and blew all that away, he started implying the financial results were cooked.

    Find it hard to respect that even though the guy is a die-hard gooner.

  67. i’m sick of all the barcelona players. all of them. I hate the way everyone calls them what we are trying to be, but better. They really wouldnt have recognition to this extent had they not won the c.l last year. i hate to admit it but chelsea were better than them, they cheated. Even eric abidal admitted he got himself sent off for the ‘good of the team’ no arsenal player would ever do that

  68. i really cannot wait for liege tom. i hope we can beat them 4-1 or 5-1.

  69. rubin kazan vs kyiv is the early kick off. That’s a very interesting group, barca, if they lose against milan and kazan win, will most likely not go through.

  70. citeh, chelski and madrid should be a threesome

  71. I want Chelsea to be recognised as the spawn of the Devil.

    I want Arsene to hand me my Β£5 Million Lottery prize.

    I want Tony Cascarino to be sacked.

    But I really want to be on Passenal’s list.

  72. I hope Standard liege sees the re-emergence of the tactical genius that is Denilson..

  73. It seems pretty clear that Arsene had to choose between Willi G & Kolo & having seen their form this season (& last) there`s no doubt he made the right choice.

    Had Arshavin or Walcott been 100 % on Saturday I don`t think both Nasri & Rosicky would have started but AW had little option under the circumstances. As stated above they need time to get back to proper match fitness.

    I believe Denilson will start but he may need a little time to get back in the groove.

  74. May be its time Arsenal give Vela a chance. Eduardo’s confidence don’t seem to be up.

  75. why? I think eddie is playing very well to be honest. his finishing will come back to him, it’s not something you lose

  76. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hah. Come off it, G4E. That wasn’t anywhere near picking a fight with you. For you to imply that with the intent of belittling me and my comment is a joke. Again, what was it I said that made you feel I wanted to get into a fight with you?

    You know what scratch that, I’m out. I could definitely do without another condescending comment for the rest of my life.

    Keep fightin the good fight, YW.

    Long Live Arsene Wenger.

  77. Interesting thoughts about resting players for the Chelsea game, Steve. I don’t think Faberge needs wrapping up in cotton wool for a home game against Liege though. He is our captain and this is an important game in itself. I’d also rather Eduardo play himself into form for the Chelski game by grabbing himself a goal or two.

    You may have an argument for resting one of TV and Gallas, the ever-presents thus far in CL and PL. So maybe hand Big Phil a start. He doesn’t have a bad record in this competition after all!

    I’d forgotten all about Denilson too..

    …so I’m going to modify a bit…

    – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Eboue – Big Phil – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – -Song – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – Denilson – – Fabregas – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Nasri – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Rosicky
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – Eduardo – – – – – – – – – –

    Ramsey, Vela, Theo and Arshavin on the bench!

  78. Actually, maybe Vela or Theo to start for one of Nasri or Rosicky. For a change of pace, as you suggest Passenal. And that both seem to have been given the big-up from Arsene and Cesc for their exciting form on down Colney way.

  79. Sorry you feel this way Nasir, but I don’t see anything in my first comment on Arshavin to suggest I was even directing anything at you…let alone condescending!

    If my simple comment on Arshavin invokes such response for you, then you may be having a bad day and we all have those. I never said you’re a doomer, or come here to bash Arshavin all the time, etc etc.

    Hope you have a better rest of the day man.

  80. I agree LimparAssist, Song, Cesc, Denilson in midfield makes sense. Perhaps Denilson to come off early for Nasri or Rosicky as he is just returning from injury. Definitely some pace required up front.

  81. I don’t mean to butt in, but I have to say I don’t see anything wrong with G4E’s original response Nasir. He also offered to draw a line under what appears to be a pure misunderstanding. Why not let it drop?

  82. Thanks Passenal, you’re right…I think he misunderstood my comment for accusing him or asking him personally to lay off Arshavin. What I meant was a general comment.
    ————– < the line πŸ™‚

    I'm one who can't wait for Denilson to come back, he gives a third option for a good pass if Cesc or Song are closed down.

  83. harry hill’s knitted character was on MOTD2.!

  84. Jeez. Nasir – lets save our fire for the doomers. G4E is a good man. We can never agree 100% all the time.
    PS: A little secret – I for one was never convinced, like some, that Arshavin was going to be our saviour. Yes, he has had some good moments but I am still waiting for the consistently top, top class. He is an Arsenal player and I will always cut him some slack but the jury is still out, IMO.

  85. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    “Don’t pick a fight of nothing Nasir Nasri” G4E 6:57 pm

    Once again, what in my 6:49 pm comment prompted you to say I was picking a fight?

    Didn’t know saying a player (who has even said himself) has been disappointing = picking a fight around here. I thought this was the blog folks discussed all things Arsenal in an intelligent and respectful manner. Sorry guys. I’ll take my comments elsewhere.

  86. Don’t say a word, Shotta. Let it rest.

  87. Nasir forget their hierarchical BS your comments are always welcome..

  88. I drew the line….So,no more comments from me Shotta πŸ™‚

  89. What hierarchical BS Kitchen Sink? Mountains seem to be being made out of molehills around here and I was offering a bit of external mediation, but I’ll keep my big bazoo out of it in future.

  90. Should we call today “Pick a Fight Out of Nothing” day?

  91. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’ll definitely take your advice to heart, Shotta. You are a smart man and I find myself agreeing with you on most issues that pertain to Arsenal. Thanks for the encouragement as well, Kitchen Sink.

  92. will do Passenal..

  93. let’s G4E. You use the term ”the future” passenal, and i’m not happy about that you c*nt.

    I’m kidding

  94. Forward march! Unto the Doomers!

  95. To help lighten the mood, if you want to see a video of an auto-tuning cat, click on the link

  96. ————————almunia—————————————————————————————sagna——gallas——vermaelen—–gibbs————————————————————————–song———fabregas———-rosicky———————————————————————-walcott———-eduardo——arshavin————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

  97. …………………….almunia…………………………………….sagna……gallas…..vermaelen…..gibbs……………….song…………..fabregas……..rosicky………………….walcott……….eduardo………arshavin………..

  98. ———-alm—————–

  99. yayaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy my first acceptable team sheet. it’s a start

  100. that’s for chelsea by the way, i’m quite proud of that team sheet.

  101. Right! Who wants a fight?

  102. That wasn’t particularly courteous, zaparodje. I was just wondering whether anyone fancied having a fight. There’s no reason to start getting aggressive. Is this some sort of hierarchical bullshit?

  103. Yes, It is. But guess what. Stop making mountains out of molehills. And guess what. We are inside the park

  104. Kazooom!

  105. Arrgghh!

  106. Now I have you at my mercy.

  107. Making fights out of nothing day is over, for it is past midnight i’m afraid. Did my ‘make a fight out of nothing day’ with a forword by gunner4ever card reach you?

  108. Nooooooooooo!!!!!

  109. Relax man, if you click on my link you can discover the pleasures of a cat’s maiouw being auto-tuned

  110. What the players really need is a run of games together and stay injury free.

    Can’t expect Eduardo to just fill in for RvP, and we had Nasri, Theo, and Vela back from long-term injuries, as well as Traore having to come in for Gibbs. Quality wise, it looks great but in reality, players need time to gel and become a team.

    It’s not just putting in the best players in the world or Real would probably win everything at a canter this season.

  111. but sooth, wenger doesn’t think he’s bunging together good players, only 2 of our starting 11 have been basically bought whilst already having high status as a footballer. The reason Arsenal will become great is because this team will grow up together, and learn together

  112. I get your point though mate

  113. guess everyone’s in bed. That’s a lot of gooners asleep.

  114. and also a lot of ”gooners” asleep

  115. sorry, i was just checking something. i have no intention of impersonating anybody

  116. I turn the Radio I hear Defoe talking I turn the Tv on, his mug is in close up then you have Arry giving it large. Honestly its doing my head in. This is how bad its getting for the spuds, beating poor old Wigan is like winning the title.
    Cesc said he is very happy could end his career at Arsenal. I can’t see why not.

  117. Sounds like music to my ears….Looks like Song signed a new deal….Good man Alex Song, keep it up.

  118. Thats the best news about Song G4E. And to think Howard and AIC thought we needed a dominant midfield enforcer. A rout against Liege will do nicley as a preamble to our demolition of Chelski on Sunday. As for Barca I hope we meet them in the 2nd round and put them in their place.

  119. Great news about Song.

    Looking forward to favourable results tonight.
    Go Gooners!Go Gooners!Go gooners!

  120. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any headlines saying;

    “I have never thought about staying at Arsenal for life-Fabregas”.

    They’re poor even at being dishonest gits.

  121. oh, diaby’s out for 3 weeks. shiit

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  123. Dear Bragging Fights Ltd

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    I look forward to hearing from you.


    PS Does the badge come in orange by any chance?

  124. My hope is that Eduardo will shine tonight when everyone has written him off as capable of leading our attack.

  125. i dont know who did, i think he’s been playing o.k, i think everyone wanted him to immediately start delivering in the absence of rvp. The goals will come from him, as i said you never ever lose your ability to finish and your instinctiveness to find the goal

  126. BentleyTheFlyingSpur


  127. Bragging Rights Ltd

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    Even with this new perception, exposure to these frequencies for long enough to believe that Hull City could survive relegation would probably result in the kind of cranial explosion demonstrated in the 80s movie Scanners.

    We look forward to you hearing from us.


  128. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    I’d like to see some fire in ur bellies! 9-1 we’re avin a larf! Ps- i told yw that if u add a bit of steel and a little dirty tackle here and there, u goons will be champions. By far the most pleasing to the eyes in uefa.

  129. BentleyTheFlyingSpur


  130. BRL 9:58 am I’m excited by the possibilities of this new venture.. Is EE on the stock market??

    Luke I’m with you on that one..

  131. cant wait for tonight

  132. Where is everybody?I am bored.

  133. when is bentdner coming back????

  134. In 3wks or there abouta @ Zapa. Luke so true. Its not like Van persie started to score in his first game as a CF.Hopefully Edwardo will start tonight.

  135. pretty good site…

  136. The team tonight might be;

    Arshavin Vela Walcott

    Denilson Song Cesc

    Traore Silvestre Gallas Sagna


  137. i think gallas and sagna will be rested OG

  138. Gals has a high chance of being rested than TV.My lineup would be
    Ebuoe, Senderos, Varmaelen, Gibbs
    Rosicky, Song, Cesc
    Walcott, Edwardo, Arshavin

    Vela/Denilson/Ramsey/Wilshire/Nasri to come off the bench

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