Gibbs Us A Break

For many years Arsene has been criticised for not bringing on England internationals at Arsenal. Little wonder since it is just another opportunity for players to get some sort of knack, at whatever level they are representing their country. Latest addition to an evergrowing injury list is <adopts Leslie Crowther style> Kieran Gibbs, Come On Down!

21 minutes into the Under-21s match with Lithuania last night and Gibbs World Cup dreams received an enormous boost with a suspected metatarsal injury. You cannot really claim to have arrived at the highest level if you have not had one of these injuries, sending the media into a frenzy with the fear that Wayne Bridge is genuinely the only cover at left back.

For Arsene, any absence at left back is unwelcome with Gael Clichy out for at least another month. It poses an awkward question as to who should replace him. Armand Traore appears to have recovered from his ills and is widely assumed to be third choice in that position.

Having appeared for Portsmouth last season whilst on loan he is not without experience. However, Mikael Silvestre trumps him on that but loses out on speed. Experience may not be of the utmost importance for the visit to Sunderland but it will be for the encounter with Chelsea in a fortnight’s time.  For Arsene the question becomes whether or not he is going to make a decision to stick with one player until Gibbs or Clichy returns. If he is, then I suspect that the older head will win the day.

It is a tough decision, almost going to the heart of Wenger’s philosophy. Promoting youth if they are good enough has caused much handwringing in the stands yet the manager appears to be bearing the fruits of such a policy. If he chooses Silvestre ahead of Traore, does it signal that the latter is not ready or that he does view him as having a long term future at the club?

There are numerous bodies being put on the line tonight in an altogether avoidable international break. Had FIFA stayed with a simple league format with the top two qualifying or restructuring the groups in Europe to provide sufficient countries to man their Finals, play-offs would be unnecessary. Instead, national associations have earmarked this fortnight for money making trips to the Middle East and elsewhere as a way in which to shore up their coffers.

It pays little notice to the fact that October and November are the busiest months in the domestic calendars before Christmas. Crucially – or should that be cruciately – it undermines the lie perpetuated by Sepp Blatter and his cohorts that they care anything about the pressures placed on players. Brazil are testament to that, requiring their internationals to turn into the Harlem Globetrotters, pitching up at any arena where the money is.

Thankfully club football takes precedence after this evening. Let us hope that Arsenal players come through unscathed.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. I agree Dolphin-head will get the nod. Solid as a rock.

  2. Traore was our second choice left back before going on loan and the emergence of Gibbs last season. It would be a big slap in the face if he is fit to opt for Silvestre or Sagna/Eboue.

  3. I really hope it is Traore, Silvestre fills me with dread.

  4. Gunner From Nigeria

    I am getting apprehensive with the growing list of injuries. I hope it ends where it is now as another would be a disaster.
    Important days ahead for Arsene Wenger in the decision making department as it concerns players’ position.
    Who leads the attack?
    Who comes in at left back?
    I am going for prayers as we need divine help at the moment.

  5. This might sound like a ridiculous idea, but TV can play in that position too.

    Then the question is who would take over in central with Gallas.

    But I think AW would know better than to split them up, though.

  6. No need for prayers GfN.

    No need for voodoo or horse placenta.

    Eduardo plays centre forward, Traore or Silvestre plays left back.

    And the Arsenalschaft marches on.

    Poor Sunderland.

  7. This is as big a blow as RvP :(. WIth clichy and gibbs both down, it looks shaky at that position. we have a few options in silvestre, traore, eboue et al. Silvestre is 2 old and Traore is 2 young. Wenger can put Eboue there as he has been afantastic right back and he has speed as well. and there is no dearth of experience in him. To add to taht we sagna to take care of the right back position. so i would go 4 Eboue. But nevertheless we can blood traore in last 10-15 minutes of the match by substituting Eboue.
    BTW do we have placenta cure for this??

  8. GFN, by all means pray – but I don’t think this squad needs any help; divine or otherwise.

    Having a headache choosing between 3rd and 4th choice leftbacks is a sign of strength. Both offer great cover in two totally different packages. I’m erring toward Traore as he fits our gung-ho Brazilian style attacking ethos. He’d scare the shit out of Sunderland’s defence and I can imagine Arsh and Fab playing him in round the back to score or set someone else up.

    Having said that I’d expect Silvestre to play! As Yogi explains above.

  9. Gunner From Nigeria

    My worry is that the injuries are in positions we already have a major player out.
    Bendtner in attack and Clichy at left back. Now its same story in these positions.
    We need an experience player at left back at the Stadium of Light. So i would go for Silvestre. Its an away match after an international break. His experience is needed.
    We should look at the overall interest of the team not whether Traore’s future is affected by not being picked.

  10. The more horse placenta we can get down us/bury/burn or rub on ourselves – the better, OG.

  11. Gunner From Nigeria

    OK, subject to any more injuries its should be
    Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Silvestre* , Eboue, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo
    Mannone, Vela, Rosicky, Diaby, Traore, Senderos, Merida.

  12. Injuries have raised their ugly head again.
    God, are u there???

  13. But not horseshit, LimparAssist?

  14. OG

    You get enough of that from me…


  15. It such a shame. This was Gibbs’ big chance, too.

    I’m thinking Silvestre will get the chance on experience alone, ‘though I’ not sure he’d be my choice.

  16. Our options for the left back spot are hardly disasterous: a former league winner and full international, or a current youth international with blinding pace and brass knuckles. Not exactly cloggers.

    A big shame for gibbs though. Fabianski had a similar thing, missing a big opportunity to progress through injury.

    With 4 fifths of the defence ready and 4 of 6 in midfield and attack we are hardly bare bones. Cesc, Song, Arshavin, Nasri would all play anyway.

    I hope Ramsey and eduardo get drafted in, that would be tough to stop going forward. Or maybe Nasri with cesc and rosiky wide right?

    Still tough to pick a team.

    I just hope wenger doesn’t get too cautious and start worrying about ‘balance’, we attack best and should still go for it.

  17. We can also stick Eboue at LB. He has played there before and he was pretty good. I’d rather have him than ol’ peanut head.

  18. Don’t rule out anything, OG. As Robin says; “If it helps, it helps. If doesn’t… (all I’ve done is rub horseshit all over myself)”

  19. I can see Cana and Cattermole kicking lumps out of us all game and then song getting booked for a nothing foul and missing the chav match. He would be a big loss, we have loads of goal scorers, but there is only one of him.

    What about senderos and gallas, with vermaalen LB?

    He might need too rotate, what with the CC. Whoever plays LB on saturday will have to double up for that.

    Would be great to see the CC team against Liege.

  20. I’d like to see Rosicky in the middle.

    – – – – – – – – Alumnia – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Traore
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – Song- – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – Rosicky – – Fabregas – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Nasri – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Arshavin
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – The Dude- – – – – – – – – –

  21. I think Lee ‘twatface’ Cattermole is still injured, AH. With two good options at leftback, why bother moving Vermaelen?

    I am also worried about Song getting a yellow card.

  22. definitely traore at left back
    he has pace, an alright tackle, and a shot on goal the only reason he is being held back is because he is really a midfielder rather than a defender and ofcourse injuries mind you gibbs will probably be back saturday

  23. Same here. If Song gets a yellow we will go into the Chelsea match with no defensive midfielder at all. Even if Denislon is fit he will be so short of match fitness and would be required to play the full 90mins.

    We will be fine at left back. I would like to see Troare get a game to be honest, but suspect it will be Silvestre. Not great, but he is steady enough in the short term. Eboue or Sagna are both fine as well. I know TV has played there but I really think it would be a huge mistake to mess with the CB pairing.

  24. Theres also the possibility of moving Sagna to left back and putting Eboue on the right.

  25. But that would be a slap in the face to both Traore and Silvestre. We can’t just go about slapping our 3rd and 4th choice leftbacks willy-nilly.

  26. I would not be surprised if Alex Song sits out the Sunderland game.

  27. For who though Frank? Denilson aside we have no more viable alternatives. Unless of course Wenger suprises us all and uses Eastmond or the Coq.

  28. Song has to play the sunderland game even if he picks up a game at a time..
    no point failing to get 3 pts against sunderland and trying to get them against chelsea..
    beat the weaker times all the time, don’t worry abt big teams coz those results are like a lottery often decided by referee mistakes e.g penalty at old trafford…
    Better to be without Song at the Grove than in away games

  29. I can see Cana and Cattermole kicking lumps out of us all game.

    Isn’t Cattermole out for a few months? Sunderland shouldn’t be much of a problem, they also have their ijury/suspension problems.

    Gordon, Jones, Cattermole, and Turner will all be missing this weekend.

    BTW, does anybody still think Cana would be a good buy? I remember a lot of calls for us to sign him based on that youtube vid.

  30. Unfortunately the “Song issue” has highlighted the one truely weak area of the squad. In my view anyway. We do have a strong squad; the fact that we are without our 2 first choice left backs but can still field a vialbe alternative speaks for itself.

    Our options in central midfield are excleent as are our forward option. All taking hits injury wise yet we a re still able to field quality international level players. But the defensive or sitting midfiedler is an area where we are really short, and unfortunately with this formation it is a key position.

  31. Ramsey is a viable alternative to Song.

  32. wenger,why will turner be missing?

  33. sorry wengerball

  34. I am not sure Ramsey is fit e!ither Limpar!

  35. WEnger was foing on about how Nasri would nit be considered to deputise for Song in January as he has a natural attackin instainct and it would be wasted in the holding role.

    Ramsey has a similar inclination to get forward, so would he be a viable alternative in Song’s place?

  36. I think Ramsey is injured as well. And although he is a good player he still has a tendancy to get muscled off the ball when collecting it. One of the main roles of the anchor is to collect the ball from the defence, often under prssure as well so I am not sure I want him collecting the ball in deep positions with the majority of the team ahead of him.

    That said, he is an alternative should Song and Denilson not be available.

  37. Cesc, Rosicky, Nasri, Arsh and Dudu is a fantastic attack+mid line-up, not far off first choice. I suspect Merida is not far away from something … a 20 min run, especially with RvP out. Not sure why I say so, but I see comparisons in industry and style. Now, cover for Song is a tricky one. If he sits out, Ramsey might come in, not a bad choice; and I seem to recall Nasri talking up a defensive game. It all depends on Denilson’s fitness. As for LB, my guess would be “Mr. Everywhere” Eboue, and he will not lack for confidence and just maybe Rosicky, as the better tackler, ahead of him, with Arsh to the right.

  38. Two Owls:

    That was some hilarious wit last night! Nice link between some scorn for Arsenal players and the hint towards the upcoming Chav game.

    So what you’re saying is that Casiraghi’s career ended because the surgeon did not allegedly, ahem, snip the wrong tendon/ligament in his knee, & that Dennis Wise’s Vodoo Doll had no impact on this particular football related calamity?

    But those South American agents did prove to be useful when topping up the syringes of gr*t in the Chavs dressing room.
    JT just gets better and better, faster and faster with every injection above the prescribed medical dosage?
    As they say down at Terry Mansions, ‘Overuse is not abuse.’
    I was sad not to see JT show that improved quality against Brazil, but happy he’ll he’ll get that opportunity against Arsenal.
    As his joints clog up with more and more gr*t, with every passing week, it’s worth bearing in mind that although Walcott, Vela & Eduardo may not have RVP’s experience or form, they all have more pace.

    I think Mourinhioballs’ best quality was his ability to destroy the title winning squad that he inherited through his anatomical ignorance. The only player who suffered a big injury during Jose’s special sojourn in West London and didn’t end up leaving was JT, and he now looks a much better player for having followed the special one’s advice. And the poor Chavs are still looking for Robben’s & Duff’s replacements. The Anelka and Drogba partnership is the first time they’ve had an alternative to hoofing the ball up to Drogba in three years.

  39. Turner is suspended for 1 game following 5 yellows.

  40. The Gunners cannot afford to have another injury. This will kill Arsenal’s chances of winning the EPL and Champions League. That God for the break.

  41. finally the long awaited be a gooner be a giver vid.
    arshavin as a shark and cesc as a bunny. that just made my day.

  42. Yogi’s Warrior,

    If you call the refreshing daily injections of well-put insight, and analysis that you provide “horseshit” then I want to be completely immersed in horseshit.

  43. Folks. This is the reason why we have a squad. Life will go on and as players come back, we continue like they were never there.

    Left back is most definitely not an issue as the only problem Wenger has is choosing an option (which he can also switch during the match)

    Sylvestre, Traore, Vermaelen, Eboue, Sagna and Gilbert can all play left back very comfortably – and that’s with Gibbs and Clichy out. That is bloody awesome. No other team in Europe, let alone the EPL, can competently fill the left back position with a combination of 8 specialist and utility players.

    As for worrying about whether Song will pick a yello card – I would suggest that the bigger risk is not picking up the 3 points at the Stadium of light. Now that will be really stupid. If he does pick up a card, so be it – we’ll deal with Chelsea when they turn up. It doesn’t make sense not selecting an in-form player in case he picks up a card.

    If Wenger does choose to bench him – Coquelin, Eastmond, Nasri, Diaby (if fit), Rosicky, Ramsey, Senderos and Randall can all play defensive midfield. And that’s with Denilson out. AGain, the only headache for Wenger is what option to choose.

    Let’s trust this squad and support them navigate this dodgy patch.

  44. You’re not off there Ole!

  45. Oh Horse shit!

    I meant;

    You’re not far off there Ole!

  46. YW, please deliver us from the evil of moderation

  47. We can edge past Sunderland…

    But Chelsea…Without Diaby we will be lightweight in midfield.. Rambo is not thr yet, we will suffer.

    Nasri has a key role to assume in the coming weeks…he will be the engine of the team now that Fabregas has to be more defensive. His partnership with Arshavin and Dudu is proven, so thats a ray of hope at least

  48. This is the reason why we have a squad. Life will go on and as players come back, we continue like they were never there.

    Left back is most definitely not an issue as the only problem Wenger has is choosing an option (which he can also switch during the match)

    Sylvestre, Traore, Vermaelen, Eboue, Sagna and Gilbert can all play left back very comfortably – and that’s with Gibbs and Clichy out. That is bloody awesome. No other team in Europe, let alone the EPL, can competently fill the left back position with a combination of 8 specialist and utility players.

    As for worrying about whether Song will pick a yello card – I would suggest that the bigger risk is not picking up the 3 points at the Stadium of light. Now that will be really stupid. If he does pick up a card, so be it – we’ll deal with Chelsea when they turn up. It doesn’t make sense not selecting an in-form player in case he picks up a card.

    If Wenger does choose to bench him – Coquelin, Eastmond, Nasri, Diaby (if fit), Rosicky, Ramsey, Senderos and Randall can all play defensive midfield. And that’s with Denilson out. AGain, the only headache for Wenger is what option to choose.

    Let’s trust this squad and support them navigate this dodgy patch.

  49. not worried at all about the LB position..we have plenty of options that would suite well..hoping AW gives song a rest and plays with a different formation. I’d go with a 4-2-3-1. with that song would be rested and free to play against the blues.





    with this we have enough defensive cover to help sluggish silvestre or inexperienced Traore and a good attack were any one of the MF can score. This should keep us from conceding too many until our team’s revived. my thoughts!?

  50. Folks. This is the reason why we have a squad. Life will go on and as players come back, we continue like they were never there.

    Left back is most definitely not an issue as the only problem Wenger has is choosing an option (which he can also switch during the match)

    Sylvestre, Traore, Vermaelen, Eboue, Sagna and Gilbert can all play left back very comfortably – and that’s with Gibbs and Clichy out. That is bloody awesome. No other team in Europe, let alone the EPL, can competently fill the left back position with a combination of 8 specialist and utility players.

    As for worrying about whether Song will pick a yello card – I would suggest that the bigger risk is not picking up the 3 points at the Stadium of light. Now that will be really stupid. If he does pick up a card, so be it – we’ll deal with Chelsea when they turn up. It doesn’t make sense not selecting an in-form player in case he picks up a card.

    If Wenger does choose to bench him – Coquelin, Eastmond, Nasri, Diaby (if fit), Rosicky, Ramsey, Senderos and Randall can all play defensive midfield. And that’s with Denilson out. AGain, the only headache for Wenger is what option to choose.

  51. Denilson’s been back in training for a couple of weeks now, hasn’t he?

  52. Wenger said he was due back this week, Poliziano.

  53. @Chamakh Turner is suspended for collecting 5 yellows.

  54. im not turner wont be playing as he has 4 yellows.

  55. Turner’s out, as is Gordon, Cattermole and Jones.

    Denilson was due to start full training next Monday.

  56. Senderos could play in midfield against Sunderland.

  57. Sorry, didn’t know Cattermole was injured.

    At the moment, I cant see any reason why Traore or Silvestre would be sign as worse than Gibbs. Either way, we have everyone else available at the back, we should be able to cover one spot.

    I think it would be a good idea not to play Song also, we can always bring him off the bench.

    Ramsey could play in the middle. Wasn’t Denilson and Walcott supposed to be back in the 2nd week of the intl break? Bendtner should be back in 2 weeks. Vela should be back already. Diaby also

    The amount of injuries may be misleading, as wenger hasn’t given his pregame interview, where he might announce as many as 7 fit again.

  58. The Premier League website says Michael Turner is suspended until 22 November.

  59. Sunderland midfield last game (they lost to the scum who we hammered) was:

    Malbranque, henderson, richardson, reid

    3 small, very average wingers in there. We should beat that. If they play that again, we will tear them to shreds.

  60. Speaking ahead of the game with Wolves, Arsène Wenger revealed: “Denilson will be back in training during the second week of the international break.”

  61. Poliziano:

    Senderos really couldn’t play in midfield.

  62. Senderos played in midfield during pre-season games and did well.

  63. Nice pics of Cesc and co dressed up as animals. I am surprised no-one asked Eboue to do it – he’s probably got his own costume.

    Rotten luck for Kieran. I also guess that Silvestre will get the nod v Sunderland, especially since it is an away match and Traore is only just back to full fitness.
    Terrible timing for Ramsey, too, if he is injured.

    If Song doesn’t start on Saturday it will be because Wenger wants to give him a rest – remember he only came on against Wolves because Diaby was injured. I’d love to see Rosicky in the centre, too. And perhaps Denilson might play some part, with a view to coming in with Song against Chelsea?

    Only three days to go, can’t wait!!!

  64. Yes, agree about Senderos in midfield – he can definitely do it – he’s got the passing range, the tackling, heading and game-reading ability. And as Spike says, he has done it before.

  65. I was worried about height with Diaby, Bendtner & RVP out injured. I shouldn’t be.

    Sunderland aren’t a tall team. And they’re not that good in the air.

  66. Even with a massive list of injuries to our squad we can still put out a side like this…

    ————– Almunia
    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Silvestre
    ——— Nasri Song Cesc
    —— Rosicky Eduardo Arshavin

    How many clubs in European football and have so many problems and still field a team of that quality.

  67. It will be important against Chelsea for sure. Hopefully Abou will be back by then.

  68. That is madness; Senderos would be way out of his depth in a PL game in central midfield. The guy has his strengths, but hardly any for a midfielder. Especially in our midfield.

    He is not mobile enough, his first touch is not good enough, he has no vision. The guy is a stopper, and a decent one at that. But he is nowhere near a midfidler in a PL match.

  69. That video is brilliant, notlager.

    Does anybody have confirmation of an injury to Aaron Ramsey? I refuse to believe it until I see real evidence.

    If he is out, I’m with Pz, let’s play Big Phil. He will piss all over Steed Malbranque and Kieran Richardson both.

    Watching the interview with Sly on, the interviewer seems to suggest at one point that he will play against Sunderland.

    The more I look at it:

    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Silvestre

    …seems very strong to me. With Sly more prone to stay back, we shouldn’t be as susceptible on the break.

  70. Oh its all completely crackers isnt it???

    Take your pills and report back when tye’ve kicked in.

  71. I prefer traore to silvestre…

  72. Silvestre will be fine against Sunderland. He will not push forward as much as Clichy or Gibbs but will be good enough defensively if he can keep up his Carling Cup performances so far.

  73. That video was excellent.

    By the way, does anyone know who on that version of “Nothing’s Going to Bring Me Down”?

  74. Sunderland will be hoping to ‘catch Arsenal on the break’ … ie the international break, since our team (similar to other top teams) seems to take a few days get the old Arsen-a-rhythm back. I predict a ‘workmanlike’ performance from the lads (if that’s a description one can even use for Arsenal, but you know what I mean) full of industry, a little more caution, but usual technique and flashes of individual brilliance. 3-0. The beautiful team game will of course be back for Chelsea. It would be nice to see Traore give it a go, but perhaps we will adopt a more cautious approach. I don’t mind Sylvestre, but prefer Eboue at LB. I like every player at Arsenal. Hell, it will be good to see Denilson back; he’s missed.

  75. Come to think of it we might see Eboue at right back to rest Sagna after his recent labours.

  76. It’ll be allright on the night.

  77. yeah, silvestre should be playing it would be nice to have both the experience and a man at all times at the back

  78. Who for Alex Song?…..well I wouldn’t play anyone for him. We have midfield players in abundance. I might even play Mark Randall or Craig Eastmond in central midfield behind Cesc and Tomas…or Cesc and Samir…or Cesc and Abou….or Cesc and Fran…or Cesc and Aaron (if he is fit. We don’t need to be too defensive against Sunderland and we can revert to 4-4-2. Remember we will have AA and Eduardo up front, Carlos and Sanchez on the bench.

    Really looking forward to this game and I have no problem with Phil and Sly dropping into the back four if required.


  79. I think on balance I would start with Abou and Eduardo up front with Tomas and Andrei on the wings but swapping throughout the game. I would do the same against Standard Liege in the week also….and Chelski. Oh I forgot Theo.

    What depth we have in this squad. Incredible.

  80. ———————-Almunia——————————Sagna—–Gallas——–Vermaelen—Silvestre————Song——-Fabregas——–Rosicky——————Eboue——Eduardo———Arshavin

  81. Its true, there is still alot of options even with our Guiness Book of World Record attempting injury list.

    Wenger could even rest Sagna aftger his exploits vs Ireland.

    Eboue – Gallas – Vermilli – Silvestre
    Nasri – Song – Cesc
    Rosicky – Eduardo – Arshavin

  82. almunia, sagna, gallas, vermaelen, silvestre, song, fabregas, rosicky, arshavin, eduardo, eboue. I like eboue down the wings, he’s very exciting and has got pace to burn. c’moooon i can’t wait for this

  83. silvestre has enough experience to adapt, definitely

  84. Robin’s quest for a cure is admirable. He is obsessed with getting fit again. His attitude is absolutely spot on. I look forward to his return.

    What a fucking squad….stunning.

  85. Yay!

    I love the photo. I love the history of our club. If this was a shot of Jermaine Jenas signing a new contract the background would look like a catalogue image from Matalan.


  87. thatll put him in high spirits for saturday- yayayayay



  90. That is fantastic news about Eduardo signing a new long term contract. So much for him being unhappy and going to liverpool! The tabloid rags are truly unbelievable.

  91. Couldn’t play for Ivory Coast….

  92. huh? I’ll go check. pleaassse be true please be true

  93. The tabloids are a humiliation for the human race

  94. real test at sunderland..

    Song will start no point worrying about Chelsea when the away game comes 1st and other players may be fit for Chelsea (we have great home form and the sounds coming from their fans and coach their clearly worried)

    Song is not Darren Feltcher and has not been carded since before West ham when he could have taken one for the team as he would have missed the Liverpool CC game anyway..

    Silvestre should start for Sunderland as he provides the required protection and threat from set pieces, since with out Diaby we may be a little more vulnerable to the Hoof..

    Great news about Dudu the Crozillian shark is raring to go..

    Should be a dazzling encounter I just hope the ref doesn’t go soft on Cana because of the home crowd..

  95. clever those chav players. pull out of meaningless friendlies and be healthy in time for our game at ashburton grove.

  96. did korea win??

  97. More good news – Kieran’s foot is just badly bruised so he will not be missing for long. Thank you God!

  98. so how long will he be out?? Oh, I guess we’re going to look like everton against sunderland, aren’t we??

  99. The tabloids are a humiliation for the human race

    So true my friend, so true.

  100. Kieran might still be a doubt for Saturday, but that’ll be the only game he will miss, I think.

  101. In a sane world the hack with the Eduardo-to-Liverpool story would now be sacked: Eduardo signs with Arsenal long-term

  102. In a sane world the hack with the Eduardo-to-Liverpool story would now be sacked:

  103. let’s hope so

  104. Spike he may miss more 1st team games with Clichy getting close to recovery.. but at least now all the hacks realize how good a player Gibbs (not that they would ever have taken Wengers word for it)

  105. you forgot to say ”is” at the end. Sorry, I wouldn’t normally make sad comments like that, im bored and waiting for the algeria vs egypt match to start

  106. Good news about Kieran but as we know whoever starts at left back on Saturday will be fine.

    Nice to hear Arsene is unfazed about Song going to the ACN in January & stating Denilson can step into his role but such is the allround versatility of our players most can easily play a variety of positions.

    It`s a pity we don`t have two TVs as I`m certain he`d make a brilliant DM for instance as well as being fantastic in defence.

  107. ALgeria 1-0 Egypt!!!! Yeaaahhhhhhhh

  108. algeriaaaaaaand ARsenal

  109. sunderland without their keeper or turner i think, so they’ve got problems. also a bad run of form exacerbates the chances of them being on high spirits, hopefully to our advantage. Saturday is really important, because it could prove how good we can be even without rvp

  110. Silvestre shouldnt be allowed anywhere near the syarting line up on saturday for the simple reason he is as slow as a carthorse and lets be honest he is crap.
    Traore suits our style of play.if he doesnt start on saturday he might as well leave in january.If he cant get in infront of Tweety his Arsenal career is dead

  111. Are you Algerian zaparodje? If so, congratulations. I’m surprised the current African champions have not made it to the World Cup, but so it goes.

  112. They were just playing Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer over the PA in Paris. How sweet and completely inappropriate of them. Reminds me of a girl I once knew…

    Anyway. Anybody going to watch this one on a stream?

  113. Axis at 3.21pm.

    Let me know if you find the answer to that. The song is great. I thought the spoken bit at the start sounded like Pete Doherty, but it can’t have been… surely. I think it’s a Londoner singing anyway…

  114. It’s a bit of a dilemma for Arsenal fans this one; what with our London Irish local heritage and our Wenger era Francophilia.

    I for one am torn.

    Then again though, seeing as it’s Robbie Keane versus Big Will and Bac Sag…. Allez les bleus!

  115. Limpar and Axis,

    it’s Paolo Nutini according to the info accompanying the vid on youtube.

  116. I agree LimparAssist, Allez les bleus! If France and Russia win it would be good for the confidence of our players, so they get my vote.

  117. Oh yes so it is. Cheers notlager. I didn’t think I’d like him – but turns out he’s not too bad.

  118. Absolutement, Passenal. L’equipe devant le pays.

  119. passenal yeah, i am very happy, i mean its so huge for algeria, theyre parading the streets of algiers, and err….Edgware road

  120. my face thing keeps alternating coz i’m switching computers all the time. Sagna’s lip is bleeding. I wonder wether rvp is getting massaged right now whilst watching holland vs paraguay. Luckily I have Al JAzeera sports, so I don’t need a stream for these internationals

  121. Cesc scored a great goal for spain!!!!

  122. sagna is bleeding….

  123. …. not anymore. puh!

  124. great save

  125. who wouldve thought liam lawrence of stoke city would wind up against thierry henry!!!

  126. Well, it’s not looking good for Russia so far, but they’ve only got themselves to blame.

  127. for france eihter.

  128. The French have a right to hate Domenech..

  129. What’s happening in the France/Ireland game?

    Slovenia scored a minute before half-time and if it stays that way, they are going to South Africa. Russia are sleep walking around the pitch at the moment.

  130. goal down to Ireland, Passenal.

  131. Hey Cheers for the info notlager!!


  133. France look just a touch sloppy.

  134. Unbelievable! How can a team with all those talented players be so poor?

  135. The reason is Domenech.

  136. Nearly half time in Paris and its all Ireland.They have been brilliant

  137. c’mon france!

    we need our boys playing football in the summer!

  138. I must agree, at the end of the day it boils down to 3points… dnt kno if its better to loose to sunderland or chelksi? if u ask me I’d say none! considering the beef refs have for us and the sly favouritism chelsea and manu have with the refs, I’d prefer not to see song play. I feel we can do well without song away to sunderland but to chelksi? well.. not so well. we need to beat those wankers at least for pride..we’ve been beaten by manu and dnt want those chelksi drunks to blaab their trotters.!

  139. clichydoubledeuce

    france look awful

    great news about kieran!

  140. Unless France bring on Benzama Ireland are going to SA.One good set piece will do.France were over confident
    C’mon Ireland

  141. have any of you beautiful cultured arsenal fans a link to the game?

  142. Come on, France!

    God knows how Domenech has kept his job all these years.

  143. What’s going on with Russia – just not firing on all cylinders?

  144. you know what’s unbelievable? The idiocy of the French FA in sticking with Domenech? Why did they do it? Everyone hates the man. While that may not be a good reason to sack the fellow, what about the style of football he’s brought. It’s useless. If that’s still not bad enough, how he’s managed to reduce France to a

    I don’t blame Domenech. He’s always been awful. The 2006 championships were successful only because Zidane provided some substance. 2008 exposed them and the way he handled the situation after was disgusting. Still, its the French FA’s fault…Escallates and whatever should be booted out for their stupidity. Why did they stick with Domenech? What good reason did he give them? Other than the fact that they’d made a mistake in the first place by selecting him.

    I hate this guy. France have always been my team until he bumbled along and went and destroyed everything I liked about them. I hope they win if it benefits Arsenal or our boys in any way. If not, I couldn’t care less.

  145. Erinn Go Brach

  146. yes, i get 0 points for being rational but its awful contrasting how France were a decade ago and how useless they seem now. And the fact that Domenech doesn’t seem to have a clue makes it all the more frustrating.

  147. Bloody hell Slovenia look like they could knock out Russia. Lovely country but I thought Russia would walk all over them.

  148. FG – Russia looked inhibited in the first half, like they were caught in two minds about whether to go for the win or protect what they had. They’re not just playing with the handbrake on, I don’t think they’ve even taken the car out of the garage! Their defence is absolutely shocking and they have no quality in midfield to create anything for the forwards. Arshavin has barely touched the ball.


    from the Guardian…

    oh god…please tell me that FIFA didn’t come up with this very in this week. Because this would be a bit silly even by their standards.

  150. On ESPN they are saying that Slovenia’s away goal means they are qualified for South Africa if they can hang on.

  151. Manu Eboue just scored!

  152. abid,

    does it mean the Slovenia/Russia game as it stands would go to extra time as well?

  153. Greece have already knocked out Ukraine. Maybe it’s the year of the underdog?

  154. Thanks for the report, Passenal.

    Oh dear – sounds like France and Russia are having a similar sort of game.

    Come on, Russia! Come on, Andrei!

  155. Was it the first goal, LimparAssist?

  156. Kerzhakov sent off – Russia down to 10 men. Very harsh.

    Great news about Arsenal’s goal machine LimparAssist. Maybe he will be covering for RVP after all!

  157. I just have a feeling that France will somehow grab one near the end and avoid extra time. Assuming they don’t concede another one, obviously.

  158. The 2nd half is the same as the first.All Ireland.The Irish support is fantastic.This will really stuff Platini up.Come on Ireland

  159. clichydoubledeuce

    grignac off….govou on

    le boss doing his thing on tf1

  160. russia are going out surely

  161. clichydoubledeuce

    lloris just saved france

  162. I’m not sure FG. It was just mentioned on 5Live in passing and they haven’t gone back to it.

    Just watched the Eds interview. I feel sure he’s about to take his chance and do us proud on Saturday – and beyond.

  163. Duff just missed a great chance.Hope the Irish wont regret it

  164. What is Lassana Diarra doing playing for France. He is crap.

  165. Dupsffokcuf – I thought losing him was Arsene’s 2nd biggest mistake after supermatt according to the doomers?

  166. “does it mean the Slovenia/Russia game as it stands would go to extra time as well?”

    I’m honestly not sure. Not sure where that rule came up from all of a sudden actually. I mean, they can’t have made it up just today can they?

  167. Maybe the year of the underdog! wouldnt be because the draw was fixed to let France qualify.justice would be done if ze French got knocked out.

    That Diarra is a shite dirty b*stad.

  168. How would the draw favour France Duke if both France and Ireland have scored an away goal, there would be extra time surely?

  169. clichydoubledeuce

    we go to extra time unless the scoreline changes, passenal

  170. i would rather see henry, willy g, sagna, diaby, clichy and nasri in south africa than robbie fucking keane.

  171. abid the ESPN commentators are saying that the away goal Slovenia have means they are through unless Russia score a late goal. They are actually playint better with 10 men than they did with 11, but they are leaving huge gaps in defence. 90 mins are up now 4 mins of extra time. Looks like too little too late.

  172. playint? I mean playing!

  173. ditto, deano. no question!

  174. Russia down to 9 men now!

  175. Lassana Diarra was one of the best pieces of business Wenger done. Buy him for 2 million flip him for 5 million in 6 months, what a return on a little investment?

    That’s what Diarra was “a good piece of business” If he stayed and learned how football should be played, he may have ended being a good player…but he wanted to be a piece of business.

    F*ck Off Howard.

  176. Duke means France got an easy draw to play Ireland.

  177. Russia out

  178. Not THAT easy a draw, clearly!

  179. How is that easy if they haven’t rolled over them? Ireland were always going to be tricky for France.

    Russia were poor, so they can’t complain. Slovenia just wanted it more.

  180. thanks for the stream cdd!!

  181. Oh, dear. Poor Andrei.

  182. According to Duke (Who doesn’t seem to like French players) it was an easy draw?

  183. clichydoubledeuce

    russia out

  184. Russia missed their chance in the home game. Once Slovenia got that late goal it gave them hope, which they built on at home with their crowd behind them. They played really well tonight. It wasn’t luck.

  185. Arshavin won’t go to the World Cup. What a loss for the competition! This was going to be his best chance to perform on the grandest stage.

    He’ll be gutted. I’m gutted for him 😦

  186. Well the French for some unknown totally not like them in the slightest reason thought they could easily beat any other team except Russia and Portugal,so Michele then made sure the draw was fixed so they didnt meet. hence it would be funny to see them knocked out for trying ze fiddle.

  187. clichydoubledeuce

    de rien, deano

  188. Lassana Diarra is average. He can tackle for sure. But he’s not the better than average overall.

  189. Not good Billy and Bacary having to play ET in it happens.

  190. Hopefully it does not go to extra time. I’m really concerned about the our player. They will be really tired come saturday.

  191. It certainly is very sad for Andrey.

    FG, Ivory Coast 2-2 Germany FR. Result.

  192. Oh quel complot Dukeque

  193. Four times tonight Keane has handled the ball.

  194. France have been shite and that includes Gallas and Sagna.
    Ireland finished 2nd to the world champions in their group and are playing the runners up off the pitch in Paris.They deserve to get through.If it goes to pens my heart wont last out

  195. Man, it hasn’t been a great international break for Arsenal players. Hope AW’s going to be able to pick some of these guys up.

    Diarra’s a very good player, but he’s also a baddie – And bad guys don’t play for Arsenal. We’re much better off without him…quite literally!

  196. you what g4e??

  197. I feel so sad for Arshavin…hope this doesn’t affect his performance for Arsenal but it’s a huge blow to any players’ morale.


    I wish France win so that Sagna and Gallas can be happy. Come on!!

  198. Haha…never mind Duke

  199. This is so Shit if this goes to EXTRA time our players get more tired and will be Rested for Sunderland..

    Limpar Cheer me Up and Tell me Eboue did the new DANCE he’s been talking about..

    Its true Domenech has always been a clown

    how can he bring on Malouda and not Benzema?

  200. Thanks, LimparAssist

    Damn. Extra time. Looks like Mad Manu might play RB on Sunday. Sagna will be knackered.

    Duke, you’re making a lot of assumptions there!

  201. also as frustrating as it is, I wish the French fans would shut up for a bit and cheer the team on. Anything? Seriously.

  202. Mac,

    Ireland deserves to go out just for the fact that Robbie f*cking Keane plays for them.

  203. I think AA will react by redoubling his efforts to win something with Arsenal.

  204. Ireland deserves to go out just for the fact that Robbie f*cking Keane plays for them.

    And John O’Shea, don’t forget!

  205. strange that everyone here hates internationals (including me) but still wants every arsenal player at the world cup. i wouldn’t mind a fresh sagna or arshavin at the beginning of next season. and if france go out then Domenech will finally get sacked. so look at the positives.

  206. We want them there for their sake.

  207. my god

    Just looking at keanes face does something terrible to me.

    Pure rage

  208. BTW news has filtered in that gibbs’ injury is not serious and Edurdo is not going anywhere. he has finally signed a new deal..
    good times ahead..
    up the arsenal..

  209. Anelka is a cheat

  210. I want them there because they will be happy and motivated and Arsenal will benefit from this.

    Great result for the Ivory Coast to get a draw with Germany with no Drogba.

    The world cup should be the stage for players like Arshavin, Henry and Benzema. I think it would be a shame to see too many average cloggers there instead.

  211. here here mayank

    very happy with that.

  212. And Keane handling the ball in the area (3 times) is not a cheat?

  213. Has he ‘won’ a penalty in dubious circumstances Mac?

  214. Gallas!

  215. Come on!

  216. F.G. i know what you mean but i’m worried about their form after a restless summer. look at cesc’s form after the euros. he played 90min in a pointless friendly tonight (and scored) btw. could have done with a little rest.
    i know i’m a selfless *****.

    gallas just scored…

  217. Titi assists with his hand!

  218. Henry has cheated Ireland out.Shame

  219. ooohh naughty boy

    we still love you thierry.

  220. Henry and Gallas have put France ahead in the tie!!

    Gallas got the final touch though Henry handled the ball.

  221. the Irish are mugged By Thierry. Clear handball

  222. don’t cry Mac.


  223. Nice hands there Henry.

  224. offside, handball and a dodgy fixed draw gets the french through. hope we meet them and knock them out.

  225. how many times did sp*rs keane handled the ball in this match. so give me a break.


  227. ha ha, I wonder if Henry will get the treatment that Eduardo did? thats was clearly intentional, ha ha, kinda shocked!

  228. “We want them there for their sake.”

    Well said Fun Gunner…

  229. its a shame for henry…he let himself down a bit there.

    but france going through is what i want so ill take it.

    I just cant understand why the immense talent of france couldnt do ireland over legitametly.

  230. oh please, did Rooney get the treatment after his dive against Ukraine in the UK press?

  231. The irish still need a goal to win it. nothinhg changes

  232. A FIX

    A great player like TH 14 has tarnished his reputation

  233. Little bit disappointed in TH14 to be honest.

  234. @ kitchen sink

    let them not give us any penalties.

    we’ll win anyway.

  235. Henry isnt tarnished at all, if Maradona isnt as a footballer I dont see how Henry will be. It was a reaction thing and I think the thought of not getting to the world cup got the best of him, it can happen.

  236. @ DG
    Think of it as Henry mugging Keane, O’Shea and Celtic’s McGeady. Does that feel better?

  237. sorry – meant to direct that to 1 loose cannon.

  238. Its dissapointing but it happens, if it was a lesser player would we even care? apart from him cheating?

  239. that shows you that arsenal players can play/win ugly. wenger is useless. Domenech for arsenal!

  240. Mac, do you think the goal Maradonna scored with his hand tarnished his reputation?

  241. FG, whats happening?

  242. as a person henry is a better man then half the people on the ireland half

  243. It’s a shame if France win in controversial circumstances, we’ll never hear the end of it now and Arsenal will be guilty by association.

  244. Great goal by Eboue One of Us – even better assist from the German goal keeper! Looks like manu is trying to outdo Gallas in the ‘scoring on the pitch with a part of the body you usually score with off the pitch’!

  245. I couldn’t care less who goes through. I just want Gallas and Sagna back safe.

  246. Paul N
    France seem to be playing with a lot more confidence now – I’m only listening on the radio, actually.

  247. what a sublime piece of football by eboue

  248. Mark Lawrenson has repeatedly referred to Lassana Diarra as, ‘Lasagne Diarra’. He’s clearly a hungry man. I guess he missed dinner – which in Paris truly is a crying shame. A Frank Spencer style oversight. To miss out on your moules, or you steak tatar, and your soup de l’onion! A buffoonish misjudgement that typifies all things ‘Lawro’. Imagine going on holiday with the fucker?

  249. what are you talking about Passenal Arsenal only produce CHEATS..

  250. As an Irish Gooner in Dublin Thierry was my idol but tonight he cheated my country out of the world cup.I feel sick.I hope he feels proud

  251. The luck of the irish

  252. the most painful goal I have ever seen! ha ha! what a goal!

  253. The idiots on Sky say Ireland were denied victory.

    Oh come on. The goal should not have stood. But annul the goal and Ireland did not win the tie.

    That’s nonsense.

    If they were going to win the tie they would have scored a second. Had they scored a second they’d be in the pot for the World Cup draw.

  254. If he cheated, he cheated. but I’m not going to listen to any hypocritical lectures or moralising from commentators who condone and deny cheating by English players.

  255. Very true Ole. They only needed 2 goals either way.

  256. France goes through, its hard to imagine the world cup without them, though playing this why they wont get far. They are bit crap at present.

  257. Yes, Paul N. No chance unless they get rid of Domenech.

  258. Pat-that was harsh result but can’t blame Thierry for that players handle the ball all over the pitch but this one led to a goal.

  259. I watched the game and Keane handled the ball 4 times to seek an advantage. No different to Henry.

  260. Calling it cheating might be comforting but it was the referee’s mistake. Things like that happen in games. We see it all the time in football.

  261. “this way”

  262. No one is a saint and every player cheats in some way or another….it’s just highlighted when it’s an Arsenal player.

  263. ‘Night all.

  264. bang on fungunner

    If old banger’ rooster did such a thing people would be slapping there knee as saying oooh wayne what are you like.

    And if for instance, hypotheticaly that cctv footage blatently showed and england player punching a man several times whilst standing in a gang, hed probably get off.

  265. Good, we don’t have Irish players…so at least our French players will be motivated to play their best this season to get selected for the WCup.

  266. I am glad for Sagna and Gallas that they won tonight because they will feel a lot less tired after extra time and a victory than they would after extra time and a defeat.

  267. thierry henry was havin a laugh.

    but dont we love him eh?

    The most exciting player of this generation will not be remembered for this.

  268. “And if for instance, hypotheticaly that cctv footage blatently showed and england player punching a man several times whilst standing in a gang, hed probably get off.”

    That could never happen. Could it?

  269. awesome quote from talk shite radio..

    “Henry got away with it because he’s whiter than white, well he’s not whiter than white anymore”

  270. “And if for instance, hypotheticaly that cctv footage blatently showed and england player punching a man several times whilst standing in a gang, hed probably get off.”

    Are you suggesting Henry acted in self-defence?

  271. Barcelona teach their players bad habits don’t they.

  272. Just watched the penalty call on Anelka it was a pen. Given caught Anelka’s foot with his hand . still I would be gutted if I was irish.

  273. @ dupsffokcuf

    dont be silly it was purley hypothetical, nothing like that would every happen….england players are men…made of goodness.

  274. my familys northern irish so its all gravy for me.

  275. Talkshite have a lot of irish presenters with english accent they will lay into Thierry in the next few days and they will go as far as blaming Wenger for their exit remenber what the Celtic brigade did to Eduardo at Talkshite.

  276. i thing talk shite’s studio needs to be taken down.

  277. Saggers on Talkshite said “the irish were robbed with the hand of a frog” xenophobe.

  278. ‘…do you think the goal Maradonna scored with his hand tarnished his reputation?’

    Yes. Everybody knows Maradona is a cheat. Across the globe. This is one reason why he will never be considered as a better footballer than Pele.

    Tonight is different though. Thierry’s charm and all-round magnificence will soon have him exonerated. Noone can hate Titi, that would be like hating Jimi Hendrix, or the Fonz.

    Maradona had only extreme arrogance, coarse language and some sort of Jesus complex to fall back on. Which was never going to compensate for him being a massive cheat.

  279. Wow there’s a lot of hate out there for Arsenal already. I think Passenal called it.

    Can’t wait to see AW give the hacks a verbal beatdown on Friday. It’s going to be beautiful.

  280. One of my great granfathers is Irish but I dont feel anyway. He liked Jamaican women it seems!

    Agree with loose Cannon, that was a clear penalty. They were saying he Anelka went down easy but what are you supposed to do when a man grabs your FOOT!

  281. What that you say 1 loose cannon??

    The Great Stan Collymore has already explained that foreigners are taught by their coaches, how to cheat as it is just as important to them as knowing how to take a penalty..

    at least we have good ol wholesome English players who are raised to be pure of heart and steady of foot..

  282. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Good way of putting it, FunGunner.

    The more times guys like Keane and O’Shea get mugged the merrier.

    Hopefully, Domenech gets sacked and the real France returns for the World Cup.

  283. over the two legs france were better without being good.

    Ireland were anti football

  284. Limparassist Maradona is name is not maligned because of his famous “hand of God” but rather his late career deterioration, involvement in drugs and becoming a fat ass..

  285. I cant wait for the very reverand Stanley Collymore’s sermon on this.

  286. Henry will always be an ARSENAL LEGEND. I do not care what the irish who also happen to be a celtic fan and Loves the spuds because he loves keane says. LEGEND Thierry is.

  287. i heared a rumour about the great stan collimore

    Apparently he liked to have sex in cars while other people watched.

    And he beat up his girlfriend.

    I suppose that makes him uber qualified to condemn people with his moral judgements.

    Having such a well rounded view of the world an’ all

  288. Maradona is a god because of his, erm, hand of god…. Only in England is he not so deified, but then again, alot of English people still think he was the world’s best player.

  289. I think that the handball ranks higher in the ‘Reasons to Dislike Diego’ list, than the coke, KS – for most people.

    And when I say ‘across the world’ and ‘most people’, I of course mean ‘for a handful of englishmen in pubs across Hertfordshire and London’.

    But I should think that’s pretty representative of global feeling. Surely.

  290. Platini was spotted in the crowd looking rather glum after France equalized..

    not because it was bad for football as many would assume but because he realizes there is now an even greater reason for the use of Video replays (which Wenger has been calling for years) rather than his wondrous brain child of 5 referees at each game..

  291. Thierry let himself down and let all the fans who adored him down. He will always be remember for what he did tonight.A black mark on a wonderful career.I thought he was above cheating

  292. LimparAssist I commend you for making this acknowledgment “for a handful of englishmen in pubs across Hertfordshire and London’.”

    For most Britsh people Mara is an abomination, but for many South Americans his actions that World Cup are considered revenge for the Goal awarded in 1966 which wasn’t a goal.. That glorious incident is known as the great robbery in most non English areas..

  293. Paul;

    Superb sanctimonious hand wringing there, well done.

    Every player cheats. Every single one of them.

    Whether its a dive, under the slightest contact, or none, or saving a goal with a handball by a defgender and not coughing up to it, or lying about na ball being a corner, or throw in, or goin in too hard and breaking a players leg FFS!

  294. I love maradona KS! Please dont lump me in with “most” English people, thanks.

  295. Paul- If you are irish then yes you will think of him like that at least for now as it is still raw but no one around the world will remember this incident at all . Do you honestly beleive that people now in spain or China seating having a debate about thierry’s handabll. Not at all.

  296. Oh, if lots of people do it it must be ok then. Fact is people are disappointed because TH14 is capable of near-magic on the pitch, to an extent it shows what a dire strait the current French team are in that they were even playing in extra time of a playoff game.

  297. Bring in video replays to aid refs. Bring in video replays to aid refs. Bring in video replays to aid refs.

  298. “Thierry let himself down and let all the fans who adored him down”

    I think that’s a bit dramatic but I hate this sort of behaviour so I understand where you’re coming from.

    I feel for Ireland…imagine if during a Champs League final against Barca, Messi decides to volleyball the ball into our net. We’d be furious. You can’t excuse that behaviour with “oh, I don’t condone it but he took one for the team and its 3 points that matter”. or “oh its instinct…he couldn’t help himself”. that’s just silly. In the heat of the moment stuff happens but there’s still a brain behind these actions.

    If I’d hate someone else cheating against us, there’s no way I’m sitting back and excusing this. What Henry did was wrong. It doesn’t change how I see him but what the hell.

    I’m dissapointed that France won even though I support them. They didn’t deserve it.

  299. clichydoubledeuce

    oh thierry thierry

    as a france supporter, i apologize to all ireland fans. you were cheated tonight

  300. and in any case, this wasn’t really Henry’s fault. The ref should have seen that. You can’t expect people to act like angels when the stakes are this high. Things happen and maybe he wasn’t thinking straight and just stuck his arm out. The ref should definitely have stopped play.

  301. St Ledger was just speaking on SSN, and said Henry claimed the handball was accidental.

  302. When we win the Trophies this season it will be all the more sweeter, as its quite obvious Arsenal won’t be awarded any clear cut penalties no matter how crystal unless the circumstances are very very very special..

    When Arsenal players have gotten fouled this season they’ve followed the new way and “gotten on with it” yet commentators say why didn’t they appeal? (as if football is cricket and the referee doesn’t have to make a decision unless players appeal) I’m glad Wenger has taught our players not to waste anytime and find other ways to score rather than badgering the ref like the likes of Moan Utd ect..

  303. I’m here all the time moaning about how referees botch decisions. People say; stop moaning etc.

    I think it’s as much cheating that John fucking Terry is in every single game pulling players to stop them outjumping him.

    I think it’s blatant cheating that Upson pushed RVP as Robin headed the ball and staved off a sure goal in the last minute of that game at Upton Park. Nobody even noticed or mentions it.

    I deplore the fact that Man poo players surround the ref at every opportunity, and their manager gives refs the treatment at Old Trafford in every single game as every single hack in the country knows. That’s fucking systematic cheating.

    I deplore the fact that, in England, pundits encourage teams to go out and kick Arsenal to “stop them from playing”, just because those teams are too crap to play football.

    I hate the fact that the media cheat by glossing over it when England players dive or do something blatantly wrong. That’s cheating.

  304. It wasn’t as if Henry scored with his hand anyway. It was Gallas who scored so why was he unmarked in the area.

  305. This doesn’t happen often enough, so I’ll take the opportunity to say I agree with your last comment in its entirety Ole Gunner.. “Systematical Cheating” lol (effortlessly rolls off the tongue)

  306. Ole;

    Agree with all that.

  307. Much respect to Trapatoni in his post match inerview he says he is dissapointed but has experienced a similar situation with Italy..

    When asked if he now considers Henry a cheat he replies no he blames the Referee, “Henry is a player” and that it would have been easier to except the loss had it been from the penalty which Anelka wasn’t awarded..

  308. Cascarino said thierry should’ve said to the ref he hand balled it. what world does he live in? then Doyle said had he done what thierry did and gone through he would not care. So Idon’t know what all these irish pundits with cockney accents are on about?

  309. Cascarino is a 1st class prick. What would he know about playing football the useless turd.

    Do I give the impression I don’t like him.

  310. He is a fake irish and he is getting all passionate.

  311. Yes Titi Henry cheated, but as Spike observed all footballers cheat. St Ledger was just on Sky News saying even the Irish might have cheated in the same situation. Ronnie Whelan, the scouser, admit professional footballers all do it. Notlager nailed Robbie Kean for 4 handball incidents which went unpunished.
    The immediate malefactors in this incident were the officials who failed to see or were too timid to make the call for hand ball. But the biggest culprit is FIFA, which like a dinosaur, is opposed to some form of video refs despite pleas of many wise football men like Wenger. A high profile incident like this makes the video ref more likely than ever.
    The anglophiles may not like it but far from sullying the reputation of Maradona, the “hand of god” has made him even more famous worldwide as the incident is relayed from generation to generation. I have no doubt that despite the immediate handwringing and moralizing, Titi Henry will be remembered long in history for saving France from the brink. Football thrives on controversy like this.

  312. Oh yes while at marseille he injected himself with substance to boost his performance so that is not cheating.

  313. True shotta. Maradona is revered even more for his hand of God and will be a legend for it. Not just in Argentina either. And I say this as an Englishman.

    Getting back to Arsenal. There’s a great photo of Robin apparantly after his “controversial” treatment.

    Looking good! I expect him to be on the bench at the Stadium of Light!

  314. A great post was made earlier and is worth repeating:

    “Superb sanctimonious hand wringing there, well done.

    “Every player cheats. Every single one of them.

    “Whether its a dive, under the slightest contact, or none, or saving a goal with a handball by a defgender and not coughing up to it, or lying about na ball being a corner, or throw in, or goin in too hard and breaking a players leg FFS!”

    Thanks Spike.

  315. I dare anyone to read what that c*nt Myles palmer has posted.

    And not feel the urge to respond.

  316. Thank you Shotta!

    I am still in a state of shock about the ANR thing.

    Surely he will get canned for it? Surely?

  317. Spike you just made my Eve with that RvP link.. and you are well worth your Salt unlike most British football fans (but then again they are fed by a very sinister media) ..


  318. I won’t be surprised to see that Palmer dude on top of every Gunner fan’s hitlist by tomorrow. He’s definitely on mine.

  319. Kitchen Sink;

    Thanks, I’m glad to be of service!

  320. legio;
    If he does not wake up tomorrow and feel so embarassed, then he is even more of a deluded bitter old twat than I thought!

  321. Spike;
    Agreed about that one. Some of the things he said would probably get him knifed about now. Bet he wouldn’t dare say it into Henry’s face!! That punk isn’t even fit to shine Henry’s boots. And he just had to drag Arsene into his sh*t-filled vitriol. I guess Palmer just has a thing against greatness, given that he’s nothing more than some hack with an axe to grind.

  322. i love the bbc 606 forum full weirdo
    they ve invaded the arsenal
    section to blame us fo Ireland going out and crying over King Henry handball(you know the usual bullshit always arsenal always cheating ) and he should apologiy and france should too (even so it was a match between an average team manage by a good manger and a possible great team manage by a donkey.

    if by miracle england go far in the WC Final ,final second of the match and one english player dive,handball the ball(henry style or maradonna style)

  323. oups press enter 😦

    or score from offside all this moron would they ask England,their own country to give the world cup back…………..i m sure they wont because they full of shit.

    feel sorry for the Irish but do you think if Freaking Keane would have handle the ball ,he would have say anything about it.of course not .in this match in high pressure everything that make you win is good .please stop abusing our greatest player (or one of it)because for one very important second he got a moment of weakness .

  324. California Gooner

    So, will Eboue be able to play this week, or is injured too now? He certainly won’t be ‘scoring’ anytime soon…

  325. ha yes i ve read the review by the chav arsenal news review.
    what a tw*t.this guy should be shot,shot and re-shot with stone.anyway i leave him a message to tell him what i think about his remark about Henry. everyone think only modern player cheat and in old time of gentleman football (yea right)nobody was.
    F*CK *FF to you know they are cheating,offside…etc because of TV,replay.zoom and slow motion technology but in the OLD age of football you couldn’t so you wouldn’t moan about it but they were cheating as much .
    it s always been part of the football game and some other sport and can punish as much as you want but cheating is part of the human nature.
    .is it wrong?>yes.
    does it feel good?>yes.
    do you like to do it >no
    that’s what King Henry though for half second of high pressure game.i don’t like cheat but would i handle the ball to make win my team in the dying minute of the match,oh yes !!like everyone else who moan about it

  326. They were bandied about as the great new European team. Like England however, we all know they won the world cup at home.

    Yesternight, the so-called great French team had to cheat to get to the world cup. Its a disgrace in football.

    Where is Platini ‘the big mouth?’ If it had been England he would have shouted from the roof.

    Cheats. They will can never win the world cup playing away from home. They are no different from England.

    Their players are actually African players. Is that the new slave trade? Buying African players through citizenship to play for them.

  327. Eboue and Fabregas played full game for last nite’s international friendlies.

    Arshavin – wonder how he will cope physically with having played 2 WCQ and mentally the disappointment of failure to qualify.

  328. The supreme irony would be if France wins WC20109 (I won’t bet on it though) 😀

  329. i dont care about internationals .But it was really cheating from french .I hope they win the world cup also .That will send out a nice message.

  330. Henry has damaged his image. It pains me that at the twilight of his career he has to do this. Its cheating, pure and simple. His body language said it all.

    The referee was poor. There was a clear outside by two French players in the build up. In fact, the ball was handled by another player before it got to Henry. Henry handled the ball twice, first to straighten the ball and secondly position it well for him to give the pass.

    Its unpleasant but Platini will be silent because its France. Had it been an English player, Platini and Blatter would hit the roof.

  331. Thierry Henry is a Gooner legend and always will be.He is my favourite player of all time

    But what happened last night will be stain on his career.He cheated

  332. P A S S I O N! that’s what is…….still cheating though but it happens..get over it!

  333. It is amazing that France is still persisting with Domenech as manager. I foresee that they will be out in the group stage if Domenech is still in charge.

  334. Liam Brady said its a shameful day for football.Couldnt put it better

  335. Gutted that Russia and Egypt didnt make it to world cup. Didnt watch the france game but I am happy they went through.

  336. We should be grateful for anything bad that happens to the country that gave us Roy Keane.

  337. My question to those “outraged” about Henry’s handball. Look at this video:

    Why did it not outrage you??

  338. I’m not grateful. I don’t like Roy Keane and Robbie Keane but cheating shouldn’t be condoned. Its strange neither of the officials saw it. Conspiracy to ensure France qualification? may be.

    Its disgraceful, I wish Henry didn’t play a part in it. He’s tarnished his reputation.

  339. Fuck off howard

  340. Arseblog (being Irish) has a right to complain but his post today puts it in perspective.

  341. Neither Ireland or France are good enough to win or even come close to winning the world cup. Both sides were very poor last night. What concerns me is that Sky decided that there would be no French people on the commentary team, and so every comment was pro-Irish…it was sickening at times. I would much prefer to see France in the World Cup finals.

  342. What a sad way to pull down the career curtain. He’ll often be remembered for this wrong decision to use his left hand.

    Henry used his hand twice to keep the ball in play. The fact that Henry is the best we ever had does not mean we should condone this.

    Henry cheated. Let’s call it so.

  343. I think a period of reflection is definitely needed, because I for one am still trying to make sense of what I saw last night…

    In the nuts! HAHAHAHA! In the nuts!

    What a goal, Manu.

  344. Stop wittering on, only fabregas, you sanctimonious prick.

  345. I agree with Frank & Big Al.

  346. You’re a dishonest sod, only fabregas.

    Why the selective outrage? Why did you not get out of your mind in anger when Scholes spiked the ball 30 yards against Zenit in the Champions League?

  347. Oh the money they will earn from this incident.

    There can be nothing more hypocritical than a journalist accusing a football player of cheating.

  348. Thierry Henry is and will always be known as one of the world’s greatest players. Efforts by a bunch of no marks and slime bags with their own agendas to stain that reputation will fail miserably.

  349. It’s not just hypocritical, it’s dishonest.

    They want to be guardians of moralty, but their moralty is selective.

    Eduardo dived. I still think he did, as I thought at the time.

    The next day 1000 journalists condemned him. Fair enough. Later the same day, Ashley Young dives twice to win two penalties, and the same journalists don’t even mention it.

    To me they are the cheats.

  350. I can see France being kicked out in the group stage by an African team in South Africa.

    I’m looking up to Cameroun, Ghana, Nigeria or Ivory Coast destroying the arrogant French team once and for all.

    Winning the World cup once on home soil don’t suddenly make you one of the greatest footballing nations. England did same on home soil.

    The twats, Blatter and Platini have got what they wished for. To get France to South Africa by any means possible.

  351. Finally Myles writes a sensible piece (especially for Frank, and all those who think Thierry Henry didn’t cheat last night) :,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1445&cntnt01origid=30&cntnt01returnid=42

  352. SD link that trash at le grove or sumfink not here..

  353. Are you being sarcastic SD or do you really think that’s a sensible piece of journalism by Myles Palmer?

    Calling one of our greatest players a “pitiful Cheating scum bag”!

  354. Frank- As if the the entrie world is so upset by Henry’s hand ball. No one cares outside Ireland and Talkshite. Maradona is a cheat in England but in the outside world he is the best football player of all time by the way he is a hero in the other british countries or I should say counties. So get over it Mr cascarino you fake irish.

  355. The football press in this country simply astound. Every time you think you’ve seen the limits of their hypocrisy, they manage to shock you.

    @ SD, Only Fabregas and all the other sanctimonious posters, you are hypocrites. Unless you’re calling for action against Rooney, Gerrard, Scholes (video evidence above) and Ashley Young? Thought not.

    @ Pat, all the other Irish Gooners, I understand that you are furious. But you were not cheated of a World Cup place, you were cheated of a penalty shootout. France were denied a penalty earlier in the game when Given grabbed Anelka’s foot. Unfortunately, these things happen in football. Players do what they can get away with. In every team and every nation. Henry is not the first and will not be the last player to use his hand on the ball, and actually what you are gutted about is that he got away with it. So if you are angry with anyone, be angry with the referees.
    Henry is not “a cheat” any more than Pires or Eduardo are “divers”. Henry remains an Arsenal legend.

  356. Can’t stand Myles normally, but he is absolutely 100% right about Henry! Did you see the way Henry celebrated after the goal, and then had the gall to say afterwards that he told the ref that he handled the ball! What a load of bollox! He is a cheat!!!!
    Dan, I agree he WAS one of our greatest players, but now he is a “pitful Cheating scum bag”.
    Why can’t we have some decent & honest players in football???????????
    What is the difference between diving in the box (Anelka last night) & what Henry did?
    FIFA, Platini etc have got what they wanted! Small countries like us have no chance!!!!!

  357. Fungunner

    I want video evidence brought in and I want players (Rooney, Gerrard, Scholes, Young etc) to be banned when they cheat. Eveyone wants fiarolay on the football pitch! Players, managers and refs all have a responsibility in this regard.

  358. SD;

    Fuck off now, you pathetic twat.

    No one care what you want, although I could make a few suggestions as to what you need.

  359. Spike,

    Good one!! You must be a Manc!

  360. Fun Gunner spot on one is talking about the penalty decision at first I thought it was a dive then watched the replays Given pulled Anelka’s foot and you are right Ireland were cheated of a penalty shoot out not the world cup. They have only themselves to blame not the ref they had over 120 minutes to score 2 goals by any means and they didn’t. Cheating is a horrible thing and its part of the game. Doyle said he would not care if had done the same and gone through so what’s the big deal.

  361. Some of you here are just as a bad as the English media you claim to reveil. “Everyone does so it okay.” what pathethic justification. TH14 CHEATED nothing to do with Rooney or Gerard or Joe Cole diving. Nothing to do with Robbie Keane or Kevin Doyle or whatever other player you want to bring into it. Does this cheating make him the worst villain in football history? Of course not but it also doesn’t mean that he didn’t cheat

  362. clichydoubledeuce

    this whole replay business is nonsense

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