Eduardo Ready To Step Into RvP’s Place

So RvP is going for the placenta and sweet potato mash, served with a nice Chianti to cure his ankle-aagh. Reports suggest that some colleagues at Feyenoord went to see the same quack and were cured in half the time that would have been required using conventional medicine.

It seems a bit Eileen Drewery to me but if it works, fair enough and my gast will be well and truly flabbered. It means that he can get the niggling strains that always seem to follow out of the way sooner, I guess.

Eduardo is looking forward to the coming weeks, one where he will seek to vindicate Arsene’s decision not to sign the myriad of strikers that the club was linked with during the summer.

This is the time where hacks will seek to capitalise on any failure by the Croat to score on a regular basis. The perceived frailties of the squad will once more be pushed forward as fact should Arsenal slip during van Persie’s absence. Eduardo though is ready for the moment where he can prove that Arsene was correct to sign him:

I’m feeling good. At the beginning of the season I had a few injury niggles but I am OK now and ready to help the team rise to the top of the table, as well as progress in the Champions League. We are doing very well at the moment and I hope we can produce a big surprise this year.

The boss knows our qualities and how they can fit into a formation. For me it is fine to play on the left or the right, no problem, the most important thing is to help the team and I feel good in those positions.

It is a formation that gives us more movement and more creativity through the middle, although it is not easy because we have to balance defence and attack and that can be difficult.

In the first instance, I should imagine that he is grateful to be playing at all due to the number of niggling injuries he has suffered since recovering from his broken leg. His willingness to play anywhere in the team, flexibility that all of the squad are having to show whether they like it or not.

That there is still a period of adjustment going on is reflected in his last observation. Whatever the solution is, the emphasis on attack will always render the defence exposed at some point in the game. The crucial element that the team has to continue to do is to put opponents under pressure the minute that they win possession.

This was a key feature of Barcelona’s success last season using the same formation. Equally, their defence suffered the same moments of pressure but it trophies were won because the midfield and attack helped to defend all over the pitch.

The footballing comedy moments are well and truly under way with reports this morning suggesting that both Real and Barcelona are to offer £60m for Cesc next summer. No doubt that will have dropped to £30m by the time the World Cup starts, rising as his performances confirm that he is the best central midfielder in the world game.

The same cannot be said for our former striker as he failed to produce the goods to take them to the World Cup finals. Utterly predictable is continued scorn felt by Emmanuel Adebayor. Hopefully at Christmas time the Manchester City players will have a Secret Santa. Might I suggest that whomever draws  his name out of the hat pays for a course of Therapy that helps him get over the lack of love from Arsenal supporters because it isn’t going to get any better.

’til Tomorrow

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  1. Adecashmore is a prat!

    I hope Eduardo steps up to the plate, he is the best finisher in the squad and a couple of goals will see him on his way to proving what a quality player he is!

  2. before that tragic tackle from mr. taylor, edurado was playing even better than RvP. He just needs to regain that form. Even Walcott has a great opportunity to make that central position his own. and we all know that Arshavin can turn on the heat, given a chance. so basically, this is not gonna hurt us that much as we feared initially.
    up the arsenal..
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  3. BTW adebayor is gonna get a taste of what it feels getting a footballing lesson from the best players of ‘The beautiful Game’ in England.
    And he keeps saying that he was pushed out from the club and he never wanted to leave. Gimme a break. He always wanted to leave after that 30goal season he had. He used to feel that ‘Milan is Bootylicious and Barca are a great team to play’ every now and then. Generally clubs tap players. In his case the player used to tap the clubs.
    He deserves this. He is a goodfornothing money hungry mercenary and as he himself said that he plays for money. He is adeby’whore’…

  4. arsenal has proved to us that it is not depended on an individual for all yo arsenal haters i wan u 2 know that we still da same samethat will thrash teams in the epl an average of three goals per game and to prove that it will be sunderland 0 arsenal 3.

  5. Anyhow, i prefer eduado to RVP…

  6. so everyone is bickering arsenal without persie is dead oh! sorry guys this is the only team where we blend talent with style…sunderland HERE WE COME our guns have not yet run dry.prepare a basket for goals.

  7. Now I’m no expert but it seems to me that if you’re going to rub anything on a torn ligament – it might as well be placenta juice. Surely it’s perfect: all the hormones, nutrients and growth factors needed to feed the embryonic human body throughout gestation and speed up every process necessary to build tissue in the quickest time ever achieved in your lifetime.

    I know what you mean about Eileen Drewery, Yogi – but you’ve got to think, even if the placebo effect comes into it – the quicker normal cervix is resumed, the better.

  8. It’s not as though Robin is a player without the spare 25-thou to place on a placental placebo.

  9. It is clear that you know little of human biology or the medical sciences, LimparAssist.

    In fact Robin is putting himself in great danger with this little venture. Apart from the fact that he should be sitting at home resting his ankle at this stage there are two serious problems with type of treatment;

    i) The placenta is usually from either a horse or a sheep. The problem is that if applied wrongly his foot may start to turn into a hoof. This is not necessarily a disaster…there are choices to be made. A horses hoof is more solid and packs a bigger punch, useful for shooting. A sheeps cloven hoof on the other hand is more nimble and manouevrable, better for getting round defenders. The wrong choice could be disastrous.

    ii) Placental products have long been used as anti-aging agents. There is a serious danger that if the practitioner uses too much on Robin he could come back as a twelve year old. So it could be some years before we see him back to his best.

  10. I don’t dougbt eduardo to me he is the second best finisher in our squad after carlos vela. simply because vela can do any thing with any feet, they’re both skilled but vela is more swift so the combination wil work.

  11. After years of hounding Wenger for his transfer policy, it’s now becoming clear that, if you’re not a billionaire’s plaything, or a Man United with an institutional first choice on all the best domestic players, the only way to compete is to buy low and develop players.

    Benitez! What a slow learner. After 5 years in England he’s finally seeing Wenger’s wisdom:

  12. This is the sort of crazy act that one is likely to embark upon when one’s wisdom teeth have been extracted. Consequences you see…

  13. I’m sorry for Sunderland. They’re going to get a spanking at the weekend. With RVP out our boys will be out to show that the show is not over or out.

  14. Back to the accountants. If 51,000 people buy season tickets at £1500 per ticket, the income from those people is £76m per annum. If 9,000 people buy season tickets at £5000 each, the income raised is £45m…….so why are club level more important in a business context?

    Perhaps the club should have built facilties for twice as many club level supporters and allowed local kids to come in at an affordable price.

  15. Frank,

    The club level seats cost as much as €64K p.a.

  16. £64K p.a. I meant to write.

  17. On the grounds that the local kids will support the players…very loudly, and we will be building in-stadium support for the future.

    Although the inevitable conclusion is that in-stadium support will not be important in the future as revenues from streams begin to far outstrip ticket revenues.

  18. Actually, I’m off my rockers today. Disregard all I say.

    Except the part about pummeling Sunderlan.

  19. Naaah. Most club level are £5000 per seat, OG. There are higher priced seats and complicated corporate packages e.g. executive boxes etc, but I reduced Club Level to 8000 to compensate.

  20. I agree with Ole and especially ‘anto’ about Sunderland. Prepare the basket.

    Frank, if you’re correct, and I can only assume that you are – we must hope that the newly regenerated Robin takes the constant bellowing of ‘Hoooooff!’ from all and sundry in stands across the land, in the spirit in which it’s intended; one of light ribbing and general horseplay.

  21. Frank,

    You’re right. I’m trying to do 4 things all at once and itd not coming off.

  22. Frank, I don’t see in-stadium support becoming unimportant at all. It’s certainly not inevitable that it should do so.

    Who wants to stream a match with noone watching it in the stands? The in-stadium support will always be a major part of the spectacle. Even if the football’s shit I quite enjoy watching Stoke play because the fans are usually rocking. In the same way, even when Wigan are playing sexy football it still feels a bit yawn-yawn on MOTD because no f*cker’s bothered turning up to sing.

  23. Frank, the question between a hoof of a horse or a sheep is a no-brainer. Think about how often Chelsea, Bolton and Stoke “hoof” the ball upfield.

  24. Placental treatment has been used on Dutch footballers for some time. In the mid-nineties, a young defender at second-division minnows Den Bosch – Rutgerus by name – injured his knee, and was treated with the placenta of a horse. The cure worked a marked transformation in his appearance and personality. When he returned to football, he no longer wished to play in defence. He insisted on being moved into attack. His manager was understandably reluctant, but his reluctance evaporated when the young defender-turned-striker scored 12 goals in 31 games. The following season, he moved to Heerenveen, and went one better, scoring 13 goals in 31 games. The equine forward, who had by this time abandoned the Latinate name Rutgerus in favour of the more virile-sounding Ruud, attracted attention from PSV Eindhoven, whither he moved in 1998. In his first season there, he scored 31 goals in 34 matches, and was named Dutch Player of the Year. Two years later, he moved to hated English club Manchester United for £19,000,000. Interestingly, it was not his prolific goal-scoring that caught Alex Ferguson’s eye, but his stallion-sized penis, which the United boss described as being even more magnificent than Dion Dublin’s.

  25. Nice pun, LimparAssist

    “you’ve got to think, even if the placebo effect comes into it – the quicker normal cervix is resumed, the better.”

  26. Since Robin is older than young Rutgerus was at the time of his treatment, the transformation should be less apparent.

  27. Apparently Liverpool want Eduardo – for 10 million, and he’s very very unhappy at Arsenal. ~ laughable.

  28. Excellent, PZ

  29. In order to avoid the demise of Arsenal in-stadium support and I am referring to home support here, LA, it might be better to try to alter the balance and have many more very expensive tickets and many more very cheap tickets. 51,000 mid-range tickets is fucking hopeless from a spectator experience perspective.

  30. ponyboy,

    I have a proposal for newspaper owner across England. They can save good money by firing their editors and employing monkeys to edit these sheets.

    They couldn’t do worse.

    You have to have deep cognitive defects to conceive, write, edit or publish that Eduardo story.

  31. that vile striker thing from Monaco has turned himself into a massive joke. I felt a bit sorry for him earlier this season but then he opened his fat mouth and slagged of us fans.

    The papers are wrong. That celebration thing he keeps on crying about doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make our fans and players angry. It’s a slap in the face for the FA for their shit verdict.

    I really think what he did affected him far more than us. It somehow addled his brain. “Omgz..i actually sprinted 0_o”

  32. Eduardo nees to step up and score. He has to come through. If not not kiss the Gunners chances of winning the EPL goodbye. Fabregas needs to score more too.

  33. That was brilliant, Pz.

    I really like the idea of cheaper tickets and local kids getting in free or very cheaply, Frank.

    Unfortunately you’re absolutely right about the situation at the moment – especially this resentment. Look around any particular block and you’ll see dispersed faces that really want to sing, but they don’t feel they can because they’re isloated from the herd (excuse the pun). Some days, and in some areas, you get lucky and everyone’s bouncing off each other and it all goes off. But on other days the lack of song is like an embarrassing monkey on everyone’s back – everyone’s aware of it – but not enough do anything about it.

    In the Bernabeu the ultras get a the central section in the equivalent of their north bank – all to themselves. You could literally draw a line with a pencil betweem those making the noise and the rest, who aren’t. All the other Madridites make very little noise – they whistle quite a lot, often at black players – but they definitely don’t sing. They love their ultras because it means they don’t have to strain their Fortuna smoked vocal chords I guess, and the hardcore provide the atmosphere for them. I don’t know what the difference in ticket prices is – whether they’ve preempted Poliziano’s division of labour idea or what. Our Red Section is good, but it’s not big enough.

  34. bobbygee, let me get this straight… you mean to say that Arsenal, a football (soccer) team, need to score goals? This is radical stuff Beegee, radical stuff.

  35. I agree with all you say, LimparAssist. Several of us sing in the West Upper where I sit….and that has improved a little. We also give early leavers a lot of stick. Both ends should be reserved for real supporters and should be cheaper. How to achieve this is an interesting subject in its own right.

  36. I’ve been wanting to see vela play for a long time now. Hope i get my wish. Eduardo’s gona kick butt for sure.. 6-0 drubbing of not-so-sunnyland saturday? i think Hell Yess!

  37. Vela’s been kidnapped…haven’t you been reading Arseblog? He’s nowhere to be found!

  38. Rafa’s still in dreamland saying he has 1 player in his squad worth £100M.

  39. Without more information it’s hard to comment, but according to my Accupuncturist/Bio-chemist little brother the treatment that RVP is having sounds very much like a traditional Chinese medical process.

    In the Western tradition medical surgery is an effective but relatively young and essentially brutal craft, born on the battlefield. It seems when it comes to treating tissue and ligament injuries/sprains, the ancient arts of China are quite useful. My mother thinks so anyway, for older people who can’t endure or recover from surgery easily (say for tennis elbow etc…), such techniques are priceless.

    I linked an interview to the Aussie cricket legend Mathhew Hayden once describing his recovery from tendonitis, a similar injury to Hargreaves and Rosicky. The Australian bio-mechanical/sports institutes are phenomenal and very progressive, and unlike the above two footballers, Hayden opted for massage and exercise (no bovine organs required!) rather then surgery on his injury. Although it must be easier for a more static batsman to cope with such injury’s when compared to a footballer. The reports mentioned ‘intense massage’ for RVP as well, probably the more important part of his therapy. There is a general process of acceptance and integration of such techniques into modern healthcare (Western), not least because of the amount of money and side effects saved on by reducing the use of drugs, especially with an aging demographic.

    About as far from Eileen & Glenn’s Karmageddon mumbo jumbo as you can get, I reckon YW. : )

  40. Boo, am in mod for writing about RVP’s treatment not really resembling the twisted Karmageddon of Spud managers, but traditional Chinese medical process’.

    According to my brother, who’s an Accupuncturist/Bio-Chemist.

  41. Finsburyparker,

    Did you mention the word J.A.M.E.S? Because that will get you into moderation quicker than Frank’s horses can gallop down Homerton High Road.

  42. It is time that we teach a lesson 2 mad-e-bye-whore…
    read more about it on

  43. Very good Finsburyparker

  44. Quacks abound in medicine. It is one of those sciences that is permeated with just about every cure under the sun. The novel cures all purport to heal in a time frame post hast. They take advantage of and charge an outrageous amount of money. These Quacks are villans and should be flogged in the public square for all to see. I personally would rub salt into the wounds of these knaves.

  45. Thanks bobbygee for being a frackin’ genius. The observation that our players have to score goals, that’s incredible. And here I thought everybody can stop scoring goals..

  46. Adebayor was good because Wenger knew how to use him, but apart from his short Arsenal career, he’s a flop at any other club and I doubt that will change.

    Eduardo will step up, he will make up the lost ground he lost during his injury. He has the mental strength to do it, he came through a lot.

    More and more people moving towards natural ways of treatment. I don’t blame Van Persie for trying, it’s not going to be worse than injecting him with all kinds of chemicals that might cure one thing and hurt a 100 different others in the process. Get well soon RVP

    RVP….Click Click Click.

  47. so he’s going to have amniotic fluid rubbed on him?

  48. Did Gibbs walk off from u21??? What happened? I hope Traoré is find please no Sylvestre LB

  49. watching 3d programmes without the 3d glasses is like trying to watch the spuds pass

  50. Not good LimparAssist it may be Silvestre or less likely Traore for Sunderland..

    At least the Great Gail Clichy is projected to be ready for Chelsea..

  51. The problem with the so called ‘natural way’ is that it lacks science. We need methods that are indisputable. Methods that can be duplicated in every lab. I am a person that does not easily believe. My people still visit the so called traditional way. Zounds, these natural criminals shake their rattles and bay at the Moon. But, the Gods do not hear them.

  52. “…the quicker normal cervix is resumed, the better”

    Limpar for the win!

    Bastard. I actually propelled coffee from my nose!

  53. what’s the point in Arsenal’s tv Fantasy Battles? I don’t know about you but asking gael cliche wether he prefers Batman or Spiderman??? what the hell? Well i suppose it’s for the kids, i just get bored so i watch everything

  54. ACLF is so much funnier than usual today. In a good way.

    But then we have idiots like bobbygee claiming Fabregas – our top scorer – isn’t scoring enough goals.

  55. What I want to know is whether Arsenal are paying for the pregnant horse that is due to give birth as RVP clears customs and passport control. I understand the placenta is most effective within the first 2 hours of birth.

  56. Clichy, Gibbs and Traore all out!

    How many other teams can lose 3 great left backs and still have an experienced head like Sylvestre step in? none, the depth of our squad is amazing.

  57. really? oh, well i’m sure the horse will be suitable

  58. …there’s a nasty joke regarding foot placement just waiting to happen here…

  59. Lady Neena ate her own after-birth. Now genetically speaking that poses a question…was it her after-birth or Peter’s? I know the answer to this so no funny business.

  60. If the treatment works for Robin, I am going to offer a range of placenta’s on the stall. Might even provide a srpski rejnik in case it was the incantation that did the trick.

  61. As per expected the Chelski players who avoided international duty look to be recovering and will be ready for the Arsenal game. If I were them I would stay away. They are going to be mightily embarassed in 10 days time.


  62. My guess for the team- Almunia – Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Silvestre – Song, Fabregas, Nasri – Arshavin, Eduardo, Rosicky

  63. You work for a Pharmaceutical company Two Owls? 🙂 just kidding.

    No doubt the astronomical profits for pharmaceutical companies will prevent, delay, discount, and discredit the natural methods every step of the way…But in some cases the result of a chemical based drug is no more voodoo-esque than the natural way. In fact, the side effect of a chemical based drug may send you to the grave. I didn’t hear of any one dying from rubbing placenta on his ankle?

    God, I miss Arsenal

  64. O/G – Thanks for weighing-in on the Diaby thread over at Untold Arsenal. I found myself having to do some polite doomer-bashing but the heavy artillery was well needed. Not that we changed many minds. It is pathetic really; the way many Arsenal bloggers (unlike YW and Tony Attwood) promote the most negative ignorant b.s. about their own players despite being proven wrong over and over again with the likes of Song and Denilson. Now it is Diaby’s turn.

  65. so now we have a small problem at left-back, so who is gonna come in??

  66. I think we need to wait and see how Kieran is first, zaparodje.

  67. This is classic Football365….

    The heading is “Fabregas Focused On Arsenal In ‘Short Term'”. Makes you think he’s sending a message to his suitors, right? Wrong. Here’s the substance:

    “Now I am very calm and without injuries,” he told Spanish radio station Onda Cero.

    “At Arsenal I am developing a good season and my dream is to win titles there.

    “Still, I don’t think about my future. I’m focused on the short term and don’t look beyond that.

    “I have a great responsibility to my club and now is not the time to think beyond that.”

    When Cesc does leave, it will be interesting to see what the transfer fee is as we don’t know what his get-out clause in his contract is and Barcelona will in all reality be the only bidder.

    While it would be nice to have 40 million or so as a consolation, if it hends up being a Thierry type of fee, we’ll have to remember how fortunate we’ve been to have had him. While Barcelona’s pride may stand in the way of a big offer, he’s partly the player he is because he moved to Arsenal.

  68. Have to give you credit on that one, PZ. Very funny.

  69. shotta-gunna,The argument that makes my head explode is the “stats don’t tell the whole story” nonsense.

    Of course stats don’t tell the whole story! However, the stats record actual events on the pitch. If a player wins the ball more than other players, he’s won the ball more than other players. You can’t then tell me he contributes nothing defensively. You’re insane if you say that.

    The argument starts only after you acknowledge that reality.

    Nobody ever quarrels with the fact that the league table is just a stat. The highest goal scorers chart is just a stat. But nobody argues with who has scored the most goals.

  70. I think what Cesc is just trying to say in those interviews is that if he manages to win titles here (maybe this year, maybe next year if he gives Arsenal another chance) he will stay. But if he does not he is going to make a move, because, in the end, what good is it if you are the best central midfielder in the world( I don’t think there can be any discussion. In the form Cesc is right now, he is simply the best.) if you are playing at a club that doesn’t bring the trophies home?

    I home so much we can win something this year, even if it’s only so Cesc stays…

  71. sunderland have their own problems, their first choice keeper broke his arm

  72. what a big game ‘pool vs citeh is!! Basically i think them 2 will be like us and villa last season, battling it out. spuds won’t stay in the top 4 for long,so it’s one of them 2.

  73. Can anyone tell me the best online streaming website for matches????

  74. If Cesc does leave we have a ready made replacement in Arron “Rambo” Ramsey,This guy is the real deal and will be Arsenal’s Gerrard

  75. Turning points in recent years:

    Eduardo injury/Gallas meltdown vs Bimingham
    Phil Brown on-field team talk
    Adebayor RVP assault and goal celebration

    All three resulted in a massive drop in form for Arsenal, Hull and Man City.

    How brilliant that the real loser out of that game was Man City. In retrospect, it might turn out to be the sweetest defeat we’ve had in a long time, particularly as they seemingly represented a threat to auomatic qualification to the CL.

  76. Evil Fiek, what are you on about?

  77. Bragging Rights Ltd

    This is the crisis we knew had to come,
    Destroying the balance we’d kept.
    In slow-motion we saw Robin sink to the ground,
    Wondering what will come next.

    Without Gael Clichy – at least we had Gibbs,
    We were foolish to ask for so much.
    When they go and play for their national teams,
    They all fall apart at first touch.

    Marking the lull as it grinds to a close,
    Brutally taking its time,
    A fortnight-long break for no reason at all,
    Claiming our players in their prime.

    Will there be no end to these daft non-events?
    These fixtures are robbing us blind,
    With national duty, when all’s said and done,
    We know that we’ll lose every time.

    Nicklas is pining and counting the days,
    Nursing his groin by the fire,
    Electric pink boots and his 52 shirt,
    Are scattered around on the floor.

  78. website website website!!!! plz what’s a good online trustable streaming site where i can watch the game against sunderland

  79. @passenal

    I was more or less replying to the interview of Cesc lagooner posted.

  80. We’re doooomed!

    Seriously, I’m still not remotely worried about the injury situation. I feel for the players, of course, but AW has shown that he knows how to handle a depleted squad in the past.

    The difference now is that this is probably the strongest squad we’ve ever had. So there’s nothing to fear.

    As for streaming, you can never guarantee that a site’s going to stay up. Veetle tends to be quite good, but, like the rest, isn’t beyond the reach of Sky’s army of underlings.

    I know absolutely nothing about torrents or sopcasts, but I hear they can be quite reliable.

  81. Veetle? I’ll try it. I too have zilch ideas abt what a sopcast is

  82. Should Kieran Gibbs not make it for the Sunderland game we have plenty of other alternatives.

    Silvestre, TV & Gallas all have lots of left back experience & there`s no doubt Eboue could fill in if needed.

  83. @zaparodje
    Sopcast is a program for streams. And yes, it is quite reliable.
    I can also recommend you the website livefooty (just google it), even though the website can be a bit difficult to navigate because of some pop ups. Mostly, you have to load the site, but press cancel fast enough so you don’t get certain pop ups…

  84. zaparodje ,

    Try this.

  85. zappa , you need to visit …myp2pfootball and download a sopcast player then you can pretty much get everygame on there. you can even get shite like baseball and golf on there or you can as Poliziano likes to do watch the Cricket on there.

  86. cheers to everyone who replied. I’ll try them, and since i’m so effing useless on computers i can barely get to this comments page i’ll do what seems easiest. thanks a lot

  87. Pisses me off how chelski players are faking their way out of playing the friendlies and faking injuries. Im damn well sure chelski will have their strongest starting 11 for the arsenal game.. Which is a good thing, that way when we beat them it’ll be all the more sweeter. Oh! And its only pissing me off because i wish our gunners were that crafty too 😥

  88. they won’t i dont think, lampard, bosingwa, cashley(surprise surprise) are all out

  89. stevenage borough 0-1 port vale

  90. Cujo, doesn’t surprise me one bit, I said it from day one. Hopefully our honesty will be rewarded and there will be a game they really want to play and they will miss it through genuine injury. They won’t be so smug then.

  91. You know me too well, Duke.

    The stream going down is often the highlight of a whole series. Alas, it seldom happens.

  92. internationals tom…

  93. if russia qualify surely arsh will be in high spirits?? They lead 2-1 over slovenia in case you are unaware

  94. my p2p football is great i got to watch 1 min of the port vale match just to test it out

  95. zaparodje, the best thing to do with streams is to come online 10 minutes before the match and wait for someone to post the best link on the Arseblog comments section.

  96. clichydoubledeuce

    gael back for the chelsea game?

  97. clichydoubledeuce

    sky reported that clichy and Denilson should be back for the Chelsea game whether they will start is uncertain..

  98. oh my christ,

    I just heared about gibbs


  99. I fucking hate Stevenage.

  100. clichydoubledeuce

    thanks, KS

    it appears cana is back for s’land this wknd

  101. is Traore healthy enough to play at Sunderland, or is he knackered himself?

  102. I have heard on Five Live that Gibbs is out with an ankle injury. I did not hear about the seriousness of this injury or if in fact it would respond to Placenta or amniotic fluid. Traore, I have not heard anything. In any event, as some have mentioned, we have a gentleman whose natural position is left back. Sylvestre. The only thing that might hold hold him back from playing is the necessity of cashing his old age pension cheque.

  103. Wenger has anticipated all these injuries so he must have a plan. not sending Traore and Senderos on loan is one. I’m not too worried. If Gibbs is out Traore is good enough to cover, he should be fit now.

    Right back: Sagna/ Eboue/ Eastmond
    Centre back: Gallas Vermalen/ Senderos/ Silvestre/ Song
    Left back:Clichy/ Gibbs/ Traore/ Silvestre
    Midfiled:Song/ Denilson/ Diaby/Merida
    Midfiled :Fabregas/ Nasri/Ramsey/ Wilshere
    Left wing Arshavin/ Rosicky/Nasri
    Right wing: Walcott/ Eboue/ Bendtner
    Strikers RVP/ Eduardo/Bendtner/ Vela/ Walcott
    Second strikers; Diaby / Arshavin

    Some will be out some will come back.I think we are a lot stronger than last year. We are covered in most positions

  104. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’d like to second one of the above comments and have Tommy Vermaelen slide over to LB, with Big Phil or Sly Sylvestre taking over at CB until the Chelsea game.

  105. F**king Internationals!!!Damn!!i am so freaked out.Has Traore recovered from his injury?

    I guess winning against Sunderland will show people what stuff Arsenal is made of! Hoping for the best.

  106. @FL

    Sagna Gallas Senderos Vermalen

    Sunderland wouldnt have a look into that defence.

    Plus everyone has to play at one point in time. Imagine TV’s sweet left foot down the left flank…

  107. Will Arsene rest Gallas after the international break? He’s said he doesn’t want to break up the centre back partnership.

    So I suspect it will be Silvestre who comes in. Why Silvestre?

    Because we’re missing RVP, Diaby & Bendtner. Those three players help us defend set pieces. Silvestre has aerial ability, and I think he’ll be in the line-up.

  108. Gallas played as left back for Chelsea but i wouldn’t sacrfice him the centre position is more important in my opinion I rate Traore very highly. I really liked him at Portmouth although he was playing as a winger he is very much in the mould of Clichy he was supposed to be the next one after clichy but Gibbs took over, before coming back to Arsenal he said if he get his chance he will take it and I think his chance has come.

  109. Football365 is reporting Ramsey out as well- is this correct? Are we cursed?!!

  110. Kabisa…OOh well…beggars can’t be choosers, I take it Traore is still out, Isnt Sly a LB too?

    That might work..Looking forward to Saturday.

  111. I’m still hoping Gibbs feigned injury to come home and rest up for the Sunderland game. Apparently Kieran was played in the ‘number 10 role’ behind Andy Caroll in one these games (!) – anybody know how that went?

    Traore was injured in training on the morning of or the day before the Liverpool game. A groin injury I think. Not sure how fit he is now. Either way, I think it’ll be Sylvestre. He looked very strong on the left in preseason and he’s been in good shape throughout the CC.

    I don’t think Vermaelen on the left is a good idea. You don’t break up the centreback partnership because you have a problem at leftback – especially when you have ready made replacements in Sylvester and Traore. Plus Big Phil would freak out with Vermy next to him, quietly judging his every move.

  112. I would imagine that Robbie Keane will be out to damage WG or Bacary tonight.

  113. @Mark


    Gawd. Seems like anyone going for the game should carry his boots then. Maybe Pat Rice and Wenger can come in too…?

  114. Traore should be fit. Wenger reported him as being back in training but short for the Wolves game 2 weeks ago.

  115. LimparAssist -Traore was back in training before the Wolves game so he should be fit by now. Silvestre can also do that job. But I would prefer Traore to be given a chance he is quick and likes to join the attack.

    Frank- you are worrying me now. We can’t lose anymore players certainly not Gallas and Sagna.

  116. What??Ramsey!!Fucking November!!

  117. What Firstlady??????

  118. I would love to see Traore play too, 1LC. I’ve become used to seeing him play on the wing and forgotten what he’s like in defence. I’m not sure if Sunderland away is quite the fixture to reintroduce him. Silvestre is tried and tested. I would be happy with either solution to be honest – Traore is certainly the more exciting option though, as you say.

    Fingers crossed Gibbo’s substitution was just precautionary anyhow.

  119. JD sombody mentioned Ramsey is also injured.

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