RvP’s Senseless Injury In Pointless International

If FIFA wonder why supporters of Premier League clubs hate international weeks, especially those that are for meaningless friendlies, then they should look at the case of Robin van Persie. Off the top of my head, I can think of one other occasion when he has suffered serious injury wearing the orange of The Netherlands. van Persie is not the only player that this has happened to, others have been struck down through pointless games being played to assuage the egos of national associations. Little wonder that Arsene resents the interference in the domestic season that these interruptions bring.

At this moment in time, no definitive information is available as the length of his absence. Estimates range from two to twelve months. Only one media outlet that I have seen refers to this as the moment that Arsenal’s season falls apart – step forward Mail on Sunday hacks – and it would premature to assume that this is the case anyway. The outcome of x-rays and specialist opinions will no doubt drive whether Arsene dives into the January transfer window, completing a deal on day one rather than in the closing minutes.

With Bendtner out, the short-term options are limited. Whether or not those away on loan can be recalled is one thing, the deciding factor will be whether Arsene believes that he can work with the assets he has to hand. The most obvious replacement for van Persie is Eduardo. Suspect though his fitness has been this season through niggling injuries, the Croat is the most natural and experienced finisher in the first team squad not currently knocking on the door of the medical rooms at London Colney.

Having squared up to Thomas Vermaelen some time ago when the Belgian played for Ajax, it seems that Chellini was intent on furthering his Arsenal credentials with an agricultural tackle in a match that was only significant for the 100th cap awarded to Buffon. The mentality of the player is questionable, especially since barely 15 minutes had been played.

The injury overshadowed other international performances ranging from the ugliness of Arshavin’s display for Russia, the good in Vermaelen scoring and Cesc’s cameo for Spain and the beauty of Aaron Ramsey’s domination of the Scottish midfield. The Welshman was simply outstanding, at the heart of everything good about his country’s display, creating two goals with incisive and intuitive passes, capping it all off with a superb solo effort that showed guile throughout and muscle at the end to create the finish. A heartwarming sign of growing maturity.

van Persie’s injury cuts one tale of transfer speculation off at the knees before it had even started. News of the World rumours about a £10m bid for Eduardo from Liverpool were risible to begin with, now they are terminated in a bitter manner. That is before anyone explains how the fee was being funded. Still, Arsenal needs another midfielder and the same hacks put forward a new name – Maicosuel. Ten out of ten for originality but the rumours don’t seem to be funny this morning. Elsewhere it seems Philippe Senderos is not ruling out leaving Arsenal in January nor is ruling out staying. It is called keeping his options open apparently.

I think I’ll join Arsene in trashing a case of Italian beer whilst crying into my Oranjeboom. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I hate interlulls

  2. This is such a sickening thing to keep happening to us. Now we will see the mental strength and depth of the squad.
    The only positive I can think of is that Eduardo is an absolutely brilliant player.
    For RVP it is a personal tragedy, for us it is a disappointment.




  4. Makes you wonder why we dont do the withdrawn through injury routine Like the other 3 of the big four, Wenger is to honest i expect.

    Get well soon VP we will miss you

  5. Agricultural? That’s just a great tackle at speed: mo maliciousness, no intent, just a really good tackle. Looks like Van Persie got the injury from rolling the ankle, and nothing that Chiellini did.

    Your one-eyed assesment does you no credit, and only serves to hide the fact that RVP is made of glass and cannot be relied on.

    Shit happens.

  6. will wenger be back in for Chamakh? or will we rely on Eduardo (back from injury?), Vela (injured atm), Bendtner (injured atm) Watt (too raw)?

  7. Well, it thad to happen, almost. And while a huge blow, what with VP being in form and all, here’s hoping Eduardo can cope or even thrive in his absence. Fingers crossed. As Chuck D once said, “refuse to lose”.

  8. Oh well, at least Eduardo will get the chance to play in his favourite position and Vela will get his chance to play. Hopefully theyll do well.

    RVPs injury sucks though, he was on top form for us.

  9. I hope we can continue 4. 3. 3 or 4. 1. 4. 1 as AW calls it. Vela did play a a couple of games in a similar role to RVP so lets hope he and Theo fill the breach with Eduardo. Bentdner will back for December.At this moment we have Fabianski, Clichy, Djouru, Denilson, RVP, Bentdner, Walcott, Vela, Wilshere, and Diably, on the injured list. Depending on the final prognosis on RVP maybe Chamakh is worth a punt in January

  10. wenger should go in for Dzeko at january..

  11. agree with Carter ,this was a great tackle by Chiellini.simple .Van Persie was unlucky (again)and got a stupid injury.
    why we dont do like the other team, declare a player injured and two day later he play in the league.
    Chance to Eduardo to show he can lead our attack

  12. It’s so gutting to lose RvP when he’s such a brilliant form. Fingers crossed, Eduardo steps up and delivers. Hope yesterday’s two goals he scored against Liechtenstein will spur him on.

  13. @ Carter
    Your total lack of sympathy does YOU no credit.

    Poor, poor Robin. He must be one of the unluckiest players in the world. Please let it not be too serious. The pain suffered isn’t always an indicator.

    The problem is not so much doing without RvP for several months as doing without him for the next few weeks. However, Eduardo can definitely do a job – intelligent, hungry, our best finisher. We play the 6-foot 4-inch Bendtner wide, so why wouldn’t we play Eduardo in the middle? And I believe Walcott is back in training this week and Vela is also fit again. And let’s face it, our midfielders score for fun, don’t they?

    It’s devastating for Robin and upsetting for us fans, but Arsene will have a back-up plan.

  14. YW,

    Would you please delete that comment from the braindead “drogula”? It’s vomit inducing.

  15. TBH chiellini challenge is absolutely fair .As ungry as everybody Vaan persie i believe because is 100% commitment looks to me has take the worst.He was trying to shoot fiercely and he miss the ball and obviously got injured.By looking at the brazil v england friendly yesterday all the brazilian players they were just playing easy and effective without killing themselves.why they have to ? end of the day it is just a friendly game.
    We are not a one man team but definetly Arsene has to do something about it .They already cemented theyr position on the world cup they have without a shadow of a doubt all arsenal players are not bench warmers.OHH they have to impress the coach.
    To me is beyond belief this kind of stupid injuries and i blame the player and no one else.It is not a professional.It is simply stupidity.

  16. If the injury is long term I can definitely see Wenger in for Chamakh in Jan. His contract is up in the summer so it’s a case of when he leaves not if.

    I don’t think that the tackle on RVP was malicious or even that bad when you compare it to some of the tackles seen in the PL week in week out, many of which are only punished by a yellow card.

  17. harnet: maybe we should just forward his comment on to Wenger and let him show the team before the Chelsea game.

  18. listen to drogula

    Bragging about a team that was established in 2004.

    Fuck yourself mate and your diving cheating namesake drogbreath….and your captin from a family of criminals….your N95 right back and your sleezy monobrow right back james bond henchman.

  19. left back cashley*

  20. my apologies yogi,

    I take it all back

  21. drogula
    “2 b honest we dont even consider u a threat”

    Who’s “we”? Didn’t Ancelotti say he thinks Arsenal are a threat just a few days ago?

  22. The tackle looks fair enough but RVP had all his weight on his right ankle as he was pulling the trigger. It certainly looks a bad one but we`ll hopefully know more later today.

    In a worse case scenario, I`d imagine Bordeaux would be reluctant to let Chamakh leave in January bearing in mind their qualification for the last 16 of the CL. The same goes for Dzeko at Wolfsburg.

    It certainly gives Bendtner & maybe Vela their opportunity (injury permitting) but I`d like to see Jay Simpson back as cover if possible.

    On a more optimistic note Aaron Ramsey is going to be the dogs. He made everyone`s favourite midfielder , Darren Fletcher look what he is yesterday – average.

  23. I read here the tackle was great, not malicious ???? Oh my god how blind can you be not to see the studs first attack on the ankle ???

  24. Isn’t January the last time Bordeaux will be able to get any money for Chamakh? I guess they have a difficult decision ahead.

    In the meantime – and shoot me down if you want – I’m thinking that AW could do worse than giving JET a sniff.

    Our squad is so deep that there’ll never be a dearth of talent, even with 6+ first team injuries, but we certainly do not have a surplus of tall, strong players. These are few and far between.

    Of course, at 19 he’d never be the answer, but he’d definitely add some extra height and bulk to the squad in RvP and Nicklas’ absence.

    JET’s not really a centre forward; I think he’d make a difference playing on the right of a front three.

    Word from Blackpool is that he has stacks of talent, but took some time to adjust to the frenetic pace in the championship, before really coming good in the last couple of games.

  25. Really upset about Robin but it was a fair tackle.

    Really worried now.I was glad the Greedy one was sold but Arsene went into the season without replacing him so we started one striker short and all are strikers have suffered long tem injuries over the last few seasons
    Dont think Eddy can play 10 games in a row straight so that leaves Vela who is unproven in the prem.

  26. Funny. Here in the Netherlands the Chelsea and Arsenal fans co-exist, in harmony and often support of one another, cause the Mancs and Scouse basterds are so maddeningly arrogant and stupid. Why can’t English KGB Fulham fans do that?

    Must say, it was horrible to witness. vP was screaming, writhing in real agony (not that stupid Drogba epilepsy thing). You could hear his screams on the feed, despite lying on the pitch. You just knew it was wrong when he tried to spring up, only to collapse. Dutch TV first said he would be out till March, but that was fearmongering.
    Everyone should hate friendlies, that is for sure. It was pointless, abject, and one of the worst and most boring matches I have ever witnessed. Italians are great defenders but as subtle as orange cars.

    Hope he recovers quickly.

  27. Doesn’t really make a difference if the tackle was fair or not, it happened and the consequences exist either way.

    There are too many quality players for us to struggle for goals.

    Can’t see any need to invest there in January. Bendtner looks to have progressed massively this year in attitude and performance, Eduardo was always quality, and we are yet to see vela or walcott this season.

    If this puts more pressure on anyone, it will be the defence not attack. We will score still, we just might have to defend a little better at times.

  28. I’m afraid I agree, the tackle was hard but fair; he rolled his ankle (done it myself). It is not, however, the end of the world. Who is our leading scorer in all competitions this season? Step forward, Cesc, more of the same please.

    And drogula is an imbecile – why not leave his (grammar, spelling and punctuation error ridden) comment up so we can point and laugh when we take them apart at the Grove.

  29. Lets not sugar coat the damage to Arsenal; this is a serious blow to our title aspirations. RVP has been very critical to our goal-scoring. It may seem we have sufficient forwards in reserve, i.e. Eduardo, Arshavin (thanks YW for coming out and saying he had a shocker vs Slovenia), Vela, Walcott, and Bendtner, but apart from the majority having some recent injury problem the main point is they lack the quality which made us such a free-scoring team. Arsene, I am sure, will adapt, and I anticipate that we will be more conservative; forget about breaking the 100 goal barrier for instance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that RVP will recover soon.

    PS: Yesterday, I expressed doubts about the new arrivals on our bandwagon. Any bets about how long this new found love for the team will last?

  30. Up socks and forward lads! You are The Arsenal. Rather than having an injury be a turning point in a bad way (ala the Eduardo injury) use this as more fuel for the fire you are burning under those who would slate you. The water gets hotter for the hacks and losers the better you play. So RVP is injured, personally gutted for him and hope for a speedy recovery, but shit happens. He isn’t made of glass and YW isn’t to be slated for calling that tackle agricultural (you are a tool Carter). It’s enough to make you hopping mad. Take it out on Sunderland!


  31. BentleyTheFlyingSpur

    If idiot had a son, he would be drogula. Never mind about rvp, goons. Time to prove big gob keano wrong eh? When he said our bench is stronger? Fucking tosser.

  32. We’re all jumping the gun a little here, there is no confirmation on what his injury is, it could be minor although it doesn’t look to be right now.

    As for that Chelsea fans comment, that’s just the comment of someone who has seen the best of his team this season and knows it’s all downhill from here.

    Lamp, Drogs, cashley etc out injured, the african cup of nations and banned from buying in january, it’s pretty obvious Chelsea fans are bricking it as they know their team will nosedive.

    We have Eduardo (who’s been crying out for more games) Rocky, nasri, Arshavin, ramsey, fabregas, merida, vela & walcott (returning to fitness) all in goal scoring form. Even Vermaelen has scored the same amount of goals as Lampard and Anelka (the top scorer last season) have all season lol, Chelsea are worse off than liverpool, without Droggers, they’re finished. He pretty much either scored or provided an assist for every winning goal this season for chelsea.

    Chelsea only have three players that have scored more goals than Diaby and he’s our worst player!!!!!

    I pity Chelsea, yet again their fans have been led to believe by the media that they’re the strongest contenders for the title and yet again they’ll miss out.

  33. Oh and did I mention Jay Simpson? The lad has been blazing a trail for QPR.

    I’m not negating the loss of RVP by the way, it is a big one but not as disastrous as many would make out. We’re well covered for his absence however long it will be.

    The only thing that bothers me is the impending transfer talk that it will inevitably create amongst knee-jerk gooners that will cry out for Wenger to buy in January. “We can’t challenge with our current squad” “we need a DM” “Song isn’t good enough (change that to – is leaving for the ACN)” “we need a target man to replace Adebayor” “Please Mr. Wenger buy the players in the positions I think we need from my informative position as an armchair supporter”.

  34. Um, Bongo?

    Chelsea aren’t banned from buying in January. It was overturned.

    Keep up.

  35. friendlies need to be scrapped at all cost

  36. Really? Heh, lets see them find a forward as good as drogba willing to sit on the bench when he returns.

  37. I don’t think they’ll have much of a problem attracting a new striker seeing that they only have two of them.

  38. I don’t think JET is ready yet. Noone’s quite sure where to play him and for each moment of magic there’s 15 minute spells of wandering around looking a bit lost. Jay Simpson on the other hand, is ready.

    I hear Eds scored twice for Croatia last night? Anybody got a clip of the goals?

    Most stories are going with 2-3 months which is an improvement on the 12 month maximum you scared the shit out of me with, Yogi.

  39. Although it is a massive shame about robin i am certain ed will thrive with a run in the team again he is right up with the best finishers in europe in my opinion. Also i think vela is pure class to and could finally get a chance to show his talent in the prem.

  40. That’s true, but try and name one that has Drogba’s ability, who will be available in january, one capable of adapting to the premier league mid season and who will be willing to sit on the bench for the few months leading up to the world cup when Drogba returns.

  41. I hate italian players!….they are complete tool!!!….bunch of whinin cheats and obviously the worst players on earth!….stupid Italians

  42. Again we suffer for the pointlessness of international football. I may speak out of turn here, but as someone who us not remotely patriotic I feel the timing of international games must be looked at for the future of club football.

    I realise that it’s not just Arsenal that suffer but as we have a relativly weak squad especially up front, we are not in a position were we can afford to lose yet more players to injury, last time robin was injured playing for holland it was a 4 month wait, and the same with theo and his shoulder, we are coming into one of the most important parts of the season the Christmas run in and 14 games that will make or break the rest of the season. Arsenal have been in sensational form and I really hope that this is not de ja vu again this season as we fail to keep pace when injuries take their tol. You really must question the FA and the timing of international games, I will prob be alone here, but I’d quite happily abolish international football, it’s boring, England are crap anyway and at major tournaments I’d pretty much watch any other team over them.

    I hope eduardo can step up, other than RVP he is the only proven striker we have, I have never rated Bendtner I was hoping he would move on in the summer and we could of brought a truly worldclass player, I hope that wenger doesn’t regret not spending in the summer and indeed if thats the case January should be a prority for re inforcements.

    It seems the arsenal injury curse is set to roll on, let’s just hope that we continue as started and keep the goals coming from all over the starting 11.

  43. Yes Jay Simpson has been on fire at QPR but the difference between the championship and the premiership is massive

    Did anyone notice Brazil who with Spain are best team in the world brought that pile of shite Baptista on as a sub yesterday.Are Brazil really that short of players??????

  44. Vic

    Vito Mannone is Italian

  45. Dudu can show how good he is, He’s part of the S-class of Wenger players, the ones Wenger never tones down when explaining how good they are.. Wenger doesn’t explain Dudu as a very good striker he calls him a Fantastic striker..

    They said Dudu would stop scoring for Croatia because he has a telepathic connection with Modric, who feeds him, they were mistaken Dudu will find the space and we’ve got passers who far surpass the abilities of Modric.

  46. @Sam, I understand why there is a need for international friendlies and also why top club supporters hate them.

    The main reason (even above patriotism) for internationals is that supporters of lesser teams can have players like, rooney, lampard, gerard etc on their team and cheer for them, something which would never happen on club level for them.

    Top club supporters don’t care about that reason as we already have those players in our teams.

    Plus international competitions are a great excuse to watch football during the summer.

  47. Aaron Ramsey is a fucking hero waiting to happen.

    And let’s stick Vermaelen up top, with Ramsey playing just behind him, feeding that lethal left peg. Bang bang bang.

    Oh I’m so fucking hungover and this news has not helped at all. Does anybody know how to make a Prairie Oyster?

  48. It is sad news for the squad and for RVP but it is a squad game after all.

    One mans pain will be one mans gain. It is time for Eduardo to rise to the top once again and show what ridiculous finisher he is. Once he hits top form he will put so many chances away from Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri et al.

    Robin can come back fresh with plenty of football to play in the championship race.

    Come on you Gooners!

  49. Thank you, Mean Lean. You’re helping.

  50. Where have you been all season Sam?

    “relatively weak squad”, “hoped for a world class striker”.

    Have you been watching Arsenal at all?

    This team will manage without Robin. A huge loss certainly but he is not Arsenal all by himself.

  51. I think the more tragic thing will be for the fans and the team (which I highly doubt) to believe that the squad cannot continue it’s stellar performances at the moment.

    RVP’s loss is a massive blow, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means. The team will adapt, and if there’s any other player in the world that I’d like to see step up to the plate, then it’s Mr. Da Silva.

    We forget that like Vermaelen, the reason why Eduardo came to the attention of Arsenal is that while playing against us, he terrorized us and even scored a wonder goal. Eduardo is not only the most clinical finisher and assassin in front of goal in the EPL – he is a magical playmaker capable of breathtaking link up play when he actually gets into the mix. The only other clinical finisher and striker I’d have in the world is Carlos Vela and guess what, we own him.

    More importantly, we cannot continue to wax lyrical about the talent, strength and depth of this squad if we’re not prepared to trust them to do the job. RVP’s injury needs to be set aside now – I’m sure Bouchra can keep him gainfully employed at home – but the team has to focus on the next phase of the season.

    Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri, Eduardo, Vela, and Walcott will scare the living shit out of any defense in Europe. Bendtner I’m sure will also have something to say about being left out of the party when he’s good to go in about 4 weeks.

    What concerns me more is the impending hyperbole about the copitulation (to use ACLF’s new favourite word) of our title challenge. Sucking up to such nonsense just shows how weak we are if we’re not prepared to acknowledge what we have. Besides, we can’t get any reinforcements until January if it for some reason turns out that we actually need them – and I would struggle to find someone that Wenger can buy off the shelf to slot in. He’s already told Chamakh that he doesn’t need him any more.

  52. Isn’t Walcott due to return to training this week? Could be his chance to play the central striker. Isn’t that what he wants?

  53. 3 injurys will not necessarily make wenger buy as he knows this is a particualry bad run of luck that only affects 2 weeks of the season after int break. wallcott and bentdner are due back 3-4 weeks.

    we will miss RVP link play the most which is why i would like to see rosicky/nasri and eduardo up front in a more 442 type system.

    Arshavin is far TOO LAZY! he has touches of brilliance we all know but that really is only 60-70% of the time. stick him up front alone and he could be found out if he doesn’t step up.

    not sure vela can play this role as RVP has been constantly been griping about the difficulty of playing the lone link man and its only his utter class in finishing which has pulled us through on more than one occasion where we could have dropped points.

    Jay simpson is a good shout in jan – if wenger agrees but perhaps this may tip him over the balance. we are a little short on out an out strikers in both first team and reserves considering theos injury troubles.

    PS haven’t seen much of him but that andy carrol of newcastle……… looks like a cross between vermealen and adebeyor…….. stranger things have happened.

  54. also this posses a biger question of whether we can now effectively go back to 442 without a drop in form.

    at least we know song is now a world class holder on his own and unlike 4 months go does not need denilson as a wing man but will F4 have the same freedom?

  55. actually forget it. we’ll be fine !


  56. geez! reading some commemts you would think we only have one striker. RVP’s injury is a massive blow(I feel sorry for him), but I dont understand how we can look at a squad with AA, Vela, Walcott and Eduardo and think we are in a dire situation, not to mention goals are coming from all over the place. How one can even dare to doubt Eduardo is ridiculous! the guy is class as is all the others.

  57. lol so the reserve and youth teams all re-shape themselves to a 4-3-3 only for one player to be lost then everything must change again..

    can’t wait for the hacks to start attacking the squad that didn’t have a real goal outlet in the 1st place..lol

  58. Kitchen sink.

    Actually, the only thing pissing me off at the moment is the panic “how the hell will we cope” sentiments being bandied around.

    If it wasn’t tragic it’ll be funny. The only headache Wenger has is what to do with his options and how to get the team playing to the strengths of the individuals left in the team.

    The biggest threat to our season this far and our ability to win trophies is the band of fickle fans that we have who have no faith and don’t understand the responsibility and role we have as fans during slippery but manageable phases of the season.

    We have the personnel to do the job, period.

  59. Van Persie has been undervalued and underappreciated by many Arsenal fans for years – now that he’s injured it turns out he’s the one player in the squad we can’t do with out. Bullshit.

    You’re absolutely right, word. Let’s change the formation and buy Andy Carroll. Great shout. We might as well buy malnourished Crouch while we’re at it. RVP’s out, the time for Wengerball is over. It’s time instead for a big lone front man, someone we can lump long balls up to. We should never have sold Adebayor – loved that guy, sprung the offside trap like a magician.

  60. California Gooner

    I think those who list all of our goal scorers and creative players are missing the point. RVP has been a fulcrum around which the team’s attacks have developed this year. His movement up front, sometimes drifting back to create space for other players and sometimes making runs behind the defense was a key to everything we did this year.

    The only players I can see who will do that are Eduardo and Bendtner and Bendtner is injured. If Eduardo can slot in we will be fine. If not, we will have to learn to play a different way. I don’t doubt the talent, but that #9 position really is important to how we have played so far.

  61. glad you back limps…

    Darius.. UNITY!!

  62. Good posts, Darius.

    Luckily, the team have belief in themselves, even if the fans don’t. Robin is a key man for our new system, but we are not dependent on any one individual. We should be counting ourselves lucky that we can call on a player like Eduardo as backup!

    Anyway, I thought AA was the player without whom we could win nothing?

  63. They’re not missing the point, California Gooner. They are making the same point that you are making – that we have other options and we can adapt.

  64. ‘…key to everything we did this year.’ CG, you sound as though the season is over. Surely you mean, everything we’ve done so far.

    Chin up. Yes RVP has been in great form acting as a kind of fulcrum in the front three as you say, but you’re wrong to assume that role is the sole or exclusive preserve of one individual. The key to eveything we’ve done so far this year is playing beautiful football as a team, each man holding their own in each position, this isn’t about to change. The only thing about to change is the scoresheet, because Eduardo’s about to score a hatful of goals.

  65. Enough Panic.

    We had a player injured…It’s awful and we all love RvP so it’s upsetting.

    It’s frustrating that it seems to always happen during pointless friendly matches, but let’s not go off the rails. We don’t even know what’s wrong yet, and beyond that we know the most important thing…it’s NOT broken. We would have known right away.

    With any luck, he’ll back in the squad in a month.

  66. Yes CG our number 9 really is important but only Arsenal could have fared so well with out him.. now he’s back ..


  67. RVP out would be a loss but I wouldn’t be too concerned. Many fans have been complaining about our young players not being given a chance to play, so this is as good a time as any.

    Such an irony that many of those fans are now losing confidence in the talent that they themselves have championed before now that the situation is staring at them in the face.

    Our forward line may not seem tall but they definitely have strength and great technical ability, and that counts for alot more than size. I wouldn’t trade Vela or Eduardo for a Carlton Cole or Drogba any day. With the run of games coming hard and fast we will definitely have to rotate our squad, so RvP probably wouldn’t play every game even if he was fit. Now’s a good time for Arsene to experiment and try out different players in new positions.

    With the array of talent that we have coupled with their experience of having played together for a few seasons already, I’m extremely excited about this season. Our time is now. Up Gunners!

  68. Yeah, the JET suggestion was just me thinking about how AW will address the team’s physical balance, which is something he’s always banging on about – and makes sense with the Chelsea and their team of machos on the horizon.

    I think this puts JET a closer to the first team than under other circumstances, but I suppose we’ll see him in the CC and go from there.

    I don’t have a special thing for him, by the way…although I was a fan of Jet from gladiators when I was tiny. Maybe that’s got something to do with it.

    Anyway, I’ve had trouble finding the Wales goals from yesterday, but they finally showed up on 101 this afternoon:



  69. F/G @ 4:11 pm – I loved your post.
    “I thought AA was the player without whom we could win nothing?”
    Wasn’t he supposed to be our savior while RVP could, well, just RIP.
    We are entering into a challenging period. The squad has belief. Can we say the same for 12th man?

  70. California Gooner

    FunGunner, Limpar, I agree that others can step in. But changing a formula that has worked so well is difficult to do in the middle of the season. We’re talking chemistry. Until now, RVP (along with Cesc) was the stick that stirred the drink.

    Arshivin can create goals from nothing and will have to step up, and Nasri and Rosicky have been huge in the few games they’ve been in. But mostly we will have to see how effective Eduardo is as the focus of attack. I think he is a brilliant player, much more than a ‘fox in the box’, and so he can do it.

    Anyhow, thanks for your optimism. I am not doom and gloom, but this does create uncertainty…

  71. Calm down. There’s more to Arsenal this season than RvP. The squad’s there to cope with injuries, which always happen. That combined with the fluid flexibleinterchanging style of Arsenal’s front six will still be there.

  72. While it sucks that RVP picked up an injury (and fingers crossed it’s nothing that will keep him out till next year) it’s not the end of the world. He is an important part to our link play up front, but still, we have people that can replace him. If Eduardo can continue the form he has shown @ Croatia, he will be a good replacement.

  73. Has there been much doom mongering on here today? It is a crying shame that RvP got innured for nothing! A stupid friendly. But that is what has happened and I hope the early estimates regarding the time out is way over the top.

    But it is a squad game and we have a great squad, even with the amount of injuries we have!

    Eduardo will come in and do a great job for us. No problem and Robin will come back fresh and raring to go and to carry on where he left off.

  74. Thanks OneOfUs, that was great. I really love watching Ramsey play, he’s so exciting with the ball at his feet.

    I also used to fancy Jet from Gladiators. She was one of my first loves, along with Jessica Rabbit.

  75. i like this title

    RVP crocked, press the panic button!!!

  76. From Arseblogger in August:
    “I’d agree with those who say van Persie could do with a goal, he’s still obviously learning that lone striker role, but as long as the goals are going in and we’re winning the games it doesn’t really matter who scores. If you’re a team that is dependent for the most part on your strikers for goals then you’re in trouble when they don’t score. We have a team that, at the moment, can bang them in from all over the pitch. To me that’s a positive.”

    RvP out is bad because he is just that quality of a player…we will always be better with him in. But scoring goals is not our problem. If the front of our 4-1-4-1 is Nasri-Cesc-Rosicky-Arshavin–Eduardo, I’m not that worried about goals, are you?

  77. @California gooner.

    I understand where you’re coming from in noting that RVP has been the fulcrum of the attack. But that right there is the key, whoever plays in that position will still be the fulcrum.

    Its unfair and less positive to suggest that RVP is the only player who can hack that position. Eduardo is as good a ‘false’ no.9 as RVP is and his link up play is also ecstatic when he gets going. The way Arsenal play and the chances we create won’t change – the personnel will. And that is the mark of a great team.

    Another way to look at this is by considering the dilemma to other teams.

    If they take the naive view that RVP is not there so they can brethe better, there’s only 3 players in the EPl who can effortlessly and clinically punish such a stupid team. One of them is Torez, and the other 2 play for Arsenal – Eduardo and Arshavin. And we haven’t even considered our natural born finisher Carlos the Jackal.

    If they take the view that Eduardo is indeed too much of a risk to leave alone and police mark him all over the pitch – there’s equally no one as good to drag defenders in and around the box chasing shadows and creating space for our other lethal attackers to strike.

    Either way, we still create chances and we still score the goals.

  78. Or, on the other hand, Arsenal players that are healthy will step up and perform. I have no doubt that this will happen.

  79. One of the most annoying things about these stupid internationals is that the players wont be back till Friday and have little time to practice the new line up.
    Often after the international break we have played sluggishly for the first game, it will be a big challenge at Sunderland the North East Bogey area, and without Song whos had four yellows and who we need for the Chelsea game. This is the team for the squad to show its class and make the hacks eat their words.

  80. wasn’t really dooming to hard there i didn’t think just wondering how the team might adapt a unique sytem to compensate a meaningful loss. eduardo will probably slot in fine but a plan b would proabably be a good idea – no?

    and all the counter doom shit is really just as boring if not more so.

    ‘just support the team guys’ – yeah no shit
    ‘you all said the opposite a few months’ – really??

  81. Word.

    Plan B is to play Almunia up front since he’s the tallest fella we have left and Eboue in goal since he is the most versatile player and will slot in wherever the team needs him.

  82. darius thats not a bad idea.

    I put almunia as a cf on pro the other day and beat my manc mate 2-0.

    Big al scored both! turns out van der sar is shit in front of goal y’see.

    In almunia we have a predator, an ariel threat and he’ll put the willies up any opposing defence on his day.

  83. Maybe we should try to get Lehmann back in the January transfer window? He is actually a proven goalscorer…unless the ref sees him punching the balls in.

  84. Sprained ankles take anything from 4 – 12 weeks to heal depending upon severity. For RvP to be fit probably means 6 – 16 weeks. Realistically he will not be back before Christmas. We have to adapt…the system will not change. RvP has really stepped up when we needed him. Now it is someone else’s turn. We will beat Chelski in two weeks time, and RvP will be back for the away fixture.

    Get some time with your childre, Robin. We need you for the second half of the season.

    Robin Van persie…clickclickclick….Robin Van Persie..clickclickclick


  85. now its definatley torn ligaments guys

    bad bad news

  86. When will clubs put their foot down about these ridiculous friendlies? There is just too much money at stake for this bullshit. And if anyone thinks Eduardo won’t be injured soon, get real, you just know it’s in the cards, he has looked fragile since he’s been back. What is it with the high-skill Dutch players (RvP, Robben) inability to not get injured? Bizarre. I say put Arshavin up front (it’s what he wants anyway) and see what’s what, he could make unstoppable runs and killer finishes all day long.

  87. thats a bit harsh, van persie has had a good run without any niggles it was just a freak yesterday.

    any way its official that he will be out for a long time and we’ll have to live with it and make do with the any mediocre attack we can fashion

    arshavin eduardo rosicky?

    arshavin eduardo eboue?

    Rosicky vela walcott?

    Rosicky arshavin walcott??

  88. Eduardo, Vela, Arshavin, Cesc, Rosicky are all intelligent players. That’s why they will all have a good understanding with each other. It isn’t just a special thing with RvP and Cesc.

  89. You get torn ligaments even with minor sprains. So RvP is in for an enforced rest. But we can and will prevail this season. By mid-January we will be ahead by more than a nose. RvP will be back with us by then and we will win the EPL by a country mile. He will also be back for the next round of the ECL….I am sure we will stuff Standard Liege next week. We will be back to full strength by January when it really matters. In the meantime we get to see Eduardo come back to form…and maybe Abou can take a more advanced position. Carlos Vela and Sanchez Watt may see a bit more action too….and of course Theo , Samir and Tomas have yet to real figure. AA can score for fun. We have many, many options to try before Robin returns. No point buying in January…they will all be back by then.


  90. I’d say this lot might carve out a couple of opportunities against Sunderland.

    – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – Ramsey – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – Nasri – – – – Fabregas- – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Rosicky – – – – – – – – – – – – – Diaby
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – Eduardo – – – – – – – –

    With Vela and Walcott coming off the bench?


  91. I agree with Frank and I feel really sorry for Robin who has been in such wonderful form. I haven’t seen the challenge yet and I hope it wasn’t malicious. Still, as Frank says, we have lots of options.

    ps Great to see Aaron Ramsey put the Scots to the sword!

  92. Well said Frank, it’s nice for once someone is optomistic. Stupid foul, in a pointless game. Gutted, but all is not lost. If we survive this period we’ll be stronger tha ever when rvp comes back

  93. i wont put up with any bad mouthing of darren fletcher….the man is WORLD class.

    Yesterday when ramsey scored he quite clearley fouled fletch’ with the ball by bouncing it off him.

    And a donkey could tell you the foul would have been given if it wasnt for wenger putting in the poison.

  94. and limpar,

    on paper that line up sounds good, very good, excellent, world class even.

    But we dont have Darren Fletcher…. a midfielder so good that I cant even think of a relative to finish this sentence. A man soo good I cant even finish this second sentence.

    And that will show when the end of the season comes.

  95. to be honest i would start Song, Ramsey can play against liege

  96. to be honest i would start Song, Ramsey can play against liegen next week

  97. A “hit?” I think there should be an investigation. I haven’t looked at the numbers since RVPs injury but surely the numbers changed against Arsenal. Someone who bet heavily against the Gunners as title favorites are dancing a gig at their turn of “fortune.” But the mob would never dream of such a thing, nor would they use an Italian player nor would they interfere with professional sports where gambling is involved.

  98. Height is my only worry with RVP, Bendtner & Diaby out.

    I have ZERO (zilch, nada, nought) worries about Eduardo. He’s a top class player who knows where the goal is.

    We saw him in the Emirates club when he played upfront by himself, and we saw him do it against Celtic.

    He has been brilliant when he’s led the line.

    Let’s get Robin back quickly. Hopefully the lad also gets some rest, and time to take care of his infant daughter.

    Now let’s go win the league.

  99. Don’t forget Nacer.

  100. It looks like there could be a big market for chocolate backbones. They’re not as good as the real thing; but they’re better than nothing, which is what a lot of people seem to have.

  101. I think Nacer is injured, Pz. Out until the new year if I remember right.

  102. Yes, yes, the poor darling had to have an operation on his shoulder. He could be back before the end of the year. His recovery is going well.

  103. I’d be genuinely astonished if Arsene got involved in the January sales. Not his/our style at all.

  104. Eduardo is classy and just needs the games to get back in form. His time has come.

  105. But…..

    Why does RVP always get injured in November? November is his evil month.

  106. Glad to see a few more people trying to look on the bright side. Totally agree Frank.

    I am as gutted as anyone for RVP, but chances are he will be back fully rested in time for the business end of the season. In the meanwhile we have options, all we need is the supporters to maintain their strong belief in the rest of the squad. The sky is not falling, don’t let anyone convince you of that no matter how it looks.

  107. Arsenal’s Saed Hajrovic won his first World Cup today…albeit at under-17 level.

    Congrats to him. Now it’s time to go and actuallky become world-class.

  108. 5-8 weeks is the latest estimated forecast of absence.

    Fingers crossed its no more than that.

    ‘partial’ ligament damage aparantley

  109. Ole Gunner..that Swiss player is signed to Arsenal?

  110. Sky Sports are now reporting that Ramsey has withdrawn from the Welsh squad and their midweek game with a back problem!

  111. http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/match-centre/article210423

    I fancied a change of subject – I think JAR may be right

  112. well 2-3 months could be worse, sky sports news have reported he won’t need any operations or anything. that’s good. personally it’s good for him, he can spend some time with his family and the new-born. In other news, Sky Sports understands that Manny Pacquiao will take up singing

  113. Ole Gunner, the word on the Arsenal youth blogs is that Arsenal have picked up a few Swiss youngsters prior to this victory. It certainly suggests that the club have their finger on the pulse of where the latest talent is coming from.

  114. Limpar @ 7:25 pm – I admire your optimism, I truly do but that midfield is unbalanced; many technically good players but they are all offensive minded. Apart from the defenders, there is no truly defensive minded player in that line-up. Furthermore, there is very little physicality (no height, no bulk). Without RVP, get used to seeing a lot of Eboue and Diaby (as you selected) in any future starting XI, at lest initially.

  115. Isn’t it remarkable, Passenal?

    All the best kids seem to have been on Arsenal’s radar at some point.

  116. Thanks Ole..it good to see that our Club knows where the talent is..

  117. deano;

    Where did that 5-8 week estimate come from?

    Thanks in advance.

  118. So mad and sad for RVP’s injury for a stupid useless international again…don’t feel much like talking about football, but…

    We should not let this pull us down, someone will step up and score the goals…Eduardo, Arshavin, someone..and we will keep going.

    A R S E N A L

  119. We have a solution to RVP’s absence ” Arshavin” . I will not be surprised if Wenger plays him there and Nasri on the right. I think he will be a good option despite his lack of height he is strong full of trickery and a deadly finisher. Can assist too .He has plenty of experience and will not be fazed by his new role.
    Reyes insist Fabregas will not leave Arsenal. He said”People talk about Cesc Fabregas as if his move back to Spain is imminent but I can’t see him leaving Arsenal now or in the foreseeable future,”.
    I agree with Mr Reyes.

  120. Correction “Nasri or Rosicky on the left”

  121. Arshavin as lone striker?!

    I salute your creativity.

  122. What a star you are, Passenal

  123. Realistically, RVP will probably be back by the beginning of March. It means we will go about half the season without him, including the critical stretch of three consecutive games against Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool.

    It will come down to either Eduardo or Bendtner being able to put together a sustained run of form, and both of them are capable of it.

    The biggest question at the beginning of the season was whether we could replace Kolo at the back. That has been emphatically answered.

    The answer to replacing RVP has to lie within the team, and hopefully we will have a fully fit Bendtner to provide additional options to Eduardo as our lead striker.

    I can’t see Arsene getting back into the transfer market unless a serious injury hits one of those two players. Someone earlier was spot on when saying neither Dzeko (always unlikely) or Chamakh will be let go with the Champions League round of sixteen coming up.

  124. I might go 4-4-2 and play Andrei and Eduardo up front, but then I might play Theo up front with Eduardo, or I might play Abou up there with either Eduardo or Theo (I like that option), I might have Carlos and Sanchez on the bench. Point is the permutations are endless and the opposition have no clue as to what we will do next. The depth of this squad is awe inspiring.


  125. Just want to give you this update on the news as published in Holland:

    According to the Dutch press agency ANP Robin van Persie are the ligaments from his ankle only partially torn. This has an examination shown in the hospital Sunday evening. The KNVB said the player has no operations. The diagnosis shortly after the game between Netherlands and Italy was correct. The Arsenal striker will be out for about 2 months.

  126. A sprained ankle will not have RvP out until March. Sprained ankles are horrible and they hurt like fuck. Had about eight in my time. They hurt more than a break and I have had two of those. My guess is 4-8 weeks without Robin. Btw, all sprained ankles involve ligament damage. It is not even remotely unusual.

  127. This scan stuff is a load of nonsense. He has a sprained ankle. No real problem. Just a few weeks layoff. Probably the short end of that because he was stretchered off and they would have packed his ankle with ice, loaded him with anti-inflammatories etc etc. FFS, I usually got the bus or drove home after my sprained ankles. He will be fine and I reckon he needs a rest anyway. He is a full on, total commitment sort of player. They are the ones that get hurt.

    Good luck, Robin. Guide us in in the the last half of the season. Meanwhile we will inch towards pole position.


  128. “The prognosis is that I will be out for four to six weeks,” van Persie told the Dutch television station NOS.


  129. There you go…normal stuff for a sprained ankle, OG.

  130. Back for Christmas.

  131. http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=auto|en&u=http://www.nos.nl/nos/artikelen/2009/11/art000001CA6628C74EA4FF.html

  132. Thanks for the news Walter. That’s good to know too Frank – a badly sprained ankle is probably the best we could have hoped for. Thank goodness it’s not a season ending injury as some were only too eager to suggest.

  133. You a member of SETI, OG?

  134. What’s SETI, Frank…

    I’m having a slow brain day.

  135. At the risk of being labelled a doomer, still think he’ll be back at full fitness in early March.

    Maybe I’m still haunted by my torn ligaments that kept my from full fitness for about 16 weeks, but that was 15 years ago, and I’m sure they have robots with dutch accents working on his ankle in a high-pressurized oxygen chamber as we speak…

    Would love for him to be back in January and work himself back to fitness for the big stretch of games.

  136. Sorry, OG…


    It was just the transaltion stuff you posted reminded me of a woman who very nearly became my third wife…..but she disappeared without trace.

  137. Good good, only a sprain not a break anywhere. So, time for arsh and eddie to take the goalscoring into their own hands

  138. I wager that RvP will be back on or before the Everton game on 9th Jan. Probably before.

  139. On a lighter note, thank god it wasn’t Arshavin who had that injury. Can you imagine the weight he would pile on sitting around during the Xmas holidays. RVP is a lean machine, and won’t add 10-15 pounds while he’s laid up.

  140. I agree with Zaparodje

  141. I’m pretty sure I didn’t nearly become your wife and I haven’t disappeared :))

  142. Frank-you’re probably right, and it’s the best possible outcome after seeing him screaming on the ground.

  143. Even worse lagooner, since he is our new saviour, the wailing and gnashing of teeth would have been unbearable, judging by the over-reaction to RVP’s injury!

  144. Passenal you are truly a STAR – I noticed you put one of the chief doom and gloom bloggers in his place earlier “[url=”http://www.goodplaya.com/blog/rvp-news-is-bad-but-needn’t-be-fatal/?”]here[\url]” . He is part of a certain clique who, while not as extreme as L/G, have set them themselves as critics-in-chief of Wenger’s policies, without offering the critical support necessary when the going gets rough.

  145. No, my third wife is in prison. So you are not her. I was thinking of a beautiful lady I was canoodling with just before I met my third wife. Fantastic with horses.

    However, in terms of disappearing, you never can be sure, OG. Have you checked yourself for strange marks, particularly the gap between your whatsit and your thingy…inaccessible places…any memory gaps or lapses? Strange dreams?

  146. Well Frank, there are times when I pass out. It’s usually when I have to watch Chelski, Aston Villa or Bolton.

  147. Shotta, these bloggers just tick me off, they don’t see the hypocrisy of their stance and carry on regardless despite being proven wrong again and again.

  148. You see, OG, these people will know your behaviour patterns if they are watching you. Chelski, Veeella and Ballton gairms are exactly when you are at your most vulnerable.

  149. Anyway I am off to bed now. No night-shift on Sundays. Takes me half an hour to wrap myself in tin foil and my seventh wife is good enough to give each end a good twist. They will never get me…oh no.

  150. Great news the fickle fans were out in their roves calling for the meat monster to be bought in January..

  151. Good point, Passenal!

  152. By the time I`ve read all the comments the Gunners will be in Sunderland. Yes, we have many options and we can move the deck chairs all over the place. The other option ofcourse is not to try and replace van Persie at all, just change the system from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2.

  153. Just a word on these most unpopular international friendlies. Do we play them to appease the endless number of small nations trying to be reconized or is there some purpose that completely eludes me? Don`t know how the continentals feel but EPL managers and fans alike are sick of it. Maybe all the EPL managers who oppose it should petition the ruling body and get things changed.

  154. RVP said he’ll be out for 4-6 weeks. That’s not too bad..

  155. hmm. 6 weeks. Not as bad as first feared.

    Shotta-gunna, I know what you’re saying – a midfield of Ramsey, Nasri and Cesc looks to be all about attack on paper. I’m just thinking if we’re to protect Song from a yellowcard and ban for the Chelsea game there aren’t loads of other options. Ramsey is a great reader of the game and interceptor of the ball, in the same way Denilson is. Nasri too is very industrious when asked to play defensively. They’re wonderful attacking players, but working together especially, they can be an effective defensive duo. And on the break we’ve suddenly got six top class forwards pouring out and it’s sh*t the bed time for Sundeland.

    Re. bulk and height. Diaby can come back and add height on set pieces – so long as he agrees not to bang in any more towering headers – and bulk is overrated. Just because Diaby is big, doesn’t make him a better tackler then Ramsey or Nasri.

  156. come on limps you can’t compare ramsey’s reading to deni..

  157. Maybe not. I’m just saying, Ramsey is a better ball winner and defensive midfielder than he’s given credit for. Doubling up alongside a busy Sammy Nas – they’d happily do a job against Sunderland, who are short their best striker – Jones, and everybody’s favourite tw*t – Lee Cattermole. It’s not a patch on the 1st choice pairing of Deni Nev and One Song – and obviously I’d prefer to see both Ram and Sam playing where they can really set the world alight, further up the pitch. Just don’t underestimate our versatility.

  158. I know what your saying but you shouldn’t have to dis Diaby (our most ragged player) to make your point.. In that response you totally negate Diaby’s considerable defensive contribution..

  159. I don’t mean to dis Abou and he’s in my starting XI to face Sunderland. I was only kidding about the own goal, that was a freak. The defensive side to his game is very useful indeed, and his size is helpful too, but he’s not a defensive midfielder, that’s not why he gets in the team and plays where he does – he was born to attack.

  160. Agreed he has the ability to attack with the best of them, as the most popular belief would suggest.. but like all our players his game is still evolving, not only does Song point out that Diaby can play as the DM but the man who knows him better than any of us feels as he grows older he will become a much greater defensive force..

  161. I seem to remember Song saying that now you mention it – and he should know. That Diaby’ll become a greater defensive force as he matures, there is no doubting. He’s one of the most exciting players we’ve got when you think how complete his all-round game will be in, say, a years time. He’s an incredible force now, he’ll be an unstoppable one soon.

  162. LimparAssist

    I understand you’re very excited about Ramsey. However, one shouldn’t forget that on Saturday against Scotland, Ramsey was given a free role with no defensive responsibility. This was pointed out by Toshack, the Wales coach.
    Ramsey was experimented with a DM role, in place of Song against Wolves, but he didn’t cut the grade. It’s only when Diaby was injured and Ramsey was moved up field to replace Diaby’s position that he got himself a game. Not before that. Although I’m not a fan of Diaby, it’s still frustrating to read that Diaby’s defensive abilities and discipline are questioned while Ramsey’s are not. He is a great prospect and there is no question about that. If there is absolutely no choice but to field Ramsey in a holding role, then we’ll have to ride with that. But not at the expense of Diaby (or Denilson). At least not just yet.

  163. I didn’t see Ramsey play on Saturday, but I have seen him play for Wales before and you’re right, he’s almost a treqartista for them, a classic number 10 with all the play going through him. This is where he’s at his eye-catching, artful best; creating opportunities with his great vision and speed of thought.

    What I did see was the Wolves game. Rewatch the first 20 minutes of that game. Ramsey rarely puts a foot wrong – I think he’s caught out of position once. For the most part he plays flawlessly. He makes some great tackles and picks some lovely passes, but what’s really impressive is how calmly he plays in tight situations, and how high his workrate is. We didn’t click going forward in that 20 minutes, and Joey Craddock missed a free header – but it’s overstating it to say we played badly. We were largely in control and Ramsey was at the centre of a lot of that dominance.

  164. this could be Arshavin’s chance to play down the middle with Nasri back from injury

  165. Two years earlier Diaby made an international appearance on English soil that alerted scouts to his ability. He was in the France Under-18 team that took on England at Barnsley’s snow-bound Oakwell home.

    Despite the raging blizzard, Diaby ran out in a short-sleeved shirt and tore the England midfield apart…

    Enjoy the read…

  166. harnet,

    I don’t think Ramsey did so badly in the holding role at Wolves.

    Some people thought the team wasn’t playing well, and I think it was more like earning the right to play.

    You go away from home, and the home team throw everything at you, coming at 100 MPH, you have to sit back, absorb the pressure and then start playing.

    Contrary to popular myth, we were already taking control of the game when Song came on. Diaby had created the chance for Arshavin, and there had been Eduardo’s penalty (not given).

    Neither Ramsey nor Diaby were playing badly before Song came in.

  167. nice AK

    This just in.. RvP is going to a specialist doctor in Serbia for his injury treatment, not much is known about the new process the doctor uses but the method of “human placenta” treatment is expected to reduce recovery from the expected 4-6 weeks to a possible 2-3 weeks..

  168. nice AK

    This just in.. RvP is going to a specialist doctor in Serbia for his injury treatment, not much is known about the new process the doctor uses but the method of “human placenta” treatment is expected to reduce recovery from the expected 4-6 weeks to a possible 2-3 weeks…

  169. nice AK

    This just in.. RvP is going to a specialist doctor in Serbia for his injury treatment, not much is known about the new process the doctor uses but the method of “placenta” treatment is expected to reduce recovery from the expected 4-6 weeks to a possible 2-3 weeks..

  170. great news

  171. This just in.. RvP is going to a specialist doctor in Serbia for his injury treatment, not much is known about the new process the doctor uses but the method of “placenta” treatment is expected to reduce recovery from the expected 4-6 weeks to a possible 2-3 weeks..

  172. some reason I can’t share this but for the 5th time

    This just in.. RvP is going to a specialist doctor in Serbia for his injury treatment, not much is known about the new process the doctor uses but the method of “human placenta” treatment is expected to reduce recovery from the expected 4-6 weeks to a possible 2-3 weeks..

  173. new method of placenta treatment may reduce recovery from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 weeks..

  174. Inglaar of PSG who had a similar ankle ligament injury to that of Robin through this new process recovered and was ready to play in 14 days and Arsenal have agreed to let Robin fly to Serbia tomorrow to the doctor who does not wish to publicize their method..

  175. 6 weeks is nothing,

    Eduardo will step up in the meantime, he’s an extremely good striker. I love watching that guy play and I’m really excited he’s gonna get some starts.

  176. I agree with Ole.

    KS, With any luck Mrs RVP will have saved her placenta from the other week. “Here you are Robin darling” she’ll say. “Slap this on your ankle”. “Ta love” says Robin. And Jobs a good un.

  177. sky have been airing this new news for the past 5 mins

  178. You’ve just publicized their method for them KS. Now there’ll be a whole bunch of protestors following him around.

  179. all thats known about this treatment is its a “human placenta” development..

  180. From the alternative up bringing of Robin its not a surprise that he is keen to try out new medical methods.. and as Wenger has agreed it seems all systems are GO..

  181. “Despite the raging blizzard, Diaby ran out in a short-sleeved shirt and tore the England midfield apart…”

    sorry, that makes him sound like some mythical beast. Oh dear, what has Arsene gone and done…I really really hope he does this to Sunderland and Chelski as well.

  182. This dumb. Why use Van Persie in a friendly. What does the manager have crap for brains. This is beyond stupid. Brasil didn’t use many of their top players. England didn’t except for Rooney. Which I find dumbo too. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  183. Agreed, abid – or like the incredible Hulk!

    @ LimparAssist at 12:55 pm
    Ew! 🙂

    I bet the treatment has something to do with stem cells. When you sprain your ankle, the ligaments have to repair themselves obviously, so perhaps stem cells speed up the regeneration process?

    I also gather that if you don’t keep using the foot while it’s mending, the ligaments repair themselves haphazardly. So I doubt Robin will be sitting around with his foot up.

  184. Yup, sorry Fun. I thought someone might bring me up on that. Reading Cider House Rules at the moment so have a slightly desensitized take on all things reproductive (not like that, Frank).

    Yogi, arse.com have it that Andrey got MOTM for the Slovenia game. I thought you said he was awful? And this is with Dinyar “Will ya let me off?” Bilyaletdinov scoring twice. Did anybody see the game?

  185. how is Diabys injury faring??? anyone know? was it just a slight knock? has he been nursed back to health??

  186. @Limpar

    Saw the game. He was poor. Russia was poor after they scored 2. Till they conceded a silly goal. Took me a while to realize that Russia was the team in Red and not Slovenia.

    Needless faults, headless runs, running into corners etc. Maybe he is saving his best for the Arse, and for the world cup…

    I was of the opinion Slovenia played better.

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