Merida & Sagna Aren’t Off Whilst Gibbs & RvP See A Bright Future

A typical international week thus far. Injuries dominate the headlines and judging by the numbers of fallen at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea will be struggling to put out a side at The Emirates in a fortnight’s time. A lot of suspicion should surround these reports since it is highly likely that most of their walking wounded will make the biggest comeback since Lazarus, being fit and ready for action once kick-off comes.

For Arsenal, you know it is quiet when the headlines concern the one-armed girlfriend of Nicklas Bendtner. The usual denials of leaving and pledges to sign players abound from other clubs. This time though, the players themselves are being quiet, except for Fran Merida who emphasised his involvement with the first team, leaving the backtracking from his Mr20% to be put down to the “falsehoods” which “abound in football“.

FIFA is tackling this problem head on. Their solution? Stop regulating agents. It has been a pretence all along and explains why clubs such as Barcelona can run around tapping players up with impugnity. For the media, it is manna from heaven. The complaints from Arsene about the unsettling effects on his charges likely to be put down to querulous behaviour on his part as the rill of spurious claims becomes a raging torrent portrayed as the truth. Summer’s may have seemed so peaceful in the past.

Bacary Sagna‘s determination to stay at Arsenal was made clear on his behalf by a “source close to the French international” who spoke suspiciously like his Mr20%.

Wenger should have little concern about his current players though. Kieran Gibbs believes that the Academy borne from the Frenchman’s vision of the future is bringing to fruition the improved technical abilities of English players. Has this boy not read the media or listened to football’s administrators? Wenger is the Devil incarnate, evil for bringing foreign youngsters to the club whilst discarding native talent.

Gibbs observations mirror those of Merida in that Wenger and his staff are bringing through generations of technically adept players, eager for first team action and generally speaking, ready when called upon. Perhaps better prepared than any other club in England. Their development does not stop there however.

Robin van Persie emphasised the continuing improvements that the manager seeks in training with the first team:

The coach (Wenger) is particularly keen that I add something to the tactical play of the team, both offensively and creatively, that I use and combine with the players around me.

Talking of his own position in the team, the Dutchman observed:

I don’t see myself as a true out-and-out striker. Guys likes Torres and Drogba, they are real killers. I feel I play between a target striker and a supporting striker – I am a combination of both and that’s just fine. I try to bring my own dimension to the forward position.

The obvious comparison is with Bergkamp, a role model whom van Persie does not deny basing his game upon. However, the advanced nature of his play this season in terms of position on the pitch makes him more of a composite Pires / Henry than fundamentally creative like his compatriot. van Persie recognises this:

In the league I have now contributed seven assists and I am just as proud of these as the seven goals I have scored. I find it crucial to be effective in both spheres for the team.

Pires famously said that he derived more pleasure creating than scoring. van Persie is not so content with that element but he is perhaps the new style of centre forward that football craves at the moment.

Fans demand a 30 goal per season striker but whilst there is a place for that type of player, more effective for Arsenal this season will be a central forward who scores 20 or more and creates a similar number. Wenger has an abundance of creative talent that demands someone put the ball in the net. van Persie making space allows the midfield as a whole to strike their share, more than compensating for one striker doing that as is the case with other teams.

Whilst each side has a major goalscorer, Arsenal has numerous, evidenced by the number of games where multiple goalscorers have found the net. It is advantageous in that opponents struggle to contain them yet how will it function if a drought occurs. That is when the depth of talent available to Wenger will become apparent, with the bench able to provide a similar threat. Provided injuries do not intervene of course.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I actually read the post. Thinking I have been beaten to it again. but yeah. am king of the hill \o/

  2. might as well claim bronze

  3. If players don’t use agents, then who should represent them in contract / transfer negotiations?

    Maybe not an agent per se, but players do need an “advisor” or a manager skilled in negotiation and knowledgeable about the domestic & international rules and regulations of the game and the market. If the player is a young man, a parent could be involved.

    In advocating adequate representation of players, I’m influenced by the fact that most players, esp the younger ones, would be naive on the business side of the game.

    Is the above a case of “a rose by any other name”?

  4. I think any decent accountant or solicitor could handle it. It’s what they do.

  5. Perhaps consolsbob.

    A drawback for professionals like accountants or solicitors to perform the advisory role is that the code of their respective professions would mean that they are unlikely to be involved in (the less savoury) activities to create competition for the players that they represent.

    My above comment stems from the game’s contempt for the lowliest of creatures in football – the agent.

    Anyway, I don’t have strong views for agents. Just expressing a thought on a dull weekend.

  6. Woud you want a 30 goal striker or a striker with 30 assists and several goals?

    I would go for the striker with 30 assists and several goals, by assisting in 30 goals, that means the team is scoring as well, and inaddition the striker is scoring as well.

    I would rather a team that plays dynamic football to have all the players sharing the burden of scoring instead of relying just on 1 or 2 individuals.

    Obviously strikers are understood to score more since they are supposed to have more chances at scoring. However, a striker should not only score goals and instead have a more dynamic role in helping to assist as well as defend.

    A striker that can assist is definitely than one that can only score goals. Player like van persie is a player that not only score goals but assists as well. This is the type of players that i admire. Same as bergkamp as well as henry.

    Arsenal is doing very well now, with RvP, Cesc and Arshavin scoring regularly. I believe soon that with Rosicky and Nasri back from injuries, they would also start to share the goal scorings. Vermaelen and Gallas are always a threat during set pieces. Eduardo is a clinical finisher and with walcott, vela and bendtner yet to come back from injuries, i am sure we would score alot of goals this season.

    This team is doing very well at the moment, and I wish them all the best. Hope wenger finds the correct solution when song leaves for the ACN.

    This is going to be a great year for arsenal. If we win chelsea on the 29th, we would be first and then hopefully we can go on from there.

    Arsenal all the way, i love the club.

  7. Would be pretty special if we could get 3 players with who each manage to produce 40 goals or assists combined. Cesc, Arshavin, and RVP might do that. By the seasons end, only torres will come close to that in England – we might have 3 players who do it, if they stay healthy.

    (Nasri, walcott, Bendtner, and diaby should each manage 15 also.)

  8. Haven’t the injuries already arrived? Eduardo, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky, Vela …

    No doubt keeping Fabregas, RVP and Arshavin
    fit is going to be key to rolling the likes of Chelsea but the depth in scoring has already been shown. The test will be scoring in winter … And keeping goals out, of course.

  9. Yes, but surely we would prefer that the players’ representatives would be “… unlikely to be involved in (the less savoury) activities to create competition for the players that they represent.”

    N’est ce pas?

  10. Why can’t players do it themselves?

  11. Luke

    The PFA act as agents on behalf of players if requested. It doesn’t come free but I don’t recall seeing any PFA representative quoted in the papers regarding potential transfers for clients?

    Also, a number of players in the past have used professionals rather than agents for contract negotiations, successfully as well.

    In both instances, fees are charged rather than %’s of contractual earnings as some agents take.


  12. These days the Arsenal bandwagon is filling-up very nicely but I am not impressed. Most of the “usual suspects” who, all of last year and beyond, damned AW for not spending and ripped every young and upcoming player as unfit for the shirt are now proclaiming ” Arsenal all the way, I love the club.”
    There are many a rocky days ahead, not the least of which is a trip to Sunderland after the international break and then at home to Chelsea. Lets see how much love there will be for the team if, god forbid, we should lose any of these two matches.

  13. @ Ole Gunner
    Why can’t players do it themselves?

    Some probably could. But I would guess the contracts are quite complex these days, and also some people find it embarrassing to haggle directly with another party. And surely when a very young player is involved, letting him negotiate with a club without any advice or assistance from someone who has his interests at heart would be very unfair.

    Luke, was that the thinking behind what you said?

    That was just what I was thinking – it could be salaried PFA officials. Ivan Gazidis basically did the contracts for every MLS player, didn’t he? We don’t have central contracts of course, but the involvement of a department of the players’ organisation would tend to create a bit more uniformity and predictability about contracts, and work against rampant wage inflation and the more outlandish demands of players. This kind of thing is done very occasionally for actors and writers by their respective unions, and the union tends to work on the basis of comparables and pay bands. Exceptional talent is treated exceptionally, of course.
    The beauty of this is that it would be impossible to tap up a player through his agent if he didn’t have one. No-one would have a financial interest in hawking the player around. Clubs would have to go through the proper channels, and ideally players would move for the right reasons.

  14. YW

    In these days of cross border transfers, contracts being offered to teenagers, etc., it may be hard to overhaul and regulate the role of agents unless Uefa, FIFA come into the picture to unify the rules and enforce a set of best practice. A foreign player would not be a PFA member in the first place, and may wish to engage his own rep/agent/advisor. Sadly, a by product of Uefa, FIFA involvement might see them tampering with the transfers of young talents to clubs like Arsenal.


  15. Fungunner – Yes. On young players.

    How about a globally standardised playing contract template, and players just negotiate variations, if any, to the standard contract? That could take some complexity out of the process?

  16. Shitty weather today isnt it??

  17. Honestly, I think players can do it themselves with the aid of a lawyer to explain the contract intricacies.

    The problem is that football doesn’t allow clubs to make contact with a player who’s bound to another club.

  18. Raining for four days now, Duke. But, mustn’t grumble, eh ?

  19. For once am quite excted by an International – Ireland/France.. (Injuries to O’Shea and Evra…nothing painful, just a Tomas like niggle will satisfy). France to win.

    Also, Egypt vs. Algeria looks like turning into a major riot. Apparently Egyptians have already been attacked in Algiers, and the enmity and hatred stems from the 1950’s…

  20. Ole

    To my mind, there’s some merit for a player not to be overly involved in the process of contract negotiations but only be briefed by his rep at decision points. Similarly, the manager should also not be overly involved as well so that there is separation of the on-pitch and off pitch aspects of the game. I would also conjecture that a player’s form would be more affected by the process of contract negotiations by being overly involved in a particularly tough negotiation.

    When deals are inflated to the extent that it is now, I wuold be most surprised if a Beckham would engage the PFA to negotiate his deals rather than by this team of rep & advisor. With the amount of money that they can earn, most players would believe that the fees and commissions that they spend on agents/reps/advisors to be money well spent.

  21. I wonder if Juventus’ maestro Diego will get a chance to play for Brazil with injuries opening up places on both sides today..

    Brazil are probably the only nation to have a player nominated for world player of year yet he doesn’t even get selected for the squad..

    I assume this is because of Dunga’s less fluid but robust approach, that said one can expect a rather stiff and boring encounter..

  22. Consols, spot on. No reason a solicitor or accountant could not perform those duties. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, agents probably started out as solicitors and accountants and “evolved” (I would argue in the reverse direction) into agents. Would probably happen again. The only way, in my opinion, to prevent all this would be a PFA style representative who charges a fixed fee rather than percentage. Good luck getting this to happen.

    RVP is the man! Good luck to all on the international break. Sunderland will be tough but the signs are good.


  23. Nice play by Kieran [Knightley] Gibbs..and uninjured… Praise be!

  24. Here in the states another team cannot contact another player until he is a free agent. If this happens it is called tampering. The team is fined. They loses draft choices, and must compensate the other team. Maybe the FIFA should do the same. This would stop this crap dead in its tracks. Just a thought.

  25. What was Gibbs doing in the kids team, he should be in the middle east.

  26. Nice to see that our Aaron played so well for Wales.

  27. Ramsey was awesome for Wales – set up 2 and scored a wonder goal. Came off after 55 mins

  28. And thank you John Toshack for not playing Ramsey into the ground.

  29. Am I the only one outraged by Alex Ferguson writing to Alan Wiley to tell him he (Ferguson) wouldn’t mind Wiley refereeing Man poo games?

    The message is clear: I’m top dog, and I’m not going to persecute you!

  30. Saw most of the 2nd half of Russia vs Slovenia. To be charitable, Arshavin would admit he was very much below the high standards expected of a world class player. He has a chance to put that right on Wednesday as Slovenia is at home and have an away-goal under their belt; it should be a cracker.

  31. England look like dinosaurs. Theo will walk back into the team when fit.

    Ian Wright very funny at half time. ‘It reminds me of when I was playing (for england), no servise and then you get hauled off’. Very sad.

    Wes Brown particularly poor.

  32. C/bob – I am also watching it in bits and pieces and it strikes me as very boring. Brazil under Dunga and his recent recent predecessors has been a shadow of the exciting, inventive Brazilian teams that I first saw in the 1968 world cup. To see beautiful football one has to watch our Arsenal or Barcelona. The price of seeing xsuccess only in terms of trophies. Pity really.

  33. I agree Shotta. Even fatty Huddlestone has been given a cap now.


  34. Huddlestone & Heskey show England have not chance of winning the World Cup.

    Huddlestone won’t get a game in the Arsenal reserves.

    And Heskey is not a footballer. Period.

  35. Of course, there’s always Peter Crouch…. and James Milner….

  36. @ shotta-gunna

    It’s not even as if the old Brazil went short of trophies, is it?

  37. Apparently, if you mention Milner and Crouch in the same sentence, you get moderated.

    Fair enough really. What have they got to do with football?

  38. Interestingly, I mentioned them in the same sentence again and it wasn’t moderated.

    The Great God sees and judges…

  39. Is that right, consolbob?

    If Capello wants to keep his job he should avoid friendlies with technical sides henceforth.

    In the 3 friendlies against the technical sides England look like factory wall painters while Spain/Holland/Brazil looked like 11 Rembrandts.

  40. The question I have is…don’t the England players watch Arsenal?!?

  41. Correction: 1970 world cup. Such along time ago, the days of grainy black and white pictures showed on a time delayed basis by the one Jamaican tv station.

    As for England, they lack any inventiveness and technical brilliance in the middle of the park. No wonder English fans are dying to see Jack Wilshere emerge from the protective cocoon which he is being held by Arsene Wenger. The irony Brazil has alll these creative players but Dunga either keeps them out of the team or or opts for a very conservative, counter-attacking approach.

  42. The England game was unbelievably mind numbing. To think that we’d actually be demented to think that England can win anything playing like that.

  43. “Even Wayne Rooney as captain could not do enough…” Cut to shot of Terry in an England blazer.

    Dash to bathroom and throw up.

    Agree absolutely Ole. Of course, Darius, England won’t play like that when Terry and Lampard are fit and Heskey is leading the line…er.

  44. England tried ..

    As good as Rooney has been in his best of times I can see him going down the same road as Robby “better bench than Arsenal ” Keane who was once also a creative outlet and exciting prospect.

    now for Spain VS Argentina from whom a better display of the beautiful game can be expected..

  45. Lucky you Kitchen Sink; I am stuck with two championship caber teams; Greence vs Ukraine.

  46. Lucky you Kitchen Sink; I am stuck with two championship caliber teams; Greence vs Ukraine.

  47. I hae the bloody La Marseillaise

  48. RvP just went off on a stretcher

  49. guys van persie is off caried off against italy just now doesnt look good he was in pain couldn’t make it walking was carried off into the tunnel……

  50. oh sh1te!

    What happened, axis?

  51. chiellini happend

  52. um…Italy happened

  53. right ankle looks like

  54. Mourinho says that Chelsea lacked stability, as he quietly plots a return to English football.

    Are we looking at the next Man City manager? Though he says this time he wants to build a team, not buy one, but think long term and develop a good youth policy. Liverpool might give him time to build if and when Benitez goals to Real Madrid, but Man City will demand that he buys as he did at Chelsea.

  55. Exactly why half the Chelski team are sitting out these useless friendlies.

  56. Watch Wenger blow a gasket with the Dutch team. What were the chances?

    Is Eduardo playing any game in this ‘friendly’ international break? Can Wenger withdraw him if he is?

  57. Darius Stone,

    I’d very much like to see Moaninho build a team from scratch.

    As far as I know he’s never done that.

  58. Many people are making a lot of money from football, though not always the clubs themselves. Even the clubs make their decisions in the hope of turning a huge profit, however fantastic their hopes might be. Football players are young and stupid, and would easily be exploited by their clubs, which after all are large and powerful organisations. The purpose of agents is to even up the difference in power between players and clubs. Agents are not the cause of wage inflation. Wage inflation is caused by the introduction of money from outside football (by Abramovich, Dr. Diesel, and the like), and by the incompatibility of the twin aims of modern football clubs, making money and winning trophies. No football club can serve two masters; and by trying to serve both, they often end up serving neither.

  59. OG – those were his exact sentiments.

    He says that at Porto, he bought one so that he could get the credentials to manage in Europe, at Chelsea, he was in tune with the Abramovich revolution and he totally understood that the mission was to ‘buy’ history. He is trying to think long term with Inter and considering the youth setup and the general age of his first team, but he concedes Italy is not the place to build. He reckons England is the place to build though he suspects no manager will ever get the same time that Wenger and Ferguson have been given.

  60. I think La Marseillaise is the best National anthem in the world. And the worst? I wouldn’t like cause offense.

  61. Shit, bollocks, shit.

    This is what has been going through my mind since hearing the RVP news.

    If he is not fit for Chelsea we may be in some trouble.

  62. God save the fucking Queen….

    Darius Stone,

    I don’t see anything in Mourinho to suggest he can do it. See what he did to Mikel. Amazing, the Mikel story. One of the best young attacking midfielders in the world. Moaninho turned him into a piano-carrier whose career is now at a crossroads.

    Balotelli’s development has stalled under Moaninho.

    But I’d still love to watch him try to do it. Hopefully at Man poo or back at Chelski.

  63. Crafty Bison.

    I think that would be the natural reaction for most people, but some distance from the initial incident in the cold light of day will probably:

    1. Suggest that the injury may not be as bad as it looks (you can hope)
    2. Remind us that we have a very technically gifted squad, and it’s for times like these when the squad comes into play.

    I’m sure Eduardo or Vela will show that they are capable deputies as they have played this position impeccably for club and country.

    Our strength this season is that we don’t have an out and out striker or a conventional ‘little and large’ model of strike partnerships that most teams have. We rotate so much up front with technically gifted players that defenders have nightmares trying to decide who to mark.

    Fear not. Eduardo is as good an electric play maker as he is a clinical and ruthless finisher. As for Vela, I honestly don’t think the Chelsea backline will no what to do with him, and by the time they get used to him, they’ll be 2 nil down already.

    Disappointing to have RVP out, but we have a good and strong squad and there’s no point waxing lyrical about the squad if we don’t have faith in them.

  64. Poliziano,

    It’s marginally better than “fratelli d’Italia”

  65. Guys – RVP hurt is not good news. He is arguably our most valuable player. Certainly our best forward.

  66. DS,

    Do we know that RVP will be out for 2 weeks?

  67. RVp getting injured during internationals is nothing new it happens everytime. That is why I do not like this crap internationals. But we will be fine Eduardo is fit and Vela Walcott should be fit we might see some youngsters coming through.
    Did anyone see the Spuds V Brazil, Huddlstone Crouch,Jenas Defoe eand the former spud Bent what a joke of a team.England will win shit wih these players.

  68. National anthems generally tend to be very stupid

  69. Darius – you say that, but NOBODY ELSE in the squad has SUCCESSFULLY played as the centre-forward in the Arsenal 4-3-3.

    It even took RVP a month or so to learn the role.

    What makes you think Eduardo or Vela will take to it quicker than RVP did – particularly when they lack RVP’s physicality that makes him better suited to it?

  70. Portugal vs Bosnia is very tasty so far. I’ve got to say I can see why ManU fans are frustrated with Nani . But he had a good penalty shout a few minutes ago.

  71. On a Dutch forum, they say you could hear RVP screaming in pain on TV. Fingers crossed.

  72. Why Gibbs is playing for U21? He is by far the best English left back in the Country. If I was Capello I’ll take Wilshere Gibbs and Walcott to south Africa without any hesitations. And I’ll trash all the spuds.

  73. OG, I suspect until Colin and his quacks at London Colney seriously look at RVP on Monday, it’ll be hard to forecast a return date for him.

    As I said in my 8:44 pm response, I’m not particularly worried. Disappointed – Yes! But not worried.

    We have a great squad and Eduardo can unleash his magic as he’s as good a playmaker as RVP is.

    Also, we need to think long term. The match with Chelsea is essential because winning it gives the team a psychological boost, but it’s not a title decider or contract breaker. A draw with Chelsea will be a good result, but if only to brag and unleash grief to my lovely Chav supporting missus all week – I absolutely want us to win and I want us to win without excuses normally given about team depletion due to injury.

    If he is indeed out for a long time, RVP will be back at a very good time (Dec/Jan) when the team will need him most.

    Like I said, disappointing, but we’re by no means going to copitulate (to pick ACLF’s favourite new term).

  74. Nani finally puts in a decent cross after several attempts. 1-0 to Portugal.

  75. Crafty Bison.

    Wenger has always said that we’ll play a fluid and flexible system that will bring out the strengths in our players.

    I’m sure such a scenario has crossed the teams mind and if they have to, they’ll play a system that will bring out the best of Eduardo. RVP was never seen as a spear head, but he has excelled in the position, though some folks will point out that what RVP plays is not a conventional striker of a front man, but a false no. 9 who drifts out and drags players with him creating space for other attackers and midfielders.

    I would suggest that Eduardo is very capable of playing a false no. 9 with excellence. Whether he drags defenders out to chase his shadow, or whether they give him an inch of space, I’m sure he’ll earn his corn.

    Vela and Walcot are also different players, but make no mistake – they carry a live wire threat to any defense. The team is intelligent enough to know how to bring out the best in their colleagues so let’s not take them for mugs.

  76. really sad to hear about RvP

    But Eduardo has all the tools to make a worthy replacement he has the knack for finding space where others fail, he creates and scores for Croatia where he doesn’t receive the type of service he gets at Arsenal..

    recently he said

    “My form is quite good and I know that goals will come,”

    “Against Tottenham I missed two great chances but no worries – I’m feeling great, I don’t have any problems.

    “Of course, I’m hungry for goals, just like Arsenal are hungry for trophies.”

    “Everything is in place and our ambitions are growing stronger and stronger.

    I agree Darius whats the point of talking up our squad if we never use it..

  77. As usual when Spain need the goal our captain comes on this time for Xavi..

  78. Here’s the injury incident:

    Is it my usual rose tints-the injury doesn’t look too bad to me!

  79. Thankyou for keeping this site focused on discussing matters related to football. Frankly, some of these other blogs are trash!

  80. what the fuck has happened to rvp!?

    Curse these bollock faced internationals

  81. Thanks for the link Ole. Looks bad to me, he knows straight away he’s in trouble.

  82. And then he’s screaming and crying in pain. How can that not look too bad?!

  83. He even pushes away from the turf to try to keep from any impact on his injured right foot/ankle. This looks very bad in my opinion.

  84. mate, he is in agony…..i think it might be a fracture.

    For gods sake

  85. I doubt it. Watch the leg. It’s the right leg that’s injured, right?

  86. The face tells more than the chocolate leg in this case. If a ligament had been torn or similar, we wouldn’t see physical evidence from a video.

  87. The worst part is how one of Chiellini’s team-mates high-fives him afterwards.

  88. It seems to me there was no contact made on his right leg. He could still have sprained it thought!

  89. The Studs were up, that was really dangerous tackle. the sucker had no need to do that. Ita abloody friendly.
    Anelka scores for France, the irish in trouble.

  90. Arseblog says he was taken straight to hospital.

    France scored! Anelka.

  91. fingers crossed folks.

    Hopefully its all smoke no fire.

    It would be such a shame for him to be out for any extended period of time now he’s gaining momentum.

  92. uh…I just got here and the first thing I see is stuff about RvP and felt numb. Please tell me that it’s not to serious.

    Just watched it on youtube…those fucking cunts.

  93. stupid internationals.

  94. Was RvP playing in the central role for the Oranje tonight?

    He spoke of how he was getting more excited about this as a new challenge for him as he had not filled in there before for the Dutch..

  95. and there was no need to play any of the first team for this. they stand to gain more from having their players get as much practice as possible with their club teams.

    I hope that Chiellini rots along with the Italian team

    Maybe that’s unfair, after all its FIFA’s bloody bright idea to schedule friendlies in the middle of November.

  96. its definatley the ankle

  97. BBC 606 “Dutch radio just reports that Van Persie will be flown to a hospital in Holland to take scans/photos, nothing known about how serious the injury is though.”

  98. what if, he is faking it to be kept out of these inconsequential friendlies ?

    the landing looked quite bad though…

    some are saying ankle and some knee….

    but we do have enough attacking talents to cover him…


  99. arseblog comments are on about him being out for 3 months….not sure how credible that is

  100. hate these friendlies….

  101. uh….i dont think RvP’s the type and flying him off to holland would be a bit dramatic if it was

  102. let’s just hope by some miracle it’s nothing serious at all, just 2 weeks out. Please be OK RVP

  103. Caroline Cheese, BBC Sport live text:

    “2212: Now then, I cannot confirm this, repeat, cannot confirm this but according to MFBorman on Twitter, Dutch TV are reporting that Robin van Persie will be out for two to three months with torn ankle ligaments.”

    Told you it could be ligaments. Bollocks.

  104. doesn’t Arsene have a right to tell players not to go for internationals? isn’t that something in the contract?

    I don’t know if there is but if this is the case then I think he should be exercising that right. Our priority at this moment is the Premiership not some senseless friendly against a dirty team.

  105. Arsene fucking called it, didn’t he. It being November and all.

  106. Shame to hear about RVP’s injury. We can only hope it’s not as bad as it looked, but as others have pointed out, we are not a one man team and have other options. Eduardo, Ramsey and Vermaelen all on target today, which is good news for us.

  107. Unfortunately Ramsey is not a centre-forward.

  108. I’ll wait for official confirmation as people are too quick to speculate on worse case scenarios.

  109. ok, for all those people talking about how we have enough strength in this area, you clearly aren’t appreciating RvP’s ability to assist and act as a dynamic force going forward. He’s unpredictable and has an incredibly strong desire to win.

    None of our other players are like him and I’d bet you that very few players in the world are.

    We’ve just lost our vice-captain and one of our most valuable players…knowing that we have people to step in is great but its very little consolation.

    FIFA can fuck off, nothing makes up for this.

  110. I know that CB, I’m just pointing out that in terms of goal scoring we have other options. I’m sure Arsene can adjust the formation to suit the personnel available as he said we are not wedded to the 4-3-3

  111. sorry, i make it sound like the bloody italians have gone and killed one of our boys…

    this news is just so terrible 😦

    I hope he’ll be okay soon and the 3-4 month thing is idle speculation.

  112. I am with abid, I can see a 3-month RVP layoff ruining our title bid. Eduardo quite simply cannot do the job RVP does. I love Eduardo as much as any Arsenal fan but you can’t overlook the facts that (1) he’s a very different kind of forward and (2) he’s thus far been very poor this season.

    If RVP is out for a long time, Arsene WILL have to adapt the 4-3-3 quite significantly. Of that I’m very sure. I just hope he can do it successfully. As Passenal says, he can certainly do it – I just hope the players take to it quickly.

    Who knows, maybe a formation switch and making room for Ramsey’s formidable potential will render RVP’s injury a blessing in disguise…

    …but I highly doubt it.

  113. And its kind of amazing how that fucking Chiellni walks off and none of the other Italian players bother to offer help or worry about what’s going on.

  114. abid, I think the point is, why get so worked up about it? We all know what we’ve lost, no two players are exactly alike so we can’t replace RVP completely. But let’s not undervalue the other players we have who bring their own qualities to the team. I’m a great believer that you attract what you fear the most, which is why I was very uncomfortable with some people gloating about chelski’s apparent injury crisis. Once we find out the facts of RVP’s injury, we have to trust in the manager and the rest of the squad to get us through. Ranting about it looks like lack of faith and belief in the rest of the squad. After all, he could just as easily have got injured in the next game he plays for us.

  115. abid,

    This is bad….and of course no-one is saying someone can just come in and do what he does….his is irreplaceable as first choice. The best player of his type in the world for my money.

    But we do have a wealth of attacking options to try and play in a different way. We have to adapt that is what the squad is all about.

    Its a big blow to lose him for any period of time but we can and will have to cope if it turns out to be the case.

  116. I totally disagree that Eduardo has been poor this season CB. He has had a disrupted season through niggly injuries so he has not had a good run in the team, but he scored 2 for Croatia tonight, which might suggest that he is coming into form at the right time. Even RVP was not an instant hit this season. Remember those early games where the only striker who scored was actually Eduardo?

  117. looks like a classic case of torn ankle ligaments. Having suffered the same injury (playing basketball I have to admit), not only is it excruciating, but the recovery time is at least 3 months. Worse than that, with a serious tear, it takes longer than the three months to feel 100% comfortable turning and twisting it.

    Having said that, 1) it might be less serious than torn ligaments, 2) he will have state of the art equipment and support and 3) he’s a supreme athlete in his prime, something I couldn’t claim at the time of my injury!

    Finally, the additional shame of this injury is that it happens when we have other key strikers out or just returning (Walcott, Bentner). Maybe we’ll see Chamakh in January after all.

    Just when Chelsea looked to be undergoing their own injury crisis too…

  118. The way I see it, obviously it’s gutting, but if we can’t get through potentially a few months without one of our first teamers (admittedly probably our most in-form forward) then we don’t deserve the title.
    A set back like this is what separates us from the rest, we have Eddy, Nic, Theo and Vela who can come in and score goals. Imagine if the Mancs were all gasping after a rash brazil tackle had put Rooney out for weeks on end? They’d be screwed.
    I totally feel for Robin as every word that’s come out his mouth this season has made me respect him more and more, but our goals come from everywhere and we will cope fine.

  119. I know Passenal…I have faith in the rest of the squad as well but this is really hard to take. Especially given the momentum he had and the way he’s always giving 100% no matter what.

    I wasn’t really thinking about our season when I first heard about this. Our system will likely change but I can’t speculate on this. I bet Arsene’s going to endure enough sleepless nights. I’ll just pray for Robin to be ok.

    We’ve always talked about having enough talent to field two premier league teams and I’m confident that our depth will compensate.

  120. “I totally feel for Robin as every word that’s come out his mouth this season has made me respect him more and more,”

    This. Robin’s a beautiful human being and his attachment, respect and love for our club is what made hearing this news all the more upsetting.

  121. The real story here is that obviously YW jinxed RVP…just look at the title of his post today!

  122. or maybe RVP jinxed himself

  123. Lets hope he’s not hurt as bad as some of the reactions on here would have you think..

    We’re not a one man team he is our 1st choice centre forward yet like cesc would be replaced by Rosicky or Nas so to can Eduardo do the job for us..

    For the record Eduardo has started as a lone striker for the Croates and delivered on countless occasions..

  124. f*ck sh*t c*nt w*nk bollo*ks t*sser sh*t said sh*t sl*g yid bas*ad spud.

  125. Gutted not just for the club but for RvP. This guy hasn’t yet had a full season for us, and it’s just rubbish that he’s injured in a dodgy tackle playing a meaningless friendly just before the business time in the EPL calendar. Seriously, can we ever get one full season out of RvP? Fucking Chiellini.

    We have options, but still RvP is playing so brilliantly at the moment.

  126. Lets hope its not as bad as it seems. I say wait for something official.

    What is with friendly matches during the season anyway. If the team has already qualified for the world cup why are they playing? bull!!

  127. AndyE

    You sum up my reaction nicely. “We have options, but still RvP is playing so brilliantly at the moment.”

  128. Just saw the injury. Boy am I late to the party/wake.

    Have to say, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Chiellini’s challenge. The injury was just rotten luck.

    Let’s just hope it’s not as bad as all that.

    In the meantime, I have no idea what this means for our attack.

    Eduardo’s a fantastic striker, I do love him, but without RvP or Bendtner we do look a bit lightweight up front – at least in a physical sense.

    With our squad depth we can absorb these kinds of blows quite well, but since we don’t have an obvious replacement further down the ranks AW’s going to have to improvise a little.

    One option would be to move Diaby further forward – if he’s fit – and use him as more of a target, let our Lilliputian creative guys do their thing around him.

    It would be lovely to watch when we’ve got the ball. And with Rosicky, Cesc, Nasri and Arshavin in the same XI we’d certainly be unpredictable.

    At the same time, AW’s probably going to want to make sure we have enough physicality in the team. This could mean that we’ll see a fair bit more of Eboue. I just can’t think of anyone else in midfield or attack wit the same kind of build.

  129. when do you think we will get definitive news?

    Tomorow morning?

  130. A few mistakes there. Well, it is late.

  131. D, I’m thinking probably Monday on the Arsenal site.

  132. Holland coach Bert van Marwijk said: ‘I was shocked when I saw it. It doesn’t look good. I feel very sad for Robin and Arsenal.’

    According some reports he will be out for 3 mouths minimum. if the ankle is broken it could be the end for him this season. I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaally disapointed with this. It looks like Wenger might go back for Chamakh in January. But I would really like to see Vela given a run of games. We can’t rely only on Eduardo, lots of games to be played and rotating is necessary.

  133. Who knows we might get a surprise from within the squad and discover a new goal machine. Thierry certainly surprised everyone and I can see that happening with one of our players. Walcott possibly?

  134. Gotta luv it when our strikers weren’t scoring it was where will the goals come from..

    For the next week it should be Arsenal have lost their only goal threat and will struggle to make the top 4..

    The media is really a wonderful tool..

  135. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  136. California Gooner

    well, my stomach sank when I heard the news. I have been so impressed with our squad depth this year but had thought before that a healthy Cesc and RVP (and maybe Arshivin) were the keys for us. Everyone else was at least somewhat replaceable by players in the squad — even Gallas and Vermaelen.

    For me, with Nick out, it has to be Eduardo who takes over. If he steps up– and he is very capable of it — we win the title. If he doesn’t, it will be really, really hard. Vela and Walcott are obviously candidates as well, but I’m not sure either are the type to hold up play, create space, and serve up the delicious passes that RVP does. When Bendtner comes back he will obviously want to make that role his own as well.

  137. RVP injured. what does this mean for our bullish season so far…

  138. Just shut it with the dooming and moaning. Rvp’s gone. Get over it. We have a fantastic replacement in dudu. We will win the title without a doubt. So stop moaning and support our team. Seriously, u lot sound like a bunch of faggots with your fucking moaning.

  139. Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner.

    Cesc, Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey, even Wilshere.

    We should still score plenty of goals.

  140. max_gunner

    Rest of your post is fine, except for this:

    “Just shut it with the dooming and moaning. … Seriously, u lot sound like a bunch of faggots with your fucking moaning.” On the first part, it is a matter of opinion whether there was ‘dooming and moaning’. The last part is unnecessarily offensive.

  141. Bradys right foot

    Gutted for Arsenal and for RVP who was having the season we all knew he would if he could just avoid injury. Vela and Walcott to come back, Dudu ready to step into the breach. No doubt well miss him but put it like this if Chelski lost Drogba or Man U Rooney they’d be in alot worse shape than we are.

  142. poor robin

  143. For sure it won’t be like for like replacement since Dudu, Vela, Walcott are different from RvP.

    It’s not a matter “if we can cope” with the loss of RvP, but we must cope.

  144. Seriously bad news for the club, particularly as RVP is pivotal to the 4-3-3 & does a lot of good work covering the near post on set plays. I agree with an earlier post that maybe Diaby could be tried out up front. His best work very often comes in the final third.

    If it`s a season ending injury I wouldn`t be surprised to see someone come in on Jan 1st

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