AZ67 Preview

Champions League action tonight and a chance to seal qualification. An Olympiacos defeat would almost ensure top spot. That said, previous seasons have shown that having the home leg first is no disadvantage in the second round.

Arsene believes that November is the month where most injuries occur and as if by magic another one appears. Gael Clichy is the latest to succumb, a stress fracture of the back likely to keep him out for more than a month. Kieran Gibbs is going to take advantage of this and with a World Cup around the corner, it is not a bad thing for the youngster to get some serious playing time. Perform well and Arsenal will have another England left back on their books. Presumably Arsene will hope that Traore recovers to take on Carling Cup.

Tomas Rosicky returns to the bench tonight which is good news, certainly to have someone who is so influential available from the bench if Alkmaar proves to be as stubborn to break down as in the match in Holland. Equally, Samir Nasri ought to be at the very least in similar position. Perhaps it is too soon for him to start but his inclusion from the start would allow Alex Song or Diaby to have a rest before the visit to Molineux this weekend.

Diaby made an interesting observation about his reception from supporters. Certainly this season is the first time we have been able to see him on a regular basis. Yet he still has his critics, the latest in a long line of players to fall foul of Championship Managers. The player said:

I am trying to be focused on what I am doing now and in the future as well.  Definitely mentally I am stronger because I had a lot of problems in the past. Even in the games I am getting more confidence as well.  I don’t know [what the fans think of my commitment]. I try to give my best in every game. That is it. The most important thing is to give our best and the team win.

Arsene went a step further suggesting that Diaby’s natural instinct is to attack rather than defend, the spark that ignited his fury at the weekend. Diaby is on the path to becoming an excellent all-round midfielder but needs to be consistent over several seasons before he gets elevated to that status. The first step is to be injury-free which hopefully this season will be the start of.

There is a belief that the team can do well this season in all competitions and the next month or so will go some way to deciding that with the next international break being the last interruption until late winter in 2010. Currently, Arsenal are the form team of the Premier League, a momentum being carried across all competitions. A win tonight would keep that going rather nicely.

Stan Kroenke’s purchase of more shares has created a bit of a stir but things may not be as they seem with the American. Whilst he cannot apparently stump up the cash immediately on some deals, a takeover of the club appears to be on the cards with cash rather than borrowings.

Owning 40% of the St Louis Rams, the other owners are apparently putting that franchise up for sale which may be used to fund a full blown bid for Arsenal. At least that is the speculation. Which may or may not be true but if that is the case, it would be hard to see how the Board would be able to not recommend accepting any bid, irrespective of the security felt through plurality of ownership.

Personally though, I am unconvinced that Kroenke is looking to takeover. Not having settled the bill for buying part of Fiszman’s shareholding leads me to believe that more than anything Stan has put himself up as a ‘blocker’ to any bid from Usmanov. If that is the case then millions of column inches have been wasted in speculation, which I doubt anyone would be unhappy about.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. come on Arse!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YW

    i dont know UK trade laws well, but why cant a club be owned by “Fans” the you and me of this world?

    probably split the shares to a value that can be afforded by the Fans?

    So that the club doesn’t belong to any individual, but a group of individuals who hold the same ideals for the club? like owning shares in any company?

    but that would lead to elections a la the madness in Barcelona. Seem like its the same whip really.

  3. ‘Diaby is on the path to becoming an excellent all-round midfielder’ – what?

    I’m by no means one of the typical moaners about Arsenal’s players, but talking about Diaby like he’s made great progress this season is wide of the mark.

    His performances this season have been as inconsistent as last season – only now he doesn’t have the excuse of not getting a run of games at full fitness. In fact, he was absolutely shocking in an otherwise highly satisfying win against Tottenham last Saturday.

  4. Take it easy, arsenalkabisa. I wasn’t calling you a fool. It would of course be unfair to claim that a rich person is necessarily a fool. Having said that, I’m surprised to learn that most of the rich are not fools. Pop stars, film stars, football players, Arab oil pumpers – fools almost to a man. Are there really enough wealthy wise men to counteract their folly?

  5. Arsenal kabisa,
    I agree wholeheartedly with you. Now if you could just lend me £529m, I’ll sort it out….

  6. Kabisa.

    Theoretically, there’s no reason why any club in the UK can’t take the form of ownership by fans like in Barcelona Some structural changes might be needed and the fans will of course have to afford to buy out the current owners.

    The bigger problem will be the drama and politics of running it. The politics involved could paralyze the club as much as it could help it flourish as a ‘members’ organization.

  7. Since both Chelsea and Manure shipped goals last night – could we take it that they don’t have the strength and depth and the maturity to hold on to leads in the same way that Arsenal is so often accused of? Soft underbelly I think they call it.

    It was quite comical watching Fergie’s post match press conference when grief overwhelmed him as he spoke about the Fletcher penalty appeal. Well, what goes around comes around. Fletcher got away with murder when he hacked Arshavin down in the box and we didn’t get shit. Yesterday’s penalty denial couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  8. @Darius and ClockEndRider

    what about splinting the shares, probably every share being split into a hundred shares of probably 120% of its value?

    The current share holders would never get a better offer, the shares will be affordable, and fans from any part of the globe will be able to buy shares.

    Or they can buy them under a group of representative individuals – to keep the politics away, the politics to be at the group level…

  9. Talking of fools parting with money, and overpriced Italians; Alberto Aquilani’s starting debut is delayed yet again. I doubt he’ll play more than 15 matches this season.

  10. Kabisa.

    You can already become one of the owners of Arsenal FC by joining the Arsenal supporters trust. The trust owns 1% of the club and by joining them, you will join one model of the type of supporters vehicle you talk about.

    There was some wisheful thinking (don’t quote me though) by some AST members that if Kroenke took over the club outright, he might bequeath the trust with a lot more shares than the current %age.

  11. @Darius

    Its called Karma or something. What goes round comes round…


    LOL – Seems you dont really need wisdom to attain to riches????


    Progress is playing 13 games in a row, not picking up an injury, its a new experience to him. With time the wizardly will come, a little patience. Then he will be a master of his trade.

    What is being said of him was said of Song after his first ten consecutive games. Now Song has to play for the mid to be sound. Give Diaby some slack, and enjoy your football.

  12. Darius, no, they will rather be prasied for forcing a draw; never mind that Man U was at old trafford! When Man U holds on for a draw, it is called grinding out a result, when its Arsenal, its not being mentally strong enough… understood? LOL

    well, re: Fletcher, it should have come around when next they were playing us! Why should CSKA be the benefactors?

  13. Scoreline tonight 3-0.

  14. i wonder if we will see any of Merida, Ramsey, Senderos?

    Cesc, Song, TV, Gallas, have been playing quite a while…

  15. Amen FL, and no Injuries..

  16. Tem spirit. Manure were actually pathetic last night and you could drive several tractors through their defense.

    Chelsea were equally underwhelming , and they could have easily been playing without Joe Cole, Lampard and Kalou. They were just anonymous.

  17. Kabisa about your query in the previous post, huyo binti anafana mtoto kabisa. Under 16 is more like it.

  18. LOL FL and Kabisa. Y’all wanna send Theo to Feltham young offenders prison? Or does he get shipped to Belmarsh at his age for association with under age wowowos.

  19. Dan, I’m far from his biggest fan, but to say that Diaby was absolutely shocking on Saturday is a bit unfair – I thought he was poor first half but improved significantly in the 2nd half.

    I hope he does go on to become the midfielder Arsene seems to think he will, but for me the jury is still out.

    Anyway – 4 nil to the Gunners tonite 🙂

  20. Sorry Diaby is a liability,just look how poor he was in the firsr half on saturday.Yes he improved in the 2nd half but that wouldnt be too hard.He gives the ball away more than any other Arsenal player
    As soon as Nasri is fully fit for saturday i hope,Diaby should be on the bench

    3-0 tonight

  21. It took 11 players to outclass the Spuds on Saturday and Abou Diaby was one of them.

  22. A bit leftfield, but Koeman would be a worthy successor to Arsene when he finally steps down.
    There are many similarities in their teams.

    Koeman won the Eredivisie last season with a team of lesser known Dutch, Belgian and African Belgian players.

    His players are generally unknowns, he works on an absolute shoestring and all his teams play a passing game with the ball on the floor and like Arsene he has over succeeded when comparing the resources he has to his disposal.

    I do though have a bit of problem when remembering him slamming in a free kick past Shilts when he should have been sent off and thus knocking England out of the 94 world cup. Do I not like that.

  23. I certainly am worried about the Kroenke situation.

    The current situation is as close to ideal as possible. Nobody owns the club outright.

    I suspect that Kroenke would understand that this is true, even from a business perspective. I suspect there will be no takeover.

    It’s the best way to safeguard the value of his investment. A sustainable company is worth more than one that’s not. And we’re all seeing how hard it is to exit from an investment in a football club (Gillet & Hicks).

    There’s certainly the fear that Kroenke would try to acquire the club through debt he dumps on Arsenal’s balance sheet.

    Hopefully, Arsenal’s board will be looking to avoid that and would take measures to prevent it.

    As an Arsenal fan, I can only say I don’t like the single owner model. Having witnessed my beloved club grow from one of the world’s 15 biggest clubs, into one of the world’s 5 biggest, without the sponsorship of a benefactor, it will be a huge step back to tying the fate of the club to the whims and fortunes of a single person.

    I am worried but hopeful.

  24. Although the modern era did start with a single owner, OG.

  25. Ronald Koeman’s description of Robin is high praise indeed.

  26. Would the people who leave early or those who boo players get a vote in this cooperative, Arsenalkabisa. Supporters should have a greater ownership of the club, but do Arsenal supporters in general deserve it?

  27. The point that I am making, OG, is that no-one could have been more of a visionary or more ambitious and energetic than Henry Norris. So perhaps the right type of single owner is the best model of club stewardship.

  28. Line up anyone??

    I’ll have a stab:


    sagna gallas vermalean gibbs

    song diaby

    rosicky cesc arshavin


    the real uncertainty I suppose is whether Rosicky, Eboue, Nasri will play in the RWF position.

  29. …having said that I agree with YW. I don’t think that Stan Kroenke is about to buy the club, not at this point in time. He is probably very concerned to ensure that Alisher Usmanov does not buy the club outright.

  30. I think the team will be:

    Arshavin EDS Nasri

    Diaby Song Cesc

    Gibbs Vermaelen Gallas Eboue


  31. Frank,

    I believe in a strong board who counter each other especially since we have such a capable manager of the footballing side.

    Don’t forget Norris was self-selected. He was also an Arsenal man.

    It would be impossible to have interviews to select the right man to own the club. How would the ad go?

    “Fit and proper person, to own and support the best manager in the world to consolidate the club’s position as the best the world has ever seen. Must be an Arsenal die-hard, who knows his Wenger from his Mourinho. Must hate Spurs with a passion, and be determined to peg back the chavs. And oh, must have some £800M of cash in the bank to buy the club outright without having to load his debt on the club”.

  32. Darius oops!

    That was for Kabisa ears this case eyes only.
    I had forgotten you understand the language.

    People have become so obsessed with Diaby’s faults that they miss the good that he adds into our arsenal team.

    Who’s been selling shares to Kroenke.iI thought it was shareholders!

  33. Yes,OG, I agree it will take a very special owner to take on AFC. Maybe that is why Kroenke is sitting in there. As every day goes by he is becoming a real Arsenal man. Who knows…?

  34. @Frank

    i think, then they should forfeit their shares, or the shares get devalued.

    I mean who would want to buy shares with a label “Deserter”


    As long as she stretches that back of his well, who are we to complain? but if that dude starts getting groin injuries, then she gatta go.

  35. OG , think that you’re team is the most likeliest. Though i wouldn’t mind if verm or billy got so much needed rest.

  36. Frank or Yogi’s Warrior,

    If you had £1 Billion sitting around, would you buy Arsenal?

    If you would I can get a Beninoise woman in Peckham to cast a fortune spell on you.

    Either of you would make fit and proper owners. C-Bob too.

  37. Song, Cesc, Gallas, TV are up for a rest, but as wenger says the center back pair is never split. maybe he brings in the pair of sylvestre and Senderos?

    I hope Ramsey, Merida, & Senderos get some game time.

  38. DARIUS. THE liverpool fans tried to take over the team so far they have raised less than 5% of the money needed. An AIM listeed company could never be changed into the Barcelona model.

  39. smoletar,

    I think Billy G needs a rest. I hear he’s a quick recoverer. But he’s 32. I’d risk Senderos.

    Going into the crucial November period, Billy G will be crucial.

    I’ve really warmed up to him. I analysed his performances this season and realised he’s hardly made a mistake this season.

  40. Steve

    Arsene has already stated TR7 won’t start. I suspect it will be Eboue. Perhaps Arshavin rested with Nasri on the left rather than in the centre.


  41. @SolGooner

    kindly expound? not all of us are conversant with UK trade laws. AIM?


    Eboue TV Gallas Gibbs

    ..Cesc Song Diaby

    ….Eboue RVP Nasri

  42. I just wish one time Frank you would take your blinkers off.The game was won when Diaby even started to play resonabley well.But dont ignore the facts.In the first half Diaby was shite.And anyone who doesnt admit that is deluded

  43. The game was won when Diaby even started to play resonabley well.

    Are you bobbygee in Disguise? Where is the link to your site?

    I thought the game was won at the final whistle? or When really are points awarded?

  44. Ole

    Billy hardly made a mistake last season but too many fans were kissing Toure’s arse to notice.

  45. What to see the pride of Cardiff get some game time if we are a couple of goals up in the 2nd half

  46. Reg,

    Wenger did say Billy G was his player of the year last year. So you must be on to something there.

  47. Interesting that you should refer to Aaron as the pride of Cardiff. Didn’t seem to be very popular with the CC supporters a year or so back. I may be deluded but you Welsh folk seem a little fickle.

  48. Cardiff Gooner,

    Let it go. Ramsey is 18. He’ll get his chance. It’s about what’s best for Arsenal not what Wales wants to see.

  49. @cardiff Gooner

    players who were shit in the first half:

    Heurelho Gomes, Vedran Corluka, Ledley King, Sebastien Bassong, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, David Bentley, Wilson Palacios, Tom Huddlestone, Jermaine Jenas, Robbie Keane (c), Peter Crouch

  50. Watching Fabregas’ goa, AGAIN.Anyone think of a better goal this season?

  51. I like your preferred set up for tonight AK..A new standard for the CL with Eboue and his bags of energy, he should easily be able to handle that right wing and right back position..

  52. Newcastle have re-name thier stadium. It’s very catchy…

  53. “”We respect Arsenal, who have more qualities than we do but the best team does not always win.”

    Well, good to see that he acknowledges this. Bad because I’m pretty sure he’ll try to go for another boring match or a rough one. >_<

  54. “I’ve really warmed up to him. I analysed his performances this season and realised he’s hardly made a mistake this season.”

    I love Gallas. I wish he’d get more recognition because he’s the kind of person to come in, put his head down, and do his job. And he does this incredibly well. He hasn’t flirted with other clubs, has always been dedicated and wants to win for us.

    + him and Vermaelan are like bff’s on the pitch. you have to love that.

  55. Sagna has had three assists since that stunning performance(s) by Eboue at RB!

    Koeman will take immense pride out of a draw, tricky game/selection tonight. November will be tough, with the WC play offs to come as well.


  56. Finsburyparker

    Would give me immense laughter in Arsenal scoring to win the game at the very last minute and seeing Ronald ‘crap tactics’ Koeman’s ugly mug eating some of his own medicine!

    I would rather have a 4-0 although 😀

  57. Well at least Cardiff Gooner’s agenda is clear for all to see; tear down Diaby in favor of his countryman Ramsay.
    Perhaps his moniker should stop at Cardiff; forget being a Gooner.

  58. ChrisGoona

    I’m still upset with the goal that Alex scored for PSV.
    There must be some rivalry between the managers, just a shame Vela Bendy or Walcott aren’t available to rotate into the starting eleven.

  59. ….Arsenal…

  60. Finsbury Parker.

    That game with PSV still pains me…LOL! Incidentally, it was Henry’s last game for the Arsenal when he was subbed for an injury caused by his sciatic nerve.

    I can remember thinking when Hleb tackled that PSV player at the corner flag, that that free kick was not going to be a good thing. I just got the feeling in my water that PSV were going to score.

  61. Great post again Yogi.
    Agree with Ole Gunner, Tonight would be a good opportunity to give Senderos a run out and rest Billy G.
    Senderos looked against Liverpool, granted, my nan could defend Ryan Babel…
    Remember when he was supposed to be the next “Thierry Henry”, then he chose to go Liverpool and Rafa stunted him…
    But… Senderos should give Billy G a rest tonight and Nasri should start up top alongside Arshavin and Van P, then bring in Watt, Merida and Ramsey once we’re up 3 or 4 goals…

  62. Anyone know what’s happened to Carlos Vela?

  63. I would love it, just love it, if we beat AZ tonight.

    Nothing to do with their manager or his tactics, but because some of the CC players could then play in the next two CL games.

    It’s obvious that they’ll play a classical counter attacking game, probably a bit better then Tottenham did on the weekend. If I remember correctly they had more possession in the first leg? Which is rare against us. So unlike Tottenham, AZ can pass the ball.

  64. Good game tonight hope Edaurdo seizes a start and the Mozart gets some time..

  65. I bow to no man in my respect for Big Billy and TV4 at the heart of our defence – but make no mistake it is TR7 makes us tick. I am so glad he’s back. Hope he gets a little run as we coast to a comfy victory.

  66. A R S E N A L

  67. clichydoubledeuce

    @ steww 5:21 pm

    you mean TV5

    channel 4 overdose, perhaps? : )


  68. Be good if Arsh got a goal tonight; he’s looking a bit disgruntled of late; also Eddy after his two ‘misses’ last saturday.
    Oh dammit, just some goals..

  69. Apologies in advance but im gunner have a moan up here.

    Bloody she itv!! the bloody slags when are they gunner put us on shitv1?? why do they not want to show us. liverpool chelsea and the wancs have all been on and now it should be our turn. I am now ,well tommorow or the weekend when i have the bleeding time going to send a rude maybe even aggresive e-mail to them c*nts asking for answers.

  70. COYG!!!!!!!!!

  71. Don’t hold it in Duke. Let it all out.

    Tell us how you really feel.

    Breath deeply.

  72. Good win tonight Fun, I feel it in my waters.

  73. I hope so, C-bob. I always get so much more nervous watching on TV or following ATVO than being at the ground. I think it’s because when I’m there I feel like my support can actually influence the game…


  74. And yes, DG, it is an absolute scandal that we haven’t been on ITV1 yet.

  75. From

    Arsenal team:
    Eboue, Gallas, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Song, Fabregas, Diaby
    Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin.

    Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Senderos, Rosicky, Eduardo, Ramsey, Silvestre.

  76. What an excellent team.

  77. It’s the greatest team the world has ever seen! 🙂

  78. By far…

  79. Plus, Duke, face it, there are an awful lot of people looking forward to seeing Benitez go bonkers tonight.

  80. Aaron Ramsey and Sami Nasri played beautifully together against Liverpool – I can’t wait to see more of that combination. They’re both so quick to pick and play a pass, it’s fantastic to watch. Ramsey particularly is a brilliant entertainer. He plays the game as exuberantly as anyone else I’ve seen. Aaron Ramsey will without fail, make a game more fun to watch, and I imagine, to take part in – a wonderful quality!

    I think living with and learning from Tomas Rosicky will benefit them both massively.

    It’s the equivalent of a promising young composer being sent away to work shadow, er, Mozart!

  81. OOU – any links ? Or anyone with a brain – everything is dead on here.

    It will be good Karma !

  82. Ah well…can hopefully watch ‘pool lose… why oh why is that one so perfect…and our game is a TV aerial… am gonna scream!

  83. sloppy channel 81774

  84. Excuse me, Pb! Are you trying to say something?

  85. You are such good people…sincere thanks!!!!

  86. I love seeing the Verminator rage

  87. I see Koeman has lost weight since his playing dayz. Normally men get fatter in their old age.

  88. CESC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yaa, it feels good!

  89. God, I love that little Catalan

  90. What’s gotten into that boy? There’s only one Cesc, only one Cesc…
    Brilliant, may he never stop scoring!

  91. He was pissed off AFTER he scored! His new level of intensity is F!!cking awesome!!

  92. I’m loving the one-touch passing!

  93. Check him dust himself down….He’s a bad bad man!!!


  94. Nasri!!

    That goal celebration is the best ive seen yet, that was kool!

  95. Nasri’s back! I missed his close control.

  96. 2-0. That feels goooood.

  97. Nas dusts himself off like a spiritual cleansing..

  98. I hate to say it but i will. Unlike Eduardo over the weekend, I had no doubt about Nasri today. That is why he is playing.

  99. Hi ow good was that then guys? Diaby playing so well; disciplined and keeping it simple. AA showing class where it matters and two great finishes. Love it.

  100. On my telly, I have the Setanta duo of Des and Lou Macari, the Manc. I just luv, luv it, when they continue this great team Arsene Wenger has rebuilt. Cause, match after match they have to be eating their words. I just luv it!

  101. Agree Shotta but Nasri’s situation is much different.
    A long injury then all these little injuries, that would play on anyones mind. You start finding form and here comes another injury. Upon return of his initial injury Eduardo was great.
    Dont dear doubt Eduardo, his is deadly! lets be patient.

  102. CORRECTION: “….when they continue TO DOUBT this great team Arsene Wenger has rebuilt.”

  103. @ clichydoubledeuce – just spotted my earlier mistake, thanks for the correction Doh!
    So tell me who does play for us at number 4 um….

  104. PaulN? – I hope you are right. In fact, I am willing you to be right. The old Eduardo will be a deadly weapon gpoing down the homestretch.

  105. yes shotta do not fall pray to the fickle finger of form..

  106. Some nice h/t scores aswell..
    Lyons playing for a draw; Liege beating Olympiacos 1-0; Barca goal-less against…can’t remember, but small team..and Moanhinio 1-0 down too…

    It’s all looking very sweet right now!

  107. shotta,

    don’t underestimate the witchhunt Eduardo has to endure after the Celtic game. It surely had a big impact on his mindset. But I’m absolutely sure Eduardo will bounce back and score a lot of goals this season.

  108. Lou fukin macfukincari you fat scottish manc c*nt

  109. SWEEEET!!!

  110. Lou fukin macfukincari – On cue he was again positive that we cannot win the champions league be cuse…”they are not strong enough.” His best example Gibbs having to replace Clichy. I just worry about the sanity of these pundits. Fook me, isn’t Gibbs and all these young players one year older, becoming stronger and more experienced. This Arsenal team is a force of nature. Jackass!

  111. This guy is looking like the best player in the world, never mind best mid fiedler!

  112. Koeman and his assistants are dressed like undertakers…. how apt… LMAO

  113. Cesc can’t stop scoring! Guys, do you remember over the past two years when we couldn’t beg a goal out of midfield?

  114. He was pissed off AFTER he scored! His new level of intensity is F!!cking awesome!!”

    I don’t think he was pissed off. I think he was dissapointed that the ball went into the net so easily haha.

  115. C’mon Shotta don’t you know ManU will win by divine right?

  116. I thought Shitanta went bust. I have never known a channel with so many anti- Arsenal pundits, every game the pundits slag us off big time. in partial my wifes arse.

    latest lou gag. Sooner or later Arsenal will come up against someone to strong in this competition( no thats what you wish for you lou)

  117. how many different goal scorers we have this season already? anyone knows?

  118. Maybe right Abid!

  119. Dear old A to Z. Ramsey is about to utterly destroy what little remains of the resistance.

  120. Indeed, a wretched set of anti-Arsenal pundits Duke. They just keep embarrassing themselves by spouting off these hackneyed cliches about Arsenal with no reference to how this young side ois far from its peak. Fabregas is only 22 FFS.
    This team is a force of nature.

  121. Cesc and RVP get their rightful ovation…very nice.

  122. Number 4: a force of nature!

  123. Dudu…Arshavin…Diaby…bang!

    The pundits are right…we look awful.

  124. are the crowd feeling alright? their fantastic.

  125. Hows that from Eduardo Shotta!

    Who says we are second to Barca as far as playing beautiful football?



  127. 3 assists for Arshavin…he’s crap too.

  128. rosicky making an immediate impact.

  129. Just imagine, replacing Arshavin is Rosicky, one of our most technically gifted players. No wonder we are scoring so many goals. Last year when our creative players were out injured, the doomers concluded we were headed for the Championships.

  130. Is there any drop in skill when the subs come on?

    ridiculous amount of talent!

  131. Ah dunce bat dem Shotta!

  132. Wanting you to be right Paul N.

  133. Its been a while since I’ve seen Arsene smile like that for so long.. What a pleasure..


  134. Pardon, Paul?

  135. Mr. Bob, the people who doubted Arsenal are a set of dunce bats!

  136. Lyon just equalized against liverpool

  137. liverpool concede in the last lol

  138. Good….. listening to talk sport the other day and three liverpool fans rang in…and i understood all of them!!! how about that then. funny how you dont hear gooners with scouse accents isnt it.

  139. Any one knows why Cesc seemed mad after her scored?

  140. I feel bad for Benitez…why is it that whenever he takes Torres off, the opposition end up netting something :S
    Ok, its happened only twice but poor guy.

  141. I’m so disappointed. Inter Milan won, 2 late goals. They’ve saved Mourinho from the chop.

  142. what a great day!

  143. I’m not sure G4E…they all look slightly angry to be honest. Maybe Arsene’s trying out a new tactic.

    Imagine if Vermaelan put on an angry face…opponents would be venturing into the Arsenal half in tears.

  144. G4E, I am thinking he remembered what happened last week and wanted to stay focused.
    I think?

  145. That was dissapointing OG. However, I’m kind of happy with the other results. Barcelona and Liverpool scores were exactly what I wanted…I wish Inter gets whipped the next time they play Barcelona.

    Pity Olympiakos couldn’t win but, bar some extraordinary catastrophe, we’re through!

  146. Diaby played really well and he scored. Shut up, you doubters.

  147. Damn right!

  148. Thanks guys, I just didn’t see the first 15 minutes and was wondering if someone pissed him off before he scored.

    Cesc is pushing on full speed ahead….(Some people say he’s not committed).

    Nasri’s goal is just awesome to watch.

  149. Will we get a penalty given for us this season?

    Surely it’s now clear we’re bing punished for the Eduardo incident!

  150. i realy hope rosicky gets games….the man is quality…

    gibbs was great… was almunia, not that he had much to do.

    the whole team…the class is unreal.

    I am very very excited about the rest of this season.

  151. And who says Almunia can’t pull off world class saves? Eh? Eh?

  152. Arsh a bit under the fan’s radar…3 assists!

    Again..because they’re an unknown, and have a weird name, AZ are a really good team..

    On a fantasy level, i’d like to see them take on a few ‘big’ EPL sides…very few crap passes..some strong shots..never gave in.. really, if we can beat them with ease, we can rest easy.

  153. If our midfielders score so many goals….we’ll do something special this season.

    4 goals and not one striker scored.

  154. Well done to the Arsenal. Not only do the men beat AtoZ but the women beat Sparta Prague as well.

  155. If we beat Liege in a few weeks, we win the group and give the kiddies a trip to Greece. If we draw we qualify, and still probably give them the trip.

    We can lose to Liege at home, and draw to Olympiakos and still not only qualify but win the group.

  156. Wow, this team is the deal!

  157. Fabregas now hs 8 goals and 11 assists this season.

    That’s better than what most midfielders get in 1 season!

  158. The Scousers, sadly, still have a pretty clear path to qualification. They have to win both and Fiorentina lose both, but the only hitch there is Lyon beating Fiorentina away (more likely than Lvp making up the -7 differential in 2 games). Lvp over Fior at Anfield and over Debrecen anywhere is pretty plausible.

  159. But our midfielders are not good enough OG, that’s what Graham Taylor said.

  160. Graham Taylor was talking about under 5 team Muppet…

  161. Our top two players showed why they are world class,Cesc 2 goals,Arshavin 3 assists

    What was Almunia doing for their goal.If Mannone had made that mistake he would been slaughtered

  162. Graham Taylor can’t tell a midfielder from a turnip.

  163. Thank you Paul. Now if only Ponyboy started making sense.

    Evening G4E. What a game. What a team!

  164. Fuck off Howard.

  165. Consols… just because i snubbed you in the “Prince of Wales”….

  166. Hey CBob….We are the Arsenal.

    I agree with CBob…..F*ck Off Howard. You can wear any name you like but your comments are all the same.

  167. was a great goal…and we have a certain gentleness, a kindness… AW is not into;

    ok CB – fair point. Have a raging toothache, but it’s not an excuse for talking crap.

  168. You do know the Prince of Wales, Pb! Were you the one collecting for the IRA?

    No worries G4E. You can always smell Howard. Putrid views, rotten opinions. Mind you, I expect you to be the first to greet him.

  169. So, if it’s the toothache tonoiht Pb, is it the Special Brew on other evenings?

    Dangerous stuff. It’s been many a year since I risked it’s influence.

  170. Did you see the Oirish accent there Pb? Tthe POW was an Irish pub.

  171. nolagunner…the problem for Lvpool aside from having neither Torres or Gerrard for their next two games is that no matter that they win both…it’s highly unlikely that Fiorentina lose both. That last minute equalizer may have very well crippled both Benitez (carrerwise) and Liverpool (financially).

  172. LiverpooR

  173. we love you arsenal, we do

    we love you arsenal, we do

    we love you arsenal, we do

    oh arsenal we quite like you

  174. Arshavin our Russian genius

  175. You could even say, “I pity the ‘pool”.

    Ah, where JonJon when you need him?

  176. This team is just a world class keeper away from winning the title and the CL

  177. Is JonJon still exists?

  178. Don’t worry Howard. You’ll be welcome to the victory parade when we win. We’ll let you come so we can laugh at you even more.

  179. As long as he’s still in all our hearts, JonJon still exists.

  180. – 1 still

  181. “I always get so much more nervous watching on TV or following ATVO than being at the ground.”

    I know all about that FunGunner!

    What a fantastic team. I am almost speechless. Arsene was ecstatic after the game “It was a brilliant performance”. Can’t argue with that!

  182. If a miracle should happen, and everyone should be fully fit at the same time….id be jiggered if I had to choose a starting XI.

    As previously mentioned Arshavin off for Rosicky?

    Can anyone else think of a substitution that feels any less like a substitution?

  183. Its almost like cheating…..but its not because its in the rules.

    Haha one last laugh at Keanes bench remark.

    What an abortion of a man.

  184. Just got in and saw the highlights, seems like a good performance, but Almunia: WTF?!

  185. Almunia made a terrific save in the 2nd half as well.

    Just been looking on We have 35 players listed in 1st team squad who between them have score 50 goals so far.

    Who was it who said they don’t know where our goals will come from?

  186. Finally going home to see the game…

  187. i had to miss the game because of work but caught the highlights when I got back home…

    I loved Nasri’s goal. Its definitely my favourite and Arshavins passes were lovely as well. The AZ Goalkeeper was super dodgy though :S

    Also, for the past two games, its been a bit hard to believe that we’re playing in the same stadium as we were in 08/09 and some of the early games this season. Sure people still stream outside at the 80 minute mark but boy is the atmosphere loud in there (from what I can tell on video anyway).

    I like how Cesc and Wenger reacted to this victory. It’s a good game but its just 1 victory. So enjoy it, don’t get carried away, keep your head down and focus on the next game. I personally prefer everyone writing us off because it takes some of the pressure away (I think..).

    We’ve got a tough 8 weeks coming up and we’re off to a good start. Couldn’t ask for more.

  188. one last thing…I watched Nasri’s goal again and for some reason thought of yesterday’s post about Platini and it makes me feel really sick. Just the thought of that ugly, wretched and childish creature casting his eyes on our beautiful club is too much.

    the way he talked yesterday was incredibly disrespectful to what Arsene and the Club have achieved. Here you have a man whose given his life to the good of football and all you can say to him and the fans of this great club is “I don’t like their system” when we’ve produced so many outstanding players.

    what a silly tit. I hope the stuff he was blabbering on about was idle talk. But I don’t know, its not too hard to picture him obsessing over Arsene and Arsenal.

    That idiot doesn’t deserve

  189. Diaby is crap, Didnt he understand a word Wenger told him about not making those forays? he should maintain his defensive discipline. he is lazy, he looses the ball often – just wait till when Nasri returns and he will be benched.

    Instead of scoring he should have tried to return the ball to Arshavin. Couldn’t he have gotten an Assist instead?

  190. What a wonderful game last night.

  191. Awesome!Just awesome!!

  192. I don’t know what y’all are talking about.

    Arsenal had no fight or grit yesterday. They still have a soft underbelly. Diaby was useless and he was a liability. Arshavin was lightweight and totally ineffective.

    This is a team that has refused to replace their best players Adebayor and Toure. It’s no wonder they haven’t won anything for 5 years and nothing will change until Wenger stops depending on flimsy French and African players. Wenger will never win anything until he buys good old fashoned English players who wil provide grit and steel and a proper backbone for this ‘nearly’ side.

    Look at how far Tottenham have gone and how much they have spent. They have totally eclipsed the Arsenal squad and will displace Arsenal in the top 4 this season.

    LOL! Good morning ACLF. And a fine morning it is indeed.

  193. Matt Hughes in the Times:

    This team is similar in construction and outlook to the last Wenger side who challenged for trophies two years ago, with the key lying in the attacking triumvirate led by Cesc Fàbregas, but the squad contains more quality.

    “I’ve never had as many options on the creative side of the game,” Wenger said. “That’s why I was always surprised when people said, ‘Buy, buy, buy!’ For what?”

    Even at his very best, Hleb, whom Arshavin essentially replaced, is not in the same league. “Arshavin was outstanding today,” Wenger said. “He gave the ball every time at the fraction of the second you wanted him to give it. That’s top quality. He could be the missing ingredient. He not only scores goals, but can create and pass as well.”

  194. Darius you have the D&G part done really well. Howard (and his aliases) could not have written it better.

  195. And in all these reports, some talking up Gibbs for england, some talking up Fabregas, the one player overlooked is Nasri. What a goal he scored as well.

  196. Some of the ‘quotes’ are a case of putting words into Arsene’s mouth Muppet. The interviewer asked him if he has ever had so many creative options and that is not quite his answer. Also he was asked whether it was the purchase of Vermaelen and Arshavin that has made the difference and he said something about developing our own players and adding top quality when we find it.

  197. Darius the slating should start any time from now. I like the sarcasm in your post.

  198. Nasri, like Rosicky when they have the ball, seem to inject a bit of urgency into the game. They have superb control and delivery.

  199. I have noticed even the praise is well tempered by snidey critical remarks, so I’m not getting taken in by it.

    Something I didn’t notice until I re-watched the goal at home is how the ‘lazy’ Diaby was involved at the beginning of the 4th goal passed the ball to set it off and then motored up the pitch to be on hand for Arshavin’s pass – fantastic!

  200. A footballing Masterclass. The hunger in Cesc eyes says it all. Many more teams will be mercilessly put to the sword this season

  201. Well, yeah… the hacks are always up to tricks last night. Last night they kept on with the ‘don’t you think you need a trophy routine’, on Sky, to which you can hardly turn around and say ‘yes of course we need a bloody trophy you fool’. Both Wenger and Fabregas were harangued by the interviewer on this point. Cue Richard Keys… yes they need a trophy. I mean.. for f*ck sakes.. we know this.. they know this.

  202. I had Talk Shite on the radio when driing into work and Steve Stammers of the Daily Mirro was reminded Alan Brazil about his view several weeks ago that this Arsenal team is in contention for at least one title and they laughed him off.

    Brazil nearly choked on his answer and resorted to his M.O of switching the conversation to Manure and Chelski and totally ignoring the fact that Stammers wanted to talk about this Arsenal side.

    I never thought I’d enjoy watching the hacks and pundits squirm at the thought that Arsenal is actually a serious contender for titles, and the team is doing it with confidence and panache.

    In case anyone didn’t notice, we’re playing the best football in the Champions league and the favourite darlings of the media, be it Real Madrid, Barca, Liverpool, Milan, might not even make it to the next round, let alone challenge for the champions league.

    ut seriously, I was so happy for Diaby yesterday, especially after the stick he has been getting. His contribution all round yesterday was immense. I hope he continues in the same vein.

  203. Why isn’t Yogi Warrior pounding his keyboard with gusto to bring us a review of the game first thing in the morning so that we can all re-live those wonderful moments through the eyes and eloquence of YW?

    I’m really looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  204. Luke – Hangover? Getting kids to school? Early morning marital aerobics? Jogging?
    Who knows how the great man spends his time.

  205. Steww. I like the 3rd possibility. “Early morning marital aerobics”.

    I just love the positivity of all on this blog. 😀

  206. Luke

    Steww got three of the four reasons why the post was not up at the crack of dawn this morning.


  207. BentleyTheFlyingSpur


  208. So you don’t go jogging then YW?

  209. Steww he missed the early morning marital aerobics

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