Arshavin Talks The Talk, The Squad Must Walk The Walk

Later than normal today due to pressures of work but where to start? Shall we begin with Ashley Cole? Actually, no, for in the same way that a troll feeds off the energy of winding someone up, Cole’s oxygen is media attention, in every respect a shallow imitation of Posh ‘n’ Becks. I wonder if he will claim to be a victim when he gets showered with abuse next team the Chavs are Arsenal’s opponents? Probably but will his media chums drag out his outburst? I doubt it.

Onto Arsenal matters. Some confusion with regard to Eduardo. The player himself said before the Austrian tour that he would be playing match minutes whilst away and it seems that Wenger is being attributed with quotes about how he would be out for two months. In any event, two months is about how long you would expect before the Croatian international is back, firing on all cylinders on a consistent basis. Perhaps that is a reasonable expectation for him to be able to play 90 minutes on a regular basis. Anyway, there are enough to cover his absence if Wenger replaces Adebayor.

On that subject, a hint of the media circus that will erupt with Daily Mail anonymity granting a hack (in the loosest possible sense of the word) pure speculation about how the fans will turn on the manager if he does not spend some of Adebayor’s cash. Even then, apparently Arsene should resign if he is not allowed to spend.

Andrei Arshavin has been looking ahead to the coming season, in a positive frame of mind to boot. The Russian whetted everyone’s appetite:

Next season will be like my first real season. This has been like the preamble, a demo version before the start of the real game. Everything will start for real next season. We’ll have to see how that unfolds. My main concern will be making sure I keep my place in the team.

You have to say if that which has been witnessed so far is the demo version, roll on the full rollout. On that basis, sales would be through the roof the minute any game on any platform. It is sometimes too easy to forget the positives within the squad with a constant media focus on the negative.

Arshavin was rightly hailed for his performances following his winter transfer, not just his scoring but his all -round play. Combined with a fully fit Fabregas, a returning Rosicky and Nasri when he recovers, the midfield has an impressive array of attacking options. Ever-improving players such as Walcott, Denilson and hopefully Diaby on paper make the midfield possibly the strongest in the Premier League. Yet they have to deliver. There is enough experience there at all levels of the game to no longer have the excuse of rebuilding. Of course, injuries will play a part and shape the season, early evidence of that already emerging.

Arshavin emphasised that point:

But we have to finish speaking about how young we are. We need to play like we are a big and strong team.

The last four seasons have been a rebuilding exercise as youngsters were brought through. That time has been painful for them but now they should have the mental strength and experience to prove that they play a good game as well as talk one.

That may well happen without Philippe Senderos. Arsene’s comments on the official site suggest that he is not overly concerned whether the Swiss international stays or goes:

At the moment he is looking for solutions. He has many opportunities but he has to decide on his future

Actually, that sends a clear signal that he is not considered a part of the manager’s long-term plans. With his defence reasonably well-stocked at the moment, it is a hardly surprising decision on Wenger’s part. Senderos has the capabilities but lacks the mental strength for some reason to succeed at the club. A spell at another club may change that but with Johan Djourou and Alex Song having delivered in the centre back spot, Senderos would probably be sixth or seventh choice, vying with Silvestre for a place on the bench, if either of them make it that far with Vermaelen seemingly on for one of the starting line-up places.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. So is Kolo leaving?

  2. 1 loose cannon

    If last season was a demo from Arshavin we should expect a blockbuster from him.

  3. Big E Hornswood

    Arshavin be busting a gut this season, mans cant be doing this shit on his though ya get me. He needs the support from the midfield. Cesc and Rocisky partnership will be sick and you know this

  4. James

    WTF was that post at 1.19 about?


  5. 4th position is best that can expected and lots of high balls against a side lacking height, its seems a pre condition to joining Arsenal that noone over 5’10 need apply

  6. The Doomer's Family

    Internal Blog Memo,

    Here’s a stab at an ‘Indispensable’ Top 10 Chart. We’ve taken only players appearing as first team players on and added Arshavin and Arshavin as extras. All this could never change despite Arsene’s decisions and transfers.

    We’ve listed them based on quality and replaceability within the squad, including impact on team and fan morale if they left.

    10. Arshavin
    9. Arshavin
    8. Arshavin
    7. Arshavin
    6. Arshsavin
    5. Arshavin
    4. Arshavin
    3. Arshavin
    2. Arshavin
    1. Arshavin.

  7. ANR, who restarted the Kolo to Citeh kerfuffle, demanded to know the “real” reason Kolo wasn’t in Austria with the squad. A serious conspiracy was obviously afoot.

    Only problem being, Kolo played the second half against Columbia.

    So probably all bollocks….

  8. “Barca to go for Fab if they dont Mascherano” and “ManC to go for Toure if they dont get Terry” have reared their head again..

    So YW how about some competitor analysis in the coming weeks..

  9. Unfortunately Senderos is prone to a few high profile errors. That has led to a sense of unease amongst the fans which seems to have caused him to become even more tense, leading to more errors, a viscous circle.

    It’s a shame as he has many attributes that Arsenal need, and I believe the stats show that we do better with him than without.

    If someone said we were going to sign a 6ft 4 cb, who played in a record breaking defense in the cl, had experience of a cl final, played in the world cup for team that didn’t concede a goal until they were knocked out on penalties, every one would be over the moon!

    But it may be best for all concerned if he moves on to a club that defends a bit deeper.

  10. JohnN

    Or perhaps one that has a more orthodox defensive midfielder to protect him, something he will not get with Arsenal.

    Personally, I think Senderos will do well in England but like you say, at another club unless he can convince Arsene otherwise. Had he done so, I suspect Vermaelen would not necessarily have been purchased.


  11. I agree with John on Senderos, i really would love him to stay.

  12. We’ll be alright,my goal is just to finish on top of Chevski for that one simple reason, Ashley Cole! That fucker! Does he think he is the best player in the world? Walcott tore him to pieces last season and the same will happen this season! I even wish Wilshere will be given the chance and im sure he will make Cole look like the Baby he is.

  13. Doesn’t anybody think it strange that the Arsenal website published the story on Sendy? It just doesn’t seem like something that has happened before?


  15. I still hope Senderos would stay though.

  16. If Arshavin can increase his level by 20%, and keep that up for 45 games, he could be one of our best players next season.

  17. Just read Cashley’s comments………i just wish some self respecting Arsenal fan will do a Bentley on him.Without the pregnant wife in tow ofcause.

  18. Wenger was just saying in those two months that Nasri is out, Eduardo will be available.

    @ Maria: as much as I don’t like Bentley, what that person did should not be encouraged no matter who that person is. What happened to respect. We don’t own celebrities and footballers.

  19. I don’t understand why we would keep Silvestre ans sell Senderos. Silvestre is shit, unbelievably slow and has no role to play this season. Song is a DM that can fill in at CB but would not be ahead of Sendy for a CB berth. If Silvestre left we would have Gallas, Toure, Verm, Djourou and Senderos. With Toure and Song off to the ACN I can see Senderos getting quite a few games as back up. I would rather have him as back up than Silvestre any day.

    Eduardo is fit now, he just needs games. He will be ready for the Everton game like the rest of the squad he doesn’t need 2 months to get fit. Its a misunderstanding based on AWs poor English in an interview.

  20. Yes that seems to have been the intention, The Brain. I think Matt correctly identified that the problem was the absence of the word “those” in AW’s actual comments.

  21. @ The Brain

    Mmmmmmmm….I have seen DB interviewed quite a few times in relation to football and he found him extremely obnoxious….I have a feeling others have found this to be the case in his private.

  22. Matt,

    I see our little league is growing. First time I’ll play the fantasy league. Come on you might Bergkamp Babes…LOL

  23. Pol,

    You don’t want much do you?

    Everything about Arshavin is class, on and off the field.

    I think he has a more than fair chance to be our player of the year next season.

    Senderos has all the attributes required to be a top class centre half, it would be a real shame to lose him.

  24. Ole,

    19 entrants so far – not bad at all!

    I think it is one of the better Fantasy Football games out there, as there is a small element of skill involved with buying and selling players, setting your team and formation each week, and nominating your captain for double points.

  25. I never understood fantasy football or it’s appeal but am kinda interested now we have one on ACLF should i bother googling it?? Or is it more a guy thing…….

  26. Maria: Still. Someone closer punching him, I don’t mind. An interviewer getting really annoyed and punching I don’t mind. Someone watching interviews on tv, going to the restaurant, watching his every move, hitting him then running away, I do mind.

    I remember there was a video where people were insulting Anelka as he was driving for no apparent reason and Anelka got out and halted traffic because of that lack of respect.

  27. Matt,

    Where are the details for the fantasy league?


    Sorry that was my idiot freind at work trying to be funny on my computer. He dont even like football.

  28. @ Matt

    An prime example is the Liverppol game i think in relation to Pz demands and you protests……..while AA scored four goals his overall contribution to the team compared to say……..Denilson or Song……was minimal imo… thus extra 20% seems less absurd.

    Also AA has stated on more than one occassion that his yet to hit top form in an Arsenal shirt.

  29. @ The Brain

    Is that what happened?? It wasn’t clear from the article.

  30. @rayman

    “I don’t understand why we would keep Silvestre ans sell Senderos. Silvestre is shit, unbelievably slow and has no role to play this season.”

    I’m not a “big” fan of Silvestre’s, but if you watch Kyle Bartley’s interview a while back, you may realise that, while Silvestre is certainly past his prime, he has ample experience in playing professional football at the highest level for a long time, which can be passed on to our young guns, especially defenders.

    Re Senderos, I do hope we keep him..

  31. Senderos over Silvestre anyday of the week, Silvestre doesn’t feel like an Arsenal player, and he’s crap

  32. Maria,

    Please do come and join, it is not a guy thing at all, you might enjoy it.

    The details are –

    Fantasy Premier League called ACLF.

    If you aren’t already playing the game then you can register at

    Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the ‘Leagues’
    link you can find on the right of the page. Now enter the code
    245482-85755 to join the private league.

  33. Maria,

    A fair argument based on the first half of the Pool game for sure, which AA even commented on, but to say he didn’t contribute any more than Denilson and Song is incorrect.

    He scored 4 goals, and Denilson was substituted pretty early on if i remember rightly, for Song.

  34. I’m slightly confused by your comment, Matt. You imply that I have made an unreasonable demand, but then say you are expecting the same thing. If Arshavin can take his game to the next level (as I’m sure he can), he will be making a similar contribution to RvP, Fabregas, Denilson, and our other stars. If he does that, he will have as good a chance as any of them to be our player of the season.

  35. Arshavin is pure class, demands the best & gives his all for sucess. Maybe some of the other players in the squad need to exhibit more of the same mentality & real desire, perhaps certain players to lack the hunger & extra commitment that a winning side needs?
    With rgards to CB we may have numbers at the moment but with senderos to leave & KT & WG approaching the end of their contracts things may change very quickly. I think gallas will def walk in a year, maybe kolo will do the same so the boss will have to try & secure a new deal or look to sell him now to generate funds towards a replacement? Senderos will probably be sold (logically) & this will hopefully bring a few quid towards the coffers to put into a replacement. However I dont understand the bad feeling towards sylvestre he’s an adequate cheap experienced 4th/5th choice for this season & wouldnt have any real transfer value if sold so whats the point of letting him go. However in another year i concede he may be truly ‘past it’ so we could be in the situation of going from overstocked to possibly losing 4 cente backs in the space of 12 months!! Real tough decisions ahead for Arsene in this position i think.

  36. Matt, what is the code that needs to be entered to join your league?

  37. @ Matt

    Nope that was for Theo…….and i will galdly concede the point 4 goals is 4 goals…..though i still think AA can add another 20% to his game….

    On the Liverpool game, i personally i missed the game but the difference in my opinion on AA when i watched the hightlights and full replay was stark. While watching the highlights i throught he was exceptional, but once i watched the whole match again i realised others contributed more.

  38. Ok have joined , go dubdizzlers!

  39. I really don’t understand what i am suppose to do on the link or the point of the game so will leave it to you guys.

  40. Silvestre has 1 year left on his contract and might have no desire to leave. If a player doesn’t want to go he can’t actually be forced out. the club could cancel his contract but I expect they would have to pay him for the remainder anyway, so he will be kept around. A threat of a year on the bench or in the reserves is hardly likely to force him out at this stage of his career.

    Senderos is in a different position. he will obviously want 1st team football, so will be willing to leave, and has value on the transfer market.

    I’d prefer Senderos to stay, much more so than Silvestre, but I think the reality of the situation points the other way.

  41. JohnN,

    I think the starting point is that Senderos wants to leave. He gave an interview in which he suggested he wanted out.

    If he wanted to stay, and the choice came down to Silvestre or Senderos, then Senderos.

    Personally, I don’t rate Silvestre at all. Never did. I was always happy to see his name on the mancs’ team sheet whenever we played them.

  42. OG
    The point I was trying to make is that these decisions that look so easy on Championship manager are bit more complicated in real life.

  43. I think Senderos decided he wanted to leave last summer, probably as a result of the aftermath of that Champions League match. Wenger persuaded him to go out on loan for a season, to see if he would change his mind. He hasn’t.

  44. I think people are being very harsh on Silvestre. The guy is an ex United player and that is why he is not loved. Silvestre has done a brilliant job. Of course he is not young anymore, but he won’t be first choice anyway. He is there because he has experience.

    Some of you guys are just unbelievable. When Arsene sell our senior players you are on his back because you say we need experience to win the league. I remember Gilberto’s last year befor being sold, some people killed the guy suggesting he is past his best and to old for the quick game in England. Now again some people say we need a guy like Gilberto in the middle of the park. Yes it would have been nice to have him as back-up but he’s not here anymore but Silvestre is still here so please be fair to the bloke. AW is asking the guy to do a job and he’s trying his best.

    I’m tired of those pessimist thinking people who inject poison to our hearts and brains..

  45. Championship Manager, I have heard, is a very complicated game. It can take weeks to master.

  46. Senderos used up his nine lives. Silvestre still has a couple.

  47. Hi Pol,

    I read your comments to mean that AA would need to raise his performance levels by 20% in order to match that of the other players you pointed out – RVP, Fabregas, Denilson etc.

    Admittedly i did not structure my response very well.

    What i meant was, is that i disagree, and that AA does not need to raise his performance levels at all to stand a fair chance of being our player of the year.

    Although i do agree that another 20% would be very welcome!

  48. I agree with Matt and i cant disagree with Poliziano.

  49. YW, AW talks of Nasir being out for 6 weeks against earlier reports of 2-3 months, do u agree with him? My understanding is that he is down playing it so that he is not pressured into buying a replacement. He has ever done the same with TR7, remember? I hope it is indid the 6 weeks, though

  50. “I’m tired of those pessimist thinking people who inject poison to our hearts and brains.”

    A little strong.

  51. Have you joined the Fantasy League Pol, or are you not interested?

  52. Whats better a depressed optimist or a happy pessimist????

  53. “Silvestre has done a brilliant job”

    Thats funny. Best gag of the day.

  54. Maria yes maybe a little strong but even if one of our players get injured they blame Wenger. Honestly is there a striker around at the moment, for sale at a reasonable price, that we absolutely should buy???

    Huntelaar? Not sure about him
    Chamakh? Never heard of him before
    Fabiano?I don’t rate him.
    Villa? Very expensive

    Who else is there?? Do you want us to buy someone so you can feel good about it and wind up rival fans?

  55. I reckon that the reason Silvester is staying while Sendy is being shown the door is more to do with their respective attitudes. By all accounts Silvester is a model pro and a good role model for all the young centre backs at the club, not to mention he has won everything and his experience is such that Wenger feels it is better to have him around rather than big phil, who is seen as having a slight attitude problem. Rumour has it he didn’t exactly endear himself to the senior pro’s at Meelan, nor the coaching staff.

  56. Nasri will be out for 6 weeks definitely but I don’t seen him playing until two more weeks of fitness training. 2 months is what Wenger did say that we’ll miss him for.

  57. cem,

    I think hunterlarr would be a good buy, he is similar to van horseilrooy in the fact he is a natural poacher.hunterlaar will get 20+ goals easy.

  58. Maria.With respect when sending comments to an Arsenal forum please dont use the initials DB for anybody other than the great man.

    I think Ashley Cole and Arshavin have one thing in common.They both open their mouths in the media too much.

    I think Senderos is a must to have around.If Sagna,Gibbs,Toure etc mess up its accepted but not so with Senderos who is potentially a tremendous defender.

  59. if Ade is worth £25m why not hunterlaar. it would be like a straight swap. hunterlaar is probably more prolific then ade.

  60. looooooooooooooooooooool…..i was actucally thinking that as i was typing that….just to lazy to change it.

    “I think Ashley Cole and Arshavin have one thing in common.They both open their mouths in the media too much.”

    I agree.

  61. KG

    Nasri is back when he is back. If it is 6 weeks, I hope it is a full recovery. I’d rather he was out for 8 weeks and fully fit on his return than be out for 6 and get a hamstring or some such injury within 5 minutes of coming on the pitch.


  62. Ok I’m going to lift iron…

    see ya later boys and girls

  63. I think Arshavin speaks alot of sense

  64. Speaking and listening to coaches the specialist goal poacher player is an outdated thought. Huntelaar has good technique and links up play well; that’s what people should be concentrating on from a striker. Goal scoring is not a secondary skill but it is normally expected or at lowest, seen as a result of composure or good service.

    He is great at scoring but goal poaching usually means someone who offers little in build up play and in modern football it’s hard to fit them in.

    Listening to Ince saying he thinks Owen should be England’s main striker just because he scores goals just goes against Cappello’s plan and what he wants.

    Granted Owen has played well in pre-season and is a good player but Capello wants players to play around the main forward not the forward playing around the other players.

  65. Poliziano I challenge you to Fantasy Football, whoever finishes further down the table has to come on here and say ‘I love Goats’

  66. Speaking and listening to coaches the specialist goal poacher player is an outdated thought. Huntelaar has good technique and links up play well; that’s what people should be concentrating on from a striker. Goal scoring is not a secondary skill but it is normally expected or at lowest, seen as a result of composure or good service.

    He is great at scoring but goal poaching usually means someone who offers little in build up play and in modern football it’s hard to fit them in.

    Listening to Ince saying he thinks Owen should be England’s main striker just because he scores goals just goes against Cappello’s plan and what he wants.

    Granted Owen has played well in pre-season and is a good player but Capello wants players to play around the main forward not the forward playing around the other players.

    Regarding Chamakh; he has fantastic movement, technique but poor finishing. He is a raw deal but one that Wenger feels can iron out.

  67. I agree…I like hearing from Arshavin. He is opening himself up to the vultures by speaking but everything he’s said so far has gotten a firm nod of agreement from me…especially about hunger, yeah?

  68. we need fabregas to connect with eduardo otherwise we are finished this season. Stats show that the most common recipient from fabregas has been adebayor. Fabregas dosent seem to set up van persie very much. He is more of a striker who makes something from nothing.

  69. dukeGoonem

    Well Ade has proven himself in a top league, that’s what marks him from Huntelaar…also Huntelaar is a fantastic finisher but it’s also well known that he doesn’t contribute much to team play beyond goalscoring. Teams, these days prefer strikers who can do more than just score goals.

  70. I think Arshavin’s words in the media have been very good up to now.

  71. Ole, Huntelaars record at Real was good

  72. Duke,

    Adebayor’s stats are no more impressive prior to his arrival at Arsenal.

    If AW thinks he can make a great player out of Chamakh (and that is pure speculation at this point) then that is good enough for me.

  73. 4th the target


    You write beautifully but marvel at your total loyalty to Arsene Wenger. You hardly question some of his decisions.

    Are you being realist that a midfield of Walcott, Denilson and Diaby can win the title? Or as you put it ‘on paper possibly the strongest in the EPL?’ I mean including Fab4.




    Joe Cole



    Now check the physical presence, the experience, the fighting spirit and winning mentality and ours is no match.

    Some of us believe that Arsene has no ambition and his target is once again 4th.

  74. With the scandalous press in this country i feel that it’s better for Arsenal players to say nothing rather than something be it positive or negative.

  75. I’m leaning towards that thinking as well. If AW sees something in Chamakh then I’d be willing to go along with, especially as the price is dropping.

    Still, it just doesn’t track for me…Arsene’s final targets are usually far below the radar. There’s been way too much Chamakh talk. I think Wenger sets out red herrings for the press while he raids the outlands for gems. Our scouting is likely the best in the world. He’s up to somehting…

  76. Chamakh; Another one that needs to learn to shut the hell up!!

  77. Facile stuff, even for you 4th, aka Patrick, aka Bodad and aka Howard.

    Anyway – and more interestingly – J.G. Ballard was an author who wrote a book about people who get a sexual thrill from car crashes.

    There’s a cool song inspired by the book, called “Warm Leatherette”. Don’t bother searching Youtube for it – all you get is a snuff film and a bunch of shoddy covers.

  78. The only interview I’ve seen with AA was very interesting. He seemed totally aware of when the journalist was trying to trip him up and shrugged it off.

  79. 4th the target

    For once I have a feeling that Senderos should stay and that he’ll become good.

    He needs a faster, ball-playing partner on his side. Once he improves his aerial ability(sometimes he doesn’t attack the ball at all) and learn to use his big body well (he should be watching a video of old Campbell and Vidic) he will be great.

    Sylvestre should rather leave and Djourou pushed to play DM that is, if Arsene don’t buy. I’ll be too nervous to see Denilson as our regular DM. The long balls through the middle will destroy us again with him and Fab4 in the middle. Again, Arsenal like last year, will lose its counterattacking ability.

  80. Well am off, can’t wait till the next game the 27th really isn’t working for me. Maybe live coverage of training session would fill the void till then.

  81. So 4th – Our first choice midfield could well be –

    Arshavin, Diaby, Cesc and Rosicky.

    I would be happy with that ahead of any of the other sides in thr Prem.

  82. I really think it’s going to be Diaby year.

  83. Song should be in there ahead of Diaby and Denilson. He pisses on both of them

  84. We could send on Diaby to injure the players that are hurting us most, we could keep him locked in a cage in the dugout

  85. 4TT

    A pointless argument. You do not believe in anything other than your own jaundiced views so why would I waste time debating with you.


  86. Not that it really matters much at this point but what are the feelings about Eto’o…I think he would have done wonders in our style of play and set-up.

  87. axis, maybe, but he’s a knob. We just got rid of one knob so I’d rather stick with what we’ve got

  88. James, what’s Huntelaar’s record at Real?

    A half season doesn’t make you a “proven” player, does it?

  89. Ole, I think he got 8 in 20 games, and he never really had a chance to settle. Thats pretty good in my book. He can play a bit as well, like most of the Dutch is technically brilliant. If he’s going for 18 mill we should grab him, then from the Ade transfer we’d of got 7 million and a better player

  90. I think his stats are not bad for half a season in a disrupted team.

    I still don’t think he is worth the reported 17-18M though.

    And to be fair – i don’t see the need for a forward at all, if anyone is coming in, i would rather a Central Midfield player.

  91. Matt, yeah I agree, Put Alonso in the team and it suddenly looks like a title winning team

  92. cackle

  93. 4th the target

    I just went to a Chelsea blog to see their reaction to Cashley Cunt’s comments that he wished City will be above us. I was shocked to note that they don’t like him.

    They claim he’s not played well for them since he moved, that he was better with us than with them.

    They also claim that he made those statements for his fears that Gibbs might replace him in the England team.

    They have high hopes and respect for Gibbs and believe Gibbs will eventually do better than him.

    The blog is www.; youcan checkfor yourself.

  94. I just went to a Chelsea blog to see their reaction to Cashley Cunt’s comments that he wished City will be above us. I was shocked to note that they don’t like him.

    They claim he’s not played well for them since he moved, that he was better with us than with them.

    They also claim that he made those statements for his fears that Gibbs might replace him in the England team.

    They have high hopes and respect for Gibbs and believe Gibbs will eventually do better than him.

    The blog is www.; youcan checkfor yourself.

  95. I just went to a Chelsea blog to see their reaction to Cashley Cunt’s comments that he wished City will be above us. I was shocked to note that they don’t like him.

    They claim he’s not played well for them since he moved, that he was better with us than with them.

    They also claim that he made those statements for his fears that Gibbs might replace him in the England team.

    They have high hopes and respect for Gibbs and believe Gibbs will eventually do better than him.

    The blog is www.; youcan checkfor yourself.

  96. I just went to a Chelsea blog to see their reaction to Cashley Cunt’s comments that he wished City will be above us. I was shocked to note that they don’t like him.

    They claim he’s not played well for them since he moved, that he was better with us than with them.

    They also claim that he made those statements for his fears that Gibbs might replace him in the England team.

    They have high hopes and respect for Gibbs and believe Gibbs will eventually do better than him.

    The blog is www.; youcan checkfor yourself.

  97. I look back to some of the games in which Diaby excelled, and with the added bulk and a decent run in the team i think he could be the man in midfield with Cesc.

  98. Cem, are you serious? You think people don’t like Silvestre because he came from United? You think he’s done “a brilliant job.” I can’t imagine what team you’re watching… Silvestre’s mere presence as a centre-half and, of course, Chelsea’s dogged determination to exploit it is what it cost us a place in the FA Cup Final.

  99. Don’t think his stats are bad. Just don’t think a half season means he’s proven. I like him as a player. Don’t think he’ll do badly in our team. Even his reported (mutual) dislike of RVP is not too much of a big deal.

  100. Those games where Diaby excelled have been few and far between. Yes, he’s got technical ability but he doesn’t have enough football intelligence to know how to use it as part of a team. Most of Diaby’s best moments have been individual in nature. To me, he has rarely looked like a member of the side on the pitch and his performance against the Austrian amateurs was embarrassing.

  101. Matt,

    I’m a big Diaby fan. He’s a player who can be frustrating but actually is a class player. If he sorts out his injury problems and gets a 15 game run, we’ll see his best.

  102. I don’t necessarily think we need him, though I wanted him badly for us at one point, but look at Huntelaar’s record with Ajax… 76 goals in 92 appearances in the league. Anyone who has watched him knows he can score anywhere.

  103. whats with the repitition repitition.

  104. Howard couldn’t get his comment through moderation, and it looks like he revealed his full gamut of alter-egos in the process. Only Patrick is missing.

  105. Howard’s posts kept getting moderated, I would guess. It was probably because he wrote c***, but he thought using a different alias would help.

  106. You think the 6’3″ brick shit-house that is Abou Diaby suffered from a lack of bulk?

  107. Agree Huntelaar has a proven goal scoring record for who ever he plays for. But this is all bollocks coz Wenger will not buy him.

  108. Can’t see Silvestre prefered over Senderos. I like Senderos. Not the most mobile center back but for a center back is positioning that counts.

  109. .

  110. Pol,

    Well Diaby himself is the one who has reported through the media that he has been working in the gym all summer to ‘bulk’ up to meet the demands of the premier league.

    if the player himself thinks he needs to, then maybe he does.

  111. Oh dear, I didn’t notice the IP address was the same on all of those posts. Silly me…

  112. Well done YW.

  113. Why does one man (loose term I know) need so many alter egos?

  114. Come on YW – get with it!

  115. A cracking season awaits. This is a very strong Arsenal side, and quietly confident, I would suggest the strongest for 3 or 4 years.

  116. when Arshavin says “My main concern will be making sure I keep my place in the team” that sends all the right signals in the right places. The fact is, he may not, he has to work.

  117. I just went to a Chelsea blog to see their reaction to Cashley Cunt’s comments that he wished City will be above us. I was shocked to note that they don’t like him.

    They claim he’s not played well for them since he moved, that he was better with us than with them.

    They also claim that he made those statements for his fears that Gibbs might replace him in the England team.

    They have high hopes and respect for Gibbs and believe Gibbs will eventually do better than him.

    The blog is www.; youcan checkfor yourself.

  118. Diaby seems to weigh as much as Bendtner and Adebayor, if not more. Both are taller than Diaby, and both are strong players. Diaby has occasionally not performed as well as might be hoped, but that has never been because of a lack of bulk.

  119. “Trolling is a game about identity deception.”
    Shame about the IP address.

  120. Apparently Didier Drogba has blamed his relatively low number of goals last season to a lack of bulk, and has been working hard in the weights room over the summer.

  121. Mock all you like Pol, but as i said, the player himself has felt the need to work in the gym all season to ‘bulk up’.

    As i say, if he thinks he needs to, and it helps, that’s fine with me.

    Nice to see it pouring with rain on the evening i get a 6.30 kick off for 5 a side. Great.

    Have a good evening all.

  122. Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney has been following a high-calorie diet throughout the off-season. He has sometimes found himself breathless at the end of matches, ans has attributed this to a dangerously low bodyfat percentage.

  123. I think Diaby has said he is looking for more power, i.e more muscle bulk.

    He may have felt he was “out-powered” after the Chelsea semi-final.

    I think if we are to have a good chance of winning the title without bringing anyone else in, Diaby is one of 2 players who have to take a step forward, the other being Bendtner.

    I’m not saying either are poor players, but think both have the ability to become top class.

  124. His new trainer told Les Dessous du Sport:

    “When I feel that a sportsman is ready to give it all in order to reach a stage, it suits me. He is motivated and wants to reach the next stage on the physical level.

    The English league is very demanding; as a consequence his objective is to improve physically in order to be stronger and more resistant. He wants to be stronger in challenges. That is why he needs more muscle power.”

  125. diabys injuries are mainly in his legs…has anyone seen diabys legs??? they are like twigs….

    i think his summer ‘bulking’ was not a case of getting physically ready…but strengthening the muscles in the lower part of his body….

    it seems diaby was a thin lad when growing up…and he seems to have put all his efforts in the gym on his upper body….but anyone who does regular gym work knows you need to develop all of your body equally for the best results….

    if for example you just work on your top half it will leave you out of proportion…and makes you vunerable to injuries in the areas you havent worked on as much…..

    i reckon diabys spent the summer working on his legs to help reduce the amount of injuries he gets….

  126. Paulie Walnuts

    Whatever Diaby has done physically over the summer I still believe most of his problems are `upstairs` & will be overcome with experience.

    It will be intersting who starts the season at left midfield. Obviously Ashavin is favourite now Nasri is injured but I`d like to see Ramsey get a chance. He strikes me as versatile enough.

  127. Naah. I’ve just been looking at some pictures of Diaby. He’s well proportioned. He’s of similar weight to Lampard and Essien, but they are both shorter. Ballack’s a big, muscular man. He’s heavier than Diaby, and the same height. Diaby won’t be able to match Ballack’s level of mucsularity with a couple of months in the gym. If Diaby wants to try to build some strength, that’s great; but if he doesn’t, I don’t think he should worry. He’s fine as he is, in my opinion.

  128. The main problem with Diaby last season was that his decision-making in tight areas. He was too often caught in possesion. Much in the way that Flamini became more efficient on the ball and stopped dallying on the ball, if Diaby can do this he could develop into a great partner for Cesc.

  129. remove ‘that’.

  130. Ballack’s got more of the old man, German beer and pretzel strength. The strength a man accumulates over time that will allow him to kick his son’s ass on occasion when the lad grows up. Give Diaby some time.

  131. yeah paulie…

    diabys main problem seems to be in his mind…his decision making and positioning and overall awareness is very suspect…

    the main attribute of a good CM is a good awareness of the game….the midfield is the engine room you need to know whats going on around you….

    this is why i think diaby will never make a good CM….if he gets a good run of games he could learn and prove me wrong but its one of those abilities you either have or you dont….its hard to teach….

    diaby makes a better striker than anything….but wenger seems intent on turning him into the next paddy and so far he isnt learning anything…

    this seasons a big big season for diaby…if he doesnt kick on this season then i can see wenger letting him go next summer….

  132. lag,
    I agree with you about Diaby. If Arsene can convince him that just making a straight and boring pass is preferred to him trying to do a spectacular solo spin move on the ball, we’ll have a heckuva player on the squad. He must progress this year and I’m very hopeful he will.

  133. Diaby’s best performances have been in a more attacking role. When he first began to play last season, he was magnificent. A good run of games would of course be excellent for him. Injuries have prevented that so far.

  134. If we play a front 6 of Rosiky, Fab, diaby, Arshavin, Rvp and Eduardo, I can see it working.

    Rosiky, AA Fab and Rvp playing a sort of diamond formation, setting up chances for Eduardo with their quick passing etc and Diaby playing deeper but launching powerful runs into the area on occassions to commit defenders and cause a bit of mayhem if plan A isn’t working.

  135. yeah poli diabys best games are when he plays further up the pitch…behind the striker…

    diabys not that bad when hes got a sight of the goal……hes quite selfish yet also quite skillful…

    he’d rather try and dribble it round 3 players than pass it….

    hes much better suited to an attacking, striking role rather than a all round role of a CM…

  136. Diaby 6ft 2in 174 lb
    Vieira 6ft 3in 181 lb

    Pretty similar overall, and Vieira may have gained a couple of pounds since his heyday. Can’t recall too many complaints about Vieira being too skinny or injury prone. I don’t think Diaby needs to get bigger per se, but strength conditioning can only be good news for his prospects this season.

  137. johnN

    the problem with that front 6 is that there is no defence minded players in there…..

    so when you have FB’s that like to play as wingers it turns into a front 8…

    leaving us open to a counter….which is one of the problems we had last season….

    we need a player in the middle who can cover the ground box to box….and is good at it…..someone who can run all day and cover the fullbacks when they push forward to help the CB’s when theres a break….

    gilberto was good at it, although lacked pace he had excellent positioning and defensive awareness…..flamini was exceptional at doing that and thats what made them both an integral part of the wenger ball system….

    until we get a player who can do that job we will always be open to counter attacks and conceed more goals than the rest of the top 3 teams….

    which doesnt help when you are trying to win a title….

    i agree with everyone you said except for diaby….we buy a midfield general instead and play him with the rest of the players you mentioned and watch us go next season….

  138. JonJon

    Diaby should be way down the pecking order when it comes to the attacking position behind the main striker. Van Persie, Eduardo, Arshavin and Nasri would all get the nod in front of him. His best role is as a box to box central midfielder, although this would require Cesc to sit back on occasion to accomodate Diaby’s attacking skills. I can still see it working between them, but the key will be to not leave the defence unprotected. The wide midfielders would have to tuck in if both Cesc and Diaby were pushing forward, something that would be more suited for a player like Nasri than Walcott.
    Can’t wait to see what Arsene ends up deciding as far as team sheet/formation for Everton. Let’s hope that he has a full roster other than Nasri to choose from and that he’s not forced into contingency plans like last season.

  139. lagooner…

    vieira if you remember was quite inury prone…he was almost always riddled with niggles in his legs but wenger made him play with injections becuase he was that vital to the team…..

    it was like that for about 3-4 seasons until vieiras legs started to knacker up under the strain and wenger looked at the stats and decided it was time to sell becuase his legs couldnt take the pace of the PL anymore….

  140. lagooner….but you said yourself that diaby lacks decision making

    you cant trust someone who lacks that attribute to be a mainstay in your engine room….

    its a liability more than an advantage….

    your right though he is way down the pecking order when it comes to attacking players…

    thats why wengers trying to mould him into a CM….so he can fit him in the team….but it aint working….

    like i said..this seasons a big season….if he doesnt do it wenger may let him leave next year…thats why i think hes been in the gym….he wants to do it this season cos i think wengers told him its last chance saloon…

  141. With Nasri injured for about a month of the season, Diaby will probably get some games on the left.

  142. maybe poli

    maybe…unless he puts rosicky back out on the left and keeps with theo on the right….moving AA up top with robin…

    or he could keep AA on the left put rosicky on the right and put dudu up with robin…..


    you know something…we have that many options its hard to say….but i dont think we should play diaby on the wing….

    diabys perfect role is if wenger goes with a 4231 and puts diaby in the middle of the three…..he’d be good there…

  143. Have you seen the picture special on If Eduardo had a beer-belly, he’s lost it quickly. He and Denilson look really sexy. Is that Pat Rice talking to Wenger? It looks like Eduardo has passed his “beer-belly” on to him.

  144. I don’t think Diaby will necessarily be first choice on the left, but he will probably get some games while Nasri is out.

  145. JonJon,

    I said that the same was true of Flamini until his breakthrough season. Sometimes, things just fall into place for a player, and it looks like this season Diaby has done the preparation to allow him to succeed if things fall into place for him. He might still dribble into trouble in danger areas, but perhaps his confidence from strength conditioning will enable him to be more assertive and start bossing things in central midfield (or even on the left, as pz suggests)

  146. he’ll definately get games poli…

    its his chance to shine..lets hope he does it….a closed door for one is an open door for another…

    i hope nikki does the same now ades gone…

    haha rice has had that belly forever…in fact im sure its gone down a little form when he was a player…

  147. macs livery yard

    Well done to all you ACLFBloggers (especially Matt & Passenal) for maintaining the positivity whilst Frank is on the pre-season tour.
    I can tell you he is cock-a-hoop about the squad and especially the run -out the other night. He’s also had a sizeable bet that RvP will bag a hatful of goals this season.
    Lady Neena wouldn’t cross the water so Frank has parked up the wagon and she’s here with me and farting like a good un!

  148. It’s all muscle. Caused by too many sit-ups. Ask Rooney.

  149. On another note, here’s television’s equivalent of Myles Palmer, the infamous Tommy Smyth.

    This is worst part of living in the U.S

    (Video-Can Adebayor Push Man City To Top 4)

  150. yeah lagooner…

    lets hope things fall in place for diaby….for the sake of the team….if he sorts it out he could be our missing piece…

    really excited about the new season….cant wait…havent felt this confident in a few seasons now…in fact the last time i felt this confident we won the league so maybe its a good omen….

  151. Poliziano all the players are looking very fit, doesn’t seem like they’ve been overindulging during their holidays!

    I think it’s actually Boro Primorac in the picture with Arsene.

  152. Paulie Walnuts

    Has anyone ever seen Pat Rice & Peter Griffin in the same room ?

  153. California Gooner

    In discussing Diaby I have the same questions that I have Bendtner. People look at both players and see their size and strength. When they don’t perform, they are seen as lazy. I’m not sure this is fair. You can’t see it by looking at someone, but some people have a much greater ‘motor’ than others.

    Bendtner is similar to Adebayor in that they both are big, strong, tall attackers, but Ade seemed to have a much greater motor. It is not that Bendtner is lazy; he just can’t run as much. If Bendtner is effective, it is because he brings other attributes: his understanding of space and passing is excellent. Likewise, Diaby physically resembles Viera. But he has never shown the gut-busting energy that Viera had, and quite frankly, that may just be the way he is made.

  154. JonJon

    I must have had my rose-tinted glasses on as far as Vieira’s injuries were concerned. He did have a few niggles, I agree. Seems like they mostly happened in the last few years, though.

  155. Are you joking, California?

    I’m not interested in comparing Bendtner with Adebayor, but Bendtner is a very hard-working player. Have you seen the impact he has when he comes on as a substitute?

  156. California Gooner

    I agree, but think I would change the sentence ‘can’t run as much’ to ‘can’t run as quickly’. I think he covered just as much ground as Ade last year when he was on the field, and if anything chased down the defenders a little more enthusastically.

  157. la gooner..

    who wouldnt have their rose tinted specs on as far as vieira was concerned..

    it was amazing when he came back home to play us in the CL…

    but you could see he wasnt the same player…

    thats why i dont want him back in the PL…not because i dont want to see him in another PL teams shirt…..but becuase he wouldnt be able to hack it….he would be a shadow of the player we love and it would be too sad to see….

    i dont want to remember vieira as a washed up has been playing for some shit team like spurs and getting out done by shit players like barry…i wanna remember him as the midfield general who made us happy gooners for many a year ith his barnstorming displays…

  158. The Doomer's Family

    No one is taking Vela seriously yet. With Nasri out, I bet he will start getting more games as a substitute. Could be the revelation of the season, in the same mould as Denilson was last year. His finishing is class. Missed a couple of good chances last season, in the PL games. But I think, with more games, he could bring his carling/Fa cup form to the PL. If he manages to perform as well in the PL, he will atleast score 10 goals this season.

  159. you cant compare ade with nikki….

    ade plays for citeh and nikki is our next big thing….its wrong to mention them in the same breath cos nikki wins hands down everytime….

  160. ateeb…

    you reckon vela is a better winger???? and not better deployed as a striker???

    velas finishing is absolutely awesome…i think it will restrict him playing on the wing….

    if we are going to play him just put him up top and let him feed off the passes…

  161. The Doomer's Family


    I think Vela is a great talent. Where he plays is up for debate. But like any other good players, he will be able to adjust to the position he is asked to play. The same way RVP, and Bendtner do. Bendtner played quite admirably a few times on the right wing. Don’t see why Vela can’t do the same, given he spent the season before last, playing on the left wing.

    I don’t know why I am responding to you. I just realized it when I finished the above paragraph. Oh well……..

  162. No one is taking Vela seriously yet


    What does that mean exactly.AW restricted him to one Pl start least season, so I think he is taking him very seriously,bedding in time i think you call it.

  163. you responded ateeb becuase you had a good point and i actually agree with you….

    how about playing him on the right wing like robin does for holland so he can come back inside on his left foot and shoot….

    adds firepower to the midfield….we did lack goals there last season….

  164. I think out of Theo and Vela, the one who can bring more defensive discipline to his game, will get more chances this season, on the wings.

  165. Denilson was no revelation last season. Diaby will be.

  166. Will either bring defensive discipline to his game?

  167. thats the problem…

    i dont think either can…

  168. I think both of them can play excellently on the wings – but as attacking players.

  169. I really haven’t seen Vela play on the wing so much to judge how he is defensively. As for theo, well, you know. To say they can’t learn is taking out possibilities that they can’t improve. Which is contrary to what their age suggests.

  170. The full-backs probably need to be slightly more cautious when Walcott and Vela are playing.

  171. California Gooner

    Poliziano, thanks for the rhetorical question: no I’m not joking. “Hard working” and “motor” are different things. “Impact” is something completely different. Some players — Flamini and Ade come to mind, Tevez as well — really stand out for their ability to run all day. So when Ade didn’t run, we knew he was lazy because we know what he is capable (either that, or he was simply knackered from the year before). Bendtner may work hard, but may never have that kind of motor.

    As for Bendtner’s impact, it is precisely down to 1. intelligence to get in the right place and 2. coming on against worn-out, softened up defenses. When Ade came on as a sub, he also looked incredible.

    My point was simply that we can’t expect Bendtner to do Ade’s job because they bring different attributes. Likewise Diaby, who it was often assumed is the new Viera. That seems pretty obvious. I’m wondering why I’m wasting the words answering the question?

  172. you see poli you have hit the nail on the head with the fullback comment….

    did you ever wonder why sagna had a better season playing behind eboue than what he did playing behind walcott???

  173. Against some weaker teams, it would be nice to see Bendtner and Vela upfront, and give a rest to players like Van Persie and Eduardo. I can really see them in a couple of years developing into a fearsome duo.

  174. Bendtner’s motor is fine.

  175. Point taken, California. Another possibility is that Adebayor, whether due to injuries or attitude, simply didn’t have the conditioning this past season to chase down defenders all game.

  176. I suspect this will be Diaby’s year. Unlike the others fighting for the DM slot, Diaby is the only one with the natural abilities to succeed to play alongside Cesc.


    He is skillful and comfortable on the ball.
    He has physical presence
    Has pace to move up and track back
    His passing range is above average

    Areas to improve

    Learn to release ball quickly
    Improve strength and tackle
    Learn not to push too much forward
    Cut back on injuries

    We may not need to buy a DM if Diaby can reduce his minuses.

    I can see Arsene giving him that role this season. Its possible Diaby was advised or directed by Arsene to improve his strength with that famed French trainer during the summer.

  177. I think with so many injuries last season, Arsene couldn’t really give the likes of Ramsey, Vela, Wilshere more playing time as he would have liked. Bringing them on as substitutes when we have a healthy lead would do wonders for all of them. Looking forward to it.


    People were praising Bendtner for his “motor” at the end of last season. And the Ade was lazy is a bit rubbish in my opinion. To me anyone who suggests that a player is deliberately hampering his own career, because he doesn’t give a sh**, is nothing but utter bo*****s. And that too, in the semi of the CL, which he was quite fired up to win, as suggested by his previous Cl performances, and interviews. These players train for hours every day, why would they get “lazy” on match day, is something all of you should think about.

  178. la gooner…

    i like that…

    the bendtner/vela pairing was causing havoc against the CC sides last year..

  179. I agree with Ateeb.

    I was only thinking earlier today that although injuries sometimes give opportunities to younger players, they often limit their opportunities. In addition to what Ateeb said, when one has 11 first-choise players available, one is more willing to risk replacing one of them with a youngster.

  180. I think Arsene will go with the same trio as DM options unless he can find that outstanding DM to sign at a realistic price. Best guess is that he bets on Diaby coming through and if he shows no improvement, then Arsene will pick up someone in January. The problem with Song and Denilson is that strong players that they are, Arsenal are still vulnerable when we have a 4 man midfield and one of them partners Cesc. It limits Arsene into a 4-5-1 formation or a variation of that. In addition, a taller DM will help the central defenders in open play and on set pieces. Diaby is the only viable option as a DM outside of a positional move for TV (untested) and JD (never seems too comfortable on the ball in tight positions). All things considered, there’s no reason to doubt that Arsene will only buy a ‘special’ player for that position or give Diaby another shot.

  181. clarification-Diaby is the only viable alternative in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 against stronger teams. Against the bottom 12, we could get away with Denilson or Song partnering Cesc in the above formations.

  182. And it is only then can one realise how big a season Denilson had. Not only was it, his debut season, but he didn’t get much games the season before, because of injuries, if I remember correctly. More so, he didn’t had experienced players like Hleb, and Rosicky around him to share the burdens. And than we lost Cesc, as well. And all season, he held his ground. And he excelled in his DM role. That is why I just don’t really want us going for a DM player, because we have good cover with Song, and Diaby.

    Only a team like ours can manage to get to fourth, and 2 semis, with so many first choice players out. The players who played the most games, were not only young, but almost having a debut season, in the PL, i.e Song, Denilson, Bendtner and Nasri. But one could argue they had the best player in PL, playing with them i.e RVP. So that certainly did help.

  183. good comment lagooner

    but i reckon wenger will pick someone up now if he wants them…he wont wait until january again…

    he wont take risks again this season…

    its our 5th year without trophies and the fans will be asking questions again if there is none….

    he had his excuses last year…and the year before…

    this year he has 25mil in his sky…

    if the situation is still the same i cant see wenger justifying us with another unsuccessful season if he hasnt spent that money….

    wengers not stupid….he knows how important it is to succeed this year….and with the money from ade…it makes wenger a very dangerous manager….

    all the other managers need 100mil to win the league….

    wenger can do it with 15…if he chooses to and after last year and with the pressure growing this year my money is on he will choose to…

  184. silver gunner

    If Diaby could only improve his tackling and most importantly knowing when to dribble and release the ball he would be phenomenal in CM along side Cesc but, I think the coaching staff should really drum this into the lad cause, I know in my heart with a bit of mental discipline he could be the answer we all crave.

  185. silver gunner

    Having said that i thought song was amazing in DM as well but long term i think AW sees him playing CB.

    It would be interesting to see Djourou play DM as i remeber reading and article where he was quoted as having played there when he was younger.

    All things I am sure AW will experiment with in pre-season.

  186. Lagooner

    Agree 100% with you. I see Arsene trying Diaby at CM this coming season to see if he’s the solution. He tried Denilson and Song but in the big games, they all fell short. Pool, Manu, Chavski, Spurs anymore?

    He’ll give Diaby his chance and if he takes it then that will be great else I can see Diaby leaving next season.

    I’m praying and hoping that Senderos will have a change of mind and fight for his place in the team. He has all the attributes to succeed as a CB but its baffling that he hasn’t been able to cement a place for so long.

    At 24, he is a grown up now for a CB and he should make a last shot for it.

  187. In case you people don’t realise. Arsene will do everything possible, to stick to the players that played brilliantly last year. That includes Denilson. Any DM player coming in, would have to sit on the bench. Who the f*** was Melo, to begin with? You people watch Denilson play every game for a season, and still are left unconvinced. And yet, you people get convinced watching a player play a couple of games, that too highlights. Who the f*** watched Melo, or whoever the f*** is being touted around as the must have DM, more than 3 times? If you can’t spot Denilson’s talent, I really can’t respect your opinion, on some player from another club.

  188. FFS

  189. The funny thing about Melo in the Confederations Cup was that his defensive play was abyssmal. He only attempted a couple of tackles per match, and he got booked for half of them. Wenger was probably hoping to pick him up for £4-5 million, and to use him as back-up.

  190. Senderos, please stay and fight for your place… don’t make a hasty move cos of the world cup! you will get your chance and medals to boot.

  191. Ateeb

    Melo is a regular in the best team in the world Denilson isnt.
    If Denilson is so good why is every Gooner begging Arsene to sign a defensive midfielder?

    The same players as last season will mean we finish in the same position
    We need a CH and a DM for our title challenge to last beyond october

  192. Is that what Senderos is worried about, his place in Switzerland’s World Cup squad?

  193. am just glad we are not buying for buying sake…. Keeping the team together is key to d arsenal way of playing which usually requires much movement that shows intelligent understanding of your team mates.

    This rapport is built over time.

  194. Team Spirit

    So singing Arshavin didnt improve the team? Keeping the team together that could only finish 4th is not going to inprove things.We need 2-3 more signings.Will RVP or Bendtner get 20 LEAGUE goals. No

    Get rid of the SAS Senderos and Silvestre they are to defending what Jordan is to motherhood

  195. rat boy
    >If Denilson is so good why is every Gooner >begging Arsene to sign a defensive midfielder?

    The can beg as much as they want. If Wenger rates Denilson good enough they should get used to it and support the kid. Who heard of Melo at 20 years of age.

    Good point Ateeb.

  196. macs livery yard

    Have just relayed some of tonights comments to Frank.
    I had to contact him as Lady N had a rather large problem; does anyone know if horses are susceptible to swine flu? Frank isn’t good on veterinary health!
    Lady N. has the most amazing diarrhoea; amazing is the only words to describe it as there were torrents of the stuff. I gave her a family size bag if Trebor mint imperials and ever since, well, I’ve never smelt minty horse excrement before. In a rather perverse way its quite pleasant; but poor Lady N.
    Anyway back to Frank. First of all, he says Rat Boy thats what you are; nothing but vermine and to be ignored.
    On the training camp front he says he’s thinking of doubling his bet on RvP goals for the season but also reports encouragingly that Thomas Vermaelen is the closest he has seen to a young Martin Keown and he means scarey! How good is that gooners?

  197. “am just glad we are not buying for buying sake…. Keeping the team together is key to d arsenal way of playing which usually requires much movement that shows intelligent understanding of your team mates.

    This rapport is built over time.”

    Exacto. This is one of the reasons our squad is now considerably stronger than it was this time last season.

    For most premier league clubs, a quiet summer on the transfer front is a sign of imminent doom. When it comes to Arsenal, it’s quite the opposite.

    This is down to the way we play our football, and the age of our players, many of whom are improving year-on-year.

    I’m convinced that any Arsenal fans holding out for big signings are going to be sorely disappointed.

  198. What relationship do you have with Frank, mly?

  199. “I’m convinced that any Arsenal fans holding out for big signings are going to be sorely disappointed.”

    I hope so.

  200. would anyone say no, take him away, if we did sign a big name????

  201. The problem is, all the big names I want already play for Arsenal.

  202. rat boy…

    The key issue I made was about not selling from the current squad…

    The manager has always insisted that if there is a great addition out there, he will go for it; so i was nit suggesting keeping the squad together and excluding out any new great signing but not as I wish, rather as the manager sees fit.

  203. rat boy,

    Melo is not a Brazil regular. He was called up for the 1st time just 5 months ago. He isn’t very experienced…the right kind of experience in a top club playing in big competitions.

  204. although it is important to keep the squad together it is also important to add to it….

    last year the team was 20points off the target..thats alot of points to make up….going with the same team with no signings is not going to make up those points…it may take this team 2 or 3 years to close that gap…by which point we may have lost cesc and AA becuase we aint winning anything and we will be back at square one…..

    we have 25mil to spend….why not spend it and strengthen the squad and not only close the gap but overtake it????

    if wenger signs a big name then it will only help us in our quest for success…i dont know how people can be against such an idea…

  205. I also am hoping the internal solutions will be trusted to step up once again.

    Really, i find quite weird about some arsenal fans is the fact that denilson is expected at 20 to have ousted the Brazilian regular midfielders before even completing his first full season in the arsenal first team;

    they inevitably state how amazing a talent he must be without actually meaning to do that

  206. this idea that we will lose cesc in the next 2 years along with arshavin if we win nothing is just pure speculation and not even a very spectacular one at that

    cesc is too intelligent to leave arsenal to sit on the bench in barca like hleb. Not sure iniesta and xavi and co are so set to be displaced just yet.

    also, they all have a role to play in winning us trophies… its a collective team role so everyone should take the glory when we win and also share responsibility when we don’t.

    I am not interested in us winning nothing to prove it cos i always back us to win at the start of any season and believe it is not over till mathematically over. So, I am backing us for the quadruple this season as it unfolds.

  207. JJ, nobody say I big name should not be signed; how can?

    Just that our players are not as bad as we like to think they are.

    AA going into his first full season and rosicky and aduardo coming back from injuries have much to offer on the accounting front which i consider quite impressive!

  208. the thing with that team spirit is that in 2 years xavi will be the wrong side of 30 and cesc will not be going to barca to sit on the bench…

    cesc is the golden boy of barca….they want him back badly…it will cost them millions and the idea that he will be occupying the bench is a naive one at that…

    they will accomadate him…he will go to barca to play a pivotal role in their team….

    he will not stay in a side that isnt winning trophies when he can return to his homeland to play for his boyhood club who also happen to be one of the biggest clubs in the world and basically sweep up….

    we need to win things or we will lose cesc….

    do you think that paddy and henry would of stayed as long as they did if we werent winning anything..???? they were being chased by everyteam with a massive bank account every season and the only reason we kept them for so long is because we were a successful side….

    henry left for the simple reason he was coming to the twilight of his career and he new he would have to be patient with the current crop of youngsters…he wasnt interested..he had paid his dues and he wanted to carry on his medal collection so he was granted a transfer…..

    dont think these players we have will stay at arsenal forever no matter what happens….they wont….football is about the results, the medals, the prestigue… our players will leave us if we dont start winning….

  209. California Gooner

    Ateeb, thanks for saying it. Melo might be great, but honestly, I hadn’t heard much of him before our interest. And its not like he lit up the confederation cup the way Arshivin did at the Euros. So, I have to wonder why people would die for a player they didn’t know existed two months earlier?

  210. hi cali gooner…

    am i right to beleive that you only noticed AA in the euros??

    and i agree about melo…id never heard of him until we were rumoured to be after him so i had no opinion….

    i thought we could do better..i still do….

    and in the end theres a reason why wenger didnt sign him isnt there???

  211. JJ, it is not because we want to keep cesc that we shold win thibngs, bt as a competitive team we need to win things.

    Does Barca have a 30 years policy too? The idea that CEsc would walk out of arsenal and straight into barca’s team without having catained arsenal to some form of glory is also quite naive!

    One thing generally leads to another. part of the responsibility for winning things also lies with him; he has a winning mentality and will surely long to win things with arsenal before he moves on…. that is the impression he gets accross with and until it proves otherwise, I will take his word for it.

    Not buying one or two more players this season will not stop us from winning things.

    Nasri is otu injured before the season starts; what if it was the new boy TV? Would you say it was the managers fault and that he didn’t buy? This squad at 1 year older can only do better than they did last season; they underachieved on many occasions and i fully expect them to improve this season. They also expect themselves to do better from the quotes coming out of them; so let not start the season expecting the worst. I make bold to say if hleb had been around last season; many of those draws may have yet turned to victories!

    Dont under estimate the importance of keeping a squad together over two or three years especially with our style of play.

    I too did wonder if there was something I was missing about Melo; me i have never heard of him till the confed cup and i only looked for him cos i heard we were interested; didnt see anything spectacular in the 2 brazillian matches i watched;

    Brazil conceded about 5 or 6 goals in that competition and were bailed out by their attack against Egypt and against the USA!

  212. maybe AW didn’t sign him cos we have options that are nearly as good; if there will be no significant addition from the new player; why not continue with what you are already building?

  213. So finally it comes out. Adebayor says here that we sold him brecause we need money, and the fans drove him out.

  214. California Gooner

    Jon Jon, I think I had seen Zenit play a couple of times when I was over in Europe and they were surprisingly good for sure. But I think even Arsene commented upon seeing Arshivin on how rare it was to ‘discover’ a 27 year old anymore. Now days, with satellite TV and huge scouting networks, players are generally known much earlier in the careers.

    It is tough keeping on top of things here in California so when new signings are mentioned I often don’t know much about them. I manage to watch pretty much all of Arsenal’s games, but I don’t have much time for or access to other action. Midweek games fall in the middle of the work day here, and weekend games would require spending all my mornings and afternoon in the bar. That’s OK when there’s lots of company and weather is shit outside, but here we have beautiful weather, lots going on, and few people who share our interest. So, I catch the Arsenal game and then try to head out…

  215. it is important to keep the squad together but theres nothing wrong with adding to it…

    and i agree if wenger cant find a suitable target he’ll just go with what hes got….

  216. “maybe AW didn’t sign him cos we have options that are nearly as good; if there will be no significant addition from the new player; why not continue with what you are already building?”

    We have a better Brazilian than Melo in Denilson. In the next WC qualifiers Denilson will come of age and Arsenal (and his hard work) will put him there.

  217. Cesc has to win things or he’ll lose us. I hate that mentality. We’ll lose a player if we don’t win. No, he’s the player, whether we win or not depends significantly on him.


    The Adebayor story

  219. Team Spirit

    You are absolutely right. The reason it is so difficult for Wenger to find the special player he wants is that the player also needs to fit seamlessly into a system that’s been drilled into many of the players over several years. It shows why Arshavin is such a great player, because after only a handful of games it looked that he had been playing with the team for years. It’s also why so many players, when they leave Arsenal, flounder trying to fit into new systems.

    Wenger has a better history of finding the right players to fill a specific role than any other manager, and maybe even a couple of posters on this blog. The closer it gets to the new season the less likely it is that he will sign a new DM unless he decides to bring him along slowly. Either way, we will be just fine in that area. I’m more concerned with getting a pacier option upfront, unless Arsene thinks Walcott or Vela can fill in.

    Whatever happens, if everything stays as is, Arsenal are a likely Top 3 team and won’t fall lower than 4th. Everton, Villa, Spuds etc won’t be able to make major improvements and Man City could be a fascinating but disastrous sideshow.

    The best we can expect with the financial disadvantage we have is to make a robust challenge for the title and at a minimum make Top 4. We’ll also challenge in all three cup competitions. The mindblowing part of this is that some people will think Wenger has failed if he doesn’t win a trophy. Arsenal beat allcomers when you exclude the massively in debt other three teams of the Top 4. Man U have spent over 20 million for 5 players, Liverpool shelled out 26.5 million for Torres (and 18 million for Glen Johnson for god’s sake) and we all know about Chelsea.

    Arsene has been and will continue to be a miracle worker. We’re a cruiserweight financial club going head to head with heavyweights and on many occasions knocking them out. It’s why it’s so infuriating to hear anyone knocking Arsene. If it wasn’t for the housing and financial crisis, Arsenal would have pulled off the most remarkable transformation of a team in league history that wasn’t funded by a sugar daddy.

  220. ole.. sums it up me thinks!

    Why people think the players also don’t need to do well before moving on always baffles me

  221. Christ I’m bored, firstly by the lack of football and secondly the constant whinging by a section of our fan base. I honestly believe that this group of fans will never be happy, if we spend £10 million they complain that we need to spend £20 million, if we spent £20 million they would say we need to spend £30 million and so on. Adebayor has been gone less than a week, ManU have spent about £20 million after losing their best player and top scorer in a deal that looks like it was agreed a year ago, Chelsea have signed a midfielder and Liverpool have payed about 3 times to much for a left back, Villa have spent nothing and the Spud’s seem to have a fetish for right backs.

    Can some of these fans please show a little bit of support for the club?

  222. California Gooner

    Steve, I like the attitude. I don’t know if Denilson is better than Melo because, I had said, I haven’t seen enough of Melo to know. But what I have seen didn’t convince me that you’re wrong… and there is no doubt that Denilson is very good and getting better.

  223. Glen Johnson is a right back – I know!

  224. ole

    ade was bound to say that…anything to divert the attention away from the fact he joined citeh for the money….if milan and the rest wanted him that badly why didnt he go to them over citeh????

    wenger had nothing but nice things to say so why is ade still acting like a 1st class turd?????

    nothing new was only a matter of time before he created negative vibes for the club through the media..he did it enough when he played for us…

    cali gooner…

    that was a good read..i like to hear the stories of gooners so far away…especially when they arent telling me to f@ck off….

    how did you come to support us???

    AA was tearing the russian league up for some time..i think he was voted russian player of the year 6 times….he wasnt really noticed until zenit played in the uefa cup the year before the euros….

    he was tearing new arseh@les into every team zenit played….he practically destroyed bayern munich in that competition singe handedly…

    then he played at the euros and did the same thing to the dutch side…

    i think wenger had been tracking him for a while under the radar, but he was under a massive deal at zenit and the big russian clubs dont need the money as they already have shit loads….for obvious reasons….

    i think wenger was waiting until his contract was running down, at this point he was getting noticed around europe….

    we were lucky to get him really….watch him and cesc and rosicky go next season…

  225. lagooner… quite eloquently put!

    Back this team to prosper people, and its not just wistfull thinking, they will!

    Steve, am with you on that; but even if dunga chooses not to change a winning team and Deni misses the WC, he has years on his side as he will be about 25 by the next W/C and surely not too old to make a world cup squad; This is Brazil that we are talking about, with no scarcity of great players!

  226. Team Spirit – If I’m honest I prefer our players not to play in international’s. Every time we have an international break we seem to lose a player.

  227. Marc, I know that bored feeling, but just feel sorry for this clown (or just laugh like I did).

  228. good comment la gooner

  229. ? Click on my name to see if it works.

  230. I nearly pissed myself at that

  231. Steve – A little light relief goes a long way.

  232. What JonJon is missing when you talk about the 20 point gap is that it was always artificial. We had 2 offensive players out for 18 months each. Eduardo & Rosicky are two players you’d have bet £200 on to play 20 games each and get 25 goals in between them.

    Also, we had a bad season but there were some very positive signs even in that season. You’d want to overlook them because we didn’t win a trophy, but they’re real.

    So the unbeaten run included many draws but we actually did set a Premier League record for successive clean sheets at home.

    We had 30 more injuries than Liverpool. And what shows me that we’re as strong as the other teams is that draw at Anfield.

    Liverpool were at home, playing for a chance for their first league win in 20 years, with virtually all their key players (except Gerrard) We were missing like 7 first teamers and they still couldn’t beat us.

    I know someone will point out that Arshavin scored 4 goals, but who cares? He’s a part of the team. Plus Bendtner & Cesc scored goals that were disallowed dubiously.

    Of course we lost those cup semi finals terribly but again our opponents had full squads, and we did not.

    I don’t think we need any big names. All we need is big talent, and players who fit in with us.

    A part of me wants us to spend big just to shut people up so we can get with it.

    Apart from Ade, if we are lucky with injuries, we have no excuse for not doing well this season. We have a good enough squad.

    I laugh when people say Citeh will push us out. Well, you just have to compare the strongest team of both clubs and you see the huge advantage we still have despite the money they’ve spent.

    I have no feelings of inferiority about our squad. We have many things going for us that get discounted because we haven’t won a trophy.

    But I keep pointing out. Nobody else is winning trophies apart from Man poo. So Chelsea have won 2 FA Cups. Not bad, but if you recognise that winning the FA Cup nets you £10M and they’re paying £170M in wages, you quickly get that they’re not really reeling them in. Liverpool have won nothing in 3 years, no league in 20.

    Last season, apart from the league we did better than Liverpool in all competitions.

    Man poo are definitely weaker.

    Ronaldo is a big loss.

    Scholes, Giggs, EVDS & Neville are on the downward side of their peak. Look closer and you find a lot of unproven players and piano carriers.

    They have no right back, no prolific centre forward, no midfield enforcer, no reserve left back and not good cover for their centre halves. They have clear weaknesses.

    I will say the only glaring weakness in our squad is experience in central midfield. Our centre-half pairing have question marks over them as a pairing, and our strikers and creative players seem injury-prone. In terms of quality we’re being sold too cheap….we’re much stronger than it’s depicted.

    We’re competing against 3 teams that’ll likely win most European Leagues, who’ve spent like £800M on players and as a squad we’re perhaps the most recent to start getting assembled. We had t rebuild while they assembled and consolidated their strength.

  233. Pity the poor TV (that television not Thomas Vermaelen) after her head butt.

  234. I agree with Ole.

  235. Ole that was a good post, way beyond my typing abilities at 1.30 am.

  236. Good post, Ole.

    I wonder if Arsene could have done just a little bit more with the 100 million that Ferguson spent on just the following 5 players in recent years: Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves, Carrick, Berbatov.

    I’m being selective here, because Vidic and a couple of others have been decent buys.

    The point is that Ferguson has been able to get away in the past with being wasteful (maybe not so much now…) Arsene has had no such margin for error.

  237. 1 loose cannon

    Thierry thinks we can win the title and I agree we can do it. Now Thierry go and do your bit and smash the scum from the lane at Wembly(is he playing?).

  238. California Gooner

    Jon Jon, I spent about six years in Europe, mostly in Denmark. The first autumn, when it started to get cold, I found myself in an pub looking up an Arsenal game. There was TH14, Bergkamp, Viera, Pires (I think, I don’t remember him in that game) — the whole gang. It was love at first site. I knew that I had just seen what god intended when he (or she) invented football… if anything, I am far deeper in love now.

  239. Ole – you sum it up with unarguable precision. A perfect post.

  240. – unarguable precision that nevertheless will not end the arguments.

  241. Poliziano, for someone who doesn’t like whinging, you dont half whinge

  242. Sad but true Pz – and surprise surprise nor does it shut up l’enfant d’idiot

  243. steww-pot, steww-pot, steww-pot

  244. I’ve got a funny feeling Huntelaar will be joining us any day now. Were his best option by a mile and would make us even stronger

  245. Good stuff Ole.

    I am looking forward to the confusion on the critics faces when we start to dominate.

  246. James sounds suspiciously like Arse21.

  247. Poliziano, first I was Jimbo, then I was Howard, now I’m Arse21.

    Did all of the above think you was a dickhead as well?

  248. may be frank and howard are alter egos of flint

  249. Poliziano and Steww seem very similar, always confirming eachothers posts

  250. Thanks everyone….just wait till we win the first trophy. We’ll suddenly be the the amazing exemplary club.

  251. I hope they did, Arse21.

  252. Poliziano, have you put in a fantasy league team? Shall we have a little personal wager on it? Whoever finishes lowest has to come on here and say ‘I fancy steww’ every hour throughout the day.


  253. How genuinely rubbish would your life have to be to go on to a blog under a false name and waste a day trying to wind people up. Just a useless human-being.

    Agree Ole – can the two centre-halfs, whoever they may be from game to game, do the business?

    I think so, we have depth now so that we can always go with form over seniority – just look at vidic getting abused the final two months of the season to see how important that is.

  254. Almunia

    Dont tell me were an inferior team. We have adequate cover at the back with Vermaelen,Toure,Eboue,Senderos,Gibbs and Silvestre.
    In midfield with Walcott, Nasri, Traore, Denilson, Ramsey and Diaby.
    And in the forward positions with Bendtner, Simpson and Vela. (Even though i have to admit that Huntelaar would be great to have but might prove hazardous to Bendtners playing time and development.) Speaking of hazardous things, wouldnt it be great if we signed that Hazard wonderkid. He’d be brilliant. But in terms of short-term, we need that CDM signing like M. Diarra or Toulalan just to shut everyone up already.

    I’ll always love arsenal but sometimes i just cant stand to face us not winning anything just because of obvious but simply filled voids during the run up in the season. Were a club thats cursed by injuries and should learn our lessons and be prepared for the worst possible circumstances. We are indeed the arsenal.

    Perfect transfer scenario at the moment would be huntelaar and m.diarra for 30 M with Senderos’s imminent transfer financing that remaining 5M combined with the ADE loot. That would be a dream come true IMO. Dreams are dreams but with real chasing Alonso and needing some transfer funds I cant see why they wouldnt agree.

    PS Whoever said silvestre is useful obviously didnt watch our game v.s the amatuer austrian ballboys. He was horrendous!! Experience doesnt count for sh*t when u cant lead by example at the very least!!!

  255. I honestly dont see why silvestre gets playing time at LB ahead of traore, especially against poor opposition as silvestre’s attacking is gash.

    Keep the guy around for locker-room experience by all means, let him add experience to the kiddie cup side if needs be, but he should only be getting near the first team in a serious injury crisis – that is just the reality of the talent ahead of him.

  256. Arsenalholis, because when it comes to the crunch in a big game, Wenger will play Silvestre

  257. We have plenty of wonderkids already. Unfortunately, when they improve sufficiently to get into the first team, the fans start staying they are sh*t, and want either new wonderkids or experience.

  258. I have the feeling I had before the 2007/2008 season. When everyone couldn’t see that we had a Helluva of a team. We will run with this league so fast, that if we have an injury free campaign, its ours for the taking.

    As long as Wenger puts in some major PR (I.e Sign some shit midfielder who is a midfield enforce and expensive… probably worth GBP 300 Million) and keep the hacks, shacks and doomers happy as we mount a campaing.

    So that at the end of the season the hacks, shacks and doomers will say… see, it the midfielder we bought… Not noticing that he played 10% of the games, while Song and Denilson hogged the remaining 90% minutes.

    But he should try to remove as much negative vybe as possible from this team as possible…

  259. At the semi final stages of games, you need to see big names around you. When the score is 1 – 0… you need to see Arshavin Gallas et all to reasure you that been there, played that… its gonna be Okay.

    But when you see Theo, Denilson, Clichy, Diaby, peeps who havent won nuffin, it might get scary.

    But after next season, they will be reasuring the wonderboys who will come along, that been there palyed all that.

    Denilson and song should start bracing themselves, coz after next season, they will be getting a visit from Beyonce…

  260. Dont know why i see Sylvestre still as a MANUTD dude, but Gallas as Arsenal through and through?

  261. How genuinely rubbish would your life have to be to go on to a blog under a false name and waste a day trying to wind people up. Just a useless human-being.

    Quick hint: See the little picture that identifies every poster? its developed based on the IP address, and doesn’t change even if the individual changes his or her posting name.

    hence if you know a person’s identity it will never change.

    Its like a face…heheheh


    full story of EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR impassioned fight back at anti support from Arsenal Fans..

  263. Senderos over Silvestre anyday of the week, Silvestre doesn’t feel like an Arsenal player, and he’s crap

    Michael Jackson

  264. Fergusons best bit of business last summer was getting shot of that usless twat Tweety pie.Little did he known Arsene would be the mug who bought him.He did more damage to Arsenal than Ronaldo did

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