RvP Gives Us A Sign As The Board Gives Usmanov A Different One

So where to begin, where to begin. First up, I picked up a small brochure…Just joshing…

Robin van Persie has signed a new contract – HUZZAH! Well, OK, so it was leaked over the weekend but we never heard from the man himself so he made up for lost time:

I’m so happy to have signed a new long term contract. I’ve been at the Club for five years now and there really is a great feeling here at Arsenal. We have a top class manager, a squad full of superb young players, a world class stadium and brilliant supporters. Arsenal Football Club has a very bright future and I want to be part of it.

My heart is with Arsenal and I just can’t picture myself in a different shirt. I just can’t see it now because I love this Club so much. If you look at the last five years, look at the steps I have made every season, if you look at the support the Boss and the whole Club gave me, the fans gave me, my team mates gave me – this is the right decision

Awww shucks Robin. Are we really that good as supporters? Are we or were you just being polite. Why don’t you take a quick straw poll around the dressing room? On second thoughts, no, for crissakes, don’t. You might change your mind.

I liked van Persie before, like now and anyone that talented who wants to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career is alright by me. If he can get a full season on form, the prospect of him combining with a fully settled in Arshavin, a fully fit Eduardo and a goalscoring Adebayor shows the strength of the Arsenal front line. The fit bit has been the problem in the past but ever the optimist, I will hope that it remains firmly rooted there.

Which is where I hoped that Alisher Usmanov would stay. Or go. In fact, he can go anywhere as long as it is far away from this club. Sheriff Fatman is crying over spilt milk since the Board has rejected his proposal for a Rights Issue. Ivan Gazidis spelt out the reasons that the overtures were rejected:

The Board, with its financial advisors Rothschild, considered thoroughly the proposal to use permanent equity capital to either pay down debt or to add to the Club’s spending in the transfer market…Using permanent capital to pay down debt would not, therefore, radically transform the annual cash flow of the Club.  With regard to players, the Board decided not to issue permanent capital in the hopes of signing one or two players in an inflated transfer market. Instead, the focus continues to be on securing the services of talented young players we have on long-term contracts and making very selective acquisitions, only where a new signing will add real value to our already strong squad.

If you look carefully out of your windows, the squadron of flying pigs carrying Melo, Hangeland, Cana, Inler, Ribery and anyone else who is going to cost a fair whack are rapidly disappearing over the horizon. Which to me is not a problem since I have a considerable amount of belief in the current squad and the manager’s ability to improve it where necessary.

Fatboy Slim was not having any of it though:

Based on financial information that only they have, the board have informed us that they are confident they have adequate financial resources to support the manager to strengthen the squad, to weather the property downturn, to renegotiate the Highbury Square loan on good terms and to deal with the continuing difficult economic conditions. However, we will keep the situation under close review.

So let me get this right. Usmanov does not have any information to the contrary yet does not believe the Board whilst expecting us to believe him. Hmmmm, it is a tough one but I know whose word has more credibility with this blogger and it is not someone who does not have all of the information.

Crucially, the Board has found the flaw in Usmanov’s plan to spend big in this transfer market through the Rights Issue. It is not sustainable beyond the summer or January if Arsene decided to parsimonious. The only way in which big signings in 2010 could be funded would be through either increased borrowings or sales of existing personnel.

Exactly how this improves the current position is unclear, quite probably because it is the sort of reactionary, short-termist view that Wenger felt unable to clasp to his metaphorical bosom when Real Madrid came calling. The suspicion remains that Usmanov is a pea from the same pod that spawned Florentino Perez. Look at the state Real Madrid were in when Perez’s first reign at the Bernabeu ended acrimoniously to see the future at Arsenal if Usmanov takes control.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. We need to all make a stand and make it clear to Usmanov that he is not wanted… what can we do?

  2. Usamov could be good, we aint doing shit otherwise. Wait and see

  3. I think by throwing money at a problem it can sometimes create the answer, for example, Man City, I believe will be a better team this season than last. The aquisition of some of their new sighnings will I believe help them to challenge for a top four place. Real Madrid also should improve on an average season . These teams were sorley lacking in several areas and therefor needed big money sighnings to leap frog their previous standing. Arsenal in my opinion are not in that position. We have a very good team already that can compete with the other top rteams as it stands. Of course there needs to be some improvements, that applies to all teams, but i for one dont think millions need to be spent, nor do the club need Usmanovs veiw on how to run it.

  4. Patience is a virtue that money has no need for

  5. Now that Melo is surely gone, the smart money has to be on the 5’7″ Blaise Matuidi. Besides the bonus points for best name in the league, how could Arsene pass up the chance to complete a full Box Set of mid-field miniatures?

    And the hacks must be rubbing their sweaty hands already….

    Good day: ‘What a Blaiser’

    Really good day: ‘Blaise of Glory’

    Bad day: ‘Down in Blaises’

    Really bad day: ‘Blaising Matferno’

  6. ‘So let me get this right. Usmanov does not have any information to the contrary yet does not believe the Board whilst expecting us to believe him. Hmmmm, it is a tough one but I know whose word has more credibility with this blogger and it is not someone who does not have all of the information.’…excellent, YW

  7. Red Dave

    Oh, please elaborate. Please. I do so want to see someone actually provide a salient analysis of how Usmanov is good for the club.


  8. I think VP should be captain.

    As for throwing money at the problem… why would you want to attain success that way.

    Chelsea are nowhere without Roman and Untied have a fantastic business model. Big difference.

  9. I agree with YW, that would be good, Red Dave. Full of anticipation.

  10. Sustainablity of success is the key, chucking money down may help them this season improve their results. It comes at a big cost though, players like Schneider, Robben etc all having less minutes will want out. They will go for a low transfer fee this summer, winter or next summer. They basically killing off the existing talented players to satisfy the fans with big signings. At the same time you are killing the team mentality and the team cohesion.

    No matter how good them players are, they are new team mates. 1 or 2 new faces is alrite to introduce to your squad… but for best results look at grooming players into your team philosphy.. look at Henry, look at Bergkamp, look at Adams, look at Keown, look at Parlour, look at Pires, look at Clichy…. Great teams are not built over night.

    Wenger will show everyone what a great team requires… we will go down in history as the best footballing team ever. The talent we have now in our squad is simply mouthwatering.

    Credit to the club, wenger, the staff and everyone involved. Looking forward to an exciting season.

  11. I agree with The Binocular.

  12. Yogi, We could buy Kaka instead of Eboue, Ronaldo instead of Song, In short, we could watching average players at the Emirates. It may fail, but it may work

  13. Big ups YW


    Do you remember R. carlos, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, beckham?

    Might you know how many trophies Beckahm won with Real? Do you know how that story ended?

    It ended when Henry robbed Ronaldo the ball at the Center Circle, Sprinted, darting left and right before dumping the Great Real out of the champions league…

    It ended when Flamini at Left back shut out Beckham, and Cesc played Circles round Zidane

    Selective acquisition, so as to strengthen is the way to go. Buying because of a you-tube video is plain silly.

    As wenger says, he would only pay 40-Milly if a player can score with every touch of the ball.

    Instead, the focus continues to be on securing the services of talented young players we have on long-term contracts and making very selective acquisitions, only where a new signing will add real value to our already strong squad.

  14. Aw what a let down.

  15. I dont think anyone wants someone who is looking out for their own personal fortune to come take over our club which has been looked after so well over its history. I dont want Arsenal turning into a business mans toy which he will gloat about to all his buddies.

    We have the perfect business model now, decisions are made for the good of the club. Why would anyone want to change it?

  16. Incredible. Is this the first time he has read this blog?

    Also incredible is the size of the fees being paid this summer for players. Credit crunch?

    Who decided that all players should have their fees inflated by 100% since last year? What planet do they live on?

  17. RedDave

    So you want someone to come turn our club into a circus? You know the Moscow state circus will provide you with that sort of entertainment, think they are coming next month… you want a ticket?

  18. £100 million won’t even get you a Kaka with his wages or for that matter Shevchenko in ’07. I’d rather have Eboue

  19. Chrisgoona, but we dont want Arsenal turning into a shit team either. Theres a good chance we might not make the champions league this year, we need to sort this mess out. Usamovs money is the only way to compete. Lets pray John Terry doesn’t join Man city

  20. @Red Dave

    And where would we fit those egos??? Probably at highbury?

    And where would Kaka play? as ball boy? where would Ronaldo play? we don’t have a diver’s board — you see??

  21. Consolbob


  22. RedDave

    What paper do you work for?

  23. RedDave

    U sure you are no whiteDave the Spud… or Dave from The Sun….

    which is it

  24. @REDdave

    how can the 2009/ 2010 defending champions and the EPL winners not make next years Champions league? probably explain?

    Terry to Mancity, that would be the day.

  25. Usmanov would be a disaster, the club would lose its soul, style, and class. It would be a short term infusion of cash that has no guarantee of producing trophies. The only way that is even mildly appealing is if you are a spineless little twat who cannot se anything good coming out of a very young side who were in the top 6/7 clubs in all of europe last year, despite a raft of injuries, off field issues, and experienced players struggling for form.

    Dave is a numpty – if nothing else he might figure out that having been sold to mardid kaka and ronaldo are off the agenda for everybody. (who the f**k would want ronaldo? where is your soul?) Leaving us the option of supporting our club or spunking about 20 mil on some circus creature called valencia who bumbled about insipidly for wigan. The money is coming out of utd now, just wait and see how much of that 80 goes to florida and how much goes on young french up-and-comers. About a 59 and 3 split so far. That is foreign ‘investment’.

  26. A classy post, Yogi!

    And that in no way is a underhanded dig at other bloggers in the Arsenal universe.

  27. Fuck off, RedDave

  28. Lets pray John Terry JOINS Man city circus more like

    I bet Terry is rubbing his hands on how much extra cash he can milk out of their owners… England captain!! lol He is already moaning about Lampard getting 150k a week while he gets 130k… he must be devastated

    On top he is a cheat… anyone remember what happened when Sagna got injured during our match with them, anyone remember Terry sticking his finger up to a fan… constant abuse to refs…. the guy is a Cun* and i wouldnt put it past him going Man City.

    Lets start slagging these tos*pots off and not our own people

  29. “sort this mess out”

    Says it all, forget that clown.

    Man city will be looking for a manager by november. The same brazilians who tried to get hughes sacked last year are all back, he cannot coach the sort of football suited to a squad with 19 strikers and 2 defenders. It will be very, very difficult to get a creative, fluid attacking team set-up with all those players, if he goes for a rigid defensive outlook they will all revolt.

    Chelsea are a year older and just as clumsy, trying to play good football with mourinho’s left over defensive midfielders.
    Manure are obviously weaker.
    Liverpool will be if/when alonso and/or mascherano go – they both leave and they are screwed.

    Arsenal might be the only side starting this season improved on last year. “mess”, you’re a mess.

  30. Chrisgoona, But Terry would make City serious contenders, are you not worried about them at all?

    Frank, your mum

  31. Sorry, my mum what?

  32. Frank, why did you tell me to F-off for no reason

  33. I did not tell you to fuck off for no reason.

  34. Frank, I like girls, leave me alone

  35. So you say, RedDave, but so what?

  36. arsenehollis

    With the model Wenger and co have layed down for the years to come, we will have less ups and downs… we will have a constant flow of quality players at our club all competing with each other for 1st team action and groomed to play attacking arsenal football.

    Teams like City will come and go… Billionaires will get bored, move to another club… put them through turbulent times, let them taste the desire to be successful then leave them with nothing but a debt when they had enough and a sour taste of being used.

    No matter how many billionaires will come to the Premiership 1 team will be laughing come end of the season. The team with the best team ethic, the best desire, the best talent, and the best footballing brains and the best squad and manager.

    The team with the most money doesnt play a factor when determining the best team in the league.

  37. I think city will be alot better then people are giving them credit for

  38. @Frank

    Ease of let him explain himself…

  39. Red Dave

    FFS. Go to your local shopping centre, walk into a shop called Game. Browse shelves until you find Championship Manager. Play that instead of inhabiting a fantasy world. Usmanov is not even in the Dubai mob who own Man City’s financial league.

    Thankfully, Mark Hughes is nowhere near Wenger’s league either otherwise they might be able to turn their squad into a half-decent team.


  40. He has explained himself, arenalkabisa. You are just a bit slow on the uptake as we have seen.

  41. RedDave of course, Chris.

    He’s on a wind up.


  42. Agreed, CB. Either of them.

  43. Dave

    You miss the point with Usmanov. There is no Plan B. Once the money is spent, it is gone and there is no replacement cash around for future seasons.

    Come on Son, get with the program.


  44. RedDave

    Your a complete prat

    “But Terry would make City serious contenders, are you not worried about them at all?”

    Are you that scared of Man Shitty? Why dont you change your bleak perspective to the promising wealth of talent that will bless the Emirates this coming season.

    If you aint heard, Eduardo is back.. Rosicky is back.. they will be joined by AA, Cesc, RvP, Walcott…. … … .. …

    You really think us Arsenal Supporters give a toss about Man Shitty? or Man Ure… or Chelski… all we care about is Arsenal.. the rest are pothetic.

    Is that hard for you to comprehend

  45. @Reddave.

    How will they be contenders if Terry moves there? Will he be a one man team? Please explain?

    All you need is for Diaby to kick Terry…

  46. Yogi, I hope you’re correct.

    Pro evo is the best game by the way

  47. cuck usmanov, i prefer what wenger is doing like buying an ajax captain for 10m rather than buying all the ronaldos with borrowed money. what do u think?

  48. Onto other matters, Sky has announced how they are shagging up the weekends:


    Now we wait for ESPN to totally fuck ’em up.

    What was so wrong with a 3pm Saturday afternoon kick-off?


  49. RedDave

    I think Arsenal can easily top the table by some way this season… we have so many good players.. and a great manager.

    Dont you think?

  50. Diaby is pony

  51. I’m outta here, you guys are too mean

  52. FIFA is alot better than Pro man… get with the program. Pro has remained an arcade game

  53. Pro Evo? Dunno. I’ll ask the kids later.

  54. party time… WhiteDave is going!

  55. What does dnftt mean?

    Man city had a good team on paper this year, they were still rubbish. Fulhamm, W Ham both spent less, had ‘worse’ players, but they had spirit and a system and did well.

    Dave sounds about 16 and like he missed a meeting.

    What gets me, is that last year, if you listen to people like that, we basically had a team of very average players. So how on earth did we go 21 games unbeaten, CL semi, Fa semi?

    Who was responsible for that, who played the games and put in the performances to get us there?

  56. Wenger will be remembered as the greatest manager football has ever had, and will ever have.

    He is revolutionizing club football. We are honored to have the opportunity of seeing all this.

    He will be remembered in greater light that Cryuff, Fergie or any of the pretenders. He is THE manager

    The future is here

  57. Canadian Gooner

    RedDave – Usmanov does have a lot of money, bit if he does manage to takeover the club he’s likely to take the hands on approach like Mike Ashley at Newcastle. Look what he did to that club. Having money is one thing, knowing how to spend it wisely is another. If you think the board is unresponsive to the fans now, it will be a lot worse under the the Uzbek Jabba the Hutt.

    I am disappointed that so many negative Arsenal ‘fans’ like yourself are so willing to sell our club, its traditions, and their souls for a few pieces of silver and some fleeting short-term glory.

    Our club needs more supporters. Stop being so myopic and negative – get behind the team. I, for one, do NOT want to put our club’s long term future at risk by selling out to a shady Uzbek oligarch. Do some research and find out what Usmanov is really like before selling us short and selling us out to the likes of him.

  58. Joe

    Diaby is pony

    … and you my friend are DEAD

  59. We look the only ‘big 4’ side on the up at the moment, not just in terms of signings, but where the team is in terms of its development.

    Manure have lost core players, the old guard are about done and they will lean heavily on vidic and ferdinand who are not improving. Of the youth, only rooney really stands out, nani, anderson, toscic, rafael have it all to prove and will need o shoulder a big burden with no pedigree of it.

    Chelsea are just getting old. They still rely on a core of mourinho players who will overpower a lot of teams, but lack the dynamism to sustain a league challenge. They will become a cup team built on grinding results. The simple fact is that they were worse last year than the year before and lampard is all that is carrying them. Ballack, drogba, terry, are all running on fumes. If they had any sense they will flog terry, the boozy lifestyle has been showing for a while now.

    Liverpool are just rafa’s liverpool. A mix of solid tactics/players relying on torres and gerrard but without the flair to win enough games against teams who wont get caught on the break. They rode their luck in a big way first half of last season, then they couldn’t attack without letting in 3/4 second half.

    We had our difficulties, but we are very young, on the up, with the skill and athleticism to run people ragged. So long as we find some cohesion between the CM’s and CB’s we will crush people.

  60. Its going to give so many Arsenal supporters satisfaction this season when the rest of the Premiership, pundits, and everyone who reckon spending big is the only way to succeed sit back and applaud the beauty of our pure footballing talent.

    Any tom dick n harry (yes you redknapp) can go out and spend money on a player they saw pull off some tricks on youtube. Soon everyone will sit back and admire the work Wenger and Arsenal have been doing … if they are smart enough they will learn from it…and by the time they do we will be ahead of them in the game.

  61. @holis I began to type a comment, went for a cup of coffee, on my return I see that youu’ve articulated my exact thoughts—Thanks.

  62. hope we win something this year.. the season b4 last we were almost there.. we had spent zilch compared to others and wat a big moment it would have been for us..

    Well this season we havnt spent much either and there is on schmuck from goal.com who thinks Wenger model will not work anymore.. It is going to gather a lot of steam as the season starts..

    EPL or CL any one will shut them up for life !!

    Gooners roooole !!

  63. Funny thing is that a lot of the players we are urged to buy were 2 years ago in the same position our current players are (ie) on the cusp of a great season.

    For example 2 years ago Melo was shit, a good season last year now he’s worth £20m.

    How many of us would have been happy to let Flamini go in the summer of 2007?

    Even The world most expensive player was nothing but a show pony until he suddenly scored 40 goals in the 2007/08 season.

    I dare anyone to say Ronaldo would have scored 40 goals after his performance in 2006/07 .

    My point?

    We can sit behind our desktop and call for this player and that player after we’ve seen them have a good season. Arsene and Arsenal has to identify those players before that “good season”.


  64. wengerball

    Very true… like i said, we have be ahead of the game. Lucky we have Wenger

  65. wengerball, good point. i suppose it goes to show that the future is hard to call, it takes years of knowledge to identify quality . With Arsen we have the edge in that department, which makes up for the current lack of cash imo

  66. bops,

    We all desperately hope we win something every season.

  67. boomer,

    It’s not a lack of cash, it’s a not taking on increasing debt.

    We’re not poor, we’re just not going beyond our means like other clubs are.

    It’s not pedantic it’s an important distinction.

  68. Ole Gunner, i dont really care if we have money or not, my point is that we have Wenger.
    Just seen the telly games. Does anyone know if ESPN will make an extra charge for EPL

  69. Found this view of transfer rumours quite amusing:

    The Daily Star has had a good idea: Barcelona are all set to “sanction” Samuel Eto’o’s career-suicide move to the Manchester City waxwork museum, so they can use the £25m cash to help buy Cesc Fábregas. “We are confident we can land someone that we want and everybody knows what players we are after,” says a minor Barcelona suit, cleverly not mentioning Eto’o, Fábregas, £25m or anything else in the Star’s story, but presumably conveying a sense of them through a complicated mime.

  70. Back to an older point: Ronaldo and Kaka joined Real because they are the most successful team in the history of the game; they went for prestige, not for money. If Usmanov came, we still wouldn’t have the draw for Ballon D’Or winners on a personal level. We’d still be operating on the same level: the big 20 players (yr Kakas, Benzemas, Riberys etc.) heads turned to Spain and not wanting to come here. United are world champions, 3 time league winners and been in the last two CL finals: Benzema didn’t even consider coming to these fine isles.

    No matter what you think of the team or possible improvements, not enough people seem to be taking in the reality of whether the suggested names would actually want to come or not. Reality and understanding is what is going to make us the most successful English club of the next 50 years. Man City have all the money in the world and so far they have been able to get… a broken south american striker and the 4th choice England CM. Sometimes things aren’t so black and white.

  71. Boomer

    I saw something yesterday that suggested they were starting their own channel and charging £10 per month for it.

    The Everton / Fulham & Wolves games are on ESPN before Nov 30th. All 5.15pm KO’s on the assigned Saturday.



  72. Does anyone know if ESPN will make an extra charge for EPL
    £9.99 if you have Skysports
    £12.99 without.

    Same as Setanta without Arsenal TV amongst others.

    Hopefully Arsenal tv will be stream online for ATVO users.

  73. We already have a great team of progressing talent that can only improve, I’m looking forward to the next campaign and if necessary with the squad we already have, I reckon they’re good enough.

  74. Ah Samuel I’ve been saying this for a while, it’s not all about the money, ask city. £300k a week still can’t convince Terry.

  75. YW, thanks. I get ESPN as part of sky pack but not sure if that will include EPL I just read that Arsenal TV will continue in short term, what happened to the days of free football.

  76. Wengerball, if they had a good manager it would of convinced terry. I worry about the future of our club. They will have top class players and a top manager, we will have a top manager and Denilson

  77. Wengerball, just read your info, cheers mate

  78. Now, we just need to sort out our defensive midfield position and we’re done.

    Don’t get me wrong; Denilson and Song did their best last season but are not good enough to sustain a whole season challenge. If we want to improve on ’07/08 season when we led the table till the beginning of ’08, then we need a natural tackler, ball-winner and good-passer of the ball to support Captain Cesc.

    I’ve not seen Matuidi but if AW wants him then he might be good. Melo is too expensive and Matuidi might surprise anyone.

    We have many CB’s now including, Toure, Gallas, Vermaeleon, Sylvestre, Senderos and Djourou. We can let two leave because six CB’s are too many and will also block the development of our young players, Nordvelt, Bartley, Boateng and Ayling. We can hold our own with any of the best two out of four. If we let two CB’s leave we’ll also reduce our wage bill for the season.

    We’ll be spoiled for choice in the RM and LM position having players like AA, Nasri, Rosicky, Vela, Troare and TW14.

    We stand a very good chance if AW fix the DM position once and for all as both Chelsea and Manu will be weaker. Pool and Benitex has not got what it takes to win the league.

  79. … and RedDave is back.

  80. @Ole,

    I know but this time I am hopin with lotsa hopes.. This time is goin to be it..


    then y dont u go and support them ??

    dont worry too much.. this year we will win something !!! with top manager and denilson !!

  81. Too right Bodad, Denilson and Song are ok players but when it really comes to it they are birdshit

  82. RedDave; yes we will hopefully have Denny boy, a top manager as you point out, but your missing out the rest of the team of which we all know. I agree that if the team needs lots of money spending on it then fare shout, but we dont. I think we are in an envious situation, there seem to be others who agree with me, Usminov to name one, why else do you think he wants to invest. I think that all the top clubs in Europe are envious of us in regard to the way we run things, and in the way we are always there or there about.

  83. Samuel

    Kaka didnt even want to go Real Madrid, he was happy to finish his career at Milan. He left to give Milan a fat payday as the club are struggling right now… as are alot of clubs for finances.

    Madrid has the prestige, but at Arsenal we have the style, beautiful stadium, great supporters, and a fantastic manager. Top it off we play in the most exciting and competetive league. If Wenger thought Benzema was worth 50 odd million we would have him by now. He has the chance to get him last year or the year before if he wanted to, but he didnt because he has faith in our current players. That faith and desire is a lot stronger and the rewards will be alot bigger than the short impact of a big name signing.

    We are too smart to go blow that sort of money on 1 single player. Thinks are kept in perspective down at Ashburton Grove… thats how they plan to stay.

  84. Boomer you are correct but we will only ever be there and there about. Barca battered Man U and Man U battered us so that shows how far we are from the top. Its ok we just need to not whinge and accept that were goona be not hat great and just learn to live with it you get me bro? I’m sorry though but Denilson and song are birdshit bro!. I’d rather have Alonso or even young Cattermole looks good

  85. WhiteDave

    Welcome back… we missed ya you dirty spud

  86. Chrisgoona don tbe saying that shit to me bro I aint no yid!

    Denilsons a bit like forest gump in football boots. The boy just runs up and down the half way line looking for Song.

    Cattermole is the way forward bro, you hearing me?

  87. WhiteDave

    Hows the computer games going, u clocked master league yet?

    You know the thing with Alonso… he is crap, Wenger never wanted him, he just pretended to try and buy him to keep the silly little fans like you happy.

    We are on a bigger project here mate, get with the program.

  88. WhiteDave

    You are hilarious, how many games did you go to last season? Did you see Denilson perform at all?

  89. RedDave; your intitled to your opinion my friend and i respect that, its just that things dont work out the way you say in football do they. Cause if they did then baca would beat man utd year in year out, but they dont, they are there or there about, in the EPL, chelsea=liverpool have also been there or there about, real madrid just havnt been anywhere, neither have man city thats why they need to spend big, i dont think we are in their position . and imo you may just enjoy watching the fruit ripen rather than buy it from iceland

  90. Matthew Wade

    Cattermole is mediocre at best, a dirty tackler and looks strangely like the product of illicit relations between siblings..no thanks.

    Loved the Carter USM reference with Sheriff Fatman…the comparison is not an unfair one if you remember the lyrics. Our friend Jabba from Russia needs to realise that when everyone is suspicious of you, your attempts at positive PR need to be better thought out….

    I also completely disagree with the philosophy it promotes, that of makign wholesale changes. I think some of the squad may be near the last chance saloon, but if we could sell silvestre and keep the core fit, we’ll do well this year. Also don’t think Melo would have been a worthwhile investment at that price, so not sad to see him go….

  91. boomer well said

    It aint RedDave… hes WhiteDave

  92. What’s the point in arguing with RedDave. He will go away eventually (anyone remember Howard?), but another one will come along and replace him. Everyday there’s a new one. I’m wondering why these people are tolerated at all.

  93. Blackstock

    Dont worry they aint tolerated, its just they come on trying to cause a fuss and aggrevate people … best thing is to throw it back at them and make them feel stupid for their opinions, it must have an effect on them.

  94. Kitchen Sink

    @ Chrisgooner about that oh so over rated player alonso, here’s a short vid displaying his horrendous touch , to any gunners who want him have a look see.. all he can do is kick through the ball .. he is possibly the most over rated mid fielder in the planet.. like you said Wenger just wanted to appease the hoards ..

  95. twotouchmiracle


    we beat manu last year. hull beat us.

    man u have alot of ground to make up to match hull, eh?

  96. Kitchen Sink

    Cheers for that!!! What makes me wonder is why Cesc was calling for Wenger to sign him despite Cesc being in front of Alonso for Spain!

  97. It’s funny how some fans read things.

    To me, the summer is ticking along very nicely indeed.

    Most importantly, we have 2 of our best players returning to training after long term injuries, we have a new Centre Half, and we have many of our key players for the future signing long term contracts at the club.

    Our rivals are either losing their key players, or are unable to get in the players they want.

    Sounds just great to me.

    Dave – try http://le-grove.co.uk/.

    I am not being critical of that site, but i think you will find the comments section more to your taste.

  98. ChrisGoona

    “why Cesc was calling for Wenger to sign him despite Cesc being in front of Alonso for Spain”

    If the question was like:
    “What do you think of Alonso, Cesc? Do you think he’s a good player and will add much to the Arsenal team?”

    Then Cesc wouldn’t have said:
    “No, I think he’s the most overate midfield player on the planet. And most of all, he injured me twice, FFS!!”

  99. Kitchen Sink

    ChrisGoona as alonso has proved he possesses a really wayward haymaker of an inaccurate tackle.. I think cesc wanted him to completely outshine him and assure himself the starting spot for spain but I think If you were to ask Cesc again he would fear for his career and wants to see as little as possible of Alonso..

  100. You have to laugh at the Daily Mail.

    Whilst all of the other newspapers put a (relatively) positive spin on Rosicky being back in training, and his comments about returning in the autumn, the Mail read that as he is not back until October, and may never play again.

    There is nothing like creative journalism is there?


  101. Matt

    Dont link legrove again please mate, actually clicked on it just to see what crap they put on there. What do i see, i see a blogg which takes pride out of a personal assumption being right that “Wenger wont spend money because he believes in his project youth”. – After refusing 100m from Usmanov.

    Its a shocking perspective to see things, i would be even more shocked though as a supporter knowing Wenger doesnt believe in what he is doing!

    Wenger we are with you boss!

  102. ggs

    No doubt in my mind that the questions were setup so the media can make Cesc seem as if he was calling for Wenger to sign Alonso. Its what made me wonder about the whole fiasco.

    I doubt any player has the nerve to go up to wenger and say sign him now! Especially a player who respects the man as much as he does. Its a shame how the media continually lies and manipulates things to us fans.

    Just look at WhiteDave to see how much some are suffering

  103. CG – I was just helping Dave out – he might find some kindred spirits over there……….

  104. Kitchen Sink

    a bit off topic… but can anyone explain to me why no one (especially manure) is going for some of madrids quality fall off??

  105. i think they are KS – Chelsea have been linked with Schneider and Madrid Huntelaar.

  106. loool….Madrid castoffs…….

  107. Wenger knows what he’s doing ya get me. He just aint got the quality. Denilson ans Song are not good enough, you hearing me? Eboue blows.

    At least we have AA and Cesc, dem boys are de shit!!!

  108. Robin really is an absolute star. This player is going to lead us to success. Read this on my favourite Oranje site…..


  109. Thanks for the link Frank.

    I love the way the translation has worked, if you read it in a comedy Steve McLaren accent, you actually sound Dutch.

  110. Thanks Frank great article!!

  111. Kitchen Sink

    whitedave is my hero

  112. Awesome link Frank….

    We need that passion back in the team. To be fair the players never stop talking about how much they love the game, how much they enjoy their football, and how much they love playing for the Arsenal.

  113. Kitchen Sink, other than Huntelaar, I’ve not really heard much on Robben or Sneijder. My guess is that Real Madrid is being very quiet and not trying to appear so desperate by poking every club on the shoulder to ask if they’re interested in a handful of players. They’re clearly not in the best negotiating position on these excess players and they’re likely doing their best to downplay that dynamic.

  114. Frank man I just hope Roins legs hold out innit

  115. I’m surprised a lot of fans don’t see that Denilson is average at best. Denilson is okay but not great as a DM despite his great stats that reveals little on the field of play. He’s not what we need at this sensitive time of Arsenal history when we’re facing so many challenges from Manu, Pool, Chelsea and even City and Villa. It’s not an easy time at all and Denilson as a regular week-in-week-out DM is not the solution.

    Denilson is not yet ready to fill that position for us if we want to challenge for the title in the coming season.

    Placing our faith in Denilson as a DM to carry us through the coming season is just a dream.

    YW’s Intolerance

    YW writes well and I enjoy reading him however, his penchant for taking side with a group of posters here and his intolerance for others is sometimes troubling and unhealthy.

    His ‘shut your mouth’ approach way of moderating is not giving a good image to this blog at all.

    He’s already send away noted posters to other blogs just because they don’t share the views of his favourites.

    I don’t know why YW thinks that is the best approach in managing his blog.

  116. Fuck off Bodad….

  117. With the money Real Madrid make on shirt sales, I can’t see why they’d ever sell a player.

  118. Don’t read it or post then Bodad – no one is forcing you too.

  119. Bodad,

    Er.. I think you will find that in actual fact YW rarely comments at all. Go back to numerous posts in the last few years, and you will see evidence of this.

    The ‘shut your mouth’ approach is reserved for people who have falled into a very special category. It is the ‘spectacularly low IQ category’. If you read the posts of people who fall into this category, it is not hard to see why they fall into this category. It is one thing to be liberal, it is another to be liberally intolerant. The criticisms that are posted are usually structured with the nous of a 3 year old. We can all accept criticism, but it’s hard to take when it’s usual basis is catharsis.

    The idea that ‘noted’ posters have been sent away is ludicrous. This blog has been visited from time to time by ‘notorious’ posters from LG, who just want to troll and some others.

    If you want to complain about a blog, complain about LG, where if you say anything positive about Arsenal, your posts are moderated and then eventually consigned to the bin.

  120. Bodad, I agree about denilson he is birdshit ya get me.

    I dont agree regards to Yogi though my man. Dis be a rude boy blog, chaka kahn !!!

  121. What a plonker.

  122. Hye Bob!!!

  123. Consolsbob dont dis Bodad too much, he not what he do.

    What does peeps on here think of Kroneke? I think he would be better then Usamov but he’s just as busted, ya get me star !!!!

  124. maria maria!!!!…..You remind me of the west side story!!!!, Freeze !!!

  125. Hey Bob!!!

  126. Afternoon Maria.

    Another incarnation of a troll. The evolve you know, not a lot, but they do develop new skills.


  127. arsenehollis

    Seems bizarre that whitedave and his flakey mates seem to think that the answer to their brittle support is spending a ton of cash.

    As far as they can articulate, song/denilson aint all dat. How much do you think it costs to get a decent DCM? You could see how much vieira, gilberto, petit, Edu cost I guess.

    What we do have a lot of is people who play in Kaka’s and Ronaldo’s position. AA, RVP, Cesc, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky – all very good and widely liked, even by the moaners. (2 of those bought within a year for close to 30 mil) So why the need for more cash?

  128. You a cop?

  129. I wonder which one of the retards from LG RedDave actually is?

  130. ‘they’

  131. “YW writes well and I enjoy reading him however, his penchant for taking side with a group of posters here and his intolerance for others is sometimes troubling and unhealthy.”

    It it fortunate for Yogi’s Warrior that Frank is a doctor. If his health should ever become seriously damaged by taking sides with a group of posters, Frank will be able to treat him.

  132. Kaka was made to look pretty average when he played against us.

  133. arsenehollis

    DNFTT – what does this mean?

    Is that Maria from the old insider, or possibly from the family enclosure?

  134. Carmon, arsenehollis, you can work that out.

  135. You have to work those neural pathways. Keep the Alzheimers at bay.

  136. arsenehollis

    Sorry frank, I am not up to date with ‘lingo’ of the youth of today, need a bit of help dude.

  137. Even i can work it out…..

    Do not feed…….

  138. arsenehollis

    ‘Did not follow that through’ would be my guess – any points for that?

  139. Youth of today indeed!

    Do Not Feed The Troll.


  140. I can feel some sort of repeat of yesterday coming on here….


    My blog, my rules.

    Perhaps you could enlighten me as to the noted posters who have left. I can only think of two people who I would have said were missed, even though their opinions differed to mine.

    I will deal with people as their posts require. If they are stupid, ill-thought out, trolls or just ignorant, they get the response they deserve.

    If someone observes something differently to myself and can argue their point with a coherently well thought out argument, they will be dealt with respectfully.

    Others have been given enough rope to hang themselves except for one arsehole who was vilely crude to a female member of the blog and found himself spammed immediately, never to be released from the ACLF jail despite attempts at posting some reasonable comments. Once in there, never out.


  141. arsenehollis

    Matt i am a man, not a hungry bear at the zoo.

  142. Bodad aka 4th the target aka Howard,

    You made tall claims of starting your own blog when you last left this blog. What happened to that little project?

    Its funny how you come on somebody’s blog and advice them on how to run it or moderate it. If you think you are competent (ha!) start your own one Bodad. Can you? I doubt if you are good enough for that.

  143. arsenehollis

    I see, dont feed the troll, i thought you were suggesting not to feed me matt. Like the bear i do get hungry though. All makes sense now, if only frank had passed on the alzheimer’s cure sooner. Cheers guys, I will ask my grand daughter in future.

  144. Red & White Holdings Dave,

    Do you understand that Sherrif Fatman wont be “giving” us 100 million? All existing shareholders would contribute to the rights issue to buy shares in proportion to their current holdings. Therefore Fatboy Slim would buy 25% of a 100 million rights issue because he has a 25% stake. The rest of the shareholders would do likewise. Comprende?

  145. Just trying to ease you along….

  146. arsenehollis

    OLE – you reckon there is any truth in it that we are after Melo? I just get very suspicous when other teams use our name in public, it isnt how we do business, and it stinks of a lie to get other people involved.

  147. Hi Matt, have you completely stopped posting on the blog that shall not be named? There is no one now who can kick the ass out of the dumb arguments of the posters there.

  148. Alex my man whats up? Wot do you think about big boy Usamov blood?

  149. Kitchen Sink

    I really don’t mind if we sign no body extra. this team is already better than the 07/08 team, I actually hope the other big teams around europe sign big so when we meet them in the CL we can make them look the regular run of the mill, they all are..

  150. burtsagooner

    Top article and very intelligent responses for the most part.
    I believe in Wenger, the team and the board. What is being created in front of our eyes is Mr Wengers masterpiece. Some of the most creative and visionary men in history are/were artist’s of some description, Monsieur Wenger falls into this category. As does one Herbert Chapman.

    If this squad fail to win anything within the next 1-2 seasons i will eat my cat (n i love me cat!)
    In the future when Mr Wenger is long departed, we will look back at these barren years and quietly smile,a warm feeling will flow over us and we will realize what a genius Mr Wenger was, I for one am not looking forward to his retirement.

    I have and always will be a gooner born of an Arsenal family, and of this i am truly proud.
    When i look around and see all these 2 bit clubs spending stupid money,or selling players only too buy them back six months later, I have to laugh.
    It is by no accident Arsenal are one of the most revered and admired clubs in the world. We have massive history stretching back to the days of good old Herbert! ok we haven’t won as much as Liverpool or Man Utd but we do have a history, a legacy and one which the club has stuck with forever! Herbert Chapman shaped our past and laid the foundations for us and to an extent football in general.
    It is within this model that Wenger works to and improves on, and if it pans out as it looks like it should, us proper Arsenal fans will be reaping the benefits for the next century and beyond.

    We don’t need change…. the rest of football does.

    Arsenal till i die.

  151. Hey Alex,

    No – i sometimes go over there and have a read.

    I am chatting on there now actually.

  152. Nice post Burt – couldn’t agree more.

  153. RedDave,

    I think Usmanov is bad news for the club. Its an opinion many gooners share for a reason. One just has to look at his past criminal record, his links with the shady part of the Russian & Uzbek administration and his modus operandi of doing business.

    Please take some time out to read a bit about him starting with


    You must understand that he is not a sugar daddy like Abrahamovich or Sheikh Mansour at Citeh. He is an investor who already wants dividends on the shares that he bought an year back. For all the brickbats hurled at the current Arsenal board, no one can deny that they have’nt paid themselves any dividends. All earnings have been ploughed back into the club and Ashburton Grove.

  154. As far as I can tell even if the share issue went ahead…thre aren’t many players around to spend the money on!

  155. Haven’t you ever heard of YouTube QoS?

    There are plenty on there.

  156. Brilliant, Burt

  157. Absoloutely QoS, the only supposed galactico left in the transfer market is Ribery and Bayern rate him at an outrageous 50-70 million. So much for the rights issue.

  158. I’ve seen it suggeested on several other sites that if Mr U really wanted to “help” Arsenal’s cash flow, but wasn’t interested in obtaining additional control of the shares that he could buy an unsold properties at the Highbury development.

  159. .

  160. QoS,

    Yes that’s one option. The second would be to simply donate money to Arsenal Football Club with no strings attached. Its laughable how the hacks in the media (primarily the Daily Wail & Telegraph) paint Usmanov as some sort of saviour of the club for suggesting the rights issue which would benefit only him.

  161. Do they do any with door’s big enough for him to fit through?

  162. I had a decent chat with someone in the comments section somewhere else, and told them to check this blog out.

    Not sure what reaction that will get!

  163. That was mentioned on here some months ago, QoS, and I notice that Untold Arsenal is running with it too. Seems like an excellent answer for a man who claims to want to help the club. He would get rental returns too. But then what are his motives?

  164. Good view on Usmanov, YW. I think it was just an attempt from him to derail the Club’s current self-support plan, and also gives false hope to fans of the “SuperStar” signings.

    It was not going to help the club in the long run, it would only shake the confidence in the current plan which only serves his own personal agenda.

    To Usmanov: You only want to own Arsenal because you know it’s the best run, value for money, low risk, and lucrative investment on Planet Football right now. So, as an Arsenal fan who believes in every thing we are currently doing ..Please would you just f*ck off? Or better yet, sell the shares you already have to someone who loves the club and believe in it the way it is?

  165. What has happenned to make very player on the planet worth twice as much as he was worth 12 months ago?

    Did I miss something? Like a financial boom?

  166. The threat is not just that Usmanov gains more influence because of the rights issue by underwriting it and thus increasing his percentage share by buying shares other shareholders wont.
    If we did use the 100million to buy players they would still have to be paid. Living beyond your means is like a drug, it might be pleasurable at first but it is only once you realise you have become dependant that you realise the real cost.
    While Usmanov may say he believes in sustainable model, I believe he would be more than happy to see the club needing to turn to a sugar daddy, thus opening the way for him to gain control.
    Of course once that happened he would be in a position to get a return on his investment, taking money out of the club.

  167. Kitchen Sink

    @ consolsbob
    lassana diara scored a professional goal which which inverted the current sterling into yen..

  168. Strange that Martin Keown was spouting the Usmanov line in his ‘Sport.co.uk interview’ which YW alluded to a couple of days ago. We don’t seem to need more money for players at this stage as the squad are looking very strong indeed. I am sure that AW is not about to spend millions of inflated pounds, as per CBs comment, for a player. So Martin seems out of kilter with the AW plan.

  169. As someone who was raised as an Arsenal fan & in typical teenage fashion rebelled by caring as little as I could about football up until about 4 years ago, i’m nowehere near as knowledgable as any of the regular posters on here. Could someone tell me if anything comparable to The Great Wenger Youth Experiment has ever been attempted in football before? I’m intrigued to know if there’s any kind of precedent for what we’re in the middle of.

  170. A lot of research probably needed Vince but examples might be;

    Busby babes in mid 50s
    Mancs 1992
    George Graham’s Arsenal 1986
    Ajax for decades.

  171. Kitchen Sink


    there was the ajax of 95′ which had a multitude of brilliant youngsters who won the champions league (this arsenal team is constantly compared with them).. shortly after this all the youngsters left and became greats in successful teams all over europe..

  172. To be fair though, Vince, if you look at the current squad many of the players are well beyond the youth stage and although the average age of the squad is low there is enormous experience in there too.

    The real Great Youth Experience is about to start with youngsters from the under 18s beginning to be blended into an increasingly experienced first team. Very promising indeed.


  173. Bollocks to Man. Utd.

  174. Yes bollocks to the Mancs. They are yesterday’s news.

  175. Kitchen Sink

    England youth international Wilshere, 17, is one player expected to have an impressive campaign ahead having broken into the first-team squad.

    Van Persie declared: “It almost makes me scared when I see him play, so he has massive potential.”

  176. The latest rumour from Goal.com. This should be picked up by the Daily Mail in the next 30 mins.


  177. Hello….hellooo….helllooo!!?

  178. Wassup, G4E?

  179. Hey Frank…it’s too quiet here

  180. Boys

    Hold the fort for a while: I’m a single parent this weekend as Mrs YW is off in Barcelona visiting mi suegra and having a richly deserved weekend away from the brats, sorry cherubs.


  181. When was the Calendar on the right side of the blog added?

    It’s awesome, I always had to go to Arsenal.com for fixture dates & start times.

    Thanks YW.

  182. Pop over to Arseblog, G4E, and observe Kelsey trying to get into Arsebloggers knickers in the Arses section. Near the top so you don’t have to scroll down far. It is fucking hilarious.

    We are a cult on ACLF it seems.


  183. No worries YW…hopefully you won’t have to change diapers?

    I had my first experience yesterday baby sitting for a friend…..what a mess!

  184. Will join there Frank 🙂 Thanks

  185. Bribery and corruption is the only way, YW. Chips, chocolate, DVDs, computer games, football in the flower beds and beer. Not sure about the kids though.

  186. Say what you will about arseblogger, but I don’t see him as the kind of man to drop his pants for any old Kelsey.

  187. That was me, outing Kelsey and trying to stick up for ACLF. Apologies, but the username “OneOfUs” might seem a bit presumptuous on a different blog.

    And sorry that my defence wasn’t more coherent. That place is more high-speed than here and I got even more flustered than usual trying to type and think at the same time!

  188. I actually think Arseblogger is alright. Just got a bit diverted, sort of lost his Arsenal a bit. Just wish he would help drum up some support, we fucking need it. Can’t stand another season in the stands surrounded by empty seats, booers and whingers like last one.

  189. You did fine, OoU.

  190. That’s hilarious Frank – when ‘the arses’ have to be the ‘cult-iest’ place in the Arsenal blogosphere. Didn’t a few of the minions wander over here to support their leader who can dish it out, but can’t take it?

  191. Hi Passenal. How are you?

  192. Dis fighting in the ranks is no good for the arsenal vibe ya get me?

    We need to pull together and stop fighting with our bredrins, you hear me?

    We need to stop the in-fighting its depressing and makes the club look sour from the core, dis aint good bruv, it aint good ya get me

  193. Aw shucks!

    This thread will no doubt be read over there, but there’s no need to stir things up. I just wanted to try and explain what the regulars on here are trying to achieve.

  194. Keep it down. They’re reading us.

  195. Arseblogger licks balls !!!!

  196. We’re trying to achieve “Support through thick and thin”. Did you pass that message OneofUs? Do they know what it means?

  197. Apparently the guys on Arseblog think you are a right fucking arsehole, Red Dave! Seems you have been banned. A troll they say.

  198. Yep. I reckon they have that right.

  199. Hehe…that was funny on Arseblog.

    Yes we are a one “Arsenal positive support cult” Better than “stupid, negative, useless dissent support gangs”

    It’s our theme, we are here on this blog to support and share everything good about Arsenal.

  200. Barry Anterp


    On a more serious note show me da fudging money usmanov

  201. Amazing thing is, G4E, they criticise us by accusing us of supporting Arsenal.

  202. Oh are you the fellow with a problem with his bottom, Barry Antwerp? Squeaking noises. Here the other day?

  203. I’m famous, the world famous RedDave, easynow !!!!

  204. Crabs

  205. Barry Anterp


    yes im a fan of left foot, what you going to do hound me out because im an individual

  206. Kitchen Sink

    through thick and thin; here here… in the going down of the sun and in the morning:] lol

  207. Oh its all this Arse21 rubbish is it? I see. Have you not found another gimmick yet,son?

  208. Yes Frank……Isn’t that funny when someone is trying to convince you that positively supporting the club is not good or healthy…and the best way to support is to spread a negative image (Brochure) about your first striker?

  209. I’m alright Frank, and thanks for that link to the RVP article – he is a real star. I feel very positive about the coming season – I’m really looking forward to it!

  210. Where did you get the idea that people here will hound you out because you are an individual, Barry Antwerp. If you are that is. An idividual I mean. Most of the trolls and people coming here from other blogsites so that they can guffaw with their mates on their ‘home’ blogsites are not individuals.

  211. Barry Anterp

    Frank whats your problem with people we all support arsenal lets all get on. If you dont have anything nice to say go to a spuds blog or do some sock cucking

  212. Me too Passenal. This season is going to be a great one. I can feel it in my bones, and they have been around a while.

  213. As for RVP, well he couldn’t have put it better than he did, and that’s what makes him precious for our club. We’ve had rumours circulating around every player in our squad, and they’ve come out and rejected the claims. But with RVP’s comments it’s just a straight “Fuck off” to the hacks and media, for undermining his intentions and the club. I would really doubt that after these comments the hacks will try to generate their rumour mill by including RVP in the mix. But it just makes you wonder, that it is also the responsibility of a player to come out and show what the club and support means to him. Take Cesc’s saga for example, well sure he’s come out and denied the comments many times and proclaimed his love for the club, but he’s left the media things to pick on to, like returning to spain, his admiration for Pep Guidiola and all. These sort of comments leaves the media to twist the words, and recycle their stories. ” CESC WOULD STAY BUT…..”. I don’t doubt Cesc’s intentions or commitment when compared to RVP’s, but I suppose it’s important that the players show some maturity when dealing with the hacks. Maybe the age difference and maturity is the difference between the two, in the end.

  214. Oh dear. That your best shot Twerp?

  215. Cesc is fine Ateeb. We will see him in an Arsenal shirt for a couple of great seasons at least. When he goes we will have a more than adequate replacement. Also I would not be at all surprised to see RvP as Captain soon, and I have a feeling that Thomas Vermaelen is going to be around for a long time too.

  216. arsenehollis

    Evening all.

    It is certainly strange when an irrational perception of your own football club can be seen as a flaw, i have no idea what other reason they find for loving a bunch of blokes kicking pigskin but a heartfelt lunacy.

    Frank – I think the example of manure as a comparable youth experiment is slightly off. What has gone on before and since would suggest that fergie walked into a singularly good batch of youths. Whatever else you say about the old purple whisky hound, he certainly played the hand well. The differnece though is that Arsene has put a system in place that should look much more like the ajax model, constantly producing quality. When all is said and done, Weneger will leave his club with his successor having an easier job than fergie’s – all he will inherent is the same doped cheque book, which without a quality manager is often a poison chalice. All this Usmanov nonsense ignores the fact that far, far more teams have tried to buy success than have actually achieved with that philosophy.

  217. arsenehollis

    Ateeb, personally i dont think cesc can be criticised fairly for anything he has said this summer. Everything has been distorted and taken out of context under dishonest headlines and he has knocked it all back quickly.

  218. I don’t think arseblogger is our arch-enemy. I’ve been disappointed by his attitude this season (which is why I no longer read him), but far worse comments about Adebayor than anything in his brochure have been made on here most days for the last few months.

  219. Oh I agree with that, arsenehollis. Vince just asked which teams had succeeded with a youth policy, to paraphrase. I think that Ajax is the more interesting model too. Although I think that the mother of all youth policies is about to see the light of day at our club. The dawn will be this season when we see one or two more names in the Carling Cup. People will wake up to the fact that Arsenal is self sustaining in playing syaff for years.

  220. arsenehollis

    Good to hear how positive RVP was about Vermaelen in his interview, a top player apparently and good in the air.

  221. As I said, I don’t doubt Cesc’s intentions. He’s 21 at the moment, with time he’ll get more mature. And might see things more clearly. And I won’t be surprised if he decides to stay for alot more than just a couple of seasons. As for RVP, if he had had a better fortune on the injury front, he would have been the captain by now. I’d love him to be the captain. And now that I recall, wasn’t there a debate going on during the start of the season, about RVP’s credentials. That if he’s worthy of the arsenal shirt, or he be sold. That says all about OTHER blogs out there, and their commentators. RVP is a star, no two ways about it. No differing opinion about it. He’s a star, any other view, ought to be trashed. Simple.

  222. Well lets hope he gets behind the manager and players when they need support, PZ.

  223. I’m sure RvP admires some Dutch managers (Marco van Basten, for example), but nobody will suspect him of plotting a move to Ajax, since they are relatively insignificant at the moment. For similar reasons, his trips home do not attract the attention of the sports journalists.

  224. “Well lets hope he gets behind the manager and players when they need support, PZ.”

    I don’t think he will.

  225. I agree Ateeb. Some notable commenters on here don’t seem to rate him at all.

  226. Neither do I.

  227. Anyway on a lighter note. Young Peter tried to shag Lady Neena last night. Apart from the obvious indiscretion, he is about a third her size. If he reaches up to her hindquarters he could just about lick her arse.


    In the midst of the financial crisis a scandal was brewing in north london regarding the cash available to Arsene Wenger for expenditure on new player transfers. The highly regarded view in the City of London and worldwide financial markets was that the recession had affected the income stream of London’s most prestigious club, when sales of their converted highbury flats took a hit.

    The story is now emerging of a different picture. The perception that things were not as bad as it seemed. Who is responsible for this perception, nobody is sure. Some believe that it may be the mutterings of certain arsenal supporters internet blogs. If it is the case, that these perceptions hold any water, then it would be one of the biggest revelations and shocks in english footballing history:

    “We were under the impression that we had no money”, said Peter, an ardent Arsenal supporter, “Now it seems that the story is changing, and we do have money. I am shocked and disgusted. This will kill the myth forever that we had no money for transfers, and it will also kill the myth that Arsene Wenger is a great manager who has been effective in buying untapped talent in the market”.

    The shockwaves have reverberated across all of the major city banks. One financial analyst called it a bigger financial scale then that committed by Enron, the american energy company. The reason he said, is that the board had conspired to hide details of their available cash from the supporters. Asked about the implications of the revelations, the analyst said that Arsenal should now be able to compete in the transfer market, but something was holding them back.

  229. arsenehollis

    Frank, i agree with that. This looks like the moment for us when we can fuse a core of mature player sat their peak with the youngsters who carried us last year. If we win trophies no one will want to leave, not with the pots we will be taking home, and a solid base will in place for the current youth crop to step up into.

    For me, the only question i have is can we go away for a tough game, not dominate possession and still be solid enough at the back to compete. Off the top of my head, last time we won the league we played the other ‘big 4’ teams away, were not great in any game, but got a win and a draw behind only conceding 2 goals in the 3 games. Can we show that sort of grit again? If so it will provide a splendid platform for all the attacking talent we have and is coming through.

    Within 3 years i fully expect wilshere and merida to be in the team, ramsey too. For them to flourish we need stability behind them to ease the off days and keep results ticking over. That is why I still think that all we could do with is a canny holding player.

    Good times ahead though.

  230. A story very relevant to the events of today. Do you agree, Kelsey?

  231. Pz,

    That could be the case as well.

  232. I am sure that Arsene will prove me totally wrong on this but I don’t think we need anymore players, arsenehollis.

  233. I don’t think so too Poliziano, we will never know if the brochure was an ill-advised idea or a pathetic attempt to please a section of the fans (Ade haters).

    It was not funny by any means, I did look at it today since I was there.

  234. How tall is Arseblogger, PZ?

  235. …and how tall is Kelsey?

  236. Do you remember the ‘Fuckers getting Stuffed’ models?

  237. I think so too Frank, unless it’s good chance on a player in the 20-22 age group that would be for the mid-future.

    We have all we need and %90 of the players we have can play in more than one position.

  238. If you want another laugh. I went over to that LeGrove site earlier after Matt said that he had put in a good word for ACLF. Some chap called Pedro called us a fucking disgrace for the way we treated Arseblogger. Seemed quite rattled.

  239. arsenehollis

    Not sure frank, Song will go to the ACN. If Denilson, bless his cotton socks, were to get injured where would that leave us? The games in Jan just look too tough to me to risk playing a midfield of:

    AA Nasri Rosicky Cesc Walcott

    Would be a thing of beauty though going forward.

    That said, maybe it all hinges on Diaby. He could be a real driving force for us, picking the ball up from the CB’s and taking us forward, as well as chasing the play when we need to defend. I think a fit, on form Diaby would be better than anything we can buy, but it is a gamble to rely on him.

  240. arsenehollis

    Rattled? Possibly hysterical? Shrill? Or maybe like my cat wails when she is on heat?

  241. You see I am not sure about that, arsenehollis, though I do take your point. I remember Samir Nasri makng those curious comments about taking up a more defensive position in central midfield.

  242. I think we are going to see some interesting developments in the pre-season….and not necessarily involving new players.

  243. NorthBankNige


    Interesting developments and good entertainment.

    Now that all the ”blog wars” are out of the way, how would anyone feel if Cesc left us this season?

  244. arsenehollis

    You might be right frank. I think a lot has to do with tactics, maybe more so than personnel. Manure showed last season that an intelligent tactical set-up can more than make up for the absence of massive, purely destructive midfielders. Perhaps in a team built for pace and technique it would be a bad fit anyway.

    We need to find some way though to be less passive when defending. in the bad games last year we looked like our idea of winning the ball back was waiting for the oppo to shoot wide. If it were me i think just telling the whole side to push high up all over the pitch would be best, keep sides penned back and rely on the fact that kolo and who ever plays with him will win the one-on-one in space with an attacker.

    Either way, i certainly dont think another signing is essential. If it or isnt anyway the boss knows, not me.

  245. Am i the only one who is bored fukin shitless with this bullshit us vs them blog fukin wars!! we are all gooners are we not?

  246. Cesc isnt going.

  247. Well now that is an interesting point, DG.

  248. Cesc is definitely not going.

  249. Arseblogger was hardly ridiculed, mocked or abused, he was merely criticized for his attempt at humour, which many of us thought was inappropriate and disrespectful to an individual player and by extension the club. It’s a double standard to suggest that criticism of AFC players has no boundaries, but the minute a blogger is criticized it causes outrage! He is a professional writer in the sense that he gets paid for what he does so criticism comes with the territory. It would be good to think that this experience of being on the receiving end of some robust criticism will make him reflect on the impact of what he writes in future, but I doubt it.

  250. Cant wait to see pre-season, the tone was really set their 2 seasons ago. I hope they come out this year and treat every game as if it means something and we start the real business flying and fighting.

  251. Frank stop trying to play the hard man over the internet. were all on this site for a bit of banter and to support arsenal

  252. The team will have more confidence this season, another signing isn’t essential although but that’s down to the boss.

  253. NorthBankNige

    Cesc may not be going, I was just curious to what people thought if he did leave.

  254. arsenehollis, I think Diaby is due a good season. Clichy and RVP have both managed to put their injury problems behind them, so maybe it’s Diaby’s turn.

    Re Nasri’s comments about playing as a DM, he was probably referring to the need to add more ‘defensive’ qualities to his game. Even Cesc said the same thing about himself. He mentioned that he always seems to get substituted when Spain need to hold a lead and he wanted to be able to contribute more defensively. That can only be good for the team if our more ‘creative’ midfielders can also support the defence more effectively. The performance against Milan in the San Siro comes to mind, when the whole team defended when they didn’t have the ball. We need to see that type of performance on a more regular basis.

  255. NorthBankNige, I don’t really see the point of speculating on that possibility – it’s not going to happen. I wouldn’t want to give the media spies lurking on our blogs any ammunition to add to their speculation about how Arsenal fans are not worried if he leaves or how we are rending our garments in fear of losing him. He is Arsenal captain, he is committed to the club and will be back for pre-season. That is all I need to know.

  256. A while back RVP was asked if he considers himself an artist like his parents, something that was difficult for him to explain.. RVP definitely puts the art into arsenal (every season he scores a a real master class of a goal).. something I read and found interesting was that : Cool = Art : A definition of art that I subscribe to is: Art is a passionate moment rising from cool emotions… (when one looks at the goal he scored against Liverpool there is no purer moment of Art) can’t wait to see what he’ll bless us with this season..

  257. Oh shut the fuck up, Barry Antwerp.

  258. very mature frank, you seem like the clientele that usually inhabits wrighty7

  259. Well said, Kitchen Sink, sorry about the outburst.

  260. * And thats Anterp to you sir

  261. Arsenal-positive cult!! I love the sound of it. Sign me up for life. Arsenal for life. Arsenal-positive for eternity. Arsene worshipper. 😀 😀 😀

  262. Bang on Passenal, let’s remain positive and get behind the team.

  263. Is ‘Wrighty7’ and asteroid or spacestation perhaps? My astronomy is poor I am afraid, Barry Antwerp.

  264. Where do i sign 😛

  265. Well you have answered to Twerp to date, so we might as well continue with it. You some sort of hitman or something?

  266. Frank were called The Arsenal for a reason, if your more interested in slagging people off and threatening people go and support Hull.

  267. You think I don’t support Arsenal, Barry Antwerp.

  268. You see, Barry Antwerp. You haven’t made a single comment about Arsenal since you came here this evening. But others have made a lot of really interesting comments.

  269. I would like to remind you of Tony Pulis’s great quotation: ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.’

  270. I would like to see Diaby, Song and Denilson thrive this season too, Passenal.

  271. same

  272. Not Abraham Lincoln’s quote then, Barry Antwerp?

  273. I was giving it contemporary relevance by referencing an equally esteemed hat wearer

  274. Its relevance being?

  275. You fooling some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of time but not all of the people all of the time.

  276. Fooling them about what?

  277. Your devotion.

  278. My devotion to what?

  279. You feign devotion to The Arsenal, whilst being more concerned with your interweb ‘street cred’.

  280. Oh dear oh dear oh dear…

  281. You know this is so unbelievably tiring.

  282. Frank – he’s a troll and you know what not to do to trolls!

  283. You have a lot in common with arsenalkabisa, AIC, Joe…. people like that, Barry Antwerp. Except in your case you don’t even bother to mention Arsenal.

  284. I know, Passenal. Sorry.

  285. I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve been tired after a one on one with a man.

  286. With a what?

  287. You are already signed up Ole Gunner 🙂

  288. Where are trolls made?

  289. Are you saying you are a man Anterp? Only so far your posts have been that of a child or at the most an immature teenager.

  290. G4E,

    I really like this one. I’m making the T-shirt tomorrow. I’m going to the Barnet game with that T-shirt. Arsenal-positive cult. Excellent.

    Much better ring tp it than “Arsene Knows Brigade”.

  291. your both rather petty aren’t you? I mean, there’s no need to take affront to someone merely expressing a different point of view to you. Whilst this is an excellent blog the comments section seems to have fallen straight out of an appalling Guardian article, full of either rather facetious characters or those that seem intent on hounding them out at the detriment of their own sanity. Territorial behaviour going hand in hand with mature and intelligent discussion. The wonders of football I guess.

  292. I know I’m not exactly good looking but i wouldn’t call myself a Troll.

  293. In the mean time I challenge the other type of Arsenal fan to make and wear T-shirts of their negative, antigoon, doomer, casher, or moaner cults.

    They should be proud of it shouldn’t they?

  294. Then don’t read the comments.

  295. would getting offside 25 or passmaster 27 on the back of a shirt be classed as negative behaviour i wonder? I think mockery is the British way..

  296. Fucking hell I’m bored. How long till the season starts!

  297. If we are to be a cult, we should wear red robes with white sleeves. The back of the robe adorned with ‘Arsenal Positive’, perhaps in gold writing. Do you think people would buy them?

  298. Ah the comments are too positive for you. I see why you are here now.

  299. Frank il end the argument with this:

    ‘Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home,’

  300. Frank, the back should read “Arsenal Supporter”, then they would sell.

  301. No you won’t, you dickhead.

  302. You could also put “Arsenal Supporter on the less positive fan shirts.

  303. I think that some people should have that tattooed on their forehead, Steve.

  304. Passenal @ 10:04 pm, very well put. You should post your comment on the goonerholic site. This normally decent guy needs to sober up.

    We Arsenal fans don’t sing disgusting classless songs about the opposition’s manager, we don’t shout racist chants at the visiting players or staff, we try not to get invovled in riots or any violent acts. But still all those fans from the clubs I hate have never stirred a public campaign that humiliated one of their own players with the objective to drive him away from their club. I always thought we were better than them.

  305. 1st class comment, notlager.

  306. quite true notlager.. that said we won’t be the last.. bieng a fan is a funny thing just a couple of weeks back manc fans would have said owen is done but now they consider red nose a genius.. time will tell

  307. Ole Gunner, do I get a T-Shirt? Just kidding 🙂

  308. Looking at your eyes in that picture (you look like Diaby!) you look very Arsenal-positive to me. T-shirts galore!

  309. Well, I wish that Diaby’s new season will be the start of a positive and productive for him.

    He is one of the players that I had and still have high hopes for, I’m just not sure yet if he’s a DM or AM…but I hope this new season is the decider for him.

    Who knows, he could be the new midfield signing..

  310. Cheers for the info earlier Frank, the thought of half the team disbanding if we go out and win something is disconerting though! I don’t really understand the mentality of people who think we need to go out and spend stupid money on players. Like I said, i’ve only been what i’d class as a ‘full-time supporter’ for the past four years in which time the amount (or lack of) trophies we’ve won have been well publicised. I can genuinely say I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s going to be so much more satisfying when we wipe the floor with everyone else as underdogs than if we’d paid for it. I thought it was a stroke of genius on the part of Wenger when, Nasri aside, our big Summer signing last year was Mik from Man U! He knew exactly how a certain section of the fans would react. It was a bit like finding out God has a sense of humour.

  311. Kitchen Sink, I’m not refering to opinions. Today this player is god, tomorrow he should go to hell. In that Arsenal fans are no different than any other football fan. We can’t win every football match so criticising players and manager is part of the game although obsessively carried out by some Arsenal blogs admittedly, but hey I don’t have to read those blogs.

    What I have a problem with is the attempt of a blogger with a wide readership to actively promote the departure of an individual player of AFC by making him the laughing stock of our club. He can have his opinion all he wants but leave it to Arsene Wenger to decide whether Adebayor is worth keeping. And I assume and hope AW will make his decision on the basis of whether Adebayor can contribute in making our current squad stronger in the upcoming season rather than the words he said a year ago.

  312. twotouchmiracle

    barry antwerp = blog head = arse21

  313. RedDave = blog head, etc

  314. Dat tru RedDave init

  315. Notlager @ 1:07 am – You are absolutely right, every single word. The fact is this campaign has gone on for two years; continuous, insidious and corrosive. It has permeated almost all the blogs and bloggers, most of whom were initially inspired by arseblogger (I won’t call their names as it is not helpful). It ultimately led to the humiliation of Eboue, by Arsenal fans at home in the Emirates.

    But Ade is has really been the primary target (I made that prediction two weeks ago in a post on Untold Arsenal when the media attempted to mount a silly campaign vs Wenger). It started with Ade is no Henry, degenerated into he needs too many chances to score contrary to the stats, into he is too arrogant (can you imagine a goal-scorer not being arrogant and cocky), then he is disloyal for leveraging for a large salary increase etc. FFS he could have gotten more at Milan but stayed while Hleb and Flamini left for the money. As I have often said the underlying reason is he looks different and speaks different from the majority of domestic fans and it is easy to stoke all those racist stereotypes by use of coded language.

    Shame on you arseblogger; until one year ago, everyday I used to read your blog (remember when it was really “fuckin’ brilliant” until I realized that the sly, undermining jokes at Ade and Eboue’s expense weren’t really funny but were negative to them as individuals, to the club and to the fans. (Note how it opened the door for Le Grove to really go after the hardcore retards and racists.) Now everyone understands that you no longer blog in support of the club but for “entertainment.” That is really how you are different from most of us here at ACLF. Pity really.

  316. Midnight humor: I was surfing Gunnerblog the other day and there was our friend Patrick aka Howard/4th-The-Target. The blogger to his credit was trashing Pyles Palmer’s meme that that AW ony recruits from France and Africa. But our demented friend Patrick was ranting and raving that AW gives more time to his favoured children from Africa unlike English lads like Muamba who was sold prematurely to Bolton. Posters had to remind delusional Paddy thet Muamba was born in the the Democratic Republic of the Congo and spoke French fluently. If that wasn’t funny enough he went on to suggest that a true English player like young Cattermole was good enough for Arsenal and better than Denilson. Nut.

  317. Cattermole= English craps 🙂

  318. Good and sound management philosophy: “With regard to players, the Board decided not to issue permanent capital in the hopes of signing one or two players in an inflated transfer market. Instead, the focus continues to be on securing the services of talented young players we have on long-term contracts and making very selective acquisitions, only where a new signing will add real value to our already strong squad.”

    I agree and support.

  319. algerian-gooner

    roll on the 18th.come on arsenal

  320. Frank

    Bribery works except their weakness is Pokemon cards.

    “Hi. My name is YW Jr and I’m a Pokemonaholic….”

    Still they have agreed that tonight they are going to try a curry. No 2 son has already developed a taste for beer – not bad for six year old. No 1 does not like any beer, wine or fizzy drinks at all so I reckon he might be the designated driver for tonight. Which as he’s nine should be interesting…

    Off to write a post.



  321. Just noted that Ribery with a B in front becomes Bribery. 🙂

  322. But regardless of race, Cattermole is better then Denilson ya get me? Denilson is poor and half the stadium know this, you hearing me?

    One love baby, we need to all be colour blind innit.
    But not DM blind, we cannot be DM blind because it will cost us big style next season. Denilson is birdshit you hearing me?

  323. Are you sure the bird is not shitting in your head?

  324. Cattermole certainly gets more yellow and red cards than Denilson.

    Not impressed. (Playing for England in Euro U-21 Championship)

  325. BlueDave, My man the bird is not shitting on my head. If the bird shat on Denilsons head it may bring the lickle boi some good luck. The kid can play but is not chamopions league standard, you hearing me big boy?

    Denilson must learn to move forward and pass, he is stagnant all the time and I often think he looks like something out of a brazilian museum ya get me bruv? I know you know this, I know you know this home boy. Song is the better option then Denilsn, and when mans say shit like that you know mans has got turmoil because Song is birdshit bruv, you hearing me?

  326. BlueDave, My man the bird is not shitting on my head. If the bird shat on Denilsons head it may bring the lickle boi some good luck. The kid can play but is not chamopions league standard, you hearing me big boy?

    Denilson must learn to move forward and pass, he is stagnant all the time and I often think he looks like something out of a brazilian museum ya get me bruv? I know you know this, I know you know this home boy. Song is the better option then Denilsn, and when mans say shit like that you know mans has got turmoil because Song is birdshit bruv, you hearing me?

    Shut up, twat.

  327. Not shitting ON your head I said it’s shitting IN your head.

  328. Blackstock, chill out partner. I aint said Jack to you partner. Why you sweating me cus?

    Denilson is birdshit but if we sign Melo or cattermole we can sure up our defence you hearing me?

    You ease up now partner

  329. Oneofus,why interfere on a conversation between arseblogger and myself,and changing your username, only to reveal what you did later on this site.

    I rate arseblogger and if you and Frank read through the conversation we had,we both came to the same conclusion that Frank is behind everything that is wrong with the comment section on here.
    YW writes a good post,no doubting that,but if arseblogger chose to come on here to argue or defend himself,that is his perogrative.

    Frank,look at your post history,i think you are telling fibs.On several occasions you mention that you hardly ever visit any other sites,yet i had strong feelings about what went on with you and others in the way you responded to a fellow gooner(arseblogger),who puts a lot of effort into writing an Arsenal post on a daily basis.

    It didn’t take you long to find my comments on Arseblog,did it Frank ? for someone not interested maybe you make a living of scrolling through all the blogs to see who you can pick on.

    You attacked me the first time i came on here,purely through association with being a poster on LG.That was enough for you.You only see things your way,and others just live by every word you say.Quite pathetic IMO.

    I repeat I have never been abusive but to you it is a coward’s way to tell people to f*** off if you don’t agree with anything they say.

    There is a daily war going on between LG and ACLF, which is futile,and you will notice even if you don’t admit it that i hardly ever post on on either of the two sites.for that reason alone.

    It drives people away,and you as self appointed commander-in-chief make sure that anybody who doesn’t share your extreme views or god forbid writes on another blog,should be lambasted.hence the word cult.I assure you many think as I do,so we can’t all be wrong.

    I would not have responded if I hadn’t seen your earlier comments,but maybe you wanted a reaction from me,and you got it,but at least i am old enough and ugly enough to defend myself.

    Finally,what I will say that a few people from LG come on here daily,using different user names,primarily to wind several of you up.That is not my concern,but again it is pointless,as very little is achieved except maybe a smirk or two from those involved.Have a good day,don’t bother to rspond,just let people who think differently to you,lead there lives as they wish.

  330. Kelsey,

    Oh no, please don’t go.

    I explained why I didn’t use “OneOfUs”. If I’d wanted to keep it secret I wouldn’t have owned up my comments over here.

    Sorry for butting in your tête-à-tête, but I object to the word, “cult”. My intention was not to create trouble, but I did want to try and explain what I think makes ACLF a good blog and forum, and how it shouldn’t be at odds with Arseblog.

    There’s a collection of people with the same attitude towards the club on here, and it’s a shame their motives are so opaque to some people:

    Support the team. Try not to treat Arsenal like a management-sim. Challenge the crap written about Arsenal in the tabloids. Challenge punditry cliches.

  331. I’m giving up on this. ACLF used to have a highly regarded comments section where people could discuss the Arsenal sensibly. I started posting here because intelligent comment was welcomed and polarized viewpoints were completely ignored.

    Right now it seems the flavour of the month is starting internet wars and acting the tough guy. It’s very boring to read, so i’m not going to read it any more. I can’t put my finger on what exactly has happened but maybe some of you should stop caring so much about what Le Grove are saying and get outside in the sunshine more.

    Yogi, you are easily the best Arsenal blogger out there by a country mile, and i’ll continue to read your posts. Personally I think a zero-tolerance approach should be taken to uphold standards and get rid of all the nonesense comments, but that’s not my decision to call. Carry on doing what you’re doing, and good luck to everyone else.

    Up the Gunners.

  332. Never read the Arseblog forum, never likely to.

    Generally I enjoy his column, although think that if you’re going to do satire, it needs to be funny. Its a tricky thing to pull off.

    There are far far worse blogs out there. On other blogs it is actually possible to be “accepted” and yet post not one single positive word about Arsenal. Tis a sad state of affairs indeed.

  333. Blackstock,
    You’ve been complimented before for your grown-up attitude, and I want to do so again. I seem to recall that you are only 21 years old, but you show the maturity of a man several years your senior. Congratulations! If the comments on a blog don’t appeal to you, stop reading them! Simple! There’s no need to moan day after day, no need to draw attention to oneself.

    I’ll tell a little story about myself, a story somewhat at odds with my usual arrogance. When I was considering whether to start contributing to a blog, I didn’t search out the ones where opinions were most contrary to my own, thinking to convert everyone to my own way of thinking. Quite the opposite. I chose ACLF because there were posters who supported Arsenal, and because anti-supporters were knocked on the head. At risk of causing embarrassment, I’ll say that Frank was the contributor who most caught my eye. He was willing to use the same weapons against the anti-supporters that they used against our players. The anti-supporters, of course, hate this manifestation of justice. For them, free-speech means license for themselves, and a gag for everyone else.

  334. Really, Poliziano just got to the heart of the matter. I’m all for people being allowed to

    But if you’re going to continuously, casually bash the club and players you shouldn’t be moaning at someone calling it out on it.

    I would personally prefer to find facts to show why certain “opinions”, popular memes and conventional wisdom about Arsenal are wrong.

    Honestly, I am surprised that Arseblog and his entourage are concerned about the stick they’re getting for the Ade brochure and player mobbing. The irony is just too rich.

    I keep pointing out that those of us who’re thick-and-thin positive Arsenal supporters are all too happy to accept whatever tag is attached to us, while those who mob certain players, and seem attached to disharmony around the club, are very sensitive about being called out.

    At the core of the issue is the fact that we all know that moaning, negativity, player mobbing, is not supportive behaviour.

  335. It’s worth reading Arseblogger’s account of how Joan Laporta came to be a ****.

  336. So here’s some more nonsense….

    “Ribery was a player we were interested in at a logical price but Bayern don’t want to sell, said Laporta.
    “If they are interested in selling, we are interested in buying but if not, then we will look to Fabregas.”

    a) Either they are teasing Bayern, or b) they must be blissfully unaware that strangely enough, Arsenal too, are not interested in selling.

    c) How flattered would Cesc feel about being sought after Ribery?

    “…….But after last season we only need small adjustments – a left back, a central defender, a midfielder and a forward.”

    d) So that is what a small adjustment looks like, now that Real Madrid have shown us what large adjustments are…

  337. So far so good. Arsenal shoud be stronger this year bobby Gee

  338. what

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