Gazidis Backs Wenger, Slaps Lazy Media Attitudes & Adebayor

The performance of the season is coming under more scrutiny internally, having been played out in the back pages over the past fortnight. Apparently Arsene is up before the shareholders this week so expect some not so tough questions since the club vet them beforehand.

Ivan Gazidis has met with the AST and pretty much told everyone what we expected to hear:

I am not happy where we ended up but I am pleased we are disappointed by it..So why aren’t we feeling great about it? The answer is because we have higher expectations

Which is exactly how it should be. One would hope that the relationship between the senior management of the club is strong enough to robustly examine what went wrong and why. I am sure that it is but more importantly, the Board need to continue to support the manager in every way that they can.

There is a balance that needs to be struck. Rather like the building of The Emirates, there is a project plan in place and the timelines need to be examined; is the club ahead or behind where Wenger expected them to be once the club moved from Highbury?

I suspect that in some respects they have exceeded expectations, expectations that were raised following the first eight months of last season. Gazidis indicates that this is the case:

Right now I think it is important to have some perspective and be brutally realistic with ourselves  – but not only on the negative side but the positive side as well

Unfortunately outside of the confines of London Colney and Highbury House, the former is outweighing the latter. Too much finger pointing is taking place, with little clue as to how to correct. Names of incoming players are bandied around like there is no tomorrow, with no perception of how that player will fit in.

He’s 6 foot five, fourteen stone and kicks lumps off of anything that moves” seems to be the mantra for those desiring a new first XI centre back with little idea of how that improves the team. Too much emphasis is placed on the words of hacks who have no more clue about a players abilities than you or I. Sometimes it is quite the opposite.

Gazidis also dealt with some of the ill-informed criticism of Wenger:

The idea that Arsène Wenger is some stubborn guy who is not open to having his ideas challenged and there is nobody there who can say ‘listen we need someone with experience in the middle of the park or at the back’ just isn’t true.  He is asking questions of himself all the time and talking to people all the time. He does not believe he has all the answers and I see that as one of his strengths. ‘He is not someone who takes the easy route to protect himself. He will place the protection of his players above that.

The problem is that Wenger-bashing is something of a national pastime in the back pages, opinions are based on hacks and managers who cannot get close to the Frenchman and vent their frustration in spite. The media has no-one but themselves to blame. Despite being courteous with them, his wariness is understandable given the vile stories that The Daily Mirror ran within days of Wenger taking charge of the club.

Single-mindedness is a trait that all successful managers have shown. Wenger is employed to manage. By the very essence of his role, he is a footballing Magpie, taking in ideas from here, there and everywhere, moulding them into his own formula. It is in truth a dictatorship, albeit a benevolent one. All of us have opinions about whether he has had a ‘Eureka’ moment and struck gold or whether he has panned Fools Gold. None of us has the stress of knowing that their livelihood and reputation is judged over ninety minutes, twice a week, negatively impacted by injury.

There now follows a brief educational interlude:


Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin contractus, contra here to draw together, make a contract, reduce in size, from com- + trahere to draw from

14th century

a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties

a business arrangement for the supply of goods or services at a fixed price; make parts on contract;



Latin negotiatus, past participle of negotiari to carry on business, from negotium business, from neg- not + otium leisure


to arrange for or bring about through conference, discussion, and compromise;negotiate a treaty;

In footballing terms, those two words in the same sentence are typically met with general relief when the player in question is considered “one of us” or disbelief when said player is not rated. Occasionally, there is a lot of hype surrounding these circumstances, (un)welcome attention from a (generally) foreign suitor.

Whatever the situation is, quite possibly the most crucial aspect of those negotiations is money. Nobody makes any qualms about it, most people accept the situation and understand that this is the case. So why is there a furore about the interview that Emmanuel Adebayor gave and why use it as a stick to beat him with now?

The circumstances of the interview need to be understood before analysing the content. My memory is sometimes unreliable but the conversation took place last summer. Around that time, the Togolese striker was in negotiations with Arsenal and AC Milan, two of Europe’s biggest clubs. Trophy winning potential would have come into, as would the standard of football in the respective leagues. Both clubs are rebuilding and despite what the media tell you, England is not the b-all and end-all when it comes to club football. So it then boils down to money. Adebayor wanted more, he got more without having to move. All pretty standard stuff.

So why are people getting bent out of shape over his words? Perhaps they expected more this season, rightly so. Yet he is not the only player to have fallen short of the standards of the previous season. Moreover, despite an injury disrupted season, he is still in double figures for domestic games alone.

The truth is people do not like his attitude towards the game. Cultural differences need to be recognised and less castigation of a man who grew up surrounded by poverty and hardship. At least he has that as a reason for wanting to make as much money as possible, a clear desire to improve the lot of his family, which is more than can be said of certain other former players.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First class post Yogi.

    Great riposte for the “lets sign Hangaarland” (sp) brigade.

  2. Yes great post.

    AW and board clearly have a lot to think about after the last 4 games against Chelsea and Utd. Lets just hope they get it right over the summer.

  3. I want to pass on to you the most important quote that sums up the predicament of the great Arsenal by Myles palmer.

    “It’s very sad to build a 60,000 capacity super-stadium in London and put lightweight Afro-French team in it that finishes fourth every season.

    Arsenal is a French club playing in England and in a league of one, just below the Big Three, and this group of players will go on repeating 2008/9 as long as Wenger is the manager and he has a contract till 2011”

    The loyalty and gullibility of some Arsenal fans including bloggers here at ACLF is beyond belief.

  4. Lets not kid ourselves Adebayor will not be an Arsenal player next season.He wanted out last summer he will get his wish this summer.Lets hope we sell him soon so we can get a replacement in for the pre season

  5. Patrick – Myles Palmer is not an Arsenal fan, why should we care what he thinks about out team?

    He’s got a “fall of Arsene Wenger” project clearly running at the moment because he thinks he can get another book out of it.

    He’s a leech on the club.

  6. YW – excellent.

    Thank you.

  7. QoS : MP, yes, a leech on the club. Could not have put it better myself.

  8. And for the same reason, why should we care what Patrick thinks?

  9. Yogi,

    I don’t agree Adebayor fell short of the standards of last season. He’s been injured a lot of the time. Torres has played about as many games as Adebayor and he’s scored the same number of goal.

    He hasn’t scored 30 goals, but he’s been out injured a lot of the time.

  10. selva govender

    Lets have a happy ending on Saturday.
    Lets “rain on uniteds parade”

  11. Patrick

    Gullible? No.

    Loyal? Yep.

    Not sure why that is beyond belief to use your words? Perhaps the question which you should answer is why loyalty to your club is wrong?

    Looks to me as if a ‘Glory Boy’ has lost his love for the club.


  12. It’s an bold angle you take on Adebayor, but wrong. His treatment of the club last summer wasn’t good – it’s fair to say Arsene took a gamble on bringing him to the club and enhanced Adebayor’s credentials – Adebayor’s showed little respect for this fact. Assuring Wenger he was staying then the next minute telling press he would leave if the money wasn’t right. It stinks of arrogance and stupidity, two characteristics which are now very much part of his game, fans were willing to hide their disappointment over his behaviour towards the club that had given him his big break, and give him the benefit of the doubt, but his performances and continued flirtation with Milan mean that quite rightly he is massively disliked. Quite frankly I hope Adebayor leaves in the summer, good riddance to a f**king greedy lazy c*nt.

  13. ….well done, YW…..

  14. This article is spot on. I hope Arsene get in some reinforcement

  15. ….’leech’ great word for the hack dwarf, QoS….and your comment is spot on…just to remind everyone….the hack dwarf ‘leech’ started out as a Chelsea fan….he is an out of work and lazy reporter trying to make a living by stirring and spinning…he gives the lie to freedom of the press…in Arsenal terms he is to the right of the Daily Wail….

  16. I take my hat off to your blog Yogi, you think carefully before you write and you always preach patience. When I could take no more of Arseblog’s negativity a season or two back, I found solice here on ACLF. But in the last few months, I’ve found the blog, and the inhabitants of the forum here, too protective of Arsene. The time for patience, for me at least, is at an end. When many, many season ticket holders have had enough, you need to start catering for the opinion of the masses. As an extremely loyal and dedicated fan, I found myself wanting Chelsea to score more goals against us at 0-3, to give Arsene a bloody nose, a lot of fans felt like that, and that’s a horrible position to be in. It needs shaking up, Arsene needs to hold his hands up and properly address the cancers within the team, and I hope he takes the AGM this week to do this. He can go one of two ways, to accept the mistakes he’s made and tell us he’s the man to correct it, or to continue with his policy of daring the fans to leave if they don’t like it, just as blog-fans do, “go follow Chelsea”. No-one’s going to follow Chelsea, but they might just decide that their season ticket is no longer value for money.

  17. Great post today Yogi, thanks.

    Myles Palmer is a complete nutcase. I used to occassionally read his blogs and not realize what all the big fuss was about, but over time you realize how drastically he changes his tune and how much he contradicts things he’s said in the past. He’s like a more articulate, thoughtful and schizophrenic version of Howard.

  18. Alex Ice Cream

    In addition to some defensive reinforcements we need to improve the way we defend as a team. Whe Kolo/Gallas were fit and we played with more restraint we looked decent at the back but a couple of injuries and some tinkering with positions put paid to this.

    In the last month we have conceded 4 at Liverpool, 4 over the 2 legas v United and 4 v Chelsea – 12 goals in 4 games.

    AW said last season and hinted about this season that this is where we lost ground on the othes. Wenger teams will always score goals so it is imperative that the problems in defence which have been evident for some time are addressed which is not just about buying players.

    Perhaps a defensive coach is needed as well as a centre back and defensive midfielder. The midifeld has provided little, if any, protection to the defence and this has to change if we are to challenge for top honours next season.

  19. …you are not an extremely loyal and dedicated Arsenal fan, hboy….

  20. Myles has gone from being Arsene’s hagiographer to being his most trenchant critic.

    I’d agree with him more if he didn’t perpetually plug his book and pull out references like Bob Beamon and pretend like he is the only smart one in the room.

  21. Pyles Palmer is just a bloody show off. The style of writing is telling in this respect.

  22. Great Post Yogi.

  23. ….who cares if you agree with the hack dwarf leech or not, Person Who Clearly Has An Agenda Which Includes Removing AW?….

  24. Alex Ice Cream


    Why is hboy not a loyal fan?

    He may have been a season ticket holder for 30 years but that counts for less than what he writes on this blog.

    You judge him as he has the temerity to state what many feel, that things need to change. Well no sh1t. 1 FA Cup in 5 years is proof of this. Humilations v Chelsea and ManU in the space of 5 days is proof of this.

    Are season ticket holders not allowed to voice displeasure at seeing their team dismantled in front of their own eyes and being asked to pay a small fortune for the privilege?

  25. this is quite possibly one of the most lucid and intelligent blog posts i’ve read with regards to arsenal, ever.


  26. Alex Ice Cream

    Fu8k Pyles.

    Who gives a sh1t what he thinks?

    Why do people keep bringing him up on here?

  27. …because he wanted Chelski to score more goals against us….stop wheedling, AIC…

  28. ……..where’s Joe…

  29. Alex Ice Cream


    Ok, I don’t agree with that but if hboy is a long-standing season ticket holder this is not enough to negate years of support.

    Its just frustration which we all must share after last week.

    Chelsea had scored more than enough goals for my liking.

  30. By reading him you’re playing into his hands, just delete him from your favourites list

  31. Exceeded expectations? I doubt it. The aim this season would have been to remain in the top 4 and secure champions league football regardless of the loss of key players over the Summer, Which Wenger did. He met expections but did not exceed them. They did well to get to a champions league semi-final, but to be fair the draw after the group stage was kind.

  32. …ah there he is….tell you what…f*ck off AIC…you are not a loyal Arsenal fan either….

  33. Alex Ice Cream


    Despite what you think, you have no authority whatsoever to decide who is or is not a loyal fan.

    None, zero, nada.

    Your words are meaningless.

  34. Anelka’s turnned into a bit of a jinx hasn’t he.

    I would take him back though if the price was under Six million

  35. …don’t be so patronising, HG…the aim is to destroy the hack dwarf leech….

  36. ….for meaningless words they certainly got your danda up, son….

  37. Cracking post Yogi!

    I have faith, and look forward eagerly to the pre-season and how the team is playing and feeling about 09/10.

  38. ….hey Joe………………where are ya….

  39. Alex Ice Cream


    Anelka is a waste of time. His career has gone nowhere since he left Arsenal although he has earned a sh1tload of money.

    Why not spend the money on defence instead of wasting it on lazy basstads like Anelka?

  40. Alex Ice Cream

    No Frank, not at all.

    Its what I expect from you.

  41. God…does it always have to F-this or F-that, The F word has lost its impact in modern day society.

    Go on say it, I know you want to……

  42. Is this the same Myles Palmer who confidently predicted that Thierry Henry would never be an Arsenal goalscorer ? Is it the same Myles Palmer who recently admitted that he never takes any interest in players below the first team but talks of the club being full of French and African kids ?

    In fact the Academy is full of England stars in the making and in 10 or even 20 years time Arsenal supporters with brains will still be reaping the rewards of Wengers vision.

  43. AIC, true, but at six mill he’d still be a good buy. He has grown up alot.

  44. “this is quite possibly one of the most lucid and intelligent blog posts i’ve read with regards to arsenal, ever.


    Yogi does it 2 times a week, every week.

    Hes a genius that way.

  45. Alex Ice Cream


    He won’t be sold for £6m, he is on high wages and has little if any resale value.

    He would not be a good buy at all, even at £6m.

    Why do you want him?

  46. hboy at 11:06 am – “Arsene needs to hold his hands up and properly address the cancers within the team”. Excuse me doctor. I thought AFC is the most healthy club financially among the Big-4 and in the league for that matter, has one of the youngest squads (average age 22-24), an academy that is burgeoning with talent, semi-final in FA cul and Champions League, 4th by a mile in the EPL etc. Now the club may not have won a trophy in 4 years but doctor this team recently went 21 games unbeaten in all competitions, I am hardpressed to find symptons of ill-health. Cancer, doctor? Surely association football is not your practise.

  47. I don’t support d sale of any of d first team players except fringe players like Silvestre, Diaby(bcos we won’t improve) and d players on loan. Adebayor shouldn’t be sold. Becos, i feel we should bring in reinforcements and use d fringe players n those on loan to boost our transfer funds.Its important we keep d spine of d team as we vn’t done it for too long. 05- Viera n Edu, 06- Campbell n Bobby P 07- Henry 08- Flamini,Hleb,Gilberto n lehmann.

  48. Alex Ice Cream


    Yogi does it nearly every day every week.

  49. …you seem a little behind society, HG….words change.. none more so than swear words…..fuck was not a swear word 200 years ago…and is fast diminishing as a swear word now…..likewise other words are taking over….there is circumstantial evidence that communications systems and digitalisation have increased the rate of change of language….interesting thought but there you are…fuck off….is a bit like the ‘get lost’ of yesteryear….unless you are religious of course in which case you are probably caught in a time bubble….still using ye and thee and stuff…in which case ‘damn’ is about as bad as it gets…. anyhow damnit don’t be so f*cking patronising…

  50. Once AW’s power and dictatorship reigns and his penchant for lightweight foreign, African and French players continues, we’ll continue to fight for fourth.

    For me personally, AW is human and has done great things for the club but at the moment he’s destroying the club and its time for him to leave the scene. There are equally many good managers abound, he’s not the Alpha and Omega.

    There are too many average players in the team and he’s not prepared to get rid of, so we’ll continue to struggle.

    The Board should free us of Arsene Wenger now or we perish.

  51. …well Patrick…that has to be the biggest load of fucking bollocks that we have seen around here for some time…well done….take you long to think it up?….

  52. A lot has been said and written about Arsenal not having the money to buy big name players. The reality is that no club in England can. It’s just that the other clubs are prepared to go further into debt either to the banks or to their benefactors to sign such big names.

    In order to be able to get back to the top, three things need to happen:

    1. Successfully complete the Highbury development at a decent profit

    2. Avoid a leveraged takeover

    3. All the teams above us succumb to the inevitable consequences of the credit crunch

  53. Patrick..

    Wenger has built the club up more than anyone can imagine, are you racist by the way?

  54. Patrick and hboy are the antithesis of support.

    From the need to ‘bow to the opinions of the masses’ bollocks to the ‘Wenger has lost the plot’ mantra, they about sum up all that is wrong with a section of our support.

    Since when did supporters decide club policy at Arsenal or any other big club? We are supporters, our job is to support.

    No surprise to see the closet whiners like AIC to leap onto their coattails at the same time as decrying Palmer. Two sides of the same coin, AIC. I can’t make up my mind if you just do not understand what is going on or really are just a piss poor supporter.

  55. Patrick, you make Arsene Wenger sound like some dark evil wizard from a science fiction novel. Under normal circumstances i’d question your sobreity, but maybe you’ve just been reading too much tabloids and have overdosed on bullshit.

  56. AIC, I dont really want him, just thinking out loud

  57. Very funny listening to Gray and co last night. All their talk of the players that manu might buy, including 6 goals a season Tevez for £30 million, and they can’t even meet the interest on their debt.

    Completely brain dead. With that level of mass media analysis, and most fans do get their views from the likes of Gray, it is no wonder that we have to read the crap that we do from some people here.

  58. Very good post. Im a big fan of your blog, keep it up.

  59. Alzation

    Its a shame that many of our glory hunter style supporters dont see that we are fighting many battles to keep hold of our club. On and off the pitch we are continually at war keep Arsenal FC a club for the supporters, and a club that will not go bust because we under-achieve 1 season… cough cough .. Leeds Utd..

    The supporters that cant see how Wenger and co are grabbing hold of the situation and protecting our beloved club.. you can all f*** off down the road to Chelski..

    I would rather have 10,000 Arsenal fans in the stadium cheering the team on no matter what, than 60,000 fake glory hunter wan*s who are so stuck up in the standards Wenger has set.

  60. Consolsbob

    I agree, i think pundits get drawn into the playing side too much, and cant really see the bigger picture. It dont take a rocket science to see what is happening to the economy and football is suffering from it.

  61. Alex Ice Cream


    Not so. Pyles is not a supporter.

    hboy hinted that he was a season ticket holder. There is the difference.

    Supporters don’t decide policy but as season ticket holders they may choose not to renew.

    Events on the pitch should shape policy and vice versa. 1 FA Cup in 5 years says that something needs to change. Not wholesale changes but changes nonetheless. I hope Arshavin is a statement that we are going to buy established quality rather than raw potential.

    I am neither a poor supporter nor do I misunderstand what is going on.

    The main difference between you and I is that I have less tolerance to failure.

  62. You might think that one or two would take the wider view, just for the sake of their own ambition though Chris.

  63. Good article

  64. Good stuff Alzation, seeing the forest through the trees.

    I can’t think of any two people in football today that are more suitable to see us through this long transitional period than Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis. If Arsenal were in the wrong hands right now (say, Mourinho and some greedy Glazer-style bastards), we would be absolutely knee-deep in the muck. Sure, we might’ve spent some money and won a cup or two, but that wouldn’t save us from the financial ruin they’d end up getting us in to. There are managers and businessmen out there that don’t give a flying **** about the long-term safety and security of the clubs they work for. They only win the trophies for themselves and their careers, whilst spending money the club doesn’t have, and then pissing off and cashing in as soon as it’s got to be paid back.

  65. Patrick
    I would appreciate if you stop mentioning Africans as if they have all not up to standard. KANU, LAUREN AND TOURE were part of the invincibles. Kanu was and is the still the most decorated African football before he joined Arsenal. Pls, show some respect. The fact that Adebayor n Eboue are both disliked for their behaviour doesn’t mean you should poor venom on all things African as it concerns Arsenal.

  66. Anyone is free to renew their season ticket or not, AIC Just one of the many decisions on spending that we all make all of the time. Being a season ticket holder does not give him the right to demand Arsene’s head. Nor does it make him a better supporter of arsenal than you, I or Ateeb.

    How good a supporter of your team you are should be judged on other criteria.

    You, for instance are very quick to agree with anybody who criticises our club, manager and certain players. How should you be judged as a supporter? Is hboy better than you?

    Less tolerance of failure? I don’t know although Kipling wrote a poem that pretty much sums up that point. Maturity comes into it somewhere.

  67. Fuck adebayor.. kick him out. His attitude is not there at all. He is a totally different person from last season. He is just another berbatov but lacking the instinctiveness that berbatov possesses. Adebayor cannot make simple passes and his shooting sucks as well. Just kick him out and get the guy from Zenit as he is on a free and is only 25 years old.

  68. This French and African meme is a racist xenophonbic meme. Nothing more nothing less.

  69. BarneyStinson


  70. Blackstock Consolbob

    very very true, that is all it seems to be about for many managers. ‘Personal Glory’. Wenger is building foundations for the club, and has taken up the responisblity in making sure them plans follow through. Mourinho is a prime example of a manager taking care of number 1.. he may have brought glory to chelsea for a few years and a few big name players… but look at them now – their players are all in their 30’s, they are stuck in debt up till their eyelids, and they have no youth or any academy as such that has any hope of bringing through some decent players. If they do… as some may disagree with me, they will never be played because being a top european club you aint meant to promote from within nowadays. Every1 seems to want big name signings. It dont work like that im afraid.

  71. AIC @ 11.36

    Only nearly every day?

    Blimey, you buggers are hard to please!


  72. Damn Gallas

    I suppose u want our best CB to go as well… hint – your name

  73. YW

    you do miss a few days every now and then hahaha

    you make up with it with quality though so its all good mate

  74. Chris

    Ooooh, everyone’s a critic.

    I’m off to massage my battered ego!


  75. YW

    it is a sad day for us if we come to your site and see u forgot to post… take it as a compliment that we are complaining!

  76. I think we should thread softly the way we call for players to be sold. Some players might struggle one season, and then improve in the other. Take Leigton Baines at Everton, he was almost sold by David Moyes last summer but, he’s unplayable now. Flamini was just one those players in Arsenal until things turned around last season. And, he became an important player to the team. So, we all see how things can easily change.

  77. Patrick,

    Are you related to Howard or are both of you colleagues at BNP?

  78. PDT aka Fire Wenger,

    You seem to disagree with Pyles only with regard to specifics. Both of you seem to be soul mates otherwise.

  79. On saturday instead of wearing blinkers watch the workrate of Rooney,Tevez and Ronaldo and compare it to the Arsenal front line.Thats the reason why they are nearly 20 pts ahead of us

  80. Piss poor Pyles confirms again that he is not a gooner in his latest post –

    Q) Are you a Gooner?

    A) No. I’m an author who scribbles in cyberspace while writing books.

    The answer should have been ” No, I’m a douchebag dwarf leech who sucks on the blood of Arsenal both in print as well as cyberspace.”

  81. Can we sell Damn_Gallas to another club this summer? He’s absolutely useless. We need to buy some proper fans this summer otherwise all the players will start leaving.

  82. Alex Ice Cream



    I know, I am a bit of a pedant!

    You do miss the odd day here and there. Slacker!

  83. Aneta,

    If you dont have any Arsenal blinkers or bias whatsoever, I dont know what you are doing on a gooner forum.

    One can be fairly objective and be a AC supporter at the same time. What is the difference between you and a football neutral?

  84. AC = AFC

  85. I say lets be patient and see what happens next year. If the same, wait for the next year and so on until arsene decides to retire or leave.

    Apparently arsene is giving a 16 yr old goalie a trail, so be patient gooners, afterall Arsenal is bigger than
    being competitive and winning trophies.

  86. melcfromfinsburypark

    Sorry to mention MP but ………

    I still really enjoy reading his blog but nowadays mainly because it has gone from, maybe 5 years ago, a mostly thoughtful post to one that is increasingly an outlet for his HUGE ego. I would love to meet the guy just to find out if this self important, pontificator can really rival Cloughie on this score. (He would just love being compared to Cloughie wouldn’t he, in fact I’ve no doubt he would “casually” role out some anecdote about how Cloughie once gave him an approving nod from across a smokey board room)

    He does come out with some observant tactical appraisals every now and then but I am fairly sure he the sharp ones that he peddles as his own ideas ar eprobably someone elses (Rob Hughes?). But so much of what he writes is not about the subject but subconciously (?) about himself.

    Compelling car crash rantings mostly like those of a squirming politician oblivious to the fact that the reason Joe Public hates them is because Joe Public KNOWS they are condescending, hypocritical, immoral EGOTISTS!

  87. melc – even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  88. UK bubbler,

    The 16 year old goalie is not a replacement for Manuel Almunia in the first team despite your best hopes.

    He has been given a trial to give some competition to Vito Mannone who is our reserves team goalkeeper.

  89. What has Pyles got right in the last year?

    That Arshavin is a good player? – Who does’nt know that. Wenger and his scouts were following Arshavin when Pyles was going to jazz concerts to show how cool and contemporary he is.

    Any other amazing insights that he has provided this year?

  90. Alex

    my point is the likes of Adebayor and RVP could learn a lot by watching the Man Utd forward line.If i am wrong tell me.But dont say i am not a Gooner for saying what is obvious to anyone

  91. melcfromfinsburypark

    Alex. I’ll tell you what has got righ this year

    right up our noses.

    boom boom


  92. shotta-gunna

    AIC – Fake supporter…fake logic…fake arguments.
    He defines his difference with ACLfers as “less tolerance for failure”. The facts are he has less tolerance for the following:
    * securing the long-term future of the club by investing in a 60,000 seater stadium.
    * securing the current and future profitability of the club by not over-spending on dubious talent
    * securing the current and future quality/competitiveness of the club by a reliance on youth from 1st team to academy. By the way the academy now has an abundance of English talent that will benefit the national team in the long run.

    Fake supporters like AIC as well as many well-meaning fans, with the assistance of media hacks, have been seduced by a decade of easy credit and profligate spending by the likes of ManU, Chelsea, L/pool and Spurs. The 1st three have had phyrric victories with shiny trophies and their fans can boast at our recent lack of shiny baubles. But as the current financial crisis has proven every bubble has its bust and the consequences are terminal for football clubs (Leeds anyone) as there is no govt bailout (RBS, Northern Rock).

    As someone who works in the financial services business and whose employer is fighting for its future I can tell you guys a think or two about the consequences of profligacy.

  93. Aneta,

    In that case, I would request you to not use statements like ‘Instead of wearing blinkers, watch the performance of X, Y and Z’.

    Do you think you can see something no other gooner can see?

  94. Does every negative comment posted to this forum have to be appended with proof-of-legitamacy. Frank, you’re an idiot, you spends his time patrolling this forum 24×7, I’ll never be able to counter you because unlike you, I’m not 16, I have a business to run.

    You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ll refrain from posting here in future, because I’m sick of getting slagged off by idiots like you for having an opinion which is consistent, in my opinion, with the majority of the fans attending the matches. For your information, I’ve been a season ticket holder from the age of 6, my brothers are season ticket holders, my father’s a season ticket holder, my uncles and cousins are season ticket holders, my friends and acquaintances are season ticket holders. I hope you can qualify as a “proper fan” in a similar capacity … but I doubt it.

    My comments are not negative because I’m a “plastic” fan, they’re not negative because I want to “go and support Chelsea”, they’re not negative because I’m a glory hunter, they’re negative because I’m feeling negative. Sorry about that, for feeling disappointed. Arsenal to some of us, is everything, when we get humuliated home and away by Man Utd, it feels like my wife just slept with my best friend behind my back, we’re depressed, we can’t sleep, we’re miserable. So I’m feeling miserable, and I want someone’s head on a stick, yours would do for a start Frank.

    Our lack of footballing success entirely colours our every day lives. This season has been a disaster, the manager told us it would be otherwise. He said wait and see, he said we could win the title, he said we could win the champions league, he said he would answer our critics. None of this is true, he has delivered us to our critics with a pretty pink bow on top. I heard the critics saying we weren’t good enough, we were too young, I rallied against that, I told them to f*off, and now I’m humbled. We’re all humbled. Wenger is humbled. We’ve been taken apart by Chelsea, embarrassed at Liverpool (4-4 was a joke but for Arshavin). Man Utd outplayed us at home even when we beat them, likewise Chelsea away when we beat them, likewise, Wigan when we beat them 1-4 the other day, they looked like Arsenal, and we looked like Wigan. Aston Villa took us apart in our own stadium.

    After improvement last season, we’ve gone desperately backwards this year. We saw Flamini leave when we were told he wouldn’t because our players believed in the project, we saw Hleb, in my opinion our best player, leave. The players don’t believe in the project, they believe in money. We’ve got players at the club, like Adebayor, that have brought shame upon the club, wanting to leave Arsenal?, incredible, we thought we were doing a good fan thing being patient with someone patently pretty crap, and we got treated to Team Adebayor, disgraceful.

    We’ve got a constant trickle of “talk” from the players, “we’ll win this, we’ll win that, we’re not scared”, I want the talk to shut up, because we’re winning nothing, these players have won nothing, and I’m scared, I’m scared of every team we play, and rightfully so. You expect me to be happy about this?, I’m not. You expect me to be happy because we’ve been in worse positions previously, I’m not. Expectations are always relative. I was happy when we were crap and we were able to win the league cup, it was great, we were on the up.

    My brother supports Oxford United, he used to moan at their managers when they were in the top flight, he’s happy now that they’re in the Blue Square but with a good new manager. It’s not about where you are, it’s about believing in the project, that things are going in the right direction. Relative to Oxford, 4th in the Premier League, Semi final of Champions league, perhaps I should be over the moon and thanking my lucky stars?, but I’m not. Does that make me a horrible fan, I don’t think so, I think our expectation levels have been set appropriately high, and we’re failing to achieve them. I believe Arsenal are the greatest football club in the world and I sing it loud and proud, but, we’re some way off that.

    When I hear players tie themselves to the manager, if he goes, I’ll go, I can’t stand it. Arsenal are bigger than just one man, we’re the best football club in the world, and these players should be proud to play for our team. A club with our history, our fans, our stadium. The club has to prove it’s ambition to me, RVP, piss off mate, you’ve got to prove you’re good enough for us.

    I’m not sure Arsene has any idea which way we need to go to correct this, and for me, that’s the only sensible opinion that can be taken from his decisions of the last few years. I want him to remain, because I love him, and like a beaten wife, I think he can change, he won’t do it again. But I’m just a couple more beatings from calling the police.

    I hope forum members can learn to discuss the views of other fans, even when they don’t match their own. We’re supposed to be supporting the same team, the amount of in-fighting is an absolute turn-off. It’s either, “brilliant comment” or “you’re plastic”, as soon as I see a “plastic” comment, I know immediately that person themselves is not a proper fan, because every fan I know realises that football is an entirely a game of differing opinions and debate, if you slagged off everyone who didn’t agree with you, you wouldn’t have many friends.

  95. Hboy, no question you are a passionate gooner but perhaps you have let your heart rule your head this season because of our disappointments.

    If you think we are miles off the other big clubs in competing for trophies, you may be overly pessimistic. You are right in the aspect that we cant afford too many years of going without winning trophies. However, if you look at any club whch has constructed a new stadium and not spent madly on its squad on top of that, there may be a trough in its performances before revenues and profits increase in the medium term and things look good once again.

    I believe that 4th place in the EPL is close to our trough and the only way we can go is up from here on. Keep the faith and good luck.

  96. Fire Wenger!

    You go, hboy!

  97. Sorry couldn’t resist that, the joke just sort of presented itself!

  98. Gosh… some supporters have been spoilt under Wenger!

  99. Let it out hboy!

    On a positive note at least you don’t follow Oxford Utd

  100. I pretty don’t agree with a single word you’ve written hboy but I really don’t have time to go through it all.

    I’d just say that things are not nearly as bad as you make out.

    A fully fit Arsenal is more than a match for a fully fit United or Chelsea or Liverpool. Add Gallas, Clichy, Rosicky, Arshavin, Eduardo and Almunia to the side that played Chelsea and I think we’d hammer them.

    Our problem is getting a fully fit Arsenal.

  101. Well said Shotta@1:09 but sadly the weak-willed cannot handle the truth. Their default mode will always be whiny negative emotional drivel!

    The future’s very very bright @ Arsenal. All it takes to see it is a little faith, starting with one’s self.


  102. Hboy,

    I find your post bewildering. I’m not going to involved with the infighting with Frank, just what you say about the level of expectation. For the record, we were beaten by currently the best team in the world. Now, I don’t know what the problem is. It doesn’t matter if your whole extended family have season tickets, it doesn’t give you any legitimacy to claim that we should beat the best team in the world. As for the general perception that we are on the up, I think you have to be particularly negative, or to have been heavily influenced by the tabloid media to believe that we are not in a better position than we were, say, 10 to 15 years ago. You can argue all you like about the relative success of GG, but frankly, that team was never in the european elite, so harking on about a bygone age where we were consistently humiliated by european teams with technical superiority is pointless.

    As for your general comments about Arsene, I don’t really think you understand how the goal posts have moved. 12 years ago when Arsene came into english football, the opposition was just Manchester United. Chelsea were mediocre and so were Liverpool. Since then, both these clubs have added billionaire benefactors and top class european managers. In 2005, we had one of the greatest teams in arsenal history, and we finished 2nd to Chelsea after the supplementary injection of £184 million pounds. What does that tell you ? It’s a whole new ballgame.

    I am not making excuses here, and I am not calling you a plastic. If you choose to get upset about Wenger’s media quotes, you have to accept that he has to be committed to his players. We have punched above our weight many times before by acquiring relative unknowns and converting their positions. Signing established players for megabucks is not Arsene’s way, but there are occasions when he does try to get the absolute best. Sol Campbell is one example.

    I think we are in a lot better position than you think.

  103. Im truly dreading Saturday!

    It will be like watching a cat playing with a half dead mouse!

    Can we just forefit now…….

  104. PDT,

    What are your views on the team, manager the board in a gist? Basically, why do you think AFC should fire its most successful and visionary manager because he has gone through a lean patch by his own high standards?

    Barcelona last won a major trophy in the 2006 CL. They have patiently rebuilt and are close to tasting success this year. AC Milan has not won the Serie A for four years now. Are the fans calling for the head of Ancellotti and their board?

    Barcelona and AC Milan are very big clubs. They went through a trough themselves. AC Milan missed even qualifying for the CL last year. Now they are back. Our low point has been coming 4th in the PL. We should do better and we will. You are advocating a lost cause. Am afraid you are misled PDT.

  105. Queen of Suburbia

    Well said

    We have so many talented players at Arsenal, and options we dont know who is our starting 11 right now, i think that contributes to inconsistency with the injuries of course.

    Man U field the same 11-14 players every week.. due to our injuries and squad size we havn’t been able to field the same team consecutively. From the off this season we had injury problems.. lost 2 good players 4 us last term… we done alrite this season overall. Not amazing, but that 21 unbeaten run showed that they have what it takes

  106. Hboy,

    Don’t be put off by people like Frank.

    Your entitled to your opinion, one that is not only informed and passionate – but also shared by others that also contribute to this Blog. Your doubts and criticism are understandable and constructive. It would be a pity to loose intelligent insight.

  107. Please GO hboy, you season-ticket-holder-since-age-6 you!

    to think……in all that time u haven’t let your head lead in your “support” for your club?

    U may return when we win a shiny silve trophy.

  108. Queen of Suburbia

    Injuried and constant changing of personel.. plus the loss of 2 key players always meant this season would have been tough. We just have to look forward… look to what we have at stock to us – which is alot, wenger has many options at his disposal. We find a right balance out of it, maybe add a bit off experience.

    Cryer baby supporters you are very blinded indeed i must say… for a team to have…

    Arshavin, RvP, Cesc, Sagna, Clichy, Toure, Nasri, Vela, Wilshire, Ramsey, Gibbs, Ade, Bendtner, Edu, Walcott and the rest… how on earth can any1 question wenger. Hes assembling probably one of the greatest squads right now. It is all coming together.

  109. remi

    I aint… we have nothing to play for, no pressure… we should be able to get down to playing football once again!!

    Its a shame the pressure got to our boys in the last few games. 1 trophy would have done them a world of good. Now they have to get back to basics and do it all over again next season.

  110. Next season starts saturday

  111. Cesc, Nasri, Walcott, RvP, Arshavin, Ade will rip Man U apart… show them next term they will have another team to fear in the title race!!!

  112. Don’t forget Gazidis, Pat Rice, Arsenal Ladies, the young gunners, Usmanov, Kroenke & The Emirates Stadium CG!

  113. Muppet @ 1.34 PM. Great post.

  114. Would u feel a whole lot better if we beat Man U on Sat remi?

    U would for about a week I bet?

  115. so hboy you support arsenal becos you want to win trophies and be made proud by victories and by that token if we dont win titles you will leave . well i hope we dont win anything for a while so plastics like you can leave quickly

  116. I find Patrick and Myles Palmer equally stupid, and from an African viewpoint, reactionary and racist. Who does NOT have African players these days? And why not mention the Spanish, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Welsh, Polish, Brazilian, Croatian (yeah, I think you geddit) connections at Arsenal? What a complete and utter waste of time some of these supporters are.

    They lie! They are cowards.

  117. Happy Gooner

    hboy, you guess frank is 16? Thats a funny thought

  118. Happy Gooner

    ZimPaul, Then why bother reading Myles Palmer?

    Would you read ‘Hello’ magazine?

    No, because its full of sh1t

  119. …hey Joe…don’t encourage,hboy…not very responsible of you…it is obvious he needs help…sorry hboy you need to to take some time out and speak to someone…in the first instance I would strongly suggest that you do not read comments on blogsites….

  120. Happy Gooner

    tony, thats not what he’s saying. He’s saying that he’s having a moan because he expected more this season. Is that so wrong? Its not as if he’s booing at the ground or anything

  121. Alex Ice Cream


    Before you tell people they are fake supporters. I have a question for you. Do you go to games or have you ever gone to games?

    I said I had less tolerance to failure than consols but if you want to include yourself in that then go ahead.

    I am not against the new stadium (other than sh1te atmosphere) I am against the fact that we were told that the new stadium would not affect team building which was not true. The new stadium was meant to enable us to compete with the likes of ManU when the opposite has happened despite better income streams.

    Its not spending on players that jeopordises the future but property investment that has encountered problems. This could become a real problem and has nothing to do with players.

    Lack of success on the field is also an issue.

    I am not against the youth team but we need to supplement this with more players who are ready now.

    I am against overpriced sh1te players but I hope you do not include Arshavin in this, who I one go showed the difference that quality can make. He helped hugely in turning around our season.

    Furthermore purchases could have been financed by selling players for a profit rather than letting them go for free due to contractual mismanagement. This would not have necessitated any further debt.

    Your argument has no substance. Try again.

  122. Glad to see the usuals still posting on here. I had thought a few days off would clear out the rubbish like hboy “I wish chelski would score more on us because I love the Arsenal but I would rather see them utterly destroyed then not” and the other showers but I guess not.

    There are some people out there who have seriously bent heads. What the hell is wrong with you? Oh no, we haven’t won a trophy in years, we must be rubbish! And this after one of the best runs of trophies in the club’s history. Seriously, do none of you understand that there are other people out there who also play to win? Do you expect manpoo or chelski or the scousers to just roll over and say “oh, you’re the Arsenal, go ahead and beat us.” Good grief! What a load of utter tosh. Grow up! Admit it, you’ve been waiting all season for this to happen and now that it has you’re falling all over yourselves to get the knives out and rip the team to shreds.

    Oh, and the head doctors who apparently so understand Adebayor’s psyche that they can judge his emotional state by watching how his left shoelace flaps around I have one thing to say: you are full of shite! You don’t know a damn thing so shut the hell up. Unless you are a close, personal friend of the man leave the petty analysis to those better qualified.

    Now, let’s pull the socks up and stick it to manpoo this weekend! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  123. Happy Gooner

    Dein predicted the property investment would go tits up. Its the old saying of eggs and baskets

  124. oops, “then” should be “than”

  125. AIC,

    Were’nt you a bit naive to think that building a new stadium would’nt affect our transfer and wages budget in the short term? Look at the instances of any other club doing so. In the short term there is suffering because the new income streams take 3-4 years to increase and stabilise.

    All said and done, we coul’dnt have stayed at Highbury for eternity and hoped to compete well into the future. We had to bite the bullet sooner or later and I am glad we did so when we did cause in today’s climate its near impossible to get the funding tied up as successfully and on as reasonable terms as we did.

  126. AIC, you feel that you deserve special treatment because you have tickets and can go to a game? That’s pretty funny…no, wait, it’s just plain stupid.

  127. HG, David Dein also believed we should never have moved to Ashburton Grove and instead gone to Wembley. But then you and AIC would never criticise dear David. Never.

  128. …actually from a sociological point of view Hello is quite interesting…you should never stop reading…you must learn to evaluate the material you read….

    ….similarly hboy you might want to stop watching Arsenal through the eyes of some of the people you are reading….it isn’t Arsene Wenger that is driving you mad…it is the negativity in the blogosphere, press and media….and you are probably recycling it around your family…it is a virtuous circle….

    …that is why Joe and AIC are worse than the others…they attempt to give that negativity some sort of credibility….mainly because they dislike people like me more than they support the manager and his squad….

  129. If we beat Man U, it puts huge pressure on them to draw or win their final game, which I believe is against Hull.

    Hull will be fired up and on their last attempt to escape relegation. It really could go either way. Man Utd could crumble under pressure. They’ve already crumbled a few times this season, they could do it again. And it will all be because we ruined their party. Hahaha.

    Bit of a pipe dream and probably unlikely to happen, but it’s something to play for at least.

  130. If we beat Man Utd what will it prove?That our players can do it when there is no pressure on them.That is a sad indictment of our team and our manager

  131. Alex

    Who brought Wenger from Japan to Highbury? Here”s a clue his initials our DD

  132. Fuck you Crappy and fuck Dein too.

    As for you AIC, it is very noticeable that the more moaning is done here then the more you join in. If no one is whining then you don’t say very much.
    Your cover gets blown by your enhusiasm to try and stick your little knife in. I am truly fed up with your jibes at the likes of Shotta and Ateeb who, you know, live thousands of miles away.

    I have watched Arsenal hundreds of times and do not see myself as any better a supporter than them. Their love for the club shines through. As does hboy’s actually, as wrong headed as he is, he has passion, whereas I see none in you.

    It’s not that have less tolerance to failure than you, I think I just love the club more than you. Thick and thin, AIC, thick and thin.


  133. Can’t agree more with Alzation @ 11.43.

    With regard to the comments about commentators taking a wider view. Technically their job is to talk about the match on show. I was however amazed to hear Richard Keys bring up the subject after we had lost on Sunday claiming that Wenger will be seen as a genius if the other big 4 clubs collapse. Problem here is the pundits not the commentators. I am sure that Jamie Redknapp is a very nice person but he talks complete bollocks about football and has even less understanding of the financial implications of the business models of Liverpool and ManU than a disturbed chimpanzee.

  134. …I certainly don’t have a problem with David Dein…

  135. Happy Gooner

    Alex, I dont like Dein as a person actually, he’s a dangerous type. He did love Arsenal though. He might be back soon anyway, he’s probably in there with Usamov AND Kronke.

    I hope the club isn’t taken over by either of then two, it would be a very, very sad day. If usamov gets in, how can we ever slate chelsea again? The thought makes me shudder

  136. Hboy and Joe.

    By what yardstick did promoting youngsters not work? What is ‘success’ and ‘failure’?

    Please don’t say ‘another trophyless season’.

    In the context where injuries dominated the season – Eduardo, Cesc, Theo, Ade, Gallas, Clichy, Almunia, Sagna at critical periods, 2 strikers, 2 mids and 3 defenders + keeper .. all key players. These are not just any players, but probably the most important mid, striker and defenders. Right before the critical matches.

    And we struggled against 2 of the best teams in Europe. So what?

    Despite this we went 21 matches unbeaten, secured the CL spot (after being written off) and achieved an unprecedented, in some ways historic development of player assets internally in: Walcott, Gibbs, Song, Denilson, Vela, Fabianski, Bendtner (aware these are not all, just 7 players widely regarded as ’successful’).

    We added 2 highly successful purchases Nasri/AA.

    I would conclude in a rational way that the overall ‘balance sheet’ looks superb:
    – we have long term future, players, manager
    – we have financial security, manageable debts, new stadium
    – we have CL spot next year
    – we have stable team set-up
    – we have excellent new player assets in, more expected
    – we have improved management (Gazidis)
    – we have superb youth team set-up, best in england, one of the best in Europe

    Virtually any serious pundit would place us in the top 8 in Europe, more likely top 6 – in Europe!

    How can anyone in their right minds call this failure? That’s how to run a football team.

    So back to definition of what is ‘failure’ and what is ’success’. D&G are not just ‘expressing an opinion’ – they are undermining the team.

    Who does that? To their own team?

  137. Dein might of predicted that the property development would go tits up but would you really want to be playing on the Wembley pitch 25 – 30 times a season?

  138. Just as a random thought. If Usmanov wants to help Arsenal clear the stadium debt why doesn’t he buy up all of the unsold flats. This would go a huge way to clearing the stadium debt and he would have an asset for his layout?

    Please note I do not want Usmanov to take over the club.

  139. Happy Gooner

    Marc, why do you want Usamov to take over the club?

  140. …..I don’t know him personally but David Dein did his bit to bring the club to where it is now….as ZimPaul says in the top 1-6 clubs in Europe…and maybe better if we use sustainability as the yardstick…I think that on the trajectory that he had put the club there as always going to be a showdown….before him the owners were pretty benign…but once he brought in Fiszman…he laid the foundations of his own demise….all was well until Fiszman started to sell shares…he saw that as a green light to bring in Kroenke….and that lead to his demise…he moved too quickly… the very end he played poker and he lost…..the Usmanov affair was his losing hand….I would love to have a pint with the guy and to find out what really happened and what he feels about it no…..still goes to games though…and I would not mind betting that he is still AWs pal….

  141. …the club must not be owned by a single owner…it never has been and never should be….that is the way to ruination…we have a sustainable model now…better than any other club…it must not be allowed to be broken….

  142. Zim Paul,

    took the words right out of my mouth (more and better words in your version)

    Up the Gunners

  143. Happy Gooner

    Frank are you gutted about Jordan and Peter splitting up? Its in Hello

  144. Muppet, Alex, fair comments.

    Alex, I’m not that down, just very frustrated with what feels like the closing period of Arsene’s reign. He’s a god for what he’s achieved, and as I say, I love him. The stadium is a tremendous achievement, and I couldn’t be more proud of the way the club has been run on that regard, and continues to do so. I don’t think we’re miles off in terms of personnel, but I do think we are in terms of spirit, belief, organisation and tactics. I agree with Lee Dixon and Alan Smith when they talk of the missing spine. I don’t believe in the keeper, I don’t believe in any of our central defenders, I’m not sure about the center of midfield, and I’m convinced Adebayor and Van Persie aren’t good enough. I think in Cliche, Sagna, Nasri, Cesc, Song, Walcott, Arshavin, Eduardo, Vela, Diaby, Bendtner and a number of the youngsters like Wilshire, Gibbs and Ramsey, we have a very promising core of talent. But we need some real leaders to hold these nice-guys together, Flamini was made of the right stuff, we need some men like him, someone to inspire and command respect. Despite our talent, I feel we’re further away then ever in terms of balls. Do I believe we could hit Man Utd for three in ten minutes with this team, yes, but we’d lose 3-4, we’d be incredibly unlucky, we’d have horrible deflections, bad decisions, but right now, we’re like Frank Spencer, we’re just waiting for it to happen to us.

    Beyond anything, we need some hard decisions made, and I think Arsene is too attached to these players to do that, we’re in line for more of the same. Despite what Gazidis says, Arsene is stubborn, and feels morally implored to stick by these players. Someone like Amy Lawrence of the Guardian knows the club very well from the inside, and has been very critical in recent articles, I respect her opinion and agree. I think the fans are looking for something significant to change in approach, which is why this farcical pondering on poor Pat Rice’s position has come about. We want Arsene to bring about the change, we just don’t believe he will. Will Arsenal ever drill a defence properly again?, and if they don’t, will we ever win a serious competition again? I really have my doubts. Beyond any signings, if Arsenal brought Martin Keown in as a full-time defensive coach, I’d be more optimistic about next season. I’m not calling for a fortune to be spent, just a change towards a more balanced approach to winning football matches.

  145. Happy Gooner – As I said at the bottom of my post “I do not want Usmanov to take over the club”

  146. Its easier said than done. Managers endure alot of pressure.

    I amused that people who do not even know the shape of a football leave alone kicking it are quick to dismiss Arsene. He is the second most successful manager in the Premier League today. He is the most sucessful manager Arsenal has ever had. Fullstop.

    And the man has a philosophy -which if you are daft as most who comment are can’t comprehend.

  147. Happy Gooner

    Marc, dont you feel Usamov would be a disaster?

  148. …aaaahh, hboy….you silly young trout…you fucked up…you are just a doomer after all…..

  149. Happy Gooner – Yes he would bring ruin ot the club. I actualy agree with Frank, that no one person should own the club. This is the best route for stability.

  150. He's at his wits end

    Hear Wenger.

    “If I bring anyone in I will kill Song, Denilson and Diaby’

    He won’t kill his players but he’s prepared to keep his lightweights and kill Arsenal instead.

    Wenger won’t win anything for us until he’s sacked.

    He’s turned Arsenal into training ground for foreign lightweight players.

    He should leave the club before he destroy it.

  151. Hboy, I think you are very likely to get the type of changes you are looking for in the coming weeks and months before next season. Keep the faith.

    Tuza … well said.

  152. Happy Gooner

    Why does he have to kill them? Cant he just drop them from the team?

  153. He’s at his wits end – How will Wenger win something for us after he is sacked?

  154. Tony, I’ll respect your opinion when you don’t spell because, “becos”.

    ZimPaul, I believe in the youngsters, they haven’t failed for me. Kieran Gibbs didn’t fail because he slipped up, he showed he was an excellent prospect in all his appearances. He gives me encouragement, because he looks like a young man with a will to win. I wanted to see more of Wilshire this season, he looked our best player in pre-season, and then he never made an appearance, what’s that about. Has playing him in the reserves helped? He looks wasted in there, playing alongside guys that aren’t on the same footballing level. I would like to have seen much more of Vela, who for me did well on nearly every appearance, showed a willingness to take the ball from the midfielders and add movement to the team. He would go forward with the ball, unlike Van Persie, who collects it and passes it backwards. I’ve wanted to see more of Djourou for years, but feel his progress has now been stunted due to a lack of opportunities.

    The performances I enjoyed most this season were home to Sheff Utd and home to Cardiff, yes, against inferior opposition, but the personnel on show played with a freedom, movement and attacking purpose that our “first team” have lacked all season, where we’ve had passing for passing sake.

    Gris Gris, I wanted Chelsea to score more because the result was already gone, the outcome pointless, but a heavy defeat could show Arsene the error of his ways defensively. We need him to focus his talent spotting genius squarely on the CB position this summer, and I hope a result like this brings him into focus.

  155. ….HG…I don’t know who those people are…but I have read Hello in writing rooms and such like….it is an interesting phenomenon….and it is strange that we are prepared as a society to pay out for pictures and stories of people we have never met….and in many cases are not prepossessing of looks or skill…..

    …as a species our greatest love is tittle-tattle….and particularly in bringing someone down with tittle-tattle….most blogsites do that…..surprisingly Hello is quite an honest publication…pays the celebs, prints their stuff with their full knowledge, puts the pirce on the front and people buy it or not…simple….many blogites though are more like paparazzi and tabloids….their energy comes from collective malevolence…from negativity…which is why many of us here attack it…..

  156. You lot keep saying a lot of shit about arsenal youth etc etc .

    Man U has youth as well and see how they blend with the older wiser heads.

    Ade is SHIT regardless of cultural differences, he turns up to the media with SHIT comments that at the end will distract the whole team.

    Let go of the idiot and have more mature youngsters that can hadle or avoid the media

  157. …oh dear oh dear oh dear….

  158. Aneta,

    David Dein was a loyal servant of the club, no doubt about that and respect to him for that. He played a major lobbying role for us at the FA and at the G 14 because that is the kind of person he is. A lobbying role best utilised his talent for managing people and getting his way.

    Frank is right in saying he played a part in where Arsenal is today but he started playing a losing hand the moment he opposed the move to Ashburton Grove. Bringing in Kroenke behind the board’s back was just devious business and then going and selling to Usmanov, the height of all idiocy. If he had even sold to Kroenke or almost any other billionaire, it would’nt have caused as much damage to the club.

    Further, his son Darren is a wheeling dealing football agent in the worst sense. I fear for Fabregas’s future considering the role Darren played in the departure of the great TH14.

    Lastly, Happy Gooner, DD may be back at the club but only if Usmanov takes over. DD has fallen out with Kroenke because he misled him to believe that the board knew all about Kroenke’s plan to buy the ITV stake of Arsenal shares. DD is a good deal maker but never a long term strategic thinker.

  159. Danish Gooner

    BBC quotes Adebayor for saying he doesnt care about the club and is only there for the money.

  160. Happy Gooner

    Danish, rubbish, even Ade aint that stupid. And that guy is pretty damn stupid

  161. Danish Gooner

    What a plonker and he must never ever wear an Arsenal Jersey again.

  162. Happy Gooner

    Alex, you owe David Dein alot you should show him some respect instead of whinging

  163. Danish Gooner

    IT IS THE FUCKUNG TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!

  164. Arsene Wenger is awesome

    Great manager

    I’m happy that he’s at Arsenal

  165. …I think DD was a good strategic thinker, Alex…but his time is over…we don’t need to look back….he will certainly not be back at the club again in an official capacity….ironically if he had sold to Kroenke I think it would have damaged the club…we would probably now have a single owner…I hope that never happens…

  166. Happy Gooner

    Ok…..ok……….dont get your knickers in a twist

  167. Happy Gooner

    Frank, you know it will happen though dont you

  168. …Tomas Rosicky is back in full training with the team…..well done, Tomas…with you all the way, son….

  169. There’s only one Arsene Wenger
    one Arsene Wenger
    There’s only one Arsene Wenger
    one Arsene Wenger

    Arsene Wenger’s red and white army, we hate Tottenham

  170. Happy Gooner

    Blackstock, Do you have an Arsene tattoo on your bum?

  171. Alex Ice Cream


    I dislike you because you are a tw@t and for no other reason.

  172. How do we know any other top manager couldnt do a better job.We dont.So why do some pewople keep saying Wenger is the only man who could manage Arsenal.Did anyone think Guardiola would do such a fantastic job at Barca in his first job as manager

  173. …actually no I find it very interesting….I don’t think we will end up with one owner…no…not at all…

  174. …that is fair enough, AIC…well thought through…

  175. AIC

    That is as good a reason as any

  176. Danish Gooner

    In an exclusive interview with the BBC adebayor admits that he would rather spend time in Africa and that he doesnt really care about his current employee and that he is only there for the money,transleted from a Danish News paper article.

  177. …hey Joe…what do you think?

  178. …I can certainly relate to people who dislike others becuase they think they are twats, Aneta…

  179. Blackstock, Do you have an Arsene tattoo on your bum?


    Arsene Wenger is a great manager.

    Arsene Wenger is a legend.

    Arsene Wenger and the AFC, mighty mighty Red & White Army.

    You hate this, don’t you?

  180. …you are lying, DG…it was not an exclusive interview with the BBC…and it is more than a year old but recycled early this week…you presumably have your own reasons for lying….the people who recycled it certainly have…they hate Arsenal….

  181. Alex Ice Cream


    The reason I attack Ateeb and Shotta is that they call supporters who have gone to games for years non-supporters or the equivalent dross having never been to a game themselves.

    I have not made these comments before this.

    I post whenever I want not just when others post. Look back through the posts and you will see.

    How do you know how much I or anyone else loves the club? If you think that you can deduce this from posts on a blog then you are even more misguided than I thought.

  182. Happy Gooner

    Blackstock, Do you have any other players as Tattoes?

  183. Alex Ice Cream

    That’s the point Frank, it doesn’t require any thinking to realise what you are.

  184. Danish Gooner.

    If you knew the full story (Ade) you would realise what an idiot you have made of yourself. But you don’t know the story, just what the media has manipulated in your mind. But, if you rather believe the media, please go ahead.

    Ade was not talking about his career at Arsenal he was talking to an African journalist, on an African BBC program about why he plays in europe and not in Africa. OK. Geddit?

  185. Blackstock, Do you have any other players as Tattoes?

    I don’t have any tattoos. Do you have any other stupid questions you’d like to ask?

  186. @hboy

    I second everything that Muppet and Alex said earlier.

    You also said:
    “Arsenal to some of us, is everything, when we get humuliated home and away by Man Utd, it feels like my wife just slept with my best friend behind my back, we’re depressed, we can’t sleep, we’re miserable. So I’m feeling miserable, and I want someone’s head on a stick…”

    What makes you think we feel any different? Because we haven’t reacted the same way as you on this blog? Because we are not demanding someone’s head on a stick? Surely as an adult you must have acquired enough knowledge about human beings to understand that all people do not react the same way. People can share the same feelings without expressing them in the same way.

    Where do you get the idea that positive posters are “happy” about finishing fourth, or going out in the FA Cup and CL semi-finals? Re-read what Ivan Gazidis said – he articulates exactly how we feel. It’s easy to succumb to the fear that we will never again reach the heights that Wenger took us to, that we’ll slide down to mid-table, but we shouldn’t. There are many things which could go wrong – players could leave, the property investment could go totally t*ts up, we could get knocked out of the CL, etc etc. But when you think about these things, remember that everyone at the club is working towards preventing them from happening, that provision has been made to mitigate worst case scenarios and that life itself is full of risks. If you worried about everything bad that COULD happen, you’d never get out of bed.

    Choosing to take positives or negatives out of a situation is just that – a choice. And the choice of winners (as armies of sports psychologists will tell you) is to be positive. Winners are optimists, whether in sport, business, public life, arts, you name it. This is not ignoring weaknesses, it is believing in yourself (or your team) despite the weaknesses. No-one is saying we have had a fantastic season – we haven’t. But we have not had a disastrous season, either, and we have improved in SOME areas. (See ZP’s list.) The stand-out fact for me is that now we have a large squad of players able to compensate for the inevitable injuries. (I see from your 2:31pm post that you disagree. Very harsh on RVP – don’t you remember last January?)

    Speaking of injuries, it is a constant source of frustration to me that any acknowledgment of the context in which AW now operates (the impact of the cost of the stadium, hugely improved competition, exponential increase in spending by our rivals, far more frequent and longer-lasting injuries to key players than any other club) is dismissed as “making excuses” or “lacking ambition”. This is why I regard some fans as unrealistic. AW operates in the real world. In the real world, wanting desperately to win is not enough.
    And incidentally, did you know that people like AIC were calling for AW to throw the CL and the EPL, and concentrate on the FA Cup? If that’s having ambition, you can keep it.

    Finally, in reference to your anxieties about our defence and AW’s ability to strengthen it, I remind you, first, of the record we set this season for not conceding a goal at home (so clearly we CAN achieve defensive stability) secondly, that other big four teams have conceded three or more goals, and thirdly, that AW lives and breathes for the club. So if he can’t sort out the defence, he will find someone who can.

  187. …you are a doomer, AIC…and the most conceited doomer of all…

  188. AIC
    Emirates seats about 60,000 +
    Africa has at the most conservative estimate about 250,000 Arsenal supporters.

    If you keep saying go to games, go to games you are insulting me and every other African, Asian, American, Caribbean supporter – or you don’t want our support? Which is it?

    Is it an insult, or don’t want our support?

    If Ateeb and Shotta insult you it likely because of your snob-nose attitude.


  189. Happy Gooner

    Blackstock, Have you ever played in a room full of plastic balls?

  190. …Toams Rosicky…clickclickclick…Tomas Rosicky….clickclickclick

  191. Danish Gooner

    Fair cop !!!! but here in Denmark we can usually trust our journalists to not be lazy stupid hacks copying some old articles of other newsagencies,but apparently that has changed too,didnt know anything about that interview.But he is still to lazy for my liking.

  192. Happy Gooner

    ZimPaul, I think AIC only gets annoyed when someone questions his loyalty, just like you have got annoyed just then

  193. …he is on thin ice anyway, ZP…he lives in London and was watching the games in the pub earlier in the year…claimed it was not worth going to matches….

  194. Happy Gooner

    I didnt know Adebeyor had ever said that. There is something wrong with that man. I mean even if you thought those things why would you ever say it to the press of all people? Its lucky for him he’s good at football

  195. I loved David Dein, and still do. But he betrayed the club and fans by bringing Usmanov into the club. That’s a deep betrayal.

  196. ……now that is far too simplistic an expalnation, HG…do try a little harder…

  197. Happy Gooner

    Blackstock, Have you ever read the Twits by Roald Dahl. Do you think Mrs Twit is well fit?

  198. Alex Ice Cream


    All I am saying is that you shouldn’t call people who have gone to games for years non-supporters when you have never been to a game yourself.

    I have no issues whatsoever with the many Arsenal fans who are unable to get to games but I won’t accept people who have never been to a game calling me, or others, who have gone for years non supporters.

  199. Only 46 goals in two seasons (2 games to go). That Ade is a lazy player. Why not 50, or 60?

    I wonder how many Rooney got in 2 seasons – he is not a lazy player. Danish G check, because I am becoming embarrased for you now.

  200. Blackstock, Have you ever played in a room full of plastic balls?


    Arsene Wenger is a great manager. This will be my response to all of your questions from now on.

  201. …you are well read, HG…..aren’t you….read all the Roald Dahl’s have you?…

  202. Alex Ice Cream


    Its true that I go to fewer games than before; I have said as much many times. The main reasons are cost and lack of atmosphere.

    I still went to a few this season and have been to hundreds of games in the past.

  203. Around this time each year for the last four years or so, the Arsene apologists come out in droves to soothe their battered egos and console themselves with hopes for a better outcome the following year. After the disappointments of yet another failed campaign has finally subsided, the rationalizations begin: We are the most financially sound; the youngest; wait till all our boys are healthy; our academy is chock full of budding superstars and so on and so on… Yet, by the middle of May each year you are left to sing again empty-handed. This year the new chorus includes a couple of new Americans, the same “sort ” who were not wanted around here. I wonder what new verse will be part of next year’s refrain?

  204. AIC, didn’t your mum ever tell you two wrongs do not make one right. Check your maths, it’s true.

  205. …there are many non-supporters present at our home games these days….and the blogsites indicate that many who may have been considered to be supporters are in fact not….so you will just have to swallow that one, AIC….

  206. ..well that was a pile of shit, Solomon….well done, son…

  207. Solomon – what is an ‘Arsene apologist’?
    I ain’t apologising you twat.
    do you have issues, facts, or just is it all just the usual pub talk?

  208. Childish, absolutely Childish.


    “I have no issues whatsoever with the many Arsenal fans who are unable to get to games but I won’t accept people who have never been to a game calling me, or others, who have gone for years non supporters”

    Well I’m sure you’ve visted LG a few times. And the type of ^^supporters^^ that show up there. Many of them go to the games. Even the retards Pedro and Geoff. Well do you consider them supporters because they go to the games? Come on be honest now. Supporters? Who support the club? What it stands for? With all the touchy sensitive feminish crap that comes along with it. You know, like values, ethics, or just the modus operandi. So a simple yes or no would do.

  209. Look, for the sake of rationality I think we should declare a Doom and Gloom Arsenal national day. Then all the idiots, dolts, depressives, sad folks, media-brainwashed, eeyore-loving, Arsenal-haters can parade and post clever blogs, starting with “U knw I luv Wengr” … or not. And they can have funny blog names and wear funny hats. We shall watch and clap, and be amazed and generally we can all have a fun day at the circus.

    What do you think guys?

  210. FFS!!! TOMAS IS BACK!!!!!!!


    That guy is class, pure class. Hope he’s done with his injuries. He’s done his times in the medical rooms. Hoping for an injury free season for him. And you guys would see why Arsene opted not to go for an attacking midfielder in the summers. Little Mozart, they call him. And rightly so. As for those calling for his transfer, or mocking him about his injuries “F*** OFF”.

  211. AIC, I’m glad you have “no issues whatsoever with the many Arsenal fans who are unable to get to games” because there’s about 2 million of us.

    We are coming. Ze French. Da Afrikans. Dem Nigerians. Yeah-man Jamaicans. Dude Americans. Smorgasbord Svedes. Tovarich Russians. Doosra Asians. We are coming.

  212. ****ing Brilliant news!

  213. We are coming to see Tomas!!!! And we want your season ticket.

  214. …that what I have been saying, Ateeb…but no-one wants to know….

  215. Happy Gooner

    Frank, Roald Dahl is a true genius. His books are full of messages.

    Personal favourite – Fantastic Mr Fox

  216. Happy Gooner

    Blackstock, Reading are in need of a new manager, can you reccomend anyone who you think will be out of a job this summer?

  217. …the peoples you mention are already represented at the games, ZP…they live in London….that is one of the reasons why London is London….fantastic city…the best….and Arsenal is in it…

  218. …yes,HG, he was a very good writer of childrens stories….

  219. …the messages are for children…

  220. Interestingly Roald Dahl spent much of his life in Tanzania. He was in charge of the British expats that arrested the German expats at the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. Including some of his best friends. They all joked around laughing. He wrote a hilarious account. I think he was a pacifist.

  221. Arshavin back as well, fully fit.

  222. …he was a very nice man….

  223. Yes, Frank I know, one of the many reasons for Arsenal’s massive popularity around Africa.

  224. Frank,

    Well that’s one less reason for them to moan about. So they’d not take notice that Tomas is back. They simply ignore the positive stuff, they’ve been conditioned this way. That’s such a f***** big news, and they’re f**** complaining and throwing the same crap, that they do everyday.


    A self honesty check procedure.

    How many of you felt overjoyed that he is back in full training?

    How many didn’t take much notice of the news, and just didn’t care?

    How many read the news, and thought ” Crap that means we won’t be buying another attacking midfielder”?

    Be honest with yourself now.

  225. Rosicky Back. Sell him before he gets injured again

  226. This “I won’t fire my young guns” Daily Mail article is also recycled material to beat Wenger with. I remember reading this 1 – 2 weeks ago. Theme of the day is “Wenger is pigheaded.”

  227. shotta-gunna

    Hboy – the doctor, turn psychologist, now fururologist. If I remember correctly, last September-December period you posted on this blog, imminent doom and disaster for this club, predicting we would never qualify for the Champs League, etc. All through the 21 game unbeaten run when AW and the team proved you and the doomers wrong, you kept quiet as a lamb, never posting. However with our recent setbacks, to teams built on silly money, at a time when we couldn’t field anything like our bext XI due to injury, you reappear with with another chapter of doom and gloom.

    Sorry, hboy, but you have been wrong as a doctor and as a futurologists. You need “to hold your hand up” and admit your error and take a more positive outlook. Admittedly, it will be very difficult for you as you are so invested in your current opinions.

    PS: Danish Gooner, aka DG – Doomer and Gloomer. Absolute shit as usual. Stick to L/G and do your usual Ade and Wenger bashing. Twat!

  228. When you call for Wenger’s head or that he must changed to what you want him to be or to do, remember that he is the visionary who delivered us the Invincibles, and he foresaw that the year before. This is a once in a generation feat and it is a privilege to have been an Arsenal supporter during the Wenger era. Do think twice before you conclude that you know more about what AFC needs than him just because you hold a season ticket or you attend matches.

  229. What’s wrong with being positive and optimistic? Optimism is the source of energy and life. Lose that, and you might as well end it all by committing suicide. Or in the case of disgruntled Arsenal supporters – go support Man Utd to satisfy your craving for trophies. And don’t ever come back.

  230. ZP

    “By what yardstick did promoting youngsters not work? What is ’success’ and ‘failure’?”

    Nobody is questioning the promotion of young players. Its been visionary and remarkable that such a wonderful group of young players from many nations have been collated by Wenger and it really does put us in a great position for the future. So too the new stadium, the financial prudence, the brand of football we play and the steel and support that Gazidis seems to to bringing to help Arsene.

    Ultimately the yardstick of success will always be trophies and thats just a matter of fact. However thats not to say we cant be patient while players develop and last year – there was real progress despite the fact that we won nothing. We competed for the league and were only pipped by four points. A remarkable achievement with such a young group. But my problems lie with the fact that certain things have not only festered over the past year but have not been addressed:

    1. Defensively indiscipline. It doesn’t matter how talented you are – you’ve got to do the little things in picking players up in set pieces. How many games have we thrown away leads to stupid high balls or set pieces? This has been going on for a number of years. Its a real concern and buying players is not the only solution. Defensive coaching is an issue IMO.
    2. DCM. We let players like Diarra and Flamini go – who not only provided real presence but proven ability in this area. Instead of replacing them – we took a risk that Denilson and Song would step up to the mark. Have they improved as players – very much so. Are they as good as Flam / Diarra? Not IMO. We took needless risks and it backfired.
    3. As the players are young – they need to have a balance of players that provide leadership and dig deep when serious questions are answered. That Balance is not there. Cesc is our captain – but he’s still only 21.

    Look at the formations that we played against Chelsea & UTD. Diaby on the left, Nasri DCM, Cesc in the hole, AA on the bench. Our formation was an implied admission that our defense wasn’t good enough. Injuries you say? Every team gets injuries – we should have had players to cope without shoring up the defense and destroying the principals that we represent – attacking football.

    Hboy is right when he says that our “Spirit, belief, organisation and tactics” are problematic. This is not because he’s a D&G. Not because he just believes the media rubbish. Nothing to do with the quality of a fan he is. This is what he sees on the field – and its what I see too.

    Nowhere have I said that we spend big, or that the great man leaves, simply that he is given the support he needs and that we get the balance right so that we can at least compete. Amy Lawrence has given most of her professional life writing so richly and positively about the club – Is she wrong too? Does that make her a D&G merchant?

  231. Aaah! Just a big Love-In today!! No surprise that the ladies are staying away from the testosterone…

    Can’t we channel some of this HATE towards other clubs ??

  232. You would know shit Frank. Judging by your post, you are an expert at it.

  233. Happy Gooner

    Frank, The messages still need to be learned by most adults living today

  234. Happy Gooner

    Blackstock, I hear that you’re gifted at sarcasm. Could you please give me an example of this?

  235. Alex Ice Cream


    Yes Joe, that makes you a Doomer.

    Anyone who says that there is anything wrong with our club at all is a Doomer.

    Ivan Gazidis is a Doomer as he said that 4th is not good enough.

    Almunia is a Doomer as he had the audacity to say that Manu were better than us.

    Anyone who points put that we lost to Chelsea and ManU in humiliating fashion is a Doomer.

  236. Oh ffs… Frank and Blackstock are two of the most genuine people on here.. HG ~ am not going to sink to your level; but please shut up!

    Merci !

  237. Consols – back to the footy [ 🙂 ] – when are you going to Crete ?

    Am off to Spain next week.. no Internet access!!

  238. Exactly Luke. Imaging living with one of the miserable bastards who come on here moaning at every opportunity. What a life to lead.

    Why do I think I love Arsenal more than you AIC? Because I take joy in the team. Like I take joy in my life and the love of my wife. I don’t sit down on a blog site and say how crap she is at gardening or that shirt that she bought me last Christmas wasn’t expensive enough.

    Love is about joy. It is definitely not about whining. Thick and Thin, AIC, thick and thin.

    “The path of true love never ran smooth.”

  239. Tuesday Pb. No blogging for six weeks. Just imagine all the words that I will not write and the wit and wisdom denied to the world.

    I shall just have to take solace in cold beer.

    With you in Spain, who is left on here with any wit and insight? Didn’t you just get back from the Canaries?

  240. AIC/Joe,

    You guys are better than most doomers. At least you are articulate.

    Still, the problem with your posts is that you tend to put our problems in absolute, rather than relative terms. Our weaknesses are relative to the top 5 in europe, not anyone else.

    For example, our defence. We hadn’t conceded a single goal at the emirates in the PL, since Xmas, until the Chelsea game. Then of course, there were the other goals conceded in the CL and against Liverpool.

    What does that mean ? It means that our “problems” are in bridging the gap between us and the number 1 and 2 teams in the world. And of course, a very good team, in Liverpool.

    Yes, there were problems in November, but we then went on a 21 match unbeaten run. This means that either we were very lucky, or our defence isn’t that bad.

    Also, we were missing Clichy and Gallas in the games against Manchester United. Yes, it does indicate a problem with strength in depth in that area, but with our full strength defence, the scorelines would not have been so one sided.

    With respect to belief, spirit, tactics etc etc…I’m sorry, but we have probably already overachieved with our belief, spirit and tactics, not underachieved.

  241. facts are facts, we finished 4th without a trophy. I think in understand why some people are irritated or annoyed or even angry, but this is a process that we, Arsenal football club, have had to go through due to financial restraint. How any one can imagine the club without Wenger I really dont know. what if we play man utd off the pitch this week, which i expect us to do , what does that mean???? everyone is intitled to be upset when the team loses or we dont reach our goals so we try again, keep fighting, keep playing our special brand of football, and it is special, we are a bit light at times due to youth but that will change with time. My daughter has never seen The Arsenal play but she warmed my heart the other day by saying that she would feel happy even if we lose a game cause we play our special brand, its nice to hear young people who can manage their emotions, and not whing all the time.

  242. Alex Ice Cream


    Yes that’s right. Its relative and our targets are those teams above us.

    They set the standards on the pitch that we have to better.

  243. AIC,

    No. That’s wrong. You are living in a dream world.

    Is Arsenal spelt AC Milan or Real Madrid ??

  244. Alex Ice Cream


    The board keep emphasising that we have increased cashflows even with the loan to reapy.

    Why are there such financial restraints then?

    Problems with the flats perhaps?

  245. good news about tricky, hope he stays fit for next season as he is better than alonso when i have seen him play for his country in that position. a sensible purchase or two from the best manager in the world will surely do it.

  246. AIC, i dont know the ins and outs of the clubs finances but it seems to me that the buisness plan does dictate to a degree the amount that is spared for transfers, the flats have not sold as expected due to concirns in the current market. there are several arguments on this i guess.

  247. …I don’t know how many times we will have to say this but….the problem for the doomers is that they get to live a life of misery…whilst playing a hand they cannot win….Arsenal will not get rid of AW….and AW will prevail on the pitch, probably next season….once we do hit form all the signs are that the squad as well as the club are sustainable….so where will you misogs be then…what will you do?….

  248. sorry to change the subject but the youth cup is coming up at the end of the month, a chance to see some of the future right now, this is the model in progress. we have to cultivate and nurture these kids as fans with 100% support, it helps.

  249. Alex Ice Cream


    No I think we are better than those teams!

    Its ManU, Chelsea and Lpool we have to beat.

    Is there anything wrong in wanting to be the best?

  250. AIC,

    Yes ! We are now. But the general point is that their expectation levels are higher because of their history. I can’t see why our expectation levels shouldn’t be high, but not as high as that.

    We can want to be the best, but demanding to be the best is a different thing.

  251. …Joe, sorry I missed your point about Amy Lawrence….Amy is just a sports writer who happens so she says to support Arsenal…one of many…but she has no real insights…no more than any other supporter…in fact she quotes Lee Dixon to support her case…..very serious error in my opinion….Lee knows nothing about football club or team management….all he did when he was at the club was to do what first George Graham, then Bruce Rioch, then Arsene Wenger told him to….so he learned how to defend when playing the teams we played in those days….but he learned nothing else…that is why he is an ex-player pundit and not a coach or a manager….so Amy doesn’t even have good sources….

  252. …yep and tickets are up for sale for the home leg, boomer…

  253. …we will beat the Mancs, Scousers and Chelski…all in good time…and all will say that we are the best…we are on a journey…a way to go yet…but not far….

  254. Malaysiangunner

    YW good points while I do not fully agree all of it but well balanced as usual.

    AW was just quoted by the Mail Online that we are as good as the ManUres except we let in more goals than them. I am not sure where that one comes from and I hope he has been misquoted. You know why we let in more goals , we decide to buy an over the hill CB from the throw out section of the ManUres on the cheap.

    What about the points difference, games we should not have lost and games we should have won instead we drew? He had trusted youngster and an over the hill CB ,and when the chips are down and when it mattered we have been found wanting.
    All of you all keep harping that if we had spent maybe 30 mio pounds more on 2 more experience CB and CM we would go under and hence justifying AW reasons not to spend. I strongly believe that is patently not true. It is not about the money or the lack thereof but it is about not killing Djourou , Song, Diaby, and Denilson. It is about the youth project. It is about Le Professors experiment and how he would eventually triumph by spending the least and grabbing the glory which is all the more sweeter. Well so far we are a bridge too far.
    Most of you believe in this project and hence hound every one who dare to criticize it. Again I say it AW , Song , Denilson and Diaby is not the Arsenal. The club is bigger than them and Le Professor’s experiment. We need to win not for the fans sake only but for the clubs sake in a winner takes all world.

    So far you have offered excuses of injuries and luck for the last 2 seasons and at the end of the coming one, if we do not change the blend a bit ie add 26 to 27 years olds internationals class CM and CB complementing Toure and WG ,we will be have the same complaints, injuries and luck and we will have score as many goals as the top 3 but we would say if only our defending is better.

    Muppet, the 21 games unbeaten run you keep harping about consist of many draws until AA came on as Cesc was injured. It goes to show that the youngster are good until they meet up with the top 3. An experience match winner we could have bought early in the season made the difference. (Although I will be the first to admit that I would not have bought an attacking midfielder.)

    What I am saying is that we should stop worrying about Diaby,Song,Denilson and Djourou and their progress but start worrying about the Arsenal’s future. The rant is that this season could potentially be so different with just two more signings.

    Who say that having players like AA does not help the youngsters ? they would have learn how to navigate tough matches from experience winners.

    Frank , you can send your hounds after me now

    Up The Arse!!!

  255. Joe – For fuck sake. WE DID NOT LET FLAMINI GO!!! We offered him a new contract and he refused to sign it. Nothing Wenger or anyone else could do. Get over it.

  256. Frank:
    Mmm.. Still – Amy Lawrence is an intelligent woman ~ and Le Dixon, not the Brain of Britain, ok, but still very much an Arsenal man.
    Really, we need all the support we can get from that AFC – hating world out there…

    Consols: No, i have not been to Norwich.. Am due to migrate south for a while – but:
    “I’ve been looking for a lover, and i haven’t met her yet..” [ Internet romance – scarier than a CL semi-final! ]

  257. Marc….you are getting older, man !!

  258. …I have two horses…one very young….and a greyhound called Capitalist Running Dog the Fourth who can no longer run because he is an alcoholic…..I also have two cats one called Sydney James….no hounds of the type you would like to have chase you, MalaysiaGunner…sorry…

  259. …sorry….my seventh wife has just reminded that Tony is called Running Dog Capitalist Lackey the Fourth…we call him Tony after Tony Hancock…for short….anyway he is an alcoholic…

  260. Just a point about finances.

    How much did Liverpool spend?

    How much did the Spud’s spend?

    What have they won? (ManU will get the points they need to win the league)

  261. Ponyboy – Sorry don’t get your comment.

  262. ….naaah we don’t need journalists and pundits, Pb….

  263. Marc – it was a light-hearted jest about you wanting to never get old….
    Reading some of the stuff on here gives me white hairs…not just grey!

    Apologies.. just remember you once said you hated getting older.. but perhaps i’m just entering senility.. ( thanks for the courtesy btw ~ a rare thing).

  264. Frank…we don’t need them.. but i have to confess to liking Lee Dixon.. thje only ‘sofa-pundit’ who is on ‘our’ side of the fence..

  265. Ponyboy – No offence taken. I don’t like getting older it’s rubbish. I was perfectly happy in my late 20’s.

    I know where you’re coming from on the white hairs. Some people just don’t understand how contracts work. Maybe they work for the Mafia and would have made Flamini an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  266. …did you curtsey, Marc?…

  267. Really good news about Rosicky. If he can get his fitness back for next season it will not only give us another option in attack, but will add a new dimension to the attack.

    What other team can select an attacking midfield line up from Cesc, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott and some of the youngster’s coming into contention next season as well.

  268. Frank – Oh yes!

  269. Malaysiangunner,

    I don’t harp on about anything !!

    The run of draws during the 21 match unbeaten run was unfortunate because we were missing Fabregas, Walcott and Adebayor for key games, as well as Eduardo, as you know.

    I see the positive side, i.e. the defence must have done well during that period. Not the negative i.e. the 4 match drawn sequence.

  270. .

  271. Sooo pleased Rosicky is back. If he and Eddie can stay fit next season it really is like making two world class signings.

  272. We all follow the Arsenal,
    Over land and Sea (and Leicester)
    We all follow the Arsenal,
    Onto victory!………….

    Altogether now

  273. ian – I think I might draw the line at Leicester!

  274. shotta-gunna

    AIC, the hypocrite – No amount of tagging to the coat-tails of Joe and Hboy will give you credibility. You are a doomer and gloomer masquerading at ACLF cause its one of the few Arsenal blogs where there are reasoned, well thought out postings. Your ego cannot bear being confined to to the dolts and fools at LG. So you come here garbed in flourishing prose and pseudo logic.
    Just another hypocrite.

  275. It’s not so much the glass half empty fans that annoy me as the ones who seem to be living under prohibition.

  276. Have a nice time CB. Are you going to Crete? Look out for minotaurs. They are friendly if you feed them some ‘porage’ (that really does not sound right, porridge, yes that’s the stuff) but you must get the recipe from Paul N … um or Frank.

    You too Pboy, as Stevie Wonder sings ‘all is fair in love … and war’. Wish you all the best. I shall be travelling too. It’s winter here, the roads are dry, and time head out.

    To all the other good-hearted RASERS

    … Keep it real …

    I shall be watching somewhere or other with the inevitable group of Gunners in some remote bar on Saturday…


  277. Thanks ZP…

  278. …I agree with QoS…even better because they are already into the method/system and they understand the EPL….add AA and we have three fantastic players from the beginning of the season….

  279. …we will beat the Mancs, Scousers and Chelski…all in good time…and all will say that we are the best…we are on a journey…a way to go yet…but not far….
    That’s Frank, not me.

    And a warm local compliment to you Frank
    Uri gamba raka funda
    You are a tough guy (gentleman) and a scholar.

  280. …just a small cameo for Tomas against Stoke…if that could happen it would be a great way to end the season….

  281. Will the last person left please turn off AIC…

    I’m with you ZP. There is a bar in Crete with my name on it.

  282. …take care, ZP….

  283. Keep it down Bob. He isn’t posting. Let’s all whisper and make AIC feel unwanted. Maybe that would work. It seems you all had a rough day today, coudln’t chip in much. I am tired all the time.

    P.S Shotta, you’re wasting your time with AIC. He won’t admit to anything. Or change in any way. But if you’re having fun then well, good luck.

  284. The honest tiredness of a working man, Ateeb. Heh, heh.

  285. Haha. And right now it’s been relatively easier for me. The banks really are very cautious to give out loans under the present economic conditions. Meaning less work for people like me. Well no work at all for now, I am just learning for the time being. However from a sociological point of view, it’s really not difficult to see how the corporation has sucked the life out of the people who have been working there for many years. My boss, leaves for home around 7 and by 1030 he’s off to bed. 3 hours of “leisure time” if you take the economic term. I felt really sad for him. Why do these people do this to themselves? You should atleast try to keep a balance between work and leisure. It’s not just the boss, but others around him as well. Usually in the age of late twenties onwards.

  286. Key point is to remember that you work to live, not the other way around.

  287. Cant wait to see the comments on here when Greedybayor leaves this summer.They will be the same as when Flamini and Helb left.I shall miss his 10 offsides a game

  288. It’s interesting really. I studied sociology back in the ’70’s. We all ‘knew’ then that the capitalist treadmill was a trap. We all got on it though, sooner or later. There really isn’t much choice for most people when they are young.

    Later though, the sensible ones remember that early wisdom and get off if humanly possible. Staying on isn’t always a problem for people. A lot do and live good lives. Personally, I couldn’t have put in 45 years for ‘the man’.

    While you are on it try and be as much your own person as you can. It’s the gap between your real personality and that you have to show at work that is the real killer for many. Mind you, please remember that I know very little!

    ‘Other lifestyles are available’.

  289. Fuck off cock.

  290. …..Arsenal…

  291. I agree with Frank

  292. Words of wisdom, Bob. I think the competition drives the workers crazy, they want to outdo each other. Doing overtime without pay, pushing each other, trying to be the best one out there, in hope for a promotion and better salaries. If only the workers could realize that they’re just being played around by the corporation. Centralized bureaucracies in corporations, allows them to plan and get the most out of the workers. Workers on the other hand, well they are as disjointed as ever. Here, the whole concept of trade unions has been scrapped. Atleast in the private companies, or MNCs. I am enjoying the work in my own twisted way:p

  293. Well 70’s were different times. Much better times, or so I’ve read. Or the impression that you get from the movies. But certainly, when the youth are politically educated and aware, there is little doubt that the society at large would be doing something constructive. Culture on the whole, seems to have been on a boom. What happened to these student movements, everywhere, is a different debate. Many jumped ship, the new left/ post modernists emerged, maybe they were out thought by the system. And were left without hope. Progressive movements turned to reactionary movements. Few who stood there ground, seemed to have been taken out by the writ of the state. None the less, if I had the chance, I’d rather have lived in the 70s than anytime else. Even the music these days is crap. What the f**** is it with hip hop and Rap? lol.

  294. How Ironic, but in the PL it was neither Chelsea, Man U or Pool that were our undoing, as we beat Man U, Chelsea and drew with pool. If we kept the form we had against the other big 4 we would be PL Champs.

    Its no coincidence that the loss of Gallas, Clichy, Sagna and Djourou caused problems for us defensively. Man U fans crapped themselves when they thought Ferdinand would be out for the CL tie, Terry was injured for a minute last season and Chelsea went to crap. I am saying, not only are we close but as close as ahead of these teams (all players healthy).

    I am amused at some of us saying we are tired of not winning anything and that how they have supported Arsenal for umpteen years. I have one question, how did you fare without Wenger? You must have been in deep deep depression and close to suicide as Arsenal didnt win much before he came!

    Wenger 3 PL Titles, 4 FA Cups, CL Final and Semi.

    Perspective people perspective!


  295. It just hit me. Do the doomers skim through or not read our posts at all? I mean, I do the same many times, especially when you know what the other(doomer) is all about. Maybe that’s whats happening, communication breakdown. Just a wild thought.

  296. ….come to live in London, Ateeb…come on….

  297. shotta-gunna

    Ateeb @ 6:46 pm: Welcome to the shit-stem. My employer’s pension plan was abolished years ago and the retirement account has been decimated by the market. Just have to keep grinding away..

    As for AIC – I know he won’t change but he is symbol for all that is wrong in a large body of Arsenal supporters. They are lucky to have AW, who has spoiled them with his achievements in English football over the past 15 years. Now they only care about the destination (fancy trophies) and not the journey, which is twice the fun. Despite their protestations, they are no better than the average Spurs fan; spend like a drunkard and when that doesn’t work, throw out the manager at the slightest setback. I am having fun exposing his naked hypocrisy as an example to all fellow-travellers.

  298. I agree 100% on the music Ateeb but as my Grandchildren tell me, I am just an old fart!

    I have come to believe that the only way to escape the system is to do just that, get out and live your own life as far from the wankers as possible.

  299. What is it with the likes of Paul who discuss football on this site?

    Can’t a man discuss sociology here these days?

  300. I really can’t do that to AIC, he won’t be able to throw his last ditch attempt at getting back at me with his all famous ” Ever been to Emirates?”. Shotta has been included in that honory list of unfortunates now. Would love to live in London, for some time in the future.


    If they’re listening to Stoner rock, or the sub categories of Metal, such as death, melodic, preogressive e.t.c, well that really is the better form of music out there at the moment. IMO. Especially the more non comercial type of bands. Lesser commercial to be precise.

  301. “What is it with the likes of Paul who discuss football on this site?

    Can’t a man discuss sociology here these days?”

    LOL. I am simply not getting into any debate with anyone on football. Atleast for a while. It’s a stalemate, they simply repeat the same things over and over again. Can’t knock any sense into them for now. Only time will prove them wrong. They might calm down though, If Arsene moves to sign someone soon. I hope not, though. Let’s leave the signings for the last day of the transfer window. So that the doomers, can moan all summers long, and feel really miserable. But the trade off, is that the new player would miss the pre-season.

  302. You guyz are too deep for me, so I have to stick to something I have some sort of knowledge about.

    Lets discuss whatever, I always enjoy the discussions.

    As far as football Ateeb, “you can lead horses to water but cant make them drink”.

    Time will tell, thats for sure.

  303. You are right about the football ‘debate’ with the doomers, Ateeb. It’s all getting a bit old.

    I shall enjoy a break from it and look forward to returning for the ‘long march to victory’ in the autumn.

    Long Live Arsene Wenger!

  304. Its past old Mr. Bob. Its a total waste of time and is draining!

    NO FEAR!

  305. Aneta,

    You coward why dont you make your slimy agenda clear? Atleast PDT has the balls to use a username ‘Fire Wenger’ which though throughly stupid atleast betrays his agenda. You on the other hand are a slinky reptile/ have no balls.

    I have asked you quite a few times to spell out your views on the club so that we get to know you better. You have evaded all those calls. You just sit there in the background and attack like a guerilla. And attack who? The club you profess to support. Atleast quarterwits like Mike Hock and the rest of your gang take the pain to make some fake qualifying statements or mention something they like about the club. You on the other hand are a liability of a supporter. A no gooder who has not once said anything good about The Arsenal. How do we know you are not a spud?

    Tell us something about yourself. Invent the story now.

  306. Solomon,

    I am an Arsenal apologist and Arsene supporter. There, I have spelt out my agenda. Now do us a favour and spell out yours? Whose apologist are you?

  307. All’s well in Arsenal land.

    AW would have been God if we’d beaten everybody handily, went on to win the CL & FA cup after our difficult start to the season.

    But alas, he isn’t.
    AW is not GOD?
    A bit too painful for the D&Gers
    He must be the DEVIL then!
    Yes the devil must be destroyed & removed

    F**k ’em!!!!!!


  308. Blackstock,

    Dont take Happy Gooner seriously. He is Arse 21 using a different IP address. He is at home right now. Playing in a room full of plastic balls.

  309. These anti-supporters who boast of their attendance at matches seem to me like a wife-beater who seeks to prove his innocence by pointing to his long years of marriage.

  310. The idea that someone can be slated by another Arsenal fan for being an “Arsenal apologist” to me is beyond ridiculous now.

    I am someone who likes to get behind the club, gets behind the team and yes, gets behind the manager too. Does that make me an “apologist”? It certainly doesn’t have to indicate that I don’t feel hurt like all the rest when we get beaten by Man U and Chelsea. I prefer to just keep it to myself rather than let the emotions spill out all over the internet. One thing i’ve always thought was pathetic was seeing grown men cry and get violent after football games. Some go home and beat their wives up, then have the nerve to blame it on Arsene Wenger.

    Anyway, Arsene Wenger has his flaws, and he may have been responsible for some shortcomings this season, but he has not done anything profoundly TERRIBLE warranting a reaction of hatred and despair from the fans. When this man leaves this club he will get a tremendous send-off and will go down as a true Arsenal legend, remembered for many decades after. Enjoy the Wenger era roller-coaster while it lasts, we are lucky as a club to experience it and we may not get to experience anything else like it again.

  311. Blackstock,

    Dont take Happy Gooner seriously. He is Arse 21 using a different IP address. He is at home right now. Playing in a room full of plastic balls.

    To be honest I was really just trying to wind him up a bit really, but point taken.

  312. PZ,

    “look what you made me do”

    Its Arsene’s fault why they are so miserable and beat dow the team every chance they get!

  313. Poliziano, Lol.

    Although the sense of persecution in some of these ‘fans’ cases is so high that they think they are the battered and long suffering wife and Arsene is the chronic alchoholic wife beater.

    Some of these ‘fans’ lecture us to not be an ‘apologist’ and take the ‘blinkers off’. I mean which planet do they come from.

    Balckstock, great post.

  314. Finally something positive to write about – Absolutely fantastic news about Tomas. I am very happy about that and no amount of dooming is going to take the gloss off it.

  315. It’ll be great to have him back. He’s had very bad luck, when you consider he’s lost about a tenth of his playing career.

  316. What a player!

  317. lol, Alex started the fight again. It was all so peaceful. But then Bang, bang. Doomer index will be high tommorow.


    (watching an Arsenal attack, based on actual events at Chelsea.)

    doomer1 : shoot, shoot

    doomer2 : pretty football, pass, pass, no end result

    doomer1 : adebayor is s*it

    doomer2 : here it goes, back again…. shoot !!

    doomer1 : another pass

    (Arsenal score through Bendtner header)

    doomer1 :

    doomer2 :

    doomer1 :

    doomer2 :

  319. Did you happen to catch their names, Muppet?

  320. Last season 4pts behind Man Utd this season 18pts behind.Yet Wenger says on Sky today we have progressed.Maths and signing CH”s were never Wengers strong subjects.If you didnt laugh you would cry

  321. Muppet

    If being a Doomer means i think Greedy/lazybayor is shit i am proud to be a Doomer

  322. Mike Cock,

    You changed your name Cock. What is wrong with Franchise Hock ? We know who you are anyway Hock. You are one of LG’s finest. Living proof that man can live without a brain. As Groucho Marx said, “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it”. Until you came along Cock, a troll amongst trolls. Do you think you have anything to say Cock, apart from predicting that the end is nigh. Pipes and drains cock, Pipes and drains. Some people warm you up and some suck the life out of you, as in drains. You are in the latter category Cock, you have delighted us long enough.

  323. They sat behind me PZ. I didn’t know their names. They were highly irritating, more so, because I had met them before on the blogs, if you know what I mean.

  324. Adebayor’s full Arsenal record….

    Games: 142
    Goals: 62
    Goals per game: 0.44 (1 goal every 2.2 games)
    Goals/game since he’s been a regular starter: 0.54
    Goals per season: 18.
    Goals per season since he became a starter: 23

    Is he class? Clearly

    What does that make anyone who calls him crap? Wretchedly ignorant.

  325. You are one of LG’s finest. Living proof that man can live without a brain.

    Hahaha, brilliant.

  326. Muppet: in the case of “my cock” UG Rection and Dixie normous, the words, man can live without a brain are wrong. These are maggots not men. They are parasites living off Arsenal’s bad games and hiding at good times.

  327. . .

  328. eye eye

  329. . .

  330. Hey Steve, what’s up man?

    How siad that? That’s freaking awesome

    “You are one of LG’s finest. Living proof that man can live without a brain.”

  331. . .
    | * |

  332. shotta-gunna

    AW made the point today that the core ACLfers have been making all season – Arsenal’s home fans are amongst the worst. Under a very gloating headline “Arsene Wenger Turns On arsenal Fans” The Times reports AW as saying:

    “There is a massive difference between the away fans, who are absolutely fantastic, and the home ones. It is always that negative way of thinking, that the players do not care. If we do not get there next year [playing in this style] then I am responsible and will stand up for it. But what this team needs is people who are fans of the club.”

    Wenger was astonished when one shareholder labelled Mikaël Silvestre, the 31-year-old defender, “geriatric”. “I cannot accept that you speak about the players of your club like that,” Wenger said. “You are attacking the players and that is much worse [than attacking me].”

    Right on Boss. Right on ACLFers. If you are an Arsenal fan you Stand up for the club, and Stand up for the players. No time for manic, childish supporters. No time for the hypocrites. No time for the pseudo bloggers and web-sites.

  333. Frank's biggest fan

    Disappointed with some of the shareholders’ Questions. Clearly the media paraphrasing them would do damage to the players in question. Other than that, none of them are wise enough to spot the biggest problem in the past seasons, injuries and muscle strains – they could have asked Arsene about the consistency of unfit players, that as well being mostly first-11 players. Nutters, these fans, couldn’t get to ask Arsene about the major problem.

  334. While the disappointment of fan’s can be understood, the way some of them are going about expressing their views is quite appalling. Hounding the manager in a Q & A session just before pre season and the silly season is counter productive.

    Why do the doomer’s think they know the ‘truth’ as far as our team is concerned and that all other fans are ‘deluded’ because they cant see the ‘truth’?

    If you think the truth is as spelt out by the Daily Wail, The Sun and Pyles then it is you who is deluded. And to think the flagship blog of the doomer’s professes that all its bloggers have an opinion and dont need one. Aah the hypocrisy of it all.

  335. Happy Gooner

    The Daily Wail – that sounds depressing

  336. That just made interesting reading….

    Mike ‘Cock’ .. Happy Gooner … hboy .. Danish Gooner

    Going through all your comments ive come to the conclusion that Arsenal FC is no longer good enough for you and cant satisfy your needs as fans. Fans that demand success no matter what they cant understand is going on behind the scenes are better off not being fans. You are all liabilities and a strain on the club.

    I agree with Wenger and have been saying for sometime, that the away support is alot better than the home support. Why should we expect to win a game… shouldnt the players expect a little support instead. If they dont get that support, dont you all think that they should question their loyalty to the club.

    My advice is to you lot, treat them as you wish them to treat us. Treasure them and they will repay us, sing their names and they will scream when they score. Fabregas does it, RvP does it, Toure does it… show them all some faith and support and the rewards will come back to all.

    If you aint willing to show this to your team and say but we should have signed so and so.. or wenger should have done this etc…. you are not a supporter.. and your better off going to Chelski, they will try to satisfy your needs with BIG Name signings if they ever get out of debt.

    Treat those as good as you wish to be treated.

    Arsenal for life!!!!

  337. Happy Gooner

    chrisGOONA, I never said anything like that christopher. You’re comment was like an article in The Sun – lies, lies I tell you

  338. Shotta – I read that article too and was appalled at the behaviour of so called ‘supporters’ but not at all surprised given the crap we see posted here and elsewhere. They have swallowed every negative stereotype perpetrated by the media and are too ignorant to see that there is an agenda going on here. The media scent blood and think they can bring Arsene down by putting a wedge between him and the supporters. But there are a lot more of us behind him than against him, despite all their best efforts.

    Great post Chris Goona.

  339. Happy Gooner

    Only a small minority want Arsene to leave – The ones who know nothing about football. Most supporters just hope our defense gets strengthened – The ones that know a little bit about football. Wenger spent on Arshavin and it saved our season, if he spends on defensive cover it’ll make next seasons title a real possiblity. Of course he knows this himself. Do we have any good young centre backs coming through the ranks? I dont think we do

  340. HG,

    Havardt Nordveit and Kyle Bartley are two promising central defenders coming through the reserves but would need 2-3 years to probably make the first team if they do.

    Wenger has publically said he is looking to buy a defender so our defensive set up may be different to last season and will probably have more strength in depth.

  341. You have asked this before Crappy. Nordveldt was the answer given then.

    You are almost as schizo as AIC.

  342. Nordveit, Nordveldt. Whatever.

  343. What’s his face, Ayling is really good, but probably needs 2-3 years as well. While Steve Bould has urged JET to try playing at CB. He should give it a go; he’s played pretty much everywhere else.

    Anyway, I’m glad Arsène’s got a good chance to show some of these disgruntled customers what our players can do. Winning tomorrow would be a big “f*ck you” to those fans…

    I just thought: for any other club, that sentiment would be totally nonsensical.

    You get an idea of how perverse the Arsenal support has become when the team has to win matches to shut some of the fans up.

    FBF is exactly right. These shareholding fans had a chance to shed some light on our real problems – namely injuries – but blew it by recycling the usual tabloid bullshit.

  344. Is that story about the shareholders meeting true? What a disgrace!

  345. Happy Gooner

    Consolsknob, you want to wait three years?


    An open thread for Adebayor (read wall of hate) where the top-rated comment is by a guy who trashes Ade while in the same paragraph praising Tevez who has played in twenty more games but has still scored fewer goals.

    The thread does have one a couple of great comments, like this one:


    14 May 09, 11:38pm (about 10 hours ago)

    The real issue is a voiciferous section of the Arsenal ‘fans’. They are

    1. Stupid
    2. Ubiquitously ignorant because they are stupid
    3. Believe they know more about what makes a good footballer than Wenger, Ferguson and Ancelotti (who all rate Adebayor) because they are stupid
    4. Always criticise Arsenal’s young players because they are stupid
    5. Can’t see the value of someone who scores 16 goals in two thirds of a season, and 30 the year before
    6. Bendtner has more desire – but still doesn’t stop the stupids saying he should go too
    7. Can’t recognise that for a big striker the player has a great touch ( as recently pointed out by Perguson (ditto Bendtner who though only 21 and scored 17 goals in half a season is equally slagged off by the stupids))
    8. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

    No wonder our players think about leaving to go and play elsewhere when they have to put up with all the stupid fans.”

    …and then I had a look at today’s LG.

  347. Sorry, typed that in a rush.

  348. OneOfUs at 10:05 am – “No wonder our players think about leaving to go and play elsewhere when they have to put up with all the stupid fans.”

    Hleb said he left because he was unhappy – Stupid fans crucified the man even though he was mowed down constantly by the opposition because he was key to our ball retention. As Wenger noted that after every match Hleb’s feet were lacerated. When he left, literally hounded out by stupid fans, as soon as his loss became evident, they shamelessly used this as a stick to beat Wenger i.e. he failed to replace Hleb.

    This is the same stupidity we now have to put up with concerning Adebayor. While I doubt the directors of AFC are as influenced by this silliness, there is always a tipping point. If Ade is unhappy playing for these stupid fans then it is just a matter of time before the club is harmed by idiocy by its own fans and the undermining by the tabloid media.

  349. To be honest I’d probably have used stronger words to describe Silvestre.

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