Fulham (H) Preview – Three Points Required

Fulham pitch up at The Emirates, the return of the fixture that suggested this season would not be quite so straightforward as the hope that the summer months brings, suggested.

Injuries once more dominate, no-one of note returning but unsurprisingly, an returnee has dropped out. Abou Diaby knacked his calf in midweek and rather like Eduardo, is missing straight away. But that was quickly superseded by yesterday’s news that Diaby is fit once more.

Andrei Arshavin will return to the side following his midweek rest, perhaps more prepared for a longer turn-out than the sixty minutes or so he got against Sunderland. Certainly, he will hoping for a more productive outcome for the team. That will not necessarily be so straightforward although it would be nice if Fulham rolled over in the same manner that they did at Old Trafford recently.

I would not envisage Wenger making too many changes from midweek, perhaps other than Arshavin in for Eboue and Song for Diaby, surely Arsene will not want to risk aggravating the Frenchman’s injury from which he is quickly recovered. Either will be a good replacement, Song and Denilson’s efforts acknowledged by their captain:

I’ve played with both of them, of course, and I can say they work really hard, they always give their best and are very honest players. At Arsenal there’s a lot of pressure because we are a big club but from my perspective, and from outside, I think they are doing well

Denilson has received some recognition for his recent performances and it would be nice to see him pushing further forward with Nasri and Arshavin, Song’s natural defensive game helping this. Others may well (and do) disagree but I personally believe Song is a good squad player, potentially developing into a solid midfielder.

The team will probably be something along the lines of:

Almunia; Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy; Arshavin, Denilson, Song, Nasri; van Persie, Bendtner

A win is vital to close the gap and with Villa playing on Sunday, it is the chance to put real pressure on them by closing the gap to three points. It is at this point of the season that Villa will either crumble or respond positively; all Arsenal can do is win their games.

Cesc also spoke more sense, as per normal, earlier this week:

It is not realistic to look at the league title now. You can never say never of course, but at the moment we would not be intelligent to be looking right to the top of the league. To be intelligent now is to go game by game and think about who is directly in front of us. Now we have to make sure we put a run of wins together and don’t lose more points. Chelsea and Aston Villa will drop points, of that I am sure, and that is why we need to be ready to capitalise at the right time

The failure to capitalise in recent weeks has been a stark reminder of the task ahead for the remainder of the season. Had we won the last two fixtures, the gap would have been four points. The thin line between success and failure highlighted by those results.

Manuel Almunia has backed up the point that Bacary Sagna made post-Sunderland. The right back said:

We are a young team and we have changed our style. We don’t rush forward as much anymore. We looked at what was going wrong and the reasons behind why we were conceding a lot of goals. We wanted to continue with the pace we displayed last season, but it was not helping us. So we have changed our style of play and we have not lost more games because of that…The most important thing is not to concede goals.

It has been the key element in building an unbeaten run, a tighter defence than previously displayed. That may well be helped by the renewed confidence and vigour being displayed by Toure and Gallas in the centre.

Almunia elaborated on the balance that needs to be found between the two styles Sagna spoke of:

Before, we probably used to create a few more chances and also we would finish those chances quicker. Now we are spending a bit more time to get a final shot. The players realise the fans deserve more from us and maybe some of the players are feeling more pressure at the moment at home because we are not winning games…The team in general, defensively, are doing very well. We now need to find that nice balance where we are tight at the back but get the goals.

There are two elements to what Almunia is saying. Yes, the goalscoring problems exist and they need to address that. With Adebayor likely to return against Roma, and Eduardo for the cup tie against Burnley, there is no doubt that Bendtner needs to start scoring for the sake of his seemingly limitless confidence but more importantly, to justify his claim for a starting line-up place. Without goals, it matters not that the Dane’s movement is good, it is hard to look at him as a short-term replacement for Adebayor or even someone to put pressure on the players ahead of him. At the end of the day, scoring is his fundamental role in the side at the moment.

The second aspect of Almunia’s comments again echo Sagna‘s last weekend. The crowd on Tuesday were more supportive of the team than last Saturday. Davebluez highlighted the difference between the two matches, the latter waiting to be entertained, the former behind the team from the start. Personally, I have always believed that the crowd should be behind the team from the off, rather than waiting for the team to lift the crowd. It does not always work this way and that is nothing new to The Emirates, it happened at Highbury and had been that way long before the EPL came into existence.

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  1. 3 points was a must last week so it damm well is a least requirement now.

    Song the hero instead of Diaby.. I ope not.

  2. What doea Almunia mean “now we are spending more time getting off a shot” we always have. Lets be more like the americans and shoot on site!!

  3. They may be waiting until they see the whites of their eyes first!


  4. ———-Almunia
    Sagna – Gallas – Toure – Clichy
    ——-Diaby- Denilson
    Nasri – Arshavin – Bendtner
    ——–Van Persie

    Good looking line up

  5. I’ll be interested to know who Wenger goes with, Bendtner or Eboue.

    I hope Nasri remains in that floating central role but I have a feeling we will revert back to the usual.

    We certainly need the 3 points and I think we will do so without any problems…… I hope…. I pray… I poo myself.

    Now that’s confidence.

  6. my team,


  7. Song Id leave in the hotel!!

  8. Not sure, Diaby has enough in the Tank to start, but he would be very instrumental in the early stages of the game because of his forward drives.

    One thing about last weekend that must not be repeated; we get a chance like RVP did, we should take maximum use of it, especially if it is in the first 20mins. This will definitely open up the game, and teams learn from these cases , hence the punishment must be swift and brutal!

  9. I would almost choose your team Space Gunner.

    Sagna – Gallas – Toure – Clichy
    ——-Diaby- Denilson
    Eboue – Nasri – Arshavin
    -——–Van Persie

    Eboue’s penetration was fantastic on Tuesday and I’d like to see him have another go.

    Bendtner from the bench if needed.

    Whichever team is given the go, we should have enough to beat Fulham.

  10. ArseVision, good shout, though there is a case for Bendter in this game. He has a poor first touch but his heading ability is second to none. Fulham have some crazy tall defenders like the Hengle… one. I think we need Bendter somewhere there to take advantage of any crosses that might come in….Eboue played well though and I wouldnt object if he started

  11. And I would not be against Bendtner starting. Infact I think there is more chance of Bendy starting the game.

    I have a gut feeling that we will get the early goal this time and everything’s gonna be alright..

    everything’s gonna be alright..
    everything’s gonna be alright..

    *repeat until bored of song*

  12. Last night i had a dream about Arsenal drawing 5 -5 with some team that i cant remember.

    As expected I have edited my dream to 5 – 0 to the Arsenal.

    The Fulham Coach is wary of a rout, and he better be braced for it…..

  13. ArseVision…I see that you have predicted a 4-2-3-1 for Arsenal in your blog. I think it is a very feasible formation considering our wealth of attacking Mids

  14. We have to win and I think we will. Arshavin to score.

  15. ArsenalVision: when we had Thiery Henry and The None-Flying dutchman, was our formation close to a 4-2-3-1 with Gilberto and PV sitting and PV bombing forward whenever possible, and Bergkamp operating on the free role; with Bobby and FL on the wings? or was it a strictly 4-4-2?

  16. One of these days a team is going to get a good spanking from us I have a suspetion its going to be Fulham as they deserve a good punishment for the way they rolled over for Manure. I assume they don’t fear us to roll over for us but we shall make them crawl out of the Emirates.

  17. Le Gunner, not just for the Micky Mouse show at OT but for being the first team to infclict a painful deafeat on us this season. We need to exorcise that haunting ghost.

  18. Eboue had his best game for us in along long time, yet he was still garbage in terms of end product! He’s our secret weapon…yep, even his own team mates aint gotta clue what he’s gonna do, or where he will end up on the pitch!

    As for Song??? Nope, not done it and doubt he ever will, not good enough.. If we fail to do jack this year, Wenger can hold his hands up and admit he tried to do things on the cheap coz he was too stubborn/arrogant to replace Flamini/Gilberto/Diarra with the required quality.

    If Diaby could stay fit, then maybe we would be better placed and it would mean not having to play Song and hopefully Eboue won’t get a game in the league any more now we got Arshavin and Theo is nearly back…

  19. I think formation only really comes into question when you are defending that is when you see players running into where they should be.

    Wenger wants his players to interchange and pull opposition players apart. I would say the old team was more 4-4-1-1 on the whole. This team is much more flexible than the team of 2004.

    It also depends on which players you have in which positions. We played the formation against Sunderland away earlier in the season and it did not work, especially with Van Persie on the left wing but slot in players who can make a bigger impact in certain areas and the team will blossom.

  20. Mac you are a real Plastic. How can you complement a player for having his best game in an Arsenal shirt and then hope that he never plays for Arsenal again? You think Eboue cant have another such game and maybe with a better end product this time?

    Maybe Eboue will have such a game in the CL final and this time score.

    Give the lad a break, he is definitely useful

  21. Thanks AV

  22. And maybe Angelina Jloie will give me a BJ!

    Look what you are saying, fella.. Maybe Eboue might have another decent game! How many chances does this twat need? How many games at right midfield has he played and how many assists and/or goals? Its something like 2 goals and 3 assists in nearly 2 seasons..

    The guy is not good enough, if he was 18 or 19 he might get better, the thing is, he aint a right winger, he’s a right back and due to his defensive lapses, he cant even be trusted in that position.

    He aint good enough, and I havent even mentioned the histrionics.

    Basically we all know this, but we dont really wanna have to face it coz he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt. I hate slating any Arsenal player, but when Im confronted with piss poor performances and a shite behaviour, time and again, its effin difficult.

    But yeah, Im a plastic, and when Im at the Grove later today, singing up for the team, instead of sitting in stoney silence, or booing players, I will really try and appreciate what Eboue does for the team and that we really dont need Arshavin, Theo or Cristiano Ronaldo…

  23. And don’t forget to get stuffed with humble pie when he does!

  24. Plastic Mac. nothing wrong with your point Eboue is a very strange player his end product is rubbish that is a fact but what he does he runs like mad sometimes he adds that bit of drive and a bit of hard tackling.The only problem with Eboue is intellignece he doesn’t come across as a very bright person he will do all the hard work and drive forward like a train instead of making a clever pass or see an oportunity for a goal he seems to lose his head in the final third. Also his antics don’t help his game. But he is a squad player can be useful when needed a full strengh team he will not start but he doesn’t bitch about anything in the media or anything else. He accept what ever is given to him and that is good.

  25. I strongly disagree that Eboue is not intelligent, this is a very serious judgment and who are we to judge this way.

    Eboue in the past has provided very smart and intelligent assists, comes to mind his back heel to Bendtner in a CL game last season, and also his back heel to RVP in a league game which both ended in goals scored.

    Eboue’s problem is completely different and it has to do with confidence and approval of fans. This is a personality issue and not a footballing issue. The solution to this problem is for fans, media and every freaking monkey piss pundit to get off his back, but it he also can concentrate on the football and ignore his haters.

    Very hard to do, but possible.

  26. G4EVER, I second your point, we are in no position to judge Eboues intelligence, if anything he is intelligent to be plying for Arsenal, one of the top teams in the world.

    Secondly I dont agree with Plastic Marc’s comments that just because Eboue is not a 19 year old, we should write him off. We cant write off anybody. We dont know what people are made of. We dont know what surprises to expect from players. And yes Marc, these are maybes. Maybes are a part of the life that we live in, Maybes and if are a part of football.

    Eboue is 25 approaching 26 years old. We have seen players become better later than this age. Players like Drogba were shit or almost shit in the eyes of many supporters before they hit 26. But the coaches saw something about them and they were willing to bid time with them.

    Arsene Wenger is an intelligent manager who is willing to give Eboue time. There must be something he sees in him.

    Dont write Eboue off just becuase his end product is poor. He will come good, I hope and HOPE is a beautiful thing

  27. YW:
    On Bendtner, I feel most are being wholly unfair to him. I believe he is playing very very well and fans in general should cut him more slack.
    To hear a journalist ask Wenger if he has a future at Arsenal is just so wrong.
    Fans and the Media always look for someone to pick on. And Bendtner has been at the butt of some woefull reporting from the papers and equally some shamefull criticism from Arsenal Blogs. Disgracefully, some fans even see it fit to boo the player at the Emirates.
    I record and re-watch all our games. I think he is doing extremely well.

  28. Hear. Hear, Space Gunner and G4E!

  29. …you are a star, YW……just need to check that Space Gunner has filled his tanks and has sorted out the trajectory for the CC Final at Wembley…how are you fixed,SG?….should be good…just at ko…the commentary…

    ‘..and the referee is checking with the officials before he blows his whistle to start this historic CC Final between two ********* football teams….’

    and …Whhhummmppoooooomph….

    ‘Oh My God…what the f*ck was that…..a large sack appears to have landed in the middle of the pitch….oh lord…the players are all covered in what appears to be mud…..what is that smellll…..UUUUUUUUURRRRRRGGGGHHHH…it is sh*t…….a bag of sh*t has just landed on the Wembley turf…..well I don’t believe this has ever happened before…..a bag of sh*t has disrupted the start of this historic final…certainly historic now…….what is that it says on the bag? …..”Love from Space Gunner….who the F*ck is Space Gunner???……we will take an break for some Parazone and toilet roll adverts now….uuuuurrrghhh this is horrible……’

  30. Our best formation on the day:

    *Almunia (not really my choice).

    *Sagna(please, could you improve your crosses?)- Gallas- Toure- Clichy(Gibbs, better crosser).

    *Eboue(for team balance, forward going & link up play)- Diaby(physical presence & flair)- Denilson(for Vision).

    *Nasri(natural play maker).

    *RVP(Striker & link up play)-
    Arshavin(Cutting edge movement & full offensiveness).

  31. ….apart from the bag of spce sh*t…two interesting facts about today…….

    Henry Norris Chairman of Arsenal AFC…stuffer of the Spuds in 1919…..the man who brought in Herbert Chapman…was also the Chairman of Fulham….

    …Fulham are the oldest fully professional club in the football league….and have never won a trophy…not a f*cking dickie bird….nought…zilch….zero…..completely and absolutely nothing….trophyless….sans trophy….

  32. Le Gunner; Thanks for replying to my point without giving me stick for daring to criticise Eboue!

    SpaceG; I fully appreciate your point, but there are a lot of IFs and MAYBEs there, regarding Eboue.

    He aint a right winger, he offers almost zero goal threat and zero assists, which is a pity coz if he aint doing either, then IMO, theres absolutely no reason to play him. During the Roma game, he ran into dead ends, time and again, ran acroos other players runs and at times, even into his own team mates, as well as missing a gloriorious chance to make the tie almost safe. BUT that was his best game in ages!

    He is verging on being a liability and unless there is some footballing version of a miracle, then for me, he is not and never will be good enough.

    I would be delighted to be proved wrong, but all I hear as an argument is IFs and Maybes oh and the balance bullshit thing… Please, do me a favour!

    For what its worth;

    Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy
    Arshavin Denilson Diaby Nasri
    RvP Bendtner

  33. Space Gunner,
    Remember to get a huge bag sh*t, because a lot will burn up as it falls through the atmosphere.

  34. Low marks for Le Gunner. You’re supposed to insult people like Plastic Mac, not engage in debate with them.

  35. I agree with you 100% G4E and Space gooner.
    Plastic Mac at the end of the day, Eboue is a right back who has been converted into a right sided winger. His critics would say his personaluity stinks, he has got no end product and is a bad passer. But that would be doing him an injustice. This man is the best crosser of the ball in the back four and has been responsible for creating many important goals.How many right backs do you know that are prolific scorers. Obvioulsy Wenger has not got Eboue in the team for his scoring attributes but for his other attirbutes, his athleticism, and his ability to make incisive run at defenders. And how good is he to be able to make that transformation, I am sure if any one else in the back four played that position they would have trouble finding the net as well.

    As for Fulham. We all know what they are going to do. 10 men behind the ball and hit us on the break. We should duly beat them into submission by any means necccessary.

  36. Polizano; So, what kinda person am I? Deluded, prozaced up armchair fan?

    Eboue is back up to Sagna, and even then AW has shown he doesnt really want him at RB, judging by the players he played when Sagna was injured.

    He aint a converted an ything, he is a very limited player, if any of you were there at WHL, you wouldve witnessed one of the most infuriating performnaces I can remember, his attitude was awful and showed a real lack of respect for his team mates, IMO.

    But no, I forgot, the comments section on here is the equivalent of Stepford SWives.

    Everything is marvelous…all is great..Eboue offers he team soooooo much… he doesnt need to score goals or create chances coz he….erm, gives the team balance….

  37. Gooner4Life; Thats my point tho, fella, we really shoudnt be having to say things like; well, for a right back, being played in midfield he does OK, etc…

    I in no way condoned the booing and found it disgusting, but he seriously does himself no favours, either.

    But lets gloss over all that and kid ourselves he’s a footballing genius thats completely misunderstood.

  38. Good preview Yogi, i just hope Arsene starts with Nasri in the centre of midfield as he showed against Roma he can provide that bit of creativity we crave.

    Pleased Arsene came out and poured praise on Almunia, who i feel has been outstanding this season albeit with a blip against Spurs.
    The save he made from that long range shot the other night was world class. Keep it up Manuel.

    My own opinion on Eboue is the reason Arsene bought Sagna was because he felt Eboue not good enough defensively to play full back.
    He does run and dribble with the ball well at times but his final ball or shot is generally woeful.
    Sorry to be so negative about him but not good enough to play for our club.

    Three points today is paramount, COME ON YOU GUNNERS !

  39. Before I get politely or otherwise asked to go on another blog thats initials are, erm, lemme think? … LG! I will say I fully expect a win today and am so happy that Diaby showed what he can do and Denilson too. He has had a load of unfair stick, IMO and was fantastic the other night, they ran the midfield the other night. Maybe Diaby won’t play today as he seems to need wrapping in cotton wool due to his stop start, injury plagued career to date.

  40. Thing is Plastic, you have your views about Eboue and others have theirs. I think he’s a pretty good player that will more than prove his worth to this team.

    Moreover he is, certainly since the coming of Arshavin and Walcott, a squad player stepping up in the absence of injured team mates to do a job. Moaning on about Wenger being too tight and stubborn to replace players who left us is as boring as it is pointless. And, I think wrong. How many players do you want on the bench when all our squad, remember Rosicky, is fit?

    You can argue what you like but don’t come on here saying that because we disagree with you that “..the comments section on here is the equivalent of Stepford SWives.” (Sic)

    Make your point, just don’t sh*t on the doorstep.

  41. Just off to the game .

    I’ve got a feeling we are going to take out recent Prem League frustrations on Fulham today.

    I’m going for a win by at least 2 goals and pretty please with bells on can Bendy score.

    Come on Arsenal !

  42. Agree with matty. It’s about time we step up and grind a win. No reason for us not to win today, the squad is capable enough. Just hoping Wenger goes for Diaby or Nasri in the middle, rather than Song. I’d go for Eboue than Song. And like most of you, I think we’ll win today.

  43. We seem to be reluctant to shoot long range when teams park the bus Arshavin has different ideas from what I have seen on youtube he loves to chip the goalie and have a pop from a distance and he showed it against Sunderland and he almost scored a long range one I think his boot are sharper today so he might pop one for us and start a riot in front of goal.

  44. Come on Arsenal!

  45. Plastic – that Stepford Wives comment really p1sses me off. You try even saying anything half as witless on other blogs, and you get moderated; show some respect.

  46. F. Frederick Skitty

    It feels like there has been more discussion about Eboue this season than any other player. I do think he’s improved, but I won’t shed a tear if he is limited to substitute appearances or covering for Bac from now on. I do think having a truly effective player in that role would have seen us further up the table than we currently find ourselves.

  47. ffs – good point, bro. It gets so boring, yakking on about our “weakest links”.. If it’s not ‘Mad’ Manu, it’s Song, or Bendy..
    And all this time i thought we were supposed to support a TEAM… Doh!

  48. It’s this vacuum that bugs me tbh – everyone off to the game…

    “Anger stems from thwarted desire”

  49. Come on you GUNNERS!

    At some point this team will explode, you can feel the frustration building. Let’s hope it is today. Like other people on here I cannot understand the vitriol directed at him. He has provided a cutting edge in some games that has made him truly a joy to watch. Of course there have been the brain cramps to go along with the excellent play but he has improved measurably in the last year and will continue to get better. You can’t argue where his heart is either. For anyone to keep trying in the face of the abuse he receives from the fans is admirable.

    Bacary – Toure – Gallas – Clichy
    Nasri – Denilson – Diaby – Arshavin
    van Persie – Bendtner

    I think Diaby should start, we need the attacking impetus from the start.


  50. of course I am referring to Eboue!

  51. F. Frederick Skitty

    It’s nice to see people climbing off Denilson’s back. I think we’d really miss him if he got injured and you can’t ask for more than that.

  52. Another good English phrase Pb. ” A pint of Best, Please”.

    Come on you REDS.


  53. You want Best today, Consols ?
    Ordinary is your usual, isn’t it ?

    ” A pint of Best coming up, sir!”

  54. Thank you landlord, I’ll take a pickled egg, if I may”.

    In a Youngs pub Pb, it’s ordinary. When I was living in Kent, Shepheard Neame sold ‘Best’, which was my tipple. They have since rebranded it ‘Spitfire’, which strangley enough sounds less ‘English’, the reverse of their intent I suspect.

  55. Ah..remember Shephard Neame.. agree, spitfire sounds contrived.
    They do some lovely beers down there…am trying to think of the Sussex one.. had nice swirly bits at the bottom of the glass… in mitigation for my terrible memory here, the barmaid knew what we wanted, so we hardly even had to speak..

  56. ok – getting closer, and the question arises, as ever…. free streams anyone ?

    Have ATVO – but would still like some visuals.

  57. Can’t think of any Sussex brewers offhand.

    I like barmaids. Usually really nice girls.

  58. Ok..the search is on!

  59. Ponyboy,


    that worked for me last week and they have the match on their channel 4. Of course you may come to the attention of MI5 because of the name. Homeland Security hasn’t knocked down my doors yet!

  60. Vela starts! no bendtner then.

  61. and diaby

  62. How do we get the free ATVO, Pb? I placed my vore properly of course.

  63. Love the line up!

  64. Mr. Bob, I just went on the site and it was playing

  65. Bendtner should have scored against sunderland!! now Wenger cant trust him to do the job.

  66. Got it, thanks Paul.


  67. My Pleasure Mr. Bob.

    NO FEAR!

  68. G4E, I never get tired of your . , makes me laugh everytime!


  69. Whats the deal with the defense

  70. My pleasure Paul N…any time mate 🙂

  71. johnson looks dangerous today………

  72. Is it me or has Toure been player better since he has been captain? just wondering

  73. was a nice cross by arshavin either side of the keeper and that would have been 1-0

  74. Give Fulham credit, they are playing.

  75. Consols – go to Arsenal.com – follow the links..
    ( Am annoyingly engaged in chat with a JP GF.. so haven’t yet visited).

    You wait all week, and –

  76. Come on Diaby!

  77. this is gonna be harder than i thought they are playing well

  78. Looks like we are tired from the Roma game?

  79. nasri fooking shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  80. Fukin spoilt bastad fans!! groaning at every miss placed pass… that will make us play better you f*kin c*nts

  81. great pass by arshavin for RVP!!! shame about no goal

  82. G4E, maybe, we are not running off the ball well and our passing is off.

    We are getting there though, just a matter of time!

  83. Shoot for fook sake vela!!!

  84. As long as we keep it on the ground we’ll get goals. We’ve found some good space.

    Fulham aren’t bad, but I think it’s just that we haven’t really settled properly so far. We looked a bit shaky at the back at the start.

    The crowd’s not great. Though we can’t blame the fans for being a little restless – it’s big game, and this is a team we really should beat comfortably.

  85. god we have to take one of our chances half time nil nil sounds too fooking familiar, i pray we can take one of htese chances

  86. Lets shoot instead of looking for the extra pass or extra space. Thinks are looking better still.

  87. Frank's biggest fan

    Patience is a good thing. The commentator got it right (for once), that is one virtue that fans these days have lost completely.

    I’m confident we will score, and get 3 points.


  88. Yeah I agree with the “shoot for ffs” comments.

  89. Me too Fbf, I think we are playing well.

  90. Song’s really slowing down things. Missed an absolute sitter. Doesnt have the pace.He should be playing in a championship side for sure.

  91. Frank's biggest fan

    LOL Muppet.

    Come on Arsenal!!!!!

  92. Arsenal or women Pb? Get your priorities right.

    Chill, Arsemates. All will be well in the second half.

  93. my nerves are shot already so I’ve started downing the pints…at 9am.


  94. our crossing is atrocious

  95. Why do we keep crossing high balls into the box?

  96. Bring on Eboouee!!!

  97. FREE STREAMS anyone ? Frustration!

  98. This game actually needs Bendtner

  99. Are they(fulham) trying to walk it in?

  100. Well done Vela!

  101. Frank's biggest fan

    Come on Arsenal…………..Let’s do it..

  102. Frank's biggest fan


  103. Frank's biggest fan

    Come on Lads…YES WE CAN!!!!!!!

    LEt’s do it..

  104. I blame Wenger for not playing Eboue. He’s completely lost the plot.

  105. Cheers, DukeG –
    Oh…this is hard to watch.

  106. Why cant we f*kin score???????

  107. I cant handle another 0-0, it might tip me over the edge

  108. come on arsenalllllllllll

  109. A matter of time

  110. i`m tired,cant take it anymore

  111. Very frustrating and Sorry that’s not good enough.

  112. Not good enough….we are poor.

  113. Can’t complain abt a parked bus!

  114. absolute shite

  115. no excuses.that is shocking

  116. speechless

  117. was it tony gale commentating? i f**ckn hate the man

  118. I need some wine..

  119. im f*kin boilng up here, i think i will post later on when i calm down

  120. Be positive guys – another unbeaten game.
    What a great day to be a gooner

  121. Gutless fucking cowards not even willing to fight for possession

  122. Fulham didn’t park the bus. We were poor. Some days it happens. The team will pick itself up.

  123. aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh.

    Diaby was OK winning the ball but both he and Denilson are clueless positionally and don’t press. Eboue and Bendtner were good when they came on. But as a team we are terrible.

  124. Frank's biggest fan

    We can still do it. I have full confidence in this team.

  125. shut up dkgooner its not funny.. i need some wine…

  126. We have to stop trying to score the perfect goal.

    Looked a bit tired, we allowed Fulham to pass the ball around at will the last few minutes?

    Oh Well!


  127. keep faith guys

  128. Another fantastic result for us. Another nice clean sheet, and another game where we didn’t manage to score from open play. We’re freakin fantastic, weren’t we?

    We have managed to create a lot of chances so it means things are only going to get better.

    —the above are what the ever optimists would be posting.

    Let’s get real. The reason why the team is being booed in the stadium? Let’s face reality and admit that we simply SUCK. When the game ended I almost felt like smashing my tv into pieces. Can’t imagine what the paying fans in the stadium would have felt. The team deserved to be booed.

  129. Boooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  130. That makes one of you FBF

  131. RVP should’ve scored the header in the first half. That would have changed the whole game.

  132. Oops…i dnt mean fulham parked the bus…i meant v can’t complain that the opponents parked the bus today!

    An off day for all our stikers.

    Eboue seems to be very comfortable at RB.

  133. That’s it. That for me was the final nail in the coffin for me. I am joinging the D & G merchants. Im going on the other side. It was great knowing you all, but I’ve really had it now. Wengers lost the plot. Im out of here. I’ll be on the LG from now on.

  134. A typical post CL performance from us.

    And the commentary always makes it seem worse. Best watch games on mute these days.

    Fulham got something right today tactically – either that or they simply had the game of their lives. They were really good on the break and I think we were surprised by their tactics.

    I’m taking a break from the blogs til week Tuesday. No point in adding to the misery.

    Still 11 games to got: 33 points to play for and we’re (currently) 5 points back from Villa. Good to keep that in mind.

  135. Frank's biggest fan

    With injuries, and right after the CL game, we looked a bit tired. WE will do much better with Walcott, Adebayor and Eduardo. Keep the faith my fellow gooners.

  136. Where should I bang my head !

  137. Speak for yourself dkgooner.

  138. come on stoke tomorrow

  139. Two of us actually dk.

  140. Our passing is letting us down.

    Denilson and Diaby’s passing was poor,

    Clichy and Sagna’s crossing was poor

    Our long passing on a whole is poor.

    We are good enough but something is wrong, mental pressure inhibits play at times.

    I love Arsenal, we will get it together!

  141. We have to stop trying to score the perfect goal.

    It’s not a question of that. We’re not capable of scoring the perfect goal; we’re not capable of scoring ANY goal. Fulham were equally as good as us today and that is unacceptable.

  142. Frank's biggest fan

    It’s not passing. Denilson and Diaby give lot of time and space for Murphy and co. More of the tackles in the middle would do nice for us..

  143. Agree with Big Al as far as post CL performance goes except that in previous years we could have lost. The problem is the previous results. We cannot score in open play. The mid week CL match was a good team performance but if the ref had not awarded the pen! I really now feel that to qualify for the CL next season we either have to win all of our remaining league games or win the CL itself, on current form both look unlikely. The most frustrating thing is that Liverpool are doing their usual implosion act and Chelsea aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. A little luck with injuries and the bounce of the ball and we would be 2nd, possibly pushing ManU.

  144. I hope we do, because now the pressure will actually increase since Everton is 2 points behind. Any more draws will result in fighting with Everton for 5th.

    I’m off…..


  146. Argh! So annoyed!

  147. Someone should let Vela know that it is absolutely ok playing the ball with right foot.

    They all looked completely burned out for the last fifteen minutes. I’m really worried how they are going to play on Thuesday. Damn it!!

  148. Again, Van Persie misses a one-on-one he should absolutely have scored. Denilson was poor today. Looked exhausted. They all did actually.

    What a season! We go to scoring for fun but leaking goals, to not being able to score and not conceding.

  149. G4E – Everton seem to be hitting some form. We need to shake ourselves out of this.

  150. It was allowing space and bad passing, sorry but I know what I saw. Many of our passes went astray and we tried to make intricate passes or long passes and gave the ball away when a more simple pass would have been better.

    Look I support and I have faith in this team but it was what it was today. I believe we will still get into the top four, win the FA and CL but our central mid was not good today and caused play to break down many times along with allowing Fulham way too much time the ball.

    Well onto the next match.

  151. I am exhausted!!

  152. Come one RVP!

    I thought Vela played well, I love that kid!

  153. Ole Gunner, you keep the faith good man! this will work out, it will just take more time than we all thought. Dont forget we have many of our first teamers coming back, our defense is much better and I must say Arshavin is a great player, he will be something amazing for us.

  154. Frank's biggest fan

    RVP missed his share of chances in the past few games. Perhaps we are overrelying on him. I fully expect Theo, Dudu, and Ade to offer more threat. Keep the faith guys. All is not lost, the CL spot is still on. FFS it’s 11 games left.

  155. The team looked exhausted at the end, they couldn’t force themselves to run anymore. That’s a bit worrying but they will sleep well tonight.

    A frustrating draw…just imagine how Wenger and the team feel. No fun to be booed off the pitch again. The announcers gave all sorts of stick to the fans and from the sounds of it they should have.

    If you’re in the stands do you think the way to get the team to perform better is to boo them? Do you think you know football better than they do? Do you think you could do better yourself?

  156. Fbf, we are relying on RVP too much but you would think a player like RVP would finish a least one chance.

    On a good note Bendnter and Eboue were good when they came on, Almunia was excellent again.

  157. The fans are silly to boo the team.

    It is not satisfactory not to chase the ball down though – being tired cannot be an excuse, can it?


  159. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t see 4th as very likely now.

    Before anyone says that’s showing a lack of faith…I have plenty of faith that this team will improve but I don’t think Villa will lose enough games now to throw it away.

  160. My cousin has been saying all season that the problem is our strikeforce. I thought it preposterous. Now I’m starting to buy that…..

    Van Persie, Bendtner, Adebayor, Vela, Nasri and now Arshavin. Their goal returns are poor.

    Van Persie has just 9 goals in the league.

  161. QOS, the games have to be played, so we will see.

    I have faith obviously!

  162. We need to clear our eyes and see what is really happening to this team. Time to stop making excuses Arsene, we have had problems plaguing us for almost 3 seasons ( we cant deal with long balls, or teams that are very physical) yet our manager has not been able to fix this. things just got worse this season and many of us saw it coming. Last season the team lost steam because we didnt have a good bench. we all knew the best thing was to add at least 3 quality and experienced players (for FMD) But what did we get we lost 3 experienced players 4 if you add Diara. and what did we get as replacement ? .. so how can we be surprised the team is playing shit football this season. I a gunner. and i remain so till i die .. but we have to decide were does our allegiance lay. with the manager or with The Arsenal

  163. aintnobodyworryin

    I was very happy and excited to see the starting lineup, I thought it looked faster and more dynamic then what has been the case before, Vela and Arshavin adding some pace to a slow team.

    Of cause it just turned out the same.

    I love this blog, and have massive amount of respect for the author and for most of the contributers, and I know that being negative, and expressing it here will not get me any fans, but please people, it is time to say that our central midfield have been the root of all evil this season. And again today. Song, Denilson and Diaby just arn’t good enough. True, they can play a good game once in a while, but they are not consistent. And before you think that it has to do with age, then think again. It has to do with class. They will never be world-beaters and Arsenal needs worldclass in central midfield. It is the heart of the team, the engine to use a couple of clichyes, sorry clichés. There are many players at the same age, in the same positions doing a hell of a better job then our infant terrible threesome. Masch at Pool and Mikel at Chelsea (who is a resembles Denilson in character;slow, no shot, no vision, but he is better in what is important;winning the ball, tracking back, not giving the ball away, and generally giving a shit about the defensive duties and shielding the CB).

    Sorry, I it got long, and I’m not adding anything new, so I’m just gonna stop here, with a halfhearted come on you gunners.

  164. aintnobodyworryin, how is not down to age, every player does not mature at the same rate plus you cant judge the payers because they have been injured a lot. They didnt play well today true but I think they are good. Dont forget that it is the strikers job to score.

  165. Queen of Suburbia

    Point is Paul N…we need snookers now. 3 of them

  166. I understand the concern QoS, but I am holding on to whatever little glimmer of hope until its gone. Its how I am, I guess.

  167. Once again, the midfield is the problem. Denilson has completely brought down the Arsenal midfield to midtable level.

    There is no urgency in Denilson’s play and no vision. He takes the easiest passing route, backwards and sideways. He’s not creative and since Arsene Wenger persist in him, we will continue to suffer on end.

    Eboue should have come on for Denilson instead of Sagna.

    In conclusion, Arsene Wenger’s experiment has failed. It has not earned us much ‘footballistically’ since 2005.

    Its time to drop the so-called ‘exceptional talents’ recruitment policy. He should accept his failure and go back to the drawing board.

    Let’s accept that our team is now back to midtable mediocrity. Teams are no more afraid to have a go at us. From the top to midtable is no progress, it looks like the re-emergence of a new ‘Nottingham Forest’ in the making.

  168. Queen of Suburbia

    Is Ade back for Tueday night?

  169. Queen of Suburbia

    Why should Ddenilson be creative Howard? Was Flamini? Was Gilberto?

  170. F*uck off Howard.

  171. aintnobodyworryin

    Queen of Suburbia answered what you asked Paul. I understand that players will develop at different paces, and we need good, consistent players now. Not having it hast cost us, there is no other way you can look at it; this seasons midfieldplayers have not been Arsenalstandard. We know this now; allot of us were worryied in the summer, but still had hopes for a Flaminiske epiphany, but it just didn’t happened.

    Also, Paul, your statement actually means that all players, given time and possibilities to develop, will get to be super players. And again, its just not true. I personally believe that the threesome here will get better due to experience, but having seen every Arsenalgame for seasons now, I can truly say that they lack a lot more then just experience.

  172. Howard,

    Its good to see you crawling back from the woodwork. Change the broken record about Forest and Clough will you. Its nauseating and plain bullsh(i)te.

  173. Such is the consistency of Denilson, that we begin to take for granted brilliant performances of the sort we saw on Tuesday; so when his level drops to that of a Mascherano or a Mikel, he is criticised. When he performs only as well as his closest competitors, people are horrified.

  174. Diaby has the potential to develop if he maintains his fitness and gets enough chances. Song and Denilson fall short of Arsenal midfield standards. It’s that bad now to such an extent that Denilson is a regular midfielder even though his passing is poor, loses the ball often, can’t track back and has a terrible shot.

    Denilson is not ready to play for the Arsenal and has no natural ability to be a top midfielder. How he managed to get in under the ‘exceptional talent’ label is a laughing matter now.

  175. Our support at the ground is like an overbearing father nowadays. The players are routinely hounded for any mistakes and its no wonder they are low on composure. Its now better to just watch the game on television listening to w@n$er ‘pundits’. Thats how low the atmosphere at the ground has sunk.

    The quality of our final ball was mostly dire with the exception of Arshavin. Nasri has great movement but has lost some of the composure in the final third which he displayed earlier this season. Diaby played well within himself with the handbrake on. Vela seems to have exchanged shirts with Totti after the Roma game. He is doing the best impression of Totti at the world cup!

    Arshavin is a live wire and just cant wait to see him link up with Cesc. Up the gunners!

  176. Frank's biggest fan

    Denilson and Diaby played well. Perhaps they could have been close to Murphy. In stead of giving him lot of space and time. But I still think the blame should be shared by the whole team. Even the defenders and fullbacks. The defenders for not being a threat in corners and set piece, and fullback putting in bad crosses. And of course RVP had many chances. But overall, I’m positive. Improvement aside, the players coming in is a huge bonus. We will play in CL next season.

  177. aintnobodyworryin, what I am really saying is that I have seen enough from these players to believe that they are good enough but Injuries have slowed the process and progress. Dont you remember Diaby and Denilson before their long term injuries?

  178. Queen of Suburbia

    How many games do you think Villa will lose FBF?

  179. To be fair, the fans were our worst player. Absolutely dire. Nasri and Vela frequently had the ball in positions to shoot but the atmosphere is so oppressive they didn’t have the confidence to let fly.

  180. Peter Storeys Budgie

    All season i have been getting stick on here for saying are team is not good enough i am not joining the bandwagon now.I said it back in august.

    Sadly that is how it has turned out.Teams can come to the Emirates and defend against us with ease.

    Arsene is our greatest ever manager but his management has gone stale.He cant see what us the fans can see.

    We will not be in the CL next season and then the exodus will begin.

    It was only 5 years ago we were the Invincibles now were are struggling to get 4th place.Only one is to blame and that is Arsen Wenger

    I will probably get stick again now but you cant be watching this team if you think we are any good

  181. Frank's biggest fan

    Thanks to Wenger’s patience, we got a good season from Flamini. Be patient, you will see consistency and patience in Diaby and Denilson.

  182. “Thanks to Wenger’s patience, we got a good season from Flamini. Be patient, you will see consistency and patience in Diaby and Denilson”


  183. Denilson has no quality to partner Cesc or be the mainstay of our midfield. He’s just not up to Arsenal standards and has no skills to develop into a top class player. He’ll never be. AW should just start looking for a defensive midfielder to partner Cesc.

    Denilson is just not good enough.

  184. Queen of Suburbia

    Don’t doubt that at all.

    But will that be in the Champions League next season? For the first time today, i’m fearing not.

  185. Howard, how have you been?

    Very opportunistic, I see.

  186. QoS,

    Dunno why, but I’m not very pessimistic about Champions League. It’s just the knowledge that Villa simply can’t last.

    But this not scoring business is annoying. We have a bunch of top attacking talent out there. They’ve now had something like 80 chances and not converted one.

  187. Jimmy Rimmers Jersey

    Take a look at the table it doesnt lie.

    Today were f**king awful.But we have been awful this season.Too many players not good enough

    How can we go from the 49ers to this rubbish in 5 years
    RVP and Cesc can start packing there bags there is no way we will finish in the top 4.
    Areenal football club has become complacent thinking 4th place was a gimme.But now we have to fight for it we have been found wanting

  188. Queen of Suburbia

    Denilson is one of the top Defensive midfield players in the country Hoiward.

    you seem confused as to his role in the side. Don’t worry though, that could easily be fixed by, you know, watching a few games…

  189. PSB, Howard,

    You want to be proven right. So I’ll give your egos a boost. You were right! Now stop moaning, go away and leave us supporters to do our thing.

    You’re obviously emotionally invested in proving that you can see what Wenger can’t see.

    There you are! You geniuses. You see. Now sod off.

  190. aintnobodyworryin

    Re Poliziano; you know what, he was not fantastic on Tuesday, he was OK. He has been doing OK all season, but for me OK just isn’t good enough. Plus, he is not compatible with our young maestro, we don’t need two players that takes a lot of time with the ball in the middle, when we had Flamini plus Cesc is was balanced.

    Diaby on the other hand was a monster on Tuesday, and thats what’s so annoying with him; he goes from being remarkable to horrific in a week, and his inconsistency is the only thing that is consistent about him.

    Paul, I do remember Diaby and Denilson showing me some potential pre the injuries, just as they are showing me it now, but nothing to support the belief that they will be great.

    Yeah, its annoying to loose and it brings out the worst in me, and I know that a lot of the people blogging here is really looking at life in a positive way (I think I read here that the financial crises will be over when we get our players back and that it will also cure cancer), but I seriously think that it is about time to be realistic. Repeating that “we will be fourth” and “just wait until we get our players back!, wo-hoo!” just won’t save our season.

    Normally D&G means Dolce & Gabbana to me, and I am pretty happy supporting Arsenal, but I think it is about time we look for a proper DM to partner Cesc and just call it as we see it.

  191. Chelsea supporter in peace.

    Was just reading some of the comments to see your guys’ reactions to the game. Unlucky about the match, dont worry I still think you will take 4th place, wenger is a sly fox and always has something up his sleeve.

    One more thing, Poliziano mentions that Denilson is better than Mikel. Im sorry but that is plainly not true, Mikel is a superior to Denilson in every way. Taller, stronger, unbelievable first touch, reads the game brilliantly and frankly is more comparable to the great Patrick Viera (not as good admittingly, but hes still only 21). My flatmates are gooners and ive watched plenty of Arsenal games and all Denilson seems to do is run around like a headless chicken. Its really unfair to even compare them.

    ps The first time this whole season that we Chelsea fans have seen Mikel dispossesed of the ball was in the Juve game. Could you say the same for Denilson?

  192. Frank's biggest fan


    We’re now 5 points behind.

    “How many games do you think Villa will lose FBF?” you ask. I’m predicting this:

    Aston Villa v Stoke, 15:00 – W
    Man City v Aston Villa, 19:45 – L
    Aston Villa v Tottenham, 16:00 – D
    Liverpool v Aston Villa, 16:00 – L
    Man Utd v Aston Villa, 16:00 – L
    Aston Villa v Everton, 13:30 – D
    Aston Villa v West Ham, 15:00 – W
    Bolton v Aston Villa, 15:00 – D
    Aston Villa v Hull, 15:00 – W
    Fulham v Aston Villa, 15:00 – D
    Middlesbrough v Aston Villa, 15:00 – D
    Aston Villa v Newcastle, 16:00 – W

    17 points


    West Brom v Arsenal, 19:45 – W
    Arsenal v Blackburn, 15:00 – W
    Newcastle v Arsenal, 17:30 – D
    Arsenal v Man City, 15:00 – W
    Wigan v Arsenal, 15:00 – W
    Liverpool v Arsenal, 16:00 – D
    Arsenal v Middlesbrough, 13:30 – W
    Portsmouth v Arsenal, 15:00 – W
    Arsenal v Chelsea, 15:00 – D
    Man Utd v Arsenal, 15:00 – D
    Arsenal v Stoke, 16:00 – W

    25 points

    That means we will be 3 points ahead of them. Even if we are going to lose Liverpool AND/OR Man UTd away games. We will be a point up.

    And it’s a good thing that we are playing top sides in last few games, and not away at relegation threatened teams. Villa will face more difficulties than what I predict, considering the pressure, and fatigue of playing only 16 players. Compare that to our players returning back from injuries, and picking up form.

    We also have a chance to win FA cup, and CL.

  193. Queen of Suburbia

    If we don’t qualify. I don’t believe that Cesc and RVP will leave. Not for one second.

    That’s just media rubbish.

  194. It’s Arsene leaving that would cause a player exodus, much more than the Arsenal being out of the CL.

  195. Jimmy Rimmers Jersey,

    If RVP leaves because we didn’t qualify for the Champions League. It will be his own f+cking fault. Third match in a row he’s missed a 1-on-1 with the keeper, at home, when scoring would have signalled a rout.

    If he wants Champions League football, he’d better start putting them in between the sticks.

  196. Queen of Suburbia

    That’s a terrific post FBF. Colour me convinced.

  197. Frank's biggest fan

    “If RVP leaves because we didn’t qualify for the Champions League. It will be his own f+cking fault. Third match in a row he’s missed a 1-on-1 with the keeper, at home, when scoring would have signalled a rout.

    If he wants Champions League football, he’d better start putting them in between the sticks.”

    Well said, and add to that, the “patience” of Wenger with an injury-stricken player, but a big prospect nevertheless.

  198. Frank's biggest fan

    “That’s a terrific post FBF. Colour me convinced”

    Cheers QoS.

  199. Denilson was poor today. But we can’t place the result on his shoulders. Van Persie, Nasri and Arshavin….those are the men who should go home today feeling they’ve let the club down.

  200. Josh,
    As a Chelsea supporter, you will obviously think Mikel is a great player, even though nobody else thinks so. I completely accept that. If you think Denilson runs around like a headless chicken, you have clearly never watched him play, as that is completely the opposite of his style.

  201. Our team is in free fall and fast getting out of gear. No wonder, players like Denilson are now regulars.

  202. Howard is in free fall.

  203. aintnobodyworryin

    Poliziano,I know I probably comes across as somebody who just wants to pick a fight, but you obviously do not watch Chelsea (I have a girlfriend who is a fan, so I have an excuse). Mikel has plain and simply been excellent all season (and I even remember him from his time in Norway, being Norwegian, me I mean, not Mikel:)). He is everything I wish Denilson was for us.

  204. aintnobodyworryin,
    Thank you for correcting my false interpretation of Tuesday’s match. My own lyin’ eyes have let me down again. I’ll believe your report instead, which was presumably garnered from the sports pages of one the English tabloids.

  205. 4 games without conceding or scoring a goal… crazy even by George Graham standards

    We will whether the storm and when we emerge we’ll win 17-0 or something, but as for now it’s hard. Real hard. We need points, simple as. No analysis, statistics or critical observations will make it any more easier or relevant. WE ARE THE ARSENAL AND WE NEED TO WIN!! No excuses, the season starts yesterday and we’re already a couple of days late. Only a champions league place would mean that our season has been “successful” at the least. But remember that this is something Tottenhham fans dream of and to us losing it is like a nightmare. We are the Arsenal and we are prepared. We ain’t some pushover nobodies. Time to start scoring some ****ing goals and show the league who the boss is. God dammit i am incredibly drunk. See you later i’m out for a portion of chicken n chips


  206. aintnobodyworryin

    And Howard, everything is not well at our club, but we are our squad is actually very strong. We just need a good central midfield. If we can keep our squad (yes even Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Song, Bendtner) and just add someone real to be Cescs partner in the summer; we will be in good shape.

  207. Poliziano, I can assure you that plenty of people think Mikel is great, including Ferguson. Also the fact that weve conceded 16 and you 25 goals points to the fact that Mikel is doing a far better job as a defensive midfielder than Denilson.

    I should also add that the defensive midfield isnt even his natural position, and he also has to cover for Ballacks arse (who makes Denilson look like Zidane).
    Once Essien gets back and Mikel is set free, then we’l see the difference in quality…..and class.

  208. Frank's biggest fan

    “On finishing in the top four…
    “I don’t want to speculate about that at the moment. Today’s result doesn’t help and it is certainly a big blow for us.””
    Terse, and to the point. Arsene knows it’s a big blow. And you will see a big reaction from the squad against Brom.

  209. Mikel is far better than Denilson.

    Denilson looks good statistically because he takes the safest route in passing. He passes the ball to just the player near him or to defenders. His lack of defence-splitting passes is what is limiting our goal scoring chances in the final third. Ade is suffering because in the absence of Cesc, he doesn’t get the quality passes for his tap in goals.

  210. I don’t watch Chelsea play often. I usually watch Arsenal instead. I saw Chelsea get thrashed by Roma last year, with Mikel possible the poorest player on the pitch. A stark contrast with the way Denilson dominated the midfield on Tuesday.

  211. I’m sorry the we could have won the game had we been more confident in front of goal, even the lack of confidense has seeped into RVP’s game where he was the won who you would want taking the shots now he looks just as clueless as eboue infront of goal. We need to score a fluky goal just to get that much needed confidence boost.

    I agree with the comments about Denilson he may be good in years to come but he certainly isn’t that yet he is not intelligent enough with the ball at his feet and the attacking promise he showed at the start of the season has been replaced with safe passing.

    luck has certainly deserted us but in truth we aren’t playing well enough.

    We need theo and eduardo back desperately.

  212. Top post Blackstock!

    The inevitable letdown after a CL game. Arshavin looks better and better. The only thing wrong with Arsenal now is between the ears (and what’s on the injury report). The talent is there, the chances are there, the mental part needs to come and it will. Every team, every person, every athlete goes through this.

    11 games to go, it is now a race between time and confidence, which WE WILL WIN.

  213. Howard,
    I have already destroyed your analysis of Denilson, so I don’t know why you continue posting the same rubbish.

  214. Frank's biggest fan


    I agree with one thing that you said, Essien is class, although used to a scummy player under Jose Moaninho. I forgive him for his skill though.

    Mikel has been defensively solid because Chelsea play a more defensive 5 man midfield almost every game (Even with Anelka playing more of a midfielder when Drogba plays), but yeah, Mikel has been underrated among your fans.

    But having said that, Denilson is underrated by Arsenal fans. I don’t think “headless chicken” warrants a serious reply. Quite frankly, that’s BS.

  215. I was at the game and I didn’t think we played that badly. Yes Diaby played some sloppy passes, but he was rushed back for Tues, has had barely any training and then got a calf injury, which he miraculously recovered from, when what he really needed was a breather, but we didn’t have anyone to replace him.

    On another day RVP could have had a hat-trick, but it wasn’t to be.

    The crowd really did not help – groaning at every stray pass and yelling shoot even when players received the ball with their back to goal!

    The players did look a little jaded after their mid-week exertions, but the good point is that Fulham were restricted to very few clear opportunities, the defense held up well and we kept another clean sheet.

    Until it’s mathematically impossible, I am still confident that we will finish in the top 4. Learning not to lose is a good step in the right direction. The goals will come if the players can just relax and have a go. The fear of failure seems to be really inhibiting them. Perhaps it’s good news that our next game is away from home.

  216. aintnobodyworryin

    Poliziano; nope. I have the luxury of not having to read the magnificent English press, I live in Norway, and if I for some reason would want to acquire a copy of the world renown truth-spreader that I hear some of you refer to as The Sun, or one of the other so called top class newspapers you have over there, it would actually cost me about four Pounds and I would get it a day old (it being airborne all the way and such), so for some reason I always chose to spend my money on something else.. Of cause I’ve heard about this thing called internet, which sounds interesting. You can actually read stuff there for free, so maybe I will go and check out witch (damn, I hate that word, is it whitch or witch, I dont mean the female that flies with a broom) players to like at thetimes.co.uk or something.

  217. Haha Poliziano, typical to choose the one and only game where he had a nightmare. Suppose you didnt see the first leg at SB did you?
    Fairplay to you though, you think Denilson is better. We’l just have to wait and see.
    Im out guys, dont worry you will defnitely make the top 4. Good luck with the rest of your matches cept when you play us!

  218. Poliziano,

    Mikel is a good player. I saw him as a kid at the Youth World Cup and he was as good as Messi. Half Jay Jay Okocha, Half Paul Scholes. And then Moaninho got his filtthy hands on and turned him into a dull water carrier.

    He’s had a good season. As good a season as Denilson has had.

    But Denilson was poor today. Seemed exhausted to me, as did the rest of the team.

  219. Howard if you cant see that this team will be excellent when our injured players are back and with minor tweaking in the summer, then I fear you are in free fall. One fears for your students O great academic.

  220. Frank's biggest fan

    “Mikel is far better than Denilson.”

    And you say

    “Denilson looks good statistically because he takes the safest route in passing. He passes the ball to just the player near him or to defenders. His lack of defence-splitting passes is what is limiting our goal scoring chances in the final third.”

    Have you ever seen Mikel play? His only job is to play the pass to FBs, Lampard or Ballack. And seriously he can’t do no better. He is virtually a DM, impotent in the final third. Denilson on the other hand has got something like 5 assists and 3 goals, and a good ball possession percentage. He’s no CESC- we already knew that.

  221. Not sure how many of the previous posters were at the match. I was.

    We can’t complain about opponents parking the bus.
    The crowd were far better than v Sunderland, second half they really got behind the team.

    I felt that the moment RVP missed the sitter of a header (set up by a perfect cross by Arsh), the belief level of the team fell a notch. Robin has had many high points this season, but missing that header in the context of coming off three consecutive 0-0’s, was criminal. He could have put it absolutely anywhere else and Schwarzer wouldn’t have got it.

    Schwarzer also made a few other decent saves, as opposed to v ManU 2 weeks ago when he let one under his body. We do need a bit of luck.

    Our full backs have not been able to cross a ball for 3 months now.

    Diaby was awesome on Tuesday, today he looked so unbothered I was shocked.

    The whole lack of urgency and pressing when Fulham had the ball was unacceptable.

    Gallas had a great game.

    But I’m losing the faith a little bit, the lack of urgency and effort has hurt my belief in this team.

  222. I don’t believe Howard is really an academic. Thousands of people lecture in the universities these days, and so it is inevitable that many of them are of average intelligence; but I have never met any who are actually retarded, as Howard is. He is really one of the stupidest people I have ever come across.

  223. Frank's biggest fan

    If we are exhausted today, then what answer do we got on Tuesday. I think it’s more of a mistake to let the Fulham Midfielders time on the ball. AND It’s mental exhaustion, mainly on part of RVP to miss that header from 4 yards, and that right foot shot, both set beautifully by Arshavin.

  224. Howard claims to be an ex-footballer but doesnt understand the game apparently. Mikel, Mascherano, Denilson, Barry, any player who plays holding midfield only plays safe passes.



  225. Mikel, is better than Denislon at fouling the hell out of someone, thats for sure

    If the fans cheered the team on as much as we cry and complain, we would be in the top 4!

  226. Let’s get serious, blaming the crowd today is being a bit silly.
    The crowd were noisy and encouraging today.

    Yes, there was some booing at the end, but come on – we’ve had 3 0-0’s on the spin at home to West Ham, Sunderland and Fulham.

    Let’s get some perspective, any other big team would get booing as well with the same results.

  227. Until it’s mathematically impossible, I am still confident that we will finish in the top 4.

    Heed Passenal’s words.

    Also, once we have Diaby, Arshavin, Fabregas and Eduardo back in our line-up we will f**king blow all opposition away. Oppostion-cracking nutshell busters, plus with Rosicky potentially involved, we will pass through defenses like acid burning through soap scum !!!!!! Jesus I think I need a lie down

    Was anybody at the Twelve Pins (Finsbury Park) today? Heard a load of mugs chanting something about how Adebayor can’t score, but aside from that it’s all good. Can anyone recommend a better Highbury pub? I’m sometimes partial to the Auld Triangle and The Blackstock but i’ve found the atmosphere to be somewhat lacking recently, Cheers!

  228. also Walcott

    Walcott – Diaby – Denilson – Fabregas – Nasri
    Arshavin – van Persie


    I really do like Vela but he needs more time.

  229. Matty, maybe the crowd were better in your section, but I was surrounded by a lot of moaners and groaners today.

    The crowd and the team feed off each other, so we do have a part to play as well.

  230. Frank's biggest fan

    At one stage, Man Utd fans staged banners, boos and what not against Ferguson when he was building his squad when Daglish’s Liverpool and GG’s Arsenal were the top sides. Thankfully the then management at Utd stick with him, and look at the results!

    Patience is everything. Confidence is everything. D&G leads to nowhere. Only disappointment, and excessive pressure.

  231. Passa – I was so disappointed by the crowd v Sunderland, but today I felt they were far better collectively in the noise making dept.
    There were a few moaners around me, but no more than normal.
    My Bendy hating mate wasn’t as bad as usual either, mainly cos Bendy didn’t start (and when he came on he did pretty well I thought).

    We undoubtedly have a part to play. Can’t agree more.

  232. Matty, It is a given that a team will have a better record at home than away, and i am sure you know why, the fans. Yes the players need to do better but how would you feel if everything you do wrong gets a collective moan/boo? think about it.

  233. your point is well made Paul, but that wasn’t my experience today at the ground.

  234. Peter Storeys Budgie

    Ole Gooner

    I have said the same thing every week since the start of the season we are not good enough and i have been told stop talking rubbish we have a great team that will challenge for the title,.We did not replace Diarra,Flamini,Gilberto and Helb in the summer.I am not happy i am right i am just saying what i can see and everyone else except you can see,the league table does not lie.

    Ole,keep on living in denial.Do you wear a blindfold at the games and did you not here the booing all around the ground today when Fulham started passing the ball around with 10 mins ago making us look very ordinary

    If you are happy with the football we have played this season good luck to you but i pay £1,200 and i am not happy

  235. True Matty, the crowd started well and there were pockets where it was good, but we do seem to drop our noise levels at the time when the team have dropped their level on the pitch and I could certainly feel the anxiety of those around me.

    I agree re Bendtner and I also thought Eboue’s direct running at Fulham looked promising, just not enough time to make a real difference. It is worrying when even our best striker is missing good chances. I do wonder what it’s going to take to get over what has become a bit of a psychological hurdle for the team.

  236. We played with 4 strikers and we still couldn’t score a goal!!!!!

    In like 80 chances (shots on goal) we haven’t scored.

    Try blaming Denilson and Song for this one!

  237. Did anyone notice..we aint leaking goals..

  238. I just read Arsene’s comments. “The offensive confidence of the team is not high and as a result we are becoming anxious”.

    Sums it up. I think if Robin had headed the ball down instead of up in the 20th minute then we would have won 3 or 4 nil.

  239. I hear you matty, but it seems that your experience is wasnt the consensus, but I wasnt their so I cant really comment but from the TV, I could hear the moaning everytime something didnt come off. The team has gone without scoring for sometime now, that is pressure enough, add the displeasure of the fans and it is easy to see why the team is uneasy in front of the goal. We just need to ease off of the boys and let them feel that we believe in them, it will make a difference. This team is a hair away from slaughtering someone, trust me!

    NO FEAR!

  240. Frank's biggest fan

    Yeah, it’s so easy to blame Denilson, Song, etc. But when a player like RVP misses sitters in past few games, it’s hard to swallow “fans” spouting that he is too good for Arsenal. Isn’t he part of the “team”? One attacking player who came out with full credit in my eyes, would be Arshavin. Brilliant. Absolutely scintillating.

  241. Agree, RVP has a couple of headers, and the first should have been converted.

    Arshavin is serious, I love how he is able to deal with the physical side of the game also.

  242. PSB,

    Ok, so I told you you’re right. That’s not enough for your ego? Get over yourself!

    Hey, we all pay good money to be fans. I gave up the season ticket since I wasn’t making it to most games. But my lifestyle as an Arsenal fan costs me 1000s a year. Match tickets, TV subscription, merchandise, events, travel, etc.

    But I don’t try to link the cost of supporting my team to anything. I am a fan by choice. If you don’t want to be, ffs, give up the season ticket, and stop being negative.

    Negativity is what’s decimated our season from end to end.

  243. Frank's biggest fan

    And it’s really hard to fathom the shortsightedness of certain nutters in the blogosphere. Few called for Ade’s exclusion. Now the same ones are praying for his return. Ade could nick a goal or two out of nowhere, and most definitely improves our aerial threat in crosses and corners.

  244. For someone playing his first full game for a new club, Arsh was great. He is a little pocket rocket. He will be a brilliant buy for us.

  245. Ole Gunner, how the fuck can you say van persie arshavin and nasri let the team down? how dare you criticise our beloved players?

  246. Credit to Fulham. Passing it around like that at the end –
    – Why are the players so tired ? They are top athletes, they are mostly in their early twenties – must be a general mental malaise. Am beginning to dread home-games.. just a theory, but bet we win away even against Man U.. It’s like the crowd drag the players down somehow.

  247. Fbf, Jamaican saying “you never miss the water till the well runs dry”.

  248. “Denilson was poor today. But we can’t place the result on his shoulders. Van Persie, Nasri and Arshavin….those are the men who should go home today feeling they’ve let the club down.”

    ole gunner, i can’t believe you are saying such things…

  249. What did Arshavin do to let the team down again?

  250. “Let’s drink to drown our grief!”

    Rostov, in “War & Peace”.

  251. Denisov, sorry.

  252. Arshavin does look promising, but he’s clearly not settled yet. He did create a few opportunities – a couple of passes to RVP in particular were outstanding. But even he was not able to take the game by the scruff off the neck and make something happen. He is still one step behind the action most of the time, but he looks like he will get the hang of things soon and could make a big difference for us.

  253. Howard – Your criticism of Denilson “His lack of defence splitting passes” shows your complete lack of knowledge of football and tactics. Denilson’s current primary role is as a defensive midfielder. His job is to win the ball, give it to someone else and hold position. He is capable of more than this but with the injuries we have had to contend with plus the leaking of goals earlier in the season mean that he is performing his role to a high standard. If he won the ball and then went on a 40 – 60 yard run you would complain that he was out of position.

    Also – Would you please give the Clough / Forest comparisons a f*cking rest. Do you honestly think that Arsenal are going to be relegated in the next few years? If you do you need eye surgery – Arsenal play in Red and White, not Blue and White.

  254. Ponyboy – Your 3 hours to late.

  255. Passenal – Arshavin is going to be a star but it takes most players anywhere between 3 months and a season to really bed in. Once Arshavin is match fit he will take the PL by storm. Can’t wait – I only wish that Howard wasn’t correct and it will be his only season in the PL as we are certain to be relegated.

  256. Passenal –
    He’s adapted really quickly, when you think many of us were thinking he wouldn’t have any real impact until next season.
    To those who are having a pop at Diaby ; he’s (still) injured ffs!! And Robin – what, he’s meant to score every game otherwise he’s poor ?
    And as for those who have decided to not post ‘for a while’ – that’s pathetic. Wasn’t there, but Fulham played like a top team from the little i saw. AW did look seriously p1ssed off at the end though.. cue some quiet words…
    ‘ pool lost 2-0 to ‘Boro – that’s a LOSS. Am clutching at straws, but D+G people :
    Not needed now.

  257. Marc – nice one!!

  258. What comment?

  259. xyz,

    Between them they had about 10 chances. No goal.

    Add 10 chances from the last game.

    They are quality players. But they’re not doing their jobs right now. When we were conceding goals, I blamed the defenders.

  260. Took 3 hours to get some perspective, Marc… am as guilty as those i’ve just slated, frankly.. but a few glasses and they’re half-full suddenly.

  261. This team is impotent they need some Viagra very soon. The old man Danny Murphy was posing around in midfield with the ball at his feet and his hands on his hips. Its a disgrace. We have missed chances but we never dominated for long spells to rattle their defence. They were too organised and we couldn’t muck it up and forced them to make errors. Our game is just too predictable in the league and every team knows this. We need a finisher like Eduardo. If Villa miss out on the fourth spot then they should kick themselves because we’ve handed it to them now.

  262. @Marc…being relegated. Ryman’s league next year, i suppose. Nice cheap seats..

  263. Ponyboy – We are all frustrated. I haven’t been able to watch the highlights for 3 or 4 weeks now. The difference is we take a deep breath and/or a strong drink and clear our heads, always remembering we are Arsenal. We are privileged to be so lucky.

    My problem is that I don’t need some popping up saying “You don’t want to do it like that” every time we drop points – especially with the number of players we have out. It just makes me want to kill again.

  264. Ponyboy re: cheap seats – Looks like both Howard and AIC will be happy!

  265. I’m not criticizing Arshavin, I actually think he’s doing well for how long he’s been with the team and playing in the PL and I can clearly see his potential. I’m just acknowledging that he’s not quite there yet, so I’m not expecting miracles.

    At the end of the day it’s true that form is temporary – we are creating chances, which we were not doing a little while ago, we just need to take some of them to restore our fragile confidence in front of goal. I still believe this team has the ability to do that, which is why I’m not ready to write them off as some have been quick to do.

  266. Yeah, Marc, but which side will they be on ? 🙂

  267. ..this side will prevail…on its own..without its supporters….worst supporters in the league….without a shadow of a doubt…and complete f*cking fools to boot…the press and media want you to force this team to lose…..and you swallow it hook line and sinker….the new stadium should be a fortress…but the players hate playing there it is obvious from their body language……….lets face it the support at the new stadium absolutely f*cking stinks…oh and I have a new one for the list…..f*ck off Ole Gunner….you f*cking deserter….


    Arsenanaa aaall…Arsenaaaa …aalll….worst supporters in the world…worst suppoorters in the world….

  268. Passenal – Sorry I didn’t mean to suggest that you were criticisng Arshavin. I was just trying to point out to the D & G’s that it takes a while to settle in.

  269. Ponyboy – As long as there nowhere near me I couldn’t care less.

  270. Passenal, you make me proud! You never give up, never give in.. and you never talk nonsense.
    Been a bit shocked at some of the ‘defections’ today.. not going to single out individuals, like Big Al, or Ole Gunner, but the ACLF team seem weary today..

  271. Thats sad Frank!

  272. Marc, you’re starting to make me laugh… thanks!

  273. they’re not there!

  274. iv w@anked like 3 times already and still im frustrated.. and i have a headache.. and now my spacebar is just as exausted as my beloved gunners today.. not so great day to be a gooner

  275. …booing at the end?…naaah there were loads of boos at half-time….and don’t think you f*ckers in the west upper who booed when Nic Bentner came on can hide…becuase we saw you you sh*ts…….a large proportion of the stadium could not find it in themselves to sing…but they could find it in themselves to boo….it could not have been worse if we had supplanted the Arsenal supporters (joke) with Spud supporters….what the f*ck did this classy club do to seserve this….never happened on this scale to Bertie Mee…Terry Neil…Don Howe…George Graham…Bruce Rioch….but the greatest of them all….with the team with the biggest potential gets booed…..you utter, utter b*stards….

  276. The blog has been taken over by Chelsea fans, Obi-Wan Kenobi fans, and perverts.

  277. Ponyboy – Life’s too short. You have a choice – laugh or cry! We have had a few poor results but just think we could be Spud’s, Chav’s or Scouser’s.

    That is what people like Howard want to reduce you to. Always resist. As a Gooner you will always be part of something important and amazing.

  278. yeah we looked like we are lacking confidence in front of goal RVP and Vela who are usually very assured in front of goal look less assured, like i said we need Theo and Eduardo back lets hope the these players will give the team the much needed confidence boost we need.

  279. Poliziano – I’m afraid to ask which category you put me in.

  280. Frank's biggest fan

    If you glance over few blogs, you see mention of this being the worst Arsenal side they’ve ever witnessed. Ironically coming from the worst set of supporters.

  281. Frank's biggest fan

    It’s not when we win the supporters’ support got true value. It’s when the team is facing a lack of form. The audience need to lift them up. I completely agree with this:

    “booing at the end?…naaah there were loads of boos at half-time….and don’t think you f*ckers in the west upper who booed when Nic Bentner came on can hide…becuase we saw you you sh*ts…….a large proportion of the stadium could not find it in themselves to sing…but they could find it in themselves to boo….it could not have been worse if we had supplanted the Arsenal supporters (joke) with Spud supporters….what the f*ck did this classy club do to seserve this….never happened on this scale to Bertie Mee…Terry Neil…Don Howe…George Graham…Bruce Rioch….but the greatest of them all….with the team with the biggest potential gets booed…..you utter, utter b*stards….”

  282. Fbf – Maybe we need to be able to identify the age of people commenting. Anyone under the age of say 18 months should just be ignored.

  283. …..this side will prevail…but it will take a long, long time before any of them expunge the belief that they are playing in front of the worst supporters in the Prem…a long time…

  284. Frank's biggest fan

    Yogi should redirect certain comments to LG or GB. Lol.

  285. Frank –
    Thinking about it, how adult is it to say “Boo!” ? Speaking from a yet-to-get -a season-ticket perspective….they won’t be around next season… which will allow those with some cash and genuine love for the club to get in there.

    Still, think Passenal has it right (as ever) – take pot luck and don’t get stuck with an oik all term long.
    “From the lion came forth sweetness”

  286. Frank's biggest fan

    Some of these “fans” would jump ship. It will cleanse us a bit. It’s depressing to see the spoilt lot going for the manager’s head straight away.

  287. Fbf – I would be happy if he redirected them to the local spud’s site as long as I don’t have to keep reading them.

  288. Marc – it’s obvious you are a pervert… You enjoy the masochism.

  289. … Ooops..am a bit slowed down by the hop and the grape.. was referring to Poliziano’s categories.

  290. Yogi ! Since when is “Poliziano’s categories” a moderation phrase ????

  291. Ponyboy – Do you know me?

  292. You’re right Frank. The booing at the end was noticeably more widespread than at the Sunderland game. I was quite disappointed with the reaction and I was certainly in a very small minority in my section that bothered to clap the players off the pitch. As I said earlier, I expect the players will be relieved to play away from home on Tuesday.

  293. No Marc, relax! Was just being jocular about Pz’s categories ( ?) ~ but i recognise a good man when i see one [ usually].

  294. Just checking!

  295. Yep – expect tuesday to be a spanking day out!
    No ‘boos’ – no tossers – no freaks… even the surprisingly even-handed guys on Iraqgoals (sic) – were surprised at the Arsenal support, or rather, lack of.

  296. Lashings of Ginger beer, sandwiches, and a mystery man who scores two goals..

    Question is – to watch or not watch MOTD ??

    Want to watch Liverpool being beaten… but if it’s “Lawro”, it means a night of insomnia and hatred.,

  297. “what the f*ck did this classy club do to deserve this….never happened on this scale to Bertie Mee…Terry Neil…Don Howe…George Graham…Bruce Rioch….but the greatest of them all….with the team with the biggest potential gets booed…..”

    It’s a sign of the modern spoilt brat world we live in – “I want it all and I want it now, and if I don’t get it I will scweam and scweam until I’m sick!”

    Maybe getting a reputation as bad supporters will be a reality check for some? But it really shouldn’t have to be that way. If you’re going to support, do it wholeheartedly or not at all.

  298. We all furstrated at the result amd we express our disappointments in diferent ways Like Joseph for example he wanked 3 times and squirted on his keyboard and the space bar isn’t working now Ha ha ha.
    To joseph- if you wank to much you’ll go blind and you will not be able to watch the game.
    Others wants to come out and say they support the club better than others because they don’t criticise the team when the result is shit. What the hell? We all gooners and lets rant.

  299. “Question is – to watch or not watch MOTD ??2

    I say not, as I have not watched it at all this season – I see Hanson’s face and I want to kick my TV screen. I can’t afford to buy a new TV every week, so I pass!

  300. Passenal – So very true. There’s an awful lot of people who need a kick up the arse.

  301. Just had a look at a ‘pool blog… makes us look positively mild… Benitez being called the ‘Spanish waiter’ (sic) – hatred for everyone of the players who didn’t score – etc etc..
    We are not alone , here ! More vitriol than Howard on speed..

  302. ….let us stop messing about…the person next to you…in front of you….behind you…boos the players……….take the f*cker out….conversationally if you can or physically…or my favorite is psychologically…

  303. …Pb…you should know better…no real Arsenal supporter ever wathces MOTD…..

  304. …and certainly never watches….

  305. …MOTD was designed for the Mancs and the Scousers with occasional patronising footage for the lower teams….essentially a North West thing…unless the numbskull Mihir Bose has a say in which case you may see some utterly biased footage…of the Spuds….

  306. Stop trying to defend Howard, Ponyboy. He’s a bad man – a very bad man. Don’t get taken in by his damsel in distress act.

  307. I only have 3 things to say.

    1. We did not play that badly.
    2. I wonder if these ‘supporters’ will boo when we only win by 1 goal.
    3. f*ck off Howard

  308. True… am getting old and forgetful.. but the look on Hansen’s/Lawrenson’s face(s) – it’s tempting..

  309. He is mentally ill, Pz – am i going to become like Consols and send him, mentally, to some camp ?
    It’s all very confusing, but yes, if he mentions Brian Clough once more, a painless death..

  310. Well this team clearly has its L plates on and we just have to wait untill they finish their apprentiships.

    I just hope we dont lose some of these players if we fail to qualify for the CL.

  311. “We few, we happy few – we band of brothers”!

  312. …you see football is about bias….there is no such thing as neutral in football…so you people who have dised the club and manager and players publicly….including going to games and booing….you people have crossed the line….you are not Arsenal supporters anymore…. this is a cleansing process…sooner or later we will find our way back to loyal support…..judging by the views of certain people on here it may be later….but f*ck you…really… f*ck you…

  313. Steve,

    *We didn’t play badly. But we weren’t great either. The key is that we played well enough to win the game. But it’s distressing that we’ve had like 80 chances and not one single goal. That’s worrying.

  314. Duke –
    A shame to lose top players, but they are not Arsenal if they go to warm some CL team bench. F#ck ’em!
    May well be totally wrong, but can only see Ade and, – ouch – Robin – jumping ship.

  315. ..F*ck off, Ole Gunner….you wobbled, son..you don’t have what it takes….

  316. …RvP will not leave the clunb unless AW does….neither will Cesc….and as such they have a lot more staying power than a good proportion of the supporters…

  317. …clunb is a colloquial,old London word meaning club….it is a throw back to the Icenae and was used for a very short time after London was ‘cleansed’….sort of appropriate…

  318. Nice history lesson there Frank. Cleaning TNHOF will be a lot harder as some of these people only boo inside the stadium when they are with their mates.

  319. Is being as annoying as possible a recognised mental illness?

  320. Frank,

    What the fook? What’s that all about?

    Don’t mess with me mate!

  321. Being repetetive and as annoying as possible is.

  322. Why would any player leave? If we fail to qualify, it will also be down to them, no one can walk away and blame someone else for what’s gone wrong this season as they have all played a part. The club has stood by RVP during 3 injury affected seasons, I really cannot imagine him repaying that faith by jumping at the first opportunity. All our players have to do is look at their erstwhile colleagues Flamini and Hleb, to see where they could end up. As long as Wenger stays, they will all stay put for at least another year and if we can keep everybody fit for most of next season, I have every confidence that we can do something big.

  323. Wenger is Eboue"s Dad

    No you fuck off Frank

    You have been WRONG all season>I bet you still think we can win the league.

    The truth is after the shambles in the transfer window in the summer 4th place is the best we could how for.But no-one could believe it would be this bad

    God news is the club may charge Carling cup prices fot the Europa cup next season

  324. ..I am not you’re mate, Ole Gunner…..but you are a splitter…support has gone bad, son…can’t be trusted….

  325. How can it ever be ‘wrong’ to support your team? They may not do as well as you hope, but hope rather than expectation is the essence of football.

  326. Wenger is Eboue”s Dad:

    Bit to much sauce?

  327. Frank, are you smoking some good doobie? Better be back to apologise once you’re sober.

  328. @ PB – Defection? I have an objection to that!

    I think I’ve been quite positive, but I – and I believe some others – still need a couple of days to recharge my batteries because there’s a hefty swell of moaners on the way. As OG said, it is exhausting!

    It’s only going to be Arsenal.com for team news for the next few weeks.

    I’m not really interested in anyone else’s view on Arsenal anymore. I can make my own mind up. It’s not rocket science. And it’s not like I need some guy who didn’t even pass his 11 plus (and probably want to see us fail) to sit in a studio or commentary box and talk sh*t just to fill the air.

    The funny thing about all these draws is that a couple of wins on the trot will change their complexion so quickly. And if nothing else, 0-0 is a platform to bigger things.

    Tuesday should be 3 points for us. Bis dann!

  329. At some point, this will change, and we’ll have a good run of wins. I have no doubt whatoever about it.

    But I am worried about almost 80 shots and not one goal. That’s a lot of quality players wasting that quality.

  330. Big Al, I don’t blame you – I feel like that sometimes myself. Sometimes you need to take a step back and avoid the doom and gloom in order to keep your sanity. As long as you are not turning your back on the team, you are still one of the good guys!

  331. Big Al – apologies!! Some of us are a bit one-eyed here tonight; you’re Mr. Cool.
    Just watched Titus Bramble stop ‘pool score three times..
    Cliche (ay) – but CONFIDENCE = SUCCESS.

  332. Last post : Robin was so unlucky.. 3 so close..
    Fulham only played well after our misses. Ok, PM over.

  333. Brian Glanville, writing in the Times, claims Fulham outplayed Arsenal. Time to start testing journos for drug use.

  334. I’ll grant that Fulham played well, but they never outplayed us – Almunia did not have to make many saves. We created better goal scoring opportunities than they did.

  335. We lack confidence and that will come with goals so I am hoping for a flooky goal to go in off Eboues or the big danes backside. That will be all we need as a team everthing else is there, come on lady luck please shine down on us.

    Spare a thought for WBA who play some amazing footy and should have beaten everton but for some poo defending by them and excellent defending by Everton we aren’t the only ones struggling with bad luck.

  336. Wow Brian Glanville must be a closet fulham fan……….

  337. Its Ok I don’t mind EUROVISION cup or whatever shit they ‘ll call it at least the young kids will get to play some european football and we can concentrate on the league. if Wenger doesn’t learn from this season then I’m afraid it will be the end of the road for him another season like this and he might quit. But I’m confident next season it will be a different story. IF we have a good finish to this seson which I predict we will then Wenger will convince the want aways to stay but if we fail next season then we will see an exodus of our top players. Its all ifs and buts. Eurovision here we come.

  338. Unhappy?….Blame someone else…

    When You’re unhappy, it’s almost impossible for some people to blame themselves….it’s always someone else, or some other circumstances that you don’t have control over. It’s easy this way, you don’t even have to look in the mirror.

    Why are we unhappy? Because we are not winning. That doesn’t necessarily mean the team is bad, or Denilson did not make a 70 yard pass to Van Persi’s ass who nudges it into the net with ease. We are unhappy because we did not win, and for that we have to blame someone else.

    I personally think – without going into much detail – the team looked tired from the off until the end of the first half – Typical after CL game – then picked up speed from 2nd half kick off feeling they have to score or win, until they got tired, more frustrated by not scoring and by the fans. On the other hand, Fulham more rested, have nothing to lose ease of mind, if they lost to us at the Emirates no one will blame them. They only looked good because they had many advantages.

    My advise to the players is, forget about the stupid fans…with the next win, those retarded fans who booed them yesterday will be cheering with the same retarded attitude without even knowing why we won. We ask the players to control a flying rounded object in the air with ease, but we can’t even control ourselves. Such is how flaky fans are….

    On to Tuesday, and nothing has changed because we are still Arsenal, we are not broke and we have a lot of talent in the bank.

    For the retards, the talent in the bank is metaphor for: Fabregas, Walcott, Eduardo, Ade, and Rosicky.

  339. Strange. When we score no goals, half the people here blame the defensive midfielder.

    Last year when we scored no goals, half the people (probably the same ones) slaughtered Adebayor and declared he wasn’t “Arsenal quality” even though he carried the team offensively all year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Adebayor and RvP a lot and think they’re be a dynamite partnership if they ever get a long run together. But the difference in how they’re treated by critical fans is pretty shocking.

    I’d add that if we’re worried about losing players, missing the CL will be bad. But just as bad might be playing in front of angry, spoiled fans.

    I understand the frustration because it’s hard to figure out how we’re not scoring. Hell, Boro scored twice today. We certainly have the talent. I just don’t get it.

  340. 12 games to go. Do the fuc**** maths. We’ll be fine. Relax. Chelsea or Villa going to go down. Chelsea got really lucky today.

  341. I dont blame Wenger i blame the board i cant believe how us the fans have let them get away with the way they have run the club.

    The decision to sack David Dein was the catylist for the trouble we are in now.

    Hill-wood and Fitzman couldnt run a piss up in a brewery.
    Without transfer funds our club cannot compete with the other top 3.We need investment

    Wenger looks a broken man but he is not to blame its all the boards fault

  342. Listening to Stan Collymore’s podcast. Jesus on a donkey! Is he real? Stark raving lunatic. But it’s entertaining just how out there he is.

  343. G4E ur da man

  344. well along with Frank, Bob, PB, PZ and not to forget the ladies Pass, FG an TC

  345. If I missed anyone my apple-ogies.

    F*ck off Howard & PSB you miserable shitehawks. You are the boo-ers of this new era.

  346. We will prevail Steve. Frustrating yesterday, but I would not change one player of this team just because we didn’t win. They’re the same players that gave Roma the run around but were just tired.

    And thank you for the “F*ck Off Howard” follow up.

    That was supposed to be my closing argument, but I forgot while trying to explain metaphors to retards.

    Oh and to be fair, you f*ck Off too PSB.

    Ole Gunner,

    Long scoring droughts and missing chances are common and happen to many teams. When you know the quality is there, then it’s just a matter of weathering the storm. We are relying too much on Van Persie and it’s not fair to him comparing to Ade last season who was the only experienced forward, but with Fabregas as the big difference as a huge chance creator.

    Hold off the fire on individual players, it not an individual problem. The gates of scorching scoring hell will open soon….Patience & resilience is the key.


  347. From PSB:
    ” All season i have been getting stick on here for saying are (our) team is not good enough i am not joining the bandwagon now.I said it back in august.”

    So back in august you knew this, and you have not stopped spouting your shite ever since.

    Some fan you are, not once did you give the team any support (your words) since august.

    F*ck off you miserable asshole. Who needs your support. (That is even if you even give the team support. i.e. going to games or buying shirts, etc.)

    I bet you are just another pub fan who never even buys a shirt. (miserable Wan*er)

  348. D&G are out with their “misfiring” and “toothless” adjectives.

    Keep the faith. This trend of ill luck and lack of goals has to end one day.

  349. Full credit to Fulham. Another is “spluttering”.

    On another note, Eboue was good when he came off the bench as Sagna’s substitute.

  350. Bendtner too freshened up the attack, but the Fulham keeper just refused to be beaten.


  352. frank is a f-ing bastard, who bullies true fans honest enough to address the shortcomings of the team. people who stand on frank’s side and helps him in bullying the others- you are all cowards!

  353. le gunner, you are obviously naive. do you seriously believe van persie, adebayor, fabregas will stay if we do not have champions’ league football next season.

    some f-ing bastards may complain about the fans here.

    but do you seriously think the players themselves give a damn about the fans or the club?

  354. way to go G4E and Steve!

  355. You’re not qualified to address shortcomings of any one. You’re qualified to be a supporter, feel frustrated, but not belittle players because you don’t know shit about managing one player let alone 25 or more.

    The man who spent years and years training and managing clubs while you where still playing in your poopoo said that talking more about a problem you can’t measure will only increase and magnify the problem not resolve it. The same players who can’t score now are the players who were scoring for us before. What do you want us to do with them? How are you going to resolve our shortcomings? Buy more players right? And if it doesn’t work still, buy some more and start all over?

    Then you have another one who says those players will leave us if we can’t qualify for CL? Why do you think a CL club would take them if you think they’re so bad?

    You want us to believe that you’re someone to trust in resolving our shortcomings….I don’t think so. You just want to come here and whine your ass off, and want us to lie to you and tell you’re right so you can feel good about yourself.

    Do you think Frank doesn’t want the team he loves to win? At least Frank knows what his duty is as an Arsenal fan….and that’s to support, support, and then support some more.

    Bitching and moaning is easy, pointing the shortcomings is easier…..Supporting unconditionally is hard thing to do because it requires real love.

  356. I know that I’ve made one or two slightly negative comments in the past, the truth is I’m not feeling so glum at the moment.

    True, we should have won, but another clean sheet has got to be good! And at least we’re now creating chances!
    I have to agree that it is incredible to hear the booing on the t.v, that is simply shameful, the only other stadium I’ve heard it that bad was the times I’ve been in the Amsterdam Arena watching Ajax play poorly. It saddens me that we’re (vocal fans) are starting to reflect the continental model. It is NOT something to be proud of.

    The boys look a shot of confidence in front of goal, explain to me how booing them is going to help get their confidence levels up again? It just beats the hell out of me.

    On a positive note, Villa have a string of bloody tough games coming up including Everton, Liverpool and the Mancs so its still not all lost, plus their luck will probably run out against Stoke. Stoke to win 1-2!

    I’m going to add my voice to those singing the praises of the team in April, at the ‘borough game, Come on Arsenal!!!!

  357. …the ‘fans’ in the stadium have become a disgrace….not only to the club….but a disgrace to football….that booing fiasco was classless….and now the whole footballing world and a few more know that Arsenal supporters are not behind their manager and team….most importantly the players and manager know it….it has got to the stage where when playing at the Arsenal Stadium we will need to deduct a goal every game….not add one….we will be playing with 10 men…no twelfth man as other teams have…when you tell other supporters that you support Arsenal…they will snigger…’good team..almost there’…sh*t fans though don’t you think….’sing us that booing song again, you know the one you Arsenal supporters sing at you stadium…’…’we like that..gives us a chance against you’….

    …I am a bully…yes that is exactly the point…well spotted…..but I ask who is the coward?….when 30000 people get on the backs of the players….without having sung a word…who is the coward when you snipe at the club on blogsites…..who is the coward when you are the sort of supporter who puts his/her team at a disadvantage at home….who is the coward when you join in the mob and behave like a hack dripping poison about your club into the public domain….. who is the coward when you are an ex-player and you dis the team for money…..obvious isn’t it?

    …what a sh*t day to be a gooner……shameful day…..I will support this club unreservedly…but I am not sure I want to be called a gooner…..nope…bad associations…I am an Arsenal supporter and a an extremist at that…but I am not a gooner….no f*cking way…..

  358. Bradys right foot

    We are the worst fans in the league. The thought of having to share this team, stadium and our heritage with a large section of the emirates “faithful” makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. As someone who has followed the club for the best part of 45 years I resent having to share the club with the spoilt brats that occupy too many seats at the emirates. This season has been horrendous so far made worse by the behaviour of some of our supporters, but the promise that this team has and the options that a fully fit squad would give to the manager should be exciting every fan not just ours but football fans worldwide. Were going to have to take this season on the chin and man up that goes for the fans and the players..

  359. it’s all getting a little too opinionated on here for me at the moment. come on lads, the truth is rarely black or white, it’s usually shades of grey.

    everyone could be doing a bit better at the moment, from manager to players to fans.

    but let’s keep sme perspective. even if we come 5th or 6th (which is not my opinion, i still think we will make 4th), it is not the end of the world.
    we are a proper football club, well run. Fab and RVP etc will not leave if we don’t make the CL. They want to play for this manager and this club.

    Some of the negativity at the ground is OTT, but some of it is to be understood, we are all frustrated – as much as the players are.

    One image in my mind from yesterdays game is Almunia, at the final whistle standing with his hands on hips, shaking his head at what was in front of him.
    You can bet (I hope I’m right here) that there was a lot of tough words being said in the dressing room last night.

    Come on Arsenal. By far the greatest team, the world has ever seen. I get goose bumps just typing it.
    Let’s stick together, ranting at each other on here isn’t going to help.

  360. btw – re the Brian Glanville report on the game in The Times.
    I’ve got it here in front of me.
    He doesn’t say that Fulham outplayed us. He says, amongst other things, that their ‘keeper made 4 good saves, and Almunia had to make none.

    I thought it was a pretty fair and accurate match report.

    And fwiw, Brian Glanville is a well known Arsenal supporter. He is also a well respected and experienced journalist who doesn’t let that cloud his journalism.

  361. Matty, fully agree about us getting too heated on ourselves…

    but you know, clubs are circling around our best players…

    yes, we can always point out that players who leave arsenal rarely make the cut elsewhere, and that is a good lesson for anyone thinking about leaving.

    but surely players like van persie and fabregas will believe they are good enough and still leave anyway?

    they always cite the desire to win trophies, and that is something we haven’t done…yet.

    so i am really not sure about them staying if we don’t get champs league football.

    the club wouldn’t want to sell them…but i am concerned about another adebayor saga…

  362. Just got through reading all the posts from last night. A hard slog but one that was rewarded with the never say die, spirit of true Arsenal fans.

    Jesus wept, you’d have thought that we had just been relegated to read some of it.

    A big up to those who fought the fight on here last night. All Arsenal man and women true. Some excellent contributions, I particularly liked G4E taking them all on and FBS’s analysis of the games to come.

    I particularly loathed PSB and Howard, nothing new there. Horrible to see a few new names appearing on here to waggle their little dicks about , creaming themselves at a chance to say. “..I told you so, nah, nah, nah ,nah na”!

    But my particular hero of the night was Paul N who kept calm when all about him was chaos. A thread of reason and decency throughout. You the man Paul.

  363. I know what you mean about frustration, Matty. When my little son was learning to walk, I often got frustrated. Every time he wobbled, I groaned. If he tottered backwards and ended up sitting on the floor, I’d shout, “For f*ck’s sake, you little c*nt. You don’t give a sh*t about your dad. You only care about yourself. Now you’ve got your larger meals, you’ve become lazy.” I have to admit, too, (though I hang my head in shame) that at the end of a session, I would often give a loud, sustained boo.

    Nevertheless, I consider myself the most loving and supportive of fathers.

  364. Frank's biggest fan

    And one of the “reasons” for this booing is the ticket price. Apparently. No one is compelled to buy the season ticket. It’s a free society, and if you’re really in full “commitment” and “love” for the club, you get the ticket. As we saw with the “booing”, there is no real commitment, love, and respect for the club, the coach and the players. I hope these tw*ts don’t renew the ST, and let the real fans in waiting list “support” us.

  365. magav – i agree with the logic, and yes it is probably a little naive to think non CL footy means we keep ALL our players.
    but I think Fab and RVP and the majority will give us at least one season of non CL footy – they will see it as a big failure if they leave at the low.
    Fab especially will want to tough it out.
    and if we do lose players, we will get decent money for them, and I back AW and Gazidis to spend the money wisely.

    anyway, hopefully it will be a mute point. when we qualify for it by coming in the top 4, or whisper it quietly – winning the thing !

  366. haha Poli – that’s funny.
    but – i hope you know i’m not condoning that sort of reaction to one’s frustration.
    i’m the one having rucks with mr bendy hater sitting behind me !

  367. “Bitching and moaning is easy, pointing the shortcomings is easier…..Supporting unconditionally is hard thing to do because it requires real love.”

    Great point G4E

  368. http://www.sundaymercury.net/midlands-sport/west-bromwich-albion-fc/west-brom-news/2009/03/01/west-brom-boss-tips-arsenal-for-the-top-66331-23034268/

    Wise words from the West Brom manager that are well worth reading. Why can he see what is happening at Arsenal, yet so many who call themselves fans cannot?

  369. We didn’t win.
    We did not lose.
    We’re playing better than before
    AW’s mixing up the formations

    We clearly miss our maestro Cesc
    And cannot wait for Ed & Ade
    Soon Theo will be flying free
    Will Tomas ever come back full?

    Now, being we’re are 11 games away
    From finishing anywhere from 2nd-6th
    The bigger question is
    What fan are YOU?
    Do you jump ship when things are not so good?
    Or patiently believe in whats clearly true?

    This team is on its way to becoming SPECIAL
    I am not deluded, just fully connected
    With what hi-def Arsene’s trying to do.

    And so however long it takes
    However low it makes me sometimes
    I love this team & the man’s vision

    Big-picture Arsene knows
    That the world needs beauty & individuality
    Much more than it needs results
    For era creation & continuity

    But in a world of instant gratification
    Finer wine must sometimes make way
    For the wine coolers!

    ARSENAL for theLOVE of LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  370. Good digging Passenal!

    You a researcher or just an Arsenal anorak who can’t help searching out stories about our team?

    I love you and I don’t care who knows it. Except consolslel of course.

  371. Aman, you are a star.

  372. G4E you are a star!

  373. Big up to those that get it
    F**k Off to those who don’t!!!!!

  374. Gracias Consols..

  375. Matty,

    You’re right. Glanville didn’t say Fulham outplayed Arsenal. It was just the impression I got because of the way he linked the first sentence about Fulham having dominated Arsenal at Craven Cottage to yesterday’s game without making a contrast with yesterday’s game.

  376. It didn’t take that much digging to find the story Consolsbob – I was just perusing the Newsnow headlines, the most negative of which came from Arsenal blogs by the way and spotted this story. I was so taken by the oasis of sense in a sea of crap, I had to share it with people who would appreciate it!

    It also struck me that these Arsenal bloggers saying it’s time for Arsene to go etc, really don’t understand the club they claim to support. If they did, they would realise that it is only Arsene’s brilliance that has kept the team near the top on a shoe string budget. No other manager in world football would have the vision to do what he has done. He is the one who has set the high standards against which he is being judged. The only way another cheque book manager could succeed would involve us selling our soul to the devil to throw good money after bad in an attempt to buy our way out of problems. Also, the world is a different place now. Banks will not lend clubs money to buy players and pay their wages, and rich benefactors are not beating the door down to buy football clubs the way they were. In fact the only hawk circling our club wants dividends on his shares – he is looking to make money from our club not bank roll us.

  377. I think that last para from Passenal pretty much sums things up perfectly.
    I can’t even bring myself to talk to anyone who says AW should go. If you think that, you really need to go into a dark room and take a long hard look at yourself. Or maybe forget the dark room, make it a padded cell instead.

  378. I agree Passenal, Matty. I don’t go near those opinions if I can help it these days. Used to check out other blogs for a laugh but it’s not funny anymore.

    Mind you amongst all the rubbish written on here last night, I think Frank stood out. I mean all this talk of hanging the traitors from the roof at the stadium. Absolutely bl*ody stupid.

    Hanging’s far too good for them.

  379. I really believe that deep down, nobody wants Wenger to go. They think they’re putting pressure on him because nobody else is.

    It’s a spectacular misunderstanding of Wenger. This is a guy who wants to win. Who sets big goals and makes them happen. Pressure doesn’t make him want to do anything more.

    It’s just stupidity because all you get is a negative environment around the club that hurts many times more than it ever could help.

  380. All hail Tony Mowbray. A clear unsentimental assessment and a lack of cliches, refreshing.

    I love this blog, don’t post very often, but read avidly. One thing I’d like to add, and its nothing new, is that the football model will have to change in the UK and Europe.
    With the debt some clubs have, or flats or TV deals, people through turnstiles whatever, money will be in shorter supply. Arsenals policy, reengaged at united, liverpool and Chelsea and best at Everton this season, of building the team from within will pay dividends as we move forward and this team grows into maturity.
    All between 23 and 27 with some well blooded teenagers following on.
    I can not see why people do not get it, yet that’s why we as a country have so much debt in the first place, blinded by the here and now……..
    Wenger will be praised again as a genius within two years with his oh so brilliant ‘foresight’. HA!

    This season has not been great but is not over, I said second place and a cup so that’s still on.
    but the injuries have allowed a lot of players the chance to play ( the only way to bring players on in the premiership, and the reason Villa have had a good run but are now having to drop competitions because the small squad plays all the time, great up till the 80’s) and that will give them a blast out of the box next season with no summer competition…. good grief looking forward already.

  381. having duck eggs for breakfast this morning.

  382. almunia
    sagna toure gallas clichy
    arsh fabregas diaby nasri
    eds van p

    bench, walcott,adebayor,denilson,eboue,bendy

    this is a great team..and soon it will be on show!!

  383. Tony Mowbray –
    – there’s a man with class. Thanks for that, Passenal. Shame they will probably be relegated.

    As for the guy who called Frank a bully, and us positive lot ‘cowards’ – nope, actually have nothing to say to you. Frank already replied, with considerable restraint.
    Now – a little ‘ladyluck’ please, footballing Gods!

  384. Aston Villa drew too..

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