Victory With A Familiar Refrain

UEFA Champions League

Arsenal 1 – 0 AS Roma

1 – 0 van Persie (37 pen)

Post-match Arsene observed that the only regret that he had was that the margin of victory was only a single goal. Certainly, the team will be looking at the match, acutely embarrassed by some of the misses that they contrived in this fixture. Whether such profligacy in front of goal will be costly remains to be seen.

Criticism by the manager of the lack of urgency in moving the ball forwards on Saturday had to have been worked on in training; the speed and movement left their supposedly superior Italian opponents floundering, chasing shadows or more importantly, lunging at them.

The inclusion of Diaby in the midfield from the start gave some impetus, with the Frenchman’s direct approach providing a driving force from the centre of the pitch. In turn, this appeared to give his colleague’s the confidence to push on. Denilson, Nasri and Eboue were all more forceful in their actions. It led to perhaps the team’s best performance overall against good quality opposition since the visit of Liverpool to The Emirates before Christmas. Yet, despite this, confidence in front of goal remains fragile.

I commented on Saturday’s game that the list of the culprits was a veritable Who’s Who. Last night was no different other than it was Bendtner and Eboue who were guilty of the worst excesses. The former’s miss in the second half undermined his belief that he is worth a starting place ahead of all others. He must convert these chances and in times to come, I have no doubt that he will. Sadly, we are living in the here and now. For Eboue, it was an absolute shame that the ball did not nestle in the net. He had done all of the really hard work beforehand. Anticipation, calmness, thinking about what he was going to do. Everything that encompassed his blistering start at Arsenal as a right back was in that movement. A real pity that having bamboozled the defence, he could not put enough curl on the ball to beat the despairing lunge of the last defender and find the back of the onion bag.

Memories are evoked of the run to Paris in ‘95 and ‘06; single goal home victories without conceding. What is required is that the clean sheets which were so prevalent then be replicated now. Defensively, the back four dealt comfortably with everything that Roma had to offer. And when they did breach, Almunia was up to that, confirming his marked improvement over the past couple of seasons. In particular, his crucial save from Motta with the match goalless may yet prove to be a pivotal moment. The ‘Away Goals’ rule that Arsene was so critical of beforehand may yet prove to be his saviour in the return.

For the goal itself, there can no argument that it was a penalty and cleverly won at that with van Persie drawing a rash trip from behind from Mexes. It begs the question quite what you have to do to be sent off in a Champions League tie. Mexes was already on a yellow card and in England, it is not beyond much doubt that he would have walked. It highlights the differences between domestic and continental referees. Mind you, so does starting the second half with only nine Arsenal players on the pitch. Presumably, the club can appeal Toure’s booking for the technical nature of it was caused by an incorrect decision to kick-off. An English referee would have made certain of the numbers of players. Their speciality in the gaffe’s department is three yellow cards in a World Cup match.

The result was a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for those critics who believed Roma to be vastly better than Arsenal. The pace of the home side’s play left them dishevelled and misshapen. It will be a different match in the second leg with Roma looking to control the game rather than letting Arsenal dominate them. Despite this, the squad should be quietly confident of winning through for they were left with nothing to fear from last night. The important thing is to carry forward the performance to Saturday and take three important points.

It is another good day to be a gooner. ‘til Tomorrow

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  1. Great post as usual Yogi – up to your usual standards, unlike some mealy-mouthed bloggers out there suggesting that Roma’s incompetence made us look good!

    Will this team ever get the credit it deserves? Some people are quick enough to criticize when we have an off day, why not give them the credit for a good performance – unless they’re just determined to find fault?

  2. …that was a superb performance….and 1-0 is fine…one away goal and we are through I am sure….excellent support in the stadium…and the early leaver problem seems to have a natural solution….so many of them leave several minutes before the end that they block the exits and can’t get out….many of them spend those minutes standing in the aisles watching the game over their shoulders….and then after the full time whistle they are caught up by the real supporters…great stuff……..don’t believe all that you read in the press…we are in a very commanding position now…thanks to a defensive performance that meant that a useful Roma side were unable to do us any damage…and a passing game that at times was absolutely sublime…..Denilson superb…and Robin…you really are in a different class now, son….best player in England and probably Europe….

  3. …I agree with Passenal….and thanks, YW…

  4. Denilson is coming on nicely. Diaby made a difference. Eboue and Bendtner, our two main targets from the anti-support, were great. Pity they missed chances perhaps they should have put away. But Bendtner on the left caused all sorts of problems. Something that should be remembered before he starts getting slated. And even tho I am a fan of Vela’s, Bendtner was more effective on the left than Carlos was, on this occasion. Great performance all round from Nasri, and his tackling back in particular! You know the one I’m talking about. But on the night, biggest respect to Wenger.

  5. Once again the commentators, press etc refuse to give us the plaudits for out playing and out thinking roma… our guys miss a chance and it’s “they should of scored… what a miss”… when man u miss it’s “unlucky.. they’re playing some good football”…
    What do we have to do to be treated fairly… Anyway I thought our Midfiled and defence were excelent…. and in the 2nd leg we will destroy roma…

  6. Frank's biggest fan

    Yogi, Passenal, and Frank,

    Real stars.

  7. I didn’t realise they blocked the exits last night (mainly because i stayed to applaud my team) – that’s classic.

    A great team performance, special mentions have to go to Nasri and Gallas, but Man of the Match for me was Denilson.

    Easily his best performance in an Arsenal shirt, and there was a notable improvement in central midfield with him and Diaby both looking a lot more aggresive.

    Great stuff.

    A real shame we didn’t take 1 or 2 of our other chances, as the performance merited it.

  8. It was a great performance but we will see in 2 weeks whether it will be enough. This should be all over now and the fact that we needed a penalty to score having dominated almost from start to finish is concerning. Eddy should be back back then and could add some cutting edge. Ade may be back and focused hopefully also.

    Nasri looks much better centrally. AW buys central players and then plays them wide – Rosicky, Nasri, Hleb, Arshavin even Theo and it doesn’t always work, at least not initially.

    Defensively we looked good and once again Almunia did what little he had to do well. Diaby adds dynamism in midfield which was lost once Song came on.

    Not conceding at home is the new away goal and it was crucial that we did not concede.

    I think we’ll go through but it could have been made a lot easier.

  9. Denilson has two styles. The quietly getting on with it “Gilberto”-style. Which I agree, he was brilliant at last night. But the other way he plays…in particular at the beginning of the season, is the one where he is much more visible, getting forward dynamically, cutting back from the bye-line, etc….. What an asset he is becoming. Keep it to yourselves.

  10. Denilson has been very good this season but I am still not convinced he is the best partner for Cesc. With Song or Diaby next to him who have more physical presence we have enough solidity but Denilson Cesc and Nasri or Arshavin, Theo is simply too lightweight. I think Diaby is Denilson’s best partner as he is more dynamic than Song.

    Denilson has been playing even better in the last few games so well done to him. Manuel has also been excellent of late and is proving many people wrong.

  11. Agreed – Almunia was very good last night too, caught every cross he came for, and made the saves when needed.

    If we can get past Roma, we will potentially have Cesc, Adebayor, Eduardo and Walcott back for the next round.

    And say it quietly – maybe even Rosicky.

  12. Diaby was terrific. What a talent he can be !! Amazing potential. Fantastic improvement from Denilson. And agree with mingus Bendter played well when played out of position. Pity he couldnt take his chance.

  13. May more of your articles end this way, YW.

    “It is another good day to be a gooner.”

    I absolutely love it.

  14. I don’t agree that Denilson is coming on. He’s already come on – his first season as a regular starter at top-level football, and he’s the best player in his position. Astonishing! Imagine if a 21-year-old striker became top scorer in his first year as a regular player. Well, if he was an Arsenal player, the critics would complain that 70% of his goals have gone to the left of the goalkeeper, and he hasn’t proved himself as a right-of-the-keeper striker – or some such sh*t. No matter!

  15. At last, Diaby showed what he offers, Denilson is being recognised as the talent he is and Eboue finally got some backing for an all action performance.

    Gallas is finally playing like we know he can and RVP is just great.

    We certainly lost all of our forward thrust when Diaby went off, is he made of glass or what??

    I know Wenger has faith in Song but I just don’t see it, I would love him to prove me wrong but I suspect he just isn’t up to the task.

  16. What a performance, Eboue was immense last night – like the old Eboue bombing forward and making sharp passes. I so wanted him to bury that chance but unfortunately, unless he performs like that for his remaining games, I still fear he is not good enough to play for Arsenal.
    Nasri is definitely better going through the middle and the free role suited him down to the ground, what a great work rate. Despite all this talk about a defensive mid, what about a midfield of Cesc and Nasri, being flanked by Theo and Arshavin next season?
    Can’t even be bothered to talk about Bendter’s misses. I think if he has a future at Arsenal it can only come after another loan spell, he can carry out his target practice elsewhere because we aint got the time for it here. Couldn’t see the point of puttin him out left when the left footed Vela could have started there. I always feel Bendter is more effective as a sub anyway.
    Anyway I fancy us to win 2-1 out there.

  17. I suspect Diaby only got a knock and, having just seen the replay of the game, I think Arsène was planning to make that change already before it. Song was shown taking his jacket off 10 seconds after Diaby went down. Arsène just wanted to preserve him as he was coming back from injury.

  18. Y.W. A proper Arsenal football blog I must say. A lesson to all those “Gunner-Arses” who simply seek notoriety by circling our football club like vultures tearing into every weakness rather than being positive and supportive. Last night was another example of the golden generation that Wenger is building from the ground up. The irony of it all is that the players who have been most slagged and pilloried such as Eboue, Denilson and Diaby were the most dynamic and effective. Note, as I said repetively, in two years Wenger has transformed Eboue from a modest right-back to a capable midfielder who may be the unfinished article but on his day is a very penetrative force against very physical opponents and massed defences. No wonder the vultures in the blogs and the mainstream press are grudging in acknowledging our success in contrast to their unfettered joy when we have setbacks. One more observation; the critics of Song are typical of the one-eyed thinking among some of our supporters. Song is a defensive midfielder, period. The Arsenal need such players especially when we are light in midfield. But then these are the same critics who kept banging on since last summer that we needed a defensive midfielder, preferably a high priced one, even at the expense of signing Arshavin. Frankly, patient supporters will be the ones having the last laugh, if we can keep this special group of talented players together for the next 2-3 years.

  19. I have an idea how Bendtner could practice his shooting. Put alboy in the stocks, and have Bendtner take shots at his face from six yards. When alboy thinks Bendtner is accurate enough, he promises not to moan about him again, and Bendtner stops shooting.

  20. Has anyone seen the BBC question put to Touré about his yellow card? I had just assumed he was trying to rush on and hadn’t thought about the usual rules for pitch entry. But no, he didn’t know that he couldn’t come back on the pitch without the referee’s permission. Don’t we teach our players the rules of football?

  21. It’s not that obvious, crafty. It’s well known that you can’t enter without the ref’s authorization when you go out to get treatment, but after halftime? It just never happens…

    Anyway, I wonder why did our players kick off. Didn’t they notice we were two men down? They could have refused, told the ref, “hey, wait a second please”.

  22. Has anyone got ATVO? Diaby talks there about his “injury scare”, apparently. From the way it’s worded it looks like if it was nothing, but hearing it would make things more clear.

  23. NEN,

    Diaby said his calf was OK – just tight. That sounds like good news, but I guess we have to wait for some more info this week.

  24. I think Toure was saying that he didnt know the Referee could start the game without the all players on the pitch.

    He has to know the rule about coming onto the pitch. Doesn’t he?

    Shotta, whether Song is a DM is irrelevant sometimes we just have to admit a player just isnt Arsenal standard. You have to ask yourself would he get on the bench of Manure, Chelski or the bin dippers? Not a chance.

  25. Crafty

    I would be more concerned with why the hell Gallas and Toure were so late out than anything else. Toure, I understand, has to be the last player onto the pitch for superstitious reasons but even so, what was WG doing?

    On second thoughts, I’m not entirely sure I want to know.


  26. drew10.. in a yr or so he’l get on the bench of any team..

  27. chkmiot, Any team? Song? that is a big statement, I hope you are right. He is a big lad and could do a job but he just isn’t dynamic in any shape or form!

    I can’t see him on the bench for Barca honestly can you?

  28. Toure, I understand, has to be the last player onto the pitch for superstitious reasons but even so, what was WG doing?

    I heard Gallas was having some kind of treatment. The blame goes to Kolo there, not Gallas, as superstition is nonsense.

  29. Just checking what this reply thing does.

  30. Wow this make things interesting. Just imagine, how many replies AIC is going to get now.

  31. wat a great performance that was. Just pissed we didn’t bury d roman shite

  32. Frank's biggest fan

    We made them look shite. We should maintain this tempo in the away game.

  33. I hope the lads takes dsame attitude 4 the fulham game its a crucial one

  34. Anyone remember a couple of years ago, some time around summer 2007 I think it was, Wenger was questioned about his youth policy and one thing I recall him saying really well was “we are in the process of turning Theo Walcott and Denilson into world-class players“. Some laughed at that comment, but look now! Ok, Theo and Denilson may not be 100% “world class” in the sense just yet, but they’re certainly knocking on the door and within a few years could easily become certified gooner legends. Proud to have these awesome talents who show maturity and professionalism ahead of their years at our club, instead of the likes of Drogba who think the whole world revolves around them.


  35. Drew10 – Song does the job he is supposed to and does it well. In my opinion he is a younger, more mobile Gilberto Silva who will only get better. I think too many expect Song to be a Flamini which he is not. Others idealize about a powerful defensive midfielder in the Essien mold but quite frankly he is a freak of nature and cost over 20 million to boot. To paraphrase the self proclaimed ‘special one” smart players do the job their managers ask and not what the crowd demands. That is why Song will be around for a very long-time even if he is not a starter.

  36. A second and last test to see how the replies are shown.

  37. …my guess is that the confidence of the team will be much higher as a result of last nights game….it really was an uplifting experience…the atmosphere was electric in and around the stadium….and I have to tell you the West Upper sings…oh yes it does….never did at Highbury….but now it sings….how f*cking fantastic is that……… absolutely, no holds barred, f*cking fantastic night to be a gooner….

  38. …great comment, Blackstock…..what a star….

  39. …I agree with sg….

  40. Shotta, I am sorry I just don’t agree.

    Gilberto had more about his game than Song ever will, he was great in the air and he was also more dynamic than people gave him credit for.

    Denilson is more like Gilberto around the park than Song is.

    There are better DM’s at Songs age than he is. Mascherano was twice the player at 21 than Song is.

  41. …so if Alex Song is drawing comparisons with Mascherano (River Plate, Corintians, West Ham, Liverpool, Captain of Argentina) and Alex Song is 20 then you must have quite high expectations of him, Drew10….I like that… well done…I think he did what AW asked him to very well….hold the defence…spoil opposition moves…..and do not under any circumstances take any risks….did it perfectly in fact….

  42. OK just a small explanation about reply.

    It is pretty self-explanatory and a way that WordPress believe will make it easy to ‘thread’ comments so that you can reply directly and hopefully, it will stop misunderstandings when you lot are having a frank (or should that be Frank) exchange of views?

    If you click on reply, your comment will directly show below the original comment.


  43. I think Song just needs to develop a change of gear; a sudden burst of acceleration, and then he will be yet another more-than-useful member of the squad.
    Quick mention for Ramsay. I love the way he never hides, wants the ball and takes responsibility.

  44. …I liked Ramsey’s contribution too, Mingus…

  45. I’m still pumped up about Diaby last night. Right from the start he set the tone, and the rest of the midfield followed.
    My prayers for 3-0 with Eboue and Bendy on the score-sheet were so nearly answered, if only for just a little more composure in front of goal.

    The crowd were great too.

    V different to Sunderland game.

    My stress levels whenever Bendy gets the ball are off the charts these days, I want that guy to do well sooooooo much it hurts.

  46. Frank, !!!!! I just don’t know what you read sometimes!

    My point is that Song is okay and may develop but is he a better prospect than Big Phil was at centreback? He was shipped out and I feel Song will be too.

    We should be aiming higher than this at Arsenal and we have a brilliant crop of exceptional youngsters I am not sure Song is one of them.

    Mingus, Ramsey is one of them and no mistake and he is 3 years Songs junior!

  47. re Blackstock and the Theo/ Denilson world class thing :

    reminds me of my favourite ever AW quote …..

    Patrick Vieira was having a moan-up in the press one day, he thought we should be buying more ”world class” players (sounds familiar eh)

    Arsene was asked about this the next day at a press conference… and he said ”well, I’d like to remind Patrick that even he wasn’t world class – when we signed him”.

  48. Great article, fully agree with everything
    Some of the other sites have somehow managed to be negative about a great performance, but this to me is spot on

  49. …I know what your point was, Drew10…I was transforming it into something more positive…and in my view more accurate….I think that Alex Song does preciely the job that AW asks of him and is becoming very, very effective…Ramsey is a different sort of player altogether and can take risks…provided someone behind him mops up….we have some fantastic combinations of midfield players….and pretty soon the opposition will not know how to lay out their stall when Arsenal come to town…..

    btw…I bet Roma were astonished to see Nic Bendtner playing on the left wing…and they were never quite sure where Nasri was playing……bet they didn’t expect Abou Diaby to link up so well with RvP either….

  50. drew10 – i for one think song is a better prospect than senderos at CB, in this league at least
    in italy or spain i feel senderos could be fantastic
    whenever ive seen song play CB for us hes looked aggressive in the challenge but composed on the ball
    not perfect positionally, but remember djourou has been converted from midfield and it took him a long time to look positionally good like he is now (and hes still improving)
    for the premiership, song and djourou could be an excellent long term partnership Imo
    but i dont like song in midfield, he loses his composure a little bit it seems, and denilson looks a better DM prospect

  51. Frank, I guess your “very very effective” is very very different to mine.

    He fills a gap no more, any effectiveness from our team went the moment he came on.

    Being positive is one thing, and anyone who reads my comments on here knows I support the lads no matter what but being blinkered is another.

    Whilst Song is an Arsenal player I will support him all the way, I just feel I wont have to for too long.

  52. ….I think clubs really need players like Alex Song….he does exactly what AW tells him…nothing complicated….win the ball….pass to a more creative player…spoil the opposition moves….never take in centre of defence if injuries require it…play in front of defence if injuries require it…or if tactics require it at the end of a game when legs get tired….no glory…no complaints….just does the job….f*cking heroes players like Alex Song are…and very, very useful…

  53. Never takes risks? Gives the ball away in the dangerous end of our pitch, constantly foulds around our box?

    Cant pass a turd! I hope he will get better and accept he is only 21.

    I want better players in our team than this.

  54. How about Francis Coquelin?

  55. Roma should be out of it by they still have some confidence going into the second leg which should now be a formality.

    We have a number of games before the second leg and injuries and a tense game is Rome is something we could have done without.

  56. I agree with Frank.

    I think your expectations of Song are way too high Drew 10. He is a very young player who is experiencing his first real run of games in the team this season. He may never be a star, but he will always be a useful squad player because he doesn’t mind filling in wherever required in defence or midfield and will do a job. It may not be spectacular enough for your liking, but he is not in the team because of his creativity. However, he does possess an eye for a pass as we saw in the CC game against Blackburn last season when he set up the winner for Eduardo. And as for your comparisons with Essien, I don’t know if you watched any of the ACN matches last year, but he completely dominated against Ghana’s midfield. The difference? Confidence, which he has when playing for Cameroon and which will grow the more he plays for Arsenal and the more support he gets from the fans. And finally, the Song/Djourou defensive partnership in the CC this season was outstanding.

  57. Poliziano you’re a bit feisty today aint ya?

    I’d happily get in those stocks mate, just place them in front of the biggest barn door you can find.
    My post was actually reasonably supportive of Bendnter, as much as it realistically could have been after his horror show last night. I’m saying if he is gonna improve then perhaps his best bet is to try and do it elsewhere (on loan) because we can’t afford to let him try and get better while we slip out of all contention. Like I said, he is effective as a sub but at the moment I don’t think he is anywhere near good enough to play ‘every minute of every game’ like he reckons he is.

    Let’s face it, his finishing was shit last night. Sorry if you couldn’t see that. In fact you probably did see that but wanted to make me look like a moaner because you couldn’t string anything more interesting together?

    At least all the other boys can see how righteous and committed you are though. Good for you mate.

  58. Ha ha! Horror show?
    Bendtner had a great game apart from his finishing. Which will improve.

  59. Frank,

    Song a hero….calm down old chap.

  60. Bendtner again showed he hasnt got that natural instinct in front of goal, but he is turning into a good player none the less.

  61. Alboy’s “reasonably supportive” comment about Bendtner:

    “Can’t even be bothered to talk about Bendter’s misses. I think if he has a future at Arsenal it can only come after another loan spell, he can carry out his target practice elsewhere because we aint got the time for it here. Couldn’t see the point of puttin him out left when the left footed Vela could have started there. I always feel Bendter is more effective as a sub anyway.”

  62. I think we laid that distortion of what he actually said to rest last week alboy. Another media variation on the ‘Arsenal in Crisis’ story. Which is the only Arsenal story they have got.

  63. “Bendnter had a great game apart from his finishing”

    He’s a fucking striker mate! ok he was on the left and his work rate was very good, but he could have put us out of sight last night.

    I want to be patient with these kind of players because we have let his likes move on before and regretted it, but you’d be a lying if you said you weren’t pullin your hair out last night watchin him missing such sitters?!

    (Horror show was a bit harsh admittedly).

  64. This reply’ business has interesting possibilities Yogi. What about continuity in terms of a time line when comments are added after some time though?

    Do we have to keep checking back for ‘new’replies?

  65. It’s a good idea, Yogi.

  66. alboy – language!!

  67. No idea Consols.. but it’s rather enjoyable !

  68. How about you debate my comments with me rather than try and gather as much support from others as you can? We’re all fans of the same club just with different opinions on certain issues.

    Stop being a Cyber Hardman and write something constructive. You don’t need to divide people, regardless of your opinions.

  69. Suppose if you care enough, you can always tick the “Notify me…” box.

    Btw: Anyone fail to notice the ‘fun’ the media had with Maureen and his “Special” door. That man is truly loathsome.

  70. Keep your cool, brother Alboy. I know Nic looks more likely to miss than score just at the moment. And I know he is in the team to, more than anything, put the ball in the back of the net. But it is a fine line. If he had scored, that would have been the cherry on the (pretty f***ing good) cake. In the weeks and seasons to come, I am sure he will convert those chances into goals. What he does possess is presence and as far as the Roma defence was concerned last night, a seriously surprising threat.

  71. Consolsbob

    I am not entirely sure how it is working in that respect.

    It appears that the replies are staggered on time and whether you reply to the original post or to a subsequent reply.

    In general though, I believe that replies are ‘attached’ to the original comment so if a general comment is left after the comment you are replying to, scrolling up the page is going to be necessary.


  72. Superb analysis.

  73. It is a pleasure to read some thing I thought but was unable to put into words. I particularly like the reminder of just how good the Song/Djourou partnership was in the CC.

  74. Did you know that Sunday followed Saturday.

  75. Alboy,
    I am not a hardman, but old and frail. I am also wholly biological, with no robotic components. I didn’t even know cyborgs had been created.

    There’s nothing wrong with Bendtner’s finishing. If you went in those stocks, he would hit you regularly from six yards. That was the point of the comment. Tension has got the better of him once or twice, as it has to several others.

  76. YW – I thought Gallas was getting some treatment from the physio? may not have been his fault.

  77. I admit to being very concerned with certain sections of the crowd. On Saturday, for the first time in my years of attending, I engaged in a verbal confrontation with a fellow (I won’t say supporter) seat occupier, and this was after witnessing several huge arguments between supporters during the game, one which actually came to blows, all prompted by the Eboue substitution in the second half.

    As Aluminium applauded the crowd after the game and I applauded him back (another great performance in keeping another clean sheet) I was confronted by an irate frothing imbecile who screamed at me: “What are you doing? What are you clapping them for?” In shock I just stared back at him (still clapping) and he again screamed at me, “Stop it! Fucking stop it! Stop clapping! Why are you clapping them?” I explained I was clapping because I support them and that maybe he should consider supporting Man Utd. I then proceeded to visit my ‘bad place’ and threatened him with extreme, gratuitous and wholly inappropriate violence. Thankfully for all concerned he heeded my excellent lifestyle advice and went on his way, but I have to admit it has really cast a shadow over my feelings and I wonder if I’m fast approaching burn-out with regards to attending live football.

    I love the team, I love watching them; last night’s game was such a wonderful footballing experience, and yet my ears seem to now unfairly pick out the moaners, the complainers, the idiots, the cretins… and there he was again last night, about five rows back with his gaggle of Neanderthal followers, a face of utter misery, even after that performance, and all I could hear, all I could focus on, was this bunch of ignorant ingrates moaning about the team and moaning about Wenger being “clueless”.

    I can’t stand it anymore. I really really can’t stand so many of our ‘supporters’ anymore. I’m only a few games away from a 15 stretch for murder.

    I really think I’m going to have to stop going. 😦

    Sorry for the rant.

  78. I didnt compare him with Essien?? You keep mentioning the CC that is about his level.

    I do support the lad I just think he is very limited as a footballer and it is all well and good being good enough to do a job but lets remember when we had Gliberto Vieira and then Edu/ Parlour to come in. That is the kind of level we should be aiming for.

    I understand he is only 21 but the difference in his performances this season to that of Denilson is staggering.

    I believe he is a better prospect at CB than DM however I would still prefer we brought back Senderos and spent the time and effort on developing him.

    Song may well develop into a decent player but will he ever be an Arsenal great? That is all I am saying.

  79. Thanks for addressing me personally. That must have taken courage for an old, frail man without the support of his peers.

    At least you have a sense of humour. Unfortunately however, I am not an opposition goal and premier league strikers do not get to only shoot at point blank range from 6 yards. For you to tell me that there is ‘nothing wrong’ with Bendtner’s finishing is laughable.

    You have successfully turned me into a moaner today which I am not happy about and usually detest in other posts. For the record I really hope Bendnter does well for Arsenal, and reagrdless of how you went about it, I admire your faith in one of our players.

  80. Davebluez –
    That’s depressing reading. Had no idea it was that bad.
    Matt & Matty, and now you, all saying much the same. If you, and others like you stop going, those oiks are going to become the majority.

  81. Lets hope so Mingus. I think the suprise element of his threat to Roma has to be accredited to Wenger on some level though? I certainly wasn’t bemoaning the 1-0, I would have taken that before the game if It had been offered. 3-0 would have been better yes, but I think we’ll score in Rome

  82. …davebluez…you are a star….and a real gooner…

  83. Jeez. That makes depressing reading. This internal strife/civil war thing (call it what you want) is no joke. I haven’t been to TNHOF yet, but in one pub I don’t go to any more…all you could hear was tutting. Which, believe me, is as much a wind-up. At least I found a better pub. I’m guessing you are stuck with your seat.
    I do have a theory about these anti-supporters. But more of that another day. I am still enjoying today.

  84. davebluez, I hear your pain, but I agree with Ponyboy. It would be a real shame if you stopped going and let them win. Maybe some hypnosis might help you tune them out!

    Actually, when I hear the tales of woe of some season ticket holders who have the misfortune to sit next to some real idiots, I’m glad that I’m rarely in the same seat twice so although I’ve come across the moaners, it’s not every game!

  85. Great win that will only lead to greater things.

    I will keep saying it, all this team has to do is play without fear.

    NO FEAR!

    Be Blessed!

  86. Yesterday left me wondering ‘where did all the meaningful discussions on this blog go’ & I got my reply in this morning papers (Metro to be precise) “Gunners misfire, ManU dominate” – Me: “What, did I dream about our victory (with a clean sheet) and ManU drawing their game” Yeah we missed a host of chances but hey we dominated to have created them and we did score (albeit a penalty but a well deserved one) to win the match. How did they actually manage to turn yday’s result in ManU’s favour?!

    The commentator on ITV was suggesting that we lacked a player like Steve G who could have single handedly taken control of the situation popped up all over the pitch & scored a couple of goals but I remember AW saying he even wanted the captaincy shared during play, why would he need a superman when he is trying his level best to build a super-team with a lot of very good individual players? I thought by now it was understood & accepted that AW team’s produce more than the sum total of individual efforts.

    Sorry about my lack of knowledge on this subject as I’ve been following the gunners only from AW’s era (actually Overmars era – was a big fan of his & hence Arsenal) which coincided with my move to London from a country where at that pt of time no club footy was on the tele. When did all this media animosity start and was it because we had a French manager challenging the dominant British manager for the title?

  87. Its quite dumb to say a team needs a player like Gerrard, what happens if that one player is injured or has an off game? Wenger’s plan is the best, once the players gain the confidence and experience necessary you will have different ones winning games for us.

    As far as the media – they are what we call “HATERS!”, most of the comments are not even worth your comment – waste of time.

  88. Don’t stop going mate. Do what I do, sing your heart, try not to sigh when we give the ball away or if someone misses a sittter (can be difficult but I find it one of our worst traits as a collective) and if somebody gets up to leave early.. FUCKING CRUCIFY THEM in front of everyone else. If its a parent on thier own with 2 kids or an OAP maybe let them go, but no-one else has an excuse to leave early, espoecially in a game as important as last night’s.

    One more thing mate, try going to a few more away games if you can. I go to quite a few and you don’t get any of that shit with the away boys. Never sittin down, never moaning and ALWAYS singing. One good away trip will soon have you feeling good about being a gooner again pal.

  89. Siva –
    Sometimes i wonder about the media ; they certainly love Manure, and AW has always had a bad press. But, really, who cares ??

    It’s these ‘rotten apple’ supposed-supporters who will damage us. Why would players want to stay at a club where clapping them off after a win is somehow wrong, because we missed making it 2 or 3 -nil ?
    Ugh.. See no way out, except by being as positive as we can – and, like Davebluez and Matt/Matty – confront them..
    Easy for an armchair fan to say, i know.

    In a strange way though, it makes me love the Arsenal, Arsene and everyone cool on here even more.

  90. …no fear….exactly right, Paul N…..confidence is the final ingredient and yesterdays result will provide confidence in abundance….

    …1-0 ..a very good platform….not enough to be complacent…a big performance still required …..but the clean sheet is worth its weight in gold……

  91. ….well, Pb… I am for cracking a few f*cking skulls….

  92. Paul, I agree there is no point discussing the haters but I was wondering if we were revved at any point, I hear a lot of fond recollection of Chapman, Brady, etc by Arsenal fans but outside of Arsenal where they liked? During GG reign also it seems to be boring, boring Arsenal & library.

    On a positive note though, if we do create the kind of chances in the 2nd leg, Eduardo would be back to help complete the job.

  93. You got it Frank!

    Little defensive errors earlier caused us to be a little timid but the team is getting back to Arsenal football.

    OH YEH!

  94. True Ponyboy, its great to be a gooner!

  95. I see your point. The team must then use this hate to fuel the fire, so it is imperitive that us “fans” dont jump on the hater bandwagon!

    If these kids know we have their backs they will create history for us to brag about, they will anyway but it would be much easier for them.

  96. Yes and Eduardo is a killer!

  97. The more i think about it the more i really like last nights 4-2-3-1 thing. Would be good to see us try that in the Prem.

  98. Yeah, Frank – it’s “No prisoners” time. In the old days, these idiots would be letting off their steamy cr@p at the opposing team/fans..
    Stewards and seats…

  99. Matty, reckon it would be good to see Bendy get a brace against Fulham..

    Then he can hate Song for a change. (Doh! Ofcourse, he already does, right ?)

  100. Yes Matty, for all we know, the team may have been working on this formation in training for some time and last night was the first opportunity to try it out. That’s what some people don’t seem to realise – these things don’t happen over night and it actually takes hours of hard work on the pitch to perfect different systems.

    Just a point that I’ve noticed – the opposition who’ve actually played on the same pitch as our players think we have a great team. It’s funny how the armchair experts don’t seem to think so though!

  101. I posted this lovely pic in yesterdays blog: just couldnt resist posting again

  102. As far as Bendtner, I think he should shy away from interviews and any comment stating he should should play. I think he has been haunted by the bad press and his own comments (even though they were twisted) and is trying to prove a point instead of playing under control at least as far as his shooting goes.

  103. Baptista didnt make it seem like it was a mistake to let him go back to Real.

  104. That is a great pic Space Gunner – just think, when we have those 3 available to play together – it’s a mouth watering prospect!

  105. davebluez, wow, what a shocker that there are people like that in the crowd. I’m stuck an ocean and half a continent away and amazed at how many sh*t people there are who would call themselves supporters. I don’t have the history with the team that most of you have but I am shocked. I guess there’s no explaining some people.

    I am super psyched about the result. 1-0 is perfect and will force Roma to play on the return leg. I think Arsenal can beat anyone who tries to play so I see this situation as a great set up for the team. With Eduardo returning to the group the finishing should hopefully be better and with only the faithful supporters turning up for an away match there won’t be the abuse that has become part and parcel of the home matches. What a shocker.

  106. Passenal, this team is incredible – Eduardo and Walcott are not even in this picture! hee hee! I feel like a kid in a candy store/sweet shop!

  107. I’ve read around and it appears that many believe Denilson’s performance last night was his best so far in an an Arsenal shirt. Not true. He’s been playing like that consistently for a few months now.

    It doesn’t really matter though. Just as long as people recognise that even the most precocious young players can often be inconsistent at first, and need games and encouragement to make it. Confidence is key with these guys. And any fool that mistakes lack of confidence for lack of effort needs to look at the kind of characters we have at the club.

    Someone made the point about our players’ off-field behaviour: What’s to dislike about our guys? They all seem to be modest, friendly and professional. I don’t think I’ve seen interview in a paper, or seen an ATVO interview, and thought, “What a wa*ker”. Even the ones that like to go out still manage to keep their noses out of trouble. It can’t be a coincidence – it’s surely down to Wenger’s standards as a manager.

    You look at our side – a lot of guys who have had to work hard every day of their lives to get where they are now. That kind of work-ethic doesn’t just disappear when they join a club like Arsenal. If a kid grows up in a favela, slum or banlieue (just as bad lol) and dreams of becoming a great footballer, he isn’t going to get all the way to a club like Arsenal and think, “OK, I’m quite successful now. That’s enough for me.” It especially isn’t true for our guys, who all appear to be so level-headed and focussed.

  108. in two weeks time hopefully Ade and Eduardo will be back. Walcott and Fabregas are almost ready as well.

    Don’t forget that Roma are the form team of Serie A from the last 8 games. They are no push-overs but we were really really on top of them. This happened without Ade, Edu, Theo, Fab, Arshavin and Sicky.

    Diaby impressed me last night and long may the good times continue

  109. 1 – 0 to the arsenal all the way to the end of the season and hence to the CL and FA throphies

  110. Apparently several bookies have stopped taking bets on Benitez being the next PL manager to be sacked after a huge increase of bets being placed in a short time. A spokesman from one of them (the bookies)said that they do not expect Benitez to be manager by Sunday night.

    I for one would just like to give my support to Benitez and hopes that he keeps his job. One of the highlights of my year is scousers going on about how this is the year and then falling flat on their arses. Long may Rafa keep pissing Liverpool’s money up the wall on mediocre players and then blaming everyone else for not winning the league.

  111. “If two or three agree” ha!

    I am in full agreement Team Spirit!

  112. Sorry, I forgot Ade!

  113. Chances…Chances…Chances…

    Great post YW.

    Any one who did not see this performance as a great and very encouraging performance, is just not objective or pretty much doesn’t really like Arsenal.

    Every player on the pitch was good, gave it all, and yes that includes Bendtner and Eboue with the missed chances.

    I think the most important thing is not missing the chances, but creating them. If you don’t create chances you will not even miss them, let alone score them. Scoring will come soon, I think this performance should give the guys pounds of confidence.

    Gallas had a wonderful game yesterday.

    Diaby had a wonderful game too, and to be fair to Paptista, Diaby started wobbling about 5 minutes before his tackle.

    I don’t think Eboue is supposed to score goals, it would be nice if he would, but his job is to move the play from our half into the opponent box with the speed of light. He did that with great success, maybe the final ball still not perfect, but he creates havoc, and wins free kicks….that’s good enough for me. If he plays like that every time, forget about the refs, forget about the fans, and just play his ball.

    Bendtner played a difficult game strictly on the left, it’s different from the free roaming -Left or right- he is used to. I think we should give him credit because I think he tried very hard.

    It could’ve been better, but the result is good. Roma will have to come out in the second leg, and based on what we have seen, I think we can score if they play us an open game.

    Who’s next?

  114. cem –
    nice post, but Tomas please… he’s had an even more frustrating time than Eddy ~

  115. Big Al, the other thing I noticed is how well they seem to get on with each other. There’s a great pic in this months Arsenal magazine of Almunia, Vela, Denilson and Arshavin having a great laugh together in training – and the latter has only been with the team for a few weeks. They seem to have really welcomed him in and he looks very happy.

  116. G4E, no one has dogged Bendtner, I dont think – I think it more mental with him, a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

  117. Fair enough alboy. Lay off the old man now. He’s had a difficult couple of weeks.

  118. Passenal –
    Noticed the same, whenever we score, everyone is pleased ~ maybe the media-cr@p has forged a bond. Also, the similar age group; but it’s great to see! 🙂

  119. And four different nationalities just there…

  120. That’s really good to hear, Passenal. I guess the one big worry about Arshavin is home sickness, so it’s great to know that he is fitting in well. I suppose that’s down to having such a cosmopolitan squad. I mean, a team that’s had players from almost every European country will know a few things about making new players feel at home. I don’t suppose many other English sides would know how to soften the kind of culture shock that AA’s probably experiencing right now.

  121. put there by himself I would venture. But he’s young, when
    think how I acted at his age I wonder what would come
    out of my mouth!

  122. That’s a terribly story Dave. Just goes to show the importance of showing our support for this team and not knocking it under any circumstances. Well, unless they commit mass murder obviously.

    Then again not if it’s Manure, Chelski or tots scum that are the victims.

  123. Thing is Pb. Where are our ‘fans’ getting their negative attitudes from? It seems to go around from the media to the moansers, back to the media and on and on. Like a worm eating it’s tail.

    We must win this fight. What is the alternative?

  124. This reply business is going to take some getting used to. They got one of those Nespresso things for the office today. I’ve tried a lot of coffee this afternoon. So sudden changes are making me a bit anxious!

  125. I don’t like it. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  126. Agree Gris Gris, he will learn from his mistakes but it must be hard for him. no matter the positive spin we put on it he has to deal with the fact that he is not scoring easy chances, very difficult to deal with.

    Be encouraged youn man, you come good!

  127. I think we will go back to the old, proper way of posting in a few days boys. No need to get worried.

  128. It’s just the novelty. See.

  129. I know who wont be using the new feature.

  130. What is strange is that I wrte this post after my 4.52 post, that’s theone below not the one above, just to be clear, yet this one comes higher on the list.

  131. I think it would be good if the responses were a different shade like in other blogs.

  132. It just some of those stupid Setanta pundit commentators were berating him and others for no reason at all. One of them actually was making fun of Song, and saying here he passes square again and then laughs….who are the stupid idiots letting these people comment.

    Even in the last 10 minutes when we started to be cautious not to concede and he is saying “I can’t believe what Arsenal are doing” that same sh!t would be all over Arsenal if we conceded.

  133. You are certainly not afraid of anything new Paul.

    My goodness, responses in different shades’ Whatever next? Is there no end to the wonders of this modern world? It makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

  134. I think it would make the rplies easier to read, no? just a thought, maybe I’m wrong.

  135. one shade though, not a crayon box type deal. Grey

  136. Again I must say this is “wicked” blog of genuine supporters not “gunner-arses.” Excellent comments by genuine gooners who want our football club with its abundance of talent to realize its infinite potential. Being from the Caribbean, I am further away from the Emirates than most of you, but I have the same personal experience as many of you on this blog with moaning negative gooners. A sibling of mine, who would normally be called a fanatic, has long written-off most of our young talents despite my protestations. Saturday’s setback with Sunderland did not help matters but I remain convinced that we are just a few steps away from the required consistency and killer instinct that will make us unbeatable.
    Yep, Y.W., its good to be a gooner!

  137. I am a little further than you Shotta, yuh still deh ah yard?

  138. G4E: Its mainly that jackass Lou Macari who does a lot of “color” commentary for Setanta and who ever does the play-by-play. These guys simply repeat the conventional wisdom they read from their press-mates. They offer nothing in originality. Heavens forbid if Song came in and started spraying Hollywood passes and losing possession or adventuring upfront and leaving big gaps in the back. No wonder none of these guys can ever hack as coach in a decent league.

  139. Not quite “yard” but close enough mi bredda. But united as a gooner on the best Arsenal blog on the web, ACLF. Respect!

  140. I agree Shotta-gunna….This guy better not come across
    me in a dark street.

  141. Maybe we should have a Cultured Left Foot video conference.

  142. Ok, I very respectfully think this reply thingy is a bit hard to follow.

    I think it would be nice if you just click on the reply and it only brings over the name & time of the poster you’re replying to in a new post?

  143. Agree…some one who spends 20 mil on player and then sells him in 6 months..shows the conviction of that to arsene..

    but lets not forget..liverpool before benitez were even more miserable..but am not bothered if they keep him or lose ..

  144. Dont like it either. Rather confusing.

  145. sometimes its easy to score difficult and difficult to score easy..that might be the case with him..

    eboue though cant score for life..just like hleb..

  146. “Will this team ever get the credit it deserves? Some people are quick enough to criticize when we have an off day, why not give them the credit for a good performance – unless they’re just determined to find fault?”

    They’re definitely in the blame business, they don’t really think of a good performance as something to cheer about, as if this is nothing new, it’s expected and given. But, the bad is highlight of the day, it’s like a competition…who finds the 5 mistakes in the picture first.

    It’s a new culture of posters & bloggers, it’s not about enjoying the support of a team, and getting together to cheer ourselves up when things are going wrong.

    It’s more about me, me, me….I know what’s wrong with our team, if Wenger just stops being stubborn and listens to my good advice. They compete in finding the faults, as if that is the good thing, they lost sight of what it’s all about.

    It happens when the going is tough, you lose some weak souls to the devil, Man Ure & Chel$ki paid pundits, stupid commentators, and opposition fans with hidden agendas.

    Only the strong will keep the belief and believe that this team will prevail at the end, and it’s not so far away…..I can see it, can you see it?

  147. My pick for the central midfield when Cesc recovers should be the pair of Cesc and Diaby.

    Denilson has no vision and his passes are mostly backwards and sidewards. He’s a fighter though but he and Song are not yet ready to play regularly.

    I’m surprised most fans don’t see the negative passes of Denilson which were so evidenced once more against Sunderland. He pushes the team rather backwards and slows its movement with his passes. No wonder, we’ve lost our famed counter-attacking capabilities with him playing.

    At best, Denilson, Song and Eboue should be on the bench when every player is fit.

  148. OK, we’ll give the reply thingy until the end of the week and if it isn’t working, I’ll switch it off. Just thought it might be easier for those berators to identify the beratee, stopping the innocents being caught in the crossfire. And I know how delicate some feelings are!


  149. Everytime!

  150. I suspect that the reason that the areas are not different shades is to do with the design template. Will have a scooch around and see whether there is a setting that can do just that.


  151. …..what the f*ck is going on with this f*cking site, YW….please

  152. …and f*ck off, Howard…..

  153. I certainly appreciate the effort of trying to find ways for
    us to communicate easier YW.

    It’s doesn’t hurt to give it a try for a few days.

    Thanks YW

  154. I add my voice to Frank’s…

    F*ck off Howard.

  155. >…..what the f*ck is going on with this f*cking site, YW….please

    Pray tell your problems, young sir

  156. Do not resist change Ateeb, encompass the new enlightenment


  157. The responses to the ability to respond are very funny!

  158. Sorry…

    F*ck Off Howard.

  159. …well I am all for progress but…..well…I have to keep going up and down like a f*cking fiddlers elbow to see what people have said…excuse me, thank you, please…..

  160. Consols –
    Have you become confused ?? Because you are certainly creating confusion and sudden madness.

  161. Switched it off for tonight as I just got so p’d off looking for Ateeb’s comment just now that it has wound me up and made me perilously close to being late for a late night on the beers.


  162. I am not for telling Howard off but it seems it would be easier to centralize the abuse.


  163. YW, I wish I could reply to that post!

    This is cracking me up big time!

  164. Enjoy your beers YW – I’m sure you’ve earned them!

  165. No-one is innocent, Yogi. Loving the weirdness, especially when the whole blog turned grey and blue…

  166. ….beer …thats a good idea…completely forgot about that whilst I was playing with this new tool……

  167. Hehe.. a week.. time goes fast when you age..

  168. Lovely picture – not sure about Cesc’s hair, though!

  169. So far as I can see, a place in central midfield is Denilson’s to lose at the moment.

  170. None of our missing players have typically filled the role that Denilson is currently performing for us.

  171. I was caught in the twilight world between the reply feature and the normal layout, so my reply to Space Gunner about the pcture is nowhere near his link…

  172. Cheers YW….

    I think it would work if it was expandable/collapsible? Meaning I don’t have to see the replies to a specific post until I click on replies…Maybe we should just move on? Ok, bring on the beer and let us forget.

  173. ” You keep mentioning the CC that is about his level.”

    I’ve just spotted this comment Drew 10, and I don’t see the relevance. Blackburn and Wigan are PL clubs who we played in the CC. And if you want other examples, there’s Liverpool and Spurs when we were down to 10 men and he really stepped up and made a big difference for us. But if you just refuse to see it, there’s not much more I can say.

  174. “I’ve read around and it appears that many believe Denilson’s performance last night was his best so far in an an Arsenal shirt. Not true. He’s been playing like that consistently for a few months now.”

    Yes indeed, Blackstock. Some people are blinkered – I was speaking to a fan the other day who refused to believe that our Neves made so many tackles…and he also refused to check out the tackle stats to settle the question one way or the other. That is just perverse.

    Oh, and he hates Bendtner, natch.

  175. …actually those photographs in the Guardian are excellent…one aspect of the sports press which deserves praise…sports photography…….the action shots are often fantastic…

  176. Robin has some amazing muscles..

  177. …..thank him for his comment, FG…then a good kick in the najjers usually does it….

  178. ….knee in the gob as he doubles up….

  179. …then walk over his prone body in stiletto’s….or use a real stiletto and just fillet him there and then…depends how much you hate the f*cker really…

  180. @ Frank

    Will try that next time and let you know how I get on…

  181. I do like him as a person, but he’s a bit like a gremlin – Arsenal talk being the water that brings about the transformation.

  182. Try some of those high-heeled football boots. Nike Stud Muffins they’re called.

  183. Sorry, Big Al – my comment at 6:13pm was meant for you.

  184. 30 minutes and we can see the little ones play against Fulham.

  185. …you lik him..?,,,,ok….sh*g him first and then fillet him….no point wasting an opportunity…

  186. ..sorry I meant… er…like him..not ermm..well you know…how embarassing…

  187. lol
    I neither lik him nor like him in that way, Frank. He’s basically a very sweet guy who goes compleeeeetely mental when aught to do with the Arsenal is mentioned. It’s like flicking a switch.

  188. …well I reckon you should stop flicking his switch then, FG….

  189. ….introduce him to ACLF, FG….please

  190. Thanks all for the replies to the lovely picture: I am getting you all loud and clear up here on my morning glide around the galaxies;

    Peace and Out…

  191. @ Space Gunner
    No, thank YOU

  192. @ Frank
    I would if I thought it would help. Sadly, it wouldn’t.

  193. Pb? What have I done to create confusion? I’m innocent, you hear? Innocent!

    Actually I was drinking a beer when I read Yogi’s comment. I suppose that I am just ahead of the pack..

    And now Fun Gunner is back. We have a full house of our females again. Thank goodness. It was staring to smell like a PE changing room around here.

    Not much moaning on here tonight. Good going guys.

  194. ….FG, bring him to ACLF…we could get YW to switch the reply thing on again…make him cry….

  195. …are you in International Rescue, Space Gunner…?…real f*cking heroes those guys…..

  196. Like Alex Song.

  197. …if you are…and I am not saying you are you understand…just if….I was wondering about the toilet facilities… I presume you have to jettison know…thingy…. from time to time…and if you do…and I am not saying you understand…but if you do……is it possible to aim it….and if it is…and I am not saying it is no sirree..not I..but if it is…..and you can time it right….might be difficult but if you can…..could you write a message on it saying ‘with love from a gooner’….and drop it on Wembley at the weekend….preferably just as they kick-off…could you do that, Space Gunner…?

  198. …yep like Alex Song…now that would have worked better with the reply thingy on wouldn’t it, Poliziano….I can see it now…too late though…

  199. I was thinking about some of the things you said last night Frank. The nature of blogging thing.

    I think we ACLF posters should commit ourselves to the Reithian principles that the BBC have so cravenly abondoned.

    Inform, educate and entertain.

    Any post that doesn’t try and do at least one of these should be subject to ridicule and contempt. It’s poster should also be trodden on by volunteers wearing Pz’s Nike Stud Muffins. Step forward the ladies amongst us.

  200. Does that include my (.) ?

  201. ….yep agreed, Consolsbob….I am comfortable enough with my masculinity to try out these Nike Stud Muffins though…er…please..

  202. … G4E…..your. is entertaining and informative…….and if your . is out then my……is completely f*cked…

  203. LMAO….thanks Frank, I value your ….. they mean a lot. 🙂

  204. Well, G4E, your (.)’s have always amused me, so I think you are safe.

    I think Pz has the franchise on the Nikes Frank, part of his clothing concern I expect. Better ask him. He’s broad minded, er, then again…

  205. Look. I have worked out LOL but what the f*ck does LMAO mean? Educate, remember?

  206. …OK I’ll see if I can swap for some arse-whistles….not the ones that expand in contact with know…horrid stuff….some Roma fans took those…

  207. …oh carmon, Consolsbob…its obvious…it means …let me see LMAO…well it means…..thingy…you know….don’t you know …honestly…?

  208. …tell him, G4E…

  209. Must have been horrible on the ‘plane back. I mean, just think. Still, serves them right.

  210. Laughing my a$$ off 🙂

  211. We can all play this game G4E. WTFAYTA. See, I’ve got the hang of it now. FFDYT. On a roll!

  212. Yes must been horrible…those Roma fans must eat lot’s of cheese….they are even milking a cow on their club flag.

  213. Oh, I see. Had one of Frank’s arse whistles, eh? Sorry to hear it.

  214. See, we just came up with a new way of communication in a matter of seconds. We are awesome here on ACLF.

  215. its a good result, maybe with Arshavin they can manage a qualification next game..

  216. Good start on the Reithian principles with this truly informative debate about Roman bottoms and a whole new language..

    Great idea, but can we keep up these standards?

  217. Well, we will sure have the drop-outs….the not so fortunate in the “Brain” field….but we can always try.

  218. Ok, that should be the “Brain” department not field. Poliziano? Department or Field?

  219. To G4E, or “the poster formerly known as .”

    I have it on good authority that your ” .” is an example of post-ironic minimalistic communication, expressing the enigma within the frustration at the heart of man’s relationship with the machine. Your series of . will all be collected at vast expense and exhibited at the Tate Modern (or the Guggenheim, not fussed which) singly or in groups of… Good grief – Frank has got there already with his…! Sorry, G4E, your . is now hopelessly outmoded and is of curiosity value only. Don’t blame me, that’s art for you.

  220. I think, FG, that the Tate Director now calls the new cutting edge ‘Atermodern’, ‘Postmodern’ being so, well, not modern any more. G4E, being from the former colonies, won’t have had a chance to catch up on that yet.

    Be Nice.

  221. That was, of course, ‘Aftermodern’, Doh!

  222. “After-modern”? That was this morning. We’re on to “subsequent-modern” now.
    It’s just as well that I said “post-ironic”…

  223. Oh, and as I said that, we moved on to “beyond-modern”.

  224. Tate Modern is the worst gallery in London.

  225. – the Spurs of London art galleries.

  226. …so modern is quite old-fashioned really….

  227. Modern is what our parents were.

  228. I’ve been watching Diarra play for RM (one for you G4E). He had the big build up from Sky before the game as a ‘complete footballer’.

    Well, and Pz won’t like this, but, except for one time, he passed every ball sideways! On top of that, he only made one tackle.

    It is now clear why Wenger let him go. He knew Denilson could do a lot better in that role. Oh, and he’s not a whinging tw*t either.

  229. No one is taking my .’s away from me….

  230. RM for Retarded Midfielder?

  231. CBob is stacking his points up

  232. Hey that rhymes the American way.

  233. Er. How exactly G4E?

  234. CBob & Up?

  235. Come on Uve score a goal….

  236. I’m watching Fernando Torres’ body language aagaint Real Madrid. He doesn’t look like he wants to be at Liverpool.

  237. Maybe he and Babytis will go in the summer.

  238. CBob and Up? That rhymes? Things are worse than I thought.

  239. G4E,

    I realised it’s frustration at being injured!

  240. yes, the both end up sounding like opb?

  241. That could be OleGunner….Real sucks, so does Juve.

  242. Either Sporting had a very bad day at the office, or no one will want to face Bayern Munich in the next round!

  243. La liga seems weak to me on the basis of these champions league matches. Of course Real sucks. You have to, if Lasagna Diarrhea walks into your first team.

    I think Juve on the other hand could have gotten a result. They looked Chelsea’s match.

  244. Frank, am sorry it took me a while to reply to your request. See, I was on my morning space watch and I met some red nosed stupid alien who told me about his trip to Wembley this Sunday….now, he was asking for directions and I told him I would only tell him if he complied to what you requested. As a result I aimed errr….you know what am talking about, right? anyways, I did it on his head with a message “To Spuds from Gooners, courtesy of Frank” Now that is double victory…..” err…on his head” and the special gift to the spuds”…I hope this makes sense…

    off to my night watch…..I need to plan something else special for wembley. any suggestions are welcome

  245. “yes, the both end up sounding like opb?”

    God help Us. Two peoples divided by a common language.

  246. 🙂 Just kidding with you CBob….

    That will not stop us from pursuing our educational initiative is it?

  247. just watched the highlights of last night that I recorded.
    all the impressions that i had from the game were confirmed, apart from that we actually played even better than I thought.

    I get the feeling that someone very soon is going to get a 5-0 spanking from us. The recent unreliability in front of goal has to end soon.

    Other things I got from watching the highlights –

    how good was that save Almunia made from Massa ?! outstanding.
    why did Mexes not get at least a second yellow for the pen ?
    and how did the ref not give Di Rossi a straight red for that 2 footed studs up flying “tackle” on Nasri ?

    What a game.

    Annoyed Liverpool won 1-0 in Madrid. I thought only we did that.

  248. Actually I’m so pissed off at the Referee for booking Toure, it was his rookie mistake for not counting how many players are on the field. The ref should not start the game without 11 players from each team.

    If he wanted to book for being late, he then should have booked both players Gallas & Toure.

  249. NO PAIN!

  250. I appreciate the understanding, and I sincerely apologise for putting a dampener on what was a fantastic performance and result. In hindsight I wouldn’t have posted that kind of moan straight after such an important win, but I hope you all appreciate it’s because of you that I felt I could say what I did (huge kudos to Yogi for what you’ve achieved with this site. Thank you.)

    There’s something really rotten inside the Emirates, and it’s coming from those that consider themselves supporters. I don’t know where they’ve come from and I don’t understand what their agenda is or what they hope to achieve, but it’s steadily growing, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore and can only end up having a detrimental impact on a unique team ethic that we are all so lucky still exists in its present form, and so very lucky to be a part of.

    I was the east stand
    I was the east stand
    I was the east stand, Highbury.

  251. G4E

    I believe that Toure was booked for entering the field of play without first getting the approval of the officials. Still, the whole episode reflects badly on the referee.

  252. You’re right on that Luke, the rules say the player must get approval before entering the field, but it was all the referee’s fault, so he actually punished Toure for a mistake that he himself created. Like you said the whole episode is bad for a CL referee.

    I think the refereeing for dummies book starts with “Count the players before you start the game” stupid referee.

  253. Toure laughed it off: no worries there; people sleep so peacefully down below me; except for Howard scouring the NorthEast of England looking for English talent that could replace Arsenal players. common Howard go to bed…… else i will throw a meteor at you

  254. If you throw a meteor on him, please write
    “F*ck Off Howard” on it for me?

  255. Frank's biggest fan

    Watching the first half highlights. Diaby’s perfect lob to RVP is similar to the one against Everton that the latter scored… Brilliant stuff by Diaby.

  256. davebluez :
    Sad to read your experience. I enjoyed the game very much.
    Fans like that are still in the minority i believe. Just like on this blog, you here imbeciles complain about Bendtner’s touch or Song touch. And you wonder what players do they watch. To qualify to play for Wenger you must have a very good touch.
    Only a moron in my opinion will be blind to Bendtner’s talents. That he has been deployed at right and left midfield this season is testament to his talents.

  257. davebluez Am not likely to have gone to a stadium even if I was in the UK, but those of you that can go should not be driven away by the bad guys….

    Am full a full continent away so have to depend on you guys to go there and keep the faith with the franks and the rest of the supporters.

    Don’t let the team down; they need the support.

  258. Don’t worry about Davebluez TS. He’s a real Arsenal fan. And we, we Band of Brothers here, we are fighters tpp.

    Why wouldn’t you go to a stadium if you were here TS? Just curious.

  259. I’m not saying this to be funny. But the simple fact is that Arsenal doesn’t feel like an English club anymore. If there were more Englishmen in the team, the fans would find it easier to get behind them, because Arsenal are an English team, in England, built with English money. When Theo comes on you can feel the sense of existement in the fans. Its not racist its just natural pride for your country

  260. Yeah the might be a drop in quality, but you cant have it all

  261. …Davebluez…just keep singing, son…and f*ck the doomers…the more they moan…the louder we will sing….the Passenal way….remember Space Gunner is an excellent strategic weapon…..we have a real asset there a real asset……

    ….and if the West Upper can sing like we did on Tuesday night…then anything is possible…..

    We are the west stand….we are the west stand…we are the west stand…Highbury…..

  262. …oh f*ck off, Arsehole21….

  263. ……..ok frank……………………are……….you…….

  264. ….Arsenal is a London team….built with London money….and paid for by people around the world…..and London is a cosmopolitan city…best in the world actually…and all the players and the manager live in or around London….just like any other industry based in London…..if you don’t get that…then you are not a Londoner in spirit and even if you were brought up in Bethnall Green or Holloway Road…or in the f*cking chapel of St Mary Le Bow….you might as well just f*ck off….

  265. …do try to be original for once in your life, Arsehole21…

  266. Speak for yourself, Arse21. I’ve noticed that kind of attitude, and after Eboue got abused, wondered if the relationship between club and fans could be improved by bringing in a few more English players.

    That was only when things were looking really grim. And it never reflected my personal view, just some comments I’d heard around the ground last time I was there.

    The thing is – it doesn’t make it right. The club would be a shambles if ability and performance weren’t the most decisive factors. The academy has been running for 10 years. We’re just starting to see a few English players coming through with real potential to make it big. Gibbs, Wilshere, Thomas and Afobe I guess are the main hopes.

    The team will never be dominated by English players. And that’s how it should be for a London team with the most diverse support around.

    Just like few workplaces in London are totally dominated by British people. In my first real job, I worked in a team of Germans, sat next to a Japanese girl and opposite a Hungarian guy.

  267. Or, to put it better: what Frank said.

  268. Clam down dears, I’m only telling the troof. Arsenal are a french club

  269. ….this English thing is very much the view of the minority of Arsenal supporters….and the majority of the press and media….and anyway the dominant nationality in the youth set up is English….so if the mentally lazy amongst the fans just sit on their fat arses for long enough their wishes will come true…f*cking morons….

  270. …ah yes…lead by Monsieur Cesc Fabregas and starring Monsieur Robin van Persie..ably supported by Monsieur Adebayor, Monsieur Bendtner, Monsieur Eduardo…with the superb midfield players Monsieur Denilson…..Monsieur Arshavin…Monsieur Walcott…Monsieur Rosicky…and in defence I see we have three french players…supported by Monsieur Toure, Monsieur Djourou, Monsieur Gibbs and Monsier Almunia…backed up by Monsieur Fabianski…..yes you certainly have a point, Arsehole21…..

  271. …and what the f*ck does clam down mean…you illiterate t*sser…

  272. I’m just trying to gibe an explanation as to why alot of fans are turning on the club at the ground.


  273. …nope….

  274. …never gibed in my life…and I hate it when others do it….

  275. Frank,

    Clam down, it means ‘lets party with clams’

    …………my names frank………..lets party………..

  276. …oh dear oh dear oh dear…

  277. Anyway, back to football, before the children (frank) got involved. The fans need to feel a part of the club when at the moment they feel alienated. The communication from the board is awfull

  278. You get out what you put in. That’s how I see it.

  279. …most of the supporters do not feel alienated….

  280. And we’re not talking about money. It’s down to passion and belief – which are probably more valuable.

  281. …most of the fans want to support the club without the whining of doomers….the odd moan is ok…but the cacophony of orchestrated ‘we are all going to die’ messages from some of the cowardly bloggers should not be tolerated…you are one of those, Arsehole21….

  282. As was pointed out recently: The ones that feel alienated can go. Then a new generation of passionate, broad-minded fans can take their seats.

  283. Arse 21
    I know what you are trying to say, but please understand this team called Arsenal actually has more supporters in Africa as a whole than in London itself where it is located. I walk down the street in Harare, Lusaka, Zanzibar and I see a guy wearing a Fabregas t-shirt, an emirates T-shirt and so on. I see a bar decked in Arsenal colours. What do you say to them?

    Arsenal crosses all sorts of boundaries and you guys should be proud of that. This Arsenal is more than just Highbury neighbourhood, although on our side we really respect the local history. Can you respect the fact that we too are Arsenal?

    Take it easy.

  284. Most fans feel the club is more worried about its sponsorship deal with Emirates then them

  285. Frank's biggest fan

    I’ve seen Arsenal fans in different countries. Impressively in some third world nations. Gazidis will tap this, undoubtedly. But we should also filter out weeds like Arsehole21.

  286. ZimPaul,

    Good point and we our proud of that, but it doesnt change the fact we’d like to see a couple of british players get a chance ahead of Eboue, do you see what I mean?

  287. Franks baldest fan,

    Yes, well done, frank want s a cup of tea, make me one while your at it and hurry up

  288. 5 years dow the line Arse21 the Gunners are probably going to become THE English midfield and historic for it – it will comprise Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs and Walcott, not to mention the youth guys like Lansbury and Randall.

    Eboue will help them get there. We are one.

    Gunners for life!!!

    Take it easy.

  289. Who is “we”, Arse21?

  290. OK OK Ramsey is Welsh, but you get the drift

  291. Big Al,

    Me and my pals. Trust me I wouldnt speak for you, your not interesting enogh

  292. You have moved on, Arse, from your initial unmitigated b*llocks to the type of b*llocks that Howard peddles. It’s still b*llocks though.

    What club’s fans feel close to their Board, do you think?

    All this talk of our Board being’out of touch’, ‘greedy’, ‘unprofessional’. It’s just Usmanov propaganda spread willingly be the media and sucked in by fans like you.

    This is the Board who built one of the greatest stadiums in the world while other clubs scratch their corporate ass*s before deciding that it can’t be done for their club. The predominantly English Board that has backed their manager to the hilt. This is the Board that has kept Arsenal strong at a time when other clubs are looking over their shoulder at the looming financial sh*tstorm loomimg behind them.

    For an example of a club that has failed on all those counts, look no further than the scousers. Well, I say scousers but their manager is Spanish and their owners American. Few non Brits in their squad too you might have noticed.

    This Arsenal as a ‘foreign’ club nonsense really gets up my nose. This is not 1940 anymore, the world has moved on. Join it or join the dinosaurs.

  293. This is a question to Arse21 and supporters with a similar mindset. I am just interested, I have no follow-up in mind… Question 1. How long have you supported Arsenal? Question 2. Why did you start supporting them? Question 3. Do you see yourself still supporting them in 10 years time? Question 4: do you ever see yourself doing what Frank suggests and F**k off?

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