Eboue Off But Not A Pointless Exercise

Tottenham Hotspur 0 – 0 Arsenal

A bright day that saw the re-emergence of Eduardo turned sour with Emmanuel Eboue’s dismissal. In the end, a point will do but is disappointing given the paucity of opportunities presented to the numerically superior (and that is the only sense in which Tottenham can claim any bragging rights – we finished with eleven men, you didn’t.

Wenger started with Toure and Gallas in the centre of the defence, influenced perhaps by Keane’s goal in December. Even though the defence held firm, there are still questions about Toure and Gallas together. They dealt comfortably with the hosts front two and Sagna / Clichy gave little change to their opponents yet it strikes me that the central pair do not seem confident in each other when playing together. Whether that is simply due to the course of events in 2008 or a more specific problem is food for Wenger to ponder over the coming months.

The opening spell was typical of derbies; a lot of huff, just as much puff and not a lot else until Eboue put the ball into the net and was harshly adjudged to have fouled someone in the process. Initially, I thought it was because the Spurs defender had tripped over Adebayor but it seems that Eboue’s hand on Woodgate’s back was judged to be too rough, tough and manly. It was to be one of Adebayor’s last telling contributions, good to see him walking to take his place on the bench at the start of the second half and hopefully two weeks rest – he would probably have not played against Cardiff anyway – will see him back and raring to go. Reports suggest that he will have an extra week on top of that but we shall see.

Referees are once more under the spotlight following Old Mother Riley’s performance at Anfield last weekend. Mike Dean ensured that the lighting men continued to analyse The Men In Black with his theatrical dismissal of Emmanuel Eboue. Having given himself time to make the decision by taking a slow walk to the incident, he booked Modric for diving.

The decision to send Eboue off was one that never happens to a home team. Little argument for booking him for dissent initially but the sending off shows how much officialdom is misinterpreting violent conduct. Yes, it was petulant and yes, he let his colleagues down. However, you question where commonsense has gone from players and officials. On a weekend where – shock! horror! – we are told that players deliberately get themselves booked to miss suit themselves (let’s not leave out the bookings earned because it suits their managers or the fixture lists) but the question I cannot satisfactorily answer is whether he would have been even booked were the referee not intent on quelling his own insecurities by making himself the centre of attention?

It was not Eboue’s day; the goal disallowed re-affirmed my view that the non-contact sport which Blatter, Platini and their acolytes want to see introduced is being insidiously invoked by referees. Ignoring the team aspect for a moment, it is hard not to feel a considerable amount of sympathy for Eboue. Not in the dismissal but for the fact that he was shaping up to have his best game in an Arsenal shirt for some time. His endeavours were more effective when he crossed the pitch to the left and it indicated an understanding of how Arsene wants his midfielders to work, comfortable on the ball, at ease on either side. In an interview in The Guardian at the weekend, the impact of the booing he received told. Little that anybody who participated in that will care but I’m sure his wife who was seven month’s pregnant at the time, really appreciated your contribution.

Once they had the advantage with eleven men, it was little surprise that Tottenham had the lion’s share of possession. Perhaps even less of a surprise that they did little with it. Keane should have scored with a header, Almunia stranded in no-man’s land. The Tottenham captain might have done better with a half-chance, struck wide from the edge of the area. More culpable was Pavyluchenko who shot high and wide from a good angle for a right-footed player, following Toure’s airkick in the area.

Despite their diminution of numbers, the midfield’s hard work prevented clear-cut chances to Tottenham. Nasri, a peripheral figure in the first half, became more influential in the second, moving into the centre with Denilson going wide. Despite this, it was too often the case that the final ball found an Arsenal forward outnumbered.

It is hard to pick out a Man of the Match as there were any number of hard-working performances, Song and Denilson stood out from the midfield pack for supporting the back four and attack all afternoon. Up front, van Persie was tireless in his link play and lacking in the good fortune that he enjoyed last month. A point though, in the circumstances, is a decent enough result, tempered only by the fact that it is another opportunity to take advantage of Chelsea’s poor form to close the gap.

The latter stages of games have been productive for Arsenal in recent months. This time it was not to be with Song stabbing wide when he should have perhaps done better from a corner whilst Bendtner brought a good save from Cuducini with a fierce drive. The ensuing clearance from the set-piece gave Modric the best opening but he lamely shot low when a chipped effort over Almunia would have sealed all three points. It was an assertive save from the Spaniard, part of a possible answer to his critics who claim that he cannot win Arsenal any points.

Plus points are that consecutive clean sheets will build defensive confidence to bolster the attack. Seeing Eduardo on the bench is something else, hopefully a runout in midweek will be successful with perhaps an appearance by himself and Arshavin against Cardiff?

Having had a month of Liverpool in crisis, the hacks were obviously bored with News of the World, ahem, reporters suggesting that Adebayor, van Persie and Fabregas were all going to leave if the club fails to qualify for the Champions League – according to a “ubiquitous source” – whilst simultaneously using “Mrs Arshavin”‘s website detrimental comments about London – she’s not entirely wrong, in my opinion – to confirm their supposition that the club are teetering on the edge of oblivion. All pretty bog standard derby day stuff from ‘Appy ‘Arry’s mates.

An insight as to why those stories appeared came from Ian Ridley, erstwhile Mail on Sunday columnist and ex-Weymouth owner:

You get used to trying to sift the truth from misinformation in this game…But Arsene Wenger? He denied outright any interest in Andrey Arshavin, yet the agent involved, Phil Smith, revealed after the deal was done that Arsenal were given permission to talk to the Russian before Christmas. You hope that one of the game’s most sensible men gets back to his old honest self now

Did-bloody-dums. Once you have picked yourself up off the floor from laughing, when a journalist bleats about a lack of truth you realise that it is not a woman scorned that hell hath no fury like, simply football writers who have not been made privy to every nuance of a transfer negotiation. Back to the good old days then…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I know Wenger is proven to be one of the best managers around, but how he can turn down Palacios but keep Denilson, Song and Eboue is beyond me.

    Eboue for captain !!

  2. Thank you Yogi for a sane take on yesterday’s events. I cannot believe the approbium being heeped on Eboue by our own supporters when the media are more than capable of carrying out that task.

    I read arseblogger this morning, as i usually do, but no more. I just can’t tolerate the bad mouthing of our players any more.

    Spot on about the referee as well. I said yesterday that both bookings were probably technically correst but how many referees would book the same player for both offences in one match? Not one confronting a Manu or Liverpool player certainly.

    Eboue was very unfortunate indeed not to have emerged from the day as a hero. I suspect that too many Arsenal fans are actually pleased with that. Now they can continue their abuse of a committed, if limited, player.

    How long are our fans going to accept the blatherings of a pathetic football media? St ‘arry? God help us.

  3. Peter Storeys Budgie


    you cannot defend Eboue.To do what he did after he had already been booked was an act of rank stupidity.Has this guy got a brain?He had to be sent off.And Wenger makes himself look a fool by saying he didnt see it.

  4. agree ee prior to being sent off and did not pv4 not get sent off for some silly hot headed things,was our best player.goal chalked off by a homer ref good result for us 10 v 11 and still didnt get done well done the team

  5. It strikes me that Song was being fouled/assaulted in the penalty area just before he struck wide at the corner.

    The guy that was defending him was not even looking at the ball just making sure he gave Alex a nice cuddle. He obviously felt sorry that we only had 10 men.

    I am sick to death of Arsenal fans using Eboue as a scapegoat, our problems would not be solved by getting rid of the poor lad.

  6. Arse21,
    Would you care to mention something that isn’t beyond you?

  7. Eboue is an ok player…. but he is just too immatured. What is he trying to prove by doing all that mental stuff?

  8. Yogi ! That was a genuinely brillant post. Thanks. Some common sense at last.. have been trawling around a few other sites this a.m; they just depressed me with the non-stop Eboue stuff.
    As usual, perspective when needed most.

  9. I’ve never been a big fan of Eboue and i’ve always questioned Wenger’s judgement in persisting with him… But, he has probably been our best player in the past two games (while on the pitch that is)… there’s definitely something there, maybe he’s amazing in training, i don’t know…

    Anyway, the long and short of it is that he let everybody down yesterday.

    The rest of the team, however, were sensational. There’s no way we would have played out a 0 – 0 draw a few months ago…

    i don’t understand why any player other than Eboue can be slagged off at the moment. Least of all Denilson & Song, why they are still getting a hard time from certain fans is beyond me…
    They were resolute yesterday…

    Everybody knows the team would be a damn site better with a fully fit Cesc in the middle of the park… we’re on an unbeaten run, the team is slowly improving, this is a positive, not a negative.

  10. PSB

    I can and I believe I did…


  11. Arse21,

    It’s easy when you actually think about it.

    1. Wenger found Palacios. Verdict: Credit to Wenger.
    2. Gave him a trial, but found him to not be better than; Gilberto, Flamini, Diarra, Song, Denilson. Wenger saw he had 5 men for one position. VERDICT: Obviously, he made the correct decision.
    3. Despite rejecting him, he did the boy and Steve Bruce a favour by recommending him.

    FINAL VERDICT: Wenger 3, Arse21 and (stupid pundits) 0.

    Get it now?

  12. Seriously? Were you watching the same player I was? I sat there in my loungeroom here in South Australia berating Eboue as he kept mouthing off at Mike Dean saying to my mate watching with me “he’s going to get himself sent off”, sure enough….. I cannot believe that his conduct should be defended. I am an Arsenal fan first and foremost and usually feel sorry for Eboue, but only because he is being asked to play out of position where he patently is out of his depth.

    Come on, these sub-standard performances have been going on for too long and just because some of us have the courage to say so does not make us any less of a fan! I have often travelled around the bloody world in somewhat dodgy Qantas planes to see the team that I’ve supported for the last thirty years play in person.
    I definitely feel, as Arsenal fans, we are entitled to our honest opinions, surely!

    Come on Arsene – it ain’t working

  13. Consols – yeah, same. Always read Arseblogger, but his post today was just a downer. Not going to stop reading – but gone down a notch or two.

  14. @ Arse21

    You do realise that when Palacios was on trial, the midfield included Flamini, Diarra, Rosicky, and Hleb.

    At that point in time would you have kept Palacios? We as fans operate with the advantage of hinsight, managers have to make decisions without that luxury.

  15. Poliziano –
    Think you’ve finally shut him up! 🙂
    It’s going to take days for him to work out exactly what you mean. Nicely done.

  16. Frank's biggest fan

    I can’t believe the so-called fans are using Eboue as a scapegoat. So much for Wayne rooney and other players who verbally ill-treat the refs and act petulant…

  17. Yogi’s Warrior,

    Good reasonable post.

    I do feel sorry for Eboue too. He was playing his heart out, and got a goal wrongly disallowed, and then a booking for nothing.

    But my sympathy for him is exhausted by the stupidity of lashing out when you’re already on a yellow. That’s not just stupid, it’s irresponsible.

    But I feel sorry for him. He was just about to rescue his season and Arsenal’s and a stupid referee cost him the chance.

  18. Consolob,

    How can you be so unbelievably biased. Eboue was mouthing off to the refereee for about sixty seconds for his first yellow. Then Blatently kicked out (off the ball) because of a clumsy challenge from modric for his second yellow. It was a stone wall red card and he cost us another two poits. Fans like you who make excuses for are players no matter what make us look like idots and it gives the press and other supporters ammo. Eboue messed up big time, simple as that

  19. aclassabovetherest

    Villas next few games…

    Home – Away
    21/02 v Chelsea (H)
    01/03 v Stoke (H)
    04/03 v Man. City (A)
    15/03 v Tottenham (H)
    22/03 v Liverpool (A)

    Our next few games..

    Home – Away
    21/02 v Sunderland (H)
    28/02 v Fulham (H)
    03/03 v West Brom (A)
    14/03 v Blackburn (H)
    21/03 v Newcastle (A)

    who said we are not finishing fourth again???

    hmmmmm i though so..

  20. drew 10 u are right, eboube is a muppet but it is not he’s fault he gets picked he is maybe a sub at best our probs comes from not having a 25 y/o nasty bastard in midfield song become that player but we need him now

  21. Aussie

    You do have the right to your opinion as an Arsenal fan but likewise, so do I. And on this occasion, we will beg to differ. Neither of us should assume that either is voicing the opinion of all Arsenal fans.

    Too much of what has been said of Eboue ignores the performance before the dismissal. By all means, criticise for dissent – I did – but abusing him for an inept performance is simply ignoring the evidence before you and the egotistical referee.


  22. Morning Gents!

    I was at the lane yesterday, and it was great to see the reception that Eddy got,i almost welled up! 🙂

    Although i think Eboue was playing OK, you did sense that he was a little to close to the edge, and the Ref. only needed the smallest excuse to send him off.

    My only critiscism would be that he should of shown a bit more maturity, and not get himself into the position to be sent off.

    Apart from Eboue, i thought we played well after that, and from where i was sitting there was only going to be one winner.

    Stand out performers for me were Song, who i thought played really well, and Nasri, who kept the ball and went forward as much as possible.

    MOM for me was Gallas, love him or hate him, he was superb yesterday.

    Overall – a point well deserved with 10 men, but disappointed we didnt nick it.

    How bad are Spurs by the way? 😉

  23. well said arse21

  24. I wouldn’t put Eboue in the same league (or sentence for that matter) with Wayne Rooney, but i see where you’re coming from… John Terry / Ashley Cole etc are guilty of the same behaviour week in week out…

  25. Frank's biggest fan

    “MOM for me was Gallas, love him or hate him, he was superb yesterday.”

    Oh yes!

  26. YW I wasn’t criticising his performance at all prior to the first yellow – to be honest it was the best I’ve seen the poor bloke play all season and was very happy to see it.

    What I am saying though, is that as a paid professional, a highly paid one at that, he should definitely know better than to put his team under the kosh the way he did. For that selfish display of petulance there is no excuse.

    BTW yours is the blog I most enjoy reading and most of the time our opinions do mesh nicely, keep it up – cheers

  27. Eboue’s sending off was a result of his crass stupidity. We can try to justify it, say he was almost a hero, blame the referee etc..

    He nearly cost us the game. He should be a backup for Sagna – nothing else.

  28. Peter Storeys Budgie


    you are not allowed to have honest opinions you have to toe the Arsenal party line on here..It was the referee”s fault not Eboue”s.

  29. Arse 21

    Next time you watch a game not involving Arsenal, count how many players mouth off to an official and then see how many get booked. And then get instantly paranoid about how we are treated differently to Chelsea and United…


  30. Mike Dean took such a long time to brandish the second yellow card to Eboue that it raised doubts in my mind on the correctness of that decision. Didn’t you all see him taking out a yellow card, flashed it at Modric, replace the card back in his pocket? If he had been very sure, it is logical to expect that he would have flashed the card at Modric, then at Eboue all in one action.

    When he took no further action after the Modric yellow, I thought Eboue had gotten away with it.

    It is still a mystery to me what Mike Dean was thinking about.

    Therefore, I agree that there are enough doubts about Eboue’s 2nd yellow.

  31. And wenger saying we bossed the game, what a load of shit. It just makes us look like we live on another planet. Who’s he think he’s fooling appart from everyone in the emirates and on here?

  32. Frank's biggest fan

    “I wouldn’t put Eboue in the same league (or sentence for that matter) with Wayne Rooney”

    So much for this rhetoric. But you got what I’m saying. Fair enough.

  33. Cardiff will get the beating of a lifetime on Saturday. And we’ll take it from there. The rest – Eboue, CL fears, Flamini vs Denilson – is just idle chat for now.

    By the time we face Sunderland the lineup and confidence level will be noticeably different.

    We’ll then set about brutalising opposition, week in, week out, until May. It won’t be enough to win the league, but it’ll explode the myth that Arsenal is a spent force and might just land us some silverware.

    Looking forward to watching the reserves tonight. With 11 players out on loan and a few on international duty, it will be a patchwork team; a kind of cross-section of the club.

    The football won’t be any less enjoyable to watch though.

  34. i think Dean had a long hard think about it and realised he had to send him off… and in all fairness he was right. Eboue kicked out at the player, its a booking every time.

  35. Frank's biggest fan

    I’ll look out for the reserves game, Big Al. Kindly post the links later today..

  36. Yogi, bollocks mate. Any player mouthing off like that gets booked. Fairplay for being protective its not the truth. Its the same as a parent always making excuses for there spoilt child

  37. PSB

    Aussies aren’t too flash at the party line thing, I’ll have to practice!

  38. Eboue looked amazing before he got involved and tangled with Modric. Wenger sees he has something about his game.. but the otherpart of his game lets him down so much. He simply doesnt use his brain when it comes to certain situations in matches, just plain petulance to me, Wenger should tell him to fix up, or hes out. I reckon he knows he is playing now till the end of the season to save his arsenal career.

    On a positive note, Bendtner looked very good up front and is coming along nicely this season. With Ade injured i dont think Wenger will be afraid to use him. Eduardo on the bench too, and so is Arshavin. I think if we had 11men we might have seen AA for the last 10 or 15mins.

  39. PSB –
    Don’t talk crap. Have you ever been moderated ? YW (and ACLF generally) attracts us glass half-full types.
    Nobody stops you bringing some of us down with your gloom. Seriously, there are other places to go.

  40. Hallelujah! YW, you just just hit it on the head there, mate…

    If there was any consistency, Rooney would be on holiday in the Bahamas.

    And I thought I was starting to get paranoid…

    I mean, that is two sending off this season for ‘imaginary’ fouls.

    It is obvious who the FA want to win the league this season.

    But fight we must…

    Keep the Faith…COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!

  41. Yogi being the principal exception, the majority of Arsenal bloggers are in my opinion blinded by their own biases and prejuidices that they are simply incapable of being objective about players they have been conditioned to hate. Eboue being Exhibit A. Yogi is the only blogger I have read who is willing to challenge the conventional narrative. Eboue was committed to the cause from the opening whistle, willing to receive the ball and to run at opponets, to be combative even if it entailed risks. Mike Dean on the other hand was was wimpy and fearful as evident by his speed at chalking-off a perfectly valid goal, his officiousness at carding the player for questioning his decision and his cowardice at finally brandishing a red card. But then such a narrative does not fit the paradigm of mainstream press and the gaggle of bloggers who enjoy feeding off every negativity at Arsenal FC.

  42. Dissapointing result yesterday, we could really of done with 3 points. I really think we will struggle now as Villa just don’t look like they’re gonna drop points. Then again if Chelsea carry on the way they have been then we might be ok. Was great to see Eddy run the line yesterday, the noise we made when he and Arsh came over was awesome, can’t wait to see these 2 together on the pitch. All in all yesterday was good day out I thought, sprirts are still high amongst the real fans.

    Did anyone else think Spurs were particularly quiet? I couldn’t believe it, I think the only song they sung the whole time was ‘come on you spurs’, which we quickly drowned out with ‘Fuck off you spurs’.

    Was also lovin the twitch chants!

  43. Frank's biggest fan

    I had seen Rooney do that and left scot free with a “calm down” pep-talk from the ref. Oh he is ENGLISH. He just bleeds passion and fighting spirit..FFS

  44. Arse21

    My friend, you are talking complete and utter cojones. When did Rooney last get booked for dissent? He shows it in every game. Likewise Terry, Cole & co. When were they last suspended? It does not happen. If you want proof of how Dean thought he was Billy Big Nuts, look at the way he entered the arena for the second half. Typical small man syndrome.


  45. I agree with Yogi that Eboue’s perfermance before the sending off was excellent. But his behaviour and discipline was atrocious. Perfermance and discipline are two seprate things. They shouldn’t be linked together.

    Anyway, the reserve match tonight is postponed due to waterlogged pitch:


  46. Arse21, I refer you to Poliziano’s earlier post.

    As for those of you who trot out the “..you are not allowed to have honest opinions you have to toe the Arsenal party line on here..” mantra.

    Actually of course you are allowed your opinions here. How else would we be able to read them and then disagree with them?

    If you want to see censorship of posts then go and have a look at a couple of other sites.

    Pb. Yes, shame about Arseblogger. Thanks for the riposte to Jamie last night.

    We were great yesterday. Some can’t, or won’t see it. Just imaging putting yourself in the place of those sad spuds who only have more overhyped and underperforming players to watch at Wet Fart Lane.

  47. Frank's biggest fan

    “Dean thought he was Billy Big Nuts”


    Dean’s reaction to Eboue was disgraceful. Surely you would have seen a different reaction and a different approach to likes of Rooney, Gerrard or Lampard. But we are Arsenal, and these c*nts could orchestrate us the way they want to. No wonder we keep toping the fair-play table for past few years…Sorry we need to have likes of Keown, CAshley and Vieira..Oh lastly, Hail Refuhrer.

  48. Thanks for another sensible, balanced article Yogi, which again shows why ACLF has become my favourite Arsenal blog. This is one of the few Arsenal blogs out there that appears to be written by an Arsenal supporter.

    Some of the most ‘populist’ blogs have dive bombed in my estimation as the writers are more concerned about their own minor celebrity status by coming up with insulting nicknames for our players rather than providing an Arsenal tinged view to counter-act the non stop abuse from the spud, ‘pool and manc friendly media.

    Also, that journalist you quoted just shows how dumb they all are. Does he really expect Arsene to discuss his transfer targets in the media so that he can risk being outbid? It also demonstrates why they hate Arsenal so much, because we do not play their game by giving ‘exclusives’ and tapping up players through the press like some cough ‘appy ‘arry cough!

    As for Palacious – could I just remind those who are currently up his butt that he also played for Wigan each time we played them this season including the 3 – 0 triumph by our youth team in the CC cup. The only thing he stood out for was his clumsy tackling, which injured Cesc and Nasri. He’s currently on a honeymoon period with the spuds, but he will fall into mediocrity with the rest of them in due course.

  49. Arse21

    Wenger knows about Eboues antics more than anyone… its why Arshavin has been brought in, so he dont have to use him as much now.

    I aint sticking up for him, or any Arsenal player. I judge by what i see on the pitch. At the start of the season he was argueable one of our best players. He was playing well on both flanks, running at defenders and causing the opposition all sorts of problems. That was the Eboue seen on sunday before he got sent off.

    Once our supporters blamed him and turned on him at that game where he was booed off. It has taken a big toll on his game. I think he can be a handy squad player… but i do wonder whether all the fuss about him is worth it. He aint exactly been a kep player for us, hes good cover for RB, brings strength to our midfield too. When it comes down to it though, he dont bring enough to the team. Wenger will give him a few more opportunites i bet to redeem himself. Just feel this attitude and childish behaviour will stay with him and come end of the season… if he continues these lacklustre displays and his idiotic decision making then he should be shown the door.

    I stress though, as long as hes an Arsenal player i will continue to sing for the team when he wears the shirt. My team deserves support no matter what, thats how everyone should see it as well as giving ‘constructive criticism’.. any ‘destructive criticism’ and slagging off of our players i cant tolerate though

  50. Baffled at how anyone can continue to support Eboue. The man is a liability and an embarrassment to the Arsenal colours.
    At the West Ham game last week he made out he was injured and was subsequently replaced – but it was clear leading up to that what was going to happen. He was having a poor game and didnt fancy it and wanted to get off the pitch.
    I just hope his team mates tell him a few home truths and Wenger stops treating him with kid gloves!
    I am just gutted he only has a 1 match ban – would have been good to have had him out of the way for a bit!

  51. shotta-gunna –
    Eloquent and spot on.

  52. Yogi thanks for a well balanced review of yesterday’s game.
    I am a long standing season ticket holder who very seldom likes to get on a player’s back but i feel i have to in the case of Emanuel Eboue, who i feel now, has had his last chance at the club.
    Together with his antics over the last few years we saw the sight a few weeks ago of him totally ignoring a senior players instruction to get up the pitch and instead go up and tackle him which led to the opposition winning the ball which could have led to us conceding a goal.
    I have been watching football for nearly fifty years and have never seen such a shambolic scene which reminded me of a playground where a little boy throws a tantrum after not getting a pass and runs up to his team mates to challenge for the ball.
    And we had yesterday’s red card which as a retired referee i feel he deserved after seeing the replay. Im sure we could have gone on to win had we had the full team on the pitch.
    This man does not seem to be learning how to conduct himself, or if he is, its taking a very long time to sink in.
    As a player its not all bad, as he can run and dribble with the ball to good effect at times but i feel overall he is now a liability and we should get shot at the first opportunity.
    I cant believe im writing this and i know the likes of Frank, Big Al, Consbob, Flint and a few others are going to slaughter me but at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves is this player good enough to play for Arsenal and im afraid as far as i concerned it is a definite NO.
    If he does stay i hope Arsene turns him around and he proves me wrong for the club’s sake.
    Ive had my rant, sorry to be so negative but my patience has been shot.

  53. Just wanted to point out something that’s evaded mention in all the coverage of Sunday’s game.

    Clichy’s bravery in throwing his head at that header that saw his head gashed. And the moronic Spud fans regaling him with “Same old Arsenal always cheating”.

    The totts. They never disappoint you. They’re due a thumping. I am sad we won’t play them again this season.

  54. Exiled,

    It’s curious how people claim he feigned injury last week. Rather like a low-rent doctor diagnosing problems in the Sunday supplements, how can you actually say anything without examining him?

    If, as you insinuate, Eboue had not one ounce of strength of character, he would not have come back from the brave booing he received at The Emirates.


  55. Yogi, they dont mouth off for 1 minute solid though do they, even after he was booked he STILL wouldnt shut up. All i’m saying is that Eboues sending off was his own fault and cost us dearly. I dont want him to start again. I’d rather Cygan

  56. Frank's biggest fan

    “Baffled at how anyone can continue to support Eboue. The man is a liability and an embarrassment to the Arsenal colours.”

    If someone is flawed (And gets due punishment – but the same punishment wouldn’t be awarded uniformly to players of other clubs), and uh, somewhat of a “liability” is seen as embarrassment. I’m sorry the same has got be said of attitude of “talented” players. For example – Cristiano G*ynaldo. And he is a GOD to United fans. What we expect here is, least of all, “Respect” and “fair criticism”! But the media inflicted character-assassination has crept into heads of few gooners who live in some disneyland.I don’t blame them. It should be hard for them to face other fans at work or school or pub. They support the club to boast about trophies and success. Sure they are important, but I have never seen a widely proclaimed propaganda of “disintegration” when there are development and positives. It’s what the press wants us to believe – doom and gloom. And some of the bad vibes the gooners help generate through their blogs – Shocking. Unacceptable. It just beggars belief.

  57. Peter Storeys Budgie


    That is what you call a perfect post.Excellent

  58. Arse 21

    Of course they do. What’s more, they mob up on referees. The problem is that some officials are too weak to deal with the “superstars” because they know booking them will earn them a negative press. And they care more about that than anything to do with having a good game.


  59. Yogi – it was merely a point made from having watched him in the flesh in that game.

    I am simply making the point that his temperament and overall attitude doesnt befit a player of any team playing in the top flight, let alone one with our prestige and history.

    I was not impressed with the booing at the Wigan game and felt it harsh on the poor guy but it was a result of the frustrations felt by thousands of gooners that pay money to watch him perform below par 80% of the time.

    Yes he played well yesterday until he got sent off and yes there have been times where he has shown some ability – but with these glimmers of class come the increasingly inevitable misplaced passes, diving, feigning injury and overall petulance.

  60. On another note, as am getting rather weary of the Eboue thing. Pompey have treated TA shamefully, but just an idle thought – could AW persuade him to come back to the Arsenal in some form of coaching capacity ?

    Just be so good to see him where he truly belongs.

  61. Passenal,

    Good point. Seriously, it’s amazing how few Arsenal blogs other than Arsenal Vision, ACLF Arsenal Column, Untold Arsenal, are interested in anything other than endlessly slagging off the team and its players.

    I can understand supporters having a go every now and then. Believe me I do all the time.

    And you nailed it right down to a tee. They’re caught up in their own feelings of importance. They feel they can set the agenda for the club. They know better than the best manager in the world. They see what he doesn’t. They always get every decision right. They can always be right in retrospect.

    It’s an interesting phenomenon.

    There’s a whole Wenger-bashing industry out there. It’s called the football media. And it’s gotten so ludicrous that Wenger is now getting slammed for finding Palacios! He got slagged for saying Eboue deserved to be sent off, because it was preceded by Wenger saying he didn’t see the incident, but if it’s happened then it’s correct.

    What I find annoying is that most of these guys are real mediocres. Seriously, who in football punditry is amazingly good at his own job? What allows morons like Spoony on 606 to think he knows better than Wenger?

    Yogi here writes a better column every day than most of these guys. And he’s not even paid to do it!

    And what’s this xenophobia that seems to be consuming football? English players and manager are now the very paragon of perfection whereas the foreign managers have every single decision scrutinised, second-guessed and unfairly criticised?

    Every fool in the country now thinks he is a better manager than Benitez or Wenger.

  62. I was as disappointed with Eboue yesterday as anybody, but after calming myself down, I could understand him a bit (or I tried to understand him). As his interview with the Guardian shows, he wanted to build the bridge again with the fans. And no better game to do so than the one against totts.

    There is no excuse for his stupidity yesterday, but that doesn’t make him a bad player – in fact, he is quite a capable player. If only he realises how costly his immaturities and stupidity can be for his career..

  63. Eboue is both s*** and a cheat which are 2 very good reasons to get rid of him. Personally, I wouldn’t care if I never saw him again in an Arsenal shirt.

    No player as bad as him should be on the payroll of a top club. Why wasn’t this waste of time sold ages ago and his wages given to someone decent.

    He is also as think as bottled shite. Its not just about yesterday its about 3 years of watching this idiot dive and cheat.

    The fact that the ref is a c*** is irrelevant. Eboue talked his way into the book and then kicked out.

    It was a resilient performance after that and Song, Gallas and Almunia were excellent.

    This is however, the most boring Arsenal side since 1993. Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwn.

    We need Arshavin, even injured Cesc would be better surely? Anyone, Rice, AW himself?

  64. Eboue is treated diferently by Arse fans, by the mass media and by refs. The 1st yellow card was a nonsense… week in week out you see players who are loved by the mass media consistantly swear at the ref, mouthing off to the ref… rooney, cole, terry, ferdi to name but a few (are they berated??? no. they are called passionate,,, a fighter, tough etc). Arsenal fans leave Eboue alone and lets analyse the whole team performane in recent matches… out team seems to have misplaced their footballing intelligence there is no quick movement into space , there is no quick passing, there is no simple passing, there are no shots outside of the box.there are no strong (scare the life out of the opponent) tackles and there is no end product…
    I know we have quite a lot of our first team injured (now ade), but the team playing now can play good intelligent football… (i have seen them do it). they now need to sort it… the fans need to back them, encourage them, cheer them… not slate them…. lets hope the fresh blood coming in ash, ed can breathe some life into our team…. this is the first time I’m actually worried about the Arsenal project… i.e. will this project actually bear some fruits… or are we going to have to start a new project after the exodus of some of our key players next season (if we do not get into the champs league)…
    All in all i still have faith in this side and hope they start to show their true footballing skills in the rest of the games we have…
    Keep the Faith


  65. Another thing from the weekend: On the balance of play, Aston Villa probably deserved their 3 points. But did I imagine 2 clear penalty appeals for Blackburn and one marginal one?

  66. It’s Ok Veteran. You are not a ranter and you obviously hate to write what you did

    I understand your points. It is frustrating to watch a player contribute so publicly to his own downfall when he is wearing the shirt.

    I just don’t think he deserves to be singled out for behaviour that we see go unpunished elsewhere very week. I also cannot abide those who write vicious and nasty condemnations of a player who they love to hate.

    A lot of it is a thinly disguised means of attacking Arsene for his transfer policy and our ‘failure’ to ‘compete with the likes of Manure and Chavski.’ I mean look at the rubbish that Arse21 comes out with and ask yourself do I really want this man on my side in a fight?

  67. Ponyboy

    He might like to take stock himself. He has done well by all accounts in a coaching role but his two dips into management have not been successful. By his own admission, he could not relate to players less able than himself at Wycombe. With Portsmouth, his feet were taken away from under him by a board willing to sell his best players.


  68. Frank's biggest fan

    Eboue is a good RB, and is asked to cover RM. Sure he had let down because of lack of specific skills to play in midfield, mental fragility or what have you…Still don’t understand the character assassination. Many clubs have a “despicable” character by this rule. Don’t you think Danny Alves (of Barcelona) feigns an injury, dives and has a stupid retaliation in him? Ditto Cristanio. Ditto Drogba. But they aren’t sent off or ridiculed as much as Eboue. Oh yeah…Eboue is a “liability” because he can’t play out of position.. People know more about management than Wenger. Right…

  69. unknown to most wenger is doing an absolutely stunning job or shoring up r defence which cost us points early on knowing that when r creative players come back they can take advantage of a good performance to do their thing….

  70. Frank's biggest fan

    Arshavin will NOT make debut against Cardiff

    from .com

    “Arsenal drew 0-0 at Ninian Park on Sunday, January 25 while Arshavin completed his transfer from Zenit St. Petersburg to Arsenal on transfer-deadline day – Monday, February 2.”


  71. Dont worry…instead, we will witness Eduado’s Return

  72. consolbob

    Arse21 might as well be a spurs fan the way he acts and comments. If we was all to believe the crap he came out with, we would be booing the whole team, manager, and board every game!

  73. It is simply obvious that Eboue cannot play at right midfield, how many more games would some fans like to give him before they accept the inevitable. He was a good right back and therefore would serve as a good squad player, as backup for Sagna. It’s not Eboue’s fault that he play’s there, it due to the lack of strength in depth in our squad. But trying to take the positives out the situation by attempting to say he is not a liability is simply a pointless exercise.

  74. chkmiaot

    very good point, we aint conceding that much anymore…. and now with the likes of Edu, AA, Cesc, Theo all to come back we will be fine on the goal side of things too

  75. I think it’s painfully obvious that Eboue does not have the temperament to play for Arsenal. Yes, he was having a good game, but the way he got himself sent off was plain ridiculous and sadly can happen any game. He is obviously not learning his lessons and until he does, should be kept as far away from the team as possible.

  76. Russ the Gooner

    at Arsenal Football Club… the amount of injuries and key players missing, Eboue is a must have player right now.. we need players who can fill in and do a job. Ok hes been pretty poor in many games with his childish behaviour but Eboue has never really been played at RM by merit. Its sheer chance that everyone else is injured.

    Theo, Nasri, Rosicky, and now AA are all in front of him!

  77. Excellent Idea AIC. Play an injured Cesc. Why oh why hasn’t Arsene thought of that?

    God give me strength.

  78. chrisGOONA

    I agree, I just think we should have a player more capable of filling in when Theo is injured. I don’t think Eboue is comfortable there, it seems as though he doesn’t display the same confidence as he did when he played at right back. He shows glimmers of the quality needed, but overall it’s not enough. At a club like Arsenal, even as a second choice, we should have a player more capable of doing a job on the right.

  79. Russ. How many players do you want as back up midfield players?

  80. Changing the subject slightly…

    If we can stay in touch with Villa,Chelsea and Pool whilst our injured players one by one come back into the fold, we will be well placed to have a strong end of the season…

    Imagine a squad that inlcudes Cesc, Walcott, Eduardo, Rosicky and a fit Arshavin….

    Even more so – imagine a midfield and attack of –

    Rosicky Cesc Song/Densilson Nasri

    Arshavin and RVP upfront…

    with Walcott, Eduardo, Ade and Bendtner to call on…

    Its gonna be back to the good old days very soon boys…

    In fact -the only problem is going to be how to get them all in the team!

    We are a seriously strong side then..

  81. consolsbob

    I would suggest we need one player who can competently play in each position, clearly we do not have that at present. Or perhaps we do, Jack Wilshire for instance, but strangely AW persists with Eboue despite his obvious limitations.

  82. Sooo much negativity around at the mo. HAd we not messed up the first 3 months of the season, things would be very dandy now.

    consolsbob – Best to drop Arseblog – that is a pile of crap made worse by its forum of self-important and thick whingers who think the rest of the world is interested in their sad little lives. I used to read it and it used to be funny. Now its just like leGrove and other teeny bopper sites.

  83. Couple of Chalkboards from The Guardian to look at:

    Denislon and Song:


    And how little Gallas / Toure had to do…



  84. consols,

    It was a joke. Having said that an injured Cesc would contribute more than Eboue or Ade for that matter

  85. Alex,

    Good point. I’ll take it even one point further. If we hadn’t messed up November we’d be top of the league now.

  86. Tony Adams is gone and I am not surprised..I always suspected him as manager..beware he told arsene when he joined..what a joke..

    i know lot of ppl will tell he didnt get time and best players left…but i think good managers manage with limited resources to get best out of team….e.g zola..

  87. From my perspective it is easy for the press and so-called “gooners” to tear into their own club and into their own players because Arsenal does not follow the conventional English paradigm. By refusing to follow the well-travelled road of throwing money at winning championships, that has resulted in traditional British clubs selling their souls to the next kleptocrat from Russia, America and now the Middle-East, it is reviled not loved. In becoming the second most successful club in the EPL by entrusting its future to a French coach who insists on playing football rather than the blood and thunder of second-rate high priced talent. Finally, the club is reviled for being a meritocracy with Wenger refusing, as he says ,to look at a player’s passport before deciding whether he can play. No wonder it is easier to take out one’s frustrations and insecurities on one’s own football club and its players especially when the going is tough.

  88. Ian Ridley is an idiot..arsene never said this winter that he wasnt interested in arshavin..he just didnt say anything..may be in summer he might have said..

    also arsene is not in business of being honest with journalist..he sometimes uses them to get what he wants..just like when he said he might go for barry..to make liverpool go for him..so that he cud get alonso..alas unfrotunately he didnt get any…but oniel did come and said..arsene never approached for barry..he just talked in media…

    arsene is no simpleton..he is shrewd

  89. Matt

    I agree with your take on quality of team now that we have arshavin and possibly others from injury….but we will get our full team only next season…i feel we would have squad depth and quality as good as manu and chelsea next year..much better than liverpool..hopefully some luck will go our way and we shud get that elusive trophy..

    we shud try to sell senderos..eboue and diaby..traore to get good midfield player..

    but this year i suspect we will end up 5th…we can catch chelsea cause we play them later..but aston villa with 7 points ahead looks daunting..considering we too will drop points..

  90. The weakness of our sqaud is highlighted by Eboue playing so many games.

    We lost out on the title by a measly 4 points last year when Eboue played 40 games for us in total (not sure how many in the league).

    If we had a decent Rw last year instead of **** like Eboue it may have made the difference.

    Its the same this year: if we had a better squad we wouldn’t have to suffer Eboue.

  91. AIC

    Cool down now we have…arshavin and rosicky 1st choice wingers…back up nasri and theo..with all fit we wont need eboue at all..on wings

  92. We should finish the season strongly!!!

    The squad is improving all the time

    a) Arshavin should add creativity
    b) Eduardo should add goals (assuming (a) to provide

    beginning March
    c) Theo
    d) Adebayor

    mid March
    e) Cesc

    beginning April
    f) Rosicky

    (I didn’t mention Diaby or Silvestre since Idont think either improve the team)

  93. While these games are always theatrical, I thought that yesterday was like full-on Greek tragedy.
    For 10 minutes I sat there thinking, ‘This is incredible. After all of his trials and humiliations, the E-man is now going to turn it all around and gain a free-pass for life by playing out of his skin and single-handedly beating Tottenham.’
    He will repay Arsene’s costly faith, and emerge on this stage as a stalwart of our attacking football.’
    Then, his toes across the threshold, the goal controversy triggers his critical character flaw (well, one of them) and before I know it I’m watching in horror saying, ‘Oh, no. Oh, no. Shut up you idiot. Shut up you idiot. Shut…up…you…IDIOT.’
    Then the card, and along with every other person in the Arsenal diaspora (except, hmmm, possibly Arsene), I knew it was all downhill from there — the long inextricable spiral downward until our frowny little Lear was total toast, and we were burnt, too, for good measure….

    But once that part was done, it was OK.
    Actually then it became a bit more like a good Western.
    With a relatively happy ending, all things considered.

    Given that Cesc, Tomaz, Edu, Diaby and ultimately Ade were out before we even went down to 10 on the field, has anyone as yet asked just how few people we need to field for Tottenham to beat us?

  94. adc, anything is possible and no one knows what will happen, so why not hope for the best rather than expect the worst? I believe in the power of positive thinking. If the team adopt your attitude we’ve got no chance of getting anywhere.

    I also totally disagree with you about selling Diaby. He may have had a few injury problems, but his recent run in the centre of midfield shows real quality, which I’m sure we’ll see more and more.

  95. Alex,

    They wont change gears straight away..will need time to get their game back..

    and it will be too little too late for league..lets hope we are in CL when we have key players back.

  96. Painful game.

    EDS & AA on the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EE came in psyched, shaved, trimmed up and rearing to go. He just assumed Dean would be psyched up too. Alas, foreigner petulance was uncondonably off the menu on this day.
    Took the joy out of the game.

    The 10 men did their best
    One that’s still not good enough

    But I remain faithful
    And fully a fan of Wenger’s way
    Win or Lose!

    —but we better pick things up from here on out!

    -hope Clichy’s fine for the next game
    -hope Ade takes the time to heal completely & to soak in vids of his performances last season cause we need his punkass!
    -and EE? with quality returning, may AW play him in his best position (as a sub).

  97. Painful game.

    “EDS & AA on the bench!” Yaye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EE came in psyched, shaved, trimmed up and rearing to go. He just assumed Dean would be psyched up too. Alas, foreigner petulance was uncondonably off the menu on this day.
    Took the joy out of the game.

    The 10 men did their best
    One that’s still not good enough

    But I remain faithful
    And fully a fan of Wenger’s way
    Win or Lose!

    —but we better pick things up from here on out!

    -hope Clichy’s fine for the next game
    -hope Ade takes the time to heal completely & to soak in vids of his performances last season cause we need his punkass!
    -and EE? with quality returning, may AW play him in his best position (as a sub).

  98. Hey adc,

    Ivan Gazidis said in an interview last week that we won’t concede defeat, we’ll fight for the last single point till the end.

    What’s the point of your saying that we’ll finish 5th? Please keep that with yourself. That’s not even an opinion but merely a self-defeatism, which we can do without. Remember, there are still 39 points up for grabs.

  99. Where’s BentleyTheFlyingTWAT??
    Anyone seen him today?

    Forgive the double post YW

  100. aclassabovetherest

    ” but this year i suspect we will end up 5th…we can catch chelsea cause we play them later..but aston villa with 7 points ahead looks daunting..considering we too will drop points.. ”

    say you will eat your hat if we finish above num five???

    i will eat my hat if we finish below num 4

  101. “Hope for the best, plan for the worst”

    Now we the lucky people only need to hope for the best, because the latter part of the phrase will be dealt with by AW.

    But I cannot help feeling that there are so many who “hope for the worst and plan for the worse than worst”.

  102. adc – no you are right. It will take time for our players to get back up to speed and also AW is very cautious in bringing players back – BUT like everyone else I was clamboring for a big defender and a midfield enforcer in January. Now the defence and midfield look solid and its the spark we are missing to create and the abiloity to beat a dogged defence. Its seems AW was right!!!

    I really feel AA + Eduardo could make the difference. Dudu just has that knack of getting goals that our favourite Togolese man seems to have lost. And AA looks like a guy that can run at defences and/or beat them with a killer pass.

    The rest of the returnees, I ain’t so sure about. Theo is good if he has room – but that is seldom the case. Rosicky could return too late.

    But get Edu and AA in now and add in Cesc for the last 6 weeks and we should be unbeatable ( and hopefully less drawable)

  103. Flint McCullough

    Good stuff, YW.

    I disagree with your assessment of Kolo & Gallas.
    For me they played very well together, yesterday.

    Kolo was turned once by Pava# but made up for that with his challenge on Keene for the Spud’s best chance, preventing a free header. Billy boy was near faultless & challenged Song as our motm.

    The key to that partnership has been Kolo struggling for fitness & Gallas’s occasional lack of concentration. There are real signs from the last few games that Kolo is getting that energy back to make him more the player we have known & loved.

    Almunia was tremendous but has received little praise here.

    Eboue was guilty of overcommitment & although there is no argument that both cards were legitimate, I feel other players do get more leeway. Eboue is a good shot & a better final ball away from being an outstanding player.

    Mike Dean was guilty of double standards. His booking of Clichy, for a simple mistimed tackle, should have meant that Palacio, in particular should of had more than 1 yellow.

    Was Eboue’s hand on the back worse than Song being held at the corner, where he nearly scored?

  104. AIC,

    Were it not for Walcott’s injury Eboue wouldnt have played as many games this season at RM as he has. You already knew that ofcourse but choose to ignore it. AA would also now start ahead of him.

    Its a pity about Eboue. A decent footballer to have as backup but not composed enough to be a starter in this team.

  105. Following on from key witness Flint’s observations – I put forward some Wayne Rooney footage showing him clearly telling the ref to F off for the duration of a match.

    I think Deane got narked and was out to get him after the goal. Manu made it easy for him though.

    As for the goal – Eboue’s brush against Woodgate was minuscule compared to Palacious’s manhandling of Song in the box.

  106. Flint,

    Kolo seemed to be well on his way to recovery before this game but seems to have unfortunately slipped into the same period of mediocrity as before with this performance. He couldnt get his positioning right (unlike Gallas), continued to depend on his now decreased pace to bail him out and resorted to just hoofing the ball forward at every opportunity. Hope he gets over this phase.

    Denilson’s passing in the game left a lot to be desired. Hope that was just a one off. Kudos to Gallas, Almunia and Song (in the second half) who were at their very best for us.

  107. 5th place isn’t acceptable

    allowing a shitty team like Aston Villa into the Champs League isnt acceptable

    Just cant bear watching them get so much good fortune on the injury front while we suffer constant major injuries to our best players. They have had 1 major injury in Carew all season. I can think of a minium of 5 for us!!! Dont want to sound like a whinging baby, but if they had 5 players out they will be in a relegation fight.

  108. Alex, do you not think our unbeaten run & array of clean sheets has anything to do with Toure returning to some semblance of form?

  109. Chrisgoona – you’re wearing red tinted glasses, Villa are a very good side this season, and they’re pretty good to watch to. Don’t underestimate Martin O’Neill, he’s a great manager, it was just a matter of time until they started challenging the top four… fair play to them – they did without doing it the Tottenham way i.e spending millions. Now, you gotta give them some credit for that.

  110. Thank God there is an Arsenal blogger with a bit of commonsense – the total opposite of bloggers like Asreblog. I have said it many times and I will say it again. The vitriol aimed at Eboue is not 100% football related. He is not the worst player to have ever played for Arsenal. He isnt worse than Perry Groves, but God knows Perry was idolised by the same morons that boo Eboue. Why?

  111. As always YW – a very interesting and thought provoking post.

    I’m sure most of us are a little fed up with the Eboue situation, and personally I am on the other side of the argument to you – not quite as far right as Arseblogger – but along the lines.
    I would add one last thing from me though – It is understandable that you suggest that supporters are more understanding of Eboue becase at the end of the day he is just a human, and humans are prone to human reactions – but by the same token you have to give those same supporters some understanding for the emotional / human response that Eboue’s actions yesterday can bring out in us.

    I was one of the people boo-ing him at The Emirates that day. First time in my life I had boo’ed an Arsenal player. I felt guilty about it for days afterwards. But it happened, it’s a human reaction – especially in the heat of the match.
    (Which must be even hotter for a player on the pitch).

    One opinion I have modified since yesterday – I said that Rooney getting away with stuff like Eboue did y’day was an irrelevance. I think I was wrong – thinking about it – the Rooney’s Lampard’s Terry’s of the world get away with far more than they should. A combination of Xenophobia and Star-struck referees.

  112. I don’t get the Perry Groves thing either… very average player indeed… i think its to do with the famous 89 squad…

  113. rev,

    If Aston Villa are good enough for a Top 4 finish I want to know why the other teams bother to fill their teams with great talent and internationals.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have to say they’re 2 months into proving me completely wrong with their performances in the league.

    But they’re very much overperforming. If they keep this up right now, they’ll win the league. Which I don’t think will happen.

    Seriously, they’re not good enough. The one player they have who has outstanding talent of any form is Ashley Young.

    So we’re more likely to overestimate than underestimate them.

    I will come and kiss the arse (lip on arse cheek) of anyone if they finish Top 4 this year. If they did it it’ll be as remarkable an achievement as we’ve seen in Premier League history.

  114. Flint McCullough

    I thought Kolo was pretty good, albeit far from perfect, yesterday, Alex, & I saw it it as continued improvement from him.

    Arsene has to make the decision soon, though because we need to be bedding Djourou in now.

    The game was panning out to the typical Spuds v AFC at WHL. They put in a lot of early energy, in several previous games they have scored but in the end we have beaten them because they have not been able to last the game.

    Even with 10 men we taking the game to them more & more as it went on. Certainly could have won it, with 10, but there you go.

    Denilson & Song both put in a hell of a shift. Strangely Song was better at retaining the ball than Denilson but that was because Song was more able to play the ball mostly the way he was facing, whilst Denilson had fewer options. He suffered more fom being the man down, restricting his normal range of passing.

    Villa are on a high at the moment & riding on confidence. We need someone to dent that confidence a bit & the see how they cope with the later stages of the Uefa/FA cups as well. If they get in the top 4 they will have deserved it.

  115. rev

    Aston Villa may be a good team, on a good run with a good manager. Thats as far is it goes, when they are out of luck lets see how well they do then. I give them credit for what they have done up till now, but there is alot of games left still. Like Wenger said… the Pemier League is like a marathon.. we are just past half way, anyone can still win it.

  116. Rev, if you read my previous post again you would note that I acknowledged Toure’s performances before this game. In the Spurs game though, Toure looked unsettled and looked like he was trying too hard. As a result his positioning and skill on the ball seemed to suffer.

  117. Alex…. did we concede a goal??… then what is your point???

  118. Consols
    My point about freedom to have an opposing opinion is the automatic response of others to question your validity to be called an Arsenal fan. It’s like living in America during the McCarthy years. Disagreeing with others doesn’t make anyone less of a supporter. A little objectivity doesn’t go amiss. The “c**t” was ironic.

  119. Ole Gunner, Matt and others of that opinion, I have to agree with you.

    Let me say first that Eboue is a very good, but very streaky player. And every point that has been made about the unfairness and inconsistency of refs’ decisions, and about Eboue’s “reputation” preceding him, is valid. I also agree that EE’s problem was that he was so up for the game and determined to get the fans back on his side. However, the ref’s decisions were technically correct, so there would always be a risk of being carded for what Eboue did. His first card should have served as a warning to him of the ref’s mood.

    It’s easy to say this when you’re not on the pitch, but the fact remains that when officials appear to mess up, you just have to suck it up and move on – however painful it is to do so. Ultimately, they are in charge and losing your rag will only hurt you or your teammates. Being in control of your temperament is a sign of a professional. Early in his career, Roger Federer would lose matches because of losing his temper; he conquered that tendency and then conquered the world.

    IMO, Eboue is a skilful player who offers direct running and pace, which we are short of in the squad. He is also happy to be a squad player and to play anywhere or do anything he is asked. Those qualities are worth their weight in gold. He could go to a number of other clubs and be a first-choice player, but he wants to stay with Arsenal. Wenger has to find a way to get him to sort his head out, or it could be his and our undoing.

    @ Arse21
    “..you are not allowed to have honest opinions you have to toe the Arsenal party line on here..”

    Ah, yes. The last resort of a man who has lost the argument.

    @ ToughCookie
    Great post at 12:45. Spot on!

    @ Ole and Passenal
    With you on the point about some bloggers seeing themselves as competing with Wenger.
    I see this phenomenon as the product of society where expertise and experience isn’t valued, anyone thinks they can just rock up and have a go at anything, and life becomes a sort of reality show or computer game in which they phone in and vote someone out, or press a button and bring about the result they want. They are dislocated from reality and can’t see the players/Wenger as human beings with feelings, or appreciate the harm they are doing to the cause they claim to support.
    Rant over.

  120. Passenel,

    Well I am not saying that team shud not fight further..but as a fan am now more realistic and looking towards uefa cup..surprisingly i am not very bitter towards it..cause i feel with arshavin
    and key players back next season v wud compeltely different team next season..we cud win cl though .luck as lot to do in that cup..

    on Diaby…well he is not holding midfielder we want..and we have atleast 4 wingers ahead of him ..and for attacking midfielders..after sesc..arshavin..nasri and rosicky is better than him..i like the guy..but he is extra for our need..we can keep him as squad player..cant see him more than that next season

  121. Tough Cookie..

    Ivan and Arsene have not even given up on title till now..they are in business of giving all the right sound bites..

    well when i say 5th position ..i dont say out of frustration or anger..but realism..wud be great if we achieve it..but looks daunting…

  122. achive 4th place

  123. adc,

    keep the faith! – that’s the best and most we can do for the team!! Please don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking and worry only when you really have to worry when it comes to the Arsenal, not now. Okay?

  124. Hi Exiled Gunner, i am right there with you, i cannot imagine how some people will keep on supporting and standing up for him! how on earth can this Eboue play for Arsenal, he is indeed and back up to Sagna, he also got what he deserved which is that red card.

    And i here people saying he was excellent before going off, please spare me that, the first ball put through from Van Persie should have been dealt with very well and not just shooting it anywhere.

    I really don’t care what the rest will say, i am very glad Adebayor is injured, he can stay on the bench for the rest of the season, him and Eboue should remain on the bench, i will even prefer Bentner on the right than Eboue. Eduardo is back, Arshavin will play on the right and all will remember that guy Eboue no more, thank God again for this (missing Eboue and Adebayor)

    Imagine Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Villa, neither will keep Eboue for such a long time, we are a top club and we cannot persist with one player for almost 2 seasons, if that is so, why don’t we do that with Vela, Wiltshire, Gibbs and Bentner, they will show us that they are better than Eboue.

  125. @ adc –

    If you don’t believe you can win, then you won’t. If you believe your opponents are invincible, then they are. If you believe you can come 5th at best, then you will probably come 6th or 7th.

    Self-belief isn’t just a sporting cliche. True champions always genuinely believe that they can turn it around, even when all the odds are against them. It’s not over until it’s mathematically over, so let’s do all we can to help the team keep that belief.

    Up the Gunners!!!!

  126. Aston Villa..

    cant complain they have over spent..
    cant complain they are 1 player team..
    cant complain they play defensive footbal..
    cant complain they dont deserve it..

  127. Don’t know why people are moaning about Eduardo being on the bench. As if they expect him to be back to his pre-injury best so soon? Don’t get your hopes up about Eduardo just yet, he will be class and he will score goals but give him time. I’m glad Wenger didn’t use him yesterday. The right time will come, we need to be patient with him.

    Also when compared with Eboue, the likes of Rooney and Gerrard get away with murder on a regular basis when it comes to shouting at the ref, BUT that doesn’t make it ok for Eboue to do it. For me, I just wish Eboue would stop doing that stupid thing where he puts his hands up to his head and makes himself look all sorry and vulnerable after making a mistake. How many times do I have to see this, it really does my head in!

  128. Guys:

    My heart says we shud finish 4th..head says..looks difficult..will i be supporting the team in both situation? yes absolutely..once a gooner always a gooner..in sucess or failure..

    somebody said..pray for the best ..expect the worst..thats what i am trying to do

  129. Blackstone..

    agree with u on eduardo..n other who might comeback from injuries..including arshavin..dont expect them to be 100% tight away..

    also i liked what wenger said abt not bringing them in the game..we already had fwds and needed those players in midfield..thats y he is a genius..he doesnt make calls for the sake of names..he judgement for purely footballing reasons

  130. Tough Cookie,

    But theres nothing wrong with speaking the truth on a faceless internet blog is there?

  131. Fun,

    Do you reall believe tthat Eboue “is a very good, but very streaky player.”

    Please say yes so that I can spend the rest of the day laughing.

  132. Eboue looked up for an energetic game from the start (probably after some pre-match heart to heart – ‘you can do it my boy’ from Wenger) and got completely carried away. His play was threatening and causing problems to Spuds, opening spaces to ours, but then he is an immature type and the rest is history – silly boy. His ‘goal’ was 50/50 and could easily have gone our way and the match would have changed.

    Let that not deflect us all from an outstanding second half performance by the lads. Talk about character under pressure, that’s it.

    Now we see who rises to the occasion and why they are in the side. Song and Almunia were outstanding in coping with pressure. Denilson more quietly resolute. Bendtner worked hard, dribbled well out of midfield, shot when he could, passed, moved – like the impact striker he can and will be. The defence was solid on the whole, especially Sagna.

    The important and significant result – this young team are proving exceptionally difficult to beat, and getting in the habit of of not losing, whatever the conditions, and that’s what is going to prove decisive in coming matches – and in the long run.

    This unbeaten run in a period of real stress for a young team missing senior mid-field and creative players is going to be the telling platform for this season, that’s my view.

    The flair players will come in and back, in the short term Arsh, Diaby, Dudu, a few weeks later Cesc and Theo; they will make goals, especially with RVP and Nasri consistent week in and out.

    All in all – it was a great day not conceding any goal with 10-men, and so nearly scoring, when Spuds were all gee’d up at home, their ‘talisman’ Keane trying to be ‘the man is back’, Rednapp is no fool, he must be bitterly disappointed.

    And especially after the Ade injury (one thing Ade does is hold up a ball and give time and space to the team to move out of defence).

    Consistency, solidity and ‘unbeaten mentality’ is what was lacking at the start; the flair, as always under Wenger, will return; balls that ‘slid wide’ and inched past the post will go in, confidence in taking scoring chances will be back – so long as we do not concede goals, we will win games – and I hope we will remember that this testing period was the platform.

  133. “somebody said..pray for the best ..expect the worst..thats what i am trying to do”

    Wrong. It’s “hope for the best, plan for the worst”. It’s our job as supporters to “hope for the best” until it is mathematically impossible, and it’s Arsene’s job to “plan for the worst”. He will not be helped by supporters giving up on the team and calling it “realism” when it’s really cowardice. Too afraid to believe, too afraid to look wrong in the eyes of mates who support other clubs. Supporters should have the courage of their convictions. You’re either in this for the long haul or you’re out because if you’re not with the team, you’re against it.

  134. @ Alex Ice Cream
    Yes, I do really believe that Emmanuel Eboue is a very good, but very streaky player.

    Enjoy laughing at me. It’s only fair, since I have had so much amusement out of you.


    “But theres nothing wrong with speaking the truth on a faceless internet blog is there?”

    It’s not “the truth”, at best it’s what you truly believe, however misguidedly.

    You can hide behind a moniker but the players that you slag off can’t.

    There are plenty of knockers out there, you don’t have to join them. As ToughCookie says, leave it to Arsene to sort out what needs to be sorted out. Defensively, we look more solid than when we were beating Fenerbahce 5-3. In attack, we have a new creative midfielder to feed and link up with our front players. So Arsene knows what the shortcomings are, and he is on the case. Trust Arsene, because you have no choice.

  135. @FunGunner:

    you’re WRONG WRONG WRONG – we beat Fenerbahce 5-2, not 5-3. How could you get that wrong, so so disappointing!!


  136. Good post Paul N.

  137. Truth is truth whether you are optimistic or pessimistic.

    Whether the Ref was biased or not is not the point to me, surely it was not the ref that made Eboue stick up his foot to trip Modric. Maybe the first yellow was soft but for some reason Eboue would not let the situation and felt he needed to talk to the ref everytime he passed him.

    The fact is Eboue had already gotten the first yellow (soft or not/biased or not) which meant he had to play the rest f the match in a level headed and responsible manner, and sorry Arsenal fans, that he did not do. The sending off was up to him and though I defend him as an Arsenal player, in this situation he was culpable.

    Rooney always has a go at the refs, animal farm – “some are more equal than others” – in order to overcome the obvious bias we must use wisdom.

    Arsenal played great and man down, for that they get my utmost respect! We have a team that fights for the whole match, they never give up and we will soon see th fruit of their labor!

    Be blessed!!

  138. I wont take credit a different Paul.

    Dont get on me for my view though! ha ha!!

  139. FunGunner,

    All other teams fans criticise their team and certain players when their talking about football in a social situation. Why are Arsenal fans so touchy? its childish and silly, and shows you’re scared shitless. I wouldnt mind if its because were the most passionate but thats bollocks, our ground is relatively quiet, as frank will tell you.

    So please, let us have our opinions and please make Poliziano have a bath. He stinks of poo poo

  140. Yes Paul, good post!

  141. Fun,

    Thanks for that.


    Eboue is s***. Its so obvious its painful. He has been rubbish for years but AW still has him on the payroll and then preaches finacial prudence.

    He is very average reserve right-back at best. As a midfielder he is hopeless, utterly and totally useless who will never, ever be good enough for Arsenal.

    He is no better than Jensen, Hillier, Selley and the like but he must get a minimum of 30k a week.

    He is the biggest waste of money under AW but Ade is putting up a fight for this crown.

    People ask why people like me and others have the temerity to question the omnipotent AW. Well when you let Pires go for free instead of giving him 2 years but gladly pay Eboue for 4 then you have a serious problem.

    Eboue is rubbish and a cheat to boot. Wake up and you will see this and the numerous other failings of this team.

  142. fungunner

    i will trust arsene even if i have choice..

  143. Apologies for mixing up my Paul’s and Paul N’s! Credit to Paul for a great post and I have no problems with your’s Paul N. I don’t think anyone is suggesting he didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that the condemnation of him is out of proportion compared to that given to fan favourites who have been known to be a bit hot headed in the past.

  144. Let me say, yes Eboue was on fire before the red and was our most dangerous player, the goal also should have stood also.

    I love Ade but I am getting concerned about him, he just doesnt look the same. Maybe its the loss of Cesc, I dont know. I look forward to seeing the Ade of last season, there is no doubt he is an immense talent.

  145. adc,

    I wouldnt trust him to get the round in. He’s a bit of a tight wad (joke)

  146. Passenal, we should never condemn our players, Eboue is not the first player to behave a little silly and he wont be the last – he will learn from this.

  147. ON SONG!

    Lets give eboue his well deserved break. I think song has given another fine account for why he should be first choice partner to cesc for the rest of the season.

    I have been saying on this blog for a while now that Alex song is the best option we got to fill the flamini spot. He played very well yesterday, and showed what a difference it makes to have A NATURAL in a specialized position like DM.

    Denilson is a decent player, but I have never seen him to be the answer for that position, and my opinion remains resolutely unchanged on that.

    I know song is not the best around but he is the best we got, so I believe he must be given a good run of games with which he can only get better.

    Anyway, I would love to see ramsey come in for eboue..

    Cheers all!!

  148. Passenal.

    Maybe “fan-favourites” have actually played well for the club and thus have some goodwill to fall back on.

    Eboue has done nothing other than take money for being crap and a cheat. He had some good game since the 2006 CL run but that was it.

    He is a cheating, talentless, brainless **** who is an utter liability. Yesterday was the latest in a long-line of misdemenours.

    I don’t agree with booing but he has been the first Arsenal player to be booed for a long time. I think that says something about himas well as the boo-boys.

  149. He’s a plonker, just like ponyboy

  150. Bragging Rights Ltd

    Are you a football know-it-all? Then you won’t want to miss out on a limited time offer:

    As an armchair manager, you know just who to back and who to write off.

    When you have a feeling about something it usually comes true, right?

    And we bet you appreciate just satisfying it is to say those time-honoured words,

    “I told you so!”

    Ah! Doesn’t that warm your heart and make your life feel a little more important?

    Many armchair managers may not know it, but a great “I told you so” opportunity has surfaced, just under the radar in North London:

    Everyone has written them off, but Arsenal FC is currently on an 11 match unbeaten run.

    Not bad eh?

    Well here’s the best bit. They’ve done this without 4 of their best attacking players, all of whom will be back in the next few weeks. And they now have the world’s sixth best player in their squad, Russian Andrey Arshavin.

    But still, nobody is tipping them to win anything this year. And for many, Champions League Qualification is but a distant dream.

    We at Bragging Rights Ltd know a good deal when we see one. So for a limited time only, we’re offering armchair managers a chance to get behind this Arsenal team. Because we believe that Arsenal FC is about to go stratospheric.

    But remember, if you don’t get on board before their form improves, you lose all your bragging privileges and don’t get to rub Arsenal’s success in the faces of pessimists and naysayers. So act today, support Arsenal FC on its road to glory.

    Say “I told you so!” with Bragging Rights Ltd.

    What have you got to lose?

  151. @ Arse21
    Speaking for myself, I don’t get annoyed just because a fan criticises a player, if it’s constructive and fair. It’s when fans are unreasonable, or they insult the players or they do nothing but criticise all day long. The reason I get annoyed is not because I am ultra-sensitive, but because the criticism or insults, being in the public domain, reach the players via the media.
    Or the hundreds/thousands of people who read but do not post get it into their heads that, for example, it’s OK to boo one of our players. Continual, OTT, public vilification of the team harms its chances of success. Don’t you think so?

  152. AIC, I think most fans are upset that Pires was let go and obviously he still had a few years left in the tank but have you forgotten how great Eboue was at right back and he is younger. There is a business side to football, do you pay a player thats career will soon be over or sign a good young talent for now and years to come? the latter seems to be wiser, you think?

    I dont like Eboue in the mid but you cant deny (I think) that he was playing well on Sunday.

  153. @Bragging Rights

    @ Paul N

    “I love Ade but I am getting concerned about him, he just doesnt look the same. Maybe its the loss of Cesc, I dont know. I look forward to seeing the Ade of last season, there is no doubt he is an immense talent.”

    That’s exactly it – without Cesc, he hasn’t been getting the service!

  154. OK FunGun, I get you but what would happen if Cesc was out for the whole season?

    I agree it may be difficult without Cesc but I hope he finds other ways to get involved.

  155. @ Arse21
    “All other teams fans criticise their team and certain players when their talking about football in a social situation. ”
    Forgot to say – that’s point – these blogs are not private. Your living room or the pub is, but blogs are really an extension of the stadium.

  156. our centrel midfield pairing is a joke ,
    .Idealy they should have some grit and some flair in the middle .they lack both . thats why people get confused with denilson . they dont know what he is . he cant tackle and he cant outmuscle his opponent(he cant even handle modric) , he cant head ,has no pace , cant shoot (i am not sure , never seen him shooting), always on the wrong side his opponents , has no vision , can only pass to sideways or to back (his pass success ratio should be 100). so he is not an attacking mid or a defensive mid or a box to box .

    on the positive side i think he is committed , has a decent workrate but sadly imho he is our version of veron .
    sell him to italy or spain he will be a big hit.

    song is clearly improving . atleast everybody knows he is a dm .

  157. AIC

    You are sh** mate… ur comments are lacking common sense and any integrity. Anything you write is laughed at by many other people on this blogg. Why dont you go and support the scum.

    Fungunner, has every right to say Eboue is a good player… here are the reasons:

    a- he plays for Arsenal
    b- he was one of our best players at the start of the season
    c- he has played RB for a whole season playing admirably well
    d- he has overcome the boing back at the Emirates
    e- we lost out on the league by 5 points with Eboue at RM for the majority of a season

    you can single out any player and put the blame on them and turn them into a scapegoat. It just happens to be Eboue, if we chose lets say Diaby… we would be on his back everytime he put on the shirt… Eboue has given more to Arsenal than Diaby in the last 2 years.

    My point is get off his back… Wenger will deal with it internally and decide whats best for the lad come end of the season. If you cant i say you move onto another team. Wenger is a great manager, whoever he picks is based on his knowledge of that player. Who are you to call one of Wenger’s players sh** you fu**ing turd.

  158. Paul N
    We are in agreement, actually – all I was saying was that you had correctly identified a problem.

  159. I just come across this interesting article that has in depth report and statistics, showing that Spurs have spent 150 million pounds more than us in the last 13 years. While we have won 3 EPL and went to the Champions League Final in 2005, Spurs has …. .er ….. won a few honourable League Cup that Arsenal has never won under Wenger. What a remarkable feat by Spurs!


  160. FunGunner,

    Yeah I accept your point, positive thinking is needed at the ground, without a doubt. But not so much on internet blogs.

    But more importantly, please make Poliziano wash, I’m starting to feel dizzy

  161. FunGunner,

    I very much doubt that modern day footballers will pull themselves awat from there Ferraris, 50 inch LCD’s, and surgically enhanced wives to read these blogs. Most of them I dont think give a shit what the fans think or feel.

  162. Cool FunGun!

    The Eboue situation is one thing but we must not forget how the team played past that and really looked the better team towards the end of the match.

    With all the talk about our midfield, what is being proven is that our young players have learnt how to fight and disrupt play – which we not doing earlier in the season – two clean sheets in a row I believe?

    Yes we dropped points but a fighting menatlity os being forged in the team and trust me AIC and Arse21, these hard time will work for the good of the team.

    Lets keep the faith and not let one negative oversahdow the growth we are seeing in the younsters!!!

  163. Top two and silverware…..just watch…oh yes..next seven games will change everything….great perfromance yesterday in the second half…great performance…I was very proud to be a gooner after that game….still am

  164. there is no doubt about eboues talent .
    he got loads of natural ability . but sadly he aint got a brain . thats his problem .he is like kaka or messi without a brain.

  165. Fun Gunner. Top posts today. at 1.51 your last paragraph was very perceptive and spot on. As for the views of AIC and Arse 21, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    What is it about you girls on here? You, Passenal and Tough Cookie never miss the point.

    Jamie, I think I must be an American despite my birth certificate because if you think calling someone a c*nt is irony, I just don’t get it.

  166. Bragging Rights Ltd on February 9, 2009
    at 2:56 pm—> haha great stuff.

  167. You are not very bright, are you Arse21?

  168. Non edible Nacho,

    Q. What do you call cheese that isnt yours?

    A. Nacho cheese

  169. Arse21

    so u dont think positive vibes in the stadium will help lift the players??… do you also think booing will help the players get motivated??.. do you not think the general mood amongst fans transmits to the players??..

    If you do not think that the vibes we send to players affects them then you are just stupid. We have got a fantastic stadium, lovely playing surface, we are graced with players like Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Sagna, Clichy, now AA, Theo, Edu…. lets start getting some positive vibes down there. I bet it would do a world of good. Aston Villa are doing so well because their fans are estatic with how well they are performing, if they aint having a good game, all they need to do for motivation is listen to their fans urging them on. Our team has lacked support for most of the season, most of you have become so use to success you expect it every season. It has come to a point where we have forgotten how to support.. and our players in due course have forgotten how to keep it going when things aint going well.

    The form they have started to get now is all they are clinging onto right now, lets give them something more to go by and push for bigger and better things. Who is willing to settle for UEFA CUP here??!! because i aint!

  170. Consolsbob,

    At least I’m not fat, you big round bear you

  171. consols,

    Since my posts are about Eboue, I would cry if I were you.

  172. Ole Gunner “Rev, If Aston Villa are good enough for a Top 4 finish I want to know why the other teams bother to fill their teams with great talent and internationals.”

    You could say the same about Arsenal…

  173. ChrisGoona, well said!

    No doubt that good support is a must for any team. the fans MUST be that twealth man!

  174. Thanks for the laughs Bragging Rights Ltd and you are so right. When the plan starts to come together and this team starts winning again, I won’t forget who backed the team and who chickened out when the going got tough.

  175. Chris,

    Read my post again, I said that posistive thinking is vital in the stadium,

    But not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its just weird not to talk honestly on these blogs, whats the point of just agreeing with things you think could be done better?

  176. @ Arse21
    “I very much doubt that modern day footballers will pull themselves awat from there Ferraris, 50 inch LCD’s, and surgically enhanced wives to read these blogs. Most of them I dont think give a shit what the fans think or feel.”

    I can understand why you think that, but
    they don’t have make the effort to read the blogs, lazy journalists are happy to transmit the gist in their “articles”.
    And from my knowledge of the entertainment business, people are ALWAYS interested in what their audience or the general public is saying about them. The parallells between sport and entertainment are clear, and in any case the PL is as much a branch of showbiz as sport, these days. So I’m guessing players DO Google themselves etc. And any kind of insult or criticism always looks nasty in print. Always.

  177. Now, now boys. Behave in the playground. Mummy willl smack.

  178. Consolsbob,

    Mummys on crack

  179. Eric Gunners Fans Forver:

    That is just our spending….how about the profit we made from selling our players…

    our net spending cud well be in negative..

    that is wenger’s biggest achievement..with minimal budget he has managed a very competitive and respected side…

  180. adc,

    Yes he has, he is amazing, I dont believe there is another man alive who could do what wenger has done.

    BUT, we will never win the league while Man U and Chelsea are around

  181. yes we will. next season. back them, i reckon you can get about 20-1 now.

  182. “BUT, we will never win the league while Man U and Chelsea are around”

    Arse 21, what kind of a statement is that?
    All players healthy, there is no doubt in my mind we have the best team.

    Chelsea are pretty rediculous at present.

    We will win the PL!

  183. No no Arse21

    chelsea is competing with us for 4th place..y r u giving them so much importance?

    manu will not make it 4th in a row..there luck will run out next season

  184. @ Arse21
    “Its just weird not to talk honestly on these blogs, whats the point of just agreeing with things you think could be done better?”

    IMO, nothing’s wrong with honest, constructive criticism. But be honest with yourself, and ask if what you say really can be described as honest and constructive.
    I get that you’re trying to be funny, mischevious, light-hearted etc, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come across like that, probably because you are writing it, not saying it. Any humour, subtleties or details tends to be lost when criticism is recycled -along with the substance of the criticism, ironically. All that is understood is the fact of the criticism and the implied hostility, unfortunately.

  185. Man U may not win this season, you cant write anyone off just yet and especially pool.

  186. Meant to say:
    “Any humour, subtleties or details tend to be lost when comments are recycled…”

  187. Frank said something very similar to me once Bragging Rights Ltd. He was right and so are you.

    Back then I tended to defend the AIC’s and Howards’ because I fell for the ‘free speech’ b*llocks that gets bandied around by some as soon as they get a bit of stick for their appalling negativity.

    Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

    It should be obvious, the only proper course of action for an Arsenal fan is to defend the club. it’s manager and players. No one else will. No one else is interested in such sophist notions as ‘telling the truth’ either. This is football. Our club is being abused and slighted by pundits and journos to boost their own favourites and their own egos.

    I’m not taking it any more. Stand up and fight for your club.

  188. I agree with Consolsbob…

  189. Are you telling me FG that after all this time that Arse21 is a wind up? Are you sure? I tend to trust the insight of women but surely he is just a pr*t?

    Tell me that I’ve got it wrong and I will apologise immediately for all the cruel and hurtful things that I have said about him. I am sure that Pz, although he will speak for himself, being a man’s man, will feel exactly the same way.

    How could a man be so wrong?

  190. Frank's biggest fan

    Eduardo da Silva is Coming Back-2009 NEW LEGEND

  191. FunGunner,

    Alright, alright. Sometimes I admit I’m purposely over the top. But the core of what I’m saying is what I belive to be the truth though.

    Are you a psychiatrist?

  192. Frank's biggest fan

    “Eduardo has been working really hard and everyone is just really happy that he is back,” said van Persie.

    “He has been out for 12 months now. Hopefully he can play, the sooner the better.

    “And Arshavin has looked good in training – they both have. I really believe in their qualities so there is more to come.”


    Stress on “I really believe in their qualities”. Coming from RVP, a man of frank assertions. Really great to know,,

  193. Frank,

    Can I order six gas lighters for one pound please

  194. Paul N,

    u surely dont suggest that villa chelsea or us can still win league…

    on pool…i cant imagine benitez has it to win pl..it baffles me how shocking his some decisions are..imagine pompey almost beat them inspite of being horrible at the moment

  195. Terrifc article…was at the game yeterday and having watched the replay of the sending off, the clear hyprocisy of the refs in this country is unbelievable. Does anybody actually think Eboue swore at the ref? Surely the referee should be seeking to keep eleven men on the pitch and not look for an excuse to book him? The second yellow was a trip and not violent conduct..Surely a warning would have sufficed?

  196. @ consolsbob 3:37pm

    Yay! Aux armes, mes camarades! Man the barricades! I have cheese!

    “Are you telling me FG that after all this time that Arse21 is a wind up?”

    I wouldn’t say he’s on a wind-up as such, just reacting to what he sees as the po-faced posts of the majority. And he’s kind of letting off steam as well. He thinks we should lighten up – we’re a bit earnest for him. No need to apologise to him, though, as he is still a cheeky git.

    @ adc
    Roosevelt (I think): “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

    We can beat anyone. Why place limits on what we can do?

  197. I agree with Anon1

  198. Thats exaclty what I am saying, may not be probable but it is possible.

    Man U is not a lock to win the PL, if they are is there a point to play the matches?

    Its is only in football where a team actually does not have to win out to be champions – you are champions with 12 matches to go and ahead by 3 points. does that make sense?

  199. Anon 1 ..i agree with u there..ref along with eboue was pathetic..


    i pray he comes back fine mentally..he is my fav forward…his finishing is unbelievable..he is so calm and unpretentious

  200. So sorry, adc – that last section in my 3:55pm post should have been aimed at Arse21.

  201. Like Eboue’s response to the red.

    “For the second one, I touched him. I put my leg up because [Modric] had touched me before in front of the referee and he did not say anything. He kicked me when I tried to go forward and I put my leg up. The second card is normal, I accept it.”

    Takes a big man to accept responsiblity.

  202. Paul N

    possible is anything..even west brom had possibility to win league before season start..wud u bet on it?

    i am not talking about possibilities here..i am talking about my opinion

  203. …do you think that I would stock gas lighters with Lady Neena around, Arsehole21?…use some common, man

  204. Denilson was not good as usual.

    1. Poor passing ability
    2. slow like a donkey
    3. poor touch
    4. can’t shoot

    Should be sent back to Brazil

  205. “@ consolsbob 3:37pm

    Yay! Aux armes, mes camarades! Man the barricades! I have cheese!”

    You said it much more eloquently than I could FG!

  206. I think you have come around after 24 hours Paul N. I knew you were a good man.

  207. You girls!

  208. adc, where is West Brom in the league and are you likening WBA to Arsenal, Chelsea and Pool?

    Lets be rational here.

  209. Big Ups Bob,

    I was upset because we dropped points but we are the Arsenal, a team of pure class.

    What was meant for bad will turn for good!

  210. …what???

  211. paul n

    lets be whatever u want us to be

  212. Lets be positive then adc!

  213. Paul N,

    Do you grow your own weed?

  214. What is weed?

  215. Thank god for all those coming out and defending Eboue and Wenger today. At the moment the press are giving us a good kick in, and it is outrageous that nobody is willing to concede that the referee was a jumped up cretin, who would NOT have yellow carded the likes of Lampard or Terry, in the face of protests for the free kick before the disallowed goal.

    I am getting fed up with the media and the hype generated. Apparently, Chelsea and Liverpool are in crisis, whilst Spurs are on a good run and have impetus. What nonsense is this ? We have to put things into perspective. We have to improve, concentrate on ourselves, and wait for the big players to come back. That’s it. Not worry about the vitriol on the tabloids and broadsheets, the banal posts with the same prophecies of doom.

    Nobody, not Curbishely last night on Morons of the Day, Alan Hansan, Stan Collymore (part of the 4×4 sect), or others, come close to matching Wenger’s knowledge of management and success. No one. I wouldn’t have Mournihio, Ferguson or Capello either. We have to be patient and adopt a siege mentality.

    And again, for all those who keep criticising Eboue, please change the record.

    As I write this, I’ve just heard that Scolari has been sacked. There’s a club that has realised that their expenditure will be unsustainable. Would you rather be them or us ?

  216. ..you a policeman, Arsehole21..?

  217. scolari sacked by chelski. that’s a shame, he was doing a great bad job for us.

  218. positive for pool?

  219. …you in plainclothes…masquerading as an Arsenal supporter?…you are aren’t you……fahkin ell…

  220. they are gonna make leeds look successful.

  221. scolari – 8 mio quid for 6 months work.

  222. I do have a problem with weeds, thisles and all that in my garden but that is as far as my knowledge goes?

    Enlighten me please?

  223. Frank, my people would call him Babylon! or him is ah informa!

  224. …you need a goat, Paul N..

  225. Frank,

    Yes, I’m the fashion police and your nicked bitch!!

  226. He wouldnt last Frank, because he would get curried with the quickness!

    Sunday dinner! ha

  227. …f*ckin snitch is what e is, Paul…f*ckin snitch….

  228. You got it frank!

  229. I prefer to be called 5.0

  230. …stop wheedling, Constable Arsehole21…you’ve been rumbled, son….

  231. bye bye Chelski bye bye

    Abramo is down about 90pct of his money.

    they will disappear off a cliff.

    Arsene Knows.

  232. I see Chelski have got rid of Big Phil’…..this afternoon!

    Thank goodness our great club is run with an air of dignity if nothing else!

  233. or the po po or the beast.

  234. Arse 21 :
    Plonker ? Surely even you can do better than that. Pathetic.
    I think we should all have a Group HUG!

  235. Ooops see you lot beat me to it!

  236. Ponybony,


  237. They recently out here in Houston that one of their 5.0 was a KKK, he admitted he was wrong, only after he got busted ofcourse! actually had pictures if the dude in the hood with his badge, damn shame!

  238. Chelski is a poisoned chalice – without megabucks to spend no one will succeed in that role. Arsene is head and shoulders above any other manager because if you gave SAF or the special needs one Arsenal’s budget they would not be able to do half as well.

  239. I nicked frank once for handling stolen goods.

    I also nicked him for Buggery

  240. Arse21, is the interrogation over? Am I free to go home now?

  241. is it really true that scolari has been sacked? After half a season? Wonderful Even Grant lasted a full season!

  242. I dont think you can change the style of a team over night. Not only that, it is not easy to play free flowing football especially when you have been trained not to.

  243. Arse 21 –
    You are boring now.

  244. You a proper gardener Paul N? Grow your own vegetables?

    Chelski? What a laugh. Tots? Crack up. Scousers? Stop it, my side hurts!

  245. I don’t think that’s very fair of you Pb.

    Arse21 has always been consistently boring.

  246. Paul N,

    Yes you can go, thanks for your co-operation.


    Shut up you Plonker

  247. Once I nicked frank for flashing at the emirates.

    It was disgusting

  248. Paul N. bro, how are you doing? Quite a while, I have been posting sporadically, doing more reading mainly cos this is one sensible blog that gives me enough perspective on things Arsenal

  249. I wonder what’d happen to Deco, Big Phil’s loved one?

  250. Thank you sir, I told you I was innocent!

    Bob, with the recession I thought it would wise to learn how to grow my own food.

  251. Team Spirit, I am doing great and you!

    I agree this is one of the few rationale blogs going!

  252. Modric wasn’t booked for diving, he was booked for elbow-smashing Eboue in the head.

  253. ToughCookie,

    I think he’ll probably rejoin Alvin and the Chipmunks

  254. I need some help. I have an excuse to go to Rome around the date of our away match. I dont have membership but I notice on arsenal.com that the tickets are on sale to red members. So my question is:

    Can I join as a red member and then buy a ticket just like that? I

    Is there a requirement to book travel with Arsenal or what?

  255. True Consols..
    But wanted to give the kiddie a chance.
    Now, i’m afraid he has to go. Time for some “Extraordinary Rendition” if it carries on.

  256. @Arse21

    I think he’ll probably rejoin Alvin and the Chipmunks

    who are they? Really have no idea.

  257. That`s the beginning of the end at `The Bridge`. Watch them all jump ship in the summer.

    Back to yesterday – we`ve got previous with Mr Mike Dean as he was in charge of last season`s watershed game at Birmingham.

    There is no way in the world he would have booked a Rooo-ney, Lamps, JT or Stevie G for dissent & they would have all got away with the second yellow even if he did.

    Having said that there was a certain inevitability about the sending off that made me wonder why someone didn`t have a word with Eboue to get him to calm down.

  258. There is a school of thought that Eboue’s second yellow was not for kicking out at Modric, but for patting him on the back afterwards (hence the timing of the card).

    But if this is true, the referee should have been booked, for his patronising patting on Eboue’s back after Eboue’s first yellow card.

  259. “I wonder what’d happen to Deco, Big Phil’s loved one?”

    What about poor old Quaresma who just joined on loan?

  260. ToughCookie,

    There a pop group made up of chipmunks.

    There rubbish

  261. Crafty, if thats the case the ref should be more than just booked!

  262. PW – Agree; that’s what a captain is for. But have also wondered if Manu fully understood; He’s from a former French colony, and maybe he genuinely didn’t understand what he was being told…
    OK – being bloody lenient here, but can’t help rooting for him, if nothing else but to stem the tide of nastiness.
    Pax !

  263. Consols

    In context.

    “Stand up and fight for your club”. A little melodramatic?

  264. Deco has been disappointing after the initial spark. As for Quaresma, I think he is heading back to Portugal in the summer. Hiddink and Grant are now the favourites to replace Scolari as revealed on Skysports.

  265. Why they didnt give grant a chance is beyond me. He only got them to within inches of winning the PL and CL, thats it!

  266. …not really a passionate supporter are you, Jamie…

  267. While I have a deep hatred of Chelsea and the way they conduct themselves I do feel sorry for Scolari. He seemed to be a pretty up front guy and a vast improvement of moanrino. If the stories re Abramovich are true and his financial situation and I certainly think there is no smoke without fire, Chelsea might just be about to implode.

  268. @ marc

  269. @ consolsbob

    This is going back a bit, but you said:

    “What is it about you girls on here? You, Passenal and Tough Cookie never miss the point.”

    I’d say it’s not so much that we are girls (or two ladies and a girl) as that the “Wenger out” and “Arsene’s lost the plot” crew are exclusively male, as far as I can tell. It goes back to what Passenal and Ole were saying about armchair managers imagining they are competing with Wenger. In their deranged universe, Wenger will be toppled and they will be called upon to fill the void. Due to their superior knowledge of all aspects of armchair management with special expertise in scratching their ars*s, you understand.

    I’ve seen female posters registering strong opinions, but essentially we are more perspective because we are not involved in a delusional struggle for dominance. The same goes for quite a lot of the blokes, obviously.
    That’s my theory, anyway! Or do I mean hypothesis? Any road up…


    Curse you and your stimulating blogs! I have only done half the work I was planning to do today! Seriously, though, thanks – another good ‘un.

  270. Marc –
    With you.. Scolari is a good man and a great manager. But, for us, Ray Wilkins in charge ? Couldn’t be better!! 🙂

  271. Jamie. No.

    Just suppose if ever, I mean we are letting our imaginations get away from us here, that you were ever a guest on MOTD. Hansen says, “Well, Arsenal are a bunch of cheating no hopers who, given the chance, would sell their own Granny. Also, they all smell.”

    Then you would say, “well I suppose it’s a point of view”.

  272. Meant: “we have more perspective”

  273. Consolsbob – Exactly what I would say as I beat the shit out of him!

  274. Who’s the girl FG? I mean, you all sound so young.

    I need to ask, is Aneta a girl too? Only she doesn’t seem to fit the profile.

  275. I don’t find dominance a struggle at all, love

  276. I read this article about Chelsea takeover by a German consotium a while back. I’m getting very worried if that is the case now because that Dr Diesel of ManCity is involved in that consotium:


  277. Marc, any chance that you might get to be a guest?

    That would be one MOTD that I would watch.

    Anybody know anybody at the BBC who could swing it for Marc and strike a blow for decency?

  278. – consotium
    sorry – I am too hungry not to make a mistake now.

  279. Consolsbob – What I need is a good agent!

  280. If that was the case TC, I think that he would have to sell his stake in Citeh first. Who would buy them with their stupid wage bill and second rate players on long contracts?

  281. What about that Russian fellow who had something to do with some player we signed recently?

    He seems to be good at his job.

    Does Bob Wilson have any influence anymore?

  282. Alan Hansen, that waste of space!!
    We’ll all be better off if he just sticks to Morrisons and let us know of this week’s buy one get one free offer!!

  283. Very nice to read the conversation between YW and The guy with 21 Arses, it’s like watching a Psychiatric with his crazy 21 a$s patient 🙂

    Eboue himself said he let his team down, and apologized for it….get over it.

    Maybe his rational defeats the purpose (He didn’t want them to win) but he is human after all. If he just put his mind in football, and get out of victimizing himself, he would be a very useful player.

  284. Fungunner

    If you got half your work done, you are more dedicated than I…


  285. ….what is Morrisons, ToughCookie?

  286. ToughCookie – He’d only find a way to blame Arsenal for the price of Apples.

  287. …aah is Morrisons some sort of orchard…?

  288. Fungunner & Yogi – The secret is for people to think that you are getting your work done. In today’s world perception is more important than product (Unfortunately).

  289. @ Frank
    I don’t doubt it for a moment!

    “Who’s the girl FG? I mean, you all sound so young.”

    You charmer. Tough Cookie is the girl.

    “I need to ask, is Aneta a girl too? Only she doesn’t seem to fit the profile.”

    Good point. I don’t know. I still think the theory/hypothesis has some merit, though.

  290. Chelsea sacking Scolari at this point in the season is about as dumb as it gets. I actually liked their team this season and fet that with a little tinkering would have come good.

    Incorporate more youth playing time, stop subbing Anelka, don’t always start Ballack & Lampard, give Deco more starts, improve the wingplay with Quaresma & Malouda, pair Kalou & Anelka more, get Drogba fitter b4 using him…and I believe they’d better.
    Oh well….SUPER for us
    Might make getting 4th place easier for us
    Poor Abramovich, eh?

  291. Chelsea sacking Scolari at this point in the season is about as dumb as it gets. I actually liked their team this season and fet that with a little tinkering would have come good.

    Incorporate more youth playing time, stop subbing Anelka, don’t always start Ballack & Lampard, give Deco more starts, improve the wingplay with Quaresma & Malouda, pair Kalou & Anelka more, get Drogba fitter b4 using him…and I believe they’d better.

    Oh well….SUPER for us
    Might make getting 4th place easier

    Poor Abramovich, eh?

  292. @ Marc
    I am self-employed and I work from home, so there’s no-one to fool! I will have to issue a written warning to myself. I’m dreading it, tbh.

  293. FG – Obviously a lack of application is the main issue – instant dismissal for gross misconduct sounds like the only way forward!

  294. …you spoken for, FG..?

  295. that or a damn good thrashing – whatever is your preference!

  296. Consolsbob, lets listen to Jamie. He is enlightened and would like to educate us about whats wrong with our club, what the remedies are and where we will be 5 years down the line. On successful completion, certificates will be handed out by Bragging Rights PLC.

  297. “…you spoken for, FG..?”

    Are you two-timing me Frank?

  298. Well, Marc. I’ve tried charm with the girls, I see that you have a more ‘earthy’ approach.

    Can’t agree with you about Hansen and Morrisons though. Every true football fan knows that Hansen doesn’t know his apples.

  299. Consolsbob – A damn good thrashing never hurt anyone.

  300. ….naaah….couldn’t do that, Passenal…..

  301. You a public school boy Marc?

  302. …..a few f*cking pundits heads on f*cking pikes around the stadium…..game of football with the dried out husks on the podium before the game….leave the bodies for stray dogs of Islington ……its the only way to shut these f*ckers up…..you know it makes sense

  303. Feeling better today G4E?

  304. “…..a few f*cking pundits heads on f*cking pikes around the stadium…..game of football with the dried out husks on the podium before the game….leave the bodies for stray dogs of Islington ……its the only way to shut these f*ckers up…..you know it makes sense”

    Now I’m not usually a violent person, but I make an exception for pundits and journo’s

  305. Consolsbob – Nah – Just know a good thing when I see it.

  306. Better yet Frank, that could be the post match entertainment that we have been looking for to keep people in the stadium until the end.

    Mind you, I’ve heard that scientists are thinking about replacing rats with sports journalists and pundits in their experiments. They’re freely available, breed like rabbits and children don’t get attached to them. Anti vivisectionists will apparently make no objection or they would lose all credibility.

  307. A little CBob…thanks for asking 🙂

  308. You had me worried G4E. We have had negative posting from Australia today and I was concerned that we might be losing all of the colonies to doom and gloom.

  309. I love Eboue, I want the idiot to be successful to shut up the freaks, but he just keeps stepping in dog poo all the time…anyways, that was yesterday…I hope his apology was sincere and he will take care next time.

    Maybe he is more nervous now that his place will be taken in Midfield, after his place was taken by Sagna in RB? I don’t know, he has the ability if he just puts his head in “Just” football.

  310. Excellent idea, Cb….I also like the idea of pundits being used for the benefit of society….though I would also have them used in experiments which might benefit rats….perhaps inject them Yersinia pestis….

  311. Well we have to test the rat poison on something

  312. ..oh f*ck it, please insert ‘with’ wherever it might make sense….

  313. ….hey Passenal…you’ve got quite a psychopathic side….that’s lovely that is…..quite lovely…

  314. Knock it off you two. You are both married. At least I know that Frank is and Passenal MUST be.

    We do worry about you colonials G4E. you are a long way from TNHOF and we would not want you going astray as you americans so sadly did back in the 18th C.

    I knew that you would get over the Eboue business. That’s you and Paul N back in the fold. Who’s missing?

  315. I reserve my psychopathic side for the most deserving!

  316. Are you sure about the 18th century stuff? 🙂 I like the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’m glad we went astray then.

    There is nothing to get over, he still needs to control himself, which is what I pointed out yesterday, and he confirmed on Arsenal.com. This has nothing to do with how he played, in fact it’s worse because he was playing so well, he would have been the best player if he continued the way he started.

    See, don’t open the wounds CBob….let things heal mate 🙂

  317. …f*cking hell this is too exciting for words…..

  318. Twenty four hours on I can now see that Eboue was trying TOO hard.

    He knew what a good performance & a goal would mean in this game & was prepared to give it his all.

    That it backfired was unfortunate & yes he was stupid but Gilberto did the same at Blackburn a couple of years ago & got nothing like this abuse.

    Thankfully his mates baled him out. Song was terrific & Denilson covered every blade of grass.

    I agree that we shouldn`t expect too much of Eduardo straight away but we`ll need someone to step up with Adebayor out for several weeks. Step forward Nick B.

  319. One by one all our friends return leaving the likes of AIC, Howard and their ilk at the high water mark of dissapointment as the flotsam and jetsam that they are.

    I like you Americans G4E. I do feel the ties that bind us.

  320. For Christ’s sake, Frank, control yourself! Think of the horses.

  321. We Americans like you too CBob 🙂

    Yep Frank, what would the horses say if they see you this way?

  322. One horse…with foal….actually yes of course two horses….only 240 days to go….never thought I would be bringing up the child of a f*cking police horse…..however we all have our crosses to bear…don’t we, Paul N….?

    …off on the night shift in a minute….come with me some time, Passenal……I think you might enjoy it…..

  323. So it now seems that player power got Big Phil the Big Boot.
    Fat Frank and Thug Terry – getting together with the thief Abramovich – and sacking the guy who managed Brazil to a world cup win, and Portugal to a Euro Nations final and a World Cup semi.

    Classy club eh ?

  324. Ivan Bilic says he was at the Arsenal training ground with “Mr Wenger” before West Ham game and he will be playing Eduardo for maybe “half an hour”.

    Clearly, he has a good relationship with Arsene. Good man, bilic.

  325. Frank's biggest fan

    Anyone going to Emirates for Brazil-italy game?

  326. Pure class Matty. Pure class.

    Count our blessings every day.

  327. Matty, that’s the kind of club some would have us aspire to emulate!

  328. The difference between male and female contributors is interesting. Passenal, FunGunner, and ToughCookie are of course much lovelier than women in general, but their consistent loyalty is suggestive. Queen of Suburbia is more critical, but in no way as rabid as AIC, Arse21, PSB, and the like. Women, I think, are taught that loyalty is a virtue. In general, they exaggerate the affection they feel for people and for things; and whether they are faithful or not, they like to show horror at faithlessness. For men, especially Anglo-Saxon men, on the other hand, although they are not taught to be disloyal, they often feel that loyalty is effeminate. It is common for them to downplay the affection they feel for others, or even deny it outright. To conceal their feelings, they might make cruel remarks about the objects of their affection. Perhaps some of the comments we see on this blog can be explained in this way.

  329. What a superb explanation.

  330. You single Poliziano ?

  331. What freak job Chel$ki is? How are you going to get results if you keep changing the manager every year, even less than a year?

  332. Interesting theory Poliziano, but who could possibly know why?

  333. I was having difficulty catching up with today’s comments, so I though I would write something to quieten down the blog. Seems to have worked.

  334. I was just thinking how a week is a long time in football – it seems like a long time since everyone was so excited about our shiny new signing, but even that has worn off already and the usual suspects have fallen back into the abyss!

  335. how come nobody ever remembers am a girl, or should i rather say woman hee hee.

    I guess I post less often than the others, i don’t think i have let us down in anyway though.

  336. Laugh a minute this blog.
    Eboué hard done by. hahaha
    Arsenal treated worse than other clubs. hahaha – just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the buggers aren’t out to get you eh Yogi?
    Let’s be positive, we’ve gone 9/10 games (whatever) unbeaten & can still win the Premiership. ha bloody ha – you can go the whole season unbeaten and still finish on 38 points (and get relegated).
    No realism.
    Still have a chance of finishing in top 4 though if Chelski continue to implode. And even if our fixture list is easier on paper the next 6/7 games, we’re capable of dropping points to anyone.

  337. Leopards never change their spots.

  338. Sorry Team Spirit, you probably mentioned it before, but I forgot, so thanks for the reminder. Now there is a little female enclave, we can start plotting to take over ACLF mwah, ha, ha!

  339. Passenal, sounds more interesting than reading the moans surely

  340. Sorrt TeamSpirit….no you never let us down, in fact your name alone is positive 🙂

  341. …oh how interesting…..I had assumed that everyone on ACLF was a woman…….except me

  342. ^ that was sorry by the way

  343. dkgooner an Arsenal fan. Ha ha ha.

  344. @ Team Spirit
    Sorry to leave you out. No significance intended.

    @ Poliziano

    “The difference between male and female contributors is interesting.”

    Just for the record, I was referring to a particular, very specific attitude which tends to be taken almost exclusively by males. I think that apart from that specific attitude, there is a spectrum of opinion held by both sexes.

    On the general issue of male and female posters…
    You could argue that women’s upbringing and life experience tends to encourage us to be peacemakers, to be tolerant of failings and see both sides of a question (not necessarily when we are personally involved in the argument, lol), avoid confrontation etc, so perhaps we are more inclined to be positive/realistic and holistic in our judgements.

    Interestingly, though, given your musings on loyalty, I think of men as the most loyal of loyal fans. I do agree that women are loyal to a * specific * man (husband/father), but I would also suggest that men have loyalty to a leader embedded in their DNA. We all know the martial connotations of football, and the battle psychology brings out fanatical loyalty to the leader (the manager) or the hero (the key player/players) – as long as he/they are successful.

    I guess this is where our two analyses meet. I postulate that the loyalty of males is based more squarely on the success of the leader, female loyalty is more connected to his personality?
    The males have a lot invested in the ascendancy of the tribal group as a whole (as represented by the team) – and losing face is a bigger deal for a man than for a woman, it seems to me. So if the manager or the key players don’t produce the goods, SOME men might be be quicker than MOST women to call for his head.

    What do you reckon?

  345. …I think that men are more likely to be loyal to a friend and comrade than a leader, FG…in fact I think that most men find it hard to occupy the same space as a leader….

  346. We’re all women here, Frank, all of us. There has been a coup, started by Passenal, and we have taken over ACLF. Weren’t you listening?

    Quilt-making and tatting will now be compulsory.

  347. 13 games left that %34 of all PL games….Your goat may look smarter than you are at the end.

  348. What are all these spuds doing saying they outplayed us and that we had everyone behind the ball?? didnt we only have three midfielders on the park and kept two strikers on! we were still more attacking then the likes of an everton would have been. and there is no mention of the way we still tried to play football even with 10 heroic men..

    they may have Mr beane and thatfoe back but things are not the same at the lane. they are now even shitter. good point earlier Passenal, palacios isnt as good as people say , isnt he yet to score aswell, valencia is better.

  349. …I had assumed that all of the contributors were women, FG….

  350. Come on Ladies….you can just take over 🙂 we have to keep ACLF balanced.

    We just need more of Arsenal’s beautiful side, that’s all.

  351. …you talking to me, Arseneman………………

  352. …I SAID…..are you talking to me, Arseneman……

  353. Do you have a goat as your picture Frank?

  354. …yes in fact I do…..a genetically modified goat…but nevertheless a goat…..

  355. “The males have a lot invested in the ascendancy of the tribal group as a whole (as represented by the team) – and losing face is a bigger deal for a man than for a woman, it seems to me. So if the manager or the key players don’t produce the goods, SOME men might be be quicker than MOST women to call for his head.”

    Very good point there FunGunner

  356. ….you calling me a puff, Passenal

  357. @ Frank
    “I think that men are more likely to be loyal to a friend and comrade than a leader, FG…”

    I totally agree. You see it in gangs, between brothers and soldiers – Band of Brothers and all that sort of stuff. Could also be why some fans feel betrayed by millionaire players – it really rubs it in that they are NOT one of them anymore.

    “in fact I think that most men find it hard to occupy the same space as a leader….”

    True – again we go back to the need some fans feel to prove they know better than Arsene.
    However, I also think that in the context of “war” ie football, men suppress the envy or resentment or whatever it is they feel in the presence of the bigger guy, because they believe he can lead them to great things and they will be bigger than their rivals.

  358. FunGunner,
    There are more things in a man’s mind than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

  359. men swear more in their post’s then women.

  360. I didn’t know you’re a goat Frank. I was taking to the guy with the Lamb then…

  361. Duke Goonem, even when we give them a man advantage they can’t beat us, so let them have their little fantasy.

  362. …..how do you know that it is suppressed envy, resentment…maybe it isn’t there at all…after all admiration or encouragement may be expressed towards a bigger or a smaller guy…..

  363. “….you calling me a puff, Passenal”

    Embrace your feminine side Frank if you want to join the new world order!

  364. …oh f*ck off, DukeGoonem…what the f*ck has swearing got to do with anything….my third wife taught me every f*cking swear word I know…..

  365. …I have been trying to embrace you for some time now, Passenal….

  366. …..ok Arseneman…sorry…but don’t sneak up on me like that….I am trained to kill…

  367. No, Frank; you don’t need training to kill. The warrior instinct is fixed in your DNA.

  368. Funny that so did my first!! hhmm it couldnt have been the same…no…no chance.. Must just be the girls on this blog have more class about them then.

  369. …we are taliking death stare here, Poliziano….can only be taught by a mistress..er well…I mean…you know…

  370. …a taliking death stare is a very serious one indeed…much more deadly than a normal one….

  371. @ Passenal


    @ Gunner4ever
    Don’t panic. We were just kidding. 🙂

    @ Frank and Poliziano
    I was theorising on the basis of Frank’s comment: “most men find it hard to occupy the same space as a leader….” and of what we know about dominance in the animal kingdom and our close relatives in it. Silverbacks, that sort of thing…

    Nobody knows for sure what is in any individual’s mind, but sometimes you can take an educated guess. Of course human beings are complex and varied, but there are certain modes of thought or behaviour that are generally evinced by women, or men, or people in general in certain situations.

    Anyway, I’m probably boring everyone now, so that’s it from me on the subject.

  372. …it might be worth teaching Manu Eboue the taliking death stare….puff…an instant before he reached for his pocket the referee became a small pile of fine powder…and blew away on the breeze….nice thought…

  373. …..ok Arseneman…sorry…but don’t sneak up on me like that….I am trained to kill…

    That made me laugh Frank. Reminded me of Foggy in Last of the Summer Wine.

  374. Silent death stares are the worst, surely?

    Why me, you cry, but death just stares at you…

  375. It’s a shame you can’t try being a man for a couple of days, FunGunner. I think you would get a few surprises.

  376. …well the thing is, FG…silver backs have lots of wives….and they don’t eat meat…and the death stare…well no way…when they look at you..you just want to give them a big cuddle…and tell them not to be so soft…ruffle their hair and on your way…sort of thing…

  377. Passeanl, so who is the leader of the new world order?

  378. @ Poliziano (and possibly Frank)

    I get the feeling I’ve offended you, but I’m not sure why. That wasn’t my intention, certainly. Was there something I said that you took exception to?

  379. Thanks FG, for a moment there I was contemplating how I have to wear a wig to sneak in and read my favorite blog 🙂

  380. …..you have not offended me, FG….

  381. “Passenal, so who is the leader of the new world order?”

    No leader, it’s a collective G4E!

  382. I’m sure Frank and Poliziano know that we are just having fun – postulating theories on gender and plotting the take over of ACLF…. or are we?

  383. “Passenal, so who is the leader of the new world order?”

    No leader, it’s a collective G4E!”

    That’s right – we are a collective consciousness of positivity. Like the Borg in Star Trek Voyager, but much in red-and-white, not boring old gunmetal grey. To all the moaners, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

  384. No, I’m not offended, FunGunner; but I do think your theories about men are rather cynical.

  385. I think it would be hard to offend old Frank.

  386. LOL Passenal & FG….you ladies really planned it well.

    Why would Frank & Poliziano be offended…..it’s going to happen one day 🙂

  387. …spirit of the beehive….well if that is our fate…a drone is a good thing to bee..I mean…be…fly to as high as high…maybe even to the moon…one moment of pure pleasure and…….no more…nothing….

  388. @ Poliziano
    “No, I’m not offended, FunGunner; but I do think your theories about men are rather cynical.”

    Gosh. I’m genuinely puzzled as to why you would think that. Can you tell me why? Or which bits in particular?

    Sorry everyone else, I’m going back on what I said. But hey.

  389. ….well, Passenal…whilst FG and Pz sort this out…fancy a stroll…? Wanna meet my horse..?

  390. Ok, and I’m just going to shoot the breeze here by myself…..thanks a lot.

  391. …you want a mescaline worm, G4E?

  392. Come back, everybody!

  393. …light a fire…bit of Zappa……maybe some three card stud…..later?

  394. Thanks Frank, now you want to shut me up with a worm? 🙂

  395. …what an odd thing to say, G4E….

  396. No need to feel left out G4E, you’re part of the collective too

  397. Lady Nina’s having a worm, G4E. I assume, anyway. She is neighing like nobody’s business.

  398. I admit that male behaviour can be hilarious, and perhaps only another man can fully appreciate its absurdity; but I don’t believe this absurdity is the essence of man. For me, modern man is not a member of a primitive tribe transplanted into new surroundings. Rather, the primitive and the modern man are just examples of how man-as-such adapts to different circumstances. To interpret modern man in terms of the savage (for want of a better word), is humiliating, and in my opinion lacks any basis in reason.

  399. …good lord, Passenal…what are you suggesting….?

  400. …evolutionary psychology is a dodo….

  401. Passenal Thanks..I feel better now 🙂

  402. ..really must go to work….a great night to be a gooner….

  403. Have a nice shift Frank….

  404. “…good lord, Passenal…what are you suggesting….?”

    Get your mind out of the gutter man!

  405. @ Gunner4Ever
    Why would you think you weren’t in the red-and-white Borgs-style collective?

    Warning – long non-football-related post follows
    @ Poliziano
    “I admit that male behaviour can be hilarious, and perhaps only another man can fully appreciate its absurdity;”

    I wasn’t mocking men, or saying male behaviour is inherently absurd, I’m not sure where you get that from. I just thought I’d seen a connection between something Passenal said, something consolsbob said earlier and something Frank said, so I expounded on it.

    “but I don’t believe this absurdity is the essence of man.
    For me, modern man is not a member of a primitive tribe transplanted into new surroundings. Rather, the primitive and the modern man are just examples of how man-as-such adapts to different circumstances. To interpret modern man in terms of the savage (for want of a better word), is humiliating, and in my opinion lacks any basis in reason.”

    When I used the phrase “tribal group”, I didn’t mean anything derogatory. To me, tribe is just a way of describing a group of people with something fundamental in common. People talk about fashion tribes, don’t they? I’ve referred to the “tribe” of Arsenal before, including everyone, male and female, to whom Arsenal is important and for whom the club embodies values they cherish. The phrase “tribal group” seemed appropriate to me because it has far more elemental, passionate, visceral connotations than a word like “community”.

    If we’d been talking about something else, I might have related female behaviour to the behaviour of lionesses or something. Like you, I find it endlessly miraculous that human beings have consciousness and art and science and religion etc, but I do see humans as essentially animals – a very special, unique kind of animal, obviously, but an animal nonetheless. If you find that view demeaning to human beings, I’m sorry, but that’s my view, based on the fact that we are evolved versions of a species of ape from thousands of years ago. (I use “animal” as a neutral, purely descriptive term in this context, not implying any negative notions.)

    Anyway. I hope we’ve got to the bottom of it, even if we can’t agree on everything.

  406. “well, Passenal…whilst FG and Pz sort this out…fancy a stroll…? Wanna meet my horse..?”

    FunGunner, I was referring to the above comment from Frank, and since the 5 of us were the only people posting at the time…I thought I was left out.

    I hope you don’t add my reaction to the list of absurdities 🙂

  407. Frank
    you prove my earlier point, thanks

  408. @ G4E

    Phew. And I haven’t got a list of absurdities, honestly. Poliziano just thinks I have.

  409. Jaymee,

    You are almost definitelya c*** and w*****!

    I’ll give you one more chance child…try and take it you c***

  410. No worries FunGunner, sometimes the written word comes across with a different meaning or gets lost in translation.

    Poliziano is a smart guy, he knows you don’t have a list.

  411. Very true, G4E.

    Nice chatting to you.

    Good night 🙂

  412. Nanooka
    What a clever c**t you are. Don’t you like people disagreeing with you.

  413. Same here FunGunner….Good Night 🙂

  414. Wow, I’m glad it’s time to go home now.

  415. Excuse me for sounding “Yoda like” but my guess is that most criticism comes from younger fans – a generation that wants, needs, expects everything now!!!! Its their birth right for some strange reason.
    This team is in transition; coupled with some key injuries it is not surprising that we can’t quite edge out a win. We are still on a great unbeaten run. Key players are coming back and as aclassabovetherest points out, we have a better run of games than the Villans do.
    A true supporter can be critical but they “support”. Some of the hysteria and comments are well out of order. The icing was the booing of Eboue – never thought I would see that from an Arsenal crowd.
    So chill out, support the team. stop focusing on the negatives and praise the great effort from the lads that was and has been on show during difficult times.

  416. Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

    @ Aust1900 (and a few others)

    >>a generation that wants, needs, expects everything now!!!!

    It’s not really “now” is it?? The “decline” started after we won the league for the last time. Not in the terms that we won nothing for 5 years but in the bold step Wenger made in his transfer policy. Lot of people will say that Wenger’s policy was always to promote young players but to me that is not exactly true. These young players were no more than 3-4 every week and they were playing alonside WORLD CLASS players. I was watching the highlights of the 4-5 game at WHL with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Vieira, Freddy with a freshly introduced Cesc and Van Persie on the bench. Today we have Song, Denilson, Diaby and Eboue that for one reason or another they are irreplaceable.

    >> This team is in transition; coupled with some key injuries it is not surprising that we can’t quite edge out a win.

    Key injuries should be expected and calculated.
    The team has been in transition for 3 years now. What happenned was that the analogy of experienced/world class players to inexperienced talents shifted and last year was a proof that with 2 more experienced players we could have won the league. But instead of bringing these 2 players for this season, we lost 4 players (Hleb, Flamini, Senderos, Gilberto) and brought only Nasri. So the analogy I talked about has shifted even more.

    And where is the beautiful football we used to play?? Gone. With Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Song in midfield how can we produce the same standards of creativity and flair as previous years? Even the injuries of Cesc and Rosiscy cannot justify this change.

    >>A true supporter can be critical but they “support”. Some of the hysteria and comments are well out of order. The icing was the booing of Eboue – never thought I would see that from an Arsenal crowd.

    I agree 100%. I would never boo a player and I support this team since the day I remeber. But we can see the opposite happening as well. Any critisism on Wenger’s choices is like a 2nd crucifiction by some supoprters.

    I love Wenger and we would never want him to leave Arsenal. But I would surely want him to stop being so stubborn by trying to prove to the whole world that he can win the league with inexperienced 19 year old kids and no transfers.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Regards to everyone.

  417. Brilliant article here on Arsenal’s finance and transfer dealings:


    This guy always writes pure sense on business matters in football, everyone should take heed.

    Cyprus: You will not be crucified for suggesting that Wenger is not perfect, he is not. But what can you do? I’m as tired of Eboue as anyone, but I think Song deserves a little bit more time, and Denilson will prove himself to be a world class midfielder eventually but is still only 20 years old right now. We are on a long, rocky road. Get behind the team and get ready for some hurdles. There will be some casualties along the way (Eboue etc) but we will get there in the end.

  418. Denilson will prove himself to be the next Nicky Butt

  419. Blackstock – thank you for highlighting that article. A lot of us have been talking about the club’s prudence (which will turn out to be seen as acting with tremendous foresight).
    There are many people who post who get frustrated as to why we don’t chuck a lot of money at perceived problems – well, read this article and understand why we don’t.

    I will give you 3 good reasons why we don’t, and why we will be the best club in the country 2010 onwards :

    Man Utd

    All have unsustainable models in anything other than a bull market without a billionaire benefactor, and there are less and less of them about.

    Abramo is 3 months from imploding.

    (btw, what a great trade his ex-wife did when they got a divorce….. )

  420. Alex G – you need to join the travelling club for away games, not sure if you need to be a red member or not…

  421. Matty –
    Nice one about his wife. Unfortunately Manure have been very clever in merchandising; the whole of bloody China and half Japan seem to ‘support’ them; i.e: buy shirts at ridiculous prices.
    Friend of mine bought me over an Arsenal shirt – cost her about £50 !! Nice shirt though.

  422. I see that The Boss is playing in Hyde Park in June Pb. I assume that you will be there sans bracelet?

  423. Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

    Very good article but why does is it have to be either black or white?

    Nobody reasonable is asking for crazy transfer fees. Wenger has shown that he can find top class players with reasonable money, the latest being Sagna and Nasri. You don’t have to blow up the market to bring in these kind of players but you do need them to challenge for the title.

    And since we’re talking about finances, has anyone calculated the losses in millions if we do not finish in the top 4? I’m sure that could be translated in a couple of top class player’s transfer fees (-:

    No-one sensible enough wants the Chelski, Liverpool, Man Utd or Man City models, although I would be happier with a couple of more value for money buys per year.


  424. Cb – Didn’t know.. better get my ticket soon. Thanks.. Have never yet seen him live.
    You going ? Or are you too tied to the land ?

  425. Cyprus –
    The main thrust of the article seems to be, that “You want to sell to us, don’t expect to get silly money”. So in a sense it has to be that black and white.. even one OTT signing would send out the wrong message.

  426. @Cyprus The Immortal Gooner:

    “although I would be happier with a couple of more value for money buys per year”

    The likes of Sagna and Eduardo, potential world class players costing £6-8m, they are the rarity. Just because AW has done it so many times in the past, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to find such players. And just because AW is not doing it this season, it doesn’t mean that he is not trying hard enough to find those players with that special qualities..

  427. 28th June Pb. Tickets on sale on Friday plus speculation that he will be at Glastonbury the night before. Will try and get to the Hyde Park gig but may be in Crete at the time.

    I agree TC. In fact I would be amazed if Wenger does not do some transfer business in the summer. Where will he spend his money? Given the strength of the midfield and forward line I assume that it will be the central defence that he will be looking at. However, I know nothing!

  428. Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

    Fair enough mate. Good return.

  429. Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

    agree 100% on sending the right message part. And that goes for Wenger’s wage policy which finds me again 100% on his side.

    @ ToughCookie & consolsbob
    Maybe Wenger spoilt us in this sense but he has done it for so long (remember Kanu, Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Freddy etc) and I think the market is vast in “value for money” players. We may not have the money of Utd or Chelski but we are not poor in that sense either. IMHO Wenger believed that the young players in the team could do the job but losing 4 players and bringing only 1 plus the injuries brought us to this state. Some will say that we may fininsh in the top 4 (I’m not even mentionng the CL) but everyone can see that this is by far the worst team under Wenger in every aspect (quality, depth, flair etc).

    I hope I’m not sounding all negative (-: and I’m not one of the fans that have forgotten the transformation Wenger has given to this club, it’s just I believe that we need to address the issues in realism.

    @ Aust1900


    Regards guys.

  430. Hi Im looking to get tickets for the city game on the 4th april. coming in from hk, and last time i saw arsenal play was in hk too when merson got a hattrick. that was a while ago obviously. the arsenal site requires high tier status to be able to pick up tickets. ay help would be most appreciated – obviously dont want to get ripd off either…

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