Exactly What Did The Booing Achieve?

Arsenal 1 – 0 Wigan Athletic

1 – 0 Adebayor (16)

The victory turned out to be important with everyone above and immediately below winning. The points gap was neither closed or widened and at the end of the day, those are the brutal facts.

Performance-wise, it was not the most polished ever turned in but for years, we have had to put up with the ‘media fact’ that Arsenal cannot win ‘ugly’. It was not a beautiful performance from the extended highlights that I saw – frankly I was glad to have missed the game and have been away at the weekend – but it should not mask the fact that were it not for some good saves by Kirkland and the intervention of the woodwork, the scoreline would have been more emphatic. But they did intervene and equally, three points could have indeed been one. But they weren’t.

Which brings us to Eboue. I have to say he had a poor game but in view of the circumstances, it was hardly surprising. No gentle introduction following a number of weeks inactivity for him, instead an hours worth of a game, played out of position. The problem for the player is that he was put into a situation by the manager who got it wrong. At that point in the game, he had the option of Vela or Wilshere which in hindsight seem entirely more logical given that both are more natural to them.

If Eboue was shorn of confidence before he entered the field of play, the game went away from him. His touch was not good, reflecting his absence through injury. No matter what he did, it did not come off. In that scenario, I would suppose that he would have mentally being trying harder to get things right but instead of focussing on a more ‘natural’ getting the small things into place, he carried on trying to perform as an outlet for the team. He had a bad day at the office and it was hardly surprising that he was substituted.

Wenger got it wrong in the initial substitution and in hanging Eboue out to dry at the end, even if that was unintentional. Whatever the case, the booing of the player, I found shocking and frankly beyond disappointing. Is this the new benchmark for players? What if that had been Fabregas? Would there have been catcalls? Is it simply a case that a sheep mentality enveloped the crowd, the minority who dislike Eboue infecting the majority?

It becomes an issue of conscience. Personally, I cannot bring myself to boo an individual player when they are wearing the Arsenal shirt. It does not make me a more loyal fan, it does not make those who catcall more passionate. It does not bring into question their or my support for the team. It is simply a case that I do not understand the mentality and frankly, I am not sure that I want to.

Another baseball bat being used to beat him is his attitude. How anyone in the world other than Eboue can tell you what his attitude in the match was is beyond me. Even those who know the man well cannot with 100% certainty tell you what was going through his mind during his hour in the fray. A lot of supposition is passed as fact when we look at players. Do not tell me he was not trying without the evidence to back it up.

So what to the future? Has the booing focussed Eboue in any way? Do you seriously believe you have motivated him to improve? If your aim was to motivate him out of the club, forget it. He has shown the mental toughness to ignore you in the past, I have little doubt he will do so now. It is something that Arsene touched upon:

I will sit down and talk to him. But I believe it could make him stronger and more determined to show how good he is. Manu is really loved inside the team and he is a good boy. But you can see that when he lost confidence it was very difficult for him.

There is one more aspect of this that has to be considered. How do you think that it makes the rest of the squad feel? You remember them. The ones who nobody wants to see leave. Irrespective of what you think of Eboue, I have little doubt that they have a loyalty to their friend. It is generally accepted that players come and go in football but does anyone seriously think that they feel any more loyalty to the club following on from the events of Saturday or has it crossed your mind that they might just question your support for them, have a moment of self-doubt about the reception that they will receive if they hit a sticky patch. Indeed, do you know how you will react?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Peter Storeys Budgie

    Yogi i agree the blame must be on Wenger for bringing on Eboue and playing hin left wing when we had better equipped players to play in that position ie Wilshire,Ramsey and Vela.You dont put square pegs in round holes

  2. Hooray Yogi. At last some sense.

  3. Peter,

    Eboue played left midfield very well against Blackburn, as Wenger has pointed out this morning.

  4. Crafty

    That was a fit Eboue who had played several games and had done well. Saturday was immediately following on from a five week lay-off, probably not training until the middle of the week.


  5. AW (peace be upon him): “..he’s a good boy..”
    Toure: “Eboue’s a great lad”

    Name: Emmanuel Eboue
    Born: June 04, 1983
    (source http://www.arsenal.com)

    That is, 25 years old.
    When does a boy become a man in football?

  6. I feel disgusted that we have fans who don’t think about their actions. When he was substituted Toure went over to console him, the fans are to blame if we lose players through their own ridiculous cursing of a player who has moments of madness and moments of brilliance in equal measure.

    the same fans who hate eboue are also the ones who couldn’t believe Adebayor wanted to leave, are they surprised when one of his friends gets treated like that

    grow up, this is our club and I for one am disgusted seeing things ruined by the minority

  7. In general I agree with you YW but I think I’m a little less impartial.

    Personally I think booing your own player is absolutely unforgiveable!!! Disgusting! It achieves nothing and if anything erodes the entire team’s morale and spirit.

  8. wenger should bear the blame for the inept performance of eboue. Puting a player back from injury into the wrong position is simply horrendous. That was the result of his rubbish experiment which has failed him woefully, and the fans instead of venting their frustration on wenger directed it at the wrong person. That already said, ebou should be made to play only in his natural right back position. That was where he excelled when he came newly to the club.

  9. Eboue’s played left midfield well this season. I think it was in one of the early games.

    And the problem wasn’t his performance as a left midfield players on saturday. He was involved in some of our best attacking moves.

    The problem was that he gave the ball away twice, and the crowd got on his back.

    I was appalled he didn’t shake them off, and that he wasn’t strong enough to do so.

    But the booing is sick, and like nothing else underlines why fan negativity is poisonous to the team.

    Not only did Eboue collapse, the team’s performance also visibly became worse with the booing.

    I think the people who booed are neither fans nor supporters. Why would you boo your team when they’re concentrating on winning after a bad spell? So that they can be upset by the booing and then lose?

    What a bunch of sorry morons

  10. Nzekwe… but you’re still condoning booing an Arsenal player or manager!!!

    What is that meant to achieve other than a short lived and useless outlet of frustration!?

  11. The other thing that has generally been missed is that what it was not just Eboue who went to pieces at the end. Clichy was the first to get into trouble (an unfortnate tendency in an otherwise excellent player), and both RVP and Cesc made some very bad passes to give the ball back to Wigan.

    It reminded me of the Spurs game, and showed the team as a whole seems to be lacking in confidence. Whether this arises from some of the negative reactions from the crowd and press (and blogs), or whether is it because they are young, or something to do with AW’s preparation I don’t know, but it needs to be addressed.

  12. Actually I think the sheep mentality has been reserved for those who are calling it an outrage that people who actually attended the match had the nerve to show their disapproval of a half wit player like Eboue.

    By all accounts he’s great for team morale in the dressing room & I would agree thats important, but I cannot see any justification for the sudden outpouring of support the bloke is getting. He got booed, so have hundreds of other players all over the world. Can nobody remember the treatment Song received from Arsenal fans at Craven Cottage when he had to be substituted? I don’t remember him receiving such a sympathetic approach from blogs like this one.

    Eboue displays a complete lack of respect & decency for officials, for opposition players & most importantly for Arsenal fans. He has no problem going to ground & feigning injury to get 2-3 minutes treatment when Arsenal are losing or drawing instead of getting on with the game in hand & thats not a one off either, he does it weekly. That time is never added on either as refs rarely give more than 4 minutes at the end of matches & in the majority of cases 3 of those minutes have been allocated for substitutions. Maybe, just maybe this is the end result of all that frustration.

    Having said all that I think it would be much better if fans had the opportunity to air their views to the manager and/or board a couple of times a year. It certainly wouldn’t make Wenger change his stance on things but it would make him aware of how fans feel with issues surrounding the club & would hopefully stop scenes like those on Saturday. The AGM does not give fans that opportunity.

  13. We talk about the team being inconsistent, that they only turn up for the big games against United and Chelsea, but this accusation could certainly be made against the fans as well.

    People turning up late, complaining if someone sings, leaving early at halftime and at the end of the game. Are these supporters? They only make an effort for the big games, while the rest of the time they expect the team to put on a performance and win 3-0 while they sit back and watch in silence.

    And now the booing of Eboue. Yes, he is not the most liked player among Arsenal fans, yes he has a tendency to dive, yes he had an absolute mare on Saturday, but how does booing help him or the team?

    The fans need to understand that their duty as supporters is to get behind the team, not get on their backs. The Grove does have the potential to be a very atmospheric stadium, as games against United and Spurs have shown, but for other games when the majority seem like they can’t be bothered, how do you think that makes the players feel?

  14. They’re not sorry, though, are they?

  15. Good blog Yogi. A clear signal of where you stand and the standards that should apply to all so called fans.

  16. The reaction on Saturday was an absolute disgrace. I simply cant understand how a member of our team got booed off their home pitch! We as fans are the first to rant about loyalty and players, is it a surprise when they and their team mates get treated like they did on Saturday. Eboue might not be the most popular of players amoung the fans but no one deserves that from their supporters. Shame on anyone who was involved in this.

  17. Great points well made GMR. I have made my feelings known on Goodplayas post and cant be arsed to re-type them, but you have more or less summed them up.

  18. Spot on Yogi. This has been building for the past 12 months and there are a minority in the stadium that loved every second of it.

    I would point out that a fair amount of people (including myself) stood in response to the boos and clapped him off the pitch. Now in no way did I feel compelled to clap his performance which was dire but in the sense that here was a guy in a red and white shirt having a torrid time and being a “supporter” of those in red and white, there was only one way to respond.

    After the match I felt utterly depressed by what I had seen/heard and I can’t say I feel much better now.

  19. I almost completely agree with you (I think Wenger’s decision to substitute him was the right one, I thought he justified it sensibly, and it was obvious the booing was making him nervous and increasingly error prone). I particularly agree with this point:

    “Another baseball bat being used to beat him is his attitude. How anyone in the world other than Eboue can tell you what his attitude in the match was is beyond me. Even those who know the man well cannot with 100% certainty tell you what was going through his mind during his hour in the fray. A lot of supposition is passed as fact when we look at players. Do not tell me he was not trying without the evidence to back it up.”

    It’s such bullshit that people just call him lazy without any detailed analysis apart from recalling him not tracking back on this or that occasion.

    His colleagues say he loves the club and is 100% committed. Tell you what, that’s just about good enough for me. I’d take their word over any member of the ‘Arsenal blogosphere’.

    Eboue is a flawed player but his treatment at the hands of the fans was a disgrace, and the way that some people are looking to blame Eboue himself or Wenger for what happened is a terrible attempt from deflecting attention away from the Arsenal fan collective and asking some searching questions.

  20. My heart goes out for Eboue… these boo fans must be playing too much fifa 09.. and forgotten that the players are real people… whose confidence can be affected by reactions from the crowd… he was being booed before he even came on the pitch. So ask the boo boys why did you boo eboue?? And they say he dives, he embarrasses the club with histrionics blah, blah, blah. That was last season… he has been good this season and I still prefer his football intelligence and his defence mindedness more so than theo. Those ignorant so called fans who boo our players may not realise the bigger picture, which may affect the rest of the team,… i.e. frightened to express themselves just in case they make a mistake and is booed…. If I was a footballer I would think twice in coming to Arsenal…. Even Joey Barton wasn’t booed that much…

  21. with fans like these – who needs enemies?
    when one is wearing the arsenal colors – he is “chi-ki-yan” meaning “our own” unless you are not. Then pls don’t associate yourself with Arsenal anymore….very “mo-yi-si”
    meaning “no meaning”
    you londoners are so lucky that you can watch arsenal play live – many of us can catch them on tv or sometimes on sopcast (2″screen) at really early morning – watched then down some coffee and go to work….but we still do. So pls real “arsenal fans” cheer and not boo….

  22. I have been going to watch Arsenal for 20+ years, and never in my time of watching have i witnessed an Arsenal player being booed by our own “so called” fans. This is the sort of thing we expect from Tottenham fans, we know to behave better than that. for the first time in my life, i was embarrassed to be a Gooner!!!!

    I hope Eboue shuts every single player up, and i cant wait for these same “fans” to cheer his name when he scores.

    To all of you that booed, you are all a bunch of w*nkers who are not welcome at The Grove.

    I think we need to make it up to him as fans, and I shall be contacting REDaction to make a banner apologising to him……………now that is what Arsenal is all about!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. islington gooner

    i swear we have a bunch of mancs chavs scouse spud fans that buy tickets to the arsenal.
    ive been saying it for sometime about our support.

    the problem is we have to many jonny come lately supporters.
    all little spoilt rich kids who cannot understand what arsen has done for this club.

    as it stands i can see arsen walking,its written all over him.
    if these so called fans want him gone,watch what will happen when he’s gone.
    and im not in no akb brigade its just commen sense.

  24. Very good, YW….the jeering at Eboue came towards the end of an afternoon which had seen 5-10,000 season ticket holders not turn up for the game…empty seats all over the stadium but particularly in the season ticket areas…..almost no singing at all except in the red inaction areas…thousand arrive late…thousand leave before half time….thousand come back late from half time and tens of thousands leave 10 minutes before the final whistle…this clubs supporters have gone rotten.

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  26. islington gooner

    frank thats what im saying,i have to listen to all the crap i hear and i think to myself have any off you got any idea about football?

    when we had kiev a guy made a comment that made me know excatly what we have at the grove.
    he said if the game stays like this we have extra time.

  27. I want Highbury back please….I would like to make a plea and this is my son’s idea….could we have our clock back please AFC….just hang it at the clock end please….if not could the fans at the clock end drape a sheet with a clock drawn on it from the balcony at the clockend….please AFC we want our clock end back…..

  28. I completely agree. The booing is absolutely disgraceful. But unfortunately, it was not entirely unexpected.

    These same “fans” are the ones who bitched about Adebayor the season before last. I can’t count the number of times that I have had to sit near a group of people who do nothing but moan from the first kick to the last. I just wish that people would understand that their job is to support on matchday. No-one should be beyond criticism, but that was absolutely the wrong way to go about it.

    This kind of behaviour will make players less likely to want to play at Arsenal.

  29. Re: “So ask the boo boys why did you boo eboue?? And they say he dives, he embarrasses the club with histrionics blah, blah, blah.”

    And what does their booing exactly do apart from embarrass the club and the majority of Arsenal supporters?

    What a f**ked up situation. I am falling out of love with the club I have loved for decades, and all because of these idiots with their arrogant sense of entitlement.
    I am ashamed and depressed and confused to be associated with them. I have nothing in common with them.

  30. i agree with most of what you say, but to suggest that wilshire or ramsey could do better, well i struggle with it. The way i see it, we are light across midfield so light in fact that people suggest a 16 or a 17 year old. This is the prem, the best and toughest league in the world, and all i hear is ramsey or vela. THEY ARE TOO YOUNG. They are not good enough to be first teamers and anyone who thinks they are knows nothing about reality. WE have to be patient. We dont have a very good midfield at present and that includes boo boo. We need strength and experience next to cesc and we need pace and experience on the wings, not ramsey, whoes best is still at least five years away and not young jack who is no where near being a first teamer, get real. Boo boo has been out for 6 weeks for gods sake, give him a break. IN my opinion he can be a big player for us, Lets just try and get through december and see waht happens. As for all the booing, i also fail to understand why you would do that. This is what happens at clubs like newcastle where the fans think they are more important than the club. I wish these people would support someone else we dont need them at a great club like ours. I hope boo plays on wed, hes got my full support.

  31. Can we reclaim our club? I am sick of this. How can we kick them out?

  32. I think that the booing was more an outpouring of dissapointed feelings of what is going on at the club in general. Eboue has never endeared himself to the fans due to his diving/cheating antics and was therefore an easy target. I was at the game and deplore the treatment he got. Wenger needs to ask himself why it happened and realise it is because fans are very unhappy with how the team has gone backwards from last season instead of building on upon it. The facts are that Liverpool, Chelsea and ManU are not that good and the title would be very much there for the taking even with last years squad intact. We have regressed and most fans can see that and they also know that this was totally unecessary. Hence the frustration an booing.

  33. Bradys right foot

    Our support is a total and utter disgrace, spoilt, negative and scapegoating. I’m actually still fuming a large section of our supporters will only be happy when they get the team they deserve, spurs mrk2. Immediately after the match i told some of the lads that was it after this season i’ll not be renewing my season ticket and the boo boys can claim the emirates for themselves. I hope i can change how i feel but at the moment whats the point.

  34. Yogi, I am ashamed of you. It is “Arsene’s fault” is the biggest cop-out I have read from the most mendacious of Arsenal blogs beginning with Le Grove and their fellow-travellers. I would hate to believe that you are trying to play both sides of the fence and cozy up to these pseudo fans and bloggers who see it as schoolboy-smart to bully and belittle the easiest target in sight. The booing of Eboue started even before he came on the field, when even the commentators wondered which side of the field he was going to play. These “haws-haws,” as they are described by fellow poster Frank, started getting on his back when he misplaced two passes in the 80th minute. Their reason for booing had nothing to do with tactics as AW has played Eboue on the left side of midfield on a least one prior occassion and after the last Carling Cup match I would also have doubted the readiness of Vela, Wilshere et al to handle the likes of Valencia and Palcios who were ganging up on Clichy on the left side. The booing of Eboue was climatic of the “shit” that has certain fans have stirred about certain players for at least two years now, shit which you are fully aware of. Shame on you, sir.

  35. islington gooner

    Tomm you spot on mate,its always the same one’s.
    wanting arsenal to make a mistake just to try prove there silly little point.

    can someone tell me,how is that being a fan!

    im a very ashamed season ticket holder at the mo,i love going to the games but am sick of all the moaners constant bitching.
    at the mo i would rather go to the pub or watch it in doors.
    what a sorry state our football club is in.

  36. Could we also have a North Bank please AFC…get rid of the Trivial Pursuits colours…..get rid of the numbers make me smaller and….and put up signs saying North Bank…oh and West Stand and East Stand…please AFC please do this for us…help us to recreate Highbury…

  37. islington gooner

    by arsenal lowering ticket price’s might be a start.

  38. GMR

    I would refer you to the post of the Fulham match you refer to:


    You will note that whilst critical of his performance, again I found sympathy with his plight.


  39. Look there is so much we can do…let us get the club to give us Highbury or at least the sense of Highbury…just a start….lets talk to these guys…there are enough of us who are really unhappy with the Haw Haws but we need help to recreate our identity…

  40. islington gooner

    also there was boo’s for bendtners name at the start and why?

    because he missed a few chance’s in a tin pan cup.
    at least he created the chance’s in that game.
    come on we have so many fans battering arsenal players morale.

    these people also think they know better than wenger,ask yourself what job you do and how you could better arsenal more than wenger?

    all i say is dont give up the day job because you wouldnt get very far!

  41. ….lowering the price could be done by trying harder to get season ticket holders who are not going to a game to call and release their seats..the scheme exists but hardly anyone uses it…we could then have people on standby on mobile to take a reduced rate seat at the last minute…they would be local too…they could be local kids…the Stadium will always be full…

  42. …don’t make me smaller…make the numbers smaler…but write North Bank, West Stand, East Stand…Clock End on the signs…

  43. islington gooner

    blue orange and all that crap dosent work.
    give us our identity back,frank thats how the ends should be known.

  44. Shotta

    Not sure whether you read the post or not. Exactly how is pointing my belief in Wenger’s error wrong or cosying up to people. Using Eboue made little sense. He had been out injured for a substantial length of time. There was no way he was match fit. Physically yes, in terms of touch, no.

    If Vela and Wilshere are not ready for the PL, do not put them on the bench. The former has played in La Liga which is not that far off the PL physically despite what you are led to believe in the media. In fact, it is far more niggly. RvP can play on the left; I doubt very much Palacios & co would have intimidated him. In fact, more likely than not, one of them would not have finished the game.

    How is that playing both sides of the fence?


    I never mentioned Ramsey. I suggest Vela or Wilshere.


  45. Get Cesc Fabregas to put in his programme piece every game…your club needs you….stick a picture of Kitchener on the front of the programme….put ‘Please do not leave before the final whistle’ across the front of the programme….many many more things we can do

  46. The irony of your comment Shotta gunner, sort of proves the point. Wenger has put us in a situation where we do not have the personnel to deal with those 2 great names of world football Palacios and Valencia. We have sold Pires, Reyes, Hleb, Gilberto, Diarra, Vieira all within their contract, all able to deal with that massive threat and all plying their trade as we speak. Not to mention allowing players like Sidwell and Flamini to run down their contracts. The situation is born out of frustration. Those that love this great club feel pain when glaring mistakes are made. Good point re the North Bank Frank, perhaps name the quadrants after great Arsenal players.

  47. islington gooner

    has any one noticed how empty club levels getting now?
    now theres the signs of true supporters!

  48. I think that the only way we can begin to change this is to call people out on it when they start to moan. We all need to take a stand.

    If more fans did this, I think people would be embarrassed enough to stop moaning and then they would never get to the point where they are booing. When I have told people to stop moaning, they normally do – at least for a while – even if they have a go back. My impression is that they don’t really realise what they’re doing. Most of them have only watched on tv in the past and don’t realise how much interaction there is between the crowd and the team.

  49. Good post, Yogi. Well said.

    It is a big concern – how on earth did the other players feel after witnessing that embarrassment? What did they think that night; the next morning? We fans moan and complain about loyalty ALL the time, yet where was our loyalty on Saturday? Where was our support when it was needed most?

    What did the fans do on Saturday to uphold the belief that Arsenal is supposedly a different club, a special club, one that is so difficult for the players to leave? We could be in big trouble if those players look at what transpired on Saturday and think, “Difficult to leave? Why would I want to stay?”

    It’s more than just the kind of team dynamic that us weekend footballers understand. These players live and breathe with each other, they spend more time with each other than with their families, and for many of them they grow up together. If Eboue’s as liked as we’re lead to believe (and there’s no reason to think that’s not true) then every one of those players, every one a close friend, has certainly been prompted to have a rethink about what playing for this club means to them.


  50. The stadium is a blank…it looks more like and Emirates venue a f***ing corpoorate venue than an Arsenal venue….f*** the Emirates…lets have our Highbury back…call it Highbury 2 …it is only next door for goodness sake….

  51. islington gooner

    the problem is that there are a large amount doing it,not sure though if some of them are just joining in to be with the crowd.

  52. Islington gooner, don’t think you’d be immune from that Emirates attitude down the pub. You get the same idiots there I’m afraid. Frank, that attitude was creeping in at Highbury as well, wasn’t it? I was always sat next to a certain Ljungberg hater. It was his “thing”. What a t**t.

  53. YW,

    I strenuously disagree. It’s a facetious criticism. I never like criticism of an action that’s not wrong in every situation.

    If Eboue had coped better with the booing and hadn’t crumbled, you wouldn’t have queried playing Eboue right after his injury.

    I am getting insane about criticisms of Arsene. When he does A, he is criticised. When he doesn’t do that same A, he is still criticised.

    When he puts on an experienced players, I hear he should have brought in a kid. When he brings in a kid, he should have played an experienced player.

    It’s unfair.

  54. Lets have 8 red action areas not one….one for each of the upper, lower sections of the West Stand, East Stand, North bank….and of course Clock End

  55. The veil of self-righteousness that certain posters have put on in justifying their attitude to Eboue is so transparent. They harp on about his so-called “diving and cheating.” Yet the stats were produced over the summer that he was the most fouled memmber of the team. As a result of such fouling on at least two such occassions he was out of the team for prolong periods. Eboue has been one of our most improved players this season especially on away games. Eboue has been our most versatile utility player doing very good work at RM, RB and LM. Eboue is one of our more “physical” players in a team which is arguably light-weight. Yet the haters banhg-on about divng and cheating. As many have noted when he earned us a penalty in a champions league game last year to scramble a winner, these self-same fans were wildly congratulatory of his “awareness”, much like Liverpool and Man-U fans are congratulatory of Gerrard and Ronaldo in such situations. The whole thing with Eboue and lately Bendtner stinks to high heavens.

  56. I agree, Mingus…but despearte times…desperate measures…lets start doing stuff…lobbying the club…redaction….arsenal supporters trust…anyone who will listen..and if they don’t listen we will do it again…until they do…we are not going away…this club has some great supporters and they are the nucleus…

  57. Blame wenger everything.

    He is the one who played eboue on the right wing and then in the midfield and now on the left wing..God help him. He is a good back-up for right back. Thats it. How can you keep playing him all over the pitch.
    Even yesterday he had vela,wilshere and ramsey on the bench. Why did he have them on the bench if he had no intention of using them. He is getting it all wrong. His substitutions, selections. I just dont get it..

  58. rosey,

    I am amazed at how much nonsense you’re writing. Diarra mentioned at the same level as Pires and Vieira.

    Sheer stupidity.

  59. rosey:
    What exactly is your frustration?
    That we have not won the league in 4 seasons?
    Not won a trophy in 3 season?
    That every ignoramus and his dog think we are going to drop out of the top 4?

    We are in the champions league.
    We have developed young players!
    We have built a bigger better stadium without selling the soul of the club.

    I afraid it is comments and opinions like yours that is letting the club down.

    If you love the club so much you would appreciated the way decisions are made. Hard decisions are made. Good decisions are never recognised by the media. Because the media and pundits on sky do not think long term.
    You as a fan should!

  60. Let us use blogsites and comments sections to polarise support…to galvanise each other …to help the team and the manager…..let us stop whining, moaning..pretending we know best….there are so many more constructive things to do other than try to pick a better team than the manager or moan about his selections…and justifying negativity…we cannot give this club up to these people…

  61. Cescy,

    Eboue is a utility player who can and has played well in multiple positions.

    He is not a specialist. He’s a utility player. It’s about time people knew that.

  62. Somebody paint over the windows of the corporate ninnies having their dinner….club, diamond, corporate…club, diamond, corporate like a f***ing noose around the stadium

  63. We want Highbury back and we want our club back and we are going to get it…and we are going to support this team …in Highbury 2…or whatever we choose to call…but not the Emirates.

  64. I am ashamed to be an Arsenal fan today. Eboue is not the best player to have graced the shirt but I feel is a useful squad player when used as a reserve right back. Even when using him at right midfield he provides a more solid defensive flank, even if his decisions in the final third can be questionable.

    When he first started playing right back I thought he was pretty good and so did many of my friends and colleagues that heve now jumped on the “Eboue is the worst player we have ever had” bandwagon. No he is not. He had a stinker on Saturday after a lengthy lay off and playing out of position.

    Some of his performances earlier this season have been decent. You could see he was really upset when the fans cheered when he was taken off and I bet the others in the team were thinking do we play for the worst fans in the country. Not only are they often silent, when they do make some noise it is like this. I won’t be proudly telling anyone that I am an Arsenal supporter for a while now.

  65. Don’t be ashamed Browny …join the thousands of supporters who agree with you….come on….we are Arsenal Supporters…

  66. I don’t think playing Eboue out of position had anything to do with his last 10 minutes of lack of concentration, as I believe it would have been the same if he was deployed on the right.
    I thought Eboue was lackking in match fitness and equally was not fully fit to play; but usually as players desperate to play after being out for sometime must have influence AW’s jugement in rashing him. But I agree with AW for taking Eboue off, not specially for the booing, but for doing the right thing by taking him off, as his dramatic lost of form in the last 10 minutes of the game could have cost us the 3 points.
    For those who are calling on AW to get rid of Eboue, I must say that you are wrong, because we’ve lost 5 games when Eboue was out and lost only one when he was with the team. So I don’t think Eboue has anything to do with our current misfortune. I am fully confident that we will win more games with Eboue in the team.

  67. Kolo speaks:


    “He came on after six weeks out injured and that was his first game,” said Toure.
    “The fans gave him a hard time and that is not usual at Arsenal. He has all our support because we know he is a great player. He tries his best for the team even if he is not 100 per cent.”

  68. Frank I am sure you have no time for me and I do not seek to change your mind but I want to give you my full support in your plea of “Bring back our clock” I look at the ground every game with this possibility in mind and it is obvious that it would be so easy to hang it above either goal. So if you want to get some kind of petition going I think you will be flooded with support.

  69. Frank…trying to rename the ground and painting out the corporate signage is a praiseworthy goal but a unrealistic at this stage don’t you think?However trying to rename sections of the ground to be rminiscent of Highbury may be more practical if, as you say, they have such nambsy-pambsy signage currently.

  70. Fans that call themselves supporters of Arsenal Football Club have the audacity to buy a ticket and heckle a player, a piece of the club they supposedly love? Shame on you! Supporters are supposed to be just that, supporters, through think and thin!!!

    That minority of fans should question their souls!…..and give up their seats to the real supporters of Arsenal!

  71. islington gooner

    i always call it the grove.
    the emirates is a joke of a name for a english football ground.

  72. Ole

    There is nothing facetious in the criticism of Wenger. As you well know, I back him to do the job but that does not preclude him from being wrong – in my opinion – on occasion.

    I do not criticise him about the players experience. Eboue is a right sided player; Vela is left sided. Even with the best will in the world, Eboue has to come inside all of the time to be able to provide any sort of service.

    As for facile comments, let me introduce you to Mr Pot, Mr Kettle and Mr Black:

    If Eboue had coped better with the booing and hadn’t crumbled

    Do you seriously think for one minute that you would have handled being criticised by several thousand people? You would not put up with it nor I suspect would you handle it any better.


  73. Malaysiangunner

    YW good post

    shotta – Eboue may have played well once at LW but it is not his natural position. I think Vela can do well as it is his natural position. That is also a fact. But is it AW fault on Eboue was playing badly in the Wigan’s game, a manager can not really know such is football.
    But I believe the true fans of the Arsenal not fight each other but make our voices and opinions heard in the games we attend. Now is not the time to let the boo boys take over. Remember this is the club we have supported for all these years.
    Why should we let these morons tale over? these fly by night supporters wil be off to Chelski or better still the Spuds soon enough

    What ever 3 points gain aand are keeping up with the rest,

    Up The Arse !!! Up The Arse !!!! Up The Arse!!!

  74. Well it is easy to rename the ground,shoota…just don’t call it the Emirates….call it Highbury…they can write what they like on the side but that is just graffitti…we call it Highbury. Painting out the corporate signage and windows…..maybe impossible…but it can remain an aspiration…a symbol

  75. Very good post, and equally smart responses on the whole. My first post here, and quite simply would like to say that if the booing of Eboue, had cost us the points on saturday those disgraceful fans would have gotten just what they deserved.

  76. ..sorry Shotta

  77. islington gooner

    and by the way frank IM 100% beind you.

  78. Come on let be honest, if just a few fans had grumbled about Eboue there would not be the out-pouring of support for the man. As it is lots of supporters had a grumbled at the same time; no one pre-empted the idea, no one co-ordinated the jeering, it was simply an out-pouring of collective moodiness.

    Perhaps people shouldn’t boo their own players, but what has happened is over. There is no turning back time, no undoing of what happened. What needs to be decided is whether the fans (backing the team) / players (showing 110% commitment)/ manager (assessing all options) have learnt from the situation. If we simply try and brush the issue under the carpet it will come back to haunt us.

    The way forward is together, but it takes ALL parties involved to accept their responsibility. If Eboue was unfit he should have made that clear, if Wenger had other options he should taken them and if the detractors (both of Eboue & of the booing) think that slating each other’s opinions is the way to gain unity…….

  79. Yogi interesting post!

    Your final paragraph, the most succinct. How does the rest of the squad feel? We can be completely sure, the answer is not very happy. Proud to be associated with the Arsenal? Not on this occassion. Motivated to come to work and do their best? Not particularly! Inspired and confident? Of course bloody not!

    What a shame, that some of our fans would allow their emotions to cross the boundrary to act in a manner that was to the detriment of the club. No matter your feelings on Eboue or Wenger, when you boo our player, publicly lynch him, you help only to serve your own argument and completely ignore what is in the best interests of the club.

    Disgracefully Selfish!

    Yogi, I’m also with Shotta, in saying, blaming Wenger is all to obvious in hindsight. Eboue is a versatile player, who is capable of playing in that position effectively. He could not have guessed, what would follow. In reflection, it is more than obvious it was the wrong decision. We would not have been so certain it was the wrong decision in the 30th minute. Wilshere and Vela are options, but let’s not forget Walcott, Diaby and Rosicky would all be ahead of them for that role.

    Actually have just re-read and that is pretty much what you have said in your original post!

    What irks is these fans that jepordise the club in pursuit of being proved correct, need only half an excuse to blame someone else.

    Whether that be Eboue, Wenger or anyone else.

    Entirely Un-Arsenal like.

    An absolutely selfish disgrace!

  80. My word this article misses the point.

    Asking “would you have booed if it were Fabregas totally misses the point”

    As a fan who has to put up with a cheating, woefully inept footballer who puts in no effort whatsoever I reserve the right to voice my disgust when he left the field of play. I didnt boo him during the match as I believe you should get behind players who are on the pitch, but stubborn Wenger has to be made aware that we, as fans, shouldnt have to put up withour hard earned money going to someone who trots around the pitch without a care in the world.

    He was NEVER on the left despite playing left wing and when he gavce the ball away, he stood there hands on hips or just walked off.

    This is not behaviour befitting an arsenal player.

    And that is why you have shown yourself up by asking whether we would have booed if it were fabregas having a stinker. Obviously not.

    There was also some element in the booeing that was aimed at wenger too for once again making such a bizarre decision as to bring on the useless eboue when we have players on the bench desperately to play, who are fully fit and on form.

  81. Oh how jolly reasonable Anthony…now put a bit of passion into it…you seem like quite a bright lad…lets have some ideas

  82. islington gooner

    antony the problem is,the only time these fans back the team is when we play the so called big teams.

    every game in the premier league is a hard one.
    we need to stop thinking we will win 3’s and 4’s everyweek.

    anyone who plays football know’s how many ups and downs you have in a season.
    its all part of the game.

    but when the chips are down,it just shows the real from the fake.

  83. Yogi, interesting post!

    Your final paragraph, the most succinct. How does the rest of the squad feel? We can be completely sure, the answer is not very happy. Proud to be associated with the Arsenal? Not on this occassion. Motivated to come to work and do their best? Not particularly! Inspired and confident? Of course bloody not!

    What a shame, that some of our fans would allow their emotions to cross the boundrary to act in a manner that was to the detriment of the club. No matter your feelings on Eboue or Wenger, when you boo our player, publicly lynch him, you help only to serve your own argument and completely ignore what is in the best interests of the club.

    Disgracefully Selfish!

    Yogi, I’m also with Shotta, in saying, blaming Wenger is all to obvious in hindsight. Eboue is a versatile player, who is capable of playing in that position effectively. He could not have guessed, what would follow. In reflection, it is more than obvious it was the wrong decision. We would not have been so certain it was the wrong decision in the 30th minute. Wilshere and Vela are options, but let’s not forget Walcott, Diaby and Rosicky would all be ahead of them for that role.

    Actually have just re-read and that is pretty much what you have said in your original post!

    What irks is these fans that jepordise the club in pursuit of being proved correct, need only half an excuse to blame someone else.

    Whether that be Eboue, Wenger or anyone else.

    Entirely Un-Arsenal like.

    An absolutely selfish disgrace!

  84. AT LAST a decent post, after the bullshit being spewed on arseblog, this is a welcome tonic, all i might add is that his whole hour wasnt awful, as Ole Gunner said eaaaarlier he played quite well until he gave the ball away twice & then the crowd got on his case like rats on a corpse…he then just collapsed mentally & couldnt do anything right after that. Right thing to take him off, i hope he comes back & makes the idiots that booed him eat their words!
    & btw now im getting eboue on my next shirt!!

  85. As Arsenal supporters we do have a very real problem with some of the blogsites…..Haw Haw is exactly the right name…I am not going to give them the satisfaction of naming them but the people on one of them are just a disgrace to the club.

  86. Excellent, Mo….what a star….the irony…everyone sporting Eboue on their shirts…the player they love to hate…his name is the symbol of true support…

  87. YW,

    I might not have handled it. We never know how we’ll react. I was just saying that I was appalled at his collapse. I am always appalled by collapse and caving in. That isn’t the same thing as blaming Eboue.

    About Vela: How much do you know about how well Vela would play while we’re defending a lead? He’s never done that for us before. This is the Premier League not La Liga or the Mickey Mouse League Cup.

    I just don’t think you have enough data prima facie to think Vela would have been a better choice.

    By the same principle of saying Eboue is not a left midfield player, neither is Carlos Vela for God’s sake.

  88. there are only two responses I can think of.
    1) drowning out the boo-boys. (God, I hate that noun) with great, hearty positive and uplifting cheers…
    or 2) physically confronting them.
    I favour both. We need to turn the tide. I’m for unwavering, blind support. No matter what!

  89. Andrew

    Your opinion of Eboue misses the point. If he did not put the effort in, he would not be in the team. You do not like him, fair enough but your argument loses credibility by insulting the player.

    You feel you have the right to boo a player, fair enough but you have not answered the question, “What do you think you achieved by booing?” No-one who believes that it is right, or not wrong, has answered it.

    And is it ‘obviously not’ to the rest of the squad? If he is as popular as the players have intimated in the past, they will rally around him. But with Eboue, it has been to a lesser degree, ongoing for many months. Do you think that the other players are unaffected by it? If you do, you are being naive.


  90. I would say: Well come back to Eboue in the team, as we have been missing you. We ‘ve lost five games when you were out of the team, and lost only once (Fulham) when in the team. You are very useful component of this team. Forget about those fans who have never quicked the ball and are so easy to criticise.

  91. Oh yes. 3) Wearing Eboue on the back of my shirt.

  92. Ole

    Looking at your arguments over Vela, we will never be able to play him as we will never know how he will react when defending a lead.

    Evidence that he can play left wing? Ask Osasuna because that is where he played last season. La Liga is not better than the EPL or on a par with it? Would Villa, Hull or Everton be any higher in the Spanish league? Unlikely.

    Oh, and BTW, since when did Arsenal take to defending a sixteenth minute lead by putting bodies behind the ball? If that was the case, Nasri would have been sacrificed as soon as Adebayor scored rather than letting him be put out of the game by a crude and late challenge.


  93. Ole Gunner – Do you not think its a bit defeatist to talk about ‘defending a lead’ when discussing a substitution against a pretty poor side on 30 minutes at home?

    And with a poor central midfielder already playing on the right, it was a ridiculous decision to bring on Eboue on the other.

    That midfield was of the poorest quality of all the midfields I have ever seen play for Arsenal. And the fact that Fabregas was included, one of the greatest players to wear the shirt, speaks volumes as to the quality of the other 3.

    Dont feel too sorry for these guys. They are paid £50,000 a week. If they are so inept and show such a shocking attitude and lack of effort they are big enough and old enough to be subject to honest critical appraisal from the people that pay their wages.

    Again, booing during a came is counter-productive but on this occasion, we, as fans had every right to let Wenger know that what we witnessed was not good enough for this club.

    If it were just down to ability, he would not have been booed as we have seen worse players over the years. But when you combine the woeful performance with the attitude of the guy, it stinks to high heaven.

  94. Yes William, I let the club down every week when I turn up and sing from start to finish and hand a disproportianately large slice of my income to sit in a stadium with no soul, near fans with no passion, watching a team that is so close yet lacks the experience and/or the belief to take that extra step. I don’t think you will find a mention to trophies won or not won in my post, so if you’re going to criticise then at least grasp the nettle of a point whilst you’re at it. Where is the long term planning in selling players at their peak. I suppose letting Diarra, Hleb and Gilberto go whilst not tying Flamini to a contract was ll part of the long term plan was it? Well excuse me if I am missing the point, but Denilson, Song and Eboue are poor substitutes for what has gone and if you want to mention trophies, those boys wont be winning many. You make the fundamental mistake of believing that a Fan has to accept everything the club does. A Fan doesn’t have to agree with it, they have to challenge it to help us become better, the support comes on Saturday when you sing until you’re hoarse no matter what.

  95. Had it been Walcott, no one would have booed… people are after Eboue and the whole crowd fell into the trap. I really feel for the guy and hope that he comes back to prove everyone wrong.

  96. Rosicky out till March at the earliest. *sigh*

    I think Eboue brings more to the team than people tend to give him credit for.

  97. Malaysiangunner


    You should consider putting your hard earned cash ‘supporting’ the likes of Manures,Pool, Chelski or even better Spuds. These managers and players are infallible and have not made any mistakes. You do the Arsenal agreat favour by ‘supporting’ the opposition. Plse do boo all you want when mistakes are made as you believe it is your right since you have poured out the mullahs..

    Up the Arse!!!

  98. YW,

    You’re hiding from my point. If you say Eboue is not a left midfield player, then neither is Vela. That’s what makes your criticism facetious. Valid only because the other option didn’t work out.

    As for whether playing for Osasuna is playing for Arsenal. I’ll say come on mate. Weren’t Osasuna relegated?

    I have no doubt about Vela’s technical ability. I think he’s one of our few “world class” players. And I mean that already. He’s pure class.

    But in terms of defending, running and standing up to the physical aspect, while stuck out on the wing, I am sorry, he’s behind Eboue today. Perhaps not in 6 months.

    And I have no problem with you criticising Wenger. We all do.

    I just think so much of the criticism is very unfair.

  99. it was clearly all wenger’s fault. he has killed eboue’s career, he was a good full back, thats’ it, the midfield experiment didn’t work last year and he should have gone back to being a full back.

    he shouldn’t have been brought so early on saturday if he wasn’t fit, or at a minimum should have been right midfield not left, denilson can’t play wide whether left or right, so why play two players totally out of position instead of one?

    the fans where reacting to him but i think as much to the team as a whole who put in yet another shockingly poor performance.

    if vela, ramsey and wilshire are not good enough to come in home games against wigan then they have no place being on the bench.

    bottom line is, as we all know the squad is weak beyond belief, the manager has favorites and just plays them irrespective of whether they are out of position or not and the net result of all that is the second class team we are watching and fans getting more and more frustrated at the high price of the tickets they are paying and the 2nd rate football they are watching on the field, all the while being fed crap week after week from a manager that says this is his best team ever!!!!

    i feel sorry for eboue as all the above came to haed omn saturday and he was the recepiant of it. (however he is a very average player)

  100. Has anyone considered that if a player is good enough to play in the Premiership and earn the money that goes with it that they should be versatile enough to play in more than one position. I’ve never been comfortable with Eboue on the wing because his natural instinct is to defend rather than attack and that is clearly underlined by his lack of goals. Eboue has always done well and given us full commitment when in his natural full back position.

    What saddens me is that Wengers’ defence of the Carling Cup exit was that it gives the younger players experience to play in big games and that buying new players is unnecessary, fair enough but then why play an unfit player out of position rather than play one just because he is too young?

    As for booing our own team, that affects not only the player concerned but the team as a whole. Wenger was right to sub Eboue but should not have let the situation escalate the way it did. The Wigan players picked up on the mood and could have been allowed back into the game as a result.

  101. Malaysiangunner

    I have supported arsenal for 27 years, travelling home and away and Saturday was the first time I have ever booed anything connected to the club.

    If you were at the game you would have seen quite how calamitous Eboue was. It wasnt just the two misplaced passes shown on match of the day.

    He was just hanging around adebayor up front with his hands on his hips. He was walking around the pitch. He constantly passed, unopposed to wigan players and then made no effort to win the ball back. He even on one occasion tackled our own player.

    Wenger is a legend dont get me wrong, but he is also a stubborn man.

    In a democracy, there is nothing wrong with making your feelings known (again – i did not and would not boo whilst a player is on the pitch).

    As a fan, the only way to do this is with either your voice or your money and I will not be fickle enough to stop going to support my beloved gunners just because of a crazy managerial decision and an infuriating player. But I will let my feelings be known on this occasion because it was simply not good enough for Arsenal Football Club.

  102. islington gooner

    rosey your talking about hleb who wanted to leave because he couldnt handle the pressure of the epl and Diarra a dirty chav that couldnt wait to get a first team place and left for POMPEY?

    and how much i loved gilberto but he was over the hill.

    the only mistake was not signing another centre midfielder.
    every human being makes mistakes.

  103. Ole

    Of course the criticism of Wenger is because it did not work. Vela is ahead of Eboue on the left because (1) Vela is left footed, (2) Vela has played there.

    No, Osasuna weren’t relegated, they stayed up. Playing in a relegation threatened team is probably more character building than you give it credit for. They learn all about teamwork and mentality and digging out results…


  104. Flint McCullough

    How did AW get it wrong, YW?

    Do you know the full situation?

    Did you realise that Cesc was also appeared to be carrying a knock at the time of the substitution, which may have influenced the situation?

    Eboue was fit enough to play, has played well on the left flank, this season, notably at Blackburn.

    He has attacking potential & was the most suited to help keep their right flank quiet.

    His performance was not his best but also a long way from some of the descriptions, I have seen.

    He contributed significantly to the creation of at least 2 of our best chances.

    It was only at the end that his nightmare started.

    He got caught in possession (he was not alone in that) they made a stray pass. These leeches, who call themselves Arsenal fans, got on his back. He was tiring & from then on could not put a foot right.

    I trace this attitude, to Eboue, back to that cup game at Liverpool, when he got caught & appeared to be over melodramatic about it. That was embarrassing for our “hard men” fans. I, too, would have preferred to have seen the “stiff upper lip, just cut it off attitude”, but the fact remained that he was out injured for the best part of 2 months.

    But it is not about Eboue really, is it?

    It more about AW not being able to compete financially with Chelsea & Man U for the very few world class players that become available.

    Not for them the thought that we have, by necessity, to do it a different way. A way that so nearly got us there, last season, & with the right support can get us right to the top, for years to come.

    No they want it now, they pay £30-£60 or more often the cost of a couple of pints, so they are entitled to minimum 3-0s against the likes of Wigan.

    If you want a certainty spend your money at a f*****g circus!!

    This isn’t just about how long you have been going, it seems to me that many people as old as me are as much anti-supporters as the new plastics. In fact there was a smashing atmosphere at the CC game v Wigan, which was populated largely by youngsters.

    My problem is how can you celebrate any success, that will surely come, with this whinging minority, who will just not deserve it.

  105. Some of you guys are just using this ‘crisis’ as an opportunity to stick your little cocktail sticks into AW aren’t you? Despicable

    …and others are using it as an opportunity to whinge about the cost of games…..doesn’t wash though…why do you think 5-10000 season ticket holders did not bother to turn up?…paid but didn’t turn up….don’t seem to be strapped for cash to me……also if you have paid out your last shilling why leave 10 minutes early…or stay in the bar til ten minutes after the second half start….naaaah…just opportunists getting in their favorite whinges…..

    we need our supporters back….

  106. Not like you Flint,

    Stirred from a calm exterior to venemous action!

    Good lad, Spot on!

  107. Frank too.

    Quite right, put all the old sticks away!

    It’s not about that, it’s about the fact some of you have acted against the best interests of the club.

    Not by accident as you followed the wrong course of action, but completely on purpose as you ignorantly brought shame onto the squad.

  108. How many times have we sat in silence expecting the team to dazzle us before we express support? How many time have the team been down and we’ve raised the roof in encouragement? The same voices that booed Eboue should be used to buoy. The team, the same voices could be used against the opposition. Those same voices could create an atmosphere of joy for the team.

    Sadly our voices are stronger, louder, and more forceful against our own.

    BTW. Osasuna was not relegated

  109. Look YW,

    Overmars was a left winger at Ajax who often played right wing for us and for Ajax. Christiano Ronaldo plays left midfield too.

    Wenger is satisfied with Eboue on the flanks. Eboue is a proven Premiership player who can play on the wings.

    It’s not a strange decision that he’s shipped to play left wing when we’re short of experienced established players. It’s an obvious choice.

    Sorry, Vela is not a proven Premiership left midfield player at Arsenal. He simply isn’t.

    And Eboue I keep saying is a utility player who’s even played as a forward. He’s played left midfield before. At the very least he’s played on the flanks before.

  110. Btw …the jeering was the only noise half of these f***ers made on Saturday…quiet as the grave in the West Stand til then….

  111. Flint, as always your comments are spot on (I sometimes wonder if we are telepathic) – everyone has chosen to ignore Eboue’s contribution to those two attacks. He didnt track back as we would have liked, but only really fell apart in the last 10 minutes (having been booed/jeered consistently for the previous 50)

    Rosey, sorry to see you criticising Denilson after an excellent performance by him (incidentally playing out of position), with 93% pass completion despite being under considerable pressure from a tough Wigan midfield – and unlucky to hit the inside of the post and not score.

    Looking forward to seeing Eboue rehabilitated in Portugal!

  112. Frank – what passion do you want from me? Agreeing with those who slags off Eboue or obstinately sticking up for anyone to have an off-day. It seems to me that it is the passion of the situation which is clouding what is the real point. Everyone concerned has been part of this mess, the question is how long are we going to simmer over it?

    First things first, Eboue stop crumpling under the slightest challenge – you look a bloody fool. Wenger, if you really believe in your youth structure have the guts to use the players. Arsenal fans sing up when the team is down and the ‘little’ boys are in town and then you will have earned the right to jeer if you honestly feel it might achieve anything.

    Rightly or wrongly the jeering of Eboue has at least raised the argument of whether support is a beholden right, or whether that must be earned through trust / respect / commitment. For anyone interested, NO I personally wouldn’t jeer an Arsenal player at a game, but that shouldn’t make the highly paid players untouchables.

  113. @ YW
    Whatever level La Liga is relative to the EPL, it’s a still a different kind of league. Vela is still adapting. He played at LM/LW in Spain, but he is only a LM in the way that Theo is a RM – he’s learning his trade as a striker. Eboue did well on the left of midfield at Blackburn. You make it sound as if the decision to use him was obviously wrong, but I don’t think it was.

    “Oh, and BTW, since when did Arsenal take to defending a sixteenth minute lead by putting bodies behind the ball? If that was the case, Nasri would have been sacrificed as soon as Adebayor scored rather than letting him be put out of the game by a crude and late challenge.”

    I don’t think that’s a fair characterisation of the decision to use Eboue. It wasn’t anything to do with going defensive – Nasri got injured and AW’s options were limited. We’re missing Diaby and Rosicky, Eduardo as well. We seem to specialise in having all the players in one position out injured at the same time.

    Wenger took a calculated risk putting Eboue in. If he had chosen differently, we could have been discussing how we lost or drew the game due to Wenger’s mistake in playing Wilshere or Vela who are too young/too inexperienced/not sufficiently good defensively. It was a very important game, maybe Wenger prioritised experience. Denilson was doing well on the right, so it was a rational decision to use the experienced utility player as a direct substitution. Clichy was being given a tough time by Palacios (I think?) and another Wigan player, so we needed a bit of physical presence on that side, and Eboue provides both an attacking threat AND defensive cover. He did OK until the last ten minutes or so getting involved in three lovely moves that nearly resulted in goals. He wasn’t outstanding, but he wasn’t dire, either. Perhaps the highlights you saw don’t do him justice.

  114. Only Eboue, how many time has Theo lost the ball, fail to track back and cost us goals?

    I this was Walcott having a bad day would we have done the same?

    Fans have their favourites and unfortunately for Eboue even if he is well liked by his team mates is bottom on the fans list.

  115. For what it is worth…I think that Eboue when he is fit is a very handy player to have in the team…he is not perfect but he can be very effective….

    MotM on Saturday goes to two player….Alex Song and Denilson….RvP was was excellent too..unlucky but worked very very hard….that was a tougher game than a lot of people realise…very few easy games in the Prem this year…whoever you are…all the top sides are losing points and will lose more…we are still very much in the race…….our ‘people who turn up occasionally for a whinge’ almost scored an own goal on Saturday though…please don’t do it again

  116. And that’s the kind of criticism I consider facetious:

    The fact that Wenger preferred an experienced established Premier League player to the kids on the bench means he doesn’t “really believe in the youth policy”.

    Playing them in important Champions League matches doesn’t show he beleives in those players.

    We’re such big moaners Arsenal fans.

  117. That is too balanced to be passionate, Anthony…you almost get there and then you feel the need to balance it up…no balance in passion…have a word with Big Al you could maybe write a paper on it.

  118. Apologies if this post appears twice.

    @ YW

    Whatever level La Liga is relative to the EPL, it’s a still a different kind of league. Vela is still adapting. He played at LM/LW in Spain, but he is only a LM in the way that Theo is a RM – he’s learning his trade as a striker. Eboue did well on the left of midfield at Blackburn. You make it sound as if the decision to play him was obviously wrong, but I don’t think it was.

    “Oh, and BTW, since when did Arsenal take to defending a sixteenth minute lead by putting bodies behind the ball? If that was the case, Nasri would have been sacrificed as soon as Adebayor scored rather than letting him be put out of the game by a crude and late challenge.”

    I don’t think that’s a fair characterisation of the decision to use Eboue. It wasn’t anything to do with going defensive – Nasri got injured and AW’s options were limited. We’re missing Diaby and Rosicky, basically. Even Eduardo. We seem to specialise in having all the players in one position out injured at the same time.

    Wenger took a calculated risk putting Eboue in. If he had chosen differently, we could have been discussing how we lost or drew the game due to Wenger’s mistake in playing Wilshere or Vela who are too young/too inexperienced/not sufficiently good defensively. It was a very important game, maybe Wenger prioritised experience. Denilson was doing well on the right, so it was a rational decision to use the experienced utility player as a direct substitution. Clichy was being given a tough time by Palacios and another Wigan player, so we needed a bit of physical presence on that side, and Eboue provides both an attacking threat AND defensive cover. He got involved in three lovely moves that nearly resulted in goals. He wasn’t outstanding, but he wasn’t dire, either.

  119. Peter Storeys Budgie

    Ole Gunner

    Eboue is not a utility player he is a back up right back.Wenger cocked it up on saturday.I agree with YW Wenger made a mistake.Just get on with it

  120. more importantly with rosicky basically out for the season, theo out for months and nasri often injured we are so short on the wings and this has to be addressed in january, or we will be seeing many more players playing out of position week in week out.

  121. And now I am worried – twice in one day, PSB has agreed with me….

    I’m off to lie down and mop my fevered brow.


  122. PSB,

    He is in fact a utility player and has always been. He plays left midfield for Cote d’Ivoire. He even played central defence for Beveren.

    He’s from the Asec Academy which produces utility players like Kolo Toure (who’s played everywhere for us), Yaya Toure, Salomon Kalou (who can play anywhere upfront), Didier Zokora (who’s played right back, defensive midfield, playmaker, right midfield.

    He is a utility player. Get with that fact.

  123. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Football_(soccer)_utility_players

    It’d be like saying John O’Shea is a midfielder or a defender. He’s a utility player.

  124. The point is that Eboue is an important player both on and off the pitch, only appeared in one of the various defeats weve endured, been heavily involved in the majority of the best attacking ‘team’ moves over the season, he wasnt fit and I mentioned on young guns last week that I actually thought that we really missed him. Definitely up for the Boo-Boo on the shirt idea as I know that the players have a good idea of the numbers sold for each name/number.

    Wigan were unbeaten in 5, which if people take the time to consider we’ve only managed twice (and that includes the CL that Wigan dont compete in).

    We won and if in wasnt for some bad luck, Kirkland and the woodwork, it would have been 4 or 5. Everyone needs to be behind the team, I couldnt make it on Sat but I sent a txt to a friend of mine who’s rich enough to have a ticket for Club level at the weekend saying “Get behind the boys, today is massively important so sing up win, lose or draw…and make sure that you dont come back late from half time, you club level snob you” which

  125. If we had a 2 or 3 goal cushion (don’t forget 2 hit the woodwork twice), we won’t have a nervy team, but we would still have a tired Eboue but whose errors won’t be magnified. It is not Eboue’s fault or Wenger’s fault that we didn’t have that 2nd or 3rd goal.

    In any case, I fully agree with YW that booing any of our players doesn’t achieve anything.

    I’m calling for some perspective pls. Thank you.

  126. ..I wish I could have sent to everyone that was lucky enough to be there. Watching the arsenal isnt an inconvenience, so dont treat it like one.

    If you’re not happy with what you’re paying for… give up the ticket, it’s that simple. Sell the tickets and dont renew membership or season ticket next year and watch it from home.

    It was shamefull, abusive, insulting, intimidating and xenaphobic (Walcott would never have recieved the same treatment)…Something that I would never expected at the arsenal.

    BTW…Frank, I love some of your comments and think you make some great points. Definitely think that Redaction should be spread around the stadium

  127. Changing tack slighty – at least the whole Eboue scenario has highlighted the top quality of Yogi’s blog, and even though there is a wide range of opinions on here, when it comes to the crunch it has shown that we are all pulling in the same direction.

    I don’t think any Arsenal supporter of average intelligence or higher thinks that booing Eboue was in any way right.

    Do we think this is down to the influx of ‘new’ supporters that the Emirates has given us?

    Would it of happened at Highbury?

  128. Frank, I love your suggestions today. I think thats what we need to try to bridge the gap between players and fans and also get the monaers and whiners to see ot a different way, hopefully. I agree with getting some personality to the stadium, where fans feel and sense of pride and something that they can relate to. The player must go around the stadium and greet and thank the fans. We need to be unified – however that does not mean agreeing on everything all the time.

    Shotta, I must pay respect to you for how you responded to how I felt – you are the only person who disagreed with me who tried to see my point and for that respect.

    Shotta, you say people were jeering Eboue from the beginning. if that is the case I dont see how that could have been why his playing crumbled – he did play well up until that point. I think Eboue got tired and when you tire physically you loose focus many times, it will happen to any player.

    I also have to agree with Yogi that Wenger got it wrong. He cannot say, I trust these players they are good enough and then dont trust them to play, if thats the case buy some experience. What would he have done if Eboue was still injured? You cannot expect a player that was out to play almost the whole match and out of position on top of that and I dont remember Arsene ever doing this before. I am not out to blast Wenger but I do believe it was a wrong move or at least when he saw Eboue getting bad, take him off a little earlier. The young man was like a lamb to the slaughter.

    Have a blessed day!!

  129. Some of the debate last night and this morning has been exceptional. Really clever stuff.

    I was not at the Grove, never been. Live too far away and too poor these days. Can’t offer an opinion on our fans except that the odds are that they reflect the values of our current society. Many of us would find that reason enough to worry.

    Booing acheives nothing at all for the team. Absolutely nothing.

    Eboue is an OK player. Not great but OK.

    Wenger is a clever man and absolutely top rate manager. His role in building Arsenal is beyond criticism. His ambitions understanding are a beacon of sanity. No buts.

    Our current team is not good enough, or maybe not ready enough, to win the EPL. That is my opinion. Many may not agree but it is my opinion.

    Many at the Grove and amongst wider Arsenal support share that view. That is inevitable.

    Many would wish that Wenger would strengthen the team to allow the younger players to develop safely and in the right way. That is not a criticism necessarily.

    If he won’t then we must beleive that there are enough players in the squad that can fulfill that role. Eboue as one of the senior players in the squad should presumably be one of those. Is he a worthy role model? Who else in the squad is? I am asking, not saying there aren’t any.

    All the bigger teams have players who do not play for their shirt but for their next contract or career move. Fans everywhere are becoming increasingly fed up with this.

    My point, I am coming to it, is that there is a lot of frustration amongst Arsenal fans and football fans in general. We care about Arsenal first but we also hate what the EPL, it’s media carrion and rich playboys are making of our heritage and game.

    Frank is absolutely right in much of what he says but he is Canute trying to hold back the tide in terms of the world we would like and the world we have. Never mind the world we are going to get. Look around you.

    I hope that those who go to the Grove can shout down the ‘supporters’ and support the team as they believe it should be supported. I hope that we can ditch the obvious corporate badge that is the Grove.

    Players will still leave to pursue their own ends. It is the world.

    Many fans will boo when they are unhappy too.

    We are not all the same. We do not all have the same opinions. We are all entitled to voice them.

    Some have more patience than others. Some are more passionate. Some are smarter. Some even, are richer!

  130. I was at the game and must admit I did give a bit of a cheer when Eboue came off. On the train on the way home I felt absolutley ashamed of myself and still do now. But on reflection It really wasn’t Eboue the person I was booing. It was a number of things.
    The first was the decision of Wenger to play him there on the left.
    Secondly his mistakes were at risk of inducing that all too familiar defensive collapse we see so often in these games, where we don’t take our chances and get punished at the death.
    Thirdly I just feel that the dislike of Eboue represents many fans’ dissapproval of Wenger’s transfer policies in recent years. It was almost like we were saying ‘How dare you sell Hleb Flamini and Diarra and tell us its ok because we have people like Eboue!’

    The fact is Like him or Loathe him Eboue is simply not good enough to play for Arsenal. That game was the biggest game of our season so far because it was a chance to build on some good momentum. We did that in terms of the result. But as far as the performance is concerned it felt like a step in the wrong direction. Unfortunately for Eboue, I think this is the opinion for which he was made the scape goat.

  131. RickyGee, If someone is not happy with what they are paying but still pay doesnt that show a level of committment and love? Everyone wants the same thing but some are more mature than others and know better than booing and damning your own players. Others cant see past “look what the hell this idiot is doing, is he trying to give away the match”. My suggestion is not to blast the fans who are in error but try to make them see how their behavior is destructive and maybe we can win some to our side.

    Its worth a try to me.

  132. BuffaloNYGooner

    I will start this by saying that I have been extremely annoyed by the inconsistent and embarrassing play of Eboue. What Wenger sees in training has not materialized in games. He is a good player but not of the caliber of Arsenal. He might be a good cover at right back if Sagna is hurt. Last season i watched him give away possession and try to take shots that were no where near the net. On occasion he delivers a good cross or a nice back heel (as he did in the game against Wigan). As i watched the match on TV, i was getting more and more frustrated with him. Booing was the best way to show the frustration, but if he didn’t get booed he wouldn’t have been taken off. Arsenal has shown this season that they can throw away points in the last minutes of the game and i think the fans needed to be as proactive as possible. He single-handedly could have last the game for us and he needed to be taken off. He lost the plot for that game. The frustration is for Wenger and the only way the fans could have got to Wenger was through Eboue. Sorry Eboue, but this has been coming for a while. He joins the ranks of Cygan, Senderos and Jeffers. Ok players but not good enough for Arsenal.

  133. The other thing that has to be considered is that fact that at least 20-30% of the comments over various blogs are waiting for us/wenger/young players to FAIL. When we beat Utd and the Chavs it was all papering over cracks, they’ll lose next week, lucky to get away with it etc…First off, I’d like to see a team beat Utd or the Chavs and not be lucky.

    I’m not saying that they’re not true fans, they go to the games and I believe love the club, however when you’ve publicly stated to the arsenal blogsphere that Wengers lost it, the team isnt good enough and that they wont win anything it’s almost a conflict of their own personal credibly authorship and financial interests to ‘WANT’ the team to ‘WIN’ and be sucessful this season.

    Piers Morgan already made himself look a mug but was man enough to make a quick public retraction of his crimes of passion

  134. i agree with alboy, eboue took the heat from the fans frustrations with the manager, the team and the inconsistant season we have had, the fact that it was eboue who the most unpopular player arsenal have had for years just topped it of.

  135. Non edible – just read your response.

    “I want someone anyone to show me where I endorsed the booing.”

    You didn’t but you insisted once and again talking about Eboue was underperfoming, not caring, etc. You put a lot more emphasis in this than in condening the booing, and you put a REALLY lot more enfasis on “understanding” the poor (?) booers than on anything else, which is very frustrating to read. None of the booers are felling bad for being told how stupid their behaviour is, so let’s forget about their poor felling for a bit and think about what’s good for the team -and booing our players is certainly not-.

    I did not put an emphasis on the poor fans – I said I think the boo’s were born out of frustration so we should not condemn them, as we all can play the fool at times, get it right!

    And Eboue was terrible in the last and didnt chase for th ball, as much as the booing should not be accepted, I dont accept that either. Wenger should have took the poor lad off as it was reaching a boiling point, even watching on TV I could see that.

    I can understand the disapointment and frustration of the fans looking at the entire season.

    Ok you know what, lets hang the fans who booed, maybe a firing squad, lethal injection maybe?

    Sorry, for having a different take on the whole situation, who do I think I am?

  136. re: RickyGee’s comment: “Definitely up for the Boo-Boo on the shirt idea as I know that the players have a good idea of the numbers sold for each name/number”.
    Please reassure me you’re not literally going to get the words “Boo-Boo” printed. Tell me you would put EBOUE, to truly show your loyalty….. which is the point.

  137. Paul, I not saying that they aren’t commited but we are the suppoters. I go to loads of away games and we sing up win, lose or draw. I’m not a big roller by any stretch of the imagination and I didn’t moan about the travelling/price paid to watch us draw away to Blackburn and Wigan last season and actually believe that the best persormance the suppoters game was when I travelled up for the thrashing we were given at OT in the cup.

    Fair play Alboy for admitting that you were ashamed and pointing out the fact that you’re not happy with an number of things but there’s better ways of addressing this. Booing is unacceptable and I hope that no matter what, you wont do it again…..

    Now go to your room ;0)

    As for trying to change the opinions of others, believe me mate, I’ve tried and nearly came to blows with a number of people that booed at the end of the fener home game and another guy (season ticket holder I might add) that was crucifying Nicky B throughout the win against Utd.

  138. We’ve seen a lot of booers attempt to exonerate themselves by claiming their boos were directed not at Eboue, but at Wenger, for not buying the players they wanted in the summer. Is this a joke? A professor of hair-splitting would be needed to decide which of these offenses is the worse.

  139. RickyGee, I dont know if that last comment was in response to me.

    I dont think wengers has lost it at all, I dont think he was right in the last match.

    I believe the sky is the limit with this team and that the players we have now are good enough to win the PL, CL or any other competition.

    My question is what can be done to bridge the gaps that are quite evident.

  140. it was not a minority that booed him, it was the majority – and whilst it was aimed at Eboue it was partly aimed at Wenger for having players like that in our squad. Eboue is not good enough for us and the fans told wenger this in no uncertain terms. when we feel we have been betrayed by our club this is the only way we can voice our opinion


    First of all, let me begin by saying that the treatment of eboue by our “fans” was DESPICABLE. There is no excuse for what happened to eboue during the match. I felt ASHAMED to be an arsenal supporter on saturday.

    Whatever anyone might think of him, once he crosses the white line, then he is a part of our club, period. People can criticize him before or after the game but NOT during the 90 minutes. If anyone does that, then he is not booing any player, he is booing the club itself.

    I dont pretend to be a paragon of moral behavior. I have poked fun, criticized eboue in the past, but NEVER while he was on the pitch for arsenal. There can be NO JUSTIFICATION for what happened to eboue.

    Now to the question of what the hell is happening to our club? I can see that there is a growing disconnect between the club and its supporters.The atmosphere at the emirates seem to be becoming increasingly saturated.

    As regard to booing players, I think wenger has to take a part of the blame. He just seems to take this confrontational stand when it comes to criticism of any of his players by the fans. I can understand him trying to defend his players, but I believe that there has to be a limit to it.

    NOT FOR A MOMENT am I suggesting here that he should listen to the fans to make his decisions. He knows better than the fans and that is why he is the arsenal manager.

    He has the right to put any team he feels is right as it he will be judged by his decisions and its his job that will be on the line. He can put out a team of LAME MEN if he so decides and he will be judged on that.

    But when he does defend his players, (as he has been inevitably doing by picking eboue for porto), it does come across as if he is taking the fans for idiots who dont know anything. True, fans tend to be fickle and impulsive, but they do recognize a poor player when they see one.

    The unpopularity of eboue has been increasing over the last few seasons and when wenger implies that he is a good player after each poor performance and the poor show is repeated I think the fans are getting annoyed. And yes, the astronomical price of tickets does not help either.

    I say this because it was a similar case with cygan. Everyone knew he was a lame duck, but wenger seemed to be hell bent on proving that he was not, and cygan stayed at arsenal for years to catastrophic consequences on many an occasion.

    I guess we have to respect wengers decision to defend his players. But I want to contrast it just as an example with fergie and djemba djemba a few years ago. I remember united fans calling for his head after a few months of his arrival because he was a rubbish player.

    Fergie jettisoned him with the minimum fuss as he was not good enough to be a united player. This did not mean that fergie was listening to the fans to make that decision, it was just a case of pragmatic decisiveness. It allows the club to move on and avoid wasting time.

    Anyhow, on this occasion, my symphaties are with eboue. I think he deserves a letter of apology from the fans (he was almost in tears on saturday). I feel a bit helpless about the situation because the fans that booed seemed to be an OVERWHELMING MAJORITY.

    I am a bit disillusioned about the club at the moment, and I wonder what message it would have sent out to players like fabregas and RVP, about the club they play for?

    We have not won anything for the last 3 seasons…

    I have to say if there is anything called karma….

    With fans like those at the wigan game….

    Perhaps we DONT DESERVE to win anything after all.

  142. Mingus…Ironicly, Boo Boo is his nickname within the squad as far as I’m aware and it would be a big up to him, not a direct order to the row behind me. Thanks for pointing this out tho ;0)

  143. Ricky, I respect your attitude, see if you can rub that off on some of the fans who dont get it.

  144. Paul, the comment you mentioned was in no way aimed at you and I’ll do my best to make people think about the reprecussions of their actions.

    It’s getting harder tho, I’m good friends with a load of hardcore home/away fans that I would have always considered the optimists (That I thought we all were). Before the Utd game we were having a beer and I was the only one of 6 that thought we would win and when I travelled to the Chelsea game on my own before joining up with around 15-20 gooners…Only a handfull, including me and (Darren Miller from Eastenders), thought we could even get a draw…the worlds gone mad

  145. From the Telegraph online: “Now the splits in the crowd – between the wholehearted old-fashioned fanatic and the modern consumer – are etc.. etc…..” I guess that must be it. I must be an old-fashioned fanatic…and I never (really) realised that there were modern comsumers who go to our matches. I must be in denial! God, modern life is shit!
    EBOUE on my shirt.

  146. Yes Ricky, there are a few doubters even on this more positive blog.

    I just think that some of the fans are passionate but showing in the wrong way. Liike an expert thief who could use his brains and wit for good, they choose the wrong.

    Some are just negative and dont believe our players are good enough. Wenger has not bought “big, experienced player” while Chelsea, Man U and liverpool are loaded and then we have let good players go – as if many of them didnt want to go.

    We cannot allow the doubters to overcome our faith but neither should we let those who doubt cause us to behave like them even though our pirpose is for good.

    I would actually be for a black out of the next match so the fans who booed would see that it was crap.

  147. rob, I am sure they are ways of voicing an opinion without booing anyone. What about a petition or emailing Arsenal.

    When we blast our players publicly it is not good at all and shows disunity and will surely give other teams confidence when they play us at the Emirates.

    You may get ur point across but it is totally conterproductive.

    I understand the frustrations but they were made known in the wrong way if you ask me.

    I am not all good and can understandd how some poeple may have been turned off a bit but it is never right to be wrong.

    Eboue is a young man and a decent “Arsenal” player who lost it a bit but did not deserve to be driven into the ground by his “own” fans.

    Not cool!!

  148. Mate, I think that just about sums it up

    ‘NOT COOL’

    couldnt have put it better

  149. RickyGee, Glad to meet you man.

    I have had a lot of people misunderstand me over the past few days and what they dont understnd is that I am in total agreement that this was utter foolishness but I want us to try to bridge the gap before we make it wider.

    If that doesnt work, maybe we are going to have to go with duck tape to the matches and physically shut the complainers up, wash their mouth out with soap or slap them or somethin, ha!

    I’m hoping that this black situation will turn out for good – maybe others have felt embarrased for their actions and it will lead to more solidarity.

    Here’s to hope!!


  150. @Big Johan,

    “Flint, as always your comments are spot on (I sometimes wonder if we are telepathic) ”

    I also sometimes wonder if you and I are telepathic! 🙂

    “Rosey, sorry to see you criticising Denilson after an excellent performance by him”

    Give up BJ; some people have made their mind up already about some players, notably Song and Denilson. They just suck up to our relatively big name players (bar Gallas). Instead of cheering for their good performance, they only look for how many times they lose the balls. What do these players do to be considered to be good enough to play for the arsenal? Maybe they’ll have to be sold to other clubs and bought back at 15m+!! How sad…………


  151. Why would ‘fans’ humiliate their own player?

    I live in a part of Africa with fanatical Arsenal support from people who know their football and have never even seen Emirates or Highbury.

    They love this team because they bring a fresh and exhilarating style of play to the game that can be seen (for the most part) at Arsenal and Barcelona; these two are widely regarded as the ‘real’ quality teams where I come from.

    We respect ManU, but they cannot do what this Arsenal team can do already, and they are just starting out.

    The fact that we can’t reproduce it every match should be obvious, it’s that good when they play their football right; simply the best football in the world. It is mesmerising. The team is young and have a ways to go to towards psychological and physical maturity that brings consistency.

    The main problem seems to be that fans don’t appreciate what they already have! Or just how ambitious Wenger’s project at Arsenal is! I thank Arsenal just for having the guts to attempt one of the most audacious ideas in world football, to mold a core of young skilled players into the fast passing game, the attacking game, and to start such a team from a young age so as to build a team to dominate football. Think about it.

    Some think that is a one or two season ‘wonder’? It is a long term goal. Wenger must be crazy to even attempt such an outrageous idea. I love it.

    It can’t be done any other way, not by buying mature players, only by developing young players into the ethos, the idea, the instinct for this kind of football – as a team playing together over a long period. It can in fact only be attempted with a core of highly skilled youth.

    While Eboue was getting ‘the treatment’ I wish you could have seen the African fans wildly cheering until the last whistle in a bar in a distant African city. We won. We played crap. What’s the problem? It’s not difficult to see what Arsenal is at least attemtping to achieve and the only team to try it. Frank would have been proud and happy to see real fans get behind your team thousands of miles away. Go Gunners. We love you.

    Any rationale, non-partisan football fan will agree that Eboue is skilful, unpredictable and sometimes an inspirational player and is part of this mix. He is needed more than you might think as a utility player. What the manager tries to achieve is getting composite parts of the team functioning as a whole, and sometimes it is not the ‘best player’ who gets on. For various reasons Eboue was poor at Wigan, and the fans crushed him. Why?

    To boo reveals supporters who lack spirit and do not seem to get the picture, who don’t seem to understand how exciting this Arsenal is.

    Who would change this wonderful, exciting young team for the same old boring buy-in good players that produce the same old same type of football as every other team. That’s Chelsea, ManU and every wannabe in the league according to their finances. This is Arsenal. Different.

    Arsenal supporters should have pride in that! We are the envy of world football. And for Eboue respect – has he not served the team? Is he so poor? No he is not. It is best to be humble and sing come on Eboue, come on let’s go.

    I speak for a lot of African supporters. It’s just not right, it is spoiled and stupid and embarrasing to boo your own team (when you boo your player it is the same as telling the whole team to fuck off, same effect). It’s a team game, right? The fans in the stadium are the 12th player, right?

    That is not the same as being critical and Arsenal fans are rightly critical, demanding and have a good knowledge of the game (some of them); at least on this site.

    Thanks for listening!

  152. Paul,
    Brilliant post!

  153. Paul, you are a star

  154. I think this could be a new dawn for the support, much like the Gallas saga – he made some fair points and gave his own opinion but went the wrong way about it..was disciplined and lost the captaincy. He played well in both immediate fixtures and we’ve had three wins in three since…

    The some of the fans voiced their opinions and make some fair points but again went the wrong way about it…they’ve not so much been disciplined but I’m sure the vast majority feel slightly dissappointed with themselves and will hopefully demonstrate their commitment, ability and attitude in the immediate fixtures and from now on.

    We could all really use this as a time to reflect on everything that is bad about the atmosphere, spirit, belief and ‘community’ that we need to turn this team in to the world beaters we know they can be…and befor anyone says anything…the fact is they can be and they’ve proved it at times.

    You cant ask for consistancy, attitude, undying love, commitment and quality from the players if you’re not prepared to match it.

  155. RickyGee, you are a star too

  156. What a breath of fresh air! Nice one Paul.

  157. frank

    that was the most depressing thing about saturday. all around me “fans” sat in silence all fukin game and then got up out their seats to boo our player! what a bunch of c***s.

  158. Sad to hear that Rosicky would return earliest by march. His return in january could have really boosted the squad. With Walcott injured as well, I expect Wenger to bring in someone in january.

  159. Paul – Excellent post, maybe we could do a supporter exchange programme and bring some of the boys over from Africa ;0)

    We are the Arsenal, we are different and I’m prepared to be patient and see what happens. I think it goes beyond winning and losing as a team…We have to win and lose as a ‘club’ and that clearly includes the larger global community.

  160. Great idea RickyGee, i would like to volunteer some of the “supporters” who sit around me for immediate forcible exchange

  161. Duke…An all too familiar story I’m afriad, I’ve sat with season ticket holders since the opening of the Grove and could name at least three people that are like that week in week out…Nice guys but they really get my goat.

    It’s sad that there’s times when it’s just my old man and I singing that gets a handfull of the crowd going for a few seconds before they die out and sadder to think that none of them would if we didnt or indeed couldnt make it like on Sat.

  162. BJ…If you see my last post, you’ll see that I feel exactly the same

  163. I agree with that, Ateeb. If Wenger buys in January, I think he is likely to get someone who can play on the wing. Even with a fully fit squad, we are quite short on the right.

    I actually have an idea for a player, but I’ll keep it secret. (Don’t want to force the price up.) If it happens, I’ll just congratulate myself in silence.

  164. Poliziano…Is that what Wenger does? ;0)

    …Come on, please share…I’m sure it wont make a difference

  165. RickyGee, I had the same thought. What would Howard say if he found an African had taken his seat at the Emirates?

  166. RickyGee thanks. As it happens I am travelling all the way to UK to the Liverpool game on 20 December – and the last time I saw MY GUNNERS TEAM was in 1977 at Highbury v. Coventry. Liam Brady was playing (hence my son is called Liam) and Frank Stapleton was up front. I’ve been a supporter since the 1970/71 double. A dream come true for my wife and I, two Arsenal fanatics from Zimbabwe! I managed to get tickets behind the goal at the Arsenal supporters end from a friend, imagine that!! I can hardly believe it.

  167. Paul, that was a wonderful read.

    Simply excellent!!

  168. I don’t rant all that often, but I feel like a little rant today.

    I didn’t notice much booing where I sit (Block 113), but I did notice plenty of empty seats and loads of people leaving early (as usual). What a waste of money. Why bother spending all that money and then leave early? How rude is that? I find it disrespectful to the players and the fans.

    The atmosphere was good for the Man U game, but not for many others. I bought one of those wooden klaxon things a few weeks ago to make a bit of noise, and people stare at me like I’m a tw*t when I use it. This is football FFS, not the bloody ballet.

    I agree with some of the earlier comments about injecting some identity into our stadium, like it was in the old days of Highbury. I hate having to tell people that I sit in the Green section, give me the East Upper any day of the week.

    Can we find a way of getting the various readers of this site (it’s the only decent, intelligent arsenal blog) to collaborate and unify their voices come match-day? We all feel similarly passionate about our team, but we are so spread out around the stadium that we seem to feel disconnected. I think that this is one of the reasons that we don’t have many (any) new songs coming through to sing.

    In summing up;

    – Let’s find a way to collaborate and unify and sing together making the level of noise that 60,000 supporters should be creating

    – Buy a klaxon and make some noise (£5 online from toy stores)

    – Get behind this team, it deserves our total support

    – Don’t you dare leave before the final whistle

  169. Paul…I f**king love you, as will little Liam when he appreciates the name you’ve given him. I dont have any kids yet (early 20s) but my cats are called Freddie and Theo, not quite the same but the sentiments there.

    Have a good time at the game, I’m sure it’ll be a welcome relief I’m sure to whats happening in Zimbabwe at the moment even it’s not immediately affecting you or your family.

    I hope they give you a show and that Eboue scores the winner ;0)

  170. Paul, we need to somehow get people like you to speak to our fans who dont understand how special this team is. Arsene is nothing short of a Genius, these players are brilliant but they do need our total support to go to the top.

    Please forward this comment to Arsenal.com and we can all pray and hope that it gets put on the front page of the site somehow for all fans to read.

    Again that was brilliant!

  171. I am afraid that WENGER is partly to blame, Ebuoe wasnt fit and ready, and Vela was there and can play on the left.

    Ebuoe is also how own worst enemy his previous antics falling over and bad tackles giving away silly free kicks has antagonized the fans and his performance wasnt great, but booing isnt the answer

    Song had similar treatment but there wasnt this fuss,


  172. Dear Paul (from Africa)

    Great post very well said!

    I’m tempted to get it printed onto 50,000 leaflets and hand them out before the Liverpool game.

  173. DB…Great idea…do it man

  174. Flint McCullough

    It take a great bloke from 1000s of miles away, in Africa, to come up with the best post of the season.

    Thanks Paul, let’s hope you get a game to remember, for the right reasons, against the ‘pool.

  175. rosey:
    Long term plan:
    1. Invest in the team for the future – buying and developing young players at 2-5million rather than paying 25million for them when they get to 25yrs.
    2. Investment in the club. (We have a 60 thousand capacity stadium) Built without selling the soul of the club.

    I believe mistakes were made – the lose of Gilberto, Flamini, Hleb in one season cannot be the intention.
    I suspect the deal to get replacement in must have fallen through. (And I do not expect the club to publicly announce they’ve missed out on signing a player).

    All the same we support the same club. So much respect and Love…

  176. Flint, I think many fans are spoiled brats and it usual takes someone who is not as privileged to be able to just go to the matches to show how privileged many are.

    I am taken aback by that post, very well said.

    Well Arsenal fans – I beg of us to get behind this team and cut out the petty foolishness.

    They need us

  177. Far too many “fans” are trying to make it sound as if the booing was vaguely reasonable or acceptable.

    They are trying to dodge being labeled as the neanderthal bullies that they are by trying to claim they weren’t actually booing Eboue, but actually Wenger (do me a favour, these chops shouldn’t judge the rest of our intelligence by their own spectacularly low standards).

    This little bit from an earlier post caught my eye:

    “it does come across as if he is taking the fans for idiots who dont know anything. True, fans tend to be fickle and impulsive, but they do recognize a poor player when they see one.”

    1.He IS taking them for idiots.

    That’s because many of them ARE idiots, as so horrifically exposed on Saturday, and that is quite correct, many of them DON’T know anything, including whether Eboue is any good or not.

    That’s why Wenger ignores their opinions, they’re arseholes, and he knows that.

    This garbage about “he’s not Arsenal quality” is complete horseshit, it’s just a bullshit card played by those who have no valid points or argument.

    2.Recognise a poor player when they see one?

    No, many of them couldn’t tell the difference between a world superstar and a brick,and that’s being polite.

    These fans do NOT know better than Wenger, otherwise they would be sitting there earning several million a year instead of him.

    They aren’t, so guess what…………….

  178. “I did not put an emphasis on the poor fans – I said I think the boo’s were born out of frustration so we should not condemn them, as we all can play the fool at times, get it right!

    And Eboue was terrible in the last and didnt chase for th ball, as much as the booing should not be accepted, I dont accept that either. Wenger should have took the poor lad off as it was reaching a boiling point, even watching on TV I could see that.

    I can understand the disapointment and frustration of the fans looking at the entire season.

    Ok you know what, lets hang the fans who booed, maybe a firing squad, lethal injection maybe?

    Sorry, for having a different take on the whole situation, who do I think I am”

    He only played badly for 10 minutes. Before, he was playing well, as I explained yesterday (and backed it up with several facts). Many people who watched the game, as you did, think this, me included.

    I never called for people to be hanged, you are distorting my words there. I just think the best for the team and club now is to make a clear point about what happened on saturday: that we shouldn’t accept it. That’s (or should be) the main point.

  179. You’re right, Mike. These fans are like a person who thinks he can give his surgeon lessons in medicine because he watches Casualty for an hour each week. In fact, it’s worse than that, because Wenger is the best manager in the world, whilst one’s surgeon is likely to be just one among thousands with the same qualifications.

  180. Paul from Africa, enjoy ur day at the Emirates & the match.

  181. Non Edible, you and others are putting words in my mouth and its not right. I am in total agreement that it is a disgrace but I just want us to tackle it from an angle of first trying to show the fans how they were wrong and not calling them all sort of names. I do not see the difference.

    I agree Eboue played well until the last few minutes and I think Wenger was wrong for having him on as long as he did, as you could see that the crap was gonna hit the fan.

    Its funny how we are so damning but this is what Wenger says

    “You want your fans to be behind the team but we also have to focus on the quality of our performance and accept the verdict of the crowd. But I say again, apart from the very disappointing stuff with Eboue, they were behind the team for the most part.”

    Wenger is much more leniant than I am!

    there is no world where you cannot see things from other perspectives as your manager has said.

    Its like we want to control every thought on this blog and that my friend is not right at all.

  182. Excellent stuff these past two days with Paul topping the lot (have a great day).

    I believe this season could be a watershed. We can either back the team come what may or turn on them & reap what we sow.

    I`d rather people criticize individuals on here than boo them at a match.

    It comes to something when Alan Hansen feels sorry for an Arsenal player.

    Moving on – the Rosicky news is a big blow. I`m certain AW would have tried to get someone in had he known TR would be out for the season & he may well do in January , especially with Theo out , Nasri in & out & Ebouegate going on.

  183. Hey Frank, I feel your pain buddy…but let’s not put the blame on The Emirates, it’s a great stadium and the envy of many clubs.

    I say the problem is the fans that fill those 60,000 seats (Not all of them) They can make this place a fortress or they can make it the laughing stock of all grounds.

    Based on what I’ve seen at that game, it’s becoming a laughing stock right now.

    Haw Haw fans should stop making excuses for their petty frustrations and support the team. If you notice after they booed and cheered Eboue off the field, they started supporting the team “C’mon Arsenal… C’mon Arsenal” they say, then hhy the hell they didn’t do that while Eboue was on the field, maybe he would have gained a bit of his confidence back.

    **Blaming Wenger**

    Although, I put a little blame on Wenger I don’t think putting a 17, 18 years old on the left of midfield under immense pressure in a 1/0 shaky game would make any sense, in fact if Eboue 25 couldn’t handle the pressure, imagine a 17 years old making those mistakes and then getting booed out of his socks?

    I think what you can say is, people love Vela more than Eboue and they would be ok with him making the same mistakes….but not Eboue, he is the black sheep of our family….It still sounds and looks like shame, any way you put it.


  184. What a passion you have for this most holy of sports. Belief in your dreams and you’ll make them happen, listen to the woes of others and you’ll make them real, follow a true heart and the world will fallat your feet.

  185. I see a few poster saying “let’s hang the boo-ers” like it’s bad thing.

    Quite frankly, I think anyone who has someone next to them who starts that shit should just turn round and punch them, it’d be great.

  186. Only after giving due consideration to the relative size of the booer, I would suggest.

  187. I’m sorry Yogi, I’ve got to take the other side of many of your comments.
    I feel I can boo any player who cheats through play acting and cheats through no effort. The fact he wears a beloved Arsenal shirt makes me want to boo him even more.
    The spontaneous reaction of many on Saturday was not based on one poor performance bought on by lack of match fitness and being played out of position : it was bought on by months if not years of keen observation of a dishonest player disrespecting the club, supporters, fellow team mates and fellow professionals.
    And if I was one of his team mates I would probably jump to his defence, but deep down I would appreciate that the supporters can see that the truth is on the pitch, and a lack of effort is plain for all to see, and won’t be tolerated.

    A sideline : as much as this reaction was not based on one 60 min performance alone, the previous comments that he had a decent game anyway, are laughable. He had a total shocker, end of chat. Possibly the worst top division performance I have ever seen.

    What I do agree with :
    Another poor substition by Arsene. He will always be a legend in my eyes, but in my (obviously) less qualified opinion he has a poor record on substitutions.
    And I do agree with the comments along the lines of too many supporters only make noise when they want to moan, or in the case on saturday, boo.

  188. If his tongue offends thee, pluck it out.

  189. MS, he did play well for 50 mins.

    Many of your ilk like to make unsubstantiated claims of this sort.

    What value does your booing bring?

    Your behaviour brings negative value to the club.

    The damage you do outweighs any monetary benefit, you’re just not worth having around.

    Give your ticket to someone more deserving, and intelligent.

  190. Sorry Mike, we have to agree to disagree on the singular performance on Saturday thing. But, apologies – I didn’t mean to come across as it being a black and white (no pun intended) argument. I would generally wholeheartedly agree that this type of supporter behaviour is unacceptable, and yet i found myself reacting in a very negative way on Saturday, which is unlike me as i am usually the first to stick up for all things Arsenal. I spent a while analysing what made me behave like that, and that’s what I came up with. But it is the exception and not the norm, I promise.

    Enough from me on Ebouegate.
    I did think Song had his best game for the club and I really liked the look of the Djourou/Toure partnership at the back. Djourou attacks the ball and Toure hangs off, which suits them both. I think Gallas/Toure both like to sit back off a ball winner, and that’s why they don’t seem to gel.

  191. I can’t really add any more on the booing incident as I think I made my position clear yesterday, but I had to post to congratulate Paul on his excellent post and the insight into fans on the other side of the world. If the stadium had been filled with that type of supporter, imagine what the team could achieve?

    “the Rosicky news is a big blow. I`m certain AW would have tried to get someone in had he known TR would be out for the season & he may well do in January , especially with Theo out , Nasri in & out & Ebouegate going on.”

    Paulie Walnuts, I agree it is a big blow. I think Wenger was expecting Tomas to be back in September as that was all the talk over the summer, so he probably felt he could take a chance on our existing midfield when his targets fell through.

    I’m surprised at some people slating Wenger as if he did not try to bring players in, but we know from the big mouths O’Neill and Benitez that he at least enquired about Barry and there were serious negotiations about Alonso, which fell through. We also came close to signing Inler until his medical revealed a problem. I would be very surprised if Wenger doesn’t get someone in during January. But it will not be a DM, more likely a Winger with Theo and Rosicky out.

    I also disagree with those who are now saying with the benefit of hindsight that Wenger should have played Vela or Wilshere when Nasri went off. Vela has been played as a striker since he has been with us and I think that throwing him in on the left of midfield with 60 minutes still to play against a physical Wigan side could just as easily have been a mistake of a different kind.

    As for Wilshere, he is only 16 and just had a tough game against Burnley. Bringing players like that on for 10 minutes at the end of a game when the team is in a comfortable position is one thing, but bringing them on in those circumstances would not help them in the long run if things go pear-shaped.

    Eboue is more experienced and more defensively minded, therefore he was the obvious choice. If anything he was trying too hard when he first came on but made some good contributions until the last 10 minutes when tiredness coupled with the abuse led to a vicious cycle of mistakes and loss of confidence leading to more mistakes. The only thing that surprised me was that he was not played on the right with Denilson switching to the left.

  192. Where did you hear about Inler’s medical problem?

  193. having read a few people commend Paul’s earlier post, i have tracked back and read it. I agree, it is excellent, and it is making me feel a bit guilty now. All I can do is own up to my spontaneous reaction on saturday, and try and analyse why. I really think a lot of built up “previous” with this player pushed me over the edge. It’s not big and it’s not clever. And I’m certainly not proud of it, but it happened.

    Maybe it was a bit of a pefect storm type thing ? The player, the match coming at a time in the season after a roller coaster ride of a last sequence of matches, in a seemingly ultimately frustrating season, etc

    I dunno. Anyway, it hasn’t happened before to me in 26 years of owning a season ticket, I doubt it will happen again. But a decent part of me thinks i was justified, and another part of me is ashamed.

    don’t mean to offend anyone, sh1t happens.

  194. Very honest MS!

  195. I think the important thing now is to give Eboue extra support next time.

  196. I hope so Poliziano, I hope he gets a standing o from the supportes next time.

    We have to stick together.

    One thing I find Ironic is that many fans were very angry at Gallas for publicly critcizing the team and then come out and do that in the form of booing.

    We all need to look at ourselves and become more loyal and faithful supporters.

    Lets get behind the boyz!!!

  197. Can we suggest the club to change the way the players’ names read out before the match?

    Announcer: “Emmanuel”. Fans: “Ebooooue”. When I first heard, I was shocked as I thought people booed him even before the match started.
    Anyway, it’s quite strange, and sometimes sound forced…Can the announcer just say the full name and let those in the stadium cheer?

  198. yeah, the way they announce the team is horrible.

    and I can see the logic Paul, but being a negative supporter is one thing
    being the skipper and doing it is another thing entirely !

  199. What I mean is that is a frorm of the same thing and makes the club look a mess.

    MS – trust me given the season to date I can understand the frustration of some of the fans, especially how we lost to the spurs, well it was like a loss to me. I just think that some of us vented in the wrong forum just as Gallas did.

  200. Good post Passenal. I don’t see Wenger going for a defensive midfielder in January. It would be more wise to get an attacking midfielder. Unless offcourse he thinks Denilson can do the job on the wings, only then I see us buying a defensive midfielder. I was really hoping that Rosicky would return by january. His creative side of the game has been missed on more than few occassions this season. However strangely we are just 8 points off the leaders. Taking into consideration that 3 of the regular midfielders (Flamini, Hleb, and Rosicky) from last season didn’t play a single game. Do that to another team and then we can talk about a manager’s credentials. It is amazing how Wenger has dealt with Rosicky’s setback and the departure of Hleb and Flamini. And IMO anyone who sees it otherwise lacks common sense. It’s not about football knowledge or one’s intelligence. It’s simple, that what Wenger achieved with the given players is simply outstanding this season. You take out Ronaldo and Rooney for one game, and the whole team starts to panic. Take out Gerrard and Torres or Drogba and Essien, and the team looks unstable. The managers start crying for more funds for players (as Scolari has been doing so recently).

    Bringing in players is not that simple for a club like us. It’s not about the finances, but more about the future of the young squad. Which to be honest looks amazing. And the prospect of that is one of the main reasons that we have been able to attract talented young players. Just as Wenger beat SAF to Ramsey.

    Djourou looks great in CB so far. Does anyone think we need reinforcements in that department?

  201. oh yes Paul, the spurs game was like a defeat, absolutely.
    in the cold light of day, ome of our behaviour was not good, but human reaction is often based on an over riding emotion, not cold logic, and that’s what happened here.

    re centre back. I do think we need an attacking high ball winner type player, with the obvious addition that he is good on the ground and has pace. not many of them about are they ?
    someone like Kompany at man city.

    i can see djourou eventually playing in the gilberto/flamini role, behind cesc. i know that is his own preferred position.

  202. When four of Santa’s elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure.

    Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.

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    Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.

    Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum.
    When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor.
    He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.

    Just then the doorbell rang, and irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.

    The angel said very cheerfully, ‘Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn’t this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?’

    And so began the tradition of the little angel stuck on top of the Christmas tree . . . .

  203. MS, I disagree re Djourou – he is definitely a centre back having seen him play in midfield and I think he’s coming around to that realisation too.

    Poliziano, Steve Stammers who has just written a book about the club mentioned on ATV in the summer that the club had discovered something about him that meant they would not be signing him. He did not elaborate but I read it somewhere later that it was a medical issue. Wenger was definitely in for him as he mentioned it himself.

  204. Great story Muppet – was that an analogy of recent events?

  205. Passenal,

    Nothing to do with it whatsoever. Just a joke my wife sent me.

    As for Ebouegate… well… if angels could weep. I thought that a game of football was just that, a game of football, but it’s turned into bigotry, humiliation, expectation, hatred, insults, money and a whole lot of distraction from what we all want to see.

  206. @ Muppet

    A Christmas cracker!

  207. Thank goodness my posts are getting through now. Some great posts today.

    @ Ateeb – liked your 9:08pm post.

    @ MS
    “re centre back. I do think we need an attacking high ball winner type player, with the obvious addition that he is good on the ground and has pace. not many of them about are they ?
    someone like Kompany at man city.”

    Or like Djourou at Arsenal…
    Seriously, he’s been majestic so far, and Gallas, Toure and Song both play better with him as partner. He’s the one who works in partnership with any of the other CBs. He’s a natural leader and he has that Senderos-like commitment, but with a cooler head. And still only 21. (Rubs hands gleefully)

  208. Sorry, that should have read “Gallas, Toure and Song ALL play better with him as partner”.

  209. Seeing as being balanced is getting me slated, here goes:

    Eboue is a fool if he believes that his theatrical, comical displays in the past are less than contemptable. Those of you who slate the jeering at the Emirates are largely (not solely) armchair fans, or those who cannot bring themselves to admit that perhaps, secretly, they are glad that others did what they were too gutlesss to do.

    Booing an Arsenal player isn’t right, particularly one who is being played out of position. But only those with short memories can fail to see that Eboue has been constantly below the level expected of an Arsenal player.

    The reality is that he has brought much of this upon himself. I for one find it very hard to defend his diving and in no way can I be accused of being part of any ‘prawn sandwich’ brigade. His actions have too frequently been an embarassment and the sooner he changes his ways the quicker I will be to argue against his critics, until then……

  210. Anthony,

    Too right. All those people that were killed in Iraq, they deserved it, didn’t they ? They were the evil followers of Saddam. And the blacks in America who were denied a vote and segregated, they brought it upon themselves and it was only the great freedom fighters, the KKK who brought justice to the whites. And those guys in Manchester who got a good kick in from the police in Manchester the other night, they brought that on themselves because they were just thugs and they needed a good thrashing to redress the balance. I’m glad we all agree that poetic justice was served with Eboue and you’ve reminded us of why we should not feel so bad about ourselves… thank you.

  211. Solly,

    I am going to keep calling you Solly until you start to post comments that are constructive and positive.

    Any twit can do what you do; negative comments and criticism. No one needs it and other blogs do it better!

    Get behind the team for once and stop trying to show people how right you are.

    If you don’t want to do that; GO SUPPORT MALAGA

  212. “having read a few people commend Paul’s earlier post, i have tracked back and read it. I agree, it is excellent, and it is making me feel a bit guilty now.”

    Which further inspires the thought of distributing Paul’s post to the masses.

  213. Don’t often post, but I had to join in the chorus of approval and good wishes for Paul from Zimbabwe.

    Have a great day at the Emirates, Paul.

    And a great Christmas in London in you’re staying over a few days. (I imagine you are, coming all that way.)

    As for the boo boys…

    Some people get their jollies sometimes from seeing people suffer. Or making them suffer. If they don’t get their fix from seeing the opposition getting a spanking, they get it from taking it out on our own players.

    We can do without that at Arsenal.

    Even more than winning matches or winning trophies, I want to have a club to be proud of – on and off the pitch.

    Sometimes it takes a really bad incident to bring people to their senses and resolve:”never again”.

    Let’s hope this is one of those times.

  214. So Anthony….you believe that Eboue received his punishment for something he did last year? So even though he stopped his theatrics & diving this year, but we still had to get even with him for last year’s misbehaving?

    I hope you don’t have any kids, or they’re in the custody of someone else.

    I think you need to talk to Paul, maybe he can give you and advice or two about something called forgiving.

    There was nothing about what Eboue did in that game related to Diving or Theatrics. It was merely about an angry mob that’s not getting their way with signings, they decided to take it on the weak among us (in this case Eboue).

    I hope he comes back stronger, and shoves his boot in every mouth that booed him. So there you go, I hope that makes you feel better C’nthony.

  215. @ Ole,

    “Eboue is a proven Premiership player who can play on the wings”

    Mate u must be kidding. Thats so funny.
    So you are trying to say that eboue’s 4 years of experience on the right, midfield and now on the left is better than vela’s quality.

    And when was the last time arsenal had to defend a 1-0 lead.


  216. Weird sense of humour there.

  217. You are not a star, Anthony

  218. Stop appeasing yourselves by pretending to be above criticism – the suggestion that he has given up being theatrical is laughable.

    Guess it was just a small minority at the Emirate on Saturday, shame on them – or is it shame on the defenders of Ebuoe, many of whom cleary weren’t there but feel the need to spout off.

  219. Anthony, I was at the game on Saturday…could I ask you why…apart from the obvious efforts of the red action group in the west/north corner….there was no singing and almost no vocal support for the team, except for the jeering at Eboue…could I also ask you to explain why very large numbers of season ticket holders did not turn up for the game (as usual)…could I also ask you why 10s of thousands of people left 5-10 minutes from the end….

    Also if you watch the game in full on TV…Stuart Robson makes a remark about the crowd getting on Eboue’s back…ten minutes before he has put one foot wrong…actually he played quite very well until his first mistake…..

    We could conclude that the crowd at Highbury (intentional misname) have a negative effect upon the team…who also incidentally were playing very well against a decent Wigan side until that same period.

  220. Laugh at Eboue’s ability all you want, he is an Arsenal player at the end of the day and no player that plays for our club should be booed. That crap happens down at the Lane, really shocked and devasted for Eboue who was playing really well before his injury this season. Hehas covered every position across the midfield – players like that are a dream for managers to have, he comes in a does a job. Not every club can have a squad like Chelski where you have a host of world class players waiting in the wings.

    YW… really good blogg, ive read other bloggs who say he got what he deserved!!!! I can just imgagine the fear we have now put into the rest of the team to perform. Ive been saying this from the start of the season – confidence is the only thing holding us back, i pointed to the stands in why we aren’t performing. This has proven me right, we are the instigators of our own downfall, its like we are telling are players week in week out they are not good enough. The moans the groans all contribute to a drop in porformance.. Wenger said it and had a pop at the fans a few weeks ago. Good on him.

    I wish Wenger really came out and questionned the loyalty of the fans and ask them how they expect players to be loyal to this club. I dont think these players enjoy playing in front of a spoilt supporters who have basically had it good for the last decade, and now cant handle it when the going gets tough.

    My advice, find a new club to support rather than destabilising your own!

  221. quite or very?….lets say very

  222. To the tune of the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York

    Manu eboue
    Wears the Arsenal shirt
    Came in 2003
    From the coast of Africa

    And then he raised his studs
    And gave Terry a punt
    Well that’s ok with me –
    Terry’s a right c*nt

    The chavs they booed him then
    But by this time next year
    ’ve got a feeling -They’ll all be City fans
    So support the Arsenal
    A club with history
    Manu Eboue
    Plays for the Arsenal

  223. Frank, I never said that I defended the lack of atmosphere, missing supporters, those who left early – but if you think that the collective issue in any way has a bearing on how an individual player performs…

    Also you say ‘if you watch the game in full on TV…Stuart Robson makes a remark about the crowd getting on Eboue’s back…ten minutes before he has put one foot wrong’ – why do you think that was? Just because they didn’t like him? Think reality.

    He is not the first, or last,player to be barracked and again I maintain that it is only because a large section booed all at once that ANYTHING is being made of the situation.

  224. No…the point I am making is that people were getting on his back for no reason and then he started playing badly….as did the rest of the team…the crowd had a negative effect upon the team. Incidentally you may dislike him for what you perceive as bad bahviour last season…but he has played well this season…up until those moments on Saturday.

    I am also suggesting that the jeering was an integral part of the shocking atmosphere at the stadium…the crowd do not find it possible or even in their hearts to support the side…in fact it is turning into an anti-support…

    Finally…when I watched the game again on ATV…there was some fabulous football…some of it involving Eboue…certainly desrving of our cheers…but all we gave was jeers

    Why hand the initiative to Wigan?

  225. I watched only match hightlight on MOTD.
    I thought Eboue was shit! And the team was crap!

    Then I managed to watch the whole match last night. Eboue was very good, linking up well with Song&Adebayor and getting the ball out from inside the crowded penalty box. Then around 80 min, he made a mistake. And the crown jumped on his back. He played more silly mistakes.

    Did the gunners play crap game?
    Oh, I don’t think so. For the first time since Bolton away 1st half, I saw our football. If the second goal came in, then we might have seen real feast of football….

  226. Anthony, just don’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

  227. Exactly TC…..the ‘supporters’ at the new Highbury have shirked their responsibilities…lost the plot…forgotten how to support…if some of them ever knew…..they practice their anti-support on the blogsphere…and put it into practice in the stadium….the modern football supporter is….a spoilt whinging s*** bag

    The net has empowered the weak cowardly creeps of society and they are spilling over into our football arenas…the Anti-support is amongst us

  228. @chris goona
    “I can just imgagine the fear we have now put into the rest of the team to perform. Ive been saying this from the start of the season – confidence is the only thing holding us back, i pointed to the stands in why we aren’t performing. This has proven me right, we are the instigators of our own downfall, its like we are telling are players week in week out they are not good enough. The moans the groans all contribute to a drop in porformance..”

    Absolutely right. Anthony, please take note.

    @ Anthony
    “Stop appeasing yourselves by pretending to be above criticism – the suggestion that he has given up being theatrical is laughable.”
    It’s not laughable – Eboue has definitely cleaned up his act this year. You don’t want to see it, is all.

    “Frank, I never said that I defended the lack of atmosphere, missing supporters, those who left early – but if you think that the collective issue in any way has a bearing on how an individual player performs…”
    The last part of that sentence just reveals your ignorance. Read the quote from Chrisgoona’s post above.

    “Also you say ‘if you watch the game in full on TV…Stuart Robson makes a remark about the crowd getting on Eboue’s back…ten minutes before he has put one foot wrong’ – why do you think that was? Just because they didn’t like him?”
    That is EXACTLY why. He was being jeered before he even came on. You yourself don’t like him, for goodness’ sake! Go to most blogs on the net and you will see anti-Eboue diatribes. A lot of people pre-judge his performances.

    “He is not the first, or last,player to be barracked”
    So what if it has happened before? IMO booing our own player on the pitch is not acceptable.

    “and again I maintain that it is only because a large section booed all at once that ANYTHING is being made of the situation.”
    If one person had booed, nobody would have noticed, but it would still be wrong of that one person to boo. But certainly, the greater the number of people booing, the worse the effect on Eboue and the rest of the team.

    One more thing – you are lucky enough to be able to get to the Emirates regularly. Don’t sneer at people who can’t be there, or award yourself a medal for being there.

    Great post.
    Very good point about the highlights giving a distorted picture of Eboue’s performance.

  229. Meant to say “Don’t sneer at people who can’t be there, or award yourself a medal JUST for being there.”

  230. CG, FG…real supporters….it is an honour.

  231. Anthony, if that is the case and he wasnt being booed because people dont like him, why then was NickyB’s named booed before the game started???

    Also, to suggest that most of the people supporting Eboue are in fact armchair supporters is absolute rubbish…the shameful fact is that a number of the people supporting him on the various forums would have given in to the sheep mentality and booed him without considering the reprecussions.

    Oh and to suggest that the ‘supporters’ are too gutless to come out on an online forum where unlike ‘cheers’ nobody knows your name and not give their honest opinion is again, rubbish. How arrogant can you be to think that people that dont agree with you, in fact do agree with you but are so afraid of a name and an avatar (which is all we are to each other besides being reds) that we would hold back our true feelings?

    You’re not a martyr or a maverick, you have the right to an opinion and also the right to boo but again, what does it achieve?

  232. Not just the highlight reel. Every newspaper write-up was negative for some reason. I guess it’s easier to make it black and white than address a complicated story: ‘Arsenal play with style, but mood sours’ doesn’t cut it.

    I thought we were back to our best in the second half. We could have been 5 up after 70 minutes or so. Until then Wigan were horrible. Really negative tactics, cynical challenges and nothing much to offer but a few set-pieces and long throws.

    Then everything got a bit fraught.

  233. I am what you call a plastic supporter because I dare to consider that one player might be better suited to a position more than another. That is of course not to say that I know more than any one else especially Arsene Wenger who watches the players train every day and obviously thought that a right back would be better suited to playing on the left wing more than some one who played that position at Osasuna for the best part of last season.

    I am in agreement with your abhorrence of people who go to the match and boo one of your players, I dare not say “our” by your rules I do not qualify.

    I agree with Fungooner when he says that people who are not able to go to all the games are no lesser supporters than those who did but what I object to are those people who didn’t go who automatically take the moral high ground by saying that they never booed – well of course you didn’t boo you never went to the game so you were not confronted with the emotionally charged atmosphere of the moment.

    And for all those who didn’t go to the game I would like to clear something up; Eboue was not booed while he was on the pitch there were groans even one of your own Passenal owned up to that. The booing started when Eboue was substituted which suggests that not all of the boos were aimed at him.

    This part is just for Yogi and only Yogi as he asked the question? Eboue will play on Wednesday he will no doubt be playing in a more suitable position; he will have a better game, enabling him to forget about Saturday. In the meantime Wenger will think twice about playing him on the left wing again making Saturday’s protest successful.

    Just in case you are wondering; I think Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager we have ever had and he has my utmost respect and support.

  234. Saturdays protest was sucesful in what way? He was bullied and harrassed off when Wenger had already made the decision to take him off without the footballing genius that is the gooner faithfull. You say your main problem was with him playing out of position, however he played there for at least 50 mintues and performed well. You can almost guarentee that Wnger will play him there again.

    Violence and fires in the streets of Bradford might ensure that asians of various religions dont try and live their lives in an area that doesnt suit them and perhaps they’ll think about not living there again…sucessful protest???

  235. FunGunner, for your information I was one of the first to spot the possible talent of Bendtner, but that doesn’t make his subsequent lack of progress above criticism.

    As far as i’m concerned whether people get to a game or not is largely irrelvant to whether they are good supporters – what I do object to is that a number who only see everything as good about the club should comment on others who disagree.

    Arsene Wenger is a hero, but all the same he makes mistakes, as do all of us. Using Ebuoe out of position set the player up and his ability to cope was what bugged so many people at the weekend – rightly or wrongly they vented their feelings.

    If Ebuoe comes back a better player, great – if not then we have to move on. The club is stronger than any one player – hence we have moved on from Adams / Wright / Henry………. and survived. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the grass is always greener elsewhere and that players will avoid Arsenal as a consequence of the weekend. They are highly paid professionals.

  236. No …it was nothing to do with Eboue’s position… he played well until the crowd started getting on his back…that happened before he made a mistake….don’t avoid the issue

  237. Anthony, I think you’re confussing ‘Arsene knows best’ with Arsene knows everything. We dont think is incapable of making mistakes, he just knows better than anyone else.

    As for spotting the talent of NickyB, perhaps you should join the scouting team if you can identify that a player scoring lots of goals and giving scores of assists to Lupoli whilst being a teenage international footballer for a top European team has talent…well done my man

  238. ….you been cross-dressing again, FG

  239. Flint McCullough

    I don’t think you quite understand what a “plastic fan” is, London.

    Maybe I too may be wrong but my perception of a plastic would be (in no particular order (apart from no.1) off the top of my head & not conclusive):

    Piers Morgan;

    Like that sketch in the “Fast Show”;

    Easily taken in by media & punditry;

    Cares only about trophies & not the football per se ( glory hunting);

    Offers no constructive support during the game;

    Doesn’t understand that there is another reasonably or very good team playing against us;

    Doesn’t realise that there is such a thing as form, good, bad & in between;

    Thinks players are more akin to computer robots than fallible human beings;

    Doesn’t realise that players can improve radically with experience & confidence;

    Is more concerned with obtaining food, drink & his/her bladder than actually watching the game;

    F**ks off well before the end, after arriving late;

    Same thing around half time;

    If watching on tv doesn’t realise that there is a lot more happening off the screen & therefore undervalues certain players (eg Denilson);

    Has to call players he/she doesn’t like by nasty little names;

    I could go on but it is about being, to use AW’s word, “footballistically” an arsehole.

    To debate whether Vela or Eboue should have been the substitute does not fall into that category unless you insult the boss, during such debate.

    I expect the reasons for Eboue being used, rather than Vela (& I am as likely to be wrong as the next man) were:

    The timing;

    Cesc appeared to be running off a knock at the same time;

    we were ahead;

    Vela has not played much thus far because AW has said he just needs more strength & stamina, playing LM is not like an out & out winger;

    the need to eliminate Wigan’s threat down that flank;

    We will never know what would of happened if Vela, Ramsey or young Jack, had come on.

    Perhaps we may of scored a hatful of goals, or conceded a couple, who knows, but it is a reasonable & harmless debating point.

    Eboue played pretty well, helped to provide some decent chances, before suddenly having a mare, right at the death. The game was won.

  240. Why would any supporter or ex-player or pundit or hack…think that AW does not know best when it comes to his team? Surely that is unarguable?

  241. I guess the idea goes that the internet has a pernicious effect on the club. Blogs such as Le Grove – and increasingly Arseblog – exist for the acclaim of their writers and their personal hopes of achieving a certain amount of hits, perhaps helping them to make a career out of blogging.

    I tried to work out what I hated about Le Grove for a long time. Now I know that it’s the sheer masochism of the place and the comments it encourages.

    Boiling it down: if they don’t support the club in every decision the manager takes and every player he chooses, they’re against it, because the dream of getting more hits and attracting a certain amount of comments isn’t compatible with Arsenal improving and winning something.

    In fact, because blogs attract more comments when times are tough – witnessed by 600+ comments on here over the weekend – club success and blog success are almost antithetical.

    Same goes for the comments section. The personal desire to be ‘right’ – a suggested trait for an unseen subculture of shut-ins desperate for approval – isn’t the same as supporting the club. When you slate someone like Eboue, or place Vela above him in the side, you’re doing something negative and contributing to what has been labelled as ‘anti-support’.

    You become part of a culture of negativity that finds its way into the stadium, as we saw on Saturday.

    Then there are people that say that Arsene Wenger isn’t Arsenal. Wrong. He is Arsenal. He will never be sacked. Our club has too much class to turf out the greatest manager in our history. And AW will never walk out on a contract. So he’s here to stay for now. Why not make the best of the situation?

    So what should be the point in a football blog? Not sure. It should be more than a just an online cheering section. A creative way to solve problems at the club, other than team selection?

  242. What a star you are Big Al…you will be the one to crack it in the end…keep it going. Blogs could be used to galvanise support and perhaps reinforce the positives….in most blog comments on other sites with notable exceptions only the negatives seem to get reinforced…..we could bandy ideas about strengthening our support with action…or at least point people at places they can go to get things done…..and we could have some fun.

  243. I think this is the thin end of the wedge, the support will not improve while money is the be all and end all of foootball. Football will not improve, though the “product” will remain as compelling. To my mind it has always been compelling and always will be. Even without Sky Sports to hype it out of all sense of reason.

    I have a solution, season ticket holders look away now…….

    (I’ll preface this by saying. I am not a season ticket holder, I am 44,351 on the waiting list. I would love a season ticket more than almost anything else I can think of but….

    Season tickets in this day and age are killing the team. The whole notion increasing revenue / financial projections by restricting access to matches can only have a detrimental effect in the long-run. I know season ticket holders are in the main the most passionate supporters and the bed-rock. But doesn’t familiarity breed contempt? When you are there week in week out are you not going to become just a little bit complacent and harder to please? Is the passion of supporters not a vital part of maximising pefformances?

    Unfortunately in chasing the maximum revenue we have now put ourselves in a situation where we can rarely benefit from maximal support at the stadium and, as has been pointed out, we are about to start damaging the team.

    20+ matches a season is lovely, but wouldn’t it be more exciting to go to only 10 or even 5. Would those that managed to get to the matches not be more vocal and more motivated to support the team? Wouldn’t it create a wider more active and involved fan-base?

    I only had access to season ticket for one season – fortunately we won the double ;0) but even then I was beginning to take things a little for granted.

    If there are 44,000 plus who want season tickets then there are more who would be willing to share and who might not be the notorious “prawn sandwich” brigade that an erstwhile adversary was so right about.

    I don’t mean to be self-serving, but I do think there should be more middle-ground. If season ticketing was re-examined and re-structured you can be fairly certain less people would be booing and leaving the ground early. This could easily provide that indefinable extra boost, the difference between winning and drawing, growth and stagnation,nigtmares and dreams .

  244. Great post Big AL.

  245. I agree with you Al, although disagree with you on Arseblogger who in my opinion has set the standard for a good arsenal read and has done so for many years…The arsecasts are excellent and really insightful with the likes of Amy Lawrence etc contributing. It also has an open comments section where much like here you’re allowed your own opinion right or wrong.

    Others that you’ve mentioned have a clique, they took and stance, got a small following and ran with it but when you pull them up on things your comments dont get posted and indeed deleted at times…Viral communication has a massive impact on the global view of our club and could be ultimately damaging.

    When you’ve spent two years telling everyone that the teams rubbish, wengers lost it and that anyone that doesnt agree is an AKB, it’s simply not in your interests to encourage the team to do well…which is a fucking disgrace IMO.

    One point you did make and something that I’m certainly guilty of, is posting more often after a bad result but thats more to ensure that the world sees a balance between the 2-3 different opinions that are all ober the blogs.

    We are the arsenal and hope that this ongoing saga and war of the fans comes to an end when we play the scoucers later this month. I do think however that the club should be doing more to endear the fans to the new stadium and some of the more unpopular players to build a better atmosphere both during the games and in the global blogsphere.

  246. Stuff like Ian’s comment, Frank. That’s how it should be.

  247. Yep that is fine…Ian season tickets have been debated before and it is certainly true that some season ticket holders abuse their position…it is also true that some season ticket holders are the most enthusiastic supporters though and also provide much needed continuity…the club also need the guaranteed revenue.

    I do think that there are too many season tickets though and that the last tranche of season ticket holders are less enthusiastic in general. I also think that there are too many Diamond and Club ticket holders too….the same applies in terms of revenues of course….at the new Highbury the band around the middle means that there is always a ring of empty block around the middle …espcially when the poor darlings need to squeeze in another drink…or watch another match on TV.

    Thirdly….the all seater rule has got to go…Thatcher knew f*** all about football and was responding..probably rightly at the time to the horrible disasters of the eighties (actually the eighties were a disaster full stop for many things…especially the sort of people being bred)…but there is no reason why certain lower blocks should not be standing room only…we would always get the best support from those areas.

  248. excellent post ian

  249. Flint McCullough

    “But doesn’t familiarity breed contempt? When you are there week in week out are you not going to become just a little bit complacent and harder to please?”

    Whilst partially agreeing with your sentiment, you could not be more wrong.

    There are people, like you describe, but they are just ongoing plastics really.

    I have had the use of a season ticket for more or less 50 years & still look forward to going, like a little schoolboy. There really is no difference.

    Even in the dire times (& you will have to be prepared for those at some time) there is always something to get out of it, even if it is just gallows humour.

    I think if I couldn’t go to all the matches, I wouldn’t want to go at all.

    I would, however, have to consider my position, if this anti-support strengthens even more.

  250. I agree with Flint

  251. Big Al – Have to disagree with your lumping le Grove and Arseblog together. Arseblogger is negative at times, but in a humorous way, and it’s obvious he really loves the club.
    Used to blog on there when living abroad, and – unless things have really changed – was always constructive stuff.
    Just thought i’d stick up for the old boy.. Cheers!

  252. ponyboy,

    Arseblog is a bunch of muppets discussing what there going to have for dinner, Its well shit

  253. I too have been a season ticket holder for many years. I’ve sat through Wimbledon knocking in last minute winners at Highbury, travelling up to York in the FA Cup only to see us lose etc…
    I love the club and i get excited even if i drive by the training ground…
    That said, I must confess to being one of the fans calling for AW to take Ebouie off in the last 20 minutes.
    But what happened when the sub board went up was quite frankly disgusting. Being sub’d was humiliation enough & hearing the crowd cheer like that actually made me feel sick to the stomach. Yes, Ebouie has his faults but he’s actually a much better player than many give him credit for & it’d be a real shame to lose him.
    It’s up to AW to work his magic & ensure we don’t, indeed, it was a poor decision on AW’s part that caused this mess.

  254. Last year, while on holiday, I met a guy I took an instant dislike to. Rich, rude, reeking of entitlement – a nasty piece of work. I asked him what team he supported, and he said ‘oh, you’ll hate me for this, but I’ve got a season ticket at the Emirates. I’m not really a fan, but it’s usually ok for a laugh. I always seem to miss the bloody goal-fests though…’

    I could have throttled him. Scum like him are ruining this club.

    I’ve been to the grove once, to see us beat Reading at the meaningless end of last season, and it was a fantastic experience – even though there were just about 10 of us singing in our section. It felt like a pilgrimage and I can’t wait for my next chance to go.

    So I think there’s a point about the season tickets, but instead of getting rid of them altogether (which would be unworkable as well as losing the bedrock of the club’s support), couldn’t there be some way of getting rid of the plastics? Maybe a set of questions that any true fan would know the answers to? Anything that might stop those who buy seats as a prestige thing, even though they’d be just as happy watching chelsea or man u.

    Just a thought.

  255. Moving away from the Eboue dispute. We have just been discussing whether it would ever be right for Arsenal to ground share with Spurs. I say no, others are so sure. Anyone got an opinion?

  256. No it wasn’t a poor decision on AWs part that caused this mess. It was the supporters who caused this mess.

  257. So why would you want to discuss that Anthony?

  258. The design of our stadium is flawed…not fatally flawed nor irreparably flawed. For a start it should not be called the Emirates…it should be called Highbury or New Highbury…it should have Highbury in the name…it is next to Highbury…it is the son (or daughter) of Highbury…Highbury should be its family name….

  259. It should not be called the Emirates becuase that is a company name….in a few years it will not be called the Emirates anyway….going up the CarPhone Warehouse to watch the game?….or in my case perhaps the Saga Stadium?…anyway its name will have to change when the sponsor changes…it is Highbury’s baby…it is Highbury

  260. They can write Emitates on the side and they can write Carphone Warehouse on the side…they can write MacDonalds on the side…doesn’t matter becuase it is Highbury…the media want it to be called Emirates and the Corporates want it be called Emirates…and the accountants want it to be called Emirates…but it is in fact the Arsenal Football Stadium and it is Highbury because that is what we call the Arsenal football stadium….

  261. It should have recognisable ends and stands….I know lets have a North Bank Stand….a West Stand …an East Stand…and a Clockend…..put a clock at the clockend…put THE clock at the clockend…..at the clock end of the new Highbury….they can take the stadium away from us but not the spirit….this is Highbury

  262. Flint McCullough

    F***ing cold up at York,eh Rev!!

    Coldest I have ever been but there was some kid in just a t shirt, which didn’t even meet his strides.

  263. Put a clock at the clock end…THE clock at the clock end…the ultimate sign to the supporters that the spirit of Highbury still lives…..we had our hearts ripped out 4 years ago when you took our home from us and you replaced it with a shiny new one with horrible new supporters and no links to the past…you split us all up….we can’t sing….our favorite song was when we sang from the stands to each other…except us in the West Stand Upper but some of us did try…..now we have to sure with palstics and anti-supporters…some of whom stare at us as if we are bananas when we sing…they think we are hoolibuns…holooligangs…oafs…they think we are oafs

  264. OK then have a York Stand where nobody wears a top…just hardcore supporters and er…errr..oh well maybe hardcore porn too…

  265. O then have a York Stand where nobody wears a top…just hard core supporters and errr…eerrrrr…well…er hard core…you know

  266. I call it Ashburton Grove, Frank. Don’t like the Emirates name either, even if it brought money to the club.

  267. The current stadium is not an Arsenal stadium …it is a corporate hospitality venue….it could become THE Arsenal Stadium….Highbury…but it is not that yet.

  268. Odd mix of youth and experience in the squad for Porto


    I fear Gallas and Sylvestre get central defence.

    Eboue plays to be rehabilitated – and Ramsey on the other “wing” perhaps – looks very narrow. Hopefully the pink boots will be working up front – or Simpson should come on!

  269. OK Nacho …no problems…but I call it Highbury….Ashburton Grove is a good name…but Grove is somewhat tainted…someone has squatted on it. The stadium is no more or less in Highbury than old Highbury was…it is Highbury…same distance from Arsenal tube..you could almost spit from one stadium to the other….we should always have said we are moving Highbury down the road a bit …is all.

  270. Interesting point, Ian Dolent. I would certainly be all for distributing the assistance to matches more fairly, and not according to how much money you have to pay for a season ticket in advance, but professional football doesn’t escape the general rules of the society we live into.

  271. Actually I am all in favour of an ‘au naturel’ corner…where no-one is allowed to wear anything but bodypaint…could be very good….just between the East Stand and North Bank Stand would be a good place….I could see it best there from my seat….sorry I mean it is more sheltered there and gets more sunlight

  272. Manu eboue
    Wears the Arsenal shirt
    Came in 2003
    From the coast of Africa

    And then he raised his studs
    And gave Terry a punt
    Well that’s ok with me –
    Terry’s a right c*nt

    The chavs they booed him then
    But by this time next year
    ’ve got a feeling -They’ll all be City fans
    So support the Arsenal
    A club with history
    Manu Eboue
    Plays for the Arsenal

  273. Frank, you are obviously a Newcastle fan at heart – do you have one of those wonderful Newcastle Brown bellies they like to display in mid winter?

  274. hey, yw – any chance of that comment going up?

  275. Good morning folks,

    I would like to offer a little something.

    I do not think all the fans who booed are just bad fans (some people cannot be pleased, I know) but misguided and got caught up in emotions. I mean I am sure that some of the fans who booed are some of the same fans who didnt boo Gallas which was a pleasant surprise. All of us do not know how to keep our emotions in check and others are just easily led and will follow someone in any foolishness just for the sake of it.

    On the first day after this situation, there was a discussion between dk and Poliziano regarding the scripture “let he who has no sin cast the first stone” – I am not getting religious but would like to state the significance of that situation.

    You have a woman caught red handed in Adultery and by the law which Jesus came to fulfill she was supposed to be stoned to death – it was required.

    Leviticus 20:10 (New King James Version)
    10 ‘The man who commits adultery with another man’s wife, he who commits adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress, shall surely be put to death.

    Jesus asked her acusers “let him who without sin cast the first stone” – none could because they had all made mistakes.

    The point is Jesus being perfect was the only one who was qualified to stone her but he said “I do not accuse/condemn you but go and sin no more”

    The moral is, yes some of the fans behaved like right jerks but I think we need to somehow try to get them to see that they are wrong without first saying they are not true fans, morons, etc.

    We need to try to unify our fan base as this is what the team needs. What is happening with all the name calling, etc in my view is just causing a bigger divide.

    This is as counterproductive as the boos were in my opinion.

    Done with this now.

    Looking forward to a win tomorrow and seeing Eboue have a great game.

    Someone said we did not play poorly on Sat and neither eboue (until the last minutes) – I fully agree, It was just that Wigan’s goal post had a wonderful game.

    Be easy and God bless you all.

  276. Sorry it was a big something

  277. Nacho, it didn’t even bring anywhere near as much money to the club as it should have, as elucidated in the “Arse`nal: Making of a Modern Superclub” book and also more briefly on ANR. The Emirates naming rights deal was a terrible deal for the club, rushed through. Analysts estimate it brings between 25-40% of the revenue it should actually make the club. Gazidis, the new CEO, wants to rip it up.

  278. anthony i said it once yesterday and i shall say it again……………………………

    My heart goes out for Eboue… these boo fans must be playing too much fifa 09.. and forgotten that the players are real people… whose confidence can be affected by reactions from the crowd… he was being booed before he even came on the pitch. So ask the boo boys why did you boo eboue?? And they say he dives, he embarrasses the club with histrionics blah, blah, blah. That was last season… he has been good this season and I still prefer his football intelligence and his defence mindedness more so than theo. Those ignorant so called fans who boo our players may not realise the bigger picture, which may affect the rest of the team,… i.e. frightened to express themselves just in case they make a mistake and is booed…. If I was a footballer I would think twice in coming to Arsenal…. Even Joey Barton wasn’t booed that much…

  279. Troof – where do we go from here?

  280. You neeed to head back to leGrove and ANR don’t you, Crafty? You should also explain that Alex Flynn and Kevin Witcher are heavily into the Spuds particularly their past owners…and there are some porkies at the beginning of that book…also that the hack dwarf was originally a Chelsea fan and only uses Arsenal to make money…he will say anything to get hits and to sell his own great work of fiction. Doesn’t matter what these people called the place …it is the new Highbury…it is just a difficult birth.

  281. I think Anthony is a kind of star – a black hole.

  282. Troof,

    That aint the troof!!!

    The troof is that no player should be booed, but Eboue is dog shite

    Thats the Troof poof

  283. Frank,

    Be honest though, Highbury wasn’t THAT loud anyway, the players are playing shit, thats the main problem

  284. I agree with Frank, I want our stadium name changed. I don’t like the Emirates name, in fact I’m putting off buying a shirt until this name changes.

    I’m hoping Gazidis (not sure of his name) will change the shirt & stadium’s sponsor.

  285. No it wasn’t that loud…but it was louder than the current venue…and the bad sentiment was not there as it is here…and people did not leave gaping holes becuase they could not be bothered to come along and people did not leave early en masse…the majority were still there when the players went off…..we can improve this place and make it better than the old Highbury…this will be the new Highbury….not a Corporate Venue.

  286. Well without Fly Emirates’ money we wouldnt have a stadium so we cant really knock them

  287. Frank, we need to fill the Arse(s) with some whistles…I hope you still have some left?

  288. YES WE CAN…..Impossible is nothing.

  289. I doubt that will ever change – its all about sponsorship regarding sports now, starting with companies names on the Jerseys. It will difficult to go back now because of the revenue these sponsors give to teams.

    Almost every stadium in America has some corporate name – American Airlines Arena, Pro Player Stadium etc.

    mo money, mo money, mo money!

    it is the cause of much of the demise in sports – greed!!

  290. I guess its not greed but sound business, capitalism or whatever.

  291. I am not knocking them…I just don’t see why supporters should call the stadium that name…the stadium is the new Highbury or at least the Arsenal Stadium…..for me it has always been…are you going up the Arsenal at the weekend? There are more Emirates logos than Arsenal ones in the place…..becuase it is a Corporate venue…now that may have been a part of the deal in which case…it needs to change.

  292. G4E, it is OK…there are no Turkish Arse Whistles to be had in Istanbul or the whole of Turkey…..bought em all…off the shelves and as many as they can carve…..the people responsible for hygiene had a go at us so we are just bringing out disposable ones…..check the bins around Highbury when you leave….well from a distance

  293. Of course it will change Paul N…as soon as a new sponsor comes along it will have to change its name….that was my earlier point….except it won’t becuase it is Highbury…Arsenal Stadium…that will never change….not to the supporters…..these f***ers just brainwash people…now it is time to be unbrainwashed.

  294. Paul N Paul N. we need to back the whole team…. at this moment the football fans are definitely NOT the twelfth man….. in fact due to the systematic destruction of one of our players they reduced our team to 10 men… how sick is that…..
    If we win …. Let cheer whether it’s a silky skilful win or a crappy (can’t string a pass together) win.. let’s cheer the team…. When the other 3 so called top teams scrap out a win they are still cheered and lauded over by their fans and those soccer pund(T)its i.e Louise rednapp’s less intelligent other half.
    Friends let us cheer our team… coz tis the season to be jolly… in the champions league, FA cup and 8 points from the top…. And lastly a 3 – 1 pasting of the HULKs team on Wednesday

  295. Thanks Frank, there is a specific someone I want to dump into that bin 🙂

    The sponsor will change, I think Gazidis was talking about that because we are the least paid club from sponsors in the top 4. Fly Emirates helped us in the beginning, but I personally believe if the name changes on the shirts and all other memorabilia, the sales will sky rocket.

  296. Well if the name is not on the stadium Arsenal will not get as much money, it is a package deal.

    This is why I say it is greed to an extent and I guess the need to keep with Man U and Chelsea u has something to do with it. It is greed in General in sports and not just Arsenal – sports is tainted but it being about money more than the fans. It is why their are more Emirates logos than Arsenal ones.

    I just cannot see having to pay that much to go to football matches on a regular basis, how do you guys afford it and there is no way for a poor fellow to go, its terrible and this deserves a big time boo.

    I could not see having to pay from $60+ US to over $100.00 on a regular basis.


    I just looked at the LA Lakers ticket prices and they have tickets starting at TEN DOLLARS – it may be nose bleed but you can still see the game and they are one of the more prestigious basketball teams in the US.

    Checked some US Football you can get tickets for $20.00.

    I dont get it

  297. I commend you on your foot balling brain ARSE 21 (where do these people come from ??????)

  298. Change in our minds yes, but money runs this world Frank. No where more so than in sports. As positive as I am I know that will not change.

  299. Troof, I am with 1000%!

  300. Paul,

    I think Frank want the fans to call it New Highbury or something, regardless of the sponsor name.

    We all know we have to have a sponsor (We are not Barca) but the sponsor can change from one to the other if the deal is better.

  301. I too recommend you on the Foot — Brain Arse21

  302. Frank, so is it the name emirates you dont like? would you prefer sony or something or you just dont want any names other names than highbury/Arsenal on the stadium.

    Maybe there could be a comprise and have both names, I dont know. this is thing is money driven.

    Coaches leave in the middle of the year, players leave at the sign of a bigger pay day and if they are not allowed out of their contract they are modern day slaves, not to menation having to put up with the crap of your players leaving every damn transfer period. Teams are sold to the first billionaire who comes a knocking. Then the teams they buy become prestigious/a big club over night.

    All of this to the detriment of the good hearted fans who goes to the overpriced matches buys the overpriced jerseys and other fan stuff.

    The fans are the biggest loosers in my opinion.

    I hate it! and no amount of change of name will change that.

    Puff Daddy song “Its all about the benjamins”, “The Queen Elizabeths” in your case.

  303. Arse 21 has school finished already… why didn’t you go to the after school club today??

  304. Flint McCullough

    This is part of his plastic polishing lesson, TT.

  305. G4E, I get that now.

    Thanks, lets hope this can change the moral of the team and fans but I want to see cheaper tickets damn it. Everyone should be able to go to see the team they love. I can guarantee this will change the moral of the supporters. have a fan appreciation day and again lower the blinkin prices!!!

  306. I agree about the prices Paul, but like you said everything is driven by money. So if they lower the prices, and the players ask for more money where are they going to make up the difference and still make some profit?

    Eventually this football bubble will have to blow in everyone’s face like the Real Estate Bubble just did.

  307. I dont know G4E and you’re right but the only ones not driving fancy sports cars in the equation is the majority of the fans.

    Well do something else – have a fan appreciation day where there is cut prices at least once a season and allow the less fortunate to come – do something.

    I all reality I dont see how some of the fans wouldnt be turned off.

    And then you have greedy players complaining about not being paid enough and fans saying its just another job and all that rubbish. Well do they have a problem meeting the needs of their families? no and they can jump on a plane and go see a football match in Italy if they want and feel no pain while for the regular folk its a sacrifice.

    Now this is what I call inexcusable!

  308. its a sacrifice (to see their local team that is)

  309. “Nacho, it didn’t even bring anywhere near as much money to the club as it should have”

    Yeah, I’ve read something about this too. Maybe it was a deal signed too much in a rush, so as to get money for the stadium as quick as possible.

    Team for tomorrow: I think we’ll be using our five central defenders. Song in midfield, Gallas and Djourou on the centre of the defence and Silvestre and Kolo as wingbacks.

  310. Troof,

    You are a liar, you wouldnt know the troof if it came up behind you and stuck its willy in your fatty fatty bum bum.

    Thats the troof, troof you poof

  311. Troof,

    Sorry I didnt mean that to sound aggresive, I was in a rush and didnt read it back so I apologise.

    But its true what I say regardingEboue, he doesnt deserve to be booed but he is terrible with a capital T.

  312. Arse21 I’m glad that they allow people with slight learning difficulties the chance to use a computer.

  313. Dear oh dear Paul N…please try to keep up…

    My point is that just becuase a sponsor wishes to have their name on the stadium…that is no reason for the supporters to call it that….I call the new stadium Highbury…becuase that is the home of AFC……the stadium will be sponsored by another company one day and so they will want to change its name…except for us supporters they cannot do that….it will still be Highbury…why shouldn’t it be…that has nothing to do with money or sponsorship….fact.

  314. apology accepted, Arse21. Now the eboue that the haters bring up… is the eboue of last season… this season he has been no worse than other players… I’m outta here… so sayeth the TROOTH

  315. I watched the game again all the way through …and until the crowd starting getting on his back for most of the time on the pitch Eboue was far from being a terrible player…in fact he was very good….as he has been in any game he has played in this season. In fact I would say our game was flowing better with him playing than it was with Nasri playing.

  316. Oh Frank, oh Frank why always so condescending.

    I get ur point, my bad for not getting your point fully.

    After all I am still only human and prone to mistakes.

  317. Eboue was better than Nasri? I would most definately have to watch that again.

    no dis to Eboue but Nasri is something special.

  318. That first line could be the start of a carol I reckon…why don’t you get onto it, PaulN…in fact that whole post at 4.53pm has carol potential

  319. Errr…well cometimes he is something special…but so is Eboue….culturally Ebouee is very different from many of us …and that sometimes irritates some…..but he is a good player and tends to have a very positive influence in the team when he is playing

  320. Thou shan’t not play onto someone else Arse (21:00 Pino Grigio)

  321. Errr?

    Eboue is a good player. I do prefer him at left back but this season he has been influential in the team. Not as good as Nasri but good.

    What about his cultural style or ways irritates you? I dont understand.

  322. Frank,

    TF for a little accuracy and reason. I remain disgusted by the morons and lack of class that has began to take hold on notable sections of the crowd. I’m not certain though that the absences etc mean that much. Xmas is on its way and competing responsibilities might play their part here. What I am certain of and support you wholeheartedly on is that the actions of the low life towards Eboue was disgusting and must be opposed.

  323. PaulN are you a bit simple?…I did not say that I found him irritating…I don’t…but some do……and I think you mean Right Back….

  324. Thanks Dgob…but don’t you think that last season is a bit early to start leaving for this years Christmas

  325. Flint McCullough

    Squad tomorrow:

    Cesc, Sagna,Clichy, Kolo & Ade all out injured or ill.

    1. Manuel Almunia
    21. Lukasz Fabianski
    10. William Gallas
    18. Mikael Silvestre
    40. Kieran Gibbs
    41. Gavin Hoyte
    27. Emmanuel Eboue
    20. Johan Djourou
    17. Alex Song
    15. Denilson
    16. Aaron Ramsey
    47. Mark Randall
    2. Abou Diaby
    43. Fran Merida
    19. Jack Wilshere
    26. Nicklas Bendtner
    12. Carlos Vela
    50. Jay Simpson

    Looks like:


    Eboue Gallas Djourou Sylvestre

    Ramsey Song Denilson Diaby/Jack



  326. Frank, you cant help putting people down can you?

    Who are you to complain about booing when you cannot refrain from being uneccesarily disrespectful.

    If I dont understand you can just explain man?

    I told you, you may be old but you need to grow up and I dont say that to dis you but your unecessary words will take away from you as a person.

    I would prefer be simple that someone who thinks I am always right and loves to put people down to elevate their own frail ego.

    get with it, a confident man does not have to put down another to elevate himself

    Still like you though!!

    God Bless you man!!!

  327. I can help putting people down, PaulN…but I sometimes don’t choose to…

  328. As much as I disagreed with AIC and Mr. Sol,

    we could still reason without insults!

  329. Grow up!

  330. ” can help putting people down, PaulN…but I sometimes don’t coose to…”

    When you mature you make the right choices.

    when you was a baby you crapped in your nappy but a child is not expected to do that when they get of certain age and it would be a shame if they just did it because they just “choose” not to go to the bathroom.

    Choose to do right or your righteous take on the Eboue situation is null and void.

    You need to understand that, my friend.

  331. This has been the whole problem with this situation.

    we have made football a world apart. So I can act like an idiot other wise but when it comes to football and “Arsenal” in particualr everyone must be lilly white.

    Foolishness and hypocrisy in the worst way – that needs to be reversed.

  332. Dearie me PaulN…you sure this god jesus religion thing is good for you? No…please don’t answer that

  333. Thu shan’t preach on a football blog cause wu don’t care

  334. Grow up Frank, I sincerely mean that.

    You can know for yourself if this Jesus thing is good for me.

    Romans 10:9-10
    9That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

    Frank, I can see through your little condescending, disrespectful ways. You are insecure and get pleasure out of putting others down. But you need to know that you are a blessed human being and very special. there is no one else like you on earth and you have a lot to offer – in a good way.

  335. You can skip over it

    “he who has an ear to hear let him hear”

    The pharisee didnt want to hear it either but it made no difference to Jesus at all!

  336. and Dog gone it – Jesus cares a whole lot that he died on the cross for your sins.

    I care too!!

  337. Thu shan’t preach on a football blog cause wu don’t care

  338. God bless you man, your family and all that concerns you!!

    Jesus loves you with an everasting love and I pray that you have an encounter with him and you will!

    Be Blessed again!!!

    Oh and I like your shades!!!

  339. ++Jesus is great__Jesus is awesome++

    Thu shan’t preach on a football blog cause wu don’t care

  340. Who is wu…..?

  341. Hi Paul,

    Back to Eboue – three days after we were discussing him on Saturday!

    Why are you so against the idea of condemning the boo-boys?

    This reaction, though violent, has opened up a subject that Arsenal fans had been avoiding for a long time. It could eventually help change the attitude of many supporters for the better. There has been a lot of soul-searching the past few days about what it means to support the club. You’ve always been very positive about Arsenal, what’s different here?

  342. Wu = We

  343. Wu’s Confucianist, Frank. Of course he don’t care!

  344. Who is thu…?

  345. Thu = You

    I haven’t got a clu

  346. Thu is Confusionist…..perhaps

  347. That squad will do us proud, Flint….looking forward to tomorrow night

  348. I still haven’t got a clue


    Thu shan’t preach on a football blog cause wu don’t care

  349. Arsenal…Arsenal…Arsssenaal. ARSENAL…Arsenal…Arsenalll

    Pheep Pheep Pheep…Click..Click..Click

  350. Oh yes, G4E…Oh yes


    Hard to do that and type at the same time, isn’t it? Without losing total control I mean…well you know what I mean…

  351. ….the stupid machine left off the


  352. Wow Frank, you managed to mess up the blog’ side margins.

    We have to hide from YW now 🙂

  353. “Cesc, Sagna,Clichy, Kolo & Ade all out injured or ill.”

    Ade is actually ‘rested’ but RVP is also out.

  354. Who is your team for tomorrow Passenal?

  355. Arsenal probably isn’t it, Passenal?

  356. Probably, unless she changed her mind??

    I don’t think so, she’s Arsenal through & through….Pheep Pheep

  357. Bom dias, Gorgeous Gooners.

    I am very excited about tomorrow, despite the fact that we have lost/left behind most of our first team.
    While Passenal works on her team, here’s my extremely-similar-to-Flint’s-but-slightly-off-the-wall guess at the starters for tomorrow:

    Eboue Djourou Gallas Silvestre
    Ramsey Denilson Diaby Gibbs

    What do you reckon? Do you think that could work?

  358. If Clichy is out for a few games at least we have Silvestre as cover at left back.

    Diaby has to play as do Denilson, Song & Bendtner. Vela, Ramsey, Wilshire, Gibbs & co to battle it out for the other two spots.

    Easy, that

  359. First name on the team sheet has to be Eboue

  360. Surely we need a keeper Frank

  361. Flint McCullough

    Can’t see Song not playing, somehow, Fun.

    It will probably be 4-5-1, so I think it likely that Diaby will play behind the striker, with Vela not starting.

    Have to agree with Paulie but I like Fun’s line up.

  362. Damn. Forgot about Song. Oh, well.

  363. Works for me FunGunner…not sure about Gibbs in midfield though…

    He can also push Eboue to RM


    But what do I know? I don’t like to put teams together or predict results…but I just did for you guys & gals

  364. Yep..good idea..lets have a keeper…Almunia or Fabianski? Almunia I reckon…

    Then…Gallas…and I think Djourou….Silvestre on the bench

    Kieran Gibbs left back for pace (already got Eboue at Right Back
    Alex Song and Denilson and Diaby middle of midfield

    Vela on the left

    Ramsey on the right

    Bendtner up front

  365. “Who is your team for tomorrow Passenal?”

    “Arsenal probably isn’t it, Passenal?”

    Definitely, Frank!

    In terms of the line up, I’ll go for


    Eboue, Gallas, Djourou, Sylvestre

    Denilson, Song, Ramsay, Diaby

    Bendtner, Vela

    Although I could come up with about a dozen variations on that, which makes me glad I’m not Arsene!

  366. Big Al,

    I am still positive, why do you think I am not?

    you think the telling fans to beep off was positive? It can well lead to good and I hope so but in and off itself it is a shame also.

    I dont think we have to call anyone names to make them search themselves, do you?

    I have caused people to take a look at themselves but try not to be disrespectful.

    I condemn the actions also, i dont condemn the culprits though, which is what many were doing.

    I dont however think football is some kind of another world where everything must be holy and then in day to day living I can behave foolish. That is madness and a cop out.

    If we expect fans to respect our players then we should not come on here and disrespect eachother.

    Those of us who keep doing that, loose all right to judge the booing in my estimation. We need to be balanced and consistant or dont judge and condemn others.

    Well as a christian my veiw is different and it should be so I really dont expect people to understand as it is a “turn the other cheek mentality” which most would claim to be utter madness but I try to live my life that way. I fall short but I am trying.

    this is empty anyway life is much more than some men kicking around a leather ball.

    One love my Bro!

    I am still positive about Arsenal but my view of the style of this blog has changed.

    We are cool as long as you agree with everything I say!?!?


    Hoping for a win tomorrow.

    Arsenal is a wonderful team with some wonderful players!!

  367. Thou shalt not witter on….

  368. God bless you Frank!

  369. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

  370. …oh no not again…this god guy would do better turning his attention to a few starving and suffering children in Africa..or anywhere for that matter….miserable b***ard has caused a right f***ing mess

  371. Christian…Jewish…Or Muslim…let’s move on.

    I think we should keep our religious beliefs out of football & politics for this matter. Just as a form of respect to those religions.

    Paul N. Let time heal the wounds my friend (Damn, that sounds like McCain).

  372. The great Arsenal has now become an ordinary team because of cheap low quality imports.

    Clubs are no longer scared to come to our ground and take a point or even beat us.

    The players are so low in quality; pushed down our throats as the best on the planet.

  373. Second thought Haw Haw is here…lets do religion

  374. I have to do what I have to do G4E, the fact is its always a good time for the truth of Christ. I hope you experince this truth my friend. I know I seem foolish but the bible says the preaching of the word is foolishness to those who are perishing.
    1 Corinthians 1:18

    I must share the truth, It will not do this daily but I felt that I should do it today.

    G4E, I am dissapointed but ok, dont hold anything against anyone but what I have see over the past few days is hypocrisy as far as I see.

    ok, mi done!

    have a blessed one all!!

  375. OK here goes…why should I respect religion…when almost none of them respect my right to a secular existence….?

  376. “preaching of the cross” that is.

  377. He’s persona non grata to me Frank so I refuse to even read let alone dignify his garbage with a response.

  378. That was not directed at you Paul N, lest you get the wrong end of the stick!

  379. I respect your right Frank, the choice is all yours, I never always believed in Jesus and it was my choice.

    I am just trying to tell you something I know from experience, this is no empty belief my friend.

    Lets reason.

  380. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

  381. Cool Passenal!!

  382. Good word Poliziano, Brilliant!!!

  383. If there is a god surely he/she would have caused Haw Haws b***ocks to have dropped off so he can’t breed….oh …then maybe…naaaah….surely not…

  384. I know what to say to Howard. Vade retro satana. “The power of christ compels you!”

    Just kidding. What’s it been, a year? More?

  385. What a place to be…. stuck between Haw Haw and a preacher…all I want to do is support Arsenal…properly

  386. Is that how long he has been in gaol, Big Al?

  387. How you going to deal with the Nazi, PaulN…same way your church did last time?

  388. That he’s been banging on about Englishmen…

  389. “If” is a question in and of itself that It could be a reality. if, is not sure.

    Trust me Frank, I would not lie to you on this, this is more real than youand I talking.

    I have been lead to a specific scripture in the bible without even knowing it and it was like looking in the mirror. I was talking to me specifically. I have seen miraculous healings of heart problems and even have a clos friend who was miraculous healed from HIV.

    Its up to you my friend to believe or not but In love i have shared the truth of Christ.

    Jesus is, and was, and will be and is the only way to heaven.

    This is my real passion!!

  390. explain Frank,

    I’m all ears, I am not as educated as you.

  391. Are you a Catholic, Paul N?

  392. What did it say PaulN?….’go onto an Arsenal blogsite and preach, PaulN’…or was it a bit less specific than that?

  393. or did it say ‘go and kick Haw Haw up the arse, PaulN’ …is it possible you misread it?

  394. Christ might be able to heal HIV, but he’ll never turn Howard into an Arsenal supporter.

  395. Was it in Hebrew…Aramaic…Latin….this scripture PaulN?…sure it wasn’t the translator speaking to you?

    Whoops now I am preaching…sorry

  396. No Poliziano,

    I hate titles my friend and I do not see where in the bible Mary was perfect,

    I am a believer in Christ, A child of God without being bound to any denomination.

    Frank, There is greatness in you!

  397. This HIV curing, PaulN….what was it all the HIV positive children without parents in Africa? …or was it someone else?

  398. Poliziano, there are some things we choose and an Arsenal fan is one, ha ha!!

    laugh and jeer Frank, you are still blessed and need to know Christ!

  399. Actually PaulN…there is pasta in me….and maybe there will be a little wine later….but not yet.

  400. Anyway, back to the football. Does anyone seriously think Arsene will loan Carlos Vela out to WBA?

  401. I love your sense of human Frank.

    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[f] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

  402. You are too funny Frank.. my belly is about to bust.

    I think I told you that you missed your calling in Comedy – can you believe you have Christian comedians now, so you still would be able to do it after you get saved!!

  403. …oh well there you go then…why didn’t you say…if I am blessed …well …you know …what just like that?…this religion think is great…do I get wings and stuff….and erm …er…you know…er women…??

  404. Passenal,

    This one is divinely appointed no amount of football talk can stop it.

  405. Passenal, I would not have thought so…who he said he was going to WBA? Although I suppose half a season of English football …90 mins every game…might help him for next season. Eduardo coming back…..

  406. who he???sorry….I’ve been blessed you know and I am very excited…

  407. @Passenal:

    well, I personally don’t want Vela to be loaned out again – it’s been a long wait for this lovely boy to come here. But if AW decides to let him go “temporarily”, then there might be some good reason for it. Anyway, AW knows better than me.

    What an idiotic response from me to you! sorry ;;

  408. Well if you are married then you are good Frank on earth but there is no marriage in heaven.

    Matthew 22:30 (King James Version)
    30For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

    As far as wings I have never read that but there will be a crown awaiting you and I.

    2 Timothy 4:8
    8Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

  409. Frank, you have to be a suicide bomber to get the women.

  410. True Poliziano,

    But I’m sure Frank has a wonderful wife and if not I will pray for him to get one, ha ha!

  411. TC, I’m hoping it’s not true either, but as the transfer window approaches the stories will get more ridiculous. I can’t see what he would gain from it myself. He has already spent 2 seasons on loan because of the work permit issue, so surely he would be better off developing a working relationship with his team mates at Arsenal. I would feel pretty gutted if I was him after waiting so long to get here to be farmed out at the first opportunity to a team that will not be creating much in the way of goal scoring opportunities for him to work with.

  412. Frank, in response to 8:11

    If you were not blessed you would be dead, its God grace giving you a chane to get it right.

    Matthew 5:44-46 (King James Version)

    44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    45That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    46For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

    That means God still blesses all men but eternity is a bit different. Make the right choice all.

    Wel Frank I gotta leave, as much as you dont believe in God (thought you will) i can bet you will thank God that I’m going, heee heee!!

    But like the Terminator “I’ll BE BACK”

    Thank you guys for allowing me to share.

    One love and God bless to all!!!

  413. I will be sorry to see Carlos move on even for half a season…we have some fantastic players coming through for next season and the season after and he is surely the front runner in terms of readiness…..difficult stuff this management business…holding these guys together.

  414. How are WBA doing, Passenal….more to the point what sort of football are they playing?

  415. I saw WBA a few times when Tony Brown was playing for them

  416. Paul N

    I respect your faith and your opinions, but I believe very strongly that you are trampling over boundaries with your references to your religion.

    You have slowly been cranking up your faith-based posts and I fear that because you have not been pulled up on it, you think it’s ok.

    IMO it is not. How would you like it if followers of other religions came on here and started patronising you?

    Would a satanist be welcome to spout his own mantras (if they have them)? If they were what type of blog would we end up with.

    I think it is important that we stick to football and personal insults without bringing religion into the picture.

    I think we can all see just how much organised religion is contributing to the “brotherhood of man”.

  417. Team for tomorrow.

    Eboué Gallas Djourou Silvestre
    Denilson Song Diaby Eboué
    Bendtner Eboué

    That should scare the life out of those ‘guesers.
    Sleep well all.

  418. Frank,

    I’m not Passenal, but if I may:
    as far as I remember WBA used to be called Arsenal of Championship last season because of the way they play the football. However, they are dangeroulsy close to the relegation, which is shame, because it’d be very good to have another side playing the football the way it’s supposed to be played. I feel quite sorry for this Tony Mowbray guy (um..remind me of mowbray pork pie..)

  419. Re Vela going on loan
    I suppose it’s a possibility, since Eduardo will need games, and he and Vela are similar players…but I’m betting Vela won’t go anywhere. He, Wilshere and Ramsey are special, Wenger will want to supervise their development very closely.

  420. dkgooner
    You’ve got Eboue and Eboue’s evil twin playing. 🙂

  421. And their cousin from a parallel universe.
    D’oh. I get it now.

  422. Team for tomorrow:


    James (son of Zebedee)


    James (son of Alphaeus)


    Simon the Zealot
    Judas Iscariot

  423. We have so many forwards this year…if only we had them all last year. I am still very excited about this season…. so much to play for…and I hope Carlos Vela is part of it. Apart from anything else he never stops smiling.

  424. I agree with your post, Ian Dolent.

    “I think it is important that we stick to football and personal insults without bringing religion into the picture.”

    I like that.

    If you preach at the wrong time, it is more likely to cause resentment than conversion.

  425. Team for tomorrow:



    James Son of Zebedee
    James Son of Alphaeus
    Simon the Zealot



    Judas Iscariot

  426. “I think it is important that we stick to football and personal insults without bringing religion into the picture.”

    Hence my attempt to change the subject back to football. We all have our personal beliefs outside of football, but what brings us together here is the love of the Arsenal (or at least it should be!).

    I could see Arsene loaning players to WBA as they do try to play football, but I think Carlos, Jack and Aaron are not the type of players Arsene would loan out as he wants to develop them in house like he did with Theo. A lot of people were clamouring for Theo to go out on loan, but Arsene knew better. It’s a shame he’s injured because we miss his pace to frighten a few defenders!

  427. Only four subs, Muppet?

  428. Agree with Pasesnal on loaning prospects. I think Vela played in a very competitive league already, Ramsey played in a lower division and Jack is just too precious to let go 🙂 I would be guarding him day & night.

  429. Well, yeah, it’s a difficult one, the apostles are 12, and then there is Jesus. I’m not sure if God had a football team in mind; perhaps I should have included Bergkamp and Henry up front and left a couple of apostles on the bench to make it 6.

  430. You forgot the the Holly Spirit Muppet?

  431. @Muppet

  432. Gunner4Ever,

    Touché. In that case, Father Xmas as well, along with a couple of Reindeer.

  433. “Jack is just too precious to let go 🙂 I would be guarding him day & night.”

    Grimandi recently described him as having been ‘born with the club’s shirt on his back’. Let’s hope so as he cannot sign a professional contract until his 17th birthday on 1st Jan. What a birthday present to get though!

  434. This coming Jan 1st?

  435. Yep, as in mere weeks away!

  436. Did you see Adebayor ruffling Jack’s hair just before the restart on Saturday? Seems like they get on well. It was a really cute cameo. Jack looked so tiny and urchin-like next to the giant EA.

  437. Well, that’s not so far….so we hopefully will keep him forever 🙂

    I didn’t see that FunGunner, it’s must have been cute.

    By the way did any one see the Wigan game through Fox Soccer Chanel, I want to know who were the commentators…I swear one of them hates Arsenal so so much…It was unbelievable.

  438. I missed that FunGunner – sounds cute though! The first team seem very supportive of the youngsters from what I read and see.

  439. I don’t think we have any mean players…except for one I will not mention his name 🙂

  440. “The first team seem very supportive of the youngsters from what I read and see.”

    It does seem that way. Which is lovely.

  441. Yeah, they’re like big brothers and little brothers – very much the family atmosphere they all talk about.

  442. MUPPET. Mugabe is in goal,Blair and Brown, Cameron and Tutu are the back 4, Chavez is in midfield with Putin alongside him, Castro and Sarkozy are up front with Livingstone and Johnson on the wings

  443. Brilliant one @9:07 pm Muppet!

    I’m still chuckling!

  444. “After the game, everyone is entitled to have an opinion. We accept any opinion at the club and are open to everyone’s opinion.

    “But no matter what happens you still want your fans to be behind the team during the 90 minutes.

    “I believe they [the fans] have been swayed by the scepticism from the media which has affected their belief, which can have consequences on the team.

    “I believe that they are lucky to have an extremely young team with a magnificent talent who can do extremely well.”

    You tell them Arsene!

  445. “I respect your faith and your opinions, but I believe very strongly that you are trampling over boundaries with your references to your religion.”

    What are these grounds I am trampling on, I ask you to read Acts in the bible and you will see that that is exactly what the desciples did to the point of being stoned and went back and preached again with no fear. these men questioned the faith of their fathers, never mind coming on a football blog.

    Ian, this is what Jesus said.

    Matthew 24:9 (King James Version)
    Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

    Mark 13:13 (King James Version)
    And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

    You have slowly been cranking up your faith-based posts and I fear that because you have not been pulled up on it, you think it’s ok.

    Ian the truth is always ok, I am not forcing it on you, reject it, bypass my posts – its only out of love Bro.

    “How would you like it if followers of other religions came on here and started patronising you?”

    I would not care I would just tell them what I have written on this blog. People have tried and I reject it because I know the truth. I am not offended by someones beliefs at all.

    Poliziano – where do you want me to preach, I know none of you guys, this is the only place I can do it. The sin would be if I was on here everyday and never told you what I am saying.

    Do you resent me or do you disagree.

    I am sorry that you are offended but I am accountable to God at the end of the day and not man.

    This is about life and death and it is never out of place.

    Matthew 28:19-20 (New International Version)
    19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

    This is why i did this today but I through, maybe God had me come on here for this alone.

    This is no attempt to offend anyone here, I had to do it.

    I love you guys dearly – be blessed in all things.

  446. @ Paul N

    “This is about life and death and it is never out of place.”
    That’s a matter of opinion.
    I agree with Ian Dolent. I appreciate that you are very enthusiastic about your faith, and you want to pass it on to others as a gift, but this really isn’t the place to do it. Why not start your own blog? This blog belongs to YW. And if you were made so uncomfortable by the rifts caused by Eboogate, just think how much more painful you would find a potentially divisive and contentious debate on religion?

    Also – excuse my bluntness – by preaching, you are not telling us anything new. Christianity has been disseminated throughout the world for nearly 2,000 years, and people are already aware of its essential message, should they choose to investigate it further. In this context, if you continue to proselytise when people have made it clear they are not interested, you risk coming across like a salesman, which would hardly do justice to your beliefs. At best, you would be ignored.

  447. Ok Paul N, I was going to do this earlier but I stopped myself.

    You are really taking this so far with your bible studies. I think the majority of us don’t want to hear you preaching…(I think Jesus would have respected that and moved on).

    So please, don’t force your religion on me, I’m not interested in it. If you think Jesus will be mad at us, we will talk to him and we don’t need you in between ok.

    We don’t need your blessings, if we need blessing we can ask our Gods directly without any help from you or any one else.

    I respect you and your religion, so please don’t force me not to.












  449. Forcing? G4E

    You have it wrong, I have only written it, I am forcing nothing at all.

    And no you are wrong, people did not want to hear Jesus, it is the reason why he was killed, he offended many. he did not stop talking because he knew what he was saying was about life or death.

    Most people who get saved, never wanted anything to do with Chrisianity.

    If someone writes something and I respond why are you uspet with me.

    FunGun, I have no other place to pass it on to you.

    My work here is done, no more from me.

    have a blessed life all!

  450. “One’s religion is whatever one is most consumed by……” Joseph Addison


  451. G4E, I think the commentator you were talking about was Tony Gale.

  452. I see Inter have finished 2nd in their group – who wants to bet that if we finish top we draw them in the next round?

  453. Muppet if Mugabe is in goal do you think our home crowd would boo him as it now seems to be a pastime

  454. And from the East a pilgrim came – he spoke with French tongue and was a mystery, a cloak of thought to the Anglo Saxons

    He spoke of Green grass and rolling ball and triumvirates of silky passes

    And cast down the serpent High Ball and smote its evil back upon the ground

    And married carefully the velvet glove to the iron fist and the marriage was of a higher order – and carried all before it in waves

    And the crowns of the lords of the FA and the premier were joined and rested twice in the halls of marble

    So it came to pass……and those that worshipped him whispered his name in silent reverence – and the name given him was a magnificent one – they called him VENG GUR and it burnt itself in the mind of the Purple Nose Lord of the North

  455. One strong centre half to rule them……..one strong midfield destroyer…..to bring them all and in the darkness bind them……..







  457. @ alanG
    lol lol
    You’re a rara avis, aren’t you?

  458. PAULN Is this Mathew related to Stanley Mathews?

  459. Thanks Steve, he is an idiot. I wish there is a way I can really tell him what I think of him.


    Is Inter the one coached by Mouninho?

  460. Ha Ha Alang – isn’t that the Red Nose Lord of the North though….

    Solgooner – I think Mugabe would be booed anywhere regardless of position.

  461. Where is Frank, I hope he didn’t down the whole bottle of red wine….Frank? Frank!!

  462. “Is Inter the one coached by Mouninho?


  463. “Is Inter the one coached by Mouninho?


    And Arsene did not get a chance to beat the special needs one while he was here so we owe him

  464. I had a few nice glasses earlier of Felton Road Pinot Noir from the central Otago plain of the South Island, New Zealand.

    Look out for it – a bit pricey but one of the greatest examples of Pinot Noir in the World today….beast even most of the French in my view….

  465. Thanks again Steve 🙂 I don’t watch Italian Serie A but I would think they are playing a sucking defensive football which doesn’t go well with us?

  466. Frank would like it………… classy, silky and notes of cherries and figs…..just like him….

  467. We now have the ex spurs manager at real madrid so if we win our group we could met him or maureen yo

  468. Maybe it’s our time to beat the “Needy” one?

  469. alanG

    Pray continue the tale of Frodogas the Hobbit, and his faithful friends Samir Gamgee, Pereira “Pippin” Denilson…and er, the other one.

  470. Fungunner

    It’s a trilogy – soon to commence. Good character outlines though…..can I use them? You know I think that our midfield is light. Now the reason is clear ….. we are signing descendants of the hobbits…..

  471. Wenger v The Weedy One.
    Bring it on.

  472. “and er, the other one.” that would be Alex ‘Merry’ Song

  473. “You know I think that our midfield is light. Now the reason is clear ….. we are signing descendants of the hobbits…..”

    But lest you forget alanG, the hobbits were the heroes in the end. They were the only ones strong enough not to be seduced by the power of the ring and destroyed Sauron and his evil empire!

  474. @alanG

    The Hobbits may not be all tall and handsome and floaty-haired like the Elves, but they win in the end, don’t they, eh?
    With a bit of help from the wizard Ven Gur, of course.

    And they run rings round the Orcs.

  475. “that would be Alex ‘Merry’ Song”

    ..That just doesn’t sound right, does it?

    Emmanuel “Merry” Eboue. Yep, that’s it.

  476. I agree FunGunner – Emmanuel ‘Merry’ Eboue – it goes better with his personality.

  477. “Frank would like it………… classy, silky and notes of cherries and figs…..just like him….”

    And the merest hint of arse whistle, perchance?

  478. Isn’t this the best and funniest blog? I hardly read any other 🙂

  479. Well, it’s certainly my favourite.

    Mind you, I bet all the other blogs congratulate themselves on how witty/insightful/original their contributions are, as well!*

    Anyway. Good night.

  480. ThArsenalWay.com

    You are a star Muppet.

  481. You are all stars…the late show was excellent…..mine was a simple Cotes Du Rhone, AlanG…more suited to my purse…the wagon and stall are a work of love…I have a family and a horse to feed….the outlay on all the Turkish Arse Whistles in Istanbul was enormous…with the unexpected hygiene issues foisted upon us by in my opinion an overzealous and mithering State.

    Still trying to work out how to use these f***ing wings….nearly broke my beck last night….until a contrived to build a headlight (literally) from one of the headbands and a torch.

  482. Paul N

    Keep up the good work.

    God Bless

  483. …forgot to say…..


    Going to be great tonight…oh yes

    Oh and….

    Arsene Wenger…theres only wan Arsene Wenger….wan Arsene Weeennngggeeerr…theres only wan Arsene Weennggeeerr….

  484. Drank my wine with one of my favourite wives last night…..well THE favourite wife…well actually THE wife…only got one…………..I think she has more than one husband though….keeps disappearing for long periods of time…don’t think I am the favourite one either…..must try harder….these wings might make a difference though…quite swanky actually…specially with Captains headband and torch on…..

  485. You guys are funny!! keep up the jokes and Frank good luck with the wings. dont go too far up though, the wax may melt and of all places you might land in the tombchamber called the lane. In which case you just need to say a word and send the spuds scampering into their crevices – VENGUR VENGUR

  486. Vela could be Frodo – he looks a bit like that actor Elijah someone

  487. Ooh no….don’t want to land there, jayman…..I am practicing so that I can sit on the roof of New Highbury…might even flutter round to some of the stands with my whistle in and get the singing going….not to speak of sitting on the crossbar when the opposition have a penalty…should put em off…and if I get nimble enough I might possibly make a great save….I can tell you now that there is nothing in the rules about a winged person saving a penalty…it would be no goal..no question….

    I think BJ that Mark Randall could be Legolamb…I mean Legolas

  488. Paul N,
    I think contributors to an Arsenal blog should keep discussion focused on Arsenal. Imagine if someone who was supposed to give a Bible reading in church instead gave a sermon on Arsene Wenger. I think the meekest of Christians would find a few negative words for such a person.

    I think you need to use judgement in selecting the occasion for discussing your faith:

    “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

  489. …now what sort of language is that, Poliziano?

  490. Comparing arsenal to lord of the rings…deep.
    Cesc’s=Frodo rest=fellowship,
    RVP could pass off as an Elf, may silvestre too. & Ade could be one of those walking trees!

    i gotta say though we do look rather on the small side across the midfield, so a ‘hobbitt midfield’ ain’t too inaccurate a description

    anyway, hope the youngsters have a decent game tonight, & Eduardo gets a run out.

  491. I think that Carlos should be Pippin…if only becuase I have never written ‘Pippin’ before….now I have written it twice and I really like it…..Pippin, Pippin..Pippin….yep

    Piiipppiiinnn….theres only wan Pippin…theres only wan Pippin….theres only wan Pippin…Pppiiiippppiiinnn…

  492. I thought a pippin was a kind of apple.

  493. Ohhh have I got it wrong….I haven’t read the wretched book for hundreds of years….is there a Cox in it…oh know that is a Pippin isn’t it…what about Granny Smith…can Carlos be Granny Smith is she in the book?

  494. I don’t mean know that that is a Pippin…as in a command..I am not that bossy…I meant oh no, that is a Pippin…sort of sudden discovery

  495. http://anotherarsenalblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/campaign-of-misinformation.html

    It achieved nothing and it actually has a negative effect on the whole team, not just eboue.

    The justifications for it are also inconsistent, dishonest and foolish.

    Well said Yogi.

  496. I think we need to choose sides soon…AW is taking up his sword against the plastics, the Haw Haws and the Anti-support allied with the media………Sauron’s forces if ever there were any………..Stand behind the club, stand behind the players and stand behind AW…now is the time

  497. What’s the meaning of the stuff about van Persie’s chocolate leg on Arseblog? There are plenty of chocolate legs at Arsenal (much to Howard’s chagrin), but they don’t belong to van Persie. Is it some kind of Dutch figure of speach?

  498. Yes…he explained it….in Holland chocolate leg is your weeker leg…for most it is their left leg and obviously for him it is his right…far from shirking though he tries to use his right at every opportunity and has scored two goals with it this year. Most people think he is more left-footed than a right footed player is right–footed…but most people are right-footed and to them kicking with a left foot looks odd….you know people are just f***ing stupid 98% of the time…really stupid…all of us.

  499. Going back to an earlier discussion: Why not refuse to renew the season tickets of people who fail to take their seats or make them available to others a certain number of times?

    Do the same for people who leave early more than a certain number of times.

  500. i for one am glad tha Djourou(spelling) has had this extended run in the team as a) he’s got real quality & is of the age now where he needs regular football to further improve, & more importantly b) his style is different to galls/toure/silvstere, & u need that to make a good partnership..ala ferdinand vidic, our recent defensive ‘grindouts’ have been more very promising for times ahead!!!

  501. Good idea in principle, Poliziano.

    Not sure about the leaving early bit, though. I think that might be too heavy handed. Better to rely on peer pressure for that one.

    I would say – if you don’t show up AND don’t use the ticket exchange more than a certain number of times, you lose your season ticket for the rest of THAT YEAR. In effect, it goes into the ticket exchange for the rest of the season, but you could have first option to renew it the next year if you wanted to. Not sure what should happen if you went over the limit of no-shows on the last game of the season, though.

    But some rule along those lines would really concentrate minds. It would be an opportunity for disillusioned or disaffected fans to walk away, guilt-free. Trouble is some of them sound like masochists – they hate everything about the club, they resent the cost of going to matches and generally have a miserable time when they are there…but they insist on going, perhaps because they feel they have to? Tradition? Loyalty?

    @ Mo – yeah, he does complement the other centrebacks very well. 10 games, 9 clean sheets, 1 goal conceded and it was an own goal. By JD.

  502. A weird type of lyalty if they go to boo the team, FunGunner.

    Are you a Catholic, Paul N?

    I’d bet no. He sounds like one of those born again christians.

    Ian the truth is always ok, I am not forcing it on you, reject it, bypass my posts – its only out of love Bro.

    You can’t prove your faith message is true in any way. (and please don’t answer this by quoting scripture, because it’s circular logic of the worst kind) It’s just a book written 1900 years ago (and more in some parts, such as those that call to stone people to death that you quoted) that you believe has lots of truth in it, but actually people have been defending this idea for centuries and been proved wrong in their conclusions several times. I know you won’t agree with this by making some kind of rationalization (“this people are blind to the truth of God, they need help, they are just in denial”, etc., but actually we think it’s the opposite way round ;)) but I guess it would be disrespectful to the blog to start a huge argument on the subject where I (and I’m sure many people more like me) can make my points more clear.

  503. Someone might already have suggested this, but: Why not let season ticket holders take a season out, but give them first refusal for a ticket the following season. A season ticket at Arsenal is expensive, and a scheme like this would help them decide whether they are getting value for money.

    Football isn’t a religion, and no one would think the worse of someone for deciding a season ticket is no longer a priority.

    Sado-masochists I think. The two usually go together. What was the booing of Eboue but mass-sadism?

  504. Maybe they think such a scheme is risky for their business, Passenal. It would be good for the club, though, I agree. But maybe it’s business to have people captive with the way season ticket queues work today.

  505. Oops, sorry, not Passenal. I meant Poliziano.

  506. Muppet – Laughed out loud – classic, esp. Judas as a sub..

  507. I wouldn’t be surprised if Judas tackled its own players and then gave the ball to the opposition. And to think people complain about Eboué…

  508. Fungunner, wow i didnt know the stats were THAT good.

    & btw im DEF with you lot on that ticket policy, i’ve been to the grove a few times & after i got over it all…(the first time i was awestruck for about half an hour) i had one aim only….& that was to come back come having lost my voice…& not from shouting AT the players either.

  509. Isn’t pippin the dimunitive rabbit in Watership Down ? The one that can foretell the future ?

  510. OK, Mo…that does it for me…I am calling him Pippin from now…even if I am the only person in the entire New Highbury shouting for Pippin. Might wake some of the stiffs near me up…….

    ‘Pippin is useless….don’t know what Wenger sees in him….f***ing foreigner keeping the English kids out….wimp as well…no pace….can’t play defensive midfield…which one is this Pippin anyway?’

  511. Naaah…I meant Muppet……eh Muppet wasn’t that Fiver?

  512. Oh yeah… it was.. of course. Probably getting my rabbits mixed up with hobbits.

  513. I like some of your ideas about season ticket holders who don’t turn up, Poliziano and FG….easy to implement…but probably not popular…especially to the Haw Haws and Anti support

    The early leavers will be a problem for ever unless we get a grip of it. The Club need to help with notices in the programme….around the bar areas…at the entrances…..and announcements….your players need you….other supporters are having enjoyment of the game disrupted etc….the Police need to help…maybe they could do a concert at the end of the game….no I mean the other Police…they are just making it more and more difficult to get away from the ground…they are opportunists and have taken the opportunity to block off all the exit roads in the name of Health and Safety…f***ing rubbish.

    Anyway we should cut through all this…just put a couple of snipers on the roof and take a couple of early leavers out….they will soon learn…not the dead ones of course…but the others will.

  514. as they going, 10 minutes before the end, What we need to do is sing a song, very loudly….

    # walk alone, walk alone
    # go home, go home
    # fair weather fans, for you’ll always
    # walk alone, walk alone

    # walk through a storm
    # hold your head in shame
    # be afraid of the dark
    # At the end of a storm is a black sky

    # Walk on, walk on with nothing in your heart
    # And you’ll always walk alone,
    # don’t come back
    # Walk on, walk on with nothing in your heart

    etc.. etc…

  515. Well you are a veritable librettist, Muppet…and no mistakin..by jove I say you are……what a star…where I sit there will only be two of us singing it…but from small acorns etc etc

  516. At the next home game…that song will be most appropriate of course Muppet…well done…if you see scuffles breaking out in the West Upper…you will know that direct action is being taken…

  517. Actually if managed carefully this could be quite good…10 minutes into the game we could all shift seats and make patterns….like crop circles….might be able to spell ‘f*** off’ or ‘Pippin’ or ‘Eboue’ or something like that…..the blokes will want to do a c*** and balls but that is not on really is it?

  518. please..leave me welllllll out of this! lol

  519. agree on the song muppet…even though i might put in a few choice words myself…& mine prob wont rhyme either…

  520. They might find it hard to do a realistic c***.

    Oh, you meant a c***. Sorry!

  521. Just read some fantastic comments from supporters on a number of sites….there really is a polarisation of support bginnig to happen. The dsiturbing fact is that there are an awful lot of Haw Haws and Anti-support out there…I am shocked at some of the comments absolutely shocked……but these are more than counter-balanced by fantastic messages of support for Eboue, AW and the Club.

    One extraordinary thought…which has been aired by someone already on ACLF…is that we might be better off dropping a few places…the Haws Haws and Antisupport will drop off then……I don’t want that to happen to us at all and I believe that this squad is quite extraordinary including Eboue…but it is going to be very,very difficult to beat these f***ers…really really difficult….what the hell is happening….how did our support become so bloody rotten.

  522. For three home games now the manager has explicitly…and this is important becuase AW rarely does this…explicitly asked for support from the home supporters…each time more earnestly….this has culminated in him having to deal with the media to try to explain why we…yes WE…are so f***ing rotten…three times he asked and three times we refused to listen…and on the last occasion …we stayed silent all game and then booed a player almost to the point of destrcution……don’t tell me that this has happened before…no it has not…we are the laughing stock of the football world…we will be pariahs when players are considering joining us…we have a club known for its class…our manager has class…and so do the young guys who play for him…but we don’t have class….we might as well be watching executions ….we might as well be watching a cock fight……each one of us has become like Madame Defarge (go and f***ing look it up)….we are classless…without sophistication….we are fools……we are not football supporters…and we are not Arsenal supporters…….

  523. WE have one last chance to prove thatwe can be Arsenal Supporters…one last chance…this season…we are in last chance saloon now….not the team…not the manager…..US…at the end of this season if we don’t shape up it will be all over…the players will go..not one or two but 5,6,7,8….AW will go first……the shareholders who have some vestige of emotional attachment to the Club may try to hang on…but ultimately it will be sold…becuase most of them don’t have that attachment…..this is the end game….and we have a part to play…this is our very last chance…..somehow and I have no idea how we have to transmute tens of thousands of morons into Arsenal supporters…..I reckon we have six months to do this at most. Six months.

  524. I’ve always thought of myself as a Sydney Carton. Until the end – I couldn’t identify with him after that.

    Come on Arsenal.

  525. It’s funny because I was going to say that I have Great Expectations for young pip.

    They’ll do us proud tonight!

  526. Completely lost his head at the end…..I think they will too…

  527. …I mean do us proud…not lose their heads

  528. …wish I was there….

  529. frank y dont we just call it ‘Our Stadium’ ??

  530. yogi has gone part time!!

    there’s only one emanual eboueeee!!

  531. Yep that works for me, chkmiaot…

  532. Well I am sure that YW has a living to make, family to bring up etc etc…but we are helping him out aren’t we?…with pleasure….


  533. Tried to fly to Porto under my own steam this morning…you know the new wings that PaulN wished upon me……absolute disaster….OK until I got to the Channel….all very well to be able fly ….albeit badly….but no instruments, no compass, no sextant…nothing…landed on Sark in the end…having an election you know…..ran me off the island…shocking people…booed me off the island…bit like the Haw Haws and Antisupport…said they hated men with wings….Big Al will know why….anyway I had to turn back….left me scarf behind…never know in generations to come there might be a tradition of Arsenal Supporters from Sark all because this birdman….I know dream on…..

    Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…..Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaa all….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…..Arsenal…..ARSENAL

  534. What’d be really good is if the away support gave Eboue a standing ovation.. would love that!!
    Think how it would lift the team… but don’t know if you can stand up in Porto.. Find it hard enough, personally…

  535. how bout shutting the gates n making early leavers pay 20pounds to leave…

  536. you know.. money talks n all that…

  537. Good point, chkmiaot… or leave early ten times and you forfeit your ticket to someone who actually WANTS to be there.. won’t work ofcourse ~ just a point tho’ – having lived in Japan alot i went to my local team (Urawa Reds) and they not only didn’t leave early..they stayed behind and picked up litter! Weird, but kind of cool, too.

  538. Well if you make it known that you have left a few tenners around in the litter it might work

  539. Cmon Arsenal…we can do it tonight

    Eeebbbooouuuee wowo….Eeeebbbooouueee…wowowowo…he comes from the Ivory Coast….he plays for Arsenal….eeebbboooouuueee…wowo

  540. Flint McCullough

    Perhaps if part of the ticket price was an attendance deposit to be taken off the next season’s charge.

    Traps on the seats for booers, or ejection seats, like the fighter planes.

  541. I bet those ejection seats are expensive.

  542. Maybe when they start leaving, the other should chant something to embarrass them?

  543. What about:

    You’re not singing
    You’re not singing
    You’re not singing anymore
    You’re not singing anymore

  544. Or maybe:
    You’re not booing
    You’re not booing
    You’re not booing anymore
    You’re not booing anymore

  545. Something to that effect Poliziano….maybe our Chant Chief of Staff….Frank can come up with something
    (Hopefully it involved my favorite Click…Click…Click)

  546. Go on now go
    Walk out the door
    Just turn around now
    ‘Cause you’re not welcome anymore
    Weren’t you the ones who tried to break us with your sighs?
    Who used to grumble?
    Who used to tell a load of lies?

    I think we could make the whole stadium blush with that one.

  547. Awesome Poliziano…really Awesome. I like that.

  548. You’re shit, and you know you are
    You’re shit, and you know you are
    You’re shit, and you know you are
    You’re shit, and you know you are

  549. Just add clickclickclick to that Poliziano……and you have it…brilliant ideas

    Dadadadadaaaah… dadadadadadada…clickclickclick

    We are hip we are cool (except for the supporters) we are Arsenal and we rule pheeppheeppheeppheeep…pheeppheeppheeeep….pheepphep…clickclickclick



    Good luck everyone…..

    Only waaan eboooeybooey…only waaaan ebooeybooey…..

    Here we go…Here we go….Here we go..clickclickclick

  550. people go on about bendtners pink boots but what the fuk are the pink bibs all about?

    did someone mix them up with the home kits!!

  551. silvestre is a manc still!!!

  552. What is going on? 2-0 down? I don’t have access to the game…are we playing sh*t?

  553. Pat Rice’s face said it all at half time, dreadful performance so far.

  554. G4E,

    It’s not a pretty sight. Arsenal haven’t created any chances in the 2nd half, and Porto nearly went 3-0 up. Arsenal can’t hold on to the ball and Porto have the majority of the possession.

    Wilshere and Gibbs have come on, but every time Arsenal attack they give the ball away.

    I don’t think anybody is having a good game.

  555. Thanks for the update Vet & Muppet.

    I just hope we don’t concede more 😦

  556. Just hearing it on Five live.. heard ‘turgid, awful, useless and totally unacceptable’ so far…
    ..hate that negativity. Referee has seemed shit, too, but nothing compared to the Porto-loving 5 live wankers. Eboue prevented a goal !!

  557. Our players just completely lack any sort of determination.

  558. So where are the ‘top, top quality’ recruited from abroad that we were promised because English players are crap?

    Diaby, Bendtner, Eboue are all useless and must be deported back home.

    Arsene Wenger is gradually destroying the Arsenal as we know it like Brian Clough did to the Forest.

    Instead of scouting players in the premiership, championship and even league 1 to look for players to replace Keown, Adams, Bould, Sol and the rest he chose to recruit foreign players on the massive scale. The result is Arsenal being weak year in and year out.

    Do Arsenal fans deserve this? To be fed with no-good foreigners after paying the highest ticket prices in the UK.

    When he managed teams in Japan and France he didn’t destroy the team by recruiting foreigners only so why England?

  559. guys

    I have to say this…our players did not want the ball!!! absolutly shot of confidence.

    come on the arse!!!

  560. bendtner should be booed not eboue

  561. eboue’s friend…

    you will be pleased to know it already happened at the emirates last week when his name was read out!!

  562. It looks like the players are still suffering from the effect of the boo-bullies.

  563. Howard,

    Er.. when did we ever go to somewhere like Porto and come away with a win ? The commentator just mentioned that Porto have never lost to english opposition at home in the CL.

    Your comments are ludicrous. You clearly know nothing about sport. Since when does a 2-0 defeat to pretty illustrious european opposition, on their ground, amount to a collapse on the scale of Forest ?

    You are a waste of space with no respect for the opposition. Why don’t you go and spout your drivel elsewhere.

  564. Haw Haw….take a walk in Hyde Park maybe you will meet Paul N there….you two would make a good duet.

    Not sure why we always try to make it harder on ourselves? I guess we are in the next round anyways, but now we may get a stronger team.

  565. I don’t think Howard is much like Paul N.

  566. Well you know…it was never going to be an easy game..but with 9 first team players out against Portos’ best it was probably an impossible task…particularly with our supporters. However, we had a number of teenagers playing and we played better in the last twenty minutes.

    I would read nothing into that game…..all the games will be difficult next round.

    My prediction is that we beat Middlesboro on Saturday. We go through into the quarter finals of Europe………..and Porto don’t.

  567. Oh just ignore Haw Haw…he is harmless….poor chap.

  568. Brian Clough was the one who built Forest to win the league several times and the European cup.

    I can see Arsene Wenger following Brian Clough talking points and destroying the Arsenal eventually.

    He’s built an Arsenal of foreign players with no love for the club but money. Money taken from poor English fans by way of high ticket prices and merchandise sales.

    The sad thing is that the players are just useless and not fit to wear the jersey.

    I now realise that Jay Simpson is better than Bendtner so why is he not being given a chance? Another local boy to be sold soon?

  569. I’m a bit disappointed tbh; however, there is no guarantee that we’ll have an easier draw by topping the group. So, chin up everyone!!

    would you please write your post in bold or CPITAL LETTERS or even red? That way, I’ll be able to skip past your comments more easily.
    Many thanks in advance.

  570. Howard are you married?

  571. Poliziano,

    Haw Haw can preach English superiority &
    Paul can preach the bible….I think they’re both very similar not in the subject they preach but the way they go about it.
    I agree Frank, I always say if you reach the 16 then all teams are strong. Some just have stronger history & reputation than others.

    No worries, I just hoped they don’t lose…but C’est La Vie (Execuse my French again Haw Haw)

  572. Howard,

    Strange demise then, after just beating the 2 best teams in Europe, Man U and Chelsea (CL finalists). Do you think that we’ll start our descent after we beat Liverpool and then another top european side ?

  573. Howard,

    You are making a lot of sense. At least you say it objectively. This team is crap from Attitude to desire down to strenght and technique. And the coach is crap as well!

  574. Paul N is a faithful Arsenal fan, so we perhaps ought to stress the differences between him and Howard rather than the similarities.

  575. howard

    why dont you go and worry about whether your details were among those that were leaked!!

  576. Agree on that side of the coin Poliziano. 🙂

  577. I also agree with poliziano!!

  578. The trolls seem to be breeding!

    Draw for 1st KO round – Friday 19/12 12.00 CET
    Possible opponents:

    Let’s see who we get for Xmas.

  579. Watched the whole 90

    Very poor disjointed performance. Porto are no great shakes and we made them look good

    Hardly a shot on target
    Bendter did not pass to an Arsenal colleague all night

    Silvestre was appalling at left back – pace gone. On several occassions he simply left the man go and jogged after him as he knew he had no pace.
    Could Wenger not have rang his new pal Alex and asked him had Silvestres pace gone?

    Gallas has no pace left either – several times he too was left for dead. Juvenetus are supposedly in town to wrap up his signing – methinks put a big bow on him and let him on his way…..

    This is a season for frustrating peformances

    A porto midfield of seasoned european pros against a callow mdfield of Song, Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby. Result?

    Wenger did not care about the game – he never got off the bench once.

    This game was about resting players – true. But the first team hopefuls that came in would be expected to produce a competitive performance. In the last 20, Porto should have took the score to 5-0 but for criminal finishing.

    It’s a wake up call for some of our squad players as to the level of skill, intensity and intelligence needed for a top level European game and many, on this evidence are a million miles away from it.

  580. It was always going to be tough with a makeshift and inexperienced team. But losing 2- 0 to a strong Porto side is not the end of the world. We were already qualified and Arsene really had no choice but to rest key players for the more important game on Saturday. People who think we should play our best team and go all out to win meaningless games are living in cloud cookoo land. We don’t have the resources of Chelsea (who struggled to even qualify from their group despite their so called ‘strength in depth’).

    Also, some people were clamouring for some of the younger players to be given a chance in the PL. Well now you have seen why Arsene doesn’t throw them in the deep end, but he allows them to gain experience in competitive, but not crucial games. It makes sense to me. They have really learned a lot and what have we really lost? The way things are shaping up in the groups, whether we came 1st or 2nd we were going to face tough opposition and we all know the bigger the team the better we play.

  581. The hatred for English players is what is destroying the club.

    Arsene Wenger sold Upson and kept Senderos

    He’s keeping Rosicky who will be 30 in March, even though its not possible he’ll ever play high energy football again.

  582. alanG: “Bendtner did not pass to an Arsenal colleague all night”

    Didn’t see anything after first 25 mins when my stream went down, but I remember clearly Bendtner passing to Ramsey who produced a shot that the keeper tipped around the post.
    Still, we all have our blindspots.
    Mine’s Eboué.

  583. Frank

    I agree – this game was always going to be a long shot with so many changes and the positive side is that its out of the way, we are through and some of teh potential second placed group teams we could have faced might have been harder

    It will be worth it if we win at Boro

    We absolutely must win at Boro to really start to build a PL momentum again.

    What worries me though is the old adage that football form is about sequences of games. One games form runs into another. Even though last season we chucked the games Old Trafford in the FA Cup and Seville in the last group game when qualified, these results seeped into and sapped the collective confidence of the Squad

  584. Just a small point of detail Howard…although I also admired Brian Clough…those good old days are surely gone….Forest only won the league once with him in charge…not several times old son. Wenger has won it er…er…well…I think you know how many times don’t you?

  585. Howard – The hatred for foreign players is what is destroying your brain.


    Useless the lot of them, eh?

  586. Hatred for English players….Wenger brought on Wilshere, Gibbs and Randall…all teenagers…no-one brings on teenagers in a European Game….especially English ones…but AW brought on three….very audacious Sorry you really must start to get your facts right old chum.

  587. I know you guys don’t have alot of time for people on the other site…. but you’ve got Howard. Now that’s scary.

  588. Wow! How did Howard get to be the only person who knows Rosicky’s real date of birth?

  589. I do hope though that some squad strengthening is possible in January. Anyone who’s good enough, even if they’re from Outer Mongolia.

  590. Passenal, spot on once again.

    @ alanG –
    yes, a disappointing night, but
    “This game was about resting players – true.”

    Wasn’t Adebayor the only player rested? I thought all the others had minor or moderate injuries. And Walcott is out, Eduardo is not back yet. Not to mention Rosicky.

  591. If he was an Arsenal supporter he might know the answer Frank, but I suspect he isn’t.

    This season very much feels like growing pains, while the team finds it’s feet. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of patience around. The way some people are going on you would think we were in the relegation places in the PL and not comfortably qualified for the CL knockout phase.

    By the way some good news our under 18’s team are through to the next round of the FA youth cup after beating a strong Aston Villa team 3 – 2.

  592. Dk Gunner

    I know that you are Danish and have a soft spot for Bendter and he did pass to a team mate once or twice but

    As a lone striker expected to hold the ball up and bring his midfield 5 into play he was absolutely hopeless

    Maybe its not his game but a 6ft 4″ then what is his game or what will be his game? He lacks the pace and skill to be a lone front man who might make a goal out of nothing.

    In that case, we must hope that he uses his strenght and height in an intelligent way to bring others into the game but no evidence is emerging of this..

  593. Hard game to watch but….come Saturday it will be fine…thank goodness it is not a home game against Middlesboro…so we will have away advantage to continue our min-run…three on the bounce…little acorns! Then the difficult game against Liverpool……thankfully it is Liverpool so our home disadvantage should be counterballanced by their now useless supporters. Should be interesting to see which side has the crappest support.

  594. @ alanG

    Yes, it is about sequences, and we have to win on Saturday. But having said that, there wasn’t really any choice about who was in the squad. And if we were going to lose, better it was the second-stringers than the first team, because that would have damaged confidence much more.

  595. Diaby is tall but cannnot head a ball really. Why then is he put marking the Porto CB Alves which is their best header of a ball, for the first goal. Why didn’t Djourou, Gallas or bendter mark him?

    Diabys “attempt” to mark Alves for the corner for teh opening goal is comical! He looks at him, trys to hold onto him. Alves runs toward the goal and Diaby turns away from him. Whoops – Ball in teh net.

  596. I meant – “in the squad TODAY”.

  597. FunGunner, Ade was the only player officially ‘rested’ but had this been a ‘must win’ game, I’m sure some of the ‘minor’ injured would have played. Apparently RVP could have played, but Arsene decided not to risk him under the circumstances.

  598. good time to play boro…they have a defensive crisis so van persie and ade should rip them up!

  599. I think he calls himself something else on your site London…..surprised to see you here though…..thought you preferred the Haw Haws and Antisupporters?

  600. No Frank, I read your sit every day and thoroughly enjoy it.

  601. I’m not Danish – I’m from Bournemouth! I just live in Denmark and most of my football friends here think Bendtner’s crap. I still have time for him but only because he’s shown flashes of talent but I agree there is no consistency. He and Vela looked made for each other against Sheff Utd but that was then and this now. Wenger is giving him loads of chances and unfortunately for him, he’s not really taking them.
    There is no doubt that there is a different dynamic up front when Ade is playing.

  602. “Site” Three letter words are fine; it’s the four letter words we have such trouble with.

  603. Before people post saying I’m being negative as usual (you’re probably doing it as i’m wrting this……)

    I will say this;

    I didn’t expect much from the game when I saw the team but I watched it closely to look for signs of hope that some of our squaddies come potential first teamers are going in the right direction

    I watched to see little signs, like the desire, the basics of marking up at corners

    but al I saw was a lack of a professional approach and a couldn’t care less attitude.

    If they can throw the game and delete it from their mind fine – but its not that easy

  604. I think you should read absolutely mothing into the game today….except for the few positives……last 20 minutes…the confidence of Wilshere, Gibbs and later Randal was excellent. Vela improved when those guys came on….the fout plus Ramsey will have learned a huge amount this evening….no shame at all. We willl win on Saturday and also go through to the last 8 in Europe…regardless of the opposition…RvP and the big boys will not allow it to be any other way. Hope the first game of the tie is at home though….best to get the difficult game out of the way…we will have the advantage of very few supporters for the away leg.

  605. Oh well. Put this one down as one to learn from, then.

  606. Ah London – thought you’d left out an ‘h’

  607. You a Cherries supporter dkgooner?

  608. DK Gunner

    Sorry you’re not Danish

    I spent a weekend in Copenhagen a few years back. It was summer and waking on Stroget and having coffee on Nyhaven, I saw some fine blonde danish Women. Big 6 footers who I’d say would swing you around their shoulders in the old scratcher !

    Their Womens football team are good too……don’t think big NIC with his pink boots would get a game…..

  609. Problem for the guys tonight mentally may have been that it seemed clear from the squad selection that AW was not bothered about finishing first – and if he wasn’t, why should they be? Apart of course from making an impression on the boss.

  610. In European ties, I’ve always wondered why it’s supposed to be advantageous to play the second leg at home. Doesn’t it depend on how the first leg went?

  611. frank..lol
    bournmouth…its a sh*t hole, good job you got out.

  612. One positive from tonight Djourou is continuing to bed in and starting to look the part of a first teamer rather than someone who expects to be left out next game.

    If we can keep key players fit and get more defensive stability, I have a good feeling about Europe – perhaps a qtr or semi and then anything can happen with a bit of luck

  613. You actually think that a professional footballer of whatever age thinks ‘oh the Boss has picked me…he can’t be expecting to win then…I don’t think I will bother’ ?????

  614. Me no Dukegoonem…never been to Bournemouth in my llife…too posh for me.

  615. actually bournmouth has a nice forrest in it!

  616. Sorry FG I was being uncharacteristically facetious about our ‘supporters’.

  617. Probably thenicest European city that I have been in for its women was Helsinki in Finland

    More blond statuesque women (you see the theme developing…)

    Beautiful but very unassuming and down to earth.

  618. Still look for their results every Saturday Frank. Supported them as a boy – was there, such a wee thing – when they beat Spurs in the FA Cup before going out to the Busby babes – Tommy Taylor, Duncan Edwards, David Pegg et al.
    Now looks like they will vanish into oblivion after the point deductions.

  619. Well I think the locals might say that Bournemeouth is on the edge of the New Forest…if that is what you mean….the NF being slightly bigger than Bournemouth…….herd of pigs nicked my picnic in the New Forest.

  620. Ah alanG – Stockholm – that’s the place.
    Helsinki is boring as f***

  621. …the pigs turned up in vans with blue lights flashing and nicked the lot….scones, ginger beer, sausage rolls.

  622. What are the women like in Bournemouth?

    Hmmm – Homer mental conundrum – Bournemouth or Copenhagen……
    Bournemouth or Copenhagen…..

  623. Yeah Frank – bloody police are everywhere.

  624. My take on it was that Wenger put out a team that he thought was capable of winning but realised at two nil it was probably beyond them so he tried make the most of it by giving some of the younger players a chance. Far better this way, it keeps the mini run in the league going and moral high. Good night.

  625. alanG

    what you saying danish ladies are of the higher quality then the english girls? remember we have some english ladies on this blog!!

  626. Bournemouth is great in the summer. Loads of English language schools so it is packed with foreign students from June to September. Used to love it when I was a teenager. Barbies on the beach etc
    But these days I can only watch, alas.

  627. …yeah but the New Forest.

    BTW alanG…you don’t think that maybe you are trying too hard with these women you are after, do you.

    Take my advice…you want to siddle up to one of these staues in Helsinki…and whisper into its ear…well helooo, my dear…and how are you today…arf arf….care for a drinky poos………I think you will find that the Finnish Police will be there like a shot.

  628. DK Gunner

    Stockholm eh?

    It’s been placed on the list of potential lads away weekends. If Ryanair fly there cheap it’s a runner (but then they fly everywhere now)

    Vad trevligt att träffas….. as one might say to a nice pretty swedish lady

  629. Bournmouth has sandy beaches though…yep agree lovely in the sunshine with all those lovely danish exchange students.

  630. …this is going to end in tears, alanG.

  631. Frank

    If you polite, respectful and smile nicely, most women will engage with you. One particular girl in Helsinki spoke to me for over three minutes I’ll have you know.

  632. Not you as well, Dukegoonem? Think I am off to read my Charles Buchan Annual with some cocoa…night all.

  633. Fungunner – Agree about the second leg at home nonsense. Never understood that myself. Media clap-trap that has become accepted “wisdom”.
    AW clearly doesn’t care one way or the other.
    I just hope we don’t get Barca – although with TH14 playing there, it will no doubt act as a magnet!

  634. Anold hand obviously, AlanG…oh sorry …I did not mean…well…you know…well I didn’t anyway.

  635. Vela + Bendtner have really been disappointing the last two times I’ve watched them. I think we struggle without at least one senior striker and one senior midfielder. Unfortunately even our senior players are not all that senior!

    We are capable of almost any type of performance, with any luck our dodgy CL performances will be outweighed by the sheer brilliance of the others and we’ll go all the way.

    But wasn’t tonight proof of how we struggle to be competitive in all competitions?

  636. I agree Frank, there’s no way a professional footballer especially one trying to make an impression on his boss is not going to try to play his best and win the game.

    I’m sure the individual’s were trying but the team just did not gel and I daresay all the ‘anti-support’ of recent weeks is hardly conducive to building the kind of confidence and self-belief needed to play at the top of their game.

  637. alanG – Yes, you could say that, but they mostly speak good English, so you could just ask for a blow job like you would at home.
    And with that – goodnight.

  638. dkgooner,

    are you saying your a peeping tom?

  639. Well, for this one I’ll be a Howard…English Ladies are cool 🙂 We need more English Lady fans, not players.

  640. gunner4ever,

    english ladies are a dying breed.
    now english ladettes, well well. they can drink you under the table mate!

  641. and with that , i will also say goodnight all!

  642. Howard is a Haw Haw Cunny. Ba+stard.

  643. The Arsenal boss never fail to impress me

  644. Passenal: “I’m sure the individual’s were trying but the team just did not gel”

    I watched the game, and the above quote is very much true. This team did not gel and there was no understanding, this is also the main reason the ball went astray more often than not.

    I watched Bendtner, he was not effective on goal or doing what strikers do best (scoring) but he flicked every high ball yet no one was there to follow, and there wasn’t any one creating chances for him to score either. Not sure why people are on his back, I give him a 5 out 10 that’s more or less like any one else in the team. Actually I think Song had a worse game than Bendtner.

    We lacked someone who can control the midfield maneuvering area and the tempo in general.

    No importance in this game, we should start building up for the Weekend.

    And who knows, maybe Wenger wants to pick up Barca?


  645. morning all

    bring on barca!!

  646. I really admire the optimism of so many on this site.

    It is truly incredible.

    It almost made me believe that we are a great team. Just a bit short of time. Oh, and of course if only the fans were better.

    We are not a great team. We have some players of promise. Our recent purchases are prone to injury or weakness of committment.

    I understand Wenger’s Plan. I support it.

    But really, this can’t go on. We do need strengthening. You don’t have to swallow the rubbish from howard to believe this.

    Too many players not yet good enough. Who knows how many ever will be? Not me and no one else either Too much softness in the side. Too little effort.

    We cannot lose so many games and expect to pick ourselves up for the ‘important’ matches. It doesn’t work like that, does it?

    If players lose so much confidence because of criticism, how much to they lose by getting beaten? Where is the fight? Why does Adeybayor, for example, need a rest?. If he does it is up to Arsene to put out a competitive team.

    I suppose I join the ranks of the damned now.

  647. Never mind the Danish women. What about the Danish men? They look identical to the women, but they’re six inches taller. Just the kind of people we need in the Arsenal team.

  648. There seem to be a lot of randy geriatrics on this blog. I blame Viagra. Old men who used to be satisfied with a long look at the beauties on page 3 of the Sun are now travelling the length and breadth of Europe in search of women low enough to go to bed with them.

  649. Consolsbob – I can understand your comment in light of your disappointment at the performance and result last night, but with a young team you will get inconsistent performances like that. They have to play to get experience and improve. We know they can do better as we have seen it before, so I still maintain it is part of their growing pains.

    I actually agree that a couple of additional players wouldn’t go amiss, but I doubt whether anyone who comes in January would make a huge amount of difference to the team this season, so we have little choice but to support and believe in the players we have so that they will continue to improve.

    As for Ade, he’s not long back from an ankle injury, so for all you know he could have had a little reaction to that after playing on Saturday. You must be able to concede that the game against Middlesborough is more important than beating Porto when we are already qualified for the next round and as far as I can see there is relatively little difference between many of the teams who qualified in 1st or 2nd place.

  650. We did the same thing against Sevilla last season and got a real beating off those guys. AW’s never been too worried about the 2nd round draw for the CL. We have Boro early on Saturday, and some of our big players should be better off for not making a mid-week journey.

    I only caught one 45 – my stream gave up at half time. What I saw was pretty even. We looked dangerous on the right and maybe we had a little more of the play than Porto. I guess we lost our way in the second half, but I didn’t see a lack of effort in the first.

    A good way to see it is: with every result AW knows more about his team than before. With that Primorac guy watching all the action from high up in a stand, he’ll be more aware after every match if a player isn’t pulling his weight, or simply not up to scratch. AW’s seems to be a pretty tolerant guy, but it looks like he has never accepted a bad attitude.

    About our teams under AW: Often, things aren’t clear until later on. Guys can look ordinary for a long time, and suddenly find something extra and you realise why Wenger stuck with them for so long.

    Some never got the acclaim they deserved, but did great work nonetheless. I guess Song and Denilson are part of that category now. The big worry is that with so many fans low on patience, the guys with dormant talent may not be given time to show their true worth. That’s masochism for you.

    I guess the thing to do is support the team that plays, and trust AW to do his job.

  651. We kept it down to a respectable 2-0 which considering the team we put out wasn’t a bad result and at least some of the kids got a run out. I thought Wilshire played well and at least showed some desire.
    The poor performance is cause for concern though and it is quite evident that some of our squad players arn’t really that great. Can we really do no better than Sylvestre?! It’s sad the way the squad has been asset-stripped, but that’s probably the fans’ fault, isn’t it.

  652. Yogi’s Warrior – have you left the field of play ?

  653. Porto are a good team, and losing to them 2-0 is not terrible; but we also had a good team out last night. If we played that game with the same teams 10 times, I think 2-0 would be the worst result we would get, and I think we would win a few as well.

  654. YW’s gone to Denmark in search of six-foot bearded women.

  655. Big Al,

    thanks for the post.
    I was disappointed last night, but cannot understand what the fuss is about us being crap. Chelsea lost 3-1 to Roma, Barca lost at home to some team whose name I cannot even remember. And that was just a blip. Then we lost 2-0 to Porto away and it is like the end of the world!?? Yeah, I hoped it’d be a memorable win, especially given that it was AW’s 700th game. But disappointment aside, I’ll take this loss no problem with Boro away game so early on Saturday.

    I wouldn’t say it was poor performance; I also watched only the 1st half but we were pretty even. The team didn’t gel, that was the problem.
    Hope Denilson and Song recover quickly for the sat game. Whatever is said about them, I think these two are really important players and doing a good, sometimes greate, job for us.

  656. Who would you sell and buy in January if you were Arsene Wenger? Just curious, and please try to be realistic!

    Myself, i’d go for:

    Out: Gallas, Eboue, Bendtner (honestly what’s the point in keeping Bendtner around once Eduardo’s back in action? Plus Vela waiting in the wings)

    In: Micah Richards (boyhood Gooner, leader on the pitch, and can cover at left back well), Brede Hangeland, and some defensive midfielder nobody’s heard of

    Wenger admitted we need another central midfielder, and we know he was very close to getting one in the summer but failed. Realistically speaking I highly doubt we’re going to get a Veloso, or a Cana, or even that guy at Fiorentina. Most likely it will be a 21 year old from Nigeria, but hey if he can do the job then i’ll be happy!

  657. Hilarious delusion. You are “trying to be realistic” and say Wenger is going to sell three players -almost first teamers-. and buy another three, including Micah Richards! Ha.

  658. We may have someone coming in though, as Wenger wanted to bring “one more body” in the summer and couldn’t do it ’cause Xabi Alonso’s deal -and some people say also Inler’s- didn’t go trough.

  659. Passenal

    I do take your points. No argument with you at all.

    However, inconsistency is consistent (if you take my meaning). It is not sustainable to accept that inconsistency for Arsenal if Wenger is to succeed.

    Nor do I accept all this “.. well, Chelsea got beat therefor how can you say that we are more rubbish than they are…” b*ll*cks. I don’t care about Chelsea and anyway they have not lost 7 times this season.

    It is not one result that bothers me, I don’t care if we finish 2nd or 3rd in the group. What bothers me is that we are losing games consistently and that the issues with the team when they fail are also consistent.

    No end of world. No “crisis”, whatever that means in the world today, just not good enough for Arsenal.

  660. Agree with Consolbob.

    There is definite cause for concern when you look at the defeats we have suffered this season.

    We should get David Villa

  661. Xabi Alonso too!!

    Experienced players preferred.

  662. Consistency does not come over night though. We saw the best of Flamini and Hleb in their 3rd season with the club therefore I just don’t like to see players written off before they’ve been given a real chance.

    Gooner1 – I would wait and see if Arsene buys otherwise you just risk being disappointed if you expect fantasy players who don’t materialise. Buying players is not like going to the supermarket – the other team has to want to sell, the player has to want to come here (and who would if you’re going to be booed by your own fans?) and the price has to be right. Arsene has always been cautious about spending money unless he thinks the price is right. With the credit crunch starting to bite, chances are this will continue and be the trend that others follow as well.

  663. NEN mate, calm down… I was just saying who i’d sell/buy if I was Arsene Wenger without resorting to playing Championship Manager with the squad, ok? Not suggesting we go and blow a wad on David Villa, now that is dillusional.

    Honsetly speaking I don’t think Wenger will sell all of Eboue, Gallas and Bendtner in January, and he’ll probable only get in one new player in January. One of Wenger’s close friends has revealed in an interview that there were two players in the summer that Wenger really wanted to buy, but failed to get. He’s also very much aware of our problems in defense and recognised the need for a defensive midfielder. So it’s not quite so ridiculous to suggest and speculate on who would strengthen our squad. Come on, i’m not going on like a Chelsea/Man City fan here, I just think we need a bit of change and a few new faces in the squad to freshen things up. Would you agree? We’re going down a dead-end road with Gallas and Eboue, and if they go, we should replace them with better quality. Simple as.

  664. Hello,

    Which of Arsenal’s on-field problems – if indeed they are urgent – can be solved by complaining on the internet?

    If there is something consistently wrong with the team, you have to suspect that the manager has seen it and has a plan to rectify the problem – or anticipated it, but couldn’t recruit the right candidate in August.

    The black and white nature of our record this season will not have passed him by. A relatively smart 4-year-old would probably be able to do the maths.

    The part that many fail to understand is that his methods might be more subtle and nuanced than going out and spending a lump of cash on, say, David Villa because he was really good at Euro 2008 and all the fans have heard of him. If AW had spent his career doing exactly what the fans wanted, he wouldn’t have even made it to Monaco.

    I’m starting to think that the logical conclusion of playing manager is, “I know better than Arsene Wenger.” That’s what’s behind Tony Cascarino’s article today. Where’s the acknowledgment of all the sideways thinking that’s managed to get Arsenal where it is, and put fans into a position to feel aggrieved if we’re 8 points of the top spot in December?

    Personally speaking, I didn’t know Henry could be turned into a world-class striker. I thought Martin Keown had no future at Arsenal in 1996. I’d never heard of Patrick Vieira in my life before I saw him in an Arsenal shirt. I’d heard of Emmanuel Petit, but I thought he was a mediocre left-back. And so on…

    There is nothing wrong with having concerns, but on Saturday we saw some of the damage that can be done by people not getting behind the team a bit more.

  665. ..8 points off…

  666. Not writing anybody off Passenal Just want them to have a bit of help.

    Give them a better chance of becomimg great players down the line. Quality will out.

  667. Big Al, I agree with you in large, but you can’t honestly tell me you’ve NEVER wondered to yourself “…what would I do if I was manager of Arsenal?”. You’ve never been impressed by a player and thought “he’d be a good signing for us”, or seen one of our own players and thought “he’s so crap it’d probably be a good idea to sell him”? If you say no, I don’t believe you, because it’s only natural to think like this. It doesn’t imply that you think you know better than Arsene, or that you don’t trust him.

    I doubt Wenger’s getting sleepless nights over what some people on the internet think he should do in the transfer market. I bet if you asked him he’d respect your curiosity and your entitlement to voice your own opinion.

    My only issue is with (as you say) people consistently suggesting we should snap up star players we obviously can not buy. I’m sure there’s a few Sagna’s and Djourou’s out there that could do a good for us and wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility to sign.

  668. Arsene’s caution in the transfer market is resulting in our mediocre performances this season. Unfortunately, the players who were supposed to step up and prove themselves are not really up to it.

    Its a shame that Eduardo and Rosicky are out with injury as I feel they would have made a positive impact this season and we wouldn’t be so far behind as we are now.

    Time to stop being tight with money and spend big. Hope we buy in January……doubt it though.

  669. “Time to stop being tight with money and spend big.”

    Gooner1, the ‘time to spend big’ is when

    1) We can afford it without going further into debt
    2) The player is actually worth the money

    Even Chelsea can’t afford to spend big at the moment! We’ve got massive debt from building a new stadium. We’ve already ‘spent big’ on doing that. Can’t have it all unfortunately mate, that would be cheating.

  670. Not slating anyone, Blackstock – and I prefer the way you say, “If I were Arsene Wenger, I’d get…”! That’s pretty cool.

    What’s not cool (to me) is people calling Arsenal players crap. It’s one thing to think it (who doesn’t!), another to air it on the internet. There are so many people doing this that guys like Eboue, Song and Denilson have picked up these reputations that they don’t really deserve. I wonder what the readership of Arseblog and Le Grove are…

    It’s not being too airy-fairy to suggest that because there’s so much buzz about these guys, a mistake by one of them is met by louder groans at the emirates when the negativity is affirmed daily on the internet.

    In recent interviews it appears that AW is aware that the fans aren’t being all that supportive. Being supportive means making our players out to be corinthian masters of the football universe. Until they leave that is!

    Freedom of speech is one thing. Being a football fan isn’t about offering your opinion on the team, though.

    It is strictly tribal – supporting a sports team is probably one of the last remaining opportunities a decent person has to be irrationally tribal! To give a negative opinion about a player for purely on-field reasons is like a PETA campaigner publicly saying that he or she likes fur. As someone said on here on the weekend, It’s counterproductive; the thin end of the wedge of the booing on Saturday.

  671. Blackstock,

    Are we really in debt? I’m not sure that we are. Also, so what if we get in debt? All the big clubs are in debt! Its part of the risk of investing in a big player.

    Agree that the player should be worth the money. I trust in Arsene’s judgement. I just don’t want him to be put off by large transfer fees. The board should support him.

  672. …what the readership is…

  673. Big Al,

    I agree with you on everything there, except this: “Being a football fan isn’t about offering your opinion on the team”. What being a football fan is and what it isn’t should just be summed up as simply wanting your team to win at all times, nothing more. If you want your team to win then you don’t boo them! Anyway, voicing your opinion is absolutely fine and has nothing to do with it, it all depends on how you choose to do it. The people who boo Eboue and spend all day slagging off Denilson should have all the right in the world to voice their opinions without being stopped by the opinion police. I just wish they wouldn’t do it when they’re standing in the Emirates Stadium watching a flippin’ game!

    Are we really in debt? I’m not sure that we are. Also, so what if we get in debt? All the big clubs are in debt! Its part of the risk of investing in a big player. ”

    Yes, we have huge debt to pay off from building the Emirates Stadium. But it’s ok because it’s manageable debt set at a fixed interest rate. All the other big clubs are in debt because they haven’t thought their financial plans through, and could soon be walking a very thin plank if they’re not careful.

    Alright i’m off now, gotta go.

  674. Where is Yogi’s Warrior? I hope Him & the family are doing well. Hopfully just busy putting the lights up?

    Give us a hint YW….Thanks.

  675. I saw him on Le Grove earlier.

  676. So you were there then, Poliziano ?? Reckon it’s the Danish..

  677. trapped between some amazonian thighs..yelping..

  678. I think Yogi’s would have an Intellectual nervous breakdown if he read Le Grove

  679. I think it was dkgooner, dukeGoonem, and alanG who admitted a liking for six-foot bearded ladies.

  680. I don’t suspect YW of being a sex-tourist.

  681. I have been to Le Grove a couple of times, but not today. I already know more or less what they’re saying anyway. Should I forget, there are a couple of folk on here to give a reminder.

  682. Didn’t the Amazons hate men?

  683. I must state for the record that I expressed an affection for Six foot Blonde Danish ladies only….

  684. Even men hate men nowadays.

  685. Yes big Al

    Blackstocks comment:

    “Being a football fan isn’t about offering your opinion on the team”.

    sounds bizarre to me too

    Ve must show solidarity with the party
    Ze thought police will be watching for those who are disloyal
    All dissenters vill be dealt with with extreme prejudice…

    BAH HUMBUG……..

    fans are entitled to express opinions. They should not boo players off the field though

  686. Yes, but they all have beards, I’m afraid.

  687. Why is Silvestre appearing everywhere with his cooments like:

    “The yougsters need to learn”….”we are still in the hunt for trophies….”blah blah

    He’s just arrived – keep quiet and win the fans over with onfield performances

    His onfield peformances have been p*ss poor

    As someone else commented – his arse is huge, as is his head, he is out of shape and cant run anymore – a much greater liability than some of teh youngsters who can at least sprint

  688. Extreme prejudice ? You mean Howard will deal with them, alanG ?

    Nothing wrong with a beard..in the right place…

  689. In England, the men want to look like women. In Denmark, the women look like men.

  690. There are only two places I can conceive for a beard: a man’s chin and a woman’s chin. Rafa Benitez and Roy Keane have proved that the right place for a beard is not a man’s chin. The ladies of Denmark have proved that the right place for a beard is not a woman’s chin. I therefore conclude that there is no right place for a beard.

  691. Heard in a recent poll that the Danes are the happiest folk in the EU.. but – have you ever heard a Dane laughing ?
    Silvestre has a big arse ? The things some people notice!

  692. Yes, I should have thought it would take one of the ladies to tell use which players have the pertest bums.

  693. I think Robin van Persie is our most handsome player at the moment. What do you think, alanG?

  694. There’s a reason some Danes are happy. It’s called Christiania!


    I was just extending a theory to extremes. It’s funny though; we’re talking football here. What’s democratic about a football club? Fans don’t (usually) pick the team, the vast majority don’t sit on the board. If they want the team to succeed, the best they can do is show total support. The worst they can do is boo the players or not show up (with our waiting list, there’s no long-term danger of the latter).

    I know it’s simplifying a little.

  695. Talk about a conversation killer.

    Where’s Yogi got to?

  696. He must have gone to Bournemouth.

  697. Perhaps he followed dkgooner’s guide to seduction, and got beaten up.

  698. Ha – I’ve just seen what you mean. Not cool to ask that of a Catalana!

  699. Or anyone for that matter.

  700. You don’t have to be irrational to be a football fan. Actually, the irrationals in my opinion are those that think booing players helps a team, or expect it to buy players like groceries or win a couple of titles each years for it not to be a failure. I think people here are generally much more reasonable than that.

  701. All Quiet on the Western Front.

    Now there was a movie – or was it a book? – or both?

    Anyway, yesterday I went to see Woody Allen’s latest, “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” and I have to say, though faintly amusing at times, it’s a load of poo. Golden Globe? Golden balls more like it. Strange really because he has assembled a good team, all stars in their own right and yet together it just didn’t gel. Maybe because His Master’s Voice was too loud in the background?

  702. “I was just extending a theory to extremes. It’s funny though; we’re talking football here. What’s democratic about a football club? Fans don’t (usually) pick the team, the vast majority don’t sit on the board. If they want the team to succeed, the best they can do is show total support. The worst they can do is boo the players or not show up (with our waiting list, there’s no long-term danger of the latter).”

    Ok I take your point. The main reason I disagree with publicly booing a player is simply because it is not the fans’ job to show that kind of punishment to the player, particularly in that manner. The role of disciplinarian should be the manager’s, not the fans. The players work to earn both the respect of the manager and the fans, but they don’t need the fans to tell them that they played poor.

    The majority of people who booed Eboue did so because they didn’t TRUST that Wenger was going to do anything about it after the game. I can understand how some people may have grown disillusioned with Wenger in recent years, but I think for them it also shows a real lack of passion and integrity if they call themselves an Arsenal fan. I wouldn’t mind so much if all the negativity was balanced out with examples of rip-roaring support and enthusiasm such as seen at clubs like Fenerbahce, or when Liverpool play in Europe and the crowd is really the 12th man. We just don’t have anything like that at the moment, so it seems that the fans are more happy to boo when things are bad than for them to cheer when things are good.

    Having said that, has there ever really been a time in English football when everyone got behind the team 100% and nothing bad was ever said? When I first went to Highbury in the early 90’s, I was sitting at the back of the North Bank and all I can remember of the crowd was just constant abuse being hurled at the players. One guy spent the whole match shouting at the top of his lungs, cursing every mistake we made. It seemed like very normal behaviour back then, but now it would be considered blasphemy. I’ve also been told that in the 70’s it was common for players like Charlie George to go and have a drink with the fans in pubs on the Blackstock Road after a match, and if they had a good game they’d get compliments, and if they had a bad game they’d be told quite bluntly that they played like ****. No fuss was made over it.

    So while I do think that we should make more effort to be passionate and convey some optimism to the players, I also think that there has always been grumpy, opinionated “fans” in the terraces throughout the history of English football, and that this is not necessarily a new thing.

  703. Woody’s last good movie was Sweet & Lowdown with Sean Penn…
    Everything since has been somewhat middle of road.

  704. Sup gooners, was wondering…if u were to pick a player for arsenal in this window…someone who we have a chance of getting (thats messi out-Dang!)
    regardless whether its an area of weakness for us or not, just someone you’d love to see in an arsenal shirt.

    My first choice would be Arshavin, he’s gobsmackingly good, & 20-25 M would be a SNIP by today’s standards, i mean thats prob how much Ashley Young would cost…yet in terms of ability they’re world’s apart

    As far as our problem position DM i havent really been following the European leagues too closely these past few years so i dont know anyone of the caliber we need.
    My dream pick would be Marquez from Barca, i know he plays for them mostly in defence but if you’ve seen him in midfield you’ll know what im talking about..world class.

    if anyone knows of some names out there of the caliber & availability do throw some names in!

  705. Blackstock: “The majority of people who booed Eboue did so because they didn’t TRUST that Wenger was going to do anything about it after the game.”
    How do you know this? Have you interviewed them? I haven’t seen anyone on any blog forward this argument.
    I would have thought that the reason they booed was because football fans get passionate and emotional and, in that state, they occasionally act like cretins (myself included, if past form is anything to go by).
    But what would I know?

  706. Shit – I vowed not to post on this subject again – what a cretin.

  707. Your optimism on this site is pitiful, woeful.

    You are all delusional.

    This project is doomed along with the world economy.

    We have one good player and he is going back to spain. The rest of the team are nightclubbers who smoke and wear pink boots. We can’t hold on to our medical staff and all the fans boo (quite right too).

  708. How about we say it this way:

    Booing was there in football since day one, whether it’s lawful, rightful or whatever….it is still appalling and we don’t want it.

    Imagine a 3rd grader put in the middle of the school yard and booed by his class-mates, school teachers, and all parents because he/she had a bad day at school? How is that going to help the kid?

    People Boo in Football, in Politics..etc., it just doesn’t mean it’s a civilized behavior, it doesn’t add anything to the debate or issue at hand.

  709. G4E

    Eboue is not a kid in the playground being picked on by his peers.

    He is not a kid His peers are the rest of the team.

    I don’t think that most fans were concerned about hurting his feelings.

    Eboue is not a victim in any sense that I understand. Not Been defrauded. Not robbed. Not left bleeding in the gutter.

    Enough of this. It happened, it will happen again at all grounds from one week to another.

  710. hope it doesn’t…

  711. Haven’t you ever watched the spuds on a losing streak or the “great fans” at Newcastle, or Liverpool, or…?

  712. but we are the Arsenal!!!!!

  713. I refer you to the earlier post about the North Bank in the 70’s.

    Highbury always had it’s proportion of fans prepared to shout it as they saw it.

    We must be careful about trying to rewrite history.

    We are Arsenal and we have warts.

  714. Great Consolsbob….so you are equating us to the scums? If you can accept that label for yourself…I don’t, and I think many of us here would not like to be anything close to the scums….good job mate, or maybe you’re right…maybe the people who booed Eboue are in part can identify with the scums.

  715. No one is rewriting history Consol, if you read my post well you will see I said it existed since day one in football, that still doesn’t make it right.

    And since 1996 we raised our bar for being a classy club, with a classy team and a classy support base…..unless you would like us to go back to the dark ages of mediocrity?

  716. No, G4E, it’s more like this: the child had his leg in plaster for five weeks, and is just coming back from the hospital having had the plaster removed. All his family are waiting for him when he gets home. He is delighted to see them, but they all look sour-faced. As he walks up the path to his house, he stumbles on the edge of a paving slab. His family start booing loudly. Confused, he stumbles again, and this time falls flat on the floor. His family cheers in ecstasy.

    A man who lives across the road has watched everything that has happened, and walks over to remonstrate with the boy’s family. At first, they claim that this is what happens in every family when a child trips up after a bad injury. The man says he has never heard of a boy being booed by his own family, especially when he is recovering from an injury. The family then adopt a different strategy, and claim they were not booing the boy, but the boy’s mother, for letting him walk up to the house without help.

  717. exactly… this is the future… the biggest risk football in England has ever undertaken and it needs to be supported big time…

  718. Excellent stuff Poliziano 🙂 I was about to cry there 🙂

  719. Boys, boys. Play nicely. Did I insult any of you? I was merely saying, not shouting, that because some Arsenal fans dared to boo it does not make them the worst fans in the world. A point I have sen promulgated on this site a few times in the last week or so.

    As for raising the bar and becoming a classy club since 1996. Arsenal have always been a classy club. A classy support base? Just human I think. Do you really think that, deep down, fans of other clubs are inferior to us. I mean their teams are obviously, but their fans – all of them?

    I know it’s the pantomime season. Do you want anyone who disagrees with you to wear a black cloak so that you can boo when we post?

  720. pretty accurate poliziano… nice..

  721. Agree with Chkmiaot…Your 5:50 post was excellent Poliziano…for some reason my post is awaiting moderation on that?

  722. The difference is we didn’t boo you when we disagreed with you Consolsbob…we are debating your opinion on the matter.

    Are you one of the fans who booed at the Emirates? Do you think booing would motivate you more at your work place? Because I have lots of people slacking at work, and since it’s human nature to boo, I can start booing them and see how they react.

  723. i think Eboue has the talent… its just that its hardly been a yr n a half for him in the middle so he’l improve alot… he gets into good postions n if he practces a good shot on goal he could be a real threat…

    any news bout 2morows match since yogi doesn’t seem to be up to it… 🙂

  724. did anyone see that picture of bendtner after porto scored? he looked like he was laughing!!

  725. anyway f*ck where’s yogi….where is frank today?

  726. also looks like he’s on the way out… goal.com

  727. ‘ere we go agin

  728. No. I did not boo.

    Debating the matter? Not really.

    Let’s not get holier than thou. That is all I am saying.

    Just for the record. Sometimes you can do something at a match. Shout, scream, laugh, or boo even. become part of a mass rather than an individual. It can be exhilarating, can’t it?

    None of you ever experienced that? The next day, thee next minute even, you are back to your normal well modulated self.

    Football can be a release. Nothing wrong with that as long as no one gets hurt -and I don’t count a professional’s feelings.

    I love The Arsenal but do not claim a moral right to be better than any other fan. I hope we are, of course!

  729. Yes…where is everybody?

  730. everybody is checking out danish women with beards….

  731. Got to go in now. Got to help make sausage rolls.

    Coming out to play tomorrow?

  732. Well, I think arseblogger has summed it up best on the arsecast to be honest.


    Take a listen.

    I’m quite happy to just see the Eboue-gate closed once and for all now, so i’m just going to leave it at that because it’s getting really tiresome.


    God knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, all that matters at the moment is getting points. If we can keep our head down, focus and grind out the results, then as long as we’re still in contention by the end of January, we could really start to build up some momentum and make a surprise comeback. Seems unlikely but why shouldn’t it happen? We’re at a position now where everybody’s kinda written us off and forgotten about us so nobody will be expecting it if we were to slowly creep back into things. All it takes is for us to build some confidence, get out of this bad patch, and for Man U/Chelsea to drop a few points, then we’ll be back in there again. Who knows, I just hope we grind out the results from now on and leave the champagne football to the end of the season.

  733. Well, I think arseblogger has summed it up best on the arsecast to be honest.


    Take a listen.

    I’m quite happy to just see the Eboue-gate closed once and for all now, so i’m just going to leave it at that because it’s getting really tiresome.

  734. Well, I think arseblogger has summed it up best on the arsecast to be honest.


    Take a listen.

    I’m quite happy to just see the Eboue-gate closed once and for all now, so i’m just going to leave it at that because it’s getting really tiresome..

  735. I never thought families were what they’re cracked up to be. Most of the families I know are disfunctional to some degree.
    Except American families of course – we all know how wonderful they are. Uncle Walt told us.

  736. Will the last person left switch off the lights please……..oh that’s me…

  737. Where the fug is yogi?

  738. Well, I hope he’s OK. It’s been almost a week?

  739. TheArsenalWay.com

    We miss you Yogi !

  740. This is ground control to major Tom………

  741. Time to boo YW ?? More interested in sexual Danish shenanigans (with Frank making a threesome ?) than writing a post. BOOO!!!

    YW – if you’re ill, or something serious has happened; sorry!!

  742. Frank has found Christ and joined a monastery.

  743. Here’s to a win today! In classic Arsene-al style.

  744. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…..Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaa all…Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal….ARSENAL

    If you are watching SS1…turn the sound off…who wants to listed to fat f**ker Plattt talk about Arsenal…put some classical music on instead

    Robin Van Persie….ClickClickClick…Robin van persie….clickclickclick


  745. Commmmmmmonnnn Arsenal


  746. Watching on a stream with chinese commentary, at least I can’t understand what the idiots are saying!

  747. any website where i can watch the live stream?

  748. same question..stuck on 5 live.. but 1-0 to the Arsenal !!

  749. Got to get a new hearing-aid … “That’s more like the Arsenal we know and love” ???????????????????????????

  750. Frustrating, seeing as we were absolutely spanking them and their goal came from a deflected clearance. Aliadiere had to score against us again of course…

    We can pick this lot off. We’ve missed some sitters already.

  751. Oh and we’ve played some great stuff so far! more of the same and we’ll close the game out.

  752. Oh Clichy! That’s so un-Arsenal like.

  753. RvP – third time lucky, chocolate boy..

  754. Not really a top performance.

    A parody of recent great passing Arsenal sides.

  755. where the f*ck is Vela for just freaking 20 minutes?

  756. Get fcuking Diaby out…and where in hell are our subs?

    Are we really trying to win this game? This is bullshit.

  757. And now it’s Bendtner… omg!
    Time to go to Denmark..

  758. another messed up game. maybe i’ll be the first arsenal fan to commit suicide over this indifferent season. lol

  759. Just not good enough to win these games.

    We may pass more often than teams like Middlesboro but we are no more effective where it matters.

    Just not good enough. Too slow and absolutely no penetration. Can’t blame the players really. There is a lack of real creativity in the sides that we can put out at the moment.

  760. Yeah guys and gals
    Not the best show they’ve put on. How come they can only get themselves psyched up for the big games? We lost too many 50-50 balls today I feel. But at least we can’t blame the defence for their goal – well taken by Aliadiere imho. Djourou still playing very solid. Thought the ref was a bit of a homer too but can’t blame that.
    We’re just not consistent enough at the moment and lack bite up front. We didn’t put enough pressure on them.
    I do like Downing – one for January Arsene?

  761. Wenger does not trust his players as much as he says.

    No subs until the last ten minutes?

    No Vela, Wilshere – it was painfully obvious we needed someone with pace who could break down the defence on the wing.

    No pace

    No desire

    too many back passes

    No vision as far as who is the best option – I would prefer to shoot.

    no one in the box when the ball is crossed from open play

    No driving into the box – lets kick it from 50 yards out, instead of driving at the defence to disrupt it.

    Love Clichy but why do all his blunders lead to goals. he was bad


    Errant passes from Song

    No committment in tackling – lose 50/50’s

    Love wenger but trust the youngster or buy experience.

    On a good note – Ade and Sagna were great!

    terrible and not good enough and I dont think Wenger was trying to go for it or he would have made some subs.

  762. Just a little tough patch we’re going through. The team is low on confidence and running on low fuel. Denilson and Song have been thrown in at the deep end and look like they’ve been baptized by fire. Cesc is doing well as captain and will get even better. We’re just about holding it together at the moment, but i’m really proud of them, especially the younger players. I think this is probably the steepest learning curve they have faced so far. Sadly Bendtner really doesn’t look like he’s going to pass the test though. I will be sad to see him leave Arsenal but on the other hand I don’t think we can afford him any more second chances. From January onwards it should all be about Vela.

    I think we’re at a stage where sadly someone has got to be sacrificed to ease the pain and freshen up the squad. That someone is Gallas, who I feel would do Arsenal a world of good by simply being removed as far as possible from the club. Get him replaced by someone who can hopefully inspire the team in the way that Eduardo’s presence seemed to add something to the squad when we were all on a downer after losing Henry.

    If we can get through this tough patch with our feet still on the ground, then I believe we can salvage some pride and hopefully finish the season on a high note. All that matters right now is damage limitation.

  763. Ade was good.. and Sagna.. back from ‘flu ; he’s a man!
    This is just a shit season.. imagine Theo, Eduardo, (Wilshere/Vela??) in there.. and Tomas… one day.. but we didn’t lose!! much..

  764. Definitely not terrible.

    We had more than enough of the play and chances to win. We looked back to our old selves in the first half, but their goal came at the worst possible time (cliche) and definitely put us out of our stride. In the grand scheme of things it’s all steady progress.

  765. not terrible? a few nice possession but it was rubbish overall.

    must have been watching a different match.

    always look forward to each match with excitement but it seems we need to play Chelsea and Man U weekly.

    horrid performance and Wengers subbing is suspect.

    Not up to par at all.

  766. oh Boy ! You were watching a different match.

    You are talking crap. Go and post on Le Grove.

  767. There`s still something missing. I hope it`s just confidence but Boro are no mugs & a point there isn`t bad at all.

    The effort was there but we needed a spark to get ahead in the second half & it just never happened.

    The back four looked good but we still lack a bit of pace up front & in midfield.

    Diaby is an enigma & Denilson needs a rest. He`s not physically strong enough to play a whole season in the EPL just yet.

  768. LOST

    a 6tf tall man goes by the name of song!
    black with maybe a red and white shirt on.
    last seen a couple of months ago in the center circle of the emirates at about 3pm.

    if you have seen this man or have any information on his whereabouts please call 0777655666999

  769. Arsenal were the better side…even though we are not firing on all cylinders…..my advice…..watch and enjoy each game…but don’t even think about the league positons until the end of January….or even later Don’t read the newspapers…don’t listen to pundits…ignore the media…just watch and enjoy. There may well be some surprises to come…but watch the construction of a super-team. If you have the mettle…if you have the heart…just watch and support. Any opinion you have is probably wrong…I know nothing about football and no-one appears to know any more than me. Watch and enjoy….if you must read…beware there are some seriously stupid and arrogant people out there….just watch and enjoy….and try to show a bit of class.

  770. HAHAHAHAHA!!!


    It was such a good game to watch. What’s with all the sadness and anger?

    Good team performance, a bit frustrating at times. Diaby could have done a couple of times, passing rather then shoot. And RVP could have scored from the assist by Ade. But we didn’t take the chances. But it was a good performance, Cesc was back to his best. Some really sublime passes. We are back to creating chances. Which is positive news. And I never admired Song, but I think he put in a good DM performance today. Still would prefer Denilson there though, when we get our wingers back.

  772. Frank, you couldn’t have said it better. It’s freaking december. And the way things have gone so far, no team looks perfect or the one to beat. The big four are stumbling here and there. We’re having problems, but with players to come back, and hopefully better luck with injuries, we’d come good.

  773. Go and post on le Grove! if you think Arsenal were crap, they were!

    If Arsenal played well they would have won.

    People cant speak the truth it seems round ere.

  774. No oh boy… go and post on Le Grove if you talk crap. Away with you… off to Le Grove… you will find lot’s of friends there.

  775. “NOT HAVING A FIGHT IN THE TEAM” disease has been caught by Liverpool over the weekend. Contagious it seems. Dropping 2 points. They must surely be in crisis now, and need to bring in atleast 4 more players.

  776. Ateeb,

    Obviously the media won’t apply the same standards for Liverpool as they will for Arsenal.

    On the other hand, it’s great to see Liverpool start to slip. I always thought that Arsenal will catch them, and for me, if Arsenal can get Eduardo, Walcott and Nasri on a regular run, we will make progress in the table. 8 points behind Liverpool doesn’t make me lose any sleep, it’s Chelsea and Man U we need to worry about.

  777. Go and post on le Grove! if you think Arsenal were crap, they were! If Arsenal played well they would have won.

    alright mate, just stop shoutin’ about it

    you sound like a bleedin daily mail article

  778. yogi,

    you better have a damned good excuse for not posting a blog for a while!!!