Arsene And Stupid Stories

The way that the hacks report their version of events reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Rabbit Fire, where Elmer Fudd is trying to shoot either Bugs or Daffy Duck; both Bugs and Daffy stand arguing about which hunting season it is, “Duck Hunting”, “Wabbit Hunting”, until Bugs turns it round to get Daffy saying “Duck” instead of “Wabbit”. This morning’s reports about Wenger’s contract are the same as that, The Mail On Sunday keeping with their entirely negative view on life, saying AW will not sign because he is not confident in the youngsters, The News Of The World, take his words about us finding out soon, indicating he will sign. There’s something for all of you there, if you are confident then you will believe the latter, a Gloomy Gordon will take the former.

Either way, it is the main Arsenal story this morning. Wenger himself teased the reporters yesterday by responding that he would probably tell them if he was going to sign when they were not asking. That has led to the ‘stories’ this morning, fairy tales that would put the Grimm Brothers to shame in The Mail‘s case. You can read what you want into his comments in print but I take the positive that he did not answer with the usual, ‘We will talk at the end of the season‘ response, to me an indication that he is fairly confident it will be resolved sooner rather than that particular later.

Interestingly though, he criticised Henry and Reyes, albeit gently. Henry no longer possessed patience to wait for trophies although others are suggesting there may be other more personal reasons. If that is the case, why is it of interest to anyone else? Let the man have a personal life, away from football, and certainly if those rumours are true, that is no reason for anyone to gloat.

Reyes meanwhile got a more acerbic response, bringing topical humour into the equation by making a quip about the weather not being hot enough even with Global Warming. The hacks missed the beat with that one as it is obvious Arsene will not be renewing his contract as he has decided that his post-Arsenal career will be in stand up comedy; keep your eyes peeled for next years Edinburgh festival is all I can say.

Unbelievably though there has been criticism of the Club from some quarters, accusing them of being a ‘selling’ Club if Fabregas leaves next summer. The depths of paranoia in the human psyche is something to be marvelled at, as is the inability to see a wider trend in football. A ‘top’ player leaving for another big Club is nothing unusual in continental Europe – you only have to look at the CV’s of the major movers and shakers in football’s past and present to see that. Yet to some it is a sign of a lack of ambition, a descent in Arsenal’s standing in the game. That this supposition is based upon a future event which may or may not happen escapes them. It’s almost like trying to defend yourself against a negative accusation; almost impossible. No doubt these same people will now be up in arms because we have not tried to sign Ronaldinho for £58m as Newcastle are supposed to have attempted to do, obviously because the Board lack ambition as does the manager although we would have apparently had Goofy and £30m in exchange for Henry if David Dein was in charge apparently.

To top off the ludicrous stakes, there was criticism of the team selection at Barnet yesterday. It’s true. Somebody moaned about Gilbert playing, questioning the need for Sagna. What that person has missed is Arsene’s comments in the press conference about his versatility in positional terms, how he can play across the defence and in midfield. The notion that Eboue may be the one to play further forward may be incorrect. Who knows. Arsene is probably the only one.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. To draw any kind of conclusions from the first pre-season game against Barnett is plain stupid…Let’s wait at least until the tournaments. For info. there is a mysterious rumour about AFC having agreed a fee for Rodrigo Palacio with Boca Juniors…I guess the fact there was absolutely no links in the press so far makes it slightly more likely than some other ones. T

  2. Highly unlikely, seeing as Palacio is already joining Barcelona. I think that Palacio deal was drawn up and signed a few months ago… »»Arsene Knows««

  3. Just a thought on Gilbert, he looked truly outstanding when he broke into the 1st team a couple of seasons ago (more accomplished than Hoyte in my opinion). I would hope that he’ll be challenging for the right back slot this season as he certainly looks worth persevering with.

  4. The post match quotes were for the ever cryptic one, quite clear. When the time is right Arsenal will announce the boss has signed a new contract. How any of what Wenger has said can be taken as a refusal to commit i’ve no idea! It’s good to see the squad back together and i’m confident Wenger can start to find some of the answers from within. The most vital i expect will be to resolve the Kolo-Gallas understanding, if that can be done pre-season we’ll be able to build a platform to challenge for titles.

  5. ive read this post and come to the conclusion that you havent a fuckin clue mate, its complete shite, just arse lickin arsene knows bullshit. be a bit more objective, you dont need to be a fuckin yes man to love arsenal

  6. Sky Sports News were particularly negative & misleading about Arsene & his intentions, following the interview he gave with one of their reporters yesterday after the Barnet game.

    Having watched the interview, I am more than confident that Arsene will be renewing his contract, but he’ll probably wait until the first few months of the season have gone by, to see how the team are getting on, before making an announcement in his own time.

    The Rodrigo Palacio move to Barca may not have been a done deal, as previously reported. Apparently they were going to sign him if TH14 hadn’t arrived at the club, but, after his transfer, they may have cooled their interested in Palacio.

    We shall have to wait and see.

  7. I watched the Barnet game on Arsenal TV. Like Tokala mentioned, you should not read too much into it.

    If I was to single anyone out it would probably be Walcott, he looked Hungry

    Wenger’s comments did not really help mattters, I think that he will stay but why oh why does he word answers that only seem to start more speculation. if you check around the press this morning, some see it as he is staying whilst the Mail reckons he is off.

    Wenger also came out with the classic pre-season ‘I see no reason at the moment to bring anyone else in’ again this has to be taken with a pinch of salt and I would like to think that this comments is based on the fact that he still counts Reyes and Ljungberg as Arsenal Players. He also does not like to wash his pants in public.

    I think that it does mean that no more strikers will come in though which does concern me. Ok we have Van Persie, Dudu, Bendtner, Ade and Walcott, but they still seem to be classing Walcott as a winger, Bendtner is un-proven, Ade is developing but off to the ANC in Jan and Dudu is a gamble(one I think will come off). I still think we are lightweight in this area.

  8. Paulie

    Perhaps you could give us your objective views on Arsenal. Except this time leave the post modernist, ironic humour at home.


  9. I thought the most significant thing about the Wenger interview was his accusing Thierry of lack of patience in relation to the development of the team. My inference is that AW has the patience and so will sign. The general atmosphere of that part of the interview certainly suggested that also.

  10. California Steve

    Palacio has not signed with Barca and may not, but…

    This doesn’t sound like the kind of deal Arsene likes. Palacio’s contract belongs — wait for it — to Boca, Huracan AND Banfield, in some order or other.

    The president of Boca has claimed he wants huge money as Palacio is the best striker in Argentina, blah, blah, blah.

    I don’t think THAT would be a impossible problem — something like the 13 million that’s been discussed with Martens — but this thing with stakes in the guy’s contract sliced up all over the country…

    Not saying it’s impossible, but does it sound like Arsene to you?

    By the way, the guy really is a helluva player.

  11. I would be surprised if Arsene didn’t stay as he seemed like a man who was quite happy with life etc I’m convinced he will make the announcement when it suits him and the club not the hacks.

    I agree with you Tokala, you can’t really read anything into a pre-season game like that one, but I did think Traore, Walcott and Randall looked promising.

  12. paulie
    we try and have balanced discusions here and try to make points if you cannot pls desist from such comments as above

  13. pallacio thing interesting the boca fans website says the deal is going through link on arseblooger

  14. Rodrigo Palacio UPDATE!

    It is understood that Boca and Arsenal have agree a fee for Palacio but the player himself is yet to agree personal terms. Arsenal have sent representatives to the Copa América.

    A few stumblingly blocks maybe be that Huracán would want a 15% share of any sell on fee……………More to come

  15. Great blog. Just discovered it a couple of weeks ago and really like what I see so far. Shame “vocabulary challenged” people like paulie take the time to share their venom, but unfortunately for him, his remarks only make every other comment look that much better!

  16. Ashburton Gooner

    Wenger will stay. Even the players like Cesc are saying they are convinced he will stay. Sagna said Arsene was a major reason he signed & I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have signed if he was led to believe Wenger could be off next summer, then you take the signings of the younger players like Nordveit & Fabianski. It all points to him staying. Either that or he knows who will replace him & has promised the players someone who will back them.

  17. Normally I like reading your posts as I find them level and accurate but I have to say this morning I find it too cynical for my liking. I especially don’t like the comment mocking David Dein as firstly I still believe 100% in the man and yearn for his return and, secondly I feel after all his hard work throgh the years for our club he should be treated with more respect than that especially as he has kept his council since being run by the board. I do agree that your views sometimes tend to be over optimistic and there is a failure to see the truth that is right in front of you. Why are Arsenal seen as a selling club ? Does the names anelka, petit, overmars, henry & PV4 mean anything to you ? You can claim that football now see’s a lot of top players moving from 1 big club to another but again I ask you how many have come or look to come to Arsenal ? There certainly is a bit of truth in the selling club tag because over the years we have failed to fight the “big guns” when they have come knocking at our doors and the blame here lies squarely at the feet of the people running this club. Why did we not kick up an almighty fuss when real started the whole PV4 saga and ditto the henry to barca saga ? Because we are afraid to stand up to europes “establishment”. Last time I checked attempting to poach players like this is banned and hearing that cesc met with real officials only adds to the frustration. Until we, as a club, grow some balls and tell these clubs to f*ck off then we will always be treated as a 2nd class club by the teams and players involved. As was stated above, criticising your club every once in a while doesn’t make you less of a fan so don’t be afraid to recognise the facts in front of you and call them as they are.

  18. ml

    Where do you get that from, can you post a link, I could do with a giggle, I would love to believe it was true but can’t see it. Have you seen the Wiki page for him

    and have you seen this hilarious You tube bit on the Tevez affair, i nearly choked on my breakfast

  19. I only saw the first half, but Gilbert looked nothing special at all.

    Walcott showed glimpses of technique and development, but he still put in an overall clueless young boy performance like last season.

    Randall showed some neat passing ability. He seems to have a future in the premier league.

    But from the little highlights I saw of the 2nd half, Traore looks fantastic.

  20. Augie

    You missed the point about Dein. The barb was aimed at those who claim we are a selling club not about him.

    For every name that you mention bar Henry, all were shipped out by the Club and replaced by an improved version. The term “Selling Club” can hardly be aimed at one that has won three titles, four FA Cups in the last ten seasons. The term is insulting to Arsenal, the players and the manager. It is meant to be derogatory, signalling a lack of ambition.

    Tapping up is indeed illegal but difficult to prove. In most cases, the answer to such a charge is ‘it was the media not us’ and there is jack that anyone can do to prove it, hence the unnamed source. Other than that, the Clubs know it is illegal to talk to the Player so they talk to the Agent instead. No rules against that. Merely Agent Ethics that should stop it. And no that is not a joke.

    Arsenal are no different to anyone else. Chelsea tried to complain about Madrid (I think) tapping up a couple of seasons ago and it got precisely nowhere.

    The point is Augie, at the moment, the vocal minority are complaining about the Club. That’s their choice and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped anyone here complaining as such.

    However, the flip side of the coin is that I am allowed to see the bright side of Arsenal life, and will continue to do so as I see fit. If I don’t like something, I’ll say it. Even the most optimistic are allowed to be cynical at times and this one has been brewing because it seems to me that it is becoming a sin to be happy as an Arsenal fan at the moment.


  21. It seems to me that it is becoming a sin to be happy as an Arsenal fan at the moment.


    Well said!

  22. Flint McCullough

    Great post YW.

    Thank you for calming our nerves after more media outrages that some take so literally.

    What I saw from a small part of AW’s interview was entirely positive.

    We are a selling club in as much as AW recognises that it is counterproductive to keep a player who wants to leave.

    If we were really a selling club we would have sold PV4, TH14, DB10 etc for huge £££s at the height of their careers.

    We have not bought so called big names simply because it is not the way AW appears to want to do it and the club is being constantly strengthened by its economic prudence, whilst being more successful than any other UK club other than Man Utd.

    Sorry if that is too rose tinted for some. I am a sinner like YW.

    Did anyone have problems with ATV yesterday? I cannot launch the console.

  23. Ashburton Gooner

    I had problems with the buffering on ATVO yesterday. I took their suggestion about switching to medium on the profile page but that didn’t work either. Pre match was awful then the first half was fine, but the second half I could barely watch as it kept cutting out!!

  24. Harry Barracuda

    There’s an Arsenal in Argentina, maybe he’s going there….

  25. Well said, Flint. Of course Arsenal is a selling club and it is a buying club too..just the same as all big clubs.

    I don’t know where people get this idea that AW is leaving. Just because he has a year left on his contract I suppose. He has invested so much in this club, it is not just a job. Those that suggest or fear that he is leaving are either mischief making or they are transferring there own experiences of ‘work’ onto him. This is his life’s work not a job.

    AW’s comments were so obviously pointed at the press. He will announce what he likes when he likes not what they want when they want it.

    Real Madrid have looked like complete and utter idiots over the last few weeks. They have really lost a lot of respect over recent years. Should Cesc join them or more likely will cost them a fortune and we will already have his replacement in place. Good business. This club will pass them by over the next few years.

    Those RvP crosses looked deadly yesterday…and the interplay with Theo was excellent. Adebayor and RvP looked very comfortable with each other after Adebayor scored. Great signs for this season.

  26. it’s interesting readind peoples different opinions on different players yesterday on all the various blogs. i watched game on a live stream and it was difficult to draw any conclusions.

    can’t find anything on palacio on wikipedia even though sagna was playing for arsenal on wikipedia 2 days before his signing was officially announced. if his chairman (which one of them?) is bigging him up then no doubt he could be the umpteenth “new maradona”.

    sky sports news were bigging themselves up on friday citing a previous email from a viewer who claimed to have predicted the henry move weeks before it happened (wouldn’t have been that unbelievable back april or may, would it?) who claims to be in the know about an imminent huge arsenal deal. maybe it’s the argentinian.

  27. Arsenal and every other club conforming to normal business rules has to be a ‘selling’ club. If you manage to get the most productive years of a players career then sell at a profit then that isn’t selling it is good resource management. You could also accuse ManU of being a selling club for selling Beckham, RvN, Stam and others while they were still able to perform at a high level in Europe.

    Arsenal is a buying club too and in terms of player investment if you look at our wage bill compared to ManU and others (except the anomaly of Cheslea) as a proportion of our income we invest a lot more in players. It is just that we don’t blow as big a proportion of our budget on inflated transfer fees and lining various agents and others pockets. It’s prudent business management and not weakness in standing up to the ‘elite’ to put the investment directly into players as much as possible.

  28. Flint and Ashburton – I watched the match on ATVO and it was a really good stream. They advise you to log on early, which I did, which might be the reason why I got such a good picture with no buffering?

    keep up the good work YW – the fans who love the club no matter what deserve a voice too.

  29. I rather liked the quote attributed to Arsene concerning Reyes and his final line especially.
    “I think he will go, there is no way to have an unhappy player. Despite the global warming, England is still not warm enough for him. I have shown my commitment in the past and have never cared about the weather!” ( Observer )

    Classic! I think it points towards the way he is thinking.

    Keep up the good work YW always a good read.

  30. “It seems to me that it is becoming a sin to be happy as an Arsenal fan at the moment.”-Yogi

    “If you manage to get the most productive years of a players career then sell at a profit then that isn’t selling it is good resource management.”-Amos

    The Sceptic Breathes Best In Doubt.

    For any club, business, marriage or country to achieve greatness & become legendary, the sacrifice of committed individuals is required. This “blind faith” begins within ONE individual and is carried on by like minded faithfuls. AW is but the present day bearer of the torch in the Arsenal story. It’s his handling of the trials, tribulations & love for the cause we are celebrating here.
    To the doubting fan, player & management personnel, please look within yourself, soak in the experience of being part of history in the making (even our rivals admit we play breathtaking,beautiful football) OR take your cynicism somewhere else.
    No, actually please stay, we need your darkness to shine Arsenal light!

  31. Amos you just said what I was about to say, and better than I would have said it. Bottom line: to call us a ‘selling club’ is absurd, Augie. We’re a ‘resource maximizing club’, more like. We sell people when we can make a bundle off them, and after we’ve already gotten what we wanted out of them. We’re well-run. “Buy low, sell hi”, isn’t that what they say the ‘secret sauce’ is for success in the stock market? I heard another blog somewhere say that RVP is every bit as valuable (or more) than Torres, and cost us 1/5th the fee Liverpool paid for him. That’s GOOD BUSINESS. And if he plays here for another 8 years, scores 100+ goals for us, and then we sell him for 20mm quid, that also would be considered good business, just as it was with Henry.

  32. “Money offers the weak an easy way out”

  33. “It seems to me that it is becoming a sin to be happy as an Arsenal fan at the moment.”
    Well said Yogi.

    It shows how ignorant or mischevious the press and pundits can be.
    Is it not glaringly obvious, that to AW, Arsenal is more than a Job. To me this is Wenger’s last job. He has hinted on it so many times.
    Can any one honestly leaving Arsenal to go manage Madrid or Barcelona? Leave the a club where you are responsible for plotting and managing the future of the club. To one where you are not even responsible for buying players.
    Are people really that ignorant?

    One more thing, i’ve been to the Camp Nou, it is just one big concrete bowl sunk half-way into the ground.
    Not half as impressive as the Emirates

  34. I think Arsenal and Arsene do pretty well in hiolding onto players. I mean, PV was here for 8 years, Henry the same and Freeddie, bergkamp, etc.

    Anelka? Well, he was 19, taking advice from his brothers and so wanted the big money, and the club did pretty well out of it didn’t they? As for Overmars, he fancied the glamour of barca, we got £25 million for a player we bought for £5M and he went down like a lead ballon along with Petit.

    What I do have a problem with is how some players are allowed to run their contracts down; Pires & Edu, stick out for me. Edu’s contract was left, probably assuming he would be happy to wait, but nope, he got pissed off and left.

    But that was Dein’s job wasn’t it?

  35. Edu was offered an extension that he rejected because he wanted more money.
    The club was not willing to pay him more than they think he is worth. The same goes for Pires. Remeber DB10 stayed on reduced wages.

  36. The best thing of all wasn’t anything that Arsene actually said, it was his mood. The fact that he’s so clearly cheerful, so light-hearted and upbeat.

    Obviously whatever else anyone thinks, Arsene fancies our chances next season.

  37. Arsehole Venga

    Deleted by YW

  38. There seems to be some confusion as to what people mean by a selling club. The way the comment I read elsewhere which hacked me off was intended to compare us to a nursery club for the so-called big boys. To me, Arsenal and all of the G-14 are a normal club who trade in a commodity called players. A selling club is someone like Crewe – no disrespect – who sell to survive such is the nature at their level of football.

    As for Dein. He did a good job at the Club and as things go, he was a ‘good’ Director of Football. He also made mistakes. It is called being human. He may be at the Club at some point in the future but he is not there now. No amount of complaints is going to change that nor does it improve the situation. Nor does it help to move the Club forward in the present.

  39. Aah, Paulie you came back. And more post-modernist humour in your username. And added some exciting comment to boot. But it was so exciting that I don’t think the others are quite ready to read it. Maybe next time.

  40. this guy obviously dont like anyone to disagree with him. hes banned arsehole vengas little harmless joke. this site is a dictatorship that dont allow any anti wenger posts so ill leave you arse lickers to praise and adore arsene but be carefull you dont disagree with yogi bear

  41. torchwood opps wolf

    if wenger likes our chances why isnt he signing a new contract extension !?

    i think its the other way around . he’s holding off making a commitment based on how well we fare this season ..

    he wouldnt be holding out for money. (im sure he has enough) and he isnt holding out
    for any other reason other than he is considering his it the board, or the team it doesnt matter
    something is spooking him .. he made no secret when RM tapped him up 2 years ago QUOTING he was HONOURED !
    He’s sledged henry for wanting trophies and he couldnt wait but why isnt wenger re-signing? pot calling the kettle black if you ask me !

    with current speculation i think wenger is guilty of the same
    crime as henry,he shouldnt talk so loud, wanting to leave football with more trophies on his shelf and feels maybe our young team cant do it.. ?!or the board ,a new challenge? but what ever the reason it is,its having a negative affect on our players .
    and not good for team morale.

    arsene wanted henry to stay . fact!
    so all of those people talking bollocks about him being smart in business and picking that henrys career was on the decline so he sold him , is so off the mark , your all in dream land .
    and if he was that good in business he would of sold him the previous season for 44 mil ! not for 16 mil.
    a pathetic price for the best striker in the world!

    People talking about PV and TH like they are retired
    they still play for their country , they are top class players
    ,playing in top class teams . they have plenty of miles left still !!
    wenger just wants to balance the books on these players freddy included .. we are a selling club .. youll see once fabrigas comes of age .. that very year he becomes a top class international we will sell him .. to the 1st la liga team who flirts with him.

    looking at the mentality of wenger or the board its going to be pretty hard to mount a challenge , when from year to year we just buy and sell players for a profit .. no team morale , stability .. im sure the team are looking at eachother wondering whos going to be sold off next !
    freddy for 1 !

    and why if your eto would you join arsenal ?
    at 26 he signs one 4 year contract and then after that
    he will be on a year to year contract . as our over 30s
    policy kicks in .. what insentive is there for a TRUE top class players to join arsenal ?. NONE

    db 10 is the only exception to the rule . and thats only because he was CLASS . (and he accepted a back seat as he got older and wage reduction).plus most of the invincibles where still in the team then .. and if this is the way to build up a team of champions why hasnt mancs or chevs done it like this ? (all junior players)
    because they have money and want to win things this year !!!!!

  42. Oh dear oh dear oh dear…..

  43. Great post mate! Is it criminal being optimistic?

  44. clash

    ID rather be realistic . too many rose tinted glasses wearers out there . especially on this blog, im here to keep it real !

    like frank ! who has nothing better to say , infact just put your glasses on son , your gonna need them , unless we start getting some proven experience .

    we could be buying a boot load of baptista’s !
    all i can say is i hope we buy plenty of players as then hopefully 1 or 2 will come good !

    re: Rodrigo Palacio hes worth 16 mil on last i heard
    he is a player they should have got , not de silva !
    i cant see arsenal spending that much on 1 player .
    im sure its all rumours.

    also a final quote from the ‘arse’

    ” Thierry Henry’s decision is down to him. It’s not my decision. He wanted to make the move.

    “He’s nearly 30. Maybe he didn’t have the patience anymore to let the young team develop. You can understand that. It was a tough decision.”


  45. ethan_gooner:
    Try and be coherent. I will pick on one of your points.
    “if wenger likes our chances why isnt he signing a new contract extension !?”

    Because he is not ready, why is that such a problem. Not ready to sign does not mean he is leaving.
    What do you think he would have told the new players.

    I agree PV4 and Henry are still top class players, but have become stale at Arsenal. Is that so difficult to comprehend.

    Wenger wanted to rebuild the team, and as manager he and only he can decide if the time is right. He analysis performances and detects when the time is right for a player to leave for the benefit of the club. Sometimes it is to allow a younger talent to develop. Why is that such a bad thing.
    Fabregas at 20 has played more games than Vieria at the same age. Why pay 30million for Eto if you believe you can get the same result from your 3.5million pound signing RVP or 6million (i guess) Eduardo.

    Go easy on the negativity, listen to more of Wenger’s pre and post match comments.
    The implications of comments like yours is that the club is not ambitious. Nothing can be further from the truth. Very few clubs\board\manager would have embarked on the Emirates project. That is real ambition.

  46. 2 years ago arsene denied we were in a transitional period

    ARSENES quoting things like ‘Maybe he didn’t have the patience anymore to let the young team develop’
    young team developing = transitional phase arsene !
    (as 1/2 our players are gone!!)
    how much bollocks comes from that mans mouth that you
    believe ??
    I told yogi 6 weeks ago that arsene needs to commit before this becomes a media circus , or worse we loose players .. well we did , we lost the best player to grace any feild in 10 years !
    henry lost patience with the youth because they aint upto scratch ! why in the 3rd year do you still believe in him?
    he wont even sign an extension ?! its all an ugly mess !
    and he aint doin a damb thing to change it !!!
    im sure one day theyll (the team)come good they have too , but meanwhile mancs and chevs keep buying better players . and keep winning
    so dont tell me about finances and we dont spend 1/2 as much as the other clubs , because we dont win anything either !

    dont get me wrong id love to hear some positives .
    like we just bought 4 or 5 world class players to match the mancs or chevs . but both you and i know it aint gonna happen !

  47. Wonder what makes some fans avoid all reason and logic and keep predicting doom for their own club?

    And that too in poorly constructed hard to read sentences.

    Best is to ignore them, I guess. But I really wonder what motivates them?

    It is like forever nagging and blaming your own son. It does not do anyone any good.

    But remember all gooners, when a few morons bring you down, there are a lot of passionate fans around the world, who truly realise how incredibly beautiful Arsenal FC under Wenger is, and believe in these players 100%.

    They just dont feel the need to shout out their views as crudely, or get into a slagging match with these ‘anti-gooners’.

  48. The man has not signed because he is negotiating. Getting the best deal he can for himself, while as usual pushing the board to match his ambition. He is working from a position of strength. His commitment as usual is reflected in the vision of his work. Can the negative fans pull themselves together. We are starting pre-season and you’ve already bottled it.

  49. The man has not signed because he is negotiating. Getting the best deal he can for himself, while as usual pushing the board to match his ambition. He is working from a position of strength. His commitment as usual is reflecting in the vision of his work. Can the negative fans pull themselves together. We are starting pre-season and you’ve already bottled it.

  50. william try talking sence !

    ‘Because he is not ready, why is that such a problem. ‘

    YES WHEN PLAYERS like henry leave and gallas – fabs
    are unsettled !
    yes theres a problem you toss !!!!

    and TH and PV aint stale, it was the dynamics of the team changed.. you think that one day they woke up and desided not to play well anymore ?? not sure why they are still chosen for the national team at the highest level then !!!?
    your one of the tinted brigade . im sure you have photos with lipstick marks of wengers on your wall ! ..
    He analysis performances and detects when the time is right for a player to leave for the benefit of the club. Sometimes it is to allow a younger talent to develop. Why is that such a bad thing.

    you think not winning anything for 3 years is a good thing ?? a step in the right direction then ??

    ‘The implications of comments like yours is that the club is not ambitious. Nothing can be further from the truth.’

    ambitious like spending 60+ million in 1 transfer season when you won the title last season already ???
    we are so off the mark you might as well watch the game from the moon my friend ! it will look better from that distance !
    or ambitious like missing out on ribery because hes too expensive ? or malouda !? babel !? instead we go for 2nd division players , what a gamble !

    and as for emerates stadium . like i said 3 years ago ..
    you can have the best stadium in the whole EPL , but if you aint winning .. most people would rather stay home and watch the game on the box !

  51. Ethan calm down. You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack. That with the mental issues and it won’t be pretty. Wenger found Henry in the first place and he’ll find the next legend just like he always does. I know you’re the type who only sings when you’re winning and it’s unfortunate that it can’t be the case everyday but Wenger brought the glory and he’ll bring it again, regardless of your lack of backbone or your constant whining. So chill or stress! Whatever floats your boat mate!

  52. lord_g

    well tell me oh mighty one of knowledge when do you think we will win something ???

    3 years dry enough for you ???

    also go get yourself some tinted glasses . infact get yourself a welding blast sheild !

  53. Of course it was TH’s decision – Wenger made sure it was! If it weren’t TH’s decision we would have had to give him part of the transfer fee so it was important that we made it ‘his’ decision. Wenger didn’t have to let him go unless he wanted to – he could have held him to his contract. Even Fergie could see the wisdom of letting TH go now. We may have had the best player to play in the premiership but that was yesterday. He can still shine for a year or two in Spain but he we had the best of him.

    As for £16.5m being a poor price – look at it from the perspective of the buyer. TH cost £16.5m plus £6.7m a year in wages which over 4 years equals £43.8m (plus signing bonuses et .c) probably upwards of £45m. At 30 years old he has no residual value. Doesn’t look so cheap if you are the buyer does he?

  54. Danny

    i aint stressing ! im being factual !
    your reacting because you cant handle the truth ..
    and that also is unfortunate

  55. @ethan_gooner

    Bait refused.

  56. amos
    i heard he was taking a pay cut to join barca !
    so your figures might need tweeking . that also shows me
    he wasnt leaving for a better deal , he was leaving for a better club !!! and that aint comforting as you know no one knows arsenal like he did . .

    and how on earth is one year hes worth 44 mil and the next year 16 ??with no other clubs offering a bid ! if that sounds good to you … hmmmm

    also henry shouldnt be cheap ! and i think he has 4 or 5 years left in him ..

  57. lord_g

    no comment would sound more like an arsene lover .

  58. Ok, no comment, if you like.

    Wish more Arsenal fans would do the same, instead of dignifying your comments with a response.

  59. “2 years ago arsene denied we were in a transitional period”
    Yes, because it will be stupid to admit it and get it plastered over every member of Her Majesty Gutter Press. And that year we got to the champions league final.

    “I told yogi 6 weeks ago that arsene needs to commit before this becomes a media circus , or worse we loose players .. well we did , we lost the best player to grace any feild in 10 years !”

    This point will not go down well, but we did not loose a player, we allowed him to go. There is a difference, do you want everything to be played out in the media first.

    I for one was sure from the Fulhams game last season that Henry was on his way out. If a nonentity like me could tell the team is not functioning with Henry then Wenger too will know it.
    Wenger kept Henry out after the PSV game not to damage his value. His injury was no where as bad to have kept him out for the season. And now his gone, Wenger will not say anything to damage his legacy. Hence the facade “It was Henry’s decision”.

    You buy what you need, we needed another forward to sit behind RVP not infront of him. Hence we got Eduardo.
    Liverpool got Torres, because after spending £45 million on Kuyt, Bellamy, Fowler, Pennant,Crouch and Gonzalez he decides to spend £26 million on Torres.
    That to me is nothing to be proud of.

    ManU acquired Hargreeves that to me is no better than the £3 million Denilson. The two young players are just prospects for the future. Something Wenger has been doing for the past 3 seasons. Bendtner 18 , Walcott 18, Denilson 19, Djourou 20, Havard Nordtveit 17, Merida 17, Fabianski 22, Fonte 17.

  60. Ok Ethan, pick your new boss? Who do you want? And as we’re not realistically in a position to spend massive money, pick what signings you want too! Go on tell us all this better plan! Because other than moaning you’re yet to manage constructive.

  61. “and how on earth is one year hes worth 44 mil and the next year 16 ??with no other clubs offering a bid ! if that sounds good to you … hmmmm”

    Would you pay £44 million for a player with a year to go on his contract? Where do you get your figures from?

  62. lord _g

    Wonder what makes some fans avoid all reason and logic and keep predicting doom for their own club?

    And that too in poorly constructed hard to read sentences.

    Best is to ignore them, I guess. But I really wonder what motivates them?

    It is like forever nagging and blaming your own son. It does not do anyone any good.


  63. No Ethan he didn’t take a pay cut he was on £110k a week with us and is on £128K a week now apparently. All the players who left us left us for a better club. PV said the same when he joined Juventus in the season we put them out of the CL – so did Overmars when he went to Barca. As for the £44m bid we don’t know that was true do we – it was never really tested – just newspaper talk though he may have been truer when he was 26-28 and before he signed his last 6 figure contract.

    Henry may have 4 or 5 years left in him, though he isn’t so confident he has much time left which is one of the reasons that he wanted to try his luck elsewhere , but at the end of it he is worth nothing.

    Sometimes you just have to acccept that it is a good deal for both sides. We free up funds to invest elsewhere for the longer term and TH gets the chance for an Indian Summer.


    Because you equate spending to quality.

    Is Torres £20 million better than RVP. Remember they are about the same age.

    Is Rooney £35 million better than Cesc?

  65. Its nice that we are talking about disciplining kids.

    So, why dont you take your toys back into the pram and wheel yourself out of here?

    Thank you.

  66. Question:

    If Fabregas believes we are on the verge on ‘something special’, why do you not believe it and, can you give us something to ‘hold’ onto, without resorting to namecalling.


    Over to Ethan.

  67. hackney-gunner

    there is no way henry has 4-5 years left in him that is why we sold him!!! he has a static nerve problem which means he will only get if he is lucky 20 games per season and 16 m 4 a crock is brilliant buisness.arsenal made henry look good just like cashly cole!! how many really good performances has henry had 4 france??? not was always going to sell th but he is just sugar coating it just out of respect 4 th
    mark my words HENRY WILL FLOP 4 BARCA!

  68. Hackney

    I don’t think Henry will flop at Barcelona. I think he will have two or three decent seasons through their style of play and the number of chances they create domestically.


  69. hackney-gunner

    2 much panic frm gooner fans we are 12/1 2 win da title yet we play da best football and with the correct striker we will finish all da chances we did’nt last season,no 1 had more chances 2 score last season and no other team hit the woodwork as much as us so wid a likle help frm da silva i think we are the best bet infact im goooner put a £200 on us myself!!!


    here this is from a post or 2 ago
    this is from a previous post and is accurate , so says YW and i do remember reading it this time last year .

    ok danny ..
    edmilson from barca is on a free transfer thats a start.
    – striker david villa or Rodrigo Palacio
    midfeild – Riquelme – babel – malouda – ribery
    defenders marcelo – Abidal

    and the coach if he commited pre season is arsene however theres many great coaches capello , Alfio Basile,Miguel Angel Russo to name but a few . also frank from barca , and we can just exchange managers ..which will probly happen .

  71. Ethan

    Forwards: Villa is unaffordable. Period. Palacio? Who knows. Might happen, might not.

    Midfield: Edmilson has knee-knack and is out for 2 – 3 months still (probably why he is on a free). The others aren’t available and of that there is a fair argument that all were more expensive than their worth.

    Defence: They aren’t available. Simple as.

    I don’t doubt any of the coaches, they are all highly regarded.

    I think you need to re-work the signings bit though.


  72. Amos

    i know last season 44 mil wasnt tested but it was around the same time as the sheva’s chevs deal .. for 35 . im sure it wouldnt of been to far off the mark ?!

    ( i equate spending to quality in the EPL )
    no tried and untested baptistas

    Is Torres £20 million better than RVP. Remember they are about the same age.
    YES !

    Is Rooney £35 million better than Cesc?
    rooney is over rated . however fabs said he wanted 10 goals last season ! question you have to ask yourself is was PV a more influential player than fabrigas ..? YES PV was an arsenal star and played very well with TH! and no point in comparing age as fabs wont be around that long !!!

    All i have to say YW . its easy to pick on my spelling when i write 30 pages and others write 2 sentances and tell me to get my toys and pram .. DIP SH#T ! making no real point other than to smile thru the rose tinted glasses 🙂 and try and squash real thinkers ..

    but to your question .. fabs also said last season he was going to score 10 goals .. but he had a private pursuit of a bigger figure .. which was unrealistic . also you tell me how special is he going to be against mancs or chevs this season ? the rift is getting larger . so in short after all his bad press this off season , how could you believe anything .
    Hes a 20 year old kid .. gifted maybe . but still very very far from his peak ! . not sure what changed whilst they were all on break (all taking steriods ??).. other than getting rid of henry that is !

    also for those who think arsene wanted to sell henry !!
    READ BELOW !!!

    Wenger admits Henry regret
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted he could not stop Thierry Henry swapping north London for Barcelona as “he wanted to leave”.

    Henry joined the Spanish giants for £16million last month after eight years with the Gunners and Wenger admits it was firmly the player’s decision.

    “Of course you don’t want to lose a world-class player without having thought about it,” he told the News of the World. “At the end of the day, it was his decision.

  73. Dear Ethan gooner

    Why don’t you start your own blag site pleeeeease?

    Can’t you see that who reads thsi site is remotely interested in what you think?

    Better still why don’t you just start supporting Tottenham and leave us all in ———-peace!

  74. Observing that Arsene seems genuinely upbeat and fancies our chances doesn’t mean I do too.

    If you’ve read any of my recent comments, you’d know otherwise.

    Personally I’d be happy if we got 80 points this season, and made a cup final. That would be enough to show we’re on track, and I think prefectly do-able.

    But clearly whatever is going on with Arsene is not “Oh f**k I just lost my best player.” For whatever reason the guy is perfectly happy, chirpy even, and looking forward to what he thinks will be cracking season.

    While I can’t see us winning the league myself, I do have just about enough humility to think maybe the likes of AW and Sir Alex Fergie can call it better than me.

    As for why he hasn’t signed a new contract yet, who knows?

    It’s called negotiation.

    Maybe he reckons he can get an even sweeter deal *after* people see what happens this season.

    Maybe he wants 5% of Kroenke’s empire, and is waiting for Stan to make his move.

    Maybe his mum is pestering him to come back to France, and he can’t face telling her yet.

    Who knows?

    He’s under no obligation to sign up now. Esp not cos the likes of us are getting nervous, or the media is rabbiting on, or even cos the board fancies it.

  75. Fact .. AFC are more a selling club than a buying club.
    This might not be the end of the world as Wenger has found enough talent to replenish his sides, although this time the jury is still out.
    The question one has to ask is why are AFC a selling club?
    To me, its not us deciding to sell, but rather the attraction of foreign clubs which are perceived to be bigger and more glorious than ourselves.
    For most European players, Barca/Milan/Madrid/Juve before the scandal are the ultimate prize in a player’s career.
    There is not one club in the UK that can be put on a similar footing.In fact, if Liverpool had been more successful in the Premiership, this might have happened, but surely ManU/CFC etc are no match in terms of prestige for European players.
    The same goes for all the South American cannot replace history in a short time.
    I am not saying that the balance of attraction is irreversible as AFC demonstrates by having developed the likes of TH and PV, but so far one has to admit that there are sexier clubs around.
    Its completely immaterial whether the player in question will do better away from us, the fact is Real&co are like bright shining stars for a lot of these one to follow will be Fabregas and again, he might well find himself on the wrong side of his career if he goes at the wrong time at a young age to a club like Real..but we cannot stop this.
    Its impossible to fight guys that are trying to orchestrate a move away from the club every season, hence PV and TH moving on.
    I do not agree a lot with what ethan says, but I believe that the poor financial returns we got on both PV and TH are a sign that AW did not want to sell them. He fought their moves for so long until he was forced to surrender for the global stability of the club. Thats why the timing on both of them was wrong.
    PV is still an outstanding player ..only think abt the world cup final and when he left the pitch, France’s level of play dropped big time.
    fact is at AFC, we have to do with what we got..I agree that a RVP is worth as much as a Torres, but he aint a replacement for TH either.
    We can debate forever whether TH would have stayed if Eto’o had joined or whoever else, but AFC dont have the cash to buy them, so we have to do with what we got.
    TH would prob have stayed if the club had showed more commitment away from its youth policy, but…..
    The team is clearly in need of reinforcements, but with the money being thrown around this year by other clubs, its very difficult to see where they will be coming from.
    Sagna looks a great buy, Dudu .. how can we know.
    But we need more quality width in our side and we havent bought anyone, so this concerns me..Ribery would have been a top addition as he can rip through defences to create openings..
    The latest rumour regarding Palacio is a strange one as I sense that he is more of a centre forward than a winger and I felt that we had already enough of the likes of Ade/RVP/Dudu .. but who am I ..
    In AW we trust..

  76. the national coach of argentina is crap ?? well he just made copa america final .. so cant be that bad ..
    or frank .r or capello who won la liga’s in respective years are crap ? i think your talking out of your arse-nal .
    also danny asked me who i would of picked
    ( at the start of the season )
    david villa + cash for henry .. there is a way !
    unlike arsene i wouldnt have been saying NO COMMENT
    USING THE MEDIA TO bring players to the surface !!
    (like babel and tevez for instance)pledging to arsenal
    that met deaf arsenal ears !

    edmilson would be out for the same period as gilberto
    anyhow im thinking for cover during ANC .
    Palacio? wont happen too many $$$ for 1 player
    aint arsenes style .. (but is mine)
    also marcelo is the best left back in the game !
    i would obviously cull some players to meet budget .
    but i was asked who i would bring in to give some experience . no re-think work required these players like you said arsenal cant afford .

    which is my point !!!!!!!!!!
    thats why we need them !

    your thinking like we are southhampton or something !
    or crewe .
    we are ARSENAL FC . we should be striving to keep up with the ronaldos and ballacks ,torres and gerrards ..

    not 20 year old kids ! after 3 seasons of nothing but 1 fa cup which went on penalties ( and PV saved our arsenal then too ) we havnt won a cracker .

    and 2nd in CL means nothing but cash .NO SILVERWARE.

    so why ,oh why yogi oh great and powerful do you believe what a 20 yr old boy is saying , the same boy whos been on holiday since last season and only came back early last week just gone ?? ! does he own a crystal ball ?cause he wouldnt have seen much as he was only there 3 days . also is he the same person who last week was talking to RM ?? yes thats commitment for you !!

  77. well BB i agree with you .. on most points and
    its funny you said you dont agree with me , because it sounds like your uttering the same things ive been writing about for the past 3 hours 🙂

    but i dont agree that RVP and torres are the same ..
    and you tell me otherwise come end of the season .
    RVP isnt that mobile , he is a point and shoot striker
    (like a pires ) gets into a good position to score goals but
    never seen him take on a man (once or twice maybe)
    but most of the time its a stop and shoot mentality
    torres has skills , and get around 3 or 4 defenders ,create chances up front.
    do you think raffa would spend that much on a gamble !

    i think most of you havnt even seen him play..
    (of course there is a small chance he could turn into a baptista )
    but this boy plays 150 % better than rooney when he was good)

  78. BB – perhaps it’s the way our team plays and the quality of our football that makes our players more attractive to the likes of Real and Barca. Apart from Ronaldo – I can’t see any European giants being after many other Utd players. Essien and Drogba are good players but their style is more suited to the premiership than Europe plus who pays more in wages than Chelsea? You also have to factor in that the players we sold (apart from Anelka) had already spent the best of their years at Arsenal. PV came to us at 19. After 9 years he needed to see what else was out there. If Arsenal were just about selling we would have cashed in on PV and TH when we could have got maximum income rather than selling them when it suited us to let them go even though we got less money for them in the end.

  79. Playing in Italy/Spain is not the same than playing in the EPL. The game is played at a much faster tempo, and played until the last minute at 100%, moreover the EPL has 20 teams (most other leagues have 18 or 16 teams) which means at least two more games, also as the League Cup and the FA Cup are taken seriously in England that means more games.

    On average European players play 40 games per year, Viera in his last year for Arsenal played 60 games. In view of where he played his body cannot handle that. That is also the reason why so many England international and international playing in England retire to prolong their career where you hardly hear that argument in other leagues.

    Arsene Wenger cannot go and say, I sold them (Viera and Henry) because physically they were past it. However Ptrick Vieira has acknowledged in a French interview that his body could not be able to handle as much football as before. Maybe TH will do the same later. It does not mean that they cannot play at the highest level, just that they could not play at their best level in this league for so many games.

    Regarding the youngsters, I believe that they will do us proud this season. Without Henry they will not be forced to express themselves and less fearful.
    Man Utd sold Van Nistelroy and everybody said that they would struggle. They won the league. AFC can do the same thing. Sell Henry and win the league with more even distribution of the goal across the entire team.

  80. Everyone knows the prinicipal reason for TH leaving AFC.. and it has little to do with football. Neither is it any of our business.

    But really why don’t you guys who belive that the the c;ub is going down the tubes use other blogsites..there are a few negative ones. Or as Ian says start up your own.

    I can’t for the life of me imagine why if you feel that the club is in decline you should want to try so hard to convince people who believe otherwise that they are wrong.

    I for one would be most appreciative if you could just leave me to my sadly upbeat deluded state…(Please Ethan I would rather you did not respond but if you do could you try to do it in one or two sentences and try to get the case right there’s a good lad).

  81. Torchwolf

    ok good points .
    but i do differ in opinion when you see the likes of gallas
    and in the past fabrigas (and our former captain)
    state why hang around if arsenes leaving !
    its not good for morale . i think we can clearly see that ..

    and id be finalizing the contract now if i was arsene to stop further mutany ..

    how on earth can we win anything if your COACH AND MANAGER isnt showing commitment to the team !?!?!?!

    its the fundamental building block or the missing link to
    making arsenal successful !

    in a war situation you wouldnt want your general
    retreating ? whilst the privates look on …
    you wont win any wars with that attitude !

  82. The only thing that really worry me is that it was reported in several French newspapersand numerous time that AW wanted to resign Anelka, but that some members of the board were dead against it.
    Every contract has to be rubber stamped by the board it was the first time that the board has actually refused a player to Arsene Wneger outside of financial reason (Remember the Ashley Cole fiasco).
    That could mean that some members of the board wants to intervene more in the club affair now that David Dein is gone. That could spell disaster as Wenger would not stand for it.
    The way the club is organised, if Wenger were to leave then AFC would be in deep shit.

  83. Valentin

    Playing in Italy/Spain is not the same than playing in the EPL. The game is played at a much faster tempo, and played until the last minute at 100%

    one question val how many english players do we have ?

  84. Valentin

    i think youve touched on something very speculative
    but in all possiblity is the very reason why arsene isnt signing
    a new contract. THE BOARD

    i dont like the way he puts himself before the club in an issue he can ultimately command ! it shows to me a lack of respect for the young players he’s signed perviously !

    im sure it will have a negative affect on players if he keeps up the smoke screens regarding his future

  85. ethan.. maybe its the ultra negative spin that you put in your comments that makes me disagree more than necessarily the substance behind them .. maybe..
    on Torres vs RVP, this was not meant to be a direct comparison btw the 2 players..but in terms of efficiency for their respective teams, I cannot see Torres outperforming RVP this season
    its fruitless to discuss the merits of one vs the other, they are different types, but RVP has a distinct advantage in that he knows the EPL
    passenal – totally agreed with you, bar Rooney (who would probably get 10 red cards in 5 games in spain) and Ronaldo, nobody to poach from ManU..CFC .. I think Drogba is quality, so is Robben when he plays.. and btw both Ronald and Robben are likely to leave sooner or later.
    AW is the master in developing players, thats why we get poached all the time.
    But this doesnt distract from the fact that we are a selling team when it comes down to it, you will see this with Fabregas unfortunately and thats back to my first argument .. the lure of the big primadonna clubs works against AFC for the mom and will continue so for a while
    I personally think that the timing of both sales was a forced one and AW would have happily wanted to hang on to them if the circus had not been in town every year..hence poor revenues for both of them.
    Valentin – you have a point health wise. I think that PV and TH will be able to enjoy longer careers away from the fact look at the results of the English clubs in Europe combined with the performances of the English national side, you can clearly see the impact of a no winter break season with 60 odd games..
    Still, Van Nistelroy aint no TH .. please not even half one .. sorry

  86. Frank

    i never said we were in decline .
    im asking arsene to change with the times .
    for the last 3 years clubs have spent big and got rewards !

    im sure if abrimovic didnt screw up the EPL , arsenes plans would have worked out just fine !

    but since the chevs threw a curve ball on arsenes long term plans to rebuild it has affected the top 4 in a way no one would have guessed 4 years ago !
    arsene even hinted he wasnt happy with lack of funds to compete , he isnt stupid . the reasons for arsene not re-signing is really unknown , but im more worried how it willaffect players preformances and attitude as the season progresses

  87. Ethan, the nationality of our player is irrelevant, their age is not. Why do you think Arsene Wenger has that rule of not giving more than 1 year contract to any player older than 30 ?
    The older you are:
    + the slower you (you lose a year of pace) which is very important for striker like Henry or a defensive combattive midfielder a la Vieira,
    + the longer it takes to recover any niggle injuries.
    + the less you can train (The old back four Tony Adams, Nigel, Dixon, Bould, Keown were all given some light training, but it was possible because they knew each other game inside out, you cannot do that with player that at the beginning of their career).

    Arsenal ‘s style of play is quick short pass, it means that the player tend to run a lot more than a slow passing of the Italian and Spanish league.
    That is why Wenger fought to keep Anelka, but let Henry and Vieira go without really fighting.

    Like any other employee, Arsene Wenger wants the best deal for himself and I am not talking about money. He wants to make sure that nobody is going to intervene in his job. When the board try to dictate who Arsene Wenger should sign, I can see why he wants some reassurances before signing that it is a one off case for Anelka not the way it is going to be going forward.
    Knowing that Arsene Wenger is not the kind to break a contract. He does not want to sign a contract and realise too late that he has been lied to.

  88. BB

    i only get anoyed with people who are beyond optamistic
    the facts are we havnt had the resources to compete for 3 years . selling all our experience . then you get plonkers thinking that things will be so different this season when we have the same squad (or less)! and chevs and more recently mancs buy quality players to the tune of millions.then because i quote the obvious i get reemed by the tinted brigade !

    liverpool .. and spuds ! west ham – portsmouth and newcastle .are all making adjustments to adapt to the way
    of the new order of things. im glad we got 2 new players , but if you think id swap them for TH14 id rather keep henry..

  89. There you go Ethan. You can do it if you try. The Chavs did throw a curved ball I agree..and it has taken three years to build the reponse. Now sit back and watch it all unfold.

  90. Ethan – there is little point in asking Wenger to spend big on transfer fees. It hasn’t happened in the past and it won’t happen in the future. Wenger will spend where it’s neccessary but it doesn’t mean he isn’t investing sensibly. As a proportion of our income we spend big on salaries. Bigger even than Manu measured proportionately. That’s also a big investment in players but has the advantage of being an investment in assets that appreciate as opposed to those that depreciate.

    You are absolutely right that Abramovich has distorted the transfer market over the last 4 years but that was never going to be sustained and now his spending is having to come down to realistic levels if the intention to break even by 2010 is to be realised. What Wenger and Arsenal are doing is looking for sustained and enduring success. Blowing everything (or too much) on a shit or bust attempt to win a trophy in the short term could be at the cost of achieving enduring success.

  91. Ethan

    The problem with signing left right and centre is that you rip the team’s understanding apart. No team functions with four or five new signings. And what happens when they don’t win the league? Do you sign four or five more? It’s a vicious circle that doesn’t end because you never achieve understanding. Building a team takes time; even Chelsea did not build a team overnight – most of the initial title winning side were there the season before they won the league.

    And simply spending money does not guarantee quality or success. Look at Shevchenko last season. Nobody could say he was even remotely successful to the extent that his value is now set at about £15m, less than half that which he cost.


  92. ethan – clearly one cannot be overly optimistic going into next season. but there is worse in a sense .. people do not expect AFC to win anymore, rather 3/4 place is judged enough
    which is fine in itself, but then one shouldnt be “content” with the way things are at the moment..just palying good football isnt enough
    I want us to compete at least for the EPL every season . the rest is a bonus.. doubt this will happen with our current squad
    AFC needs to move on from its current status as the nice club, the one that plays well, the one that develops super talent, but not the ogre, not the tough ruthless winner they once were in England at least
    but we cannot change the money situation at AFC .. reality is we can only spend as much as we have

  93. Spending money is no guarantee of success look at Newcastle , Leeds and even Chelsea last year.
    Arsenal did not have the money to compete with the best. For the next two years, the club will be under severe financial constraint, however once done Arsenal will be on a great financial advantage compared to every other club in the EPL bar Man Utd and Chelsea.
    Hicks are betting their house on making Liverpool successfull, but if they miss the Champion league for one season, it could seriously derail their plan.
    If that happen (Imagine if UEFA and Platini change the rule and only the first three English team can be in the champion league and they finished fourth), then you will see all the Liverpool supporters complain about the financial hardship and how they were always against the buy out.

    West Ham are just a leeds waiting to happen. When the Egg Head will realise that he spend a fortune on mercenaries and that his return is much less than he thought because everything ended up in the pocket of Lucras Neil and others.

    When Doug Ellis sold Villa, everybody rejoiced. Now they realise that Lerner is no fool and that he will not spend more than Deadly Doug before. Quite the contrary. From next year, he will start to take away from the revenue of the club and pay himself a dividend.

    Pompey is just the plaything of the son of a money launderer. he has been convicted in France and is now in Israel that does not extradite his citizens.

    Spurs are spending like mad. Allegedly they are making money. The same way the club in which ENIC invested previously were making money. Now with new owners who realised that some of the future revenues had already been used. Remember a couple years ago how Crystal Palace wanted to use the 10 future season ticker holder revenues in one season. That would have meant no deficit that season, but a huge hole for the enxt 10 years.

    The problem is that the majority of the board are still behaving like a small shop rather than trying to build an Empire.

  94. Valentin

    henry was disgrutalled with prceedings last season ,largely due to his supply(or lack of) and bad passing made him frustrated. you just watch barca play this season . and tell me if henry is past it ..

    everyone likes to gauge henry against the team . have you ever stopped to think , its the inexperience of the other players affecting his game and more importantly the lack of CHANCES brought about by so many new squad members being inexperienced and upsetting his game.!?
    (same with freddy)

    you also said arsenals game is short passes ..
    well it actually used to be off side traps and quick countering down the flanks with width..

    your discribing our worst season which was last season 21 points adrift ..

    yes that worked well ..

  95. henry will have a good season or two at Barca and he may even win the CL, but I still think it was a good deal for both clubs. Arsenal needed to develop without Henry as Wenger said yesterday. If it means Barca are no longer in the market for Palacio then even better news for us.
    what about Riquelme? surely he does not really want another year at Boca Juniors on loan? maybe he does.

  96. yogi

    yes unlike most of your crew here i dont expect us to win anything this season . but before we get lapped by other teams we need some solid experienced top class players (4 or 5 ) to mix in with these youngsters . you even said yourself on a post or 2 ago .. we have an OK starting 11 .
    (is it on par with liverpoo,mancs or chevs probly not) but reasonable. but only ade has experience in your subs bench .
    so after one injury our youth is fully exposed ! this isnt a team that can challenge for CL , we havnt got the bench . and if we even get 1/2 the injuries of last season we cannot feild a experienced 1st 11. ive been saying it constantly and i want just one more excuse for a transitional period .. thats this year .. we need top flight players and with arsene not commiting its just another spanner in the works i dont want another 3 years before we can compete .

    well the copa is starting soon and im going to see how COCO
    the crap manager fares 🙂

  97. Anyone See Baptista’s Goal

    Where was that last season, in fact where was the majority of his overall Copa performances last season.

    I wonder if the pressure of the loan got to him….or is he just awful

    Robinho’s been quiet. There have been rumours all over the internet today about Palacio, Forums in Argentina think it is all done bar the Medical. I think that is a little optimistic at this stage. Not even sure if he would be a good buy.

    I agree with you Ethan, I cant see us challenging this year (Disclaimer: this is based on current squad, additions may sway me), and I know everyone says give them a chance, and I will and I will support whoever starts, but I really cant see us breaking into the top 3, I think we will be good enough for 4th though. Maybe a FA Cup run will be the highlight of the Season.

    This will be the 3rd so called transition year on the bounce and maybe we should accept Champions League Qualifiying is where we are, but I still worry that it was only two years ago we were one Lasagne short of Uefa Cup and I am not sure how we can cope with that, I just feel we are dropping a level whilst the likes of the Spuds are catching up.

    I agree with most Arsenal Fans that we probably have the most Promising bunch of Youth Talent anywhere in the World but can you bring that Talent through without the Senior Pros in the 1st 11……I doubt it.

  98. There were many lil’ Man Utd Ethans a year ago too. They lost faith in their boss, in particular when he sold their top scorer only to bring in a Carrick. Well, it turns out keeping faith with the one who raised the bar was the order of day. Ethan excuse the world if they don’t side with you. In time you will be proved wrong but you’re just complain that we have not won every title in the meantime. Unfortunately, the game does not work like that and while we’re not richest, you’ll just have to be patient!

  99. God, you’re a tit Ethan. 5 Minutes in your company and I’d happily be slitting my wrists. And, no, it’s not the negativity, it’s the sheer pomposity. There’s nothing in what you write (poorly I might add) to back up the sheer arrogance, which only makes matters worse. I’ll come back when you’ve disappeared.

  100. Not much you can read into pre-season against Barnet. Both Traore & Clichy were impressive. RVP had some good moments but was generally easing back into playing. Ade ran & ran as usual, missed a couple but got one. Walcott worked hard, made a couple of blistering runs but little end product. Baradite scored a scorcher. Randall looked useful, put in some good passes. Liked the look of Lansbury, who came on for Denilson (some of the Barnet players didnt seem to realise it was a friendly). he was a very composed and tidy player. I thought Gilbert looked poor considering how good he was when he first appeared for Arsenal. Whilst Justin didnt play (I hope we dont sell him), Gavin Hoyte was strong at Centre Back, partnered by Nordvelt (who looked OK). Eduardo gave us a nice wave but I was a bit disappointed that he didnt play. After banging on about Merida to my dad he then went on to give the ball numerous time but still showed some classy touches overall. The futures bright at Arsenal and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

  101. oh and man of the match? Flamini – he really stood out and looked excellent.

  102. hackney-gunner

    were gunner win da league n i cant wait 4 it 2 b shoved down all those negative gunner supportes throats!!!!no team can play like arsenal and when eduardo bangs in 25-30 goals we will b cruisin

  103. hackney-gunner

    henry jus split with his wife ha ha the you should’nt have left arsenal curse has started 2 kick in ha ha ha ha ha

  104. Ethan,

    The lack of goals from Freddie in the last couple of years was due to two things:
    + the style of Arsenal has changed. Freddie was all about coming unmarked into the penalty box from the left after a quick counterattacking move. Because team defend very deep against Arsenal. There is less possibility to attack quickly against a high line. Only the very best team or the suicidal one defend with a high line against Arsenal now.
    + Freddie legs have gone. His brain is still there, but you can see that he cannot make the difference anymore.

    Henry was facing with the same problem. Because team defends deeper, he had less opportunity to come and score from the left flank. The entire team and himself have had to adapt, to score against very compact defensive/negative team. You would have noticed that this year he scored more from crosses (Eboue being his main supplier) especially header than in any previous season.

    I still think that he is a great player, but I am not convinced that he would have still been our main source of goal this season with our new style of play. Our style is slower, but also it is played on the full width of the pitch, where before Arsenal hardly had any width. Pires, Ljunberg, Parlour, Edu were hardly touch line hanger.
    Despite all Henry’s considerable bigger talent, in a 4-5-1 role (such as Man Utd away, …) Adebayor is more effective. In a classic 4-4-2, Henry without DB10 is not the same. Ultimately he would have moved to a more Berkamp type of role, but I am not sure that he would have loved that. In the French team, when played with Anelka, Anelka play that role. When played with Trezeguet, he hates to not be the main central striker.

    Regarding Henry putting away less goal. If you look at the number of chance missed by Arsenal, you would have realised that Arsenal is still making an incredible number of chances per game. Our problem has been to put them aways not to create them.
    Baptista, Rosicky, Hleb, Adebayor, Ljunberg have all been guilty of missing seaters.

  105. hackney-gunner

    totallt agree wid valentin they all missed sitters but they will get better and if u look @ teams who get new stadiums i.e ajax the first season is always difficult!!!

  106. THE CURSE OF arsenal has started,, you are rite hakker-gunner…. served you rite TH.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH111

  107. OOOPs sorry i meant hackney-gunner ):

  108. always a selling club

    if by some miracle we had signed c ronaldo,
    he would this year be wearing the white of real madrid. you know it, iknow it, he would of known it, everybody knows it.
    face it we have always not been able to hold onto any players since the days of brady and stapleton,
    the only exception being d bergkamp from 98 to 2004, in his best years..the rest all left for the ££££s that we would not give!
    unlike bergy who didn’t care about the money!

  109. i like the header.

  110. we will be a selling club to a degree until we can maintain a title challenge year after year and win a trophy of some kind every year. at the moment in the world there are four clubs that will always be seen as a higher place than Arsenal and they are Barca, Real, Chelsea and Man U. Arsenal do have the stadium and the fan base. we just need a sustained period of success to join that group and then we wont be seen as a selling club anymore. If we can outperform the 2 spanish teams then Fabregas wont leave. if however we keep finishing fourth then he will.

    Ethan, of course wenger said he didn’t like losing Henry. what did you expect him to say about our all time top scorer and possibly best player ever? ‘oh yes, we are glad he has gone so now we can move on, he was holding us back’…I dont think so.

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