Lazy Sunday

The Sunday’s are strangely quiet today. Not in the absence of Arsenal ‘news’, more that they display a complete lack of imagination. Surely they can’t be losing their touch? Or is it a case as Lili von Shtupp put it in Blazing Saddles, ‘I’m tired, tired of playing the game. Ain’t it a freakin’ shame. I’m so…let’s face it. Everything below the waist is ka-put‘?

The News Of The World informs us that the Carlos Tevez are the two English Clubs he will consider if he leaves West Ham. A ‘source’ tells us that,

Arsenal are serious contenders. If Tevez stays in England, it’s between them and United

Woo and indeed, hoo. There has been speculation in some quarters that we stand no chance in any fight for a player when up against United. I do not subscribe to that view, for whilst United have the ‘glamour’, player for player, the Arsenal squad is equal to them in most cases, if not better. Still it would be better to wait for a bid before deciding that we’ve lost out on a player before he’s even signed for someone else. The same paper reports that we are ‘locked in a battle’ over Curtis Davies and that Real Madrid have made a cheeky £6m offer for Reyes and that they are negotiating to get the price lower. Curiously enough, that is the same bid that Barcelona made for Henry so if we can get another £10m out of Madrid then I won’t be complaining. However, a bid from Atletico should not be ruled out as they have money that is burning a hole in their pocket following the sale of Torres to Liverpool. A target we missed out on if you believe all that you read. Fat Sam believes Owen will stay on Tyneside this season which knocks another signing on the head apparently.

The Mail and The Telegraph meanwhile go for the ‘Club in turmoil off the pitch’ angle. The former asserts that Arsene has fallen out with Edelman and won’t sign a new Contract. That is something that he – and we – will have to get used to – if we weren’t already – until a new Contract is even offered and rejected / signed. The latter goes for the ‘Dein returns’ angle, claiming rather believably that DD has rejected five offers already but is waiting to see what happens at Arsenal. At least The Telegraph used an original description for their ‘source’, calling him a ‘rival Club boss and good friend from the G-14’.

Darren Bent seems to be living in a dream world though with his observations that Henry went to Barcelona on the cheap at £16m. Well, that part is true. I think it’s the bit where he seems to think he is actually worth the £17m that Tottenham paid for him. £17m for a player who is not a regular England international? Hmmm, more a case of you were overpriced, young man.

All of which seems to be designed to titilate and destabilise. But does it and who is it aimed at? Surely the hacks realise we want more than a ‘source’; we want the whole kit and kaboodle. We want names who say it. Screw ‘protecting your sources’, let’s have them out in the open so we can decide if it is worth looking at? If it is aimed at creating trouble with the players, their cyberspace sites show no indication of it. Even William Gallas who has a lot to say on everything makes no mention of Henry’s sale to Barcelona. It will be interesting to see the results of his poll on the website, asking the question about what you remember most about his first season at Arsenal. The options genuinely are:

  1. His uncontested leadership in the defense of the Gunners
  2. His absence because of a pulled thigh
  3. His successful integration into the team of Arsenal
  4. His magnificent 3 registered goals
  5. His season without a trophy

(Adopts Geordie accent) You decide…

Elsewhere, Alex Hleb says nothing other than he’s off on his holidays with teutonic efficiency whilst Tomas Rosicky tells us that he’s fit and raring to go in his slick little effort. The site that got most response was that of Phillipe Senderos which was a static one dimensional page (that brought forth the cruel jibe that it was like his performances on the pitch) telling us it opened for business today. I preferred his myspace page which listed Brazilian author Paulo Coelho as his first ‘friend’. Which is the area of cyberspace that the rest of the squad inhabit so if you want to know what they’ve been up to before pre-season training starts this week, just pop over to myspace and seek and ye shall find.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Tevez will be a great signing. Anelka will be better…. thats what -“my kind” of intution offers.

  2. Anelka does not fill me with inspiration. Tevez would be better but it would not surprise me if AW did not sign another forward.

  3. Predicting the decisions Arsene make, will be the toughest job ever.

  4. If Wenger doesn’t sign another forward, we are in for a very long season.

  5. If he doesn’t sign another forward, it is either because he cannot get one that represents value for money or he has belief in van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner and Walcott to deliver.

    Whether that is right or misplaced, time will tell. However, as he is back at the Club this week, the machinations that have been going on in the background – if there are any – should bear fruit. But as there is another two months until the window closes, should we expect any action imminently?

  6. Harry Barracuda

    I would suggest everyone download on of Billy’s “goodies”, nail it to your dartboard and start throwing at the arrogant cunt.

  7. It seems to me the cashflow at the Emirates isn’t quite as attractive as made out. The Henry fee was £16m in one payment Bent’s paid three installments. Henry was being paid £120,000 a week Bent has accepted £45,000 a week. Tevez on a loan might reflect the saving the club has made on wages rather than the capital sum for a transfer fee.

    Dein and Edelman had not been on talking terms for a while before Dein left. I’ve never met him but someone I know has says he is rather unpleasant. It seems strange though Wenger would have fallen out with him while being on holiday. Also Edelman as a retailer is more likely to be aware of the importance of Henry type players to the Arsenal “brand”.

    I would prefer a little tension between Board and manger it ensures deals are scrutinised while it can lead to Cole type bust ups it might also stop Lungberg situations where the player’s powers have wained (plus he prefers nightclubbing) but still costing £70,000 a week.

    Edelman will I’m sure realise his time is limited if Dein returns under the Kroneke banner.

  8. Would that be Darren Bent that joined the sp*rs instead of marcus bent ? Darren is a gooner too(or so they say). I still believe that tevez is too individualistic too suit our game and as a result van persie & tevez would be at each others throats in no time. We really screwed up if we allow the mickey mousers to sign torres who imo is made for arsenal. Signing him would not only be a statement of intent but would also act as a reassurance to cesc having one of his compatriots alongsidfe him

  9. It would indeed. There was some witty quip in there about Marcus which I forgot to completely edit out. Thanks for pointing it out.

  10. Augie

    Why should Fabregas need reassurance from a Spaniard being at the Club? Surely it isn’t a pre-requisite to keep him happy down that route? He would, I think, take all the reassurances he needs from talking to AW?

  11. yogi

    well done! as im the only observant one amoung us ill be the 1st to congratulate you on the photo . Truely inkeeping with the most current BLOG AROUND !
    why would you think that torres wouldnt goto a fellow spainards managers club . look at ‘the arsenal ‘french players
    though our doors have been more than pro-rata on any club in the EPL to date.dont that tell you somefin ?
    I knew if ‘raffa called’ torres would answer , they are country men . thats why liverpoo are only just starting there recruiting now .(spain season just over)
    I can see why we didnt get malouda , 27 years old and valued at 17 mil . Dearer than henry .
    Speaking of which WHY DID WE SELL HIM SO CHEAP AND ON THE QUIET ? surely if there was 3 or 4 days of henry on the open market we would have got 25+ mil for him .from barca !

  12. i come here first time, i like your blog, best work!

  13. Yogi,
    I really like what you’ve done with the logo at the top of the page. I think you’re right, its time to move forward, to think about the future of the time. Please put RvP in the slot all the way to the left. He is an amazing young talent who will easily carry the offensive load for Arsenal this year. Keep up the good work.

  14. I would like to comment briefly on the transfer money that we got for TH14 .. whilst nominally it looks poor, it needs to be put into perspective as a) he is 30 and injury prone and probably structurally so and he wasnt only injured last season, but also the one before albeit coming back very strongly ..remember the goal against Spurs at home when we really suffered
    b) the only comparison recently is Shevchenko at 30, but and big BUT he went to Chelski and the Russian money sucker bought him personally, so not comparable again unless we want to sell to them which hopefully everyone agrees upon that we shouldnt c) it beggars belief that English players are able to go to English clubs for staggering amounts of money as I believe that it will come to haunt Tottenham that they paid so much for Bent, but again he goes from one English side to another, a thing we dont want to happen for our players so expect lower revenues from sales

    its all nice to imagine that auctioning off TH14 would have provided us with the extra cash, but what if TH14 refuses to go to Inter..beware of Milan as they are sharks in the transfer market..just look at their team and you will see that bar Kaka who came from Brazil on reasonable money, they have hardly any excessively expensive players .. Ronaldo came on the cheap from Real and thats it ..the others aint super stars, rather home grown talent

    I wish I had some insight into who we are going to buy and must admit that I am looking at the most absurd websites for any clues, only to realize that it totally wastes my time I shamefully admit that I would welcome any information that is not completely absurd, albeit I probably know the answer already ..

  15. Like BB I’m itching for revelations. Please please please Professor, give us something…anything…a name? 2 names? 3?..just please speak to US THIS WEEK!!!!!!! Sanity demands it!

  16. yogi
    what do you think of the comparisons of henry’s transfer to patrick’s transfer to juve? even though we all knew cesc had talent to come into our midfield, certainly no one knew he would become a world class player. I think people forget about the talent of walcott in all of this, but nonetheless do you think that Wenger does not brings in replacements for departed starts through the transfer window perhaps because he doesn’t want the pressure to be placed on the new players to live up to the departed arsenal legends?

  17. uctriton

    AW mentions in one of the season review DVD’s from a few years ago about bringing players in from overseas. I think, if memory serves, he was talking about Reyes and signing him in January and how he prefers that because he believes it takes six months for a player to settle and they are therefore ready for a new season having been aclimatised ‘gently’ in the preceding six months. It would not surprise me if he signed no-one this window; the downside of such a policy is that in six months, the season could be gone.

    Transfer prices are a simple economic fact. If you have a commodity, and a buyer, the price they pay reflects the value. We could have perhaps taken Barcelona for more but would they or anyone have gone significantly higher. The only Club which pays over the odds on all transfers is Chelsea because the football world knows they can. Everyone else pays a ‘realistic’ price. Henry had age and fitness against him; that Barcelona have put him into a regime of muscle correction exercises shows there is something wrong. I guess that the concern about him is whether he will be able to stand a full season again. With internationals that is not an unrealistic argument.

    The expectations on a player come from us, fed by the media. Arsene will give anyone time if they have the right attitude. If that element is missing, then they are disposed of in the same manner as Jeffers. Established players are no different; Vieira and Henry had their heads turned by Clubs or Advisors (or both) and to be honest, if someone’s heart is not in it, no amount of money can compensate for that.

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