Everyone’s Joining, Flamini’s Leaving And Platini Is A Pain In The Arsenal

The usual media speculation is filling the back pages and airwaves over recent days with The Sun Says So It Must Be True claiming the Club are worried AW is off to Madrid despite all those ‘close’ to him indicating the contrary and that Bernd Schuster has been heavily linked with the role since Christmas. Freddie says he’s staying until he finishes playing; his contract is up in two years time so he will be on the rolling one year contracts if Arsenal still use them at that point considering that they breach the Age Discrimination Laws or retiring at the age of 32.

Obefami Martins is being moved to the Club by the media and Fat Sam is increasing that media move with his comments. In this instance, you can have sympathy with the Newcastle fans having been through the same sort of crap with Henry. Personally, whilst he may be a good player, he will be out of circulation for up to six weeks in the Winter so is he the correct solution? And everyone is getting excited because Carlos Tevez wouldn’t be rushed by Internazionale because he loves the Premiership so much. I’m sure the public declaration by West Ham that they were offering him £115k a week had no bearing on this at all. Which begs the question when does the money count more than the opportunities? If Arsenal did come a-knocking with an offer for less, would Tevez answer the call or would he stay put to earn more?

One player who seems hell-bent on coming is Bakari Sagna. Having professed his strong desire to join Arsenal recently, reports suggest that we have had one bid knocked back already. The player is supposedly unhappy with this and willing to strike over it, reportedly saying that he will not be turning up for pre-season training if he doesn’t get his own way. The Auxerre President, Gerard Bourgoin, said yesterday,

Sagna has a deep desire to play in England and he genuinely wants to wear the Arsenal shirt. They seem keen to sign him as well. The conditions for him to leave have not all been met — at least for the time being

I guess that those ‘conditions’ mean another million or so on the offer and if Arsene wants him then they will probably be met in the next week or so. Which will not satisfy those who want a ‘big’ signing now and resent the fact we haven’t made it yet, noting that others have been active and we have not. However, given there is another six or seven weeks until the season starts and a full two months before the transfer window closes, is there any reason to rush? Better to get the player you want rather than rush into a ‘bad’ deal as Fat Sam reckoned Newcastle had done with Martins and Owen, referring to their exceptionally cheap release clauses. Going the other way seems to be Matthieu Flamini who likes the look of Steve Bruce; takes all sorts I suppose. I thought he said he would be buying out his contract but it seems he will be contributing a couple of million to the coffers instead.

Elsewhere, Michel Platini is proving to be a right Royal pain in the Arsenal. Apparently, his plans for Cup winners to have a place in the Champions League have been presented to UEFA’s Executive Committee and will now go forward for a final ‘decision’ in September. Like one has not been taken already. If approved – we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the ‘fix’ is not already in place – it means that fourth place in the Premiership will now qualify you for the UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners will get a play-off against the lowest equivalent qualifiers in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal. Put into practice this time round and Arsenal would be playing one of Toulouse, Lazio, Valencia, Werder Bremen or Benfica just to get into the final qualifying round. A UEFA source said:

The president appears very keen to include Cup winners in the Champions League – it boosts national associations and also helps Cup competitions in those countries where it has diminished in importance

So it would seem that the competition rigging goes on; seedings in the Qualifiers and Groups to ensure that the top teams progress with a sop to the smaller nations that allow them to believe they have a chance to get through. In England’s case, it seems that barring a miracle, the top four in the Premiership will still qualify as it is over a decade since someone outside of the top four won the FA Cup (in fact it might be the top two of that season but not sure where Liverpool finished when they won the Cup) but it is another erosion to the Competition, getting further away from the use of the word ‘Champion’ than ever.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. little gooner

    hey remove henry’s pic!!

  2. arsenal all u have to do is sign tevez a left another good utility midfielder and u still have a chance for the prem.

  3. I for sure have nothing to fear about any players to replace henry.
    Let us look at things critically. Henry went away, but tipped Van Persie or bentner as his replacement. I have analysed what he said and have come to this conclusion; he was either forced away by the pospsect of competion from the two, or he saw it reasonable to leave room for them to fully explore their potential.
    As for the coach, let us eliminate his moving to real madrid. Concrete reason being, according to me, that cappello, just like wenger, does’nt work with big names.
    So, with cappellos’ sacking from real, wenger must be freaked off, he cannot head there, as per my speculation.
    As for Barca, still it won’t work. If I recall well, wenger said that he at one moment wished to work for real , but would not just walk away from gunners. Which leaves him with nowhere to dream of apart from living in reality at the emirates. That settles the gunners fans, does’nt it?
    Am hoping that my theory works out, coz I cannot stomach wenger leaving the gunners.

  4. I think that the idea of the Cup Winner’s Cup is a strange one. Sometimes the FA/English Cup games are scheduled in close proximity to the CL games, so usually the CL games are given more weight than Cup games and players are rested for Cup games.

    With Platini’s proposal, he is undercutting his own tournament because now teams will be desperate to progress in the Cup games and play those same players in the CL games which means that he either weakens the CL games or the ‘qualifying Cup’ games.

  5. Forget Martins, Fat Sam has always used AFC & AW as the whipping boys (he should seek a therapist to make him realise his hate for all things Arsenal is really love).
    If you were offered Darren Bent for 16.5 million or Martins for 13 million and then you were able to buy the best prospect from last years championship and obtain him for for zero, who would be the winner.
    With our current strike force and everybody fit, the return of Nicholas Bendtner will still make us stronger than last season up front, for me TH has been missing all of last year.
    I worry more if Gilbert is injured and he may be fatigued after Copa America.

  6. There is no need to rush. Let the Spurs sign bent (HA HA), let Chelsea get malouda (Gutted about that) and Liverpool get Torres (???)
    I think that we will end up getting Tevez as he was supposed to sign last year but when on a crack binge and ended up at West Ham??? Hopefully he will see sense, if he has any, and join the most promising club in Europe. No real need to worry, Bendtner’s season, Adebayor can only improve so thats good and RVP is back. Remember we still have Gilles Sunu to arrive in july- granted he will only be 16 but will be breaking through in a season or so.
    Let the others waste their £££, has Arsene ever let us down?? NO.
    Have faith, i still do!!!

  7. Good call, looks like there’s a few sites that have to take some player images down, Arsenal.com included they still have Aliadiere, Baptista and Lupoli on it!

    With all the hype and drama begining to die down its good to notice that people are begining to come to terms with this weeks traumatic loss.
    Despite the pain I guess its time to look at the positives now.

    Wenger this year does have money to spend-a lot of money.
    Spending this Summer is at £4m -£2m for Fabianski and £2m for Noedveit.
    We should take in £16m-Henry
    £6-7m Reyes
    £3m Muamba
    £2m Aliadiere
    £1m Efrem and Poom

    This leaves us with £24/£25m to spend.
    I haven’t included the money for the likely sales of
    Gilbert, Song and O’ Cearuill.- £3m for the lot.
    Or the contribution made available from the board.

    Lets say they go crazy and hand over £5m to AW that would leave us with in and around £30m to spend this Summer and £30m in Aw’s pocket is like £50m in Fergie’s or Jose’s.

    Is that a grin trying to break out?

  8. By the way, if you want a laugh try and downlaod the Arsenal Away Boyz album from last season!!
    Some cracking favoruties include Batty Boy Cole, We hate!! and Wen to bed with Ashley!!
    Sure to put a smile back on all yr faces – keep the faith!!!!

  9. yogi
    The usual media speculation is filling the back pages and airwaves over recent days with The Sun Says So It Must Be True claiming the Club are worried AW is off to Madrid

    ITS TRUE ! why else would wenger be on holiday ?
    all other managers in the EPL are striking bargains for players
    why is LE BOSS on a break after selling 4 players? why didnt he commit to a new deal when asked at the end of last season
    (thats when smart people knew something was up ) why did henry state he didnt know what arsene is going to be doing after next season(cause he’s going to spain).Why wont he comment now ???
    all this points to one thing .. He isnt showing commitment to the club or the youngsters future ! how demoralizing will that be for our young players who sometimes couldnt even tie 2 halfs together last season !? (not my words henrys and gallas’s) henry gone also ..patrick leaving was bad enough …

    im sure arsene has some sort of plan . but will he be around to mould the clubs future .. i doubt it ..

    like i said before i dont like the thought of a manager
    spending our biggest kitty in a long while, when he cant even commit beyond this season ..
    (the fallout: it was probly DD’s leaving that brought all this on )

    why did the arse sell henry so cheap ?
    i mean if he (henry)wanted to leave there was liverpoo and some italian clubs interested .. why not float him and make the sale public to get a higher price, surely barca would of paid
    more to secure him .. i mean last year we knocked back a 44 million bid?(50) and this year we sell him under counter for a song ? doesnt anyone here THINK ?

    if arsene cared about the future of our club why not get a reasonable price for the man .. we cant replace anyone like henry’s calibre for 16 mil ..
    its a joke

  10. “like i said before i dont like the thought of a manager
    spending our biggest kitty in a long while, when he cant even commit beyond this season ..”

    eh , we havent signed anyone so hes not actually spent anything yet. BBC broke news that he will appoint Gilles Grimandi as director of football and sign contract extension himself. Lets wait and see the outcome before we condemn the man eh ?? And as for caring about the future of the club – eh top notch training facilities , excellent youth academy, new stadium all mostly his doing i believe


    Teves for Arsenal!!!!!!
    Sagna/Hoyte right back and Ebuoe right mid, with this we will regain past glories

  12. tevez has turned down inter milan’s offer and stated his desire to remain in the Premiership! we could be getting closer than we thought!

  13. The Champions League should include ALL the champions of European Leagues. If a team have won their league they deserve a crack at playing with the big boys without having to qualify.

  14. Franny Jeffers


    Then we’ll win the league!! Muahahahahahaaaaa!

    PS: Remove that picture of Henry the skank!

  15. hEY what a pessimistic article..PLS CHEER UP…

    we have one exit in henry and we have one addition in bendtner..

    getting rid of fllamini..etc is our own planning..

    babel etc showing interest in us shows ..shows our strong image..

    we still have reyes situation..once that is sorted ..i reckon we will make couple of decent but not that big signings..

    if arsenal were to be run by fans..we wud have ended at 14 th position not 4th..trust wenger..

    and he isnt going to madrid..which sane person will coach them…

    and trust me we will be more competitive next season..we just need killer instinct against lesset teams and we are ok..

    and dont worry abt platini..we aint going to be 4th positoion team permanently..

  16. Franny Jeffers

    PPS: Here’s hoping for a Barca v Arsenal rematch in the final of the Champions League… and we win… MUAHAHAHAHAHaHAAAAA!!!

  17. Franny Jeffers




  18. Please remove the picture of TH.

  19. might as well remove arsene while your at it 🙂

  20. Click on my name for a petition to sign Tevez for Arsenal!!

  21. So let’s get this right; the banner needs photos removing. So that is a Henry and an Arsene to go. What about Fabregas and Gallas since no-one thinks they’ll hang around. It’s the footballing equivalent of a fast food restaurant. Might as well take the club crest out and put a MacDonald’s sign in there whilst I’m at it…

  22. royale with cheese anyone ?

    no you can add that 16 year old norway player and fabinski 🙂

  23. Fabregas and Gallas are my next topics , but just wait until arsene goes first 🙂

  24. Franny Jeffers

    just signed it , not that i really want him at the club , but id like to see arsene sign SOMEONE !

    also the joint ownership thing is prob’ly too hard for us to work out or even entertain.. im sure arsene will just go with martins for 13 mil
    it seems a good deal , and Oh joy looks like sagna will join us or commit suicide so you can add him on the picture board also 🙂

  25. DeiseGooner

    he hasnt commited yet either .. but if you actually
    are aware of the club you’d realize we signed the 16 yr old and a polish goalie , and had a bid for sagna rejected .. id say that counts as MONEY SPENT WOULDNT YOU ??


    thats commitment to the club for ya !

  27. twotouchmiracle

    while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!while scoring!

    I guess it’s a question of who do you trust, the british press or your own club. As you hate everything about our club and are a wind up artist, i guess we already know.

  28. twotouchmiracle

    that last comment was for ethan btw

  29. the british press , as if your refering to anything from arsenal .com you might as well refer to the hilter journals !

    how can you break your 5th foot bone on the ball !??
    either that or there would be alot of english players with broken bones .

    watch the game man ! you see after he skids he gets up quick
    in pain !!!
    and like arsenal . com would say anything about negative
    about the club , but if so it would probly read .

    ‘RVP is out for the rest of the season due to showboating ‘

    it was celibrating . i didnt even refer to anything prior to you disbelieving, i saw the way he got up .. i remeber the goal well !

    we beat man U !

    that was a hi-lite last season . boy we will have to recruit well to get them this year..

    one good bit of news is anderson might not be able to play for them due to work permit restrictions !!
    seems the torres deal is all but done if you listen to liverpoo
    and deny deny deny from spain !

    god i love it when the shoes on the other foot !

  30. scoring and celbrating goe’s hand in hand anyhow ..
    that is the defining moment when he did the damage whilst scoring . but he did it skidding 20 feet on his knees and his feet where bent too far back .. click , there goes the season .

  31. twotouchmiracle

    i watched the game. it was the foot he used to the the ball it was his planted fooot. his right foot. duh.

  32. twotouchmiracle

    i mean it wasn’t the foot he used to hit the ball it was hit planted foot.

  33. twotouchmiracle

    remember the angle he hadto score that goal. it was him planting his foot. he injured his right foot. nice to see you change the definition of scoring to “scoring and celebrating” when it suits you.

  34. twotouchmiracle

    he didn’t even skid after the goal. he jumped in the air. do you watch our games?

  35. if you broke your foot at that point (scoring)you wouldnt slide 20 feet across the ground ..

    DER !

  36. twotouchmiracle

    he didn’t slide. you’d be suprised what you can do after scoring, no batter the injury. I broke my wrist during rugby and played another 15 min. Adrenaline. Play sports much?

  37. i stand for arsenal coz that is the team i supported since i was a child..henry may have gone but we have to move on…i dont care if tevez or martins who so ever let it be good for us..we have to stick as an arsenal fan….arsenal for life…

  38. twotouchmiracle

    Soooooo, when did he slide again? Just admit it. You’ve been found out lad. It was his planting foot. The injury during celebration is just patently incorrect and has only permeated due to bitter manu fans.

  39. twotouchmiracle

    Btw. Ain’t VP brill! Really missed him last year.

  40. yes i played basketball for the state and when you break something it doesnt tickle ! you know about it striaght away
    especially a foot injury ..

  41. twotouchmiracle

    if you broke your foot at that point (scoring)you wouldnt slide 20 feet across the ground ..

    DER !”

    Well he certainly kept playing didn’t he. In fact, he had another reason to celebrate after henry’s goal. Adrenaline.

    Had a stress fracture in another part of my foot. Not as bad mind you, but you don’t ‘feel’ these injuries til later. As an athlete you’re always in denial that the pain you feel is serious esp during game and you have a burniing to desire to make an impact and win.

    Actually watch the goal. He never slides. Look at where and how he plant’s his right foot. It corresponds to where his injury is. Even if he did slide, which he doesn’t, sliding and then breaking a metatarsal makes not frackin sense. I usually only have to argue this fact with bitter manure fans. Closeted red devil are you?

  42. twotouchmiracle

    “40 ethan_gooner
    yes i played basketball for the state and when you break something it doesnt tickle ! you know about it striaght away
    especially a foot injury ..”

    especially not true as he KEPT PLAYING and celebrated AGAIN with henry after the game. Watch the video. Wow.

    Your claim he was that he was “showboating” only shows the disdain you have for our players and our club. He helped us win our match of the season and celebrated.

  43. After RvP had his operation it was stated that the fracture had developed over a number of games. So he had been playing with it for a while. He is a fantastic player in a squad full of fantastic players, put together by AW who will be with us for a long time. If we need additions it is really to provide cover so that we are not short if key players are injured as happened last year. In my opinion the rebalancing of the side referred to by AW has partly happened with TH leaving. Roll on next season and you will see.

  44. twotouchmiracle

    ….and finally, a long waited silence from ethan. (taking deep breath)

  45. twotouchmiracle

    long awaited that is….boy i can’t spell

  46. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_van_Persie

    please read it ! again !
    refer to arsenal current season …

    celibrating is AGAIN the key…

    enough on the subject .. arsenal . com is about as accurate
    as a blind man shooting a crossbow ..
    they alway are the lastto report anything, never give out any story ( unless you subscribe to them ) it is the most hapless website created for arsenal fans …

    thats why we are here !

    In a match against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on 21 January 2007, Arsenal were trailing United 1-0 for much of the second half. Van Persie came on as a substitute and scored the equalising goal in the 84th minute. In doing so, Van Persie fractured his fifth metartarsal in his right foot while celebrating

  47. he did it celibrating .. i know you would like to be correct on the subject .. however YOUR WRONG ! always have been ,
    and you were rude telling me to get my head out my ass !

    MOVE ON !

    at least im humble in being right .. and i cant be rude to you as yogi will bann me again 🙂


    On the PVP subject I think he smacked his foot against the post when he scored scored and Franny J i signed your petition 46 so far. WO-HOO

    Teves for Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!


    fyi I meant RVP!!!!

  50. twotouchmiracle

    First you said he broke it while show boating.

    I tell you the club says he broke it while scoring

    Then you say arsenal.com are as reliable as the hitler journals. Come again?!?!?!

    Then you use arsenal.com to say that “while scoring” actually means celebrating. ??!?!

    Then you say watch him slide 20 ft after he scores. I watch the video (already remembering that he didn’t slide) and he never slides. Besides it is impossible to break your 5th metatarsal (small toe) in his RIGHT foot from simply sliding with your feet flexed. The fracture would have maybe been in his ankle and only then in the most extreme of circumstances. However, it a break in the 5th metatarsal in the RIGHT foot does make sense if that is his planting foot, esp considering the angle he had to score the goal with.

    Then you say how could he have slid (which he never did any way) if he broke his foot in the move before the goal. Then I say, well he KEPT PLAYING until the final whistle and CELEBRATED AGAIN after Henry’s goal.

    I have reasoned you into a corner.

    Soooooo, how am I wrong again?

  51. twotouchmiracle

    Do you mean a sliding celebration? Or do you mean the short skid he took because his momentum made him almost tumble? If the latter: first off you mischaracterize by saying he went 20 ft; and second, in no right mind can you say he was celebrating or showboating in that moment. More like sacrficing himself for the cause. Wrong on all counts. Shut and down.

  52. come on yogi ! WAKE UP ! OR IM OFF !

  53. twotouchmiracle

    wow you are thick mate. this argument started because you said he broke it while celebrating or as you say “showboating” (i’ll even use your ill-gotten terminology; i guess now players aren’t allowed to show any emotion when they score). But if you watch the video (which I have linked to above) it is clear as day that he broke his 5th metatarsal while planting it in the ground to score at an awkward angle. I have refuted your one article with the official arsenal report. How can the BBC know better than the Arsenal medical staff. Where do you think they get their info in the first place? Ever heard of a thing called misreporting? Wow. Silencio.

  54. twotouchmiracle

    hahaha! “wikipedia are gods at getting there facts straight !”

    ….and guess who wikipedia’s source is….drum roll….bbc!!! BBC made a mistake here. Pretty inconsequential mistake but a mistake nonetheless.

  55. twotouchmiracle

    sorry if this is annoying every one else but here is another aricle from espnsoccernet


    “Van Persie fractures foot’

    Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has sustained a ‘partial fracture’ to his foot.

    The Dutch player suffered the injury when scoring the equalising goal in today’s 2-1 Barclays Premiership defeat of Manchester United.

    After watching captain Thierry Henry score a stoppage-time winner, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger revealed he had hoped to let substitute van Persie – currently the club’s top scorer – rest until United’s opener forced his hand. The 23-year-old had been struggling with an ankle injury in the build-up to the game. ”

    Emphasis mine

  56. twotouchmiracle

    sorry bout that. you can delete 56 if you’d like, yogi

  57. OK Children. Enough. Agree to disagree or take it offline.

    I don’t have time to sit here all day moderating comments because curiously enough, I have a job.

    I’ve deleted the ones I think are offensive. But before you post a comment, think about it. Re-read it and remove the name-calling because frankly people stop reading it.

    And why the hell are you arguing over how RvP got injured. It’s over. He’ll be fit again for the start of the season; look forwards, not backwards.

  58. oh yes its a conspiry against you ! i saw the game and yes he was celebrating your wrong !!!
    read any article you want .. he did it whilst celebrating!! its everywhere in black and white , and i also remember it….

    Edited by YW

  59. A long time after the ManU game…after RvP had been seen by specialists and had had a longitudinal pin inserted into his fifth metatarsal on his right foot, Gary lewin reported that RvPs injury had been sustained over several games. He had been playing with a cracked metatarsal for a while. In the ManU game Arsene played him against his own better judgement. You will remember that RvP was still recovering from an ankle injury. The extra pressure he placed on his right foot because of the ankle injury on his left ‘probably’ contributed to the fracture, but that is all anyone knows. He may have put his foot down hard whilst scoring or whilst celebrating but the player himself doe not know ..so no-one knows. AW reported after the game that he thought he moght have sustained the injury whilst celebrating but was not sure..this idea gained currency in the f*****g media becuase it is ‘interesting’. The most important thing is that he is a bloody fantastic player and he should be well prepared for the next season.

    Perhaps more important than all of this though is that you guys neeed to seek some help. Maybe speak to an adult or a youth worker or if you are feeling really poorly perhaps a psychiatrist. You see a lot of us are becoming thoroughly sick of providing free counselling for you.

  60. ive tried to stop this idiot ! 3 times and remember that faithful night i abused you it was over this dickhead saying i had my head up my ass ! and being rude !

    can you see who the looser is NOW ? and how he gets my goat up !?!?!

    listen your a great guy and i havnt got time to be spending my only FUN hours debating BULLSHIT with this dick !

    hopefully theres enough swear words in here that you wont air it 🙂

    either he goes or i do .. several sources prove im right ..
    read em if you can be bothered (as ive given up ) and i remember the incident. it should be end of story,
    hes on another planet .. uranus maybe ..
    too much acid or somesuch but i really am getting this
    i cant be bothered syndrome with these guys you have on here .

    i spose its my fault as im a perfectionist personality and if there is an injustice or someone is just SPURTING BULLSHIT
    i take it upon myself to tell the mother fuckers !
    ( now i know you wont air it 🙂 )

  61. twotouchmiracle

    Last ill say on it is this: Some folks just see what they want to see instead of reality. Don’t understand how you can say that a player who scores a goal for your beloved team is a showboat just because he sacrifices his body for the team. It was misreported that he was injured while celebrating and maure fans clung to this little fact it like a life supporter, and it gave them some solace. Yet he did nothing out of the ordinary (didn’t pull a keane or a lua-lua). And even while some reported correctly that he was injured WHILE scoring (soccernet, arsenal) somehow one of our own so-called fans can be fed a bitter manure rumour and buy it hook line and sinker. I’m done. Sorry YW.

  62. twotouchmiracle

    Apoligize for many moons ago asking you to take your head out of your arse. You were one of the first posts I saw that day. It was so negative that it got my goat. Also wasn’t quite familiar with the tone yogi wanted only his blog only really until today.

    Im not going anywhere, however.

    If yogi read does read the transcript of our debate, and decides to kick someone off based on who is more knowledgeable re: 5th metatarsal breaks, i think you’d be pleasantly suprised by the outcome.

  63. Debate closed. I’m not re-reading it all because I have enough to do already.

    Both of you – go to your respective garages, draw a picture of what you think each other looks like and throw darts at it. Get it out of your system and then we’ll move onto something else to discuss over the weekend.

  64. twotouchmiracle

    haha great idea.

  65. yes the bbc are wrong arnt they ..and wiki .. and countless others
    yet arsenal.give me the money. com ,and some website that call football soccer is your sources (and they only say he did it whilst scoring (scoring does include the celebration in it THEY ARE PIN POINTING THE TIME THE INJURY HAPPENED plus it doesnt make it sound like he was reckless ,stupid etc showing respect which you have none of . ), sure he didnt do back flips
    but if he just scored the goal and didnt do anything stupid , i was alluding to we MIGHT HAVE HAD A DIFFERENT SEASON !

    he was on fire , and it all ended due to imaturity ! sounds a bit like you !

  66. sounds good to me !

  67. twotouchmiracle

    Deleted by YW. Debate Closed.

  68. Comments are now moderated and won’t appear until I’ve approved them. Or deleted them. In which case they won’t appear at all.

  69. Debate closed as yogi said .. i didnt read anything prior, i know what i saw .and sources confirmed it.. med staff ,arsenal.com who gives? DROP IT MAN !!


    onto a better subject of replacement strikers to partner
    with the man of the hour (or 2 hours ) RVP.

    alot of people are matching us up with tevez, i do think he would be a good signing, but 1 point is he isnt french and
    2ndly would arsenal connect himself to a player with contractual problems in the past ? it does seem so from reports as it seems man U ,liverpoo and us it seems are linked to him

    i think Huntelaar would fit in very well next to RVP .
    also ibrimovich would be a great signing !
    podolski .. why arnt we linked to names like this ?
    tevez is definately the best name so far , but can we afford him based on 30 mil ?

    west ham showed interest in freddy , do you think thats why freddy is predicting a tevez for freddy deal ?
    is that why freddy has came out and stated his loyalty to us ?!

    martins for 13 mil seems like the price range .reasonable player , still yet to peak ! could be an arsene special .

    arsene was told to sell some players if he wants some money for transfers (no one expected henry) but i thought freddy might be ousted!?

    paid alot , didnt do much last season .. hes got all the makings of the board fodder or arsene fodder . and west ham seemed to want to take him off our hands.

    think freddys commitment speech might have something to do with him reading press reports that tevez would love an arsenal move !@

  70. TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!TEVEZ!!!!!!!

    he is world class already stated his desire 2 join us rejected inter and said he will leave west ham but wants to play 4 a big club but stay in london.DAT IS 1 OF DA BIGGEST HINTS IVE EVA SEEN!!!!!!!!
    aswell bakary sagna is an excellent defender and would be a welcome addition to the squad .. the only other thing arsenal need is a left winger to challegne 4 de prem ..but the futures bright 4 da arsenal with many young prodegies working there wat through the ranks and i cant understand all this ”crisis at arsenal” talk its a load of bull… dont believe what you read in the papers at alll!!!!!!!!! some journalist linked tim cahill to da mancs and l8r said he only linked him because he liked him as a player…….AWWWWWWWWWWWW CANT WAIT 2 C CARLITOS IN THE ARSENAL COLOURS NEXT SEASON (hopefully)

  71. sure i have faith in the yog !

  72. Is the Sun actually saying AW might be off to Madrid? If that’s the case, I broke that story.

    So would the FA Cup or Carling Cup winner be in the Champions League according to Platini?

  73. irish ,
    reports are cahill has re-signed on anyhow .
    yes tevez would change our fortunes . arsene would be mad to dismiss his flattering comments to our club !
    ive got my fingers crossed on that one . but he is wanted by 4 other clubs .. if our offer is just average like the ribery one , we might well misss the bus ! the tevez bus !

    but i think unless we do a freddy deal , the price tag might be over inflated to the BOSSS. or le boss .

    babel plays down the left wing it was crazy to not snap him up . his price will double by next season !

    too much speculation around at the moment and not enough movement .. whilst other clubs are definately putting there boots in ! emirants cups only 4 weeks away . lets hope we can get some players by then ..

  74. twotouchmiracle

    why does he get to continue the debate but I don’t? It’s fine with me if you delete this, im actually just wondering. he only sites the BBC. What about soccernet, Arsenal, ireland online, bloomberg? They confirm what I say. So does the video. Just curious. “just drop it” last bastion of no facts.

  75. All media sources carry a different slant on facts. Everyone does. I’ve sat next to someone and had a different view of the game. It happens.

    Anyway they’ve moved onto other things. We will too. That seriously is th last comment I will allow on RvP’s metatarsal. Next one up gets put into the spam trap until tomorrow. A sin bin on the Blog, if you like.

  76. If you ask me, cup winners are more deserving of playing in the Champions’ League that the team that finishes second, third or fourth in its national league. Perhaps the Champions’ League should be, I dunno, for Champions. Admit the league winners and national cup winners (whatever that country’s ‘main’ cup competition is – FA Cup, Copa del Rey etc.) from each UEFA member nation. That way, the UEFA Champions League would be… the champions from UEFA member nations.

  77. Hey guys, heard that West Ham is offering Tevez 115k pound a week. Too rich for Arsene I think.

    It would upset the whole Arsenal pay structure if we do sign him for that amount.

    If he is willing to come at 50k then that is fine.

  78. arsenalist

    i actually broke the arsene leaving story 6 weeks ago to barca or madrid, but know one believed me then !
    just ask yogi ! 🙂 and DD , it dont take a rocket scientist to realize hes going ! or leaning that way..

    i would just like to see the guy commit ! especially with all the young players he’s brought thru .
    i think he fancys madrid more than barca . hey he could sell reyes to himself !
    if he’s not commited to arsenal then im all for it NOW ! before he spends the big money,
    because next all the fans will turn on him for who he buys this season !

  79. teoh
    i dont think even arsene knows his own future yet, as for tevez i think its just a pipe dream . his transfer would be around 30 mil and there goes all our funding we have too many other holes to fill to just get tevez… 13 mil for martins makes much more sence.. i mean id love him to sign eto and totti . but you have to look at the money available .and the way arsene has bought players in the past ..

    tevez – torres – and the injury prone owen isnt the answer.
    i think benni mc’carthy would be a great buy ! he has 2 or 3 years of good football left , he was 2nd top scorer in the EPL last season . arsene does like owen though . im on the fence
    if he does trigger the 9 mil clause for owen . he is only 27 ..
    and probly would be a great purchase if he still kept his form and remained injury free . anelka and owen would give you ALOT of experience up front, but im sure we will only get either owen-anelka – martins . hleb and freddy arnt all that good either at RW, if we get a left winger it would be good to
    get someone who can play down both wings . infact i would go as far as to say get both a RW and LW player ..

  80. Can’t see how the restructuring of qualifying for the Champions League will effect any of the big three nations. More often than not a team in England, Spain, or Italy that finished in the top 4 of their league’s table wins their league cup. Additionally, in England at least, while it would make FA or League cup games more meaningful that means the star players have to play in even more games, whereas if left the way it was the the big 4 could continue to rest their best players for the Champions League and the like.

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